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  1. PS4 Los Santos Production Role Play CLICK HERE FOR LSPRP PS4 Facebook Group for LOS SANTOS PRODUCTIONS CAD SYSTEMS Click HERE >Los Santos Productions CAD System Facebook Group < Click HERE This is a realistic role play where do you begin First when you join you will need to sign up to our CUSTOM BUILT LEO CAD/Civilian Economy System. Make sure to use your correct PS4 Username and your correct Discord Username#### with the ####. The CAD will notify our staff to add you to or PS4 Group Chat and tell us which Discord user needs there roles UPDATED!!!! Once you finish that you will need to get a job in the Civilian Economy so you can start making money as a normal civilian or if you decide to become a Police Officer you can get a job as one of them and make money that way. As a civilian you will mainly use the Civilian Page and the Economy Page since most Civilian actions are on the Civilian Page and all the money spending is in the Economy. When u finish getting your job you can read over the rules and wait for a staff member to announce a official Role Play or u can ask in the PS4 Group Chat or in the Discord if anyone want to start up a Role Play session!!!! We expect you to live a realistic life to the 100% fullest you start with 10,000.00 Live at the Sandy Shore Motel and have no other addresses or businesses once you get situated you can rent a new house or save up to buy a new house. You must buy any vehicle that you want to use. If your job requires a car then u are given the car ONLY while your working though. You will need to take a drivers written test to get a drivers license it cost 2,000.00 each time you take it if you close it you will have to pay again NO MATTER WHAT that's just how the CAD System is setup to work automatically. You do start with a BMX Bike of your choosing. You can pick any story line that you want for you new life. Just remember you start at the bottom of life and have to build your EMPIRE 100% Legit you will have to work, hustle, sell drugs, win races, or what ever it takes to get yourself to the top. PS4 Server Los Santos Productions Roleplay Discord ---> https://discord.gg/GCMD3qu

    [PS4] Vehicle Requests/Duping

    Welcome to the brand new home for all vehicle duping requests and discussion on PS4 This thread will be continually updated by me, SKARFACE, to include the latest and easiest duping methods within this thread. If you wish for any update to be made to this post, whether it be to the duping methods,or other things, feel free to PM me. This thread is specifically for vehicle duping requests and discussions we have a great community here that will help you to dupe a vehicle or complete another vehicle duping related task. Keep the discussion on the topic of duping cars, please, and remember that this is the thread for PS4 users. Rules of the thread: IF YOU ARE SCARED OF BEING BANNED DON'T GLITCH OR DUPE, AND IF YOU GET BANNED DON'T BITCH ABOUT IT, IT'S A RISK WE ALL TAKE Failure to follow these rules could result in this thread being locked and punishments being handed out by mods. [/color][/b] No Spam No Advertising (That means, links of any kind to your youtube,blog,website.You can link your sites to your sig. ) No Flaming No Blacklisted Vehicles No off-topic discussions of any kind (Although discussion can go off-topic, just try to keep it to a minimum.) No quoting or replying to off-topic discussions/spam (if you see any off-topic posts, use the report feature to help keep this thread clean. Do NOT reply to it/start an argument) Please respect other users profile pictures. It doesn't matter if you like them or not, no need to insult them about it, if it really is offensive then take it up with a mod. Spoilers If you going to post more than two pics use the spoiler option without spaces [ spoiler][/ spoiler]. Respect Show some respect, when a person pm's you in regards to your request, and gives you his/her PSN DO NOT GIVE IT OUT TO OTHERS. If you got a friend that needs a car, maybe tell them to check the thread out. BLACKLISTED CARS: Space Docker Clown Van Deludamol Van Pony Lost Gang Burrito Sprunk Van Merryweather Dilettante McGill & Olsen Bison All of the boats All military vehicles, Including vehicles from Pegasus Crusader All Police and Emergency Vehicles All Industrial vehicles All Commercial Vehicles All Snow Vehicles Blimp All Service Vehicles including: All buses Taxi Trashmaster 1&2 Limo All Utility Vehicles including: Taco van Camper Cutter Large/Small Utility Truck Large/Small Tow Truck Lawnmower Docktug Airtug Golf Caddy Tractor Rusty Tractor Lawnmower Boxville Fixter (bicycle)
  3. Car Meet Bulletins - Advertise Your Meet on PS4 or PS3 Use this topic to advertise your car meets and spontanous events. More detailed and organised meets/events should have their own dedicated topic. Use the below template so players know when to arrive or who to contact to take part! Date: Time: Timezone: Car Type(s): Platform: PSN ID:
  4. Draco4444

    GTA online rp

    California State rp is a server I run we r a great community and we have fire,ems,dispatch,bcso,sahp we have a good cad nice staff. If u r looking for a good server look no further if u want to join u have to go through a interview process and a training if that sounds good add my discord name and number draco#3995
  5. Draco4444

    GTA online rp

    California state roleplay is a server that I am owner of we are looking for active members 16+ we have civilian dispatch fire EMS cop it is for PS4 if you are interested add draco#3995 must have discord for interview
  6. I'm back on GTA Online and bored. I used to be in various business crew (me and CEO/ heist) and be in a "military defend the crew lobbies section" I'm looking for a business crew where I can help others and defend them against randoms etc
  7. I'd like to get some players together for some Vice City style roleplaying. We'll be cruising/customizing all the cars related to VC and try to to emulate the story of Vice ib Los Santos thru freemode and custom mission in the creator. If you would like to be part or just add a new contact drop your screenname here.. Questions or comments welcome.. "In the beginning..."
  8. San Andreas Department of Justice We at SADOJ are looking for experienced, and non-experienced role-players to help grow our community. Yes we are a new server but you can help make us better by joining our team and inviting your friends! In return we will give you realistic roleplays and a supportive and non-hostile staff team like other servers! We will help you if you have problems or questions, all you have to do is ask. We at SADOJ are here to help grow, and re-create the new generation of roleplay! So please look through what we have to offer and our requirements and see if our server is a good fit for you! Hope to see you there. $$ FIRST 50 MEMBERS TO JOIN GET IN WITH NO INTERVIEW JUST APPLY AND YOUR IN:) $$ Departments: - Blaine County Sheriff's Office - San Andreas Highway Patrol - San Andreas Fire/EMS - San Andreas Communications - Civilian Operations Sub Divisions: - Gang Unit - SRU(Special Response Unit) - wildlife - FBI - Air One - Drug Task Force - Bail Bonds - Highway Clearance -Gang and Mafia -Tactical Medic Extra Info: - Custom Bubble CAD/MDT - Daily Roleplays - Experienced Staff Team - Professional RPs - Extensive Training For Emergency Services - Economy System - Custom AOP's, SOP's, Rosters, Files, etc. - Many Opportunities for all members - Vast Variety of Departments & Subdivisions -Custom commands for Priorities, Robberies, and AOP Changes, etc. Requirements: - Must be 12 years of age or older upon applying - Zero tolerance for Drama - Must have a working mic - Must understand English and be able to speak it -Must have access to the discord app - Must be Active We don't tolerate inactivity!! Thanks for your time and hope to see you soon. Xbox One Server Link - https://discord.gg/gSetwbnAQ9 PS4 Server Link- https://discord.gg/WpZfg3dw **Note: SADOJ is willing to negotiate any merger offers to our server we will not transfer to another server. **
  9. Hi there, My name is Joe. I've been playing GTA Online for 7 years. I recently left a MC crew I was apart of for almost 2 years due to many reasons that I don't want to share on here. If you want to know and we start to play & chat I will tell you. I was a Tail Gunner and then promoted to Vice President but then I stepped down & left the crew and those friendships behind for certain reasons. I miss the friendships & the random shenanigans and other stuff we would do. Races/RP/Car meets etc and I've been wanting to start a new MC or a Car Club (a car club sounds even better to me because I am a huge gear head.) I am lvl 403. I primarily just like to mess around with cars & bikes. Drag race/motorcycle rides with other clubs/crews/car shows & rp and make movies through GTA. Stuff like that. If anyone is interested shoot me a message on here and we can maybe start working on some details and how we'd want to do this. I want it to be a fun experience for all but I don't want trouble makers and jerks. It's meant to be for a good time and just to make new friends. All are that of the age of 18+ are welcome. I don't care if you're a male or female or whatever. I am a professional photographer IRL & graphic designer so if any sort of simple logos or help with movies that are being made I am 100% willing to give my input. I don't have an ego so if you don't need/want my help that's fine. I respect that but just know I'm here to help too so yeah. I guess that's it. hopefully I put this in the right spot and it doesn't get deleted. One thing I want to get out of the way because I know it's a big deal for some. I do assisted aim in my lobbies because I am in a wheelchair IRL and my hand movements aren't so great these days and it's just easier for me to do shooting & stuff that way.
  10. If interested you can say here or message me. This car RP, It's something i've been wanting to do for awhile so when/if you message me i'll fill you in on the details.
  11. Hi i'm looking for 2-4 people to help/trade wins on pursuit races because I want the prize ride but I am terrible at racing and I know I wouldn't be able to achieve this with randoms. I'm on PS5/PS4 and i'm literally on every day from noon to about 2-3am CT. If interested please just let me know and drop your PSN name and i'll add you or you can add me. PLEASE IF YOU ADD ME LET ME KNOW YOU ARE FROM THE FORUMS because i've gotten about 50 requests in the last few days and I know my PSN name is on the board somewhere so please just let me know who you are.
  12. This trophy requires to win once in each of the activities listed below. If you want unlock this trophy too, let's do it together. Almost all activities require at least 2 players, here's the list: 1. Golf (1 hole, 2 players); 2. Tennis (1 set, 2 players); 3. Darts (1 set, 2 players); 4. Arm Wrestling (1 round, 2 players); 5. Shooting Range (any challenge, 2 players); 6. Air Race (2 players); 7. Sea Race (2 players); 8. Land Race (Standart Mode, 2 players); 9. Land Race (GTA Mode, 2 players); 10. Parachuting (score more points and land first, 2 players); 11. Deathmatch (2 players); 12. Team Deathmatch (it required 4 players before, currently can be done by 2 players choosing Team Deathmatch Mode in lobby); 13. Land Race (Rally Mode, 4 players. Simple method: we choose the map around prison and race around it); 14. Complete a Gang Attack (can be done solo); 15. Complete a Survival (10 waves, can be done solo). It won't take long (1-2 hours). Tho, I don't use voice communication, it's not required anyway: we get into session, I launch an activity, invite you, we win one by one each activity. In necessary situations I can message via PS App on phone. Extra: Rockstar returned Parachuting and Sea Races, so it's not a problem to complete them now. If you are up to do the trophy, leave your PSN in comments, cheers!
  13. Looking for PvP or PvE players, recently started playing RDR2 again and need friends. PSN: DISQBEY
  14. Mods can delete this thread.
  15. OscarMikeDetroit

    Join Tomago Racing

    Hey guys, I own a small crew (but we just started) of 5 currently. We are Tomago Racing, also known as EGGG. Tomago is a Japanese word for Egg, it doesnt mean anything but the word sounds cool. Were normal people, were all 18+. so we would like to keep it that way. Must have mic's and must be able to be social-able to the others in the group already and willing to make new friends. We are car people, so if you are not, then this crew isnt for you. We do racing, car meets and general cruises. Were a chill group. Sometimes we do missions but just to get money to buy more cars... Its our way of having fun. If you are a try hard, find a try hard crew then. If you cant take a joke from time to time or handle explicit language then this isnt for you either. Were adults and we will continue being adults and we are all from different area's of the world but we all seem to get along and share our passion for the game and racing/cars. I change the crew color actively once or twice a week so dont be surprised to see a new color often. We all have our duped cars, modded cars, F1 wheels, etc etc. We just enjoy these things together. Also, if you arent into it then probably not your crew. Gotta take a little risk to get a reward. We also actively do same car crew roll outs to car meets, host car meets, attend car meets together, show off our newest things that make us happy, do things that make other laugh at us or laugh with us. We make a lot of youtube videos which are generally directed by my good buddy who "co-owns" this crew. WE HAVE RULES SO PLEASE RESPECT THEM AND FOLLOW THEM OR YOU WILL BE REMOVED FROM THE CREW. AGAIN, Like I said, were adults, most of us work crazy hours or were only on for a few hours a night or the weekend and sometimes all of us on together is a chore so keep this in mind before hand. Other then that, I look forward to seeing if we can rally a few more people from here, PM for more details. Thank you!
  16. rabid_white_dog

    airplane meetup PS4

    anyone interested in an airplane meetup at los santos airport? Jets, bombers, helicopters, ect, will make for some good photo ops if interested rabid_white_dog PS4
  17. Hosts/Drillers/Hackers Needed For Finales Only Looking for multiple persons for on-going Casino Heists. I can be a filler anytime and will host if I have all my preps done at that time. You must have a working mic. You must speak English. Add me on PS4 subject ”Casino Heist” ALLWORLD19

    Casino and other heists

    Looking for some heist players! Let me know if you're available. We can do a casino heist right now. Mics not necessary..all levels accepted.
  19. 💰💰💰💰 WELCOME TO $€LL CR£W! 💰💰💰💰 http://i.imgur.com/XPEaMsj.jpg We are a friendly and highly organised money grinding crew on GTA, all about making GTA$! This isn’t a normal money grinding crew, where you can never find other active crew members, or selfish members that go off as soon as you’ve helped them sell all of their businesses, leaving you with full stock and that idiot LJT calling you repeatedly telling you to sell! This is $€LL CR£W! The main difference is that we are organized, we are not selfish money grabbers, we are one large team, all with the common goal of helping each other get rich in GTA. To join this crew you Must be able to download Discord to a Mobile Device, Tablet or Laptop, and use it when in the crew session. No mic is required, communication is text based via Discord, you must be able to use and understand reasonable English in this chat and also be respectful to others. It is vital that when you are in the crew session you observe the text chat at all times, no excuses! Unresponsive members will get kicked from the session, repeat offenders will be removed from the crew. We are a mature crew, however you can still join if under 18, but must act maturely. We earn our GTA$ the honest way, and we make a lot! Money glitchers need not apply! 💰 • We have streamlined lots of things related to making money in GTA so we are quick and efficient, you will make a lot of GTA$ 🌍 • Established crew with active members from all over the world 24/7 🔒 • Safe, crew only sessions to sell & source product 🥳 • All levels welcome, whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned player 📚 • Money making strategies and guides 🎮 • Great community spirit within the crew Discord server, which is exclusive for crew members 🎧 • No mic required 🏆 • Other events, such as a crew racing championship, playlist events and the occasional car show Crew rules and guidelines must be followed to keep a safe, crew only session for $€LL CR£W to sell and source product To join $€LL CR£W please do the following: 💽 • Download the Discord app on mobile device, tablet or laptop 💬 • Communicate in English while in a crew session, monitoring the chat at all times ⚙️ • PS Message settings must be set to receive messages from everyone (otherwise you will not see my reply to you ) 📲 • Send a message on ps messages to me (PSN Vauxnut) stating that you want to join SELL crew, and where you have seen our recruitment thread, I will then send you the details on how to join the crew on there 🎮 • Send a friend request to me on. Rockstar Social Club website and PSN (Usernames are both Vauxnut) ⏱ • Quick and easy enrolment process, just a read of the rules on our Discord server and post a confirmation message in the relevant channel Any other information you would like to know before joining us, please feel free to message me here, or on PS Messages for a quicker reply http://i.imgur.com/2tOYwyY.jpg Rockstar Games Social Club Link to Social Page To Apply ⚠️Please do not just click the social club link and request to join the crew, these will be ignored. Read all of the above information above and contact me as stated to join the crew. http://i.imgur.com/2tPvUYk.jpg https://twitter.com/friendlyGTAcrew http://i.imgur.com/jyiclVJ.jpg https://www.instagram.com/sell_your_sht_crew/ We look forward to seeing you in Los Santos with us soon! 💵💵💵💵💵💵💵 $AF€ as $£LL 💵💵💵💵💵💵💵 Link to Social Page To Apply Edited Thursday at 07:44 PM by Vauxnut
  20. I'm guessing no one out there does photography anymore, no more GTA pictures of settings or having models. I used to work with a few others that did this and it is a great way to capture the beauty of the game. I think it would be fun. I am someone who likes to model in game as well as out. If you want to message me or leave a reply I'd greatly appreciate that. It has bee awhile and I feel that this would be something that could be enjoyed.
  21. I was wondering if anyone here is interested in getting the competitive multiplayer trophies for gta 5 on ps4?We will need a minimum of 4 people to get the backseat driver and Nemero Uno trophies fyi so hopefully there will be alot of replies here or I'll try and get some people on my friends list to help my gamertag thing is xXGomeyXx and I have a mic so send me a message if ya wanna try to get these it should be really easy
  22. Benefactor1070

    Allied States of America

    🗽 - ALLIED STATES OF AMERICA - ⚖️ Join The Allied States of America, the Allied States is the only democratically run GTA 5 Roleplay Community community in the world. In the Allied States people can elect their leaders, nobody will be kicked or banned without a trial and roleplays are held every day. With daily RP’s a voice and being able to vote on your leader what’s stopping you from joining the allied states. Upon joining the allied states may look a-bit different to all other RolePlay communities and that’s because we are. We’re the only community that doesn’t kick or ban without a trail set up as a court case. No power hungry members. Only being able to be banned with a trail the allied states is the fairest RolePlay community. To join you only have to take a few steps. 1. Click the link below! 2. Read our laws. 3. Read our how to join section. 4. Get yourself an interview! 5. Go through the training process.*l The steps are simple take your first step toward democracy today. This message is brought to you by President Yang https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/544031632676356106/663440916677263400/image0.gif https://discord.gg/BBMFGA5
  23. Hello looking for some players who may be interested in grinding AP. It will be 3x till the 10th. To be on a winning team you must have 2 PS4s because we need to keep the teams even OR have a friend that dont mind being on losing team or even someone you can take turns with. You are welcome to join on losing team but it will be less AP. Sometimes teams can be even and we can fit someone on the winning team so it all depends how many players we got at the time. Hit me up if interested.
  24. I wanna join as a member(I don't wanna be the host because I cannot do the Pac Standard finale glitch, feel like I'll mess it up lol). I can help with setups too (and obviously finale). I am extremely good at Pac Standard(shooting and driving and sh*t). But PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE have player saved outfits on(the Heavy combat vest is God like). PSN:SSJ4kakashi I'm level 138. I am a bit of a Diamond casino heist noob but I have completed them a couple times. Feel like PS is easier. But I can do DCH too. Let's make some $$$$! My time is GMT+5 :30 (India). But right now I have nothing to do but Study and play on my PS4(and I mostly only play GTAO)....so I can manage mostly any time tbh. BTW we can also grind the hell out of any other stuff that makes us all some $$$$. Like Import export or CEO work or Terrorbyte or whatever. Big bunker sales? Yo!
  25. DOJ PS4 Roleplay Community Providing Professional, Dedicated, and Realistic Roleplay Since 02/18/2018 https://dojps4.wixsite.com
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