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  1. How i got to this: Recently i have gotten the gta urge after many years so i popped my gta5 into my 360 to have some fun shooting and chasing some NPCs trough the city. After 1h i got bored and decided that Vigilante was the best for my needs.. i had totally forgotten that V doesnt have vigilante, such a shame. I then installed gta4 on my pc and began chasing criminals. The vigilante in 4 is well made and all but the driving is horribly slow and sluggish and firing out of your car is just too easy, i never even had to leave my car, all MP5 action. I then red that gta3 on ps4 had an achievement for completing 20 Vigilante kills in a row and thought that it was a cool little challenge that the PC version doesnt have. I fired up gta3 on PC and came up with my own little Trophy challenge. The Challenge: Start a new game and save the game in your hideout with 1 cop car in your garage and the 5 shotgun shells you got from entering it. you now need to get 20 kills in a row on this island. you cannot: -pick up weapons except from your vigilante victims and gangs/police. -use cheats.. -use a tank -pick up armor or weapons as map pickups. youre allowed to: -get health pickups -get police bribes (in hideout too) -get armor by entering a police enforcer van -use your safehouse garage. Tier 2: 20 kills in a row in staunton. you may now use an FBI kuruma if you prefer. Tier 3: 20 kills in a row in shoreside vale. Tier 4: 20 kills in a row back in portland while shoreside vale is unlocked (aka hellmode). The beautiful natural Progression of it: Tier 1: you relearn the amazingly fun handling of the cop car and that perma sirens dont make things easier. Read Traffic lights. predict NPC cars and how they turn, or should i say fake their turns. you start remembering the different map area names. you get a good sense on how to read the radar for the criminals movement. you learn shotgun ambushes and with how many pellets youre supposed to hit a car without it blowing up right in your face. you learn to love the uzi to quickly finish off cars and peds. you learn which vehicle types you better tail smash to spin and which to cut off the front to bring them to a halt. Edit: actually can be tricky when criminals only have bats, you then need to juggle your wanted level for shotgun ammo and things can get dicey, might actually not be the easiest island. Tier 2: The police car at the police station is always unlocked, gorgeous. Your ammo management becomes much better and new weapon combos open up due to criminals now carrying AKs. you now have to do much more Health, car health and wanted level management. You get to employ much more water smashing which is a time saver but provides no ammo. you start to evade gangs and their shots. Tier 3: The m16 and the RL are now also unlocked and things can get a little dangerous. the sniper becomes a great tool and has some nice synergy with the shotgun. You now often have to assess a criminal when you stop them, what weapon does he carry? who is he aiming at? how to approach? You are on an extremely cut off island, you now need to incorporate jumps from the dam to lower dam or from airport to gardens to make it in time. In general you need to use any shortcut there is and sometimes even go offroading and go down or up a hill. your wanted level management becomes intense as you may require a steady supply of fresh delivered healthy cop cars due to risky jumps. At the same time bribing becomes much harder to incorporate into your route cause your hideout is mostly off course. your radar reading skills need to be expertly now due to the dam and tunnels that criminals often take. your ammo management needs to be at its best, save RL and m16 for when really needed and most time saving. Tier 4: All of the above + Youre hated by everyone, you have to know exactly where gang spawns begin. You learn how to deal with shotgun mafia by confronting them. your health, car health and wanted level management and cop evasion must be masterful. your radar reading must be top notch and you must prevent criminals to enter saint marks at all cost when possible. My progress: Tier 1: complete Tier 2: complete Tier 3: completed just now, was the hardest i found Tier 4: complete i may go for 30 next, dunno, need a new challenge. Give it a try! based on the weapons unlocking per island you get a very steep but gradual learning curve, i prefer to run some dub techno in the background due to no radio. Please, if you have any of you own fun challenges let me know, i still find this game has the best driving of all the GTA's and the chases and weapons are brutal
  2. NeverLate

    GTA 3 Window Lighting Problem

    This is what the window lights look like at night in my game. Window lights go in front of the windows. What could cause this bug? Is there a solution to this?
  3. I'm leaning more towards, deal steal, happening, before Kingdom come Kenji's dialog in deal steal, makes it seem like this alliance between the Cartel and Yardies, is just starting, While in the Kingdom come, it appears to already be set, also a bunch of suicide bombers, high on really expensive drug, feels like too many resources, and too many risks, for an alliance that hasn't ben finalized
  4. I'm trying to get this stupid mod to work and all it does is crash my game. Help, please. Also can never seem to get CLEO mods working with this game. I got the original trilogy.
  5. Hello. I've been wanting to do over this rendition of Liberty City somewhat over the years and have finally decided to do it. I can model stuff in blender and whatnot but what I can't see to do is reimport extracted models back into the game. The first building where the safehouse is, I though I would rearrange some of the signage and give some blank shops a business. I'll try and recap what happened. I extracted the dff, got the extension for blender and made my edits. What I have now, is the edited building, and it's txd file with some added textures. My many attempts to import it always failed, I was trying to do it through Med but it never saved the edits and recompiling always reset them. I got a bit further, then I imported them with IMG Tool. I couldn't replace because model file size was too big apparently, it is bigger by about 20kb. Anyway so instead imported it under another name, deleted the original model (I have back ups) and then renamed the import to the name the old model was. I did the same with the texture, rebuilt the archive. Then in Med it all looked like it worked. https://i.imgur.com/732xGg4.png https://i.imgur.com/zLEKGk3.png However in game, for some reason I don't know why, it uses the LOD model and I can't tell it not too. https://i.imgur.com/wYyxvYt.png So I am a little lost on what to do really. Is it best to replace by deleting and adding a model with a new or same name? Or adding a new model, but leaving the old one in the game and telling the item definition in Med to use the new model? I have tried both ways to no success, one of which makes it so I can't even load the game, although I forget which, it's a bit of a process. So I have uninstalled the game and reinstalled with the intent to start all over again. I have had trouble finding tutorials on exactly what I want to do, so what's the best way to do it? I honestly thought I had it when I saw the model was replaced in Med, it seems IMG tool actually saves the archive edits. And yeah I made sure to look at the .ipl and .ide files to make sure model and texture and both there. If it means anything, I am using my old retail copy of the game, not Steam. *Edit* So, because it keeps loading the LOD, I decided to replace the LOD with the proper model....not optimal I know as it defeats the idea of LOD but I wanted to see if it would load. It doesn't, it loads nothing. So that tells me my model won't load at all and would if it could, revert to the LOD....but why? Is it file size? Is it to do with the offset in IMG tool being different now? (because I can't replace a model with the replace function, have to delete and import mine in it's place.) Something isn't right but I can't find out what. Yet in Med it all loads perfectly fine. *Edit again* O.K. I don't think it's the offset, as I have deleted the replacement LOD and put back in the old model, but the offset for it is different now, it's a new object that uses that old model essentially I think. I put the indust1 texture back on it in Med and in game, the old LOD loads back up with it's new offset. So it could be file size that's the problem? I dare not actually delete redlightbuild03 as in the item itself, not just it's model. I seem to break the game when I do that. Otherwise I would put a new definition in there and see if that works.
  6. i almost never worked with models in terms of modding in general, the only thing i know is that GTA 3 models don't have a skeleton or bones (or whatever this called) unlike VC and SA. But there's Skin and Bones script that add it from XBOX version. And that MH2 have different format instead of general DFF that RenderWare games ussualy using. so i need some tips from someone who already worked with porting models to GTA 3 using Skin and Bones. Thanks.
  7. A dream for many of us has become reality and has finally become mature enough to be officially announced here: Source code for GTA 3 and Vice City. Over the course of about 1.5 years a group of people has reverse engineered both games completely. Finally we're able to build both games from source which opens up a whole new level of modding. They have also already been ported to many other platforms (Linux, Nintendo Switch, Playstation Vita, Nintendo Wii U). You can find everything here: re3: https://github.com/GTAmodding/re3/tree/master reVC: https://github.com/GTAmodding/re3/tree/miami Join our discord guild: https://discord.gg/RFNbjsUMGg
  8. Originally they use Shotguns but I wanted to replace their weapon with Micro Uzi. Is it possible to do that? If yes, how do I do this?
  9. Just like the title says. I'm no programmer sadly, and I'm interested on having this little thing, which is just modify the HUD of GTA3's PC version and make it more like the PS2 version. It would be cool to see this because I want to fully make a conversion of GTA3, pretty much like PS2 Feels, but keeping it as faithful as the original.
  10. Ok so in the mission in the "Kingdom come" King Courtney works together with Catalina to lure Claude into a trap and Kill him, and people saw this as a Betrayal, But I think Courtney may have be Justified, and maybe Claude betrayed him first, and here's why in the mission grand theft Aero, Claude confronts Miguel and Catalina, and she says, "I left you pouring your heart out in the gutter" and she's most likely referring to the opening cutscene, in "Kingdom come", the letter that she leaves show that she's aware that Claude has been running around So it makes since for "G.T.Aero" to come before Kingdom come" Now if look at the events of those 2 missions, in that order, then by time of "Kingdom come" Claude has betrayed both the Diablos and the Yakuza, just for some quick cash, He's Killed Kenji, He's Killed Multiple Diablos, and he's helped the Yardies get cars, that they can use to sneak on to their turf, Even if some this was Beneficial for the Yardies, the fact that Claude did it, without hesitation, is concerning especially since the Diablos and Yakuza, never did anything to him, (except maybe Kenji yelling at him, but I don't think that's justifiable reason for Claude to try to Kill him) But now let's say only "Kingdom come" came after "G.T.Aero" but Courtney's other three Mission took place around the time, Claude first went into Staunton, Depending on what order you did the missions, You could have Claude start working with King Courtney and the Yardies, only to then try to frame them(Deal steal), and then later on, run over their dealers(smack down) If that's the case, then Claude betrayed the Yardies
  11. First, the location at the map: And here the problem: The streetlight in the original GTA III is positioned correctly (the object rendered/displayed matches the collision object), but in the Definitive Edition is misplaced (it's rendered/displayed to the left -according to the screenshot- BUT the object collision is in other position, the position from the original GTA III) EDIT: Perhaps it should be better, instead of move (because if you move the streetlight you should also move that hanging ropes) , "copy" the object or put other similar object in that original position (dotted line).
  12. For example. I think that ALL yellow fences have their collision / hit-box misaligned. Location: And same with many (perhaps not all) of these other fences: Location: Other: Moreover, the fence is on the air: Location:
  13. hello I would like to know how to convert a gta3 skin from pc to gta 3 android. I tried to put the dff but the skin is bug and for some reason I replaced the cop.dff with the skin, the skin is fixed but all the pedestrians have an error here a video: https://youtu.be/JTeSulZNuqA
  14. Cooperdown

    8-Ball Audios (GTA3)

    Hello friends, I am trying to find all the audios related to 8-Ball, please help me, I use the gta3_audio_editor but there are thousands of thousands of audios, it would take years to try to identify them, I am editing their audios, can someone help me with that ?, please!
  15. Hello everyone, I'm experiencing a problem when trying to install .IDE files in GTA 3. I recently installed an .IDE file that contains several interiors, but one of them is replacing an interior that already comes by default in the game. I was wondering if anyone here has experience with selectively editing .IDE files in GTA 3. I would like to keep some of the interiors that come with this .IDE file, but prevent a specific one from replacing the original game interior. I've tried looking for solutions on my own, but haven't found a clear way to edit or select specific interiors within an .IDE file. Could someone guide me on how to do a more selective installation of these interiors? Is there a tool or method that allows you to edit or select which interiors to install and which to leave out? Any help, suggestions or resources would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for any advice you can offer! Greetings! Original interior that comes from the roots. When installing more interiors, the entire Punk Noddle root interior changes. I want to install new interiors but avoid this specific one being altered when installing the .IDE. This image shows the .IDE file that I am trying to modify to remove the inside of the Punk Noddle and prevent me from replacing it with the existing one.
  16. Hello, I would like to add this building to my gta3, I have not found it anywhere separately, that is, the only way to install it is through total conversions for gta3, but I do not want total conversions, I simply want to install the building separately Does anyone know how I could install or download it independently to replace the construction zone on Stauton Island?
  17. What were everyone's first impressions of and later opinions of Joey? Do you think he was meant to be a parody of other examples of Mafia sons like Michael Corleone? Did it seem funny that he did not take the family business all that serious? Do you think Joey had more potential and he did not apply himself.
  18. Cooperdown

    Modifying a .CS file (Help)

    Given that in this community there are modders, experts in modifications and scripts, I wanted to ask for their support. I am trying to modify a .cs file, I have a gta 3 with the snow city mod installed, this mod already includes some interiors, it turns out that apart from that mod I am trying to add more interiors for places that the snow city mod does not include, that's why it is I am trying to modify a file called int.cs that is added to the Cleo folder, in the file Checkpoints are created so that the player is teleported to a specific place as happens in GTA SA, but I would like to comment or delete a line that creates a checkpoint for Portland Safehouse since snow city already includes this exterior, that is why I want to hide or eliminate the code segment responsible for creating the checkpoint in that place, commenting or modifying the code has no effect and the checkpoint continues to be shown unwanted in that area, please help. This is part of the code so you have an idea of how it goes, I want to eliminate only the part related to Portland Safehouse but when commenting or deleting the lines that checkpoint still appears. while true wait 0 if 0256: player $PLAYER_CHAR defined then //01B4: set_player $PLAYER_CHAR frozen_state 1 0054: store_player $PLAYER_CHAR position_to 6@ 7@ 8@ if or 8@ >= 100.0 // Fix rubbish on top of high buildings and in added interiors. 0121: player $PLAYER_CHAR in_zone 'EASTBAY' // I prevented rubbish on the beach and on the lighthouse island. then 03AD: set_rubbish 0 else 03AD: set_rubbish 1 end //------- Portland Safehouse -------------------------(-I do not want this statement to be executed or I do not want to continue creating a checkpoint.) if and $ONMISSION == 0 00F5: player $PLAYER_CHAR 0 890.3576 -308.3937 8.7211 radius 20.0 20.0 20.0 then if and 80E0: not player $PLAYER_CHAR driving 00F5: player $PLAYER_CHAR 1 890.3576 -308.3937 8.7211 radius 0.7 0.7 0.7 then 015F: set_camera_position 884.5 -305.3125 13.5 0.0 0.0 0.0 0160: point_camera 885.25 -305.8125 13.0 2 0055: put_player $PLAYER_CHAR at 892.5601 -308.283 -85.3228 01B4: set_player $PLAYER_CHAR frozen_state 0 03CF: load_wav 'DOOR_1' gosub @WAV_FX gosub @OPDOOR_11 wait 1000 0169: set_fade_color 1 1 1 fade 0 300 wait 1000 02EB: restore_camera_with_jumpcut 01B4: set_player $PLAYER_CHAR frozen_state 1 fade 1 1000 set_weather 0 end else if 00F5: player $PLAYER_CHAR 0 891.3335 -308.3384 -86.3228 radius 20.0 20.0 20.0 then if and 80E0: not player $PLAYER_CHAR driving 00F5: player $PLAYER_CHAR 1 891.3335 -308.3384 -84.2427 radius 0.7 0.7 0.7 then 2@ = 888.5625 //x 3@ = -308.375 //y 4@ = 8.5756 //z 01B7: release_weather 03CF: load_wav 'DOOR_1' gosub @WAV_FX gosub @ENEX end end end //------- Staunton Safehouse -------(I do want this part to be executed.) ...etc...
  19. Okay So I've trying to add more cars in GTA III using this tutorial from GTA.com.ua and using their vehicle adding plugin to load more handling and vehicle audio, and the Problem is the Ultimate asi loader won't load the files called III.VehicleAudioLoader.asi, the game starts normally after I got an error message (126) and the added vehicles are present in game and can be spawned, but they have a weird sound and the game crash a few second after driving it. so If anyone here can help me please reply! Also before you reply, I want you all to know that I already have the latest windows Net Framework 64, 2010-2022 Visual C++ redist 64, Ultimate asi loader and silent patch installed. and my system are 64 bit thank you.
  20. Obbe Vermeij (Former technical director at Rockstar from 1995-2009) had his blog taken down after complaints from R* devs after he shared some company secrets/development facts spanning from GTA 1, to GTA SA and the decision to go with 3 cities, all the way to Agent and it's eventual cancelation and 'ruining rockstar's mystique' https://www.pcgamer.com/a-former-gta-dev-made-an-ill-fated-blog-about-his-experiences-and-boy-did-rockstar-not-like-that-maybe-ill-try-again-in-a-decade-or-two/ Edit: additional tidbits of info including archived blog posts below: https://kotaku.com/gta-6-vice-city-rockstar-developer-blog-secrets-1851044987 WEB ARCHIVE OF BLOG POSTS: https://web.archive.org/web/20231122204437/https://insiderockstarnorth.blogspot.com/2023/11/development-of-vice-city-2002.html https://web.archive.org/web/20231122210731/https://insiderockstarnorth.blogspot.com/2023/11/the-trouble-with-cheats.html https://web.archive.org/web/20231122210836/https://insiderockstarnorth.blogspot.com/2023/11/the-development-of-gta-gta-2-1994-1999.html https://web.archive.org/web/20231122112428/https://insiderockstarnorth.blogspot.com/2023/11/development-of-san-andreas-2003-2004.html http://web.archive.org/web/20231121062024/https://insiderockstarnorth.blogspot.com/2023/11/the-development-of-manhunt-1999-2003.html https://web.archive.org/web/20231120164235/https://insiderockstarnorth.blogspot.com/2023/11/1999-beginnings-of-gta3.html https://web.archive.org/web/20231120164231/https://insiderockstarnorth.blogspot.com/2023/11/bugs-bugs-bugs.html https://web.archive.org/web/20231120164237/https://insiderockstarnorth.blogspot.com/2023/11/development-of-gta3-1999-2001.html https://web.archive.org/web/20231120164356/https://insiderockstarnorth.blogspot.com/2023/11/distractions-agent-z.html https://web.archive.org/web/20231120213458/https://insiderockstarnorth.blogspot.com/2023/11/streaming.html https://web.archive.org/web/20231120213458/https://insiderockstarnorth.blogspot.com/2023/11/how-does-weather-work.html https://web.archive.org/web/20231120213607/https://insiderockstarnorth.blogspot.com/2023/11/why-so-many-cars-of-same-type.html https://web.archive.org/web/20231120213607/https://insiderockstarnorth.blogspot.com/2023/11/network-game-in-gta3.html https://web.archive.org/web/20231120213502/https://insiderockstarnorth.blogspot.com/2023/11/why-does-moon-change-size-when-you.html
  21. Kashyap8914

    What do you guys think about Claude?

    I think he's cool because he's mute Comment your opinions and reasons below
  22. SomeGuy86

    [GTA III] Scripting Textures?

    Hey guys, just a quick one... With all those ASi plugins, limit adjusters and CLEO scripts that we got nowadays, would it be possible to have a flat model area (such as the billboard, for example) with "animated" texture? Animated as in having a script to scroll through IDK, 8-12 different texture slots every 0.5 second or less, loaded into the game from custom TXD library and thus make the illusion of being animated. For example, to make a flashing (neon-like) arrow or any other, similar animation which would benefit from flipbook and/or stop & go animation technique. Just a quick reminder that we are talking GTA III here (and perhaps Vice), and NOT San Andreas.
  23. Brazilian Leone

    [GTA III] Peds Questions

    Hi guys, I have some questions about the peds in GTA III coding. Can someone help me? 1) The first question is about the code "create_random_actor" of the main.scm file, like in the Paramedic mission: 0376: $PATIENT5 = create_random_actor $PARAMEDIC_CREATE_PATIENT_X My question is: what is the range of this opcode? What is the full list of models that can be spawned by that? I mean, this code won't spawn a FRANKIE model, so what regulates what peds will spawn and what peds won't? 2) My second question is about the pedstats.dat file. More specifically, about the Flee Distance, Fear, Temper, Lawfulness, Sexiness, Attack Strength and Defend Weakness stats. What are the real, numerical, significances of these stats? I mean, it is possible to think minimally about the functions of these, but does someone know it in deep? For example: Fear determines the probability of the ped to flee if attacked by the player or other ped. But, how much Fear the ped needs to flee a punch? How much to flee a gunshot sound? And how much to flee if he gets shot? And the other stats? What it means, and what are the numerical implicancies of each of them? 3) My third question is if is possible that a Cop become a passenger in the Taxi Driver mission. I think that I'm talking about this opcode and similars: 02DD: set_actor $PED_FOR_TAXIMISSION creation_zone "IND_ZON" Thank you very much! (And sorry about my spelling, I'm not a English native speaker/writer)
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