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Found 19 results

  1. Purple Nines Glitch Fix This thread is about the Purple Nines glitch. What it is. How you can prevent it. And how to fix it if your savegame is already affected. The repair guide is for the PlayStation 2 version of GTA III. So far I have only tested it on the European PAL version 1.60, as my savegame was affected. Feel free to let me know if you were able to do it successfully on other versions. I guess it works with all 1.60 releases, no matter if PAL or NTSC. At this point I would also like to thank the Youtube Creator Gilmore Rockefeller. Because thanks to his video tutorial there is now this thread here. What is the Purple Nines Glitch? Purple Nines are a street gang in Wichita Gardens on Shoreside Vale. In the mission "Uzi Money" from D-Ice you have to kill 20 Purple Nines by drive-by. But due the glitch, there are no Purple Nines in the game anymore. If you are playing GTA III for the first time and there is no save in any of the 8 save slots, you will not have the Purple Nines Glitch. But if there is already a GTA III save in your save-slot in which you passed the mission "Rumble" and it is loaded, then the Purple Nines are gone forever! Even if you start a new game! And without the Purple Nines you can't complete the payphone mission for D-Ice called "Uzi Money", so you can't reach the 100%. How can I avoid the Glitch? Never start a new game from a save that has passed the "Rumble" mission. It is best to simply not have any save files in your save slots when you start a new game. Only then restart the game completely from scratch. Or you can do it the way psxdriverplayer once described it: What can I do if my savegame is already affected? The savegame must be edited with a HEX editor. For this you have to transfer it from the PS2 to the PC. There are several ways to do this. You can find instructions via google. I use the "MAX Drive" set from Datel.
  2. IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not publish any game files or cracks in this thread! Does anyone own a US GTA III disc version (first release)? How big is your original gta3.exe after installation? (Only original files, no Cracks) I'm looking for information about the various gta3.exe v1.0 files circulating on the Internet. I have the US and UK retail disc versions (first releases). As soon as I installed the game, there is gta3.exe in the games folder with a size of 3.22 MB (3,382,235 bytes). In both versions. Strangely, this doesn't work with the SilentPatch, even though it should actually work with version 1.0. Then I searching on the internet and always found a 2.27 MB (2,383,872 bytes) gta3.exe v1.0. With this exe the SilentPatch works. It seems to be original because without a SilentPatch the game requires a disc. But where does this 2.27 MB gta3.exe come from?
  3. NSRGV

    Van Heist crash

    This thing has been a headache for me. The cutscene for the said mission works just fine, but after it ends I get a small window with details. Interestingly if I remove CLEO I get a different message.
  4. I decided to create this topic with the idea to help people with creating ultimate starter saves (or just starting a new 100% playthrough) by eliminating the struggle of the Paramedic missions. I provide you a collection of save files for different platforms where the only missions passed are Luigi's Girls and the Paramedic mission. I've tried to keep stats as clean as possible. GTA 3 (Definitive Edition) - Paramedic Starter Save (It turns out I have a few vehicles in the Portland I/E garage and emergency crane so I might have to do a new cleaner save file) GTA 3 (Classic PC) - Paramedic Starter Save (As far as I know the PC file is not compatible with PlayStation so we need a PS2 save too) GTA 3 (Android) - Paramedic Starter Save (I don't own an iOS device so I can't provide an iOS save file) The topic is open for everyone so if anyone wants to contribute with a Paramedic starter save for a platform that I'm currently missing I'll be happy to add the link.
  5. Grand Theft Auto III Glitches Grand Theft Auto III is a game with many Glitches and Errors which can be used as ways to affect the gameplay, in most cases, making the game easier to complete. Here is a list of glitches, if you have any to add, feel free to share them below! Walking above the Porter Tunnel Glitch One method of reaching Staunton Island and Shoreside Vale before they're unlocked is using the Walking above the Porter Tunnel Glitch. There are two possible ways of doing this glitch - both will involve the top, concrete wall of Portel Tunnel. One way is to park the car right along the edge of the wall, in line with the tunnel and exit, and the other way is to reverse the vehicle off of the platform while facing east and exit as the door starts going over. When the player exits the vehicle, they will fall through the sea and into Blue Hell, but will land on top of the tunnel. The player can then walk along the tunnel, then jump into Blue Hell at the Staunton Island or Shoreside Vale end, so that the player can get teleported above the surface. Videos: Walking Above The Subway Tunnel Glitch This glitch can be performed at the subway in Shoreside Vale at the airport. When the train arrives to the platform, take the very last door of the train. Enter the train and then get out again. You will automatically get teleported above the platform, standing above Blue Hell and you will see the tunnel. Jumping into Blue Hell will make you respawn on the surface of Shoreside Vale. Taxi Driver Glitch The player can transport people in any car besides the Taxi or Cabbie by executing the following glitch. Enter a taxi cab, and press and hold the side mission button. Keep holding the button and exit the cab. Then enter the car to whichever one the player desires (except for other vehicles with side missions). Once in the new car, release the sub-mission button and the Taxi mission will start. Crusher Glitch (Making a Vehicle Dent Proof) You can make any vehicle (that the crusher will accept) Damage Proof by starting ‘Taxi Driver’ (you can use the above glitch), collecting a passenger near the crusher and then park car near the crusher like in the video linked. Then Press the 'Look behind' button and without releasing it, exit from the car. Enter the vehicle as you see the grabber coming down (still keep the ‘Look Behind’ button pressed), if done correctly, you should pull the passenger out of the car. Once in the car, release the look behind button and you and the car should fall back to the ground, ending the side mission 'Taxi Driver'. Your car is now a ghost and can drive through anything, DO NOT EXIT THE CAR as you will not be able to re-enter it. As a ghost, the car will periodically get larger and ruin the handling, drive through 'blue hell' and it will respawn you and restore the cars default size and handling (it will still be a ghost). To make the vehicle dent proof, simply drive it into your garage, exit the vehicle and leave the garage. This is also a good trick to get to other islands early as while in Ghost mode, you can drive through the Panlantic signs in the tunnel. Video: Pause Trick (Vigilante) Whenever you are on a Vigilante mission, get near the target car and pause the game, entering the menu screen. Immediately once you resume playing the criminal on the car will stop and proceed his/her "getaway" on foot, being much easier to kill. "Killer Look" Glitch While you are on foot, if there is anybody trapped under a car and you use the first person view (just look around a little bit), they will die instantly. The death will not be added to Stats Menu. This also happens if the pedestrian is trapped under the car and the player starts a mission. Tunnel Gang Reproduction Inside the narrow tunnel near 8-Balls Bomb Shop that runs beneath St. Mark's, there are 4 pedestrians wielding Molotovs. Drive a Bobcat into the tunnel and stop so you are in view of the gang. Get out of the Bobcat, jump on its hood, and walk up to its roof and jump back down onto its hood, 4 more of these pedestrians will spawn in the same spots. The game will freeze after at least 40 have spawned. Breaking out of the first mission This is a glitch which requires a mission failure - This glitch results in you being able to explore LC in the prison outfit before Give Me Liberty has begun. To do this, when 'Give Me Liberty' starts, you need to somehow flip 8 Ball and the Kuruma over (Easiest by letting fall off of something) hoping it will fail the mission - The moment the 'Mission Failed' Message comes up you need to jump, if done successfully you just appear on the bridge in free roam, you will only be able to walk forward at this point - Jumping will enable you to walk in any direction The Portland Safehouse is locked but it can be unlocked by using the Crusher Glitch and exiting the ghost vehicle when it is inside the safehouse causing the save menu to appear, just cancel it (or save if you wish) and the door will fling open. There will be no specific mission marker or a radar icon for "Give Me Liberty" mission, so to trigger it, Claude has to be standing in a specific place: Porter Tunnel Glitch If the player is driving thorugh the tunnel, particularly through the Portland and Shoreside sections of the tunnel, the player may spot cars such as the TOYZ van which appear to be hovering with their lower section (the wheels) inside the tunnel and their top section outside the tunnel. Purple Nines Glitch If you start a new game with Rumble completed on another save file, the Purple Nines will not spawn as they permanently disappear after that mission. This will make it impossible to complete Uzi Money and subsequent D-Ice missions, as killing randomly spawned Nines is the sole objective of the mission. Disappearing vehicle glitch The Disappearing Vehicle glitch is prevalent in all of the 3D era games and occasionaly in HD era games. If the player parks a car near any mission marker, and then walks into the marker to trigger the mission cutscene and starts the mission, there is a high chance that the vehicle he parked will have disappeared after the cutscene. Walking in walls Some walls in the game have weak spots as shown here making you able to walk into them. Driving Through walls Some walls/points across LC have weak spots allowing you to reverse vehicles into Blue Hell. If done at the right spots, you can reverse vehicles on to the top of the subway/tunnel allowing you to get them to other islands easily. Use lol232's Unique Vehicle Guide for more information: http://gtaforums.com/topic/497491-grand-theft-auto-iii-unique-vehicle-guide/ Wear Prison Uniform If you load a save game as soon as you start a new game, the game can occasionally glitch to make Claude wear the prison outfit from the introduction. Weapon Pickup Respawn Glitch Once you have weapon spawns at your hideout (obtained by collecting hidden packages), go to your safe hour, collect the weapons and walk into the safehouse's garage and continue walking all the way until you hit the back and the camera swings around. Once that has happened, just walk outside of the garage and the weapons should have respawed! -Thanks to @TheMantisDied for submitting this glitch! This glitches list is incomplete, some glitches have most likely been missed out by mistake. If you have any more glitches to share, post them below!
  6. Danny Love's missions cutscane sounds are horrable. in this cutscanes im hearing electronic buzzing sounds like that from behind. How can i fix this ? Mods: Widescreen fix and his d3d8.dll and silent patch, silent's ddraw, 60 fps limiter (Limit adjuster), Cleo, Dodo jump action camera fixer cleo. How can i fix this issue ?
  7. As far as I understand, I'd have to edit the main.scm file with Sanny Builder? Or is there a better tool for this sort of change? I even found a small wiki article about the specific opcode: https://gtamods.com/wiki/0165 I'm not sure on how to proceed since I was only able to locate one instance in the entire main.scm file where the 0165 opcode was used. Or am I supposed to look for a different opcode? For instance, the first blip that you come across is the Kuruma, which is shown as red on the radar. What would I need to do to change it to blue? Thanks in advance!
  8. Just checking what the default brightness setting was on the original ps2 version? Thanks
  9. (Image below shows how it looks like in the game for me) So ive been searching around a bit on the internet, and apparently this has been an ongoing issue since forever, so essentially when i play the game the cars dont have that glow on their headlights that makes it look like theyre turned on, they still emit light but without the glow its much less atmospheric and looks objectively worse. So my question is: is this even fixable? if so how do i fix it?
  10. Hello everyone, so recently i wanted to start playing gta 3 on my phone again and after seconds that i entered the game i realized that there's sth wrong with it, actually the fov or the camera is too zoomed in on my Android phone, and the colors are super washed out comparing it to the original ps2 or pc versions of the game, after some digging in the internet i found out that in (Android/data/gta3) folder there's a file called gta3 .set which contains some options like widescreen and trails the ones that i need to change and some more maybe. But i tried to edit the file or whatever but normal document editors open the file in Chinese like language, and after more looking into internet found out that i can kinda edit it by hex tool or other hex editors but i myself im not modder so the only things i could see was just numbers and some random letters so i couldn't understand anything, so if anyone can help me change those options in .set files it would be great
  11. Okay not sure what the hell is going on. I initially installed III on a new gaming laptop, and it was working fine. Even with the controller. Now all of a sudden it won't load at all. I have tried everything I can think of. I received a lot of help for Vice City not starting on the same machine. Now I am getting an Unhandled Exception c0000005, which I was getting for VC. Any ideas? I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, using the patch and a few other fixes. I think I may wipe it again and do a clean install, but this time following directions I can hopefully get from the forum. Thanks!
  12. Can someone give me the original main.scm file. By mistake I didn't create the backup of it
  13. EDIT, Dec. 3rd 2021: Using re3 (the reverse-engineered GTA3 project that's got R* all pissy) and a mod that unlocks all the islands from the start of the game, I managed to make a save in re3 from the Staunton Island safehouse with the lift bridge active. The audio works perfectly in re3. This has me curious if I somehow screwed up my DSOAL & EAX Alchemy Fix configuration. I don't want to keep using re3 because I'd lose my save, and because most mods don't work with re3, but I consider this progress. I had a GTA 3 install that was working perfectly until I unlocked Shoreside Vale. Now GTA 3's audio is totally screwed up, and I think it's because of the lift bridge and its obnoxious ringing sound. What happens is every time I load the game from the Staunton Island safehouse, vehicle door opening/closing and engine sounds are gone (for my vehicle and AI vehicles), but some sounds like vehicle collisions, the garage door's sound, the radio, and gunshots still play. If I drive all the way to Portland, save at the safehouse there and load that new save, the audio comes back. Most bizarre to me is how many things I've tried to fix this. I had a ton of mods installed at first, but I reconfigured the hell out of them, removing them one-by-one, the works. I deleted GTA 3 entirely and reinstalled it (via Steam) with no mods at all and the problem was still there. Hell, I installed GTA 3 on a totally different PC and it was still broken. The only thing the PC's have in common, that I know of, is they're both on the latest version of Windows 10. None of the compatibility mode settings helped, but that doesn't mean the OS isn't an issue -- but if it's Win 10, why doesn't anyone else seem to be complaining about the same problem? Partway through troubleshooting this I had to reinstall Windows. It's pretty much the same version, just a fresh Windows 10 that's fully updated, but even that fresh slate didn't fix this. I've also tried deleting my settings file, and installing & tinkering with mods like DSOAL to change the audio settings. Those mods work fine, unlocking all the hardware accelerated audio settings and enabling their effects, but no combination of settings fixed my problem. Earlier I mentioned I think it's the lift bridge bell. When I load at Staunton Island, right away I hear the bell cutting in and out for a moment, then it goes silent. With that audio glitch in mind, and the fact the game works fine when I load from the other safehouse, I'm convinced the bell noise is screwing with some audio processing or whatever. No idea what to do with that information, but it's my best guess. Any help at all is appreciated. I have no idea what to try next. EDIT: I forgot to include my PC specs like I'm supposed to. CPU: Intel i9-10900k GPU: Nvidia RTX 2080 Ti RAM: 32GB DDR4 3200MHz OS: Windows 10 x64 build 19043.1288 Motherboard: ASUS TUF Gaming Z490-Plus I don't have a dedicated sound card and I only have stereo speakers. I always play with the frame limiter enabled. Normally I play GTA 3 with the Framerate Vigilante mod installed, so I'll cap the framerate at 50 FPS, but I've troubleshooted this problem locked at the default capped framerate and that didn't change anything. My post was also kinda light on specifics about my mod and settings configurations, but that's because I've tried a huge amount of configurations. It was a totally brute force approach, trying tons of combinations hoping I could get anything to change, so I'm confident but not certain the problem isn't related to my settings. EDIT 2: Another thing I already tried, which I should mention, is making sure the game isn't trying to play audio in surround sound. I've gone through the settings in Windows to make sure the OS is only set to play sound in stereo and GTA 3's audio settings have only ever been set to stereo. My system's sound comes from a single 3.5mm audio jack on the motherboard so I don't think the system should be confused about how to play audio. Also, no other games or software have had anything like the problem GTA 3 is having.
  14. As the title says, I’ve “misplaced” the original files and can’t find them anywhere. If someone can hook me up that would be awesome! Cheers!
  15. As the title says, I need the original anim folder for the game because I installed a mod and it broke my game so I had to delete it.
  16. As the title says my game freezes in the mission Kanbu Bust-Out. The game says i need to get a cop car and rig it with a bomb. I get the car, drive to the garage drive car inside and the door closes. After that the game crashes at the exact moment when the garage door starts to open.
  17. Common Issues and Solutions There are many issues you may encounter when playing Grand Theft Auto III, from bugs during gameplay to technical issues trying to run the game on your hardware. This topic is designed to highlight common issues encountered by players and provide solutions to them. Most of the issues featured specifically refer to the PC version of Grand Theft Auto III but some solutions may work across multiple platforms. If you can't find the solution you are looking for, create a separate help topic for your issue. Remember, this forum is for unmodded versions of Grand Theft Auto III only. If you're having issues in a game with modifications installed, seek help in the GTA III, VC & SA modding forum. Common Fixes The following suggestions are some of the most common solutions for issues with the game. It's recommended you try these first and that you install the fix modifications if running the PC version on modern hardware and operating systems to fix a wide range of further potential issues. Enable "Frame Limiter" under "Options" and "Display Setup" in the game menu Delete the gta3.set file from the "GTA3 User Files" folder Update the game to Patch 1.1 (Direct Link) For the Steam version, verify the integrity of the game files by right clicking on "Grand Theft Auto III" in the Steam application, selecting "Properties" and the "Local Files" tab Reinstalling the game Installing SilentPatch and the separate DDraw Component - A modification that fixes a variety of issues with the PC version of Grand Theft Auto III Installing Widescreen Fix - A modification to fix widescreen resolution support on the PC version of Grand Theft Auto III Installing Steam Car Colour Fix - A modification to fix the dark vehicle issue that appears when playing the Steam version of Grand Theft Auto III on modern operating systems Issues List Censorship Problems: The game is censored and has the following restrictions: There are no Rampages present in the game The "Rampages passed" and "People wasted" statistics are removed Some missions use alternative bloodless models NPCs will not bleed when killed and cannot start a blood trail NPCs will not lose their limbs when killed with powerful weapons NPCs will not be kicked when on the ground NPCs will not make a sound when ran over NPCs will not drop money when killed Solutions: Install SilentPatch Download a "Blood Patch" Change your PC System Language and Keyboard Layout from French or German Dark Vehicles on Steam Version Problems: When playing the Steam version of the game on modern operating systems, vehicles appear with a dark tint to their colour Solutions: Install Steam Car Colour Fix Frequent FPS Drops and Game Lag Problems: There are frame rate drops during gameplay, including when firing a weapon and crashing a vehicle The game experiences severe lag during gameplay Solutions: Change your Audio Hardware settings to "Miles Fast 2D Positional Audio" under "Options" and "Audio Setup" in the game menu Game Does Not Launch Problems: When clicked, the game does not launch The game launches to a "Cannot find 640x480 video mode" error Solutions: Try the following compatibility settings by right clicking on the gta3.exe file, selecting "Properties" and going to the "Compatibility" tab: Run this program in compatibility mode for Windows XP (Service Pack 2) Run in 640 x 480 screen resolution Change high DPI settings and then tick "Override high DPI scaling behaviour" in the pop up window ensuring "Application" is selecting in the drop down - This is recommended if you use Windows on a high DPI screen with a scaling of 125% or more Delete the gta3.set file from the "GTA3 User Files" folder Update the game to Patch 1.1 (Direct Link) Installing SilentPatch and the separate DDraw Component Graphics, Physics and Speed Issues Problems: Elements of the HUD including the Health Indicator and Police Stars will flash much quicker than normal When running down sloped surfaces or jumping, Claude will jump far forward and take a great amount of damage The game clock, clouds and timers advance quicker than normal Vehicles do not reverse correctly Solutions: Enable "Frame Limiter" under "Options" and "Display Setup" in the game menu - These are all frame rate related issues and occur when the game exceeds 30FPS For speed issues where "Frame Limiter" is enabled, upload your save file to GTASnP.com and redownload it with the "Reset Timers" modification enabled from the drop down menu Aiming Issues Problems: When the "Widescreen" setting is enabled, the aim reticule does not match where weapon bullets hit Solutions: Install Widescreen Fix Audio Issues Problems: There is an echo with the game sound Solutions: Change your Audio Hardware settings to "Miles Fast 2D Positional Audio" under "Options" and "Audio Setup" in the game menu Update your PC Sound Drivers Can't Find Save File Location Problems: On Windows, the "GTA3 User Files" folder is not present in its usual location as a subfolder of "Documents" Solutions: Check the following locations for the "GTA3 User Files" folder: C:\Users\Public\Public Documents\ C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Data\ Try the following compatibility settings by right clicking on the gta3.exe file, selecting "Properties" and going to the "Compatibility" tab: Run this program in compatibility mode for Windows XP (Service Pack 2) ddhelp.dll Error Problems: An error occurs relating to ddhelp.dll Solutions: Disable onboard sound cards Game Freezes when launching another GTA Problems: The game freezes when launching another Grand Theft Auto game Solutions: Install SilentPatch and the separate DDraw Component Missing Mouse Problems: The mouse does not appear in game and nothing happens when the mouse is clicked or scrolled Solutions: Alt+Tab out of the game and then return to it Multistorey Mayhem Statistic Missing Problems: The statistic for "Multistorey Mayhem" does not appear in the stats menu Solutions: There are currently no public tools available to correct this issue but it can be re-enabled through manual save editing by correcting the missing value in the stats block of the save file. Start a new topic to request someone with save editing experience to fix your save. Suggestions: To prevent this issue from occuring: If you are planning on exploiting the glitch involving the Information Pickup at the Police Station, use an Ambulance and the Paramedic mission. Using a Taxi and Taxi Driver will remove the statistic from the menu No Fires and Explosions Problems: There is no fire or explosions in the game where there should be Solutions: Turn on "Frame Sync" under "Options" and "Display Setup" in the game menu Purple Nines Missing Problems: There are no members of the Purple Nines gang spawning in Wichita Gardens Solutions: [PC] Load your save file with GTA III Save File Editor and apply the fix for the "Purple Nines glitch" [PS2] Repair your save file using HEX editing by following Stahli's Savegame Repair Guide Suggestions: To prevent this issue from occuring: Install SilentPatch When starting a new game without SilentPatch, ensure that there are no save files present in the "GTA3 User Files" directory which have the mission "Rumble" completed Rampages Missing Problems: One or more Rampages in the game are missing There are no Rampages present in the game Solutions: Check the secondary location for the Rampages that are missing - Rampages in Grand Theft Auto III will spawn at an alternate secondary location if they are failed Install SilentPatch Download a "Blood Patch" Change your PC System Language and Keyboard Layout from French or German Silent Radio Stations Problems: All Radio Stations have no audio when selected, but other game sounds including dialogue and city ambience work as normal Solutions: Update the game to Patch 1.1 (Direct Link) Stuck Controls Problems: The player is continuously running around in circles while no buttons are being pressed One or more of the game controls are permanently being executed while no buttons are being pressed Solutions: If you play with a controller: Check that it did not disconnect while buttons were pressed down - If this is the case, reconnect the controller to fix the issue Check the battery status to avoid it disconnecting while buttons are being pressed down Check that no buttons are damaged and permanently pressed down Check that Z Axis and Throttle Options for the controller are set to 0% Disconnect any peripherals that are not being used for the game Taxi Driver Does Not Activate Problems: It is not possible to activate the Taxi Driver mission No prompt about the Taxi Driver mission appears when entering a Taxi or Cabbie Solutions: There is currently no known fix for this issue. Know how to fix it? Let us know by posting a reply! Suggestions: To prevent this issue from occuring: This issue occurs when you activate the "Taxi Driver" mission in an Ambulance once the prompt detailing the Paramedic side mission appears. You may do this accidentally when trying to execute the "Ghost Ambulance" glitch for an easier experience Paramedic. Make sure you activate "Taxi Driver" as soon as the game allows you to do so, and be sure to check that the mission can still be activated in a Taxi or Cabbie as soon as you are able to do so Unhandled Exception error when loading Save Files Problems: An unhandled exception error occurs when trying to load a save file Solutions: Restore the original main.scm file for save files created on an unmodded version of the game or the modded main.scm that was used to create the save file originally - Save files will only work with the main.scm file they were created with Check that the save file is for your version of Grand Theft Auto III. You can upload it to GTASnP.com to view version information Unique Jump Camera Freeze Problems: After completing a Unique Jump, the special cinematic camera does not disable The game clock stops advancing after completing a Unique Jump Solutions: Upload your save file to GTASnP.com and and redownload it with the "Reset Timers" modification enabled from the drop down menu - This issue occurs when the game timer exceeds 74:34 (days:hours) when playing at 30FPS or 37:17 when playing at 60FPS Xbox 360 Cheats Not Activating Problems: Cheats from the Xbox version of Grand Theft Auto III do not activate when playing on the Xbox 360 Solutions: When entering a cheat, press the Left Bumper (LB) in place of the Black Button and the Right Bumper (RB) in place of the White Button Thanks Thanks to Demarest, Justin, Karcus, Silent, Spuds725, Stahli, stef_92, thehambone, ThirteenAG, Wolf68k and the many other GTAForums members who have contributed solutions to issues with Grand Theft Auto III over the years!
  18. I bought the GTA complete bundle yesterday and recently finished downloading all of the games. Problem is when I go to launch GTA 3 a black screen comes up and the game instantly crashes and an error saying "unhandled exception: c0000005 At address: 00630000". The game then exits. I have been trouble shooting all morning to no avail. I have tried: adding to the DEP exception list, running in compatibility mode for all OS, launching from steam, running as admin, running from testapp.exe. My system specs are as follows: OS- windows 8.1 pro 64-bit CPU- AMD FX-8350 GPU- RADEON R9 280X RAM- 8 GB I feel like I've exhausted all options so any help is greatly appreciated.
  19. Grand Theft Auto III Mission Save Files (ANDROID) Grand Theft Auto III Mission Save Files PC (Ultimate) Grand Theft Auto III Mission Save Files PC Save Files Installation Click on the Save File of your choice (The mission listed is the latest completed mission). Choose to Download the Save File in any of the Eight Save Slots. Save the File into the "GTA3 User Files" folder in My Documents. Start the game and load the save file from the slot you downloaded it to. Have fun! The Introduction Luigi's Girls Download Luigi Goterelli Don't Spank Ma Btch Up Download Drive Misty for Me Download Pump-Action Pimp Download The Fuzz Ball Download Joey Leone Mike Lips' Last Lunch Download Farewell Chunky Lee Chong Download Van Heist Download Cipriani's Chaffeur Download Dead Skunk In The Trunk Download The Getaway Download Marty Chonks The Crook Download The Thieves Download The Wife Download Her Lover Download El Burro Turismo Download I Scream, You Scream Download Trial By Fire Download Big'n'Veiny Download Toni Cipriani Taking Out The Laundry Download The Pickup Download Salvatore's Called A Meeting Download Salvatore Leone Chaperone Download Toni Cipriani Triads And Tribulations Download Blow Fish Download Salvatore Leone Cutting The Grass Download Bomb Da Base Act 1 Download Bomb Da Base Act 2 Download Last Requests Download Asuka Kasen Sayanora Salvatore Download Under Surveillance Download Paparazzi Purge Download Payday For Ray Download Two Faced Tanner Download King Courtney Bling-bling Scramble Download Uzi Rider Download Gang Car Roundup Download Kingdom Come Download Kenji Kasen Kanbu Bust-Out Download Grand Theft Auto Download Deal Steal Download Shima Download Smackdown Download Ray Machowski Silence The Sneak Download Arms Shortage Download Evidence Dash Download Gone Fishing Download Plaster Blaster Download Donald Love Liberator Download Waka-Gashira Wipeout Download A Drop In The Ocean Download Grand Theft Aero Download Escort Service Download Decoy Download Love's Disappearance Download Ray Machowski Marked Man Download D-Ice Uzi Money Download Toyminator Download Rigged To Blow Download Bullion Run Download Rumble Download Asuka Kasen Bait Download Espresso 2 Go Download S.A.M Download
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