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Found 8 results

  1. _𝓐𝓖

    Classic AXIS

    Description: Classic AXIS is a modification that try to improve the gameplay experience by adding a "better" camera movement to GTA: Vice City. Compatible with: GTA III 1.0 (all versions) GTA VC 1.0 (all versions) Features: Possibility to move the camera. Possibility to let the player walk in 4 directions. Possibility to move camera while driving a vehicle. Possibility to change camera mode. Added simple aiming instead 1st person view while aiming with some weapons. Attention: This plugin require GInput in order to works correctly. Video: Download: Version 1.6 - 03.11.2017 (Archive contain both III and VC releases) Here Old versions:
  2. Hеllеn

    NextGen Cars Pack

    That's Me and My Friend Till Lindermann again! And we replace all GTA3 cars with NextGen Cars. Carpack includes 65 vehicles. 4 as Bonus Cars. Car List: landstal - GTA4 Landstalker idaho - GTA4 Virgo stinger - GTA4 Feltzer linerun - GTA5 Packer peren - GTA4 Stratum sentinel - GTA5 Oracle2 patriot - GTA4 Patriot firetruk - GTA4 Firetruk trash - GTA4 Trash stretch - GTA4 Stretch manana - GTA4 Futo infernus - GTA5 Penetrator blista - GTA4 Minivan pony - GTA4 Speedo mule - GTA4 Mule cheetah - GTA4 Turismo ambulan - GTA4 Ambulance fbicar - GTA5 Police4 moonbeam - GTA4 Moonbeam esperant - GTA4 Sabre taxi - GTA4 Taxi kuruma - GTA4 Premier bobcat - GTA4 E109 mrwhoop - GTA4 MrTasty bfinject - GTA5 Bifta corpse - GTA4 Romero police - GTA4 Police enforcer - GTA4 NStockade securica - GTA4 Stockade banshee - GTA4 Coquette predator - GTA4 Predator bus - GTA4 Bus rhino - GTA4 Apc barracks - GTA5 Barracks train - GTA4 Subway chopper - GTA4 Polmav dodo - GTA5 Mammatus coach - GTA5 Coach cabbie - GTA4 Taxi2 stallion - GTA4 Tampa rumpo - GTA4 Burrito rcbandit - GTA5 RCHotring bellyup - GTA4 Mule mrwongs - GTA4 Mule mafia - GTA4 Cognoscenti yardie - GTA5 Faction2 yakuza - GTA5 Elegy diablos - GTA4 Dukes columb - GTA4 FXT hoods - GTA4 GBurrito airtrain - GTA5 Jet deaddodo - GTA5 Mammatus speeder - GTA4 Jetmax reefer - GTA4 Reefer panlant - GTA5 Burrito4 flatbed - GTA5 Flatbed yankee - GTA4 Yankee2 escape - GTA5 Valkyrie borgnine - GTA4 Cabby toyz - GTA5 Speedo2 ghost - GTA4 Predator Bonus Cars: Stanier, Admiral, Fortune, Uranus. Features of models: 3D engine parts; Medium level of vehicle interior detail; High level of detail of the car body; Damaged parts of cars; Fully functioning front and rear lights; Materials are configured correctly; There are own settings. The modification is part of a larger project - GTA3: Kostygov Edition. Credits: Hellen - converting all cars to GTA3, creating collisions for cars, setting Handling flags, adjusting wheel sizes, finalizing Carcols. Till Lindermann... - development of Handling, development of Carcols, creation of img archive for transport, assembly of pack. Download: from GTAInside.com from Libertycity.net
  3. George Costanza

    Liberty City - The Leftovers Fix

    Grand Theft Auto 3 - The Leftovers Fix GTA 3 may not be that broken as VC, SA and IV but it still has some bugs and differences with PS2. This community mod aims to fix bugs and use best assets in PC vanilla quality *Claude Liberty *Blackbird88 *fastman92 *inadequate *Jinx. *JohnnyK *Fire_Head *Reflections *Mugetsuga *Tomasak CorePack - Last Update: 24/12/2016 Ped fix (since i forgot to pack it in corepack) PS2 Feels III Edition PS2 Original sound quality (requires VBdec) PS2 radio dispatch voice *Cleo *SilentPatch *Skygfx *Steam Car Colour Fix *GTA3 Widescreen Fix *PS2 Loadscreens *Mouse Wheel Radio Changer *Sit in boat fix *LOD fix (can be renamed to ASI to be used with standard Ultimate Asi loader) CorePack DISCLAIMER: All modifications has been tested and works correctly, anyway I don't take responsibility for any damages that may appear after or while installing of one or various modifications. Install at your own risk.
  4. WANTED LEVEL EDITOR Wanted Level Editor 2.02 last update - 09.03.2018 Wanted Level Editor v2.01 Last Update 08.03.2018 Previosly: Cheat Menu Update (18.12.2017): WLE_Menu 10.13: DOWNLOAD LINK Previosly: Vehicle models Ped models Weapon Indexes Description: - the mod works with GTA SA 1.0 US Hoodlum only (14.383.616 bytes), - every wanted level star has 6 "slots" (7 is stars are higher then 6) for the vehicles which means you can use 6 (or less) diferent vehicle (ped or weapon) models for each wanted level star. - you can define the number of passengers, their skins and weapons, passenger values: 1 - one occupant, 2 - two occupants 3 - driver and gunman attached to a vehicle, 4 - four occupants. - added vehicle or ped models can be used along with this mod, WLE 1.08 new stuff (mostly related with the Hydra plane): Previosly:
  5. The Hero


    I reimplemented trails in III and VC using d3d9 pixel shaders to remove the blur. You need a d3d8 to 9 wrapper (d3d8to9 included in the zip as d3d8.dll) and rwd3d9.dll, which adds d3d9 functionality to renderware (also included in the zip, but see the topic: http://gtaforums.com/topic/819551-rwd3d9-d3d9-extension-for-rw/). As of version 1.0 (finally a proper version number) it exposes some settings in the debug menu In III disabling trails now removes the overlay completely as there is no point in rendering the half-assed version. This mod also enables the trails menu option in Vice City, thanks Silent. See this post for some screenshots of VC: http://gtaforums.com/topic/750681-skygfx-ps2-graphics-for-pc/?p=1067959209 Get it here: https://github.com/aap/sharptrails/releases Changelog: - no version number: the basic features of this mod - 1.0: support for debugmenu - 2.0: support for skygfx postfx Enjoy!
  6. The Empire State Building in GTA III is extremely ugly, does not look anything like its real or HD Universe counterparts. Also, it has an incomplete collision and a terrible LOD model. I decided to improve it without changing the game original atmosphere. Almost all the textures are from the original model. In addition, I've put time controlled objects for night lights on the windows and decorative lights on the highest floors and antenna. Modloader and Limit Adjuster required. Download Extra Colors: Download Just replace the .txd file.
  7. CoolMods

    [REL|III] Blue Cones

    Want blue cones like in the mobile version? Here you go! This mod changes the old, red, texture for the traffic cone to a blue one similar to the Mobile version (it's not from the Mobile, just preety close, if you want the closest just download Version 2) This took me a lot thought, lol. Because i couldn't find the perfect color. Yes, this works for San Andreas too, you need to extract redwhite_stripe with Magic.TXD and put it in the dyncones.txd (thanks to KKJJ for finding this) So, here's how it looks like! Version 1 Download it here Version 2 (even closer to the Mobile version) Download it here
  8. Supported game versions: gta3.exe v1.0. gta3.exe v1.1. gta3.exe v1.1 Steam. changelog: Special thanks: DimZet13 - adapted vehicles.col. DK22Pac - PedExtender. LINK/2012 - GTA3script Toolchain. Download:http://www.mediafire.com/?4oda3v4y5fveb31 required CLEO v2.0

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