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Found 5 results

  1. Hi folks. We've just featured the following speculation article on our new website in a sorta interview style with uNi, Spider and myself. Clicky Give us your own answers in the same format (copy below) and we'll look back in the distant future to see who pulled it out of the bag! Remember this is a Q&A style topic, so keep the discussion in the other relevant topics. Cheers! --- Location Where do you think R* could take us next? Era What timeline do you think GTA VI will be set in?
  2. Will be "medium sized" ... Yeah ... Probably October 2021 announcement... Sadly @Len Lfc might be right.. Source : https://kotaku.com/18-months-after-red-dead-redemption-2-rockstar-has-mad-1842880524 GrandTheftAuto.net https://grandtheftauto.net/kotaku-rockstar-devs-discuss-working-conditions-gta-6-tidbits/ thought this is deserving enough to get its own topic. If not lock and i will post it on the speculation topic.
  3. El Penguin Bobo

    Happy 12th Anniversary to GTA IV

    A day early but I wanted to make this thread before I forget. Cheers to one of my favorite GTA games. 12 years and it still hasn't aged that bad.
  4. Check out our new article on the GrandTheftAuto.net site! I was inspired to write this after taking many screenshots of storms myself and investigating how they react in game, and also after reading an article on Eurogamer this morning about how someone went to chase storms for a mystery! https://grandtheftauto.net/rdr2-a-storm-chasers-dream-videogame/ How about you, like chasing storms? Show us your best RDR2 storm images taken on any platform! They could be featured in a future article
  5. Confirmed on console. Base PS4, V1.00 : You start out the game in camp Colter. If you save the game right after you rescued John Marston, exit the game and close it. Restart the game and spend about 10 minutes in the accessible parts of the snowy landscape. Come back to the shack where John is resting and you will hear Mary Beth berate you for being mean to John. And NO! It's not the "You stiiiill here" thing, that only happenes after you did the hunting for Pearson or de O'driscoll thing with Williamson. If you go out again, come back 10 minutes later,
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