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Found 6 results

  1. Gr1mm92

    Hollow Point Theory

    "Hollow Point Theory" is the name of our crew, and i have a few reasons you should join. 1.Noobs are welcome 2.Constant activity 3.Plenty of jobs which means plenty of money 4.You can become apart of a great empire If you want to join send me a message on socialclub.rockstargames.com or add "Gr1mm92" on PSN. Hope to hear from you soon We are the Hollow Point Theory and that theory is that every problem can be solved with a hollow point. We r a fun loving crew, ready to do what suits the mood. We rob banks one day and maybe golf or swim the next. We have plenty of room for people to move up in the empire so if you like guns, fast cars, strippers, and an all-around good time...we are the crew for you
  2. Angels of Los Santos http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/angels_of_los_santos Angels of Los Santos are looking to recruit mature members who are wanting to play with like minded people who are going to play fair and as part of a a team. We're interested in all aspects of GTA Online and will be: >Planning heists >Holding up stores >Doing multiplayer missions >Taking out other crews The crew will mostly be focused on making money for it's members but we'll also be putting together events like: >Social scuba diving and exploring together >Bike rides around San Andreas >Hunting as a team >Recreating the dirtbike/parachute jump from the online trailer >Safehouse and strip club hangouts >And all sorts of other social events If you have a preferred role you'd like to play such as sniper, driver, pilot etc. let me know. I'm from Australia and welcome people from all over the world to join. Ideally members will have a mic to communicate during the game but it's not essential. Check out the crew page on the social club to join and feel free to add me on PSN, my ID is magna99.
  3. Zero Lives Left ______________________________________ We are recruiting members for Xbox 360. Want to join for PS3? Click here ______________________________________ We take our crew seriously, we listen and acknowledge you're requests to improve and keep our members happy! We're just not just about planning out events, we like to just mess around and blow up stuff! I employ you to read more! I promise you will not be disappointed! Our Goal: To put it simply, we want to have as much fun as possible whilst competing in the Grand Theft Auto: Online leader boards. Our intent at the moment is to run heists & gang wars on a day to day basis amongst many other activities! Hopefully once a week we will be able to pack a game or two full of our members and compete against each other in races, mini-games & such. We will also be producing content like races and much more for your gaming pleasure! Crew Progression : Each member of the crew will get a fair share of the loot that we gather! We will have customized cars with our gang logo. Being promoted earns you more cash from the loot pile and a more distinguishable car. Your Loyalty: Based on your loyalty and trust to the crew, we may promote you above the rank known as "representative" which will grant you the ability to decide what the crew does, provided you are the superior rank of the crew. Lieutenant: You can have control of part of the crew depending on crew activity. Representative: Promotes our crew and tries to get others to join. Muscle: Listens to the commands of his superiors. Requirements: Aged 18+ and mature(May be some leniency in age provided mature) How to join: SocialClub Page As we're running the crew on both consoles we have different people taking care of each section. Join for X360: Gamertag: xBlaZiiN GuNzZ Join for PS3: PSN ID: SwiiftYz Visit our Minisite for GTA:O (In the works under 1st October) Twitter: @SwiiftYz
  4. Hail! You need some fellas to play with? -Here we are. 'Marabunta' was created especially for Grand Theft Auto Online. We will rule Los Santos, chill and have much fun together. The game-system preferred by us is the Playstation 3. The crew's activity will officially start on October 1st. But the earlier you join, the better chances for a high rank you have. Loyality is very important to us. Headsets would be cool, but are not requiered to join our crew. You may also invite your friends to our crew, everyone is welcome. Maturity is provided, neither it cannot be defined by any age. You can join here: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/marabunta/ [MARA] Genooliny
  5. Viecherei

    GTA 5 Crew.

    I'm done trying to find people online on GTA IV to join up with this crew I'm trying to start. Essentially this crew will just be a bunch of friends terrorizing the citizens of Los Santos and pulling of all sorts of heists, thefts, things like that. I'm sure there will be some TDM and Racing thrown in too, but we won't be strictly competitive. Message me on XBL (Viecherei) If you are interested.
  6. LCPD2ndLT

    Chicago Police Department RECRUITING!

    The Chicago Police Department For Grand Theft Auto IV PC Is RECRUITING! The Chicago Police Department is the most realistic Police RP! CPD Has live dispatchers, Awesome Mods and a extremely cool Teamspeak server! CPD has many divisions too! From K9, Narcotics, SWAT, Gang Unit, Detectives, Youth Officer, Air Unit, Marine Unit, Beach Unit ECT! Come Join Us! www.chicagopolice.webs.com Hope to see you there!
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