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  1. First, the location at the map: And here the problem: The streetlight in the original GTA III is positioned correctly (the object rendered/displayed matches the collision object), but in the Definitive Edition is misplaced (it's rendered/displayed to the left -according to the screenshot- BUT the object collision is in other position, the position from the original GTA III)
  2. PS5 At the top of Portland where the tunnel is to go to staunton the ground is missing collision completely you just fall through the map found when looking for packages.
  3. A dream for many of us has become reality and has finally become mature enough to be officially announced here: Source code for GTA 3 and Vice City. Over the course of about 1.5 years a group of people has reverse engineered both games completely. Finally we're able to build both games from source which opens up a whole new level of modding. They have also already been ported to many other platforms (Linux, Nintendo Switch, Playstation Vita, Nintendo Wii U). You can find everything here: re3: https://github.com/GTAmodding/re3/tree/master reVC: https://github.com/GTAmodding/re3/tree/miami Join our discord guild: https://discord.gg/RFNbjsUMGg
  4. So I'm gonna try and re-texture a lot of people in the GTADE with up-res'd versions of their OG game ones and blend em etc, I've already done a Ken fix and it's on Nexus mods which is where anything else I upload will go but I'll post previews here. GTA 3 Style Claude GTA VC Style Tommy SA Style Reece, just gotta figure out why his hair texture isn't showing lol
  5. After completing Sayonara Salvatore, the Saint Mark's Bistro area is nearly impossible to survive. Is it still the same in The Definitive Edition?
  6. Is it possible to add new radio stations like Fresh FM and Paradise FM from VCS in VC?
  7. Are you looking to create mods for the new Grand Theft Auto The Definitive Edition games? This thread contains links to all my modding guides All of the guides I provide require no experience on all surfaces. I will walk you through the entire process from Start to Finish! Beginners Friendly! Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas [Textures] [Audio] [Localization] [Models] - Coming Soon Grand Theft Auto: Vice City [Textures] - Coming Soon [Audio] - Coming Soon [Localization] - Coming Soon [Models] - Coming Soon Grand Theft Auto: III [Textures] - Coming Soon [Audio] - Coming Soon [Localization]- Coming Soon [Models] - Coming Soon
  8. Sagitar

    Gta 3 airport bug

    So at the entrance to the taxiway the gate/barrier seems to be glitching, once you destroy them they start to shake on the ground violently.
  9. GTAforum_Jacory-S.

    Very Interesting Bug I Discovered !!

    Hopefully im not the only one who found out the ship you destroy after Bomb Da Base Act II still exists after the mission, but has no collision... idk if its in the original game but damn this is just funny-
  10. PS5 GTA III stauton island AI seems to be messed up, or the roads seem to offset seems to happen in quite a few spots making it so cars are using the sidewalk.
  11. kubon352

    Cars popping out of nowhere

    Platform: PC
  12. sutalu

    Clipping issues on roads

    PS5 version. There are some places along GTA III, VC and SA where there are roads that have clipping issues due to: Here an example. PS2 version vs Definitive Edition. Here the location in this case:
  13. kubon352

    Wrong Polish translation

    On picture below, under time counter there's a text which in English says MONEY MADE IN TAXI It should be UKOŃCZONE KURSY Game on PC.
  14. GTA III. PS5. Fidelity mode. Rendering fog issue (and weird rain pattern on the floor) when the fog begins to appear and look up the sky around you.
  15. kubon352

    Rain renders inside interiors

    It's raining in Salvatore's mansion
  16. uNi

    Callahan Bridge collision

    The invisible collision wall at the start blocks vehicles but not the player. It also not a complete wall has some bits will still block the player as well.
  17. In the latest build (PC, if you take down a fence with a vehicle, its collision will stay in place even though the model itself falls to the ground. Try ramming into the fence by Joey's garage (where the hidden package is), although the fence comes down, a vehicle or the player still cannot go through, instead having to find a random spot where it'll work. This does happen in other fences around the game world based on other video footage.
  18. So, I saw the other thread about new interiors and decided to ask what are the changes to exterior of Liberty City that you are expecting to see on this new version? Besides obvious texture improvements, upscalling, etc... I'm expecting to see them finally opening up the Stadium in Stauton Island, and maybe finishing the upstate part of the map so it can be an island so we can now have flyable airplanes. If it's OK with the mods here, we can also use this thread to catalog all major changes with the map. New changes: -The east coast of Shoreside Vale now features some interesting civilization props: Unfortunately that area remains inaccessible so I wouldn't count on that place being explorable, its just a nice backdrop and a welcome change. -The trees around Portland now features collisions, they had none on the original PS2 release of the game. -Safehouse garages and the import/export garage have new props added inside them. -Capital Autos has been revamped and now features a new spawn points for the Patriot, along with the classic Banshee spawn point that we all know and love: -The position of the destroyed beams at the Callahan Bridge have been altered slightly, now you cannot make jump to Staunton Island and explore it earlier...Unless you just use cheat codes or exploit the Porter Tunnels glitch that still works like it always did. -The infamous Ghost Town(the place where the games opening cutscen takes place) has been removed from where it was in the game, or they just moved it elsewhere or finally figured out how to despawn it: Oh yeah, they also removed the random names that appeared on the minimap once you fly past the map boundaries. -The classic GTA 1 Earter Egg on the PCs at the [email protected] lanhouse have been removed, now the PCs displays a generic desktop screen. - A big part of the hills on Cedar Grove, where the observatory is on and that are innacessible, now features collisions and a slippery ground script from RDR2 was added to not allow the player to explore it unless they're in a vehicle. More details here: - The cranes at Portland Harbor that loads cargo into the ships are now much smaller. -Belleville Park now features more trees of different types on it, all of them features collisions. The bathroom now has mirrors with working reflections.
  19. PS5 random block of concrete near the staunton bridge to the 3rd island not sure if it disappears once the bridge is open.
  20. Some rows of parking spaces at the hosptial in Staunton Island only render when the player is close to them, and will fade out as the player moves away. Other rows are permanently marked, as is the case in the original game. Playing on PS5.
  21. uNi

    Floating debris

  22. I took the liberty to export these frames in after effects from the 4K Trailer directly hosted by Rockstar for the best image quality. Scene 1: Scene 2: Scene 3: Scene 4: Scene 5: Scene 6:
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