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Found 8 results

  1. I am willing to pay $200 whoever creates a total conversion mod that has following basic settings and plot: Playable Character: Some Triad Allies: Triads, Corrupt Cops, Marty Chonks Enemies: Diablos, Leones, Forellis Missions from: Triad Characters, Ray Machowski, Marty Chonks Atleast 30 missions should be in the game Story should be revolving Chinatown Fish Market and Greasy Joe's. Add some twists in the storyline You may complete the script, send me a video to verify its complete, after which I will PayPal the amount to your account and you can
  2. Yeah, I know, it feels weird a post like this for GTA 3 seemed that it has little to almost no story at all, but hey, I love this game and in "almost no story" there's story in it, I took inspiration for a post like this from both the GTA V and RDR2 posts for the missions timeline, the RDR2 one is insane more than 3 years is on that thread, I didn't knew where to post this seemed that RDR2's in on Help and Support but it didn't seem too good to post it there for GTA 3. The aim for this post is to make a order that makes the story and missions flow near perfectly or perfectly, any feedback
  3. Vind Sole

    Sound effects from PS2 to PC

    I recently saw a video from Vadim M., where he mentions how the first GTA 3 PAL release on PS2 had slight differences from the other, one of those is that some pedestrian will say "I designed the PS2", now, I wanted that sound to play in the PC version, I used ermaccer's Rockstar Audio Tool to extract the PS2 sfx files, but there are like 3000 files and I don't have idea which of those are that quote as they are named sound 1, 2, 3, etc..., Vadim M could somehow figure it out, I would ask him but he seems to be sick these days so that's not an option, Help is appreciated.
  4. Welcome to The Offical GTA Remake Thread This Thread is Meant to Discuss Possible Features ,Changes, Release Date etc...
  5. Spider-Vice

    Glasgow Statue Cones

    The statue by Francis Intl. Airport in GTA III and the one in Pyrite Ave. in GTA V reference a long-standing tradition of putting a cone on Glasgow's Wellington statue.
  6. This sign also re-appeared in Liberty City Stories on PSP And then again in the PS2 port.
  7. Quite possibly the first time Rockstar teased the location of the next game in the Grand Theft Auto Series.
  8. StuntGames

    UV Mapping

    This is an area I really had problems with, back when I was learning how to model.... There was literrally NO tutorials for this. But since Im the good guy that I am I made one for you. *Organization* Always remember to be organized, I also find that having 64x64 256x256 512x512 and 1024x1024 textures to be the best. They dont distort. If they are not that size make them with MS paint. Step 1 Now you have to change one of your viewports to the UV Mapper View, I chose the Front viewport. Step 2 Have a shape ready, go into faces mode then
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