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  1. Hello, If you play on the PS3 Console, and looking for any help with heists / missions / trade wins or anything with GTA Online as well as joining Car Meets, then check this crew. https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/ps3_online_players/ Or search them on Discord as well " PS3 Online Players " for easy interaction. Helpful and friendly people. Thanks
  2. Car Meet Bulletins - Advertise Your Meet on PS4 or PS3 Use this topic to advertise your car meets and spontanous events. More detailed and organised meets/events should have their own dedicated topic. Use the below template so players know when to arrive or who to contact to take part! Date: Time: Timezone: Car Type(s): Platform: PSN ID:
  3. bloodmechanic

    PS3 GTA 5 Online People

    Hello PS3 GTA 5 Online People, if you are interested in joining a place for car meets (in our own way) and various other crew activities, including heists, missions etc, then you could check us. We welcome anyone from anywhere, as long as you are a responsible player towards yourself and others. For car meets; these are usually 2 to 4 car meets a month All zones welcome (we try to accommodate the best possible time to gather many players, so everyone gets a chance to join) Car Type(s): Depends per car meet (instructions will be communicated on relevant channels) Platform: PlayStation 3 Information on https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/ps3_online_players/
  4. Hello PS3 GTA 5 Online, if you are interested in joining a place for car meets (in our own way) and various other crew activities, including heists, missions etc, then you could check us. We welcome anyone from anywhere, as long as you are a responsible player towards yourself and others. For car meets; these are usually 2 to 4 car meets a month All zones welcome (we try to accommodate the best possible time to gather many players, so everyone gets a chance to join) Car Type(s): Depends per car meet (instructions will be communicated on relevant channels) Platform: PlayStation 3 Information on https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/ps3_online_players/
  5. dakotabiscan

    GTA PS3 Heist Crew Signups

    Hello, I am looking for a heist crew of many players to tackle the last two heists (Series A and Pacific Standard Job). I am hiring due to friends are rarely online and the ones who are aren't that great
  6. GTA V APOCALYPTIC RP PS3 ROLEPLAY IS RECRUITING! | PS3 Roleplay | Mature | Discord Required | About: A world of pain. A world of suffering. All of this was created all because of one nuke. One nuke that completely blew up Los Santos. A nuke that completely destroyed the United States. People ran for their survival. Ran to cover. Ran to Sandy Shores. Now, a few months slowly passed. A few long months finally passed, but everything was still not normal. Everything was still in chaos. The police officers tried to control this chaos. Tried to make it all die out, but it couldn't. Slowly, gangs began to rise. A new evil began to arise from the shadows of Sandy Shores. A company aiming to rise. A gang aiming to kill. A Military aiming to protect. A police force aiming for peace. All of this slowly began to rise through the shadows of sandy shores. Now, the only question is...which one will you be? Which side will you join. Maybe you want to protect everyone in the city. Or maybe you just want to control it all. Make the world your own. Make the world grow in your image. Or maybe you want peace. Peace among these people. These survivors of the disaster that was the explosion. Or maybe you just want to kill everyone. To make sure the world pays for their crimes. It is all your choice. Protect. Peace. Kill. Or Control. But don't forget one important thing in this apocalypse. Survive. All you need to do is survive the harsh environments. Survive the gangs. Survive the police. Survive throughout your day. Maybe, you could even discover secrets that no one ever knew about. Secrets of the nukes. Secrets that no one would ever know. All you have to do is join us, and roleplay it all out. Find the secrets. Battle against the military and the gangs, but don't forget the most important thing of them all. Survive through this world. Survive through this Apocalypse. Until next time my friend. I will hopefully see you soon. Site Link: https://lossantoslifestyle1.wixsite.com/gtavapocaylpticrp
  7. Looking for a cool car meet ps4
  8. GramMasterPnut

    New Psn friends

    I'm looking for more friends to complete missions and heist with on the PS3 for now. I got my new gen after the character transfer deadline and just don't really feel like starting all the way over yet. Just be 18+, have a headset, don't mod/cheat, anything else is irrelevant. Don't care about level, rank, any of that. Just players who enjoy the game and down to make big money moves. Psn: king_pnut912 R* https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/pnut912
  9. Skaro213

    Booze fighters MC recruitment page.

    We are casual mc based mainly on the Ps4 with members on other platforms. Looking for loyal and active prospects to join us. If you are looking for an MC feel free to message me on here or preferably on playstation (ps4 id: Skaro213) and I will answer any questions you may have. The link to our prospect crew is below https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/boozefighters_proby
  10. 3benitez3

    Gta ps3 hiest

    Who ever wants to make some money doing hiest just send me a friend request and i send you a hiest request Im trying to play all of the hiest and get a lot of money My psn is benitez_neto
  11. Occult Kollective


    Occult Kollective - Join the Takeover No Gods, No Masters | Create Your Own Future | Do What Thou Wilt New crew just formed. looking to become a well structured Syndicate in Los Santos. No crew requirements or rules, No one will be kicked for inactivity or having multiple crews. Just made for those that want to play with like minded people, all sharing the same intention of playing GTA V. Cars, Bikes, Money, and a little bit of havoc. All crew positions are available, looking for all ranks and types of players. Join The Occult Collective : We Are The Los Santos Take Over For more Info Contact <script data-cfhash='f9e31' type="text/javascript">/* */</script>, or directly on PSN : NOWTHATSAKN1FE
  12. ritchierich00

    Recruiting for my MC

    Hey everybody, I'm looking for people to join my MC and crew. I created an MC on PS4 and I still need a VP and Sargent and everything. If you can create a patch for the MC you're automatically VP of my club haha I do have some of it made just need help finishing it. Basically we'll do missions, heists and fight other people, make alliances, and just goof off. No crew killing is my rule but have fun also. Let me know if you are interested and if you have a mic that would be nice. We'll discuss further things once I get my main people in the club. I want to work with the leadership of our MC to come up with rules and scheduling and basically help eachother out in building an MC from the ground up. Looking for active duty in the military or veterans but also will take anyone who is interested in just having a good time. Let me know a little about yourself and your PSN. Hopefully we'll get alot of people recruited then we can start making presidents of other places and also expand to Xbox and PC. Sorry this isn't as elaborate as some of the other MC recruiting threads but maybe that's something that we can work on as well.
  13. We are a small group of friends that play different types of games on ps4 we hope to play on other platforms like pc and xb1 soon.We use KIK and Instagram.I hope more people will join soon we are active and meetup and descuss problems often. Contact Me on KIK at SleepyModz If u have any questions or am looking to join.
  14. Iskypedyourmom

    Need players for ps4 heists

    Need players for Heist ps4, ING: iskypedyourmom
  15. Masonic_Shadow

    Recruiting for LS Skulls of Fury only on PS4

    To build a crew you need people, Loyal people to make a crew strong to carry out the crimes in Los Santos so without farther a do, I'm bring forth the newly formed crew "LS Skills Of Fury" for the first time on gta forums come on over to the SOCIAL CLUB to join today, Just so everyone knows it's a closed invite and "ME" the leader send me a message though the SOCIAL CLUB I can only be found on the PS4 platform so sorry guys,gals unless some is willing to make this a cross platform crew you are welcome to take that roll, , So hit me up an I'll let you right in. find the link below to join this awesome crew. https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/ls_skulls_of_fury
  16. TheTribalDeath

    [PS3] The Tribal Death MC

    The Tribal Death MC is now recruiting for PS3, I'd like somewhat serious members who are willing to ride as a pack and obviously kill as a pack. I've wanted a solid GTA MC for a long while now and have never found one, I'm hoping starting my own will fix all the problems. Alls that is required of members is that you own and ride a bike, wear a leather jacket with the club's logo on the back and wear wear either black or club colours. Never kill other members but when we arrive at others, Death will follow... https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/the_tribal_death_mc OR contact joeslow30 through PSN. Join now to be a part of what will become the greatest GTA Crew.
  17. Hi guys I am now looking forward to help GTA Online (PS3) players in heist. I have been trying to help public in random heist setups invites but seldom they are not serious, throwing around and suiciding themselves. I am good in all heists and heists setups except for the following : 1. all Humane Labs Raid setups and heist except [Humane Labs Raid : Key Codes] 2. Setups or Heists that encounter enemies' Helicopter ( because hard difficulty + enemies on heli f*cked me up well ) Thats all I think lol Feel free to ask me anything below. Long live helping hands
  18. GOA-Toxicity

    The Lost Guardians MC 1% PS3

    Mic required but negotiable looking to grow. If interested join here https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/lost_guardians_mc
  19. cookie_q

    Qrazy Underdogs Recruitment

    Hi, I am the leader of the newly formed Qrazy Underdogs if you want to join just click the link to join https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/qrazy_underdogs_/gtav/ps4 Thank you in advance for joining and helping out.
  20. Hey everyone the UK OUTLAW SQUAD (UKOS) is recruiting we are looking for loyal and active players across all formats old and new gen and PC and you don't have to be from the UK we have members form all over Europe and some further afield. we take part in all GTA online has to offer MC. Import and export. CEO races LTS heists we also line getting in to a few battles with other crews in free mode. We also like to chill and have fun regular crew meet ups etc. We don't have lots of rules just the normal. Be respectful to other crew no crew killing with out permission if you do kill by accident a quick message saying sorry goes a long way we ask that all members link there social club account with gamer tag or psn helps the crew interact have some form of crew clothing (not mandatory but looks good on snap matics) we also have a very active Facebook group good place to find people and ask for tips and advice message the crew leader or a commissioner and mention my psn please ( RichScouse79). Check the crew out I think you'll like us here's the link to the crew social club page https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/uk_outlaw_squad Check us out guys Posts merged. Please wait 7 days before double posting to bump your topic.
  21. SwampFox2323

    D187 is looking for members

    Demented Assassins (D187) is looking for members. Fresh crew getting off the ground, but owned and run by LSDx MC leadership. D187 is a crew based off the mentality of brotherhood found in our LSDx crew. Whether you're just starting out or a veteran of Los Santos, we back you up and help in any way. If you're gun game is weak, ask for pointers. Practice with the leaders to get better. Car meets your thing? Once the crew is off the ground and members file in, look forward to nightly or bi nightly meets. Cruising and relaxing after your day? Enjoy crew lobbies and hang out to your hearts desire. D187 is less intense than the 1% MC mentality of LSDx. Age requirements are more laxxed (15+) because we went a big crew so you always have someone to hang with. Since D187 is a LSDx owned crew, use it as a way to prospect for the MC if you desire. If you're sick of the same old crew drama, playing alone, needing helpful tips, or looking to get into a better known crew like LSDx, D187 is for you. Requirements: 15+ Respect members and respect LSDx No crew hopping We don't kill crew unless it's mutual Car meets are strict. Don't ruin the fun PS3 If you're interested, add SwampFox2323 on PSN and see what's up. https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/demented_assassins

    Russian Paratroopers Mil-Sim crew

    [PS3 crew recruiting!] Hello! We are a Military themed crew that is based off of the Russian VDV, we consist of multiple playable units, such as Ground troops, Paratroopers, and Recon. We also have a need for helicopter pilots, vehicles drivers, and gunners. We are a VERY serious crew, and perform open and pre-made operations. "So what kind of stuff will we do?" All kinds of stuff, however before a recruit can be sent into combat, they must go through some very short training, for things such as proper shooting, proper patrolling, and learning to perform an "Air-Landing" as a unit... After all of that, unit members will be given the title of Soldier (non-recruit) and will be ready to ship out and win some wars! We go through many different scenarios, such as: -"Open skirmishes" these are firefights which are not pre-planned, and are in a Mil-Sim lobby. -"Mil-Sim Ops" these are Operations which are pre-made using the rockstar creator. -"Open Ops" these are Operations which take place in a MilSim lobby, and are normally not pre-planned. "What do I have to do to join the VDV?" Great question! To join us there are some requirements, which are not hard to follow, but they are VERY important, we will not have rule-breakers! - Act Mature! Don't show up and act stupid, treat this seriously! - Have a Mic! Clear communication between squad mates is KEY! Nobody wants to text you in the middle of a skirmish... - Follow directions! Don't disobey orders! Your commanders know what's best, not following orders is exactly what gets a unit killed... - Look the cut! Make sure your uniform and weapons are EXACTLY what they are supposed to be, we don't want to accidentally kill a squad mate because he's rather wear something else... So there you have it, to join our crew, add me on PS3-PSN: GasMaskViking. And please include why you are adding me in the friend request, or I may delete it! Our SocialClub crew: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/106th_guards_vdv_ See you in the skies, comerades!
  23. KingLurk.ShogunsMC

    The Shoguns MC (PS4)

    We are a PS4 only Motorcycle Club who ride with each other regularly and all get along like true brothers. Too us it's not just a game, it's a brotherhood who respect each other and has each others backs. You don't have to just play gta but you do have to be online on gta with us for at least 3 days a week if you hope to get your full patch. If interested or want more information please contact the president on PSN @lurksta94 or on RockstarGames Social Club @KingLurk13 or simply reply to this topic and we will get back to you as soon as possible. -TheShogunsMC https://socialclub.r...oguns-eliteones
  24. Hey what's up guys im looking for any ps4 players to start my race wars Only requirements are 1. A car 2. You The main objective is to win the race As any real street race their are a few rules 1. No guns!! 2. No cheating or disqualified 3. No cops (goes with rule 1) The way the race works is like normal street racing. one person (non racer) will honk the horn 3 times and the race starts. I know some of you like to bet well we can do that! Set a bounty on a third party (non drivers) head and the opponent sets a bounty on another player and winner of the race kills both and recieves cash for winnings If your intrested in race wars add me on PlayStation (fuzzydingo97) or watch race wars live on my youtube channel (fuzzydingo)
  25. DLRSFlux


    Hello my name is DLRS Flux and I am the founder and leader of Delirious. I started Delirious in 2013, we have branched into other games and we are looking for people to join our GTA crew. We would mainly like active people who help fight other crews. We would also like people who have YouTube channels as we have one, it is Delirious Clan. So if you are interested please reply your socialclub name. Thankyou. Here is the link! https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/delirious_crew
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