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    [PS4] Vehicle Requests/Duping

    Welcome to the brand new home for all vehicle duping requests and discussion on PS4 This thread will be continually updated by me, SKARFACE, to include the latest and easiest duping methods within this thread. If you wish for any update to be made to this post, whether it be to the duping methods,or other things, feel free to PM me. This thread is specifically for vehicle duping requests and discussions we have a great community here that will help you to dupe a vehicle or complete another vehicle duping related task. Keep the discussion on the topic of duping cars, please, and remember that this is the thread for PS4 users. Rules of the thread: IF YOU ARE SCARED OF BEING BANNED DON'T GLITCH OR DUPE, AND IF YOU GET BANNED DON'T BITCH ABOUT IT, IT'S A RISK WE ALL TAKE Failure to follow these rules could result in this thread being locked and punishments being handed out by mods. [/color][/b] No Spam No Advertising (That means, links of any kind to your youtube,blog,website.You can link your sites to your sig. ) No Flaming No Blacklisted Vehicles No off-topic discussions of any kind (Although discussion can go off-topic, just try to keep it to a minimum.) No quoting or replying to off-topic discussions/spam (if you see any off-topic posts, use the report feature to help keep this thread clean. Do NOT reply to it/start an argument) Please respect other users profile pictures. It doesn't matter if you like them or not, no need to insult them about it, if it really is offensive then take it up with a mod. Spoilers If you going to post more than two pics use the spoiler option without spaces [ spoiler][/ spoiler]. Respect Show some respect, when a person pm's you in regards to your request, and gives you his/her PSN DO NOT GIVE IT OUT TO OTHERS. If you got a friend that needs a car, maybe tell them to check the thread out. BLACKLISTED CARS: Space Docker Clown Van Deludamol Van Pony Lost Gang Burrito Sprunk Van Merryweather Dilettante McGill & Olsen Bison All of the boats All military vehicles, Including vehicles from Pegasus Crusader All Police and Emergency Vehicles All Industrial vehicles All Commercial Vehicles All Snow Vehicles Blimp All Service Vehicles including: All buses Taxi Trashmaster 1&2 Limo All Utility Vehicles including: Taco van Camper Cutter Large/Small Utility Truck Large/Small Tow Truck Lawnmower Docktug Airtug Golf Caddy Tractor Rusty Tractor Lawnmower Boxville Fixter (bicycle)
  2. New and Upcoming Community Country Life Roleplay We are a PS4 and Xbox community looking to expand. We have around 100+ members and new members joining daily. We are looking for more staff for PS to get it up and going. This is what we have for you when you join: • Full working CAD • The ability to learn new things. • The chance for new experiences. • Fun, Legit, Realistic RP's. • Plenty of Departments and Sub-divisions. *The departments we offer: Law Enforcement: • San Andreas Highway Patrol • Blaine County Sheriff Office • Los Santos Police Department Fire and EMS: • Los Santos Fire Department • Blaine County Fire Department Additional Options To Choose From: • Communications Department • Civilian Operations Every department is currently open, and have plenty of subdivisions available. We are also looking for new department suggestions. Only requirements: • You are active at least during the weekends • Working Mic For Discord Voice Channels. • Legal Copy Of GTA V. [Except From Coms] • PS4 or Xbox One[Except From Coms] • Realistic & Legit. We would love to have you as a new member and cant wait to rp with new people. — Age requirement is 14+ the only thing we ask for you to respect the community and not be toxic https://discord.gg/clrp21
  3. This trophy requires to win once in each of the activities listed below. If you want unlock this trophy too, let's do it together. Almost all activities require at least 2 players, here's the list: 1. Golf (1 hole, 2 players); 2. Tennis (1 set, 2 players); 3. Darts (1 set, 2 players); 4. Arm Wrestling (1 round, 2 players); 5. Shooting Range (any challenge, 2 players); 6. Air Race (2 players); 7. Sea Race (2 players); 8. Land Race (Standart Mode, 2 players); 9. Land Race (GTA Mode, 2 players); 10. Parachuting (score more points and land first, 2 players); 11. Deathmatch (2 players); 12. Team Deathmatch (it required 4 players before, currently can be done by 2 players choosing Team Deathmatch Mode in lobby); 13. Land Race (Rally Mode, 4 players. Simple method: we choose the map around prison and race around it); 14. Complete a Gang Attack (can be done solo); 15. Complete a Survival (10 waves, can be done solo). It won't take long (1-2 hours). Tho, I don't use voice communication, it's not required anyway: we get into session, I launch an activity, invite you, we win one by one each activity. In necessary situations I can message via PS App on phone. Extra: Rockstar returned Parachuting and Sea Races, so it's not a problem to complete them now. If you are up to do the trophy, leave your PSN in comments, cheers!
  4. Los Santos Productions Role Play ---> CLICK HERE LOS SANTOS PRODUCTIONS ROLEPLAY <--- CLICK HERE WE NOW ARE ALLOWING OTHER USERS TO USE OR CUSTOM DISCORD BOT WHICH HAS ALMOST 400 COMMANDS STRICTLY FOR GTA 5 RP SERVERS IT ALSO HAS A SERVER SETUP THAT WILL SHOW U A VERY DETAILED SETUP TO COPY OUR SERVERS ECONOMY SO YOU CAN EITHER BE A SISTER SERVER OR RUN YOUR OWN SERVER AND IF YOUR SERVER IS ALITTLE SLOW ON MEMBERS YOU CAN JOIN US AND WE WILL TRANSFER YOUR MONEY OVER IF OUR STAFF TEAM SEE THAT YOUR SERVER HAS BEEN SETUP WITH THE CORRECT ECONOMY. TO GET THE BOT JOIN OUR LSP SUPPORT SERVER. THE LINK IS BELOW. --->LOS SANTOS PRODUCTIONS SUPPORT SERVER <--- CLICK HERE Also if your looking to get into FiveM check out this new website www.pcworldparts.com Its a good sized community with a economy set up on discord. Its for getting paid for jobs all the way to selling drugs to other players. It is all in discord money though, u must have real online money in order to buy in game items but if you own it you can buy it with discord money and then use it in rp.The link to or website is --->LOS SANTOS PRODUCTIONS WEBSITE <--- CLICK HERE there you can find a few things about us and there is a application form in the menu bar. Thanks we hope to see u in LSPRP. We also have a working CAD system for law enforcement officers to do background check write tickets that save to each role players background for reoccurring crimes. We have every item in the store from Ps and Qs to stank magazines we sell hot dogs and sodas form hot dog stands and more. If being a cop isnt enough we have testing for detectives. Also if the police force isnt for you we sell schooling for law school pilot training and offer many more jobs come check us out in Los Santos Productions. New racing series you can now EARN money racing we host Nascar champion ship series, Truck series, Rally series, Street Racing, Indy cars, Dirt Track series, and Dirt Bike racing. JOUN TODAY FOR A CHANCE TO B SPONSORED BEFORE SLOTS FILL UP UNTIL YOU CAN BUY UR OWN CAR.
  5. Hi i'm looking for 2-4 people to help/trade wins on pursuit races because I want the prize ride but I am terrible at racing and I know I wouldn't be able to achieve this with randoms. I'm on PS5/PS4 and i'm literally on every day from noon to about 2-3am CT. If interested please just let me know and drop your PSN name and i'll add you or you can add me. PLEASE IF YOU ADD ME LET ME KNOW YOU ARE FROM THE FORUMS because i've gotten about 50 requests in the last few days and I know my PSN name is on the board somewhere so please just let me know who you are.
  6. If interested you can say here or message me. This car RP, It's something i've been wanting to do for awhile so when/if you message me i'll fill you in on the details.
  7. Car Meet Bulletins - Advertise Your Meet on PS4 or PS3 Use this topic to advertise your car meets and spontanous events. More detailed and organised meets/events should have their own dedicated topic. Use the below template so players know when to arrive or who to contact to take part! Date: Time: Timezone: Car Type(s): Platform: PSN ID:
  8. San Andreas Department of Justice We at SADOJ are looking for experienced, and non-experienced role-players to help grow our community. Yes we are a new server but you can help make us better by joining our team and inviting your friends! In return we will give you realistic roleplays and a supportive and non-hostile staff team like other servers! We will help you if you have problems or questions, all you have to do is ask. We at SADOJ are here to help grow, and re-create the new generation of roleplay! So please look through what we have to offer and our requirements and see if our server is a good fit for you! Hope to see you there. $$ FIRST 50 MEMBERS TO JOIN GET IN WITH NO INTERVIEW JUST APPLY AND YOUR IN:) $$ Departments: - Blaine County Sheriff's Office - San Andreas Highway Patrol - San Andreas Fire/EMS - San Andreas Communications - Civilian Operations Sub Divisions: - Gang Unit - SRU(Special Response Unit) - wildlife - FBI - Air One - Drug Task Force - Bail Bonds - Highway Clearance -Gang and Mafia -Tactical Medic Extra Info: - Custom Bubble CAD/MDT - Daily Roleplays - Experienced Staff Team - Professional RPs - Extensive Training For Emergency Services - Economy System - Custom AOP's, SOP's, Rosters, Files, etc. - Many Opportunities for all members - Vast Variety of Departments & Subdivisions -Custom commands for Priorities, Robberies, and AOP Changes, etc. Requirements: - Must be 12 years of age or older upon applying - Zero tolerance for Drama - Must have a working mic - Must understand English and be able to speak it -Must have access to the discord app - Must be Active We don't tolerate inactivity!! Thanks for your time and hope to see you soon. Xbox One Server Link - https://discord.gg/gSetwbnAQ9 PS4 Server Link- https://discord.gg/WpZfg3dw **Note: SADOJ is willing to negotiate any merger offers to our server we will not transfer to another server. **
  9. Hi there, My name is Joe. I've been playing GTA Online for 7 years. I recently left a MC crew I was apart of for almost 2 years due to many reasons that I don't want to share on here. If you want to know and we start to play & chat I will tell you. I was a Tail Gunner and then promoted to Vice President but then I stepped down & left the crew and those friendships behind for certain reasons. I miss the friendships & the random shenanigans and other stuff we would do. Races/RP/Car meets etc and I've been wanting to start a new MC or a Car Club (a car club sounds even better to me because I am a huge gear head.) I am lvl 403. I primarily just like to mess around with cars & bikes. Drag race/motorcycle rides with other clubs/crews/car shows & rp and make movies through GTA. Stuff like that. If anyone is interested shoot me a message on here and we can maybe start working on some details and how we'd want to do this. I want it to be a fun experience for all but I don't want trouble makers and jerks. It's meant to be for a good time and just to make new friends. All are that of the age of 18+ are welcome. I don't care if you're a male or female or whatever. I am a professional photographer IRL & graphic designer so if any sort of simple logos or help with movies that are being made I am 100% willing to give my input. I don't have an ego so if you don't need/want my help that's fine. I respect that but just know I'm here to help too so yeah. I guess that's it. hopefully I put this in the right spot and it doesn't get deleted. One thing I want to get out of the way because I know it's a big deal for some. I do assisted aim in my lobbies because I am in a wheelchair IRL and my hand movements aren't so great these days and it's just easier for me to do shooting & stuff that way.
  10. I'm looking for a good active mature 18+ Australian crew on ps4 to play heists and any other crew activities with. I'm a good player and can hold my own. I'm a quick learner and happy to help others. My psn name is Red_nuts223
  11. DISCLAIMER: This post is from GTA5RP_PS4, in which he created his own community for PlayStation users to play GTA V in a roleplaying type fashion. It has come to our attention that he may no longer be active on this site. We wanted to create another community for PlayStation users to join in and roleplay in GTA V just like GTA5RP_PS4's vision, by creating an updated community on Discord, keeping you updated with roleplaying servers right here on console. Big thanks to GTA5RP_PS4. Follow him on Twitter listed down below. * Please follow the directions down below and we will try our best to reach you within the next 24 of response. * INTRODUCTION Welcome, as Roleplay has become very big in the PC Community of GTA we decided we didn't want the console community to be left out as well, or atleast the PS4 Of course we don't have the mods, and the plugins that PC Role play servers have, but to replace that we have very strict rules! (Read Below) We also are unable to have a Server always running for it, so here is how we operate. 1. Write a response Application (Format at the bottom) 2. If you are accepted, you will be added to the Discord, which is where we announce servers etc. 3. We open our servers depending on how active the members are, every once and awhile the owner will ask in chat how many people would get on, and depending on that will determine whether or not we host a private Roleplay Server at that time. 4. If you are accepted, you will also get the owners PSN so you can join the Lobby's. Of course we can't get rid of the AI police, but we do infact have good ol' Lester. If you don't want the AI on you, and only want the server's police to go after you, call Lester to get rid of the AI. WE DO NOT USE IN-GAME BALANCE. As people have tons and tons of money, we do not use in-game balance, we have a currency system on our discord that allows people to gain money from working and spend it on local businesses created by players. RULES MAKE YOU'RE DISCORD NAME, THE SAME AS YOU'RE PSN NAME. 1.) Don't 'stalk' other players. Sometimes the roleplay gets a little damp, which requires you to get into some unlikely social actions. However, refrain for getting carried away from whom you talk to. As in, don't get in a group of 10 people all deciding to walk on the docks at the same time, and coincidentally 'bump' into each other. it is not realistic and annoying. If you notice someone in a certain area by themselves or two, you can come up with some scenario to get interactive, but don't be a pest. 2.) No extreme killing sprees. As exciting it may seem to you, it can easily ruin the role play experience. You can have shootouts with police, but it isn't logical to stand in the middle of a boardwalk and blast everyone with an RPG. 3.) Don't drive unrealistic cars for yourself. This one is pretty much self explanatory as well. A dead-beat drug dealer doesn't drive a Comet. It just doesn't happen. 5.) stop for red lights, or every once and awhile get some gas at the gas station. It really bugs me when someone is constantly weaving in and out of traffic and running red lights. If it's a street race, it's acceptable. But just flooring it to save time or whatever get annoying, especially if you crash your car and just go get it fixed immediately. Also, to make sure you have read the rules, put "GRAND THEFT HOOKER" somewhere in your application. 6.) Don't kill anyone without their consent. Self exploratory. Don't go around killing someone unless they say it is alright. Also, do not do anything to other member's cars unless they say it is alright as well. 7.) Don't fix cars like magic. If you get into a car accident, don't drive over to a LSC and get your vehicle repaired instantly. Give it some time, like a real accident, and leave your car there for a few days, or however long you think your car damage can be fixed. 8.) Listen to police, A car chase every once and awhile is ok, but they can see you on the map. Please just pull over, listen to what they have to say, get you're discord mark and move on with you're day. 8.) Have common sense. I can list rules forever, but most of them are common sense. I don't believe I have to post every little thing down, but that doesn't excuse you to act stupidly and say "It isn't in the rules!" Please, please, please! For the sake of the game, be far to everyone. 9.) Don't be absent. I try too keep this as active as possible. When a member of the server is absent for an extended amount of time without notice, I am highly likely to remove them. UNLESS YOU ARE A CRIMINAL, DO NOT STEAL CARS. JOBS/ROLES Here you can find all the possible jobs and how they work. TAXI - It is you're job to get the required items for this job. You will need any Taxi Cab. You are asked to dress like a Taxi driver would, (no Taxi driver wears $10000 clothing) Follow driving rules (Red lights etc.) Actively say in the Discord that you are on Duty, until someone asks for a driver. (ONLY TAKE THE JOB IF THEY ARE RESPONDING TO YOU.) POLICE - It is you're job to get the required items for this job. You will need a MARKED Police car. You are asked to dress similar to a police officer, obviously not everyone knows the glitch. But dress as close as possible. (Blue, Black, etc.) Follow Driving rules and use sirens and flashers only when necessary. ONLY USE - PISTOL & SHOTGUN. Multiple police officers can respond to one call, but please don't fight over who takes the main of the event. Pull people over/Arrest for only these offences (Very High Speeds, Ran through Red Light, Signs of Public Intoxication, Gun in hand, Murder, Kidnapping, Store Robbery, Civilian Call via Discord, and other obvious offences) After giving someone a ticket, add role on the user's name on discord as "Ticket #1,2,3" this helps other officers know what they're past is, after 3 tickets you can have you're license revoked, of course you can drive without a license but if you are pulled over you will then be arrested and put in jail for 15 MINUTES. PLEASE MAKE SURE TO RELEASE INMATES. JAIL IS LOCATED AT POLICE STATION (also used as a car impound in single player) when you put the inmate in the police station keep them in the main room, other rooms might alert the police and get them killed. If you end up killing a criminal or someone with a car, or arrest someone in a car, don't leave it in the middle of the street, ask in the discord for a tow truck and get them to bring it to the police station. Abuse of power will get you banned. CRIMINAL - It is you're job to get the required items for this job. Wear something shady, most criminals aren't walking around like rainbows. Don't drive something crazy, you're a store robbing criminal, they don't drive super cars and or tanks. (be realistic) Don't shoot just anyone, preferably kidnap them. DO NOT USE (RPGS, MINIGUNS, OR ANY OTHER OF THAT SORT.) Do not try to escape Jail if in it, do you're time. (15 minutes) TOW TRUCK - It is you're job to get the required items for this job. You will need ANY functional tow truck. Dress like a tow truck driver would (they don't wear $10000 clothing) If a cop requests a Tow Truck driver, the closest one can take the job. Get to know the other Drivers, it can benefit you in the long run. ALL towed cars go to the police station parking lot. If you tow a players car, said person will have to pay you 50 points via discord to get it back. BUSINESS OWNER: It is you're job to get the required items for this job. To start a business in our server, you will need to have 15k points. We will not let everyone open a business, only the first 3-5 to get to that number. Dress depending on what you do in you're business. (Customize Cars, Sell cars, Delivery, Hitman, Security etc.) Drive a car depending on you're business. (still no tanks) You can request a place to have you're business put, or we will give you one. Promote in the discord channel for shops and get customers as they come. ALSO ACCEPTING CUSTOM JOBS, JUST SUGGEST BELOW. APPLICATION Please fill as most as you comfortably can. It will not only be easier to keep track of things, but also it makes me trust you more. Out Of Character (OOC) Name: Age: PSN: Role Play experience: Discord: In Character (IC) Name: Age: Job/Career/Money Source: Bio (description of your characters past, present, and future goals): Personality (Angry, depressed, obsessive, etc): Vehicle: Photograph (If available): FOLLOW US ON TWITTER: https://twitter.com/PS4_GTAVRP RippinO
  12. WELCOME TO $€LL CR£W! http://i.imgur.com/XPEaMsj.jpg We are a friendly and highly organised money grinding crew on GTA, all about making GTA$! This isn’t a normal money grinding crew, where you can never find other active crew members, or selfish members that go off as soon as you’ve helped them sell all of their businesses, leaving you with full stock and that idiot LJT calling you repeatedly telling you to sell! This is $€LL CR£W! The main difference is that we are organized, we are not selfish money grabbers, we are one large team, all with the common goal of helping each other get rich in GTA. To join this crew you Must be able to download Discord to a Mobile Device, Tablet or Laptop, and use it when in the crew session. No mic is required, communication is text based via Discord, you must be able to use and understand reasonable English in this chat and also be respectful to others. It is vital that when you are in the crew session you observe the text chat at all times, no excuses! Unresponsive members will get kicked from the session, repeat offenders will be removed from the crew. We are a mature crew, however you can still join if under 18, but must act maturely. We earn our GTA$ the honest way, and we make a lot! Money glitchers need not apply! • We have streamlined lots of things related to making money in GTA so we are quick and efficient, you will make a lot of GTA$ • Established crew with active members from all over the world 24/7 • Safe, crew only sessions to sell & source product • All levels welcome, whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned player • Money making strategies and guides • Great community spirit within the crew Discord server, which is exclusive for crew members • No mic required • Other events, such as a crew racing championship, playlist events and the occasional car show Crew rules and guidelines must be followed to keep a safe, crew only session for $€LL CR£W to sell and source product To join $€LL CR£W please do the following: • Download the Discord app on mobile device, tablet or laptop • Communicate in English while in a crew session, monitoring the chat at all times • PS Message settings must be set to receive messages from everyone (otherwise you will not see my reply to you ) • Send a message on ps messages to me (PSN Vauxnut) stating that you want to join SELL crew, and where you have seen our recruitment thread, I will then send you the details on how to join the crew on there • Send a friend request to me on. Rockstar Social Club website and PSN (Usernames are both Vauxnut) ⏱ • Quick and easy enrolment process, just a read of the rules on our Discord server and post a confirmation message in the relevant channel Any other information you would like to know before joining us, please feel free to message me here, or on PS Messages for a quicker reply http://i.imgur.com/2tOYwyY.jpg Rockstar Games Social Club Link to Social Page To Apply Please do not just click the social club link and request to join the crew, these will be ignored. Read all of the above information above and contact me as stated to join the crew. http://i.imgur.com/2tPvUYk.jpg https://twitter.com/friendlyGTAcrew http://i.imgur.com/jyiclVJ.jpg https://www.instagram.com/sell_your_sht_crew/ We look forward to seeing you in Los Santos with us soon! $AF€ as $£LL Link to Social Page To Apply
  13. I'm guessing no one out there does photography anymore, no more GTA pictures of settings or having models. I used to work with a few others that did this and it is a great way to capture the beauty of the game. I think it would be fun. I am someone who likes to model in game as well as out. If you want to message me or leave a reply I'd greatly appreciate that. It has bee awhile and I feel that this would be something that could be enjoyed.
  14. Bongalong

    Green Devils MC

    We are the Green Devils MC, we are a newly formed MC looking to recruit members for the first Nine and beyond. The current leadership have a lot of GTA experience especially in the MC world. We have come together to create a Brotherhood, of like minded MC roleplayers. What we offer is a strong brotherhood, who will have your back no matter what. We play on all modes of GTAO from racing to Adversary modes, MC work to CEO aswell as heists. Our requirements are as follows: Age 16+ Must have kik and a mic Must ride an American Motorcycle Must prospect there is no set time for prospects its all based on you and the patched members take on you. Its ok to be a little bit silly but theres a time and place for it. If your interested in joining us you can contact us on Social club at: President: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/bernardhood Or on PSN NavySEALZEUS Hangarounds https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/syl_green_devils_mc Prospects https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/green_devils_probate MC https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/green_devils_mc_ls Hope to see prospective members online.
  15. -removed- Check my vid out and if you think u got what it takes let me know. For a 1v1
  16. need help doing heist everytime i do a heist using random lobby i get a troll that sabotage the mission at the end for the fun of it. my gamer tag is crashman911 ps4
  17. Hello. We the Angelinni Family are looking for serious players who want to freeroam or do CEO work or basically anything with us.We dress with Valentine's Day clothing and ride fancy cars.We are recruiting players only for the PS4.If you are interested add me on PS4 : HosViko , or on SocialClub - Cpt.DogeTheMLG .Thank you for you time Link to crew : https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/the_angelinnis
  18. Longlivescorpio


    KILL JOY SAVAGES HAS OPEN RECRUITMENT. I NEED YOUR HELP IN CEO,MC,FREE ROAM AND MORE...NEW MEMBERS ARE PROMOTED TO REPRESENTATIVE TO START YOU OFF! Click the link below and join now https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/kill_joy_savages
  19. So we need people who have the finale ready for the pacific standard so we can co-host. Its pretty much where we take turns getting money in the finale. The host takes 0% and closes his/her game. The the other host takes 0% and gives host 1 the money. Just leave a post below if you have the finale ready or send me a message/friend request with my psn: PSN: RepzOps All hosts and fillers earn the same amount of money every 2 runs.
  20. Hey guys im new here but im looking for some new gta friends cause i get really bored playing by myself when my other mates are offline so hopefully i can make some new friends here i know this is a gta5 forum but i also play bo3 so add me for that too. I also grind missions and heist so im down to help anyone with that sort of stuff <3 i guess i could host gtav car meets and stuff like that every know and then if people would be interested PSN>ChadShreds Platform>PS4
  21. I'm looking for players to play GTA with. I'm 26 years old dude from Finland so my time zone is Eastern European Time (EET). I work 38-45 hours a week. I'll play as much as possible. I prefer playing with adults so 18+. I have to PSN accounts but vilski23 is the one I'm playing GTA with. Feel free to send me a friend request. Do you have a mic: Yes Do you play Free Aim: Not really
  22. lMaC_HunT

    Death Heads MC LS now recruiting (PS4)

    Are you looking for a club that is centred around brotherhood and having fun? If so.... The Death Heads MC LS are looking for new active members and officer spots need filling, if you're interested take a look at the social club page or the clubs weebly page if you want any more info feel free to message me on my social club, PSN (lMaC_HunT) or Kik which is lMaC_HunT -Will New Club Patch
  23. hello best gta 5 players. I can help you! I'm a security company events! ND security we can make you better event. We will protect your event. We do almost all kinds of security types. of bodyguard to protect a large event. we ourselves have our own weapons and enough experience to solve this. Use the cars are fully understood diewe tuned. there is trubo on etc. We have 2x Karuma armored 2xbenefactor 1xdeclasse burrito and a 4x undercover car. you intressen here or do you work here? send a message to PSN: DerEchteModder13 hello best gta 5 players. I can help you! I'm a security company events! ND security we can make you better event. We will protect your event. We do almost all kinds of security types. of bodyguard to protect a large event. we ourselves have our own weapons and enough experience to solve this. Use the cars are fully understood diewe tuned. there is trubo on etc. We have 2x Karuma armored 2xbenefactor 1xdeclasse burrito and a 4x undercover car. you intressen here or do you work here? send a message to PSN: DerEchteModder13
  24. 68MC-DCombs

    68 MC Stab City Currently Recruiting.

    68 MC's stab city charter is currently accepting prospects.
  25. Hey I'm looking for any currently open RP groups. If you can get me in one my PSN is Goombagaming98. Please send a message in your friend request mentioning RP. Thanks!
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