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Found 16 results

  1. Zerpentz

    GTA V Sweden

    Hello, me and a few friend decided to start a Swedish community. In our current state we only have a facebook side. I'm taking this in English due people will probably dont like me writing in Sweden. https://www.facebook.com/groups/436660933115709/?hc_location=stream We'll host online events, Trix and more usefull stuff. More is to come! Only about 6 day's left!
  2. Here is my list: Beverages: - 24 x Pepsi Max - 24 x Lion Force - 12 x Cherry Coke - 12 x Lipton Ice Tea Food - 2 x Big One Pizza - 1 x Bread - 1 x Sørlands chips I will not be drinking all of that the first day, but that's what I'm saving up for the big V- Day ! How about you guys? Any plans for food and beverages so far?
  3. darkwar854

    Where to buy GTA San Andreas

    I recently looked up if my pc can run gta sa, and I found out it could, so I am wondering where to get it because I looked and couldn't find any places that sold it anymore. Help
  4. Hi all, I am looking to by a GTA V CE unopened with all codes intact and everything to buy in November. I had a pre-order for one but I had to cancel it as I had to pay off a student fee and I either paid the fee or be kicked off the course so I had to cut off something and that something was GTA. And I was gutted that it had to be that i had to cut off as I have been wanting it for so long. So let's cut to the chase. I will be back in work about late October early November and will be earning a decent amount of money. I am wanting to pay around £200 for it but I am open to negotiation as I really want the collectors edition and will pay double what it;s worth so please respond and share this post with people you know who have another Collectors edition and wanting to sell it. Thanks for reading this and get back as soon as you can, Thanks.
  5. cmichaelson

    GTA 5 Community Android and IOS app?

    Discuss. I am talking about the whole entire GTA community not only the forums, everything!
  6. SUBMISSIONS/PARTICIPANTS Martin_GDF Detective Story Spider262 Titanic StuntmanDYOM Clean and Serene thegtaman531 Departure Time KingFZ James Bond Rush Abeer Vaulting xxGTAIVxx Treacherous Swine Revolver1 SC 2 Wings of Liberty: Liberation Day Konstheit Bike Race GalacticXp1 Terminator 2 Bike chase Target13 The Cousins Bellic DELUXE PACK This Pack contains all your submissions. I Only take credit for hosting this MOTW, Packing all the Missions, Publishing it & The Cousins Bellic. http://www.mediafire.com/?scbj9klw6ellm99 VOTING RULES -You may vote for me but i cannot win in any case. -You must also reply & tell who you voted for (Participants Only) -Please comment on Participating missions in order to prove that you played all Missions. DEADLINE Voting has ended
  7. Nucking Fuggets


    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2g4aOV25LD4&feature=youtu.be Hey Guys, GTA V is sooo close and out of my boredom while im waiting for that game i decided to make a mashup of all the released trailers for the game. I hope you enjoy and let me know what you think, also if you liked the video be sure to check out my other ones and subscribe. thanks Fuggets. EDIT: Getting real close to 1000 views thanks a lot to those who subbed and gave feedback i'm surprised how much of a stir the music made in you guy's opinions and will use this feedback in future videos. thanks
  8. By some miracolous incident you are now in charge of deciding where the next big Grand Theft Auto game is going to take place. A few rules: San Andreas (including the 3 cities in it), Liberty City and Vice City are off the table. You can pick any city and/or state(except the ones listed above) in the U.S. only (Simply because Dan Houser was against making a GTA outside the U.S.)
  9. so i looked at my internet history and realised i have been reading topics on this site regarding GTAV for just over a month now, i figured i might aswell join the damn site and post comments rather than continue to just think them in my own head. so ive benn playing GTA games since the first one on ps1, though weirdly i never heard of GTA III till Vice City was out my friend had vice city on his ps2 and we played it all the time then i got my ps2 with a vice city/GTA III double pack so i just assumed GTA III was a new game, it wasent till a few years later that i learned the truth, i diddnt like GTAIII, but loved san andreas, i didnt like GTA IV it was too dark and restrictive like GTA III and of course it was set in the same place. GTA V looks to be an incredible game and as strange as it sounds my favourite part of vice city and san andreas was the ability to purchise property so im going crazy waiting for this, i was wondering how far does the whole buying property rank on your list. ps, i know there are other people from scotland on here, anyone going to GAME in Irvine i phoned them up today, well yesterday and its only for people who have pre-ordered the game, i have pre-ordered th SE its the first time ive got anything other than the regular edition are SE editions normally this cheap i always thought they were much more expensive, same goes for people in other countries. also whats your GTA history.
  10. They are going to die one day, because of that I am a little bit concerned about the future of GTA. They are the "Masterminds" behind Grand Theft Auto. Will GTA become generic and like other games such as Call of Duty, Need For Speed, Saints Row..etc. or will it remain as on of the best franchises out there?
  11. KamikaziOtter

    Add your Crew Thread!

    After some investigation, I could'nt seem to find a thread (amazingly enough) dedicated to this topic, so here it is!!! Post your Rockstar Social Club link to your "Crew" here and add new friends looking to play GTA V Online the same unique way YOU do!! As for me... Anyone interested in engaging in highly tactical GTA Online game's, come join our "Wet Team" at the Diplomatic Security Service (A division of the FIB) ...For more information, click on the link below!
  12. GMouthon10

    Avatar Request

    Can someone please make me a GTA SA Style Avatar Please I've seen those avatars and I would really love and appreciate if someone did one for me without asking for money. I know it can take a little of your time but please, I'll reaallyy appreciate it and love it.
  13. Almost every GTA player knows the handling for the old GTA IV. Alot of people say they hate it, such, and for me personally! I want it back, mainly because it's more realistic, better at drifting. Like seriously who would want a car handling based on Midnight Club LA I hope they release a DLC pack for GTA IV car handling.
  14. PetrifiedSkulls

    Pilot/Driver looking for a crew?

    I am looking for a xbox 360 crew to join. I would like to be your pilot and getaway driver. Let me know what your crew is and what you guys do.My gamertag is PetrifiedSkulls if you wanna add me.
  15. Anyone remember Rockstar saying that GTA Online will keep expanding in territory? What do you make of that? Does that mean, for example, that three years from now we'll have Las Venturas opened up for GTAO, and if so, will it be added as DLC for GTA V? Or do you think they'll just wait until every new GTA to expand the GTAO territory? Basically, it's been confirmed that GTAO will keep expanding in size, but will the expansion also be brought over to GTA V Edit: OP title got f*cked up. It's supposed to be: Should we expect a landmass DLC given GTA Online's "constant expansion?"
  16. Hi guys, I recently created a crew called Spitting Llamas and we've been recruiting new members for less than 24 hours. We are only looking for dedicated and active members and teamwork and roleplay is of high priority to make this online gaming experience as good as possible for everyone involved. Talented members will be rewarded. Having a headset, making your Social Club profile visible and recruiting new and promising members to the crew will of course make your chances of earning a higher rank in the crew more likely. Look forward to dominate the Online world of GTA with you! http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/spitting_llamas This is by the way a PS3 exclusive crew.
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