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  1. Hello PS3 GTA 5 Online, if you are interested in joining a place for car meets (in our own way) and various other crew activities, including heists, missions etc, then you could check us. We welcome anyone from anywhere, as long as you are a responsible player towards yourself and others. For car meets; these are usually 2 to 4 car meets a month All zones welcome (we try to accommodate the best possible time to gather many players, so everyone gets a chance to join) Car Type(s): Depends per car meet (instructions will be communicated on
  2. dakotabiscan

    GTA PS3 Heist Crew Signups

    Hello, I am looking for a heist crew of many players to tackle the last two heists (Series A and Pacific Standard Job). I am hiring due to friends are rarely online and the ones who are aren't that great
  3. Car Meet Bulletins - Advertise Your Meet on PS4 or PS3 Use this topic to advertise your car meets and spontanous events. More detailed and organised meets/events should have their own dedicated topic. Use the below template so players know when to arrive or who to contact to take part! Date: Time: Timezone: Car Type(s): Platform: PSN ID:
  4. hello there, An invitation to players on PlayStation 3 who plays GTA V Online; we also have a crew built to help any players on PS3; link below. We do mission grinds, heist grinds, car meets and many other stuff with crew members and we are also on Discord. https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/ps3_online_players/wall Also don't forget to check out our crew Youtube Channel, where you can take part too. if you are interested, feel free to check us out, happy to help with anything. (please note, we are not modders - we usually play cre
  5. Hello, If you are a player on PS3 Console, we would like to invite anyone looking for any help with heists / missions / trade wins or anything with GTA as well as joining Car Meets hosted by our crew. We also have a team of players who play " RED DEAD REDEMPTION " Multiplayer on PS3.https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/ps3_online_players/ We also have a discord channel to interact too. We also enjoy mission grinds and heists for unlocking awards, rare cars etc. if you are interested, feel free to check our crew out, happy to help with anything
  6. b00sthacx

    GTA 5 PS3 Roleplay

    Welcome and thank you for taking your time to read this. We are a group that plays GTA 5 on PS3. We have 6 Police Divisions, Sheriff, City, Highway, Dispatch, Fire, and EMS. We also have the option of being a civilian. Please only contact us if you are seriously wanting to join. We only ask that you have two things downloaded to your phone, Zello and Facebook Messenger. Discord: This is for patrol. You will use this to call into dispatch into patrol, or talk to a civilian when pulling them over. We have a main channel, for calling into dispatch, incident channels for traffic stops, and if
  7. GtaRoleplay

    Gta Role-play Recruitment Hub

    I've made a new roleplay community for PS3 and PS4! if interested you can join the Police Role-play, Aviation Role-play, and Trucking Role-play! There are Weebly sites for all of them, and instructions to join on all the sites. Players Needed! Please tell your friends! Police Roleplay Go on Patrols with fellow officers and pull over Civilians while using callouts to dispatch! Aviation Roleplay Fly together using ATC Protocols and realistic flight procedures! Trucking Roleplay Drive semi-trailer trucks around Los Santos and make shipments with others! I look forward to seein
  8. Wrighty6000


    Dark Souls are still recruiting. We have been going for little over a month now and we have currently 269 members. Our members range from RNG players, FM players, Heisters, AW TDM players. Primarily we are an All Weapon TDM Crew and so far have a deadly enough bunch of players to rival some of the strongest TDM Crews in the game. If your interested in helping us push through the ranks then follow the below link and join through that. We are also looking for an Xbox player who would be promoted to comm to help build on the Xbox side. https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/ii_dark_souls_i
  9. Ps3-GTA5 ONLINE- Hi guys! We are an active crew and we are looking for loyal players who don't cheat or mod. We look out for our crew and dont kill our own. We play all the jobs and heists and free mode ofcourse. Check out the website for more info. Www.420freakz.simplesite.com or add us on psn. MrPerfectLife- or MissPerfectLife. We use skype if you want to talk and also got the psn app. We help each other out and got each others back. Are you a teamplayer? Send us a message and put your details so we know what your intensions are. Thanks and see you soon! Social club link: http://soci
  10. Mikey_Gaming700

    Wanting a crew on GTA V PS3

    I am looking for a PS3 crew to roll with. I am mature, have a mic and follow orders if your crew requires it. I'll join any type of crew, any amount of member as long as it's active. if you would like me to join then invite me on social club: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/eclipse_gaming70 PSN: Mikey_Gaming700
  11. Doomotron

    The DoomMakers

    THE DOOMMAKERS The DoomMakers is a crew I created on the PS3 version of GTA5. It is a crew for smart players who are stealthy, tactical, but also fun, and can help with anything. Only I have joined (As I am the leader), and I want more people to be part of it. A DoomMaker must be able to: Help other DoomMakers in heists and missions, and things like that Have a sense of humour (Or a least like having fun) Is stealthy To show commitment to the crew, players should at least have a Light Blue Tilby Hat (Does not need to be worn) I'll give you more details about the crew soon. Social Club Li
  12. I'm a crew leader looking for players who are down to do missions , heists , etc etc . My screen name is mjnzelda (no caps) . I'm active on the PlayStation 3 and 4 . The crew has around 300 crew members so you are in good hands if you join .
  13. YBSavage

    x WarLike Kings x

    x WarLike Kings x is now recruiting! MUST HAVE A HEADSET OR DON'T BOTHER be active, no passive mode allowed no crew killing and must be able to hold your own, Contact YBSavage (Crew Leader), Commissioners: haycolormehappy1, OGTrippy, or GolDenEyE_Scopz or request an application to join us today! Modded accounts are NOT needed, We are a friendly enviroment crew but if you aren't with us you better be ready to lay down! We are all chill, fun, but we are serious. Need loyalty, if you can't be that don't bother PS3
  14. VeKTor_Leader

    VeKToR Crew Recruitment

    VeKToR is a new crew with currently four members. This crew is only available on PS3, so PS4, XBOX, and PC users are, unfortunately, unable to join. If you're interested in joining, click the link below. https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/vektor_alpha Rules 1. No crew killing. If you're the type of person who likes to kill, that's fine, we all like killing. It's human nature, but please don't go killing your own team. If this rule is broken, you will be kicked from the crew. End of story. 2. This crew is your main priority. Meaning, once you're apart of this crew, thi
  15. The Masons

    High End MC

    You can join me in the High End MC or you can say the (THEM). You can join me and If you see this page message me on social club Determinator5 message me 123Honorroll to get promoted to representative when you join. The people who are gunmen will give you free ammo but I give them the ammo. I can teach you parkour to jump buildings. I have a hideout for all but that I will tell when you join. You can have a crew motorcycle or a crew truck. If you want to learn more message me on, http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/determinator5
  16. CarboNP

    LSPD Crew

    Hi I am the leader of LSPD Bravo crew, And I am currently looking for members. This crew based about LSPD. Los Santos Police Department. You will need custom crew cop shirt and pants. You will need also to salute the higher ranks. I created a LTS That each team has a commander and do not kill the opposite team. Night operation will be soon. Crew Name: LSPD Bravo Console: Playstation 3
  17. VeKTor_Leader

    VeKToR Crew Recruitment (PS3 Crew)

    Do you have GTA 5? Do you have a PS3? Are you tired of going into lobbies and getting killed by the same scrubs over and over again, and when you ask for help everyone just tells you to stop being a little b****, and TO KILL YOURSELF, AND YOU FEEL LIKE YOUR LIFE IS MEANINGLESS AND YOU NO LONGER HAVE A WILL TO SURVIVE??? If you answered yes to all of those questions, then buddy do I have some news for you. I feel your pain, and your prayers have been answered. So put down (in this case pick up) that gun and come join VeKTor. This is a team based crew, meaning teamwork, cooperation, and res
  18. Hey there! Heathens MC is now a small MC, since we're just 3 members. Next two members joining will get full patched, and when we're five, the Prospect Charter will get active. We're based on Grapeseed, but he have plans to create more chapters around Vinewood, Vespucci, Sandy Shores...and maybe a Nomad one. But that's future! Before joining you have to speak to me on kik (it is byoonbg22), and after that I'll invite you to the MC! I hope you want to join us! MC link: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/heathensmc_grapeseed
  19. TurtleSquared

    Need A Crew? We Need YOU!

    Hey, I'm TurtleSquared, and I'd like to invite you to my personal Crew! TurtleSquared Games is a starting crew that I have created, and we need YOU to function properly! Reply if interested. Social Club Crew Page Link: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/turtlesquared_games EDIT: Also, I would like to point out that we take literally ANYONE! Whatever your skill, IQ, or ineptitude, we will always take you.
  20. DLRSFlux


    Hello my name is DLRS Flux and I am the founder and leader of Delirious. I started Delirious in 2013, we have branched into other games and we are looking for people to join our GTA crew. We would mainly like active people who help fight other crews. We would also like people who have YouTube channels as we have one, it is Delirious Clan. So if you are interested please reply your socialclub name. Thankyou. Here is the link! https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/delirious_crew
  21. Zulu412

    Pittsburgh based crew

    Any yinzers & or Chivers/ Chivettes looking to join a crew & rule Los Santos hit me up on here. If we get enough, I will start a crew via the social club. & will post on here for yinz when i do. This will be for PS3. So leave your PSN name if your interested. KCCO
  22. Crazyeighties

    The Weasels Crew

    http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crews/search/alltypes/theweasels is the link just hit that join button and your in! The Perks of this crew 1. Money from jobs will be split evenly 2. The Better the player the higher on the hierarchy you will be placed (a vote will be used to do this. 3. Everyone starts at the bottom to start, We will do some funnstuff like flyng, boating and diving, and shooting to see whonis the best at what then we will do some missions to see who are the best drivers, gunners ext, then placement on the hierarchy will be done by a vote to be fair I think that
  23. Skozza89

    Wolfpack Returns

    Recruitment Status Open Who we are: We were formed a good few years ago playing various games so are a close knit group of friends (Of Various Nationalities). Mainly conversing through Skype. We are speak English only and wish to boost our crews numbers prior to the launch of GTA Online (October 1st). What we are after: An English speaking, Someone easy to get along, Mic not necessary although we do have skype calls during games. We aim to be a top crew within the GTA Online world. And so are after various roles of which we do not know until GTA Online is launched. But more importantly we
  24. Any yinzers going to be playing this on PS3 & looking for a local crew, hit me up on here with your PSN name
  25. BertTheBrain

    Join San Andreas Life

    Tired of the same old chaotic experience of GTA Online? Want to experience an ever developing story and play style? Do you want Los Santos to be a living, breathing, and vibrant place to be? San Andreas Life is a role playing community that does just that! We’re a new community looking for enthusiastic members who want to experience GTA Online in a whole new way. Our unique approach is comparable to being an extension of your online character, where you truly get to choose how your story unfolds. Be a police officer, gang member, mobster, civilian, lawyer, or business owner. Be whoever you
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