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  1. MCCEO TEAM is a PS4 and PS5 based Grand Theft Auto Online grinding crew. The objective for our crew is to provide friendly online sessions for our members to safely run MC and CEO work. We do our best to prevent griefing by only allowing TEAM members to join our sessions. We also do heists, weekly contests, car meets, and more! Founded in 2017, MCCEO TEAM has become one of the largest GTA Online grinding crews for the PlayStation platforms. Our goal from day one was to establish a friendly community of like-minded individuals who wanted to play the game without worrying about griefers. We use Discord to communicate at all times, and no mic is required. There are some basic rules to follow and etiquette to adhere to. That will be covered once you join our Discord server, but if you have any questions you can ask me here in the forums as well. If you are interested in joining, these are the links you'll want to check out: TEAM Discord server: https://discord.com/invite/c9RY53w TEAM Subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/MCCEO/ TEAM Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/teammcceo/ TEAM Social club link: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/mcceo_team/wall
  2. BombshellGinger

    GPCA [Military][Intelligence] PS4 RP

    Global Presidential Consulting Agency “In every place necessity makes law” Who We Are The GPCA is a private military organization that utilizes state of the art equipment and technology to maintain global security by conducting direct action and intelligence operations. What We Do Security We provide security services for all members and allied organizations that conduct business across San Andreas. Intelligence Via an array of techniques, the GPCA monitors the state to support personnel and operations Paramilitary Operations the Agency regulates law enforcement by conducting counterterrorism efforts against criminal and terrorist acts Social Club: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/the_gpca/wall Contact Bombshellginger on PS4 for further information and application
  3. Car Meet Bulletins - Advertise Your Meet on PS4 or PS3 Use this topic to advertise your car meets and spontanous events. More detailed and organised meets/events should have their own dedicated topic. Use the below template so players know when to arrive or who to contact to take part! Date: Time: Timezone: Car Type(s): Platform: PSN ID:
  4. Like the subject says. I’m on the last mission and I simply can’t beat it by myself. I could use some help.
  5. HEATHEN MC Heathen MC is an old school GTA 1% MC on PlayStation 5 established on January 17th, 2021. Founded by experienced members of the MC community, Heathen MC strives to revive the emphasis on MC culture and European culture in the community and stay true to the values of loyalty, honor, brotherhood and respect. With members from all over, Heathen MC is growing rapidly and has big plans for the future, forming bonds with likeminded MCs, clashing with others, and building a brotherhood. We take part in all aspects of the community, for those who are new to it, these include but not limited to: • ⁠Riding & Community Events • ⁠PvP (Team Deathmatches (TDMs), Freemode Wars (FMWs), Crew Battles (CBs), etc.) • ⁠Content Creation We are an organised and strict MC in our rules and practices, but we are also laidback and aim to create a bond between all members. That being said we stay true to MC culture and believe in earning your patch. We do not give patches out easy. We are very tight-knit group. Requirements: • Follow old school GTA 1% rules • Be able to play at GMT evenings/EST afternoons • 18+ • PS5 • Microphone • Discord & Instagram gaming account • Active • Good sense of humor If you’re interested, and think you have what it takes for earn your patch, take a look at our Instagram page and apply via direct message to that page. Follow the link below. Heathen MC Social Media Links
  6. FREE AIM DEUTSCH is now recruiting only on playstation 5. This is a Free Aim Only crew. About us: we just want mature players to have fun with. We play Heists, TDM, Races, just about everthing . Its not just about grinding. No need to rush from one mission to another. We like to take our time and immers ourselves in the game (Tactics / different approaches). Did a good sell? Why not have a drink at the stripclub afterwards. Its all about fun. We want you to be active as possiable, but there is no stress on how active you have to be. No restrictions on weapons, clothing, or vehicles. You dont have to be german. Alle races are welcome. There are only a few rules. Rules: NO CREW KILLING (Unless both members agree its for fun) Only use Free Aim Servers!!! No Politics/Race/Religion/Sexism - We're focussed on gaming and having a good time. Languages: English German / Deutsch If you are interested, just join https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/free_aim_deutsch Gamertag PSN: x2ranx P.S. If you are a creative person and like setting up car meets and events, then let me know. Looking for creative Commissioners with talent.
  7. The Hillsiders SC is recruiting honest, trustworthy, high earning, dirty 1% scoundrels to help me further the story of my club. Come rep Chamberlain Hills with some like-minded players who put the club over a K/D. We don't run around shooting randoms, we focus on our brotherhood & love of the club. We have a solid Los Santos chapter, & we're looking to expand it there, as well as move into the Nomad & Blaine Co. territories. We're light RP based, so I encourage you to come with a character story prepared. I’m building up my club and I need players willing to be a traditional, high earning OMC. With all the new/returning players coming into the game, there’s an unlimited amount of wealth to spread around in Los Santos & I'm looking for more brothers that know the real Outlaw values and are willing to stand on 'em with my current ones. We run heists & help each others businesses as well as teach members the very best ways to earn in San Andreas. We do rides, club parties, church, & interact with other clubs. Standard players are initiated into the Los Santos chapter, but if you have the juice to make it as a 1% rider, you’ll be nominated into the Nomad chapter Rules: -NO CLUB KILLING. This attracts the very griefers whose behavior this club opposes. Don't be like them. If you feel the need to be competitive or have any qualms with another member, you call for a deatmatch settle whatever issue you may have. -LEARN FREE-AIM. -Always have your kutte on when with the club unless directly informed otherwise -We are a ONE PERCENT club, we fight like men. Meaning no RPGs, snipes, stickies, or mini guns when battling an enemy on foot, on a bike, or in certain vehicles. We watch the backs of other one percenters. We respect the brotherhood, unlike most GTA clubs. -MUST OWN CRUISER. Do not pull up on club time looking like an idiot. -NO DRAMA. Meaning respect the boundaries and wishes of other members. -Stay an active player. -All members (Patched/Prospect/Hangaround) MUST pay proper respect to office members & always salute. - Prospecting time depends on maturity & function, but no less than 10 days, so know what you're doing! •Prospects MUST ride a rusty Rat Bike! No reason you should have a better bike than any patched member. •Prospects are to employ their sponsor/elders wishes at ALL times. Whether it be a long drive, or be a human shield. -Any patches online at the time of Chapel are permitted to attend to the table. NO PROSPECTS MAY VOTE. •Do NOT come our clubhouse for chapel wearing a hat or not wearing your kutte. •Once the officer votes are counted first, then may a standard members vote count. -Charters are independent, run how their Prez pleases, but MUST rep The Hills positively, and MUST answer to the other charters collectively. -Learn your place in formation and in the club, it's very important. -We're a hustler OMC, so you must be thinking about the BROTHERHOOD! NOT K/D. That doesn't mean you can't shut down griefers and keep yourself sharp! Keep enough missions and dirty work to feed the team that helps you do whatever task is at hand! PS4/PS5 18+ ONLY Willing to train you in the core values if you’re new to the bike set NO GRIEFERS OR TRYHARDS Prospecting mandatory Club Page: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/thee_hillsiders_sc/wall
  8. Bloodmeyer


    The Sacrosanct (PS4 only) ABOUT US The Sacrosanct is a brand new crew on the Playstation 4. We are a secret society of aristocrats and assassins. We're looking to build up our ranks. We want mature players to mess around in free roam or help each other out and make money with. Looking for respectful and mature players only. We also have discord set up with rank badges and all. HOW TO JOIN We are looking for active, loyal and mature members. We also only accept players 18+ years old. If interested, send me a message on Rockstar social club, on Playstation Network, or here on Gtaforums. Username is Bloodmeyer on all 3. OUTFITS Our crew goes for dark colors and/or suits or button up shirts. Or anything with class. Bonus points using our crew colors, black and/or red. So classy clothes and luxury cars recommended. Preferably no gangster/thug clothes. RULES As a newcomer the only rules are no crew killing and to keep the crew set as your active crew. Although if you want to rise through the ranks you'll want to dress appropriately and be active with the crew (Mics are a huge plus). We know everyone has lives and jobs outside of GTA. As long as you keep this crew as active we will always welcome you back with open arms. I will be updating this with more info soon. Crew link: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/the_sacrosanct/wall Leader Contact: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/Bloodmeyer/
  9. Deputy Commissioner Ma

    San Andreas Emergency Services Recruiting

    Good Evening, I am the Owner of San Andreas Emergency Services and we are currently open for recruiting. All positions are open at this time for all departments (including admin positions). We are a PS4 community and we are based on Eastern standard time for roleplay. Departments/ Sub departments: San Andreas Highway Patrol H.I.P.U S.R.U Dive Team Air-1 Los Santos Police Department Gang Enforcement Traffic Enforcement S.W.A.T Blaine County Sheriff's Office Traffic Enforcement S.W.A.T EMS/ Fire We are a professional roleplay community and our admins have over 12 years of experience with RP. Requirements to join: 1. Be at least 14 years old 2. Have GTA5 3. Have Discord 4. Have Zello 5. Have a PS4 and a compatible mic Our discord recruitment server is posted below: https://discord.gg/mmPqZD Once you have joined this server, please give us 24 to 48 hours to get to you as we are currently reviewing many applications. We hope to see you soon! Thank You! SAES Admin Team
  10. Delboy1983

    Winter wolves Mc looking for new members

    Winter wolves are looking for new members for PS4 only uk time zone
  11. Nomad-Hufflepuff

    Blackfield Mafia

    Blackfield Mafia is looking for Management Members SC: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/blackfield_mafia/wall To apply use the below methods https://imgur.com/a/n8tpBl4
  12. OscarMikeDetroit

    Mobworks - Mature Laid Back Car Club

    Mobworks by OscarMikeDetroit, on Flickr Whats up guys, Some of you know me, some of you may not. I recently joined a crew called Mobworks with a buddy of mine (Leader PSN: Lost_Theory3 ------ he is not apart of the forums) He runs the show but I get to do all the leg work and find new crew members and invite new members in! Today, we are currently a decent sized crew of 61 people as of today.. Who we are: Mobworks What we do: car meets, all sorts of them... If your a petrol head, you found the right place. We enjoy clean stance cars. We do not enjoy F1 mods (inside cars meets - unless specified meet doesn't have restrictions) We do not enjoy crazy modifications like riced out cars, ugly cars or ridiculous Benny's wheels on cars... We do like some of the cleaner Benny's wheels done right on the right car making it look clean! We also do not do Liveries (unless we do a drift meet or rally meet) and we absolutely no exceptions like neon lights of any sort or kinds.. If you are ready this and have a problem with anything listed here then our crew is not for you.. More about us: we are a mature group of 18+ players. We do not accept little kids, we do not accept try-hard's either. We like to have a good time and play the game like civilized adults. We act out real life driving activities, we drive to car meets single file like normal people. We dont race to spots, we dont crash other people and we do not cause harm to others... We respect each other as we are all adults. We want to keep it this way... WE DO NOT PUT UP WITH RACE/HATE/GRIEF or any other form of hate... If you are an individual who uses negative language, discriminatory language or hate language involving race, ethnicity or any other provocative words. We will 100% not accept you. If you are in our crew and you cause trouble with any of the above things we will block you, unfriend you with no warning. We do not put up with this to repeat myself. We do YouTube videos, we do photography, we do have an Instagram you are more then welcome to check out! We have a community page on PS and we will also be getting a Facebook page to stay in constant communication with our crew members to plan meets accordingly. We do a lot of crew co-labs as well! Again, if any of this sounds awesome to you (and you are thinking, yes! I finally found someone my age to play with who is into the art of driving and customizing clean cars) then please consider joining our crew! Send us a message and try out for a spot with us! Or if you are thinking, F this, why cant I Ef'n swear and call people names of there skin color or make fun of people... My car is modded to all hell and I have 22' 5 spoke Benny's clean wheels on everything plus modded chrome paint and Yanktons spelling out FU*KOFF on every car, my car is the cleanest and most rarest because of this.... Plus, I just got this checkered outfit on and half of my body is invisible. ----THEN THIS IS NOT THE CREW FOR YOU! Thanks for reading, have an awesome day! SOCIAL CLUB LINK: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/mobworks/wall Mobworks by OscarMikeDetroit, on Flickr
  13. RAYGEone


    Hi there all! I am currently looking for players to join my crew to assist in the Set-up and Completion of Diamond Casino Heists in a effort to raise funds for the upcoming Cayo Perico Heist update! Though the crew is new to the game, the goal is to also partake in other events such as the new Cayo Perico Heist (due to release Dec 15th) along with Contact Missions, Car Meets and other Social Events! If you're interested in making some decent GTA $$$ and having some fun in the process, then follow the instructions below.. Add/Contact, RAYGEone on PSN. or Visit the Crews Rockstar Social Club page and request to join there.. https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/del_perro_kingsman You can also add and follow the Crew on Instagram, del_perro_kingsman Happy gaming everyone!
  14. BRMC Ghost

    🔴⚪-BLOOD RAVENS MC -⚪🔴

    WELCOME TO THE BLOOD RAVENS Who are the Blood Ravens? We are a English speaking GTA Online Motorcycle Club with strong ties in the 1% Outlaw Biker Community. We have an emphasis on brotherhood and always have each others backs We meet daily and are very active.What sort of things do we get up to? You name it... we probably do it. Rides with friendly MC's, Host 1%er Community Events like Auto Shows, Bike Meets, Gang attacks, Tryhard Hunts, Casino, Terrobyte and MC Work, Heists (with an emphasis on getting prospects the stuff they need)and Team Deathmatches to name a few. We also create media content on multiple platformsHow do i become a Blood Raven? You can join our Hangaround Page HERE or add me on Discord Ghost-Andreas225#0102 and either I or another officer will contact you and get you set up to start hanging with us. The way we work is anyone can join our Hangaround club and you will be given a list of challenges to complete at you leisure. Once completed you will be offered a position as a prospect you will then be given 2 weeks to complete the prospect challenges then if you prove yourself you will be initiated as a full patched voting member of the MC, you will also be able to join any of the sister charters apply to be an officer in the club or join the Elite Death Squad. Our Requirements: Have Discord so that you can be included in club business and other patched members can contact you Have a Headset so you can talk in the party Be over 16, we are a matur(ish) club We are and English speaking club Be Active (that can be on the discord or in game). There are other rules but those are mainly MC and 1% etiquette rules and will be revealed to you once you start. So if you think you have what it takes to be a Raven. Join us.Ravens Forever, Forever Ravens This thread is also used as a MC News feed.
  15. Wicked Executioners https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/wickedexecutioners Were a close knit family looking for more members from all over the world that speak English that who are interested in joining our close knit family as well as help expand on to the other platforms. Our goal since 2014 has and still is to have a friendly and engaging environment for all mature players to come together to play some GTA, and other games. Wicked Executioners back actually we never left, just went exclusive. We are currently looking for 10 members on PS4, 20 members on XBOX ONE, and 20 members on PC. W.E aren't a game crew and never aid to be. We have been playing together for 6 years and know each other by name. Now we feel it's time to add more name's to the family. We mainly have Event's on weekends. W.E. has been crew of the month twice on GTAcrews and was on Rockstar newswire as a featured crew . We value respect above all else, we expect all of our members to act with dignity and to represent the family. We have only a few rules on game play, we do not wish to restrict the way anyone wants to play. There are no clothing restrictions, no weapon restrictions(only in playlist), and no car restrictions. Life keeps us busy (work, school, kids, etc)so we only require members to be active 1-2 times a week minimum really when we are doing events. This is how everyone will get to know each other, but this is not mandatory just for your benefit. Here we understand real life always comes first, once you can get back online we’ll be right here for you. Other than those, here are the rules that will get you kicked NO CREW KILLING. PROTECT EACH OTHER(If you see a member in trouble help) NO ONE GETS LEFT BEHIND(Public Sessions, Missions, Heist) NO SEXISM, RACISM, OR DISCRIMINATORY REMARKS. Respect each other period. (We have all kinds of people in this family. This is the one place everyone should have peace of mind) https://www.wickedexecutioners.com
  16. Triangle Encryption is a fairly old crew, but it has recently been made active again. Now the crew focuses on unique colors, which are by some means, impossible to get via the Social Club. Periodically, crew colors will change, giving members the chance to respray their vehicles with the active crew color. The Crew is an open crew, meaning anyone is free to join and on any platform. Visit the Social Club crew page here https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/triangle_encryption Below are the colors that have been featured as active crew colors. Clicking on the color will take you to the post with a preview. This thread will be updated as soon as a new color has been made as the active crew color. A picture will also be posted featuring a vehicle with the active crew color applied.
  17. Jetlife1310


    I'm looking for player interested to form a group of active players for free play killings, crew meetings, contact missions mainly. Comment if interested PS4 ONLY
  18. Car show of any kind Closed Lobby Standing on top of your car in passive mode if not you'll be kicked. LouieV_23

    Blue Angels USAF Gta crew now recruiting

    I have a crew in gta called Blue Angels USAF we are now recruiting we do car meets airshows and crew events add me on ps4 for more details my id is Blue_Angels_USAF


    Looking for dedicated players into cars. would want to host meetups/drag races/street races/drifting nightly. Any kind of automobile fun. My psn is elite_smoothiez if interested.
  21. TLMC-Elysian-Island

    The Lost MC Elysian Island - A True Brotherhood

    A R* featured crew http://www.rockstargames.com/V/news/article/52398/crew-cut-the-new-wave-of-motorcycle-clubs-crew-battle Our club R* Social Club crew page: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/the_lost_mc_elysian Our prospect R* Social Club crew page: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/lost_mc_prospect_ely We are The Lost MC Elysian Island, a chapter of The Lost Motorcycle Club who operate primarily in the industrial site and docks of Elysian Island in Los Santos. We consider ourselves a close, friendly community who are always seeking new members yet more than capable of defending ourselves if necessary. The Lost MC Elysian Island is based on both Xbox Live and PlayStation Network whilst boasting a wide diversity of members from around the world. You can be sure you'll never be short of brothers to interact with in-game or on our Enjin community website. Venture through the rest of our GTAF topic to learn more about what makes up The Lost MC Elysian Island. pilncR7.png Church sessions are a weekly event in which members meet up and discuss important club matters. Prospects are welcome and encouraged to attend Church sessions in order to help implement them further into the club. Church is always held at our clubhouse in the ex-Merryweather warehouse on Elysian Island. Please consult the map below for exact location. 8656456.png?1457477761 Church sessions are held every Saturday. Each system however has a separate Church session time which is as follows: Xbox One Church: 23:00pm GMT Xbox 360 Church: 21:00pm GMT PlayStation 4 Church: 16:00pm GMT PlayStation 3 Church: 22:00pm GMT For time conversions relevant to your time zone visit TimeAndDate.com Dxof0YM.png The Lost MC Elysian Island: Recruitment Video 2016 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCR5XwQ08Bf24eckYqnRa7Uw The Lost MC Elysian Island: Highspeed Hijack The Lost MC Elysian Island: Bank Heist Getaway http://https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mAZ6beFA1hc The Lost MC Elysian Island: We Are The Road Crew http://https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=heRNFsNsoPk The Lost MC Elysian Island: Behind Your Eyes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0m4PS3ma_v4 lQ4HbkL.png As a legitimate motorcycle club we do not grant instant patches to those who just simply request them nor allow anyone to join The Lost MC Elysian Island without proving themselves as a prospect first. If you wish to prospect with us we are based on both PlayStation Network and on Xbox Live so you will never be short on members to join and converse with. We look for quality over quantity therefore we do not have a set prospecting time, prospects who show dedication through high activity in-game and particularly on our Enjin community website are the only ones who will earn their patches. Therefore You will be prospecting for as long as we see necessary. REQUIREMENTS Aged 16+ Have your R* Social Club profile visible to all fellow club members and your Xbox Live Gamertag/Playstation Network ID linked to your R* Social Club username Sign up to our Enjin community website using your R* Social Club username after you have sent an request to join the prospect crew. Preferably owning a microphone headset HOW TO EARN YOUR PATCH Attend Church session in-game on your chosen console Remain active in-game and on our online websites Interact with patched members and other prospects alike JG3nhGP.png Members and/or prospects who fail to follow these rules will face termination from the club. • No killing other members of The Lost MC Elysian Island. • No associating with other MC crews. • Members must own and ride either a Daemon, Hexer, Bagger, Sovereign or Innovation motorcycle. • The use of over-powered weapons (i.e. Minigun, RPG, Assault Shotgun, etc.) in player vs player combat is prohibited. • Members must aid any brother who requests it. • All members must wear appropriate biker-style clothing with The Lost MC Elysian Island patch visible. • Officers must remain as active as possible both in-game and on our community websites. • Officers who cannot carry out their duties for personal reasons must notify the President or Vice President and shall be temporarily replaced by an assigned step-in Officer. Officers who fail to follow this rule and do not notify the President or a Vice President of their absence shall be forced to step down from their position. • No members will disobey orders from officers. • During rides prospects must always be positioned at the back of the pack. • Members must treat other members with the utmost respect. • The Lost MC Elysian Island members will always stick together during sessions. • No member will start a war with another MC or crew without permission from either the President, Vice-President or Sgt. At Arms of their platform. • Members will only fire upon other players if provoked. • Members will not go against anything the club has passed in a vote. • Members will show loyalty and dedication to the club. • Members who leave The Lost MC Elysian Island are forbidden to re-enter. • Members must have The Lost MC Elysian Island [TLMC] set as their active crew at all times. • Members must remain active in-game, on our Rockstar Social Club page and on our Enjin community website.
  22. The Marigliano Crime Family Bounasera mio amico, my name is Don James Marigliano, head of the Marigliano Crime Family. A traditional Sicilian Mafia operating in Los Santos. I'm looking for a couple wiseguys to help take some eyes if you know what I means. We gots a couple rules though You gotta be over the age of 17, if ya not, we'll find out. Then you'll be sleepin' with the fishes. A friend of ours is always a friend of ours, if you're under age, as long as you's got what it takes, you're in. You gots to have a mic. If we can't talk to ya, how you gonna know what to do!? If you don't gots a mic fougettaboutit. Lighten up. It's just a joke on a game, don't be takesing all the sh*t to heart, we ain't ya mama, we won't give you any sympathys if you cry over being called a finocchio. You gotta do what you gotta do. Any order must be obeyed. If told to shoot, you shoot, don't ask questions. Loyalty to the family. Betray the family, you gonna be in the back of a trash compactor. You gots to know the lingo. Don't speak English? Sorry tough guy, we can't take ya. Some Italian is useful, for quick covert orders. Got a beef? Tell the Godfather first. We don't want no trouble in the family. Watch your back, or you get WHACKED!! People will wanna kills you all the time, don't let them get you and get away with it. If they get away, that's it, you got whacked. Don't be a cazzo. No bulletproof helmets, karumas, insurgents etc. NOTE: All members so far are over the age of 17. There are no kids in this crew as they whine about everything, so if you're looking for the older brother you never had kids, sorry, this isn't the place for you to find one. Any questions? Leave them below. Want to join? Comment your PS4 Online ID and a link to your social club if possible. Social Club: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/marigliano_family Kik: don_marigliano YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqa_PpV6ontaAENzH0K8t7Q Instagram: Coming Soon PS4: Add the underboss SAM_MARIGLIANO to join.
  23. oldcoven

    ↯Old⌁Coven↝♆Join Us♆

    ♆ Malum ubique est, et semper inveniat vos ♆ Join Us Ψ Ψ @OLDCOVEN An awakening of a new crew, which finds its confirmation not in mutual compliments but rather in positive evidences of force and brotherhood. Ψ Join Us Ψ FIND US: ​ https://www.facebook.com/oldcoven​ https://plus.google.com/u/0/117883398346016933388/posts​ http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/old_coven
  24. xaishi

    QueensAngels is now recruiting!

    "Backside is what counts" - Queen QueensAngels is a new crew currenrly active at PS3. At the moment (August 7th) we have only 5 members. QueensAngels is a crew primarly for women, but men can join the party too! I wish to grow as a crew so we can expand to other platforms. (If you are not on PS3 you can still join). Social Club link: http://rsg.ms/e46cff5 We also have a kik group where we can chat about In-Game or Real Life stuff. If you want to be added in the kik group just let me know.
  25. VeKTor_Leader

    VeKToR Crew Recruitment

    VeKToR is a new crew with currently four members. This crew is only available on PS3, so PS4, XBOX, and PC users are, unfortunately, unable to join. If you're interested in joining, click the link below. https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/vektor_alpha Rules 1. No crew killing. If you're the type of person who likes to kill, that's fine, we all like killing. It's human nature, but please don't go killing your own team. If this rule is broken, you will be kicked from the crew. End of story. 2. This crew is your main priority. Meaning, once you're apart of this crew, this is your ACTIVE CREW. Don't just join and then have another crew set as you're primary crew. You're either with us or dead. You're choice. 3. Rep your crew. Wear our colors (which, in case your asking, is white and red), wear the emblem somewhat on your body or cehicle. Let the people know who you're with and what we represent. When they see the colors, they'll know sh*t's about to happen. 4. Be active. This rule goes without saying. If you're not on for a couple days, that's fine. I'm not gonna make a big deal of it, but when the days turn to months. That's when there's a slight problem. I want to know that when our crew is in need. You'll be there to help. 5. Lastly and most importantly. DO. NOT. TRY TO OVERTHROW ME! DO. NO. BETRAY US! We are a team. You want a higher ranking? EARN IT! If I get word that someone is planning to betray the crew, you'll have to answer, not just to me, but to all of us. The rules are simple. Represent the crew, respect the crew. PUT SOME RESPEK ON OUR NAME! If the rules stated above are broken in anyway. You will be kicked from the clan and targeted by us. So be careful. BY NODE AND PATH WE TRACE, IN VEKTOR WE TRUST!
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