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  1. Admins: Please move to correct forum if I'm i. The wrong area! Hello my name is Al Kacino. I am looking for gangs, motorcycle clubs, paramilitary organizations, mafias, criminal organizations, and police crews for my new series "Gangland: San Andreas". In the show, I will ride along with key members and learn about their crew. This is your chance to showcase what your about, and give outsiders a look at a day in the life of you. I will be interviewing members, sharing stories and backgrounds. If this is something you are interested in contact me on PSN@ YamatheKreature or on facebook@ Al Kacino. Your organization must have a good amount of members and background (not looking for a crew formed last week with ten members). Thanks!
  2. TheSpoon

    Midnight Hunters Car Crew

    Foundation June 14th of 2015th, by XtRMSpO0N. What is it about? Yes, we're the people behind SokudoChasers. Midnight Hunters is a Role-playing car crew. It was created with the idea of simulating a car gang from Japan with inspiration from the Yakuza's, Bosozoku's. We're very into the Japanese night life & car culture, we try our best to replicate it in-game. We not only play Grand theft Auto. Recruitment We're not recruiting at the moment, but planning to start soon. Hierarchy Kenmari GTR / XtRMSpO0N Joey S13 SR20 MintMiata / Miata2jz / specifyys AKMENTALITY / Z Zaid394 FilipJDM Nii San Skyline / NiiSanKonoEcchi Zievs Mattheus / BolinhodeVenus Ghost0912 PRx iShotz x GTA xPRx JEAN CarsOfPR Hvbeeb marcuslam915 jdmx / JDMXMONSTAZ PinchooMania XxBryan17xX SnazzyBanana973 T 4 Y S I R TPRNismoAJ16 xScuderia JGx xXxDeltaopsxXx FERRARILOVERF12 MrMechanicPR Koentje1984 Cronoss01 nenoo008 FittyJDM809 JPN KATANA JPN JoaoCsO PJSTI99 amarusiaPS13 DaivikSRT8 / Daivik88 Ch0m3 V4 MoDz PROD REDTIBU C4Mchan MarcusTam1104 CB Quikz Dillo1000 DirtyLittleVTEC EJ1 Turbo EPB Falken PR Frossb1te Gichy25 iSR Indylights MNP 14A Apparel Media Crew Logos You're allowed to use this images, but not edit them in any type of way.
  3. Crpc.Admin.j0eee3


    Hello interested role player! https://gtacrpc.enjin.com/applications Thank you for your interest in the Caraholics Role-Play Community! The CRPC is the most immersive role-play crew for xbox one! We have every player, (even admin) start from the bottom (flown into the city) with just $30,000. You get a job (over 200 choices) a house or apartment, save some money or take out a loan and start your life! You'll need a drivers license, and a pistol permit! But its okay, because there are people for that! We have a team of admin and moderators with certain jobs that make this experience like no other! We are also recruiting moderators who want to and are able to lead players with maturity, respect, understanding & a good sense of humor. Go to our website & fill out an Application! (you will have to create an account first like everyone else) https://gtacrpc.enjin.com/applications
  4. DidUJustHitDat

    Mark's Marijuana - UK PS4 HEIST CREW

    We're Mark's Marijuana, we're a crew that does heists together. Please read my other post about earning $400,000 for each heist we do, don't just join the crew but also add me on PSN: DidUJustHitDat.
  5. Lmf1997

    The Bic Mafia

    I just created a brand new crew called The Bic Mafia on ps4. Im looking for 4 different Commissioners and each comissisioners will have a specific area of expertise. Such as heist, Racing, MC President, CEO. My job will be recruitment and setting up Meets, Chill Spots and other social events to keep our crew a friendly environments to better your GTA online experience. I also need 8 lieutenants who are ready to grind out with either me or the commissioners to build our crews rep. And 10 representatives to help find muscle to increase our numbers. So all in all Im looking for a total of 21 people: 3 Comissisioners, 8 lieutenants and 10 representatives. If anyone is interested may contact me on here or over PSN (LMF1997)
  6. Chiefmackbros


    Our Rockstar Social Club: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/executive_outcomes_a Recruitment Page: http://gtaforums.com/topic/881634-g4s-pmc-recruiting-now-xb1/
  7. Simple_Nano

    Looking for people to recruit for my crew

    I'm looking for people to recruit to my crew it's called The LS Militia Front I don't care what level you are
  8. DonnieTheProphet

    Tribe Motorcycles MC

    Hi guyz, I am looking for active players for an MC. We're a diverse MC, spanning across all consoles, but I would like to make a team for PC users. I am alone yet, but I hope , I can find enthusiastic players like me. We haven't got rules yet, only few things, love old stuffs and MC style. Don't be salty kid. After that if we have a core team, we are going to write the rules and history together. SC: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/tribe_motorcycles_ My plans: Do events, public rides, meetings , like serious MC's. I'm from Hungary, CET +1 timezone. If you like it and want to join, send me a message. My SC: DonnieTheProphet Have a nice day. And sorry for my english, i am still learning it
  9. wolfie-fuchs

    AnarchieMC (xbone) looking for prospects

    Old school MC looking for members, we're active almost every day Monday through Friday and searching for Members. To qualify to join you must be active on GTA online, and must be 16+. For further information on joining or any other Inquiries please email me at Fanblackheart@ gmail.com link to social club page: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/anarchiemc
  10. IdeologicCube

    GtA V Los Santos Sheriff Department

    Los Santos Sheriff Department Welcome to the Los Santos Sheriffs Department Recruitment Page. We have started (LSSD) after finding corruption within the GTA V Community. We Are seeking individuals that understand and wish to join a police force that will become greater over time and keep the balance in the world of GTA V. Please contact the following Gamer tags to gain more info about the crew and what we are about. If any Questions shall arise please msg us and we will be glad to answer any questions that you may have. For Any more information you need Please head to our Website here: http://lssdrp.weebly.com/ Gamer tags: IdeologicCube LegendxChamp01
  11. Bdogs

    GTA United Forums

    GTA United is a crew to find clean gta players mainly on the Xbox One. http://gtau.freeforums.net/ Our main thing that we do is Gta contact racing along side Nonchalant Dominance http://nodo.freeforums.net/ (all consoles) Nightshift racing http://nightshift-racing.freeforums.net/ (XB1 only) Impromptu Racing http://imprompturacing.boards.net/(XB1 only) We also are trying to build up to using car shows, Lts, deathmatches, heists, and role play. our crew link can be found here https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/gta_united_forums if you would like more info you may have seen our MCEC on twitch twitch.tv/bdogs_gaming twitch.tv/trkz_m4ster twitch.tv/gaming_g423 if there are any questions please leave them below hope to play wit you soon


    We are currently recruiting hit me up for more info kik me at ROAD_HUNTER for more information and rules, etc We have multiple divisions Airforce- which is lasers, hydras, attack choppers Infantry- which is ground team and tanks insurgents, and insurgent pickups Marines- which is the best of the best of our crew must be good at shooting, rng players, most valuable players Heres my crew link https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/us_armed_forces_53
  13. PwnageSoldier

    [WOLF] Wolf Operations

    WOLF OPERATIONS https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/wolf_ops Summary Eventually, there comes a time for every free roam warrior, car meeter, ace fighter pilot, and outfit modder to lower their Combat MG and say, "What next?" To here's the answer. Wolf Operations, or in it's shortened form, Wolf Ops, is a military crew dedicated to overthrowing the tyrannical Los Santos government. We enjoy car meets, blowing up players, and dogfights so anyone is welcome, as long as they can prove they should join. Anyone can use a gun, but only the best use strategy. We do military themed car meets, or normal ones. We often raid open lobbies and storm the beaches of Los Santos or blow up sh*t in the deserts of Blaine County. We shoot down the opposition. Ranking System Crew levels in-game reflect your crew involvement. Being a Lieutenant doesn't actually mean your a Lieutenant. The Crew Hierarchy system, however, is the Ranking System. If you're in the muscle rank, you're a normal Operative (Private to Sergeant ranks). If you're a Representative, you're in the Captain - Lieutenant range, and then so on. Specific members may be named a special rank that I may call them. Outfits We do have a uniform code, but it's is pretty casual. You can do outfit glitches like the helmet + mask, or hat + bandanna, etcetra. You just need to wear a military outfit. No ridiculous masks or tryhard outfits during operations. Base of Operations/Friendly Infrastructure Sandy Shores Airfield L.S.I.A Crew member properties McKenzie Airfield Fort Zancudo Crew Weapons By the way, these are suggestions, and I'm not dictating what weapons you are using. Pistols ~ Pistol MKII, Combat Pistol, and Flare Gun SMGs ~ SMG MKII or Assault SMG MGs ~ Combat MG MKI or MKII ARs ~ Carbine Rifle MKI/MKII, Special Carbine or Assault Rifle MKII Snipers ~ Heavy Sniper MKII/MKI and the Marksman Sniper Melees ~ Knife, Nightstick or Machete Shotguns ~ Assault Shotgun or Heavy Shotgun, and Sweeper Shotgun (motorcycles) Heavies ~ Grenade Launcher, RPG, Minigun, and Homing Launcher Throwables ~ Grenade, Sticky Bomb, and Proximity Mine Current Platforms PlayStation 4 [MAIN] PlayStation 3 Questions If you have any questions, either contact me at Social Club (PwnageSoldier). I hope you enjoyed my summarization of my crew, and that you might join.
  14. DCC Kxbrx

    SARP:Navy GTA 5

    Hey,all of my fellow GTA 5 gamers. I am KillerCobra747 acting as the Secretary of the Navy for SARP (San Andreas Role Play).I want to know if anyone is interested in enlisting in the Navy. We offer a professional role-playing environment If you would like to join please visit our website: http://rp-sa.net/navy OR Message me on Xbox my gamer tag is: KillerCobra747 I will get back to you as soon as I can Kind Regards
  15. Louishu129

    Crew: Creature-of-the-hell

    It's a new crew, I use ps4 to play. I'm LV80 on gta online and I can help you get through some normal missions. I'm usually out on weekends. There will be crew events any time. Feel free to join, I hope there can be as much people as possible. Here is the link for the crew http://zh.socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/creature-of-the-hell/gtav/ps4
  16. Police1515

    E private security

    Looking for new people to join E private security. We protect VIPs & crew leaders. We are very underground. We do not have a website because we are hidden. We need elite people. Reply with you Xbox 1 gamer tag. And why you want to join.
  17. CommanderZ9902

    Crew Leader Problems.

    Hi! I made a crew, so I can make amazing crew colors for myself, hehe.. But as I make my crew color, and go to LS Customs to put on my color, it says I have to be lvl 10 + in the group. Any way I can quickly rank myself up to that, I mean I'm leader of my OWN group [ and no one is in it], shouldn't it unlock everything for leader? I'm new to crew thing, so please, mind me! Thanks!
  18. SASRP (san andreas state roleplay)looking for serious role playing with the options of Police,Fire/emt,and civilian, with the sub departments within those! my xbox gamertag is cityboy1194 please contact me on their with more information! We role play twice (2) a week, Tues,and Thurs. we have a very very, great team with lots of members, and lots of stuff we have added!if anyone is interested please contact me, and i will give you much more information!
  19. im trying to start up my own crew which will be very organized, fun, and active. If you are crew less and want to pick up the reigns with me, feel free to contact me. Let's do something big! This is for PS3. Also, feel free post ideas and your input.
  20. Angel-CashBag

    Join GTA 5 CashBag Crew @ Facebook

    Join GTA 5 CashBag Crew @ Facebook Join 1 or all 5 of CashBag Crews @ R*
  21. Giovannic

    California State Professional Roleplay

    Do you want to join a roleplay community? Do you have a legal copy of GTA V for PC? If not, are you interested in joining dispatch? If so, I have the perfect place for you. At California State Professional Roleplay, we have a custom CAD, custom FiveM server, and Teamspeak and Discord servers. We are a new community so you will be able to climb the ranks with ease. If this sounds interesting to you, make sure to go apply! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1HhNGSWJQ-Be43-Kr0ijRWsXIxRZzt3IBJHSVKd65tIc/viewform?edit_requested=true
  22. Baseyoyoyo


  23. TheDutchDaemon

    MC Patchmaker here!

    Hello, If you are looking for a patch maker for your gta v motorclub you've come to the right place. prices vary from 3 to 6 euro's. check my instagram and DM me if you are interested! DDMCPATCHES <-- my instagram
  24. Alright guys Ive recently started YouTube and twitch channels and I want to play with you guys so Im making a crew for races missions deathmatches and other things just want to have fun really Ill be making the crew tomorrow and posting it on here so anybody that wants to join can join I play on xbox one and am from Ireland so Ill be playing any time from 6pm onwards
  25. I'm looking for someone who can create good crew emblems. Message me for more info on what I am looking for.
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