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  1. The Hero

    Debug menu

    The last week I've been working on a nice little plugin: An in-game menu for III, VC and SA to tweak values and execute commands from within the game. The menu itself is completely empty by default. Other mods have to load it and fill it with whatever they like. Just so this thread isn't too boring I also wrote some nice little mods that make use of it. SkyGFX and sharptrails also expose their settings via this menu now. To install just put the debugmenu.dll into the root game directory. DO NOT rename this file, otherwise other mods won't find it. The module is not loaded by any dll/asi loaders, that would be pointless because it is empty. The individual mods that use it load it. You can get the menu here: https://github.com/aap/debugmenu/releases/ The debug mod has the following general features (different in each game, read the readme): - debug camera (original R* leftover in III made usable from the keyboard and ported to VC and SA) ( )- save and load camera positions and time & weather - standard game cheats in the menu (not for VC, the cheats are awkward to call there, maybe in the next version) - vehicle spawner with some "interesting" vehicles for quick acccess - change time and weather - change some player stats - COL renderer for III - lots of postfx settings in SA Get it here: https://github.com/aap/gtadebug/releases/ And have a screenshot: Some information for programmers: If you want to make use of this, check out the readme at https://github.com/aap/debugmenu and in particular the header file which you will need to include: https://github.com/aap/debugmenu/blob/master/debugmenu_public.h In this first version of the mod I have not yet settled on a 100% definitive API. So please be aware that later versions of the debug menu may be incompatible with earlier ones. I hope this will not happen but I can't promise. If you have suggestions for functions which you would like to see, tell me. Right now I haven't implemented anything that I didn't need, but a more complete and more flexible API would be nice of course.
  2. H-G

    H-G's Workshop

    H-G's Workshop About Oh, hi there! Welcome to my humble workshop! Here, you'll find a database containing all of my mods in one convenient place. I make lore-friendly mods, mostly, and usually post released stuff here, but I might post about WIP works too someday. Grand Theft Auto III Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Grand Theft Auto - Re: Liberty City Stories Grand Theft Auto IV & Episodes From Liberty City Manhunt Documentations
  3. Ash_735

    Ash_735's Workshop

    Welcome to my Workshop, the thing I've put off making for quite some time but NO MORE! This will be my scrapbook area, a place where I can share weird tests and complete ideas that I've carried out. Now, if you've noticed me in the past there is one thing you'll know, and that is that I take quality and original atmosphere intent SERIOUSLY, here you'll find mods that have either been converted, repacked or re-purposed from other Rockstar Games, bringing the best quality from all across the board right back to the PC versions of these games! Maybe you'll also see content by me improving subtle visual effects here and there to? Who knows? I've worked on a lot over the years and I'll be going through old hard drives finding content and seeing what I can bring up to date and make fit for download for all of you to enjoy. Feel free to make suggestions and we'll see what we can do but do. Remastered Mobile GTA3 Background Restored LIPS 106 Updated GInput Textures Remastered Vice City Menu Background Mobile RADAR Map Textures Updated GInput Textures Remade Mission Gradient Texture Mobile RADAR Map Textures Remastered San Andreas Menu Background Updated GInput Textures GTA IV Vehicle Pack 2.0 TLAD Vehicle Pack 2.0 TBOGT Vehicle Pack 2.0 GTA IV CE Higher Res Radio Logos Menu GTA IV CE Higher Res Radio Logos In-Game GTA IV Xbox One/Series S+X Buttons GTA IV Higher Res Miscellaneous Pack Outdated/Superseded GTA IV Shared Vehicle Textures Update GTA IV & TBOGT Alternative Police License Plates GTA IV Improved Weapon Spec Silent's Blog (game assets/banners/etc) SteamGridDB Uploads GInput (original and converted textures, updated textures) VBDec (logo design, testing, formatting) SkyGfx: PS2, Xbox and Mobile graphics for PC (packaged TXD files) Fusion Fix (logo design) [III-IV] Various GTA Downgraders (logo design) Manhunt Fixer (logo design) Re: Liberty City Stories (various texture contributions) SUPPORT Ko-Fi Cash App
  4. fastman92

    fastman92 limit adjuster

    fastman92 limit adjuster http://giant.gfycat.com/GloomyFilthyAsianpiedstarling.gif http://giant.gfycat.com/LazyDeterminedGiantschnauzer.gif Like many other games, GTA has limits that may later need to be increased as the modding community grows. This limit adjuster gives you that opportunity. Furthermore, it hacks some limits that were once deemed impossible to be hacked because of their complexity, as the ID limits itself took over 5000 lines of code to hack. An example of these limits would be the ID limits, weapon limits, handling.cfg limits & cargrp.dat limit. Map limits are also hacked. This means bigger maps with more cities. Supported games: GTA III, GTA VC, GTA SA, GTA IV, GTA V, Bully Scholarship Edition. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - I am putting a lot of effort to make sure that my projects meet the high quality requirements. That takes a significant amount of work. If you like any of my projects, you can consider making a donation. And keep on looking for what projects the future might bring. Download http://fastman92.com - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - What can be done with this limit adjuster? http://thumbnails112.imagebam.com/39196/94f56c391955928.jpghttp://thumbnails111.imagebam.com/39196/906394391955948.jpghttp://thumbnails112.imagebam.com/39196/66f450391955966.jpghttp://thumbnails110.imagebam.com/39196/24ae71391955987.jpghttp://thumbnails111.imagebam.com/39196/11a5e8391956002.jpghttp://thumbnails110.imagebam.com/39196/a5848d391956018.jpg Author: dkluin MTA with the FLA 5.7+: https://gtaforums.com/topic/733982-fastman92-limit-adjuster/page/148/?tab=comments#comment-1071463989 -------------------- MTA with the FLA 5.7+:
  5. Silent


    http://i.imgur.com/WWAL72L.png Hey, what's going on? You plugged in your PlayStation or XBOX pad in hopes that you'll be able to play GTA on your PC just like you used to play on the console, and for some reason you can't make the controls work properly? You can't use full possibilities of your brand new, XInput-compatible pad? Maybe you want to refresh your childhood memories after ages of playing IV and you're sick of the old-fashioned controls? If any of these apply to you, GInput is the mod you've been looking for! This modification completely rewrites GTA controls handling and ditches DirectInput in favour of XInput. This way, your PlayStation 3 and XBOX 360 pads will be handled by the game just perfectly, taking advantage of all their features, including analog triggers. This modification features: Complete XInput support, so pads are mapped to match console versions perfectly (including Start button, which can't be mapped on PC version without this modification). Proper vibration support - something that was cut from all PC versions of the game! FIVE (TWO in San Andreas) different control mappings - four setups matching PS2 selectable setups and fifth one being a recreation of GTA IV controls! Pad buttons in In-Game helps, replacing PC key names (depending on user's choice, either PlayStation or XBOX buttons are shown). An INI file with tons of options - including toggleable vibration, selecting controls setup, Invert Look option from console versions, axis inversion options from San Andreas and more! Automatic switching between keyboard & mouse and pad controls, basing on last device input. Support for Guide/PS button. The button is fully functional and can show your Steam Overlay menu if you launched the game via Steam! Cheats input from the pad. Use classic PS2 cheats on PC! Full co-op support in San Andreas - the game can make full use of two pads or bind the first pad to second player, so co-op can be played even if only one pad is connected. Increased support for DualShock 3 controllers and SCP Driver Package - including pressure sensitive buttons and SIXAXIS accelerometers. Screenshots San Andreas: http://i.imgur.com/bKoE8p3l.jpg http://i.imgur.com/hOVRwPVl.jpg Vice City: http://i.imgur.com/tPb3HFbl.jpg http://i.imgur.com/dLQAPxyl.jpg III: http://i.imgur.com/K3lyEPul.jpg http://i.imgur.com/1RHu9XNl.jpg Footages DOWNLOAD for GTA San Andreas DOWNLOAD for GTA Vice City DOWNLOAD for GTA III Usage The changes take effect automatically, no need to toggle anything when the game is launched. Supported games GTA III 1.0 (all versions) GTA III 1.1 (all versions, including Steam and Rockstar Games Launcher versions) GTA VC 1.0 (all versions) GTA VC 1.1 (all versions, including Steam and Rockstar Games Launcher versions) GTA SA 1.0 (all versions) Credits @Deji - original GInput for San Andreas - huge inspiration for myself! @Ash_735 - testing, complete art support Bugbear Entertainment - Steering Sensitivity option
  6. Live Requests A radio song selector mod for GTA 3 and Vice City by @H-G About: Videos: Download:
  7. "GTA Chars And Anim Helper" v0.91 Open Beta For those who not very interested in all of this but wonder what is that sh*t from the title picture above ^^^ - it's just one experimental mod. I don't know when it comes out, sorry. But now you can do the same things with "GTA Chars And Anim Helper"! Or any other dope stuff. Combine it with CarRec and you'll get something like Quantum Break plus Uncharted plus Resident Evil plus [insert your Favorite Game]. Now, if you're interested... This is the MaxScript for Autodesk 3ds Max. Description: "GTA Chars And Anim Helper" gives you the ability to skip some boring moments of skinning and animation of the characters for GTA: Vice City and San Andreas. SOME options potentially can be used for GTA 3/4/5 modding, or other games. Installation: Just place "GTACharsAndAnimHelperBeta.ms" into your "3dsmax/scripts" folder. How to use: Point to any button with the mouse cursor to see some extra info. That's all, dudes. Ok, here's the extended description for these buttons: "Char Helper":
  8. Bobble Heads Adds the cheat code "BOBBLEHEADS" which makes all pedestrians heads ridiculously big. Screenshot: Download Source
  9. A mod which improves exponentially over the original IV HUD CLEO mod by ThirteenAG. Features: Customizability. The components on the screen, their positions, scaling and color can be easily modified through configuration files. Entire HUD is rebuilt to allow flexibility and realtime customization. New Health/Armor System similar to the system used in GTAIV Hud Mod by _AG. Allows painless customization, no need to recolor 400+ textures again. Phone, imported from Rectangular HUD and now houses mission timers in addition to clock. Smooth fading/hiding animations to Money and ammo, similar to GTA IV. GTA IV/EFLC wanted star style. GTA IV Radio HUD system implemented. Choose your favourite mode, IV/TLAD/TBOGT or classic GTA 3/VC and the color scheme and radar will change accordngly. Gameplay demo will be posted soon. Download: Widescreen Fix **necessary For perfect IV radar scaling and outlined text Ultimate ASI loader **necessary To load the plugins in the game process GTAInside (GTA III v1.0) GTAInside (GTA VC v1.0) Below are mirror links from Mediafire. IV/EFLC HUD GTA III v1.0 IV/EFLC HUD GTA VC v1.0 (Note: This is not the final version! Kindly report any bugs you have encountered. It will be fixed if possible.) Screenshots: Contributions: @peymank Changes to pager and phone : changed it to GTA V iFruit phone for both (optional) also changed the Pager to landscape phone
  10. AI Weapon Walkstyles by @H-G About: Screenshots: Credits: Download:
  11. Manhunt: The Clear Cut by @H-G About: Features: Screenshots: Download:
  12. Rockstar Audio Tool Rockstar Audio Tool allows you to edit sound archives from R* games such as GTA (PC) GTA2 (PC) GTA3 (PS2, XBOX, PC) GTA VC (PS2, XBOX, PC) GTA LCS\VCS (PSP,PS2) Manhunt (XBOX,PS2,PC) Manhunt 2 (PC) Other files: ADF (GTA VC) Can be converted to MP3 and vice versa. Rebuilding is supported for all games. List files (.lst) allow to reuse original folder structure which R* might have been using to build their archives, they exist for Manhunt (PC) and GTA3 (Mobile). If you don't have a .lst file, default name is "sound+ID+.wav". Requirements: WAVE sounds are required to be mono, stereo is not allowed Manhunt 2 requires ADPCM sounds encoded using supplied XboxADPCM VAG sounds need to be VAGp format. Download
  13. ermaccer

    Manhunt Fixer

    Manhunt Fixer What is it? Manhunt Fixer is an automated tool designed to solve major issues which happen in Manhunt since Windows Vista was released. Solved problems: Game executable is not opening, idle in task manager Levels (not alll) crashed near completion Music and audio is looping 'Gate" and many other AI and script errors Enhancements (important ones) MHP Discord Plugin - show your game status to your friends in Discord! PluginMH - a big plugin for Manhunt, adds first person mode, modloader, breaks limits and more! Features Manhunt Fixer is two (or three or more if you manually select path) click tool, you just need to locate your Manhunt folder and insert that information into "Manhunt Path" editable box. Press 'Patch" and the tool will do its thing. You might want to take a look at "Enhancements" group, hover overy any item to learn about it. NOTE: This tool requires internet connection to download required files, manual way is on TODO list. This tool works with Steam and Retail (US/EN, other languages untested) releases. History This tool was designed only because this game needs a proper, concrete fix. There are a lot of guides with available "fixes" online, unfortunately many of them try to fool the user into thinking that renaming A in audio files to @ will fix any audio issues - of course it does not work that way, you get no audio at all. Is this a "fix"? Download You can download the latest version of Manhunt Fixer from GitHub: https://github.com/ermaccer/Manhunt.Fixer/releases/latest/download/ManhuntFixer.zip or take a look at the Steam guide: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2166039806 Credits ermaccer - tool programming, audio fix, executable patch, model fixes @ThirteenAG - widescreen fix, d3d8 wrapper @Ash_735 - logo design @Fire_Head - mhp, model fixes, code support Testers are listed in About section of the tool.
  14. Fade-Away Fades by @H-G About: Download:
  15. HalanoSiblee


    Intro let me introduce H Optimize it's tiny ( ASI ) which aim to boost up GTA_SA to run 200% faster It's automatically remove unused threads left by game engine skip copyright & eax,Nivida logo at start up Skip loading screen unload metadata unload unused audio Optimize Directx 9 device Fix car logic (flipped cars will not burn and explode) (V2.0) Fix train camera to normal view (V2.0) Extended Stream Memory on 64-bit system up to [ 8 GB ] (V2.0) Installation Silent's ASI Loader Required Extract HalanoO*.asi into your game root Copyright (C) HalanoSiblee - All Rights Reserved. HalanoOpt - is not affiliated with Rockstar North/Take Two nor any companies owned by, operated by, or affiliated with Rockstar North/Take Two. Project Time 45 minutes DOWNLOAD V1.0 DOWNLOAD V2.0
  16. Dynamic Stars by @H-G About: Screenshots: Download: Thanks to @Wesser for the "WANTED_STARS_ARE_FLASHING" (0x057B) fix coding snippet.
  17. Neon32

    Neon's Workshop

    GTA San Andreas Scripts: Medical Kit Remake - Portable medical kit (MKKJ's mod remake) Wanted Radar Warning - Makes the radar change colors like a siren when wanted, similar to GTA CW/GTA IV/GTA V Star Point Markers - Extra temporary markers Custom New Game Clothing - Let's you choose CJ's default clothing when starting a new game Club Front Noise - Music in front of the nightclubs Tutorial Free Roam - Disables the fixed camera during the tutorial when busted/wasted like in GTA VCS Weapon Bail - Adds the GTA:VCS mechanic of buying back your weapons if busted/wasted EHI Atmosphere Patch - Tweaks on the EHI's script to make it more lore-friendly Maps: HUS Binco - New LS Binco inspired on GTA V HUS Sub Urban - New SF Sub Urban inspired on GTA V Arcade Machine Fix - Fixes one of the arcade machine's texture Buyable Wetsone Trailer - Buyable Unnoficial Patch's trailer (for Buy Property) Jefferson Motel Roof Acess - Adds acess to the roof of Jefferson Motel through the interior Player: SNKRHEAD'S Paradise - Real life sneakers recreated to fit the game's universe Interface: LGRTB Remaster - "Bee minigame" with revamped new sprites HD Copyright Screen - HD copyright loadscreen More Mobile Icons - More radar icons based on the mobile version of the game (to be freely used as assets) GTA Vice City Scripts: Simple Regeneration - Regenerate life when with low health Hide Wanted Level - Hide wanted stars when not wanted Medical Kit - Portable medical kit Low Life Warning - Changes the life indicator color when with low health Wanted Radar Warning - Makes the radar change colors like a siren when wanted, similar to GTA CW/GTA IV/GTA V Interface: HD Original Hud + Clean Fonts - Original GTA VC's hud.txd recreated with 4x more definition + HD Fonts with no dirty textures GTA III Scripts: Simple Regeneration - Regenerate life when with low health Hide Wanted Level - Hide wanted stars when not wanted Remove Hud Money Zeros - Remove zeroes in front of the money count Wanted Radar Warning - Makes the radar change colors like a siren when wanted, similar to GTA CW/GTA IV/GTA V SAxVCxLC: SA Atmosphere Patch - Patch that transforms SAxVCxLC's LC and VC to be more lore-friendly Car Wash - Car Wash mod adapted to Vice City Taxi Ride - Taxi Ride mod adapted to the Liberty and Vice City taxis Radar Helper - Tool for adapting radar maps for SAxVCxLC Escobar Airport Security System - Security guards and metal detectors on VC's airport VC Assets - Original Vice City assets/properties adapted for SAxVCxLC (for Buy Property) Contributions Skin Galo de TΓͺnis - Textures RΓ‘dios Originais em 320KBPS - Dopealicious FM Icon HUD e RADAR do Watch Dogs 2 - Icons Minimal HUD - Icons, Wanted Radar Warning Mini Malibu Safehouse Patch - Improvements for the original mod [VC] HD Radar Map Patch - Fix in one of the sprites and adaptation for the menu map SF Tags - Compact version for modloader
  18. HalanoSiblee

    Fiber Optic Train

    π•³π–†π–‘π–†π–“π–”π•Ύπ–Žπ–‡π–‘π–Šπ–Š [FiberOpticTrain] Intro This time we focusing on streak train speed gta sa train is boring slow so i've rebuild Den_spb algo script in optimized methods this mod also double train traffic both sides of tracks are working the train speed is 120Km/h btw this mod will not start if u didn't unlock the 3 city (LS SF LV) Press (( 2 )) on your keyboard to enter streakc Installation mv Cleo & modloader into your game root Copyright DONT EDIT THIS MOD PREVIEW - OK SHARE WITH CREDIT - OK Credit By HalanoSiblee & Den_spb [email protected] Project Time 80 minutes DOWNLOAD V3.6
  19. IMG archive editor for rockstar 3D era titles. Supported games, 1. GTA III (IMG v1) 2. Vice City (IMG v1) 3. Bully Scholarship Edition (IMG v1) 4. GTA SanAndreas (IMG v2) Download the latest versions from releases or from GitHub Actions. PS: I did some tests but may still have some bugs. Lemme know and I'll fix them.
  20. LCS Snowfall Port Hey! Here is a christmas gift for GTAForums! Me and many people always wanted to see LCS PSP snow in other GTA games, and after @Noskillx asked me if I would do it, I decided to port it. So, here we are. Although since snowy weather isn't included in weather cycle even on PSP, I had to add some option to bind the snow-fall effect to some weather type or a key. You can find the all possible options in LCSSnow.ini. By default you can switch between snow modes via F8, but you can change that from there. I will simply put the whole INI file here, since it already has all the informations I would give here. Screenshots SA https://streamable.com/rdszt III VC Download The .asi and .ini files should lie in the same directory. You can use any ASI/DLL loader you want, or just don't use one and put it to root folder, in-game ASI loader will handle it. r2 Only for III/VC/SA 1.0 EXEs. Changelog: SA support! Rain fixed A XP bug is fixed (this is last time I fixed something on XP) https://github.com/erorcun/LCSSnow/releases/tag/r2 Old releases: Source code https://github.com/erorcun/LCSSnow Thanks to @Noskillx for testing. Would you like to send me a christmas gift too? You may consider donating now via one of the options below Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
  21. WHAT: VC Themed SA Weapon Icons. Need I say more? WHY: Because, why not? WHERE: Get it here: Download, txd, bonus
  22. Link2012

    GTA3script Toolchain

    GTA3script Toolchain This is a compiler, editor extension, and debugger for the GTA3script language, which was the de facto language used by Rockstar North to code the mission scripts of the 3D Universe. The compiler is cross-platform, well tested and provides a CLI interface based off GCC/Clang. So if you are familiar with command line interfaces, this should be pretty standard for your tastes. The editor extension is a extension for VSCode, which is a lightweight, cross-platform, and extensible text editor (definitely not Visual Studio). Such extension provides syntax highlighting, auto-completion and documentation crawled from GTAModding and GTAG. This provides access to the compiler as well, so there's no need to touch the command line interface if you aren't familiar with that. The debugger is a client-server protocol which supports breakpoints, variable watching, and more. It's currently work-in-progress, but you should see it working together the editor extension pretty soon. Do note it is a protocol, as such it is game, compiler and editor agnostic, it just needs to be implemented on them. Everything is open source, as usual, and as noticed, it's all future-proof, in such a way that it can be used in future recreations of the game, such as OpenRW. This is compatible with all three games in the trilogy, III, Vice City and San Andreas. Get It:Download the compiler, or compile it yourself. Download VSCode and the extension (read the instructions). Download the debug server... ehh.. not yet. It's dangerous to go alone, take this:Learn GTA3script in Y minutes GTA3script at GTAModding GTA3script Complete Tutorial (PT-BR) GTA3 Multifile Source Code Quick Vehicle Spawner Source Code Special Thanks: Wesser for immensurable help in understanding the language, its principles and its future. Deji for his previous research and attempts at making a working compiler. Junior_Djjr and Silent for testing and feedback. I would also like to thank a certain company, without their slips, this wouldn't be possible.
  23. CharlesVercetti

    Advanceβ„’ HQ Weapon Icons

    The Starting Point. Note: The following text is actually a direct narration of Mr.Mike. This is a modification for any of the GTA games,to bring our 2D,8-bit quality weapon icons in high quality.As our own resources are not modifiable into better quality ones and installed on the GBA,I decided to contact this Vercetti guy on making the weapon icons.I also saw a post in which he promised a member on releasing the HQ Weapon icons.I waited for nearly 3 years and after seeing no progress,decided to contact this guy. You can install his icons on any of the GTA games(not on 2D universe and in GTA Advance,of course.).There are totally 15 icons in this mod,plus one additional icon for Molotov cocktail as he was in doubt on designing the icon. While you think about the similarities between original and the duplicate(This mod),you may notice some differences.It is mainly because of our world,in which everything is 8-bit,including me. Here are the links for downloading the mod.If you support the mod,don't forget to press "Like This" button.Otherwise,Vinnie might rise from death again. AdvanceHQWIcons.zip | Mediafire | GTAGarage
  24. AdusPL


    I'd like to present you my first car mod ever... The Miara. Based on Lamborghini Miura. Download: III/VC SA More screens: Credits: @The Hero - Xbox vehicles and .dff importer/exporter @CML99 - Yen sign on the roof Old screens:
  25. The Hero

    Real time clock

    So Kristian. asked in the SkyGFX thread about a real time clock (http://gtaforums.com/topic/750681-skygfx-ps2-and-xbox-graphics-for-pc/?p=1069100931 ). Here it is (source included): http://files.rockstarvision.com/realtime.zip Works with III/VC/SA 1.0. It keeps the clocked synched to the system time so to change the time in the game you have to change your system time. Weather logic has not been changed so i guess it will take quite a while for the weather to change. Have fun
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