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Found 6 results

  1. Viper_147

    Transit System

    Can somebody please explain the transit system/tram/subway system and railway to me please? Or refer me to a discussion? Thanks.
  2. Need a banner/header like this but make it sexier. MBC is named Market BloCc Crips for GTA SAMP! They are a /crew/gang/family who needs a new header so i came here to request it!
  3. GMouthon10

    Avatar Request

    Can someone please make me a GTA SA Style Avatar Please I've seen those avatars and I would really love and appreciate if someone did one for me without asking for money. I know it can take a little of your time but please, I'll reaallyy appreciate it and love it.
  4. Birbante88


    I'm Worried about car damage Can someone explain why there isn't car damage? (sorry for bad english i'm italian)
  5. Gta2013

    GTA iv mission

    Does anybody remember the mission about killing sex offenders using the internet cafe for a map im sure it was on this game possibly a side mission thanks.
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