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Found 10 results

  1. G.C.T.

    GCT's Workshop

    GCT's Workshop Cars from: My released models Classics Annis TrailWilder v.1.0 DOWNLOAD Albany Stretch Vapid Stanier Limited Declasse Rancher XL Schyster Greenwood Vapid Stanier 2Th Gen. Taxi Package Declasse Rancher Sportside Bravado Youga Cargo Van Moderns Vapid Guardian DOWNLOAD Vapid Yankee Box Truck DOWNLOAD Bravado Gauntlet DOWNLOAD Brute Yosemite DOWNLOAD Übermacht Oracle Sport DOWNLOAD Albany Cavalcade 2th Gen. DOWNLOAD Vapid Torrence DOWNLOAD Pegassi Tempesta DOWNLOAD Bravado Youga DOWNLOAD Bravado Buffalo Standard V6 DOWNLOAD Vapid Sandking XL (Stock) DOWNLOAD Declasse Granger 3500LX DOWNLOAD Vapid Executioner V10 DOWNLOAD Gallivanter Baller LE DOWNLOAD Vapid Utility Truck 1 DOWNLOAD Declasse Granger 1500LX DOWNLOAD Cheval Fugitive DOWNLOAD Car Packs Vapid Stanier 2th Gen. Pack DOWNLOAD Real ... My W.I.P list GTA V Bravado Buffalo S Bravado Buffalo S Standard Police Package Declasse Tipper Box truck ('90s Chevy Kodiak) Brute Tipper Dump Truck (old Mack) 50% Brute Yosemite (FDLC) Declasse Rancher XL (FDLC) Declasse LCPD Ranger (Tahoe) 90% Brute Bus Declasse Burrito Cargo Van (90's Express) 80% Declasse Rancher XL and Utility Dante's Peak Pack Dundreary Stretch MTL Pounder (90's International 4700) Vapid Radius 99% '99 Vapid Stanier 2th gen. taxi package 98% Vapid Sandking XL/SWB (Super Duty Civilian, Ambulance, Utility) 50% Vapid Sadler Towtruck 50% GTAIV Bravado Feroci update Brute Pony 80's 10% Mammoth Patriot Stretched Limo Vapid Steed Cargo Van 40% MP3 Annis Sunrise Dinka Chavos 90's '91 Declasse FIB Premier 10% Real Cars 2017 Chevrolet Suburban (Carface) 2% Dodge Diplomat (Carface) 3d Models Vapid Pickup/Ambulance/SUV (80's/90's F-series) 20% Bravado Gresley Classic (90's Durango) Benefactor Schafter (80's - 90's E-Class) Brute Tipper modern (Topkick) Brute Metrobus (RTS) Declasse Burrito Classic Declasse Granger Retro (GR:W GMT400 Suburban) 40% Albany Washington Classic (GR:W 90's Town Car) Vapid Stanier/Portsmouth Classic (80's LTD CV) 1% Declasse Brigham 2% Vapid Interceptor Utility
  2. Jinx.

    Unified Lore - EFLC Vehicles

    Unified Lore - EFLC Vehicles Description Celebrate IV's anniversary the way Rockstar always does with V! This mod intends to add the cars from TLAD and TBoGT as seamless as possible them on streets right where they would spawn in the DLCs... atleast based on the data files, along a few other changes: --!!! NEW !!! The REAL audio from EFLC, thanks to HackBoy and NTAuthority !!! NEW !!! --!!! NEW !!! Included RIL.Budgeted with a tweaked .ini so traffic will be more diverse !!! NEW !!! -the Police Buffalo, Police Bike and the Police Stinger (rarely) now spawn on the streets -the Lost now drive the Diabolus along their IV and TLAD rides -they also drive the Slamvan, while the AoD drive the Gang Burrito -since there is no Uptown Riders in the game, bikes like the Bati will be driven by civilians -the Regina and the Packer2 spawn on streets, where vigero2, respectively packer, spawn. Also, no game breaking bugs! You'll still be able to play bowling with our favourite cousin Roman! Known issues and bugs -you can't do Vigilante and Most Wanted missions in the Police Buffalo and the Police Stinger (probably because they were intended for multiplayer, like they were in EFLC; script needed) -the new Police vehicles don't act when shooting around (script needed for that) -they will still follow you and spawn when having a wanted level, just like the vanilla police cars -Buzzard's miniguns don't work (script needed) -APC's cannon doesn't work (script needed) If you notice more bugs, tell me! !!! NOTE !!!: To have the original sounds, you must have bought and installed EFLC. I can't include the sound archives because they are too big for me to upload. Besides, that would be considered piracy, so I'm not going to risk my luck. Because of this, I made a separate folder with all the data stuff necessary for having those in. You can still use this mod, but you will have the sounds from the first release. If you have bought and installed EFLC, read the ReadMe from that folder. Screenshots Download Link Credits -Rockstar, for IV and EFLC -Jeansowaty and Claude_lib, for helping me with audio stuff and for being generally helpful -fastman92, for his FLA -cp702, for his Traffic Spawner -juarez/HackBoy, for porting the audio scripts from NTA's CitizenIV mod -NTAuthority for CitizenIV work and RIL.Budgeted Have fun ramming peds and characters!
  3. Zolika1351

    IV Fixes & Improvements

    I was pretty disappointed in Rockstar for not providing any fixes for the 10th anniversary, so I decided to fix some bugs myself. I don't have a lot done currently, but I will have more fixes in the future. DOWNLOAD HERE Fixes list: Airport FIA Exit sign collision fixed Roman's Office has the same office door on both sides, and is accessible in Multiplayer Fixed delay in AK47 firing animation, made tapping possible Fixed missing wall in Star Junction ("stairway to nowhere") Fixed exhaust smoke position on the Uranus Fixed broken texture below the Getalife Building Added collision to the debris in a building in Alderney Made the cutscene weapons have the same higher texture resolution as the in-game ones Fixed the very top of the Rotterdam Tower having a hole in it (was already fixed in TBOGT) Fixed a minor texture issue on the top of the Rotterdam Tower GXT fixes: Fixed a typo in Undertaker subtitles Fixed a typo in Truck Hustle subtitles Added Oye to Luis' line in Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend subtitles Planned: More subtitle fixes More texture/map fixes (I'm pretty sure I fixed all of them that I encountered, feel free to tell me if I missed any) Enterable Roman's Office for SP (and changing Roman's mission scripts to spawn you inside) Screenshots
  4. (Japan) GTA Love

    GTAIV&EFLC Character Mods

    GTAIV&EFLC to Character Fixs GTAIV&EFLC 10th Anniversary!! Good Best Story Game RePlaying EveryBody!! Bad News to Cut Songs... Mods Link URL ↓ https://mega.nz/#!UAEUiAzY!revw2c9pYFjL7K9fBbo3RQxmtJsI8ydNPFbwNiQS9o8 Update List Manual Install Only TBOGT No File Fix Not Pedprops File Fix Add Readme GTAIV Characters Johnny Biker to EFLC Clothes Luis to DLC Texture Color(DLC Model to Ingame Model Only) Gracie to Original Gaytony to Original EFLC Texture(Not DLC Model Sorry) Ashley to Original TLAD Texture(Not DLC Model Sorry) Jim Fiz Biker to EFLC Model And Texture Jason Biker to EFLC Model And Texture Bank Death Ped to New Texture (Not DLC Model Sorry) EFLC Characters Johnny Biker to High Texture Luis to DLC Texture Color(DLC Model to Ingame Model Only) Gracie to GTAIV Model Jim Fiz Biker to High Texture Jason Biker to High Texture Roman to High Texture Ashley to High Texture Gay Tony to High Texture Biker Ped to New Model Niko to High Texture TLAD Evan to TBOGT Texture TBOGT Evan to Original Texture (Cutscreen & Ingame Model to Change) Mod to GTAIV&EFLC GTAIV1.0.0.0~ EFLC1.0.0.0~ (OpenIV Install) Mod to All Version Work (Thanks Picture And Movie to Youtuber whatever57010) https://imgur.com/a/TYzPI (This video is not mine, but it shows the difference.) Im GTAIV&EFLC Fixs to DLC Clothes GTAIV Johnny Clothes to Beta Clothes/EFLC Johnny to Final Biker Jacket Clothes Sorry Bad English (Japanese)
  5. Mafia Rage (Mafia 1 port to GTA IV and V) Mafia I to GTA IV and V (Or Lost Heaven in GTA IV and V) is an total conversion mod that ports the content from Mafia I to Grand Theft Auto IV (and V). It will contain the entire map (Lost Heaven, Countryside and the racetrack), vehicle, props*, interiors, objects*, peds and weapons. Also will feature (maybe as add-on) the game stlyle from Mafia 1 like the car handling* and GUI (HUD, Menu and Map style). In addition the mod will split in 2 playable options (will be featured into seperated option). The mod idea orginally came from the last LH to IV conversion by Alber2gt which was discontinued early by its slow progress. Many have wished and requested for an comback so I decided to take Lost Heaven as my first fully map mod conversion. *not planned mainly (note: The V port doesnt have a static plan, which means that we arent sure if the entire content is going to be ported on GTA V) More informations are coming soon. The mod is still in early development and searching for converters and scripters! Topic on Mafiascene Forum Join our Discord server for announcements, direct news and more details about the mod! Lead jaqub Headshots_Ops Map converting jaqub Headshots_Ops Car converting - Ped converting - Helper/Supporters (*testers) spartaque12 ZaKlaus Cukier Firefox3860 thg We appriciate it to help this conversion by joining our team, if you can convert cars and peds or write codes or scripts like on importing for 3ds max and .sco scripts on IV. Mods and Utilities used to make this mod Signature Banner
  6. Zolika1351

    Cunning Stunts IV

    I haven't finished it yet, but I'm converting every cunning stunts model to IV so you can use SNT to build stunt tracks, just like in V. Currently done: Track road models Stunt props Tube props (3.0) Hoardings (no collision for some start line props) DOWNLOAD LINK (3.0) Screenshots: Videos:
  7. Zolika1351

    Cutscene Collisions

    Ever wanted to be able to use cutscene interiors without walking through everything and/or be able to interact with cutscene props? This mod is for you! Currently done: DOWNLOAD LINK Install instructions: Screenshots: Known bugs:
  8. Zolika1351

    Improved Freemode HUD

    I randomly had an idea to do this, and now I finally decided to actually do it. This is a complete replacement of the freemode script. It skips the lobby completely (you can't create games with this, people can't join them) and throws you straight into the game with some initial options like blips and spawn location. This also fixes the stuck in lobby bug when there are too many objects in the server. The chat is improved as well, the position can be changed, the last 11 messages are displayed, and the chat disappears after 3 seconds of no messages being sent (hold TAB to keep chat open at all times) You can also send PMs to people (only the selected person will receive them) The blips are a bit bigger than the original game, and show a car/heli/boat icon depending on if they are in a vehicle or not, GTA Online style. Players will also have a colored arrow above them. Joining notifications are a bit bigger and don't have the info beep sound, but they show if someone is joining as well as when they join in. The scoreboard displays joining and Super Network Ghosts (they will have Joining or Super Network Ghost before their name) The speech button has also been enabled inside vehicles. This mod is for IV, TLAD and TBoGT. (e1_freemode for TLAD, freemode_cr for IV, e2_freemode for TBOGT) 6.0 Changelog: 5.0 Changelog: 4.0 Changelog: 3.0 Changelog: 2.0 Changelog: Screenshots: (ignore Joining/Ghosts at the top of screen, that's from my trainer) DOWNLOAD LINK (6.0)
  9. Wakka387

    Marcus Bellic Mod [TCNY voice to GTA IV]

    This mod replaces a majority of Niko Bellics audio with "Marcus Reed's" voice from True Crime: New York City. With this one, I made sure to fully replace "MOST" of Nikos lines including his "ANGRY" archives. the only ones untouched are the Minigame/Prostitute/GF/Taxi related lines as well as some of the generic insult lines. Everything else is 100% replaced and working ingame. Video: There are some repeated lines, due to working with a limited voice set. but over all it should still be fine... Download link: Here To install - Use OpenIV to replace the files in PC/Audio/SFX/Speech.rpf with the files included in the archive. be sure to make a backup of the speech.rpf archive first
  10. This mod replaces a majority of Niko's voiced lines with those of "Tony Montana" from the 2005/2006 Scarface PC game This is currently a Work In Progress and as such there are some voice files that I have not changed yet, specifically niko's "Angry" lines and some minigame/pain audio... Other than that, everything seems to work fine ingame. Video: Download Link: Alpha 1 [50 MB] To install - Use OpenIV to replace the files in PC/Audio/SFX/Speech.rpf with the files included in the archive. be sure to make a backup of the speech.rpf archive first

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