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Found 10 results

  1. Birbante88


    I'm Worried about car damage Can someone explain why there isn't car damage? (sorry for bad english i'm italian)

    GTAV To Gain £1 Billion In Revenue

    An article as been posted claiming that GTAV has been tipped off to sell 25 million copies in one year and gain £1 Billion in revenue That's £1,000,000,000. They say the 25 Million copies will "Re-write the record books" The series has already sold "Something like 135 million copies so far" Original Article: http://www.scotsman.com/lifestyle/technology/new-gta-v-release-tipped-to-rake-in-1bn-in-sales-1-3081943
  3. MikeyBelic


    So we're in it, there are now only a single digit amount of days left until V's release.. it's intense, intensely amazing of course, this is offical for Australians at the moment however within the next 48 minutes it will also be a reality for Americans, LET'S CELEBRATE!
  4. What's your favorite? Mine is easily the egochaser commercial. It's the best 30 seconds of the game I've seen thus far. It really showcases the games beautiful scenery. What's yours and why?
  5. The Wooden Mask

    Making a GTA5 only crew called Morag Tong!

    Wanting to get a Crew started in GTA5 using the Social Club, looking for members who are interested and will be active in GTAOnline on the Xbox once GTA5 is released. Mic is not required but preferred and planning in advance for robberies is something that will be done in game inside a private party. If you are not in game in the meeting area *which will be disclosed in a message over XBL* during the private chat meeting you will be kicked from the party. Rules and regulations will be added once the game comes out itself. Leave your Xbox gamertag and your Social Club information below if you wish to join. Our name is Morag Tong. We are a group of hit men that hire out our skills for profit to anyone who can pay, we do Heists, murders, robbery's, and anything in between. But we always have time to do things ourselves, and in our own way. Our rules are as follows: 1. Never betray our brotherhood. Any sign of betrayal will result in an immediate kick and your name put on our Black List for future hits. 2. Never kill one of our brothers or sisters without reason or for personal gain, to do so will result in a meeting dicussing what happened in detail, if you do not show up for this meeting we will most likely just kick you. You will not be added to our Black List unless you recruited again and you continue. 3. Anyone who has hired us that double crosses us will be placed on our Black List and is to be shot on sight. 4. Never give out the information of one of our own heists to another Crew or anyone that was not at the meeting, to do so is an act of betrayal and would result in an immediate kick, but you will not be put on our Black List and may be recruited again in the future. *Note: More rules may be added in the future due to the game not being out yet, so just be advised of that. Current member: Leader- The Wooden Mask Crowd Control- DRIBBLA21 Lookout- Eternal Darknes Backup- N/A Co-Leader/Team 2 Leader/main driver- Dalmagus Driver 2- N/A Crowd Control 2- N/A Lookout 2- N/A Backup 2- N/A Team 3 Leader- N/A Driver 3- N/A Crowd Control 3- N/A Lookout 3- N/A Backup 3- N/A *Playstation side of the crew is to be handled by the leader of the Ps3 team* Ps3 Team Leader- N/A Ps3 Team Mebers- N/A Still looking for members to fill all of the N/A spots! Black List: Eternal Light WarthogRoadRage xXSMOKeYYx420Xx
  6. DominoGaming

    (HD)Grand Theft Auto 5 Fan Trailer

    Hey guys! I love some GTA and I can't wait for GTA 5 so to help be rewind and wait these agonizing 10 days, I made a trailer for the game. I think its great and have the right song for RockStar Trailers. I tried to put voices from RS trailers in mine but its pretty hard to get the voices and not the song too. I think it came out well. let me know what you think!
  7. im low on crew members and i urgently need any fun loving gamer to join my crew Crew name: DaRkStArCrImInAlS Console: PS3 pls reply thank u for those who took time out their schedule to read
  8. jogy

    Extra's for Founder Crews?

    Hey guys, So I was wondering. I have a crew that I registered on the 9th of May 2012. This so I could be one of the few 'Founder Crews' and was hoping on getting extra's for GTA5. But I haven't heard anything about that. Is that something still to come you think? Regards, Shock.
  9. The Wooden Mask

    Who else is extreamly excited?

    Just got my GameStop Collectors Edition completely paid off for Xbox 360 and i cannot wait for this game, who else is excited for this gem of a game?
  10. Ricksuperman

    Pivot in screen

    Hi Guys, I don't know if it's been seen yet, In one of the last screens that Rockstar showed us we see a beach. One thing I saw immediately were the bright colors on the left side of the screen. It's a funny mistake made bij Rockstar, As far as I can see it, the Pivot of their engine software is still visible. What do you guys think?
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