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Found 4 results

  1. MikeyBelic

    I know this is fake...

    But you'd have to say the bloke deffs has done a pretty good job making it feel all convincing and what not!

    IGN: GTA Your Questions Answered

    This is a Q+A following the IGN Hands-On preview: http://www.ign.com/videos/2013/09/07/grand-theft-auto-v-your-questions-answered Answers: -They played it on Xbox 360 -They played for about 4-5 hours -Each street feels unique -No load times -Almost no diffrence between PS3 and Xbox 360 performance -No demo before release -Tiny pop-ups in the distance -Talking about the features from other games MP3, Midnight Club, RDR -Improved shooting mechanics -Cannot play campaign in co-op -No filling up cars with petrol -Talking about how there are missions online -70 Missions in GTA 4--------------------------------------------------------------NOT GTA 5!!! -How its all keeping "you" in the action -Stealth plays a big part in weapons -They used a "Friend Tracker" on thier phone to find michael as he is being held captive in the mission "Fresh Meat" -Fog blocks really far view -They didn't go under water - Lez The Benz says under-water plays a big part -There are alot to do in-between missions -They saw the map -Cross winds affect parachuting -Dogs are online -Not sure about "Vigilante" missions -No hidden packages -They heard of a radio broadcast of an "homocide being re-investigated - You can then go and solve that case! -Cannot confirm custom soundtracks -About 17 radio stations, 240 songs, 15 music stations, 2 talk stations, 20 hours of score - radio wheel like weapon wheel -Can hold down right on the d-pad to turn on headlights -They played a debug version -Awesome military bases, Very armed -The characters have more "fluidity" and "solidity" -The characters feel different to control -They have very different "social circles" -They said no old characters returning? -The character switching is easy "hold down on the d-pad then use the analog to choose" -A single story with "different perspectives" -That silhouette at the bottom of the character wheel will feature your online charater -Trevor doesn't appear right at the start -"More guns in GTA5 than any other GTA game evaarrrr" -They could only access certain missions Sorry about the quality of the post I was writing this as they were saying it. Update: I have corrected the mistakes that i know off but feel free to correct me or file abuse about the interviewers
  3. http://www.ign.com/videos/2013/09/07/grand-theft-auto-v-your-questions-answered Transcribed Excerpt from around 14:00 from the video above: DB #1: Yeah, so, hidden packages have effectively been dispensed with in favor of, they're kind of like side missions, aren't they. So we were driving along and over the radio, uhh, a news bulletin announces that a homicide that happened 30 years ago is being re-investigated. Now it turns out that you can then be part of that investigation, and solve it, and get cool stuff as a result. [...] The way it's integrated into it is that it's not so obvious like you turn a corner and there's a hidden statue to collect or a pigeon to shoot. The hidden packages are location-based hints to collect something which may or may not be a full blown side mission that these classically trained journalists have mis-interpreted or rockstar over-pitched. I think this can't be all since many people will turn off the radio or use custom sound tracks if they are supported, and I'm guessing it will light up a circle around where the location is so that most people can figure it out; very little is left to chance with modern collectibles. Now for the big question: What's the reward? Just cash? We don't need replacement weapons anymore. Unlockables? What "cool stuff as a result" do you want? Dream Big.
  4. jums300

    Anything from IGN today?

    It's 12:00, but nothing's been posted. Didn't they start GTA V week on the 3rd. Today's the 8th, so it's still GTA V week.
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