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Found 5 results

  1. I decided to create this topic with the idea to help people with creating ultimate starter saves (or just starting a new 100% playthrough) by eliminating the struggle of the Paramedic missions. I provide you a collection of save files for different platforms where the only missions passed are Luigi's Girls and the Paramedic mission. I've tried to keep stats as clean as possible. GTA 3 (Definitive Edition) - Paramedic Starter Save (It turns out I have a few vehicles in the Portland I/E garage and emergency crane so I might have to do a new cleaner save file) GTA 3 (Classic PC) - Paramedic Starter Save (As far as I know the PC file is not compatible with PlayStation so we need a PS2 save too) GTA 3 (Android) - Paramedic Starter Save (I don't own an iOS device so I can't provide an iOS save file) The topic is open for everyone so if anyone wants to contribute with a Paramedic starter save for a platform that I'm currently missing I'll be happy to add the link.
  2. .Sharingan

    GTA 3 DE Audio bug. -video-

    Yesterday the game played fine. Since then while booting a track of ingame sounds start playing. You can hear lazlow radio show and some driving too. Ive tried reinstalling the game, rebooting the PC and steam. Nothing worked. Anybody got an idea? Edit; the problem fixed itself somehow. for now.
  3. I have a problem with the whole Trilogy DE. Whenever I try to open games with desktop shortcut, launcher shows error 7002.1 Although pop-up can be closed and then hitting Play button starts the game, it's getting quite annoying. I have been searching for solutions and I have checked: reinstalling games, Rockstar Launcher, putting these apps on whitelist in my Antivirus software & Windows Defender, even disabling certain audio devices, as some people were suggesting that. Nothing helps so far.
  4. Hi, in GTA III I appear to be missing the secondary rampage location for kill 20 triads with the shotgun. I failed the first attempt (in the alleyway near bitchin dog food) and its supposed to be behind the hospital but it isnt there. Unless im doing something wrong?
  5. GTAKid667

    PC/Tech Help

    Grand Theft Auto III - The Definitive Edition PC/Tech Help Use this topic to request help or advice with PC-specific problems. Be sure to include your PC specs and graphics card information for easier diagnosis!
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