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Found 1 result

  1. in the GTAO Gameplay you were able see that you can place cars and weapons ( for TDM) on the Map. Now what Im hoping for is that we can also place some objects on the Map. Like a ramp to set up jumps, so we can make stunte wherever we want. Imo it would be such an easy thing for R* to add a Ramp to the Content Creator ( if its not already in ) and give us the ability to set up some awesome stunts, like jumping from the dam or placing a few cars infront of a ramp and Jump over them with a monstertruck. I requested such a feature already last year for SP. So if there is such a thing in MP, I hope its in SP too. If its not in there is still the hope R* will add it later as they said they will constantly add new stuff. There should be just enough people who want this feature too.

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