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  1. ItsClonkAndre

    GTA IV Downgrader

    GTA IV Downgrader This tool allows you to easily downgrade the Steam/RGL Complete Edition ( and up) of GTA IV to either, or! Requirements .NET Framework 4.7.2 (Should be installed on every Windows 10 machine) Windows 11 (Not tested), 10, 8.1, 8 or 7. Works best on Windows 10. Internet Connection Download most recent version GTA IV Downgrader Version 1.8.1 (6,90 MB) (Mirror) Incase you want do downgrade manually, or just need some vanilla files, then you can find every file used by the GTA IV Downgrader here. How to use Download the Downgrader. Extract the downloaded 7zip somewhere on your PC but NOT in your GTA IV folder! Run the Executable file (.exe) and follow the steps. ⚠️ It is recommeded to run the downgrader with admin rights! (Right click on the exe, and click on Run as administrator) ⚠️ Screenshots of version 1.7 Suggestions / Bugs Do you have any suggestions for this tool? Or did you ran into a bug? Write a comment, or join my discord server and ask in #help! Credits Thanks to @Internet Rob for being my QA tester, and also for all of his ideas! Thanks to @catsmackaroo for helping me creating this downgrader and for creating that EPIK logo! Other Links lcpdfr gtainside GitHub Support If you want to support me or this project, you can do that via Patreon, Ko-fi or PayPal. Any support would be greatly appreciated! Changelog
  2. Ah. GTA IV. Love it or hate it, you have to admit that it did a lot of things right. And one of those things was the various pedestrians and citizens of Liberty City. IV is one of the few games that makes you forget that most citizens are copied and pasted, because they're just varied enough to be able to stand up on their own. Anyways, that said, some of the minor characters (mostly targets), due to obvious reasons, are just generic gangster or civilian models, sometimes with a recolor, if they're lucky. Which is why, after learning how to add and replace peds, I've decided to change that. INTRODUCING.... THE GTA IV ENHANCED MINOR CHARACTER PROJECT IMPORTANT NOTE: You MUST config the game to accept "Newchar.ide" and add the lines to it. If you need help, ping me and I'll post the link to the tutorial, as I add new guys to the game and pray I don't destroy it Without further ado, here it goes: Frank "Frankie" Gallo 2. Anthony "Tony Black" Spoletto 3. Francis "Frankie" Garone 4. Jayvon Simson 5. The Trunchez Brothers (Javier, Jose and Jesús) (GUESS FIGHTER PED, MADE BY DONNITS) 6. Leonid "Lenny" Petrovic 7. Teddy Benavidez and the North Dominican Drug Dealers 8 Sen. "Bobby" Jefferson. 9 The Bulgarin Bratva (V1) 10. Wilbert Wetterer (Packie's Associate) 11. Mori Green DOWNLOAD LINK (CURRENT VERSION) https://mega.nz/file/NY0QBDoT#4fC3D5-aoYwgO7MkUFjz9UvfV6QrgV0CWpMR3HbfCbw
  3. ItsClonkAndre


    IV-SDK .NET IV-SDK .NET is a .NET Wrapper created by ItsClonkAndre for the original IV-SDK made by Zolika1351. It allows you to run and create scripts for GTA IV in any .NET language out there. Note: ScriptHookDotNet mods are not supported and need to be ported over to IV-SDK .NET! Requirements GTA IV 1080 or 1070 like IV-SDK does. Other versions are not supported. ASI loader. .NET Framework 4.7.2 (Should be installed on windows 10 version 1803 and up by default) Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable x86 which should already be installed on your PC if you've downgraded your game with the GTA IV Downgrader. DirectX June 2010 SDK which should also already be installed on your PC if you've downgraded your game with the GTA IV Downgrader. Downloads Source Code (Redirects you to the IV-SDK .NET GitHub page) IV-SDK .NET v0.4 (307 KB) IV-SDK .NET Console You can open the console with F4 (default). At the moment there are 10 console command available. Documentation You want to create your own IV-SDK .NET Scripts? Check out the GitHub page for a little documentation on how to do so. Bug Report, Suggestions and Contribution If you find any bugs in IV-SDK .NET, please open up a new Issue on GitHub. If you have any suggestions, you can also open up a new Issue on GitHub but please put [SUGGESTION] in the Issue title! If you want to contribute to this project, you can fork the Project on GitHub and open up a new Pull Request. Support If you want to support me or this project, you can do that via Patreon, Ko-fi or PayPal. Any support would be greatly appreciated! Changelog
  4. Changes: Includes Potential Grim compatible scripts and The Hardcore Lost MC add-on has been updated alongside it. Using OpenIV, drop into TLAD > common > data > cdimages > script.img Download
  5. THE COMPLETE LIBERTY CITY (IV + EFLC MAP MIX) READ BEFORE DOWNLOAD Hi guys, i finally made it, the mod that have every thing and objects of TLAD and TBOGT maps into GTA IV. yes, i know that exist a mod what do that, but honestly that mod is unfinished and full of glitches, this mod only Install the Maps and Other detail of the EFLC that don't have GTA 4. Like the Screen of TBOGT cafe and interiors along with their respective maps. i made to recreate the map of TBOGT and TLAD in the Original game (note: THIS MOD ONLY IS COMPATIBLE WITH THE VERSION and OF THE GAME) consider this mod, a tenth anniversary gift that Rockstar never gave us. another thing is that i don't going to update all characters model because there other one that is already doing that, the mod is: Is made by The YoshiPunch, i recommend you and yes, this mod and the yoshi one are compatibles too Another Note: I recommend you install this mod too much during the start of the game (especially before the Rigged to Blow mission) since bugs can occur on the map, such as bohan's garage or roman's business being restored when it shouldn't and please, make back ups, seriously. there's four part of the mod in which only the first 3 parts are necessary, the last part is only optional but still I offer to put them if you like i test every missions in this game, but you won't have to worry about, the story can be complete normally and without bugs, apart for the FPS glitches in A Revenger Tragedy but that was in the game lmao Link Broker/Dukes and Bohan: https://www.mediafire.com/file/dum1sepdkt1dmgq/ Link Algonquin: https://www.mediafire.com/file/sasghx12iwc1qk1/ Link Alderney: https://www.mediafire.com/file/5b03zvhs6z6y85y/ Link Interiors and Props: http://www.mediafire.com/file/khm11awgs6u4z0f/ Link Optional: http://www.mediafire.com/file/o7upk6dyk2qbng6/ INSTALLATION: copy and paste without CHANGE ANYTHING Note (IMPORTANT TO READ): Having old savefiles with the mod causes bugs and crashes to the game, that's because this mod changes drastically the game, and the old savefile got corrupt, in orden to solve that, YOU MUST DELETE OR REMOVE THE SAVEFILES, after that you'll start the game and a new savegame will be created based on the mod, with this, you can run the game at 100% without any major unexpected glitches. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ NEW UPTADE (ALL PARTS) now you can find more peoples in certain business: Biker gang in their clubhouses Businessman in Algonquin buildings in GTA IV and TBoGT (just like TLAD) and of course, npc scenarios of GTA IV in TLAD and TBoGT no Uptown Riders in Hove Beach NPC (especially the cops) now can enter in the new interiors paths of TBoGT now are adapted in GTA 4 and TLAD fixed the billboards in Algonquin deleted unnecessary files that were not modified but for some reason i added in the mod files ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EFLC or The Complete Edition this part allow you to play this Awesome mod in your GTA IV: The Complete Edition without Crashes or any kind of glitch, also have the Upgrade of GTA IV and EFLC here, installation: Copy and Paste like the rest of the parts, for this mod to work, you will need all GTA IV Parts, however, you can install DLC part in your Retail EFLC if you want Link The Complete Edition: https://www.mediafire.com/file/olnzf29u21qxpq9/file Big Update (all parts): thanks to a mod called: "PC Quality Update made by @nkjellman i realize that TBoGT really downgrade the graphics texture, kinda funny because people considerate TBoGT as a game with "Better Looks" so, not only i fixed that in TBoGT but in TLAD and GTA IV as well, all the lower textures now looks as good as GTA IV, also i changed the lights in Rotterdam tower, now it have the same colors as GTA IV BUGS Founds: BETA (i didn't have time to test the entire storyline, so it can get some bugs i haven't seen) NEWS SCREENSHOTS ADDED BELOW OPTIONAL: This ones are Optional but you need the other three parts: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BROKER/DUKES AND BOHAN --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ALGONQUIN --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ALDERNEY ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ INTERNET CAFE -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NEW BOWL ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------ EFLC --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- There's more that i didn't mentioned but because there are only a small difference, like, the bulgarin house or the Dukes Monoglobe
  6. ThirteenAG


    LATEST RELEASES HERE - http://thirteenag.github.io/p2dfx This post will be updated later.
  7. Zolika1351

    Character Switch

    A character switch mod for TBoGT. This is more than your average character switch mod though, as it includes much more than just switching between the 3 characters. It includes the characters' models with every clothing item (also with hats and glasses for Niko), walkstyles, rifle and rpg walkstyles, voices, save/load system with all 3 characters, and individual wanted levels, timecycles, hud colors, health, cash, armor and weapons, clothes shops for all 3 characters, and all weapons from both episodes with working sounds, functional save beds and usable safehouse elevators. You can also enable AI for the other characters by pressing RCTRL + A then hire them as bodyguards by locking onto them and pressing G, dismiss with H. This mod REPLACES TBoGT and would probably screw up the story if it didn't, so back up your setup2.xml if you want to play the original game. Installation: EFLC: Unpack everything into your EFLC folder. IV + DLC: For this version you need to use this guide to set up a copy with DLCs in it, or this guide to downgrade your existing Steam copy to with the DLCs in it. After that's done, unpack everything into your IV folder. Note that if you have xliveless installed you should delete GFWLProtectionDisabler as that'll most likely crash the game without GFWL. Controls: F10 to save the game LAlt + F1-F3 to change character (F1 - Niko, F2 - Johnny, F3 - Luis) DOWNLOAD LINK FOR EFLC (8.5) DOWNLOAD LINK FOR IV + DLC (9.0)
  8. GTA IV C++ Script Hook Version 0.5.1 BETA (May 28 2010) - Download Version 0.5.1 (Redistributable) - - Mirror - Supports GTAIV and EFLC Released as BETA, not tested extensively, bug reports are welcome (don't PM me with them, just post them in this thread). - Hook for Complete Edition - Adds support for Complete Edition (Steam, Rockstar Games Launcher) - only "aCompleteEditionHook.asi" is required for Script Hook to work Requires Ultimate Asi Loader (dinput8.dll from Ultimate-ASI-Loader.zip) ---- Version 0.5.0 (Apr 16 2010) - Download Version 0.5.0 (Redistributable) - Supports GTAIV and EFLC Please note that 0.4.0 onwards comes with a new License that is different from earlier versions. Make sure you read and understand ScriptHook-License.txt before you make use of ScriptHook.dll. ------------------------------------ Development Info This one is for all you coders out there (hopefully, there's still a lot of you)... This module will let you create a custom script thread in C++ and have GTAIV process it along with its real scripts threads. Additionally, a type-safe manner to access native functions in GTAIV is provided. Currently headers and a compiled dynamic library (DLL) is provided. Some very naive samples are provided as well. This is meant to be a base to build on top of. Feel free to contribute your own samples! - Download Version 0.4.0 (Development Kit) - - Mirror - Please note that 0.4.0 onwards comes with a new License that is different from earlier versions. Make sure you read and understand ScriptHook-License.txt before you make use of the ScriptHook SDK. Developing for the 0.5.0 hook: You can continue to use the 0.4.0 SDK for development, and it is not being updated at this time. An updated DevLoader is available here: - Download 0.5.0 DevLoader - - Download 0.5.1 DevLoader - - Download 0.5.1 DevLoader (Mirror) - Solution/Project files in zip are for VC++ 2008. Please read UpdateGuide.txt if you're upgrading your code to work from an older version of ScriptHook. Whats New in 0.5.1 - Added support for GTAIV and EFLC - Support for invoking undocumented natives by their "new" hash. Whats New in 0.5.0 - Added support for GTAIV and EFLC - Enabled MP on all unranked modes, however your multiplayer session will be isolated from people not using mods. - Fixed bug with text flickering when using ScriptThread/NativeFiberThread - Fixed bug with crashing when going in/out of video editor Whats New in 0.4.0 - Added support for GTAIV 1.0.4 (Patch #5) - New programming model replaces NativeThread and NativeFiberThread with ScriptThread - A lot of performance enhancements, including: ---- Natives are now directly invoked using the native hash and not the name ---- "SpeedyInvoke" which dynamically rewrites parts of your compiled code to prevent repeated lookups of natives (only enabled for Release builds) - Rewrote thread/service loading and now has better detection for when new game sessions start. - Some minor bugs fixed Whats New in 0.3.0 - New extensible services framework providing the following services currently: ---- D3DHook: Direct3D Device Hooking ---- Config: Configuration (ini and xml) ---- KeyboardHook: Keyboard hook to recieve events of key presses ---- Menu: A simple yet effective menu creation framework - New "Speedo" sample demonstrating the use of services - Added DevLoader which is an ASI loader with some development features such as module unload/reload. - Improved thread hooking into the game -- less chances of crashing while hooking now (not that it crashed before). - Added ability to unregister threads that were registered - Added support for starting threads on demand - Changed a lot of non-important log messages from Info to Debug - Few internal bug fixes. Whats New in 0.2.6 - Added support for GTAIV 1.0.4 - Support for Multiplayer when in LAN (any mode), or Online (Freeroam or Party mode only) - Added a fix for world Z calculation for the Teleport sample in SampleCustomFiber Whats New in 0.2.5 - Added support for GTAIV 1.0.3 - ScriptHook is now a DLL that can be updated independently of the mods that use it. - Improved detection/hooking of scripts into the game engine - Fixed invocation of natives that have Vector3* parameter types - Fixed GetGlobalAddress/GetGlobalValue/SetGlobalValue for accessing Global variables - Merged some of the Scripting native contributions back into the source (937 natives now available) - A number of internal bug fixes - ScriptHook is disabled for online play (currently its disabled regardless of which mode you play in or even Live/LAN, but this might change in the future) Credits - listener for some of the REing and natives mapping - Seeman for some of the Natives documentation - Reconsider for being my guinea pig on IRC during early development - HazardX for some cleaned up natives - sjaak327 for a lot of help with testing - All of you guys PMing and emailing me and making me find the time to work on this http://media.gtanet.com/gtaforums/images/html/emoticons/smile.gif - Last but not least, you (yes, you!) for creating (assuming that you will be creating) wonderful mods for this game. Thanks guys!
  9. Ash_735

    Ash_735's Workshop

    Welcome to my Workshop, the thing I've put off making for quite some time but NO MORE! This will be my scrapbook area, a place where I can share weird tests and complete ideas that I've carried out. Now, if you've noticed me in the past there is one thing you'll know, and that is that I take quality and original atmosphere intent SERIOUSLY, here you'll find mods that have either been converted, repacked or re-purposed from other Rockstar Games, bringing the best quality from all across the board right back to the PC versions of these games! Maybe you'll also see content by me improving subtle visual effects here and there to? Who knows? I've worked on a lot over the years and I'll be going through old hard drives finding content and seeing what I can bring up to date and make fit for download for all of you to enjoy. Feel free to make suggestions and we'll see what we can do but do. Remastered Mobile GTA3 Background Restored LIPS 106 Updated GInput Textures Remastered Vice City Menu Background Mobile RADAR Map Textures Updated GInput Textures Remade Mission Gradient Texture Mobile RADAR Map Textures Remastered San Andreas Menu Background Updated GInput Textures GTA IV Shared Vehicle Textures Update GTA IV Vehicle Pack 1.7 TLAD Vehicle Pack 1.2 TBOGT Vehicle Pack 1.2c GTA IV CE Higher Res Radio Logos Menu GTA IV CE Higher Res Radio Logos In-Game GTA IV & TBOGT Alternative Police License Plates GTA IV Improved Weapon Spec GTA IV Xbox One/Series S+X Buttons Silent's Blog (game assets/banners/etc) SteamGridDB Uploads GInput (original and converted textures, updated textures) VBDec (logo design, testing, formatting) SkyGfx: PS2, Xbox and Mobile graphics for PC (packaged TXD files) Fusion Fix (logo design) [III-IV] Various GTA Downgraders (logo design) Manhunt Fixer (logo design) Re: Liberty City Stories (various texture contributions)
  10. It's well known that each episode of the GTA IV trilogy has its own style and direction that differentiates it from the other two, but it's no secret that TBOGT makes the vast difference, being some sort of the odd addition. Overused pink user interface colors, some mediocre soundtrack selections, a disturbing way of showing up the introduced mission scoring stats, you name it. To cut a long story short, this modification revolves around getting TBOGT more in-line with GTA IV and TLAD in general, all while maintaining its sparkle and intended identity. DOWNLOAD: Dropbox, Google Drive Compatible patch versions: / (recommended) & / In order to replace and add the archived files, you'll have to use a file modding tool such as OpenIV. It's extremely recommended to make backup copies for your files before replacing any of them. Going into further detail, this is a list of the adjustments that have been applied so far: User interface colors are now significantly more in-line with GTA IV and TLAD. The radar's purple background has been reverted. Mission score stats no longer show up upon mission completion. The rainbow background of the Drug Wars stats have been replaced with a black version. Electro-Choc radio station has been reverted to its original version from GTA IV, which obviously affects Maisonette 9's mainstream. Separate Electro-Choc songs (which play during cutscenes) have been replaced with alternatives from the radio station's vanilla version. An instrumental version of the pause menu's theme now replaces the song that plays during the skydiving section of the final mission, Departure Time. Rotterdam Tower's lights have been reverted from pink back to the original light blue. PREVIEW SREENSHOTS Complementary modifications highly recommended to install:
  11. Attramet

    Various Fixes

    Various Fixes is a modification for Grand Theft Auto IV and EFLC, purpose of which is fix various kinds of bugs in game. Mod is not limited only on fixes, it also includes improvements and restoration of some things. Fixes list Screenshots DOWNLOAD
  12. SlingShot753

    SlingShot753's Workshop

    Hello everyone! Welcome to my Workshop. Here you will find Skins, Weapons, Clothes and more. Check it out below, and enjoy!
  13. direct

    direct's Workshop

    direct's Workshop I make SA-style and IV-style vehicles - edited vanilla cars and from scratch. Decided to open a workshop to release them here. @Crack Yo' Neck and @savidgehelp me with the mods because blender 2.8 doesnt work on my PC. Released vehicles GTA San Andreas GTA IV
  14. catsmackaroo


    CatCycle is a "simple" timecyc modification for Grand Theft Auto IV, aimed to refresh the experience. Not drifting too far off the original game's feel, this makes the game much more vibrant. From merely creating darker nights, to huge changes such as shifting harsh colors to more soft sensical colors, this mod will definitely generate a unique experience for you. Thanks to: @ItsClonkAndre for coding ExtendedWeather. EditIV for existing. The main thing that triggered me to create this modification was for the fact that the nights are... so bright! Is the moon a sun?! Un-understandable... now nights in Liberty City will leave you peeking over your shoulder... When comparing console reflections to PC, it doesn't make much sense! PC has a lot less reflections, leaving many textures looking like clay. BAD! To combat this, I used the console timecyc as a base, meaning the game will have the reflections restored. The atmosphere is strong in this one! It's hard to explain, but every Rockstar game always has their graphics bordering off reality, and its own world. For example, Foggy or Lightning weathers can often appear as green in the game. Why?! I don't know! But it's cool, as it creates a really dope atmosphere. Plans
  15. Golden Saddle

    Golden Saddle's Workshop

    Hey There! I can't believe actually opened one of these! I am Golden Saddle, I am a Youtuber, My favourite character is (cutscene/cs)grove1 [Not Fam3]. This is a collection of all my mods. I plan on making/releasing mods for San Andreas and Vice City, and possibly V in the future alongside more non beta related GTA IV Mods.
  16. Welcome to my workshop! Here you will find all of my released mods. Feel free to discuss any of my mods or see what I'm working on right now. Check out my YouTube channel! Where I post videos related to GTA modding. Currently I have SA and ongoing IV car tutorial series. Also support me via Patreon! Requests are not accepted. Because I probably won't ever finish the request, if I don't want to make it. Thanks to members of the community for helping me with all of my mods. Notes ( UPDATED ) GTA SA mods are unlocked, you can use any of my mods in your mods/Total conversions, please notify me and give me credit for the mod as well. However, IVF/VehFuncs adaptations are NOT allowed. For GTA IV mods you can only edit my mods with my permission. If there's any bug please use PM or just report in the topic. New and updated mods are added at the top! IV vehicles San Andreas vehicles Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas: Lowriders Miscellaneous Fixes and extra stuffs Resources For modders Retired mods (Mods no longer supported, probably not usable by today's standards, but they do exist) Works in progress (WIP) Not in order Enjoy the mods!
  17. Description: This page is about my GTA IV trainer called "Liberty's Legacy". The main idea of the mod is overall having a trainer with a good looking user interface (UI) and easy/user friendly controls. Also, ever since Rockstar updated GTA IV to include it into their game launcher I have been worried of not being able to use mods on this version. Thankfully, LMS provided a ScriptHook compatibility patch which pretty much solves this issue. However, my initial points lead me into working on this mod. The reason why the title only mentions the latest version of the game is because I haven't tested it on a downgraded version. I'm highly sure that it works on those versions as well though because it is a pure .asi mod based on Aru's ScriptHook. Download Liberty's Legacy v1.8.2 (latest) Installation: Download and install Aru's ScriptHook (this link also provides .NET ScriptHook) Download and install ASI Loader (if this doesn't load the mods for you, you can try out the Ultimate ASI Loader by ThirteenAG) (this only applies to Complete Edition users, latest version Download and install LMS' ScriptHook Compatibility Patch Extract "Liberty's Legacy.asi" and "Liberty's Legacy" folder in to your GTA IV game folder. TIP: By install I mean to extract the necessary files into the game's main folder. This is the folder where the GTA IV executable file (GTAIV.exe) is located at. How to use the trainer: Mouse & keyboard: Open key: F11 Navigation: Arrow UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT Accept option: ENTER Go back: BACKSPACE Controller: Open key: RB + X ----------------- R1 + Square Navigation: D-Pad UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT Accept option: A ------------------ X Go back: B ------------------ Circle Are you a YouTuber? If you want to post a video about this trainer then make sure to credit me in your description. You can copy/paste the following text: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This mod was created by Const96b: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDyOr3PUEMzEBB9aL4XZ3WA Download link: https://gtaforums.com/topic/973091-gta-iv-12043-libertys-legacy-trainer/ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Credits: I would like to thank the GTA IV research community for providing the necessary tools to mod this game. This mod wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for those people. Also, I would like to thank Zolika1351 for helping me load game models bypassing an issue I faced on it. You can support my work by: Following me on Twitter Subscribing to my YouTube channel NOTES: The initial page where this mod was posted is Nexus mods and it can be found here. The reasons why I created this topic were the following: People have been re-posting this trainer without my permission on backup websites. I have also seen videos that provide download links that don't lead to the page where I posted the mod at. So, due to these I have decided to create this topic as this is the most popular platform for content related to GTA. On top of that, people can find here a download link that doesn't require to register in order to access the mod files. P.S.: I don't have much experience with this platform as I don't use it often but I'm willing to give it a second chance and be more active. I'll try to answer any questions related to this trainer as soon as possible. Screenshots: Change logs:
  18. This mod aims to restore all the cut and pre-release content from GTA IV & EFLC beta versions to the final games. My Discord Server: https://discord.com/invite/8BGF4GGSE9 I will be creating every stage of GTA 4 Beta. Downloads: Videos: Screens: Checklist: To do for the next version: If you're good with modelling vehicles, texturing characters, editing the timecycle or writing scripts, you can DM me if you're interested to be in my team. I started working on Carraways. Working on early Niko.
  19. ItsClonkAndre

    Death Music IV

    Death Music IV Death Music IV is a simple mod where when you die, a random music track will be played. There are 6 default death musics included, these 6 are the original ones from GTA IV. ⚠️ ScriptHookDotNet needed! Download Version 1.4 GTAinside: https://www.gtainside.com/gta4/mods/162559-death-music-iv/ GitHub: https://github.com/ClonkAndre/DeathMusicIV Videos Custom Music You can add you own music as well! Just drag & drop any of your .mp3 or .wav file into the DeathMusicIV folder and your music is now implemented! Episode Specific Music You can also add the following prefixes to the beginning of your music filename: gtaiv_*, tbogt_* and tlad_* if you play for example The Lost And Damned, only the files with tlad_ at the beginning will be played. The same applies for GTAIV and TBOGT. If you dont give your file a prefix, then this file is going to be a general file. General files are being played when there are no files with a prefix for the specific episode. * : Any filename. Little Example: Death_1.mp3 - Death_6.mp3 are general files because they have no prefix and can be played in every episode if there are no soundtracks for the specific episode. gtaiv_Death_1.mp3 would be a soundtrack specifically for GTA IV. tlad_Death_1.mp3 would be a soundtrack specifically for The Lost And Damned. tbogt_Death_1.mp3 would be a soundtrack specifically for The Ballad Of Gay Tony. LH_Death_1.mp3 would be a low health specific soundtrack. Ini File Explanation RndSeed : Seed for randomized number generator. Please only enter numbers. Leave blank for random seed. (Default: empty) FadeOut : Fades the music out when you respawn. (Default: true) FadeIn : Fades the music in when you die or are on low health (see: PlayWhenNearDeath). (Default: true) FadingSpeed : How fast the music should fade in milliseconds. Please only enter numbers. (Default: 3000) PlayWhenNearDeath : Music will play if you are NEAR death (low health). (Default: false) ⚠️ Bugged ⚠️ NearDeathHealth : At wich health level should the music start? (Default: 15) Volume : The volume of the music. (Default: 20) Version History 1.4 (Bugfix release) Bugfix 1.3 Added to ability to add low health specific soundtracks with the prefix: LH_ 1.2 Added the option to play death music on low health. 1.1 Added the ability to add episode specific music files. 1.0 Release.
  20. iiCriminnaaL

    [IV/EFLC] The Hardcore Lost MC

    This mod primarily aims to enhance your experience and satisfaction with The Lost MC in The Lost and Damned. The Lost MC bikers re-obtain their hardened, hardcore looks, accents, and overall roots from the main GTA IV. This includes new models for them, with more long hairs and beards, including some grey versions, helmets, dirtier clothes and patches, and more noticeable scars, as well as replacement of some voice lines. The backup bikers participating in the Gang Wars side-mission are now more hardened, and they'll last in battles longer than before, which includes Jim, Terry and Clay as well. Furthermore, The Lost bikers will be seen riding not only the Lycan, but every chopper they pick as a usual ride as well. The Angels of Death MC faced some changes too, but reversely, becoming cleaner and more in shape, as they were in the original game. DOWNLOAD: Dropbox, Google Drive Compatible patch versions: / (recommended) & / In order to replace and add the archived files, you'll have to use a file modding tool such as OpenIV. It's extremely recommended to make backup copies for your files before replacing any of them. Going into further detail, this is a list of the adjustments that have been applied so far: GENERAL APPEARANCES PREVIEW SREENSHOTS Complementary modifications highly recommended to install:
  21. Grand Theft Auto IV & EFLC Beta Mod this is modification that restores some of the cut and changed content during the development of the game.
  22. Internet Rob

    Internet Rob's Workshop

    Internet Rob's Workshop This page is for fans of Grand Theft Auto IV, I hope you enjoy the mods! I also have a YouTube channel focused on the game. Liberty Rush Liberty Rush is my main project - it offers dozens of improvements to traffic, city life, and crime. Project Birds A map mod which adds birds to the sky, a missing feature. They're carefully hand-placed throughout the world. Beaten & Bruised New animations for NPCs to improve and vary reactions to injury. Biker Extreme This is my first ever mod, it's a small but destructive tweak for biking in TLAD and TBOGT.
  23. Jinx.

    Unified Lore

    Unified Lore Description Released again due to popular demand. Now includes DLC support, merged weapons and working APC and Buzzard in all games. Certain weapons will have unique properties depending on the game (like the Grenade Launcher in TBoGT). Only supports patch 7 with merged DLCs as in Tomas' tutorial, but this mod will be dead in the water until CE is supported by all script mods. Once that happens, the mod might or might not work on older patches. No, I won't rerelease the radio mod. Use Tomasak's downgrader and tinker yourself with the right files. The old mod is bugged in certain missions and has no scripted speech. Make sure to install FLA and ZolikaPatch first. Known issues and bugs -phone dialogue is bugged in EFLC (script needed) -DSR1 sniper needs scope aim (script needed) -buggy sounds for certain weapons Screenshots Download Link Credits -Rockstar, for IV and EFLC -Jeansowaty and Claude_lib, for helping me with audio stuff and for being generally helpful -fastman92, for his FLA -Zolika1351, for ZolikaPatch -juarez/HackBoy, for EFLC Audio Loader -B Dawg and C1aude_III for finding out that you can load custom sounds with the DLCs -NTAuthority for CitizenIV work and RIL.Budgeted -FusionFix for the fixed TBoGT vehicles
  24. novatic_

    Mirror Fix

    About This fixes the warped/distorted projection of mirrors on the PC version of GTA IV, this issue usually occurred when the camera was brought close to the mirror. I hex edited an exposed variable inside the mirror.fxc compiled shader and this fixed the mirror projection somehow. No idea what this variable did or stood for ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Installation Contents: mirror.fxc for each win32_30_* folder Supported patches: 1080* and 1040. *The patch 1080 shaders should be compatible with post 1040 patches & the 2020 Complete Edition, but no guarantee for that. Select the folder that matches with your version and paste the contents inside of it into your GTA IV folder. As always, make sure you made a backup of the files you're about to replace. DOWNLOAD Screenshots
  25. B Dawg

    Fixed & Improved FIB

    Since the game's release, the FIB have been broken & poorly configured. Due to faulty code, the FIB would never spawn with alternative head textures (or models if they were added) via wanted level spawns (the issue is not present in missions where they are scripted to appear). On top of that, they were never set to use their voice pack or hats either. This mod fixes these issues while adding some improvements; - Lack of head variation is fixed by swapping the places of the head and badge (suse) meshes (can't believe that worked without causing any issues, cool workaround instead of having to learn to fix the actual game code); - FIB can now talk and wear hats (glasses purposely left disabled because none of the other officers use them either, you can enable them by adding p_eyes to their pedvariations); - The badge is now in higher quality (less artifacted) and consistent with game lore (says ''Federal Investigation Bureau'' instead of ''Federal Bureau of Investigation''); - Pants are now clean (less artifacted); - Extra hat texture variation. Download
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