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  1. LCS got a secret update for iOS even though the game was removed from the App Store.
  2. Center piece: Same Bulldog Top Rocker: MONGREL MOB Bottom Rocker: ROGUE INSTEAD OF THAILAND Colors: White rocker with a Red outline and black stroked letters Can you please make a matching SAN ANDREAS Patch Also do a Embroided version plus Leather version 2 please thank you
  3. Nametaken

    Any good police mods?

    Does anybody have any good police mod recommendations? Anything with a police outfit, or were you get powers of arrest and have to enforce laws is good enough.
  4. where does madd carl and all these madd channels get their mods from, for example that epsilon meeting on the mountain mission, i never found the mod
  5. monstercarlcj


    jimmy hopkins and pete are the only normal student in bullworth
  6. The Coconut Kid

    Parting Thoughts

    It’s difficult to know where to begin with this post. Perhaps it is best to begin with me. I used to be this handsome bastard. I have been a regular in the GTA Series forums for sixteen years. I found an interest in the old GTA NeXt section and the artform that grew out of it called concept writing. Most of my post history has since been devoted to the GTAF community that has grown around this creative pursuit. It has been a rewarding experience. I have essentially learned to read and write at acceptable levels from people who contribute to this forum. I have been encouraged to pursue writing as a passion and a career by people who have passed through this community. Many of them have become significant in my life. I have watched them offer extensive support to one another over many years and offer it myself as best I can. It is extremely disheartening then that there would be such a lack of support from GTAF Staff when this section calls upon them for help. This isn’t something we have to do often. I have reached out exactly once in the time I have been a user on this forum. The post that follows will draw attention to this experience and, more specifically, what you need to do better. First, for clarity: I approached a moderator to take action on a popular user who I discovered to be misleading our community with a multiple account. He has used this multiple account to praise his own topics and undermine others. He has literally used this account to carry out conversations with himself. He has finessed a fanfiction around concern for his whereabouts while being among us all along – something that appalls me. I asked for a compassionate but decisive resolution. This was a friend of fifteen years and a respected member of the GTAF community. I have been told he has been privately warned. I have also been told that his behaviour has actually been found to be worse – he has been using two multiple accounts. And now I am being told the number is six multiple accounts. We’re going to run out of fingers to count them soon. I’m not actually invested in what happens to this person now. I have not made this thread to discuss them. He has been irrelevant to me since I found out what he has been doing. What has brought me to leave GTAF has been the experience of reporting this user and the complete lack of support from staff. Let me go back to the start. I really need you to take note of what has happened and learn from this. Lack of Approachable and Involved Staff The hardest part of this was actually deciding who to raise the issue with. There are no staff who actively interact with concept creators. There are no staff who engage with concept threads to encourage them or anticipate issues before they arise. There are no staff involved in the promotion of concept threads. And this has been the case for years. Who should I bring a problem to then? Especially issues that affect multiple people? Spider? They don’t appear to answer messages – a simple question two weeks ago RE: concept awards hasn’t even been opened. Kirsty? Hasn’t opened the message either – and has left me on read for a year trying to organise some much-anticipated promotion for the section. Admins? Moderators? I have to look up who they are – which involves a trip to Announcements because how do you find out who Staff actually are now? I see that there are GTA section led-bys. But I haven’t actually seen them enough, or at all, to trust them with something like this. I recognise a moderator who has been helpful at locking threads and moving posts around – so I bring it to them. And I want to make clear – I am not dissatisfied with them. I am disheartened by this whole process and it’s clear that it needs to be improved. Inadequate Rules & Poor Resolutions The resolution I received has been based on the premise that no rule has really been broken – or at least not sufficiently to warrant a ban. And when rules have been broken, they’ve been broken using his multiple aliases – so his main account can’t be held accountable. What do you think has motivated him to use other accounts then? I question this. I have to – especially when I’m told the behaviour is actually worse than what I reported. I post in The Courthouse to appeal. The Courthouse, for those who haven’t had the pleasure, is a private area of the forum for issues to be heard by GTAF Staff. It’s a nice idea - except I raised this issue a week ago and no one has bothered to follow up. The Courthouse post has been unanswered. There are an entire roster of staff here and not one of you has offered support. I have had to find out updates second hand. No one has actually responded to me. These updates include that my post probably won’t be responded to by staff because it is too long. Staff. There are literally bulletpoints at the start and some screenshots to confirm what the person has done and the help I am asking for. Come on. This person has since publicly and privately taken the piss out of your inaction – and to be honest, I don’t blame him. And to top it off? They’ve been shown screenshots that were entrusted to me after I asked around to see if anyone noticed the same posting patterns with the multi accounts as I was seeing. Great job. Are We Part Of Your Community? What disappoints me the most is how quickly you dismissed our concerns. The response has been clear: What this person has done affects you and your community - but it doesn't affect us and ours, so we aren’t going to act. There is already the feeling that we have been left on our own – but it is quite something to be told, What this person has done doesn’t actually matter as much as you say it does – even though you have screenshots – so we don’t want to do anything more. It is a poor stance to take for a forum that prides itself on inclusivity. There are only two things that have been asked of Staff here: Acknowledge our concerns. Deal with the person in a way that is compassionate but acknowledges what they’ve done is wrong. Literally: “Your friends have missed you and they care about you – but what you’ve done is wrong. Dry out, come back in a few months, and don’t be a c*nt.” You have let us down on both. You have let him down too. I don’t regret bringing this to you and how I have tried to handle it in a way that minimises disruption to our community. But you really need to look back on how this has been handled and make sure you do better. I’m going to close this out by leaving you my thoughts on how you can do better. It is important that you do. Get to know your communites. Know their posting habits. Know what entertains them. Learn to support them and elevate them when they are doing something well. Learn to spot it when they aren’t posting like themselves and put a stop to it before it starts. Take the lead on this and encourage people to follow it. Learn how to take an active role in the communities you have been entrusted with from the gold standard that the concept community sets – and I don’t mean creating six accounts to compare yourself to classical poets. Encourage your users. Get involved in collaborations. Join in discussions. Reach out when things aren’t right. Make yourselves visible so we know who you are and that you can be approached – and if you can’t get accessible people: find new people. Get to know the members involved in the sections you oversee. Support your communities. Listen to people when they ask for support. Believe them when they raise concerns with you – and take them seriously. There are communities throughout this forum that don’t require thorough moderation – they rely on a system of trust that people can behave themselves and enjoy their time here. When this trust is broken you need to step in. Always ask what can be done better. If you indicate that you are willing to listen to suggestions then listen. Use your wider GTAF networks to promote “subcommunities” and put them in the spotlight once in a while. Understand that the various niches on this forum make the entire GTAF network tick. Understand that a little recognition for them goes a long way. Improve your rules – and apply them. You need to make space in your current rules to confront manipulative and disruptive behaviour. I have shown GTAF Staff entire chains of conversation that this person has orchestrated and you are telling me you cannot act on it beyond a verbal warning. Worse still, you are telling us you cannot act on it because it only affects a subcommunity. Disgusting. There is provision in your existing rules that allow you “...to remove [users] at any moment for any reason we deem necessary if you are disrupting to the community.” You have been able to act on this. You just don’t want to. Your rules are not just for “the” community – they are for all of your community. You don’t have to get to know communities. You don’t even have to support them. You certainly don’t have to like them. But you do need to back them up when someone breaks your rules and laughs at you while they’re doing it. Please take one thing from this message: make sure your rules and resolution process does right by all of your community in the future. You have completely let me down – from report to resolution to follow up. Do better by them than you’ve done by me, The Coconut Kid
  7. Looking for some people to play GTA 1 or the London MP games with, anyone wanna join or set a day for it? For more info on how to setup the multiplayer, this topic at the bottom should help: How can I play the GTA Max Pack Multiplayer? (SOLVED) - GTA - GTAForums Also, just because I posted this yesterday it doesn't mean it's a one time event. I'm available Saturday and Sunday, but Monday through Friday may be later on. Feel free to reply or leave me a PM, I'm always game. (Maybe this topic will buried deep without anyone caring.)
  8. Herkese merhaba CJ, sizin de tek elli silahları NPC'lerden farklı bir genişliği kullananı bekleyenler. CJ Tek elli silahlar (Colt 45, UZI, TEC9 gibi) Gangster animasyonu kullanılabilir mi? note: I tried to do this a lot with Anim Manager, but I couldn't do it. Can friends who know how to make a mod help with this and share the mod with us? thank you for your help in advance.
  9. Desired Resolution: 4096x4096px Format: Transparent png Theme: Building companies, Los Santos, HD Era
  10. FearSlinginShadow

    What the players want - RDRO

    Where are the Heist at? RDR2 has 2 years on the market and there aren't any Heist yet? The Posse system would be perfect for setting up heist just like in GTAV when the first Heists were released. We want to see some Bank Heist, Train Heist, Manson heist! Also, what about new mount options? Im sure that Rockstar wants to keep the game more realistic or something in that regard, but its a game just like any other and realistic qualities are out the door once you die and respawn. New mounts would be an amazing add! (I.e Bulls, Bison, legendary horses/animals.) The more luxury desire for additions aside from cooler/new mounts... A personal house to buy with acreage.. more or less. RDR Online would be more amazing and customer beckoning with these great additions. A personal house that you can buy upgrades, themes and additions for with either in game currency or something along those lines. We all know Rockstar is a very hardworking and busy company, and there isn't enough to say about their accomplishments, but still we as the fans.. WE WANT MORE!
  11. Gta5 car meet bring your best cars but no super allowed a few rules No police No killing No yelling down the mic No guns out No crashing No destroying cars even your own Ride or die bitches drive safe and come have a cruise Dm -Mapps_gaming or restoredatom6 Instagram Pictures will also be posted on our socials
  12. -Gaming4Life-

    Adding new sounds to SA

    Is it possible to add new audio effects? New gun sounds? New car sounds? Animal sounds for Myths Maker. New voices for new peds like added peds. From gta 4 or gta 5 to SA.
  13. Desired Resolution: 2048x2048px Image Format: Transparent PNG
  14. Marker Image I've tried the drawMarker function but I don't believe that it is the correct function as it requires a static location and the marker shown bobs up and down while moving with the entity. Is it an undiscovered native by some chance? It allows to be placed on objects, peds, and vehicles and the color is customisable as well. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  15. Sup, A good idea to innovate this forum add a button ''Delete all cookies from this forum'' <a href="./ucp.php?mode=delete_cookies" data-ajax="true" data-refresh="true" role="menuitem"> <i class="icon fa-trash fa-fw" aria-hidden="true"></i><span>Delete all cookies from this forum</span> </a>
  16. Wanted image resolution: 2048x1024px Theme: Vehicle badging Wanted format: transparent png Colour: full colour
  17. Hello, as you read in the title we might get a chance to have the score of the movie The Wraith [1986] officially released for the first time since it's been out 33 years ago but there's a little "problem". Here you have a little snippet of the score of the movie directly ripped from the 5.1 audio mix The label said that they would release this but only if 3000 people are really interested to purchase it and as you can know 3000 people is hard to reach especially for a movie this old, so if you know this movie and like the score composed by Michael Hoenig and J.Peter Robinson then follow this Facebook post or Intrada forums post for more information on how to be put on the potential buyers list. If you are not interested then can you consider sharing this post or the Facebook/Intrada one on your social networks to help us gather 3000 people. Thank you for reading and considering this thread.
  18. New to GTA 5 scripting in c#. And I can't find to seem good documentation about it or even much tutorials so I am stuck having to experiment by trying out random methods. 1. How to change the relationship of a spawned ped? I dont know the exact function to use to set the relationship. I am trying to make 2 oppposite gang spawn and fight. 2. How to spawn peds inside a car and make them chase another car which I spawned? I am trying to simulate a police chase and stuff like that 3. Alter stats of nearby ped? Is it possible i suppose it is. Planning to change nearby peds to attack me instead of spawning Link to videos, docs, tutorials will really be appreciate as well as instructions on how to do it. Also is there any special function to make peds, cars, peds in a car spawn in roads/path instead of having to give specific vector3
  19. Hi folks. We've just featured the following speculation article on our new website in a sorta interview style with uNi, Spider and myself. Clicky Give us your own answers in the same format (copy below) and we'll look back in the distant future to see who pulled it out of the bag! Remember this is a Q&A style topic, so keep the discussion in the other relevant topics. Cheers! --- Location Where do you think R* could take us next? Era What timeline do you think GTA VI will be set in? Protagonist What do you want the next protagonist(s) to be like? Platform What platform(s) do you think it will release on? Online What do you think multiplayer will be like? Announcement & Release When do we think R* could announce and release GTA VI? Leaks Do you believe in any of the “leaks” about GTA VI?
  20. Check out our new article on the GTANet.com site! I was inspired to write this after taking many screenshots of storms myself and investigating how they react in game, and also after reading an article on Eurogamer this morning about how someone went to chase storms for a mystery! https://gtanet.com/rdr2-a-storm-chasers-dream-videogame/ How about you, like chasing storms? Show us your best RDR2 storm images taken on any platform! They could be featured in a future article
  21. Nyden

    Gta 5 Bodyguard Menu C#

    Hi guys, I have a problem. I am developing a Menu on gta v, I wanted to know how to create the Give weapons to all bodyguard function, setting the weapons for all peds in my group. void BodyWeapon() { UIMenu bodyweapon = modMenuPool.AddSubMenu(bodyguardMenu, "Give Bodyguard Weapons"); UIMenu bodyrifle = modMenuPool.AddSubMenu(bodyweapon, "Assault Rifle"); //Assault Rifle UIMenuItem bodyassaultrifle = new UIMenuItem("- Assault Rifle -"); //Assault Rifle bodyrifle.AddItem(bodyassaultrifle); bodyrifle.OnItemSelect += (sender, item, index) => { if (item == bodyassaultrifle) { PedGroup bodygard = Game.Player.Character.CurrentPedGroup; //Function.Call(Hash.SET_PED_AS_GROUP_MEMBER, bodygard, Game.Player.Character); // puts the bodyguard into the players group Function.Call(Hash.SET_CURRENT_PED_WEAPON, bodygard.Handle, (uint)WeaponHash.AssaultRifle, 9999, true, true); /* Ped playerPed = Game.Player.Character; Vector3 spawn_loc = playerPed.Position + (playerPed.ForwardVector * 5); //SPAWN PED------------------------------------------------------- PedGroup ped = playerPed.CurrentPedGroup; Function.Call(Hash.SET_PED_AS_GROUP_MEMBER, bodygard, ped);*/ /* Ped bodyguard = World.CreatePed(new Model(PedHash.StripperLite), spawn_loc); bodyguard.Weapons.Give(WeaponHash.AssaultShotgun, 9999, true, true); bodyguard.IsInvincible = true; bodyguard.CanSwitchWeapons = true; //add a Blip Blip myBlip = bodyguard.AddBlip(); myBlip.Scale = 0.5f; myBlip.IsFriendly = true; myBlip.Color = BlipColor.Pink; // gets the players current group PedGroup playerGroup = playerPed.CurrentPedGroup; // puts the bodyguard into the players group Function.Call(Hash.SET_PED_AS_GROUP_MEMBER, bodyguard, playerGroup);*/ UI.Notify("Mod by Anonik"); // Weapons.Give(WeaponHash.SpecialCarbine, 9999, true, true); //bodyguard.Armor = 100; } }; } Example of my code While I spawn the bodyguards with this code. if (item == franckItem) { Ped player = Game.Player.Character; Vector3 loc = player.Position + (player.ForwardVector * 5); Ped bodyguard = World.CreatePed(PedHash.Franklin, loc); bodyguard.Weapons.Give(WeaponHash.SpecialCarbine, 9999, true, true); bodyguard.Armor = 100; PedGroup ped = player.CurrentPedGroup; Function.Call(Hash.SET_PED_AS_GROUP_MEMBER, bodyguard, ped); Function.Call(Hash.SET_PED_COMBAT_ABILITY, bodyguard, 100); Function.Call(Hash.SET_PED_ACCURACY, bodyguard, 100); bodyguard.Task.FightAgainstHatedTargets(50000); UI.Notify("Bodyguard Spawned"); UI.Notify("Mod by Anonik"); if (player.IsInvincible == true) { bodyguard.IsInvincible = true; } if (player.IsInvincible == false) { bodyguard.IsInvincible = false; } } Please help me: My mod menu is: https://github.com/anonik9900/Essential-Menu
  22. I have some suggestion regarding this site, when i first got to know GTAForums it was hard for me to navigate and get to know how everything works here just because it really needs some modernizing and an UI update in my opinion. This site still gives me those 2013 site feelings with its old UI, and i really think it can need an refresh. Some concrete suggestions i have to the devs: - Insert media from phone/file - More responsive on mobile, its still not a smooth experience on mobile - Spelling checker - Some catergories have an overwelming amount of threads, it would be nice and would look more organized if these could be auto-archived after x days of inactivty
  23. Kiyone_Alien_Cop

    [Request] LSPD Badge

    Desired Resolution: 2048x2048px Format: Transparent .png Theme: GTA V, State of San Andreas, Los Santos Police Department, Police Badges
  24. Desired Resolution: 4096x1336px Format: Transparent .png Theme: Armored Vans, Brute, GTA IV, GTA V, Liberty City, State of San Andreas
  25. Desired Resolution: 2048x2048px Format: Transparent .png Theme: Credit card, High Life, GTA IV, GTA V, Liberty City, State of San Andreas
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