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  1. Car Meet Bulletins - Advertise Your Meet on PS4 or PS3 Use this topic to advertise your car meets and spontanous events. More detailed and organised meets/events should have their own dedicated topic. Use the below template so players know when to arrive or who to contact to take part! Date: Time: Timezone: Car Type(s): Platform: PSN ID:
  2. WELCOME TO THE BLOOD RAVENS Who are the Blood Ravens? We are a English speaking GTA Online Motorcycle Club with strong ties in the 1% Outlaw Biker Community. We have an emphasis on brotherhood and always have each others backs We meet daily and are very active.What sort of things do we get up to? You name it... we probably do it. Rides with friendly MC's, Host 1%er Community Events like Auto Shows, Bike Meets, Gang attacks, Tryhard Hunts, Casino, Terrobyte and MC Work, Heists (with an emphasis on getting prospects the stuff they need)and Team Deathmatches to name a few. We also create
  3. MCCEO TEAM is a PS4 and PS5 based Grand Theft Auto Online grinding crew. The objective for our crew is to provide friendly online sessions for our members to safely run MC and CEO work. We do our best to prevent griefing by only allowing TEAM members to join our sessions. We also do heists, weekly contests, car meets, and more! Founded in 2017, MCCEO TEAM has become one of the largest GTA Online grinding crews for the PlayStation platforms. Our goal from day one was to establish a friendly community of like-minded individuals who wanted to play the game without worrying about gri
  4. [PS4/PS5] GTA True Assassins (18+) | Free Aim Only! & Active Crew GTA TRUE ASSASSINS is now recruiting only on playstation 4 / 5. This is a Free Aim Only crew. About us: We just want mature players to have fun with. We play Heists, TDM, Races, just about everthing . Its not just about grinding. No need to rush from one mission to another. We like to take our time and immers ourselves in the game (Tactics / different approaches). Did a good sell? Why not have a drink at the stripclub afterwards. Its all about fun. We want you to be ac
  5. Hello fellow pilots! I am looking for a group of people to use gta as a flight sim. We will taxi to runways properly, and "communicate with" air traffic control like real pilots. ADD ME ON PS4 : Hazmania12
  6. Hello, Im a painter and saw a painting when scoping the cayo perico heist that I want to replicate but can't find it anywhere. Help an artist out guys any information on how to get it would be highly appreciated. It was a painting of the scream painting but with an alien. If anyone can pull up the game files maybe that would be great, i dont know how to do any of that. Thank you. Also i play on ps5/ps4 if anyone would like to add my PSN & play with me. Sneaky--beeky is my psn
  7. RAYGEone


    Hi there all! I am currently looking for players to join my crew to assist in the Set-up and Completion of Diamond Casino Heists in a effort to raise funds for the upcoming Cayo Perico Heist update! Though the crew is new to the game, the goal is to also partake in other events such as the new Cayo Perico Heist (due to release Dec 15th) along with Contact Missions, Car Meets and other Social Events! If you're interested in making some decent GTA $$$ and having some fun in the process, then follow the instructions below.. Add/Contact, RAYGEone on PSN. or Visit th
  8. Nomad-Hufflepuff

    Blackfield Mafia

    Blackfield Mafia is looking for Management Members SC: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/blackfield_mafia/wall To apply use the below methods https://imgur.com/a/n8tpBl4
  9. Bloodmeyer


    The Sacrosanct (PS4 only) ABOUT US The Sacrosanct is a brand new crew on the Playstation 4. We are a secret society of aristocrats and assassins. We're looking to build up our ranks. We want mature players to mess around in free roam or help each other out and make money with. Looking for respectful and mature players only. We also have discord set up with rank badges and all. HOW TO JOIN We are looking for active, loyal and mature members. We also only accept players 18+ years old. If interested, send me a message on Rockst
  10. Delboy1983

    Winter wolves Mc looking for new members

    Winter wolves are looking for new members for PS4 only uk time zone
  11. sneaky_liam117

    Join LSPD-LA RP Crew

    Welcome to LSPD-LA Police Force! This is the most realistic police/civilian RP crew you will ever find. This crew has everything like a full database for the police. It also has insurance, registration, and a license system that all appear in the database for police to use in traffic stops. We will also have a court system if you choose to fight charges. We also have money system on the website. This is not real money this is a fake currency you use to buy stuff like insurance weapons, cars, pay for tickets, etc., Go to www.lspdlapoliceforce.com and go to the menu tab and click on LSPD-LA Requ
  12. I'm a crew leader looking for players who are down to do missions , heists , etc etc . My screen name is mjnzelda (no caps) . I'm active on the PlayStation 3 and 4 . The crew has around 300 crew members so you are in good hands if you join .
  13. VeKTor_Leader

    VeKToR Crew Recruitment

    VeKToR is a new crew with currently four members. This crew is only available on PS3, so PS4, XBOX, and PC users are, unfortunately, unable to join. If you're interested in joining, click the link below. https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/vektor_alpha Rules 1. No crew killing. If you're the type of person who likes to kill, that's fine, we all like killing. It's human nature, but please don't go killing your own team. If this rule is broken, you will be kicked from the crew. End of story. 2. This crew is your main priority. Meaning, once you're apart of this crew, thi
  14. VeKTor_Leader

    VeKToR Crew Recruitment (PS3 Crew)

    Do you have GTA 5? Do you have a PS3? Are you tired of going into lobbies and getting killed by the same scrubs over and over again, and when you ask for help everyone just tells you to stop being a little b****, and TO KILL YOURSELF, AND YOU FEEL LIKE YOUR LIFE IS MEANINGLESS AND YOU NO LONGER HAVE A WILL TO SURVIVE??? If you answered yes to all of those questions, then buddy do I have some news for you. I feel your pain, and your prayers have been answered. So put down (in this case pick up) that gun and come join VeKTor. This is a team based crew, meaning teamwork, cooperation, and res
  15. ItzOptical

    GTA Online Crews

    Hello, I am trying to start up a crew with some friends of mine, we need some members to join us so please do our crew is called Khalifa Crew ANZ Here is our link: https://socialclub.r...halifa_crew_anz Also leave some crew's in the comments below to help others out with trying to find a crew! Thanks, ItzOptical
  16. Kvng21mali

    PS4 Players/Car meets

    Hey I'm looking for players on PS4 to chill with and do car meets with and cause hell with of you down I even got the doomsday hiest stuff so.... add me: bigg_xxmodzxx_21 PS: I don't care if you mod you can still join
  17. Hey What's up, We decided to start a DayZ/Post Apocalyptic Rp on Xbox one. We are about to start soon, so be sure to add us quickly Gamertags: VxBasket OutlawFlamez Requirements: Good Mic Gta 5 {for Xb1} 13 or Older. Once you add us, we will startup a party and talk to you about the rules of the Role-play!
  18. KingNano

    Ps3 car meets

    Bad ass cars. Just having fun. No violence plz just good ol fashion meet. ALL CARS ALLOWED. Add my psn @ King_Nano19 Im always online.
  19. Preferably about 16+ (I'm 19) Looking for fun, funny, and overall cool people to get on and do random stuff, missions, DLCs, heists, etc with. I'm also looking to start making funny moments Youtube videos from the adventures we have (similar to VanossGaming) and probably start streaming on Twitch. Let me know if you're interested in playing, I'm a chill dude and I just want to have some good times with new friends. Add me on the PS4 and send me a message. My PSN is Shadowatchman
  20. Because of the sales going on this week, I'm trying to save my money up so I was just wondering if anyone wanted to help Ps4 T-Wrecks17
  21. LOS SANTOS ROLE PLAY COMMUNITY The most advanced roleplay server Let your imagination run wild! Join today for the best role play server on PS4 BE ANYONE YOU WANT be a criminal, Drug runner, gun runner, street racer, gas station owner, clothes store owner, DEA, FBI, Police, Emergency Services, Fire Department. Options are endless 100% of people get accpeted, application is just so we know what your charcater is liks LSRPC is a Roleplay server that is growing day by day. We look for dedicated people, people who are here to have a fun and amazing Roleplay server. The server will have c
  22. Hey guys, Lvl 198 need some money so want to grind heist. No real exp. in the glitching end mission only saw youtube clips of it but I and my friend have Teamspeak. R*: Lunaticz0r

    GTA Car scene community PS4

    This is a recent Community I made in PlayStation communities it regards Grand Theft Auto online and the car community feel free to join the community there are car meets hosted so check back occasionally in the community also feel free to post photos of your rides! Search: "Grand Theft Auto Car Scene" in PlayStation communities.
  24. Xbox One PASSIVE MODE car meet!!! no killing or blowing up each others cars! Multiple meet spots, drag races and just chill driving around the map! Any car, no bikes,helicopters,planes etc! message hxnta or fbfh for an invite to game and party!
  25. hey guys, I'm new to these forums... but I need some help making large amounts of money, and fast. I was planning on doing CEO Special Crate work. I need at least 6 people, 3 is the minimum. I'm online daily, and it's currently 11:09am where I'm at. PM me on Xbox if you're interested. (oh btw, I don't have a mic, n Kinect isn't compatible with the Xbox One S. I like to use Skype)
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