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  1. ItsClonkAndre

    GTA IV Downgrader

    GTA IV Downgrader This tool allows you to easily downgrade the Steam/RGL Complete Edition ( and up) of GTA IV to either or! There will be 2 versions of this tool, one is the offline downgrader, this downgrader won't download any file from the internet. This downgrader is 1,58GB big because it already includes everything, and because it can't download anything from the internet. And there will be the online downgrader, that version of the downgrader will download files from the internet, and will also update them while you're downgrading your game if they are old. This downgrader will be significantly smaller. Note: This topic is not 100% complete. I will edit this topic over the days. Requirements .NET Framework 4.7.2 (Should be installed on every Windows 10 machine) Windows 10, 8.1, 8 or 7. Works best on Windows 10. Downloads GTA IV Downgrader Version 1.1 Offline (1,58GB) - (Download Hotfix 1) Online Downgrader not available yet How to update the Downgrader to the latest version If there is an update for the Offline Downgrader available but you don't want to download the whole 1,58GB again, then you can just download the new executable file of the downgrader! (This is obviously not the case for the Online Downgrader because it downloads everything from the internet if needed!) This will not always be the case! If major files of the downgrader gets updated, then you've to download the whole 1,58GB again, and you need to delete the old version of the downgrader completely. Screenshots of Version 1.0 Suggestions / Bugs Do you have any suggestions for this tool? Or did you ran into a bug? Write a comment! Credits Thanks to @catsmackaroo for helping me creating this downgrader! Changelog for offline version
  2. iiCriminnaaL

    [IV/EFLC] Responsive Plus

    GTA IV is popular of having some very outstanding and solid gameplay mechanics, especially the driving and gun play. But it's no stranger to many players that, as much advanced as they are, they aren't without their flaws. The primary purpose of this mod is to enhance the overall gameplay experience of GTA IV through adjusting several mechanics and elements that either need to be refined, or could be improved. Essentially, the driving has been made smoother, as well as more responsive and refined, and the gun play has been made more realistic, challenging and intense. Making the gameplay overall smoother, more responsive, realistic and refined, yet challenging and tactical at the same time. Sided by some miscellaneous enhancements here and there. DOWNLOAD: Dropbox, Google Drive Compatible patch versions: / (recommended) & / In order to replace and add the archived files, you'll have to use a file modding tool such as OpenIV. It's extremely recommended to make backup copies for your files before replacing any of them. So, going into more details, these are the changes that have been done so far: Complementary modifications highly recommended to install:
  3. Zolika1351

    IV Side-Activities

    Have you ever played through the game and then got bored because there was nothing left to do? This mod brings you fun and unique side-activities that you can play at any time! They aren't story-related in any way, and are mostly 3D era and Saints Row style activities that make zero sense but are fun to play. Made entirely with IV-SDK, compatible with game versions and Side-activity list: DOWNLOAD LINK (v2.61) Changelogs: Known issues: - Blips in taxis will always show as M.P. Tutorial
  4. Zolika1351

    [IV] ZolikaPatch

    This plugin has been floating around for a while now but I never actually properly released it, while originally a version of XLivelessAddon that works with GFWL, it now aims to fix & improve various things in GTA IV, such as restoring vehicle shadows in the Booth Tunnel and heli spotlights, removing the mod-only lobby seperation from, fixing VRAM issues on patch 7 and below, and removing the requirement to log into Social Club to play Multiplayer. The name totally not a ripoff of silentpatch that I have wanted to change already but couldn't come up with anything better Changes/options: Remove Social Club login requirement so you can play MP even if you skip login on patch 4 and below, or use Play Offline on patch 7 Ability to use a (non-SecuROM as that checks the name outside of IV) launcher renamed to PlayGTAIV so you can launch patch 7 or 8 through Steam Remove mod checks from to allow you to see and join lobbies Remove mod checks from to allow you to access Multiplayer Skip intro & menu Fix mouse deadzone Remove pausing if the game window's not in focus Borderless windowed mode Fix for VRAM issues above 2GB on patch 7 and below Remove "update or sign out of LIVE" popup for GFWL when running patch 5 and below, making Multiplayer possible on all pre-patch 6 versions Reduced loading times and stuttering (might not be too noticeable though) Fixed VSync locking to a lower FPS than your refresh rate on Patch 7 and below Disable remote teleporting and remote weapon removal in MP Make SuperLOD usable as a ped model Remove GFWL savegame CRC check Fix kickbug because of PCIDs matching Fixed Group Hack and Freeze Gun crashes Fixed Blackscreen crash (one of the ones that Modna has) Removed signature check from .sco files Increase PtrNode limit to prevent random crashing with a lot of objects spawned Fixed scratches and bullet holes not appearing on certain TBoGT or modded cars Fixed standing still animation for bikes during a phone call (patch 5 and up only) Removed limit of 4 liveries for cars Support for all APC features, explosive shotgun and explosive sniper for IV and TLAD Removed gradual light intensity change for lampposts and building windows, instead instantly toggling along with their actual light source at 6:45 and 19:15 Added a vehicles.ide flag for Hakumai's popup headlights (+popuplights) Added customizable popup headlight open angle Fixed random crash when flying planes Increase car models limit from 205 to 1024 Fix certain instances of SMPA60 Option to remove IV's error messages so one can get actual crash dumps instead (or have the game continue running if it was a non-fatal error) Fixed crash message/crash character crash method (one of the ones that Modna has) Re-enable car shadows in Booth Tunnel, helicopter spotlights and lampposts Fixed reverse lights being cast in the middle of the car's hood Fixed some objects (e.g. bollards) not casting shadows Option to force all lights to cast shadows (e.g. hotdog stands, some of the Booth Tunnel lights) Remove static car shadows from all cars Enable night shadows for buildings and other static objects Remove the draw distance from static vehicle shadows Make both car headlights have individual lights instead of one combined one More accurate MP sync when players are far away Fix crash when another player switches off Niko Potential performance boost by removing leftover nonfunctional debug code (patch 4, 7 & 8 only) TLAD-exclusive foot position fix for chopper bikes added for all episodes (patch 5+) Reflections reflecting all map objects at full quality (including objects such as benches, street lamps, etc.) Fade-in for buildings when they change LOD in (patches below that already had it) Fixed game speeding up over 300FPS Fixed bikes sliding more easily above ~80FPS Fixed crash when another player switches to a non-ped playermodel Fixed crash when another player spawns a car with a different than normal vehicle type Increase WTD limit from 6000 to 10000 Increase weapon limit from 60 to 256 (WeaponInfo.xml strings for the additional weapons: ADDONWEAPON_(number)) Override the path gta.dat is loaded from to quickly change between modded and non-modded files Fixed crash on versions older than patch 8 when exiting benchmark Load DLCs from either DLC/dlcname/content or game root (like EFLC) Allow entering raw hashes into .ide files if you add "hash:" before the hash (in unsigned decimal) to get around the character limit in .ide entries Added a vehicles.ide flag for police sirens (+siren) Fixed freeze after completing Concrete Jungle with EFLC radio stations Fixed crash switching episodes mid-game Support for rotating steeringwheel bone (example car) Decrease loading times to San Andreas levels Use droppipebomb_icon for pipe bomb in base IV Reimplemented the game's memory allocator reducing RAM usage, allowing for higher game limits with limit adjusters and eliminating SMPA errors Fixed driveby shots not hitting the center of the crosshair when high above ground level (e.g. on top of Algonquin buildings) Full plane parts support, with moving ailerons, rudders, elevators and propellers Support for engineblock part of cars that support it, making them shake like they do in V Fixed vehicles freezing mid-stop Supported versions: (both downgraded from Steam and the original depot) Other patches aren't fully supported but most features should work (Except on Steam/RGL CE. Nothing works on Steam/RGL CE.) DOWNLOAD HERE (V6.9.2)
  5. DayL

    iCEnhancer 3.0 Natural by DayL

    iCEnhancer 3.0 Natural by DayL Videos: Screenshots (1080p, 1440p and 4K) : Flickr album Download: Download here Join our Discord community for free early access updates and more: Link Description: This mod aims to make GTA IV more natural, less dark and more vibrant. My inspiration was the never released Icenhancer C by Icelaglace. I spent about 350 hours to make this mod. This mod was developed for GTA IV patch but later I decided to add compatibility to patch and also to EFLC. A lot of thanks to BisonSales and Icelaglace who helped me with some issues I had. Also thanks to Icelaglace again for his great Icenhancer 3.0 graphic mod. Without his mod this modified Icenhancer 3.0 version wouldn't be possible obviously. Big thanks goes to donnits who helped me to make iCEnhancer 3.0 compatible for patch and EFLC. About and EFLC version: It's not same as polished and beautiful like the version but it works fine which was my only goal here so please don't complain when your game doesn't look same as good as on my shown screenshots. Foggy and lighting weather are both different in visuals compared to the version but other weathers are almost identical. I still strongly recommend to use the version if you want the best visuals. Screenshots using iCEnhancer 3.0 Natural (v1.5) with patch See here Updates: I would recommend to keep revisiting this mod page sometimes to check for mod updates. I will keep try to improve this mod. You can see any update changes here in the description. Update changes: (August 2019) 1.0: -First mod release (August 2019) 1.0.1: -Updated "Readme.txt" file -More recommended mods added -Disabled Rays by default if not using Project 2DFX -Added enbseries.ini with enabled Rays which is needed for Project 2DFX (September 2019) 1.0.5: -Improved sky colors for extra sunny and sunny weather -Improved Clouds for sunny and sunny windy weather -Added more distance fog for extra sunny, sunny and cloudy weather -Added more optionals (They are really worth to check out!) -Added ingame screenshots for all optinals -Added more recommended mods (September 2019) 1.1: -Completely new sunny windy weather for all daytimes (6am-7pm) -Improved 7pm sun and sky colors for extrasunny, sunny and sunny windy weathers -Improved 7-9am sky colors for extra sunny, sunny and sunny windy weathers -Improved 12am and 6pm sky colors for extra sunny and sunny weathers -Improved lighting strength and colors for extra sunny and sunny weathers for all daytimes (6am-7pm) -Slightly improved clouds for sunny weather -Added better burnt out vehicle texture for "HD Vehicle Textures" inside optionals folder (December 2019) 1.2: -Less saturated and more natural sky colors for sunny and extra sunny weather -Improved 7am, 9am, 6pm, 7pm top sky and azimuth colors for sunny, extra sunny and sunny windy weather -Fog added at 6am for sunny, extra sunny and sunny windy weather -Slightly fog added at 8pm, 9pm and all night times for sunny, extra sunny, sunny windy and cloudy weather -Foggy weather got reduced fog and more fog saturation for better athmosphere at midday -Tweaked fog settings for thunder weather -Slightly more distance fog added for sunny, extra sunny, sunny windy, and cloudy weather -Slightly reduced direct color lighting for 7pm and 7am sunny, extra sunny and sunny windy weather -Reduced far distance gamma for 7pm and 7am sunny, extra sunny and sunny windy weather -Reduced vehicle glass reflections for more naturalism -Slightly improved vehicle reflections for taxis and modern vehicles (December 2019) 1.2 (Hotfix): -Replaced "Doge" meme moon texture from Icelaglace with a better high resolution moon texture. (I didn't noticed it until now lol) -Disabled lightsprite rays by default again from enbseries.ini for users who don't use Project 2DFX. Lightsprite rays are only required to make Project 2DFX work with ENB. (January 2020) 1.3: -New drizzle weather with slightly rain and a bit sunlight that cast soft and natural shadows -Reduced top sky saturation at daytime for extra sunny, sunny and sunny windy weather -Adjusted sky brightness at 7am and 8am for extra sunny, sunny and sunny windy weather -Improved sky colors at 9am for extra sunny, sunny and sunny windy weather -Improved sky colors at 7pm for extra sunny, sunny and sunny windy weather -Slightly reduced sky brightness at night for all weathers -Removed shadows from moonlighting to fix vehicle shadow issues at night (other lights will still cast shadows at night) -Darker clouds at 7am, 7pm and 8pm for sunny and sunny windy weather -Improved sun at 7pm for extra sunny, sunny and sunny windy weather -Improved distance fog color for extra sunny, sunny and sunny windy weather -Improved ambient colors at 6am for extra sunny, sunny and sunny windy weather -Reduced reflections for Algonquins Middle Park entrance and arpartment -More improvements (I can't remember all lol) (February 2020) 1.35: -Reduced bottom sky color height at 9am, 12am and 6pm for extra sunny and sunny weather -Improved bottom sky colors at 7am for extra sunny, sunnny windy and sunny weather -Improved ambient colors at 6am and 12am for extra sunny, sunny windy and sunny weather -Improved sky colors at 6am for extra sunny, sunny windy and sunny weather -Improved ambient colors at 6pm and 7pm for cloudy weather -Slightly reduced lighting strenght and lighting saturation at 7pm for extra sunny, sunny windy and sunny weather -Slightly cloud improvements 6am and 7am for sunny and sunny windy -Reduced lighting saturation at 7am -Reduced adaptation brightness -Slightly more tree ambient amount -Small AO changes -Brighter street lights at night -Brighter vehicle lights at night -Optinal commandline added for graphic memory issues and more -Other minor changes (March 2020) 1.35 (Hotfix): -Tweaked color power -AO settings restored to default iCE 3.0 to fix dark models and interior AO -Skylighting ambient changes (April 2020) 1.4: -Improved sky settings inside enbseries.ini -Reduced chrome reflection intensity on vehicles -Tweaked vehicle specular, vehicle glass specular and wheel specular intensity -Slightly reduced direct lighting at night -Tweaked skylightning ambient settings -Improved sky settings at 6am,7am,9am,12am and 7pm for extra sunny, sunny and sunny windy weather -Adjusted direct color intensity at 12am for extra sunny, sunny and sunny windy weather -Reduced CloudsEdgeIntensity to make clouds more "fluffy" -Many other small improvements have been made (June 2020) 1.45: -Reduced adaptation for less horizon brightness and sky saturation in shadowed areas -Reduced direct lighting at daytime for extra sunny and sunny -Reduced vegetation reflections -Small ambient brightness and color changes for several times and weathers -Fog color changes at 6am, 7am, 9am, 6pm, 7pm and 8pm for foggy weather (June 2020) 1.5: -Decreased midday top sky color for extra sunny, sunny and sunny windy weather -More contrast added for better image depth -Slightly more bloom added for better sun effects -Smaller ambient changes to fit new contrast tweaks -Areas without lights at night are brighter now -Tweaked top sky color at 6am, 7pm and 8pm for extra sunny, sunny and sunny windy weather -Increased global reflections for sunrise, night and sunset times for several weathers for better vehicle reflections -Tweaked sky horizon colors and brightness at 7pm for extra sunny, sunny, sunny windy and drizzle weather -More clouds and less direct lighting intensity for sunny windy weather -Tweaked clouds at 6am, 7am, 7pm and 8pm for sunny and sunny windy weather -Changed water color at cloudy, rainy and drizzle weather to a more greenish tone for more realism -Added clean water option in "Optionals" if you don't like new water changes -Compatibility added to patch and EFLC (Big thanks to donnits) -Many more smaller improvements (August 2020) 1.6: -Slightly tweaked midday top sky color for extra sunny and sunny weather -Increased direct lighting intensity for midday and 6pm for extra sunny and sunny weather -Tweaked top sky color at 8pm for extra sunny, sunny and sunny windy weather -Less blue top sky color at 9am, 10am and 11am for extra sunny, sunny and sunny windy weather -Improved sky and horizon colors at 7am for extra sunny, sunny and sunny windy weather -More colorful direct lighting color at 7am for extra sunny, sunny and sunny windy weather -Slightly more colorful direct lighting color at 6pm for extra sunny and sunny weather -Slightly increased global reflection at 7am -Improved tree settings inside enbseries.ini -Increased building light intensity at night -Overhauled ambient colors at night (from 9pm-5am) for all weathers -Improved street light colors at night (from 9pm-5am) -Small fog changes for rainy weather -Improved moon settings -Improved sun settings for all sunny weathers -Many more smaller improvements -Removed clean water optional (August 2020) 1.6 Hotfix: -Improved vehicle reflections for patch 7/8 and EFLC (October 2020) 1.7: -Improved clouds at 6am, 7am, 7pm, 8pm and 9pm for sunny and sunny windy weather -Improved sky and azimuth colors at 7am, 9am and 7pm for extra sunny, sunny and sunny windy weather -Slightly more blueish top sky color at 12am for extra sunny and sunny weather -Improved sky settings inside enbseries.ini -Improved sun colors at 7am, 6pm, 7pm and 8pm for extra sunny, sunny and sunny windy weather -Slightly increased building lights for more light pollution at night -Slightly reduced vehicle front light intensity -Improved fog colors at 6pm, 7pm, 8pm and 9pm for foggy and lightning weather -Slightly increased bloom -Improved Taxi and Police vehicle reflections + added carcols.dat for better colors/brightness -Improved transition between 5am and 6am extra sunny, sunny and sunny windy weather -Ambient color changes at 7pm and 8pm for cloudy, drizzle, rainy and lightning weather -Slightly increased ambient color intensity at midnight for almost all weathers -Improved sky color at 9pm and 10pm for rainy, drizzle and lightning weather -Improved night sky colors for all weathers -More small improvements (February 2021) 1.8: -Improved distance fog at midday for extra sunny, sunny and sunny windy weathers (Patch 4 only) -Improved direct lighting color at 7am for extra sunny, sunny and sunny windy weathers -Increased ambient color multiplier for brighter shadows at all day times for extra sunny, sunny and sunny windy weathers -Fixed black characters in cutscenes issue -Improved AO settings -New corona lightsprite texture added -Other small improvements (March 2021) 1.8 Hotfix: -Improved direct lighting color at 7am for extra sunny, sunny and sunny windy weathers -Improved Readme with new helpful informations for troubleshooting -Removed Taxi and Police vehicle color change optional because it's not necessary anymore -ZolikaPatch link added to Recommended Mods folder (July 2021) 1.9: -Improved fog for patch 7/8/EFLC/CompleteEdition (Image isn't too clean anymore. Improves distance visual quality a lot) -Improved vehicle reflections to make vehicles more shiny and reflections less blurry -Improved direct lighting color and brightness at midday and 7pm for extra sunny and sunny weathers (Patch 4 only) -Improved fog colors at 9pm, 10pm, midnight and 5am for foggy, rainy, drizzle and lighting weathers (Patch 4 only) -Slightly darker top fog color to make image cleaner at midday for extra sunny and sunny weathers (Patch 4 only) -Slightly decreased bloom intensity (Patch 4 only) -Increased fog distance at 8pm, 9pm, 10pm, midnight and 5am for foggy weather (Patch 4 only) -Tweaked sky color/brightness at 9pm, 10pm, midnight, 5am and 6am for all weathers -Tweaked sun color at 5am for extra sunny, sunny and sunny windy weathers -Improved ambient colors at 9pm, 10pm, midnight and 5am for all weathers -Slightly tweaked top sky and horizon sky colors at midday and 6pm for extra sunny, sunny and sunny windy weathers -Tweaked ambient multiplier (Shadow brightness) at 9am and 6pm for extra sunny, sunny and sunny windy weathers -Full compatibility with RevIVe vegetation (They were shiny at certain time/weather presets with old settings) -Slightly improved direct lighting color at 7am for extra sunny and sunny weathers -Slightly increased fog distance at midday for extra sunny and sunny weathers -Liberty City Textures Volume 1 added to recommended mods folder -Default patch, and latest version (Complete Edition) shaders added to optionals folder -DXVK config files added for DXVK compatibility -More small improvements and fixes Contact: -Discord: https://discord.gg/m96EEx2uR6 -Youtube: www.youtube.com/user/falcogray -Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/officaldayl
  6. ElYisusKing

    Liberty City Colorful

    You guys are tired of how looks Liberty City in Grand Theft Auto IV ? with dead colors, Orange Saturation or unnecessary Purple Vibes with no sun light ? well this mod is for you, since this mod increase the Original Colors of GTA IV without purple thing or Yellow everywhere making look Johnny with a serious vision problem, and unless "CleanIV/Fixed Colors" Mod, this mod respect the actual colors, that mod like me so much... however there was something that don't make it feel right is since in that mod certain Weather and Time Hours have some colors Change that make it too weird, one example is Sunny 3 PM, it was filled with some Light Saturation with a White Purple vibe, and a weather that changed too much is Sunny Windy, however, this mod only increase the saturation, GTA IV it's not so gray like some people thinks, it's only because it lacks of Saturation that make the colours so dead, i used the Original GTA IV Timecyc because GTA IV have neutral colors unless TBOGT timecyc that was filled with Purple, much purple and with reduced sun light and even if it looks colorful, it also have some gray sh*t, it's the same as GTA IV but with purple. I also tried to balance the saturation depending of the Weather and the Time Hours, there's some hours that have less saturation that others like the afternoon or the night but also some weathers that have even more saturation like Cloudy, Foggy, etc. (especially Cloudy, that's the most colorless grayrest dead colors in all the weathers). Only Timecyc, no ENB, no graphics mod, no FPS drop Note if you are playing TLAD or TBOGT, i recommend you to remove those file: PlayerSettingsLight.dat (TLAD) and VisualSetting.dat (TBOGT) Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/35fn61fyfo6lxu5/Liberty_City_Colorful.rar/file Little Update: i decrease i little bit the saturation of Extra Sunny 7 AM and Midday, since that weather alredy have strong colors, but not so much. Screenshots: Extra Sunny: Sunny: Sunny Windy: Cloudy: Rain: Drizzle: Foggy: Lightning:
  7. This Mod is meant for Last Year GTAIV 10th Anniversary and made some of the characters to capture like the EFLC Special Thanks to (Japan) GTA Love and whatever57010 to inspired it and myself, but i thought a while ago before (Japan) GTA Love made one I already know (Japan) GTA Love made one Original Version, but I just wanted to make one myself just to finish it (well not really, they maybe some bugs or errors I might fix or not). Grand Theft Auto IV Characters Changes Niko Bellic EFLC Skin Paler and Hair (Optional) Johnny Klebitz EFLC Model with his Vice President, President Texture and Eye Colors to match form GTAV Luis Lopez TBOGT Design (Re-asset form Luis's GTAIV Cutscene Bones) Roman Bellic's Unused Hair Mesh Restored for In-Game Ped Model Ray Boccino EFLC Model Ray Bulgarin TBOGT Head and Texture on Original GTAIV Model (Re-asset form Bulgarin's GTAIV Cutscene Bones) Gay Tony Prince TBOGT Head and Jacket on Original GTAIV Model (Re-asset form Tony's GTAIV Cutscene Bones) Eugene Reaper TBOGT Model in "Three Leaf Clover" Mission Cutscene (Using In-Game Ped Model Bones) Ashley Butler EFLC Model with her Eye Colors to match form GTAV (Re-asset form Ashley's GTAIV Cutscene Bones, but her hair not animated) Jason Michaels EFLC Model Recreate The Cook's Original XBOX360 and PS3 Head in High Texture Elizabeta Torres TLAD Textures (Optional) Gracie Ancelotti TBOGT Model and Original GTAIV Model (Optional) Jim Fitzgerald TLAD Model (Only Works for GTAIV and EFLC Seperate Version, cause it will overwrite the Beta Jim Model in One Mission "Collector's Item") TLAD Jim and Beta Jim appears in No Way on Subway Roman's Russian Kidnappers in TLAD appears mission "Hostile Negotiation" Some Missing Asset for In-Game to match from Cutscene Some Fixed Texture Cutscene and In-Game Characters Some High Texture Cutscene and In-Game Characters Episode form Liberty City TLAD Characters Changes Niko Original Textures Niko Original GTAIV Head and Hair Textures (Optional) Johnny Klebitz EFLC Model with his Eye Colors to match form GTAV Luis Lopez TBOGT Design (Re-asset form Luis's GTAIV Cutscene Bones) Gay Tony Prince TBOGT Head and Jacket on Original GTAIV Model (Re-asset form Tony's GTAIV Cutscene Bones) Roman Bellic's Unused Hair Mesh Restored for In-Game Ped Model Triad 1 TBOGT Model appear in "The Sh*t's Cursed" Mission Cutscene Ashley Butler EFLC Model with her Eye Colors to match form GTAV Recreate The Cook's Original XBOX360 and PS3 Head in High Texture Evan Moss TBOGT Textures and Original TLAD Textures with TBOGT Head Damage Texture (Optional) Some Missing Asset for In-Game to match from Cutscene Some Fixed Texture Cutscene and In-Game Characters Some High Texture Cutscene and In-Game Characters TBOGT Characters Changes Niko Original Textures Niko Original GTAIV Head and Hair Textures (Optional) Johnny Klebitz President Texture with his Eye Colors to match form GTAV Brucie Kibbutz Original GTAIV Skin Paler Texture and Head on TBOGT Model. Evan Moss TBOGT Textures and Original TLAD Textures with TBOGT Head Damage Texture (Optional) Gracie Ancelotti Orignal GTAIV Model and TBOGT Model (Optional) Some Missing Asset for In-Game to match from Cutscene Some Fixed Texture Cutscene and In-Game Characters Some High Texture Cutscene and In-Game Characters OpenIV Required to Installed it Mod Link Download (Available) This is my first mod and it took me 18 months. Comparison Johnny Klebitz EFLC Model on GTAIV Mission Cutscenes "Blow Your Cover" and "Museum Piece" and his eye color is now brown to match like in GTAV for GTAIV and EFLC. Luis Lopez and Gay Tony TBOGT Design on GTAIV and TLAD Mission Cutscene "Diamonds in the Rough" and "Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend" and Luis form "Three Leaf Clover" & "Collector's Item/Museum Piece". Elizabeta Torres TLAD Textures on GTAIV. (Optional) Ashley Butler EFLC Model in GTAIV Mission Cutscence 'Taking in the Trash" and her eye color is blue to match like in GTAV for GTAIV and TLAD. Ray Bulgarin's TBOGT Head on the Original GTAIV Model. Jim Fitzgerald TLAD Design Only for GTAIV. (Optional) (Don't used it in The Complete Edition and EFLC cause it would replaced the GTAIV Jim model then you would see Two Clones of TLAD Version Jim in One Mission "Collector's Item" So use the "No Way from Subway" Script in Jim Fitz and Roman Kidnapper Folder to see GTAIV Jim and TLAD Jim together) Gracie Ancelotti TBOGT Model on GTAIV. (Optional) Gracie Ancelotti GTAIV Model on TBOGT. (Optional) Evan Moss TBOGT Texture on TLAD and TLAD Version with TBOGT Head Texture. (Optional) Evan Moss TLAD Texture on TBOGT. (Optional) Triad 1 TBOGT Design on TLAD Mission "The Sh*t's Cursed" Cutscene. Eugene Reaper TBOGT Design on GTAIV Mission in "Three Leaf Clover" Cutscene. Jason Michaels TLAD Model on GTAIV Mission "No Love Lost" Cutscene. The Cook Restored PS3 and XBOX360 on GTAIV and TLAD. Ray Boccino's Casual Jacket on GTAIV Mission Cutscene "Harboring the Grudge". (Optional) Ray Boccino's TLAD Pants Textures on GTAIV. "No Way on the Subway" Mission. (OPTIONAL) "Hostile Negotiation" Mission. (OPTIONAL) (I know The Kidnapper Pointing and Holding at Roman is out of sync because his model is so tall) Dardan's Shirt to match like his "Bleed Out" Mission. Brucie GTAIV Head for TBOGT. (Originally It's Supposed to Brucie TBOGT Head for GTAIV, Sadly GTAIV version of his head glitch up when I export him for some reason, When you see in the cutscene his cheek mouth, eyeball, eyelid, forehead they control like mouth, It didn't happen on OpenIV, but only did happen in game, The only thing didn't happen was his in-game model. I try to fixed it but nothing happened, so there's no other chose.) Restored Niko's Original PS3 and XBOX360 Open Suit Tuxedo, Pant and Shoe as shown in TLAD and TBOGT that Rockstar Games didn't do for the DLC. (Optional) Dmitri Fixed In-Game Model. Manny, Mori, Vladmir and Hossan Hair Added for their In-game to matched like the Cutscene. Oyvey's Misaligned Hat Fixed Evan and Tony wear earrings for their In-Game Model. Billy Grey Scar Face in Prisoner Suit (Edited) Brucie In-Game Correct Wedding Shoes to match the Cutscene from "Mr. and Mrs. Bellic". Jimmy Pegorino's Head Ingame redesign to match like cutscene version. (attempt, meaning i'm not sure it looks right as i try look resemble to his Cutscene Version.) Restored Roman’s Unused Hair Mesh for In-Game Model in GTAIV and TLAD to match form the cutscenes Thanks to Jeansowaty for letting me know. Fixed Textures Video by whatever57010 for the comparison (Sorry for my English, I'm just not very good at typing) Compatible Version, and only, will not work on newer version (not sure) and the old version like WARNING If anyone saw my mod on libertycity.net or anywhere else I did not uploaded, it was upload by someone who didn't asked my permission.
  8. Zolika1351

    IV HUD & Radar overhaul

    This mod aims to remake every part of the HUD that uses textures, making them higher resolution but without making any other changes where that's possible. Currently done: 8 radar images Radar circle Blips (512x blips from my remastered blips mod) Some controller buttons 13 radio station icons out of 23 Rockstar Games & Rockstar North logos Planned: Fonts Pause menu radar Pause menu low-res map Weapon icons Title logo Network icons (typing, host, voice, rank, etc.) Issues: No railways on the radar images (I can't figure out how to make them look good yet, I'll add them when I can) Changelog: 1.5 Added some controller buttons Fixed memory issue with radar images 1.6 Added 2 new radar images 1.7 Fixed Outlook Park radar Added 1 new radar image Added HD blip for fire station 2.0 Added HD radio station icons Added HD R* Games and R* North logos 2.5 Fixed border color of some radio stations Added HD colored radio station icons Added icons for Self-Actualization, The Beat, Electro-Choc and The Journey Screenshots: Installation: DOWNLOAD LINK (2.5)
  9. Description: This page is about my GTA IV trainer called "Liberty's Legacy". The main idea of the mod is overall having a trainer with a good looking user interface (UI) and easy/user friendly controls. Also, ever since Rockstar updated GTA IV to include it into their game launcher I have been worried of not being able to use mods on this version. Thankfully, LMS provided a ScriptHook compatibility patch which pretty much solves this issue. However, my initial points lead me into working on this mod. The reason why the title only mentions the latest version of the game is because I haven't tested it on a downgraded version. I'm highly sure that it works on those versions as well though because it is a pure .asi mod based on Aru's ScriptHook. Download Liberty's Legacy v1.6 (latest) Installation: Download and install Aru's ScriptHook (this link also provides .NET ScriptHook) Download and install ASI Loader (if this doesn't load the mods for you, you can try out the Ultimate ASI Loader by ThirteenAG) (this only applies to Complete Edition users, latest version Download and install LMS' ScriptHook Compatibility Patch Extract "Liberty's Legacy.asi" and "Liberty's Legacy" folder in to your GTA IV game folder. TIP: By install I mean to extract the necessary files into the game's main folder. This is the folder where the GTA IV executable file (GTAIV.exe) is located at. How to use the trainer: Mouse & keyboard: Open key: F11 Navigation: Arrow UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT Accept option: ENTER Go back: BACKSPACE Controller: Open key: RB + X ----------------- R1 + Square Navigation: D-Pad UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT Accept option: A ------------------ X Go back: B ------------------ Circle Are you a YouTuber? If you want to post a video about this trainer then make sure to credit me in your description. You can copy/paste the following text: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This mod was created by Const96b: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDyOr3PUEMzEBB9aL4XZ3WA Download link: https://gtaforums.com/topic/973091-gta-iv-12043-libertys-legacy-trainer/ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Credits: I would like to thank the GTA IV research community for providing the necessary tools to mod this game. This mod wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for those people. Also, I would like to thank Zolika1351 for helping me load game models bypassing an issue I faced on it. You can support my work by: Following me on Twitter Subscribing to my YouTube channel NOTES: The initial page where this mod was posted is Nexus mods and it can be found here. The reasons why I created this topic were the following: People have been re-posting this trainer without my permission on backup websites. I have also seen videos that provide download links that don't lead to the page where I posted the mod at. So, due to these I have decided to create this topic as this is the most popular platform for content related to GTA. On top of that, people can find here a download link that doesn't require to register in order to access the mod files. P.S.: I don't have much experience with this platform as I don't use it often but I'm willing to give it a second chance and be more active. I'll try to answer any questions related to this trainer as soon as possible. Screenshots: Change logs:
  10. iiCriminnaaL

    [IV/EFLC] The Hardcore Lost MC

    This mod primarily aims to enhance your experience and satisfaction with The Lost MC in The Lost and Damned. The Lost MC bikers re-obtain their hardened, hardcore looks, accents, and overall roots from the main GTA IV. This includes new models for them, with more long hairs and beards, including some grey versions, helmets, dirtier clothes and patches, and more noticeable scars, as well as replacement of some voice lines. The backup bikers participating in the Gang Wars side-mission are now more hardened, and they'll last in battles longer than before, which includes Jim, Terry and Clay as well. Furthermore, The Lost bikers will be seen riding not only the Lycan, but every chopper they pick as a usual ride as well. The Angels of Death MC faced some changes too, but reversely, becoming cleaner and more in shape, as they were in the original game. DOWNLOAD: Dropbox, Google Drive Compatible patch versions: / (recommended) & / In order to replace and add the archived files, you'll have to use a file modding tool such as OpenIV. It's extremely recommended to make backup copies for your files before replacing any of them. Here is a more detailed list of the changes that have been done so far: General: Appearances: Complementary modifications highly recommended to install:
  11. ThirteenAG


    LATEST RELEASES HERE - http://thirteenag.github.io/p2dfx This post will be updated later.
  12. I once got the idea to make this but never released it. Now that I know much more about this game and how it works, I wrote it again but in a much more efficient and easier-to-use way. Controls: F8 to spawn player Numpad 8 to accelerate or move forward Numpad 2 to brake/reverse or go backwards Numpad 4 to turn left or go left Numpad 6 to turn right or go right Numpad 0 to jump Numpad 7 to shoot (weird, shoots at nearest player or nearest ped) Numpad 1 to move faster (hold) Numpad 5 to toggle duck Numpad Enter to enter nearest car (if player's car is nearest, enters into passenger seat) Recommended to use Joy2Key to bind these keys to the controller and x360ce to make IV not recognize the controller (unbind all buttons). Driving cars doesn't work in MP. (Even if you are alone) Download link (2.0) Use my menu to load this (Open it and go to SCO Loader - Named - 2 Player Mod)
  13. GTA IV has its fair share of crime rate and overall grim all over Liberty City and Alderney, but ever felt that it needs a push with some more action and somewhat higher crime rate and overall danger element in the streets? Besides a bunch of miscellaneous adjustments, what this mod basically does is enhancing the danger element of Liberty City's and Alderney's streets outside the story, adjusting the gang life and the criminal underworld's activity. Increasing the violence and hostility of gangs and greatly expanding their influences and operations all over the city, but also reducing them where it's needed to maintain balance and keep it fairly natural and grounded as well, as well as applying friendly acquaintances between canon allies - all according to story details, reliable hints and appropriate conditions for canon situations and backgrounds. Sided by fixing the codes that are intended to make certain gangs act with hostility towards the protagonist after certain points of the story to load and work properly. Moreover, remarkably spreading the presence and operation of drug dealers, pimps and prostitutes all over the streets, primarily at night. All besides adding more depth to pedestrians so that various of them will become braver and interact more aggressively. Furthermore, several will have higher potential of buying drugs, as well as be criminals rather than only regular civilians, which includes the potential to pick prostitutes in the streets. Not only turning the city into a more dangerous and interactive environment - especially at night, but to an extent some parts of the ocean around the gang influenced districts as well. Making both Liberty City, and to an extent Alderney truly feel like "the worst city in America". DOWNLOAD: Dropbox, Google Drive Compatible patch versions: / (recommended) & / In order to replace and add the archived files, you'll have to use a file modding tool such as OpenIV. It's extremely recommended to make backup copies for your files before replacing any of them. To avoid potential loading crashes in The Lost and Damned in the Complete Edition, it's recommended to leave the mod's version of the 'content.dat' file and implement the line "DISABLE_FILE common:/DATA/MAPS/SCENARIOS2.IPL" into your file. So, going into more details, these are the changes that have been done so far: General: Districts/Territories: Miscellaneous: Complementary modifications highly recommended to install:
  14. Zolika1351

    Cunning Stunts IV

    Ever wanted to try Trackmania-style stunt maps from V in a game that actually has good vehicle physics? This mod ports all of the original mpstunt objects to IV letting you do just that. I've included a sample track in the archive (loadable by Simple Native Trainer and my menu version 28.0 and up) Recommended to get my patch to avoid random crashes and my trainer (29.0+) to have functional turbo boosts. DOWNLOAD LINK (v2.25)
  15. THE COMPLETE LIBERTY CITY (IV + EFLC MAP MIX) READ BEFORE DOWNLOAD Hi guys, i finally made it, the mod that have every thing and objects of TLAD and TBOGT maps into GTA IV. yes, i know that exist a mod what do that, but honestly that mod is unfinished and full of glitches, this mod only Install the Maps and Other detail of the EFLC that don't have GTA 4. Like the Screen of TBOGT cafe and interiors along with their respective maps. i made to recreate the map of TBOGT and TLAD in the Original game (note: THIS MOD ONLY IS COMPATIBLE WITH THE VERSION and OF THE GAME) consider this mod, a tenth anniversary gift that Rockstar never gave us. another thing is that i don't going to update all characters model because there other one that is already doing that, the mod is: Is made by The YoshiPunch, i recommend you and yes, this mod and the yoshi one are compatibles too Another Note: I recommend you install this mod too much during the start of the game (especially before the Rigged to Blow mission) since bugs can occur on the map, such as bohan's garage or roman's business being restored when it shouldn't and please, make back ups, seriously. there's four part of the mod in which only the first 3 parts are necessary, the last part is only optional but still I offer to put them if you like i test every missions in this game, but you won't have to worry about, the story can be complete normally and without bugs, apart for the FPS glitches in A Revenger Tragedy but that was in the game lmao Link Broker/Dukes and Bohan: https://www.mediafire.com/file/dum1sepdkt1dmgq/ Link Algonquin: https://www.mediafire.com/file/sasghx12iwc1qk1/ Link Alderney: https://www.mediafire.com/file/5b03zvhs6z6y85y/ Link Interiors and Props: http://www.mediafire.com/file/khm11awgs6u4z0f/ Link Optional: http://www.mediafire.com/file/o7upk6dyk2qbng6/ INSTALLATION: copy and paste without CHANGE ANYTHING Note (IMPORTANT TO READ): Having old savefiles with the mod causes bugs and crashes to the game, that's because this mod changes drastically the game, and the old savefile got corrupt, in orden to solve that, YOU MUST DELETE OR REMOVE THE SAVEFILES, after that you'll start the game and a new savegame will be created based on the mod, with this, you can run the game at 100% without any major unexpected glitches. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ NEW UPTADE (ALL PARTS) now you can find more peoples in certain business: Biker gang in their clubhouses Businessman in Algonquin buildings in GTA IV and TBoGT (just like TLAD) and of course, npc scenarios of GTA IV in TLAD and TBoGT no Uptown Riders in Hove Beach NPC (especially the cops) now can enter in the new interiors paths of TBoGT now are adapted in GTA 4 and TLAD fixed the billboards in Algonquin deleted unnecessary files that were not modified but for some reason i added in the mod files ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EFLC or The Complete Edition this part allow you to play this Awesome mod in your GTA IV: The Complete Edition without Crashes or any kind of glitch, also have the Upgrade of GTA IV and EFLC here, installation: Copy and Paste like the rest of the parts, for this mod to work, you will need all GTA IV Parts, however, you can install DLC part in your Retail EFLC if you want Link The Complete Edition: https://www.mediafire.com/file/olnzf29u21qxpq9/file Big Update (all parts): thanks to a mod called: "PC Quality Update made by @nkjellman i realize that TBoGT really downgrade the graphics texture, kinda funny because people considerate TBoGT as a game with "Better Looks" so, not only i fixed that in TBoGT but in TLAD and GTA IV as well, all the lower textures now looks as good as GTA IV, also i changed the lights in Rotterdam tower, now it have the same colors as GTA IV BUGS Founds: BETA (i didn't have time to test the entire storyline, so it can get some bugs i haven't seen) NEWS SCREENSHOTS ADDED BELOW OPTIONAL: This ones are Optional but you need the other three parts: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BROKER/DUKES AND BOHAN --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ALGONQUIN --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ALDERNEY ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ INTERNET CAFE -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NEW BOWL ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------ EFLC --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- There's more that i didn't mentioned but because there are only a small difference, like, the bulgarin house or the Dukes Monoglobe
  16. Attramet

    Various Pedestrian Actions

    In GTA 4, there are various actions for pedestrians, but they, as it seems to me now, lacked variety. For example: pedestrians drink only coffee, read the same newspaper, smoke and walk with bags. The rest of the actions are not noticeable. This mod adds, corrects and completes unfinished actions for pedestrians. • Action with book has been completed. Now pedestrians can read a book not only sitting on a bench or wall, but also while walking. • Action with creation of the newspaper was restored, also unused version of the newspaper was restored. • Reaction of pedestrians to hot weather has been completed. • Restored action with preening. Now pedestrians can adjust their tie, comb their hair, shake off their clothes. • Action with ice cream has been restored. Now pedestrians can eat ice cream. • Spawn percentages of some already existing actions have been revised and slightly changed. • The playback time of most actions has been changed from 9 am to 7 am. • Fixed and finalized action with the wallet. Now when a pedestrian is standing and inactive, he can check his wallet. • More actions have been added for industrial workers. • Actions with drinking have been restored and finalized. Now pedestrians can drink not only coffee in cups, but also various drinks in bottles and cans. • Restored actions with the creation of a burger and nuts. • A collision was fixed for the AMB_WINE and AMB_BS_DRINK objects, which made it possible to take and throw these objects anywhere. pic • Texture quality has been improved for AMB_BS_DRINK and AMB_JUICE_BOT objects. pic • Action with throwing rubbish has been restored. Now pedestrians can throw garbage not only through the car window, but also while walking. • A separate group was made for alcohol. It is mainly used by gangs, but you can also see how it is used by ordinary pedestrians. • Added action with hotdogs. Nothing unusual, just pedestrians can eat one more type of food while walking. • The action with food has been improved. Now pedestrians can eat chocolate not only sitting on a bench, but also in any interiors where there are seats. • Improved misc actions. If earlier pedestrians used them only while walking, now when they are standing and inactive, they can reproduce them. • Improved action with cans. Now pedestrians will not immediately throw away cans, but drink from them for a while. maybe it will be a little off-topic, but I'll add it anyway • Working hours of the postman, service worker and pole-man have been changed to 9 am to 6 pm. SCREENSHOTS DOWNLOAD
  17. Attramet

    New Grass Height

    Just a mod that changes the height of the grass. Screenshots: What's on the left is before, what's on the right is after. DOWNLOAD
  18. Sneed


    Now it's a well known fact that the pc port of Grand Theft Auto IV and Episodes From Liberty City is not amongst the most praised piece of technology out there. And it's a shame really, because this game is nothing short of fantastic, and it deserves some love. Hence FusionFix FusionFix is a collaboratory work from members of the modding community with the goal of making the pc port of GTA IV CE a bit less broken. If you want to add your 2 cents to the discussion, head over here https://github.com/GTAmodding/GTAIV-Issues-List/issues Report vanilla game bugs, suggest solutions. Download link can be found here (Source is also included) https://github.com/ThirteenAG/GTAIV.EFLC.FusionFix Report bugs related to this mod and follow the general development of it. Installation instructions are detailed in the above link, but it's basically drag contents from zip, drop to game folder. Initial release features: Fixed recoil behavior that was different when playing with keyboard/mouse and gamepad Fixed forced "definition off" setting in cutscenes, now cutscenes will respect the menu setting Partially fixed emissivestrong shader bug that was broken after patch 6 (e.g. Rotterdam Tower, Comrades Bar area) (BAWSAQ building was still rendered incorrectly, thus workaround was made by editing its model) Fixed DLC car lights in TBoGT Tree foliage casts dynamic shadows instead of static (also fixing the "vegetation shadow bug") Fixed handbrake camera behaving erratically when playing at high fps Fixed Uranus exhaust smoke and rancher collision Reverse lights now appear at reverse lights location Niko and Luis now use their leg to balance when calling on stationary bike like Johnny in TLaD Check some before/after screenshots NOTE ABOUT OFFICIAL GAME PATCHES: This mod is being developed using latest patch on Steam and Rockstar Game Launcher ( when this message was written). As for older patches, there is branch on github with support for IV and EFLC, it can also work with even older versions, but it's basically trial and error. If you want to test it on older patches, try it. Other mod that goes along well with this one: ColAccel, Various GTA Downgraders, Ash_735's Workshop (HQ lore friendly vehicle textures) Credits: @ThirteenAG, @CP_, @Tomas., @Sneed, @ermaccer
  19. GTA IV C++ Script Hook Version 0.5.1 BETA (May 28 2010) - Download Version 0.5.1 (Redistributable) - - Mirror - Supports GTAIV and EFLC Released as BETA, not tested extensively, bug reports are welcome (don't PM me with them, just post them in this thread). - Hook for Complete Edition - Adds support for Complete Edition (Steam, Rockstar Games Launcher) - only "aCompleteEditionHook.asi" is required for Script Hook to work Requires Ultimate Asi Loader (dinput8.dll from Ultimate-ASI-Loader.zip) ---- Version 0.5.0 (Apr 16 2010) - Download Version 0.5.0 (Redistributable) - Supports GTAIV and EFLC Please note that 0.4.0 onwards comes with a new License that is different from earlier versions. Make sure you read and understand ScriptHook-License.txt before you make use of ScriptHook.dll. ------------------------------------ Development Info This one is for all you coders out there (hopefully, there's still a lot of you)... This module will let you create a custom script thread in C++ and have GTAIV process it along with its real scripts threads. Additionally, a type-safe manner to access native functions in GTAIV is provided. Currently headers and a compiled dynamic library (DLL) is provided. Some very naive samples are provided as well. This is meant to be a base to build on top of. Feel free to contribute your own samples! - Download Version 0.4.0 (Development Kit) - - Mirror - Please note that 0.4.0 onwards comes with a new License that is different from earlier versions. Make sure you read and understand ScriptHook-License.txt before you make use of the ScriptHook SDK. Developing for the 0.5.0 hook: You can continue to use the 0.4.0 SDK for development, and it is not being updated at this time. An updated DevLoader is available here: - Download 0.5.0 DevLoader - - Download 0.5.1 DevLoader - - Download 0.5.1 DevLoader (Mirror) - Solution/Project files in zip are for VC++ 2008. Please read UpdateGuide.txt if you're upgrading your code to work from an older version of ScriptHook. Whats New in 0.5.1 - Added support for GTAIV and EFLC - Support for invoking undocumented natives by their "new" hash. Whats New in 0.5.0 - Added support for GTAIV and EFLC - Enabled MP on all unranked modes, however your multiplayer session will be isolated from people not using mods. - Fixed bug with text flickering when using ScriptThread/NativeFiberThread - Fixed bug with crashing when going in/out of video editor Whats New in 0.4.0 - Added support for GTAIV 1.0.4 (Patch #5) - New programming model replaces NativeThread and NativeFiberThread with ScriptThread - A lot of performance enhancements, including: ---- Natives are now directly invoked using the native hash and not the name ---- "SpeedyInvoke" which dynamically rewrites parts of your compiled code to prevent repeated lookups of natives (only enabled for Release builds) - Rewrote thread/service loading and now has better detection for when new game sessions start. - Some minor bugs fixed Whats New in 0.3.0 - New extensible services framework providing the following services currently: ---- D3DHook: Direct3D Device Hooking ---- Config: Configuration (ini and xml) ---- KeyboardHook: Keyboard hook to recieve events of key presses ---- Menu: A simple yet effective menu creation framework - New "Speedo" sample demonstrating the use of services - Added DevLoader which is an ASI loader with some development features such as module unload/reload. - Improved thread hooking into the game -- less chances of crashing while hooking now (not that it crashed before). - Added ability to unregister threads that were registered - Added support for starting threads on demand - Changed a lot of non-important log messages from Info to Debug - Few internal bug fixes. Whats New in 0.2.6 - Added support for GTAIV 1.0.4 - Support for Multiplayer when in LAN (any mode), or Online (Freeroam or Party mode only) - Added a fix for world Z calculation for the Teleport sample in SampleCustomFiber Whats New in 0.2.5 - Added support for GTAIV 1.0.3 - ScriptHook is now a DLL that can be updated independently of the mods that use it. - Improved detection/hooking of scripts into the game engine - Fixed invocation of natives that have Vector3* parameter types - Fixed GetGlobalAddress/GetGlobalValue/SetGlobalValue for accessing Global variables - Merged some of the Scripting native contributions back into the source (937 natives now available) - A number of internal bug fixes - ScriptHook is disabled for online play (currently its disabled regardless of which mode you play in or even Live/LAN, but this might change in the future) Credits - listener for some of the REing and natives mapping - Seeman for some of the Natives documentation - Reconsider for being my guinea pig on IRC during early development - HazardX for some cleaned up natives - sjaak327 for a lot of help with testing - All of you guys PMing and emailing me and making me find the time to work on this http://media.gtanet.com/gtaforums/images/html/emoticons/smile.gif - Last but not least, you (yes, you!) for creating (assuming that you will be creating) wonderful mods for this game. Thanks guys!
  20. Ash_735

    Ash_735's Workshop

    Welcome to my Workshop, the thing I've put off making for quite some time but NO MORE! This will be my scrapbook area, a place where I can share weird tests and complete ideas that I've carried out. Now, if you've noticed me in the past there is one thing you'll know, and that is that I take quality and original atmosphere intent SERIOUSLY, here you'll find mods that have either been converted, repacked or re-purposed from other Rockstar Games, bringing the best quality from all across the board right back to the PC versions of these games! Maybe you'll also see content by me improving subtle visual effects here and there to? Who knows? I've worked on a lot over the years and I'll be going through old hard drives finding content and seeing what I can bring up to date and make fit for download for all of you to enjoy. Feel free to make suggestions and we'll see what we can do but do. Remastered Mobile GTA3 Background Restored LIPS 106 Updated GInput Textures Remastered Vice City Menu Background Mobile RADAR Map Textures Updated GInput Textures Remade Mission Gradient Texture Mobile RADAR Map Textures Remastered San Andreas Menu Background Updated GInput Textures GTA IV Shared Vehicle Textures Update GTA IV Vehicle Pack 1.6 TLAD Vehicle Pack 1.2 TBOGT Vehicle Pack 1.2c GTA IV CE Higher Res Radio Logos Menu GTA IV CE Higher Res Radio Logos In-Game GTA IV & TBOGT Alternative Police License Plates GTA IV Improved Weapon Spec GTA IV Xbox One/Series S+X Buttons Silent's Blog (game assets/banners/etc) SteamGridDB Uploads GInput (original and converted textures, updated textures) VBDec (logo design, testing, formatting) SkyGfx: PS2, Xbox and Mobile graphics for PC (packaged TXD files) Fusion Fix (logo design) [III-IV] Various GTA Downgraders (logo design) Manhunt Fixer (logo design) Re: Liberty City Stories (various texture contributions)
  21. SlingShot753

    SlingShot753's Workshop

    Hello everyone! Welcome to my Workshop. Here you will find Skins, Weapons, Clothes and more. Check it out below, and enjoy!
  22. donnits

    Donnit's Bakery

    Baked Goods A collection of assorted pastries and treats for Grand Theft Auto IV. Customizable Niko Niko can now wear every multiplayer clothing top from PC & the console version, as well as unreleased jackets and suits, and many other options taken from the pedestrians of Liberty City. Cycle through head models to select new facial hairstyles, with each having a bald head texture option. His fingerless gloves and beta longer-hair models are used by default. I highly recommend using Zolika1351's Trainer/Mod Menu. Terry Thorpe BETA Version In The Lost and Damned, Terry now wears the shirt seen in his artwork and pre-release screenshots of TLAD by using the an edited model from GTA V that shares the same texture map. Varied Alderney State Trooper Ped Added diversity for m_y_strooper - now spawning in white, black and latino, as well as new short sleeve and trench coat clothing. LCPD + Alderney State Police & LC Port Authority Download and install Area Livery Mod, and livery-supported Police Merit and Police Stanier first, then install this. Simple liveries for more police agencies to spawn on police vehicles around the map. GTA V fxdecal & vehicle textures Replaces GTA IV's fxprojtex and vehicles.img with some of GTA V's higher quality textures. HD APC AI upscale 2048p re-texture with high res NOOSE text and logos. Painted Tugboat Today I did a Street nigga Tug. Beautiful, painted boat Tug. Looks nice, the texture is smooth. Download it and go! HD 1024 x 1024 Texture. It looks beautiful, the texture has laid flat. Download and roll! Max Payne 3 Weapons Includes cutscene props. Counter-Strike Global Offensive CS:GO Gun Sounds Insurgency Gun Sounds Battlefield 3 Gun Sounds iCEnhancer 3 Settings Download and install iCEnhancer 3.0 by icelaglace first, then install these settings. Use only with Patch, they have not been tested any other patches. In the oven...
  23. Attramet

    More Visible Interiors

    You may have noticed that sometimes the windows in the interior do not correspond to the texture that is outside, which is why the whole interior remains hidden from the player's eyes. This mod will allow you to take a look at these interiors. In some cases, the doors will be replaced, because not all the windows can be changed. SCREENSHOTS DONE: Drusilla's. Cluckin' Bell. Phil's office. Bank of Liberty. Comrades bar. Faustin's house(has bug). Roman's cab depot. Pegorino's house. Mr. Fuk's Rice box. Steinway beer garden. Brucie's apartment. 69th diner. Tudor boathouse. Tudor shipyard. 60 diner. Northwood Cluckin' Bell. Random store in Hove Beach. TO-DO Michelle's apartment. McReary's house. Apartment in Algonquin. DOWNLOAD
  24. Attramet

    [IV+EFLC] Various Fixes

    I don't want to write a lot, so just look at the list of fixes and screenshots for it. Images on the left - before the fix, on the right - after. Fixed missing ramp texture (image). Fixed missing textures on Cluckin' Bell (image). Fixed missing bin texture (image). Fixed missing texture on Bahama Mamas club (image). Fixed the properties of glass on Algonquin apartment (image). Fixed the properties of glass on Hove Beach station (image). Fixed the properties of glass on random store (image). Fixed the double billboard in Hove Beach (no image for this). Changed texture on warehouse in East Hook (image). Replaced texture of a random store (image). Fixed texture of Brucie's garage door (image). Fixed window texture above the door to the Playboy's house (image). Added black smoke to Regina exhaustst (image). Fixed texture of a dirty window on some establishments in Alderney (image). Fixed the properties of glass on the Charge Island's boatyard (image). Fixed windows on the Firefly Projects buildings (image). Fixed the properties of the billboard in Beechwood City (image). Fixed street names on road signs (image). Upd2: Fixed missing texture on random Algonquin building (image). Fixed missing lod texture on BOABO (image). Fixed broken tree lod (image). Fixed grid texture on the baseball field (image). Fixed broken lod at a couple shops in Alderney (image). Changed beta Drusilla's photo on the billboard to the final (image). Remaked Tom Goldberg photo (image). Remaked clothes for "Pizza this" employees (image). Remaked Binco billboard texture to Новинки последней моды (image). Replaced inscription Crazy Ivan's to Спиртной Магазин (image). Removed broken lod on the basketball field (image). Changed beta photos of Jim and Jason, to the final ones (image). DOWNLOAD
  25. Welcome to my workshop. Here you will find all of my released mods. Feel free to discuss any of my older mods or see what's going on right now. Check out my YouTube channel! Where I post videos related to GTA modding. Currently I have SA and ongoing IV car tutorial series. Requests are not accepted. Because I probably won't ever finish the request, if I don't want to make it. YouTube Channel The more recent mods are at the bottom. IV vehicles San Andreas vehicles Miscellaneous Resources For modders WIP not in order Thanks to members of the community for helping me with all of my mods. Notes ( UPDATED ) Mods predating 2021 are unlocked, you can use any of my mods in your mods/Total conversions, please notify me and give me credit for the mod as well. However, mods from 2021 and further you can only edit my mods with my permission. INCLUDING IVF/VehFuncs adaptaion. Those aren't allowed. If there's any bug please use PM. Enjoy!
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