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Found 4 results

  1. Mountains of information about RDR2 have flooded the Internet, and we've got round-ups for you! Now that every piece of announced info has been released, we're ready to tell you all about it. The information is so much that we can really only link you to our Red Dead Redemption 2 forum's thread where we have a round-up of all the previews and interviews about the game, and boy oh boy they look to be explosive! Take a look at both the Press Previews Round-Up and the Screenshots Round-Up thread for some goodness!
  2. In an unexpected move from Rockstar, some book retailers and Amazon seem to be listing an art book called "The Art of Red Dead Redemption II"! As known to everyone, Rockstar does not like releasing pre-release art or assets from their games, they like being secretive and leaving all the intricacies of their games' designs a secret. Not this time it seems. Starting today, several Amazon branches (US, UK, Germany) and even Barnes & Noble have started listing a book named "The Art of Red Dead Redemption II", to be released four days after the game releases, on October 30 2018. According to the page, this is the description of the book: Promising huh? The book will apparently contain storyboards (hand-drawn comic-book like strips to conceptualise scenes in the game), concept art (used to define a certain vision for an area, or a character, which the 3D artist will then use to transpose the art to the game), story and character studies, sketches and everything, which is an extremely welcome first from the oh so secretive Rockstar Games! UPDATE: More websites are starting to list the book. It has also been listed in the Netherlands and in Belgium. Book Depository reports 150 illustrations for the book!
  3. Showing brand new landscapes and the story of Dutch Van der Linde's gang, the RDR II official trailer 2 is now LIVE on the Newswire. Looking absolutely amazing! Rockstar Newswire Post
  4. The wait is finally over! Right on the last day of Summer, Rockstar Games has updated the Newswire with a cryptic announcement with a date! What could this be? Will it be Trailer 2? Screenshots? A Game Informer cover? All that matters is, it's finally happening! Rockstar Newswire Post
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