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  1. Hey folks! Looking for 2 more players to join up for the lowrider missions, aiming to do all of them! Please let me know if you're available. Again, PS5, please DM or if you're comfortable, share your gamertag below! Thanks!
  2. killa_junn401


    Ever want to roleplay as police but cant because you rely on other players playing civilians? Ever wanted to play LSPDFR on PS4? Do you regularly go director mode roleplay as a police officer? Hopefully i found the solution to make that even more fun. Currently working on discord server with randomized list to create scenarios, BOLO's, call-outs by randomly selecting vehicle descriptions, vehicle color, and suspect descriptions. The lists also conducts plate checks, ID checks, and searches. Enhanced roleplay bot will help conduct actions such as refueling your vehicle during patrols, cuffing suspects , searching suspects, jailing suspects and etc. We also would be patrolling the AI's driving and getting any dangerous drivers off the road . Discord server will have link to state statues so we will be keeping track of offenses and arrest each member makes which will be taken into consideration for promotions and such. Looking for serious roleplayers that want the authentic police feel with out the need for players to roleplay as civilians. Looking for players that would like to help with the server and make it a better roleplaying experience. I am open to Ideas as well. PSN: killa_junn401
  3. Hi, I'm on PS5 and have been playing GTA Online since 2015, although I only come on here every once in a while. I collect cars in GTA and I have a huge amount of vehicles but there were some that I missed before they were withdrawn with the Mercenaries update. With the LS Car Meet it is possible to buy copies of other players' cars, and this is the method I need help with to get some of the cars I want to get. Similarly, if you are in a similar situation and want to buy something from my car list I'll be happy to help. I have most of the vehicles included in the removed car list, plus many many others. If there's a particular vehicle you need, feel free to ask. Below I have listed the vehicles I'd like to get the most: Hakuchou (not the Drag version) Cliffhanger The three above are the most important ones as I haven't seen bikes be offered in the physical stores in the game much and I have a feeling I'd be waiting a long time for any of them to come up. The rest aren't as important as they seem more likely to come up, plus they're more expensive so I'll have to save up to get all of them: Massacro Race Car Michelli GT Thanks in advance for anyone who wants to help.
  4. Hostile Threat

    Modded Gang Warfare Capture

    Series X version - I'm wanting to try a glitched capture increased payout/warfare within NPCs on grove Street. Specifically Families and Ballas NPCs using vehicles, fighting the police and explosions all over. I just need some people to play with to test effectively. If interested, add me on Series x hostilethreat87
  5. Crew Name: The Morello Crime Family, EST 2008. Gameplay Style: The Morello Crime Family is a Semi-Roleplay, Free Aim crew that has was established in 2008. Our activities range from: Moneymaking incorporated with RP, traditional Roleplay, PvP etc. We are looking for mature and serious members, willing too abide by a strict set of rules and work their way up the ranks. Join Requirements: We have a set of rules so you will have to understand the rules, and abide by them. (You can find most of the rules in the website below.) Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC51MN7STCSxawyZQJeiISIQ Website: https://vero-unito.wixsite.com/morello-family Crew Link: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/morello_crime_family/wall Contact Information: PSN: Vito_A_Morello Instagram: vito_morello_
  6. January 2024 Edit/Update: MCCEO TEAM is closed. If a GTA Forums moderator sees this, feel free to close this thread. Thank you. MCCEO TEAM is a PS4 and PS5 based Grand Theft Auto Online grinding crew. The objective for our crew is to provide friendly online sessions for our members to safely run MC and CEO work. We do our best to prevent griefing by only allowing TEAM members to join our sessions. We also do heists, weekly contests, car meets, and more! Founded in 2017, MCCEO TEAM has become one of the largest GTA Online grinding crews for the PlayStation platforms. Our goal from day one was to establish a friendly community of like-minded individuals who wanted to play the game without worrying about griefers. We use Discord to communicate at all times, and no mic is required. There are some basic rules to follow and etiquette to adhere to. That will be covered once you join our Discord server, but if you have any questions you can ask me here in the forums as well. If you are interested in joining, these are the links you'll want to check out: TEAM Discord server: https://discord.com/invite/mcceo TEAM Subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/MCCEO/ TEAM Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/teammcceo/ TEAM Social club link: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/mcceo_team/wall
  7. GPAD is a dual platform (PS5 focused) grinding crew. We have sessions, contests, heists, and have awesome events like fight club, race playlists, drag races, fashion shows, purge night and much more! We also have joint-crew events with fellow crews like CEWL and RISE. Check out our website and click the join our discord link at the bottom to start Gettin' Payd!! GPAD Website
  8. Red_nuts223

    Looking for an Australian racing crew ps5

    Hi all I'm looking for a crew that does a lot of racing and are in Australia for time zone reasons. I'm on ps5.
  9. Grinch of Los Santos

    PS5 Christmas Chill Lobbies

    I thought I'd bring this up since I'm sure there's several other members and players on here who are looking for the same thing. I'm looking for Lobbies that are specifically for the Christmas Events and just Chilling/Driving around without being blown up or gunned down. These sessions could also a safe space for players to do their sell missions, I know I probably need to do that too. If anyone has a group to specifically do this via Invite Only Lobbies, please .. please let me know!
  10. A lot of these look like they can be done solo but will be way easier with other people. Also kinda boring running through all the old missions alone again lol. Pretty sure I have the accuracy requirements for a lot of missions can be done super easy with another person. on PS5
  11. Hi! welcome to "Los Santos Productions Roleplay” We are a Fivem Qbcore based Server. We also run a PS4 and PS5 server. Here is what we have to offer PS4 and PS5 We have a completely custom CAD System. It has a fully economy built in with available jobs, cars, and custom maps with addresses for every build on the map. FiveM +350 Optimized Resources Active Staff dispatch Los Santos Police department BlaineCounty Sheriffs Office San Andreas State Trooper San Andreas Fire Department Custom LEO Liveries For all Departments except Fire/Ems A TON of addon cars A TON of cool things to do and check out around the map. Including but not limited to, Roxwood County, and The Mile High Club. EUP All kinds of different jobs to do and experience. Join Today and start your amazing and wonderful adventures in Los Santos Productions Roleplay We hope to see you there Los Santos Productions Qbcore FiveM Discord Server https://discord.gg/HXGVUbrr2v Los Santos Productions PS4, PS5 Roleplay Gaming HUB Discord Server https://discord.gg/vudyQQpu8W Los Santos Productions Website Still Under Development come check us out https://www.lossantosproductions.com
  12. Kvng21mali

    PS4 Players/Car meets

    Hey I'm looking for players on PS4 to chill with and do car meets with and cause hell with of you down I even got the doomsday hiest stuff so.... add me: bigg_xxmodzxx_21 PS: I don't care if you mod you can still join
  13. vanderbom10

    Roll play XBOX ONE

    3:00pm uk time. 23/8 itzVanderZ-message for invite before 3.
  14. CammoZabisyu


    Hello, fellow players. Digging the world of GTA online. Finally, have found out how things work. I created a Crew called Cartel Versus, and I am ready to recruit couple people that want to make money to spend on GTA online stuff. I will soon buy property, warehouses, pegasus vehicles and all that good stuff and want to recruit some people for long term business. What I need is 3 people that are very good at flying. One will fly CargoBob, one will fly Buzzard, and one will fly Jet. I need 4 people that will drive. And 3 more people for other stuff. So overall I am inviting only 10 people to my crew, not more. While playing you have to be on skype call. I speak Russian and English, but during the call, only English will be used as the main language. Playing only in private crew sessions, not public, because I hate people that destroy other people cargo, and of course, there are a lot of kids that hack All I offer to you is to make some money, I don't need it myself so I do good payouts, I just enjoy the process. Leave a comment down below if you want to join, and leave your GTA online username so I can check your stats. If some more info will be required I will contact you personally. If you are not invited, sorry. My nickname in game CammoZabisyu. Take care guys. NOTE: If you say me that you are good at flying and fly like pro, while in real life during the game you suck, or not only in flying but overall, I will unplug you from CREW.
  15. LETS MAKE THIS THE BIGGEST MEET THIS WEEK! THE CONSOLE : PS4 WHEN : TODAY! (WEDNESDAY April 19th) Beginning @ 6:30 P.m. central standard time in the US and ending at 9:30pm! HOW TO JOIN : This is an invite only event so if you would like an invite simply add me. My psn is ZombieSharksSTFU THE RULES! If your car is not modified, don't bring that sh*t. If you don't have a mic, don't show up. If your "best car" (appearance wise) is an x80 PROTO..... STAY HOME! If you don't know how to drive without crashing, don't come....(unless you're driving a mustang, then it might be understandable) NO LOW RIDERS ARE ALLOWED!!!! THE PLAN : There will be three different checkpoints along our route where you can stop and do repairs if need be and switch to a different car (checkpoint 1) We will start off at Los Santos international airport , then drive to the LSC by the airport (checkpoint 2) From there we will travel along the coast, to Paleto Bay and Beekers Garage (Checkpoint 3) we will then travel completely across the map taking the back roads through the mountain area and vineyards all the way to Blaine County and the LSC by the prison The MEET / RACING We will then travel from the Blaine County area to Sandy Shores airfield for some good drag racing and burnouts
  16. DidUJustHitDat

    Mark's Marijuana - UK PS4 HEIST CREW

    We're Mark's Marijuana, we're a crew that does heists together. Please read my other post about earning $400,000 for each heist we do, don't just join the crew but also add me on PSN: DidUJustHitDat.
  17. Chubby-Burrito

    [Role-Play]The Hardcases MC Recruitment

    The Hardcases MC are an immersive role-play crew and we are now recruiting for new members. We are also a close group of friends who would like to meet other like minded people. We would prefer members of 18 years or older but we may make an exception for younger recruits if we believe you are suitable for the crew. Must be mature, respectful and have a working headset. Please feel free to contact me on here or on PSN. (PSN preferred, you'll get a quicker response; PSN ID is: Chubby-Burrito). Here is the social club link: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/the_hardcases Here is our Discord channel, you can also contact me through here. https://discord.gg/aDxekH4
  18. Hello everyone, I am currently hosting a car meet that is themed around the PEGASSI / LAMBORGHINI cars... It will be recorded and posted to YouTube, Facebook and Instagram If you would like to join just add me on PS4 and I will send you an invite! my psn is ZombieSharksSTFU Rules : your car must be customized you must have a mic no killing other players.
  19. Xbox One PASSIVE MODE car meet!!! no killing or blowing up each others cars! Multiple meet spots, drag races and just chill driving around the map! Any car, no bikes,helicopters,planes etc! message hxnta or fbfh for an invite to game and party!
  20. Looking for quick and easy members. Won't waste your time but we are looking for members. Very little requirements. Relaxed, Lock on crew. Street crew hosts car meets every week, plus more fun activities in game. Here's an example. Link bellow. Requirements: Must be of a suitable age (If you think your mature enough). Have a headset (For communications). An be an ideally an appropriate level to take the crew seriously. Message me at my Gamertag: RU MEZMORIZED https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/righteous_unity We are not new but we are new to this forum, used gta v crews before but no traffic. Now checking if theirs any traffic here. Please prove me wrong. Thanks for reading and have a good day. Stay Righteous.
  21. CheapApples12

    [LSGOV] Appealing for crews for involvement

    Hi There! Before we get down to business, I'd like to introduce myself! My name is Bradley, I'm a full-stack web developer and I'm currently the lead developer for an upcoming GTA 5 mega crew. Anyone who has ever had anything to do with roleplaying in GTA 5 has at some point come across a website that represents a crew on GTA. Well, we plan on changing that completely forever. If you're interested, then strap yourself in; it's going to be a hell of a post. Down to Brass Tax In a nutshell, what we're planning on doing, is creating a Government that has the authority to represent a heavy volume of crews within GTA 5. The Government will have the power to set budgets for sub-crews, engage in realistic government-based roleplaying, liaison with other crews to establish plans and build engaging relationships, connect recruiting crews and players looking for crews, and a whole bunch of other cool stuff. We've already partnered with the Los Santos Police Department, allowing us to provide AMAZING experiences within GTA 5. The Los Santos Police Department brings alot to the table, such as Web Applications (such as working Criminal Databases and C.A.D.'s), infringement issuing, the ability to operate courts, and once again, other awesome stuff. We believe that all crews have something unique and interesting to offer, and we're appealing to crew leaders, crew members and people looking for crews to join the government and connect eachother in one place in a way that hasn't been done anywhere else before. What are we looking for? At the moment, we're currently focusing on the crew aspect of the government. The government plans to operate as an overseeing body in which crews can liaison with and engage in awesome roleplaying. We'll explain some more of the aspects of joining a little later in this post. As of now, we are currently looking for the following armed forces & agency crews to join the government and operate under it as such: Federal Investigation Bureau; United States Secret Service; United States Navy; United States Marine Corps; Weazel News; We are offering the opportunity of a life time to anyone who runs any of those crews and has at least 20 (active) pre-existing members and has been in operation for more than 3 weeks. We can guarantee that the offer that you are about to receive never has been and never will be better. We are offering the crews access to some of the worlds best, most realistic roleplaying resources. Not only will the government develop a complete website and custom backend software for these crews, but the websites that the government provides will be free of charge, custom built (to specification, or real-life counterpart), 100% free of website builders and will be come with their own custom URL. The pre-decided URL's for the respective divisions are as follows: Federal Investigation Bureau: https://fib.lsgov.net United States Secret Service: https://secretservice.lsgov.net United States Navy: https://navy.lsgov.net United States Marine Corps: https://marines.lsgov.net Weazel News: https://weazelnews.lsgov.net As mentioned, the websites will have fully custom design, by default, they will be built to their real-life counterparts specifications (unless the real-life versions are ugly haha - we're looking at you, USMC). The websites will also have custom recruitment applications, recruitment-flow, back-end applications and will all be linked using oAuth (You can use you Navy login on our LSGOV websites and vice-versa). Examples of websites already in development can be found at: https://police.lsgov.net https://www.lsgov.net https://airforce.lsgov.net https://weazelnews.lsgov.net https://defence.lsgov.net All crews are also entitled to custom email address, and we do accept forwarding and aliasing of pre-existing domains. Emails would look something like: How will command structure work? Command structure for the government will be developed to almost mirror real life. This is not for a roleplaying purpose, but for another reason that crews will need to consider before applying. The Government will be a democratic body for Grand Theft Auto 5 Online. No one person will own the government, citizens registered with the government will have the opportunity to vote for a new administration every months, meaning that anybody can become President. Command Structure will work as follows, we will use the Marine Corps as an example: PRESIDENT (chooses cabinet) ↓↓↓ SECRETARY OF DEFENSE (chooses Secretary of the Navy, and is included in discussion on budget for the Defence Force) ↓↓↓ SECRETARY OF THE NAVY (typically chooses the Commandant of the Marine Corps) ↓↓↓ COMMANDANT OF THE MARINE CORPS (chooses all other crew ranks; including normal members) <-- This rank would go to you, in your USMC crew So, as you can see, the ranks are designed to ensure that no-one can cause a crew to collapse. As your crew will from the point of acceptance into the LSGOV, be operating with requirements and possible restrictions as handed down by the Cabinet and other officials, (such as budget), you are given the right to choose where your budget is spent, the weapons and vehicles you use, and the policies you enforce (all of these are also mentioned in this post). So, with all that said, not a lot changes in regards to the command of your crew. Only the advisory members above you. What's all this about budgeting? Budgeting is practice that we are introducing to throw things around and change roleplaying for people. The basic idea of things, is crews are presented on a statement given to the elected President shortly after the new President is elected. The statement contains your crew, and the President and Cabinet are tasked with allocating "money" to crews based on a set amount. The amount your crew is given dictates the weapons, vehicles and equipment your crew is entitled to use. For example, let's say that your crew has been provided a budget $40,000,000,000 (40 billion dollars), and in order to equip your members with Combat MG's, it will cost a total of $10,000,000,000. That leaves you $30,000,000,000 to play with and allocate in other areas of your crew. This is all done in a web-app on the Government website accessible to only the crew leader, and cannot be manipulated by anyone other than a unanimous vote in Congress after the budget allocation has been finalized (apart from Department budget cuts that are not able to be directed at your crew, rather departments as a whole - ie. Department of Defence). How will voting work? Voting is explained in detail at the LSGOV website. You learn about voting and exactly it will work at https://www.lsgov.net/voting. Will I have to pay for any of this? Absolutely not! This project is available to anyone and everyone completely free! Where do I sign up? You can contact us today to get your crew listed by messaging our Facebook Page (https://www.facebook.com/LSGOV). What about a cool, super-hero video? We have those!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0GN8CmSCfaM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=heaECnpPI2M What about crews that aren't on that list. Will they be included? You bet your bottom dollar they will! The LSGOV website will be an open platform. We will be allowing in-game companies and any kind of crew to register and access resources such as posting advertisements for recruitment on our "Employment" page, as well as direct linking back to GTA Forums to allow people to view your crew's awesome, in depth posts and respond to them as such. (We might even make websites for crews not on that list that we think rise above the crowd. How do you accommodate those crews? That's a really good question! We've spent ALOT of time, creating a platform unlike any other. Our main goal in this whole plan is to ensure that we make room for everyone. That's why we spend so much time on recruitment material, and more importantly, our flagship Jobs Center. Our Jobs Center enables everyone to find their perfect crew. In a nutshell, we created Linkedin for GTA 5! The way it works, is this: Crew leaders register their crew on the Jobs Center (this takes less than 30 seconds to do). Anyone looking for a crew joins the Jobs Center, and applies! It's literally that simple. Although, it has PLENTY of benefits. For one, you can say goodbye to Google Forms and Jotform.. because the Jobs Center has a completely integrated and accessible applications management system, so you can manage users, applications and advertisements all in one place. Once a user has applied, you can message them using our custom in-house messaging app! Better yet, it means that you don't have to go to different websites to apply for different crews. They're all in one place! Here are some screenshots of that service: Jobs Center Homepage (Screenshot) Example Job (Screenshot) Crew Job Manager (Screenshot) On-site Messaging Service (Screenshot) Example Profile (Screenshot) You can check out the Jobs & Employment Center today at https://www.lsgov.net/jobs. If ANY of this was interesting to you, you can join our mailing list, and get regular updates about our progress by going to our website (https://www.lsgov.net) and registering your interest as civilian, or by contacting our Facebook Page (https://www.facebook.com/LSGOV).
  22. TheTribalDeath

    [PS3] The Tribal Death MC

    The Tribal Death MC is now recruiting for PS3, I'd like somewhat serious members who are willing to ride as a pack and obviously kill as a pack. I've wanted a solid GTA MC for a long while now and have never found one, I'm hoping starting my own will fix all the problems. Alls that is required of members is that you own and ride a bike, wear a leather jacket with the club's logo on the back and wear wear either black or club colours. Never kill other members but when we arrive at others, Death will follow... https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/the_tribal_death_mc OR contact joeslow30 through PSN. Join now to be a part of what will become the greatest GTA Crew.
  23. HAPPENING RIGHT NOW!! I hosted a ELEGY meet last night and due to the short turn out I am going to host another one but the footage from last night will be uploaded within the next day and so will today's footage The plan: we will do some dragracing and drifting in the airport and have a photo shoot there. And we might go on a cruise up to Sandy Shores from the Los Santos airport Rules are pretty straightforward and simple ONLY ELEGY and ELEGY RETRO are allowed. YOU MUST HAVE A MIC. DO NOT DESTROY OTHER PLAYERS CARS. DO NOT KILL OTHER PLAYERS. If you would like to join, simply add me on PS4. My psn is ZombieSharksSTFU I look forward to seeing y'all at the meet!
  24. Like the title says I am hosting a late night car meet right now on PS4. It will be posted on YouTube. There will be drifting and a photo shoot as well as dragracing. RULES.. Cars : only the Elegy and Elegy retro are allowed (you currently don't own an elegy it's simple to get one they are free on legendary Motorsports website in GTA online) NO KILLING MUST HAVE MIC! If you're interested in joining, add me. My psn is ZombieSharksSTFU
  25. Hey guys, Lvl 198 need some money so want to grind heist. No real exp. in the glitching end mission only saw youtube clips of it but I and my friend have Teamspeak. R*: Lunaticz0r
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