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Found 9 results

  1. I don't understand one thing! If its posted in Brady's guide and all, then this guide is official (or it isn't?), then why the hell the map from those guide is considered as leaked? Could anyone please explain this to me, cause i don't understand?! Thanks in advance and i'm really sorry for the useless topic, but i really need explanations badly...
  2. iceman4555

    Putting the map to scale.

    I know many of you think the map is "not big enough" but you are not going to say with 100% certainty that is it is or isn't until you have played and experienced this vast and incredibly detailed piece of digital architecture. Just look at the photo, R* posted this to prove that the map isn't small.
  3. I am curious to see how the two cities compare in size. I saw a pic like this a few minutes ago but the thread got deleted.
  4. BloodMC

    Second Screen Support

    Would you guys like R* to support a second screen running real time data from your game? Possibly through the Social Club? For instance, a real time map for your GTA:O world showing the other 15 people's individual locations that you could zoom with the click of your mouse. Even clicking on the different people listing their stats and specialties. Or in the case of single player, see where the three protagonists are and ease of waypoint placing. I've always wanted a digital version of the GTA maps for reference instead of the easily ripped fold out or having to interrupt the game to look at the pause screen map...
  5. The Subject says it all - With this map leaked, when do you guys think we will see a map key legend to help us identify all the icons that we are curious about?
  6. Crocodile Hunter

    Map info

    I'm sorry if that has been posted already, too lazy to search. I was looking at the icons and managed to find out some stuff. There are: 19 Purchasable businesses 10 Ammu-nation stores 1 gun range 7 Binocular icons (Sightseeing?) 8 Magnifying glass icons (side missions?) 1 Golf course 12 Clothing stores 13 Parachuting locations 2 Theatres 14 Racing icons 3 Airstrips 9 Police Stations/Medical Centres 3 Car Dealerships 7 Barber shops 7 Mountains This doesn't there won't be anymore, but thats all that I could find for now. There's a few icons that I wasn't sure what they stood for too. Also the red line is most likely the subway route and the purple lines are train tracks.
  7. Hockeyman8900

    CVG Map

  8. There's nothing in this video that leads me to believe its fake, but it seems too good to be true. Is there anything anyone can point out to confirm wretched this copy is real of fake? Also, by the looks of the rating 18+ instead of an M Rating could mean that this is in Australia, but correct mr if I'm wrong. RisingLegend, on 07 Sept 2013 - 10:25 PM, said: kickaschris007, on 07 Sept 2013 - 10:22 PM, said: No plastic wrapping around the game when it's "delivered" Fake. True, but then again the package was already opened when the video started, he could've just taken the plastic off the first time he opened it. You know, then put it back in the package for video purposes. But I also have my doubts .
  9. Aussiegamerq

    It's not small here's why

    Ok by now we have all seen the Map for GTA 5 http://metrouk2.files.wordpress.com/2013/09/gta-v-map.jpg An some people are saying how small it looks e.c.t How can we possibly judge it form the pic First it's taken from guide book buy what looks like a camera fone. Second it's not going to be like the in game pause menu map it's been down scaled for the guide book. Third I bet in game it' HUGE Lastly have you ever looked at a melways map of a real city they look small, but in real life well city's like Melbourne Aus look's small on the melways but is much much bigger in real life So yea we don't need to worry because it will be bigger than we think. Anyway have good day
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