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Found 25 results

  1. It's time for motorcycle clubs to have a bit of lovin' this week as Rockstar brings Biker Bonuses, amongst others, to GTA Online for it's latest fortnight long event. Biker Bonuses Double money and RP on clubhouse contract missions 25% discount off clubhouses 25% discount off clubhouse customisation 25% discount off biker properties Other bonuses 25% extra profits on Special Cargo deliveries Double money and RP on Tiny Racers Adversary Mode (continues until 8th May only) 25% discount off select vehicles: Nagasaki Shotaro, Progen T20, Western Company Annihilator, Nagasaki Buzzard, Karin Technical, Vapid Desert Raid, Vapid Trophy Truck 25% discount off select weaponry and armour: Vehicle Armor, Bullet Proof Tires, Body Armor, Explosive Ammo, Rocket Launchers, Grenade Launchers The schedules for money boosting races over the next fortnight includes "Damned" Premium Race and "Power Station" Time Trial. Tax Refund Everyone who managed to squeeze in some gaming time by logging into GTA Online last week were promised a tax refund bonus of $425k. Well make sure to keep an eye on your bank balance, as Rockstar have announced the deposit is due in this week! GTAForums Discussion Topic Rockstar Newswire Post
  2. As announced a few days ago, the Tiny Racers mode has arrived in GTA Online. The new mode, which is actually an Adversary Mode rather than a race as such, plays out exclusively with a top down camera where up to 4 players are pit against each other across 7 possible stunt circuits. There's power-ups to pick up along the way to give you a boost or the fire power to knock out your opponents, as if you're falling behind in last place you simply blow up and lose! There's double money and RP across all Tiny Racers maps for the next week or so Tiny Racers is an attempt to pay homage to classic era of the Grand Theft Auto series, now in it's 20th year. We hope Rockstar plans to bring the top down camera to other modes as well though. I personally fancy a bit of melee with a baseball bat in this view, or a game of tanks on Vespucci beach. In addition to the above... free money! The San Andreas State Treasury Department is giving all residents a $425k tax refund if you log into GTA Online between now and 30th April. Now that's what I call a nice little bonus to start off the financial year, funnily enough on the same day Take Two Interactive announce their earnings conference will be coming on 23rd May. It might be a sign of expensive things to come as the next major update we know about is Gunrunning. GTAForums Discussion Topic Rockstar Newswire Post
  3. Rockstar is bringing it back with the nostalgia as a new update to GTA Online is planned for release this Tuesday 25th April: Tiny Racers. In what appears to be the Top Down adversary mode announced last month, the Tiny Racers trailer reveals a new stunt race mode where up to 4 players are pit against each other on the road with various pick-ups and boosts to grab along the way to ensure you cross the line in one piece. It's all quite literally in Top Down view as a homage to GTA's 2D roots and classic kids toys like Micro Machines from the 90s. The game mode is also releasing in the 20th year of the Grand Theft Auto franchise. What a legacy we're part of! As an added bonus for today only, in true Rockstar fashion and in co-operation with the stoners of Los Santos and Blaine County, green is the theme for 4/20: 50% discount off Weed Farm Businesses 50% discount off Weed Farm Business Upgrades 50% extra profits from Weed Sales 50% discount off green tire smoke GTAForums Discussion Topic Rockstar Newswire Post
  4. The wait is over! The morbidly powerful Duke o'Death is now available for all players in GTA Online for $665K on Warstock, and for free for returning players! In addition to it, all vehicles exclusive to returning players are also available for everyone now: Marshall Monster Truck Dodo Seaplane Kraken Submarine Imponte Dukes Car Declasse Stallion Car Blista Compact Car Hatchet Returning players who bought those before are expected to be, in a very generous move from Rockstar, refunded the full value of what they spent when they bought them! Rockstar has also been very nice in general this week, so you can fill up your Maze Bank account with the so needed GTA$ in times of crisis. For some at least... Through May 1st, all Contact Missions will be having a 2xRP and GTA$ boost, along with 25% off on all CEO offices and an amazing 50% off on Special Cargo Warehouses. You will also be able to fill these warehouses quick with some motivation, as there is also a 25% bonus on all Special Cargo Deliveries! ...it's not over. There is a 25% discount on: Progen Itali GTB Truffade Nero Dewbauchee Specter Karin Armoured Kuruma HVY Insurgent Karin Technical Benefactor Turreted Limo Benny's Upgrades Body Armour All Ammo Rockstar definitely came back feeling nice from those Easter celebrations. GTAForums Discussion Topic Rockstar Newswire Snapmatic by @KimFowleyJr
  5. Ding ding ding, Legendary Motorsport has produced yet another winner. The Grotti Turismo Classic made it's debut this morning and it's already a hit across the map. Coming in at a reasonable $705k, this new Sports Classic apparently prides itself on it's simplicity. I've already read some comments that's it's basically sex on wheels? Sounds like a service you get home delivered when you're a pensioner. In addition, the Bumblebee Special Vehicle Race has been confirmed as the Premium Race for this event. There's also 25% off discounts applied to Executive Offices and Executive Garages, handguns, vehicle mods and two vehicles: the Massacro and the Tempesta. GTAForums Discussion Topic Rockstar Newswire Post Snapmatic by @OVO
  6. Let the classics begin! The Infernus Classic from Pegassi, first teased a few weeks ago, finally hit Los Santos this morning and is now for sale in Legendary Motorsport for just over $900k. Smooth lines, a big booty, sultry come-to-bed-eyes... it's a collector's wet dream. Style it in white and it'll take back to the Vice City days (if you were born then). Along with the new vehicle, the first of the recently announced Adversary Modes has been enabled: Ressurection. There's 7 maps to enjoy between two teams, and the objective is basically to kill your rivals and every time you do it'll revive a dead teammate, scoring points for your team as you progress through each round. Rockstar have also allowed us to earn double money and RP in the new Ressurection mode, so it's time to swap wheels for guns again, as every little helps. GTAForums Discussion Topic Rockstar Newswire Post Snapmatic by @Kushology
  7. It's that Tuesday feeling. With the Special Vehicle Circuits Event lasting up until Wednesday, we may have expected a little Red Dead Redemption 2 news today, but alas it wasn't to be... First things first, an all new vehicle, the Hijak Ruston, was released to Legendary Motorsport today. It's so low it feels like you're gliding along the tarmac, and with it's open top you might want to don a helmet if you've just got your hair done. It costs a cool $430k, and in all honesty it does look a bit weird, but it's quirky looks are kind of appealing. I'll leave the people who are good at analysing vehicles to tell you how well it actually runs... In the second and most useful part of today's update, the Content Creator community has been treated to a new catalogue to play with, paving the way for a lot more exciting stunt races with Special Vehicles. Included: new prop collection with hurdles, boosts refills, explosive crates, destructive walls and pretty lit (I mean literally lit up with lights, I'm not trying to sound young) disco tunnels. Be sure to share your jobs in our Content Creator subforum under GTA Online. GTAForums Discussion Topic Rockstar Newswire Post Snapmatic by
  8. As promised last week, there's a new cat in town on the stunt race circuits of San Andreas: Special Vehicles. The Rocket Voltic, Ruiner 2000 and Blazer Aqua have been introduced in 20 all new races especially created to make use of each vehicle's talents. There's massive jumps and new lighted tunnels which are especially trippy, and the Blazer Aqua races may be a little slow but they are certainly fun, especially when someone tries to ram you mid-splash... Rockstar seem pretty excited about this update as they have also treated us to a trailer to show off some of the circuits and tease the upcoming classic vehicles, set with the soundtrack of a Soulwax FM tune. Very nice! All of the new Special Vehicle Circuits are double money and RP for another week The "pure and flawless" Progen GP1 has also been added to the Legendary Motorsport catalogue today for a cool $1.26 million. It looks pretty from the front and been likened to a Lego brick from the back, but if you're aiming to impress on the streets and like to customise your stripes, it's worth a buy. Snapmatic by @symphonight Along with the above, we've got: Vehicles that had to be acquired during any of the Heists are now available to buy as "instant access" Pegasus delivered vehicles like the Rhino, Annihilator, Buzzard and Dubsta 6x6 are no longer rank-locked for purchasing (get your griefer protection ready...) 25% discount off stilt houses and penthouse apartments 25% discount off the Progen T20 25% discount off engine upgrades, turbo upgrades, exhausts, spoilers 25% discount off submachine guns 25% discount off body armour 25% discount off Import/Export clothing New Premium Races for Special Vehicles - this week is "Redneck" A few confirmed "coming soon" updates that'll likely be trickling through in the month of March: Stunt race props in the Content Creator Special Vehicle Races for the Content Creator Ressurection and Top Down adversary modes And last but not least....The Infernus and Turismo classics will finally also be brought to the game this month along with a "particularly morbid" muscle car (the Duke O'Death for GTA Online confirmed!?!) Snapmatic from gta5car.com GTAForums Discussion Topic Rockstar Newswire Post
  9. Mmmmm, don't you just love the smell of consumerism in the morning? We were hoping for a bunch of red (dead) roses today, but instead Rockstar is hosting a two week bonus-filled event to celebrate Valentine's in GTA Online. There's nothing "new" to buy, but there are plenty of ways to boost your income or save some cash. Bonuses include: Two new maps on the Till Death Do Us Part adversary mode Double money and RP on 2x2 game modes: Till Death Do Us Part, Hasta La Vista, Relay and Offense Defense 25% extra profit on Biker business sales 25% extra profit on Special Cargo deliveries 50% off CEO Assistant services 25% off vehicles - Albany Roosevelt, Albany Roosevelt Valor and Ocelot Penetrator (giggity) 25% off all upgrades at Benny's 25% off at Ammu-Nation - Gusenberg Sweeper 25% off Import/Export tattoos 25% off all previously released Valentine's clothing You can also grab extra dosh on Premium races (Duel & Over and Under) and Time Trials (Sawmill & Cypress Flats) over this fortnight. Happy Valentine's Day! And remember kids: wear protection! you don't want to chafe the skin on your right hand again. GTAForums Discussion Topic Rockstar Newswire Post Snapmatic by @Ka_Wouter
  10. You've spent a few weeks grinding, now it's time to go spending on the cheap, amongst other news today. Before we get to the discounts, there's a few important things to point out that Rockstar have announced today. Character transfer ends 6th March In what we're assuming is a middle finger to the cheaters who transfer modded money, the ability to transfer your character (that is, appearance, money and progress) from last generation platforms to new generation platforms will no longer be active from 6th March. While the "definitive" version is no doubt the best way to play GTA V, with the upgraded visuals, first person mode, more animals and all of the updates of GTA Online, we hope this doesn't affect those who are genuinely still working away at their last generation characters if they've been unable to buy a new console yet. With that said, if you've been hmmming and ahhhhing about whether to upgrade, now might be the time! More updates "in the works" for 2017 One line, 16 words, it feels like a long time since Rockstar have been so candid! In a little bit surprising but somewhat refreshing tone, Rockstar also confirmed today that more updates are being planned for GTA Online this year. The scale of these updates? we're not quite sure; we've had a few bigs ones over the last year like CEO, Bikers and Import/Export, so now might be the perfect time to release the most wanted vehicles, weaponry and clothing wardrobes that everyone is asking for. In response to our recent article about the GTA Online "slowing down" rumours in preparation for Red Dead Redemption 2, it's pretty good news in general. Register for the mailing list Plug plug plug! Rockstar have reminded us that, apparently, registering with their mailing list occasionally grants select members bonuses and discounts in GTA Online. People are speculating that this has been the source of the recent $250k mystery bonuses, but it still seems pretty random (I've had nothing personally so far ). It also offers the usual latest news delivered right into your inbox about GTA V, GTA Online and yes yes yes, Red Dead Redemption 2! (eeek). Rockstar says Thanks Pat yourselves on the back everybody. Rockstar offers a nice gesture by toasting to the continually dedicated players of GTA Online from over the years; 2016 was a particularly good year so we're told, with Rockstar offering some recent stats about what's happened in the game world lately, including 24 million MCs and 10 billion vehicle mods being created/applied in December alone! Holy! They also offer their thanks for all the reports people send in about griefers, and reaffirm that they are commited to keeping the game clean from cheaters. Now onto the sales... There is certainly some money to be made and saved over the next 2 weeks until the 13th February, before we're assuming a Valentine's Day update will drop, including: Double money and RP adversary modes - Juggernaut, Vehicle Vendetta, Lost vs Damned 50% discount on Executive offices 25% discount on Vehicle Warehouses 50% discounts at LS Customs - vehicle armour, bulletproof tyres 25% discount at LS Customs - cosmetics 25% discount at Benny's - cosmetics 25% discounts at Ammu-Nation - pistols, sniper rifles, light machine guns 25% discounts on select vehicles - turreted limo, buzzard, cargobob, Pegassi Osiris, Principe Diabolus Premium races - The Wave and Vespucci Time trials - Storm Drain and Up Chiliad And that's all folks! GTAForums Discussion Topic Rockstar Newswire Post Snapmatic by @Zoobz
  11. jogy

    Extra's for Founder Crews?

    Hey guys, So I was wondering. I have a crew that I registered on the 9th of May 2012. This so I could be one of the few 'Founder Crews' and was hoping on getting extra's for GTA5. But I haven't heard anything about that. Is that something still to come you think? Regards, Shock.
  12. prostacker

    CrayZGamerz (recruting)

    I have a crew made for GTA Online. It doesn't matter what platform you have, anyone can join. If you're MUSCLE for 7 days you will be promoted to REPRESENTATIVE. If you invite enough people as a REPRESENTATIVE you might be promoted to LIEUTENANT. If you have any questions go ahead and ask me. We are CrayZGamerz - http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/crayzgamerz
  13. ScumbagDCooper

    Midnight Syndicate - Recruitment Drive.

    The Midnight Syndicate are currently recruiting PS3 members. We aren't aiming to be a massive crew with hundreds of members, we'd prefer to be a smaller, more tight-nit gang of around 30 members. We plan on doing a bit of everything, but getting rich whilst having fun is the main priority. There will be, and are plenty chances to advance within the hierarchy and those of lieutenant rank or above will be given the privilege of voting on crew policy, but ultimately every member has a say. The great thing about being part of a smaller crew is that you instantly become a somebody rather than just another faceless goon among hundreds. Everyone within The Midnight Syndicate is considered an extremely valuable asset. http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/midnight_syndicate If you have any queries please feel free to contact me at: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/scumbagdcooper Or contact The Midnight Syndicate leader, DoctorWoe at: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/doctorwoe Thanks for taking your time to read this and we at Midnight Syndicate wish to see you very, very soon.
  14. Zero Lives Left ______________________________________ We are recruiting members for Xbox 360. Want to join for PS3? Click here ______________________________________ We take our crew seriously, we listen and acknowledge you're requests to improve and keep our members happy! We're just not just about planning out events, we like to just mess around and blow up stuff! I employ you to read more! I promise you will not be disappointed! Our Goal: To put it simply, we want to have as much fun as possible whilst competing in the Grand Theft Auto: Online leader boards. Our intent at the moment is to run heists & gang wars on a day to day basis amongst many other activities! Hopefully once a week we will be able to pack a game or two full of our members and compete against each other in races, mini-games & such. We will also be producing content like races and much more for your gaming pleasure! Crew Progression : Each member of the crew will get a fair share of the loot that we gather! We will have customized cars with our gang logo. Being promoted earns you more cash from the loot pile and a more distinguishable car. Your Loyalty: Based on your loyalty and trust to the crew, we may promote you above the rank known as "representative" which will grant you the ability to decide what the crew does, provided you are the superior rank of the crew. Lieutenant: You can have control of part of the crew depending on crew activity. Representative: Promotes our crew and tries to get others to join. Muscle: Listens to the commands of his superiors. Requirements: Aged 18+ and mature(May be some leniency in age provided mature) How to join: SocialClub Page As we're running the crew on both consoles we have different people taking care of each section. Join for X360: Gamertag: xBlaZiiN GuNzZ Join for PS3: PSN ID: SwiiftYz Visit our Minisite for GTA:O (In the works under 1st October) Twitter: @SwiiftYz
  15. After the absence of parachutes from GTA IV (only appearing in TBoTGT) I was pretty excited for their return as well planes since I'm an enthusiast and lover of skydiving. Now, with all the information that has been released I still have some questions on this subject: In this screenshot we can see four guys skydiving, will we be able to do group jumps? If yes, is there any formations we can do like 4-way vertical, 8-way sequential and will we have to unlock them? Is there going to be any skydiving competitions in-game? Now base jump and freeflying: This is the commercial for the amazing Ego Chaser energy bar We can see two different base jumps, like above will we have competitions? And when freeflying, will we have different body positions, like Head-Up, Head-Down, Back-Down, if yes do we have to unlock them? And now regarding Parachutes: I know that there's a been some threads regarding the colour of parachutes, but my question is: Is the parachute ours and we get it by buying it in a local sports store or is a pick-up item? Also, in the Ego Chaser commercial, the first guy doing base jump is in a skydiving suit, will we able to buy them? Is the more than one type? This are my questions for now, but I'm sure I'll think of more.
  16. GMouthon10

    Avatar Request

    Can someone please make me a GTA SA Style Avatar Please I've seen those avatars and I would really love and appreciate if someone did one for me without asking for money. I know it can take a little of your time but please, I'll reaallyy appreciate it and love it.
  17. Rockstar this evening teased some details of the very much anticipated Gunrunning Update which was first announced 2 months ago. The "massive" weapons focused updated is slated to drop in June, most likely during the beginning of the month, giving the GTA Online subforum a few more weeks of hype to endure! What sounds to be an extension for CEO organisations and Biker MCs, the Gunrunning Update allows players to purchase underground bunkers where highly specialised and military level weaponry, included weaponised vehicles, can be stored. Part of the business itself involves selling on these weapons and vehicles, much like Import/Export or Special Vehicle Work, though we'll of course get to enjoy the fruits of our labours just as much as the dodgy buyers on the other end of the deal. There's also a drool-inducing mention of "new weapon upgrades and deep customization". Rockstar shared 6 screenshots teasing some of the new vehicles available, including the below anti-aircraft missile launcher. There's not many specifics other than this, such as prices, but Rockstar encourages us to stay tuned for more details to come. We're not quite sure if that means there'll be another preview article to come on the Newswire before the update actually drops, but we're imagining that a trailer will also accompany one at some point over the next week or two. GTAForums Discussion Topic Rockstar Newswire Post
  18. Thursdays are pretty great. It's Friday tomorrow and today we've had a Newswire update for a change! Special Vehicles are coming to stunt race circuits next Tuesday, 14th March. There will be 20 new races in total, shared between the Ruiner 2000, the Rocket Voltic and the Blazer Aqua. There's no mention of the remaining Special Vehicles, but perhaps they'll come later down the line in another Cunning Stunts refresh. To accompany the races, the Progen GP1 is getting it's debut on Tuesday, for sale via Legendary Motorsport for a yet-to-be-known price. In preparation, perhaps because the Progen GP1 and the Special Vehicles are pretty expensive, we've got a weekend long sale and discount bonuses until Monday: 25% discount off Executive Offices and Office Garages Unspecified bonuses for CEO work Discounts on Special Vehicles (we're not sure if this means you need to own them to do the races? We'd guess not, but the wording is iffy) Double money and RP on Special Vehicle missions Double salary for bodyguards and associates GTAForums Discussion Topic Rockstar Newswire Post
  19. A pleasant surprise... Rockstar Games updated the Newswire this afternoon with some highlights of what's in store for GTA Online this year. With old-gen character transfers ending next week, the community did expect something to be announced this month as an upgrade incentive, and they weren't wrong! There's a very cool top down style Adversary Mode mentioned in the article, as well as a descriptive preview of "massive" updates coming to the platform this summer and new content like the highly requested Infernus and mention of "military" hardware... (Hunter anyone?) Find below a quick summary of Rockstar's plans for GTA Online in 2017: ** Cunning Stunts Update (Part II) releases sometime this month and introduces Special Vehicles to new stunt race circuits ** Gunrunning Update releases sometime this spring and will see us battling new "militias" across the map in new missions with weaponized vehicles and high-powered military hardware ** Special Vehicles are being added to the Content Creator ** New Adversary Modes - Resurrection (a dodgeball style game) and Top Down (literally top down, as a homage to the 2D games!) ** New vehicles - the Turismo Classic, the Infernus Classic and the Progen GP1 ** And more updates coming soon over the course of the summer that are yet to be announced Plus Rockstar requests that we keep the feedback coming as they do listen! So if you've still got ideas shoot them an email using their feedback form, and you can always head to our GTA Online section where we have a plethora of wishlist threads to chew on as well. Mmmmm. GTAForums Discussion Topic Rockstar Newswire Post
  20. With Valentine's over and a new month beginning tomorrow, Rockstar have moved on to another fortnight event, this time for the cunning stunters of the community. If you didn't notice by now, it appears as those these fortnightly events are going to be commonplace going forward, but it begs the question of whether there will be something more in store for March since old-generation character transfers end next week. We shall soon find out. As always, there's a variety of discounts and double money to enjoy to boost our wallets (though I feel like I'm the only one that isn't rich already right now). From today until 13th March: 15 new Stunt Races Double money and RP for all Stunt Races Free pink Jock Cranley jumpsuit for logging in 25% discount off vehicles - Annis RE-7B, Emperor ETR1, Vapid Desert Raid, Vapid Trophy Truck, Obey Omnis, Lampadati Tropos Rallye 25% discount off liveries 25% discount off stunt themed tattoos and clothing 25% discount off Vehicle Warehouses Premium Race schedule - Pier Race and In The City Time Trials schedule - Up-n-Atom and Maze Bank Arena GTAForums Discussion Topic Rockstar Newswire Post Snapmatic by
  21. From the beginning, the recipe for GTA V was vastly different to what we experienced in GTA IV. Back in 2008, we received a game and a promise of expansion, and within the following two years we received DLC that didn't rival Niko's story, but complimented it. Tacked onto this was a multiplayer mode that was easy to get into, fun to play and simple to navigate. Fast forward to 2013 and before us was a beautiful map, rich with detail and life, and for the first time three controllable protagonists in a single story. Rockstar had outdone themselves; were they going to release DLC for each of these guys like they did for GTA IV? The excitement for this at the time was spine-tingling. A month later, however, we flew into Los Santos not as a character, but as ourselves. GTA Online was born and it was time to make our own story. Since that time, we've had a version for old generation consoles, an enhanced version for new generation consoles, and a release for PC. On top of this we've had 27 game-play changing and themed DLC for GTA Online that have been absolutely free. That's a feat unrivalled by most other game companies, and for that we should be thankful. The sore point here however is that none of this content has ever made it into GTA V singleplayer, and so the cake didn't turn out as expected like it did for GTA IV; an ingredient was missing, GTA Online didn't just accompany GTA V, it took it's place. It's easy to accept now that the ship has probably sailed on singleplayer DLC, and the aforementioned free DLC that has come to GTA Online has held the interest of many players, new and old. From a fan point of view, GTA Online has also been the source of many friendships, the forger of many communities, and a place to showcase your creativity, but it's not without it's resentment and woe. The nature of the game has instilled an unsatiable desire in many regular players; a thirst for new content that will never be quenched. Are we in self-denial, since every game has a shelf-life? Or was GTA just not this type of game in the first place? It might therefore pain some folks to hear that rumours are starting to echo around the community that updates for GTA Online have started to simmer down in preparation for the upcoming Red Dead Redemption 2 release at the end of this year. @Yan2295, Rockstar Games enthusiast, has fuelled this conversation with an update on his website today discussing that work continues on other games like Red Dead Redemption 2 and the next GTA (that comes without question, really), and that the team dedicated to GTA Online updates has significantly reduced in numbers because of this. It's suggested that the Import/Export DLC was to be the last of the game's major updates, with things stopping at a low ebb in time for autumn when RDR2 drops. So what of the most requested updates originating on GTAForums? There's many DLC ideas that players are still pushing for, including cops and robbers, night club management, tuners, car dealerships and even a map expansion. There's also a multitude of vehicles requests, weapon requests and gameplay elements like more clothes and mansions. Is it time to start considering that we shouldn't be making wishlists for GTA Online, but instead for "GTA 6" or "GTA Online 2.0"? Perhaps it's wise to start accepting the inevitable now rather than later, even though GTA Online is still very much a constant for many players. You might think that it would be hard, even stupid, for any business to walk away from the continuing profits and chart success GTA V and GTA Online has enjoyed, however Rockstar are not a one-game developer. Fans will continue to enjoy the games for years to come, if the 3D era is anything to go by. Similarly, it's important for them, and for us as their fans, to see what else they can do and celebrate the fact they have other franchises to show us in the future. So, we're not actually saying that anything @Yan2295 says is true or anything but speculation, because we promised to only post official news here, but the conversation is still an interesting one to have and we'd like those that have a good head on their shoulders to come forward and say their piece. As Rockstar fans, we don't only like to play their games, but we like to analyse and discuss them; it might be complete guesswork but that's what GTAForums is built on! If you'd like to contribute to this conversation or voice your opinion, feel free to post here or head on over to any of the links below: Red Dead Online will be put in place of GTA Online in 2017? Will you continue playing GTA:O when Red Dead Redemption 2 is released? GTA Next subforum Red Dead Redemption 2 subforum
  22. Benny introduced a new sports car to the Los Santos market today in the form of the Specter, from manufacturer Dewbauchee. The 2 door vehicle is new to GTA and can be purchased in it's stock form at Benny's for a cool $599k. As usual a custom version is also available if you like to fancy up your kits for a few thousand benjamins extra. If you want to see how it performs, apparently this guy called Broughy1322 has the best deets. In addition to the Specter, we've been treated to a new Adversary Mode. I mean, it has been a while! The new mode is called Collection Time and comes in 7 maps. The theme is money bags, with players seperated into teams and each given a sackful of cash. The aim is to kill your opponents so they drop their bags and you pick them up for yourself, all while trying to avoid the same happening to you by other players. The team with the most money bags at the end is the winner. Alongside this we've got discounts and money making opportunities to keep us going for the rest of the month: 25% discount off - Benny's upgrades, Executive Office garage upgrades, Executive Office auto shop upgrades, Biker businesses, Import/Export tattoos Double money and RP - new Adversary Mode Collection Time Double money and RP - Biker contracts Double money and RP - Special Vehicle work Premium stunt race - Chiliad All until 30th January. Dewbauchee Specter Appreciation Topic Rockstar Newswire Post Snapmatic by
  23. Another week, another custom, another super. Benny's has had some new stock delivered this morning in the form of the Itali GTB by manufacturer Progen. First featured in the original GTA, the Itali GTB returns in all its HD glory. It can be purchased for just over a million dollars and promises to pack a punch in the speed department. If you angle it just right for a Snapmatic, it also looks like it has a smiley face, or is that just me...? In addition, you no longer have to travel to Benny's to kit out your customs, as a new purchasable extension can be added to your auto shop in Executive Offices. It's slowly getting to the point where we don't have to even leave our HQ! GTAForums Itali GTB Appreciation Topic Rockstar Newswire Post Snapmatic by @Progen
  24. New Year, new Adversary Mode. Become one with your vehicle Vehicle in this new smash-em-up Adversary Mode appropriately titled Vehicle Vendetta. It's similar to Deadline in that your team's goal is to destroy the other players on the opposing team as often as possible within the time limit, however you can choose your own gun-equipped vehicle rather than being limited to the Shotaro. There's a whole bunch of power-ups dotted around the maps that you and your team can utilise, including placing bombs, firing rockets, transforming into a Rhino Tank and flipping your opponents' steering controls. I've played a little bit this morning and it's quite chaotic, but the power-ups make this mode very fun, and it offers double money and RP for a few weeks! We've also been promised some more money-boosting bonuses that will start tomorrow on 3rd January. A sign of expensive things incoming? Earn 25% extra profits on Vehicle Exports 25% discounts on: warehouse upgrades, engine performance upgrades, body armour, ammunition and masks 50% discount on: grenade launcher Double money and RP on all Rockstar Stunt Races In addition, Benny's has got a new custom in stock in the form of the Pegassi FCR 1000 motorcycle, which is moderately priced and comes with a plethora of customisable liveries. Oh and snow is still falling, but it will be melting tomorrow for another year. Rejoice! GTAForums Discussion Topic Rockstar Newswire Post Snapmatic by @Foxwolfe
  25. 16 NEW EXCLUSIVE screenshots Gifted Via RockstarGames To Forums And Websites: Here is The YouTube Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZdVqyorgRdc&feature=c4-overview&list=UUE8jnJx8TsZqWvVF_QZYkHQ
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