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  1. Attramet

    Various Pedestrian Actions

    In GTA 4, there are various actions for pedestrians, but they, as it seems to me now, lacked variety. For example: pedestrians drink only coffee, read the same newspaper, smoke and walk with bags. The rest of the actions are not noticeable. This mod adds, corrects and completes unfinished actions for pedestrians. SCREENSHOTS Special thanks to catsmackaroo for making a video about this mod. DOWNLOAD
  2. El Dorado


    "We are very excited to be releasing the PC version of Grand Theft Auto IV" said Sam Houser, Founder of Rockstar Games. "The whole team is dedicated to bringing an amazing gaming experience to the PC. The game looks and plays beautifully on PC and we can't wait for people to play it" Grand Theft Auto IV & Episodes From Liberty City, great games for sure, but the PC port is held together by withered old rope and random luck. The purpose of this mod is to fix some of its many issues. Features: Fixed Z-Fighting. The Ballad Of Gay Tony vehicle headlights and taillights are fixed, they were broken on pc since release. Restored console tree lighting. Previously a The Lost And Damned exclusive, Niko and Luis will use their leg to balance when using a phone on a stationary bike. Reverse lights now appear at reverse lights location. Disabled the camera auto center when in cover. Fixed Uranus exhaust smoke and rancher collision. Restored transparency on pool minigame, also restored a "let's play pool" line for Johnny. Fixed the FBI cars arriving early on the cutscene of "To Live and Die in Alderney", broken since patch 6. Removed "third brake light" from Blista Compact and Intruder. Fixed some LOD lights not appearing correctly, and fixed their flickering on The Ballad Of Gay Tony. Fixed buskers running away from Luis on The Ballad Of Gay Tony, now you can donate money and get the St. Thomas ringtone. Brief explanation of the various .ini settings: SkipIntro = Disables the rockstar logos and legal screens when booting the game, getting to the main menu faster. SkipMenu = This also skips the main menu, it then loads the last save directly. BorderlessWindowed = Force borderless windowed mode, requires -windowed commandline. RecoilFix = Recoil behaves differently between gamepad and mouse, now weapons will have proper spreading with mouse. ForceDepthOfFieldInCutscenes = If 0, Cutscenes will respect the "Depth of Field" setting on the graphics menu. If 1, it's always on even with Depth Of Field off. Note about the definition setting in the graphics menu: Depth of Field (aka blur) is now a separate setting for motion blur when driving at high speeds, also affects fast motion of the player camera and visual effects when character is drunk. Pressing P in-game will toggle between motion blur on and off, and depth of field have it's own setting. AimingZoomFix = The max aiming zoom was forced on TBOGT, this is not the case on IV or TLAD. Now the game remembers the last state of zoom and uses that for next zoom activation across all games. (Setting a value of 2 in this setting will make IV and TLAD behave like TBOGT originally. FlickeringShadowsFix = Fixes flickering night shadows. ExtraDynamicShadows = Restores some missing shadows absent since patch 8, like the train tracks on Hove Beach. Setting this to 2 will also enable some missing shadows from vegetation (bushes). Setting to 3 will force all objects to cast shadows. DynamicShadowForTrees = Removes the fake imposter shadow from trees, now their leaves cast real, dynamic shadows. This WILL impact game performance in areas with lots of trees. DefaultCameraAngleInTLAD = The Lost And Damned uses a different camera angle on bikes, this option can force the original IV camera angle. PedDeathAnimFixFromTBOGT = When you perform a counter attack after a dodge in IV & TLAD, the ped after falling and dying performs an additional death animation, which doesn't happen in TBOGT. Now all games have the proper behaviour. MouseFix = Fixes some issues with mouse movement and deadzones. ScreenFilter = Allows you to select in-game which timecyc filter you want, you can have yellow tones from TLAD on TBOGT for example. There are also some fps limiting features that are self explanatory, but worth of mention: CutsceneFpsLimit = Cutscenes have a zooming in bug if your framerate exceeds 30 fps, this can be seen even on xbox series backwards compatibility mode where the framerate is unlocked. You may want to limit them to 30 fps to avoid this, or; ScriptCutsceneFovLimit = Set this to 30 if you don't want to lock your framerate on cutscenes - this is a wip workaround, but good enough for now [BudgetedIV] section A fix for the infamous taxi bug by NTA, related to modding/adding vehicles to the game, more info can be found in the original thread If you're not using any vehicle mods you shouldn't need to mess around with that, but the rule of thumb is = size of your vehicles.img in bytes. Of course with the new .img loading feature there's no need to edit said file directly anymore but the adjusted value is still needed. The suggested value in the .ini is a good starting point, then tweak it to your needs - but going too high may cause instability. Speaking of img. loading... ...the what now? This is a feature intended to be used by mod developers for easy, 'drag & drop' install mod distribution, but users can greatly benefit from it too, in special Rockstar Games Launcher users. This is done via Fusion Fix adapting the “update” folder method from the console version of the game (the PlayStation 3 version to be specific - internally called overload folder) and expanding upon it, originally the game would only load one IMG called “update.IMG” but now the game can load multiple IMG regardless of their name and as an added benefit you can now split mods up to load specifically in just GTA IV, TLAD, TBOGT or ALL by simply organising them inside "IV" "TLAD" or "TBOGT" subfolders. update> my mod> your mod.img, or update> IV> your mod.img Anything that was already inside an .img in the original game can be repacked into a new .img. Textures, models, animations, scripts. For "loose" files (timecyc for example) you'll need to follow the general file/folder structure of the game. For .rpf files (playerped.rpf, for protagonist clothing mods for example), you still need to copy the whole .rpf over, again following the file/folder structure. This mod also includes the shaders from the excellent Console Visuals mod, bringing many fixes and improvements to the game, such as: Remade bloom shader with proper resolution scaling Fixed LOD fading that was broken since patch 6 Fixed volumetric light shafts Native FXAA and shadow filtering improvements Fixed textureless water on AMD graphics cards Improved rain visibility and fixing black water droplets on screen Fixed distorted projection on mirrors And much more, check the original topic and the github page for more info DOWNLOAD HERE Install instructions: just drag contents from zip and drop into main game folder, where the .exe is Note about game versions: This mod supports THE COMPLETE EDITION of the game, version, Steam and Rockstar Games Launcher. No support will be provided to other versions. Want to report an issue? Head over here, please be detailed as possible in your explanation, also note that this is a list to document VANILLA GAME BUGS only. Disclaimer: This forum link and github link are the only ones officially affiliated to the Fusion Fix team. All other forks and links are not official, not supported, and for all we know might even contain malware. Check some before/after screenshots, also a video made by TGJM Recommended mods: Radio Downgrader, Ash_735's Workshop, Console Visuals, Various Fixes Credits: @ThirteenAG, @_CP_, @Tomas., @Sneed, @ermaccer, @Parallellines, @akifIe47, @robi29, @RaphaelK12, @Attramet, @Ash_735, @Magic_Al __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Max Payne 3 FusionFix This is a small project intended to add ability to hide button in Max Payne 3. Additionally, added an option to increase the size of subtitle text outlines and prevent Hoboken Alleys coop map from crashing the game. Installation: Download: MaxPayne3.FusionFix.zip This requires ASI Loader. Unpack the content of archives to your Max Payne 3 directory.
  3. catsmackaroo

    Liberty Tweaks

    A highly configurable quality-of-life mod for Grand Theft Auto IV. by The Westside Minions & The GTA IV Modding Community. ABOUT What is this? This is a quality-of-life mod for GTA IV geared towards making it a more modern title; attempting to enhance all of its greatest qualities. Such as immersion & gameplay. How is that? Well, by adding tons of modern standards to the classic title, fixing various bugs, & increasing the danger in the city. Configuration! This mod is extremely configurable! You can disable/enable any & all features, as well as tweak certain ones for compatibility/customization purposes. Open the .ini file within IVSDKDotNet>Scripts for this configuration feature. FEATURES // No Overtaking \\ // Quick-Saving \\ // Brake Lights \\ // Tweakable Field of View \\ // Weapon Holstering \\ // Movement With Sniper \\ // Disposable Weapon Magazines \\ // Extras \\ DOWNLOAD Requires: IV SDK .NET, IV Tweaker, & Clonk's Coding Library Source Credits - catsmackaroo, ItsClonkAndre, AssaultKifle47
  4. This mod aims to restore some the cut and pre-release content from GTA IV & EFLC beta versions to the final games. Downloads: Videos: Screens: Checklist: To do for the next version: I started working on Carraways. Working on early Niko.
  5. Attramet

    Various Fixes

    Various Fixes is a modification for Grand Theft Auto IV and EFLC, purpose of which is fix various kinds of bugs in game. Mod is not limited only on fixes, it also includes restoration of some things, console content, various texture improvements, etc. Just Fixes Main part of the mod, which includes only fixes for things that look and work incorrectly, everything else is in other sections. Community Fixes This section includes other people's work that has been provided for the mod. Beta Content Some beta content makes sense to be restored rather than replaced, not going to explain every change, but there are reasons for them. Console Content Some of this content already included in main part of the mod, but here is only what looks different (not completely wrong) from PC, and makes sense to be restored. Improvements All sorts of texture improvements and other things will be in this section. Episodes from Liberty City Episodic content only. Recommended mods DOWNLOAD Google Drive GitHub Note: if you got some weird stuff (flying buildings, random objects instead of weapon pickups) after installing this mod, then start a new game and check if the problem is gone. If you want to report about bug you found in the mod, or any bug in general (just don't go crazy about this one, no need to post everything that catches your eye), you could use a spreadsheet or GitHub repo. Special thanks to @Valentyn_L for creating these pages.
  6. I had this ambitious idea of combining content of each game to each other since 2016 except I wasn't really experienced enough back then and had crashes any file I changed..... I began working on this project after getting experienced late 2017 and had breaks from time to time till more tools were available that I can continue my work on The mod was made with the intention of being able to experience the game the same way as the other dlcs. All content mentioned are merged to IV to the point where what is left out is exclusive mission scripts, multiplayer scripts, movies, cutscenes since they don't need to be in IV download link: https://mega.nz/folder/91YQDDDD#XEi1ShUGhpvINaU39Zx66Q Before you download be sure to read the readme first to reduce download size incase you already have the episodic audio rpfs Features: EFLC exclusive radio stations added to base IV TLAD&TBoGT Ped speech added to base IV TLAD&TBoGT Exclusive radio songs added to base IV TLAD&TBoGT HTML Websites added to base IV TLAD&TBoGT Vehicles added to base IV - Including their cargrp TLAD&TBoGT Weapons added to base IV - Another video TLAD&TBoGT Peds added to base IV - Including their pedgrp (Ruff Ryders are their own gang) TLAD&TBoGT Animations added to base IV - Johnny and Luis specific animations are left to their respective DLCS EFLC Movies merged to base IV Movies - Such as weazel and CNT TLAD&TBoGT Map and interiors added to base IV TLAD&TBoGT Sounds added to base IV - Loading tunes, Mission complete, MP Countdown and Menu music are left to their respective DLCS TLAD&TBoGT Textures added to base IV - MP weapon icons, EFLC radio icons, Parachute, thrown pipe bomb and others Working vehicle and weapon sounds Beta weapons added with working sounds - Non are my models credits are to their creators Silenced Pistol, Spas-12, IV\E1 Wooden Bat, Nightstick, Revolver, Camera, Flamethrower and Minigun, P90 Without silencer TLAD&TBoGT MP clothes merged to base IV Exclusive TBoGT scripts - Working Parachute scripts (Using Zolika's trainer) Credits: Fastman92 for limit adjuster AndrewMulti RAGE Audio Toolkit mxnxivddyct for TACE's logo Anyone who encouraged me through the whole run Errors: FLA seems to disable ability to access GFWL while this mod is fully dependable on it.... no MP for now Any savegame will never work with this, new game must be created I didn't really care about taking screens but I can't leave this place dull, I took videos and screens of the best highlights of the mod but I guess you can already imagine what this is like without screens. Additional episodic radios: IV Screenshots: TLAD Screenshots: TBOGT Screenshots: Additional content:
  7. Attramet

    More Visible Interiors

    You may have noticed that sometimes the windows in the interior do not correspond to the texture that is outside, which is why the whole interior remains hidden from the player's eyes, such as Roman's cab depot office or Drusilla's restaurant. This mod will allow you to take a look at these interiors. Also, this mod adds a couple of decorative interiors, and opens existing ones, but you can read more about this feature in the mod archive. SCREENSHOTS DONE: Drusilla's Cluckin' Bell Bank of Liberty Comrades Bar Roman's cab depot Steinway Beer Garden Brucie's apartment Tudor boatyard Tudor shipyard 60 diner Memory Lanes Optional content: Dwayne's apartment Mr. Fuk's Rice Box Phil's office Random store in Hove Beach McReary's house Pegorino's house 69th diner TO-DO Faustin's house. Pegorino's house (more visible version, like Mr. Fuk's Rice Box). More decorative interiors. Michelle's apartment Recommended mods Real Cluckin' Bell Interior In Northwood Liberty Alive: V1 Refuel Enterable Comedy Club Open Windows of Goldberg's Office Open Windows of Francis' Office TBOGT and TLAD More Open Interiors DOWNLOAD
  8. Attramet

    Restored Pedestrians

    This mod restores completely, and almost unused pedestrians. Why almost? because some of them can be seen either in cutscenes or in certain missions, but from their voice lines, various types of clothing, model names, it can be concluded that they should appears in the city as simple pedestrians. In addition to simple restoring, improvements and fixes have been made for some pedestrians. Description has been made for each restored pedestrian, so there would be no questions about why it was done this way, and not the another way, correct me if I made a mistake in something. So, that was the main part of the mod, but besides restoring unused pedestrians, this mod now restores other things - unused and removed clothes. Just like unused pedestrians, a description was made about why it was done this way, and not another way. On the one hand, we were lucky that the developers left some of unused clothes textures, on the other hand, they removed most models of them, which is why it is impossible to restore almost everything at the moment, unless a remaster with leaks of beta things comes out one day. Anyway, thanks to @donnits for offering to add his work to this mod, without him this part would not exist (by the way, check out his workshop for more interesting stuff). DOWNLOAD
  9. THE COMPLETE LIBERTY CITY (IV + EFLC MAP MIX) READ BEFORE DOWNLOAD Hi guys, i finally made it, the mod that have every thing and objects of TLAD and TBOGT maps into GTA IV. yes, i know that exist a mod what do that, but honestly that mod is unfinished and full of glitches, this mod only Install the Maps and Other detail of the EFLC that don't have GTA 4. Like the Screen of TBOGT cafe and interiors along with their respective maps. i made to recreate the map of TBOGT and TLAD in the Original game (note: THIS MOD ONLY IS COMPATIBLE WITH THE VERSION and OF THE GAME) consider this mod, a tenth anniversary gift that Rockstar never gave us. another thing is that i don't going to update all characters model because there other one that is already doing that, the mod is: Is made by The YoshiPunch, i recommend you and yes, this mod and the yoshi one are compatibles too Another Note: I recommend you install this mod too much during the start of the game (especially before the Rigged to Blow mission) since bugs can occur on the map, such as bohan's garage or roman's business being restored when it shouldn't and please, make back ups, seriously. there's four part of the mod in which only the first 3 parts are necessary, the last part is only optional but still I offer to put them if you like i test every missions in this game, but you won't have to worry about, the story can be complete normally and without bugs, apart for the FPS glitches in A Revenger Tragedy but that was in the game lmao Link Broker/Dukes and Bohan: https://www.mediafire.com/file/dum1sepdkt1dmgq/ Link Algonquin: https://www.mediafire.com/file/sasghx12iwc1qk1/ Link Alderney: https://www.mediafire.com/file/5b03zvhs6z6y85y/ Link Interiors and Props: http://www.mediafire.com/file/khm11awgs6u4z0f/ Link Optional: http://www.mediafire.com/file/o7upk6dyk2qbng6/ INSTALLATION: copy and paste without CHANGE ANYTHING Note (IMPORTANT TO READ): Having old savefiles with the mod causes bugs and crashes to the game, that's because this mod changes drastically the game, and the old savefile got corrupt, in orden to solve that, YOU MUST DELETE OR REMOVE THE SAVEFILES, after that you'll start the game and a new savegame will be created based on the mod, with this, you can run the game at 100% without any major unexpected glitches. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ NEW UPTADE (ALL PARTS) now you can find more peoples in certain business: Biker gang in their clubhouses Businessman in Algonquin buildings in GTA IV and TBoGT (just like TLAD) and of course, npc scenarios of GTA IV in TLAD and TBoGT no Uptown Riders in Hove Beach NPC (especially the cops) now can enter in the new interiors paths of TBoGT now are adapted in GTA 4 and TLAD fixed the billboards in Algonquin deleted unnecessary files that were not modified but for some reason i added in the mod files ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EFLC or The Complete Edition this part allow you to play this Awesome mod in your GTA IV: The Complete Edition without Crashes or any kind of glitch, also have the Upgrade of GTA IV and EFLC here, installation: Copy and Paste like the rest of the parts, for this mod to work, you will need all GTA IV Parts, however, you can install DLC part in your Retail EFLC if you want Link The Complete Edition: https://www.mediafire.com/file/olnzf29u21qxpq9/file Big Update (all parts): thanks to a mod called: "PC Quality Update made by @nkjellman i realize that TBoGT really downgrade the graphics texture, kinda funny because people considerate TBoGT as a game with "Better Looks" so, not only i fixed that in TBoGT but in TLAD and GTA IV as well, all the lower textures now looks as good as GTA IV, also i changed the lights in Rotterdam tower, now it have the same colors as GTA IV BUGS Founds: BETA (i didn't have time to test the entire storyline, so it can get some bugs i haven't seen) NEWS SCREENSHOTS ADDED BELOW OPTIONAL: This ones are Optional but you need the other three parts: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BROKER/DUKES AND BOHAN --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ALGONQUIN --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ALDERNEY ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ INTERNET CAFE -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NEW BOWL ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------ EFLC --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- There's more that i didn't mentioned but because there are only a small difference, like, the bulgarin house or the Dukes Monoglobe
  10. Mafia Rage (Mafia 1 port to GTA IV and V) Mafia I to GTA IV and V (Or Lost Heaven in GTA IV and V) is an total conversion mod that ports the content from Mafia I to Grand Theft Auto IV (and V). It will contain the entire map (Lost Heaven, Countryside and the racetrack), vehicle, props*, interiors, objects*, peds and weapons. Also will feature (maybe as add-on) the game stlyle from Mafia 1 like the car handling* and GUI (HUD, Menu and Map style). In addition the mod will split in 2 playable options (will be featured into seperated option). The mod idea orginally came from the last LH to IV conversion by Alber2gt which was discontinued early by its slow progress. Many have wished and requested for an comback so I decided to take Lost Heaven as my first fully map mod conversion. *not planned mainly (note: The V port doesnt have a static plan, which means that we arent sure if the entire content is going to be ported on GTA V) More informations are coming soon. The mod is still in early development and searching for converters and scripters! Topic on Mafiascene Forum Join our Discord server for announcements, direct news and more details about the mod! Lead jaqub Headshots_Ops Map converting jaqub Headshots_Ops Car converting - Ped converting - Helper/Supporters (*testers) spartaque12 ZaKlaus Cukier Firefox3860 thg We appriciate it to help this conversion by joining our team, if you can convert cars and peds or write codes or scripts like on importing for 3ds max and .sco scripts on IV. Mods and Utilities used to make this mod Signature Banner
  11. Tmaster

    Vice City Rage Classic

    Vice City Rage Classic (Beta 4) - Continuation Vice City Rage Beta 3 (But on this time without the HD models & textures and other) (Full classic Vice City Rage) New vehicles, peds, tommy skins, bug fixes and much more.. Support: GTA IV Only Screenshots: OUT NOW Download at: Use Google to find download link, because official web site is unavailable now... __________________________________________________________ Team Credits (Vice City Rage Classic) Tmaster - Project Leader, Lead Programmer, Sco Scripter, Peds Converter Mr.Vegas - Lead Designer, Converter AlexBrain - Vehicles Team Credits (BETA 3) Tmaster - Project Leader, Lead Programmer, Sco Scripter Mr.Vegas - Lead Designer, Map Converter Frank.s - Sco Scripter KamiShinx - Graphics Artist, Trailer Znenin - Design, Graphics Artist Vice Cry Team Links: http://twitter.com/vicecityrage - Twitter http://vk.com/rageteam_official - Vk.com http://youtube.com/user/RageTeamStudio - YouTube Channel http://vicecityrage.w.pw - Vice City Rage website (Download VCR Beta 3 & Multiplayer here) Old topic Beta 3 (closed) - http://gtaforums.com/topic/554396-ivwipbeta3-vice-city-rage/ Rage Team 2011-2020
  12. So, after all these years, it's time to do something about winter pedestrians. This mod not only includes "new" clothes for pedestrians, but also affects on their actions, like joggers and TaiChi in parks is no longer a thing, and more stuff below. Starting with models. This is simple reusing of existing models from IV and EFLC, most of the time with new textures. Sure there is a lot of things thats needs to be done, most likely detail stuff: gloves, hats, etc., but this is a beta release, so don't expect something big from it. Next thing is actions. • Removed rake scenario and replaced sweeping action with shovel snow. Rake is no comments, but shovel snow makes more sence during winter, sadly it has a bug when sweeper starts walking and shovel bugs out, still not critical bug. • Removed TaiChi scenario, because it makes no sence in winter I think. • Removed joggers scenario, same reason as TaiChi. • Cold reaction is now plays in all weathers. And that's it. Also I want to say that this mod is not going to be compatible with any other pedestrian mods at least anytime soon, I don't even know if there is going to be a EFLC winter pedestrians, there is a lot of stuff to do and I have other things to work with, so enjoy this. SCREENSHOTS Some pedestrians may differ from the ones in the game, since screenshots were taken about a month or a couple of weeks before completion. DOWNLOAD
  13. Zolika1351

    [IV] ZolikaPatch

    This plugin has been floating around for a while now but I never actually properly released it, while originally a version of XLivelessAddon that works with GFWL, it now aims to fix & improve various things in GTA IV, such as restoring vehicle shadows in the Booth Tunnel and heli spotlights, removing the mod-only lobby seperation from, fixing VRAM issues on patch 7 and below, and removing the requirement to log into Social Club to play Multiplayer. The name is totally not a ripoff of silentpatch that I have wanted to change already but couldn't come up with anything better Changes/options: Supported versions: (both downgraded from Steam and the original depot) Other patches aren't fully supported but most features should work Note: This mod will automatically patch the game to a compatible version if an incompatible version is present, if desired. DOWNLOAD HERE (V7.65) If you like this mod, consider becoming a patron to support my work, have early access to new versions and request mods.
  14. Ah. GTA IV. Love it or hate it, you have to admit that it did a lot of things right. And one of those things was the various pedestrians and citizens of Liberty City. IV is one of the few games that makes you forget that most citizens are copied and pasted, because they're just varied enough to be able to stand up on their own. Anyways, that said, some of the minor characters (mostly targets), due to obvious reasons, are just generic gangster or civilian models, sometimes with a recolor, if they're lucky. Which is why, after learning how to add and replace peds, I've decided to change that. INTRODUCING.... THE GTA IV ENHANCED MINOR CHARACTER PROJECT IMPORTANT NOTE: You MUST config the game to accept "Newchar.ide" and add the lines to it. If you need help, ping me and I'll post the link to the tutorial, as I add new guys to the game and pray I don't destroy it Without further ado, here it goes: Frank "Frankie" Gallo 2. Anthony "Tony Black" Spoletto 3. Francis "Frankie" Garone 4. Jayvon Simson 5. The Trunchez Brothers (Javier, Jose and Jesús) (GUESS FIGHTER PED, MADE BY DONNITS) 6. Leonid "Lenny" Petrovic 7. Teddy Benavidez and the North Dominican Drug Dealers 8 Sen. "Bobby" Jefferson. 9 The Bulgarin Bratva (V1) 10. Wilbert Wetterer (Packie's Associate) 11. Mori Green 12. Lyle Rivas 13. Faustin Bratva/Mikhail's Loyalists 14. "Big" Pete Marchetti and Marco Bonnero 15. Charles "Charlie M" Matteo 16. The Diamond Dealers 17. Dwayne's "Boys" 18. Liberty Brotherhood of Ballas 19. Bucky Sligo 20. Eduard Borodin 21. The Blackmailers DOWNLOAD LINK (CURRENT VERSION) https://mega.nz/file/9N9G0BCL#BMTrwCM17QL-Ust_ji9Hmo1ZAT32ue_xj79BeuJXsb4
  15. DOWNLOAD Description IV Tweaker is a modloader & limit adjuster utility for Grand Theft Auto IV, now you will no longer have to replace files and worry of the tedium with mod installations & backups. The ease-of-access folder structure and readability leaves any beginner being a master! Installation This is made with stainless IV-SDK steel, meaning you’ll have to downgrade in order to use it. Refer to this guide to get started! (Supported patches: 1080/1070) ⚠ - This also requires an ASI loader, be sure to have xlive or dsound selected during the downgrading process. Modloader Guide Installations are similar to what you're used to already. For example a vehicle would have files such as these within its folder: sultanrs.wft sultanrs.wtd handling.dat vehicles.ide Inside the handling.dat file could look like this. A successful installation of vehicle installation could look like this! Further notes: - Subfolders aren't scanned, everything has to be put directly into the mod's folder - If using content.dat, paths are relative to the mod folder, so writing the full path isn't required - To make a mod only load in specific episodes, create an empty file called "GTAIVOnly" "TLADOnly", "TBoGTOnly", "Ep3Only", etc. in the mod's folder Supported File Types Supported Standard Files Supported Limits
  16. Ash_735

    Ash_735's Workshop

    Welcome to my Workshop, the thing I've put off making for quite some time but NO MORE! This will be my scrapbook area, a place where I can share weird tests and complete ideas that I've carried out. Now, if you've noticed me in the past there is one thing you'll know, and that is that I take quality and original atmosphere intent SERIOUSLY, here you'll find mods that have either been converted, repacked or re-purposed from other Rockstar Games, bringing the best quality from all across the board right back to the PC versions of these games! Maybe you'll also see content by me improving subtle visual effects here and there to? Who knows? I've worked on a lot over the years and I'll be going through old hard drives finding content and seeing what I can bring up to date and make fit for download for all of you to enjoy. Feel free to make suggestions and we'll see what we can do but do. Remastered Mobile GTA3 Background Restored LIPS 106 Updated GInput Textures Remastered Vice City Menu Background Mobile RADAR Map Textures Updated GInput Textures Remade Mission Gradient Texture Mobile RADAR Map Textures Remastered San Andreas Menu Background Updated GInput Textures GTA IV Shared Vehicle Textures Update GTA IV Vehicle Pack 2.0 TLAD Vehicle Pack 2.0 TBOGT Vehicle Pack 2.0 GTA IV CE Higher Res Radio Logos Menu GTA IV CE Higher Res Radio Logos In-Game GTA IV & TBOGT Alternative Police License Plates GTA IV Improved Weapon Spec GTA IV Xbox One/Series S+X Buttons Silent's Blog (game assets/banners/etc) SteamGridDB Uploads GInput (original and converted textures, updated textures) VBDec (logo design, testing, formatting) SkyGfx: PS2, Xbox and Mobile graphics for PC (packaged TXD files) Fusion Fix (logo design) [III-IV] Various GTA Downgraders (logo design) Manhunt Fixer (logo design) Re: Liberty City Stories (various texture contributions) SUPPORT Ko-Fi Cash App
  17. Zolika1351

    [IV] Radio & Weapon Wheel

    Since I couldn't find any radio wheel mods that worked on patch 8 & EFLC 3 (the only one is in V Style and that's .NET which doesn't work on those patches) I decided to make my own. I've been working on it for a few days and now I think it's ready for release. It has a functional radio wheel that shows up by pressing Q (and quickswitches radio if you tap Q) with the radio name, song name and song artist showing up in the center of it. It's mouse only for now (I don't have a controller yet) and the mouse controls are a bit wonky, but after some tweaking it's not too bad. It also supports mobile radio. (though it does conflict with Q for cover just like vanilla V does) I've included an .ini file with a lot of customization options (you can change the radio scale, radio texture scale, timescale when radio wheel is open (this gets disabled if you're in a multiplayer game with 2 or more players), song details font and x&y offset, amount of radios (the default .ini is set up for IV with Jinx's EFLC radio mod installed) and radio textures (I've added support for some predefined custom radio textures if anyone figures out how to add new radios to the game) I've also added a similarly styled weapon wheel with proper ammo and weapon name display. WARNING: MODIFY THE .INI AS IT'S MORE THAN LIKELY THAT YOUR RADIOS AREN'T SET UP EXACTLY LIKE MINE. Do not restart the game while modifying the .ini, it loads changes automatically. Screenshots: DOWNLOAD LINK (2.0)
  18. Shvab

    V odr to IV converter

    Hi. I want to present to you the converter of open structure models (openformats) V to IV. For it to work, you need to specify the path to V ShaderManager.xml in settings.dat. Shaders are added to shaders.dat. It can also convert skinned models with a skeleton*. It renames Otx to dds, so you need to set texture export to dds in the openiv settings. This converter was used in this mod. Download
  19. Grand Theft Auto IV & EFLC Beta Mod this is modification that restores some of the cut and changed content during the development of the game.
  20. Zolika1351

    IV Side-Activities

    Have you ever played through the game and then got bored because there was nothing left to do? This mod brings you fun and unique side-activities that you can play at any time! They aren't story-related in any way, and are mostly 3D era and Saints Row style activities that make zero sense but are fun to play. Made entirely with IV-SDK, compatible with game versions and Side-activity list: DOWNLOAD LINK (v2.8) Changelogs: Known issues: - Blips in taxis will always show as M.P. Tutorial
  21. Shvab

    Liberty Four

    Liberty Four is a simple tool for creating resources for Grand Theft Auto IV. It currently has support for: otd=>wtd(version 8} wdr=>odr(version 110) odr=>wdr(version 110) Usage: drag and drop file onto the exe. Download Modified OFIO support for Xbox and PS is not planned previous releases: v0.1.0.0 v0.1.0.1 v0.1.1.0 v0.2.0.0 The tool is at a very early stage of development, so it has a lot of bugs.
  22. Police Enhancement This script aims to improve some cops related spawning issues, like if you use vehicles other than police2, police, pstockade, fbi, noose, polpatriot, nstockade in cargrp.dat, then blank empty cars would spawn and no cops inside. You can use more cops/vehicles for making a better law for game. There are many options to edit: Weapons - Give whatever guns to cops. Models - There are 35 total slots for cops which are differentiated like [LCPD Cops, NOoSE, FiB, Army]. Vehicles Models - Here you can set which cop model to spawn with which law vehicle. Eg: [m_y_swat(NOoSE Units) can spawn with noose(Vapid NOoSE Cruiser). Even you can set amount of peds you want inside the car(Max peds is 4 if it's a 4-Door Car, 2-Door if Sports car/Truck). Now whenever you have wanted level 4 and above and you are piloting/Boating (Driving Helicopter/Boat) then helicopter will join the pursuit and try to Give you headshots. When you reach 5 Stars of wanted level then an additional helicopter (total of 3 helicopter) will join the pursuit. When 6 stars then total 4 helicopters and police will become aggressive and they will shoot you. Everything is customisable. And note: In the game, every thing except peds/vehicles have been given some IDs you need to use them for assigning weapons to cops. Eg: 0 is used for Unarmed 1 is used for Baseball Bat . . . 57 is Used for AnyWeapon so 58 is used as AddOnWeapon_1 (which is a increased limit in ZolikaPatch) 59 as AddOnWeapon_2 and so on. Thanks. If anyone willing to help me please let me know. This script is a .net script so it requires Scripthookdotnet and Scripthook and Game Patch 4,5,6,7,8 ( Join Discord for more updates : https://discord.gg/Qu5H4bRPMs Download link (Gtainside.com) https://www.gtainside.com/en/gta4/mods/154140-police-enhancement/ (Nexus mods) (Latest) https://www.nexusmods.com/gta4/mods/107
  23. B Dawg

    More Varied Handling

    The purpose of the mod is to make cars within a class more distinct from each other, while also fixing some oddities. Changes: Supercars - Global changes: Higher speed & traction values to differentiate themselves more from Sportscars. SuperGT - Speed & traction values more on par with other Supercars, because such a rare vehicle shouldn't feel on par with Sportscars or slower; Turismo - Highest traction & the best steering, but the slowest in it's class; Infernus - The fastest in it's class, slightly more traction, but suffers from understeer; Comet - No changes apart from just more speed. Sportscars: Sultan RS - Higher speed & traction. Should no longer feel underpowered compared to the Coquette & Banshee. Banshee - For some reason it used to be the best handling car of it's class, rivaling some Supercars. No more! The ABS is gone! Traction's been reduced. But there's something to make up for it: That's right. The Banshee is now a Torque Monster! Should feel much more like an older generation Viper. Coquette - Unchanged. Musclecars: Tampa - Is no longer a copy pasted Sabre GT handling wise. Only change is slightly less traction; Sabre GT - For a Turbo/Supercharged early 70's Muscle car, it was far too grippy. No more. Now it's much closer to it's San Andreas equivalent. Tiny speed boost included to compensate; Dukes - Slightly more power & understeer. Motorcycles: Hellfury - To not be a straight downgrade in comparison to most other motorcycles (less traction with nothing to make up for it), it received a tiny speed boost; Sanchez - A lot more traction, lower speed. Potentially more changes in the future. Download (old) Download (new)
  24. You can now play Mafiya Work without needing other players. Using OpenIV, put the file in common>data>cdimages>script_network.img, launch the game, open the phone, go Multiplayer > Player Match > LAN > Deal Breaker, Hangmans NOOSE, Bomb Da Base 2 and Club Business are planned in the future. Bugs: The match doesn't actually end upon reaching the score limit/when the timer reaches zero. If you are on the latest version of the game, you need a Script.img from an older version of the game to bring back the Multiplayer option on the phone. Download
  25. DOWNLOAD Description Yep you read that right, the one feature everyone has been missing in IV has finally been reintroduced after almost 14 years! This mod adds full underwater mechanics including diving, unrestricted camera, underwater colors and fog, as well as drowning. Swimming underwater is closer to SA than V, with the camera direction rotating the player. The mod has full controller and bindings support, diving underwater is bound to the melee attack key. Powered by IV-SDK, compatible with game versions 1070 & 1080. Known issues - The game's seabed is obviously not made for this mod and includes invisible walls, sudden texture changes and sinkholes, a seabed rework is planned but likely won't be finished anytime soon Preview
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