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Found 157 results

  1. Phatgordo13

    The GTAForums Official Crew

    Leader: Phatgordo13 Commissioners: Sweetsaprik TCFanatic Lieutenants: Ciaran, DJS2k8, GFen, Kyle17, Lokalboy808, Sandman2020, Yung Live We are currently accepting applications from GTAForum members exclusively. In order to apply please request an invite at our Social Club Page (provided in the link below). Then, to verify your identity, make a post within our recruitment thread (provided in the link below) including your Social Club name. Recruitment Topic Link: http://gtaforums.com/topic/592131-gtaforums-official-social-club-crew/ Social Club Link: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/gtaforums Policy and procedure is to be interpreted by all members under the GTAF Crew banner. Policy, as outlined by bold font, are to be considered and treated as the basic rules which dictate crew members' expected behavior. Procedure, as outlined by indented bullet points is the precedent in which rules are interpreted at administrations discretion. Do not kill crew members. All incidents of crew killings are to be reported to commissioners or leader within a reasonable time frame from the incident at members discretion if deemed necessary by involved party. It is the sole responsibility of initiating party to inform those involved of accidental killing. Accidental killing without reconciliation may be deemed as intentional in report at administration's discretion. GTAF Crew members are able to actively participant in as many other crews as they wish, as long as one action does not create conflict of interest with GTAF Crew. GTAF Policy & Procedure applies to members within GTAF Crew with or without GTAF tag actively applied. Discipline, removal, evaluation of reports, revisions to policy, interpretation of policy are to be carried out by the administration with or without warning at their explicit discretion. Any incident which a member deems necessary will be reported to leader and/or commissioners via private message within a reasonable time frame from the incident at members discretion. Promotions will be handed out based on performance and activity by a majority vote among commissioners. GTAF members are to be considered/assumed friendly to all other GTAF members unless otherwise explicitly agreed upon verbally or in written form. In all free-roam competitive modes, any GTAF member who kills another GTAF member, no matter the circumstances, is to be considered in direct violation of GTAF Crew Policy and Procedure and subject to disciplinary action deemed appropriate by the administration.
  2. Car Meet Bulletins - Advertise Your Meet on PS4 or PS3 Use this topic to advertise your car meets and spontanous events. More detailed and organised meets/events should have their own dedicated topic. Use the below template so players know when to arrive or who to contact to take part! Date: Time: Timezone: Car Type(s): Platform: PSN ID:
  3. The San Andreas Roleplay Community Roleplay is now a huge part of the GTA 5 community and we decided to start a fun roleplay community for PS4 users. We take roleplay very seriously. All of our sessions are at the height of realism. Right now we have over 175 members and are hoping to grow bigger. To join click the link below: https://discord.gg/WAShsa9 We use discord for our community. It allows our users to socialize when sessions aren’t on and when they are, it has many efficent features to help with roleplay including: RADIO Police Officers, Emergency Dispatchers, Firefighters, EMS and US Coast Guard can use a built in discord voice radio to communicate. There's also seperate voice channels for Civilian communication, nearby private chat, business meetings, the 24/7, Ace Liquor, a criminal planning room and Police Traffic Stops. 911 We have a discord voice chat channel used for roleplayers who wish to call the emergency services (911). A dispatcher will always be in this voice chat when RP is going on, ready to take any call. TEXT CHAT Users can chat with each other casually or use text chat to indicate actions when RP is going on. VEHICLE REGISTER Users must use discord to register their vehicle, so cops can run someone's plate and actually get information on them. LICENSES Users must also use discord to obtain their drivers license, which cops can also run. With our discord money system, users can also buy pilot licenses and gun licenses. ECONOMY We have our own economy system in discord. Users can earn money by doing their job and talking in chat which they can use to buy cars, guns, etc... Users can deposit this in to their bank to be safe from robbery and can also use it to pay for other players to do job. PLAYER FILES Every player's character's information is stored in a private discord server accessible by cops and other law enforcement. This means we can keep an accurate record of people's offences. We believe having all this in discord is more quick and efficient than a CAD system. ALTERNATIVE CHARACTERS Users can create more than one character. For example if someone wanted to be a criminal, a cop and a firefighter they can be all there and just choose their character before a session. EVENTS As well as Roleplay sessions, we also host regular events on the server. These include car races, air races, car relay races, triathlons, free for alls, convoys, purges and car meets. Anyone can join our roleplay server. Instructions on getting started are in the discord server on the #welcome chat channel, so join today to enjoy some quality roleplay. More information can be found on our website, https://sarp-community.weebly.com/
  4. PwnageSoldier

    [WOLF] Wolf Operations

    WOLF OPERATIONS https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/wolf_ops Summary Eventually, there comes a time for every free roam warrior, car meeter, ace fighter pilot, and outfit modder to lower their Combat MG and say, "What next?" To here's the answer. Wolf Operations, or in it's shortened form, Wolf Ops, is a military crew dedicated to overthrowing the tyrannical Los Santos government. We enjoy car meets, blowing up players, and dogfights so anyone is welcome, as long as they can prove they should join. Anyone can use a gun, but only the best use strategy. We do military themed car meets, or normal ones. We often raid open lobbies and storm the beaches of Los Santos or blow up sh*t in the deserts of Blaine County. We shoot down the opposition. Ranking System Crew levels in-game reflect your crew involvement. Being a Lieutenant doesn't actually mean your a Lieutenant. The Crew Hierarchy system, however, is the Ranking System. If you're in the muscle rank, you're a normal Operative (Private to Sergeant ranks). If you're a Representative, you're in the Captain - Lieutenant range, and then so on. Specific members may be named a special rank that I may call them. Outfits We do have a uniform code, but it's is pretty casual. You can do outfit glitches like the helmet + mask, or hat + bandanna, etcetra. You just need to wear a military outfit. No ridiculous masks or tryhard outfits during operations. Base of Operations/Friendly Infrastructure Sandy Shores Airfield L.S.I.A Crew member properties McKenzie Airfield Fort Zancudo Crew Weapons By the way, these are suggestions, and I'm not dictating what weapons you are using. Pistols ~ Pistol MKII, Combat Pistol, and Flare Gun SMGs ~ SMG MKII or Assault SMG MGs ~ Combat MG MKI or MKII ARs ~ Carbine Rifle MKI/MKII, Special Carbine or Assault Rifle MKII Snipers ~ Heavy Sniper MKII/MKI and the Marksman Sniper Melees ~ Knife, Nightstick or Machete Shotguns ~ Assault Shotgun or Heavy Shotgun, and Sweeper Shotgun (motorcycles) Heavies ~ Grenade Launcher, RPG, Minigun, and Homing Launcher Throwables ~ Grenade, Sticky Bomb, and Proximity Mine Current Platforms PlayStation 4 [MAIN] PlayStation 3 Questions If you have any questions, either contact me at Social Club (PwnageSoldier). I hope you enjoyed my summarization of my crew, and that you might join.
  5. GrudgefromSanAndreas

    The Wicked

    The Wicked Ciao a tutti GTAFrutti! This is not your typical member group. In fact, it is very unique or at least i hope so 😀 It is about my game concepts/projects that i might realise at some point in the future, especially after i finish college. This is a place where all possible future developers and all other those who are interested in my projects/concepts gather and discuss them here and/or just apply to become a co-developer or contributor by posting e.g. "I'd like to contribute" or "I wanna join" and if i like your post, you'll become a member of my group, i'll send you a Discord link to PM and add you to the Members List You'll need artistic, programming and other skills if you want to co-develop and contribute, any level, from beginner to expert. BTW ideas and suggestions also count as contribution ofc so ideas are totally welcome and ofc no skills for ideas needed 😝 I created a Discord server which is officially open and maybe i'll make a wiki. These are the concepts/projects i might realize: Wicked Terror Facilities – will have its dedicated website at some point so stay tuned and please be patient and civilised 😃 GSM Device City – shares many elements with GTA2, it's a top-down, open world game where you drive and steal mobile phones. This game project will be the main focus for now Legit Piracy (uncertain) – a possible action-adventure and/or RPG and/or real-time strategy game where you have various diverse pirate crews. Most crews would be based on various subcultures and art movements and eras, like Anarcho-Punk, Metalhead and Symbolist Pirates, but also those nationalist ones, like Somali and Classic Egyptian Pirates Speed of Luxury (uncertain) – basically a NFS Underground clone in which only cars are customizable luxury cars, especially those who didn't appear in any car tuning/pimping game so far, whether as part of the game or mod, e.g. i can't think of any game that features a tunable Continental Mark II, maybe it would be an awful idea to pimp that beauty but why not add turbo/nitro? Also, even if Rolls-Royce and Maybach were featured in some games they'll be included aswell Vision of Speed (uncertain) - another racing game which features concept sports, muscle and supercars as the only playable vehicles. Examples of such vehicles include the Mercedes-Benz C112 and all variants of Pontiac Banshee Current Team: Leader GrudgefromSanAndreas Members Jeansowaty MrFinger Yinepi Sanmodder/Sanmoding * yes we start small * To join the group you need to be interested in and/or have played and/or be fans of: following games: TV series, movies, literature, comics etc: Others: Also you should/can stick/hang around to this thread and post comments, suggestions, questions and anything related to this, but only chosen members will get a Discord invite link in their PM 😀 This is still to be updated so stay tuned... You don't really need to be interested in all those things, one or several is enough to support my p/c The latter two uncertain p/c can also be discussed, and i'd even make them copylefted. In other words some devs may draw inspiration from my uncertain p/c as long as they don't ruin it I could also use another moderator who could help me with monitoring when i'm not able to and cleaning up the mess if it happens too much and often and i hope things don't get out of control IMPORTANT (UPDATE): WTF and GSMDC wont be discussed on this topic but instead in the Discord channel
  6. PARAMOUNTRP: SECOND TO NONE ParamountRP is a new and developing roleplaying community for Grand Theft Auto V on the PS4. We pride ourselves in creating a fun and realistic experience by utilizing many immersive elements such as real-time voice communication, active emergency services, business entrepreneurship, an innovative currency system and so much more! REQUIREMENTS At least 15 years of age Internet Access Access to Discord PlayStation® 4 Grand Theft Auto V ALL SET? APPLY TODAY! Click on this link to submit your application to the PMRP Moderating team for review! https://goo.gl/forms/1J6H3mOS1KEx7Wlc2 LET US KNOW YOU’RE IN! After submitting your application, make sure to let us know by responding in this thread! DON’T FORGET TO CHECK US OUT ONLINE! https://paramountrp.wixsite.com/paramountrp

    Community gaming!

    New Gamer Community to join! https://discord.gg/WQen2ZS Join up!
  8. Do you have any cool GTA vids lying around? Whether's it's game clips on your hard drive or on your xbox live account. Email: [email protected] PM: JonG-1508 (GTA Forums) Xbox: JonG 1508 Calling ALL gamers (Xbox 360, Xbox1, PS3, PS4, PC) Any video's could include: An awesome car trick, an really hard sniper shot, motorcycle backflip.. or just some weird ass glitch that happened in GTA and something cool happened. Or if you just happened to find something really funny in game and clipped it. I WANT ALL THESE.... I am making a compilation video of only the coolest videos & putting them on Youtube (and no.. you just coming out of passive mode to blow someone up does NOT equal cool) You can either send me your clips. Or send a link to the clip (dropbox, drive or onedrive is fine. If sending me a link, make sure I'm able to download it so I can put it in the compilation (Along with your gamertag, PSN or any other username) Email: [email protected] PM: JonG-1508 (GTA Forums) Xbox: JonG 1508 Aiming to get a 10 - 15 minute video out weekly or fortnightly, so get sending. Again I'm after ANYTHING that seems cool or funny... I'll throw it in the compilation and it'll get put on Youtube!! Email: [email protected]ook.com PM: JonG-1508 (GTA Forums) Xbox: JonG 1508
  9. Daemian

    Merryweather Security

    We are a Private Military Company (PMC) located in Los Santos state area . We're recognized for working as a team and helping our operatives in one of the best PMC's available on all platforms [XB1/PS4/PS3/X360/PC] This thread is created for communication purposes with our operatives, interested players and related crews. Looking to be part of Merryweather Security ? Head over to our recruitment thread and fill up an application or contact us via Social Club. These are some of the services and activities we offer for our operatives: Armed security services Military training and tactics Bodyguard services Mission and Heist support Reinforcements in the battlefield Crew events and more Due to some problems with the implementation of this idea we decided to avoid divisions in Merryweather, they were setting apart our operatives. If you like, you can specialize in a any division such as Infantry, Air Force, Support or your favorite role within MWSC. We encourage our operatives to wear proper uniform at any time a fellow Merryweather member is present and on official crew events. Due of our large community, we can't assign a specific uniform or vehicle for our operatives but our operatives can use any of the official Merryweather vehicles and uniforms. Vehicles: Merryweather Official Vehicles HVY Insurgent HVY Insurgent Pick-Up Merryweather Canis Mesa Uniforms: We don't assign a specific uniform for all our operatives but here are some examples, show us your creativity. Working on more video content at the moment If you want more information about our crew, uniforms, vehicles or play style please send a PM, reply to this thread or contact any of our commissioners or LT's on Social Club. Merryweather, the private military company you can trust !
  10. Hello guys , my problem is that im probably one of the best racers in gta I ve never met a racer that can even compare to me and im always first with big diffrence from the second whenever I play seriously. Also I watch videos on youtube with impossible moments in gta racing etc. And t he most thug life moments with millions of views is my daily routine. Anyway the problem I that I cant find easily good races with good settings for example catch up off and clean contact races and also I always win with not much of a competition but I dont have a lot of friends who race. I would like to join one of the best racing crews so I can help them increase the reputation and im sure I will quickly become one of the best racers inside the crew if not the best.I ve send requests ti nodo race crew and some others and also personal messages but I didnt get any reply what should I do to join because I realy deserve it . I also wat to say that maybe my stas is not the best because I didnt have a very proffesional account and I let others play races and I have a hard time find good races without annoying people in. But I sure have some wins to prove myself and also if I could join on race from those crews just for trial it would be the best proof. Please help me wih your knowledge only serious answers please
  11. Jake C

    San Andreas State RP [PS4]

    This is a new RP community for Playstation Four and we are looking for members who want realistic rp. We have a discord server with a working CAD system. We play in an invite only lobby instead of a deathmatch. We have positions open for LSPD, Blaine County Sheriff's Office, and San Andreas State Police. There are also positions open for the Civilian Department as well. If you're interested in joining, please contact the owner on discord PickleMan#1016 https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/sa_state_rp
  12. To build a crew you need people, Loyal people to make a crew strong to carry out the crimes in Los Santos so without farther a do, I'm bring forth the newly formed crew "LS Skills Of Fury" for the first time on gta forums come on over to the SOCIAL CLUB to join today, Just so everyone knows it's a closed invite and "ME" the leader send me a message though the SOCIAL CLUB I can only be found on the PS4 platform so sorry guys,gals unless some is willing to make this a cross platform crew you are welcome to take that roll, , So hit me up an I'll let you right in. find the link below to join this awesome crew. https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/ls_skulls_of_fury
  13. Kvng21mali

    PS4 Players/Car meets

    Hey I'm looking for players on PS4 to chill with and do car meets with and cause hell with of you down I even got the doomsday hiest stuff so.... add me: bigg_xxmodzxx_21 PS: I don't care if you mod you can still join
  14. ItsTheRealProofless

    Storm Operations Recruitment Thread (PS4)

    Storm Operations Recruitment Thread What Are We We are a new found PMC crew called Storm Operations. We protect the people of San Andreas from the rouge players and do contract work with clients Requirments -Follow orders from higher commands -Be able to get on almost everyday -Must have a mic -Must have a good internet connection -have to be atleast 13 years old or older -must have a K/D higher then 0.85 Posistions We currently have a second in command and a third in command spot to fill to. -Infantry -Support -Recon -Pilot -Designated Driver (more posistions yet to come) How To Apply copy the text underneath and send it to "akaProofless" on kik or "ItsTheProofless" on PSN. Storm Operations Recruitment Appilcation Age: PSN ID: Rank: Posistion Applying For: Time Zone: K/D: How Much In-Game money You Have: Send that to either my kik "akaProofless" or my PSN "ItsTheProofless" Rockstar Social Club Page https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/storm_operations_ Thank you for your time
  15. KingLurk.ShogunsMC

    The Shoguns MC (PS4)

    We are a PS4 only Motorcycle Club who ride with each other regularly and all get along like true brothers. Too us it's not just a game, it's a brotherhood who respect each other and has each others backs. You don't have to just play gta but you do have to be online on gta with us for at least 3 days a week if you hope to get your full patch. If interested or want more information please contact the president on PSN @lurksta94 or on RockstarGames Social Club @KingLurk13 or simply reply to this topic and we will get back to you as soon as possible. -TheShogunsMC https://socialclub.r...oguns-eliteones
  16. KingLurk.ShogunsMC

    The Shoguns MC (PS4 Only)

    We are a PS4 only Motorcycle Club who ride with each other regularly and all get along like true brothers. Too us it's not just a game, it's a brotherhood who respect each other and has each others backs. You don't have to just play gta but you do have to be online on gta with us for at least 3 days a week if you hope to get your full patch. If interested or want more information please contact the president on PSN @lurksta94 or on RockstarGames Social Club @KingLurk13 or simply reply to this topic and we will get back to you as soon as possible. -TheShogunsMC https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/theshoguns-eliteones
  17. CoolBoiMarti

    gat 5 car meet (PS4)

    this meet will last a long time so make sure to have a few cars to show off! send me a msg saying CAR MEET INV my PSN is Volume_Paws rules 1. dont destroy other players cars 2.make sure to have a modified vehicle 3. and have fun we will also be racing cars having a drift contest and a drag strip
  18. Don_L_Bianchi

    The Bianchi Crime Family is recruiting!

    Tired of playing alone? Looking for an active, strict, organised and well maintained crew? Well The Bianchi Crime Family is recruiting now!!! We are a strict GTA roleplay mafia that is established on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4!!!! We have been around since March 24th 2016 so you can count on us to stick around. Our crew is very strict and requires commitment but do you think you'll make it through? If interested message either Don_L_Bianchi_ on PlayStation or Mr L Bianchi on Xbox.
  19. Shiva365


    Los Santos Realistic Roleplay : REBORN "Maturity and fun. No bullsh*t" Current Status: UP LSRRP: REBORN is a fun, tight-knit community of people who love to roleplay. We offer a very realistic roleplay, as well as a lot of fun for people who enjoy roleplay on PS4. We have a very in-depth banking system coded by one of our oldest members, a black market for our shadier members, and a lot more! Our sessions are as often as possible! If you have any questions about when we start, you may ask a staff member or another member, just make sure to send them a direct message! Towing: As a tow truck driver you must have your own tow truck (purchasable online) Your duties as a tow truck driver would be to do repossessions and help police impound vehicles that are warranted to be impounded. Ubering: As an uber you drive other civilians around and make sure that their experience is pleasurable. Your starting wage for this job is the charge your set fee for the distance you had to drive them. Security: As a security guard, your job is to protect your clients who hire you, and make sure that they are not harmed by any threats.t. Police: Their duty is to protect and server San Andreas! Good luck trying to join them! They're very picky with their recruits! Civilian: Your average person inside our community. And that's just a few of our several jobs! Not to mention the factions! ​ Mafia: Shady, organized, and dangerous. The worst kind of criminal. They have access to the arms running, drug dealing, and forging businesses Blackwolf Security: Friends with anyone with structure and money. They tend to buy from the mafia and work with the police, as long as it benefits them in some way. Lower ranked members normally work security for civilians. Anarchists: Unstructured hoodlums who just like to cause trouble. The police's worst nightmare. Lucky 13 Motorcycle Club: They say they're just a group of motorcycle enthusiasts, but everyone knows they are the top dogs in arms dealing and drug dealing. Why join LSRRP:Reborn? ​ Staff and members are friendly, fun and mature Our rules make it so everyone can have fun Admins have random, unscripted scenarios to keep you on your toes Tons of jobs to choose from A very simple RP schedule that tries to fit as many people as possible A black market, for all your shady needs New stuff added and removed based on what the majority of what our members want Does any of this interest you? Fill out the form at the website (in the link at the bottom) or send your application to [email protected] and we will get back to you ASAP! When completed, please post that you've submitted your form in the comments below, thank you! Don't want to give out your e-mail? We completely understand! Here is a copy of the application that you can post in the comments! Character Name: Character Backstory: Character Age DOB (Date of Birth MM/DD/YYYY): Character's Occupation: 1-10 How into it are you trying to be (1=Troll 10=Extreme Realism): Personal Info: PSN: Age: Email: Do you have a mic?: Discord (Name#1234): Time Zone: Availability= Days -(AM PM): If you have any questions, feel free to DM us on Discord or by email! [email protected]​ Raven Oversight#1514 Shiva365#0404 xombiekate#8819 Benny#1905 Weblinks: http://lsrrpreborn.weebly.com​
  20. Looking for some help selling weed and completing heist! If interested add SM1TTY2199 and send me a message! (I'm playing right now)
  21. PinPointSniper


    If anyone is on PS4 and wants to grind (CEO, MC, Bunker, Hangar, I/E, etc.), play around in freemode, do some PVP, deathmatches, LTS, missions, Heist, RP, and more then add me on PS4: Best12345678901 I also record YouTube videos and stream like a few time everyday! YouTube name: ASWPeter
  22. vanderbom10

    Roll play XBOX ONE

    3:00pm uk time. 23/8 itzVanderZ-message for invite before 3.
  23. CaliMeatWagon

    GTA: O Friend Finder

    Hello there peoples! I wanted to bring you something I thought maybe we could build as a community. I have created a Discord server entitled the GTA: O Friend Finder. Now for those of you who are unfamiliar with Discord it is a basic messaging service that is completely free and is quickly growing in popularity due to it's quality, easy of use, simple design, and the fact that it's gear towards gamers. It allows anybody to create a free profile and free community based servers that offer both text and picture messaging, but also voice messaging.* Now at first it may be a bit slow getting started, but I believe with the help of the community we can get it going strong. There are multiple channels for finding players based on activity and platform. (Heists, daily challenges, car meets, etc.) When you join, type your what platforms you want access for and the appropriate tags will be given to you. There is a section for general discussion. There will be very loose moderation. So if you get easily offended, please strongly consider if this is something you want to join. For all others, here is the invite code: https://discord.gg/6Ja2NTF The looking for sections are divided into the following categories: Friends_Crews Heists VIP_CEO_MC_GR Missions Daily Meets Racing Other *I am not getting paid or endorsed or anything else from Discord. This is something I set up on my own volition.
  24. LOS SANTOS ROLE PLAY COMMUNITY The most advanced roleplay server Let your imagination run wild! Join today for the best role play server on PS4 BE ANYONE YOU WANT be a criminal, Drug runner, gun runner, street racer, gas station owner, clothes store owner, DEA, FBI, Police, Emergency Services, Fire Department. Options are endless 100% of people get accpeted, application is just so we know what your charcater is liks LSRPC is a Roleplay server that is growing day by day. We look for dedicated people, people who are here to have a fun and amazing Roleplay server. The server will have constant long sessions every day of the week. When a session is in action at least one Admin will be online to insure a fun server. This server is run off of a discord money system. Anyone who breaks rules will be banned, we have no toleration for people trying to ruin our server. This server uses no mods so there is no chance of getting banned. if you're interested submit an application on this thread of hit me up on discord! We are a Fast Growing Roleplay Community. JOIN TODAY! Contact Info: PSN: rizbam1 Discord: rizbam1#1914 Characters Name: Characters Age: Characters Backstory (use as much space as needed to explain): Characters Occupation: Your Name (Optional): Your Age: Time Zone: PSN: Discord: Microphone (Yes or No):
  25. Hey guys - A friend and I just started to host some car meetups, for those who love cars, and wants to show off their car in Grand Theft Auto! We made this Facebook page, so people can like and see when the meetups is: https://www.facebook.com/carmeetupsGTA/ (The name if you just want to search is: Grand Theft Auto V - Car Meetups PS4 We would like to try and host every day, with so many people as possible! Our rules is simple: We are here for the cars! No police or killing! No disrespect to other people! Try to speak english, if you talks in the session! No bumping each others cars! Enjoy the meetups! If you want to ask some questions, then add either Dekspress or tobyramesen on Playstation Network! -Dekspress ​

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