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  1. Red Dead Online Life RP is recruiting. We’re looking for mature and realistic roleplayers to join our server. It is a realistic life RP server, we try to keep everything legit and realistic as possible while still having a ton of fun. Here are the requirements: •Must be 13 or older •Must be mature •Must be realistic •Must have a mic •Must have discord That’s it! To join add me on either discord: xgabe06x or on Playstation: xGabe06x
  2. Van Society

    The Van Society - Recruiting

    The Van Society was founded on May 9 2014 and started off as a small crew of PS3 GTAO players by Retired-Mafia. We are now a well established crew focused on the PS4 for mature gamers who like to approach GTAO from a different angle to most too get the most of the game. Since the beginning of this crew we've been hosting events every week. At this later stage in the games life we are no longer grinding everyday or tearing around in free-roam but still put on an event at least one event every week which is when we all meet up to game together. R* Social Club: socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/van_society Our website: vansociety.net Twitter: @Van_Society Our events are usually motorsport based and include Street Racing, Track Racing, Off Road Racing, Rallying and our Top Gear Challenges including Class War, Reasonably Priced Car and Mystery Car. We are always looking for like minded players, we play on PS4 and host our events to suit the GMT time zone. Our events will often require following a plan or listening to instructions so you will need to be able to hear the host when playing (a mic helps to). If you want to get involved drop a message in the thread below and leave a few details about yourself...

    [PS4] Vehicle Requests/Duping

    Welcome to the brand new home for all vehicle duping requests and discussion on PS4 This thread will be continually updated by me, SKARFACE, to include the latest and easiest duping methods within this thread. If you wish for any update to be made to this post, whether it be to the duping methods,or other things, feel free to PM me. This thread is specifically for vehicle duping requests and discussions we have a great community here that will help you to dupe a vehicle or complete another vehicle duping related task. Keep the discussion on the topic of duping cars, please, and remember that this is the thread for PS4 users. Rules of the thread: IF YOU ARE SCARED OF BEING BANNED DON'T GLITCH OR DUPE, AND IF YOU GET BANNED DON'T BITCH ABOUT IT, IT'S A RISK WE ALL TAKE Failure to follow these rules could result in this thread being locked and punishments being handed out by mods. [/color][/b] No Spam No Advertising (That means, links of any kind to your youtube,blog,website.You can link your sites to your sig. ) No Flaming No Blacklisted Vehicles No off-topic discussions of any kind (Although discussion can go off-topic, just try to keep it to a minimum.) No quoting or replying to off-topic discussions/spam (if you see any off-topic posts, use the report feature to help keep this thread clean. Do NOT reply to it/start an argument) Please respect other users profile pictures. It doesn't matter if you like them or not, no need to insult them about it, if it really is offensive then take it up with a mod. Spoilers If you going to post more than two pics use the spoiler option without spaces [ spoiler][/ spoiler]. Respect Show some respect, when a person pm's you in regards to your request, and gives you his/her PSN DO NOT GIVE IT OUT TO OTHERS. If you got a friend that needs a car, maybe tell them to check the thread out. BLACKLISTED CARS: Space Docker Clown Van Deludamol Van Pony Lost Gang Burrito Sprunk Van Merryweather Dilettante McGill & Olsen Bison All of the boats All military vehicles, Including vehicles from Pegasus Crusader All Police and Emergency Vehicles All Industrial vehicles All Commercial Vehicles All Snow Vehicles Blimp All Service Vehicles including: All buses Taxi Trashmaster 1&2 Limo All Utility Vehicles including: Taco van Camper Cutter Large/Small Utility Truck Large/Small Tow Truck Lawnmower Docktug Airtug Golf Caddy Tractor Rusty Tractor Lawnmower Boxville Fixter (bicycle)
  4. Draco4444


    So I run a server on discord I am trying to get some new members the server is in need of some new people we have a great cad and great economy system tons of jobs and much much more you can buy business and work said business for a paycheck there is a limit to four cars your first one is free and you a little starting cash if you are interested just dm on discord at draco#3995 I will get with you as soon as I can
  5. Preferably people who have some experience since it’s gonna be tougher than 3rd person.
  6. Hi! welcome to "Los Santos Productions Roleplay” We are a Fivem Qbcore based Server. We also run a PS4 and PS5 server. Here is what we have to offer PS4 and PS5 We have a completely custom CAD System. It has a fully economy built in with available jobs, cars, and custom maps with addresses for every build on the map. FiveM +350 Optimized Resources Active Staff dispatch Los Santos Police department BlaineCounty Sheriffs Office San Andreas State Trooper San Andreas Fire Department Custom LEO Liveries For all Departments except Fire/Ems A TON of addon cars A TON of cool things to do and check out around the map. Including but not limited to, Roxwood County, and The Mile High Club. EUP All kinds of different jobs to do and experience. Join Today and start your amazing and wonderful adventures in Los Santos Productions Roleplay We hope to see you there Los Santos Productions Qbcore FiveM Discord Server https://discord.gg/HXGVUbrr2v Los Santos Productions PS4, PS5 Roleplay Gaming HUB Discord Server https://discord.gg/vudyQQpu8W Los Santos Productions Website Still Under Development come check us out https://www.lossantosproductions.com
  7. So, I’m trying to get the awards for 100 plays and 100 likes in a custom map, I would really appreciate it if you could help me out. The map can be completed very quick. link: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/job/gtav/sLWiwudFsUSnDdCTbAHr2g thanks a lot in advance!!! please let me know if you need help in return!
  8. https://i.imgur.com/gv8xbdj.png PSN: jman_jd10 Crew: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/siege_outlaws_racing/wall Closed recruitment Hello! My name is justin, I am offering spots on SORT for whomever may wish to join.... Sort is a Racing crew. We focus on many things. However this is still a video game and we would still like to have a enjoyable time. 1. Racing, Mainly winning 2. Cars! As this is a vehicle focused group. 3. Teamwork 4. Sportsmanship Currently there is only to people in the group as I have not recruited anyone, Me and my girlfriend I am mainly looking for experienced drivers, HOWEVER If you are looking to improve and have the will to learn then by all means join! Now to reward the group and once a month a race will be held amongst our members for differing prizes Rules! Every group has to have rules and here is ours 1. Do not be a jerk 2. Do not spin people out or ram people no matter what they did to you, Focus on winning not engaging in a petty fight! 3. Follow rules 1 and 2 and you should do just fine! About me and Why I started SORT Well you already know by now my name is Justin, But what you don't know is why I started SORT... SORT is actually the name of my real racing team, It's just a local Oval track so nothing big although I have ridden in everything from a Porsches to a Ferraris in real life and personally driven everything from a Terminator cobra to a Audi R8, Anyways I have digressed. Main point is that I play all of these race sims and there just not as fun as the chaotic nature of GTA and I don't have to break a sweat to play GTA as when I hook up Iracing takes a bunch of time to pull out my wheel and 90% of the time something goes wrong with my controls, So I got into racing in GTA, And my girlfriend recently got a PS4 and also got into GTA so it only made sense to make a crew (SORT) so if you would like to join add me on PSN at jman_jd10
  9. Looking for PvP or PvE players, recently started playing RDR2 again and need friends. PSN: DISQBEY
  10. Hey there, I'm really good at GTA and I'm looking to use my skills to assist low-level players. I'm a level 550+ with over 130 days (over 3.1k hours) logged in GTA Online freeroam. I've done everything and I've been here since day 1 of GTA Online. I basically own all the fun stuff. I have ran crews of 250+ members, completed all the challenges, played every mission, etc. I really only find fun in helping new or low level players. Or even those that just need some money. I used to be a jet griefer, and griefer in general, and I cleared entire lobbies with my squad. But now I find it more fun to be friendly. I can drop you weapons, armour, vehicles, ammo, etc If you're looking for someone to play with in freeroam and want to make some cash on the side then let me know. I'll show you some tips and tricks as well. Have a mic so you can communicate. My PSN is "kittensrgreat" and I'm available for the next few weeks as I am off work due to an injury. If there was ever a time to join me, it would be now. Bring a friend if you'd like. I'm always willing to help out. Just follow my lead and stick close. See you in Los Santos
  11. I'm looking for some EXPERIENCED GTAOnline players to run through this heist; Skilled players that have been players for years that have a micand are interested in cooperating while playing. You should know the in's and out's of the game. My stats: Level - 551 Online Playtime - 131 Days K/D - 3.46 I have access to basically anything. Shoot me a message on PSN: "Kittensrgreat"
  12. I'm usually online anywhere from 8PM to 8AM Pacific timezone. I'm looking for as many people as possible willing to help with trophies as I'm always willing to help other friends with anything from bounties, posse, or trophies for other games. It'd be nice to connect with more friends that are online often and cool helping with whatever. Anyone interested, send me a message & add me. PSN: FrankenChon
  13. The Reaper Lords crew is looking for honorable individuals to join our family. Reaper Lords are active in all timezones on XB and PS. This is a highly organized club with standards that have been developed over the past six years. There is an elected hierarchy that manages day to day operations, a constitution which defines rights of all members, and votes on all major issues to ensure the rules of the club reflect the will of the membership. Since 2013, the LORDs have raised thousands for charity, hosted many real-world meet-ups in the US and EU, and have been featured in several major gaming publications; including IGN, Polygon, Kotaku, and VICE. Reaper Lords enjoy a close, but informal, relationship with Rockstar Games that goes back to 2014. Founded on GTAOnline as a motorcycle club, members of the Reaper Lords have participated in several Rockstar Games livestreams, have been featured on the Newswire, and most recently, R* provided official logo T's for all members attending our ReaperCon 2019 event in Los Angeles (coinciding with E3, where we met Roger Clark and Samantha Sterlitz). "Red Dead Online's Most Hardcore Posse" - Polygon. 2019. , "Toughest Gang in the World of Video Games" - Vortex. 2019 "Best Ever Multiplayer Experience" - IGN. 2019. Membership in Reaper Lords must be earned. The prospecting process is challenging, but enjoyable for the small percentage of applicants that earn full membership. Prospects are evaluated for their ability to adhere to club rules, and work within a team, while exhibiting personal characteristics which we believe will be a good fit for our family. The prospecting process includes learning club rules and history, attending weekly meetings, completing team challenges, and providing security for club activities. Much is made of how difficult prospecting is and how few make it through, but for those that enjoy structured gameplay and are willing to sacrifice to become part of something larger than themselves, it is actually a lot of fun. For a chance to join, apply here: http://www.reaperlords-mc.com/join-the-club.html 1 min. Recruitment Video: Rockstar Bikers DLC Livestream featuring Reaper Lords & Hell Hounds Article References https://www.ign.com/articles/2019/04/22/riding-with-red-dead-online-role-players-was-my-best-ever-multiplayer-experience https://www.polygon.com/2019/7/15/20694591/reaper-lords-red-dead-online-gta-online-posse-horse-show-join-recruiting https://www.vortex.cz/seznamte-se-s-nejtvrdsim-gangem-ve-svete-videoher/ (Czech language article & video) https://www.vice.com/sv/article/8ge7e3/i-went-riding-with-the-reaper-lords-grand-theft-autos-biggest-motorcycle-club-140
  14. CREW MISSION STATEMENT: Monkey Mask INC. is in the recruitment faze right now. We want to build a fun community with in our group. Looking for Mature Players Only, Please Have A Microphone As Well. We are looking for members that are team players. Crew member killing is frowned upon. I understand friends like to play around sometimes. But NO GRIEFING crew members will be tolerated at all, and will result in permanent banning from the crew if reported. So please respect one another. We want to grow as a whole group. So if you are a higher level player try to grab one, or more of our lower level members and give them some work in your CEO, or MC. And if you are a lower level player feel free to ask some questions from the longer tenure players. Just make sure to be respectful with any, and all questions. Begging for cash, work and what not is looked down upon. Please try to hold your own in these evolutions. If you are having a hard time feel free to speak up. Don't be a dick if someone is having a hard time as well. We all aren't the greatest game players in the world. Be open to help as well. You catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar. So feel free to join up if this sounds like something you would be interested in. And please tell your friends if you could. I think we could have a great time here. Feel free to add me on Social Club if you have any question beyond this post. The crew link as well as my personal link are below. Requirements: - Must Be A Active Playing, "Mature Acting Player". - Must Have A Working Microphone For Missions, Heist. - English Speaking Please. - Willingness To Help Others Build With In The Crew. Rules: - No Griefing, Trolling Fellow Crew Members!!! Have Each Others Backs Out There. - No Drama, Leave Your Problems At You PS4 Log In Menu. - Don't Stand Alone, Feel Free To Join Up In Group Lobbies And Grind Together. - Report Any Member Not Following The Rules. Bans Will Happen. Thank You For Your Time. Pogo Or No-Go Crew Page: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/monkey_mask_inc Our Links: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/bpmullen24 https://discordapp.com/channels/367122785669087233/367122786352889857 https://www.facebook.com/MonkeyMaskIncGTA/
  15. Buffalo Roleplay This is a brand new Red Dead Online PS4 roleplay community, with a lot of potential. I created this community so people, who have a passion for roleplaying and making friends, can join together and have that experience they deserve. I will never let this community allow power hungry staff, immaturity, toxicity, drama, or bullying. Members should always be trusted with scenarios. Suggestions, concerns, stressed expression, etc. will always be heard. We are in a growth process, but so far I have gained some great staff and roleplayers. Law Wanted. - must have discord - 16 years or older - generously active - a passion to rp - a working mic https://discord.io/BuffaloRP
  16. I've recently formed a new PS4 Community to assist with finding players who are willing to help each other out with completing some of the daily challenges together. More often than not, certain challenges require being in a posse and as most of us know, it's often easier said than done trying your luck with randoms in the lobby. Within the community, you're welcome to offer assistance; ask for assistance; discuss the challenges/game; or organize groups/sessions to just simply play together and have fun. Nothing else is required; just please no hostile or toxic behaviour! If you're interested, post your PSN name here or send it to me via PM and I'll ensure that you receive an invite. Thank you! ☺
  17. Need a new crew to play the rest of the doomsday heist. Must speak English and must have done the heist before. PSN- doctorgamer10
  18. We are the most elite SWAT/Special Forces Team in San Andreas, and we are currently looking for some new members. We have exciting and adventurous RP Scenarios that I'm sure all members will like. We currently have a SWAT department, Detective department, Air One department and will sometimes maybe even have a Special Forces department. Our staff are very generous and nice, a lot nicer than most community's on the PS4. All we ask of our members is to have a legal copy of GTA 5 on the PS4, have a microphone/headset, and will be loyal and give respect back to the staff. Come on over to the San Andreas SWAT Team Today! Message gellenburg or DEMON45678912222 on the PSN to sign up
  19. Ram_24am

    Apollo roleplay ps4

    Apollo Rp Who We Are! We are a GTA V Roleplaying Community for the PS4, Here at Apollo Rp we strive to give the best service for our players, and host lobbies for all time zones . We host for the players, which means, for us the most important thing is everyone has fun . We are growing fast and we are inviting YOU to be a part of us. We have many features that allow us to have great RP Patrols on the PS4 Features Supportive and Active Staff Range of Timezones We Patrol Around! Whole Map Patrols CAD + MDT Active Community Members Daily Patrols Seeking new Members We are barely starting out but we will be a success with members https://discord.gg/b93nH3n
  20. Hello im looking for som players to play red dead online with. My PSN is PierreDeadEyeKid
  21. GrownFolks Online Community is an online community for PS4 players of numerous games. It has always been about helping people find other like minded players to play the games they love with . They currently have a small but growing base of players for Red Dead Online. Do you like to play honorably or do you prefer a more rough and criminal type dishonorable playstyle in Red Dead Online? Well there are posses for both playstyles at GrownFolks to fit your style your prefer to play as . The group uses a discord chat to communicate and find fellow members to quickly join up with in free roam outings , showdown series teammates, some new events coming soon like poker nights as well as the group looking for other events and ideas they can do going forward . No one there is super hard core about things , but people who just enjoy the wild wild west and all its flavors it offers. If your just looking for some fellow cowboys n cowgals to join in the open range or in a shootout , be sure to apply today Application Here. Be sure to select GrownFolks Red Dead Gang for the " league you are interested in joining". You will get a link to join the discord chat where you can met up with fellow players to enjoy the expanding wild west !
  22. Howdy y'all. Im looking for some mature authentic "Gunslinger/Outlaw" players.. who care about the western theme, and can still have a good time even though there is very little to do.. My PSN's is: Pierre_Teh_Killa | ICDPeople Add one of those! BEWARE! :: If i dont add you back on one of them, then try the other Just add, and messeage "outlaw"
  23. Daleificent

    PS4 Posse: A Few Good Men

    A Few Good Men A Few Good Men is a 'come as you please' persistant Posse I formed just recently. It is currently a completely, 100% public Posse that really anyone may join/leave as they wish. I hope for it to be a easy to access group for beginners and experienced players a like to play the game in a fun, relatively respectful manner and is looking to get some of that delicious gold. I'm pretty much open to most styles of game-play (apart from unnecessarily killing other players, just doesn't vibe with me.) So I run the Posse in a very similar way. Depending on what people want to do for that day is, well, what we'll probably end up doing. I try to keep it moving enough where money and exp is in constant flow regardless of what is decided along with a little variety so we don't get to bored. In case you'd prefer a list on what it is we can/will do: - Showdown PvP - Races, Gun Rush, Etc. - Story Missions (Both rushing and running timers.) - Stranger Missions (Both rushing and running timers. Will intercept rivals for daily objectives.) - Free-Roam Events - Rival Posse Run-Ins - Daily Challenges assistance (You need player kills? I'll let you kill me however many you need. IDC.) - General gauwfaukery. Don't be afraid to shoot me a message on here, or just find the group in game and jump in. (If there is room at the time.) Just be a tolerable human being and willing to share in a little work for easy money and everyone will get along. There isn't a discord or website for the Posse, I never had a use for them and I never will. And the rest of the information you'd may want to know: PSN ID: Daleificent (Same as on here.) Microphones are not required, but always a plus. (I have one, as I'm sure many of you do, you just don't need it in constantly.) Timezone is GMT-4 (Eastern Daylight Time). I'm not a real doctor, I just play one on T.V.
  24. xl SENTRY lx

    Red Right Hand 21+

    Red Right Hand The Red Right Hand is looking for 21+ Members As of now I'm only looking for a few people to start small and as the game updates come out I will expand. I'm 28 and from Texas and always down for the haha's Outfit requirements: 1. Anything Rugged-NO SUITS 2. Must wear one piece of Red clothing-(Bandana,Vest,Jacket etc...) Age and conduct requirements: 1. 21+ No leniency on this policy 2. Treat posse members with respect 3. Do not fire unless fired upon while playing with posse 4. Stay together and don't wander off without telling other members-Example:Going hunting while in posse Playstyles: 1. I'm not picky no K/D requirements or any of that nonsense 2. Down to RP? Yes. Doesn't mean this is a RP crew. My PSN: Lowlife_Lou You have been downtrodden, you have been abandoned, Now is your time to rise up, out of the oppressed to emerge from the shadows! Now you fight for yourself, for freedom, for honor, FOR THE RED RIGHT HAND! https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/1x_red_right_hand_x1
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