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  1. StoneyRoach

    Deadly Sins MC

    The Deadly Sins MC is a 1% biker group on GTA. We know there are a lot of other groups that make that same claim but we are one of the few that actually play and keep that lifestyle in mind at all times. We are savages in game to outsiders and a tightly nit brotherhood to those that carry our patch. We are a considerably old MC. We were established soon after the initial launch of GTA: Online. And we are the only legit MC still left on the PC side of the "community" as it currently stands. We do ride bikes more often than not. We ride in formation and have church every other weekend. And we do have bylaws, some consider them strict but we consider them our bible and it makes for a drama free environment. At this point, the comradery and fun is what we consider most important but if you take issue with anything in this statement then save the opinion, we don't care enough to listen and instead. Challenge us to a good'ol 1% TDM and test yourself against us and lets see where things fall. But aside from that we still have many traditions as any self-respecting organization with some time under its belt should. Some of these include crew rides, prospect runs and even ceremonies for when a member patches in or leaves or retires from the game. We know this is not everyone's cup of tea. But for us, we are a close knit group that cherishes both our brotherhood and the groups culture we have fostered over the years. So on the topic of tradition, we would like to share a bit of our history. We trace our roots to Reapers Legacy MC (RLMC) all of our original 7 Sinners were the table positions of RLMC. And after the president of RLMC disappeared for a few months we proposed to the vice president that we should either make him the acting president. Or since it had been months since we last saw our president that maybe we should leave and create our own MC. After a long church, it was agreed that in order to maintain our current brotherhood our best bet would be to disband and create our own MC. So we went to laying the groundwork for Deadly Sins. In our first days, we started with seven members. This was part of the inspiration for the name. Brewcity_262 Uberchris zombe5150 L3GI0N3663 Peg-City-204 Btb1138 Hixxy_666 From then we proceeded to build in GTA on PSN and rise to fight all the clubs coming up in those early days. We got featured by Rockstar and played a pivotal role in some of the original wars of the MC community. Helping found the traditions that make up the 1% doctrine that clubs follow to this day. After rising to great heights we suffered from what a lot of the early clubs had to deal with in internal struggles and power disputes the common variety drama that comes from a young gaming organization. After maneuvering our way past these obstacles we settled on a core ideology to follow. Brotherhood over all. This took away the arguments over who is most important and who can be leaders all that BS instead we made it very simple. You get what you earn, the more work you put into the club the more respect you gain. Anyone who feels that they are more important then this simple ideology was removed and stomped off the game as to not spread their toxic mindset to other MC's. We have witnessed over the years that a lot of clubs suffer from this. One individual holding themselves above the others. So this is why our club is a patchwork of former leaders of multiple old clubs forming an experienced hive-mind that seeks to rid the community of this shi** way of leading a club.
  2. Los Santos Productions Role Play ---> CLICK HERE LOS SANTOS PRODUCTIONS ROLEPLAY <--- CLICK HERE WE NOW ARE ALLOWING OTHER USERS TO USE OR CUSTOM DISCORD BOT WHICH HAS ALMOST 400 COMMANDS STRICTLY FOR GTA 5 RP SERVERS IT ALSO HAS A SERVER SETUP THAT WILL SHOW U A VERY DETAILED SETUP TO COPY OUR SERVERS ECONOMY SO YOU CAN EITHER BE A SISTER SERVER OR RUN YOUR OWN SERVER AND IF YOUR SERVER IS ALITTLE SLOW ON MEMBERS YOU CAN JOIN US AND WE WILL TRANSFER YOUR MONEY OVER IF OUR STAFF TEAM SEE THAT YOUR SERVER HAS BEEN SETUP WITH THE CORRECT ECONOMY. TO GET THE BOT JOIN OUR LSP SUPPORT SERVER. THE LINK IS BELOW. --->LOS SANTOS PRODUCTIONS SUPPORT SERVER <--- CLICK HERE Also if your looking to get into FiveM check out this new website www.pcworldparts.com Its a good sized community with a economy set up on discord. Its for getting paid for jobs all the way to selling drugs to other players. It is all in discord money though, u must have real online money in order to buy in game items but if you own it you can buy it with discord money and then use it in rp.The link to or website is --->LOS SANTOS PRODUCTIONS WEBSITE <--- CLICK HERE there you can find a few things about us and there is a application form in the menu bar. Thanks we hope to see u in LSPRP. We also have a working CAD system for law enforcement officers to do background check write tickets that save to each role players background for reoccurring crimes. We have every item in the store from Ps and Qs to stank magazines we sell hot dogs and sodas form hot dog stands and more. If being a cop isnt enough we have testing for detectives. Also if the police force isnt for you we sell schooling for law school pilot training and offer many more jobs come check us out in Los Santos Productions. New racing series you can now EARN money racing we host Nascar champion ship series, Truck series, Rally series, Street Racing, Indy cars, Dirt Track series, and Dirt Bike racing. JOUN TODAY FOR A CHANCE TO B SPONSORED BEFORE SLOTS FILL UP UNTIL YOU CAN BUY UR OWN CAR.
  3. --- SO WHO ARE "GREAT BOOB DIVIDE" ? --- Friendly mature group of people / english speaking / multinational / multicultural - looking for other friendly females and males to have fun and good time in RDR 2 Online but not only. The best thing is we do have tons of experience from GTA 5 Online and now expanding our interest for RDR 2 PC. We are medium size but very active crew: 400~ (45-50 daily active). You wonder if this is really true? Check it by yourself https://statbot.net/dashboard/299828422476038145. --- FAQ / HOW DO I APPLY? --- 1. Join our discord: https://discord.gg/MPrt8d9 2. Add me and write little about yourself: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/quahox 3. Discord with working mic. (Discord link is not working? Add me on discord: Quahox#1370) --- WHAT WE EXPECT --- ADULTHOOD - Be at least 18 years of age (sometimes we do make exceptions); - Be also mentally adult - don't waste our & your time joining for 1 day to help you with heists or unlocking stuff; - Be comfortable interacting regularly with people of varying ethnic, religious, and ideological backgrounds. TECHNICAL ASPECTS We are now 50% in EU and 50% in US timezone (we do have also some people from Indonesia); - Play on free aim servers; - Active weekly on RDR 2 Online's PC exclusively. --- WHAT WE CAN OFFER --- MONEY - help with Freeroam missions; - help with Sales / supplies work; - help with Collector / Trader / Bounty Hunter activities; - general help with game; UNLOCKING - help with exp, unlocking, clothes etc; - help with dailys; FUN - team activities ie: Ridding in formation, polishing PvP skills; - playing together in adversary modes / races / custom maps; - snapmatic photo contests; - boob size rank system ;-); MATURE - quality community (average age in crew is 25+, so no drama, no kids); - organized chat with music, jokes, foodpr0n, boobs nsfw (yes BOOBS) and more. --- OTHER GAMES --- - we do play also: GTA 5, Minecraft, Rust, Destiny 2, and many other games.
  4. I've been playing gta online since 2013. I've had friends come and go but now it's come to the point where every one of my close friends has given up on the game. I'm usually on Gta or Red dead, once a day and I love doing heists (mainly because I'm always broke as sh*t) So if anyone is looking for someone to hang out with, a gunman for a heist or if you need help selling cargo, Drugs etc. Reach out to me. I play on PC and my Social is "Charlestonx" Just let me know you're adding me from here. Peace
  5. Red Sunset Crew EST2020 Discord YouTube Instagram Social Club The Red Sunset Crew is a car club that hosts meets with different themes every week. The crew was founded on the 27th of July of 2020, and has been involved with clean cars only, and holds high standards within the car meet scene. The group consists of car enthusiasts within the Grand Theft Auto: Online PC community. We provide a friendly community with knowledge around cars, hold photography contests, event awards, weekly crew color change, crew sessions and much more. If you wish to be apart of our group, be sure to check out the links above, especially our Discord server as it serves as our main hangout spot, and is the only way of obtaining an invitation to our Social Club crew by filling out an application.
  6. Fine Life RP A FiveM Server Started in February 2021 What we offer: - 4 Law Enforcement Agencies - Fire and Rescue - Full custom EUP - FivePD - Sonoran CAD. - Over 400 Buyable and customizable properties - Custom Addon vehicles (Civilian and Emergency services) - Eco based community - Exclusive jobs made for server - Extensive Job listing (Scuba diving, Trucking, Mining, Drug Dealing, and more…) Departments: - Los Santos Police Department - Blaine County Sheriff's Office - San Andreas State Police - FBI - San Andreas Fire Department - Civilian Membership requirements: - Emergency Services: -Enrollment in explorer program (Law Enforcement) -Microphone - Civilian -Microphone -Join Discord Fine Life RP is an economy based ESX server made to have fun whether it is a full server or by yourself. Endless options whilst completing your day job or running products in the underground market. You will never run out of options in what you can do. We also have a full ai integration system not just for law enforcement but for civilian players as well. We give any civilian players an option to participate in a life of crime with the ai or to assist when they need help. Saving up will get you the ability to buy your own property within the state and to travel to our in game Ikea to buy furniture to setup your dream home how you want. Check below to join in to our community. Discord: https://discord.gg/pkEcbgEZ5T
  7. Hey. Ich suche deutschsprachige Spieler (vorzugsweise gern Leute ab 28 Jahre) die Lust auf gelegentliches zocken haben. Am besten Leute, die jetzt keinen Wert darauf legen, dass man 24/7 Online sein muss ^^ Ich selbst bin 38 Jahre, meinen Account gibt es seit 2017, bin ziemlich umgänglich, bevorzuge das faire zocken ohne andere Spieler zu belasten und Lobbsy leer zu ballern (meine niedliche 1,38 K/D), zocke auch gern mal custom Maps mit Bierchen und entspannten Unterhaltungen. Die Kommunikation wäre in meinem Fall über Discord. Am PC selbst ist kein Headset angeschlossen. Alter Mann halt Bei Bock, schreib mir eine private Nachricht Salut! SocialClub ID: pyro_cat
  8. Hi everyone ! As i already mentioned in the title, i need one person to grind the sprint racer award. I play on pc and my SC is John_Marston_Jr for anyone interested.
  9. I'm spending this weekend on money stacking, prior to the inevitable imminent splurge on cars and tuning. I have a setup for gold panther statue and a few piles of gold All disruptions fully completed, conspirator loadout with suppressors and water supplies have been contaminated.. I'm especially welcoming low level players (x<50) and will be giving away 80% cut per run. Please don't message or send an FR if you don't know how to communicate/ aren't over 18 / aren't mature or chilled or if your character looks like a clown/ bum ^^ SocialClub ID is; [REDACTED] Offer available for one weekend only.
  10. Hi title says it all. Im looking to make new friends on PC Im still pretty new to pc, but have played since day 1 on ps4 Please be 20+ Have Mic I live in Europe, CET, so preferably people from eu also, but i dont really care MY RGSCID is RainbowCutthroat bye
  11. What we are all about: We are a mature group of friends who value loyalty and respect to each other. We participate in all the game has to offer: trader resupplies/sales, bounty hunting, collecting, bootlegging, naturalist hunting, stranger missions, PvP, dailies etc. When playing with the Punks you'll have people to have your back against griefers, and converse on how perfect and not buggy the game is! If you are active enough and work well enough with the Punks, you will be offered membership to become an Outlaw for the Punks and get your own custom WANTED BOARD on our website. ------------------------------------- Are the Punks right for you? -We play on PC -Free Aim -Our active hours are usually between 7:00pm - 2:00am EST -No drama allowed. We play to have fun and make friends -We have weekly events -We don't randomly kill people for no reason -We don't like killing cats or dogs (like weirdos do) Requirements: -Must be 18+ of age -Mic and discord -No online modding or cheating will be tolerated -Must follow community rules/outlaw code Meet the requirements? Then apply now!
  12. Satans Soldiers - SSMC

    Satans Soldiers MC [SSMC] - Mature, Active MC

    https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/satans_soldiers_mcpc Satans Soldiers MC, since January 2017. One of the most notorious MC's to control San Andreas. Friends of few. Enemies of many. 1% MC made for the lord of the unholy land. 3 Crews, Father Crew (Patched), Prospects and Hangarounds (Support). "As we walk through the valley of the shadow of death, we laugh at those who "will fear no evil"." -Vulture... _____________________ _____________________ If you are interested in joining, you must go through the Prospect phase. Prospecting is proving to the MC that you are worthy to serve the Lord. If you are willing to spill blood for SSMC, you are worthy. But if you are new to GTA, we want you to get your bearings of how GTA V works. During this period you will be a Hangaround. Once you are ready to prospect, you will be invited to that crew and labled as a Prospect. Best way to apply for Prospect or Support is to message the SGT-At-Arms, Vulture..., who will guide you through the process of joining the crew. We reccomend that you read our Bylaws before requesting to join. But before you do message him, you must fill out this small form: What is your Social Club Name?: Where are you from (What is your timezone)?: How old are you?: Do you have discord?: How active are you?: Jesus or Lucifer?: _____________________ _____________________ All weapons are allowed against tryhard crews or crews that are not an MC (We all know they won't follow the 1%er AR Only) but we still reccommend using AR for practice against other weapons so you can learn on how to stay AR only against a minigun, RPG etc. AR Only against MC's that are 1%, if they are 99%, Heavy and MG's are allowed, use of rockets are only allowed if the enemy MC uses them first. Pistols - All Allowed. SMG's - All Allowed. MG's - Only against 99% MC's or read first law. AR's - All Allowed. Snipers - Only against 99$ MC's or read first law. Explosives - Read first and second law. _____________________ _____________________ _____________________
  13. Hello, I recently found myself with a ton of time on my hands want to rank up in GTA V online. If you're into doing heists, org missions of all sorts, and occasional car meets at the strip club, this is the crew for you. I'll probably be on every day of the week for a few months. I'm from Cali so I'm hella chill and like to spark up while between missions. Oh, and you MUST HAVE a mic. It says a lot about your skill level if you don't at least own a mic. Anyways, follow the link below and check out my crew and send me a friend request on Social Club. My gamer tag is: Toolong4urmomhttps://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/los_santos_logistiks/feed/3227210335642753486
  14. My nickname is Copernico_, add me if you are a modder
  15. I am looking for experienced PC players to help me complete the final part of the Prison heist. I am looking for players with excellent flying skills. Rank skill in flying unimportant - just be a good pilot. If you have a microphone, great, but it is not a requirement as I currently do not own one. I have played this heist as both the prisoner & officer as I cannot land a plane safely & I cannot fly worth a darn in a helicopter. I will be fair with the payout - 25% spread evenly among everyone. I am currently rank 70, but have lots of experience playing online. If you are interested, my GTA handle is jabbahut72. I usually am online every day - mornings, afternoons, & evenings.
  16. Hi guys, I am an 18 year old from Hungary who are looking for some english-speaking people for playing together with voice-chat (skype or facebook). To be honest, I want to improve my english (it's not bad, I think it's understandable), and I want to make new friends. I don't mind, if you are a new player, I love teaching If you are interested, contact me on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/marton.kubovics Thanks!
  17. Anyone want to do a car meet on PC this evening? available at any point, just fancy a nice cruise round with some other players! Add me on social club - aston209
  18. Hello there! My name is "MyNameaPenguin", but my R* Social Club is Pengting_, so please just refer to me as "peng" or "pengting". I am a mature and serious 14 year old gamer who has been playing GTA since GTA 4 and have fallen in love with the game ever since, this love still carries on till this day for GTA 5. I was recently kicked from a PVP crew and have been searching for a new one ever since. I am above average at PVP but when I'm not doing PVP, I am most likely making cool cars! The reason why I'm looking for a relatively new crew is because when I join a crew that has been around for a while and has many members, it doesn't feel as "exciting" when joining an already popular crew. I wish to create a crew and make it popular from the start and be there for the experience along the way. The crews I am open to help lead or lead are: PMC (Private Military Crew) PVP Car Crews (Meetups, Snapmatic competitions) Please get back to me if you wish to create a crew with me. R* Social Club: Pengting_ - https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/pengting_
  19. At 10:00Est I will be hosting a car meet, and then cruse down the roads of the map. If you're interested, add me on Social Club @MaseRoot
  20. I am the leader of a tiny crew called Violet Dawn Corps. I am looking for Legit, non modding players, to join me in friends only in my biker gang, V.D.M.C (Violet Dawn Motorcycle Chapter)- PC Platform! Just to cover a couple small things I'll make a few pointers for people. In advance I apologise if i sound harsh or cold but id rather be direct here than try to adjust later on because people don't like stuff. -Friends only means no production businesses, purely contracts, crew challenges, Club work and Club challenges. (No coke, no meth, ect) -Role players preferable! This is a bike club for fun, the main focus is not to make a s*** Ton of money it is to have fun as an active bike club! (Though naturally i want to keep things active so yeah, money and exp will be made.) -I want to mainly ride Choppers and Cruisers, so preferably no sport bikes and rarely dirt bikes! (The MC is based in sandy shores!) Use of Vans for certain group events will be likely. -Preferably no fancy weaponry! (Limit on homing rockets, limit on sticky bombs, think what a biker themed crew would likely use, its partially role play!) For those unsure expect to use weapons like Mini-smgs, Basic/carbine/compact assault rifles, Pistols, Sawn-off shotguns, Sniper rifles, Pipe-bombs, Grenades, Molotovs, crowbars, bats, knives. -Look the part, play the part, (I don't want people joining the club wearing pig masks and speedo's or their PJ's!) wear leathers proud, ride together strong! -Please speak English when playing in the server, I understand if its not your primary language but I do not understand any other language (Except hints of Spanish but i'm making no exceptions, English please x) -Preferably be aged 18+, I want a certain level of maturity which is something that does come with time. (Even if you believe you're mature for a 15 year old, no offence.) If you wish to contact me to join, ideally message me on my rockstar social account Violetnite666x I will try my best to check this forum frequently but that account is my direct line...
  21. I need 1 or 2 players to do custom stunt races in gta online. my social club - TheProAiken_YT
  22. Olá e muito obrigado pela tua curiosidades, sou conhecido por Lumi aka SLMC Vice Presidente e venho aqui com todo o gosto apresentar a nossa crew que provem de já algum tempo. Links: website- https://spiritus38.wixsite.com/spirituslibermc/ Social- https://pt.socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/slmc_prospect_pt Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/SpiritusLiberMC/ Somos conhecidos por SLMC aka Spiritus Liber MC e neste momento somos um dos maiores MCs em Portugal e arredores. Adorados por uns e odiados por muitos outros. Lidamos diariamente com outros MCs tanto aliados como inimigo. Somos um MC com roleplay de 1%, seguimos regras muito especificas. Se te queres juntar a nós tens demonstrar que vais dar o valor ao pano que levas nas costas. Não somos um grupo, somos uma familia! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gF6cBel90TU A Nossa História A Nossa sede situasse em Vespucci Ontem abrimos uma nova charter, a charter brasileira que se situa em Lowenstein Boulevard e já conta com 4 membros. Estamos actualmente com o recrutamento aberto a todos que se queiram juntar-se! És amante de motos e de passeios em conjunto ? Tens idade superior a 18 anos e tens maturidade? Gostas de ser respeitado e procuras um lugar, onde te sintas entre família ? Nós temos o que procuras. Um motor-clube com hierarquias e respeito totalmente latino. Bons momentos, bebidas, diversão e alguns confrontos.O combustível é por nossa conta. (e algumas das balas também) Temos recrutamento aberto por tempo limitado! Condições: 18+ anos; Ter microfone e teamspeak; Falar português; Espírito cooperativo; Interesse por cultura biker; Todos os pedidos de recrutamento devem ser feitos pelo nosso website! https://spiritus38.wixsite.com/spirituslibermc/copia-recrutamento-recruitment Se quiserem saber mais aconselho vivamente a passar pelo nosso website, podia ficar aqui a prolongar o posto com múltiplas coisa do vosso interesse mas sei que não seria o mais apropriado para evitar que o post fique enorme. E com isto. Ride Free, Ride Liber! #MCPC #SLMC #Spiritus Liber MC #VicePresidente
  23. Our crew want to do Crew Battles agaist other crews only on PC. • RGSC: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/firing_squad_clan • 4v4 or maybe more • Playlists If a crew want to battle against us, write a Private Message to me.

    Need A Group To Play With

    I can't seem to find a group of people to play with online. Everyone I do find is either never in the mood to do CEO/Biker missions or heists so that's a bit annoying. Anyways, if you're interested just add me on social club or something Social Club: SexiestHippo Steam: xLOLxTSNOOPS (make sure you tell me you're from the forums somehow or I probably won't add you)
  25. If someone can help me get 10 million dollars in GTA Online, he gets a game of his choosing from kinguin.net worth 0-60 euros.
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