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Found 53 results

  1. G.C.T.

    GCT's Workshop

    Welcome to the GCT's Workshop. Here you can find my vehicles and future projects for: Released Models Classic Modern Works In Progress
  2. Unified Lore - EFLC (Retail) Radiostations Description After a few hours of thinking, I managed to add the three exclusive radio stations found in the standalone EFLC release, without replacing any other one: Self-Actualization FM, RamJam FM and Vice City FM. This might be a base for adding other radio stations in the game. Known issues and bugs -they don't have their name in the Audio menu -tested only on but it should work on too -if you spot any other bug tell me !!! NOTE !!!: You're going to need the retail EFLC release for this. No exceptions. For the Audio Patch version, you're going to need the EFLC Audio Patch by Jason Statham to load a few files. Also, you need xliveless. However, if you have my other mod, the EFLC Vehicles one, or you already have installed and edited the Audio Patch to your needings, you won't need to download the Audio Patch. Read the ReadMe for more details. Download Link - Audio Patch Version Download Link - No Patch Version Tutorial for EFLC, along IV Radiostations Credits -Rockstar, for IV and EFLC -Jeansowaty, for helping me -AndrewMulti, for his RAGE Audio Toolkit -Jason Statham, for porting the audio scripts from NTA's CitizenIV mod -NTAuthority, for his CitizenIV work
  3. iiCriminnaaL 49

    The Hardcore Lost MC

    So far, I've noticed three main issues with The Lost MC in The Lost and Damned. First: The Lost MC's backup dies so quickly during the Gang War missions, and even Jim, Terry and Clay don't last that much. Second: The Lost MC's members don't look as hardcore and badass as they used to be in standard GTA IV, nor as the Angels of Death MC. They have been stripped of most of their typical outlaw biker look. They were shown as more hardened, gritty, intimidating, ancient/old fashioned, late-middle-age, redneck outlaw bikers carrying Confederate flags, in constant to the "modern, cool young urban punk" focused part in TLAD. Even Johnny himself, while looks good, he still doesn't have an enough level of outlaw biker look. He could've looked way better if his tattoos weren't faded out, and had him wear high boots instead of his current ones, just like Billy, Brian, Terry and Jason, and maybe had him wear gloves as well. Third: despite the fact that The Lost MC seem to pick each of Hexer, Innovation, Revenant, Diabolus, Hellfury and Zombie, in addition to the Lycan, as their official bikes, they only use the latter in free roam, even though all of the mentioned were used in missions, and are also available in Clay's bike list. Of course, those three main points weren't the only issues or flaws, which can be noticed with some extra little improvements listed below. With this modification, you can improve your gameplay's experience and increase your satisfaction on The Lost MC. As many of The Lost's members in The Lost and Damned miss The Lost MC's patch which must be on their uniforms, including The Lost Buddies (gang war backup), as well as the weird colored uniforms that many of them wear, not to mention the weak Gang War backup and the fact that Lycan is the only used bike in free roam, therefore I made several changes to buff them up, and bring them back to their original roots from standard IV. Most of the changes are involved around texture modifications, new models with more long hairs and beards, with some grey versions, muscles and helmets, dirtier patches, as well as the addition of scars for the most of The Lost MC's biker dudes. Overall more hardcore (and redneck) than ever. Here's the list of the most of modifications that have been done: General: The Lost's female members and strippers now act as parts of the gang. They will no longer attack Johnny when he does so, as well as they'll defend him when someone attacks him, just like the male bikers. Now each of Billy, Jim, Brian, Terry, Clay, Jason, Malc and DeSean walk like gangsters rather than regular civilians. Instead of overusing the walk style 'Move Gang Generic A', I've variegated between it and 'Move Gang Generic C' depending on the gang member's model. (I didn't include 'Move Gang Generic B' due to its weird sprint animation.) Instead of all of The Lost Buddies having M_Y_GLost_01's voice lines, now they have the voice lines of M_Y_GLost_03, M_Y_GLost_04, M_Y_GLost_05, M_Y_GLost_06 and the original Lost members of standard IV. Heavily increased the health of The Lost's gang war backup, including Jim, Terry, and Clay. Beside the Lycan, The Lost's members now ride each of Hexer, Innovation, Revenant, Diabolus, Hellfury and Zombie. The blue radar blips of The Lost MC's main members have been re-colored to brown. Appearances: The Lost MC's patch (a.k.a. logo) has been added to several members who don't have it on their uniforms. (not ALL of them, just to be mentioned... but yeah, for most of them) The Lost MC's brown eagle's patch now has a devilish look; red eyes, and bloody fangs and beak, to give it more of an outlaw vibe. Replaced the textures of the doors of The Lost MC's clubhouse with an unused version from the cutscene files. Improved The Lost MC's flag inside the clubhouse, replaced the American flag with a Confederate version, the blue walls with red ones, and replaced a poster with a 'Patriot' one. Replaced the skull logo of the shirts of Billy and M_Y_GLost_06, The Lost MC's Slamvan, and the walls of The Lost MC's clubhouse, with a more intimidating one. Zombie chopper is now 'Lost-ified'. Re-colored several uniforms of The Lost's members to more suitable colors. To add, brown color is now the most popular among the club's properties, as it should've been. More Lost MC bikers are now grey-haired, or arguably old. Most of The Lost MC's members are now scarred, including Billy, Johnny, Terry and Clay. Most of The Lost MC's patches are now dirtier, including the ones of Johnny and Clay. Helmets' level of brightness and darkness is now variegated. Improved Johnny's uniform along with the pants, and replaced his boots with high ones. His shirt is no longer green, but brown, the skull patch on the jacket has been replaced with a Confederate flag patch, and his pants have been turned into a black leather. Also, re-colored the layout of The Lost MC's patches on his jacket; now plot is black and 'The Lost' and 'TLMC' names are white, and so with the 'MC' layout. The mustache and brows have been slightly darkened as well, and their lightning was improved so they look more of real hairs than just black textures. In addition, a couple of new scars have been added onto his face, to give him a more hardened biker look. Plus, re-colored some parts of his mustache and brows to grey, and turned his eyes' colors to brown, which give him some more drug addict look. Fortunately, it's still explainable story wise, since he used to be a drug addict in the past. Darkened the vest and leather pants of Billy, re-colored his shirt to brown and replaced the brown eagle patch on his vest with a white version. Replaced Jim's camo pants with biker leather pants and re-colored his vest and boots to black, and his hoody to brown. Replaced Angus' pants with dark grey leather, and re-colored his shirt to brown. Re-colored Clay's shirt to brown. Re-colored Jason's leather pants from jeans-like color to dark grey. Darkened Brian's jeans, re-colored his shirt to brown, and replaced the American flag patch on his uniform with a Confederate flag patch. Added The Lost MC's patch to Brian's uniform when he betrays The Lost; there's nothing called "Jeremy biker gang", but there is "Brian's faction of The Lost". The bike explosion's damage on Billy's face from "This Sh*t's Cursed" has been added onto his face in the prisoner version of his model. Slightly faded it out due to the fact he spent some time after those events, which would mean he has been partly treated of that impact. Replaced M_Y_GLost_01 with a 'Lost-ified' version of M_Y_GAngels_02. Replaced M_Y_GLost_02 with a 'Lost-ified' version of M_Y_GAngels_04. To be mentioned, a few manual touches have been put on, meanwhile, instead of overusing three textures of the same white vest of LostBuddy_03, I re-colored one to grey, and the remaining one to brown. In addition, compared to M_Y_GAngels_04, M_Y_GLost_02 now has three uniform textures and also three pants textures, not only two for each of them, which applies to boots as well, 4 instead of 2. Not to mention the addition of a goatee, mustache and two haircuts. Replaced M_Y_GLost_03 with a modified version of M_Y_GBik_Lo_01 from standard IV. Replaced the mask of M_Y_GLost_04 with a helmet. Replaced M_Y_GLost_05 with a 'Lost'ified' version of M_Y_GBik02_Lo_02 from standard IV. Replaced the properties of M_Y_GLost_06 with a modified version of M_Y_GBik_Hi_01_p's from standard IV. Difference: instead of the low texture quality pink glasses, I replaced them with higher texture quality of brown and orange ones. Added a helmet for LostBuddy_03. Replaced LostBuddy_04 with a modified version of LostBuddy_08. (the vest's texture was borrowed from @B Dawg. I re-colored its shirt to brown though.) Replaced LostBuddy_05 with a modified version of M_Y_GAngels_03. Made LostBuddy_06 more 'Lost-ified'. Replaced LostBuddy_07 with a modified version of M_M_GBik_Lo_03 from standard IV. Replaced LostBuddy_08's low quality texture of the hair with the green bandana with a higher quality one from IV, re-coloring the bandana to brown instead. Also, replaced the low quality textured vest with another 'Lost-ified' vest model in a higher quality from IV's M_Y_GBik02_Lo_02. Replaced LostBuddy_09 with a modified version of LostBuddy_01. Added a black vest for LostBuddy_10, and replaced his haircut. Replaced LostBuddy_11 with a modified version of M_Y_GBik_Lo_02. Replaced LostBuddy_12 with a modified version of LostBuddy_06; black hoody and different head textures. Replaced LostBuddy_13 with a modified version of M_Y_GBik_Lo_01. Removed the Angels of Death's tattoos from the arms of LostBuddy_03 and LostBuddy_13, and the head of F_Y_GLost_02. Additional notes: Handed M_Y_GLost_03's voicelines to M_Y_GLost_02, and replaced M_Y_GLost_03's voice with the original one of standard IV's Lost members. Replaced M_Y_GAngels_04 with M_M_GBik_Lo_03 from standard IV to make a differentiation between it and M_Y_GLost_02. - SparkIV or OpenIV (recommended to use OpenIV, since this mod includes files with no existent in the original game's files, which can't be added through SparkIV, since it replaces, but doesn't add.) - Some properties were borrowed from AoD to Lost MC Ped Retexture mod, with a previous permission that has been taken from its author, @B Dawg. - I didn't include a direct componentpeds.img with files replaced due to the huge space it will take when downloading it. It's also an advantage for people who have modded componentpeds.img, so they'll easily import the new files to their archive. So with cutsprops.img, pedprops.img and playerped.rpf. - Preview screenshots aren't %100 up-to-date, due to the fact that I made some updates after posting the album. However, most of them give a close look of the current standards. - Have fun!
  4. ThirteenAG


    LATEST RELEASES HERE - http://thirteenag.github.io/p2dfx This post will be updated later.
  5. Since the (second) VCR development team gave up on this project, I've decided to work on something I'd call a much more polished version than the last beta released in 2015, a version that will be more similar to the very first beta version from the original team. If anyone could help me with anything, from vehicle converting to creating more missions, it would be greatly appreciated. Over the last version of the mod, this one's going to feature: Improved models New timecyc New clothes New vehicles 10th anniversary HUD HQ textures for Tommy, the map and weapons Scripts for Minigun, Chainsaw, Rhino and Hunter Map glitches fixed, including the infamous Airport/Fort Baxter glitch Navmeshes fixed New races New player anim VCS radios TEAM LeXyZ - Project leader, Models, Map(polished), Vehicles, Timecyc, HUD, Weapons, Navmeshes editor DOWNLOAD LINKS 10/27/2017 1.0 -> https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B6C2CzZB3_F1bHBtdjNjRmVtTDg 07/08/2018 PATCH -> https://drive.google.com/file/d/1cyc2wf0jOimFrl8ok3LQjti45801ciNd/view?usp=sharing Requirements: GTA IV HOW TO PLAY ONLINE: 1. Download the CitizenIV client from www.citizeniv.net FOR HUD AND RADIOS: *2. Download this file and put it into your CitizenIV folder: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/275688924733767680/463988076117753857/dsound.dll *3. Copy the vc_hud and vc_sounds files from the VCR plugins folder into your CitizenIV folder 4. Join the VCR server SPECIAL THANKS TO: GTA X SCRIPTING - Source code for Minigun, Chainsaw, Hunter, Rhino scripts Vice Cry Team - Ocean Beach models FidoX - Player model Original Vice City Rage team Special in-game keys: Z - Minigun ALT - Chainsaw Q - Switch weapons in Hunter
  6. Sorry for having my own name in the mod's name, I can't come up with creative things. So, this is something I've been working on for a while now, from about early September. Rewritten in August of 2018. This trainer's features: Hide contents Joining / Ghost Display (MP) Keybinds (English layout) Hold mouse wheel button to activate the HelixSnake-inspired fly mode. Control with WASDQE. Car Speedup ] Car Superbrake \ Move forward through door ' Unlimited Ammo ; Never Wanted [ Toggle Collision = Resurrect - Always God Mode 0 Special God Mode RCTRL + F1 Fast Run / Drunk Ragdoll M + Num6 Simple Euphoria M + Num3 Simple Ragdoll M + Num4 Get Up M + Num5 Airbreak F6 Teleports Teleport to players Teleport into players' cars Teleport out of your car Teleport to predefined locations on the map Teleport into cutscene interiors Spawn Spawn any vehicle in the game Change your player model to any ped in the game Spawn any ped in the game Type in a ped/vehicle to spawn it (works with addons) Change your walkstyle Spawn cars with peds in them (e.g. a helitours helicopter) Spawn objects that you can pick up (e.g. QUB3D cube, bowling ball) Spawn story cars (Roman's Taxi, Albanian Willard, TV Van) Vehicles Car God Mode (Fix Loop and/or Health Loop) Car Never Dirty Autoflip Random car color Random natural car color (one in carcols) Force car engine on Attach cars onto your car (f*ck up Car) Set Vehicle Dirt Level (number from 0 to 9) Speedometer (even works on foot!) Drive on Water (also works in ponds, pools, fountains, etc.) Toggle car components (0-10) Change car color (Primary, secondary, extra 1, extra 2) Car colors up to 256! (Most of them are black or white, but there are a few interesting ones as well) Select a color combination from the car's carcols.dat entry! Change car livery 2 seperate car spawning modes, spawn to the right (SNT-like) or transform (similar to GTAO Transform Races) Drive as Passenger Seat -1 (Free passenger seat, or if the car is full, then a secret seat in the middle of the car) Helpful Special God Mode (Explosions still ragdoll you, immunity to map borders) Always God Mode (nothing can kill you except map borders) Internet (Brings up the computer, this even works in MP) Never Wanted True Free Roam (no more missions or phone calls) Move Speed (Walk, shoot, run, get into cars faster or slower) Unlimited Ammo Rapid Fire Launch New Game (MP IV, TLAD, TBOGT or SP) Auto Resurrect (if you die in MP, you get resurrected back immediately) List running scripts into brief (only lists vanilla IV scripts) Resurrect manually Fun Become Fidget Spinner (this was literally one of the first things in this menu) Hell Timecyc (different effects based on your current timecyc and weather) Skip on Water (FlatOut 2 anyone?) Toggle Ragdoll (SA-like animations) Force your interior to the required one (fixes invisible interiors or invisible world) Unlock every vehicle in the game world (Ever wanted to enter Roman's Taxi in Roman's Sorrow?) Free Cutscenes (Enables player control and camera control in in-game cutscenes) Throw Self Display Coordinates Become Midget (https://gta4-mods.com/images/33118/1454046742_serbmidgetrunningatveryhihgspeds.jpg) SP in MP (Complete SP story and functions in multiplayer, co-op with your friends!) Diving Mode (Use numpad + and numpad - to set dive height while in water to dive under it) Walk in MP (WASD will now walk instead of jogging) Mark self as no longer needed (You'll just walk off) Anti-Nuke (Explosion proof) LSD Mode (dis some good sh*t) Chat options (Print info about selected player or server into chat) Pause / Unpause game (This works in MP too, you will look like you've crashed) Teleport All Things (Umm....) Car Rain (will most likely explode on impact) Load Current Cutscene Interior (Walk / teleport into cutscene interior, select this, now you can see it) Rek Player (suicide) Fix Mission AI (Fixes mission AI in SP in MP mode that has been taken over by other players, e.g. Lost MC buddies in TLAD) Remove wanted level limits (6 stars in Races? No problem!) Traffic Multiplier (Very high, high, normal, low, also works in MP and it affects vehicles and peds as well) Fly/Glide Mode Rainbow Name (only works in Deathmatch, Mafiya Work and Car Jack City) Fix Niko's Clothes in MP (Niko's clothes don't sync in multiplayer, so I have this option to set all Niko players to a specific outfit) MP Bowling (Not the best method, but it works. The ball is a throwable object and the pins have to be respawned manually. Broker alley only.) Protections (Crashed and messed with left and right? This menu protects you against most well-known crash methods) Vehicle ID Change detector (You can now see who took over the car you're in) Police Reports (Dispatch lines from SP missions) Player List (Shows all players currently in-game, including ghosts) Enter SA Cheats (Misc - Command Console) Ped Settings (Set spawned peds to be bodyguards, have a specific weapon, set their accuracy, and remove their ragdoll) Camera Options Enable Camera Controls in Chat (don't see why you would ever need this but oh well) Lock Camera (Useful for taking screenshots) Mirror Screen (Mirrors the entire game except the HUD) Debug Camera (Hidden native that R* probably used, mouse to control, double click to teleport player) Tasks Player Drive Task Sit Down / Stand Up Player Walk Task (like player drive task but on foot) Clear Tasks Single Player Save Game anywhere Autosave at any time Unlock all Islands Unlock all Safehouses Cancel current Mission Add / Take away money Weapons Give yourself weapon packs Individual weapons (Everything from baseball bat to rocket to anymelee) Give other players weapons Clothes Individual clothes (much like SNT, change each component individually) Outfits (Only for some models) MP Model Menu (Open the MP model changing menu at any time, even in MP, then apply it to your current model) Time Presets (12:00, 7:00, 21:00, 0:00) Freeze Time Manually set time Negative Time (sp0000ky) Timescale (slow down or speed up the entire game) Set Weather (All weathers, from Extra Sunny to the unused Sunny Windy 2) Trainer Settings Random clothes when spawning peds or changing player model Spawn pickable objects into player's hand Change menu's control speed Change menu style (Compact or full) Change menu color Change menu font Greet other people who use this menu, to let them know that you are using it too GTA Online style options Copy Car (copy selected player's car, complete with same color and components) Copy Player (copy selected player's model) Missions Start any mission in the game (even works in MP) SCO Loader Type in any SCO script's name and if it exists, it will be loaded. Object Spawning Spawn ANY object in the game by typing it in or selecting it from a list, which is in alphabetical order and includes ALL vanilla & EFLC objects. Select an object and do things to it like place it on the ground, change its coordinates, attach it to yourself, make it fly, etc. Animations Play ANY animation in the game by typing it in or selecting it from a list, which is in alphabetical order and includes ALL vanilla animations. Toggle animation Looping DOWNLOAD LINK (REWRITE 5.0) Controls: Numpad to navigate F7 to open/close Num4/Num6 to change selected player (For Player Teleports) Screenshots: Hide contents Keywords for google to find this thread: zolika mod menu
  7. EncryptedReality

    French Riviera V

    French Riviera V Introduction What is the plan for this project? Screenshots Team Credits Special Thanks
  8. ermaccer

    ermaccer's Workshop

    Join my Discord server! Mods Information
  9. George Costanza

    IV/EFLC Radio "downgrader"

    This archive contains pre 26/4/2018 radio dats, gxts, and also binary differences between post 26/4/2018 patch and prepatch radio's RPFs IV radio "downgrader" EFLC radio "downgrader" Just unpack to your IV or EFLC root directory and run the install.bat, wait till the command line disappears and play!
  10. If you're like me, at one point you must have thought ''Damn, the Angels Of Death look badass. I wish The Lost MC looked more like them.'' Then I finally decided to it. I took my favorite Angels Of Death Model (m_y_gangels_03), edited out his tattoos so that he doesn't look like he belongs to the AoD (which was easy because of him having three different tattoo variations), and took the vest texture from lostbuddy_03 (which he himself is a retextured AoD model by R*) and gave it to him which fit perfectly. The model does not have any clothes/texture variations (taken out from the model), so it would be recommended to replace one of the Gang War buddies (lostbuddy_01 to 13) with him (that too don't have any variations of their own) Download link I might do more of these (if they turn out to be easy to do), and maybe even do reverse retextures (Lost to AoD, but I'll probably have to get photoshop).
  11. As I was thinking of a way to decrease the nightclub theme and balance the colors in TBoGT, and get rid of the unsatisfying songs, in order to improve my gameplay's experience and satisfy my taste, noticing that TBoGT is kind of out of the GTA IV trilogy, I've been messing with the game's files, and moved on modifying several files of the game, and after the lot of changes and replacements I've made, which are consisting of Enhanced: Titles, Artworks, HUD, Radar Blips, Loadsceens, Atmosphere, Time Cycle, Visual Settings, Audio, Textures & Text, now I can name this modification: Grand Theft Auto IV: The Ballad of Luis Lopez (GTA IV: TBoLL). 'The Ballad of Gay Tony' title has been replaced with The Ballad of Luis Lopez. Edited the radar blips, changed their colors from pink to a couple of colors which are based on the character's personality and role. I also replaced the colorful backgrounds of the characters' artworks with vanilla artwork backgrounds and some of TLaD's. Restored TLaD's Pump shotgun in the game, and also reduced the nightclub and fancy theme colors in the HUD, leads to the removal of the nightclub colors of the radar disk. Many of the game's colors are now close to the vanilla colors of IV (I could've made them even closer, but I gave some personal touches so the game can still have its own colors, just like TLaD), and also modified the game's Time Cycles out of pink colors during a couple of day times. Rainbows and black bows of side-mission completions have been removed, and disabled the mission percent system's screen. Mission HUD colors have been slightly improved. Yellow HUD color of the missions' waypoint, along with grey color of the loading bar, armor bar and ammo numbers, are included in the Bonus additions as well. Screen rainbow and black bow have been removed as well, and game titles have been changed, including titles of the game's intro and side-missions. Johnny Klebitz' rank badge was updated to President, instead of Vice President, as he appears only in two missions, which are Frosting On The Cake and Not So Fast, and both of those missions were after arresting Billy. He appears in the game's intro as well, but I believe it's just an easter egg to remember TLaD, just like Niko's appearance in Alderney in TLaD's intro, besides the fact that Niko was still in Broker back then. And either way, the rank's badge isn't noticeable during the game's intro. I've modified some uniforms of The Lost's members too, recolored the unfitting colored uniforms, and added The Lost MC's patch to ones that're missing it. I also enhanced Roman Bellic's clothes, as I don't see why would he wear the same clothes he wear when going to Maisonette 9 in his wedding. As well as the replacement I made for Electro-Choc's song, Kid Conga, with the theme song of GTA San Andreas' nightclubs, A Guy Called Gerald. No Security, a song of Electro-Choc too, no longer plays after blowing Bulgarin's plane up during Departure Time, but an extended version of Pjanoo (which was used in the official trailer of The Ballad of Gay Tony, and also available in the radio station Vladivostok FM) plays instead. Electro-Choc radio station has been reverted to the original one from GTA IV, which obviously affects Maisonette 9's mainstream. Typos in the dialogue subtitles have been corrected, so text of subtitles now show the correct words of Luis when he says "F*ck off. Conyo", rather than "Piss of. Conyo" during Party's Over, and so with his words "Bulgarin. This is personal", but not "Yo. This is personal", during Departure Time. Also, Uzi's color has been changed from golden to silver (still golden in Yusuf Amir's cutscenes), and reverted Rotterdam Tower's pink lights back to their original light blue textures. To make things clear, the main goal of this mod is not getting rid of the glitzy theme, maybe toning it down, but it's mainly about limiting the nightclub atmosphere and the fancy theme as much as possible. I would've liked if the game was more focused on the drug dealing business rather than the nightclub business, but as we can't change the story, at least modifying the HUD and replacing timecycles is possible, same with many other files, and this is capable of changing the feel of the game, a little, at least. I didn't remake the artworks/pictures of the online section, noticing how harder it is to replace titles (or anything else) in the online mode compared to the offline section. I don't have plans to do that currently, not in the mean time at least. Maybe in future, maybe not... who knows. Opening In-Game Pause Menu Bonus Additions SparkIV or OpenIV (to replace the models and audio files) Q: This game is attached to the nightclub life, then why are you trying to limit the nightclub theme and lower the fancy theme? A: Seriously... because I want to, and because I don't like the HUD, text and titles be so colorful. Q: Why did you remove Tony's name from the game's title? A: Because I don't like seeing a character that is not the protagonist taking over the game's title. And either way, I believe that The Ballad of Luis Lopez is more fitting than The Ballad of Gay Tony, simply because Luis is mostly more effective in Liberty City than Tony, and he is preferred over Tony by all of the game's characters. Take Yusuf, Mori and Bulgarin as a few examples, and then a lot of customers of the Maisonette 9. Even Rocco himself admitted that he and Vincenzo prefer working with Luis over Tony during Party's Over. In addition, Liberty City's Cage Fights, Drug Wars, Base Jumps and Races are considered as big activities in Liberty, which Tony has nothing to do with, while Luis does. (side-missions aren't so important in the story though, but maybe the Drug Wars are important for Luis, as well as the Club Management too.) Changing the color of the wanted stars. Changing the colors of the pause menu's main options. (options are colorful, highlight is white.) Changing the color of the opening menu's main options. (options are pink, highlight is white.) Bringing back the vanilla style of the loading bar. Disabling the mission percent stats in the player's stats.
  12. iiCriminnaaL 49

    [REL|IV/EFLC] Sweet Autumn

    Similar to cp1dell's CleanIV (a.k.a. Fixed Colors) mod, this mod aims to improve Liberty City's weather and make it clearer than in the default game. While CleanIV removes the 'Color Correction' (color filter), and increases the 'Saturation' and 'Far Clip' (draw distance), there're still many times of the game's weathers that have colors which R* kinda overpowered. Meanwhile, you would notice the city being too orangish, yellowish, greenish, or bluish, depending on the weather and time. This mod (which is based on CleanIV by the way, with a permission taken from cp1dell) balances those colors and also increases the 'Far Clip' even more. And while it does so, it also decreases the 'Far Clip' during the 'Foggy' weather to make it more suitable for being foggy. So, in short, the things that have been done in this mod: Balanced the overpowered lighting colors in certain times in a couple of weathers. (Extra Sunny, Sunny, Sunny Windy, Cloudy and Foggy) Besides overpowered colors being decreased, night times of 'Sunny Windy' have been made more bluish than greenish. Fog has been removed from the night times of 'Extra Sunny'. In 'Extra Sunny' and 'Sunny', 6 AM has been made sunnier. In 'Extra Sunny', 7 AM has been made sunnier. 'Far Clip' has been increased in all weathers, except for 'Foggy', decreased instead. 'Sunny', 'Sunny Windy' and 'Cloudy' have been made slightly clearer. Night times of 'Extra Sunny' have been slightly darkened. Night times of 'Sunny Windy' and 'Cloudy' have been slightly brightened. Instead of being greenish, night times of 'Cloudy' are now blackish. Instead of showing only in 'Extra Sunny' and 'Sunny Windy' like in default, the moon now shows in all of the weathers' night times. In addition, it now shows earlier, starting from 21 (9 PM), instead of 22 (10 PM). Sky's color and brightness have been balanced during several times in weathers 'Extra Sunny', 'Sunny', 'Sunny Windy' and 'Cloudy', including night times. Clouds have been reduced in 'Extra Sunny', 'Sunny' and 'Sunny Windy'. Clouds have been slightly brightened in a couple of day times in 'Cloudy'. Sun's color has been changed from yellow to white during certain times in weathers 'Extra Sunny', 'Sunny', 'Sunny Windy' and 'Cloudy'. Clouds' colors have been generally made more realistic in a couple of weathers. Shadows' colors have been balanced during a couple of times in weathers 'Extra Sunny', 'Sunny', 'Sunny Windy' and 'Cloudy'. Balanced the water's color in every hour of each weather. Download What about the interiors' cycles? There's nothing to change in the interiors' time cycles. If you want them clearer, you should install this mod over CleanIV. That's what I did on my game anyway. Any screenshots? Well, I would add some when I got enough free time. I'm mostly busy with college, and I barely got time for myself. In the meantime, I hope you'll have fun.
  13. jacell

    Jacell's Workshop

    Welcome to my workshop where i create and share custom, slightly improved vehicle interiors textures of better quality for GTA IV/EFLC cars. I look forward to getting feedback and request on what cars that are most requested. Completed: Huntley sport https://www.gtainside.com/en/gta4/cars/120726-new-huntley-sport-interior/ Cavalcade FXT https://www.gtainside.com/en/gta4/cars/120829-new-cavalcade-fxt-interior/ Bullet GT https://www.gtainside.com/en/gta4/cars/120706-new-bullet-gt-interior/ Unreleased: Pmp 600 Super Diamond Cavalcade/2 Elegy RH8 W.I.P: Super Diamond Drop Contender e109 Schafter
  14. _CP_


    VisualIV is a graphic overhaul modification for Grand Theft Auto IV, bringing you a completely redone time cycle and improved color correction to add some life to Liberty City as well as a fixed rendering code, so your playing experience will be more smooth. There are a lot of other tweaks included, like bigger density of cars and pedestrians on roads, removed depth of field etc. Screens: - rewrited weather settings - black clouds bug fixed - fixed a bug with overbrighted bloom - light adaptation added - new water texture - ambient light & shadows from moon added in all areas - compatibility with ENBSeries 1.8 - https://www35.zippyshare.com/v/wDYXXcEq/file.html Older, deprecated versions are available here - http://www.gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=7008
  15. Shady311

    Shady311 Workshop

    Projects: - Chevrolet Suburban 2015 - Done in game - Chevrolet Tahoe 2008 - Done in game - Ford E-250 extended cargo van - In work
  16. (Japan) GTA Love

    GTAIV&EFLC Character Fixs

    GTAIV&EFLC to Character Fixs GTAIV&EFLC 10th Anniversary!! Good Best Story Game Replaying EveryBody!! Bad News to Cut Songs... Mods Link URL ↓ Link to GTAIV&EFLC Character Fixs Update List Manual Install Only TBOGT No File Fix Not Pedprops File Fix Add Readme GTAIV Characters Johnny Biker to EFLC Clothes Luis to DLC Texture Color(DLC Model to Ingame Model Only) Gracie to Original Gaytony to Original EFLC Texture(Not DLC Model Sorry) Ashley to Original TLAD Texture(Not DLC Model Sorry) Jim Fiz Biker to EFLC Model And Texture Jason Biker to EFLC Model And Texture Eugene Reaper to New Texture (Not DLC Model Sorry) EFLC Characters Johnny Biker to High Texture Luis to DLC Texture Color(DLC Model to Ingame Model Only) Gracie to GTAIV Model Jim Fiz Biker to High Texture Jason Biker to High Texture Roman to High Texture Ashley to High Texture Gay Tony to High Texture Biker Ped to New Model Niko to High Texture TLAD Evan to TBOGT Texture TBOGT Evan to Original Texture (Cutscreen & Ingame Model to Change) GTAIV&EFLC Patchs GTAIV1.0.0.0~ EFLC1.0.0.0~ (OpenIV Install) Mod to All Version Work (Thanks Picture And Movie to Youtuber whatever57010) https://imgur.com/a/TYzPI (This video is not mine, but it shows the difference.) my GTAIV&EFLC Fixs to DLC Clothes GTAIV Johnny Clothes to Beta Clothes/EFLC Johnny to Final Biker Jacket Clothes Sorry Bad English (Japanese)
  17. thehambone

    GTA IV Pigeon Locator

    GTA IV Pigeon Locator Version 1.0.1 Description To celebrate the 10 year anniversary of GTA IV, I've decided to create a handy little tool that will show all remaining pigeons in a GTA IV save on a map of Liberty City. Features Plots all remaining and exterminated pigeons on a map of Liberty City. Map can be zoomed and panned. Hover over a pigeon blip to display location information. Load GTA IV gamesaves by dragging and dropping them into the program. System Requirements .NET 4.0 Client Profile or newer Version Information Version 1.0.1 25 June 2018 Made the program DPI-aware so it looks nicer on high-resolution displays. Version 1.0.0 29 April 2018 Initial release Special Thanks Special thanks to GTAKid667 for testing and providing feedback during the development process. Download Download on GTAGarage.com Download on GitHub.com Copyright © 2018 thehambone.
  18. jaqub

    Springfield IV

    Springfield Level 1 & 2 from a gta-copycat classic, Simpsons: Hit and Run. Not something I might continue, there are still like 6 levels left to have all maps from Hit and Run on IV. Yes, I know it was already converted to V as FiveM map, but it served as test on IV. So, I still decided to release the map. The map was extracted with Lucas' Pure3D Editor made by the Donut team and converted with GIMS IV. https://discord.gg/M32VfH2 Download More screens:
  19. Zolika1351

    IV Fixes & Improvements

    I was pretty disappointed in Rockstar for not providing any fixes for the 10th anniversary, so I decided to fix some bugs myself. I don't have a lot done currently, but I will have more fixes in the future. Changes: Screenshots: DOWNLOAD LINK (3.0)
  20. Payday Health Script 1.1 Regenerate armor similarly to Payday. This mod has been inspired by the Payday 2 like health system for GTA V. What does this do? This mod regenerates your armor and also allows you to take miscellaneous damage through your armor (like fall damage). Edit the .cs file to change the settings. The default settings are made to be similar to Payday. Features » Regenerate armor/health after you've been damaged! » Take miscellaneous damage through armor! » Set maximum health & armor! » Fully configurable! If you only want to use one of these features, you can do so! Changelog Download This mod requires .NET Script Hook! If you like this mod, throw me a donation!
  21. IV Ban Script Sick of hackers? This mod keeps them out of your lobbies! What does this do? This mod allows you to add players to a ban-list. Players that attempt to join your lobby while on that list will be immediately kicked. You can also add people to that list while you're not the host, which will make sure that these players will be kept out of the lobbies that you host. Banned players will be saved in a file called "banlist.txt" inside your game's directory. You can also add players manually to that file, although I'd recommend using something like Notepad++. Commands Open the .NET Script Hook console (^ on a QWERTY keyboard, Ö on QWERTZ), und use one of the following commands: - ban <gamertag> - Adds a player to the ban-list. If you're not the host, they won't be kicked. However, they will still be added to your ban-list and will be taken care of next time you are the host of a game. - unban <gamertag> - Removes a player from the ban-list - banlist [gamertag] - Shows the players you've banned. If you give the gamertag argument, the player will be searched in your list. Planned Features - Global Utility Functions: Allow anti-cheat scripts to interact with this script. Download This mod requires .NET Script Hook and Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0! If you like this mod, throw me a donation!
  22. iiCriminnaaL 49

    Some cloth improvements for Niko

    I guess most of you noticed that some of IV's clothes are actually dark green, while they're supposed to be black, didn't you? This mod changes the textures of clothes that are supposed to be black but are actually dark green, and also makes Niko's hair darker, with his brows, mustache and chin's beard being a bit darker too, and makes Niko's hands color with the gloves match his default hands color rather than the beta hands color, as well as makes the gloves a bit darker. Download Preview: Requirements: - SparkIV or OpenIV (to replace the models)
  23. You can now shrink your EFLC by using GTA IV's files! This useful if you have both IV and EFLC installed and want to save some space. This whole process is done by using so-called hard-links. You can save over 8000MB of storage! The folder will be shown to still have the same size, but you will have physically more space. Using this tool does not exclude you from multiplayer! Note! This is early software and I am not responsible for any corrupted game-files. Make sure that your drive is formatted in NTFS (right click your drive in explorer and click properties to check) before you use this tool. There are no failsafes in place, so proceed at your own caution (especially if you have slow internet and don't want to redownload the entire game)! There is also no easy way to revert this (as of now). It is not recommended to mod your game after you've applied this. Download
  24. iiCriminnaaL 49

    TLaD Enhanced HUD

    Of course, everybody who played GTA TLaD noticed the dirt effects on the HUD, on the radar's disk, bar of health & armor, and on the pause menu's parts. So, I came up with this modification to get rid of those effects, for everybody who prefers to play without them or either gets annoyed by them (I play with them present anyway). I also replaced the textures of the peds' health & armor that appear on the HUD's crosshair with vanilla IV's textures (which is used in TBoGT by the way, was changed only in TLaD). This modification also changes the color of the health bar from white to brown, and improves the following HUD colors: Yellow, blue, red, and green. Download Preview: Notes: I didn't touch the game's fonts (fonts of street names, vehicle names, weapon ammo's numbers, etc), because I didn't want to replace the biker font style with the regular font of GTA IV. Meanwhile, dirt effects haven't been removed from the fonts. Installing this mod on your game will prevent you from previewing the noise effect, even if it's already enabled.
  25. Zolika1351

    Cunning Stunts IV


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