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  1. This Mod is meant for Last Year GTAIV 10th Anniversary and made some of the characters to capture like the EFLC Special Thanks to (Japan) GTA Love and whatever57010 to inspired it and myself, but i thought a while ago before (Japan) GTA Love made one I already know (Japan) GTA Love made one Original Version, but I just wanted to make one myself just to finish it (well not really, they maybe some bugs or errors I might fix or not). Grand Theft Auto IV Characters Changes Niko Bellic EFLC Skin Paler and Hair (Optional) Johnny Klebitz EFLC Model w
  2. Zolika1351

    [IV] ZolikaPatch

    This plugin has been floating around for a while now but I never actually properly released it, while originally a version of XLivelessAddon that works with GFWL, it now aims to fix & improve various things in GTA IV, such as restoring vehicle shadows in the Booth Tunnel and heli spotlights, removing the mod-only lobby seperation from, fixing VRAM issues on patch 7 and below, and removing the requirement to log into Social Club to play Multiplayer. The name totally not a ripoff of silentpatch that I have wanted to change already but couldn't come up with anything better
  3. Jago

    Mr. Jago's Workshop

    The Cabby GTAGARAGE Beta Claude GTAGARAGE Improved Player Model GTAGARAGE III-Style Forelli ExSess DOWNLOAD | THREAD Vinnie's Warehouse DOWNLOAD | THREAD Improved Jocksport GTAGARAGE Timmy Vermicelli GTAGARAGE Fully Equipped Deluxo DOWNLOAD | THREAD Restored Beta Jacket PREVIEW 1 | THREAD
  4. I had this ambitious idea of combining content of each game to each other since 2016 except I wasn't really experienced enough back then and had crashes any code I changed..... I began working on this project after getting experienced late 2017 and had breaks from time to time till more tools were available that I can continue my work on, not to mention of course the amount of crashes I went through and the frustration and reinstalls but yeah it was definitely worth it The mod was made with the intention of being able to experience the game the same way other with the other dlcs.
  5. Welcome to my workshop. Here you will find all of my released mods. Feel free to discuss any of my older mods. Or, see what's going on right now Check out my YouTube channel! Where I post videos related to GTA SA modding. Currently I have SA car tutorial series and lowriders preview. YouTube Channel The more recent mods are at the bottom. IV vehicles San Andreas vehicles Miscellaneous Resources For modders WIP Project : GTA SA : Lowriders WIP not in order
  6. Sneed


    Now it's a well known fact that the pc port of Grand Theft Auto IV and Episodes From Liberty City is not amongst the most praised piece of technology out there. And it's a shame really, because this game is nothing short of fantastic, and it deserves some love. Hence FusionFix FusionFix is a collaboratory work from members of the modding community with the goal of making the pc port of GTA IV CE a bit less broken. If you want to add your 2 cents to the discussion, head over here https://github.com/GTAmodding/GTAIV-Issues-List/issues Report vanilla ga
  7. B_Smiles

    B_Smile's Workshop

    Oh! Hello! I didn't see you there. Uh, welcome to my workshop! [Whoa, never imagined in a million years I'd be able to say that] Anyway, if you stick around long enough [and I hope you do] you'll find a variety of things I've been making over a period of months. (but you will see the odd conversion [or twenty] and stuff made from scratch, sh*tbashes and other things along those lines) -legal disclaimer- everything released in this workshop may / may not hold the same levels of quality as what you're used to, but what the hey I'm still learning the ropes. The following is created wit
  8. ItsClonkAndre

    ChaosIV Twitch Edition

    ChaosIV Twitch Edition ChaosIV Twitch Edition is an extended version of the original ChaosIV Mod by lempamo. In this version, your twitch viewers can control the chaos by voting for any of the 4 given effects. The effects will always be random except for the fourth one, wich is always a "Random" option. Inspired by the Chaos Mod for GTA V. Download version 0.1 Installation and showcase: https://youtu.be/UM3YG5AMvqQ gtainside: https://www.gtainside.com/gta4/mods/161054-chaosiv-twitch-edition/ GitHub: https://github.com/lempamo/ChaosIV Info:
  9. direct

    direct's Workshop

    direct's Workshop I make SA-style and IV-style vehicles - edited vanilla cars, from scratch or from other games. Decided to open a workshop to release them here. @Crack Yo' Neck and @savidgehelp me with the mods because blender 2.8 doesnt work on my PC. Released vehicles GTA San Andreas GTA IV
  10. Hello everyone, I'm back with another stuff. I came up with this idea when some guys were talking about Modloader and then thought about GTA IV Modloader but no one created a Modloader for GTA IV. Every GTA has a Modloader except our Papa Game. So here I present a Modloader for GTA IV: Feature- There is a mods folder and you can load anything limited to "wdr/wdd/wft/wbd/wbn/TXT/ide/dat/img/RPF" There is an example how I created stuffs. If you wanna disable mod loader then go to game folder/common/data/gta.dat or use ZolikaPatch gta.dat
  11. THE COMPLETE LIBERTY CITY (IV + EFLC MAP MIX) READ BEFORE DOWNLOAD Hi guys, i finally made it, the mod that have every thing and objects of TLAD and TBOGT maps into GTA IV. yes, i know that exist a mod what do that, but honestly that mod is unfinished and full of glitches, this mod only Install the Maps and Other detail of the EFLC that don't have GTA 4. Like the Screen of TBOGT cafe and interiors along with their respective maps. i made to recreate the map of TBOGT and TLAD in the Original game (note: THIS MOD ONLY IS COMPATIBLE WI
  12. Zolika1351

    IV HUD & Radar overhaul

    This mod aims to remake every part of the HUD that uses textures, making them higher resolution but without making any other changes where that's possible. Currently done: 8 radar images Radar circle Blips (512x blips from my remastered blips mod) Some controller buttons 13 radio station icons out of 23 Rockstar Games & Rockstar North logos Planned: Fonts Pause menu radar Pause menu low-res map Weapon icons Title logo Network icons (typing, host, voice, rank, etc.) Issues: No railways on th
  13. ermaccer


    GTAIVHook is a open source plugin for GTA IV which adds a ImGui based menu to the game, accessible at any time with the F1 (currently not configureable) key press. I've made this plugin mostly because I couldn't find anything reliable/modern to spawn stuff for CE version of GTA IV. Features Car Spawner Weapon Spawner Teleporter Installation GTAIVHook requires Ultimate ASI Loader. Place GTAIVHook.asi in any place where UAL can read it (root folder, scripts/plugins).
  14. Tmaster

    Vice City Rage Classic

    Vice City Rage Classic (Beta 4) - Continuation Vice City Rage Beta 3 (But on this time without the HD models & textures and other) (Full classic Vice City Rage) New vehicles, peds, tommy skins, bug fixes and much more.. Support: GTA IV Only Screenshots: OUT NOW Download at: Use Google to find download link, because official web site is unavailable now... __________________________________________________________ Team Credits (Vice City Rage Classic) Tmaster - Project Leader, Lead Programmer, Sc
  15. Police Enhancement This script aims to improve some cops related spawning issues, like if you use vehicles other than police2, police, pstockade, fbi, noose, polpatriot, nstockade in cargrp.dat, then blank empty cars would spawn and no cops inside. You can use more cops/vehicles for making a better law for game. There are many options to edit: Weapons - Give whatever guns to cops. Models - There are 35 total slots for cops which are differentiated like [LCPD Cops, NOoSE, FiB, Army]. Vehicles Models - Here you can set which cop model to
  16. Spartan_112

    Spartan112's Workshop

    Hello everyone! I'm Spartan112 aka EpicBearHunter aka Mikhail Isaev. I'm GTA SA, GTA 4 modmaker from Russia and this is my workshop. I'll try to keep in touch and post all my recent mods here. Some links: https://libertycity.ru/user/Spartan+112/ http://www.gtainside.com/user/Spartan_112 (yes, I want to start modding for GTA 5, but not now, sorry) https://www.gta5-mods.com/users/Spartan%20112 And now, it's time for some content. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
  17. Zolika1351

    Character Switch

    A character switch mod for TBoGT. This is more than your average character switch mod though, as it includes much more than just switching between the 3 characters. It includes the characters' models with every clothing item (also with hats and glasses for Niko), walkstyles, rifle and rpg walkstyles, voices, save/load system with all 3 characters, and individual wanted levels, timecycles, hud colors, health, cash, armor and weapons, clothes shops for all 3 characters, and all weapons from both episodes with working sounds, functional save beds and usable safehouse elevators. You can also
  18. Sweet Bellic

    GTA IV EFLC vehicles added not replaced

    Have you ever wanted to fly the Buzzard or wanted to drive the DLC vehicles in GTA IV now it is possible. Bugs: Screenshots: If you can help me with fixing the vehicle audio problem you will get a credit and big thanks Edit:Audio problem is fixed now. Special thanks Fastman92 For His limit adjuster R* For GTA IV and EFLC Download:soon
  19. NativeUI IV Library (Screenshot of version 0.7) Download Version 0.8.1 ⚠️ A important change was made for version 0.5. Please check the version history for version 0.5. ℹ️ You can download every version of NativeUI IV down below in the version history section. NativeUI IV also available on GTAinside.com Documentation: NativeUI Documentation ℹ️ What is NativeUI? NativeUI IV is a ScriptHookDotNet based library to easily create your own Rockstar-like menus for GTA IV. Menu features Controller support Event-
  20. Since R* is likely going to make us unable to play the official MP anymore, I decided to preserve the entire mode (including the lobby, all gamemodes, the hud, the phone, etc) using CitizenIV so everyone can keep playing to their hearts' content. (as long as there's a CIV server up of course) This modifies CitizenIV directly so you shouldn't join any normal servers with it. I've included a dedicated server with no resources, set up so that only players with this mod installed can join it. Installation: Unzip the archive into your CitizenMP-iV Reloaded folder. Al
  21. BrownieBear

    GTA IV Beta Maverick

    Beta Two-Bladed Maverick Released! Finally though... and yet it's not finished! What a surprise I felt something was missing... well, it wasn't really missing. Instead they were copied and rotated 90 degrees. The second official trailer of GTA IV showed a two-bladed maverick and closed side doors. Also the color patern was different and the helicopter didn't have any texts on it like the Maverick that's in the game today. The beta Maverick is also used as a Weazel News helicopter hovering above a group of fighting people which can be seen with the ingame television or inside the game fil
  22. BrynnaDaRosa

    [IV] Music Tees for Packie + Bonus Suit

    I'll tell you, a cultured man pulls an incredible job as the leader of a heist crew, the first thing he buys with his quarter million is a bright red Comet— what's he gonna do with the rest? Band tees??? Band tees!!! Here's an eclectic mix of culturally important music carefully pasted onto Packie's silly oversized polo shirt, I've been making these to bide my time while i figure out how to get 3DS Max 2017 as long as there's no export solution for the work I've done in Blender. I hope you enjoy them. You can either have fun and change his clothes in a train
  23. Zolika1351

    Cutscene Collisions

    Ever wanted to be able to use cutscene interiors without walking through everything and/or be able to interact with cutscene props? This mod is for you! Currently done: Install instructions: Screenshots: Known bugs: DOWNLOAD LINK (8.0)
  24. B Dawg

    More Varied Handling

    The purpose of the mod is to make cars within a class more distinct from each other, while also fixing some oddities. Changes: Supercars - Global changes: Higher speed & traction values to differentiate themselves more from Sportscars. SuperGT - Speed & traction values more on par with other Supercars, because such a rare vehicle shouldn't feel on par with Sportscars or slower; Turismo - Highest traction & the best steering, but the slowest in it's class; Infernus - The fastest in it's class, slightly more traction, but suffers from understeer;
  25. iriedreadlock23

    Ingame WPL tool

    Did you ever want to be able to quickly add more detail to existing maps in GTA IV, but you don't have 3DS max and textual offline placement tools just weren't good enough for you? Ingame WPL tool (widget) will help you to place thousands of models from GTA IV library into game world, and quickly export all data to WPL binary file. Game will load objects automatically next time you play, even if you remove all script mods! Download here (v 0.20) (find older versions here as well) http://wpleditor.weebly.com/ FEATURES: - User friendly placement tool - Easy to navigate through 3D
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