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  1. Is there a mod that enables the ability to spin the wheels of a car in GTA 3 with the brakes applied? Every other 3D era game has this ability and you can use it to perform a "360" (most notably in the San Andreas auto school). I found a mod to restore tire damage and I wonder if it's also possible to bring this feature too into GTA 3.
  2. Kashyap8914

    What do you guys think about Claude?

    I think he's cool because he's mute Comment your opinions and reasons below
  3. Teorhus

    A new update?

    Some platforms received an update of 420mb some minutes ago Can someone verify on the whole trilogy?
  4. A dream for many of us has become reality and has finally become mature enough to be officially announced here: Source code for GTA 3 and Vice City. Over the course of about 1.5 years a group of people has reverse engineered both games completely. Finally we're able to build both games from source which opens up a whole new level of modding. They have also already been ported to many other platforms (Linux, Nintendo Switch, Playstation Vita, Nintendo Wii U). You can find everything here: re3: https://github.com/GTAmodding/re3/tree/master reVC: https://github.com/GTAmodding/re3/tree/miami Join our discord guild: https://discord.gg/RFNbjsUMGg
  5. Hi all. I'm looking for like-minded people for mod gta ls. My hobby is interior design. I'm improving the Liberty city map as much as I can. And what can you do? Joey Leone's garage got bigger. Glenwood Drug Store
  6. _iPhaze

    Mobile modification?...

    I have purchased every R* title for mobile and was testing them all to see if they run good and yes, so far, flawless. Now, I'd like to do more research on modifications - Any information or links to where I can find trustworthy downloads would be appreciated. I suppose I would have to download an extractor and replace files as I go, of course back up files before I do so... I have installed CTW, 3, VC, SA now and I think I'll work on Vice City first. If anyone has down this and would like to share anything (tips, tricks, install information) I would appreciate the help and feedback. Oh and it just hit me, are there any trainers? If so, link please, that way I can run sometime with unlimited ammo and health. Not big on cheats honestly but I am busy working alot and want to have fun when I can play... If this topics in the wrong spot I apologize...
  7. Hello, So I recently learnt how to edit buildings in GTA 3. https://i.imgur.com/nEQq4iN.jpg https://i.imgur.com/SklfEx5.jpg I am wondering though. Since I started with the red light district, I'd like to add lights onto the buildings. Neons that glow and produce lights like the traffic lights do. Make the place even tackier. I have some textures that look like neon lights, which is fine in the day but at night they look a bit tired as there is no glow to them. As well as interior lights for ceilings. I'm looking for something like Vice Cities Ocean Drive. The neons on the buildings glow in the night and give off that misty/cloudy light area of effect. The programs I use are. Blender with DraggonFF GIMP IMG Factory Magic.TXD MEd I'm not sure if it matters, but the neon strip here is a face that is part of the model itself, not it's own model with it's own ipl and ide. Just an edited building.
  8. https://github.com/Sergeanur/ImgFileTables Tables of files inside IMGs from PC version of III, VC and SA. Key feature of these tables is file grouping that approximates directory structure of the files before the IMG was built. Also the Size column represents an actual file size with IMG alignment truncated.
  9. Sergeanur

    Fixed SC files

    At some point in time in our past SC files became available, but they were utterly butchered by a disease called 3master plague™ Now I present you SC files cured on GitHub: https://github.com/Sergeanur/UndefinifiedLiberty https://github.com/Sergeanur/UndefinifiedMiami https://github.com/Sergeanur/UndefinifiedGrove The SC files now correspond to the original PC and PS2 versions (and in case of Miami - to Xbox debug version too) stored in a way so that you could also see what differences occured with each release. These files are an interesting read for those who's interested in scripts and their development history. Have fun! Oh, and join my discord server: https://discord.gg/WgAg9ymHbj
  10. So I'm gonna try and re-texture a lot of people in the GTADE with up-res'd versions of their OG game ones and blend em etc, I've already done a Ken fix and it's on Nexus mods which is where anything else I upload will go but I'll post previews here. GTA 3 Style Claude GTA VC Style Tommy SA Style Reece, just gotta figure out why his hair texture isn't showing lol
  11. Alkimical

    GTA Timescale

    Is there any mod to change the timescale in GTA III, VC & SA? I would like to set the timescale the same as GTA IV & V (1 minute in game = 2 seconds in real life)
  12. So far ModLoader has worked good enough for me in VC and SA, but GTA 3 is giving me headaches. I always get a crash whenever I have a mod enabled that needs to inject files into gta3.img. I don't really want to edit the file manually.
  13. Hello. I've been wanting to do over this rendition of Liberty City somewhat over the years and have finally decided to do it. I can model stuff in blender and whatnot but what I can't see to do is reimport extracted models back into the game. The first building where the safehouse is, I though I would rearrange some of the signage and give some blank shops a business. I'll try and recap what happened. I extracted the dff, got the extension for blender and made my edits. What I have now, is the edited building, and it's txd file with some added textures. My many attempts to import it always failed, I was trying to do it through Med but it never saved the edits and recompiling always reset them. I got a bit further, then I imported them with IMG Tool. I couldn't replace because model file size was too big apparently, it is bigger by about 20kb. Anyway so instead imported it under another name, deleted the original model (I have back ups) and then renamed the import to the name the old model was. I did the same with the texture, rebuilt the archive. Then in Med it all looked like it worked. https://i.imgur.com/732xGg4.png https://i.imgur.com/zLEKGk3.png However in game, for some reason I don't know why, it uses the LOD model and I can't tell it not too. https://i.imgur.com/wYyxvYt.png So I am a little lost on what to do really. Is it best to replace by deleting and adding a model with a new or same name? Or adding a new model, but leaving the old one in the game and telling the item definition in Med to use the new model? I have tried both ways to no success, one of which makes it so I can't even load the game, although I forget which, it's a bit of a process. So I have uninstalled the game and reinstalled with the intent to start all over again. I have had trouble finding tutorials on exactly what I want to do, so what's the best way to do it? I honestly thought I had it when I saw the model was replaced in Med, it seems IMG tool actually saves the archive edits. And yeah I made sure to look at the .ipl and .ide files to make sure model and texture and both there. If it means anything, I am using my old retail copy of the game, not Steam. *Edit* So, because it keeps loading the LOD, I decided to replace the LOD with the proper model....not optimal I know as it defeats the idea of LOD but I wanted to see if it would load. It doesn't, it loads nothing. So that tells me my model won't load at all and would if it could, revert to the LOD....but why? Is it file size? Is it to do with the offset in IMG tool being different now? (because I can't replace a model with the replace function, have to delete and import mine in it's place.) Something isn't right but I can't find out what. Yet in Med it all loads perfectly fine. *Edit again* O.K. I don't think it's the offset, as I have deleted the replacement LOD and put back in the old model, but the offset for it is different now, it's a new object that uses that old model essentially I think. I put the indust1 texture back on it in Med and in game, the old LOD loads back up with it's new offset. So it could be file size that's the problem? I dare not actually delete redlightbuild03 as in the item itself, not just it's model. I seem to break the game when I do that. Otherwise I would put a new definition in there and see if that works.
  14. Привет всем. Я делаю интерьеры для мода gta liberty city, который переносит гта 3 на гта вайс сити. Некоторые интерьеры я беру из модов, либо от авторов чтобы их улучшить. Мне нравится наполнять карту разными местами. Я бы хотел чтобы люди которые умеют писать клео скрипты, плагины, изменять ехе-файлы и так далее наполнили бы мод множеством возможностей с целью чтобы игроку было весело проводить время в этом моде. Возможно даже сделать поддержку оффициальных мультиплееров. Я не прошу заказную работу. Hello to all. I make interiors for a mod that transfers GTA 3 to GTA Vice City. I take some interiors from mods, or from authors to improve them. I like to fill the map with different places. I would like people who can write cleo scripts, plugins, modify exe files to simply fill an empty map with many possibilities in order to make the player have fun in this mod. It is even possible to make support for official multiplayers. I'm not asking for commissioned work.
  15. kubon352

    Cars popping out of nowhere

    Platform: PC
  16. sutalu

    Clipping issues on roads

    PS5 version. There are some places along GTA III, VC and SA where there are roads that have clipping issues due to: Here an example. PS2 version vs Definitive Edition. Here the location in this case:
  17. After completing Sayonara Salvatore, the Saint Mark's Bistro area is nearly impossible to survive. Is it still the same in The Definitive Edition?
  18. Are you looking to create mods for the new Grand Theft Auto The Definitive Edition games? This thread contains links to all my modding guides All of the guides I provide require no experience on all surfaces. I will walk you through the entire process from Start to Finish! Beginners Friendly! Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas [Textures] [Audio] [Localization] [Models] - Coming Soon Grand Theft Auto: Vice City [Textures] - Coming Soon [Audio] - Coming Soon [Localization] - Coming Soon [Models] - Coming Soon Grand Theft Auto: III [Textures] - Coming Soon [Audio] - Coming Soon [Localization]- Coming Soon [Models] - Coming Soon
  19. I have old saves for all three games stored in an external drive, and I wanted to play them again but none of the three games even recognize their existence. All savegame slots are empty despite the save files being placed in their correct locations. I have tried deleting the .SET files, but nothing changes. I'm a bit rusty when it comes to the old games, and I'm also playing them on Windows 10 for the first time. I have the original versions (non-Steam).
  20. Alkimical

    GTA Vice City Speed of rocket

    Someone post a cleo script to make the rockets in GTA SA faster in this thread. I wonder if there is something similar to GTA VC (also GTA III)
  21. So I wanted to make something... Special. But for this "Special" thing, I need to know what car player is using. But if you are gonna ask: - I'll ask to game what car player is using / car player is in, then I'll explode that car. So to explode a car. I need to know what car is playing using. Cause Global Variables needed for that car. How to do? (Might spelled most of things wrong, because bad English.)
  22. So, I saw the other thread about new interiors and decided to ask what are the changes to exterior of Liberty City that you are expecting to see on this new version? Besides obvious texture improvements, upscalling, etc... I'm expecting to see them finally opening up the Stadium in Stauton Island, and maybe finishing the upstate part of the map so it can be an island so we can now have flyable airplanes. If it's OK with the mods here, we can also use this thread to catalog all major changes with the map. New changes: -The east coast of Shoreside Vale now features some interesting civilization props: Unfortunately that area remains inaccessible so I wouldn't count on that place being explorable, its just a nice backdrop and a welcome change. -The trees around Portland now features collisions, they had none on the original PS2 release of the game. -Safehouse garages and the import/export garage have new props added inside them. -Capital Autos has been revamped and now features a new spawn points for the Patriot, along with the classic Banshee spawn point that we all know and love: -The position of the destroyed beams at the Callahan Bridge have been altered slightly, now you cannot make jump to Staunton Island and explore it earlier...Unless you just use cheat codes or exploit the Porter Tunnels glitch that still works like it always did. -The infamous Ghost Town(the place where the games opening cutscen takes place) has been removed from where it was in the game, or they just moved it elsewhere or finally figured out how to despawn it: Oh yeah, they also removed the random names that appeared on the minimap once you fly past the map boundaries. -The classic GTA 1 Earter Egg on the PCs at the [email protected] lanhouse have been removed, now the PCs displays a generic desktop screen. - A big part of the hills on Cedar Grove, where the observatory is on and that are innacessible, now features collisions and a slippery ground script from RDR2 was added to not allow the player to explore it unless they're in a vehicle. More details here: - The cranes at Portland Harbor that loads cargo into the ships are now much smaller. -Belleville Park now features more trees of different types on it, all of them features collisions. The bathroom now has mirrors with working reflections.
  23. I took the liberty to export these frames in after effects from the 4K Trailer directly hosted by Rockstar for the best image quality. Scene 1: Scene 2: Scene 3: Scene 4: Scene 5: Scene 6:
  24. So this is a little thing I've been wanting to do but have held off on it since I have not the slightest clue as to how one would port models into GTA 3 lol so instead I baked textures from the newer games post 3 (Mostly LCS but I do have some SA ones planned) Gotta maybe lighten Toni's skin color on his face but the face texture came out looking good imo If I knew how to port models I'd get rid of that Phil Cassidy model and just replace it with his LCS model since they wear the same outfit lol wanna know peoples thoughts on this Edit: using Skin and Bones and LC98 in these pics
  25. I'm trying to get GTA 3 1.0 running on Windows 10 with some mods, fixes and stuff. But I have an issue I can't fix, the game just doesn't save any setting changes. It always loads in the system language (Spanish) and I want to play in English. Also the graphics and sound settings get reset, I suppose the controls too (haven't bothered to edit any of them due to this). EDIT - I solved it with script "portablegta.dll" by The Hero:
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