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  1. HaWkzZ_-SpiNZ

    -S A V A G E S- kill clan

    We are a small (around 10 people) military styled clan looking to expand. We are looking for like minded individuals who like to do deathmatches, RNG and public lobby rampaging. So, do you think you have what it takes? If so then for the people interested contact Blackwinter_- or ii__guerrilla__ii And be sure to join our recruitment crew. https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/-lsavage_societyl-_/wall
  2. DoomAkuma

    {Rd2 & GtaO} DOOM FTW Crew/Community

    Crew Name: Doom FTW Crew Social Club- https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/doom_ftw Platform- PS4 Console Crew Website- http://doomfam.wixsite.com/doomftw Crew Discord: Message Crew Leader or co-crew leader on Social Club or PSN/Ps4 for Link -About us - DOOM FTW previously known as LegionFTW is a Ps4 gaming crew whose main purpose is to have fun playing games, chat, hangout and make friends. We are a Ps4 Crew that mostly play GTAO, RDO, Warframe! We have a discord and mostly communicate on the discord, Ps4 community or messaging on PS4. We are just a group of gamers who chill, talk and play video games open to fellow gamers. Casual crew/community. Crew rules and how to join the crew Crew rules: No killing crew members, no abusing/bullying crew members, treat crew members with respect. How to apply: Crew Leader/ Founder: PSN: Cubanoking99 Co-crew leader/Commissioner: PSN: DrDeathDefying_ Crew Discord: Message Crew Leader or co-crew leader on PSN or SocialClub for Discord Link Rockstar Social Club: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/doom_ftw Just go to the social club and request a invite. Message crew leader or co-crew leader on PSN or Rockstar Social Club if interested in joining the crew of for the discord link. Before you request an invite or after you request one message the crew leader or co crew leader your PSN and Social club if your PSN is not linked to your Social club account. If it is linked you don't have to message the crew leader or co crew leader and will be accepted much quicker
  3. BossHogg06

    open invite to LSVC Bounty Hunters

    What's up guys, this is an open invite to any one that wants to join my crew LSVC Bounty Hunters all are welcome strictly xbox one follow the link happy hunting http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/lsvc_bounty_hunters
  4. WERACEcrew looking for dedicated players who are on ps4and are into cars that would enjoy nightly meetups/and drag racing/drifting .Any kind of automotive fun. psn is elite_smoothiez. message me if your interested.
  5. BlazOfAllPeople

    Friendly crew

    Hello friends! If you want to join my crew, you can send a request here https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/meth_lab_coCurrently, there's only a few of us, but we'd like more. We don't kill people randomly and are looking for some serious players.
  6. f1234erik

    [Biker themed crew] Outlaws SA MC PS4

    We are a biker themed free-aim GTA 5 crew on PS4, Our club is based of 4 things Honor, Loyalty, Respect and Brotherhood. Here is a sentence that describes us, "You can turn a good brother into a good shooter, but you can't turn a good shooter into a good brother." We value the unity in our club above all else and our teamwork is what makes the Outlaws MC PS4 and it's been that since day one. Everyday we work to make our community better, and make our brotherhood stronger. We have a tough story, but we still stand strong and that proves what we are all about. Outlaws Motto We are Outlaws, we stand for everything you hate, we stand beside our brothers no matter what fate stands in our way. If my brother falls, than I fall too, You disrepsect the patch we will come looking for you. We are nomads we are the true f*cking way, dont f*ck with us or the ground is where you lay. - Cerebral-Torture How to join? To Join you will have to apply at Outlaws Hangarounds on social club, and make sure you have left all others mc's, have your profile set to visible and linked your PSN account before joining, than add members of Outlaws MC PS4 to get noticed. Once in a game with us you will have to introuce yourself, so make sure you have a mic. We normally also expect our members to be 18+ because we want our crew to stay on a mature level, so if you are younger you will have to prove that you are mature enough for our brotherhood. All newcomers must go through a two week Hangaround periode before joining, this is so we can decide if you got what we are looking for in members. After the two weeks of being a Hangaround, we will than decide if you are wrothy of becoming a Probate. Read more about our club here. God Forgives, Outlaws Don't
  7. VeKTor_Leader

    VeKToR Crew Recruitment

    VeKToR is a new crew with currently four members. This crew is only available on PS3, so PS4, XBOX, and PC users are, unfortunately, unable to join. If you're interested in joining, click the link below. https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/vektor_alpha Rules 1. No crew killing. If you're the type of person who likes to kill, that's fine, we all like killing. It's human nature, but please don't go killing your own team. If this rule is broken, you will be kicked from the crew. End of story. 2. This crew is your main priority. Meaning, once you're apart of this crew, this is your ACTIVE CREW. Don't just join and then have another crew set as you're primary crew. You're either with us or dead. You're choice. 3. Rep your crew. Wear our colors (which, in case your asking, is white and red), wear the emblem somewhat on your body or cehicle. Let the people know who you're with and what we represent. When they see the colors, they'll know sh*t's about to happen. 4. Be active. This rule goes without saying. If you're not on for a couple days, that's fine. I'm not gonna make a big deal of it, but when the days turn to months. That's when there's a slight problem. I want to know that when our crew is in need. You'll be there to help. 5. Lastly and most importantly. DO. NOT. TRY TO OVERTHROW ME! DO. NO. BETRAY US! We are a team. You want a higher ranking? EARN IT! If I get word that someone is planning to betray the crew, you'll have to answer, not just to me, but to all of us. The rules are simple. Represent the crew, respect the crew. PUT SOME RESPEK ON OUR NAME! If the rules stated above are broken in anyway. You will be kicked from the clan and targeted by us. So be careful. BY NODE AND PATH WE TRACE, IN VEKTOR WE TRUST!
  8. InsaneClown317

    Welcome To NeverlandXx

    If Your Intrested In Joining The Crew NeverlandXx Please Contact InsaneClown317 On Xbox One For More Info. This Crew Is All About Having Fun,Making Money, And Most Of All...FAMILY. Please Watch This Video Made By The Crew Leader For Entertainment Purposes And A Glimpse Into This Crew.
  9. I have recently created a Racing Organization for Grand Theft Auto Online for XBOX One. I plan to make it a well organized organization that will host a season of races with selected teams and their drivers. I plan to go into extreme detail and hope this will somehow become popular. I am currently creating tracks that will be used, creating rules and guidelines, selecting team owners and more. The season will feature a point system similar to that of Formula 1 Racing and/or NASCAR. To join the crew, feel free to click this link: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/us_automobile_racing For more information, you can contact either xSnowss or vGoldz via private messages on the XBOX One. I believe this is an interesting idea for some members of the Racing Community of GTAO, not saying that I am a pioneer of this as I am well aware of others doing the same thing as I wish to, however I would like to start my own racing organization.
  10. Katastrofik Krew is a newly formed thrill seeker crew looking for members to fill high ranking positions. Main focus: RESPECT, unity, and growth as a member, player and person. Everyone will feel included regardless of rank, ethnic background, gender etc. New recruits will be warmly welcomed after initiation and will never feel left out or alone. Goals: Mainly to expand Katastrofik Krew (more members, divisions, etc), then become a powerful & respected crew while maintaining unity, making bank rolls of cash, leveling up and having lot's of fun in the process. Expectations: Members need to be honest, respectful, loyal, and active. You don't have to make GTA V your life but if everyone is having trouble remembering who someone is then that will be a problem. Members also need to be 18+, use PS4, and have a working headset. Crew colors are red. To show we're united members need to wear something red even if its just the crew emblem, which is still in the making because I want members to have some say in how it looks. If this crew seems like one you'll enjoy being apart of then fill out the questionnaire at the bottom and post it as a reply to this thread or message me on my social club account http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/shizzdubdizz How many crews have you been in? Why do you want to join this crew? What are your strengths in GTA V? What are your weaknesses in GTA V? Are you interested in a high ranking position? Heist experience on a scale from 1-10? Social Club ID?
  11. mostwanted2848

    Car meet (xboxone)

    GTA5 Car meet, their will be drifting, drag racing , cruising around Sedans and street cars only NO SUPER CARS or BIKES Be respectful TO JOIN- Send me a message for a invite to party and game My gamertag: mostwanted2848 Other gamer tag: Furiousacer11
  12. mostwanted2848

    Car meet (xboxone)

    GTA5 Car meet, their will be drifting, drag racing , cruising around Sedans and street cars only NO SUPER CARS or BIKES Be respectful TO JOIN- Send me a message for a invite to party and game My gamertag: mostwanted2848
  13. mostwanted2848

    Car Meet(xboxone)

    Gta5 Fun drifting and drag racing, cruising around too NO SUPER CARS ONLY sedans and cars that can be found on the street No bikes AND be respectful My gamer tag: mostwanted2848 Text for a invited to game and party and add as friend
  14. Cubanoking99

    LegionFTW [DOOM] crew.

    Ready to join one of the best crews with over 950 members; LegionFTW.is for you then. About us: We are mostly a Gta online crew with most of our members playing on Ps4 and Ps4. That being said we have alot of crew who plays multiple games and game consoles including PC so we are always looking to expand into other games/consoles/PC and grow our crew network. We have membership that varies from age group but we only have one rule and requirement to join our crew, respect crew members; don't kill or abuse crew members and respect them as crew and individuals. The leadership in our crew is I the leader, two commissioners one for Ps3 (Lance) and the other for Ps4 (Cardz); they handle promotions, demotions and any issues within their jurisdictions and I am on Ps4 to help there. Lieutenants are our leaders and within them I and the commissioners choose specific Lieutenants to be in the inner circle and influence major changes like emblems or direction of the crew. Reps invite crew and make up the inner circles of the chapters created by I, Cardz and Lance in the respective consoles. Lance and Cardz are essentially co crew leaders so any issues you can contact them but worst case scenario contact Cubanoking99 the crew leader. We have players on at all hours but there is always at least one or two crew members online at any moment. We are over 950 crew members and growing every day when we only started with 4 so come join a growing army of good times. We don't request crew members to do anything they don't want to do, we are more of a brotherhood a hub to make friends or have allies to assisit in jobs, missions, heists and have fun. We mostly do missions, heists or have fun in free mode but with the Low rider update coming we are going to start having car meets as well. So if you are ready to join a real crew, a family and have fun with Gta5 like never before vist our social club and request and invite. !LegionFTW! Crew name: LegionFTW Crew social club: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/legionftw Facebook community page: https://www.facebook.com/LegionFTWcrew Facebook crew page:https://www.facebook.com/LegionFTWcrewleader Crew leader PSN: Cubanoking99 In order to be promoted in the crew or included in the inner circle just play with lieutenants, commissioners and myself; always feel free to contact one of us through the social club. Any issues feel free to use any of the websites to contact the crew leader or commissioners, Facebook would be easiest.
  15. Nightkill261

    Osage Tribe

    Hello everyone, earlier today I started a new crew called the "Osage Tribe" and I am looking for some people who enjoy to ride motorcycles, shoot sh*t, do missions, and just play the game. I am on XboxOne and my gamertag is "Nightkill261" if you're looking for a crew just message me, thanks!
  16. Carl514

    NightMare OutlawS (Crew Recruiting)

    Time as Come For you Soldier Of Darkness, The Nightmare Outlaws Crew is Recruiting now On Xbox 1 and Ps4, one Commisioner spot for Ps4 gestion is open, If you like Riding Motorcycle , And making Chaos, this crew is for you, here is The promotion Video of The club http://youtu.be/sKTKZS68zWk And web page is under Construction !!! Join Now https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/nightmare_outlaws_
  17. Final Quake

    Bank Punks Need You! (serious heist crew)

    I'm looking to create a heist crew for serious gamers. I'm hoping to do atleast 1 heist a day with maximum pay out for all. You need to be over rank 50 and willing to do heists. Leave your ps4 names and ranks in the comments if you want to join the crew. PLEASE! Only join if you can do heist on demand and have a general interest of being in a serious crew. I don't need people who are going to join and do nothing or "maybe i'll joining the heist another time" I'm looking for members who are serious about gta online. JOIN HERE; https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/bank_punks
  18. KING-_-KILLA913

    Lowrider Club In Need Of Members

    We are a brand new Lowrider club in need of members. We are "KC ESTILO" (and "KC" doesn't mean Kansas City). We need people that are 15 or older with a mic and likes lowriders or just hanging out meeting new people. Rules about the club will be stated when you apply to the club. President: KING-_-StRikZ, Vice: KING-_-KILLA913. We will look forward for you to join (people that are well committed to the club) or if you don't want to fully join but want to be in car shows we have a "ESTILO SUPPORTERS" you don't have to follow all the rules but just the basics to every clan don't kill each other and just have fun don't be a buzz kill. Thank You for taking the time to read this and JOIN.
  19. I'm an amateur YouTuber and Twitch broadcaster. I want to do some videos, but I need players. I need players with mics, and over 18. I'm attempting to turn semi-pro. In a few weeks I'll have the equipment to make ultra high quality videos. I've got an elgato capture device, and a brand new laptop. I ordered a transmitter to record the game chat, and just need a few more items including a snowball mic. I wanna do last team standing jobs and races. I will do a shark card giveaway in a few weeks to advertise myself. I've spend over £200 for my YouTube and Twitch channels. When I next get paid I'll buy the rest of the stuff I need for it. By the time I have all the stuff I need I'll have spent £500+. Not including my £500 laptop. I'm serious about this, this is my dream. Let's make it a reality. All big YouTubers start at the bottom... If you are also a Twitch broadcaster or YouTuber, we can share ideas, advice, and feedback. My YouTube and Twitch channel is MrKINGPINTER. Ignore my profile pic, I'll get a professional one in a week after I get paid.
  20. Xx-ADITYA-xX


    Looking for good, mature players who can follow instructions and use common sense. We're planning to host car meets/playlists/free mode sessions etc. We prefer good combatants, but if you need combat training, we'll be hosting playlists specifically made for combat training. Add me on PSN - Adityac and state that you want to join the crew, you MUST have your PSN ID linked to your active Rockstar Social Club account. We have a few recorders/YouTubers in the crew, and once we get a fair amount of people, we'll also look into some machinima and Snapmatic photo shoots for those who're interested in that field. We communicate primarily through Kik and Facebook messenger (for those who are comfortable sharing their Facebook profiles). So drop your Kik IDs if you're interested. Here's our page: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/blazing_wolves We don't have a specific timezone, however, the majority of players are based in UK/US. A mic is preferred, but not compulsory. Don't bother joining if you're a crew jumper. Thank you.
  21. GOLDENGunner 89

    FIB Agency Division

    FIB Agency Division If you are looking for a crew to earn money and meet new people this is the crew for you. We are a crew that started 2 years ago with just 2 people myself and my friend. We have been recruiting people through out the 2 years and now have 175 members so far. We have many weapons and cars at are call which include yachts, tanks, jets and many others. We are also a crew that will help anyone of are members to come out with full money on heists with are methods on how to complete them fast and safe. We also do the replay glitch so we don't have to do setups at all on the Pacific Heist Are achievements Criminal mastermind challenge Done Loyalty Challenge Done All in order Challenge Done Are leader is JacobPounder/GOLDENGunner 89/ Second leader nathan38711/natham03 Third leader Bigbadbrad1/ronin1997 Third leader darksasuke908/gigi gorgeous71 Crew Logo Life of the director Screesnhots of the crew And many more To join click the link below to join or message us on Xbox at GOLDENGunner 89 or message natham03 for more information about the crew. https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/fib_agency_division
  22. Kramer-n-Java

    [PS4] Military Forces Recruitment

    S.A. Military Forces now recruiting for PS4! Description- We are a crew that provides Military Services throughout San Andreas (Screw Merryweather). We defend San Andreas, Raid, Provide services, and Attack whoever is asked to do so. Got what it takes to be a true soldier? Join S.A. Military Forces today and show what it truly means to be a Soldier of San Andreas (and how better we are than Merryweather). Crew Page: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/sa_military_forces Rules: -Must be over rank 40 -Must have a working mic -Must have an Assault Rifle or Carbine Rifle - NO SQUEAKERS!!! Uniforms: -Dress Uniform... Tops- Ash Tucked Shirt Pants- Olive Slim Fit Suit Pants Ties- Brown Skinny Tie Shoes- All Black Oxfords -Combat Uniform... Tops- Beige Combat Sweater Pants- Tan Combat Pants Accessories- Super Heavy Armor, Grey Scarf, Tan Tact Gloves, Tan Combat Chute Glasses- Yellow Gun Range Boots- Black Scruffy Boots
  23. SomeGuyFromLosSantos

    Join the Great Six Criminal Masterminds!

    Greats Six was founded from 6 Great players who prepared since 2014 for the heists and then completed the CRIMINAL MASTERMIND - $10,000,000, LOYALTY - $1,000,000 and ALL IN ORDER - $1,000,000 Challenges. We now own the Maze Bank Office and several others. We a fleet of vehicles such as Rhino, Turreted Limo, Savage, Buzzard, Hydra, Valkyrie, Insurgents, Basically everything. Why did we create this crew? To help everyone with their Heist Setups, Finales, Ceo Crates, Ceo Work and basic leveling and PvP Training. Who do we recruit? Any level from 1-100, if you're above 100 we expect you to have reached a certain K/D Ratio that is legit and proven in Deathmatch or Freemode against our enemies. We help anyone from Level 1-100 to train their skills, gain money, reputation points. We do not recruit modders, we already kicked some people out after finding out they had 120 Millions of hacked money or after reports of them using wall glitches to grief people. If you use a glitch to change your clothing that doesn't bother me, if you use glitches to an advantage that is what we don't desire. If you're interested and active you may apply on https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/greats_six Anyone can apply to join the crew, we'll stop recruiting at 100 members and will keep the number of members on 100 because we do not want "strangers" in our crew, we want people we get to know and not people who kill crew teammates which we have a strong policy against. If you want to see some footage of CEO Work we do and deathmatches check out https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQ8OJQf3oSEgbIuESm8bimw PSN ID: SofiannP
  24. SomeTechGenius

    The Lair.

    Hello everyone, I am here to tell you all about a newly made gaming community that is focused on GTA V And CS:GO. We have weekly events for GTA V And help eachother with missions and heists every day. There are no requirements for joining, other than having a copy of GTA V and not being banned. We have a social club crew: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/the_official_lair But before you join the social club, join our Discord so we can organise events and talk in chats! Discord Invite Link: https://discord.gg/SbWy9WY
  25. easthill milita

    East hill milita recruiting!

    easthill milita is a military role playing crew on (ps4 only) if you would like to join add psn: lukeyr1 Or Psn: MC-DEVVO420 https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/east_hill_mailita
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