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  1. The Damned

    [DAMN] The Damned

    Wish to join us, apply to our Recruitment Crew, unless you have been directly invited by an existing members http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/damned_recruitment Damnation (from Latin damnatio) is the concept of everlasting divine punishment and/or disgrace, especially the punishment for sin as threatened by God (e.g. Mark 3:29). A damned being "in damnation" is said to be either in Hell, or living in a state wherein they are divorced from Heaven and/or in a state of disgrace from God's favour. Those Christians in purgatory, the "Church Suffering", are not considered damned, because their stay there is not eternal. People who are damned to Hell will stay there eternally. The Damned Chapter 2 “The Soviet connection and The City of Saints” A humble start in a run-down former apartment block in Broker to the hanging steel and glass canyons of Algonquin, what started out as a vigilante group sworn to protect became the scourge of an entire city and her people. Breaking away from the dated and predictable biker traditions, The Damned acquired various business properties that functioned as “fronts” for illegal activity such as drug trafficking and street races. With this method of laundering cash and a crew of highly skilled mercenaries to protect the businesses, The Damned continue to penetrate the economy and infrastructure of America’s greatest cities. This success came a very hefty price. How much is peace and prosperity really worth? Is it worth your family? Your friends? Your life? Spring 2010 Senior members of The Damned MC head out west to the state of San Andreas. Their intention was to secure a deal to patch over a Los Santos MC. This deal would allow the Liberty City based biker gang a foothold in the rising criminal paradise that “The City of Saints” had become. What happened that fateful night has never been revealed. The Damned MC`s representatives and the members of the Los Santos based MC were never seen again. No bodies recovered, no bikes, no cash, no weapons... nothing. For obvious reasons the location of the deal was not revealed before The Damned had left Liberty City, therefore no investigation legal or otherwise was initiated. Not that a legal enquiry ever would commence for the hardened biker types anyway. With their leaders gone, The Damned MC constructed a new hierarchy to rebuild the MC. The winter of 2011 had been kind to Liberty City, but you would be forgiven for not noticing that on the faces of the men caged inside the FIB compound. The Damned MC, the infamous biker gang out of Broker, had been set up. They had to be. Every angle was covered. Every dirty cop paid off. Every snitch and two-bit hooker in Liberty would not dare utter a word in condemnation of this group of cold blooded killers. Yet here they find themselves falling foul of the largest sting operation in decades. Kenny Petrovic (“The Russian”), the head of the crime syndicate that members of the gang had been involved with, had set them up. Forced to do a deal in order to secure extradition back to Russia, Petrovic gave the FIB the location of his next shipment of illegal arms coming in from the east. So it came to pass that foggy morning at a sleepy dock area in Bohan, The Damned MC were apprehended. Why the FIB were willing to let go a potential war criminal in favour of a biker gang was even more mysterious than the dimly lit building that the bikers found themselves entrapped in. A senior FIB agent soon revealed the true nature of why the bikers had been brought in. To fully understand what was going on, one must go back to the summer of 2010. You see, this was no longer an unorganized rabble of former war veterans that decided to say “f*ck you” to the system. After the disappearance of the original Damned MC members the remaining members, hammered and exploited by the other gangs of Liberty City, fell desperate. In their desperation they recruited a number of British, European, South American and African career criminals that had come to Liberty City to make a quick buck, like so many others had before them. Bank robbers, ex-military mercenaries, assassins and street racers. It would have been very difficult to imagine so many dangerous types of criminals all in the one place. The MC acted as a safe haven and a spring board into the Liberty City underworld for this new group. Alone on the street they could not have built up the resources and connections in such a timely manner as they did. This action would forever change the destiny of the outlaw biker gang. The Damned MC started to work with "The Russian," taking "scores" and carrying out assassinations. The purpose of these jobs did not matter to the new members of The Damned MC as they were only interested in making money, by any means necessary. This caused a divide amongst the old and the new members that had been brought in. Not happy with the methods and type of jobs the MC were now taking, many of the old guard of The Damned MC turned their back on the gang. With nobody to question their motives and actions, the new look Damned MC set about becoming the most feared and profitable criminal group in Liberty City. What The Damned MC did not know was that many of the jobs organized by Petrovic were actually funded by Russian terrorists. It was this activity that led the FIB to the capture of Kenny Petrovic and his subsequent surrender of his allies. With this information the FIB decision was not difficult. In The Damned MC the FIB had found themselves a group of highly skilled, expendable soldiers that had a control over parts of the criminal element in Liberty City that the FIB could only dream of. In effect they had taken down the shepherds. The rest were just mere sheep. As it turned out, the worst criminals in the city were the best guys for the job. The Damned MC was forced into co-operating with the FIB. Carrying out “black operations” and providing information on rival gangs in Liberty City. The MC were afforded an untouchable status. In order for the operation to work the FIB knew that they had to keep the illusion that the Damned were still a key entity on the streets. This brought some perks to being federal slaves. The Damned MC acquired various businesses without fear of FIB intervention. The ownership of these companies is disputed but no formal connection has ever been made. The reality is that these “fronts” launder money generated from The Damned MC`s activities but, along with ownership, no federal inquiry has ever been made into the legality of these businesses. On the surface a sweet deal, you might think. The reality however is far from sweet. As reluctant FIB agents, The Damned MC faced new dangers on both sides of the law. If the other gangs of Liberty City found out about The Damned MC status as FIB informants, any and all business relationships would be called off. The Damned MC would be outcast. If this happens then the FIB would have lost their link to the underworld and would have to pull the plug on “Operation Peace and Prosperity." In the FIB`s terms, pulling the plug means a bullet in the head of all involved. Who`s to say that the FIB did not have this in mind all along? If this ever became public knowledge there would be chaos on the streets of Liberty City. The members of the Damned MC found their life was not their own any more. Unable to trust the FIB, unable to call for help, unable to trust each other and living on borrowed time they had become truly damned. Fate it seems had another twist in store for the condemned members of the biker gang. The early months of 2013 brought around a so-called “unexpected” chain of events. The balance of secrecy and effectiveness of “Operation Peace and Prosperity” had become compromised. The other gangs of Liberty City had become suspicious. They were losing numbers and product at an alarming rate. The Damned MC, however, seemed to continue to profit without harassment from the police. If the FIB had foreseen this then they had made no effort to cover the situation. Mistakes were made. There`s an old saying, “loose lips sink ships” and in Liberty City there was plenty of loose lips. Rumours started to spread that the authorities were watching The Damned MC. Not knowing the full details of what was actually going on the mercenaries, the Mafia families, the casino runners, other MC`s and the Jamaicans took an air of caution and started to distance themselves from The Damned MC. Rendering the FIB`s secret weapon useless. This was a bad situation for the former Kings of Liberty. If the FIB had no further use for The Damned then it was thought that they would sever all connections. This would mean the assassination of all members of “Operation Peace and Prosperity” The FIB had other ideas. Sent to the west coast of America far away from Liberty City, the members of “OP&P” had been put on the witness protection program. It was as though the saints themselves had smiled upon these unworthy bringers of death. Given new identities and scattered across the sprawling desert metropolis that is Los Santos they await in a state of exile. Some do menial jobs such as mechanics and bouncers at strip joints. The ones lucky enough to have enough cash have retired. Some skilled members use their experience to work for the legitimate companies owned by The Damned. These include crop dusting, air and sea freight and the participation in legal races for the Damned race team. Times are hard in this world and already some of the members have dabbled in petty crime to make ends meet. Some just bored of retirement and the lack of action, wishing things to go wrong again. There`s another old saying. “You can take the lion out of the jungle but you cant take the jungle out of the lion”. In a remote area of Blaine County, resting peacefully on his makeshift porch, the former chaplain of the Damned MC enjoys a gentle breeze on his face. He looks out over the desert at the pastel orange and pink sunset. A beautiful setting, much more than this enemy of humanity deserved. Lost in thought and with only a fine cigar and a bottle of Bourbon as company, the atrocities of Liberty City seem a lifetime away. A copy of today`s newspaper lies on the bench the top page flapping in the breeze. The date reads October 1st 2013. The call of an eagle so clear and recognizable is suddenly drowned out by the unsettling hum of an engine in the distance. A black Buffalo speeds towards the former preacher’s trailer, two clouds of dirt rise in its wake. The preacher swigs at his bottle in preparation of what is to come and with an icy stare and a determined heart he mutters two words under his whisky tainted breath. Two words he thought would never be heard again. The Damned Chapter 1 "The worst place in America" The Damned Motorcycle club was established in the summer of 1973 by ex-war veteran Sergeant Jason Clarence Smith. The Damned MC, however, was not the original name of the club. The original name was The Guardians Motorcycle club. In 1972, dispatched from service, Smith returned to a very different Liberty City than the one he left eight years before. On his return to his native borough of Broker, still deeply scarred by his eight year stint which was full of heartbreak and shattered mayhem, Smith found the city he once loved had become ruled by dirty cops and mafia families. Feeling that he needed to fill the void in his life and do something about it, Smith gathered fellow war veterans and together they formed a vigilante group called the Guardians MC. By 1976 The Guardians MC were a fast and furious crew of bounty hunters sworn to protect the people. Riding their custom white choppers and living by a code of peace and prosperity which became the groups motto, they took back large parts of the city from the corrupt. Many of the dirty cops that plagued Liberty City began to hate the Guardians. The hate was derived from the fact that The Guardians had muscled in on the cop’s protection rackets. Smith in return also hated the cops, he saw them as disgrace to the uniform. An honour that Smith held dear from his war days and the very drive behind the Guardians MC. Though every member seemed content with the success of The Guardians MC, the clubs vice president David Fitzko realized that he could take advantage of the gang and use its power and influence to control the people rather than protect them. Little did Smith know, Fitzko had ordered a hit on him. Setting up an ambush with the corrupt members of the LCPD, Fitzko and the cops took down Smith as he rode on his white Hexer in Cerveza Heights. With Smith out of the picture Fitzko gained automatic control of the Guardians MC. He took the club in new direction, going from the city`s white knights to the city`s worst nightmare. On the eve of Smiths death the Guardians held a meeting. At that meeting the members were given a choice. Join Fitzko`s new vision or be found at the bottom of the Humboldt river. When the patch over took place Fitzko made a mockery of the former biker gangs motto. “Peace and Prosperity! You want Peace and Prosperity….Well I say peace and prosperity be damned” Henceforth The Guardians Motorcycle Club became The Damned Motorcycle Club - The Damned MC Fitzko convinced gang members into believing that if they took down opposing motorcycle gangs The Filthy Fifty MC and The Yardbirds MC, they would be able to rule all of Liberty City. Hungry for power and money, The Damned MC declared war upon these gangs. Fitzko's plans were successful as The Damned MC were able to haul in a great margin of profits by killing key members and taking over their drug import business. In1986 these shipments brought about ties with Vercetti crime family in Vice City. War between the three Liberty city gangs raged until the spring of 1987 when the Filthy Fifty and the Yardbirds surrendered after the Damned had killed both clubs presidents. The Damned gained all turfs and profits of both clubs, reinforced by Fitzko`s idea that ruling with an Iron hand was the keys to Liberty City. The club invested in an automobile company that is still part of the gang’s empire today and acts as a legitimate front. “The Damned Motor company" By the new millennium Fitzko and all the original members were dead. Whether it be from natural causes or a bullet to the head will never be known. The Damned MC faded into just a bad memory for Liberty City. Just when the city thought they would never be afraid again one man known on the streets as Strength, revitalized the gang and restored its previous infamy in 2010 The Damned Racing Team is one of the legitimate business ventures that The Damned MC invested in during their time in Liberty City. Run out of the Damned Motors company showroom the team compete in legal races and illegal street races. The showroom launders money and provides The Damned with modifications and customization of cars,trucks and bikes. Stolen vehicles and “loaded” vehicles are also dropped off and turned around for export by members of the race team. As of today no federal enquiry has been made into the activities of the The Damned Racing Team or The Damned Motor company. Avatars and Signatures worn by the Damned CODE http://i.imgur.com/nocWk.gif CODE http://i.imgur.com/wkrbE.gif CODE http://i.imgur.com/wkrbE.gif CODE http://i.imgur.com/4zxZb.gif CODE http://i.imgur.com/76emO.png
  2. Car Meet Bulletins - Advertise Your Meet on PS4 or PS3 Use this topic to advertise your car meets and spontanous events. More detailed and organised meets/events should have their own dedicated topic. Use the below template so players know when to arrive or who to contact to take part! Date: Time: Timezone: Car Type(s): Platform: PSN ID:
  3. b00sthacx

    GTA 5 PS3 Roleplay

    Welcome and thank you for taking your time to read this. We are a group that plays GTA 5 on PS3. We have 6 Police Divisions, Sheriff, City, Highway, Dispatch, Fire, and EMS. We also have the option of being a civilian. Please only contact us if you are seriously wanting to join. We only ask that you have two things downloaded to your phone, Zello and Facebook Messenger. Discord: This is for patrol. You will use this to call into dispatch into patrol, or talk to a civilian when pulling them over. We have a main channel, for calling into dispatch, incident channels for traffic stops, and if you are around long enough and have what it takes, you can be added to our admin channel, only for admins. You are REQUIRED to get this app. Facebook Messenger: This is for hours outside of patrol. You will use this to talk to officers and civilians. We have a group for each division, for all the admins, and one big group for everyone. You will also use this to talk to your supervisors. This app is REQUIRED. We are currently looking for the following, Heads of Highway and Sheriff, Dispatch, and EMS. There is additional jobs you can manage, like Discord Manager, Council Member, and Discipline. But if you would like to just be an officer, that is available as well. Once you download Messenger, add Brayden Herrell Also, add me on psn: b00sthacx Thanks for reading this, and we hope to see you roleplaying with us
  4. MonkiiShines

    GTA PS3 Roleplay.

    Sorry if this is weird, me and a few friends are trying to revive my GTA Roleplaying group - for PS3. Were in need of department head and staff. Welcome to Golden State Roleplay, where we created a realistic GTA V roleplay community. Here, people can get a job, earn a living, and do whatever you imagined in your wildest dreams while also having fun and creating complex and amazing story lines and scenarios! We each have our own role to play in this ''life style'' based roleplay, it can range anywhere from climbing through the ranks of a criminal empire and running guns through Blaine county, or owning a small business to make an honest living. Fancy trying your hand and law enforcement situations? You can engage in all types of scenarios, from creating friends, businesses, families, enemies, etc, the possibilities are endless! The only limit is your imagination! Factions, currency and even real estate has all been implemented into the server already, meaning you can earn money and buy houses and cars all legitimately through the discord. Please consider us for your next RP adventure! Were trying to help people escape the chaos or drama from other communities. A fresh start, if you will. Were trying to be one of the best and will be honored if you join us : ) Rules: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1eVVbqzwuWLN3BJjwpfnAnS661BM0RWgKx65VVolmXT8/edit?usp=sharing Discord: https://discord.gg/yw7GShB
  5. KingLurk.ShogunsMC

    The Shoguns MC (PS4)

    We are a PS4 only Motorcycle Club who ride with each other regularly and all get along like true brothers. Too us it's not just a game, it's a brotherhood who respect each other and has each others backs. You don't have to just play gta but you do have to be online on gta with us for at least 3 days a week if you hope to get your full patch. If interested or want more information please contact the president on PSN @lurksta94 or on RockstarGames Social Club @KingLurk13 or simply reply to this topic and we will get back to you as soon as possible. -TheShogunsMC https://socialclub.r...oguns-eliteones
  6. HylianLegion

    Hylian Legion recruiting

    We are current seeking members, please view profile for information. click link below to join. https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/hylian_legion
  7. To build a crew you need people, Loyal people to make a crew strong to carry out the crimes in Los Santos so without farther a do, I'm bring forth the newly formed crew "LS Skills Of Fury" for the first time on gta forums come on over to the SOCIAL CLUB to join today, Just so everyone knows it's a closed invite and "ME" the leader send me a message though the SOCIAL CLUB I can only be found on the PS4 platform so sorry guys,gals unless some is willing to make this a cross platform crew you are welcome to take that roll, , So hit me up an I'll let you right in. find the link below to join this awesome crew. https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/ls_skulls_of_fury
  8. The Experience's Life in Los Santos The Most Realistic Roleplay Community​ What we offer Tracked Inventories Player ran economy Member ran Police Member ran Factions (Mafias, Street Gangs, MCs, etc.) Member ran Businesses High level of player interactions Each new member starts with $30,000 and a hotel room. You can get jobs, create businesses, or live a life of crime to build that wealth and become one of the most powerful members in the community. With daily sessions you have plenty of chances to progress your character. We also offer Out Of Game text roleplay if there are no sessions. So you can progress your character 24/7 if you want! Feedback: "This is honestly a great time for any serious role players. There's businesses, gangs, motorcycle clubs. Lots of fun role play going on and it's the most advanced and structured you'll find on console. Give it a try. We're all having a ton of fun." "Its like playing a whole new game" "Theres nothing else like it" Our members are all friendly and staff are always updating and can be reached to handle any issue anytime of the day. Our sessions range from 5 players to 20+ players. Established factions are more than welcome to join. They get extra bonuses to keep their faction up to their standards. Staff can always negotiate if certain things are needed. We organize and RP through Discord. So Discord is a must. Our Rules to better understand: https://docs.google.com/document/d/...pCQugLl9q0TtXke2_zSTHfaaMDbJU6aC_d0J9bVnD/pub Our Discord code: BPzbeQZ Our Discord link: https://discord.gg/3YaejyH Website coming soon!
  9. Add me @ Levis_PVZ, normal car meet, cruise, drag, just to have some fun, add me and ill invite u as soon as possible !
  10. Join now to the public Telegram Group to chat with others gta players and recive the latest news and updates about the game and mods, hacks etc Link: https://t.me/GtaVPublicTelegramGroup
  11. willtheguardian

    Calling ps3 Hustlers *GRIND*

    Anyone interested please contact PSN: ANGEL--GANG I bought the game on xbox when it came out and stopped playing for a few years... Trying to gather as many players as possible... I'm running ps3 for the time being https://twitter.com/willtheguardian
  12. Looking for players 100+ rank with mic to do back to back heist finale. You must have heist finale so we can take turns for 60 - 70%. My psn is Ninja_nicoya.
  15. So far theres 12 members. I just got a ps4 and looking for people to play with and do heats and jobs and everything with ti have fun and take over lobbies as well. If ur interested leave ur psn. Dont have to have a high ass k/d but least be able to defend urself. https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/malicious_killas
  16. We are a ps4 hustlin crew called Los Santos Outlaw Boyz. We been around since 2014 and we still hustlin!! We are a mature and social crew, so if you luv hustlin & grindin , come and join our family. We got crew members from all over the world, so finding help ain't an issue. Ceo, Vip, Import/Export, Mc business, Gunrunning business, Hangar etc.. Crew lobbies are controlled by us to make sure your products don't get destroyed. Crew rules.. 18+ No crew killing No fighting Respect one another Set OLBZ as your active crew Psn linked/Visible to crew+friends We also have a crew group chat called Line Messenger. An app that we been using for better communication and just a great way to meet everyone in the crew. Not to mention we got veterans that can give you advises and opinions especially if your new to gta. To join please message me stu0199
  17. Did you ever want that shot at the American Dream. Drinking all day while your boss calls you to work so you can finally buy that new car. True Life Role-play is a life role play clan in GTA: Online Xbox One. We have many jobs with our civilian, military, police, and illegal factions. Basic training includes drivers test and basic rules and laws test as well as having a job in mind. Role-plays are saturday nights 6:30 central time (US). Please have a job in mind from our website below. If you would like to join or learn more please message me gamertag poochoo3xpr3ss or MQFORBES and check out our website www.trueliferole-play.weebly.com
  18. Jayshine419

    I need players to help me

    I want to resupply my bunker and sell my cocaine lock up
  19. PinPointSniper


    If anyone is on PS4 and wants to grind (CEO, MC, Bunker, Hangar, I/E, etc.), play around in freemode, do some PVP, deathmatches, LTS, missions, Heist, RP, and more then add me on PS4: Best12345678901 I also record YouTube videos and stream like a few time everyday! YouTube name: ASWPeter
  20. JayHakeem18

    Recruiting For The Greed Empire

    Crew Just starting out and looking to build across all platforms. Currently searching for a primary list of Ps3 and Xbox 1 players. There are slight rules and only upon recruitment will you be able to do heists, missions, CEO, Gunrunning and Biker missions alike. Looking forward to meeting you.
  21. PinPointSniper

    Recruitment for my crew

    I have a very active crew for my YT channel and would like to recruit more people. This crew is for ALL platforms (PS4, PS3, XB1, XB360, PC), so anyone can join. I want the members to help each other (heists, CEO/MC work, selling missions, grinding cash and RP, missions, freemode things, ganging up on people, crew battles, and generally having fun.) So feel free to ask people for help on heists, CEO/MC stuff, and other things. I will also often use it when I do live streams so thats cool. We are currently at 23 members and I hope to expand the crew. Anyways I hope you decide to join. Have a nice day/night! LINK TO CREW: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/aswpeter1_yt_crew
  22. GTA V APOCALYPTIC RP PS3 ROLEPLAY IS RECRUITING! | PS3 Roleplay | Mature | Discord Required | About: A world of pain. A world of suffering. All of this was created all because of one nuke. One nuke that completely blew up Los Santos. A nuke that completely destroyed the United States. People ran for their survival. Ran to cover. Ran to Sandy Shores. Now, a few months slowly passed. A few long months finally passed, but everything was still not normal. Everything was still in chaos. The police officers tried to control this chaos. Tried to make it all die out, but it couldn't. Slowly, gangs began to rise. A new evil began to arise from the shadows of Sandy Shores. A company aiming to rise. A gang aiming to kill. A Military aiming to protect. A police force aiming for peace. All of this slowly began to rise through the shadows of sandy shores. Now, the only question is...which one will you be? Which side will you join. Maybe you want to protect everyone in the city. Or maybe you just want to control it all. Make the world your own. Make the world grow in your image. Or maybe you want peace. Peace among these people. These survivors of the disaster that was the explosion. Or maybe you just want to kill everyone. To make sure the world pays for their crimes. It is all your choice. Protect. Peace. Kill. Or Control. But don't forget one important thing in this apocalypse. Survive. All you need to do is survive the harsh environments. Survive the gangs. Survive the police. Survive throughout your day. Maybe, you could even discover secrets that no one ever knew about. Secrets of the nukes. Secrets that no one would ever know. All you have to do is join us, and roleplay it all out. Find the secrets. Battle against the military and the gangs, but don't forget the most important thing of them all. Survive through this world. Survive through this Apocalypse. Until next time my friend. I will hopefully see you soon. Site Link: https://lossantoslifestyle1.wixsite.com/gtavapocaylpticrp
  23. CoolBoiMarti

    gat 5 car meet (PS4)

    this meet will last a long time so make sure to have a few cars to show off! send me a msg saying CAR MEET INV my PSN is Volume_Paws rules 1. dont destroy other players cars 2.make sure to have a modified vehicle 3. and have fun we will also be racing cars having a drift contest and a drag strip
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