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  1. Flachbau


    VeloceFacade was founded in 1992, only four years after Facade Corporation was founded, as an ambitious effort to expose the high performance automotive market to the innovative technology Facade has to offer. Sticking exclusively to motorsports in its earlier years, VeloceFacade has achieved success time after time, eventually diving into the street legal realm in addition to remaining on the track. After ironing out the flaws in the first prototype demo cars, VeloceFacade creates a wide variety of performance tunes, from subtle sleepers prowling the streets for the next unsuspecting prey, to track ready monsters that offer break-neck acceleration and enough grip to make you fly out of your seat on corners. Pictured above: evolution of our logos @Adri The Classic Guy @Aerovitia @ddarko12 @Dottie @DOUGL4S1 @Flachbau @Madd Huh @Maxxi @Murciélago @Pininfarina @PoisonedGas @Testarossa


    PS4 GRI$ELDA GRINDER$ Wanted Active PS4 players only: Heist players Old Heist and Doomsday. Noobs or Low Levels, Broke players and Business owners. We are an Elite crew of Money Makers and Heist Masters. If you need an Elite crew for Heist and 2X cash events like Terrorbyte or MC Contracts. You must have us as your active crew always. No crew jumping. Join us for wealth building activities. Any rank, skill level or gender considered. You must be 21 or older. We offer Heist Assistance, Financial Advice and Wealth Building Techniques. We have a Jet Black crew color with Red White and Blue tire smoke. Legit vehicle farmers welcome. We have a Facebook website and a PS4 community with over 550 members combined to help out. You must have a mic upon joining crew. English speaking and understanding. Any gender, lower levels most welcome Newbies most welcome. You must be Active. We kick inactive players. No Griefers or Tryhards. No Cheaters or Car Dupers. Solo Lone Wolf players welcome Add me on PS4 and Rockstar Social Club: ALLWORLD19 https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/griselda_grinders FACEBOOK PAGE https://www.facebook.com/groups/597388974018487/

    [PS4] Vehicle Requests/Duping

    Welcome to the brand new home for all vehicle duping requests and discussion on PS4 This thread will be continually updated by me, SKARFACE, to include the latest and easiest duping methods within this thread. If you wish for any update to be made to this post, whether it be to the duping methods,or other things, feel free to PM me. This thread is specifically for vehicle duping requests and discussions we have a great community here that will help you to dupe a vehicle or complete another vehicle duping related task. Keep the discussion on the topic of duping cars, please, and remember that this is the thread for PS4 users. Rules of the thread: IF YOU ARE SCARED OF BEING BANNED DON'T GLITCH OR DUPE, AND IF YOU GET BANNED DON'T BITCH ABOUT IT, IT'S A RISK WE ALL TAKE Failure to follow these rules could result in this thread being locked and punishments being handed out by mods. [/color][/b] No Spam No Advertising (That means, links of any kind to your youtube,blog,website.You can link your sites to your sig. ) No Flaming No Blacklisted Vehicles No off-topic discussions of any kind (Although discussion can go off-topic, just try to keep it to a minimum.) No quoting or replying to off-topic discussions/spam (if you see any off-topic posts, use the report feature to help keep this thread clean. Do NOT reply to it/start an argument) Please respect other users profile pictures. It doesn't matter if you like them or not, no need to insult them about it, if it really is offensive then take it up with a mod. Spoilers If you going to post more than two pics use the spoiler option without spaces [ spoiler][/ spoiler]. Respect Show some respect, when a person pm's you in regards to your request, and gives you his/her PSN DO NOT GIVE IT OUT TO OTHERS. If you got a friend that needs a car, maybe tell them to check the thread out. BLACKLISTED CARS: Space Docker Clown Van Deludamol Van Pony Lost Gang Burrito Lost Slamvan Sprunk Van Merryweather Dilettante McGill & Olsen Bison All of the boats All of the planes, jets, helicopters, cargobob, All military vehicles, Including vehicles from Pegasus Crusader All Police and Emergency Vehicles All Industrial vehicles All Commercial Vehicles All Snow Vehicles Blimp All Service Vehicles including: All buses Taxi Trashmaster 1&2 Limo All Utility Vehicles including: Taco van Camper Cutter Large/Small Utility Truck Large/Small Tow Truck Lawnmower Docktug Airtug Caddy Tractor Rusty Tractor Lawnmower Boxville Fixter (bicycle)
  4. Are you looking for a very realistic roleplay group on PS4? We have a full government system and some crews(factions) If so please post below with this template and fill it out and a admin will contact you. Name: Age: (15+) PSN: Have you got Discord: Yes or No If you got discord what is your username: Any Other stuff you think we need to know:
  5. lann3fors

    Sunday Racing League

    You are welcome to join! More info: https://www.domesticbatterygaming.com/srl Questions, looking to join? Leave a note in this thread.
  6. Barnie Spacullie

    Mafia Themed Crew for PS4 (18+) (rp/grinders)

    Join A Mafia Themed Grinder crew!(ps4) Spacullie Mafia is an organized Crime Family consisting of Slick city wise guys, and criminals who like to hustle in immerisve ways. We work together, while keeping the game interesting with a fusion of casual grinding and hilarious Rp. We are quality over Quanity, and we are not talking about your Skills. ****For PS4. WARNING WE PLAY AT NIGHT. SO FOR ANY LATE NIGHTERS**** "The Spacullie Way": Yes we have a code. We are going for a Sleezy con man Mafia look. So that often mean vibrant monkey suits, retro track suits, OG chains on black turtle necks ect. We have no interest in rocking with some 14 year olds who just " have to wear a mask". In fact we will not even let you operate with us if you are dressed like some try hard. No colorfull dreads, or white boys with dreads, none of that unrealistic bullsh*t. We might seem picky, but this is a quality vs quanity group. We do not want anything to do with a bunch of face painted weirdos. Would you hop into your mob boss's car with clown makeup and red skinny jeans if you were selling cocaine? f*ck no. Another big part of the Spacullies is we love to party. So that means pulling over and getting drunk or celebrating a sell gone well by hitting the night clubs. It's a lifestyle baby. We try not to use unrealistic attack vehicles unless we are being practical about it. So please be chill with the oppressor because they are fundamentally against our morals if using to troll other people. You may notice that a lot of the originals actually have a mobster accent!! Ok, i am only going to explain this once. We have a sense of humor. Some of us really commit to our personas because it is absolutely hilarious. This is probably one of our strongest attributes because it attracts the majority of our members. So if a goofy Italian American mobster Accent is not something you are down to hear...." then get the f*ck outta my kitchen." If you are not comfortable trying to do a Sopranos accent yourself, it is ok, we have an Australian in the crew (ps4: calos_spyci_wena) , and our friend Gambino (ps4: Freshhsocks) sucks at doing Accents, but we let his ass slide, so do not trip. However, being able to actually do a funny Italian American Accent will damn near get you placed in the crew off tops lol. Lastly, the main thing to understand with our crew is it is all about immersion. Why let the try-hards ruin this almost perfectly crafted open-world game about Organized crime? Why let the assholes make it so you can not enjoy the small things, like enjoying a cigarette in 1st person while in passenger as your Mobster buddy drives you to go rob some cartels for cocaine. We understand these things and we also get not everyone feels this way. If you are looking to surround yourself with people who respect that you want to enjoy your open world gaming expierence, the Spacullies are here. We wont jump in your nice car, just to punch out your window so we can poke an uzi out the window like some f*cking 12 year olds. Spacullie Mafia Lore: Originating from the Bohan District of Liberty City, the Spacullie Crime Family emerged. The Original Spacullie, Riggitoni Spacullie, was a brother in Law, of one of the Forelli Mafia's most respected members gaining him and his small family access to Organized crime on every level. With little Italian American Mafia Influence in their region due to local street gangs, Riggitoni found an oppurtunity to opportunityily to prosperity while taking over the turf of Bohan. This severed ties with his brother in law, and the rest of the Forelli crime family resulting in a 2 decade long Gang war over heroine, and various drugs popular in Bohan's nightlife. With the turn of the 80s, Cocaine became a high damand and many Spacullies began migrating to other major Cities such as Las Venturas, and Vice City to exploit these ventures. Upon realizing the high damand in these cities the Spacullies spread too thin, allowing their original turf in Bohan to be over thrown by the Sindacco Crime Family. This massive loss became so much of a stain on the Spacullies repuatation that many out of state memebers just fled and started new lifes. The majority of the remaining Spacullies stayed in Vice City, as the drug induced, sex crazed, party lifestyle was still in full swing out there. A half Cuban Italian, Spacullie, known as Don Crespo (ps4: Doose-Duece ) helped direct grandson of Riggitoni Spacullie, Barnie Spacullie (ps4: BarnieSpacullie) turn the party Scene of Vice City into a Cocaine Powerhouse, hidden behind night clubs, strip clubs and Hookah Lounges. This partnership fostered a brotherhood that is the back bone of the "Spacullie Way". Now it is the year 2019. Vice City is nothing but a beach city filled with washed-up "used to's" and meth heads. The luxury, and lifestyle that attracted the Spacullies is now gone, and the Drug trade was dwindling. Don Crespo informs Barnie Spacullie of the new surge of night clubs that have hit the scene in Los Santos as well as Casinos, gun smuggling, and illegal operation around every corner. Taking a risk, the rest of the Vice City Spacullie Mafia head West to Los Santos to find fortune, power and to party hard while doing it. To join....... Reach out to PS4 : BarnieSpacullie We will throw you in a party, take you on some jobs see how you do, then if you are chill, welcome to the Family, fellow Spacullie. Social Club Link : https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/spaculliecrimefamily/wall
  7. The Damned

    [DAMN] The Damned

    Wish to join us, apply to our Recruitment Crew, unless you have been directly invited by an existing members http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/damned_recruitment Damnation (from Latin damnatio) is the concept of everlasting divine punishment and/or disgrace, especially the punishment for sin as threatened by God (e.g. Mark 3:29). A damned being "in damnation" is said to be either in Hell, or living in a state wherein they are divorced from Heaven and/or in a state of disgrace from God's favour. Those Christians in purgatory, the "Church Suffering", are not considered damned, because their stay there is not eternal. People who are damned to Hell will stay there eternally. The Damned Chapter 2 “The Soviet connection and The City of Saints” A humble start in a run-down former apartment block in Broker to the hanging steel and glass canyons of Algonquin, what started out as a vigilante group sworn to protect became the scourge of an entire city and her people. Breaking away from the dated and predictable biker traditions, The Damned acquired various business properties that functioned as “fronts” for illegal activity such as drug trafficking and street races. With this method of laundering cash and a crew of highly skilled mercenaries to protect the businesses, The Damned continue to penetrate the economy and infrastructure of America’s greatest cities. This success came a very hefty price. How much is peace and prosperity really worth? Is it worth your family? Your friends? Your life? Spring 2010 Senior members of The Damned MC head out west to the state of San Andreas. Their intention was to secure a deal to patch over a Los Santos MC. This deal would allow the Liberty City based biker gang a foothold in the rising criminal paradise that “The City of Saints” had become. What happened that fateful night has never been revealed. The Damned MC`s representatives and the members of the Los Santos based MC were never seen again. No bodies recovered, no bikes, no cash, no weapons... nothing. For obvious reasons the location of the deal was not revealed before The Damned had left Liberty City, therefore no investigation legal or otherwise was initiated. Not that a legal enquiry ever would commence for the hardened biker types anyway. With their leaders gone, The Damned MC constructed a new hierarchy to rebuild the MC. The winter of 2011 had been kind to Liberty City, but you would be forgiven for not noticing that on the faces of the men caged inside the FIB compound. The Damned MC, the infamous biker gang out of Broker, had been set up. They had to be. Every angle was covered. Every dirty cop paid off. Every snitch and two-bit hooker in Liberty would not dare utter a word in condemnation of this group of cold blooded killers. Yet here they find themselves falling foul of the largest sting operation in decades. Kenny Petrovic (“The Russian”), the head of the crime syndicate that members of the gang had been involved with, had set them up. Forced to do a deal in order to secure extradition back to Russia, Petrovic gave the FIB the location of his next shipment of illegal arms coming in from the east. So it came to pass that foggy morning at a sleepy dock area in Bohan, The Damned MC were apprehended. Why the FIB were willing to let go a potential war criminal in favour of a biker gang was even more mysterious than the dimly lit building that the bikers found themselves entrapped in. A senior FIB agent soon revealed the true nature of why the bikers had been brought in. To fully understand what was going on, one must go back to the summer of 2010. You see, this was no longer an unorganized rabble of former war veterans that decided to say “f*ck you” to the system. After the disappearance of the original Damned MC members the remaining members, hammered and exploited by the other gangs of Liberty City, fell desperate. In their desperation they recruited a number of British, European, South American and African career criminals that had come to Liberty City to make a quick buck, like so many others had before them. Bank robbers, ex-military mercenaries, assassins and street racers. It would have been very difficult to imagine so many dangerous types of criminals all in the one place. The MC acted as a safe haven and a spring board into the Liberty City underworld for this new group. Alone on the street they could not have built up the resources and connections in such a timely manner as they did. This action would forever change the destiny of the outlaw biker gang. The Damned MC started to work with "The Russian," taking "scores" and carrying out assassinations. The purpose of these jobs did not matter to the new members of The Damned MC as they were only interested in making money, by any means necessary. This caused a divide amongst the old and the new members that had been brought in. Not happy with the methods and type of jobs the MC were now taking, many of the old guard of The Damned MC turned their back on the gang. With nobody to question their motives and actions, the new look Damned MC set about becoming the most feared and profitable criminal group in Liberty City. What The Damned MC did not know was that many of the jobs organized by Petrovic were actually funded by Russian terrorists. It was this activity that led the FIB to the capture of Kenny Petrovic and his subsequent surrender of his allies. With this information the FIB decision was not difficult. In The Damned MC the FIB had found themselves a group of highly skilled, expendable soldiers that had a control over parts of the criminal element in Liberty City that the FIB could only dream of. In effect they had taken down the shepherds. The rest were just mere sheep. As it turned out, the worst criminals in the city were the best guys for the job. The Damned MC was forced into co-operating with the FIB. Carrying out “black operations” and providing information on rival gangs in Liberty City. The MC were afforded an untouchable status. In order for the operation to work the FIB knew that they had to keep the illusion that the Damned were still a key entity on the streets. This brought some perks to being federal slaves. The Damned MC acquired various businesses without fear of FIB intervention. The ownership of these companies is disputed but no formal connection has ever been made. The reality is that these “fronts” launder money generated from The Damned MC`s activities but, along with ownership, no federal inquiry has ever been made into the legality of these businesses. On the surface a sweet deal, you might think. The reality however is far from sweet. As reluctant FIB agents, The Damned MC faced new dangers on both sides of the law. If the other gangs of Liberty City found out about The Damned MC status as FIB informants, any and all business relationships would be called off. The Damned MC would be outcast. If this happens then the FIB would have lost their link to the underworld and would have to pull the plug on “Operation Peace and Prosperity." In the FIB`s terms, pulling the plug means a bullet in the head of all involved. Who`s to say that the FIB did not have this in mind all along? If this ever became public knowledge there would be chaos on the streets of Liberty City. The members of the Damned MC found their life was not their own any more. Unable to trust the FIB, unable to call for help, unable to trust each other and living on borrowed time they had become truly damned. Fate it seems had another twist in store for the condemned members of the biker gang. The early months of 2013 brought around a so-called “unexpected” chain of events. The balance of secrecy and effectiveness of “Operation Peace and Prosperity” had become compromised. The other gangs of Liberty City had become suspicious. They were losing numbers and product at an alarming rate. The Damned MC, however, seemed to continue to profit without harassment from the police. If the FIB had foreseen this then they had made no effort to cover the situation. Mistakes were made. There`s an old saying, “loose lips sink ships” and in Liberty City there was plenty of loose lips. Rumours started to spread that the authorities were watching The Damned MC. Not knowing the full details of what was actually going on the mercenaries, the Mafia families, the casino runners, other MC`s and the Jamaicans took an air of caution and started to distance themselves from The Damned MC. Rendering the FIB`s secret weapon useless. This was a bad situation for the former Kings of Liberty. If the FIB had no further use for The Damned then it was thought that they would sever all connections. This would mean the assassination of all members of “Operation Peace and Prosperity” The FIB had other ideas. Sent to the west coast of America far away from Liberty City, the members of “OP&P” had been put on the witness protection program. It was as though the saints themselves had smiled upon these unworthy bringers of death. Given new identities and scattered across the sprawling desert metropolis that is Los Santos they await in a state of exile. Some do menial jobs such as mechanics and bouncers at strip joints. The ones lucky enough to have enough cash have retired. Some skilled members use their experience to work for the legitimate companies owned by The Damned. These include crop dusting, air and sea freight and the participation in legal races for the Damned race team. Times are hard in this world and already some of the members have dabbled in petty crime to make ends meet. Some just bored of retirement and the lack of action, wishing things to go wrong again. There`s another old saying. “You can take the lion out of the jungle but you cant take the jungle out of the lion”. In a remote area of Blaine County, resting peacefully on his makeshift porch, the former chaplain of the Damned MC enjoys a gentle breeze on his face. He looks out over the desert at the pastel orange and pink sunset. A beautiful setting, much more than this enemy of humanity deserved. Lost in thought and with only a fine cigar and a bottle of Bourbon as company, the atrocities of Liberty City seem a lifetime away. A copy of today`s newspaper lies on the bench the top page flapping in the breeze. The date reads October 1st 2013. The call of an eagle so clear and recognizable is suddenly drowned out by the unsettling hum of an engine in the distance. A black Buffalo speeds towards the former preacher’s trailer, two clouds of dirt rise in its wake. The preacher swigs at his bottle in preparation of what is to come and with an icy stare and a determined heart he mutters two words under his whisky tainted breath. Two words he thought would never be heard again. The Damned Chapter 1 "The worst place in America" The Damned Motorcycle club was established in the summer of 1973 by ex-war veteran Sergeant Jason Clarence Smith. The Damned MC, however, was not the original name of the club. The original name was The Guardians Motorcycle club. In 1972, dispatched from service, Smith returned to a very different Liberty City than the one he left eight years before. On his return to his native borough of Broker, still deeply scarred by his eight year stint which was full of heartbreak and shattered mayhem, Smith found the city he once loved had become ruled by dirty cops and mafia families. Feeling that he needed to fill the void in his life and do something about it, Smith gathered fellow war veterans and together they formed a vigilante group called the Guardians MC. By 1976 The Guardians MC were a fast and furious crew of bounty hunters sworn to protect the people. Riding their custom white choppers and living by a code of peace and prosperity which became the groups motto, they took back large parts of the city from the corrupt. Many of the dirty cops that plagued Liberty City began to hate the Guardians. The hate was derived from the fact that The Guardians had muscled in on the cop’s protection rackets. Smith in return also hated the cops, he saw them as disgrace to the uniform. An honour that Smith held dear from his war days and the very drive behind the Guardians MC. Though every member seemed content with the success of The Guardians MC, the clubs vice president David Fitzko realized that he could take advantage of the gang and use its power and influence to control the people rather than protect them. Little did Smith know, Fitzko had ordered a hit on him. Setting up an ambush with the corrupt members of the LCPD, Fitzko and the cops took down Smith as he rode on his white Hexer in Cerveza Heights. With Smith out of the picture Fitzko gained automatic control of the Guardians MC. He took the club in new direction, going from the city`s white knights to the city`s worst nightmare. On the eve of Smiths death the Guardians held a meeting. At that meeting the members were given a choice. Join Fitzko`s new vision or be found at the bottom of the Humboldt river. When the patch over took place Fitzko made a mockery of the former biker gangs motto. “Peace and Prosperity! You want Peace and Prosperity….Well I say peace and prosperity be damned” Henceforth The Guardians Motorcycle Club became The Damned Motorcycle Club - The Damned MC Fitzko convinced gang members into believing that if they took down opposing motorcycle gangs The Filthy Fifty MC and The Yardbirds MC, they would be able to rule all of Liberty City. Hungry for power and money, The Damned MC declared war upon these gangs. Fitzko's plans were successful as The Damned MC were able to haul in a great margin of profits by killing key members and taking over their drug import business. In1986 these shipments brought about ties with Vercetti crime family in Vice City. War between the three Liberty city gangs raged until the spring of 1987 when the Filthy Fifty and the Yardbirds surrendered after the Damned had killed both clubs presidents. The Damned gained all turfs and profits of both clubs, reinforced by Fitzko`s idea that ruling with an Iron hand was the keys to Liberty City. The club invested in an automobile company that is still part of the gang’s empire today and acts as a legitimate front. “The Damned Motor company" By the new millennium Fitzko and all the original members were dead. Whether it be from natural causes or a bullet to the head will never be known. The Damned MC faded into just a bad memory for Liberty City. Just when the city thought they would never be afraid again one man known on the streets as Strength, revitalized the gang and restored its previous infamy in 2010 The Damned Racing Team is one of the legitimate business ventures that The Damned MC invested in during their time in Liberty City. Run out of the Damned Motors company showroom the team compete in legal races and illegal street races. The showroom launders money and provides The Damned with modifications and customization of cars,trucks and bikes. Stolen vehicles and “loaded” vehicles are also dropped off and turned around for export by members of the race team. As of today no federal enquiry has been made into the activities of the The Damned Racing Team or The Damned Motor company. Avatars and Signatures worn by the Damned CODE http://i.imgur.com/nocWk.gif CODE http://i.imgur.com/wkrbE.gif CODE http://i.imgur.com/wkrbE.gif CODE http://i.imgur.com/4zxZb.gif CODE http://i.imgur.com/76emO.png
  8. GTACMMaster2018

    MakinLoyalHomiesRich Crew recruiting on PS4

    Name: MakinLoyalHomiesRich Games: GTA Online Only Platform: PS4 Social Club: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/makinloyalhomiesrich/wall Hobbies: Running Businesses, doing heists, running missions, racing, and anything thats Double GTA Cash. Requirements: Must be 15 years or older to join. No level or mic requirements. Looking for those who are up for making money and don't f around when on missions, heists, or selling businesses The Code: To join you must follow the code designated in our Crew Tag: M = Make Money, L = Loyalty to the crew, H = Honesty, R = Respect each other. If you can follow the code you can run with us and make a lot of money. This Crew is new and we're looking for anyone and everyone who is interested in things such as what is written above to join our ranks. to join, you must first add me on PSN and run a few things with me before i can officially invite you in. If you have what it takes, you will be brought in on a probationary period where we will run missions, sell businesses, and run heists with you to see how you play. As long as you follow the code, you will become a member of this crew. We dont expect everyone to drop everything and play gta. we all have other games we play as well. but when we are on gta, we stick together. This is a crew that protects and runs with each other. If this sounds like the crew for you, add me: LEOJames2019. thank you for your interest in joining the crew, and i'll see you on the streets of LS.


    PS4 GRI$ELDA GRINDER$ Wanted Active PS4 players only: Heist players Old Heist and Doomsday. Noobs or Low Levels, Broke players and Business owners. We are an Elite crew of Money Makers and Heist Masters. If you need an Elite crew for Heist and 2X cash events like Terrorbyte or MC Contracts. You must have us as your active crew always. No crew jumping. Join us for wealth building activities. Any rank, skill level or gender considered. You must be 21 or older. We offer Heist Assistance, Financial Advice and Wealth Building Techniques. We have a Jet Black crew color with Red White and Blue tire smoke. Legit vehicle farmers welcome. We have a Facebook website and a PS4 community with over 550 members combined to help out. You must have a mic upon joining crew. English speaking and understanding. Any gender, lower levels most welcome Newbies most welcome. You must be Active. We kick inactive players. No Griefers or Tryhards. No Cheaters or Car Dupers. Solo Lone Wolf players welcome Add me on PS4 and Rockstar Social Club: ALLWORLD19 https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/griselda_grinders FACEBOOK PAGE https://www.facebook.com/groups/597388974018487/
  10. Van Society

    The Van Society - Recruiting

    The Van Society was founded on May 9 2014 and started off as a small crew of PS3 GTAO players by Retired-Mafia. We are now a well established crew focused on the PS4 for mature gamers who like to approach GTAO from a different angle to most too get the most of the game. Since the beginning of this crew we've been hosting events every week. At this later stage in the games life we are no longer grinding everyday or tearing around in free-roam but still put on an event at least one event every week which is when we all meet up to game together. R* Social Club: socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/van_society Our website: vansociety.net Twitter: @Van_Society Our events are usually motorsport based and include Street Racing, Track Racing, Off Road Racing, Rallying and our Top Gear Challenges including Class War, Reasonably Priced Car and Mystery Car. We are always looking for like minded players, we play on PS4 and host our events to suit the GMT time zone. Our events will often require following a plan or listening to instructions so you will need to be able to hear the host when playing (a mic helps to). If you want to get involved drop a message in the thread below and leave a few details about yourself...
  11. I've recently formed a new PS4 Community to assist with finding players who are willing to help each other out with completing some of the daily challenges together. More often than not, certain challenges require being in a posse and as most of us know, it's often easier said than done trying your luck with randoms in the lobby. Within the community, you're welcome to offer assistance; ask for assistance; discuss the challenges/game; or organize groups/sessions to just simply play together and have fun. Nothing else is required; just please no hostile or toxic behaviour! If you're interested, post your PSN name here or send it to me via PM and I'll ensure that you receive an invite. Thank you! ☺
  12. GTA 5 being the smash hit that it still is, you would expect there to be an abundance of dedicated discord servers for the PS4 version but that's not quite the case. So we exploited this "gap in the market" so to speak, to create a server that is completely tailored for the GTA gamer on the PS4. Be it heists, missions, freemode resupplies and sales,taking down a tryhard etc,you will find no lack in the amount of help you will receive on here. And in case GTA has grown stale for you, we have a channel dedicated to other games too, so u won't feel left out. Upon joining us, don't be fooled by the apparently small server population, all great things had humble beginnings. Our community is rapidly growing and does not look like its gonna lose that momentum any time soon. So come join us and enjoy a more wholesome GTA experience😊. https://discord.gg/GSFUKnH
  13. Domestic Battery

    Domestic Battery

    Domestic Battery (XDBX) A Grand Theft Auto Online and Red Dead Online Crew Founded January 28th, 2014 Leader/Founder - JustHatched Co-Leader/Human Resources - Dodgeservice Events Administrator - Lann3fors / Vetting Administrator - Xyon14 Events Sub-Administrators - Omarcomin & Banketelli / Promotions Sub-Administrator - ConGamePro / Sub-Administrator - Davidcore89 Contest Director - Spike180 Vetting Managers - Beez, Truelife98, The_Lady_A / Twitter Manager - Crawford1872 / Manager - Protocawl ======================================================================================== Our History Originally formed to be a crew for couples only the name Domestic Battery was derived as a joke between JustHatched and his wife BustyRose as we liked to beat the snot out of each other in Grand Theft Auto Online (though never in real life). After quickly deciding to grow the crew we would need to change our policy and allow anyone in. Within weeks we found a thread here on GTA forums where random people were looking to form a possible crew of Mature Gamers. After some discussion many players from that thread joined and became valuable members of XDBX and helped mold the crew into it's current form. That thread also transformed into the most successful recruitment thread on GTAF. We began to hold weekly playlists in those early days on PS3 and over time we were holding daily events across the major North American and European timezones. We would soon grow once GTAO was released on PS4 and grew to a couple hundred members but over time as GTAO started to show it's age we have reduced to just under 100 members (all active with the crew). Now with the release of Red Dead Online we continue to see some growth and some excitement for a new game while still playing GTAO We continue to hold daily events for primarily for North American and European timezones for both RDRO and GTAO. We are an all around crew, we specialize in having fun. We operate our own site for crew communication at http://www.domesticbatterygaming.com as well as use the many outlets available for recruitment and communication. We are one of the most (if not the most) active crews in GTAO and RDRO. ======================================================================================== The Purpose Of This Thread For XDBX In an effort to have as much communication as possible for our crew, this thread will be used for idle chatter among crew members, the posting of future crew events and announce contests and their winners. Also to allow us to better communicate with other crews as needed. This thread also serves as a backup for when our website is down for maintenance. ======================================================================================== =================================================================================== Old Married Gamers Podcast Buzzsprout - http://oldmarriedgamers.buzzsprout.com/ iTunes - https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/old-married-gamers/id1462924016 Spotify - https://open.spotify.com/show/7a4Hy9RXRNxLGdfip3GvNL?si=SZyERyZETDe9msC6kLjjlg Apple Podcasts - https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/old-married-gamers/id1462924016 Stitcher - https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/httpsfeedsbuzzsproutcom300122rss/old-married-gamers Google Music - https://play.google.com/music/listen?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIu-6X__vD4gIVCVcNCh3dnwmXEAAYASAAEgKWI_D_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds#/ps/Ickyd43vkbzi36savxmiycmkjcy Pocketcast - https://play.pocketcasts.com/web/discover/podcast/5931bd30-6568-0137-f267-1d245fc5f9cf Overcast - https://overcast.fm/itunes1462924016/old-married-gamers
  14. WELCOME TO 187X motorcycle club recruitment page! https://187xcrew.wixsite.com/187xcrew We have been running for a few years, with both male and female members, 7 chapters, as well as a support/hangaround and prospect chapter. We have members from America, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, UK, Asia and more! SOCIAL CLUB LINKS https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/xxoneeightsevenxx https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/187xcrew_australia https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/187xcrew_america https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/187xcrew_europe https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/187xcrew_new_zealand https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/187xcrew_se_asia https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/187xcrew_uk https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/187x_prospect_crew https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/187xcrew_hangarounds ***OUR MOTTO IS MONEY & MURDER*** https://187xcrew.wixsite.com/187xcrew/chapters Base requirements and rules before you apply _________________________________________________ *15+ (under 18s will be placed into support/hangaround -> prospect -> full patch). *18+ to prospect. *NO killing fellow members (187x and 187p crew tag) if killed first bring it to attention to your sponsor/higher rank, don’t kill back. *NO PASSIVE MODE, return to your apartment, office, clubhouse, bunker, facility or nightclub if going afk. *MUST wear patch at all times, can be taken off for videos, photos, themed events and meets etc. *MUST own at least one chopper style motorcycle (zombie bobber, zombie chopper, Sanctus, nightblade etc). *MUST backup fellow members even when outnumbered or outskilled. *MUST be able to communicate via text on discord (app for phone, ipad etc). *ALL members must attend church if online (support/hangarounds and prospects must stand). *NO modders or cheats. *NO RACIAL, GENDER, DISCRIMINATORY OR RELIGIOUS COMMENTS TO OTHER MEMBERS. *NO tryhard gear or behaviour, use of jets, tanks etc is permitted if used on you first. Rules for Support/Hangarounds & Prospects _______________________________________________ *MUST help all members (187x & 187p) with MC businesses, CEO work (vehicles, crates etc), missions, event planning etc. *DO NOT ask when you are getting your promotion. *ALWAYS listen to a patched member,p when they ask for help, no questions. *WORK hard, STAY active in game/discord chat and you will earn your promotion faster. *Support/Hangaround 1-2 weeks and Prospecting 1-2 weeks DEPENDING on how active you are ONLINE IN GAME, DISCORD CHAT, and how much work YOU put in (There are various ways to put in work). *ALWAYS wear your biker cut with patch. LOYALTY AND RESPECT COME FIRST WITH THIS CLUB, WHICH IS WHY WE ARE ALL LIKE FAMILY💪🏻💯 WHAT WE DO? _____________ *Crew events such as playlists, mc vs mc crew battles, freemode wars, themed meetups, parties, bike & car meets, races and deathmatches, freemode activities like stand your ground, patch hunting & more! *Crew awards such as pic of the week, crew achievements & more *Patch hunting (Who can obtain the most patches from different clubs) *Earn money from MC work, CEO work, Heists and jobs *Snapmatic & Video sessions YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE ACTIVE EVERYDAY OR HAVE A MIC, BUT YOU MUST BE ABLE TO KEEP UP TO DATE OFFLINE VIA THE DISCORD APP WHICH YOU CAN DOWNLOAD ON YOUR PHONE, IPAD, PC ETC TO APPLY VISIT THE LINK BELOW (WE ALSO HAVE A RDR CREW LAUNCHING) https://187xcrew.wixsite.com/187xcrew/howtojoin WE ARE LOOKING FOR MALES AND FEMALES TO FULFILL RANKED POSITIONS IN ALL CHAPTERS! IN ORDER TO HOLD A RANKED POSITION WITHIN A CHAPTER YOU MUST BE ACTIVE IN GAME AT LEAST WEEKLY, CHAT ACTIVE DAILY (DISCORD), ALWAYS FOLLOW BYLAWS AND PROMOTE & REPRSENT THE CLUB AT ALL TIMES💯
  15. lann3fors

    Clash of the Crews - a GTA online League

    Proud to present the final 12 crews of season 3. https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/merryweather-mwsfhttps://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/van_society https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/damned_brotherhood https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/men_of_busines_mafia https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/xm0stxhat3dx https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/the_devils_within https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/sons_of_fenix https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/devastatingdangerous https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/thelowlygentlemen https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/xx_pussi_katts_krew https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/xxoneeightsevenxx https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/domestic_battery Clash of the Crews - Season III A GTA Online league for crews. Every round your crew will play against another crew in a playlist. Each round consist of two weeks and all crew battles in a round will use the same playlist. Each round will feature a new playlist that will be presented on the first Monday of each round. Each crew enters 3-4 or 4-5 players depening the round. The jobs/playlist will be limited to either 8 or 10 players.* All playlists consist of 2 races (non-contact) and 4 combat type jobs. There will be a mix of land, air, sea and stunt races. The combat jobs used will alter each round as classic TDM, LTS and Captures dont mix well with the Adversary modes. A crews score from each round is made up of the sum of the jobs won. (Race winner determined by the sum of each crews in game points.) During a season all crews play each other once before we head into the playoffs. News for Season 3:Scores only kept for number of jobs won, no individual player points kept. The playlist is reduced from 8 to 6 jobs. The number of players needed from each crew is reduced to 3-5. It can be different players each round.* This opens up for the possibility to play with uneven number of players (like 3 vs 4).* This opens up for variety in job selection, rounds can be limited to different number of players (we will use 8 and 10 player jobs).* This opens up for new modes to be used, like Sumo and Overwatch Rumble for example. No default time is set for the battles, so both crews will need to put in the effort to agree on a time to play during the two weeks period. *This is a change made to make it easier for smaller crew to enter the league and to make it less stressfull for all the crew leaders gathering their team. (PS4 and AutoAim) SIGN UP YOUR CREW! SIGN UP THREAD
  16. 💰💰💰💰 WELCOME TO $€LL CR£W! 💰💰💰💰 We are a friendly and highly organised money grinding crew on GTA, all about making GTA$! This isn’t a normal money grinding crew, where you can never find other active crew members, or selfish members that go off as soon as you’ve helped them sell all of their businesses, leaving you with full stock and that idiot LJT calling you repeatedly telling you to sell! This is $€LL CR£W! The main difference is that we are organized, we are not selfish money grabbers, we are one large team, all with the common goal of helping each other get rich in GTA. To join this crew you Must be able to download PS Messages to a Mobile Device, Tablet or Laptop, and use it when in the crew session. Communication is via PS Messages, you must be able to use and understand reasonable English in this chat and also be respectful to others. It is vital that when you are in the crew session you observe the text chat at all times, no excuses! Unresponsive members will get kicked from the session, repeat offenders will be removed from the crew. We are a mature crew, however you can still join if under 18, but must act maturely. We earn our GTA$ the honest way, and we make a lot! Money glitchers need not apply! • We have streamlined lots of things related to making money in GTA so we are quick and efficient, you will make a lot of GTA$ • Established crew with active members from all over the world 24/7 • Safe, crew only sessions to sell & source product • All levels welcome, whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned player • Money making strategies and guides • Great community spirit within the crew PS Messages chat group • No mic or discord required • Other events, such as weekly Playlist events, spontaneous car shows Crew rules and guidelines must be followed to keep a safe, crew only session for $€LL CR£W to sell and source product To join our crew please do the following: • Download PS Messages on mobile device, tablet or laptop • Communicate in English while in a crew session, monitoring the chat at all times • PS Message settings must be set to receive messages from everyone (otherwise you’ll only see messages from crew you have friended) • Send a message on ps messages to me (PSN Vauxnut) stating that you want to join SELL crew, and where you have seen our recruitment thread, I will then send you the details on how to join the crew on there • Send a friend request to me on Rockstar Social Club website and PSN (Usernames are both Vauxnut) • Quick and easy enrolment process, just a read of the rules on our community page and post a confirmation message on the wall Any other information you would like to know before joining us, please feel free to message me here, or on PS Messages for a speedy reply Rockstar Games Social Club Link to Social Page To Apply ⚠️Please do not just click the social club link and request to join the crew, these will be ignored. Read all of the above information above and contact me as stated to join the crew. https://twitter.com/friendlyGTAcrew https://www.instagram.com/sell_your_sht_crew/ We look forward to seeing you in Los Santos with us soon! 💵💵💵💵💵💵💵 $AF€ as $£LL 💵💵💵💵💵💵💵 Link to Social Page To Apply
  17. Welcome to Red Dead Roleplay Discord Link: https://discord.gg/KMjte2R Who Are We? We are a large RP Discord community serving Xbox, PS4 and future PC roleplayers alike for Red Dead Online. Whether you're new to roleplay or a seasoned veteran, we are a community for all! We commit ourselves to offering players of Red Dead Redemption 2 a space to network and engage with other players online. Unlike most other RP groups we are primarily a social community first. This means that we don't require detailed applications or consistent activity, we leave that entirely up to you! We exist primarily to bring all of our Red Dead Online roleplayers into one unified server. Whether you're looking for random on the spot RP, random chatter with other serious players of the game or whether you're looking to advertise your own posse or RP community; Red Dead Roleplay is an RP community for all! How To Join Simply click on the discord link provided above to connect to our server. Once completed read through our welcome post to get started! We group our members by gaming platform so all we ask is that you post in the Port of Entry channel to secure permissions to our otherwise private RP channels. It’s as easy as that!
  18. Ram_24am

    Apollo roleplay ps4

    Apollo Rp Who We Are! We are a GTA V Roleplaying Community for the PS4, Here at Apollo Rp we strive to give the best service for our players, and host lobbies for all time zones . We host for the players, which means, for us the most important thing is everyone has fun . We are growing fast and we are inviting YOU to be a part of us. We have many features that allow us to have great RP Patrols on the PS4 Features Supportive and Active Staff Range of Timezones We Patrol Around! Whole Map Patrols CAD + MDT Active Community Members Daily Patrols Seeking new Members We are barely starting out but we will be a success with members https://discord.gg/b93nH3n
  19. MeisterJazz

    Real Rich Gaming

    Tired of the Solo Grind? Tired of having to defend yourself BY YOURSELF from griefers? Looking for an Active Daily crew to make money with on GTA Online? It sounds like Real Rich Gang is for you! At Rich Gang, we’re a non-griefing crew, focused on making TONS of GTA cash. Our crew members on average, make anywhere from 600k to 5mil PER DAY (income generated from helping other crew members sell & from selling all your own businesses). We're friendly til we're forced not to be. We add members from different timezones daily. If interested message AutobotJazz1 on Psn! Rules requirement are you must have a mic and must be 16 years of age. https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/real_rich_gang/wall
  20. Prometheus We named this server after the Greek Titan Prometheus. Why? Cause who doesn't admire the Greek Mythology! Almost every MMO gamer knows of GTA 5, it's a household name. Knowing that, you would expect there to be an abundance of PS4 centric GTA servers but there is not . So we exploited this gap in the market to create a server that is completely tailored for the PS4 gamer. Though the main theme of the server is GTA, many other hot games such as RDR 2, BO4, Dead by Daylight, Friday the 13th,apex etc are also supported by us. Our Features 🌟 The server being dedicated to GTA, has channels that cover every aspect of GTA online whether its heists, glitches or anything else. ❤️ A community which will rarely leave you hanging. 💢 A reward system with role promotion for active members who harbor goodwill towards the server. ⚒️ Bots that keep the server spick and span. 🌞 Any age group is welcome but immature behaviour should be avoided at all costs. ⚕️ Respectable and friendly staff who actively crack down upon troublemakers and scammers. 💤 Bored of GTA? No problem,we discuss other games here too. Members are free to suggest any new games and features that should be added to the server. We are a work in progress and your help would be gladly appreciated So come join us and enjoy a more wholesome gaming experience. https://discord.gg/GSFUKnH
  21. Car Meet Bulletins - Advertise Your Meet on PS4 or PS3 Use this topic to advertise your car meets and spontanous events. More detailed and organised meets/events should have their own dedicated topic. Use the below template so players know when to arrive or who to contact to take part! Date: Time: Timezone: Car Type(s): Platform: PSN ID:
  22. CREW MISSION STATEMENT: Monkey Mask INC. is in the recruitment faze right now. We want to build a fun community with in our group. Looking for Mature Players Only, Please Have A Microphone As Well. We are looking for members that are team players. Crew member killing is frowned upon. I understand friends like to play around sometimes. But NO GRIEFING crew members will be tolerated at all, and will result in permanent banning from the crew if reported. So please respect one another. We want to grow as a whole group. So if you are a higher level player try to grab one, or more of our lower level members and give them some work in your CEO, or MC. And if you are a lower level player feel free to ask some questions from the longer tenure players. Just make sure to be respectful with any, and all questions. Begging for cash, work and what not is looked down upon. Please try to hold your own in these evolutions. If you are having a hard time feel free to speak up. Don't be a dick if someone is having a hard time as well. We all aren't the greatest game players in the world. Be open to help as well. You catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar. So feel free to join up if this sounds like something you would be interested in. And please tell your friends if you could. I think we could have a great time here. Feel free to add me on Social Club if you have any question beyond this post. The crew link as well as my personal link are below. ​Requirements: - Must Be A Active Playing, "Mature Acting Player". - Must Have A Working Microphone For Missions, Heist. - English Speaking Please. - Willingness To Help Others Build With In The Crew. Rules: - No Griefing, Trolling Fellow Crew Members!!! Have Each Others Backs Out There. - No Drama, Leave Your Problems At You PS4 Log In Menu. - Don't Stand Alone, Feel Free To Join Up In Group Lobbies And Grind Together. - Report Any Member Not Following The Rules. Bans Will Happen. Thank You For Your Time. Pogo Or No-Go Crew Page: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/monkey_mask_inc Our Links: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/bpmullen24 https://discordapp.com/channels/367122785669087233/367122786352889857 https://www.facebook.com/MonkeyMaskIncGTA/
  23. DISCLAIMER: This post is from GTA5RP_PS4, in which he created his own community for PlayStation users to play GTA V in a roleplaying type fashion. It has come to our attention that he may no longer be active on this site. We wanted to create another community for PlayStation users to join in and roleplay in GTA V just like GTA5RP_PS4's vision, by creating an updated community on Discord, keeping you updated with roleplaying servers right here on console. Big thanks to GTA5RP_PS4. Follow him on Twitter listed down below. * Please follow the directions down below and we will try our best to reach you within the next 24 of response. * INTRODUCTION Welcome, as Roleplay has become very big in the PC Community of GTA we decided we didn't want the console community to be left out as well, or atleast the PS4 Of course we don't have the mods, and the plugins that PC Role play servers have, but to replace that we have very strict rules! (Read Below) We also are unable to have a Server always running for it, so here is how we operate. 1. Write a response Application (Format at the bottom) 2. If you are accepted, you will be added to the Discord, which is where we announce servers etc. 3. We open our servers depending on how active the members are, every once and awhile the owner will ask in chat how many people would get on, and depending on that will determine whether or not we host a private Roleplay Server at that time. 4. If you are accepted, you will also get the owners PSN so you can join the Lobby's. Of course we can't get rid of the AI police, but we do infact have good ol' Lester. If you don't want the AI on you, and only want the server's police to go after you, call Lester to get rid of the AI. WE DO NOT USE IN-GAME BALANCE. As people have tons and tons of money, we do not use in-game balance, we have a currency system on our discord that allows people to gain money from working and spend it on local businesses created by players. RULES MAKE YOU'RE DISCORD NAME, THE SAME AS YOU'RE PSN NAME. 1.) Don't 'stalk' other players. Sometimes the roleplay gets a little damp, which requires you to get into some unlikely social actions. However, refrain for getting carried away from whom you talk to. As in, don't get in a group of 10 people all deciding to walk on the docks at the same time, and coincidentally 'bump' into each other. it is not realistic and annoying. If you notice someone in a certain area by themselves or two, you can come up with some scenario to get interactive, but don't be a pest. 2.) No extreme killing sprees. As exciting it may seem to you, it can easily ruin the role play experience. You can have shootouts with police, but it isn't logical to stand in the middle of a boardwalk and blast everyone with an RPG. 3.) Don't drive unrealistic cars for yourself. This one is pretty much self explanatory as well. A dead-beat drug dealer doesn't drive a Comet. It just doesn't happen. 5.) stop for red lights, or every once and awhile get some gas at the gas station. It really bugs me when someone is constantly weaving in and out of traffic and running red lights. If it's a street race, it's acceptable. But just flooring it to save time or whatever get annoying, especially if you crash your car and just go get it fixed immediately. Also, to make sure you have read the rules, put "GRAND THEFT HOOKER" somewhere in your application. 6.) Don't kill anyone without their consent. Self exploratory. Don't go around killing someone unless they say it is alright. Also, do not do anything to other member's cars unless they say it is alright as well. 7.) Don't fix cars like magic. If you get into a car accident, don't drive over to a LSC and get your vehicle repaired instantly. Give it some time, like a real accident, and leave your car there for a few days, or however long you think your car damage can be fixed. 8.) Listen to police, A car chase every once and awhile is ok, but they can see you on the map. Please just pull over, listen to what they have to say, get you're discord mark and move on with you're day. 8.) Have common sense. I can list rules forever, but most of them are common sense. I don't believe I have to post every little thing down, but that doesn't excuse you to act stupidly and say "It isn't in the rules!" Please, please, please! For the sake of the game, be far to everyone. 9.) Don't be absent. I try too keep this as active as possible. When a member of the server is absent for an extended amount of time without notice, I am highly likely to remove them. UNLESS YOU ARE A CRIMINAL, DO NOT STEAL CARS. JOBS/ROLES Here you can find all the possible jobs and how they work. TAXI - It is you're job to get the required items for this job. You will need any Taxi Cab. You are asked to dress like a Taxi driver would, (no Taxi driver wears $10000 clothing) Follow driving rules (Red lights etc.) Actively say in the Discord that you are on Duty, until someone asks for a driver. (ONLY TAKE THE JOB IF THEY ARE RESPONDING TO YOU.) POLICE - It is you're job to get the required items for this job. You will need a MARKED Police car. You are asked to dress similar to a police officer, obviously not everyone knows the glitch. But dress as close as possible. (Blue, Black, etc.) Follow Driving rules and use sirens and flashers only when necessary. ONLY USE - PISTOL & SHOTGUN. Multiple police officers can respond to one call, but please don't fight over who takes the main of the event. Pull people over/Arrest for only these offences (Very High Speeds, Ran through Red Light, Signs of Public Intoxication, Gun in hand, Murder, Kidnapping, Store Robbery, Civilian Call via Discord, and other obvious offences) After giving someone a ticket, add role on the user's name on discord as "Ticket #1,2,3" this helps other officers know what they're past is, after 3 tickets you can have you're license revoked, of course you can drive without a license but if you are pulled over you will then be arrested and put in jail for 15 MINUTES. PLEASE MAKE SURE TO RELEASE INMATES. JAIL IS LOCATED AT POLICE STATION (also used as a car impound in single player) when you put the inmate in the police station keep them in the main room, other rooms might alert the police and get them killed. If you end up killing a criminal or someone with a car, or arrest someone in a car, don't leave it in the middle of the street, ask in the discord for a tow truck and get them to bring it to the police station. Abuse of power will get you banned. CRIMINAL - It is you're job to get the required items for this job. Wear something shady, most criminals aren't walking around like rainbows. Don't drive something crazy, you're a store robbing criminal, they don't drive super cars and or tanks. (be realistic) Don't shoot just anyone, preferably kidnap them. DO NOT USE (RPGS, MINIGUNS, OR ANY OTHER OF THAT SORT.) Do not try to escape Jail if in it, do you're time. (15 minutes) TOW TRUCK - It is you're job to get the required items for this job. You will need ANY functional tow truck. Dress like a tow truck driver would (they don't wear $10000 clothing) If a cop requests a Tow Truck driver, the closest one can take the job. Get to know the other Drivers, it can benefit you in the long run. ALL towed cars go to the police station parking lot. If you tow a players car, said person will have to pay you 50 points via discord to get it back. BUSINESS OWNER: It is you're job to get the required items for this job. To start a business in our server, you will need to have 15k points. We will not let everyone open a business, only the first 3-5 to get to that number. Dress depending on what you do in you're business. (Customize Cars, Sell cars, Delivery, Hitman, Security etc.) Drive a car depending on you're business. (still no tanks) You can request a place to have you're business put, or we will give you one. Promote in the discord channel for shops and get customers as they come. ALSO ACCEPTING CUSTOM JOBS, JUST SUGGEST BELOW. APPLICATION Please fill as most as you comfortably can. It will not only be easier to keep track of things, but also it makes me trust you more. Out Of Character (OOC) Name: Age: PSN: Role Play experience: Discord: In Character (IC) Name: Age: Job/Career/Money Source: Bio (description of your characters past, present, and future goals): Personality (Angry, depressed, obsessive, etc): Vehicle: Photograph (If available): FOLLOW US ON TWITTER: https://twitter.com/PS4_GTAVRP RippinO
  24. The Reaper Lords crew is looking for honorable individuals to join our family. Reaper Lords are active in all timezones on XB and PS. This is a highly organized club with standards that have been developed over the past six years. There is an elected hierarchy that manages day to day operations, a constitution which defines rights of all members, and votes on all major issues to ensure the rules of the club reflect the will of the membership. Since 2013, the LORDs have raised thousands for charity, hosted many real-world meet-ups in the US and EU, and have been featured in several major gaming publications; including IGN, Polygon, Kotaku, and VICE. Reaper Lords enjoy a close, but informal, relationship with Rockstar Games that goes back to 2014. Founded on GTAOnline as a motorcycle club, members of the Reaper Lords have participated in several Rockstar Games livestreams, have been featured on the Newswire, and most recently, R* provided official logo T's for all members attending our ReaperCon 2019 event in Los Angeles (coinciding with E3, where we met Roger Clark and Samantha Sterlitz). "Red Dead Online's Most Hardcore Posse" - Polygon. 2019. , "Toughest Gang in the World of Video Games" - Vortex. 2019 "Best Ever Multiplayer Experience" - IGN. 2019. Membership in Reaper Lords must be earned. The prospecting process is challenging, but enjoyable for the small percentage of applicants that earn full membership. Prospects are evaluated for their ability to adhere to club rules, and work within a team, while exhibiting personal characteristics which we believe will be a good fit for our family. The prospecting process includes learning club rules and history, attending weekly meetings, completing team challenges, and providing security for club activities. Much is made of how difficult prospecting is and how few make it through, but for those that enjoy structured gameplay and are willing to sacrifice to become part of something larger than themselves, it is actually a lot of fun. For a chance to join, apply here: http://www.reaperlords-mc.com/join-the-club.html 1 min. Recruitment Video: Rockstar Bikers DLC Livestream featuring Reaper Lords & Hell Hounds Article References https://www.ign.com/articles/2019/04/22/riding-with-red-dead-online-role-players-was-my-best-ever-multiplayer-experience https://www.polygon.com/2019/7/15/20694591/reaper-lords-red-dead-online-gta-online-posse-horse-show-join-recruiting https://www.vortex.cz/seznamte-se-s-nejtvrdsim-gangem-ve-svete-videoher/ (Czech language article & video) https://www.vice.com/sv/article/8ge7e3/i-went-riding-with-the-reaper-lords-grand-theft-autos-biggest-motorcycle-club-140
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