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Found 4 results

  1. As you've probably heard, a few days ago Nintendo announced their next console, the Switch. Amongst their launch schedule is the latest installment to the Super Mario series, Super Mario Odyssey, and it takes the charming little Italian to a bunch of new open worlds, one of which is far from the usual cartoon worlds of Mario - a realistic rendition of New York City, apparently called New Donk City (heh). It didn't take long for fans to start calling it Grand Theft Mario, and so YouTuber CrowbCat did what GTA fans do best; slapped on a few mods and took Mario to Liberty City instead. This is
  2. ...more like Monday! Yes we know we're late, but sh*t (life) happens, so uNi has asked me to post these on his behalf. Enjoy. Every week we will picking our favourite snaps from the GTANet community and featuring it here. If you do make the cut, be proud! Previous issues can be found here. @Snowgoose95 @Sistoska @Edgar_Draw @moxzibit8222 @Tino_Seifert @Basimatic1227 BONUS! Manzanita Post in Red Dead Redemption by @Zoobz_
  3. What do the Eiffel Tower, the Berlin Wall, and an archery bow have in common? They've all been in a relationship with a 40-something American lady called Erika Eiffel. Yes, you read that correctly... Objectum Sexuality is defined as having an attraction to inanimate objects, and Erika Eiffel has some very famous love interests and landmark (teehee) relationships. I guess helicopters move around when they are turned on...but still, I wanted to begin with this curious fetish as a way to introduce "helisexuality" to the people of GTAForums. For some it needs no introduction, however this smal
  4. Forget your yachts, your special cargo, your adversary modes, there is a small community within GTAForums that has no interest in such folly and is instead committed to 100%ing the 3D era of GTA over and over again, one mission at a time. Introducing: The Chain Game. In a nutshell, The Chain Game is a long-running forum game and it's aim is to load up a new game of GTA and achieve 100% completion. It begins with a leader posting a clean starter game save and inviting players to come forward and take a turn by completing a mission or set objective, then saving it themselves and passing
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