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Found 50 results

  1. Kevstyle

    [GTA V] True City Killers

    ​New and fixed topic. Mods can delete the old one. True City Killers TAG: TCKC (True City Killers Crew) Welcome to the home of the True City Killers. We are the True City Killers. A new crew for the just announced Grand Theft Auto Online and we plan to dominate it and own Los Santos! Please apply today and be a founding member of hopefully, the future King's of Los Santos! #STORY PLACEHOLDER (STORY WILL BE AVAIBLE HERE SOON)# Rules: -Be older than 15. -Talk normally on your microphone. If you don't then dont use it. -Have respect for your crew and teammates. -No lagswitch mods or devices to get advantages online. Fair play. -You need a Socialclub account to add you to the Crew and it needs to be linked to Xbox or PSN. (Theme)​ (Montage/Gameplay Theme)​ Recruitment Xbox 360 OPEN Recruitment PS3 OPEN - We are a Multi Base platform. Xbox 360 and PS3 Questions: How active are you on GTAF? GTA F Username? Gamertag and Platform? Socialclub Username? Skill level 1/10? Age? Country? Recruited by:? What's our Crew Name? (Security Check) ​ (Internal Recruiting / GTAForums Members only) ​GTA F Username // Xbox ID // PSN ID // Socialclub // Crew Rank // Crew Reputation Danny41294 // Danny41294 // - // Danny41294 // Boss // - Kevstyle // Kevstyle14 // - // Kevstyle // Underboss // - GTAZerkko // Wikowiz // - // Wikowiz // REPRESENTATIVE // 100% Solofme // - // mjshagen // Solofme // LIEUTENANT & Leader(PSN) // 100% (STILL UNDERCONSTRUCTION / GLITCHED) ​ NiklasDKSalkin - thesalkin thesalkin LIEUTENANT & Leader(PSN) 100% jalokin - KarateGuyDK KarateGuyDK MUSCLE 100% Minisnor - Minisnor Minisnor MUSCLE 100% Shifty66 shiftyAKAfritz - shiftyAKAfritz LIEUTENANT 100% XBOXEDDY - XBOXEDDY XBOXEDDY REPRESENTATIVE 100% TGroves14 - tgroves14 tgroves14 REPRESENTATIVE 100% lilwade - wayway77 wayway77 MUSCLE 100% Lamborghini1335 - - Lamborghini1335 MUSCLE 100% Nielsuno - SharoFFenstein SharoFF MUSCLE 100% XxLaRay23xX - - XxLaRay23xX MUSCLE 100% Thecutkiller SomeCanine89 - Thecutkiller MUSCLE 100% xxltbxx ltb mvp - xxltbxx MUSCLE 100% Nevatalex - Nevatalex Nevatalex MUSCLE 100% Hearnandez - Hearnandez Hearnandez MUSCLE 100% TheRealMisterBiz HellaciousMotor - MisterBiz MUSCLE 100% hezus123 ixi Annihilator - hezus123 MUSCLE 100% jimbles - jimbles90 jimbles90 MUSCLE 100% NWFD22 iMAC NWFD22 - NWFD22 MUSCLE 100% Owen305 Owen305 - Eazy305 MUSCLE 100% Ashbringer45 koen45 - wastedpenguin45 MUSCLE 100% yousafkhar - yousafkhar fearlesspopoff MUSCLE 100% GTABanjo GTAbanjo - GTABanjo MUSCLE 100% Ranks can be edited at any time. // Please accept your socialclub invite to link your account to the crew! Didn't got one? PM Me! Check our private forums (PM me or Danny to get the URL) to apply for a rank or just have a chat with our TCK Community! ​​ After apply'ing and approval. PM kevstyle or Danny to get acces to our private forums!!! Also, Please accept your invite when you can so your account can be linked to socialclub. Dont forget to link xbox/psn to your socialclub also. Please tell us your platform (xbox/psn) when you apply!!! ====================================================================================================== Alliances: Los Santos Saints ​ Services (Members / Other Crews): True City Killers Security Force (2 man/4 man security) TCK | True City Killers Crew - Socialclub Crew Page
  2. The Wooden Mask

    Making a GTA5 only crew called Morag Tong!

    Wanting to get a Crew started in GTA5 using the Social Club, looking for members who are interested and will be active in GTAOnline on the Xbox once GTA5 is released. Mic is not required but preferred and planning in advance for robberies is something that will be done in game inside a private party. If you are not in game in the meeting area *which will be disclosed in a message over XBL* during the private chat meeting you will be kicked from the party. Rules and regulations will be added once the game comes out itself. Leave your Xbox gamertag and your Social Club information below if you wish to join. Our name is Morag Tong. We are a group of hit men that hire out our skills for profit to anyone who can pay, we do Heists, murders, robbery's, and anything in between. But we always have time to do things ourselves, and in our own way. Our rules are as follows: 1. Never betray our brotherhood. Any sign of betrayal will result in an immediate kick and your name put on our Black List for future hits. 2. Never kill one of our brothers or sisters without reason or for personal gain, to do so will result in a meeting dicussing what happened in detail, if you do not show up for this meeting we will most likely just kick you. You will not be added to our Black List unless you recruited again and you continue. 3. Anyone who has hired us that double crosses us will be placed on our Black List and is to be shot on sight. 4. Never give out the information of one of our own heists to another Crew or anyone that was not at the meeting, to do so is an act of betrayal and would result in an immediate kick, but you will not be put on our Black List and may be recruited again in the future. *Note: More rules may be added in the future due to the game not being out yet, so just be advised of that. Current member: Leader- The Wooden Mask Crowd Control- DRIBBLA21 Lookout- Eternal Darknes Backup- N/A Co-Leader/Team 2 Leader/main driver- Dalmagus Driver 2- N/A Crowd Control 2- N/A Lookout 2- N/A Backup 2- N/A Team 3 Leader- N/A Driver 3- N/A Crowd Control 3- N/A Lookout 3- N/A Backup 3- N/A *Playstation side of the crew is to be handled by the leader of the Ps3 team* Ps3 Team Leader- N/A Ps3 Team Mebers- N/A Still looking for members to fill all of the N/A spots! Black List: Eternal Light WarthogRoadRage xXSMOKeYYx420Xx
  3. Angels of Los Santos http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/angels_of_los_santos Angels of Los Santos are looking to recruit mature members who are wanting to play with like minded people who are going to play fair and as part of a a team. We're interested in all aspects of GTA Online and will be: >Planning heists >Holding up stores >Doing multiplayer missions >Taking out other crews The crew will mostly be focused on making money for it's members but we'll also be putting together events like: >Social scuba diving and exploring together >Bike rides around San Andreas >Hunting as a team >Recreating the dirtbike/parachute jump from the online trailer >Safehouse and strip club hangouts >And all sorts of other social events If you have a preferred role you'd like to play such as sniper, driver, pilot etc. let me know. I'm from Australia and welcome people from all over the world to join. Ideally members will have a mic to communicate during the game but it's not essential. Check out the crew page on the social club to join and feel free to add me on PSN, my ID is magna99.
  4. Sons Of Anarchy AU

    Sons Of Anarchy AU

    Recruitment Status: Open Platform: PS3, Xbox360 Rockstar Social Club Page Our Forum Created in 1974 the Sons Of Anarchy AU was Created by the Original Sons Of Anarchy Samcro president John 'JT' Teller, To Expand the club into Australia after seeing the success of other clubs doing so, Shortly after Establishing in Australia the Sons got into Drug Dealing and Payed Hits. "No One could see how much this club will grow so let is run wild and see where we get"-John Teller '1975 By 1978, The Sons had expanded exponentially having multiple chapters all over the country they had by this point started minor bank robberies and major drug transportation for the SOA samcro chapter, sensing that another expansion was needed Current President Sandman Decided to attack and take over several rival MC gangs and drug operations leading to a giant profit, Seeing nothing left in Australia Sandman made a decision to head to Los Santos in search of more money and drugs. from 1980 to 2012 the Sons Tore up Los Santos laying waste to each and every rival that they came up against fighting Rival MC's and fighting a war with the lost and damned MC but the glory soon ended when the lost and damned orchestrated a massive attack on The Sons Of Anarchy leading to over 90% of the club being destroyed and leaving the sons very weak Along with countless deaths President Sandman was found dismembered with the letters TLAD cut into his torso. Original member Nuahs85 Seeing the club falling into Ruins and eventually disappearing, Stepped up to the plate as the New President under his command the Sons are slowly rebuilding the once great Motorcycle club Vowing revenge on the lost and damned club, In-light of all the new members being recruited some retired members have come back to assist the frail club and to make it as great and as strong if not stronger than it once was History & History compiled by Darthnights.
  5. captN Stabb1n

    Looking for Mature Xbox 360 Players

    Social Club: http://socialclub.ro...rew/gangbang3rs What we are Looking for: 1. Mature members that will help build the gang from the ground up (decisions will be made based on a democratic vote) 2. Members willing to share the work and ensure equal distribution of wealth 3. Above all else this clan is meant to elevate the experience of GTA Online. People who enjoy having fun but put forth effort to maintain an experience that is enjoyable/memorable for all members of the gang (No Betrayals) 4. Applicants do not need to jump through hoops to join this clan simply request an invite via the link above, if you meet the above criteria you'll have no trouble fitting in (I will be running the crew on the XBOX 360, we are currently looking for someone to handle things on the PS3 if interested drop a line) Activities: 1. Missions/Heists 2. Making Money/Securing Assets 3. Deathmatches/Races 4. General Fun/Events/Controlled Chaos
  6. Thelord55924

    Da Nang Gang

    Name: Da nang Gang Game: Gta v only Platform: PS3 Type: Soldiers (crew style stick together) Motto: Mess with the best Die like the rest Note: crew well not operate until the beginning of gta online Info: the crew is based off 40% fun 60% real, its not much competitive but still its not the trolling kind we have fun but not all the time so sometimes keep it real and sometimes not Main Objective: Having fun with the gang and at the same time going forward and becoming the best (GTAF Objective: Having more then 15 members before October 1st) App info --------------------------- 1) GTAF Username: 2) PSN ID: 3) Headset: yes/no 4) Any crews you been in before: 5) Timezone: 6) Age:\ 7) What's your experience?: 8) anything you want to add: ------------------------------ http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/da_nang_gang http://gtaforums.com/topic/582910-da-nang-gang/
  7. Zero Lives Left ______________________________________ We are recruiting members for Xbox 360. Want to join for PS3? Click here ______________________________________ We take our crew seriously, we listen and acknowledge you're requests to improve and keep our members happy! We're just not just about planning out events, we like to just mess around and blow up stuff! I employ you to read more! I promise you will not be disappointed! Our Goal: To put it simply, we want to have as much fun as possible whilst competing in the Grand Theft Auto: Online leader boards. Our intent at the moment is to run heists & gang wars on a day to day basis amongst many other activities! Hopefully once a week we will be able to pack a game or two full of our members and compete against each other in races, mini-games & such. We will also be producing content like races and much more for your gaming pleasure! Crew Progression : Each member of the crew will get a fair share of the loot that we gather! We will have customized cars with our gang logo. Being promoted earns you more cash from the loot pile and a more distinguishable car. Your Loyalty: Based on your loyalty and trust to the crew, we may promote you above the rank known as "representative" which will grant you the ability to decide what the crew does, provided you are the superior rank of the crew. Lieutenant: You can have control of part of the crew depending on crew activity. Representative: Promotes our crew and tries to get others to join. Muscle: Listens to the commands of his superiors. Requirements: Aged 18+ and mature(May be some leniency in age provided mature) How to join: SocialClub Page As we're running the crew on both consoles we have different people taking care of each section. Join for X360: Gamertag: xBlaZiiN GuNzZ Join for PS3: PSN ID: SwiiftYz Visit our Minisite for GTA:O (In the works under 1st October) Twitter: @SwiiftYz
  8. ScumbagDCooper

    Midnight Syndicate - Recruitment Drive.

    The Midnight Syndicate are currently recruiting PS3 members. We aren't aiming to be a massive crew with hundreds of members, we'd prefer to be a smaller, more tight-nit gang of around 30 members. We plan on doing a bit of everything, but getting rich whilst having fun is the main priority. There will be, and are plenty chances to advance within the hierarchy and those of lieutenant rank or above will be given the privilege of voting on crew policy, but ultimately every member has a say. The great thing about being part of a smaller crew is that you instantly become a somebody rather than just another faceless goon among hundreds. Everyone within The Midnight Syndicate is considered an extremely valuable asset. http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/midnight_syndicate If you have any queries please feel free to contact me at: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/scumbagdcooper Or contact The Midnight Syndicate leader, DoctorWoe at: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/doctorwoe Thanks for taking your time to read this and we at Midnight Syndicate wish to see you very, very soon.
  9. SomewhereinLosSantos Crew Hello there! We are a crew for the Ps3 platform! We live and die to create mayhem Somewhereinlossantos doing for the thrill of it! We love to have fun in whatever way we can find it.​ Our Crew We do stunts and have no fear for our own lives whether it be jumping off cliffs without a parachute or hunting with our bare hands! We also like to mob the streets in packs and dominate the competition when we feel like it! There will be many events and many sessions come Oct 1st and thats why we need your help by easily joining our crew and being active. So make a social club account at rockstar and join us at http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/somewhereinlossantos !​ Rules Not many rules expect the basic rules that your mother always tells you like respect. There is also a 3-strike system in place whereas if you something against the rules you would gain a demerit.​ 1) No trolling or flaming amongst members 2) There will be equal distribution of wealth amongst members that are present during the heist. (only counts if you had started the heist and not entered the sessions) 3)Any who enters a heist in session with receive a pay cut. 4)You Must do something during the heist, no leeching aloud. Ranks Ranks are given based on amount of time they were with the crew and what they bring to this crew!​ Muscle: You are new to the crew ready to show what you got to the big dogs. Don't fret, your time will come when its time to move on up. Representative: You had just move from being the newbie to being a real member of the crew, but it doesn't end there yet, keep doing what you're doing and be loyal then soon you'll be the face of the crew! Lieutenant: Very trusted position. Members will have specific jobs based on what they are able to handle such as keeping the Crew in check or handing out promotions or demotions amongst lower ranks. Commissioner: These members are the most trusted members of the crew. They will hand out jobs to the lieutenants and handle play sessions. What more is there? There are spots currently open for Lieutenants or Reps! Please apply using this format and reply back to this thread.​ Social Club Username: PSN account: On a scale of 1-10, how serious will you be: Will you help recruit more people as they search for crews: Skills: Anything to add : So, please join this crew, at a social club near you! http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/somewhereinlossantos​
  10. Lebbaeu

    The Secret Community

    ---THE SECRET COMMUNITY ARE RECRUITING--- We are a very ambitious crew, who is dedicated to be the most rich and powerful gang in the town of Los Santos.. The Secret Community specializes in organized crime such as heists, car theft, assassinations, drug trafficking etc. Also smaller crimes such as liquor store thefts are on our agenda. This crew is all business - Los Santos is our territory, and any illegal activity not performed by the members of this crew, will be met with guns and bullets. Motto: "Do the best. Be the best. Being second is not motivating." Join us today: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/the_secret_community/
  11. [The following section is out of character.] I'm looking for like minded individuals to organize into a free form role playing group. What do I mean by free form? I mean no initial restrictions on your character. You can put as much or as little as your real self into the character. Of course this also means that the nature of the crew is dynamic and will be shaped by our play styles over time. However, I wish to obey the rules of the gta universe to an extent for role playing purposes. If something isn't imperative in gta, even if it would be in real life, it's not imperative for us. We will drive the way criminals drive in gta and so on. Your character is free to be whoever you want him or her to be within the context of the GTA universe but if you make outlandish claims, be prepared to be able to back them up or the rest of the crew might just laugh it off and take the piss. If there's enough interest to make this happen, I will set up a subreddit for us to discuss things in private. I will retain the formal position as boss as I think I've earned it by organizing all this stuff but, as my character will inform you, as long as you're reliable and trustworthy, you will likely be promoted to commissioner before oct 1st and you'll be treated as having an equal stake in this group as me. The number of commissioners I promote will depend on the crews size. Anyone who doesn't make the cut will still be valued as vital members of the crew and their input will matter to the commission. If you want to join as a minor member and not be too dedicated to this crew, feel free to do so. We can always use some outsourced muscle. I want this to be a mature group of players, meaning no racism, sexism, etc unless used justifiably in character. We will, as a group decide what is justified but never in the actual game. We will have an out of character conversation about it. Without further ado, here's my introductory post for the crew: -------------------------- I call myself fever. None of you know that name. That's fine, nobody knows me. I'm a nobody here in liberty city, looking for opportunities to expand my operation. The problem is, there's no room for expansion here. The families have a chokehold on organized crime in this city and unless you want to be paying them tribute and looking at jail time as a death sentence, there's no room for anyone else here. I've pulled enough jobs for them to know that they treat low ranking members of their operation like me as cannon fodder. They're not without their flaws. Grotti, the rest of the bosses and their capos are sharp and brilliant but as any organization expands, they need to put their trust in more people and they make mistakes. I've been watching those mistakes. I don't make them myself. The time is now to head to the Wild West in search of greater things. I have some contacts out there and although I've never been myself, I know enough about it to recognize an opportunity when I see one. I'm taking the first flight in on October . I can handle a gun and I'm an excellent driver. I have been brewing plans, some of which im playing close to the chest for now but rest assured, you won't be without a good getaway driver. I'm posting here to find others with sharp skills who want to make a name for themselves in LS. If anyone wants to get in on the ground floor of an organization, now is the time. Because of the way things work out there, I will be taking on the formal title of boss. However, rest assured that those among you who prove reliable and trustworthy will quickly find themselves with a seat on the commission where you'll be treated as equals, not subordinates. If you wish to join me, sign up here. I will be setting up a more secure mode of communication for the crew very shortly. We will figure out what we're going to call ourselves then. Fever
  12. yagizbiler

    LegendaryTurks Crew

    Hello guys we created a crew named LegendaryTurks and this is our link http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/legendaryturks. We are searching new players, you can join us !
  13. Hi guys, I recently created a crew called Spitting Llamas and we've been recruiting new members for less than 24 hours. We are only looking for dedicated and active members and teamwork and roleplay is of high priority to make this online gaming experience as fun and good as possible for everyone involved. Talented members will be rewarded. Having a headset, making your Social Club profile visible and recruiting new and promising members to the crew will of course make your chances of earning a higher rank in the crew more likely. Currently the core of the crew consists of former elite fps-gamers, so though we're currently mainly casual and looking to have a good time, we still got ambitions to make this crew to something great. Look forward to dominate the Online world of GTA with you! if you think you fit the bill and got what it takes, file a request at: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/spitting_llamas This is by the way a PS3 exclusive crew.
  14. Hi guys, I recently created a crew called Spitting Llamas and we've been recruiting new members for less than 24 hours. We are only looking for dedicated and active members and teamwork and roleplay is of high priority to make this online gaming experience as good as possible for everyone involved. Talented members will be rewarded. Having a headset, making your Social Club profile visible and recruiting new and promising members to the crew will of course make your chances of earning a higher rank in the crew more likely. Look forward to dominate the Online world of GTA with you! http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/spitting_llamas This is by the way a PS3 exclusive crew.
  15. savigoclan

    Join the Savigo clan!

    Hello everyone, Do you search a nice GTA 5 clan? Go to http://www.savigoclan.com and join us! Greats, Savigo
  16. FishyDishy

    iFruits Offcial Crew!

    Hello everyone! HaggisNinja here! With our Official PS3 CREW! I have a Crew that is recruiting, we are going to be an official Crew and will play professionally. No messing around! Add me on PSN: HaggisNinja Here is our Rockstar Crew page: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/ifruits Twitter: https://twitter.com/iFruitsCrew We will be accepting all applications, let's make this a big crew. If you want to read more details on how the online play will work with GTA ONLINE, you can read it here: http://gamerant.com/grand-theft-auto-online-details/ I will assign people to their own role in missions: If you can prove to me that you're a good sniper i will assign you to that role, If you're an amazing driver i will assign you to the "Getaway Driver" role. I also dole out the money and loot after missions don't worry though it will all be separated out equally and if you have any objections or problems with that you can message me. So come on guys join the iFruits, I promise this will be HUGE! #iFruitsCrew FTW!
  17. Guap

    Need a crew to join?

    I created a crew on http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/ if you want to join im having a meeting on 9/15/13 at 9:00PM Eastern time on GTA 4: The Ballad of Gay Tony my gamertag is message me if you want to join for RSVP's LeborrowMyFade This meeting will evaluate peoples skills and decide what there job will be in the crews, A MIC IS NEEDED!!! (Xbox only!!) P.S. If there is enough people responding fast i can possibly move the date up if needed
  18. im low on crew members and i urgently need any fun loving gamer to join my crew Crew name: DaRkStArCrImInAlS Console: PS3 pls reply thank u for those who took time out their schedule to read
  19. Reservoir Dogs

    OCEANS XI [P$3] Thrill of the steal!

    OCEANS XI join the heist.....9.17.13 10.1.13 http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/oceans_xi
  20. Hail! You need some fellas to play with? -Here we are. 'Marabunta' was created especially for Grand Theft Auto Online. We will rule Los Santos, chill and have much fun together. The game-system preferred by us is the Playstation 3. The crew's activity will officially start on October 1st. But the earlier you join, the better chances for a high rank you have. Loyality is very important to us. Headsets would be cool, but are not requiered to join our crew. You may also invite your friends to our crew, everyone is welcome. Maturity is provided, neither it cannot be defined by any age. You can join here: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/marabunta/ [MARA] Genooliny
  21. Hey guys, I just made a crew on Rockstar Social Club about piloting and flying. It's meant for those who want to have fun exploring the skies, and maybe sometimes battle with other crews. It's primary a German crew for German speakers. Feel free to join, if you want. I'll try to be as fair as possible and if somebody is a good pilot I'll promote him, of course. Here you go: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/sa_sky_explorers So - Maybe we'll meet in GTA online
  22. Crazyeighties

    Maximum Vehicle capacitys

    Does anyone know if we will be able to load our crew into a bus or large truck so if we are doing a mission we can all get to the heist at the same time?
  23. hey all here is a link to the crew me and another member started. The idea behind it is Fun, Fair, Online Game Play were all money from missions will be split evenly here is a link to the crew page http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/the_weasels The Weasels Social Club welcomes you, We are on PS3. We will all have our assigned jobs, It will be decided by who does what best we will test this out by doing some missions taking turns in different roles, (Driver, Gunners, ext) The main rule is be a team player, and to respect your fellow crew members
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