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  1. In the first ever Steam Awards, which are voted for by the community of the PC gaming platform, Grand Theft Auto V has come out on top and won two more gongs to add to it's multiple accolades. It's also been announced that it finished within the top 12 of top selling games on Steam for 2016, giving it a platinum achievement. Considering it'll be 4 this year, I can't think of a time where this game hasn't been in the spotlight! The trophies are pretty snazzy; that's one each for the Houser brothers. I wonder who is partial to a bit of pink? Source Source 2 The "Whoooaaaaaaa, dude!" Award "Some games melt your face. Maybe it was a crazy plot twist. Maybe you just got your wisdom teeth removed. Either way, this game BLOWS YOUR MIND." The "Game Within A Game" Award "Kinder Eggs. Peanut Butter Cups. Jelly Donuts. All great things stuffed with other great things. Like a mighty turducken, this award celebrates the best mini game hidden within another game."
  2. Hot off its announcement in mid-March people have been asking one question about .White's Red Dead Redemption V and that has been "When do we get to see some footage??". Well NOW is that time! Recently today the .White team posted up the first Teaser Trailer on the UHDGaming channel for all to see in true 4K resolution. https://youtu.be/_V7uZ-XieKs For more information about the mod feel free to visit mods GTAForums thread or if you prefer you can read our own summary of this mod and OpenIV's "Liberty City in GTAV".
  3. GMouthon10

    Avatar Request

    Can someone please make me a GTA SA Style Avatar Please I've seen those avatars and I would really love and appreciate if someone did one for me without asking for money. I know it can take a little of your time but please, I'll reaallyy appreciate it and love it.
  4. Genooliny


    - BADASSES ONLY - TOP ORGANIZED GANG FOR THE FASTEST WAY TO EARN DA BIG MONEY - RAIDING & CHILLIN' WE'LL OVERRUN LOS SANTOS. Requirements: - GTA V - PS3 - maturity You can join us on http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/marabunta/
  5. Omnifarious

    GTA V Contest Results

    Alright ladies and gentlemen, it's time! I've gotten a metric butt-ton of entries from you all, and it's time to tally 'em all up, and choose a winner! Over the course of the next few minutes, I'll be jotting down all the people who have entered down below in a bullet point manner. If you've entered, and you don't see your name below, then speak up! Once I've confirmed all the entries, I'll assign every person who entered a number, throw them into a random number chooser thing, and that'll select a winner at random. Edit: (Okay, just saving this now, as I already hit page back, exit twice... (>_<') Here's the first 50 or so entries.) QuietSundayLibrary halochaox gangmug .DJS. Cinoy LiGzz ekhunter sweetman tenpennyisplainevil AndreMesquita beatthedevil56 Veul Rorschach37 b1baller Market Basket Dariuss Hardwell kjimboo SlimShadynig DualDrive zwireqq Anthonymrb City_Poke912 ZombCreations TheRealBars Lumpus Karoi khaleelrs Thecrazypolak IM_a_H_O_E n o o d l z mr6plow9 Undertaker13 Black Rabbit Startug Royal55 Lawrence331 Blizzards Spawngasm moussa247 Tripz Molotov69 datboishad Elemental716 Korisselys jamminsport16 sal7252 topdownshooter 32brownsfan Napalmbrain Shimo815 polosistealth jlamay idontknow123 GTA3Rockstar nikobitch yaninufc OldSwitcheroo smokeyp31 lilstat r0eladn Leevikingpin TheKDogg Knucklehead Vanzbadga FranklinDeRoosevelt Neckbeard Vortexz0r r4in grope_4_that_date r34ld34l TheKryptonite theomenofficial Boozexlightyearxx Gtaerix LazyboyEight Omar777i BMW Sterling Ola441 rchaves007 Pawncho LUK4 chrome0702 Mr. Smoke
  6. Angels of Los Santos http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/angels_of_los_santos Angels of Los Santos are looking to recruit mature members who are wanting to play with like minded people who are going to play fair and as part of a a team. We're interested in all aspects of GTA Online and will be: >Planning heists >Holding up stores >Doing multiplayer missions >Taking out other crews The crew will mostly be focused on making money for it's members but we'll also be putting together events like: >Social scuba diving and exploring together >Bike rides around San Andreas >Hunting as a team >Recreating the dirtbike/parachute jump from the online trailer >Safehouse and strip club hangouts >And all sorts of other social events If you have a preferred role you'd like to play such as sniper, driver, pilot etc. let me know. I'm from Australia and welcome people from all over the world to join. Ideally members will have a mic to communicate during the game but it's not essential. Check out the crew page on the social club to join and feel free to add me on PSN, my ID is magna99.
  7. Zerpentz

    GTA V Sweden

    Hello, me and a few friend decided to start a Swedish community. In our current state we only have a facebook side. I'm taking this in English due people will probably dont like me writing in Sweden. https://www.facebook.com/groups/436660933115709/?hc_location=stream We'll host online events, Trix and more usefull stuff. More is to come! Only about 6 day's left!
  8. We're getting close to the release of GTA V and all of us are excited to play a GOTY contender. However, there's another game out there who's also making a buzz among us: Watch Dogs. Both of these games had different presentations since its announcements. GTA V has a very restrict one. A couple trailers, some screenshots, a one year info drought (we all hated that), more screenshots, two gameplay trailers and an official trailer. According to many, we haven't scratched the surface of the game yet! Watch Dogs has a more liberal one. Some gameplay trailers, screenshots, info released, everything. Ubisoft tried an ''all-out'' presentation, giving what fans wanted. But was that what they needed? So, what do you think? What presentation do you liked more? Why? (Please, no fanboyism. Be honest!)
  9. As the topic suggests this is a crew specifically for past or present Armed Forces and Law Enforcement personnel. With that being said if you believe you have legitimate knowledge of real life tactics and handle yourself like a professional you are welcome to submit a request. The goal: To provide a crew with a functional hierarchy that can employ some real life knowledge to maintain an edge above the rest. Looking to create a tactically themed crew that would operate as a paramilitary organization with a mercenary type of mindset. I imagine a group rolling up in multiple up-armored (if possible) SUVs and rolling out with 9.11 type tactical gear and MP5/M4s with a little bird over head providing over-watch while your marksman/observer team covers the team from a nearby rooftop. Perhaps this would involve getting together with another crew and creating these conflicts but nonetheless it should be feasible with the scenario editor that GTA V will have. Possible positions: - Pilot - Marksman/Observer - Vehicle Specialist - Operator - Combat Engineer - Etc. This organization is in its infancy and will be ran as a democracy in its early stages. The first members will be essential to how we develop and will help me shape many aspects of the crew. I am operating under Xbox, and can find the crew in the social club under "For Those Who Serve", FTWS. Any input regardless would be appreciated
  10. Zero Lives Left ______________________________________ We are recruiting members for Xbox 360. Want to join for PS3? Click here ______________________________________ We take our crew seriously, we listen and acknowledge you're requests to improve and keep our members happy! We're just not just about planning out events, we like to just mess around and blow up stuff! I employ you to read more! I promise you will not be disappointed! Our Goal: To put it simply, we want to have as much fun as possible whilst competing in the Grand Theft Auto: Online leader boards. Our intent at the moment is to run heists & gang wars on a day to day basis amongst many other activities! Hopefully once a week we will be able to pack a game or two full of our members and compete against each other in races, mini-games & such. We will also be producing content like races and much more for your gaming pleasure! Crew Progression : Each member of the crew will get a fair share of the loot that we gather! We will have customized cars with our gang logo. Being promoted earns you more cash from the loot pile and a more distinguishable car. Your Loyalty: Based on your loyalty and trust to the crew, we may promote you above the rank known as "representative" which will grant you the ability to decide what the crew does, provided you are the superior rank of the crew. Lieutenant: You can have control of part of the crew depending on crew activity. Representative: Promotes our crew and tries to get others to join. Muscle: Listens to the commands of his superiors. Requirements: Aged 18+ and mature(May be some leniency in age provided mature) How to join: SocialClub Page As we're running the crew on both consoles we have different people taking care of each section. Join for X360: Gamertag: xBlaZiiN GuNzZ Join for PS3: PSN ID: SwiiftYz Visit our Minisite for GTA:O (In the works under 1st October) Twitter: @SwiiftYz
  11. Nucking Fuggets


    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2g4aOV25LD4&feature=youtu.be Hey Guys, GTA V is sooo close and out of my boredom while im waiting for that game i decided to make a mashup of all the released trailers for the game. I hope you enjoy and let me know what you think, also if you liked the video be sure to check out my other ones and subscribe. thanks Fuggets. EDIT: Getting real close to 1000 views thanks a lot to those who subbed and gave feedback i'm surprised how much of a stir the music made in you guy's opinions and will use this feedback in future videos. thanks
  12. Hey guy's, I hope these are useful instead of requesting an avatar ready made avatars are for you to use (ALL HD) Hope you enjoy https://cdn.sc.rockstargames.com/images/avatars/128x128/GTAV/gtav02.pnghttps://cdn.sc.rockstargames.com/images/avatars/128x128/GTAV/gtav01.pnghttps://cdn.sc.rockstargames.com/images/avatars/128x128/GTAV/gtav03.pnghttps://cdn.sc.rockstargames.com/images/avatars/128x128/GTAV/gtav05.pnghttps://cdn.sc.rockstargames.com/images/avatars/128x128/GTAV/gtav06.pnghttps://cdn.sc.rockstargames.com/images/avatars/128x128/GTAV/gtav07.pnghttps://cdn.sc.rockstargames.com/images/avatars/128x128/GTAV/gtav08.pnghttps://cdn.sc.rockstargames.com/images/avatars/128x128/GTAV/gtav09.pnghttps://cdn.sc.rockstargames.com/images/avatars/128x128/GTAV/gtav10.pnghttps://cdn.sc.rockstargames.com/images/avatars/128x128/GTAV/gtav11.pnghttps://cdn.sc.rockstargames.com/images/avatars/128x128/GTAV/gtav12.pnghttps://cdn.sc.rockstargames.com/images/avatars/128x128/GTAV/gtav13.pnghttps://cdn.sc.rockstargames.com/images/avatars/128x128/GTAV/gtav14.pnghttps://cdn.sc.rockstargames.com/images/avatars/128x128/GTAV/gtav15.pnghttps://cdn.sc.rockstargames.com/images/avatars/128x128/GTAV/gtav16.pnghttps://cdn.sc.rockstargames.com/images/avatars/128x128/GTAV/gtav17.pnghttps://cdn.sc.rockstargames.com/images/avatars/128x128/GTAV/gtav18.pnghttps://cdn.sc.rockstargames.com/images/avatars/128x128/GTAV/gtav19.pnghttps://cdn.sc.rockstargames.com/images/avatars/128x128/GTAV/gtav21.pnghttps://cdn.sc.rockstargames.com/images/avatars/128x128/GTAV/gtav22.png Credit to Rockstar
  13. bennyt40


    as the release date coming closer and closer i am starting to lose hope, i was looking for this game for so much time and still with no luck, no one has confirmed or even talked about GTA V for the PC, now what i was accully trying to understand, am i missing something or is it certain that GTA V will not be released for PC some part of me wants to believe but the other says forget it. I'd appreciate the help.
  14. YOU DECIDE! Voting Ends 9th September! [YOUTUBE]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ANRS5ohPW0E[/YOUTUBE] -- [/YOUTUBE]
  15. S99

    Guide Book

    What I want to know is will you be using a guidebook? Yes, No? Yes on second time play through? Personal i have pre-ordered the Limited edition guide book but i will only use on second play through as i feels its cheating and may spoil the game. The main reason i got it was for the exclusive screen shots. Post what you think below
  16. From this screenshot we can see over 50 Unique pedestrians and 2 Dogs at the beach. As we know there are going to be 5 times more Peds (pedestrians) in GTA V then GTA IV. If you were to go to the Beach in GTA IV you'd see no more then 15 - 20. Just by this one picture we can see that GTA V will be a lot more action packed even in quiet areas pedestrians will be doing tings constantly with the new "Dynamic State Machines" Rock* have implemented into their game. I hope this Topic has been useful - Mattie M
  17. Almost every GTA player knows the handling for the old GTA IV. Alot of people say they hate it, such, and for me personally! I want it back, mainly because it's more realistic, better at drifting. Like seriously who would want a car handling based on Midnight Club LA I hope they release a DLC pack for GTA IV car handling.
  18. Hey guys im thinking of actually getting the strategy guide for gtaV if they have one which most likely they will. I did not need one for gta IV but since this one is soooooo massive im thinking of getting one. Is anyone else thinking of getting a strategy guide? I never buy strategy guides but for this game im thinking of getting one in case I need it which I might not.
  19. burgernation

    Boat Trailers

    Okay, so boat trailers have been confirmed. Does this mean that we can drive them into the water and then drive the boat? Could we drive the boat back on to the trailer and drive off with it again? Think it would would work for a Submersible? This could mean some really elaborate getaways...
  20. Skozza89

    Wolfpack Returns

    Recruitment Status Open Who we are: We were formed a good few years ago playing various games so are a close knit group of friends (Of Various Nationalities). Mainly conversing through Skype. We are speak English only and wish to boost our crews numbers prior to the launch of GTA Online (October 1st). What we are after: An English speaking, Someone easy to get along, Mic not necessary although we do have skype calls during games. We aim to be a top crew within the GTA Online world. And so are after various roles of which we do not know until GTA Online is launched. But more importantly we are easy going and aim to have fun and a good laugh. Although we can be very competitive during the necessary moments. Where you can find us: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/wolfpack_returns Or Contact myself on here, Skype or PSN under the same user.
  21. 'OG' Loc

    Just preordered my copy

    Just preordered my copy, and a hard drive so I can even play it. I've been on a 4gb 360 slim for the last 3 years. Just made an account to post this and jump on the hype machine because face it, this is going to be the best game ever made. Who cares about PS4 and Xbox One in november? We've got GTAV this month.
  22. TruG

    GTA V Youtube Walkthroughs?

    Are you allowed to upload GTA V Gameplay/Walkthroughs on Youtube without commentary once the game comes out?
  23. blackroyalty

    DLC you'd like to see in the future

    I'm wondering what would you as an avid video game consumer would like to see as a DLC for GTAV? Personally I'd like to see a DLC including a few missions meeting up with CJ from SA or a whole new Vice City DLC pack featuring Tommy Vercetti to do a few missions as well.
  24. ImBoss450

    Planning on making a GTAV Crew

    I'm planning on making a crew, called "Boyle Heights Saints". We are going to roleplay on PS3, and it's suggested to have mics in order to communicate. Please be able to speak UNDERSTANDABLE english. I live in America, in GMT -5. So if you live in America, this would be a perfect crew for you. Not only will we be roleplaying, but we'll be doing gang fights, brawls, and so on. Here is the link to my Social Club: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/imboss450. Please post.
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