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  1. --- SO WHO ARE "GREAT BOOB DIVIDE" ? --- Friendly mature group of people / english speaking / multinational / multicultural - looking for other friendly females and males to have fun and good time in RDR 2 Online but not only. The best thing is we do have tons of experience from GTA 5 Online and now expanding our interest for RDR 2 PC. We are medium size but very active crew: 400~ (45-50 daily active). You wonder if this is really true? Check it by yourself https://statbot.net/dashboard/299828422476038145. --- FAQ / HOW DO I APPLY? --- 1. Join our discord
  2. Los Santos Productions Role Play https://discord.gg/Xsy8cA4 Its a good sized community with a economy set up on discord. Its for getting paid for jobs all the way to selling drugs to other players. It is all in discord money though, u must have real online money in order to buy in game items but if you own it you can buy it with discord money and then use it in rp.The link to or website is https://lsprp.simdif.com there you can find a few things about us and there is a application form in the menu bar. Thanks we hope to see u in LSPRP. We also have a working CAD system
  3. Red Sunset Crew EST2020 Discord YouTube Instagram Social Club The Red Sunset Crew is a car club that hosts meets with different themes every week. The crew was founded on the 27th of July of 2020, and has been involved with clean cars only, and holds high standards within the car meet scene. The group consists of car enthusiasts within the Grand Theft Auto: Online PC community. We provide a friendly community with knowledge around cars, hold photography contests, event awards, weekly crew color change, crew sessions and much more. If you wish to be
  4. ChrisV

    MC The Last Serenity

    (About us) Founded in 2014, MC The Last Serenity is one of the oldest MC's in GTA Online. We are a no bullsh*t & no drama MC and altough we emphasize on role play we like to combine role play with in-game fun so it's not just playing biker. Are you tired of playing alone and having your business ruined by griefers ? We accept players of all ranks with or without MC experience as long as they fit the discription below. - Applicants must be 18+ (and behave as such) - Have acces to discord and a mic. - Have at least one chopper style bike.
  5. Roleplay Server looking for Law Enforcement Officers We are looking for members and heads. This server is a FULL Economy Server. This is being designed to be Strict Role-play Where if you break role-play three times you will be removed from our server. We understand people have lives and if you can only dedicate a short amount of time to it that’s fine. Departments needing to be filled: LSPD BCSO Judge DA ADA Lawyers Join up today! https://discord.com/invite/Mw7eaYxMgf
  6. FIVEM United States RP Society Founder: CentComPres1 Our Discord: https://discord.gg/DpF7YRdZZ4 Our Website: https://centcompres.wixsite.com/usrps Social Club Profile: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/Bondedsphere/ (Community has no community crew) About Us: USRPS was originally founded on Xbox One in 2017 and has recently became interested in FiveM. We strive to keep our members needs and priorities first to ensure that everyone new or veterans of RP has a great roleplaying experience and time within our community. USRPS is a federal government si
  7. FIVEM United States RP Society Founder: CentComPres1 Our Discord: https://discord.gg/DpF7YRdZZ4 Our Website: https://centcompres.wixsite.com/usrps Social Club Profile: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/Bondedsphere/ (Community has no community crew) About Us: USRPS was originally founded on Xbox One in 2017 and has recently became interested in FiveM. We strive to keep our members needs and priorities first to ensure that everyone new or veterans of RP has a great roleplaying experience and time within our community. USRPS is a federal government sim g
  8. ItsSomeAlien

    Day Drinkers MC 🍻

    🟒🟒 Currently: Not Recruiting "πƒπšπ² πƒπ«π’π§π€πžπ«π¬ 🍻" β€œA drinking club with a motorcycle problem” https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/day_drinkers_mc https://www.instagram.com/daydrinkersmc/ Day Drinkers MC was founded on Thursday, February 21st, 2019 by 9 members on Grand Theft Auto Online on the PC Platform. Several members with previous Experience in the Motorcycle Community and several of which had been friends for several years. Here at Day Drinkers we offer a tight-knit but relaxed crew thats
  9. Are you tired of going it alone? Trying to rank up but the higher-level players keeping you down. Tired of spending hours searching for random players to do heists with? Are you frustrated with the grind of trying to make money solo only to have your cargo stolen? Are you ready to find a crew who will have your back? Then the 21st may be right for you! Crew Name: 21st Armed Forces Crew Location: NA & EU Crew Size: 50+ Crew Style: Semi Mil-Sim Games: GTA 5 and many others! Founded in early 2019, the 21st Armed Forces crew & community is a collective of inte
  10. Hello, Im a painter and saw a painting when scoping the cayo perico heist that I want to replicate but can't find it anywhere. Help an artist out guys any information on how to get it would be highly appreciated. It was a painting of the scream painting but with an alien. If anyone can pull up the game files maybe that would be great, i dont know how to do any of that. Thank you. Also i play on ps5/ps4 if anyone would like to add my PSN & play with me. Sneaky--beeky is my psn
  11. Will you be feeling lonely this Halloween? Do you enjoy a bit of role-playing? Do you like partying and/or just hanging out with friendly players? If the answer to any of these questions is "yes" maybe you should consider joining us this Saturday. We're all living in these weird and difficult times so why not at least gather virtually and try to have a good time? I will put together a more concrete schedule in the next few days but I'm thinking some car meets, a couple of costume parties at the nightclub and casino penthouse, maybe some racing and an off-road expedition to Mt. Gordo.
  12. Thepoliticalassassin66

    Continental Roleplay community (PC)

    Continental Roleplay Founded in February of 2020, our small group has had our ups and downs, including 3 different Directors. However, we are turning a new leaf now. Continental RolePlay is a tight-knit community that strives to bring you the most realistic and fun rp experience out there. We are able to accomplish this by combining an ESX based server with EUP and a fully functioning vMenu. This gives you all the liberties, challenges, and realism that an ESX economy provides while also allowing you to easily save and spawn purchased vehicles, characters, and outfits. All of our promotio
  13. StoneyRoach

    Deadly Sins MC

    The Deadly Sins MC is a 1% biker group on GTA. We know there are a lot of other groups that make that same claim but we are one of the few that actually play and keep that lifestyle in mind at all times. We are savages in game to outsiders and a tightly nit brotherhood to those that carry our patch. We are a considerably old MC. We were established soon after the initial launch of GTA: Online. And we are the only legit MC still left on the PC side of the "community" as it currently stands. We do ride bikes more often than not. We ride in formation and have church every other weekend. And we do
  14. Welcome to Red Dead Roleplay Discord Link: https://discord.gg/KMjte2R Who Are We? We are a large, 1000+ member Discord community serving PC, Xbox, and PS4 role-players alike for Red Dead Online. Whether you're new to the world of role-play or a seasoned veteran, we are a community for all! We commit ourselves to offering players of Red Dead Redemption 2 a space to network and engage with other like-minded players online. Whether you're looking for spontaneous on the spot RP, random chatter with other serious players of the game or whether you're looking to involve yourself i
  15. www.reapnation.com We are Reapers MC, a 1% Motorcycle Club founded in January 2015. Three active charters across PC and Playstation 4 Loyalty, Brotherhood, Mayhem are our words and the code we live by. Our club is built upon respect, respect for each other and respect for our clubs values. Must be 18+ and have a working microphone. Click here and request an invite to become a REAP Hangaround You will be directed to our "Join Us" page, simply select PC or PS4 PC: Reap
  16. United States RP Society USRPS is a GTA 5 role-play server on Xbox One and FiveM. The community has been founded since January of 2017. The leaders of USRPS have many years of RP experience. The community is a very active close-knit group with roleplays held 4-5 times a week. Features - A discord server that is always active and maintained - Community Website - A working, professional CAD/MDT - Provided Monthly Training - Weekly Court Sessions - Online banking system Departments - San Andreas Fire & Rescue - Los Santos Police
  17. Im looking for friendly players for freeroam sessions with players fighting cpu and not each other. Wanna do ceo and bikeclub missions and also heists. Sounds good? Add me as a friend on social club; tomm05
  18. Looking for a group of players who are experienced and available to complete heist on PC.
  19. Hey, what's up my friends! so i'm lv 470+ and i already got all this game can offer and so i don't play it much anymore (i only play when there's a good x2 or the diamond loot from the diamond casino heist get unlocked) but i'm like most of time free to help people, so if u need help with anything even with boring stuff like crates and hangar i will help ya even if i'm offline (just send me a sc message and i will get an email notification). I spell two languages, brazilian (my native language) and english, i don't speak english very well but i can still hear and reply through the in-game
  20. Malibujohnny


    The funny title is a code so that I can share this post much more easily. It is intended for Weazel St Family recruits. Of course however, if you are not a recruit you are welcome to visit this. Before I sign someone into this virtual gang based out of Davis Los Santos I like to let them know exactly what they are joining. Consider this the orientation. What you need to know before joining is usually explained as I hand pick each member from server to server. The basis and primary foundation is equal to a real street gang, love. When you become a Weazel St Gang member
  21. sgt.caboose

    usmc crew in gta

    hello everybody im new to the forums but i for my first post ever i just wanted to state that i have created a new crew on the social club if you wish to join comment or message me i will let you know if you are in or out and if there are any requirements have a good time and hopefully ill see you sometime soon! Link: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/usmc_bravo
  22. BlazOfAllPeople

    Friendly crew

    Hello friends! If you want to join my crew, you can send a request here https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/meth_lab_coCurrently, there's only a few of us, but we'd like more. We don't kill people randomly and are looking for some serious players.
  23. --- What's the "Underground Dreams" --- An actual crew where participating players actually play as crew members, the crew was created the 9th of april 2018 (less than a week old) currently lead by players with years of experience capable of participating under anything from cmm / cmm 2,3,4 elite shirt unlocks or a reliable source where new players can actually learn how to improve and earn money the right way. we are as of today (post date) less than a week old, yet closing in on 20 players strong and growing, with "friend of a friend" recruits still showing up as well as more new faces be
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