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Found 4 results

  1. ...more like Monday! Yes we know we're late, but sh*t (life) happens, so uNi has asked me to post these on his behalf. Enjoy. Every week we will picking our favourite snaps from the GTANet community and featuring it here. If you do make the cut, be proud! Previous issues can be found here. @Snowgoose95 @Sistoska @Edgar_Draw @moxzibit8222 @Tino_Seifert @Basimatic1227 BONUS! Manzanita Post in Red Dead Redemption by @Zoobz_
  2. What do the Eiffel Tower, the Berlin Wall, and an archery bow have in common? They've all been in a relationship with a 40-something American lady called Erika Eiffel. Yes, you read that correctly... Objectum Sexuality is defined as having an attraction to inanimate objects, and Erika Eiffel has some very famous love interests and landmark (teehee) relationships. I guess helicopters move around when they are turned on...but still, I wanted to begin with this curious fetish as a way to introduce "helisexuality" to the people of GTAForums. For some it needs no introduction, however this small but prominent community love helicopters so much they're not afraid to walk down the street on a Sunday afternoon with banners in the air to show it. Let's not get carried away though, these self-professed helisexuals are not actually interested in finding the nearest fuel pipe to stick their dick into (at least, well.. let's just not go there either), they are just long time fans of Grand Theft Auto's collection of rotary aircraft and, in particular, attack helicopters. Headed by principal helicopter activist @Happy Hunter, these fans have been feeling there is an injustice happening in the world of GTA Online right now in regards to the selection of helicopters that are currently available. There are gripes against the small catalogue available to purchase, the low damage threshold of certain helicopters like the Savage, the short missile range in comparison to other aircraft, the homing missile defence options (or lack thereof) and inability to customise... to name but a few of their high demands for change. A petition has been created to lobby Rockstar to take action for the sake of the GTA community's sanity, (in?)appropriately titled Project: Helisexuality, and with over 47k views and counting the topic is gathering more and momentum after every update that doesn't offer a new helicopter or adjustments to the current stock. The most requested helicopter is the Hunter, the powerful attack helicopter available in Vice City and San Andreas, but unfortunately skipped for the HD era of GTA. References to the Hunter are found within GTA V's files and they can even be seen in action during in-game TV shows, but they remain unused since their discovery. Intentional or saving for a rainy day? The helicopter activists are not quite sure, but they have been very vocal in bringing this chopper to GTA Online as a means to rival troublesome jets and homing launchers (not hating, just stating). Other requested helicopters include the Sea Sparrow (we've got the Special Vehicles, we've got the Dodo, what about this water-safe heli?) and a personal favourite, the Little Willie. Here's a quote from @Happy Hunter about why helicopters are important to him as a GTA fan. If you're interested in pledging your support to make helicopters great again, you'll find the petition links at the bottom of this post. So there you have it Rockstar Games; these folks are not trying to get frisky, they just want some new helicopters. They're at the corner of every GTA boxart, so they have some importance, right? We implore you; the helicopters need you and we need the helicopters, give the dog a bone here, and maybe @Happy Hunter will stop emailing you every day. You can read the full suggestions and wishlists for helicopters in GTA Online in the below petition topic. Do you agree we need more rotary aircraft? Pledge your support (or disdain) as you see fit... GTAForums Petition Topic - Project: Helisexuality Rockstar Support Petition Topic Source for images GTA Wiki
  3. Forget your yachts, your special cargo, your adversary modes, there is a small community within GTAForums that has no interest in such folly and is instead committed to 100%ing the 3D era of GTA over and over again, one mission at a time. Introducing: The Chain Game. In a nutshell, The Chain Game is a long-running forum game and it's aim is to load up a new game of GTA and achieve 100% completion. It begins with a leader posting a clean starter game save and inviting players to come forward and take a turn by completing a mission or set objective, then saving it themselves and passing it onto the next player to complete the following mission or objective. These turns carry on with whomever wants to participate and for however long it takes until the game achieves 100%. And this is all from the same starter game save that the leader had posted at the beginning. The concept of the Chain Game was essentially a by-product of the Save N Play community, a service first founded back in 2004 by the formidable @Demarest, in which players would help other players complete difficult missions or tasks that they struggled with and then sending their save game file back to them to continue playing on. GTASnP.com, a save sharing website dedicated to this whole process, was created especially for GTAForums and launched in 2005; it's still used by the wider community today and is maintained by developer @Samutz. The idea of the Chain Game was then born some time amongst all of this, allowing players to come together and complete the game as a collective. From one perspective it's nice to think of it as an early form of GTA multiplayer, and you must have a heart of stone if it doesn't give you warm fuzzy feelings inside knowing that this sharing community is still going today. It currently actively operates out of our GTA San Andreas, GTA Vice City and GTA III subforums. Below you'll find a little tidbit about each game from each section. We've also had the leaders and most active participants across the three offer some thoughts and reasons why they keep on playing the Chain Game today even with the variety and updated graphics of GTA V and GTA Online on offer, accompanied by their favourite missions for a touch of added nostalgia. The longest running Chain Game is GTA SA, which has been led tirelessly by @JAJ since it's conception 11 years ago in 2006. The GTA SA Chain Game is currently on it's 116th round, with the previous round taking 10 months to complete, so you imagine how much dedication, patience and mutual respect between players it takes to participate, and it's this what we'd like to recognise in our GTAForums Spotlight. The most active Chain Games are for GTA VC and GTA III, which are both currently led by retired staff member @GTAKid667. The GTA VC Chain Game has had a couple of different iterations over the years due to lack of participation; the first was created over 6 years ago in 2010, but the most recent outing began in 2015 and is currently in it's 11th round. The GTA III Chain Game has enjoyed it's presence on the forums since 2010 and it's currently on its 62nd round. A Chain Game for GTA IV sadly died back in 2013 due to lack of interest; I'm told by GTAKid667 that PC problems could possibly be to blame for this, as it's not been as easy to share save files without corrupting them along the way. GTA V to this date is still a virgin yet to be touched by the Chain Game, although there are some lightly fanning the embers - you're able to take advantage of GTASnP.com and share save games in this pinned GTA V Save N Play topic in Help & Support if things have got a little too tricky for you in modern day Los Santos, but whether it ever develops into a Chain Game remains to be seen. So what have you got to lose? Participation is open to everyone as long as you play by the rules of the game, and if it's not your thing, at least enjoy the videos above and reminisce about the good old days for a change. GTA San Andreas Chain Game - GTA Vice City Chain Game - GTA III Chain Game Source - GTASnP.com Source - @GTAKid667 - Thanks for keeping my facts straight!
  4. As you've probably heard, a few days ago Nintendo announced their next console, the Switch. Amongst their launch schedule is the latest installment to the Super Mario series, Super Mario Odyssey, and it takes the charming little Italian to a bunch of new open worlds, one of which is far from the usual cartoon worlds of Mario - a realistic rendition of New York City, apparently called New Donk City (heh). It didn't take long for fans to start calling it Grand Theft Mario, and so YouTuber CrowbCat did what GTA fans do best; slapped on a few mods and took Mario to Liberty City instead. This is not something we'd usually post about, but this "Super real Mario Odyssey" trailer re-made in GTA IV is pretty funny (and so are some of the cringey coments). Mario looks like he's drank a little bit too much Sprunk and had a growth spurt, but it didn't take him long to get a lap dance. Poor Peach. Those rag doll physics though! Source - Eurogamer
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