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Found 13 results

  1. Parik

    DragonFF - Blender GTA I/O

    DragonFF Blender GTA Input/Output DragonFF is an import and export script for Blender. Blender is a free and open source 3d modeller. It has lacked proper DFF plug-ins support for a long time. Even though a few scripts were made, they didn't have enough features to completely make Blender a viable alternative for GTA modding. Although not complete yet, it supports most of the features required for basic model editing. I plan to extend it to support map files and make it a complete tool set for Renderware modding, and finally add support for newer games like IV or V too. Features These scripts are a Work in Progress, and as such do not have all the planned features implemented. Following are the key features supported, as of now, by DragonFF. DFF Files Import and Export COL Files Import Second UV Map Specular and Reflection Material Extensions Bump and Environment Mapping Effects Bones Support UV Animation Screenshots Vehicle support with proper reflection, specular materials and collision import. Materials and Bump Mapping support Bones and skinned mesh support Downloads The scripts are current in alpha stage, and might not work with all models. Please report any bugs you encounter Github repository Wiki
  2. *Checked the modification rules, there was nothing stated about console modding. also asked on the support board and got no replys.* This is a mod that ports the 10th Anniversary (Mobile) Assets to both GTA III and Vice City on the Original Xbox. which includes textures (if they differ from the Xbox versions) and numerous other stuff aswell as things that did not originally appear in the game but fit the atmosphere (like assets from VCS ported into VC)... I may also do PC versions for each aswell as San Andreas. GTA III Anniversary Edition for Xbox Progress replaced opening intro screen with Mobile intro screen. replaced in game load screen with Mobile splash1 image replaced vibrant weapon icons with the faded gold mobile equivalents in hud.txd Replaced textures in particle.txd with mobile equivalents. Replaced textures in MISC.txd with Mobile Versions. replaced III Double Cleff FM with LCS Double Cleff FM (to test audio replacements) To Do Find out if ped or vehicle textures need replacing (Xbox textures are nice) Replace Minimap with mobile. Screenshots: GTA VC Anniversary Edition for Xbox Progress replaced opening intro screen with mobile 10th anniversary artwork replaced menu map with mobile map (xbox menu map stored in Userinterface.txd) replaced default vice city weapon icons and textures with Mobile ones. Replaced textures in particle.txd with mobile equivalents. Replaced hud icons with the HD icons from yojo2 (will replace with mobile versions) replaced K-Chat/VCFL with Synthwave FM (Made by DatMuzik) replaced K-Chat's GXT entries with Synthwave FM replaced K-Chat's Radio Icon with Icon made by Funky RJ for Synthwave FM Replaced Vice City logo in start menu with 10th Anniversary Logo (Top Right) To Do Replace some weapons with VCS weapons (Tec-9 to Silenced Mac, etc) Figure out why Vice City does not like the Mobile Font. GTA Vice City 10th Anniversary Xbox Edition V2 (Mediafire) - 361 MB, Compressed RAR FileMirror (Mega) Screenshots: GTA San Andreas Anniversary Edition for Xbox Progress replaced default radar with mobile radar replaced default hud icons with mobile hud icons replaced radio icons with mobile radio icons Replaced CJ's head textures in Player.img with HQ Mobile head textures from Player_hi.img. Replaced menu pictures with mobile menu pictures. replaced User Track GXT string with Mixtape string replaced cracked window & car scrape textures with HQ ones from mobile To Do Replace pistol/Micro uzi/tec9 with beta weapons add in the 3 new gangs (Seville Blvd, San Fierro Flats, Little Saigon Boyz) Convince Ash to let me release his updated Xbox icons im using <3 Screenshots (taken at various times throughout the day on 2 different TVs): Downloads Alpha test (5/19/2016) - 296MB (FTP to your GTA SA install and replace the files with the ones included in the folder) [Known Glitch] Wanted star shows up as a Bracket due to the positioning of the Mobile Text's Texture. it will be fixed at a later date
  3. direct

    direct's Workshop

    direct's Workshop I make SA-style vehicles - edited vanilla cars, from scratch or from other games. Decided to open a workshop to release them here. @Crack Yo' Neck helps me with the mods, if not him these would never be released. Released vehicles GTA San Andreas GTA IV
  4. AdusPL

    Liberty City Countryside

    DISCORD SERVER https://discord.gg/XBzvHMC Liberty City Countryside This mod adds countryside and Ghost Town to GTA III, GTA LC and probably SA Underground. Progress: Models: ~70% LOD models: ~10% Collision models: ~10% Props: 0% Screens: Countryside: Ghost Town: Comparision to LC: You can visit old topic for more screens. Release when done.
  5. ermaccer

    [Manhunt] PluginMH

    PluginMH, the very first Manhunt plugin that is not a widescreen fix! FEATURES: Debug Mode hotkey (F1/2) Save position hotkey (F10) Screenshot Mode Play in First Person Mode (unfinished) Customize colors of the game (HUDs and stuff *) and more! http://www.mediafire.com/file/pmvriwbtdco6jq7/PluginMH.7z <- Download, because bbcode is dead INSTALLATION Requires Ultimate ASI Loader, should work with Simple DLL Loader too. Extract pluginmh.asi and pluginmh folder to scripts or root folder of Manhunt. Check out Settings.ini for available features. Thanks to ZT for help with testing! *not all colors researched **plugin still under development
  6. Blue

    Blue's Workshop

    ADMINS AND MODERATORS //XP// A.G. Bleezey Colby direct_UA ermaccer JackProductions Jinx Mega Razor440 RM76 Savidge Stierlitz universetwisters THANKS TO My girlfriend, followers and the rest - For the amazing support throughout the years THE SAUCE
  7. Ash_735

    Ash_735's Workshop

    Welcome to my Workshop, the thing I've put off making for quite some time but NO MORE! This will be my scrapbook area, a place where I can share weird tests and complete ideas that I've carried out. Now, if you've noticed me in the past there is one thing you'll know, and that is that I take quality and original atmosphere intent SERIOUSLY, here you'll find mods that have either been converted, repacked or re-purposed from other Rockstar Games, bringing the best quality from all across the board right back to the PC versions of these games! Maybe you'll also see content by me improving subtle visual effects here and there to? Who knows? I've worked on a lot over the years and I'll be going through old hard drives finding content and seeing what I can bring up to date and make fit for download for all of you to enjoy. Feel free to make suggestions and we'll see what we can do but do. Remastered Mobile GTA3 Background Remastered Vice City Menu Background Remade Mission Gradient Texture Mobile RADAR Map Textures Remastered San Andreas Menu Background
  8. Forever L

    [VC] San Andreas: Characters

    Well, there's not much to explain about this. This MOD replaces to most of the protagonists of Vice City, by the protagonists of San Andreas. For now, I've focused on Carl Johnson, but I'll upload the other actors. I have decided to start with the "special outfits", in order to draw a parallel with Tommy's outfits. To make it more "original". If they have suggestions on which character they could replace, and that is consistent with the VC story, they can comment on them. For now, some screenshots, and a video:
  9. Grinch_

    Inan's GTA Workshop

    Hello Everyone!Welcome to my workshop Introduction: I have always wanted to set a place like this and also tried creating different website but there was no people visiting...So I thought why not create a workshop in GTA Forums ...So Let's start...... Terms of use: Most of my mods are open source.That means you can edit them at your will.Howeven for some special cases it may change.So try to read the readme file included in the mod achieve.If anyone wants to modify those special cases files,he or she must ask permission from me first These type of mods will be signed as $ at the left of the name. Little Info: In this topic I will give all my mods in a one place and not just only that but also will tell about the future plans and upcoming mods.The already finished mods (which I will not work any more),finished(but work is still in progress and unfinished mods(progress running)...Will stay here separated so..That other modders can find them easily... I don't like writing long posts so make it short. My Mods Are Given Details below: 1.Finished(No more Updates): 2.Finished(still in progress for future updates): 3.Unfinished(Still Running): ∆GTA Advanced Series Projects Thank You All For Viewing This Topic. Note:This post will be updated recently.....The files will be updated as the links also.. .So Visit this post regularly...
  10. andremont0101

    uniENBSeries by TheGTADude

    uniENBSeries by TheGTADude: This is my first mod, a ENBSeries, that is very, very old, and i used, to make my mod! So it's sooooo old, that you don't even need a good PC, this ENBSeries has been optimized to slow PC's. So you just need to download, and use to see how good it is! FAQ: Q: Why it's called ''uniENBSeries''? A: Because it runs on 2 different GTA games. Q: Do you have a website, posting your W.I.P. projects/future ENB/other stuff? A: Update (for the ones that have seen the post before edit) Here it goes mates!! unienbseries.webnode.pt (and please the .pt it's because im Portuguese!) BUGS: They are indicated on the README file! (Only 1 bug so far). Works with any GTA III/VC version. PICS: I don't have any, i can't take Pic's, but if you want, take your own PIC, and i can implement it on my post!! Thanks for downloading!! ----->LINK<----- (Just click on LINK word)! Thanks again, and by the way, you can test it on GTA SA, but u need a strong PC, because in even higher games, this ENB will be stronger!!
  11. Alpha Ice

    GTA V Style HD Load Screens

    This will be a Mod that Will Add animated GTA V style Loadscreens To All GTA 3 Era Games. It's a pretty big project because it takes a long time to animate about 500 frames per loadscreen. So be patient and keep in mind if Rockstar has thought us anything it's that good things come to those who wait! The mod will be available for.. -GTA 3 -GTA VICE CITY -GTA SAN ANDREAS I am currently working on the Vice City version of the mod and it will be the first to be released out of the three. Here is a short video preview of an early TEST version... (The final version will be more smooth and wont repeat itself like it does in the video) Stay tuned, there will be updates. Let me know your thoughts. -Alpha Ice UPDATE: This is seriously taking forever, so don't expect a release any time soon. I will update the topic as soon as I get more done.
  12. LINK/2012

    CLEO Events

    There are somethings that are very difficult, or impossible even impossible to do in CLEO. Some of those are strictly related to the linear flow and/or time the script engines runs. So I had this idea the other night, and I'm excited to put it in action: An callback/event system. Let's see how it turns out. It's good to recall that the external scripts has a little bit of this, with them being triggered by objects and peds around. However I'm here more focused on events that are truly out of the control of the scripter. This is a experimental project, there are no short term plans for an official release, but the source code will be available soon. Feedback and ideas are very very truly welcome. Currently, I've added the following opcodes: 0F70: is_event_available TYPE // Checks if this version of the plugin supports the event TYPE0F71: create_event_listener TYPE at LABEL EVENT_PARAMS... num_vars NUM_LABEL_VARS LABEL_VARS... store_to VAR0F72: destroy_event_listener HANDLE0F73: return_from_event RETURNS... The callbacks will work in a coroutine fashion, you can WAIT on them and things like that. Examples // EVENT_RENDER2D.TXT// Why: Scripter has no directly control over the rendering time.{$CLEO}0000:0F71: create_event_listener 10 at @CallbackDraw2D ___ num_vars 1 CRGBA 0xFF0000FF store_to [email protected] true wait 600000end// Draws the hand icon on the screen. :CallbackDraw2D//[email protected] = 0xFF0000FF // [email protected] = 640.0 // CRect::[email protected] = 480.0 // CRect::[email protected] = -0.5 // CRect::[email protected] = -0.5 // CRect::b0AC7: [email protected] = var [email protected] offset0AC7: [email protected] = var [email protected] offset0AA6: call_method 0x728350 {CSprite2d::Draw} struct 0xBAB1FC num_params 2 pop 0 rgba [email protected] coords [email protected] 0F73: return_from_event 0 // EVENT_SCRIPT_TERMINATE.TXT// Why: Sometimes you want to use unmanaged resources (e.g. some OS resource), but then you// remember you may leak th if the user new/load game because you didn't free the resource when// your script got killed. So here we go...{$CLEO}0000:{ The following only notifies about this script termination. }//0A9F: [email protected] = current_thread_pointer//0F71: create_event_listener 0 at @OnScriptTerminate script_pointer [email protected] num_vars 0 store_to [email protected]{ The following notifies about any script termination. }0F71: create_event_listener 0 at @OnScriptTerminate script_pointer 0 num_vars 0 store_to [email protected] true wait 600000end:OnScriptTerminate// [email protected] is the currently terminating script [email protected] += 0x8 // now it is CRunningScript::szName[8]0AD3: [email protected] = format "TERMNT:%s" [email protected] 0662: printstring [email protected] // http://gtag.gtagaming.com/mods/81-sa-scrdebug/0F73: return_from_event 0 // EVENT_VEHICLE_DESPAWN.TXT// Why: Because reasons.{$CLEO}0000:// -1 for any/all cars0F71: create_event_listener 2 at @OnVehicleDespawn vehicle_handle -1 num_vars 0 store_to [email protected] true wait 600000end:OnVehicleDespawn// [email protected] is the currently despawning vehicle handle0441: [email protected] = car [email protected] model0ADB: [email protected] = car_model [email protected] name0AD3: [email protected] = format "VEHDEL:%s" [email protected] 0662: printstring [email protected] // http://gtag.gtagaming.com/mods/81-sa-scrdebug/0F73: return_from_event 0
  13. SaH4PoK

    SaH4PoK WorkShop

    Welcome all in my workshop. Here I will post all my personal work on the GTA 3D era. [3D]: GInput Classic Icons Upgrade [100%] [sA]: Particle Effects Restore [100%] [iII]: Original Loadscreens in Full HD [57.14%]
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