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Found 91 results

  1. Alright so hear me out guys, this is something ill try to start once i get a copy of SA, modding tools and a pc that can run the game ill give it the run-around to this idea 3 dudes leave greenglass college in LV, and each had got onto the plane to go to a certain state; (the first guy goes to Vice, the 2nd goes to Liberty, and the 3rd comes back to Los Santos.) but as they get to their places, they all get robbed in a way: (Guy 1 gets robbed in Vice because he was riding a taxi, so some street criminal jacks it and he bails out with his backpack) (guy 2 gets his bus ticket to staunton stolen by a hobo (that might hit a resemblance to a certain someone) (guy 3 gets his taxi ride taken away by some rich prick who shows the taxi driver a wad of cash) They start off by taking a certain vehicle and being taught how to walk/drive (like almost every game) Guy 1 jacks a Light blue Sabre that was left on one of the parking lots. Guy 2 steals a Dark red Sentinel that is parked nearby in the little lots of francis international airport. Guy 3 takes the beige Solair that was in the parking lot in LSX
  2. Money Over Bullshit

    Grand Theft Auto: Greed & Grit

    MONEY OVER BULLSH*T & SLIMEBALL SUPREME PRESENT THEME You might think of Vice City when you think of the eighties; cocaine-riddled splendor and neon sports cars. That’s not what awaits. Up the coast, in the twin cities of Carcer and Lenapia, riding from the casinos of Empire City to Liberty City’s outer suburban counties, a very different tale of crime will be told. Cash and crime still rule: but in one of the quickest-crumbling urban areas in the United States of America. In Greed & Grit, you play as three different protagonists, each from varying backgrounds. The character-switching feature from V returns, with all three displaying vastly different experiences and perspectives. A cop, a cubano crook and a corner boy, all trying to make their way in a world falling apart. Each with a cast of shady associates to help them on their way. A 32 year old Alderney native, currently working as a Narcotics detective in the city of Stranton. Suffering from a bad case of career fatigue and currently spending his days shacked up in an apartment with his current squeeze in nearby Peterborough. He's growing increasingly disillusioned by departmental bureaucracy and the ever changing nature of his chosen career. Could a move to Liberty City as part of an experimental new unit be just the change he's been looking for? Jerry Sandowski – A long serving Detective Sergeant in the Narcotics Division of Stranton's Police Department, Sandowski cut his teeth cracking large scale heroin schemes during the disco era. He's a consummate people pleaser with a soft spot for Dwyer, who is constantly pushing his blind eye for indiscretions to absolute breaking point. In a feeble attempt to keep Tommy on the straight and narrow he pairs our boy with long time rival Evan Jackowitz – A pompous do-gooder who'll do anything to get ahead.. even if it means throwing others under the bus. Jackie Palumbo – The undisputed ring leader of Liberty City's newly established Bureau of Narcotics. Giacomo Palumbo (as he's known to his mother) has a long and checkered history in the Organized Crime Division which has furnished him with more connections than a Liberty City Subway line. Mickey Gonzalez – Miguel "Mickey" Gonzalez is a seasoned detective from the Homicide Division in Dukes who has caught more misconduct citations than actual killers. In an era where the murder rate has never been higher he was one of the first to be transferred to the equally work heavy Bureau of Narcotics, despite having no intention of actually doing any real police work. Malcolm Jones – The only member of the BON Task Force aside from Tommy who actually has any experience in the field of Narcotics – whether it be trying to prevent their spread around the city or otherwise. Although his intentions may be passably good, he'll sink quickly to the levels of his coworkers, honor be damned. Frank McReary - Rookie cop with stars in his eyes, Frankie wants success, and he’ll do anything to get it. A former altar boy from the infamous McReary family, Frank already has an upward slope ahead of him; but his inclusion in the budding BON operation could throw a spanner in the works, so to speak. Linda Galione – Tommy's landlord and one of his many old flames. She's the type of woman you hear about in country music and procedural dramas on TV. She's a feisty young AUSA by day and an overworked desk sleeper by night. She has an uncanny eye for criminality.. except for when it's going on right under her nose. Angelo Valerio - A flashy Dukes based drug dealer with connections, Angelo is a member of the old school Valerio clan; the brothers five spread out all over town with a hand on the pulse of the LC coke market. Cruising around Cerveza in flashy hoopties, Angie isn’t quite as notorious as his elders yet; but the tides of change are ever fickle. Dominic Sepe - Conniving South Broker pretty boy turned mob chieftain; Sepe, nicknamed ‘The Wrench’, has been operating as a close aide to up and coming capo Nino Abruzzo for years. With a good head for business and a reputation for turning situations bloody if he has to, The Wrench has been reaching out to new, highly profitable areas in an attempt to secure some more dough. His newest source? Defrauding the Federal Government out of gasoline taxes, leaving more than a few bodies in his wake. Emil Argov - South Broker's little don, an expatriate from the Leningrad underworld with a love of green, black and blue. The man known as 'Cattle Prod' for his signature weapon has dominated the growing neighborhood of Hove Beach; bolstered by his would-do consigliere Lazar Saravaisky, Lazar's protege Kuzma "Kenny" Petrovich, and infamous ex-athlete bodyguards, the Roitman Brothers (Gennady and German). If there's one value the man holds above all, it's not honor, but fear - which may come to be his very undoing. Moe Schwartz – Once the Lupisella Family’s cunning and quiet accountant, in recent years Schwartz has been exercising his connections to the anti-communist movement by reaching out to Russian exiles fleeing the USSR following the Jackson-Vanik amendment. But while moving emigrés into apartments and setting them up with work visas - Schwartz has noticed a pattern, and with a pattern like this comes many opportunities. Max Goldstein – The self styled Maximilian Goldstein is a wealthy entrepreneur and club owner expanding his vast fortunes by catering to the sleazy bridge and tunnel club goers too rough to cut it in Algonquin. His mobbed up partner Tony Spoleto is the yin to his yang – a career opportunist with his fingers just deep enough in Ancelotti operations to offer Goldstein protection. Together however their ever growing interests in gasoline bootlegging have made their already strained relationship with the Lupisella Family and their affiliates a lot more tenuous, which can only end in tears. Agent Delacruz - Past his prime and with permanent bags under his eyes, FIB special agent Felipe “Phil” Delacruz is a shadow of his once-productive self. On his ass at the bureau, old Phil has noticed some potential weak links within the recently founded Bureau of Narcotics… and he plans to take advantage. A 28 year old Cuban expatriate who moved to America at just five years old. After finishing up a nickle bid for armed robbery, he's keen to get back in the saddle and resume a life of crime that's all he's really ever known. Reconnecting with old associates, he embarks on a journey to try and finally make something of himself as he once again begins his ascent of the underworld whilst simultaneously battling with the ghosts of his past. Vito Accardi – Danny's former prison mate and a stagnating star in the Lupisella crime family. He has recently been sent down south and tasked with expanding the family's interests into hotly contested territory. Struggling with sobriety and the pressure of bringing in the dough, he has his cigarette stained fingers in so many pies, it's only a matter of time before he gets burned. Seymour Scarpetti – An abominable parole officer who works at the behest of the Lupisellas, pulling strings for their associates to make their reintroduction to society as cushy and unproductive as financially possible. He assigns Danny to work under Walter Gomez – A reformed convict attempting to rebuild a community crumbling under the weight of ongoing gang activity. He opens his community centre to Danny and gladly offers him bed and board, knowing all too well the struggles of rehabilitation. Buddy Earle – The current reigning President of Lenapia's own Goblin's MC. Oft mistaken for a quiet and reclusive old man, his aging exterior is the outer armour of an all American Outlaw. A veteran of countless wars with a body count as high as his blood pressure, he must fight hard to stave off the advances of other one percenters from neighbouring territories, if only to save face in the eyes of his underlings. Stan Vlochos – Vlochos is a Lenapia based emissary for Liberty City's Volikakis Crime family. He is trying to establish a foothold in the burgeoning Methamphetamine market but has thus far been unsuccessful due to an unhinged personality and some ongoing tensions with the resident Greek Mob. Johnny Morello – A young mafia soldier caught right in the middle of an ongoing power struggle in the Lenapia crime family. His loyalties are fickle and he is willing to take his orders, without question, from whoever sits on the throne. Constantly tasked with maintaining the family's equally fragile alliances with other local outfits, he heads up a posse of young tough guys who just as blindly follow his lead. Ritchie & Ralph – Ricardo “Ritchie Del” Delmonte & Ralphie “The Raven” Roccaforte are two seasoned hitmen for the Lenapia Mob. They're desperate to become legitimate, conducting most of their business from a humble rowhouse-cum-restaurant in South Lenny that always seems to have traces of spilled tomato sauce on the kitchen floor. Now both in their early 40s they're becoming increasingly anxious about getting their button, especially in the company of a new hired gun. Eduardo Reyes – The loyal second in command of the Alderney based Cuban Mafia, he passes on the orders of his rarely seen boss. Conducting most of his operations from a humble coffee shop in Leftwood, he uses his son Eduardo Jnr. (aka "Lalo") as a buffer between him and the streets. His decades old relationship with Danny means that he affords him a certain level of intimacy, but past indiscretions have left him distrustful – for the time being at least. Pawal Orlowski - A seemingly friendly face within Lenapia's striving Polish community, Paulie O’ serves fresh kielbasa out of his butcher shop – Kabanos Korner on Virginia Street. But few, including the city police department, know what happens behind the scenes; or inside the basement. While Orlowski runs a few rackets here and there, he runs a pretty tight operation… the real magic happens downstairs. Joseph Roviri – A businessman so shady he could block out the sun. He made his initial fortune in the mob backed vending machine industry and has since expanded into the garbage hauling and trucking industries, seizing effective control over various related unions in the process. All accusations against him are yet to be proven however. This affords him the unenviable responsibility of managing the various mob families' shared interests in ventures such as their faltering Casino in Westdyke. Caine Devlin – A legendary Irish tough guy criminal who now acts as the string puller of the Lenapia based B&D Gang. His ever expanding influence is well known to be far reaching and more than a few prolific gangsters have fallen under his might. Now working in partnership with the equally powerful Roviri, he seeks to watch everyone crumble so he can build himself up. Jimmy Pegorino – The crown prince of the lowly regarded Pegorino crime family of Alderney. He too is struggling to make a name for himself in crowded territory under the ever judgmental eye of his pugnacious father Johnny Boy. With a long list of hair brained schemes and no shortage of idiots to do his bidding, he is eager to move upwards with as little effort as possible. Although he would surely say otherwise. David Forster & Lou Rollins – The smug face of the DOA's Lenapia field office and his long suffering subordinate. Forster is a constant hunter of glory who has tracked smugglers from Liberty City to Colombia and back again, throughout his rather short and often illustrious career. He isn't afraid to bend the rules or steal someone's thunder, especially if it leads to another promotion. Rollins, meanwhile, has been with the Agency since its establishment. In spite of many high profile arrests however he has been held back from promotion by what he deems to be institutional racism. Often dismissed as a blow hard and a crack pot conspiracy theorist.. perhaps he knows more than he should. Emilio Hernandez – The Liberty City based point man for the ever powerful Colombian Cartel. “Milo” frivolously spends his vast fortune and holds a similar disregard for his personal relationships. Away from the watchful eye of his superiors he looks to turn bubbling inter-factional hostilities into an all out war for domination. A 23 year old native of South Bohan, Marcus has always tried to stay away from a life of crime that has constantly surrounded him. Working a dead end job until being unwittingly pulled into a position of power following a violent altercation with a rival street gang, he must juggle his desire to stay on the straight and narrow with the overpowering allure of the drug game. He will soon find out however that the game in question comes with a variety of other players. Most of them conspiring to bring about his fall. Antoine Forge – A lifelong friend to Marcus who also moonlights as an aspiring kingpin, running with like minded individuals in Upper Algonquin where he crashes with his aunt and her two kids. With dreams as big as his balls, he hopes to one day buy his way out of the ghetto and wants to take Marcus along for the ride. Kelvin Mitcham – Kelvin is a scrappy teenager who hangs around Marcus and Antoine almost every minute of the day. He tries to be just like the latter, no matter how much virtually everybody tries to dissuade him from doing so. Equal parts little brother and protege, he's constantly torn between two opposing forces with differing ideas of where he and their three man enterprise should go. Lenny Williams – A brutish crack cocaine based entrepreneur from the hellish surroundings of East Island's West Wampum neighborhood. Leonard “Big Dogg” Williams joins the gang fresh off a bid for possession with intent to sell.. and has zero intent on giving up his day job anytime soon. Artie Caparole - Fortside born and bred; good old Mr. C has been serving the community since the 1960’s, a taste of Italy from his parlor on the colorful roadbend of Drop Street. But as the community changes, as new folk move in and old folk move out, Caparole is having a hard time coming to terms with the people now calling Fortside home. Raul Lopez – The Leader of a South Bohan hispanic gang known as “The Bohan Kings”, he and Marcus's ilk share more than a friendly rivalry. In a predominantly Puerto Rican neighborhood, he may have the numbers but Marcus and his peers will do everything in their power to make sure he doesn't play the advantage. Carolina Garcia – A ghetto fashionista and self professed “gangsta bitch” from around the way. She's been crushing on Marcus since highschool.. or at least she would have been if she ever attended. Despite outward appearances this SoBo native is equal parts dangerous and cute. Don't underestimate her or you may just end up with a gun in your face. Felix Aguero – A flamboyant Cuban cocaine peddler based in East Holland. "Fe-Fe" Aguero's got connections to both the Downtown club scene and the big boys in Alderney, the perfect dichotomy for a young go-getter like Marcus who is trying to break into the competitive drug scene – whatever it takes. Ernie Elardo - The introverted, money minded young capo of the Pavano’s East Holland crew; Emidio Elardo has fingers deep within the upper echelons and has always been on the shortlist for acting boss. His responsibilities now lie in caretaking: whether that’s looking after the Pavano’s heroin interests or babysitting loopy Bohan capo Robert Ferraro. James Dillard - A bonafide legend among the hustlers of East Broker, Dillard is known as ‘Dr. J’ to his disciples and ‘public enemy number 1’ to the local precinct. A crack rock pioneer with his Hinterlands deep into the local drug scene, Doc J is more than just a baller; he’s a street idol. And boy, does he know it. Paulie Stein – A past-his-prime club impresario forced into reluctant reclusion by a misunderstanding with the IRS and an as-of yet not fully understood illness. His legacy on the line, he’s thrown a new sheen of paint on the prestigious Studio 69 with the help of long-suffering co-owner Steve Schneider, rebranding it as "Elephant". All in an attempt to get the upper hand in his ongoing rivalry with James St-Pierre, a playboy of mixed French-Canadian ancestry who now has his 'sight set' on becoming Liberty City's new king of nightlife with his flash new club "Platinum", operating just a few blocks from Elephant and the legendary Bahama Club. Isaiah Jenkins - What is the drug game, but an extension of the free market? To Isaiah Jenkins, former member of Howie Fisher’s drug crew, they’re one in the same… and he wants none of it. Reformed and proud, Isiah's now living out his life in North Holland as an Islamic preacher for the ever growing Brotherhood of Muslims. Never the less he still keeps his finger on the pulse of current happenings in the underworld. He partners Marcus up with Esmail Edwards - the devout former leader of the Lenapia-based Black Mafia currently locked up on a robbery-murder rap from the seventies. Esmail knows that in order to keep things moving, you need some new talent and given his current predicament, he’s always happy for them to come knocking. Cokey Robinson – Just as his nickname suggests Lester “Cokey” Robinson runs a downtown empire based on the finest marching powder Star Junction's money can buy. Despite his flashy exterior he's been unable to move out of the run down projects in President's City and recently his locally based competition have been looking to give him a push. Sylvester Ganzfried - A trained orthodox rabbi who's never taken the pulpit: Ganzfried has done just about every job you can think of. Presidential liaison, Liberty State Police Chaplain, bank director, and now professional mob fixer, dividing his time between Russians and Italians. The rabbi's connections stretch far, from Mossad, to The Exchange, to foreign governments, and now one of his more lucrative connections - the Cleethorpes real estate dynasty, through their eccentric heir Lyle IV and his equally eccentric lawyer Ray Rosenbaum. Eloise Brown – A Los Santos native who moved to Lenapia in the late 1970s to be with her now deceased husband. After his death she inevitably inherited his assets - a multi million dollar piece of the drug market previously held by the Black Mafia. Her ability to turn a ten kilo a month industry into a coast to coast empire shows that if ever there were an example of gender equality on the streets there's none more shining than “Auntie E”. Thanks in no small part of course to loyal foot soldiers like Elmont “E-Money” Washington or the two men she refers to as her “Capital City Connection”. The Tri-State Area takes the stage as the game space of Greed & Grit - the world’s biggest, worst city in Liberty. The ancient, aging rust-belt town of Lenapia. And widespread, mobbed up suburbs throughout Alderney and East Island. Liberty State is a state of contrasts. No, it’s not just the city. Though it might as well be. Look eastward and see the suburbs where mobsters and spooks alike set up picket fences and let the kids play little league. Look past Bohan and see the mansions and horse tracks where the affluent make their home. Look upstate and, well… we don’t talk about Upstate. LIBERTY CITY Liberty City is The Worst Place in America. Ask former President Sherwin Peck who first said the quote during a speech in 1975, a quote that’s haunted the city in the years since. The crown jewel of American capitalism, the face of an empire, and the quickly crumbling de-facto capital of the United States. Five boroughs: the studded skyscrapers of Algonquin belying filth on both northern and southern ends. The brownstones of Broker where crime syndicates alike have claimed their footing. The projects of Bohan red-lined from top to bottom, the streets lined with dealers and drug addicts. The forgotten borough of Richmond Island that might as well be ‘Derney, and the suburb and parkland of Dukes. What a f*cking town. It’s the place where smoke comes out the manhole covers and where everyone is batsh*t f*cking crazy. Way before the naked cowboys playing guitars in the city’s hot spot of sin in Star Junction and stage show glitz on Burlesque, it was ladies of the night playing on pervy heartstrings and amateur skin flicks being shot on crackling VHS tapes in abandoned theaters. The city houses just about every ethnicity in the world - from commies to compatrioti, Jews in flight and Colombians and Dominicans arriving en masse. Shrinking enclaves taken over - Fortside and Schottler turning darker by the day, South Broker slowly being dominated by Russians. Koreans and Albanians in Little Bay, Greeks and Moroccans in Steinway. The tides of change. Risk salmonella from street meat, get robbed in an alley by a bum in a diaper, see the beautiful Statue of Happiness decomposing in the river and giving every immigrant the finger. Enjoy the mud before the rain. EAST ISLAND If Richmond Island is Alderney, then East Island is… well, it’s something. Traditionally more New Hanover than New Rotterdam. There exists no better example on earth of the contrast between the haves and the have nots. A two hour drive along the Sunset Highway equates to an ascent of the property ladder, all the way to the top. It's no wonder the borough of Dukes legislated to offload some of its worst sections onto a county that has a median income ten times its own. Two story houses and tract mansions and some of the goofiest amateur architectural work only a way-too-rich wiseguy could commission. That’s some of it, anyway. Look on the Dukes border and you’ll see the ethnic enclaves - a second Chinatown in Keering, a Jamaican hotspot in Wampum, Italians in a Meso Park that’s just about middle class. Keep going, though. The Carraway Peninsula slopes down Broker where beachside whites make their home - Near and Far Carraway, Hadaway, Carraway Point. A beautiful view of Wampum Bay swampland where you can see low-flying aircraft doing runs in the night, picturesque views or cement-shoed corpses washing up on the beach. Head into central East Island and it’s suburb, suburb, suburb: baroque Bloomingdale, the Hempwoods of West and East, Hunter Bay hamlets and East Beach coastlines. But the richest of Liberty’s rich live in the very east. South and East Carraway, The Carraways, the megamansions and socialites and wine parties and typical aristocracy gossip. Tuxedo dos and secrets galore. The scenic summer home of Jon Gravelli. Coastal Moheague with Lovecraftian fog and the lone lighthouse shining out onto the ocean. The perfect honeymoon. Mobsters, blue blood dynasties, a supposedly inactive military base where white vans supposedly drive in and out on the regular. When people think Liberty, they don’t usually think East Island. And that’s probably for good reason too. WORCESTER COUNTY A long-time reputation as the city’s gilded lily can deceive: among the idyllic suburbs and elegant homes the most scummy of criminals can be found. Gangsters, gangbangers, bankers and fools. All can be found in the city of Decker. But plenty of degeneracy and squalor can also be found in many of the county's other neighborhoods and towns. If it's fun you're looking for, why not take a ride on the roller coaster at Joyland Park or grab a Blarneys at one of the 50 Irish bars straddling Kavanagh and McCluskey. Shop 'til you drop at the Oakwood mall just off the expressway and then top it all off with a spot of golf over in Welham bay. Be on your best behaviour or you might just end up doing a stretch at Irving Correctional. It's stood since the 19th century but still houses more animals than the Worcester zoo. While not technically a state, it's the only city in New Sylvania that actually matters. It’s no wonder why Lenapia is called the city of independence. It is after all the place where the United States was created in 1776. They massacred all the natives but the name still stuck. Aside from being of great historical importance it’s also a city that offers its visitors lots to see and do. Whether it’s visiting the world famous Pendencia Hall, or eating your weight in cheesesteak before attempting to run up the steps at the LAME without puking, the place is full of sights that’ll keep you wanting more. And plenty of others that’ll make you wish you never came. The city is chock full of ethnic enclaves. From tracksuit wearing Italians in the South to brotherly loving brothers in the West and a whole melting pot of Hispanics, Irish, Koreans, Russians and Polish in the Northeast. So you’re sure to find a fight wherever you go. If you’re not looking for trouble, then it’s best to stick to Middle City, where you can enjoy traditional eateries and markets, with virtually none of the danger. The almost 100 year old Depository Market is a source for fresh scrapple, seafood, meats and cheese. Or you can venture further south to the Italian Market off Assunpink Avenue and travel back to a time long before the advent of supermarkets, good manners or proper sanitation. If it’s calorific junk you’re looking for, then why not grab a world famous Lenny cheesesteak from the equally famous Big Miz or Philly Gee’s and become embroiled in a feud that’s been going on for almost 30 years now. Just don’t let either proprietor see you entering the other, or you may just end up being added to the menu! Prepare to lose yourself in the Eden State. The contorted backbone of the playable area, that, true to its name, is awash with temptation at every hand’s turn (and plenty of snakes to go with it). The serpentine appearance should be a dead giveaway but don’t be put off, as fun and adventure awaits in an area that’s so much more than a place where “people from Liberty City go to dump their trash”. Across the area’s Nine Counties there’s mountain hiking, waterfalls, nature reserves, airfields, casinos and (of course) plenty of gangs. It’s no wonder when its major cities consistently rank tops among the worst places in America. Geographically, the state is split into North and South, with some mess in the middle that nobody talks about. Thanks to a vast highway and turnpike system you’ll thankfully never have to go there, so let’s move along. More to come. Ménage à Trois - A typical day on the East Coast, played out through the actions of our three protagonists. For two it's just the same old stuff - for the other, a chance at a new beginning. Stay Tuned. Gameplay is actually a bit of a misnomer. It's all hypothetical. What follows is basically the wordplay section. Read away and imagine. The economy, the underworld, the overall zeitgeist of the era. Before most of us were born. It might aswell be jupiter, but it's earth. In a fan fiction about a computer game. Set in a make believe world, almost 40 years ago. But stick with with it. You won't regret it. Well maybe you will but you'll need to read and find out. So suspend your disbelief and read on. This took us a while and we'd appreciate it. Welcome to the days of Hoganomics, where the rich get richer and the poor get more creative. Where every bodega is selling a little more than groceries and nearly every establishment is a simple facade, operating purely to mask the illegal activities in the back. Whether you’re an enterprising criminal or simply on the take, there’s always a little extra money to be made. And plenty of ways to spend it all too. Racket Robberies Why be content with simply robbing a store or walking away with a free pack of cigarettes? Why not do a little investigating and see what that simple store owner really has to hide. Call up some of your boys or go in guns blazing and take them for everything they’ve got. If mass murder isn’t your forte, sometimes all it takes is a little persuasion. Maybe you can push the guy around a little and talk him into giving you a hefty fee to leave the place intact. Drug Smuggling Dope selling is a dope’s game. Join in on the fun. Buy or sell a variety of narcotics across the three states as a way of making money - no matter how risky. Choose any number of narcotics swimming around on the streets (or the ocean) including Coke, Heroin, Weed and Methamphetamines. Drug smuggling in Greed & Grit takes a uniquely three pronged approach. Depending on the drug, you can use either Marcus or Danny to get it straight from the source. Then when it makes its way successfully to the open market you can use Tommy to pilfer the dealers and put it back on the streets. Coke and Methamphetamines are both Danny's forte but if it's Weed or Heroin you're looking to distribute then Marcus is your man. Since coke is undoubtedly king, it'll require the most heavy lifting. Once the suppliers make their drop off, you go and collect it. When it's on dry land, the other protagonist takes over and transports it to various lock ups. After this it becomes open season for all manner of stick up men and alphabet agencies. You can let it be seized by one of the other dick swingers, to the detriment of the other guys' bank accounts, or you can lift it yourself and make the moral choice between selling it on through your partners or turning it in as evidence. Gambling The numbers racket is an underworld business, at least in the big cities. In Liberty State, Lenapia, or much of Northern Alderney - your number one spots for hedging your bets are mobbed up bookies. Take a punt and pick your poison: blackjack, poker, horse races… two cockroaches crawling up a wall. If you need it, take a loan out - go big or go home (with broken kneecaps of course). If you want to go really big then why not take a trip down the shore to Empire City. At least if you lose it all you won't have to wander far in order to jump off the pier. The water's so polluted that you'll probably be dead before you know it. And what happens in EC, stays there forever right? Just try to avoid the other saps when you're smuggling in your drugs. Market Manipulation & Gun Running It’s a bull market, baby. The stock game is a hell of a ride. Among the coke-tipped noses of bankers on the Exchange are opportunities to make a little money on the side by spiking the football and screwing with the competition. If you want to make the big figures or sink a whole company on a coin toss then future club fed alumnus Herbert Meinster will be happy to help. Provided he takes his exorbitant cut. Story characters’ll also introduce you to a mechanic where you personally help with the sale of illegal firearms. If you prefer less of a risk (financially speaking) then Biker ‘Buddy’ Earle can help you fulfil your patriotic duty with a sideline to former marines with bucket loads of guns in and out of the Middle East. Even if you lose, America wins. And that's all that matters. Executive Car Service There are a million and one yellow cabs on the streets and quite a few independents trying to crack the market as well. In the days when Zurst is just a figment of the imagination, there exists a certain clientele that need to get where they’re going in style. Who gives a f*ck if the driver has a record, half of these people do too. Whether it be trips from the airport, a low profile getaway or coked up number crunchers making a mad dash from one brokerage firm to another, ferrying the area’s more exclusive commuters can be a great little earner. Not to mention the fact that the majority of these services are controlled by the mob, so you don’t need to worry about anybody skipping out on the fare. Professional Car Theft Translation: some people who don’t want to register a car might want a car by… other means. Light fingered connections like Kelvin Mitcham and Mickey Bardi Jnr. can steal a car on request and bring it right to you and there’s certainly no shortage of seized vehicles available from impound on Tommy’s end. But what if you want to have a crack at liberating a few vehicles from their owners yourself? In East Hook, Liberty City, you might find a man by the name of "Jack the Polack" Palansky with a variety of cars that need finding across town. Kevin McCarthy of Lenapia’s B&D Crew has the inside track on any number of rides in the city and down South ‘Derney. They’re open to any takers; just find the right whip and take it. With or without obstacles or undue stress. Stay in the game long enough and you'll work your way up to a mysterious man named Kaczynski, the one issuing lists across the whole tri-state area from a warehouse in the Tudor docks. Debt Collection & Bounty Hunting Loans and bail bonds - easy money for any entrepreneur willing to get their hands a little dirty. All three protagonists have a man that has an extra-long logbook of people who need paying: Vito Accardi for Danny, Matt Lupo for Marcus, and good ol’ Mickey Gonzalez for Tommy Dwyer, despite being in the hole to various loan sharks himself. How the debts get paid? You be the judge. If they don’t have hard cash, asset forfeiture might be required: a ring, a car, some neat tech from within the debtor’s house. They should’ve known who they were lending from. Alternatively, there's a pretty-much-legal way of making money from the downtrodden trying their hand at an extortionate criminal justice system i.e. catching criminals and felons trying to escape a charge. In Alderney’s flag-waving suburbs, a man named Hester will show you the way. In Alderney’s more rural areas, the sisterly duo of Trixie and Dixie are happy to hire. The choice is yours. Private Security LC is second only to the glamor of Vinewood when it comes to the power of celebrity - and like any John Lennon, you’ll always have plenty of Mark David Chapmans. Pick up work at just about any nightclub or nightlife hotspot or take jobs from a variety of high-profile entertainment agents. Whether that’s skin-industry mogul and Gambetti affiliate Enzo ‘E.Z’ Zaccaro; eccentric talent-taker Oggie Greenblatt or flamboyant fashion queen Kim Manx. You’ll be out on the street with stars and celebutantes, just watching out for those who might cause harm. The routes to being a bodyguard are slightly different for each protagonist: Marcus will become involved through Steve Schneider (who also offers him a series of exclusive celebrity centric side missions). But the pathways for Herrera and Dwyer will be a little different. Despite Danny being a convict, security firms are more than happy to offer work to anybody who’s able to keep their cool when faced with a shank wielding psycho. Tommy’s got a badge, which in the private protection business is gold dust. Special allowances from the LCPD also mean that he’s entitled to an extra bonus for doing so. Fashion & Accessories It’s the 80’s, and the pure coke-fueled bump of Hogan-era consumerism is being injected deep into the collective American subconscious. Buy buy buy, buy it in pretty fluorescent colors and always American; unless the Japanese alternative is a little cheaper instead. Purchase either straight from the source or from a variety of department stores like Liberty’s flagship Spender’s outlet in the Triangle, Fuhrberger's in Alderney or Wankstein & Co. in Lenapia’s Middle City. There are also many options to give your character that signature look. Whether it be moderately priced sportswear from labels like Lézard, Biella, Drongo and LS Beans or signature couture from branded stores across the tri-state area such as Didier Sachs, Santo Capra and BULL EMIC. Why not mix and match and get yourself a velour tracksuit designed by Sebastian Dix. A nifty device? The Sumo Beatboy. Buy cassette tapes and listen to music on the go, tune out to the dreariness of the collapsing rust belt city you live in. Want to do some on-the-go photography or play pretend Steve Scott? Buy a photo-camera straight from Genic or a Criterion camcorder. If you prefer to stay at home, you can deck out your pad with an idiot box from the likes of Panoramic or Kakagawa and watch mind melting tosh. Hook up the latest gaming systems from AKEDO and Kaihatsu or some outdated offerings from the likes of Pixtro, Electro and Kakari and fiddle away with pixelated squares until you go square in the eyes. More on this later. You can buy nifty tech, or just about anything else, from the Wallace, Deering and Company catalog, which offers a variety of mailable knick-knacks for the avarist on the go. It also contains ads for third party services such as Warstock Cache & Carry and Pegasus Lifestyle Management, with whom you can set up a line of credit linked directly into your Limit card or any number of offshore accounts. Items bought in stores and catalogues can also be given as gifts. Getting tired of banging hookers and spot a potential girlfriend? Then why not impress her with a pair of Zach Rebleux's or bottle of Chien No. 2. Her like percentage will go up, and hopefully she'll go down. Then you can go back to running the streets without her constantly blowing up your pager. Asset Management Buying a piece of any business - nightclubs, bars, car dealerships, scrap yards - are good for two things. A little bit of legitimate income, and a great lot of money laundering. To keep the charade up, however, you need to make sure a business is actually a business; which means doing the on-the-books owner a favor from time to time to keep things smooth. Troublemakers at the bar? Several troublemakers at the bar? A late delivery or a promotional detail or many-or-any tasks that need-a doing? There’s only one guy at the spot with that particular skill set, and that man is you. On top of your traditional weekly pick up you can also maximise your profits by setting up a little side racket in the back. From good old fashioned staples such as Drinking and Dancing to a range of fast paced adrenaline inducing sports, there are plenty of ways to flit away the boredom across the three varying states. Whether it be enclosed ball games suitable for the urban environment or open air pursuits, you’re sure to find everything you’re looking for and more. Below is a list of activities for you to partake in on your off days.. when you’re not too busy breaking the law. If you want to partake in anything that’s not listed here then you can. But honestly you’re probably better off just playing GTA IV you boring sod. Basketball Making its triumphant return from San Andreas is the game of B-Ball. Like a certain entertainer, who can’t be named for legal reasons, you’ve waited for 16 long years to shoot your shot and here it is. While not exactly on the level of the Holton Hoops or the Penetrators, if you can find a special friend willing to let you dribble and dunk on them you can play a little one on one. And there’s no shortage of wannabe Holland Vagabonds hanging around in the hood for you to challenge either. In fact why not see if they’re looking to get a little action and stick some money down. Then when one of you takes a pounding, ask to go double or nothing. An eviction notice ain’t got nothing on losing that pride. Batting Cages Swing batter batter swiiiinngg. Baseball bats aren't just for home invasion robberies no more. So take one to the cages and have some balls shot at you quicker than you can say Alsaltacuntas. Whilst you try desperately to hit them and knock them as far as you can. Extra points if you can get them into the parking lot. Even more if you can hit some poor schmuck on the sidewalk eating a hot dog. Just don't throw your shoulder out.. you're going to need it to carry all that swag from your home invasion robberies. Golf Ah, the gentlemen’s game. Nowadays there’s so much money floating around that it's hard to tell the criminals from the conscientious. There are a staggering amount of golf courses positioned over the map ranging from public to private. But the basic mechanics are always the same. Take your time to hit it just right and perfect your stroke so that you get your hole every time. The irony being that most of your fellow golfers are men too old to even find the necessary wood. Here’s a tip - it’s the one with the big round head and the longer shaft. Some say it’s not the size of the club but the ball you’re swinging it at. Those people need to up their game of course. Hunting & Fishing So you’ve gotten out of the city, you’ve thrown the leisure suit away, you’ve bought a rifle, a fishing rod, a six pack of beers and a can of worms… Now what do you do? You go and murder some animals of course. Or at the very least take them out of their natural habitat. A man needs to eat! And none of that store bought specially prepared stuff will quite cut the mustard. Even if you’re not hungry, why not do it for sport? Gone are the days when this was a way of life but if you look around you can still turn a profit. Seek out with somebody with lax standards and you might just break even from the meat. This kielbasa is Kosher right? Suuuure. Just make sure that fish still has all its fins and scales. Looking for halal? As-salamu alaykum my friend. Make some connections in the fashion industry and you can also sell on that fur. Or hook up with a taxidermist and score a few trinkets to hang in your pad. You're hardly just going to leave that carcass there to rot now are you? Mountain Biking Everybody loves a good pedal and crank. So crank up those gears and pedal ‘til your heart gives out across some of the most treacherous terrain east of Blaine County. There are also other bikes made for urban cycling but who wants to be caught dead riding one of those? Why not dig deep into your pockets and buy an 18 speed, skinny wheeled slope slayer that costs just as much as a second hand family car. Throw on some lycra and take to the hills, where nobody can see just how stupid you look. And the best part is there’s no Snapmatic so you’ll have to bring a several hundred dollar camera that you’ll probably drop, ride back down and find somewhere to develop the film before you can blow and boast about it. Simpler times. Parachuting & Skydiving There’s nothing more exciting than jumping from a couple of thousand feet and hoping your parachute actually opens when you pull the chord. From helicopters, buildings, mountains, cliffs and bridges there are plenty of places from which to throw yourself. From none of which a person was ever meant to be thrown. The world is depressing so why not get a little bit of excitement, who cares. And if you don’t make it out.. the world is depressing.. who cares. Tennis What’s more exhilarating than two people opposite one another smacking a ball over a net with a glorified snowshoe? Well, quite a lot actually, including most of the above. If you’re that way inclined however, there are plenty of courts dotted around for you to have a go at perfecting your backswing. You probably won’t be playing in Meadows Park anytime soon professionally but there’s no reason why you can’t head over there and challenge some schmuck who thinks he ought to be, right? Watersports No.. not that kind. Although you might want to head down to Star Junction and ask for a price list. We’re talking kayaking, white water rafting, boat racing and jet skiing. Get yourself kitted out and do a spot of scuba diving if you’d like. Whether it be for your own amusement or just trying to impress some guidos down at the shore, the many rivers and oceans that surround and entangle the playable area provide the perfect environment for taking things off shore. To enjoy most of what they have to offer all you need to do is acquire a boat by whatever means, or swim if you’ve got the energy. Alternatively you can make your way to any number of boathouses and activity centres and they’ll help you on your way. Then you can steal the equipment and go exploring. Rules are for sissies, and you’re a man of the seas! In the days before the assault weapons ban, all forms of firearms are fairly easy to acquire all across the Tri-State area. Ammu-Nation is open for business all over the map and at the prices they charge their employees will easily disregard the need for a permit. In the interest of profit margins however they don't stock any imports or heavy artillery. Lucky for you there are a litany of unlicensed dealers operating all over, provided you know where to look. Whether it be potential enemies of the state within the various Chinatowns or ex soldiers offloading their national army's surplus stock, you're sure to find whatever your murderous heart desires including: Handguns Burst Pistol Combat Pistol Heavy Pistol Heavy Revolver Marksman Pistol Pistol Pistol .44 Revolver SMGs Assault SMG Combat SMG Compact SMG Machine Pistol Mini SMG Standard SMG Shotguns Combat Shotgun Cowboy Rifle Pump Action Shotgun Sawn Off Shotgun Automatic Rifles Assault Rifle Battle Rifle Bullpup Rifle Burst Rifle Combat Rifle Sniper Rifles Advanced Sniper Combat Sniper Marksman Rifle Heavy Weapons Combat MG Grenade Launcher Rocket Launcher It's a great time for music. As disco falls out of fashion, derivative genres such as post-disco, New Wave, Electro and Synth-pop are becoming even more popular, while the diverse and ever present genres of Smooth Jazz and Rock music are also on the up. If your skin tone's a little darker (even if it's in your own imagination) then R&B, Funk and Soul are still king but the quiet storm of Hip Hop is bubbling under and it's just about to make a grab for the crown. Music not your thing? There's plenty to talk about and boy does the radio like to let people talk about it. Even if you haven't got a word of English, there's something there for everybody. Unless you don't speak a word of Spanish either.. then you're sh*t out of luck. Afrika Bambaataa & Cosmic Force - Zulu Nation Throwdown Disco Daddy & Captain Rapp - Gigolo Rapp Disco Four - Do It, Do It Doug E. Fresh - Just Having Fun Eddie Cheba - Lookin' Good (Shake Your Body) Fat Boys - Jailhouse Rap Funky 4+1 - Rappin And Rocking The House Gary Byrd and the GB Experience - The Crown Grandmaster Flash - The Adventures of Grandmaster Flash on the Wheels of Steel Joe Bataan - Rap-O Clap-O Kurtis Blow - 8 Million Stories Lady D - Lady D MC Rock - Jazzy 4 MC's Paulett & Tanya Winley - Rhymin' and Rappin' Rhythm Talk - Jocko Rockmaster Scott - The Roof is On Fire RUN-D.M.C. - 30 Days Spoonie Gee & The Treacherous 3 - The New Rap Language Sugarhill Gang - Apache (Jump On It) Sweet G - A Heartbeat Rap The Fatback Band - King Tim III The Fearless Four - It's Magic The Mean Machine - Disco Dream Treacherous Three - Body Rock Trouble Funk - Drop The Bomb Whodini - Big Mouth Adam & The Ants - Stand And Deliver Alphaville - Forever Young Billy Idol - Rebel Yell Blondie - Call Me Bon Jovi - Runaway David Bowie - Let's Dance Devo - Whip It Don Henley - Boys of Summer Duran Duran - Hungry Like The Wolf Eddie Money - Shakin' Eurythmics - Who's That Girl Kim Wilde - Cambodia M - Pop Muzik Nik Kershaw - The Riddle Pat Benetar - Heart Breaker Pink Floyd - Another Brick in the Wall OMD - Enola Gay Siouxsie And The Banshees - Happy House Supertramp - Breakfast In America Talking Heads - This Must Be The Place The Boomtown Rats - I Don't Like Mondays The Clash - Rock the Casbah The Go-Go's - Our Lips Are Sealed The Knack - My Sharona The Police - Every Breath You Take Tubeway Army - Are "Friends" Electric? Van Halen - Jump Visage - Fade To Grey Brick - Dazz Central Line - (You Know) You Can Do It Ebonee Webb - Something About You Eighties Ladies - Turned On To You Freedom - Get Up And Dance Goldie Alexander - Show You My Love Greg Henderson - Dreamin Gwen McCrae - All This Love That I'm Giving Houseband - Funk It Up Kool & The Gang - Celebration Leon Haywood - Don't Push It Don't Force It Linx - You're Lying Marvin Gaye - Got To Give It Up Maze Featuring Frankie Beverly - Running Away Michael Wycoff - Looking Up To You Odyssey - Inside Out Rose Rice - Love Don't Live Here Anymore SOS Band - Groovin' (That's What We're Doin') The Brothers Johnson - Stomp! The Keith Diamond Band - The Dip The New Jersey Connection - Love Don't Come Easy The Sequence - Funk You Up (Long Version) Buddy Rich - Bugle Call Rag (Big Swing Face) Cannonball Adderley Quintet - Mercy, Mercy, Mercy Charles Mingus - Open Letter to Duke Charlie Parker - Bebop John Coltrane - Summertime Louis Armstrong - West End Blues Miles Davis - Smoke Gets in Your Eyes Oscar Peterson - How About You Roy Haynes - Full Moon Sun Ra - When There is No Sun Thelonious Monk - Bye-Ya/Monk's Dream Tubby Hayes Quartet - What's New Althea and Donna - Uptown Top Ranking Barrington Levy – Murderer Barry Brown - Truth And Right Black Uhuru - Guess Who's Coming To Dinner Cornell Campbell - Boxing Around David Isaacs - Place In The Sun Early B - Righteous Rasta Eek A Mouse - Terrorists In The City Gregory Isaacs - Night Nurse Half Pint - One Big Ghetto Leroy Sibbles - Life In the Ghetto Michigan & Smiley – Diseases Mighty Diamonds - Pass The Kouchie Peter Tosh - Legalize It Rita Marley – One Draw Super Cat - Jah Paradise Triston Palmer - Innocent Man Yellowman - Mr. Chin ABC - The Look Of Love Angela Bofill - Too Tough Bananarama - Cruel Summer Billy Ocean - Caribbean Queen (No More Love On The Run) Cheryl Lynn - Encore Culture Club - Do You Really Want To Hurt Me Cyndi Lauper - Girls Just Want To Have Fun Depeche Mode - Just Can't Get Enough Evelyn 'Champagne' King - Back To Love Hall & Oates - I Can't Go for That (No Can Do) Heatwave - Gangsters of the Groove Jackson Five - Can You Feel It Lionel Richie - Running With The Night Madonna - Holiday Melba Moore - Underlove Men Without Hats - Safety Dance Michael Jackson - Beat It Raw Silk - Just in Time Shakatak - Down On The Street Shalamar - I Can Make You Feel Good Soft Cell - Tainted Love Starpoint - It's All Yours Sybil Thomas - Rescue Me Wham! - Everything She Wants Adrenalin O.D. - Going To A Funeral Agnostic Front - Power Bad Brains - Supertouch Damage - Sins of our Fathers Dead Boys - Flame Thrower Love Heart Attack - Society Kraut - Unemployed Minor Threat - Seeing Red Ramones - Teenage Lobotomy Reagan Youth - New Aryans The Dictators - Stay With Me The Icemen - Shadow Out Of Time The Stimulators - Loud Fast Rules! The Young and the Useless - Rise And Shine Undead - Acid Punk Urban Waste - Public Opinion Amanda Miguel - Así No Te Amará Jamás Basilio - Tanto Tanto Amor Celia Cruz & Willie Colón - Usted Abusó Daniela Romo - Mentiras El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico - Vagabundo Hector Lavoe - El Cantante Joe Arroyo - La Rumbera Jose Luis Perales - Y Te Vas Julio Iglesias - "Hey" Miguel Gallardo - Hoy Tengo Ganas De Ti Oscar D'Leon - Lloraras Poncho Sanchez - Morning Roberto Carlos - Amigo Rocío Dúrcal - Amor Eterno Ruben Blades - Decisiones Willie Colon & Ruben Blades - Pedro Navaja Billy Paul - Me And Mrs. Jones Blue Magic - Just Don't Wanna Be Lonely Diana & Marvin - You're My Everything Hall & Oates - Rich Girl Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes - If You Don't Know Me By Now Lou Rawls - You'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine Major Harris - Love Won't Let Me Wait McFadden & Whitehead - Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now MFSB - TSOP (The Sound Of Philadelphia) Philadelphia All Stars - Let's Clean Up The Ghetto Teddy Pendergrass - Close The Door The Delfonics - Didn't I (Blow Your Mind This Time) The Jacksons - Enjoy Yourself The Jones Girls - You Gonna Make Me Love Somebody Else The O'Jays - Darlin' Darlin' Baby The Spinners - Rubberband Man The Stylistics - You Make Me Feel Brand New The Three Degrees - When Will I See You Again The Trammps - Hold Back the Night Thelma Houston - Don't Leave Me This Way Alton Edwards - I Just Wanna (Spend Some Time With You) Advance - Take Me To The Top Brandi Wells - Watch Out Carl Carlton - She's a Bad Mama Jama Change - Hold Tight Chemise - She Can't Love You Debarge - I Like It Evelyn 'Champagne' King - If You Want My Lovin George Benson - Give Me The Night Howard Johnson - So Fine Junior - Mama Used To Say Kashif - Stone Love Kool & The Gang - Ladies Night Melba Moore - Love's Comin' At Ya! Midnight Star - Curious Patrice Rushen - Forget Me Nots Shalamar - Don't Try To Change Me SOS Band - Groovin' (That's What We're Doin') Sylvia Striplin - You Can't Turn Me Away Teena Marie - I Need Your Lovin The O'Jays - Put Our Heads Together The Whispers - It's a Love Thing Toney Lee - Reach Up Vicky D - This Beat is Mine Accept - Princess of the Dawn AC/DC - You Shook Me All Night Long Aerosmith - Three Mile Smile Autograph - Turn Up the Radio Billy Squier - The Stroke Black Sabbath - Paranoid Blue Oyster Cult - Dr. Music Budgie - Breadfan Def Leppard - Photograph Dokken - Into The Fire Foreigner - Head Games Judas Priest - Breaking The Law Led Zeppelin - Kashmir Motörhead - No Class Queen - Stone Cold Crazy Red Rider - Lunatic Fringe Riot - Road Racin' Rolling Stones - Start Me Up Rush - Tom Sawyer Saxon - Princess of the Night Scorpions - No One Like You Triumph - Lay It on the Line The Sweet - The Ballroom Blitz Thin Lizzy - Dancing in the Moonlight Van Halen - Somebody Get Me A Doctor ZZ Top - Sharp Dressed Man B Beat Girls ‎– For The Same Man (Nasty Version) Davy DMX - The DMX Will Rock Dominatrix - The Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight Extra T’s - E.T. Boogie Freestyle - Don't Stop The Rock Hashim - We’re Rocking The Planet Herbie Hancock - Autodrive Jamie Jupitor - Computer Power Planet Patrol - Play At Your Own Risk Pretty Tony - Jam The Box Project Future - Ray Gun Omics Quadrant Six - Body Mechanic Richie Scotti - Breaker Seduction - Video Games (Instrumental) Rodney Stepp - Break-Out The Egyptian Lover - Killin’ It Twilight 22 - Siberian Nights Two Sisters - High Noon Unknown DJ & Three-D - Beatronic Willesden Dodgers - Jive Rhythm The Daily Doskie with Cheryl Bowsky - In the days before mansplaining was a crime punishable by death, our wholesome host 'Cherry' Bowsky attempts to stir up a roundtable discussion about ideology and politics with Democratic City Mayor Earl Schmidt, Liberal leaning Governor Iggy Iorio and Republican Worcester County Executive Aengus O'Donnell. What could possibly go wrong? The answer is everything. After being left in the lurch by longtime co-host Johnny Freeloader, Bowsky finds herself severely out of depth due to a lack of knowledge about the subject matter and her inability to mediate between three fierce rivals who engage in a game of petty mud slinging and one upmanship. After several feeble attempts to take hold of the conversation, she simply lets them have at it while she knits a sweater and bakes them some pecan pie. The Open Mike with Mike Riley - Professional talkist and national treasure Michael Riley hosts a special pow wow with a focus on Religion and Morality including Eshel Schochet, Fayad Ali, Pastor Richards and a young Cris Formage. Riley also takes calls from the general public, who by and large seem to be in fear for their lives due to scaremongering and doomsday prophecies perpetuated by the panel of guests. Could Cavern of Sorrow really have sinister undertones? The women from WACOS seem to think so. One particular caller claiming to represent the Mothers of Prevention also seems overly concerned about the damage being done to her kids by the music industry but Riley cuts her off before she has a chance to articulate. Something about advisory stickers.. who cares. The industry will never go for it anyway and none of these people will ever be heard from again. Bar good old Mike of course. Clay and Knight with Clay Kohler and Marianne Knight - Station bosses have teamed vitriolic veteran Clay Kohler with lysergic lefty Marianne Knight in a last ditch effort to keep him on the straight and narrow before showing him the door. Together they host a 'balanced' debate show focused on Law and Order featuring LCPD Commissioner Herbert Winters, District Attorney Rudy Kastrov, Criminal Defense Lawyer Zurial Orzoff and Avenging Angels' founder Jesus Sentenz. Kohler blames the blacks, Knight blames the school system, while the others try in vain to downplay the amount of crime in the city and the adverse effects of readily available firearms. Why not just arm the school children and get it over with eh? Breakfast with Billy Borscht - Playful pandemonium with the eponymous Billy Borscht - a southern born sketch comedian with a penchant for taking cream pies to the face. He's got a supporting cast of puppets that the kids will love including: Dirty Dog, Happy Hippo, Lethargic Lion and Felicia O' Fox. Little do they realise that all of the above is a thinly veiled cover for Billy's problematic drug use and deviant sexuality. When these issues come to light, Borscht will be replaced by Martin Serious but the powers that be will soon realise that simulated sex acts perform by stuffed animals are just a drop in the ocean when faced with the sea of complaints resulting from Marty's debauchery and he will eventually be fired as well. The Dick & Flo Show with Dr. Dick and Aunt Flo - Late Night Advice from clinical psychologist Richard Oppenheimer and Florence D'Angelo Michaels. Dr. Dick constantly takes a no nonsense approach to callers, trying to zero in on a problem without getting caught up in their long stories or digressions before relating it back to some deep seated issue with their mother or father (usually with sexual overtones). Michaels acts as his foil, in that she's a down to earth suburban housewife from East Island who approaches callers problems with common sense and frequently relates them back to her own sex life with her husband (who also happens to be a producer on the show). In a strange twist of fate, it's revealed towards the end of the show that Oppenheimer is not a clinical psychologist at all, but veteran south Alderney broadcaster Eddie Amadeus in disguise, having apparently lost his memory in a plane crash and deeply repressed all remnants of his former self. Amadeus secures a book deal based on his 'experience' and Michaels gets her own syndicated talk show on national TV. Everyone's a winner, save for the Liberty City public, who are left to deal with the consequences of acting on the duo's tawdry advice. Lunchtime with Lazarus - Previously known as Lazarus in the Morning before a forcible name change necessitated by host Johnny Lazarus's ironic inability to get out of bed before midday. Just a few months into his new tenure and standards have already started to slip. The producers probably should have read the warning signs when Lazarus grew his hair long and started sporting a Stetson, after killing off his old persona in '71 and moving East from Los Santos. The signs became a little clearer when he started to actually drink from the bottle live on air. They thought it was all part of the gimmick I guess. Offensive impressions and politically incorrect observations are all part of the act now too. It's only a matter of time before everyone realises he's just an absolute bastard who should never have been allowed on the air in the first place. Until that day comes however, just sit back, listen and prepare to be made to feel very uncomfortable. Somebody said his son is interning at a rock station in Vice City. Hopefully it's just a rumor, otherwise we're all screwed. The Richard Bernstein Show - Before national syndication and a narcissistic name change, we join the patriotic powerhouse and his gaggle of like minded buddies including Jack Howitzer and Lyle Cleethorpes for a series of pre-recorded right sided rants interrupted intermittently by public backlash in order to allow the show to meet the requirements of the fairness doctrine. The longer these guys give President Hogan the reach around, the shorter they'll have to wait before it all blows over. Perhaps they'll even get their own station... or maybe their own network. Now that would be something. Nattering with Chattering - Condescending claptrap with nepotistic nincompoop William Chattering III. Laugh along with Willy boy as he talks down to the public at large while simultaneously lambasting a host of celebrity guests - including satanic rocker turned talent agent Barry "Stillborn" Mickelthwaite and disgraced middleweight boxer "Hurricane" Hercule Robinson who prepares to compete for the world title fresh off a bid for allegedly murdering his wife. Tales of lizard people, the occult and pederastic orgies abound. It's all in Barry's memoir. But what happened to Herc's wife? Chattering's on a mission and he's determined to find out. Even if it means a broken jaw. Talkin' Balls! with Derrick Thackery - Vague sporting talk with Footballing legend BJ Smith and Jorge Asaltacunas of The Birchwood Brawns, in association with the Liberty Sports Network. On the cusp of his career, Jorge just had a baby not too long ago with his teenage girlfriend and wants him to one day follow in his footsteps. BJ discusses his illustrious career and the pitfalls of the industry as well as hinting at what's next. They're eventually joined by up and coming dribbler Tyrone Hancock from the Liberty Penetrators as they discuss the trappings of new found super stardom including readily available women and drugs. The ballers can relate, and they sure do love to talk about it! Our pal Derrick? Not so much. He seems preoccupied with talk of players throwing games and keeps asking about the names and addresses of referees. He also seems to be in some sort of financial trouble. Wonder what's happening. He says he's flying to San Andreas soon so maybe he'll forget about it. We're sure we'll forget about him. The Last Word with Vernon Vapid - Minority Talk Show aimed primarily at Blacks and Gays, ironically hosted by an old white guy. Featuring token black Congressman Jeremiah Johnson, Henry Pidgeon of the Lenapia Biweekly Gay Tribune and aging Yippie turned conspiracy theorist Monie Flowers. Whether it be engineered viruses aimed at the most marginalised in our society or black helicopters in the sky, this paranoiac trio want to make sure we all become woke to the government agenda, even if poor old Vernon can barely manage to keep his eyes open. Bless his cotton socks. But what do you expect from an old fart who named himself after a car. And speaking of which... Oil prices are low, dirty money is in abundance and the US is now home to the Japanese answer to The Big Three. So simmer down and buckle up in some of the finest vehicles from all over the world. It's never been easier. And thanks to less than advantageous right-to-work laws they've never been cheaper to produce. Get them while they're hot because it's only a matter of time before a wave of mergers and acquisitions and you'll be back to riding around in the gas guzzling shells produced by the terrible three once again. To find out what's for the taking, why not take a look through our comprehensive catalogue of everything on offer. (FULL LIST AVAILABLE HERE)
  3. A similar has happened, but fav Protagonist. Lets see who your guys favourite ANTAGONIST is. Based on his/her appearance, the dominance the Antagonist had over the Protagonist over the course of the game, and how cold hearted the Antagonist is. This is a Poll on your Favourite Antagonist. PS: I will use Main antagonists, and some few side/secondary antagonists. I also go through the Antagonists from a release order from GTA III (3D Universe) to GTA V (HD Universe)
  4. GRAND THEFT AUTO: THE INNER CIRCLE The 3rd concept by DownInTheHole. (Theme Song) Michael Gray (feat. Shelley Poole) - Borderline Other concepts by me: Grand Theft Auto: Borders Grand Theft Auto: Carcer City ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- About 20 miles west of Carcer City, Musketoon lies its sister city Ellis (also known as EL ILL), located in the state of Illinois. A city with an unsurmountable love for all things sports, alcohol, and house music, is marred by a dark past, ranging from the Prohibition-era gangster slayings in the 20s and 30s, Civil Rights clashes with the police in the 60s and 70s and the Rust Belt period in the 80s and 90s. Based on the actual city of Chicago, Illinois, Ellis today in the early 21st century looks to be a shining example of how a city can rise from its ashes and triumph over its problems, even building a new stadium, known as the Hope Stadium, in commemoration of its struggle. And yet, with the advent of a new opportunities and a growing interest in yet another dubious war initiated by foreign policy, a wave of political ambition and greed looms over Ellis, and many cities like it, as members of the elite clamor at the prospect of becoming mayor during the city’s big election year. Taking advantage of the city’s high crime and murder rate, prospective candidates manipulate and spin the volatile climate of the city to their favors, performing all manners of vice, each more depraved than the last to get to the top; spreading misinformation, hiring gangs to destroy campaign materials and blackmail their rivals, throwing lavish soirees and parties to curry favor the big dogs and even going as far as to hold an opponent’s family hostage. Two big political factions in the city exist, the Populists and the Traditionalists. The Populists, signified by the color yellow, are known for their progressive politics and Laissez-faire economic policies that are supported mostly by the city’s lower class, whereas the Traditionalists, signified by the color blue, have a more conservative approach towards the city, being staunchly anti-globalist and are firm believers of trickle-down economics, popular among the city’s elite and big business. That said, the two factions will stop at nothing to climb over one another this election, even if it means taking the lives, and/or destroying the livelihoods of innocent people. A local band of hitmen and assassins, known as The Inner Circle, with roots to the gang wars in the 1930s, are among those criminal elements to have their services called in, taking jobs from the highest bidder. These jobs become progressively inhumane as the elections continue, and members within the organization find themselves at loggerheads with each other, taking jobs from opposing clients. This grows into an internal struggle, as members clash with one another to either protect or kill a target, as the definition of what an assassin is becomes increasingly muddied as they find themselves caught up in a relentless game of violent chess between the elite. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The city of Ellis is split into 9 districts and 1 outskirt town, each having a distinct flavor and atmosphere, occupied by different groups of people of varying socio-economic and racial backgrounds. There is a saying that goes in the city of Ellis, “If you want to lose your life, head south, if you want to lose your humanity, head north.” Serviced by the local bus depot and the El, a colloquial term for the rapid train line, much of the city can be traversed with public transport in a matter of minutes, considered to be one of the more complex and efficient systems in the United States, after Liberty City, though automobiles are still very much the preferred mode of transport for most Ellisians. The overhead Interstate freeway I-13 serves as the main connection between the districts, which also connects to other Midwestern cities such as Carcer City, which is unseen in-game, though the scenic Lakeside Driveway, which runs through Aubrey, Sligo, East Ellis, Holliwock and Basquiat, is also used. THE DISTRICTS AUBREY CHANDELIER HEIGHTS, HURLEY BOULEVARD, BRUNSWICK, PIERRE DRIVE, OUTLOOK LANE The northwestern suburban district of Ellis, and one of the most affluent. Old money runs the district of Aubrey, with gated communities, private security and boutique restaurants and shops. A local country club known as the Chandelier Country Club rules the neighborhood with an iron fist, keeping the real estate prices up and driving off the poor, heavily implied to be financed by one of the city’s most influential gangs, The Armagh Syndicate, among others. Many of the city’s elite politicians and aldermen reside in Aubrey, where they cautiously tread outside to other neighborhoods to gather votes. BARCLAY GARCIAN AVENUE, BLACKBURN, ULMEYDA PARK, GREEKTOWN, LITTLE ODESSA A small district which shares some of its turf with the neighboring Sligo, and is home to the Greek and Polish/Ukrainian diaspora in Ellis. Often called the Hove Beach of Ellis, many of the city's Eastern European and Southern European immigrants can be found in Barclay, running restaurants, flower shops and car dealerships. A local subset of the Greek Mafia can be found here, hanging around Tomasi's Gyros in Greektown. A newly-formed gang in the city, the Greek Mafia, also known as the Loukanis Crime Family, are making moves in the shipping business, and worke closely with Vito Cattaneo's clan of Mafioso. SLIGO MASTERSON, REVY AVENUE, LITTLE ARMAGH, FAIRBANKS, LAKE MUSKETOON PIER, ELLIS INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT The city’s northeastern district with a large Irish-American diaspora, overlooking the iconic Ellis River to the west, that flows towards central. Famous for its taverns and nightclubs that blast French House, UK Garage and Trance, Sligo is also famous for its picturesque scenery of Lake Musketoon, which its pier overlooks, visited by thousands of tourists from all around, the Ellis River flowing perpendicular to it. That said, the area also has a notable Armagh Syndicate presence, acting as muscle for the various nightclubs in the area, as well as running protection and fraud rackets in the area. The city’s flagship airport, Ellis International, is also located here, which is one of the busiest airports in the Midwest, along with Warrington Airport in Carcer City. The runway runs between the north and north eastern areas of the furthest ends of the map, cutting off directly before the lake shore. WEST ELLIS CLONAKITTY, HARLOW PARK, VENICE, BARLEIGH MARKET, GALLIVANTER BOULEVARD, PARSONS FIELDS A part residential, part commercial district of the city of Ellis, where rows of middle-class suburbs are interspersed with layers of small-to-mid-sized apartment blocks and some malls. A large Italian-American diaspora resides in West Ellis, having been around since the early 20th century. The district is also known for being the site of an infamous massacre in 1932, where 10 mobsters from the local Ellis Crime Family were brutally slain in cold blood in the private room of a nightclub by a group of armed assassins, possibly hired by the Irish Mob. The nightclub has since been turned into a bar named Walton’s, which capitalizes on this chunk of mob history to attract new customers. The district is also home to a local chapter of the Delta Chargers MC, an outlaw motorcycle gang with an affinity for Japanese import motorcycles and old-school hot rods, which was founded in Ellis in the mid-80s. CENTRAL FOLSOM SQUARE, BALISTER FINANCIAL DISTRICT, BELTRAN PARK, JACKSON POINT, SAINTS BOULEVARD, NEW CENTER The commercial district of Ellis, Illinois, and a place where business is conducted, and the largest district in Ellis. Colloquially known as the Ellis Loop, many of the city’s famed landmarks and skyscrapers are located here, built in various architecture styles ranging from the Steel Renaissance and Art Deco of the early 20th Century, to the more Brutalist-inspired modernist styles in the 1950s and onwards. A famed landmark, The Rosetta Stone, affectionately known as the Ellis Polished Turd, is very popular among tourists to Ellis, with its reflective surface used as the basis for many vacation photobombs. Additionally, many companies and corporations are based in this district, mostly congregating at the Balister Financial District. The Ellis River runs through the center of the district, which is dyed green during St. Patrick’s Day in spring. EAST ELLIS ATHENIA, BOYLE HEIGHTS, HELSINKI, STADIUM DRIVE, HOCKEY PARK, SLYBOROUGH A district where all the big stadiums and trendy bars in town are, facing the majestic Lake Musketoon, such as the Cavalier Stadium and the Hope Stadium, currently under construction. It is also home to Ellis’s small slice of Greek culture, the neighborhood of Athenia, also home to a large casino called Capone’s Chips, offering games such as roulette, craps and baccarat to out-of-town executives and tourists. BROCKWELL CARVER, PRYZBYLEWSKI DRIVE, STANFIELD ALLEY, FREAMON, BROCKWELL WOODS The most dangerous district in Ellis, located in the south-west, facing inland Illinois, surrounded by the woods. Brockwell is notorious for being home to some of the most infamous housing projects in the Midwest, The Cipriani Homes, where homicides are commonplace and shootings are widely considered to be daily occurrences. A powerful gang founded in the projects, known by the local name, The Killa Mob, appears to rule the projects and most of the district, and also appear to dabble in politics as well, judging by their uncanny ability to influence black and Hispanic voters living in the district. That said, not all hope is lost in Brockwell, and there are attempts by the local community to pen up a truce between the gangs in the district, though this has yet to reach fruition. DARWIN QUAZAR HEIGHTS, CHINATOWN, NOLAN ALLEY, OCHOA, SHERRINGTON The south-central district of Ellis, noticeably more well off than either Brockwell or Holliwock, in part due to its closer proximity to Central. Houses the city’s Chinese-American population, complete with its own Chinatown, peddling all manners of food and goods. Some of the city’s most renowned fine-dining restaurants are located in Darwin. A Triad organization exists in the district, though it is not as influential as the other Chinese syndicates in the east and west coasts, being mostly confined to counterfeiting and money laundering gangs that operate on behalf of their more powerful compatriots. HOLLIWOCK CANTON COURTS, LAKESIDE CUTOFF, HARLING, BRICETON, EDMUNDVILLE The south-eastern, mostly-industrial district of Ellis, and considered to be the most second-most dangerous district in the city, though crime is mostly confined to the housing projects in the area, not unlike Brockwell, and partly due to the district facing the city’s Interstate freeway, the I-13, and as such is often policed by the EPD. Crime aside, the district is known to house some of the biggest ball courts in the city, as well as being home to some of the best soul food places in the Midwest, owing to African-American immigration from the South in the 1950s and 1960s. BASQUIAT, ILLINOIS HUNTSWORTH, PLEMMONS, EAST POINT A smaller, yet considerably more run-down industrial city located southeast of Ellis, formerly an automobile powerhouse not unlike Carcer City a few miles away, loosely based on Gary, Indiana. The effects of the Rust Belt have not been kind on Basquiat, as the city struggles with a high crime and corruption rate, underfunded and understaffed public services and police, rows of abandoned factories and housing and a diminishing population. That said, despite its decrepit nature and not being incorporated into the Ellis metropolitan area, Basquiat is still considered to be heavily active in the Ellis mayoral elections, composing a medium-large cast of the African-American vote. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Inspired by games and movies such as Killer7, Black Lagoon, The Wire and Bad Times At The El Royale, the game’s prologue begins with members of The Inner Circle at odds with one another in early 2005, during the inauguration of the new mayor, before going back to the start of 2004 and beginning with the storyline, with each protagonist having their own arc (With the name of each arc being that of their names). These arcs briefly explore their respective histories and backstories, as well as how they joined the crew, before going through the events which lead up to the events of the prologue and the epilogue, from their individual perspectives. Finishing all the arcs leads to the epilogue, where the story ties the actions of all the characters together, and a majority of the protagonists are killed canonically during this arc. That said, all the characters will still be playable once the game is complete, and can be switched, GTA V-style. As Ellis features four seasons, much like Chicago in real life, there is a gradual progression of seasons with each arc, as the game shifts from 2004 to 2005. PROLOGUE CHEYENNE MICHA ORLANDO JEROME KELLOCK EPILOGUE ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PROTAGONISTS Given the nature of The Inner Circle, there exists five playable protagonists in the game, each with their own skillset and personality and also having their own respective motivations and loyalties to explain their backstories. Cheyenne “Che” Ricci “Seems like no matter I go, there's always gonna be some asshole with a paper crown that's gonna kick me down.” Skillset Driving: **** Fighting: *** Stamina: **** Marksmanship: ***** Charisma: ** The de facto protagonist of the game. A 26-year old Italian-American novice assassin and former US Army sniper who served two tours in Afghanistan, and the illegitimate daughter of late Ellis Crime Family enforcer, Antonio “The Electrician” Ricci. She is the newest member of The Inner Circle, having only joined in late-2003, not long after returning home from Kabul, where she sustained an injury which also lead her to be briefly captured by the insurgency. She joins the circle in part due to the turbulent economy cities like Ellis were experiencing at the time post-9/11, as well as to not let her military experience go to waste. Prior to her service, Che has only heard stories of her biological father, most of which ended grisly with the victims involved. Growing up in foster care and in relative poverty, she only learns of her mafia past after her foster mother, Josephine Salinas, reveals this before she enlists in the military. Returning to Ellis, she attempts to hook up with the don of the Ellis Mafia, Vito Cattaneo, whose organization is currently growing obsolete in the new century and having problems with informants and the law, and is harboring intentions of going straight. Despite this, Vito, whose son was killed by the EPD in 2002, embraces Che with open arms, expressing regret for not adopting her himself. They form somewhat of an odd father-daughter bond, though Che is generally hesitant of this, believing the man to be crooked and having ulterior motives. She also meets a mysterious figure named Emika Dharan later in her arc, who appears to front a large, shadowy company named Greytex Holdings, which intends to profit from the elections, and its ensuing collateral damage. She claims to know of Che and her past, and tells her that the EPD are trying to crack down on the Ellis Mafia. With this bargaining chip, she asks Che to do wet work in exchange for Vito’s freedom. With the two parties breathing down her necks, and proving her worth to The Inner Circle, and attempting to survive the inner conflict in the squad after that, Che continually hones her craft over the course of the storyline, and learns who her true friends and family are, in a city that damns loyalty. She drives a silver 2004 Dundreary Greenbelt, which is normally tuned to WROC: Ellis Rock Radio, Ellis Pirate Radio and WATH: Ellis After Dark. Micha Lin “Ain’t no use fightin’ the inevitable. This life of lyin’ and cheatin’ is the life you chose, if I may be so inclined as to say some final words on your behalf, least you could do is accept this with dignity.” Skillset Driving: **** Fighting: *** Stamina: ***** Marksmanship: **** Charisma: **** A 36-year old Chinese-American assassin born and bred in the Mississippi Delta, and a former mistress and hitwoman for the Algonquin Triads in Liberty City during the early-90s, who speaks with a thick Southern twang that surprises most people unfamiliar with her. The third-oldest member in The Inner Circle, she joins the hit squad in 1996 out of necessity due to the Triad war east side as well as a passion for contract-killing, after two years of laying low in the city. A sadistic yet honorable killer, Micha is the first member that Che meets in the circle, they quickly form a close bond together, which lasts throughout the storyline. Growing up, Micha ran and dealt with the local moonshine runners in the Mississippi area, where she honed her shooting skills learning from the men in the business. After killing an important member of a rival Triad and unwittingly starting a civil war in Liberty City, she leaves the city immediately and heads to Ellis, where she meets her handler Gemini, of The Inner Circle. She also gets acquainted with the local Chinese-American diaspora in the city, including a man named Eric Teng, a garage owner, JDM mechanic and gambling addict who is in hock with Ellis Triad boss Johnny Wang as well as Greytex Holdings, and a man who has provided Micha cash, a job and a place to stay after her exile from Liberty City. As much as Micha would want to kill Johnny and save Eric the trouble, the man has connections to the Triads back in the East Coast, who would not take a liking to that sort of thing. She eventually crosses paths with Emika Dharan of Greytex Holdings, who is coincidentally acquainted with Che Ricci. Both women do wet work for her under The Inner Circle name, and likewise gets tangled up in the political mess. With Greytex Holdings, Johnny Wang and later other members of The Inner Circle holding knifes at their throats, it is only a matter of time before Micha's luck runs out, unless of course, she reaches a solution, even if that means piling the Ellis River with bodies. She drives a red 2004 Declasse Sundancer, which is normally tuned to WNMD: The New Mode 101.3FM and WWPT: The Sound of the Future. Orlando Rojas “Y’know, Alderney’s paradise compared to this sh*thole, at least over there the suits act like they know they’re dickheads.” Skillset Driving: *** Fighting: **** Stamina: **** Marksmanship: **** Charisma: ** A 29-year old Cuban-American assassin originally from Alderney City, formally working as a hired gun and hitman for the various street gangs and criminal organizations since his teens. He is the second-newest member of the Inner Circle, having only joined in 2000. A boastful contract killer, proud of his kills and achievements, underneath all that hubris lies a deep-seeded sense of insecurity and a moral conflict, and in reality, is only in the business to make money for his parents back home. He is mentored by Kellock Wilkes on his first contract from The Inner Circle, where they express similar thoughts regarding views on mortality and the act of killing. From that experience, they form a friendship not unlike that of Micha and Che, though it appears to be manipulative in nature, at least from Kellock’s end. This relationship begins to rock towards the end of 2004, when the violence brought about by the mayoral elections in Ellis takes form. Both men begin to take part in violent contracts against rival members of political factions, some against people who have nothing to do with the violence to begin with. He grows disturbed of this, and secretly moves over to Jerome to ask for help. With his moral dilemma at full swing, Orlando has to eventually decide what kind of a hitman he wants to be in the city. He drives a black 2004 Schyster PMP GT, which is normally tuned to WMTL: Metallish FM and WULF: Unleaded Fury 94.8FM. Jerome Hills “Real troopers know when to stay quiet when they need to.” Skillset Driving: **** Fighting: **** Stamina: **** Marksmanship: ***** Charisma: **** A 56-year old African-American veteran assassin and a native Ellisian who grew up in the infamous Brockwell district, working as a hired killer for the street gangs between the 1970s-to-early-1980s, prior to the existence of the infamous Killa Mob. He is the oldest member of The Inner Circle, having met Gemini around 1982, and was part of an earlier incarnation of the circle. He has learned much from the experience, and still keeps in contact with the surviving members of the old crew. The voice of reason for the entire crew and a close friend to Gemini, he attempts to use his influence as a veteran criminal to stop the political turmoil in Ellis from getting worse, choosing only to assassinate individuals he deems disruptive to the greater peace of the city. Disliked by both Micha and Kellock for being too conservative and with Che and Orlando uneasy around him due to his stoic yet deadly demeanor and feared reputation, the only solace and friends he can look out to are Gemini, his old partner and former Inner Circle hitwoman Jackie Solange and local Brockwell businessman and childhood friend, Logan Parnell, who is running for the 2004 Ellis mayoral elections. With the 2004 Elections becoming progressively violent and corrupt, and being the lone wolf in The Inner Circle, Jerome goes independent, choosing only to take contracts that matter to him and his community, and to do whatever he can to protect Logan from becoming another number in the campaign killings. He drives a 2004 silver Bravado Recoil, which is normally tuned to WUND: The Underground 100.1FM, WCRK: Wile Out Radio and WRNB: The Fire 104.2FM. Kellock Wilkes “So, an Italian, a Chinese, a Cuban, a Colored man and an Irishman walk into a bar. The bartender sees this and makes a mental note. He tells ‘em to wait, walks to the back room and pulls out a 12-gauge from the armory before headin’ out again and blastin’ ‘em all to hell.” Skillset Driving: *** Fighting: ***** Stamina: **** Marksmanship: *** Charisma: ***** A 45-year old Irish-American assassin and former enforcer for a local sect of the Armagh Syndicate, known as The O’Haras. A thoroughly violent and sadistic killer with a nihilistic and hedonistic streak who takes pleasure in destruction and murder, he joins the Inner Circle around 1990, due to a falling out between him and the higher-ups of the syndicate. Unsatisfied with the progressively bureaucratic and legitimate direction that the Armagh Syndicate is taking, as well as the arrest, and later life imprisonment, of one of the only leaders he respects, Floyd O’Hara, Kellock gets into a fight with the other leaders of The O’Haras, which ends with the man blinding another enforcer, Daryl Moran, in the right eye. Daryl, now the de facto leader of the Armagh Syndicate, continues to harbor hatred towards Kellock to this day. He leaves the gang, and soon joins The Inner Circle through a chance meet-up with Jerome Hills, who happened to be in the same bar together that night. Fortunately for Kellock, the circle was hiring, and soon he was taking contracts all over town. Fast-forward to 2003, and he becomes one of the most feared contract killers in the city. This captures the attention of Traditionalist mayoral candidate Alderman Barry McCarthy, who offers him several contracts against Populist candidates, including his rival, businessman Max Burrows, in an attempt to discredit him and his campaign. He shifts away from the workings of The Inner Circle, and for a time with his partner, Orlando, who unknowingly tags along, he continually takes part in the chaos of the city with absolute compliance, while evading, and trying to get back at Daryl and his crew when he has the chance. He drives a 2004 Albany Palatine, which is normally tuned to WCHL: Pure Sound and WCLS: Ellis’s Neo-Classical. MAJOR CHARACTERS Characters that play a big role in shaping the narrative and gameplay of the storyline. Gemini The handler of The Inner Circle. A seemingly harmless old man with a wealth of knowledge on Ellis’s history and politics, he is the go-to for many of the circle’s contracts, having been in the business since the late-1960s. Continuing where founder Thomas Ringer left off, Gemini’s past remains a mystery, with many, even the longtime member Jerome Hills, not knowing his real name. He anticipates the violence that wrecks the city during the tumultuous mayoral elections of 2004, as well as the internal conflict affecting The Inner Circle during this time. That said, he is a man a few words who takes his duty as a job-giver seriously, believing that the circle is able to resolve their issues independently, and that he is only there to give advice when needed. That said, the closest to a friend he has in the circle is none other than Jerome himself, owing to their long history together. Emika Dharan The shadowy CEO of an international brokerage known as Greytex Holdings, with ties to several corporations, firearms and security details as well as the American elite. Recently coming to the city of Ellis, Illinois on business, she uses the political situation in the area to her advantage, supporting the campaign violence in the districts and forging a temporary business relationship with leading Populist candidate, Max Burrows, a local millionaire and businessman with ties to the Ratchet Mob, as well as the other gangs in the city's projects. Her motives remain a mystery, but it is likely that she intends to profit from the fallout of the decimation of the city. Manipulating people like Che, Micha, and Max, the city of Ellis, to an opportunist like Emika, is her chessboard, and sees the people that work for her and her crew as nothing more than disposable pawns. When she appears in that dark grey 2004 Grotti Vanguard of hers, expect her heavily armed security detail to not be too far away. That said, she can hold up on a fight on her own as well, having the ability to wield dual Helsings; the only character in the game to do so. Maximilian "Max" Burrows An African-American businessman, record label executive and investor who is currently running for mayor as part of the Populist party. Growing up in poverty in the ghettos of nearby Carcer City, Max moves to Ellis in the early 60s as a young teenager, and quickly rises through the ranks in the local street gangs. An intelligent and cunning man, he leaves the hood and makes it big, forming his own hedge fund and record label in the 1980s, and soon becomes among the city’s richest men. He even marries a former model with the maiden name Pauline Temple, who was at one point, the Miss USA of 1994. Max continues to use his gang connections to his advantage, paying the Ratchet Mob to go after his opponents during the 2004 elections, and even forges a relationship with Emika Dharan. Maintaining a progressive and liberal image for the voters, he continues to fight his way up the political ladder, with the mask that hides his corruption slipping over the course of the storyline. Alderman Barrington "Barry" McCarthy The top contender for the Traditionalist party and their leading mayoral candidate. Popular among the city’s whiter and richer populace, and a strict conformer to family values. A former DA before going to City Council, Barry knows the workings of the justice and political system inside and out, though he is not afraid of using the gangs in his city to his advantage, as his relationship with current Armagh Syndicate leader Daryl Moran, as well as former member and contract killer Kellock Wilkes, proves. A vicious and opportunistic man not unlike his rival Max, sculpting a family man image for himself, along with an aggressive electoral campaign to gather as many votes as he can, though unlike his competitor, he is blunt and offensive with his public remarks, choosing to feign ignorance and stupidity and sew outrage when the situation calls for it. That said, Barry puts his family first before everything else, with a wife of nearly 20 years and two daughters in middle school. This proves to be his Achille’s heel, as the safety of his family becomes threatened over the course of 2004, when things go out of hand in the midst of all the political chaos and misinformation. Logan Parnell A community businessman and the owner of several fine dining restaurants and soul kitchens across Ellis, most notably in Holliwock, and a man who is running for mayor as part of the Populist party. A painfully inept, yet humble man, his campaign staff consists of only two secretaries, one sociologist, three campaigners and one statistician, though he continues to garner a modest following in the southern districts of Ellis as well as in the nearby city of Basquiet. Childhood friends with Inner Circle hitman Jerome Hills, the last thing Logan wants is to be corrupted by the system he wishes to be part of, though over the course of the storyline, this proves almost impossible to do, and the man often finds himself getting into life-threatening situations where he needs the killer’s help. Frequenting Poppy’s, one of the most famous soul kitchen joints in the Midwest, where his wife, Joanna Parnell, is a head chef, he continues to use the back room of the restaurant as an office for his campaign in an attempt to remain true to his community, as he continues to face obstacles and dangers over the course of 2004. Alfie A woman dressed in an Ellis Cubs mascot suit with a thick Afrikaners accent, who happens to be a notorious arms dealer in the city. Working on an exclusive contract for The Inner Circle, Alfie offers her services to all members of the crew, driving a gun van, a light blue 2004 Imponte Olmec, on-location to sell her guns to these individuals, as a result of a nationwide ban on military-grade firearms. Never seen outside of her suit so as to maintain her anonymity, Alfie can sometimes be found frequenting the many bars in the city of Ellis at night, where she gets maudlin after a couple of pints or is observed to exhibit hooligan-like behavior watching the game on the mounted bar television, sometimes getting into fights with the other patrons in the bar. BOSSES Antagonistic characters, excluding certain protagonists and major characters, that play a major role as boss characters during the gun duels at the end of each arc. Kenneth "Poncho Ken" Wesson The leader of the Killa Mob in Brockwell, and an Afghanistan War veteran not unlike Che. A volatile and violent leader with no regard for authority, he dislikes Max and his campaign crew for manipulating the good people of Brockwell, and as such, he and Emika want him out of the picture and replaced with a more malleable and obedient puppet. On behalf of Max, Emika sends Che out to the projects to kill him, in exchange for allowing Vito Cattaneo to walk the streets, unmolested by the law. Johnny Wang The local boss of the Ellis Triads, with connections with other Chinese organizations in the east coast. Proficient in firearms, Johnny thinks he is untouchable due to his prowess and connections, and uses this as leverage against Micha, who has other reasons for disliking him. Jason "Ironman" Welder One of Emika Dharan's top security personnel, who works as her personal enforcer, among others. Actively working against the Traditionalists on behalf of Max, Jason performs due diligence on the electoral campaigns and rallies across the city, before determining the best course of action for Emika to take. He gets his name from his durability, where he is able to soak up plenty of bullets without going down. Daryl Moran Former enforcer and current leader of the Armagh Syndicate, distinguishable by an eyepatch that covers his right eye. He used to work with Kellock Wilkes when they were part of The O'Haras back in the late-70s and 80s, until their falling out in '89, when the latter gouges one of his eyes out in a fight. SUPPORTING CHARACTERS Characters that play a major role in a character-specific arc, or to another major character. Vito Cattaneo The current don of the Ellis Crime Family, or what's left of it. With the Armagh Syndicate running the game, he confines himself to West Ellis and bits of Central, where he runs small-to-medium rackets and underground casinos that make enough to keep the gang, a far cry from their golden years in the 20s and 30s, afloat. Eric Teng A mechanic and owner of the Ellis Midnight Club Tuners modding garage in Quazar Heights, Darwin, and a close friend of Micha's. He has a terrible gambling addiction, and finds himself in the debt of Johnny Wang and even big companies like Greytex. Jackie Solange A retired assassin and old friend of Jerome's, who was formerly a member of The Inner Circle, as part of its second generation. Pauline Temple-Burrows The trophy wife of mayoral candidate Max Burrows, who uses her influence as a media personality and model to help her husband fight against their Traditionalist rivals. Sarah McCarthy The beloved wife of leading Traditionalist mayoral candidate Barry McCarthy, and the mother of two children, Yvonne and Talia. Joanna Parnell The faithful wife of Populist underdog, Logan Parnell, and head chef at the renowned soul food restaurant, Poppy's. Henry Erickson The current mayor of Ellis as of 2004. A Traditionalist party member, he intends to use vitriol between the factions as a fodder to support his radical policies in an attempt to look good in front of the folks at DC, and has dreams of becoming a Senator himself. He has a business relationship with current Traditionalist candidate, Barry McCarthy, and by extent, assassins Kellock Wilkes and Orlando Rojas, as well as Daryl Moran, the leader of the Armagh Syndicate. The Broker Real name unknown. A powerful, mysterious man who is only seen at the very end of the game, implied to be a close business partner to Emika Dharan, as well as having a hand in world affairs and politics. He offers Che the chance to move to Southeast Asia with a job as an arms dealer, after the mess in Ellis in 2004-5. UNSEEN CHARACTERS Unseen characters that play an important role in the game. Thomas Ringer The now-deceased founder of The Inner Circle, who was once a member of the Irish Mob during Ellis's infamous mob rule the 1920s, before becoming an assassin himself once The Great Depression hit. Albert Cattaneo The late son of Vito Cattaneo, who was murdered at a cathouse storing the Mafia's counterfeit money by the police in New Center, Central in 2002. Josephine Salinas Che's foster mother, who the assassin keeps in close contact with. At the time of the game, she no longer lives in Ellis. Instead, the correspondence between the two women is exchanged via email. Floyd O'Hara The leader of The O'Haras, a local subset of The Armagh Syndicate that used to rule much of the neighborhood of Masterson in Sligo. Implied to have been set up by his underlings, Floyd is arrested sometime in 1990, and was sent to life in prison for numerous felonies, some which were false charges against him. He dies in prison sometime before 2004, and was among the only people Kellock respects.
  5. GRAND THEFT AUTO: CARCER CITY (Chapter 1-4 Theme) Machines of Loving Grace - Kiss Destroyer (Chapter 5-7 Theme) Lamb - Cotton Wool Written by DownInTheHole Loosely based on ObsydianRaven's 2011 concept. Other concepts by me: Grand Theft Auto: Borders Grand Theft Auto: The Inner Circle -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PART I: TAGLINE OVERVIEW SETTING PLOT OUTLINE CHARACTERS GANGS -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TAGLINE -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "The year is 1996. The turn of the century looms over the horizon as civilization embraces a new era, marked by breakthroughs in technology and global communication on a scale never before seen in human history. Optimism prevails as a period of prosperity and seemingly never-ending economic growth engulfs America's coastal cities, while the ghosts of the Rust Belt are left to their own devices. Fresh out of the state pen, a man, born and bred in a city that thrives in violence and vice at the brink of a massive gang war, journeys across his hometown, coming to terms with his past, a quest of vengeance and a changing time." -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OVERVIEW -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- GTA: Carcer City, as its name implies, takes place in Carcer City, in the fictional Midwestern state of Musketoon (loosely based on Indiana and Michigan, with elements of Pennsylvania and Illinois), near the Canadian border. Mostly based on Detroit, the city also takes influences from other Rust Belt cities such as Flint, Gary and Pittsburgh. A dangerous city long past its prime, it is surrounded by suburban areas, both rich and poor, forests, two relatively large lakes and connecting rivers, a mountain with a waterfall and a significantly safer, yet smaller city based on Ann Arbor west to it. Set between 1996 and 1997, and briefly during the 1970s and 1989, there is a consistent grunge/industrial tone to the game, with the default color grading for the game being that of a rusted sepia filter, which can be changed in-game through the filters menu. Returning to the roots of the series, as well as the gritty atmosphere of The Lost And Damned, GTA: Carcer City features one main protagonist, although the player briefly takes control of a few other characters momentarily over the course of the storyline. The story, split into 7 Chapters with a Prologue in the style of RDR2, with each chapter taking place in a different season. A morality system exists in-game, and can determine the fate of certain primary characters in the storyline, with a dialogue wheel system similar to Mass Effect being present in the game. There are three endings in the game, an honorable criminal ending, a neutral criminal ending and a dishonorable criminal ending, all three which involve Ricky leaving the city behind him. Beginning in the winter of 1989, there is a time skip of seven years to springtime of 1996, which coincides with Chapter 1, and ending in the warm summer of 1997, coinciding with Chapter 7. Other than main storyline missions, the player can engage in other side activities, both action-based and ambient. Borrowing from the first Saints Row, many in-game stores have opening and closing times, with some exceptions such as 24-hour convenience stores, and sales for discounted goods are advertised through the game's radio. Many activities from previous GTAs are featured in GTA: Carcer City, such as, but not limited to, Drug Dealing, Racing (Illegal and Legal), Rampages, Gambling, Vigilante, Taxi Driver, Valet and Clubbing (in this case, Raving), along with new activities including Loan Sharking, Rave Bounties, Cage Fights, Blackmail, Devil's Night, Bar Brawls, Rooftop Assassinations, Protection Money Collection, Bet Fixing, Small Town Nightwatch and a much more improved Store Holdup system that functions much like a cross between Saints Row 1 and RDR2. Ambient activities include Drinking (many accessible bars and pubs), Strip Clubs, Fishing, Eating, Consumption of certain Drugs, Hunting, Pool, Basketball, Photography, working at an Auto Shop and Random Encounters. An early form of the internet can also be used in-game, with an early email used to communicate with characters, drug pushers and weapon dealers in-game as well as a leisure-based web-hosting service based on Yahoo! Geocities which explores the more humorous and satirical elements of the game. TV shows are back and greater than ever, with a larger number of mocap-based TV shows that contrast with the predominantly cartoon-based programs in GTA V, with many shows that parody cheesy 80s-90s action shows, sitcoms and soap operas, as well as an MTV pastiche that plays a mixture of trippy animations and certain licensed music videos from the era. Safehouses can be bought around the map, and hotels and motels can be rented temporarily as a single save point. Cores return from RDR2, though they are slightly more dumbed down and less realistic for gameplay purposes, being limited to Health, Stamina and Strength cores. With the presence of changing seasons, much like in RDR2, wearing inappropriate clothing for certain seasons (especially during the winter) can result in an adverse impact on your cores. The protagonist communicates through both a 2-way Pager and a Cellphone based on the Nokia 8110, the former mostly used to know about special drug or weapons deals around the city which acts as a companion device to the in-game email. There are a total of 16 radio stations in-game, 2 of which are talk show stations. Playing a wide variety of music, ranging from rock, metal, techno and hip-hop from the mid-90s to more somber and relaxed jazz and soul tracks from the 50s to 80s, the game attempts to encompass the musical tastes and origins of Detroit, as well as the ethos of Generation X, along with the themes featured in the storyline, in order to create a unique musical experience. Music on the stations can also be purchased in music stores around the map, and are listenable through the Panoramic Strutter, an MP3 Player modelled after the South Korean MPMan. Many of the features, and others, will be elaborated on in greater detail either in this post or in future posts. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SETTING -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Set in the fictional Weldon County, Musketoon (based on Wayne County, Michigan), the in-game map comprises of several locales, with a main city (Carcer City), a smaller lakeside city (Antigone Falls), three smaller townships/suburban areas (Carlton, Fleming and Boulder), two lakes (McMillan Lake and Parrish Lake), a natural preserve/forest (Musketoon State Nature Trail), a mountain hiking/road trail (Rusty Valley) with a bumpy waterfall (Humphrey Rapids), all connected by two interstate freeways (I-11 and I-13). The complete map for this concept will be added in in the near future. CITIES Carcer City Antigone Falls CARCER CITY, MUSKETOON Population: 1,500,000 Served by: Carcer City Police Department (CCPD) Carcer City Tram Authority The El Carcer Buses ANTIGONE FALLS, MUSKETOON Population: 89,000 Served by: Antigone Falls Police Department (AFPD) Antigone Falls Trams (AFT) A.F. Bus Depot SMALL TOWNS Carlton Fleming Boulder Served by: Hard-As Interstate Bus Travel Musketoon State Troopers NATURAL LANDMARKS McMillan Lake Parrish Lake Humphrey Rapids Musketoon State Nature Trail Rusty Valley Serviced by: Musketoon Park Rangers Musketoon State Troopers Weldon County Fire Department -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PLOT OUTLINE (WIP) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Borrowing the narrative style from RDR2 and Bully as well as the character arcs seen in films such as Pulp Fiction and games such as Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number, albeit restricted only to specific missions, GTA: Carcer City is split into 7 Chapters, with each chapter taking place in varying seasons. The prologue begins in 1989, chapters 1-4 in 1996 and chapters 5-7 in 1997, along with flashback sequences back to either the mid-to-late 1970s or back to 1989. Our main protagonist, Richard "Ricky" Youngblood, will be the leading man in this story, though other characters, such as Corey Walker, Jacob "Jake" Rodchenko, Tina Rochester, Tommy Youngblood, Agent Alan Hendricks and Marvin "8-Bit" Haroldson are briefly playable in certain missions. PROLOGUE: THE BEGINNING Year: Winter, 1989. CHAPTER 1: ERA Year: Spring, 1996. CHAPTER 2: TRIBES Year: Summer, 1996. CHAPTER 3: TEMPEST Year: Fall-Winter, 1996. CHAPTER 4: VENGEANCE Year: Winter, 1996. Winter, early 1997. CHAPTER 5: BREATHER Year: Spring, 1997. CHAPTER 6: REALIZATION Year: Spring-Summer, 1997. CHAPTER 7: NADIR Year: Summer, 1997. FINAL MISSION 1 Year: Summer, 1997. FINAL MISSION 2 Year: Summer, 1997. EPILOGUE: WHAT LIES AHEAD Year: Summer-Fall, 1997. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CHARACTERS -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The cast of characters featured in GTA: Carcer City, with each character having different motivations and reasons for doing what they do. Many characters do not make it by the end of the storyline. PROTAGONIST The playable character of the storyline. PRIMARY CHARACTERS The most important characters in the storyline. SECONDARY CHARACTERS The second most important characters in the storyline. MINOR CHARACTERS Characters that are not seen that much, but are still important to the storyline. STRANGERS & FREAKS Some are comedic, some are serious. Either way, they're people that Ricky run into on the street, and they all have different stories to tell. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- GANGS (WIP) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- One of the most dangerous cities in America, there is bound to be an abundance of gang presence in Carcer City, and its surrounding areas. With over 20 gangs claiming turf in the city, there is no shortage of debauchery between them, with skirmishes, shootings, taggings and fights happening on a daily basis. THE MOTOR UNION THE PHARAOHS PAVANO CRIME FAMILY MIDTOWN HOODS THE DESERT KINGS WARLORD NATION DA CLUBS DA ACES DEADLOCKS MC THE SKINZ THE INNOCENTZ THE JURY DA NORTHSIDE CLICK THE WILD BOYZ THE SPANISH LORDS THE WARSAW POSSE THE FLUSHES THE HAMPTON SHOOTAZ DELTA CHARGERS MC THE ANGELS OF DEATH MC STREETWANNABES HELL'S BELLES PERELLO CRIME FAMILY THE SERAPHS OF CARCER
  6. A henrardwal, Francesco Bonomo and Doktorpolice collaboration Main Theme It is the year 1959. Liberty City is becoming a rich beacon of capitalism in the United States after the allied victory of WWII. However, with increasing number of industrial buildings, smell of pollution and corrupt politicians also comes more violence, gangs and organised crime, a large amount of which comes from overseas. Grand Theft Auto: Cosa Nostra follows the journey of Salvatore Leone through his association with the Sicilian Mafia, union wannabe-wiseguys and fellow psychotic guidos and guidettes. As of 1959, Portland is going through multiple renovations and urban renewals. With businesses dying in the Norwegian corner of Lutefisk Boulevard and the Hepburn Heights Park getting paved off for new residential buildings, the borough is expected attract more migrants who can contribute to the high-rent, low-salary atmosphere of the city. That being said, there are also several union uprisings in the industrial areas who demand fairer rights and will desperately agree to any offer they are presented to achieve it, even if it means unknowingly smuggling product into the country for the mafia. Salvatore Leone: A young Sicilian mafioso fresh off the shores of the Tyrrhenian Sea. He arrived in Liberty City with his uncle back in 1944 when he was a mere child. Her mother entrusted his uncle Vittorio to look after him after his father died in the Italian Civil War. As of 1959, he's an enforcer for the Clancio family in Liberty City and takes order from his uncle, whether it be beating up some street punks downtown or hot, heavy deals with other families. Vittorio Leone: Salvatore's ever-loving uncle, and furthermore, the underboss of the Clancio family. He's in charge of the Northeast set of the organisation but regularly travels back to Sicily to attend meetings. He's a man of strong morals and ethics, he views honour as a debt to his boss and values it over anything else. Albeit he has a strong temper that shows at the worst of times. Antonello Torini: Don of the Clancio crime family. He runs the organisation from Palermo and almost never leaves the place. On overseas operations he prefers to send out his son in his place instead. He's a patronising old man type of person. He talks big, acts big and pretends that the world owes him something. His main base of operations in Liberty City is the docks at Atlantic Quays, from which his trusted associates run it as a front for pharmaceutical trafficking. Massimo Torini: Son of the Don. An enforcer for the Clancios. He frequently acts as a representative whenever he can take time off hookers and jazz saloons. His main skill is diplomacy rather than being a gunman. Although despite his relation to the don, he's lesser up there in food chain as Vittorio has grabbed the seat as the de facto heir of the family - That and Massimo prefers to spend his time with jazz saloons, independent car theft rings and hookers which he considers more fun. His balls to brains ratio is a little disproportionate, a fan of beating people to a pulp. Teresa Flori: Salvatore's seemingly normal neighbour. She works at a place called the Siciliano Restaurant beside Saint Mark's and has a tendency to change boyfriends every two weeks. Jane Hopper: A union member and the inside-dame of the Clancios in Atlantic Quays. She's the de facto boss at the establishment but, being three-quarters French, she's only an associate of the family and doesn't get much control in the operations any more than making sure they go smoothly. Although she acts tough and strong, she's actually highly-frightened of the ideas of gunfights and life-stake situations. Her actual, official position at the place is a mere secretary and translator. Lauritz Fredsen: Resident of Lutefisk Boulevard. WWII veteran who fought for the Norwegian government-in-exile as an explosive specialist. He gets by making bombs and selling it to whichever gang will pay the most. Nowadays he's sick of Liberty City and vows to return to Norway. Verano Leone: Salvatore's cousin and Vittorio's son. He was brought to Liberty City alongside Salvatore under the pretence that he would live a safe, normal life there. Upon discovering the actuality of the situation he has tried to tie himself away from his relatives' professions as much as he could. He lives as a clean, cut student at the Liberty City Community College. Alberico Forelli: Don of the Forelli mob out of Little Italy, the most powerful crime family present in Liberty after the Clancios. His organisation runs several fronts all over Staunton Island, the most notable one being The Garden Theatre in Aspatria. Eugini "The Genie" Pirri: An enforcer of the Francari family out of New Guernsey. Trustworthy and smart but equally gullible. Liviana Leone: Salvatore's humble, stay-at-home mother and an unseen character. In 1959 -as Ammu-Nation hasn't been founded yet- the lead, prominent gun-runner in the states is Wyatt Guns, which has several stores that can be found around the city. Furthermore, rarer weapons can be purchased Enrico's Artigliere, an independent gun shop which carries regular military weapons as well as home-made custom ones. Melee: Brass knuckles Baseball bat Knife Crowbar (this can also be used for break-ins) Chainsaw Pistols: M1911 Browning Hi-Power Smith & Wesson model 29 Colt Python (Revolvers' plating and grips can be modified in any Wyatt Guns store) Submachine guns: Franchi LF-57 Beretta Model 12 Thompson M1A1 MP40 Shotguns: Remington model 870 Lupara Remington model 11-48 Rifles: Can be equipped with a scope. M1 Garand M1903 Springfield Throwables: Molotov cocktails MK2 Grenades Special weapons: These weapons cannot be bought in weapon stores and can only be acquired through raiding military shipments and deliveries. Rifles: M14 (this weapon can be fitted with a scope and be used as a sniper rifle.) Colt AR-15 Heavy weapons: These weapons are mission-specific, meaning they're scripted to appear in determined missions only and not allowed for use in freeroam. M20 Super Bazooka M2 Flamethrower
  7. DownInTheHole

    Grand Theft Auto: Underworld

    What happens when you combine the morality system in the newer Rockstar titles with the experimental, sandbox nature of the earlier GTAs? This was an idea I would wish to explore more in this concept. It also expands on, yet discards the use of satire as a plot device featured in the newer GTAs (most notably V), instead opting for dystopian styles from films such as Death Wish, Akira, Escape From New York/L.A. and The Warriors combined with the gritty gang violence, choreography and black comedy of shows such as Fargo, Banshee, The Raid, Yojimbo, and the Crank films. PART 1: PREMISE, SETTING, SYNOPSIS, GANGS AND CHARACTERS PREMISE: "In a crime-laden megacity in the near future where there is an uneasy truce between gangs, corporations and law enforcement, where the streets are hell on Earth and all manner of death and vice exist in every nook, among all echelons of this dysfunctional society. A mysterious drifter from somewhere enters the picture, motivated by a cause. Digging deeper into the criminal underground of the city, the drifter soon discovers that there is more to this mess, and there might be an entity pulling the strings." --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SETTING: The game will be set "20 minutes into the future" in an unnamed city (dubbed 'Anywhere City' by certain characters, referred to simply as 'The Megacity' by most characters and in the in-game map). The city itself, while situated in the United States of America, takes on a global identity reminiscent of 1980s-1990s cyberpunk settings, inspired by cosmopolitan cities such as Tokyo, Nagasaki and the suburbs of New York, and therefore does not represent any city in particular. A high-income gap, crime-ridden dystopia filled with shopping malls, nightclubs, bars and corporate settlements, Anywhere City is sandwiched between the northern, snowy city of Golgotha (based on cities such as Sapporo, Hoboken and the Twin Cities), and the southern, tropical island resort-casino city of Devaloka (based on cities such as Kingston, Havana and Hawaii), with several smaller cities and towns in located in between and on the sides. Gang presence runs rampant throughout the map, and is felt most strongly in The Megacity. There are altogether four special wards within The Megacity (Commercial, Industrial, Residential & Corpo), each having gangs exclusive to that area, with the exception of the Corpo district, where the Zaibatsu Corporation's headquarters are located and is policed by private armies and mercenary groups. The whole map is open to the player from the start of the game, allowing them freedom to proceed with the story as they please, and giving them the opportunity to experiment with the gameplay options that they choose in the beginning of the game. A complete map with landmarks and accessible areas will be posted under the "Map and Weapons" section in the near future. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SYNOPSIS: In the near future, a drifter, last name Speed, sits on a bullet train en route to the Megacity. A brief moment of silence ensues before a stranger sits on the opposite side facing Speed. The man introduces himself as Solomon Wakes, and starts to make conversation with the drifter, eventually asking them their purpose for coming into the city. Here the player is given the opportunity to answer this with three different options that would determine the play style as well as the story of the game. 1. "Life's boring, and I'm looking for some action." (ANARCHY) 2. "I'm a strong believer of unity against the man, can you dig it?" (DIPLOMAT) 3. "Guess I want to make a name for myself out here." (AMBITION) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ANARCHY Speed will be a full-blown anarchist, working for and eventually betraying and destroying the gangs that hire them while sabotaging their businesses and operations. You will also be required to infiltrate, blackmail, threaten and sometimes kill important members of law enforcement and the politicians that run the city, or have the option to play vigilante and destroy the corrupt elements of society. Whether or not this is motivated by a desire to rid the streets of crime, or just pure evil with no clear motive, is entirely up to you, and will determine the ending of the game. This is probably the closest to the original gameplay of the older games, as far as playstyles are concerned. Speed will display more violent tendencies in this playstyle, especially in cutscenes. DIPLOMAT Speed will play the role of a peacemaker, and will attempt to establish diplomatic ties with the gangs, acting as a mediator between them when a problem arises. You will also have to either threaten or bribe any law enforcement or politician that gets in the way of this peace. Unfortunately, the gangs can disagree with the way you run things, and if pushed too far, you have no choice but to eliminate them from the picture. The number of gangs that you successfully made peace with will determine the ending of your game. It's like the territorial allocation feature in Mafia 3, but more flexible. Speed will display more rational and level-headed tendencies in this playstyle. AMBITION A mix between the first two styles, Speed will be an aspiring career criminal with an intention to run an organisation that will rule the city. You will do whatever it takes to get your gang on top, whether or not it's making truces or betraying and destroying other gangs as well as paying off law enforcement. How much influence you have over the city and what gangs you have made truces with will determine the ending of the game. Gameplay-wise it is a cross between the property-purchasing of GTA: Vice City, Empire-building in GTA: VCS and the gang wars element of San Andreas/Saints Row 2. Speed will display a Tommy Vercetti-like attitude towards things, showing rationality in certain times and arrogance and brute force in other more undesirable situations. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After an answer is given, Solomon will give his side of the story, and reveals himself as a member of The Denomination, an anti-corporate, vigilante-like organisation that has safehouses throughout the city. He tells Speed should they have any qualms about anything within Anywhere City that they should not hesitate to speak to him or the other members of the organisation. As soon as they exit the train, however, they soon realize that the entire train station is overrun by members of the Rollin' Ryders Tokko-tai. Here Solomon hands Speed a pistol and the pair gun their way out of the train station before heading out to the safehouse in the Commercial ward. From there the story can unfold in any way the player chooses, as you slowly unravel the politics and dirt within the seedy underbelly of The Megacity, eventually finding out the Zaibatsu Corporation's, and The Denomination's, connection to the madness. There are also side storylines that the player can engage in over in Golgotha and Devaloka, and serve no other purpose than to provide them with a different scenery or atmosphere, as well as monetary or proprietary reward. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- GANGS: The respect system returns from the 2D Universe and is now more refined, gaining importance in this game, along with the gangs. Each district contains a total of four gangs, three of which are exclusive to that area of the game, with a small division of the Zaibatsu present in every district. Golgotha and Devaloka also have their own gangs, but they do not carry as much influence or power as compared to the ones in the city. Gang dialogue is mixed and varied. It takes influence from the Manhunt series and gives every member of the gangs their own personality. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NO AFFILIATION/ LOOSE GANGS --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Denomination Ethnicity: Mixed Leader: Unknown Color: Olive Green Gender: Mixed Vehicles: Benefactor Admiral Description: The first group that Speed meets up with in the game, and becomes a de facto member of. They are comprised of cells of mostly anti-crime, anti-corporate pro-American values vigilantes wishing to stop the madness within the city. However, as Speed continues their war within the city, they soon come to learn the true reason behind their existence. Streetwannabes Ethnicity: Mixed Color: Varies Gender: Mixed Vehicles: Declasse Gang Burrito Description: Loose groups of rebellious youths and amateur criminals that wander around the city, wrecking havoc and committing acts of random violence, vandalism, drug dealing and robbery. Besides that, they carry no influence whatsoever. Dialogue implies that they are bitter and eager for a slice of the big time. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ANYWHERE CITY --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- COMMERCIAL WARD Tsuneyoshi Crime Family Ethnicity: Asian, predominantly Japanese-American Leader: Jyunichi "Johnny Zoo" Tsuneyoshi Color: Navy Blue Gender: Mixed Vehicles: Karin Millennia, Karin 190z, Ocelot V8 Ghost, Grotti G69 Codename for Speed: Kohai Description: A traditional Yakuza gang that has a major influence over the nightlife and drugs in the city. They are led by Johnny Zoo and occupy turf consisting mostly of night markets and clubs. History of bad blood with The Highlanders of Tara, stemming from a brawl in a nightclub formerly owned by Elmo O' Hara. They listen to city pop and jazz fusion. Most members in the group appear to follow traditional Japanese hierarchical honor customs, claiming that they will "die for Johnny Zoo", and some of them only speak Japanese. They use derogatory terms against the Highlanders, referring to them as "micks" and "pub-sitting assholes". The Highlanders of Tara Ethnicity: Caucasian, predominantly Irish-American Leader: Elmo O' Hara & Beatrice O' Shaughnessy Color: Dark Green Gender: Mixed Vehicles: Bravado Banshee, Dinka Hakumai, Karin Sonica, Declasse Phobos Codename for Speed: Lad Description: Old-school Irish gang in the city notorious for their psychopathy and demolitions. They specialize in assassinations, chop shops and moonshine. They are led by leader-and-enforcer duo Elmo O' Hara and Beatrice O' Shaughnessy and control karaoke bars, repair shops and pubs in the Commercial area. Formerly allies with The Tsuneyoshi Family, they now kill each other on sight. They listen to hard rock and metal. Judging from dialogue, members are either Irish-American or born in Ireland, and there is somewhat of a cultural gap between them. Some of them are in it for money and good times, others are in it for "the cause". Like their adversaries, they use derogatory remarks against the Yakuza, calling them "orientals" and "nip bastards". Los Arcangeles Ethnicity: Latin American Leader: El Burro Color: Maroon Gender: Mixed Vehicles: Imponte Insurrection, Grotti Cheetah Classic, Declasse 88, Imponte Phoenix Trance-AM Codename for Speed: Guerro Description: A Latin American syndicate operating out of the city square and shopping malls. They have a working, albeit uneasy relationship with the Zaibatsu in igniting a gang war between Japanese and Irish mobsters. They are led by a man named El Burro, a sharp-dressed man with connections to cartels outside the States. They listen to freestyle and synthpop. Members are depicted as Pablo Escobar or Griselda Blanco wannabes and drug pushers, claiming to want to lead the high life that was glamorized in the 80s. Zaibatsu Corporation (Pharmaceutical Division) Ethnicity: Mixed, predominantly Eurasian Leader: Trey Walsh Color: Black Gender: Predominantly male Vehicles: Truffade Z-Type, Declasse Pharma Rumpo, Ubermacht Sentinel Classic, Burgerfahzeug Hollinwon Codename for Speed: Gecko Description: The pharmaceutical division of the Zaibatsu specializing in the production of narcotics, both legal and illegal. Wants in on the drugs trade in the commercial ward controlled by the Yakuza. Led by Zaibatsu COO Trey Walsh, a hopped-up pervert. They listen to jazz, alternative R&B and funk. Members of the division are divided between regular drug pushers and tidy corporate researchers. This division can be seen by the type of vehicle each member drives. RESIDENTIAL WARD Sex and Reproductive Systems (SRS) Ethnicity: Mixed, predominantly Scandinavian and British Leader: Dr. Ingmar LaBrat Color: Amber Gender: Scientists are all-female (except Dr. LaBrat), clones are all-male Vehicles: Benefactor Schlagen GT, Vulcar Argento, Tropos Rallye, Overflod Clandestine Codename for Speed: THC-303 Description: An organisation of highly secretive and seductive scientists that run wellness clinics and spas across the Residential ward. They are led by one Ingmar LaBrat, a scientist-cum-playboy. They are at odds with the Zaibatsu and the Buccaneers Motorcycle Club. They listen to UK Garage and speed garage. Members are divided between the all-female researchers, and the all-male clones, not necessarily based on LaBrat himself. Some of the researchers speak English peppered with Swedish. Buccaneers Motorcycle Club Ethnicity: Mixed, predominantly Anglo-Saxon Leader: Billy Bob Jackson Color: Light Brown Gender: Predominantly male Vehicles: Liberty Cycles Innovation, Western Motorcycle Company Wintergreen, Ubermacht Hollenfeuer, Declasse Gang Burrito, Declasse ThunderRod, Declasse Yosemite Codename for Speed: Rooster Description: A 1% motorcycle gang that runs loan sharking and larceny rackets in the district, hanging around old houses, bars and apartments. They dislike the SRS for being too intelligent and running in on their rackets, as well as the Ryders for their bad taste in motorcycles. They are led by Chapter President Billy Bob, a veteran of several wars. They listen to 80s R&B and heavy metal. Members are typically white, Hispanic and black men in their 20s to 50s, and share stereotypes commonly associated with the 70s biker lifestyle. They are also depicted as womanizers and misogynists, which is ironic as the few female members of the gang, more often than not, are usually more capable than their male counterparts. Rollin' Ryders Tokko-tai Ethnicity: Afro-American, Blasian and Japanese-American Leader: Jay-X Watanabe and Kelsey Amiri Color: Magenta Gender: Mixed Vehicles: Sh*tzu Hakuchou Drag, Dinka Streetfighter, Dinka F-Zero, Enus Cognoscenti Cabrio, Gallivanter Baller Supercharge Codename for Speed: Neo-Jack Description: They are an African-American bosozoku gang based in the residential area and run the protection and fraud rackets in the ward. They are commonly spotted hanging around convenience stores and restaurants, dressed in hypebeast/Harajuku-style clothing. They are led by Jay-X Watanabe and Kelsey Amiri, both avid motorcycle tuners. They do not like the Buccaneers for their ruggedness and the Zaibatsu for being a beacon for corporate corruption. They listen to hip-hop and contemporary R&B. Most of them are local African-American gangsters and import motorcycle lovers that reside in the Residential ward, and share a common dislike for the Zaibatsu Corporation because of their supposed oppression against their community. Zaibatsu Corporation (Finances Division) Ethnicity: Mixed, predominantly Eurasian Leader: Red Valdez Color: Black Gender: Mixed Vehicles: Truffade Z-Type, Vapid Peyote XS, Pegassi Monroe, Vapid Ellie Codename For Speed: Skink Description: The finances division of the gigantic Zaibatsu megacorp. They are in charge of banking and the collection of loans, as well as less legal operations such as repossession and money laundering. They are led by Red Valdez, a former confidence man-turned billionaire investment banker and CFO of the Zaibatsu Corporation. They listen to jazz, alternative R&B and funk. Members of the division are shown to be corrupt corporate hedonists and mercenaries, gloating about their achievements and rooftop parties. They are also depicted as 60s enthusiasts, driving vehicles of that era. INDUSTRIAL WARD Jerkov's Gang/ Megacity Bratva Ethnicity: Caucasian, predominantly Russian Leader: Vinsky Jerkov Color: Red Gender: Predominantly male Vehicles: RUNE Chuburek, RUNE Zakone, Declasse Hallenbach Grand Tourer, Benefactor Streetwalker Codename For Speed: Comrade Description: A group of Russian gangsters in the industrial ward of The Megacity that specializes in body disposal, contract killing and smuggling operations, running abattoirs, chemical factories and jetties across the ward. Heavily implied to be cannibals, they are big fans of American culture, especially hot dogs. They are engaged in a gang war with The Forty-Four Clan over ownership of the ports in the industrial area. Their leader, Vinsky Jerkov, speaks highly of America and makes many reference to Western films. They listen to post-punk and new wave. Like their leader, members are also equally enthusiastic about American culture, and make many references to movie cliches and violence. They share a common love of hot dogs. The Epsilonists Ethnicity: Afro-American and Caucasian Leader: Venus Ordelia Color: Baby Blue Gender: Mixed Vehicles: Vapid Conversion Bus, Pegassi Mod Faggio, Fathom Anala, Annis Ophelia, Dinka Kami Codename For Speed: Brother-brother/Sister-sister Description: First making their physical debut in GTA V, The Epsilonists now return in The Megacity as a maniacal doomsday cult not unlike the Aum Shinrikyo, after years of public skepticism and embezzled funds reduced them to shells of their former selves. Believing the end times to be near, they conduct random terrorist attacks around the city while needlessly attempting to recruit everyone around them into their cult. This is exploited by The Forty-Four gang who direct their attacks against the Zaibatsu and The Bratva. They are led by Venus Ordelia, a criminally insane young woman who hides behind a bubbly persona. They listen to trance. The cult is divided into two groups, the civilian recruiters and the gang-like gunmen. Recruiters are seen giving out brochures, engaging in a drum circle or circumambulating around the city in a procession (which Speed can run over entirely with a vehicle for a 'Kifflom!' bonus), and gunmen are often the ones who take part in the cult's more nefarious activities such as bombings and sabotages. The Forty-Four Clan Ethnicity: Asian and Eurasian, predominantly Chinese-American Leader: Jee Poon Dong Color: Bright Orange Gender: Mixed Vehicles: Karin Toreno, Karin Kuruma, Dinka XLR8000, Karin Rascal Codename For Speed: Grasshopper Description: A triad-like organisation that specializes in illegal manufacturing of vehicles and smuggling. Enthusiasts of Japanese tuner culture, they are engaged in a gang war against the Russian Mafia and to an extent, the Zaibatsu. They are led by a man named Jee Poon Dong, a centenarian criminal kingpin that is said to possess 'the wisdom of a dolphin in the Yangtze River'. They listen to electronica and techno. They are composed of mostly Asian and Eurasian gangsters in their 20s to 40s who enjoy old 90s Japanese sports cars and listening to bands like Underworld and Fluke, and act like entitled rich kids not unlike Huang from Chinatown Wars. Zaibatsu Corporation (Logistics Division) Ethnicity: Mixed, predominantly Eurasian Leader: Uno Carbine Color: Black Gender: Predominantly male Vehicles: Truffade Z-Type, Coil Raiden, Coil Cyclone, Archer Mortar, Declasse Bedford Codename For Speed: Chameleon Description: The logistical division of the Zaibatsu Corporation, specializing both in shipping and production, and trying to push their way in to the smuggling business of the Megacity. They dislike the Forty-Four Clan and the Bratva for being competition, and despise the Epsilonists for being fanatical. They are led by CLO Uno Carbine, a man who is never seen without a body bag. They listen to jazz, alternative R&B and funk. Members are either dock workers or corporate representatives and bodyguards, and like the pharmaceutical division, this division is shown by the type of vehicle a certain type of member drives. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- GOLGOTHA --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Golgotha City Mafia Ethnicity: Caucasian, predominantly Italian-American Leader: Enzo Cavelli Color: Blue Gender: Predominantly male Vehicles: Vapid Tempest Codename for Speed: Kid Description: Loosely based on the Kansas City Mafia, this group operates out in the city of Golgotha north of the Megacity, and play a larger role in the Golgotha storyline. They are led by a man named Enzo, who believes that the Camorra might come to the city to kill him and his gang. They listen to classic rock. Members of the gang are stereotypical Italian-American mobsters who wear trench coats and leather jackets, and spout cheesy Sopranos-esque dialogue among each other. Camorra Ethnicity: Italian Leader: Alberto DeGrazia Color: Silver Gender: All-male Vehicles: Albany Calvacade Evo Description: A foreign gang featured in the Golgotha storyline. Enzo's paranoid thoughts are soon proven to be true, as the Camorra come from Italy to destroy his gang. They are led by Alberto DeGrazia, a Camorra lieutenant who has a history of bad blood with Enzo. They listen to new-age and classical. Members of the gang only speak Italian, much like the Leones in GTA 3. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DEVALOKA --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Devaloka Yardies Ethnicity: Caribbean and Afro-American Leader: Sabrina Color: Gold, Black and Green Gender: Mixed Vehicles: Albany Virgo Continental Codename for Speed: My Youth Description: A yardie group based in the city of Devaloka. They play a larger role in the Devaloka side storyline and are engaged in a feud against the Rococo Crime Syndicate. They are led by a woman named Sabrina, a self-proclaimed anarchist and dub musician. They listen to dancehall and reggae. Members of the gang despise social injustice and declare that Devaloka has "no room for Babylon". Rococo Crime Syndicate Ethnicity: Caucasian Leader: Colonel McDouglas Color: White and Red Gender: All-male Vehicles: Albany Chumash Codename for Speed: Carpetbagger Description: A property conglomerate slash criminal enterprise from the South, who are actively trying to wipe out Yardie presence in Devaloka in order to bring in investors to their resort-casino. Featured prominently in the Devaloka casino side storyline that Speed can choose to take part in. They are led by Colonel McDouglas, a stereotypical Southern gentleman. They listen to classic rock and oldies. Members are shown to be equally as opportunistic as McDouglas himself, though not necessarily from the South themselves. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CHARACTERS --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Main Characters Characters that play a major role in the storyline, and will appear regardless of the playstyle chosen. Speed Modelled after: Mark Dacascos (Male), Mylene Jampanoi (Female) [MALE] [FEMALE] "..." The game's protagonist. A (mostly) silent drifter from out of town, possibly of Eurasian descent. His/her motives are a mystery to many, and has nobody but The Denomination to back them up. One thing's for sure is that they aren't afraid to spill some blood when things go south, or, depending on how you control them, even when things don't. Heavily implied to have some dirt with the Zaibatsu Corporation in the past over the course of the game. The player has the option to play either as a male or a female Speed. Solomon Wakes Portrayed by: Phil LaMarr (Acting Reel) "I ain't gonna insult your intelligence by telling you what you know are obvious facts, but it's a warzone out there, and someone's gotta clean it up." A high-ranking member of The Denomination, and the first person Speed meets in the game. The deuteragonist of the main storyline, he is an old school vigilante who wants to clean the streets of filth. He makes it clear that he will not hesitate to kill Speed if he/she decides to go down the path of corruption. He is somewhat unaware of the true intentions of The Denomination, however, as he later finds out. Adam Enderwood Portrayed by: Frederick Weller (In Plain Sight scene) "Yeah, hand some broad/asshole a piece and expect her/him not to shoot you in the back once it's all said and done. Great thinkin', Solomon." Another high-ranking member of The Denomination and tritagonist of the main storyline. He is a snarky individual with a dark sense of humor who specializes in firearms and explosives, and gradually warms up to Speed. Unlike Solomon, however, he is in on the inner workings of The Denomination, and actively takes part in their... other wet work. The Leader Portrayed by: Kadeem Hardison (Acting Reel) "You know damn well the real reason you came to this city, don't you?" The unseen leader of The Denomination who only communicates through intercom. He is a shadowy figure who rarely appears in the open, and even other members of the organisation do not know what he actually looks like. Lygas Petraitis Portrayed by: Ulrich Thomsen (Banshee - Kai Proctor) "This one... this one's the perfect candidate." One of the major antagonists in the game. The CEO of The Zaibatsu Corporation and a pusher for eugenics. He uses his corporation as a front for his illegal activities. Always scheming, he constantly monitors Speed and their actions, and anticipates the breakdown of his corporate divisions. Elenor Veliu Portrayed by: Dana Christina (Acting Reel) "You impressed the Don, congratulations. Any last words?" One of Lygas's personal bodyguards and a major antagonist in the main storyline. A tall, dark-haired assassin who works security for the Zaibatsu Corporation, and specializes in silencing dissenters and critics of the corporation. Her silence is contrasted with Rey's talkativeness. Depending on the gender chosen, she either appears in Speed's apartment as part of a hit directed by Lygas or towards the end of the game when Speed storms the Zaibatsu HQ. Rey El Dorado Portrayed by: Adan Canto (Interview) "Forget Queensbury, I ain't givin' you a quick death, on account of Petraitis." Another one of Lygas's personal security detail and another major antagonist. He is a brawny mercenary and an experienced boxer, and extremely chatty at that. Despite their differences, him and Elenor work well together. Depending on the gender chosen, he either appears in Speed's apartment as part of a hit directed by Lygas or towards the end of the game when Speed storms the Zaibatsu HQ. Gang Leaders Gang leaders in The Megacity, Golgotha and Devaloka, each with their own distinct personality. Jyunichi "Johnny Zoo" Tsuneyoshi Portrayed by: Brian Tee (Acting Reel) "I know Elmo's pulling something screwy this time... Kohai! Go and send these mick bastards their last tab, on the house!" The oyabun of the Tsuneyoshi Crime Family. Formerly friends and allies with the leader of the Highlanders, Elmo O' Hara, they are now engaged in a bitter rivalry and gang war against each other. Now owns many clubs and lounges, including a nightclub called Tír na nÓg, originally owned by Elmo and his gang. Is shown to be somewhat of a coward, preferring instead to leave the shooting and murdering to his men while he goes to the nightclubs. Elmo O' Hara Portrayed by: Kieran Bew (Acting Reel) "Gobsh*tes, all of 'em! I'm not gonna leave this table until all those feckless Yakuza bastards are dead!" The leader of The Highlanders of Tara, originally from Belfast as a contract killer who rose through the ranks of his organisation. Has an enforcer and right-hand by the name of Beatrice O' Shaughnessy, who he shares a platonic yet strong relationship with. Formerly friends with Johnny Zoo until a bar brawl between the two gangs in his nightclub resulted in it being annexed by the Yakuza. Has a bad temper and speaks in a thick Irish accent in contrast to Beatrice's regular American accent. Beatrice O' Shaughnessy Portrayed by: Hannah Britland (Acting Reel) "Give it a rest, boss. Don't let that sh*t with Johnny go to your head." The enforcer of The Highlanders of Tara. She is an expert in demolitions. The more level-headed of the two, she provides a voice of reason to Elmo's anger. Born and raised as an Irish-American in The Megacity, she also has a hard time understanding Elmo's anecdotes of his time in Belfast. El Burro Portrayed by: Maurice Compte (Interview) "People have called me by other names, but El Burro would do for most. Now, where were we?" The baron of Los Arcangeles. Real name unknown, he is a businessman who is never seen without his cowboy hat, who also has connections to important drug cartels South of the United States. His name is derived from the way he disposes his enemies back in his home country; grinding their bodies into feed for the donkeys. He initially strikes a deal with Trey Walsh and the Zaibatsu to inflame the gang war between The Yakuza and The Highlanders, but soon comes to realize that they might be secretly working against his organisation. Dr. Ingmar LaBrat Portrayed by: Richard Dillane (Acting Reel) "Women troubles? Sexual dysfunctions? Overpopulation? I might just have a solution for that." The leader of the SRS. A former reasearcher at the Zaibatsu Corporation hailing from Stockholm, he leads a team of female scientists who perform experiments on fertility and cloning. He also has a line of sexual dysfunction medication that he sells across The Megacity. He dislikes the motorcycle gangs in his district, especially The Buccaneers, for being "awful, boorish specimens of the homo sapiens", and holds a grudge against the Zaibatsu for kicking him out of the company. Billy Bob Jackson Portrayed by: Jeff Kober (Acting Reel) "Chapters don't mean sh*t in this town when you're sharing room with a posse of Ivy League rejects on one end and a bunch of puffy-coat tooting ricers on the other." The chapter president of the Buccaneers MC. Has seen a lot of military action in Asia, South America and the Middle East. Currently involved with skirmishes against both the SRS and the Ryders. A biker longing for the days where everything was diesel, he dislikes change to the status quo. Owns a Western Company Revenant that he cherishes a lot. Jay-X Watanabe Portrayed by: Jaime M. Callica (Acting Reel) "The Ryders run this district, run and tell that!" The president of The Rollin' Ryders Tokko-kai. He is a former Zaibatsu engineer who runs an organised group of local black gangsters that share a common love for import motorcycles, tuning, big clothes and bass music. His girlfriend, Kelsey Amiri, is the vice-president of the gang. They are engaged in a feud with the Buccaneers, for their differences, and the Zaibatsu, who like Dr. LaBrat, he has a grudge against. Kelsey Amiri Portrayed by: Danielle Deadwyler (Acting Reel) "Easy, boo. That motherf*cker is toast once I'm done with him!" Vice president of The Rollin' Ryders Tokko-kai and the girlfriend of president Jay-X Watanabe. Like Jay-X, she enjoys tuning motorcycles and causing havoc around the district. Claims to be unable to live alone without Jay-X. Vinsky Jerkov Portrayed by: Lev Gorn (Acting Reel) "You know how they do it in these American westerns, comrade? When we want to solve problems, we duel, yes?" Leader of The Megacity Bratva. Enjoys watching cowboy films and American culture. Feeds his men and community hot dogs made of humans, played for laughs in the storyline. He runs smuggling and body disposal operations along the ports of the industrial district, shipping American cars back to the Motherland and turning cadavers into sausages. He is at war with the Forty-Four Clan over ownership of strategic warehouses and jetties along the district, and the Zaibatsu for trying to run in on his organisation. Venus Ordelia Portrayed by: Joanna Vanderham (Acting Reel) "Your life is meaningless without the dogma of the Epsilon Program. Consider converting today!" Cult leader of The Epsilonists. Taking the appearance of a perky young evangelist zealot, this seemingly innocent exterior is a facade for a much more sinister deeds. Believing the rapture to be near, she masterminds most of the city's terrorist attacks, and goes out of her way to destroy businesses belonging to the Zaibatsu and the Bratva, under false direction by Poon Dong, while trying to spread the influence of her cult around the city. Jee Poon Dong Portrayed by: Perry Yung (Acting Reel) "In the great and proud honor of our ancestors, Grasshopper, do kindly put a bullet through that f*ckin' Russian's skull!" Chairman of The Forty-Four Clan. Said to be over 250 years old, with lineages trailing back to the old dynasties. He has a sick sense of humor and, like his adversary Jerkov, never backs down from a fight, despite his old age. He runs smuggling and illegal vehicle production operations along the industrial district, and is currently at war with Jerkov over certain properties. Enzo Cavelli Portrayed by: Peter Appel (Manhunt Hood #3 Voice) (Acting Reel) "Come over to the safehouse tonight, kid. I'm goin' crazy over this Camorra Cosa Nostra bullsh*t!" The Leader of the Mafia Crew based in Golgotha city. He wakes up one day with many of his operations internally sabotaged and begins to develop paranoid thoughts. He eventually seeks out the help of Speed to find the perpetrator of the attacks, leading back to the Camorra. Alberto DeGrazia Portrayed by: Anthony Bonaventura (S.W.A.T. scene) "You've always been a stronzo, Enzo. You are nothing but a pawn even now." A Camorra lieutenant from Italy who is revealed to be the one behind most of the attacks against the Golgotha City Mafia. Enzo soon reveals that, in the past, he pissed off a few Camorra lieutenants, including Alberto, which led to this retaliation. Sabrina Portrayed by: Simone Moore (Acting Reel) "Ya na work fe dat Babylonian ras clot Colonel McDouglas, ya got dat, mi yout?" Leader of the Devaloka Yardies, and a popular dub musician in the area. An anti-establishment anarchist, her gang destroys everything that relates to the idea of an oppressive force. This poses a problem for the Rococo Crime Syndicate, who have a casino and resort in the area. Speed would eventually have to come to a decision whether or not to side with her and her gang in the climax of the Devaloka storyline. Colonel McDouglas Portrayed by: Alpha Trivette (Acting Reel) "Business is business, and if I don't get what I want, I make a deal. And if I still don't get what I want, then we might have to reconsider our moral impulses on the matter." Leader of the Rococo Crime Syndicate, and owner of the resort and casino in Devaloka, currently being attacked by the Yardies. A property tycoon from Louisiana, he is a Southern Gentlemen who, despite referring to Speed as a "carpetbagger", shows great respect to him/her and pays accordingly for his/her services. Speed would eventually have to come to a decision whether or not to side with him and his gang in the climax of the Devaloka storyline. Zaibatsu Corporation Execs As their name implies, they are on the top of the corporate ladder at the Zaibatsu Corporation. They take their orders directly from Lygas Petraitis himself. Trey Walsh Portrayed by: Joseph Lyle Taylor (Acting Reel) "Hookers, blow and more blow. That's three of the perks of being a powerful corporate exec." The director of the Pharmaceutical division and COO of the Zaibatsu Corporation. He is a drug and sex addict who makes decisions out of impulse and paranoia rather that rationality. Lygas has considered terminating him, but kept him around simply because he has powerful friends. He strikes a deal with El Burro of Los Arcangeles to continue the gang war between the Irish and Japanese, in order to claim the drug markets in the commercial district for the Zaibatsu. Red Valdez Portrayed by: David Lee McInnis (Acting Reel) "I could convince you to buy a bucket of manure for a million dollars in the most ingenuous way you could ever think of, and you'd probably fall for it. But f*ck that, I'm too old for that sh*t now." The director of the Finances division and CFO of the Zaibatsu Corporation. A former confidence man, he is given a job at the Zaibatsu and eventually progressed to the position he is at now. Using his prior knowledge in fraud and financial espionage, he attempts to take control of the protection, fraud and larceny rackets in the residential district from the motorcycle gangs and the SRS. Uno Carbine Portrayed by: Jim Abele (L.A. Noire - Curtis Benson) (Acting Reel) "We both know the story of the scorpion and frog. I'm the frog that drowned it." The director of the Logistics division and CLO of the Zaibatsu Corporation. He is rarely seen in the open unless he has to take care of business, and has a team of bodyguards with body bags ready at his disposal. He intends to take over the smuggling operations in the industrial district. Has a personal call girl named Ulrika Afrique. Ulrika Afrique Portrayed by: Mariana Paola Vincente (Interview) "So you're gonna waste Uno huh? That's pretty sexy!" Girlfriend of Zaibatsu CLO Uno Carbine and high-class escort. Depicted as a beautiful, yet unfaithful gold digger who sleeps around and shows no affection towards Carbine. Can potentially become a contact for Speed, or another murder number, depending on how he/she decides to destroy the division. Playstyle-Exclusive Characters Depending on the playstyle, there are certain characters that Speed can only encounter in the game if they decide to go down a certain path. Alderman Thomas Saint II Portrayed by: Russell Wong (Interview) "You and me. We're the same. Only difference is you wave a gun, I wave the public opinion." A hardliner politician who is hard on crime and corporate corruption and intends to clean the streets, permanently. First meeting Speed at gunpoint, Saint gives them the intel they need to go after the gangs in the city, as well as to further his own political career. Whether or not this succeeds depends on how the player controls Speed. Only appears in the Anarchist run. Aero "The Orator" Stamper Portrayed by: Clarke Peters (The Wire - Lester Freamon) "You want a truce with all the gangs in the city? Read a damn epic 'cause the path where we at? We ain't never gonna see a light in the day where we can walk the streets feelin' safe." A former gang leader who united all the gangs in the city roughly 40 years before the game's current year. Old, wounded and somewhat of a cynic, he soon comes to see the potential that Speed has to do the same thing he did in directing all the gangs in the city to a common cause, in this case a war against the Zaibatsu. Stamper gives Speed the insight they need to achieve this. Only appears in the Diplomat run. Ursula Jenko Portrayed by: Kate Norby (L.A. Noire - Lorna Pattinson) (Acting Reel) "Looks like business is runnin' pretty well, boss. You can sleep easy for the next 48 hours, if my calculations are correct." A down-in-the-dumps yet gifted lawyer and former defender of some of the big names in the criminal underworld. Wanted dead by some and shunned by the others, Jenko eventually finds solace working for Speed's criminal enterprise as his/her secretary. Only appears in the Ambition run. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NEXT: PART 2 - ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK & RADIO STATIONS ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  8. slimeball supreme

    Grand Theft Auto: Red Line

    WINNER OF BEST CONCEPT 2019 SLIMEBALL SUPREME & CEBRA theme. companion piece. special thanks to Money Over Bullsh*t Markyevansy The Deadite On the streets of the country’s worst city lie many a body. Crack in its heyday, corpses lining the streets in Hove Beach, wiseguys on the wrong foot for the first time in the mafia’s history as indictments sweep. What is it? In Red Line, you play as two protagonists from two burgeoning sides of the underworld, under threat from all angles as the walls close in. Liberty City is expanded: only featuring the two-and-a-half boroughs of Broker, Lennox Island, and Mid-to-South Algonquin. Felix Godovsky immigrated to the US five years ago after a youth on the streets of Odessa boosting cars and breaking skulls. A short stint working as a textile cutter lead him into the open arms of local drug dealers - now a leading enforcer for a gang referring to itself as the People’s Court. In America, there are winners and losers. Felix doesn’t intend to lose. Residing in a red-brick in the heart of Hove Beach, Felix drives an ‘87 Karin Gogetter and has around $1500 under his mattress. Originally from Italian Bantonvale, Adrian Tessa moved to Lennox Island with his nonna after falling in with the wrong crowd. Didn’t work. Crossing the bridge up to Broker on a regular basis, ‘Age’ dropped out in the 10th grade to work closely with up-and-comer Roy Zito and his Gambetti-associated clique of small time thugs. They intend to go big. Living upstairs in a two-family house, Adrian commutes from Cairndow to Bantonvale by subway or his grandmother’s ‘81 Vulcar Motrock, holding $120 in pocket money at the game’s beginning. - NADYA GODOVSKAYA It was her idea to come over here: friends and opportunity. The Bronshteins went in the 80’s, sent postcards back painted technicolor. They came. Nadya hasn't found a great job yet, Felix has - he knows America may not be the best for the legitimate, but for those willing to bend the rules, many-a buck awaits. - IZYA BRONSHTEIN An old friend of Felix's from Odessa, settled down Hove years back before his arrival. A dreamer ever hopeful, ever optimistic of an American Dream gone and let him down, let his wife and his little girl down. Trust: his most fatal, fatal flaw. - GENNADY & GERMAN ROITMAN The Roitman Brothers were Belarusian wrestlers, steroid salesmen given new life as chief enforcers of the People's Court. German the mad mute and Gennady the brains, relatively speaking: extortionists and usurers now extending meaty fists to the heroin market. - KUZMA 'KENNY' PETROVICH In the upstairs of Gulag Garden, Hove Beach's king resides. A gifted speaker, he hosts the People's Court; an adjudication body where disagreements of his constituents are debated and settled. He'll take a piece of the action, sure, but as feudal lords come he's mighty benevolent. - LAZAR SARAVAISKY Kenny's right hand, always open, always thinking. In the 80's considered the obvious successor to the iron fist of Emil Agrov, yet ceded power to his protege when the man passed away. Lazar was never one for the spotlight, preferred to smoke benzos and whisper in the shade. - LEV GEFTER As ostentatious as ostentatious comes, invited Kenny and a few Pavanos to a party in Vice City last summer: yachts, blow, President masks. The on-the-books manager of Gulag Garden is more businessman than triggerman, a bad draw when the barbarians bang at the gates. - SYLVESTER GANZFRIED The man with a million jobs - Jewish outreach advisor to President Biff Cochrane, police chaplain, top dog lawyer and rabbi without a pulpit. Least notably, government stoolie and mob fixer. The IAA, Mossad; they love the f*cker to death, and they'll let him do whatever if they get a piece of the pie. - DOLPH BECKLER The insurmountable Sgt. Dolph Beckler - bridge and tunnel Kraut and veteran crimefighter with connections to some of the city's finest: from Purgatory Sergeant Francis McReary to mayoral candidate Faraldo himself, Beckler commands his own eponymous team of rogue cops from the 70th Precinct. He'll tell you: Beechwood is Broker's stomach. The Beckler Boys are its antacid. - MORI GREEN In District Park you'll find Ol' Mori - fence, jeweler, kosher wiseguy. Made friends with Bohan Moe in the 70's and met Ganzfried a while later, now buddy-buddy with half the dagos in Broker. Mori puts up with them. Recommends jobbers for the right jobs, guns for the right hits. No matter how brash the client. - MATVEY 'MOTYA' SHVEDIK Motya is a man with a philosophy. You have a warm spot. You keep your warm spot. You kill those that try to take it. His warm spot is being Hove Beach's number one killer, number one heroin dealer, number one gangster with ties overseas. Many people will try to take it. Many will die. - KITAYCHIK Yaroslav Pogodin is a showman and a sinner, bare-knuckle boxer called 'Chinaman' for squinty eyes. The name stuck. Sent by the men back in Moscow to take Hove Beach, remove a testy old guard of Jews and the Americanized. He will do so with obscurity: intentions unknown, diplomacy damned. - MARKI ASHVILLI Looks are deceiving. You think 'art-collector' and 'entrepreneur' and you think Doug Hatchet, turtlenecks and trimmed facial hair. He acts the part as best he can, despite habit and ever-closed doors. Marki plays Kitaychik's point man, money launderer and extortionist with ties to many-a professional hockey player. Perhaps he'll own a team one day. - VIKENTIY RABINOVICH The boss of all bosses? They call him Smartass, exiled to a fortress in Budapest with guards and anti-aircraft guns. He is, by all means, Europe's kingpin. He wants more. He wants the oceans and the skies and the clothes off every man's back, and no. He doesn't take well to denial. - GRIMWALDO WINOGRODZKI Where the f*ck is this guy from? Don't ask. Says he's Polish, says he's Italian, says he's Swiss. Only thing for sure... he has blow. Blow, heroin, TV sets, gourmet chocolates; if there's one thing the DOA and AFT don't expect, it's Thai dope on a Polish airliner. - YERALDIN ‘YIYO’ MONSALVE Flashy, confident, ruthless: the Cázar Cartel's stateside boss doubles as Liberty's cocaine kingpin. And he knows it. Dials up Winogrodzki at 2 AM for coca-powered conversations about sports, plays golf with Kenny Petrovich in chore coats and sweatpants. But above all, a passion... the malparido loves submarines. - RAMI YALON Lupisellas usually hire in the family, longtime hitman Sonny dutifully doing hits since the 50's. But he's Bohan. Dom don't like Bohan. In his place comes 'the Yid’, former Mossad and consummate professional. High fees and low tolerance for guido bullsh*t - maybe that's why he clicks with Kuzma so much. - THE COOPERATIVE When you do business in Liberty, you cut the Families in. Or else. A committee of three who collect, discuss, and intimidate the gangsters of Hove Beach; wearily meeting at the Piazza Plaza Restaurant in Rotterdam Hill. Lupisella consigliere Gene Pittaluga, ad hoc boss of a teetotal clique. Says little for a confidant, you can see why Puleo saw more blood than silver. Pavano captain Jordan Gervasi, assisted by geezer aide-de-camp Juliano 'Julie Schnozz’ Ciommo. Greedy fool. Talks big game, often without playing. Gambetti capo Sal 'Salvo' Salzano of Lennox Island. Peacekeeper. Line straight to big man Gravelli - eager for Russian cash despite disdain for their methods. - MOE SCHWARTZ Moe never took a side in the whole Broker-Bohan thing, maybe on account of his mixed heritage he thought himself exempt. The Lupisellas' numbers guy, the guy who first came across the Russians on account of campaigning for ZAP with Eshel Schochet, the go-to guy for Ganzfried or the Pavanos or God himself. Consigliere by any other name. - LEO PULEO There's a problem brewing in the Lupisella family. Huge Henry Rotondi, guy couldn't fit in the goddamn FIB plane, starts talking about ratting on every boss on the Commission. Not good. Puleo, on the run out of state, gets busted in Pennsylvania at a shopping mall. Double not good. Half the family on trial: a mess and a half to clean up. Only one man to do it. - DOMINIC 'THE WRENCH' SEPE They call him The Wrench for many-a reason, he's the wrench in the works, Mr. Fixit. Or perhaps he'll smash the sh*t out of you with one. Acting boss with big man Puleo in the joint, getting info from the bigger man and organizing a breakout on his behalf. His thirst for blood now justified, vindication on his mind and tongue. - NONNA TESSA A crossroads: a grandson with a junkie father and a nowhere mother. What do you do? You take them out of Broker, try get them work, raise them like a son. Son drops out of school, starts acting a ruckus with neighborhood boys, police visit the house and then you're visiting the station. All you can do is pray. - ROY ZITO Roy and the Bantonvale Boys - hooligans and thugs wreaking havoc north, south and upwards. All over, the sixth family; no liquor store unrobbed and car unstolen, pretty boy in charge with sharp edges and a sharp tongue. The blunt force option, latent inadequacies and all. - ERIC LO IACONO Eraclide to his mother, to his friends the name dips. Clyde, Ricky, Eric - the North Lennox terror got no respect for his elders. Went down at 15 for Assault and plead "f*ck yourself" on the stand, spat in the public defender's face at the consequence. Still got it down to second degree. A zero sum game. - JON 'JUNIOR' GRAVELLI Junior clocked Roy years back when Roy still stole cars, two clicked instantly over blow and bad movies. Jon, rich kid from Meadow Hills never got his hands dirty. Roy, poor kid from Bantonvale never knew nothing but getting his hands dirty. Best friends ever since. - ROGER 'BUTCHIE' BOVE Butch lost his son a couple years back; an ill-fated drive and a broken neck. Jon did him a favor and killed the guy who did it. It's a bond holding harder than kevlar, scruffy Bantonvale capo with a thin neck known for sending thick wads on payday. A man after his own heart, one willing to take chances on youngsters. - PETE REA Jon Gravelli picked Peter off the streets of Broker in the early Seventies: hard-scrabble braggart with a cross around the neck, hijacker and former boxer. He saw the potential right away. Today he's underboss; a loud underboss who swears at the judge and laughs at the reporters, the most surveilled gangster in the country bar his one superior. - ZURIEL ORZOFF The man likens himself to Martin Luther, ingenious orator and a diplomat like no other. Unlike King, however? A liar who represents the worst men in the country, bigots and racketeers and killers. His latest challenge is Pete Rea - an open and shut case and probable lifetime sentence. Zurry won't let that be. - JON GRAVELLI The man behind the Gambetti family has gone sixty-nine years with about two in prison: an excellent record that could very well be tarnished. A racketeering case that's gone far too long getting another crack with obstruction charges, a couple goons running up names on the jury. Doesn't look good. Coming down from the Carraway mansion is one thing, getting pricey cars and priceless art repossessed is a whole 'nother. - SAMMY 'SONNY' BOTTINO Shrewd, calculating; Sonny made a career out of sniffing out a deal and got drafted to the family by Gravelli himself. The next protege on the chopping block. Neck deep in Florida making movies or working with celebrities or something, vague on the detail and never quite willing to pay respects to a boss he never asked for. - MARLON FARALDO Former US Attorney; resigned and ran for mayor in '89, lost and hasn't gotten over it. Ambitious as can be and back on the campaign trail early, a lover of broken windows and loather of the poor. And while it's hot on the presses? The number one campaigner for the arrest of Jon Gravelli. - HARVEY NOTO They say he'd have been Gambetti if things went the right way: met Jon Gravelli sharking in Zephyr Hill and made pals ever since. A manslaughter charge gone awry, he's back on the streets - new Messina boss, friendships to the wind and eyes on the prize. - CALOGERO CAZZINI Son of Amerigo, scion of Sicilian bootleggers sending barley brew down the St. Lawrence. He's kingpin now. These days, they're saying, the Cazzinis are more a family than the Ancelottis - manpower and muscle, coke and cash. Messinas don’t think so. Big Cal does. Constantly shadowed by bodyguard Hugues Ouellette-du-Tranchemontagne, inexplicably letting the dumb f*cker talk in his favor. - OLLIE 'LULU' GLIUGLIU They call him Canuck, and for good reason - zip f*cker's in Quebec more than milk bags and inbreeding. Give the guy credit, he's got charisma, married six women going on seven now arraigning the marriage between Messina and Cazzini. It's not going well. - MELVIN SCHIAVONE He's a people guy; races pigeons with Dom Sepe and Tony Black, shoots the breeze with Wayne Coco. Never let a rivalry get in the way of good business. Six ways to Sunday and family ties to near every family on the Commission and more, if you want a deal brokered you go to Broker Mel. Just pray that don't go to his head. - MARK & FREDO VOLPE Fresh out the joint is Mark Anthony: off 10 years for manslaughter and back in business with flesh-and-blood Alfredo. After doing a favor for Hal Noto in '82, both brothers got their button - working the extortion patch in Dukes and North Broker, tears and broken glass. - OSWALDO QUIROGA If you've had a chick in AC, that chick was Ozzie's girl. Pimp, scag dealer, man of fine clothes and fine cigars. An empire spanning half a state and half a city, and a new connection in the ever-enterprising Roy Zito's web of friendly hoodlums. - JAYVON SIMSON Small timer this close to the big leagues - JJ knows people. Met Joey Corrolla, 13 going on 30 with a cigarette and a forty ounce, mob kid with a crew. Met Dwayne Forge, Holland empresario neck-deep in the crack game, 'entertainment' magnate of dubious origin. Sparks fly in his head. The web extends. - JOE CORROLLA Joe ‘the Cowboy’ was always a street kid, growing up in East Holland hung with gangbangers alike; Latino and Black. A neighborhood taboo. You don't talk to the eggplants. Late teens with a fire in his belly, the attention of the men in the social clubs, a mean streak with no end. Easy pickings for a player to play. - MARIA VALVONA When Louie Valvona 'mysteriously' died, the bosses came to an agreement: "Let the freak do how she pleases". The ostensible front boss of the Pavano crime family is possibly the Commission's longest long con: switching boss after boss after boss at the cost of respect but eyes on the wrong person. Eyes on the Oddmother, on wind chimes and vague prophecy. - ARTHUR ZAPULLA Not many people go to school at Ivy League, fewer mobsters: but that's what awaits the man who killed Louie Valvona. An open secret, the rat-faced kid with greasy hair, the kid all over Mary like butter on toast, groping and cloying and purring in her ear. It's a wonder charges haven't been made, for a variety of reasons. - VITO MENOTTI Veets bought a Lennox Island dog food cannery in the seventies, went from nothing to barely something. Barely something's enough. Enough to wash money and grind bones and kinda freak people out at the poker games. He knows what the little men don't, who really calls the shots and gives the kill orders. And they won't tolerate recent disrespect. Liberty is expanded in Red Line: denser, more square mileage. Only two-and-a-half boroughs are accessible in normal gameplay - the International Center of Exchange gleaming from the skyline. The boroughs: Liberty’s second city gets a bad rap; churches, art types, gangsters. It’s more than that. Not much more than that, but more than that. UPTOWN Redcape - Traditionally Polish, home of longshoremen and factory workers before they all moved to Alderney. Home to the Redcape Incinerator, the biggest, hottest dioxin and lead polluter in the borough. Hedgebury - Jews and Latinos, sure. But evil afoot. Bohemians. Yuppies in Algonquin have rent at gunpoint, now gentrifying the borders of borough number two. It’ll get worse. Schottler - The Messinas and Gambettis still run this part of town but not by much, modern day hotspot for Dominicans and Puerto Ricans. East Liberty & Suydam - They call it the killing fields. Formerly back in the heyday, the mob’s primary graveyard. They stopped demolishing houses on the Dukes border because they kept finding bodies, wasn’t worth the press. Today, the battles are fought not by wiseguys, but street hustlers and crack kingpins. The Bowels - Technically East Liberty, but worth a mention; a sunken little neighborhood on the Dukes border best traversed on horseback, ‘less you want your car flooded. Trust me: you don’t want that here. Vestiges of the Wild West run amok. WATERFRONT BOABO - Older residents still call it Feldspar Crossing, the developers… not so much. Ground Zero for a new wave of gentrification. East Hook & Navy Yard - Parts of town reckoning with obsolescence as the port moves to Tudor and the boat traffic slows to a crawl. Rotterdam Hill - A lot of churches, a lot of brownstones, a lot of social clubs. Gristmill - The Gristmill Canal is still plays a pivotal role in the waterfront’s ecosystem: a pathway for the movement of barges, and a great place for the mob to tie cement to a dead guy’s foot. Sunrise Park - Formerly dockland central, stevedore Swedes pushed out yonks ago in favour of Latinos and Cantonese. Now Broker’s Chinatown. CENTRAL South Slopes - Still recovering from the ‘91 riots, West Indian folks and Hasidic residents cross the street to avoid one another, dirty glares and confrontation. Fights still ensue, instigated regularly by neighborhood Shomrim. Cork Villa - The land of the stroller. Gentrification personified in brownstone and wrought iron, young families and the odd yuppie priced out of Algonquin hanging their gold-embroidered address plaques while the working class scatters. Outlook Park - Broker’s very own Middle Park, subject to millions upon millions in funds allocated to revitalizing its image since the decade’s turn. The carousel’s back, art deco horses and all. We’ll get there yet. Beechwood & Beechwood City - Mostly West Indian, low-income projects and baseheads copping copper wire. Junkyards, former factories, decades of history… now ground zero for Broker’s crack epidemic. Farnham-Slechtenhorst - ‘Far Sleck’: picturesque Victorians perched behind tree-lined streets mask a history of unfettered racial tensions and blockbusting - Gerry Quigley left in his wake a restoration project that saw itself through the 70s and 80s, the gangs and the cops doing their part to tear it asunder. District Park - Home of the Hasidim. Good delis, lots of hats - get used to wearing one and pick up on some Yiddish while you’re at it. Vlackwood & Fulham - Boring suburb. Houses, 8 by 8 grass patches masquerading as a yard, the occasional pink flamingo. Thrilling. Pierrepont Cemetery - Block after block after block of gravestones. Where Broker’s dead are buried. Before Outlook, this was Broker’s park. SWAMPLAND Maschapi - Italians and Blacks on the shore of Wampum Bay, with the former overtaking the latter in spades. Lupisella turf, the Broker crew holding on tight despite obvious disdain. Hansen Basin - Laugh in the face of the historians so adamant that the area was once a rural bastion for oyster fishing: tell it to the 8-figure mansions built by the dozen and the private roads twice as maintained as its thoroughfares. Stoothoff - Old. Old buildings, old people, old smells. Twenty years behind the urban planning curve leaves Stoothoff a little piece of antiquity for the cultured fellow yearning for the rural abandonment you’d typically only find in Lennox. Thalassus Meadow - Despite Outlook’s fame, Broker’s largest park is on the shores of the Wampum. Salt marshes used by the indigenous for crab fishing, now a makeshift landfill with trash, burnt out cars, and the occasional corpse. Mayor Llewelyn ‘Lewie’ Laster leads the charge for its cleanup. Byrd Aerodrome - Mixed use airfield now in the process of conversion into a state park. Nobody really cares. Barren, quiet; it’s local hearsay that unmarked air travel still lands and leaves. According to the government, those rumors are unfounded. Crownover Bay - Quaint, disconnected from public transport, nobody knows why the neighborhood always smells like rain. Has a beach that nobody goes to. Algonquin Beach - Must’ve forgot what borough they were in. Former resort town, the area’s become a second wave enclave to the higher-end Russian Jews from Hove. It’s earned its name again by attitude. SOUTH Hove Beach - Little Odessa. Introductions unnecessary. Firefly Island - Boardwalk attractions galore; the kind that peaked pre-World War II. Subjected time and again to development hell and rezoning court cases since the boom, Firefly Boardwalk is spotted with equal part shuttered, never-opened storefronts and amusement parks - but you’ll never find it empty. Kids and octogenarians love it, and that’s what counts. Goatherd - Former fishing town: home of yacht clubs, piers, bad seafood, aged stucco beach houses way too far away from the beach. Mostly Jewish but transitory: from Russians to Uzbekis, Greeks to Turks. Dartford - Developed in parallel with Firefly but overshadowed by a factor of about a dozen, Dartford has fallen into relative obscurity in the time since - your run of the mill working class neighborhood, dead-end streets, housing projects, the occasional bout of violence. Bantonvale - The city’s hotspot for Italian Americans, second only to Little Italy. Restaurants, social clubs, tracksuits, pudgy old men with itchy trigger fingers. Weir Ridge - Bantonvale’s little sister: the added bonus of beachfront property. Used to be a lot of Norwegians, but the mob probably forced them out like the real estate developers’ll do in a decade. Anger Bay - The local story is the place was called ‘Angler Bay’, devolved because of Dutch incompetence (like so much else). Working class, a lot of Italians, Albanians and Russians butting heads in the shadow of the golf course. Fort Harris - An installation for the US Army in the shadow of the Vespucci-Passage Bridge. Originally built for the Civil War, still holds a few cute toys. The forgotten borough. They purposefully leave it out of tourist advertisements, blur it out on the TV like guns in a music video. Suburban hellscape - might as well be ‘Derney. LIST UNDER CONSTRUCTION EAST SHORE Austral Bank - Seaside sand with a contradictory name making up most of Lennox’s eastern border. Has a boardwalk, the lethargic younger sister of Firefly Island. Cairndow - One of the many Italian neighborhoods sprinkling East Shore, home to protagonist Adrian and Gambetti capo Salvo Salzano’s ‘vending machine servicing company’ - or so he says. Verward Hill - Cute little Italian enclave on the east shore, site of a perpetual territory war with Holle Hill thanks to ill-defined boundaries. Both have hills. Wallonstop - It’s Dutch, nobody who lives here knows what the name means either. Griggstowne - Hit by a rather small tornado last year. Otherwise, nothing of interest. Hope it happens again. Kust Stadt - Italian capital of Eastern Lennox, prime territory for the Ancelotti crime family. Home to ancient mob social club ‘The Scrapes’ - owned by Gio Ancelotti himself. When you think Liberty, you think Liberty - skyscrapers, Statue of Happiness, pizza, number grid streets, rats. The urban jungle. Only part of the borough is available, terminating at Hematite Street, beyond that the screen fading to static and relocating you to a random switch scene nearby hours later. LIST UNDER CONSTRUCTION An Ancient Art - Adrian robs a poker game. Cliche. Loud. Status Quo - Felix makes a delivery to a prospective client, and enjoys a bagel. The Butcher of Bantonvale - The boys assist a store owner on behalf of Mr. Bove. Bathing in Filth - Felix delivers a package to Motya Shvedik as a way of solving a longtime dispute. A Great Big Pussy - Movie night at Bobby’s house turns into a visit to a local stash-house. Neither Down, Nor Feather - Felix discusses failure, is told to help the Colombians, and visits the carnival. As you do missions for Butchie and the Gambettis, Adrian will occasionally be called over for a favor or two; resolving petty neighborhood squabbles. Monotony. The true face of the mafia. Human Resources - A dissatisfied customer of a Gambetti garbage contractor files a phone call. Adrian is tasked with returning his trash. Parent-Teacher Interview - A kid or two helps out at the Butch’s butcher. Didn’t get a great report. Roger’d really appreciate putting the screws to their principal. Art of War - Cousin’s landscaping company took a hit, now Weir Ridge terraces are being handled by some Ancelotti nephew’s numbskulls. Teach some gardeners a few lessons in pest control. Deconstructive Criticism - Whiny associate, Clarkie Contina, just made soldier. Won’t pay his dues to the capo but happy to flaunt a new house and a new Lampadati. Wreck the car. Do donuts in his pretty garden. Clean as a Whistle - Building contract, looks great. One problem: asbestos. Too expensive to dispose of legally… or at least, more expensive than they’d care to pay. Take the truck and dump it out in Wampum Bay. Pollution for a pretty penny. Owe Me a Couple - Foreman cut a few contracts and put a lot of no-shows out of work. Pay him a visit and convince him to rethink his decision. Weirdos, nobodies, egotists, degenerates. The best the city has to offer. - DB-P & P.G. Jackson Adrian’ll meet them through good ol’ Ozzie Quiroga: hip hop legend and head of Big Joox Records, DB-P, alongside his omnipresent protege Clayton. In halfway feuds with half the country’s rap scene, from Bohan’s Q-Whispers to Madd Dogg on the West Coast - sometimes brutality needs a little outsourcing. - Ephraim Pendergambit Investigative journalist; in deep sh*t, needs an underworld contact, willing to pay in cash. Felix finds him scoping out a Russian connected cafe in deep cover, decides to steer him in a different direction. - Toby de Vivo Guido dork from Adrian’s neighborhood, rap sheet full of petty assault and birdbrained B&Es and desperate to get in with the mafia. Piggybacking off Age’s connections, pulling him into a variety of rackets lacking in any kind of forethought or planning. - Helen Kafengauz Little old widower who sits outside the stoop with the other women in the neighborhood, gossiping with tanning reflectors. Taking a new kind of diet pill, Helen requests lifts to increasingly confusing locations, and Felix begins to question her sanity. - Gad & Tad Dierkes A pair of yokel Midwestern con artists, shaking down tourists and Floridians in bars and at pool games. Adrian accidentally gets thrown into a scheme, decides to tag along as they start screwing with the wrong people. - Officer Regis Frumpley Encountered via newspaper classified or simply hiding on street corner in Beechwood, the perpetually down-on-his-luck cop Frumpley puts the player in a series of harebrained, moronic schemes and obviously fake street crimes to boost his reputation. - Darcy Pembroke Absent-minded Australian tourist bumbling around Algonquin looking for the ‘real Liberty City’. If that means going into the ghetto and having his shoes stolen and camera smashed, so be it, and you bet he’ll be doing it with a smile on his face, mate. - Chester LaSala Mediocre stand-up comic and raging anti-semite with a poor sense of fashion and overactive sweat glands. Bombing at comedy clubs, he has a much quicker path to fame in mind - succeeding Casey Edwards as host of Late Night. By any means necessary. - Shane Tovar Itchy skinhead who did a few tours in the Gulf and Panama. Loopy as a racetrack, dull eyed and bored, he’s found himself a new hobby. Urban hunting; scouring ghettos for stray dogs and big game.
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    Grand Theft Auto: Borders

    GRAND THEFT AUTO: BORDERS The 2nd concept by DownInTheHole (1994 Theme) Jamiroquai - Emergency On Planet Earth (2020 Theme) Hante. - The Storm Other concepts by me: Grand Theft Auto: Carcer City Grand Theft Auto: The Inner Circle ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TAGLINE “On the Mexican-American frontier in the west coast during the early-90s, a group of men capitalize off the drug trade along the borders, as an increasingly-violent rivalry brews between cartels, with each organization struggling to reach the top of the food chain. All hell soon breaks loose, and the second generation become victims to the fallout of the events that unfold. Desperate for answers of their plight, the two descendants of these men attempt to reach the root of this multi-generational conflict, which all so suddenly took their normal lives away from them.” ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OVERVIEW (TWO DIFFERENT ERAS) The game is set both in 1994 and 2020, and features four playable protagonists, with two in each era. The story covers the foundation of cartels in 1994, and the present-day cartel wars in 2020, all set around the Southern San Andrean Mexican-American Border, featuring three different cities and many smaller towns. There are many different changes in the map between the eras. For example, buildings such as the Mile High Club and the Diamond Casino & Resort in Los Santos and the Vizcaino Arch in Ciudad Vizcaino are not present in 1994, with either parking spaces or a series of residential or commercial housing in place of it prior to their construction. Borders are generally easier to cross in 1994 and infrastructure and roads in all three cities are less developed compared to 2020. In contrast, certain buildings are demolished or incorporated into newer buildings by 2020, such as the absence of the Bullitt Recreational Center and Blob Music in Los Santos from 1994, now replaced by buildings or parking spaces, or the incorporation of a few buildings to form the Arcadius Center in 2020, through the building of a public square. Many areas in all three cities, such as Davis and Mirror Park in Los Santos and Mercado Cerrito in Ciudad Vizcaino, are gentrified in 2020, and thus experience a lot less crime with a much greater police presence. The way the game is filtered depends on the era as well. 1994 is generally filtered blue and yellow, reflecting the optimism and the economic boom of this time, as well as Los Santos’s recovery from the riots in 1992, along with a slight grain to emulate 35mm film. 2020, on the other hand, is filtered red and purple, reflecting the political strife and cynicism of the late-2010s, and takes on a cleaner, digital look reminiscent of film and TV made during this time. Era-switching is only available once the main storyline is completed, and the eras can be revisited either by washing your face in a safehouse or by visiting a landmark, such as a gravestone or an area of interest. Themes of the game include multi-generational conflict and the pursuit of truth, and depending on how things unfold in 1994, it can potentially affect the events that occur in 2020, such as the fates of the protagonists from 1994. The protagonists in 2020 are tasked with uncovering the truth of the events in 1994 during the tumultuous cartel wars of the former, and depending on how things go, they can either get the actual truth, a false account of the events during that time, or somewhere in between. Many different endings can stem from these findings. These range from the best ending, where the truth behind the events in 1994 is revealed, the antagonist of the game is defeated and both 1994 protagonists live, to the worst ending, where a false account of the events are shown to the current protagonists, the antagonist gets away with everything, and both protagonists from 1994 are killed. Certain stranger missions are also affected by this, and depending on how things go in 1994, it can affect the outcome in 2020, once the new protagonist meets with the same stranger. If a stranger mission has not been completed in 1994 and the story progresses to 2020, the follow-up mission will not be available in the current era, and the player has to complete the storyline in order to switch eras to finish the stranger mission. Technology is different between 1994 and 2020, with the protagonists relying on a primitive cellular phone and notepad to keep tabs, and owning a vinyl player at their personal safehouses for any purchasable music in 1994 which shuffles a maximum of 10 discs at a time, while smartphones are used in 2020, with Bluetooth-style wireless speakers used in safehouses which the player can use by accessing the Fruit Music streaming app on their phones, where they can make custom playlists with a maximum of 50 songs. Drones are also controllable in 2020, with them being used for certain missions in the storyline. Music is drastically different between the eras, with 1994 being much more AOR, funk and acid jazz-heavy, and 2020 leaning towards hip hop, darkwave and R&B. Certain stations are exclusive to certain years, and a number of tracks from 1994 are brought forward to 2020, where they are featured in throwback stations. Some stations which exist in both eras, also experience genre changes between the years. That said, all music from both eras are available on Fruit Music in 2020, should the player long for the good old days. LANGUAGE As the game is set in the Mexican-American border, two main languages, Mexican Spanish and English, are used in equal amounts throughout the game and story. In many scenes involving Mexicans or Hispanic-Americans, Spanish is used as a spoken language as opposed to English for authenticity, similar to shows such as Narcos. Therefore, it is advisable that monolingual players turn on the subtitles, at least for foreign languages. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SETTING Once again set in Southern San Andreas, three main cities are featured in Borders, along with several small towns and enclaves. Blaine County is not present in this rendition of Southern S.A., and the map cuts off just right after Fort Zancudo and the Tataviam Mountains, with Route 1 (Grand Ocean Highway) curving around the mountains and forming a cliffside freeway towards Crawford. Two American counties and one Mexican municipality are present in Borders, which are Los Santos County, Santa Domingo County and Sierra Municipality. Beach towns play a relatively large role in the game, being home to many of the game’s hotels as well as areas where business is conducted. A complete map with icons will be presented in the near-future. LOCATIONS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PLOT (WIP) The story in GTA: Borders is told in different acts, with the prologue being an act of its own. There are four acts in 1994 and four acts in 2020, giving the storyline a total of nine acts. 1990 PROLOGUE 1994 ACT I 1994 ACT II 1994 ACT III 1994 ACT IV 2020 ACT I ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CHARACTERS (WIP) Featuring a vast set of characters, GTA: Borders is a multi-generational tragedy that affects the lives of people throughout the decades. PROTAGONISTS PRIMARY CHARACTERS SECONDARY CHARACTERS MINOR CHARACTERS STRANGERS & FREAKS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TO BE CONTINUED... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  10. Theme Grand Theft Auto Capital City is set in our nation's capital. Home to the best Crooks, Thieves, and liars. The Politicians here make the world laugh. It's 1995 the city just gone through the crack epidemic and is a couple years removed from being the Murder Capital. Plot It's 1995 the city has just come out of the worst period in it's history. Ron Woodward is a 12 year veteran of the CCPD under investigation by internal affairs, facing a brutality case, and going through a nasty divorce. While old ghosts from his past haunt him he gets caught up in a mess that takes him around darkest parts of the city and shakes up Capital Hill. Setting Set in Capital city and parts of The States of Elizabeth and Samille. (Based on The DC Metro area and parts of Maryland and Northern Virginia.) Characters Ron Woodward -The Protagonist. For the first time ever you play as a police officer in GTA. A 12 year veteran of the CCPD he isn't clean and bends the law. Francis "Fuzzy" Dunlop - Ron's partner at the CCPD they've been working together since Ron transferred to the Narcotics unit. Dunlop is older and has been on the force longer than Woodward. Richie F King - Second Protagonist. Legendary stickup man known around Capital City who robs drug dealers Features Reading the paper- It's 1995 you rely on the newspaper for information on what's going on around the world. Pick up a newspaper at various newsstands around the city. Three different newspapers are available for purchase The Capital City Times, The Elizabeth Journal, and Liberty Tree. Law Enforcement - Officer Woodward has a day job. As a police officer you answer current crimes going on and chase after criminals while on duty. Very similar to the Vigilante side mission in IV. Payphones, Pagers and Cell Phones - You use a pager, payphones, and a cell phone for communication with the various contacts you have made around the city. Missions Mission #1 Mission #2 Soundtrack TBA Weapons TBA Vehicles Vapid Police cruiser Albany Nunavut Brute Pony
  11. (DISCLAIMER: The current concept i'm working on is not currently finished. I'm either currently not at a computer or still thinking of ideas. Thank you for your time. Please come back later when it is finished. Otherwise, feel free to look over what I've typed in the meantime.) In this DLC, it would feature a wide selection of cars specifically tuned for high-speed racing. This would also implement the addition of new race tracks based on real life variants such as Willow Springs International Raceway, Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, Auto Club Speedway, and Buttonwillow Raceway Park. This will also implement the new addition of penalties. These penalties will be used when a player rams, shunts, spins out, cuts the track, or break-checks another player. There would also be new accessories and new racing suits. Of course, no GTA DLC is complete without a few guns to go with it. CARS: Vapid Stanier Roadmaster (Ford Fusion NASCAR) Karin Intruder Hayai (Toyota Camry NASCAR) Bravado Buffalo Enraged (Dodge Charger NASCAR) Cheval Fugitive ProStock
  12. Money Over Bullshit

    Grand Theft Auto: Family Ties

    Main Theme You take control of a twenty eight year old Italian American from the mean streets of Bohan named Carlo Devino who after falling into serious financial difficulty ends up working for the mob. You will journey with Carlo up through the ranks of Liberty City's five big Mafia Families, working your way up from a simple associate to a full fledged member of Liberty City's La Cosa Nostra, taking on more violent and dangerous jobs as you go. This game will give players a chance to deeply immerse themselves in Liberty City's most infamous crime families and experience first hand the compelling events which surround them on a daily basis. The overall tone and format of this chapter based game will differ greatly and will unfold in a more narrative fashion than any of the previous titles in the grand theft auto series, playing out more like an interactive movie than an actual game. The story will contain about twenty or thirty hours of gameplay with plenty of mini games and side missions thrown in to keep the game fun. The various chapters will also be replayable providing plenty more hours of gameplay even when the main story is done. Other exclusive additions to this game will be an advanced combat system, improved law enforcement AI requiring the player to act tactically to avoid arrest (or death) and a whole host of new weapons. Carlo will also have access to three exclusive clothing stores – namely Ranch and ProLaps (for casual/leisure wear) and Didier Sachs (which sells more formal attire as you progress further into the game). Other additions to this game include an honor and respect system similar to Red Dead Redemption, weapon specific close quarters executions, a gun closet in your safehouse where you can store weapons you have obtained over the course of the story, the ability to call in crew members to accompany you on jobs and all new “favors” missions which are similar to random character side missions but are centered around random events on the street such as muggings, car thefts, vacating drug dealers from neighbourhoods and package delivery jobs and a brand new island to the south west of LC known as Richmond Island (based on Staten Island). The story itself will be almost completely separate from that of the other Liberty City protagonists (meaning no direct crossovers) but some of the characters will re-appear and certain events from those games will be referenced and/or explained in greater detail. The game will be available exclusively for download on Xbox Live and the Playstation Network but will also be playable from in game menus of GTA IV and The Complete Edition. The Protagonist Carlo Devino The story begins with Carlo living in a small apartment in Bohan with his elderly mother, who is widowed and raised him alone from a young age. Carlo has never really been able to hold down a job due to his serious lack of formal education and over the years he has had to resort to working undesirable, temporary jobs and committing petty crimes in order to bring money home for his mother. Growing up, Carlo was surrounded by mobsters, thieves and drug dealers in his community but he has always tried hard not to fall too deep into the criminal underworld. Lately however Carlo's financial situation has gotten particularly dyer and the money he gets for the odd jobs he does is barely enough to keep the asbestos filled roof over his mother's head. For Carlo it's now a case of desperate times calling for desperate measures and when his childhood friend Daniela “Dani” Lupisella inadvertently offers him a chance to work for the local cosa nostra family, the offer just seems a little to lucrative to refuse. As the story progresses he will get sucked deeper and deeper into the world of the mafia as he goes from a lowly associate to a full fledged member of one of Liberty City's largest crime families Richmond Island State: Liberty State City: Liberty City Total Area: 265.5 sq km Population: 468, 730 approx Richmond Island is one of the five boroughs in the Family Ties version of Liberty City and the only one which is inaccessible to the player at the start. Richmond Island is the least populated of the five boroughs but is the third largest in area. Richmond island is a lot more suburban in nature compared to the other four boroughs of Liberty City and the independent state of Alderney which is overall more urban than the majority of the island. Richmond Island is the only part of the city not to be connected to another by way of a bridge as has been the case since the Tudor Bridge connecting the Island to Alderney (the remnants of which can still be seen off Tinderbox and Red Wing Avenues in Tudor and Acter Industrial) was destroyed by a terrorist attack. The only remaining mode of transportation between the island and other parts of Liberty City is the Richmond Island Ferry which carries people to and from the island from stops at The St. John's Bus and Ferry Terminal (Richmond Island), Pier 45 in Algonquin, East Hook in Broker, Happiness Island and the Alderney Ferry Terminal for the price of just $2. Due to these and other factors Richmond Island has often been called "the forgotten borough" by it's inhabitants who feel neglected by the city government to the point of denying it's existence despite some of it's members actually living on the island. It is also often erroneously considered to be part of neighbouring Alderney (from which it is separated by a tidal strait affectionately known as "The Snatch"). Unlike the other boroughs of Liberty City Richmond Island does not have an operational subway system instead making use of buses to transport it's inhabitants around the island (these buses can be hijacked by the player and used as a way of making a little bit of extra cash). Overall the island is quite ethnically diverse and is diversely split in terms of the socioeconomic backgrounds of it's citizens, with the South of the Island being generally affluent and the North of the island generally being more disadvantaged. Despite the generally upscale nature of the island compared to the other boroughs there is in fact a substantial presence of gangs on the island, especially members of the Liberty City Mafia who will be Carlo's main contacts on the island. Richmond Island consists of a total of 13 individual designated areas, these are as follows: 1. New Haven (based on St. George, Tomkinsville and New Brighton) New Haven is a historic commercial and residential district located in the north eastern tip of the island. The main attraction of this area is the St. John's Ferry Terminal, the main gateway to the island for travelers from the rest of the city. The area is generally quite affluent and houses many large apartment building and quaint little eateries, historic shopping districts, a farmer's market and a large church. Other major landmarks in the area include the Richmond Island Museum, the St. John's Theater, the Richmond Island Borough Hall and a waterfront memorial sculpture dedicated to none other than St. John himself. The southern and eastern portions of the neighbourhood are more residential and contain several blocks of two story town houses moving towards West Haven and North Beach. This area is home to many Italian and Irish Americans but also boasts a small Albanian community who can be seen hanging around the area's commercial hub and in clusters around the seafront boardwalk. One of the islands three police stations is also located in the area close to North Beach. 2. West Haven (based on West Brighton, Clifton and Stapleton) West Haven is a mostly residential area located to the west of New Haven. The area is generally working class in nature although there is a clear split in social classes within the area with the east side containing a number of two story houses (similar to neighbouring New Haven). The neighbourhood begins to look more run down however moving west towards Port Haven. The western portion of the neighbourhood contains several rows of shops and a small number of ethnic commercial properties however the area is majorly dominated by project buildings and six story red brick apartment complexes which are home to the area's large African American population. Almost the entire northern portion of the neighbourhood is taken up by the Bank of Richmond Ballpark, a baseball stadium which separates the large commercial office buildings of New Haven to the east and the aforementioned run down project and apartment buildings to the west. West Haven is also the site of one of the island's two major hospitals as well as one of two of it's fire stations and the second of it's three police stations. 3. Port Haven (based on Port Richmond) Port Haven is a neighbourhood located north of West Haven reminiscent of many areas of Bohan (particularly Chase Point and Little Bay). The area was once a bustling hub at the foot of the Tudor Bridge, since the destruction of the bridge however most of the buildings in the area have gone into a state of disrepair and it has become more of a 'haven' for drug dealing, gang violence and prostitution, seeing many wars between the areas population of gang affiliated Latino Immigrants and the African American gangsters from neighbouring West Haven in recent years. The area is currently in the midst of a large scale redevelopment plan which aims to restore the area to it's former glory (the evidence of which can be seen by the many construction sites in the area). Aside from the construction sites the area is generally run down and dirty and features an abundance of graffiti on its buildings and piles of litter everywhere. Port Haven is also the site of Richmond Island's third and final police station. 4. North Beach (based on various east shore sea and beach front neighbourhoods) North Beach is a coastal area which encompasses almost the entire south eastern shoreline of the island. The residential portion of the area is a mix between apartment buildings located in the area closest to western New Haven and small beach front properties located close to the beach which is separated from the rest of the area by a large boardwalk promenade similar to Firefly Island which contains many stores and small businesses as well as a mix of Italian and Chinese restaurants. Also located close to the beach is a disused amusement park and an adjacent arcade where the player can play bowling, pool and air hockey. In this area there is also a small housing estate which not only separates the adjacent park from the coast but also offers it's residents some mild seclusion from the hustle and bustle of the seaside promenade. The demographics of the area is mixture of Irish, Italian and Chinese immigrants who seem to coexist with one another without any problems. 5. Cursor Park (loosely based on LaTourette Park and surrounding areas) This neighbourhood concists almost entirely of a large park of the same name which also contains a country club and golf course which is a huge hit with the island's most affluent residents. As was the case with Leaf Links in Vice City weapons are not allowed on site but there are plenty of golf clubs and stealable carts floating around with which to cause mayhem. Adjacent to the park there are also a few brownstone townhouses home to a small orthodox Jewish community. 6. Cursor Hills (based on residential areas of Todt Hill and Dongan Hills) Cursor Hills is a highly affluent private residential neighbourhood (Similar to Meadow Hills) located in the hills next to Cursor Park complete with it's own security guard. The area contains several tudor styled two story houses and mini mansions largely owned by local celebrities and high ranking mob figures, the largest of which being a mega mansion belonging to Don Giovanni Ancelotti and an iconic mansion featured in a mafia themed Vinewood blockbuster from the 1970s. 7. Stoneville (based on Graniteville, Willowbrook and commercial section of Bulls Head) Stoneville is Richmond Island's main commercial hub located beneath the large hills which house the neighbourhood of Cursor Hills and overlook the area. The area is the most sparsely populated of all of Richmond Island's neighbourhoods but is home to three of the borough's major landmarks these being the Richmond Island Mall - a medium sized shopping mall comparable in size to the North Point mall in GTA III era's Vice City, The College of Richmond Island which has it's campus in the center of the neighbourhood and a large hotel owned by the super rich Von Crastenburg family (based on the Hilton Garden Inn). The area also contains some light forestry mostly concentrated towards the south west near Cursor Park. 8. Bentleyville (based on Tottenville) Bentleyville is a large upper-middle class residential neighbourhood consisting of two and three story duplexes, detached and semi detached homes which sit next to a small beach area to the south east (similar to the ones found in Beachgate in Broker). The Residents of Bentleyville are a mix between young (mostly white) collegiate types and elderly people of all races. The neighbourhood is also home to the south west area's main fire station which is located close to the border with Thompsonville. The area also contains a boathouse although it is of no particular use to the player other than providing a spawn point for several boats. 9. Norfolk (based on Industrial sections of Bloomfield and Travis) Norfolk is Richmond Island's Industrial hub containing many warehouses and factories. Overall the neighbourhood is similar to Acter Industrial Park in Alderney. 10. Port Norfolk (based on Port Ivory and parts of Mariner's Harbor) Port Norfolk is Richmond Island's main sea port. It is located almost directly opposite the Acter Industrial section of Alderney. Port Norfolk like neighbouring Norfolk is heavily industrialized and many trucks, trailers and cranes can be found in the area for loading and unloading containers from cargo ships and as a result many containers can be found stacked in the area. The only residential dwellings in this area are a collection of mobile homes located to the east. 11. Thompsonville (based on Rossville, Huguenot and Charleston) Thompsonville is a large residential neighbourhood located just west of the center of Richmond Island. Most of the area is made up of two story detached and semi detached homes with open gardens giving this area a distinct country feel. Due to the neighbourhoods border with Norfolk it is surrounded by many scrap yards and small industrial properties. There is also a medium sized hospital and a fire department located in the neighbourhood. 12. West Beach (loosely based on South Beach) West Beach is a large baron sandy beach located to the extreme west of the island. The beach is largely uninhabited and contains many sand dunes and natural ramps and hills which makes the area a virtual playground ideal for cruising around on a dirt bike or the Bandito dune buggy. 13. City Dump (based on the Fresh Kills landfill) After being previously mentioned in GTA IV the City Dump finally makes it's appearance in Family Ties. Although the dump is technically not a neighbourhood it's sheer size dictates that it be considered it's own individually designated area. The dump is where most of the city's garbage ends up after it is taken from the other boroughs by way of specially constructed boats. The dump doesn't provide much to the player in the way of fun but it will none the less be given a starring role in one particular chapter of the story. Although the dump is technically controlled by the Liberty City Sanitation Department (who in turn work under the rule of the mob) it can just as much be considered to be under the rule of the local army of hobos who call the dump their own, remaining unmoved by the LSD who recently lost a bid to move the hobos on as it was deemed to be a breach of their squatters rights.
  13. Commit war crimes in style! This is a concept DLC that will feature brand new long awaited missions. As well as an attack boat APC. And yes, even a flamethrower. This concept is made by Tatresia. I have taken everything regarding a 60's/ Vietnam war DLC that I think would make the game so much more interesting. A new contact: The colonel. A PST war veteran, that lives in sandy shores and have strict loyalty to the red white and blue. And live his every day life by the constitution. This guy is so patriotic that your creepy uncle will seem like a tolerant guy after all. He will host medium to hard missions that revolves around Merryweather, military and us government activities in San Andreas. 10 new missions in total! New guns and skins. Flamethrower: This will be the very much needed new heavy weapon in the game. You will need to reach level 100 to gain the flamethrower. Much like the mini gun, it does not have several clips. Instead it will have one big fuel storage, that will be depleted over time. The flamethrower has a medium range and does medium damage over time. To keep the gun balanced it will have no auto lock or special attachments. M16 Rifle: This will be the new assault rifle. But different from all the others. It will have no auto aim, purely semi automatic rifle with no attachments. Instead of spray and pray, it will be as deadly as the players accuracy and skills. One shot will severely drain your targets health, making this rifle the ideal for bullet savers. ______________________________________________________________________________________________ New gun skins: The new gunskins will feature military woodland, jungle and dessert skins. As well as personal engravings of the players own choice (up to 6 letters on the largest guns). __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The local pot shop on Vespucci beach will now be open for the player in need of some joints. These joints will be consumed like all the other food/drink/smokes in the inventory. But as expected, it will affect you're perception of reality any time you smoke them. _______________________________________________ The Vigero Stallion will be customizable at Benny's auto shop. and will feature a wide arrange of 60's styles and liveries. ______________________________________________________________________________________________ New Pegasus vehicles: APC: The armored personal carrier will work like a light and fast tank. You are vulnerable to other players as there is no bulletproof windows. And you will need a second person to man the semi automatic cannon. The APC will be able to hold up to 10 people inside, perfect for VIP work, but don't rely to heavily on it, as it offers little protection. Attack boat : The long awaited gun boat will finally appear. It will have a similar cannon as the APC, and will be a well armored attack boat, that can take a few hits before going down, perfect for piracy prevention when attacking. It will hold 6 people, one drive and one is manning the cannon. _______________________________________________________________________ New clothes: 3 Long slim trenchcoats matrix style. 5 new big leather jackets. 5 new 60's style shirts. 4 new military boots. 4 new camouflaged cargo pants that will tuck military boots in. 4 new 60's style jeans. 3 snake skin shoes. 3 military helmets 60's style. New hair styles: Long curly hair for males. Big afro curl. low afro curl. Beatles style hair. Punk style mow hawk. Spikes. Beards: 60's style mustache. full grown beard.
  14. This DLC just including middle family cars. Car List: BF Konstig (VW CC 2013) Declasse Ranger (2007-2013 Chevrolet Tahoe, such as shorter than Granger) Declasse Yosemite (2007-2013 Chevrolet Silverado) Vulcar Truster (Present Volvo S60) Vapid Boar (Present Ford Flex) Vapid Steed (Present Ford E-Series) Dinka Perennial (2013 Honda Odyssey) Bravado Contra (2014 Dodge Dart) Vapid Bloom (2013 Ford Explorer) BF Club (2009-2013 VW Golf) Brute Bigfoot (2015 GMC Sierra) Dinka Chavos (2013 Honda Accord) Dinka Blista 4-door (2013 Honda Civic 4-door) Benefactor Marauder (2013 Mercedes Benz CLA 180) Übermacht Rebla (2013 BMW X5) Declasse Merit (2008-2013 Chevrolet Impala) This is just Part 1. If your have any ideas, would your say your's ideas.
  15. Grand Theft Auto: Liberty Speed Ben Chambers is a 25 year old working in a dreaded job as a pizza delivery guy in Liberty City, but once he's behind the wheel, He's a natural racer. As he races more in the streets of Liberty City, he becomes more involved and gets into trouble with gangs and more professional racers, Ben must find a way to get rid of all his problems, while at the same time, become the racing king of Liberty City. Ben Chambers The Protagonist - Ben Chambers lived in San Fierro before, his father was a famous racer who he adores, and one day Ben would like to follow his footsteps to become a racer. However, His father was killed in a supposedly car related accident when he was in middle school, so his family had to move to Liberty City and his dreams of being a racer was fading away due to his family discouraging it and financial problems. With only little money to spend after graduating, he starts to work as a pizza delivery boy, and he sometimes works at a friends garage at Port Tudor. After a few years, he finally gets his first car, A Vapid Dominator. Slowly, he began to race his way through the street racing life in Liberty City, and he starts moves up the chain. Ryouta Yamaguchi Ryo was Bens best friend in high school, and after he graduated, he opens up a garage in Port Tudor. Ryo was the one to introduce and help Ben to the street racing life in Liberty City. He wishes to open up more garages in Liberty City soon to make more money. His owns a modified Tampa and has a girlfriend named Janice Smith who coaxs Ryo to leave together to Massachusetts, although Ryo wants to stay. He can be called to hang out as a friend, and if you hang out with him often, he will give you huge discounts in car repairs and modifications in his garage. William White Will works at Ryos garage in Port Tudor and is also good friends with Ryo and Ben, although he specializes in motorcycles and loves to go bike racing. He has a brother who is part of the Uptown Riders gang which gives him easy access to fast motorcycles. He lives in the garage as his apartment contract was finished and doesnt want to waste any money in places to live. His bike is a Custom Bati 800 model. He can be called to hang out as a friend, and if you hang out with him often, you can call him to deliver you a motorcycle of your choice, and if you call him during missions which requires bike, He will deliver you a bike which is suited for the mission, such as a faster bike during races and a more maneuverable bike during an obstacle course. Angus Martin Angus was once part of the Alderney Chapter of the Lost MC. However, after the chapter was dismissed, he becomes a small bike repo guy and exports bike out of the country, mainly to Japan, His days of hanging out with the gang are done though he still does some work with the Broker chapter of TLMC. Angus can be called and he can give you jobs similar to the ones in TLAD in which you have to steal bikes. Han Young-Guk Han Young-Guk is the leader of the Alderney Korean mob. After his son was murdered, he became paranoid and the Korean mob became more aggressive. After a chain of mischiefs, Ben is forced to work with the Korean mob, directly under Han Young-Guk who considers Ben a useful, but dumb muscle. Most of the Korean mob members stay loyal to him due to his mean, but generous attitude. Wade Heston An undercover cop who was once friends with Bens family back then. Now Heston is working undercover for a case involving a big drug shipment involving the AoD MC and the Korean mob. Sylvester Boyle Sylvester Boyle is the leader of a small, professional criminal organization who does scores all over the U.S.A. He is from Canada and was once a professional street racer although he changes his ways of making money after doing a small job with his friend. Although he is very smart in planning and engineering, he isn't trustworthy. Robert Armitage Right hand man of Sylvester Boyle and is an expert on hacking and on motorcycles. He once hacked the F.I.B website from his home to erase some records surrounding Sylvester Boyle and was never caught. The F.I.B is still in search for the man responsible for erasing the records and crashing the servers of their network. Brucie Kibbutz Brucie is an automotive entrepreneur who meets Ben from a race, liking his style and skill, he later befriends with Ben. Ben does jobs for Brucie, mainly stealing cars, bikes and boats and building his business. Brucie also allows Ben to modify his cars at his garage. His car is a Style SR customized Comet. Ben can hang out with Brucie and if you hang out with him often, Brucie can give the player some advices for races (such as faster alternative routes) in advance, giving the player an advantage. Janice Smith Ryo's girlfriend and friend of Ben since three of them is in High School, now she is dating Ryo and is planning to move away from LC, although Ryo doesnt really want to, She cares for both of them. Stevie Stevie is a friend of Brucie who also employs Ben to steal cars. Although his car list is a bit harder to obtain, his payouts are much higher than the other repo bosses. He owns a JB 700 which is specialized. Richard Greene Richard Greene is an automobile dealer who owns businesses all over the east coasts. Richard sees potential in Ryo and his crew. (more will come as the concept develops) Liberty City in Liberty Speed is more alive and immersive than ever, the city is crowded and pedestrian can be seen going on their daily lives. Animals such as cats, dogs and birds can be seen in the city, alley, and parks. Cars in the road are varied, you can see cars in good and bad conditions, and in rare times you can see a customized tuner car. You can come across strangers that give you missions, strangers getting mugged with a choice of helping them or not, see cop chases in the streets or come across street racers. Gang members can be seen in a group hanging out, or in an alley doing drug trades. Here are the city features which you can interact with in the city: Fast food restaurants: You can visit fast food restaurants to refill health and is a place where you can spend time with friends. Fast food restaurants in LC consists of Burger Shot, Cluckin Bell, Rusty Brown Donuts, Well Stacked Pizza, and more. Weapon shops: There are 2 weapon shops in LC, Back alley weapon shops and Ammu-nation, one shop has weapons which other's don't, and one shop has weapons cheaper or more expensive than the other. Pay & Spray: You can use pay and spray to clean, fix up your car, and get away from cops. Mod garages: Mod garages can be used to modify your cars, load & save your cars, keep cars, assign cars. Mod shops in LC includes Ryo's garage, Brucie's garage, Stevie's garage, and 2 other garages. Safehouse: You can sleep, save your game, watch television, use the internet, change outfits, and other interactive things in your safehouse. In addition, you can rent hotel rooms and it can be used as a temporary safehouse depending on how long you choose to rent it. Street vendors: You can refill health by buying food or drinks on the street vendors all over the city. There are hot dog, burger, beans, ice cream, and all other kinds of vendors in the city. Bars: You can buy some drinks here and get drunk with friends, or play darts. Bowling alleys: You can play bowling here, solo beating a score, or competitive with a friend or random foe. There are also Air Hockey tables here. Nightclubs: You can visit nightclub to drink and dance. If you successfully impress a girl there with your dancing, She will either have sex with you in the toilet for a one night stand, or ask to exchange numbers and contact you later which will make her your girlfriend. Nightclubs in LC consists of: Maisonette 9, Bahama Mamas, and Club Liberty. Basketball courts: There are basketball courts you could play basketball in the city, you can play with a random team or with friends. Movie theaters: You can see movies on the big screen there. Mini golf course: You can play a small mini-golf course in Funland. Driving Course: You can play a driving course, similar to the one in TBOGT, but this time with more challenge mission and targets. In addition, there are 3 new racetracks built in Liberty City. West Racetrack The empty land in West Alderney has now been enlarged and a new race track is built there. Grummer Racetrack Rusty Schit Salvages has been demolished and has been replaced by a new racetrack. Flymbo Racetrack The empty land northeast of Firefly Island has been enlarged and now a racetrack has been built there. Here are the key gameplay elements in GTA: Liberty Speed: The game plays similar like the other GTAs, only with more focus on vehicles. The game now has 2 different weapon stores, one is Ammu-Nation, and the other is the back alley weapon shops, And each sells a few different weapons, such as the back alley weapon shops sells illegal, law enforcement weapons while Ammu-Nation doesnt and vice versa. The driving physics has been rebalanced and is something between V and IV, which is a balanced mix between fun and controllable, and realistic at the same time. Cops are now rebalanced, the system is still similar like Vs one but easier, in which you lose the cops, you must remain out of their cone of vision for a while before completely losing them. The game now returns to the 6 star wanted level system. Similar to V, if you pull up to a red light in a sports car next to someone else in a sports car and rev your engine, theyll often burn out and race you when the light turns green. If you are hurt during gunfights and is low on health, health will regenerate but only up to ¼. Hand-to-hand combat is similar to the system used in Vice City Stories, with lots of heavy, light attacks you can grapple and throw the enemies. If you are in a gunfight and decides to get up close with an enemy, there will be a special take-down move depending on which weapon you are using. Stealth mechanics have also been tweaked, crouching automatically enables stealth mode, you can sneak up behind an enemy and do a quiet take down, such as snapping their neck or putting them to sleep. The smartphone can be used to call people, check e-mail and text messages, take pictures, and browse the internet. In addition, now you can track certain people or vehicles and hack car alarms and cars which use electronic locks First person is again included as an optional camera view, this time using viewmodels so animations look better and the FOV can now be adjusted. Vehicles can be customized in a mod shop such as Brucie's or Ryo's. They can be fitted with a nitro outside of missions now. Trunks can now store extra ammo, armor or health packs. If you are low on them, you can go to your personal car and get more from there. The personal car system works different now, taking cues from Driver: Parallel Lines. Cars you obtain can be stored in a garage and it will be yours (stolen vehicles needs to be cleaned up first) then you can assign one to be the one you use in missions. You can load and save cars in the garage, and if you leave your car in the street, it will be towed to Ryo's garage. Weapons now have multiple firing modes and can be dual wielded. The dual wielded weapons can be chosen freely, like you can have a pistol in one hand an a sub machine gun in the other. (Coming Soon!) Credits to: HipsterHillbily - Helping me with the plot and radio stations FunkyRJ - For creating the logo. Ivan1997GTA - Help on radio stations and characters. ARCADE MODE (Coming Soon!)
  16. GoldWolf007 DISCLAIMER: NOT ALL IDEAS ARE MINE, SOME EVEN CREATED BY OTHER CREATIVE PEOPLE. IF SOME OF THESE IDEAS ARE YOURS AND DO NOT WANT ME TO INCLUDE IT IN THIS CONCEPT, PLEASE ASK ME TO REMOVE IT IN ORDER TO KEEP ME FROM GETTING PUNISHED. IF I HAVE DONE THE FOLLOWING, LET ME KNOW SO THAT I CAN FIX AND/OR RESOLVE THE PROBLEM. THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE AND ACTS OF RIGHTEOUSNESS! Please notify me if I have: -Featured an idea that is yours and do not want it to be in this concept. -Worded any sentence/idea very similarly compared to yours. -Feel insulted, harmed, discriminated, etc... by sentences, words, vehicles and vehicle names. -Details not being included with unintentional to do so. -Idea/s has very little sense. -Copyrighted, trademarked, branded names owned by the official and legitimate owners. Racing to the Riches Update. Description: If you're a professional, overconfident race fan, or a young, race car driver, who can't race for illegal contact, this GTA Online update is just for you! Featuring 3 new vehicles, two boats and a new helicopter, it's perfect for those who won a lawsuit against the street-racer, who won while racing you by cheating and using that borrowed money from your sponsors to sue them. Be a complete professional, by having your cars transported in both armoured and luxurious styles with a new garage feature in the brand-new Buckingham Navrene. Race around the streets with the Obey 10G S or keep your opponents eating both your dust and dirt with the Benefactor Glendale 630 R. Either way protect yourself from sore losers by using the wrench your sponsors have thrown at you, or use the nearest thing in arms reach, which could be your trusty strut-bar. Benefactor Glendale 630 R (Mercedes-Benz 300 SEL 6.3 AMG Rallye). -Front Bumper: Secondary color bumper. Primary color bumper. Secondary color bumper with tow hook. Primary color bumper with tow hook. Chrome bumper. Chrome bumper with tow hook. Chrome bumper with detail delete. Secondary color bumper with detail delete. Primary color bumper with detail delete. Classic primary color bumper. Classic secondary color bumper. Classic chrome bumper. Bumper delete. Bumper delete with tow hook. -Rear Bumper: Secondary color bumper. Primary color bumper. Secondary color bumper with tow hook. Primary color bumper with tow hook. Secondary color bumper with detail delete. Primary color bumper with detail delete. Chrome bumper. Chrome bumper with tow hook. Bumper Delete. Bumper Delete with tow hook. -Grille: Remove badge. Big badge. Chrome strip grille. Black strip grille. Chrome mesh grille. Black mesh grille. Exposed inter-cooler. -Spotlights: (This allows you to choose the styles of spotlights in certain areas on the car.) Front bumper: Primary color spotlight covers (2x1). Secondary color spotlight covers (2x1). Chrome spotlight covers (2x1). Primary color spotlights (2x1). Secondary color spotlights (2x1). Chrome spotlights (2x1). Grille: Primary color spotlight cover (2x1). Secondary color spotlight covers (2x1). Chrome spotlight covers (2x1). Primary color spotlights (2x1). Secondary color spotlights (2x1). Chrome spotlights (2x1). -Front fenders: Large carbon fenders. Large rivet less carbon fenders. Large primary color fenders. Large rivet less primary color fenders. Large secondary color fenders. Large rivet less secondary color fenders. Carbon fenders. Rivet less carbon fenders. Primary color fenders. Rivet less primary color fenders. Secondary color fenders. Rivet less secondary color fenders. Rubber mudflaps. -Rear fenders: Large carbon fenders. Large rivet less carbon fenders. Large primary color fenders. Large rivet less primary color fenders. Large secondary color fenders. Large rivet less secondary color fenders. Carbon fenders. Rivetless carbon fenders. Primary color fenders. Rivetless primary color fenders. Secondary color fenders. Rivetless secondary color fenders. Rubber mudflaps. -Liveries: Fort Zancudo camo #240 Cherkenkov Vodka #22 60's Italian rally livery. -Chassis: Areials: Right side mounted chrome antennas. Left side mounted chrome antennas. Right side mounted black antennas. Left side mounted black antennas. Dual chrome antennas. Daul black antennas. Lights: Dual top carbon air intake conversion. Dual lower carbon air intake conversion. Dual top chrome air intake conversion. Dual lower chrome air intake conversion. -Spoiler: Low carbon wing. Low primary color wing. Low secondary color wing. GT wing. Race style wing. Ducktail wing. Rally style wing. -Hood: Primary color hood. Secondary color hood. Carbon hood. Primary color single air vent. Secondary color single air vent. Carbon single air vent. Primary color dual air vents. Secondary color dual air vents. Carbon dual air vents. -Exhaust: Big bore front exit exhuast. Shotgun front exit exhuast. Single side exit exuast. Dual side exit exuast. Quad exit exuast. Dual shotgun exuast. Mammonth Patriot M.P.E.V (Hummer H1 Alpha). Tired of having to explain to your friends that your old Patriot isn't your wifes grocery-getter? Well, if you are already planning for a divorce and a new truck, lucky you! This Multi Purpose Exploriation Vehicle reminds people why the pick-up got its name: by picking up chicks even when their not high as a kite. And unless you're a perfectionist, we know you like your trucks just the way you like your trucks: big, strong and always ready. No matter what. -Front bumper: Chrome bullbar. Black bullbar. Chrome bullbar with tow hooks. Black bullbar with tow hooks. Chrome bullbar with winch. Black bullbar with winch. Chrome bullbar with lights. Black bullbar with lights. Chrome bullbar with lights, tow hooks, and winch. Black bullbar with lights, tow hooks, and winch. Chrome bullbar with skid plate. Black bullbar with skid plate. Chrome bullbar with tow hooks with skid plate. Black bullbar with tow hooks with skid plate. Chrome bullbar with winch with skid plate. Black bullbar with winch with skid plate. Chrome bullbar with lights with skid plate. Black bullbar with lights with skid plate. Chrome bullbar with skid plate, lights, tow hooks, and winch. Black bullbar with skid plate, lights, tow hooks, and winch. -Rear bumper: Chrome bumper. Black bumper. Chrome bumper with light detail. Black bumper with light detail. Bumper delete. -Grille: Primary color grille. Secondary color grille. Primary color grille with spotlights. Secondary color grille with spotlights. Chrome mesh grille. Black mesh grille. Chrome mesh grille with spotlights. Black mesh grille with spotlights. -Front fenders: Primary color fenders. Secondary color fenders. Primary color rivetless fenders. Secondary color rivetless fenders. -Rear fenders: Primary color fenders. Secondary color fenders. Primary color rivetless fenders. Secondary color rivetless fenders. -Side steps: Chrome side steps. Black side steps. Primary color side steps. Secondary color side steps. -Hood: Primary color hood. Secondary color hood. Primary color hood with snorkel. Secondary color hood with snorkel. -Roof: Chrome roof rack. Black roof rack. Chrome spotlights. Black spotlights. Primary color spotlights. Secondary color spotlights. Chrome spotlight strip. Black spotlight strip. Chrome roof rack with spotlights. Black roof rack with spotlights. -Exhuast: Single side exit exhuast. Dual side exit exhuast. Dual shotgun exhuast. Chrome smokestacks. Primary color smokestacks. Secondary color smokestacks. -Chassis: Side panels: Chrome side panels. Primary color side panels. Secondary color side panels. Primary color back cover. Secondary color back cover. Areails: Chrome left mounted antennae. Black left mounted antennae. Chrome right mounted antennae. Black right mounted antennae. Chrome dual antennas. Black dual antennas. Obey 10G S (Audi R8 LMS Ultra). -Front bumper: Black custom splitter. Primary color custom splitter. Secondary color custom splitter. Carbon custom splitter. Black custom splitter with tow hook. Primary color custom splitter with tow hook. Secondary color custom splitter with tow hook. Carbon custom splitter with tow hook. Black race splitter. Primary color race splitter. Secondary color race splitter. Carbon race splitter with tow hook. Black race splitter with tow hook. Primary color race splitter with tow hook. Secondary color race splitter with tow hook. -Rear bumper: Primary color diffuser. Secondary color diffuser. Carbon diffuser. Primary color diffuser with tow hook. Secondary color diffuser with tow hook. Carbon diffuser with tow hook. Large primary color diffuser. Large secondary color diffuser. Large carbon diffuser. Large primary color diffuser with tow hook. Large secondary color diffuser with tow hook. Large carbon diffuser with tow hook. -Grille: Remove badge. Chrome strip grille. Black strip grille. Chrome mesh grille. Black mesh grille. -Front fenders: Large carbon fenders. Large rivet less carbon fenders. Large primary color fenders. Large rivet less primary color fenders. Large secondary color fenders. Large rivet less secondary color fenders. Carbon fenders. Rivet less carbon fenders. Primary color fenders. Rivet less primary color fenders. Secondary color fenders. Rivet less secondary color fenders. -Rear fenders: Large carbon fenders. Large rivet less carbon fenders. Large primary color fenders. Large rivet less primary color fenders. Large secondary color fenders. Large rivet less secondary color fenders. Carbon fenders. Rivet less carbon fenders. Primary color fenders. Rivet less primary color fenders. Secondary color fenders. Rivet less secondary color fenders. -Exhaust: Dual race exhaust. Quad race exhaust. Titanium race exhaust. Side-exit race exhaust. -Liveries: White Off-set stripe. Black Off-set stripe. Secondary color Off-set stripe. Click Lovers Livery. Obey Redefined Genuine Automotive Street Material race Livery. -Side skirts: Primary color side skirts. Secondary color side skirts. Carbon side skirts. Primary color race skirts. Secondary color race skirts. Carbon race skirts. -Spoiler: Primary color low-level wing. Secondary color low-level wing. Carbon low-level wing. GT wing. BWG wing. Race wing. -Hood: Primary color hood. Secondary color hood. Carbon hood. Primary color single intake hood. Secondary color single intake hood. Carbon single intake hood. Primary color dual intake hood. Secondary color dual intake hood. Carbon dual intake hood. Cognoscenti Diziona (2016 Rolls-Royce Phantom Sedan) Unlike other car companies, we are incredibly efficient. No, not with gas mileage. That's why douche bags care about the atmosphere and waste their money on hybrids. We are incredibly efficient with time and design! That's why we take 6 months to make a new car that's basically the same as the last model. So if you're not staring at the gas mileage in disgust, you'll already know that cars with a glass roof-top and suicide doors are the way to go. Who cares if you're getting 13 miles to the gallon, when you got a starry glass roof cover, for when that annoying thick smog blocks your view of the night sky? -Features: Bodyguards can open the rear doors by hand for V.I.P's, friends and crew members who is nearing the car and can access depending on vehicle lock settings. The owner of a Diziona can do certain actions via interaction menu similar to a yacht. These action are rolling certain windows up/down, darkening the interior, putting the glass-roof shade on/off, and turning the TV on/off. Passengers can drink champagne, browse the internet, watch TV and turn the radio station, even in the backseat by choosing while looking at the center console in first person view. Benefactor Shocker Hull (Cigarette AMG Electric Drive). If you're not drunk, or a constant sleep-walker, hopefully you know water and electricity isn't supposed to be together, but who can deny something that wasn't made by someone who wasn't dreaming of a stress-free life. That is why Benefactor created the Shocker Hull! While most boats dumps oil and gas into the ocean, this boat is powered by an electric motor. So, unless you're not a combination of a rich beach-bum and a douche driving a Dillatante, you can always swim to your friends 10 million dollar yacht. Lampadati Wake-stream XS (Carver c37 coupe). Cant afford the Galaxy super yacht? That's okay. 86% of the worlds population cant afford it either. So we have created a boat that has a quarter of the luxury for a quarter of the price! Great for meetings or sailing away from the drowning people who always partied on their $10,000,000 yacht. Comes in multiple trim levels. -The Omega: Your basic "R.V on the water". Great for spending your money on something you'll rarely use. 135 ft. 2 Vehicle dock area. 2 Bedrooms. 3 T.V sets. -The Worker: You work hard (hopefully), and you need to take advantage of your surprise vacation. But your next few paychecks has to be double in order to pay the entrance fee at your co-workers yacht. That is why this model is great for your own party and employees. 135 ft. 3 Vehicle dock area. 3 Bedrooms. 3 T.V sets. 2 Cannon defense systems. -The Alpha: Most businesses need to be seen as a powerful company in order for people to even notice your web-page link. Why not tell them you can do business on the water! Its a combination of gain and greed, perfect for luxury and frat boy parties. 135 ft. 4 Vehicle dock area. 3 Bedrooms. 3 T.V sets. 4 Cannon defense systems. Captain services. Buckingham Navrene (Augusta West lander {VVIP} ) What do retired Sargents do in their spared time? Well, if you guessed day-time drinking or driving around with brain damage, your incredibly wrong. They would be sit-ups while being flown around in this luxurious military-grade aircraft! This 20 ton vehicle will insure your safety and needs of being pampered by the finest options for this aircraft. While having some of the highest order of comfort, the Navrene keeps part of the Cargobob with its vehicle storage space. This exclusive feature can store 2 full sized vehicles. Perfect for getting your cars around the city without worrying of detaching it 500 ft above the golf course lake. Also comes in color, livery, and other customization options. -Regular: Liveries: White Air-Slicer stripes. Black Air-Slicer stripes. Secondary color Air-slicer stripes. White fading stripes. Black fading stripes. Secondary color fading stripes. Presidential livery. Rotors: Primary color wing-tips. Secondary color wing-tips. Gold wing-tips. -Armoured: White Snow camo. Yeti Forest camo. White Air-Slicer stripes. Black Air-Slicer stripes. Secondary color Air-Slicer stripes. White fading stripes. Black fading stripes. Secondary color fading stripes. Presidential livery. -Weaponry: Quad-barrel .50 heavy gun controlled via passenger seat camera. Two cannons. Resistant to 3 direct hits from missals. Clothing: Blue jean jacket. Dark blue jean jacket. American flag jean jacket. Faded blue jean jacket. Faded American flag jean jacket. White Sentinel Tuning Division track jacket. Black Sentinel Tuning Division track jacket. White Sentinel Tuning Division polo shirt. Black Sentinel Tuning Division polo shirt. Karin Racing Auto Performance racing suit. Dinka International Competition Kit racing suit. Sentinel Tuning Division racing suit. Obey Redefined Genuine Automotive Street Material racing suit. Dewbachee racing suit. Patriot Rally racing suit. Benefactor racing suit. White Sentinel Tuning Division helmet. Black Sentinel Tuning Division helmet. Karin Racing Auto Performance helmet. Dinka International Competition Kit helmet. Obey Redefined Genuine Automotive Street Material helmet. Dewbachee Racing helmet. Patriot Rally racing helmet. Benefactor Racing helmet. White knee-pads. Dark grey knee-pads. Grey knee-pads. Dark silver knee-pads. Silver knee-pads. Black knee-pads. Red knee-pads. Navy blue knee-pads. Dark blue knee-pads. Blue knee-pads. Dark yellow knee-pads. Yellow knee-pads. Light yellow knee-pads. Pink knee-pads. Weapons: Large wrench: Bravado logo. Obey logo. Karin logo. Black. Yellow. White. Chrome. Wrench: Black. Yellow. White. Chrome. Strut bar: Lightweight Strut bar. Double Strut bar. Bravado Strut bar. Obey Strut bar. Karin Strut bar. Black. Yellow. White. Chrome. Helmet: Any helmet can be picked up and used to hit the person the holder desires. Features: Helmets and hats can be worn in vehicles. Air and water based vehicles can be called and spawned on player owned yachts via Pegasus. Players can put certain vehicles on display on owned yachts by calling the captain and selecting the wanted vehicle to be either, on the front or rear heli-pad. Meaning this feature is only available for certain yacht models. Players also have the option to replace heli-pads with chrome or gold revolving bases, which can be done on the Dock Tease website. Vehicles cannot be driven on the yacht, but can still be requested or delivered via mechanic. Radio station have newer songs, yet still have songs that are currently implemented into the game. Players can choose colors, numbers and text that will appear on varsity jackets, jerseys, racing suits, helmets, tires, sun-strips and liveries that contain text and numbers for vehicles that has the option. Inappropriate text will not be allowed, similar to the Online texting monitor. This will be done on the iFruit app. Players wearing gas mask are not affected by tear gas. Players can lean on cars and walls as a quick action. When the quick action buttons are clicked twice, the character will bob his/her head and cross his/her hands.
  17. I've seen some great concept DLC's out there and decided I would give my input on what I think would be cool so here goes. VIP Part 2: Cops & Criminals Description Rise through the ranks in your organization with the all new Organization Points (OP). Similar to "RP" "OP" points will be awarded to you for completing various VIP work and missions in your organization. You will still receive normal RP for carrying out these jobs but only your OP is responsible for increasing your VIP rank. Ranks There will be 10 different tiers you can reach within your VIP organization, each offering new benefits, unlocks, and various rewards. Reach these by accumulating OP and ranking up. Tier 1 (ranks 10-20) Clothing unlocks, Vehicle Unlock Tier 2 (ranks 21-30) Clothing Unlocks, Vehicle Requests 5% Off, Mission Cool down reduced 5% Tier 3 (ranks 31-40) "Back up" Unlocked, Vehicle Unlocked, Tier 4 (ranks 41-50) "Clothing Unlocks, Team Chemistry Unlocked, VIP registration requirement of $1Million dropped 15% Tier 5 (ranks 51-70) Vehicle Requests Additional 5% off, All abilities 5% off, +1 Additional Organization Member, Tier 6 (ranks 71-100) "Back up" level 2 Unlocked, "Double Damage" Unlocked, +5% Payout. VIP registration Dropped Additional 15% Tier 7 (ranks 101-120) Mission Cool down time reduced an additional 10%, "No Cool Down" Ability Unlocked, Vehicle Unlocked Tier 8 (ranks 121-160) +1 Additional Organization Member, Clothing Unlocked, Tattoos Unlocked, abilities 5% off Tier 9 (ranks 161-200) +15% Payout, "Back up" level 3 Unlocked, Vehicle Unlocked Tier 10 ranks (201+) +30% Payout, Clothing Unlocked, "Custom Vehicles" Unlocked +1 Additional Organization Member, "Team Chemistry" Level 2 unlocked, "Ammunation Rebate" unlocked, "Back up" Level 4 Unlocked, New Missions/Difficulty Unlocked. VIP session increased +1 hour. VIP WORK 6 new Hostile Takeover Locations have been added. 6 new Asset Recovery Locations have been added Now in Sightseer, all members can Hack and recover packages. New VIP Work added called "Hit List". A photo is sent to your phone of the man you must kill, along with the coordinates of his location. Follow your GPS to the hideout and take him out. He will be armed and heavily guarded, so be prepared. Piracy Prevention now lets you choose between other players attacking your yacht or waves of NPC characters, or both. Executive Search now lets you choose between other players trying to kill your vip or waves of NPC characters, or both. Executive Deathmatch now lets you choose between another VIP organization or an NPC organization with a designated VIP member to fight against. VIP Challenges New VIP Challenge added Called "Kill Count" Players are tagged with a 5 star wanted level and unlimited lives. The goal is to take out as many police as possible before the 10 minute timer stops. New VIP Challenge added Called "Free mode Event" This will contain various free mode event challenges such as; Longest Wheelie, Longest Jump, Top speed, and more. Criminal or Cop? When Registering as a VIP you will now have the option to register as a Criminal or a Cop. This can be changed as many times as desired during your time as a VIP. Doing so will change your Organization outfits, vehicles, and some abilities and missions. What changes? As a cop, when you gain stars various gangs will put a hit out on you. And as your "wanted" level goes up Merryweather will then send Mercenaries out after you. Vehicles requested through the SecuroServ menu will be different for cops and criminals. Outfit selections will be different between cops and criminals. When using some abilities minor changes will be made to suit the different roles of a criminal or a cop. Some missions will have minor adjustments made to suit each role accordingly. Also, some missions may be exclusive to a particular role. As a cop you can order someone to the give up by aiming at them and hitting "R3". If they comply you can then escort them to your vehicle. How Cop Missions Work Hostile Takeover- No Changes, Asset Recovery- Vehicles will be at various gang locations instead of the police stations. Sightseer- No Changes Piracy Prevention- No Changes. Executive Search- No Changes Executive Deathmatch- No Changes Most Wanted- Mercenaries will be in place of Police. Auto Buyout- Players must kill Various car thieves marked on the map. Highest kill count wins. Market Manipulation- Players must kill armed suspects holding up convenient stores around the map. Highest kill when the timer ends wins. New VIP Work added called "Hit List"- Locations/People will vary New VIP Challenge added Called "Kill Count"- Players will be fighting to kill Mercenaries instead of police Exclusive Missions: Work: Prison Break- Multiple prisoners have broken out kill them or bring them back alive before time runs out. Hot Pursuit- Reports of Street racing have come up. Stop the vehicles by any means necessary before they reach their destination. Challenges: Criminal Pursuit- Each member is given a suspect, marked on the map. They mush race to apprehend, and deliver the suspect alive before time runs out. The player to do so the fastest wins. Regarding some of the Tier unlocks and what they mean or could be: Clothing unlocks: Each role will have different clothing and each unlock will both roles different outfits to choose from. Criminals will be given standard clothing with unique looks exclusive to VIP members. Cops will be start out with basic police attire and with unlocks, work their way up to swat uniforms, and other unique looks to law enforcement outfits. Vehicle Unlocks: Each role will have different vehicles to call in from the SecuroServ menu. With unlocks more vehicles will be added to that list. Cops will receive the same style vehicle transformed into a marked police car or an unmarked car. Back Up: As a criminal you will have different gangs you can call as your back up such as the Ballas, Vagos, The Families and more. At rank 1, a vehicle with 3 gang members will be sent to help you. At rank 2 another vehicle will be sent. At rank 3 you will be able to request 2 Mercenary vehicles with 4 NPC's in each one, to give you support. At rank 4 you can call in one more vehicle, or an air support helicopter. As a Cop you will be calling in NPC officers, FIB, or IAA members instead of gangs. At rank 3 you will be able to request 2 Swat Vehicles for support. At rank 4 you can call in one more vehicle, or an air support helicopter Team Chemistry: This ability can be activated once every 30 minutes and is free. It will last 5 minutes and will give each member and additional 10% boost in health. At level two the boost will last for 10 minutes. Double Damage: This ability can be activated once every 30 minutes and is free. It will last 3 minutes and will give each member a boost in their attack damage, similar to Trevor's special ability. No Cool Down ability: When activated there will be no cool down time between missions for 45 minutes. Can only be activated one time per VIP Session. Ammunation Rebate: Any ammo used during VIP missions will replenish 50% once the mission is completed. Custom Vehicles: After calling in a vehicle through SecuroServ, you can take this car into a mod shop and customize it free of charge. Once saved it will be delivered to you this way from now on until you decide to change it again. Well That's All I have For Now. Please Feel Free To Comment Below And Let Me Know What You Think, As Well As What You Would Add/Take Away. If Any Part Didn't Make Sense Or You Have A Question Ask Me In The Comments. This Is My First "Concept DLC" So I Hope It Turned Out Okay. Take Care, And I Look Forward To Hearing Your Thoughts.
  18. dannyriver

    Help with skygfx mod

    I recently added the skygfx mod to my PC version of San Andreas and everything works fine with the exception that I noticed that whenever I'm in a grassy area there's more grass than used to be there (pre mod) and the amount of grass makes my fps tank significantly and when I look away from the grass my fps returns to normal and I'd like some help on how to fix the issue without having to remove the mod (accidentally posted again thinking it didnt post on mobile)
  19. Main Theme Welcome back. Crack epidemic is still growing rapidly. 'The City of Saints' has dangerous crime rates that are focusing on cocaine, empire businesses, extortion and gang violence. The riches of Rockford Hills, Richman, Chumash, and Vinewood Hills brought were of great importance, but they were also influential when it came to architectural designs as the majority of luxury mansions in rare condition for celebrities and drug cartels. The skyline is still packed (Maze Bank Tower, IAA Building, Weazel Plaza, Lombank Tower and Penris Building in Pillbox Hill are not present) and even from afar they manage to display their beauty. Culture is rising in Greater Los Santos and it has attracted a lot of attention. Countless cultures have left their mark not just on the city's development, but also upon the city's identity. What historically was a city of plain, ordinary people has grown into an amalgamation of differences and it's this that unites the 9 million people to this day. The time is before transit rail systems. Olympic Freeway (I-4) is not present during this event until construction begins in 1988 and completed in 1992 connected to Popular Street underpass. The City of Saints map is becoming an expansion. CITY OF LOS SANTOS Garvey Park Founded in 1916. This city is located near Murrieta Heights and El Burro Heights involve with Los Santos Triads gang who are always hostile and they all seem to be in unkind despite being different. Based on real-life Monterey Park. Crawford A residential and agricultural city is located unseen Palomino Highlands was founded in 1891 and is a home of the citrus packing industry and art deco metropolis. Based on Ontario and Covina. Wilkinson Founded in 1887 built in the south of Palomino Highlands border of Crawford and is a modest urban phenomenon. The downtown is packed with low-rise skyscrapers and many show their age and a rich history. Based on Fullerton with influences of La Mirada. LOS SANTOS COUNTY La Paz Robles This city was founded in 1886 located northeast Mirror Park closes to Tataviam Mountains and is an extraordinary metropolis with the largest communities of Soviet Armenians. but they were also influential when it came to architectural designs as the majority of buildings were designed to take full advantage of the climate, as more daring elements can be created when you don't have to worry about strong winds. Based on real-life Glendale and Eagle Rock. BLAINE COUNTY Sunset Shores An unincorporated trailer park on the outskirts of the Grand Senora Desert in Blaine County until renames Stab City in 1996. It is best known as outdoor event of Blood Bowl destruction derby. Legion Square Location in 2013 A place is a serious eyesore due to spend $1 million for a temporary renovation until 1992. Dynasty Hotel Area in 2013 Opened in 1921. This site is located in Alta where former Democratic presidential candidate Gerry Quigley was assassinated on June 6, 1968. Esenwein Hotel Location in 2013 Built in 1952 and demolished in 2011 replaced by Mile High Club 2 years before Grand Theft Auto V event. All Saints Memorial Hospital Location in 2013 Opened in 1923. The art-deco style hospital is located in the eastern side of Strawberry and then in 2008 it was replaced by Central Los Santos Medical Center. Vinewood Television Network (VTN) Studios Location in 2013 A national television network successor of Weazel was launched in 1957. The building was extensively renovated in 1965 located Little Seoul. Los Santos International Airport (LSIA) Location in 2013 Rockford Plaza Location in 2013 Tequi-la-la Location in 2013 Protagonists Glenn Monahan (1st Protagonist) Born in 1954. A former college football player has a winning smile with steady and dependable to be polite and well mannered. He drives a yellow 1967 Imponte Ruiner VT and a black 1985 WMC WinterGreen. Judith "Judy" Perkel (2nd Protagonist) Born in 1959 in Tel Aviv, Israel. A notorious natural woman who has been fled from Israel during Yom Kippur War at the age of 14 and then to have her better life in the United States. She drives a red 1985 Vapid Flash. Elvira Toledo (3rd Protagonist) Born in 1956. A twenty-nine year old who was a political prisoner has a tendency to exaggerate, and brought up in the American Dream. She drives a beige 1982 Burgerfahrzeug Leveche. Major Characters Fred "Butcher Boy" Hardin A former gang member of the Trailer Park Mafia from Paleto Bay is a mess of emotions. He plays Texaco grab 'em and decides to become a fugitive. Adrian Nicholson The private investigator who enjoys paparazzi, attending museums and eating out. He is gentle and creative, but can also be very trustworthy. Daniel Barker A World War II veteran who enjoys playing golf, watching film noir and relaxing. He is generous and caring, but can also be very dull and a bit impatient. Tyrone "TK" Knight The gang leader of Grove Street Families who enjoys smoking weeds, playing street craps, and starting the war shootout against the Ballas. Rishu Ashtikar The nightclub owner who enjoys running, painting and drug dealing. He is bright and reliable, but can also be very sneaky. Darlene Jacobs A fitness club trainer who won Karate championship, camping and doing yoga. She is entertaining, but can also be very loyal. Kevin Townsend The childhood friend of Glenn who enjoys working on cars, drinking Logger beer and money laundering. He is so reliable. Hubert Whitelaw A Vinewood Casino owner has $700,000 income. He enjoys jigsaw puzzles and associating with secret agents. Arcibaldo "Archie" Paglione A Sicilian mob kingpin sells hardcore weapons. He is generous and careful, but can also be very boring and a bit moody. Bruce Calvert The youngest bounty hunter forces to watch the world around them struggle against Los Santos Vagos gang, asking them for a favor that could result in a lot of merchandise being stolen. Jeremy Valkenburg A Blaine County sheriff commissioner is taking a revenge into action when he discovers an old photograph of Harmony that results in a gun fight. Rebecca Del Toro (Villain) A female General from National Liberation Army in Colombia who enjoys public execution, corrupting local refugees. She is evil, fascist, and hostile. Pistols .35 Magnum Colt Python 9mm Pistol Silenced Pistol Shotguns Pump Action Sawed Off Lupara Spring Power M58B Combat Shotgun Sniper Rifles Swiss K31 M41 Scope Rimfire .22LR Assault Rifles Ruger Mini 14 Tactical AK47 M16 Carbine Browning Automatic Rifle (B.A.R.) Sub-machine guns Uzi Tec 9 HK MP5 Combat SMG Non-Lethal Flare Gun Tranquilizer Gun Dart Pistol Heavy RPG-7 Springfield M79 Thrown Grenade Flashbang Tear Gas Molotov Cocktail Random Pickable Objects Jerry Can Melee Fists Baseball Bat Crowbar Knife Golf Club Katana Sword Flashlight Nightstick Hammer Swiss Army Knife Los Santos Customs has not set up until 1987. Only local mod garages. Sports Pfister Astral Lampadati Felon GT Vapid Dominator Pegassi Torero Imponte Insurrection Grotti Cheetah Ocelot F620 Weeny Toad Progen P68 GTB Invetero Coquette Z29 Karin Sunrise Bravado Buffalo Pfister Comet Ubermacht Zion Lampadati Arachnid Grotti Stinger SC Dewbauchee Lucullan Vapid Bullet Obey Omnis Pegassi Veloce Karin 290Z Ocelot Ardent Imponte Deluxo Bravado Gauntlet Vintage and Muscles Dundreary Panther Vapid Hotknife Schyster Namorra Invetero Coquette Classic Declasse Vamos Classique Stallion Albany Hermes Vapid Dominator GTX Imponte NFI Albany Broadway Declasse Vigero Imponte Phoenix Bravado Gauntlet Classic Declasse Sabre Turbo Vapid Peyote Imponte Dukes Cheval Picador Coupes Declasse Mowrey Albany Virgo Vapid Fortune Imponte DePalma Bravado Manana Dundreary Remington Karin Futo Willard Andec Ubermacht Sentinel Dinka Blista Compact Classique Broadsword Vapid Uranus Bordeaux Soriano Willard Rubicon Schyster PMP 600 Declasse Cadrona Benefactor Feltzer Annis Savestra SR Vapid Retinue Burgerfahrzeug Furzen Albany Barony Classique Lacerta Vulcar Nebula Sedans Willard Buckwalter Bravado Oceanic Annis Pinnacle Declasse Merit Karin Asterope Vapid STD Stanier Ubermacht Oracle Schyster Greenwood Obey Tailgater Declasse Savanna Barbican Prospect Benefactor Schafter Imponte Malpais Dundreary Jefferson Albany Mansfield Imponte Pangea Ocelot Revolver Bravado Getraer Vapid Marbelle Albany Babylon Karin Sultan Wagon Dinka Hakumai Albany Emperor Vapid Lebowski Declasse Quixote Albany Washington Declasse Diva Willard 500 Lampadati Felon Dundreary Admiral Benefactor Sacco Enus Rouge Classique Witchell Zirconium Contra Bravado Feroci Trucks, Vans, and SUVs Karin BeeJay Canis Seminole Declasse Walton Vapid Rumpo Bravado Bison Vapid Riata Canis Mesa Karin Rebel Vapid Bobcat Bravado Youga Canis Pioneer Vapid Sandking XL Brute Pony Burgerfahrzeug Surfer Declasse Granger Burgerfahrzeug Bifta Burgerfahrzeug Dune Buggy Burgerfahrzeug Injection Vapid Minivan Karin Ensenada Bravado Duneloader Vapid Sadler Commercial and Industrial HVY Biff MTL Flatbed MTL Packer Vapid Benson MTL Pounder JoBuilt Phantom JoBuilt Hauler Vapid Yankee Brute Boxville MTL Roadtrain Public and Emergency Services Now before toggle the Vigilante mission. You must wear uniforms to hide Wanted Level. Police Cruiser (Bravado) Police Cruiser (Vapid) Police Patrol SAHP Dominator SAHP Rancher Police Bike Taxi Taxi (Declasse) Cabby FIB Zartex Sheriff Cruiser (Declasse) Sheriff Stanier Ambulance Fire Truck Trashmaster Dundreary Stretch Towtruck Tow Truck (Large) Police Maverick Bus Stockade Police Boxville Police Predator Romero Hearse Motorcycles Sh*tzu Vader Sh*tzu NRG 900F Sh*tzu PCJ-600 Maibatsu Sanchez Dinka Enduro WMC Bagger WMC Daemon Pegassi Esskey Principe Faggio WMC Freeway WMC Sovereign Dinka Thrust Nagasaki Carbon RS Principe Lectro Boats Dinghy Reefer Speeder Marquis Tropic Squalo Tug Jetmax Turbo Seashark Aircraft Mammatus Velum 5-Seater Sparrow Maverick Cuban 800 Annihilator Shamal Vestra Howard NX-25 Alpha-Z1 Mallard Duster Non-Stop-Pop 100.7 FM Genre: Pop 1. Steve Miller Band - Abracadabra 2. Rick Springfield - Don't Talk to Strangers 3. Olivia Newton-John - Physical 4. Huey Lewis and the News - The Power of Love 5. Commodores - Nightshift 6. Wang Chung - Look at Me Now 7. INXS - Stay Young 8. Exposé - Point of No Return 9. Spandau Ballet - Highly Strung 10. Genesis - That's All 11. The Power Station - Some Like It Hot 12. Level 42 - A Pharaoh's Dream (Of Endless Time) 13. David Bowie - Let's Dance 14. Sheena Easton - Double Standard 15. ABC - Be Near Me 16. Hall & Oates - Cold Dark and Yesterday 17. The Police - Spirits in the Material World 18. Duran Duran - Of Crime and Passion Radio Mirror Park Genre: New wave 1. Culture Club - It's a Miracle 2. Kraftwerk - The Model 3. Talking Heads - Burning Down the House 4. Howard Jones - Things Can Only Get Better 5. Ultravox - Dancing with Tears in My Eyes 6. Dead or Alive - D.J. Hit That Button 7. Tom Tom Club - Genius of Love 8. Kajagoogoo - Big Apple 9. Simple Minds - Someone Somewhere In Summertime 10. Tears for Fears - Everybody Wants to Rule the World 11. Blondie - Union City Blue 12. The Human League - Life on Your Own 13. New Order - Dreams Never End 14. General Public - Tenderness 15. Depeche Mode - People Are People 16. The Style Council - Internationalists 17. Obvious - Walk Faster 18. Bad Manners - Samson and Delilah Dopealicious FM Genre: Hip-Hop 1. Malcolm McLaren - Buffalo Gals 2. World Class Wreckin' Cru - Juice 3. Grandmaster Melle Mel and the Furious Five - At the Party 4. Run-D.M.C - Sucker M.C.'s 5. Mantronix - Needle to the Groove 6. Spoonie Gee - The Big Beat 7. Whodini - Rap Machine 8. Kurtis Blow - Big Time Hood 9. Debbie Deb - Lookout Weekend 10. Too Short - Everytime 11. Fatback Band - King Tim III (Personality Jock) 12. UTFO - Bite It 13. Dark Star - Rock the Boat 14. Fantasy Three - Biters In The City 15. The Unknown D.J. - Let's Jam K-DST 102.3 FM Genre: Heavy Metal, Rock 1. Def Leppard - Action! Not Words 2. Alice Cooper - Pain 3. Judas Priest - Breaking the Law 4. ZZ Top - Rough Boy 5. Molly Hatchet - Sweet Dixie 6. Bon Jovi - King of the Mountain 7. Mötley Crüe - Take Me To The Top 8. Europe - Stormwind 9. Girlschool - I Want You Back 10. Ozzy Osbourne - Crazy Train 11. Kiss - Secretly Cruel 12. Metallica - Fight Fire with Fire 13. Iron Maiden - The Number of the Beast 14. AC/DC - Rising Power 15. Dokken - Stick to Your Guns 16. Twisted Sister - I Believe in Rock 'n' Roll 17. Scorpions - Backstage Queen 18. Krokus - I'm on the Run Rosebud 92.5 FM Genre: Adult contemporary 1. George Benson - Nothing's Gonna Change My Love for You 2. Spandau Ballet - True 3. Brenda K. Starr - Love Me Like the First Time 4. Hall & Oates - One on One 5. The Alan Parsons Project - Eye in the Sky 6. REO Speedwagon - Can't Fight This Feeling 7. Kajagoogoo - Hang on Now 8. Steve Winwood - While You See a Chance 9. The Blue Nile - Tinseltown in the Rain 10. Dr. Hook & The Medicine Show - Sharing the Night Together 11. Madonna - Angel 12. Gino Vannelli - I Just Wanna Stop 13. Journey - Faithfully 14. Duran Duran - Save a Prayer 15. Chicago - Hard to Say I'm Sorry 16. Teena Marie - Lovergirl 17. Bertie Higgins - Key Largo 18. F.R. David - Words Bounce FM Genre: Funk, R&B/Soul 1. Heatwave - Boogie Nights 2. The Whispers - This Kind of Lovin' 3. Rick James - Bustin' Out (On Funk) 4. Evelyn "Champagne" King - Love Come Down 5. Ready for The World - Oh Sheila 6. Cameo - Insane 7. Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes - Don't Leave Me This Way 8. Slave - Watching You 9. B.B.&.Q. Band - On The Beat 10. The Time - Jungle Love 11. Pointer Sisters - He's So Shy 12. Imagination - Just an Illusion 13. Frankie Smith - Double Dutch Bus 14. Junior - Too Late 15. Parliament - Wizard of Finance 16. The Gap Band - Early in the Morning 17. Midnight Star - Operator 18. DeBarge - I Like It The Lowdown 91.1 FM Genre: Classic Soul, R&B, Disco 1. The Chi-Lites - Oh Girl 2. The Temptations - Just My Imagination (Running Away with Me) 3. William DeVaughn - Be Thankful for What You Got 4. Malo - Suavecito 5. Tavares - More Than a Woman 6. Lipps Inc. - Designer Music 7. Silver Convention - Get Up and Boogie 8. Bloodstone - Natural High 9. GQ - I Do Love You 10. King Errisson - Sleep Talk 11. Marvin Gaye - Got to Give It Up 12. The Spinners - I'll Be Around 13. Chuck Brown - Bustin' Loose 14. The Miracles - Free Press 15. Frankie Valli - Grease 16. Black Heat - Love the Life You Live 17. Kool & the Gang - Joanna 18. Sister Sledge - Pretty Baby Vinewood Boulevard Radio Genre: Alternative 1. Depeche Mode - Just Can't Get Enough 2. The Smiths - How Soon Is Now? 3. Echo & the Bunnymen - The Back of Love 4. Red Hot Chili Peppers - Freaky Styley 5. The Three O'Clock - Each and Every Lonely Heart 6. Midnight Oil - Basement Flat 7. Hüsker Dü - Powerline 8. The Pretenders - Back on the Chain Gang 9. Sonic Youth - The Burning Spear 10. R.E.M. - Harborcoat 11. The Mekons - Trouble Down South 12. The Psychedelic Furs - President Gas 13. The Cure - Descent 14. Eurythmics - I Did It Just The Same 15. The Dream Syndicate - Still Holding on to You 16. Red Zebra - Beirut by Night 17. Devo - Going Under 18. Ministry - Effigy (I'm Not An) K-JAH West Genre: Reggae 1. Burning Spear - Social Living 2. Peter Tosh - Reggaemylitis 3. The Upsetters - Iron Claw 4. Bob Marley & The Wailers - Get Up, Stand Up 5. Jimmy Cliff - Hitting with Music 6. Manu Dibango - Reggae Makossa 7. Horace Andy - Every Tongue Shall Tell 8. Linton Kwesi Johnson - Independent Intavenshan 9. Barrington Levy - Cool and Loving 10. Desmond Dekker - Rudy Got Soul 11. Gregory Isaacs - Promise Is a Comfort 12. UB40 - Cherry Oh Baby Rebel Radio 101.9 FM Genre: Country 1. Hank Williams - Jambalaya (On the Bayou) 2. Johnny Cash - Nine Pound Hammer 3. Tammy Wynette - Stand by Your Man 4. Kenny Rogers - The Heart of the Matter 5. George Jones - If I Painted a Picture 6. Dolly Parton - Early Morning Breeze 7. Chet Atkins - Jitterbug Waltz 8. The Oak Ridge Boys - Another Dream Just Came True 9. Ray Price - I'll Be There (If You Ever Want Me) 10. Barbara Mandrell - Love Is Thin Ice 11. Willie Nelson - One Day at a Time 12. Eddie Rabbitt - Bedroom Eyes 13. Merle Haggard and The Strangers - The Bottle Let Me Down 14. Glen Campbell - Rhinestone Cowboy 15. Alabama - Country Side of Life Space 103.2 FM Genre: Dance, Disco 1. Lime - Babe, We're Gonna Love Tonight 2. Dennis Edwards - Don´t Look Any Further 3. Boney M - Daddy Cool 4. Ashford & Simpson - Found a Cure 5. Kadenza - Let's Do It 6. Bobby Nunn - Private Party 7. Donna Summer - I Feel Love 8. The S.O.S. Band - Take Your Time (Do It Right) 9. Chicago - Street Player 10. Ian Dury - Funky Disco (Pops) 11. Odyssey - Going Back to My Roots 12. Hot Chocolate - You'll Never Be So Wrong 13. Starpoint - Object of My Desire 14. Zapp - Cas-Ta-Spellome 15. Evelyn "Champagne" King - No Time for Fooling Around Los Santos Underground Radio (LSUR) Genre: Techno, House, Dance/Electronic, High Energy 1. Trans-X - Living on Video 2. Stop - Wake Up 3. Modern Rocketry - Ten Seconds to Midnight 4. Arpeggio - Love & Desire 5. Lisa - Rocket to Your Heart 6. French Kiss - Panic 7. Tapps - Burning With Fire 8. Kano - I'm Ready 9. John Carpenter - The Duke Arrives/Barricade 10. Maggie - Beat Of The Night 11. The Flirts - Danger Radio X 99.1 FM Genre: Punk rock 1. Billy Idol - Come On, Come On 2. Ramones - I Wanna Be Sedated 3. Hüsker Dü - Newest Industry 4. The Exploited - Free Flight 5. Discharged - Cries of Help 6. Suicidal Tendencies - Subliminal 7. The Ruts - Backbiter 8. D.R.I. - Argument Then War 9. Mink DeVille - Spanish Stroll 10. The Replacements - Left of the Dial 11. Black Flag - Best One Yet 12. Minutemen - This Ain't No Picnic 13. Flipper - Sex Bomb 14. Circle Jerks - Rats of Reality 15. Dead Kennedys - Goons of Hazzard Blaine County Independent (BCI) 96.5 FM Genre: Public Talk Radio West Coast Talk Radio (WCTR) 95.6 FM Genre: Talk Shows, News, Local Programming American Broadcast Network (ABN) Yuppie and the Alien The Barfs In Our Lifetimes The Ruiner 2000 All Risk Agency Vinewood Television Network (VTN) Superstar Bowling Tournament Do Not Sleep Tic-Tac-Vinewood The Human Figure at Home Climatic Candid Channel (CCC) Lesbo Detective Duo CCC Action News Fort Apocalypse Mr. Veranda External Countdown
  20. killdrivetheftvehicle

    Grand Theft Auto America

    [table] Disclaimer This is a fan-made concept for a video game. The creators of this work are not endorsing or condoning any activities depicted in this game concept. Every aspect of this concept is fictional, and any similarities to real life events or people are coincidental.[/table] National Anthem (Country abbreviation is a link which directs you to maps) The Setting is a country called ASU, American States' Union, and its surrounding countries Countries and cities [table] ASU: Settle, Jefferson San Fierro, San Andreas Elmland, San Andreas Smoketon, San Andreas Los Santos, San Andreas Ronin, Robada Las Venturas, Robada Smith City, North Yankton Ludendorff, North Yankton Bourgemont, South Yankton El Vato, Texico Whitney, Texico Cocachi, Dolidine St. Clovis, Dolidine Motor City, Merigan Cliffhand, Merigan Beverly, Williams Cheville, Williams New Orlón, Pantanos Cottonmouth, Pantanos Vice City, Pantanos Capitol City, Maryjane Hancock, Maryjane Steelbridge, Piousia Franklin, Piousia Alderney, New Guernsey Carcer City, New Guernsey Panlantic City, New Guernsey New Liberty City, New Liberty Bullworth, New Ireland Quinnipia, New Ireland Cadana Toreno, Pontiac Barter, Pontiac Queenston, Iroquois Maryville, Iroquois Mexas Jimenez, Mayas Monteleon, Gringos Moctezuma, Aztecas Castro Lucayans Jamston Taínos Duarte Republic Porto Bautista Barmaida [/table] Gangs As a gang leader you can make rivalries and alliencies with the other gangs when not on a mission. Cities of operation are the cities, that the gangs start, and will try to expand from. Primary business is a business, that the gang is most reluctant to give up, and will use extreme tactics to preserve. Typical vehicles and outfits are preferred, but other ones are used as well. The outfits' colors will change according to gang color. Gang map will show the areas under the control of a gang colored according to gang colors. [table] Northeast Street gangs: Hoods (African American gang) Duarte Gangsters Spanish Lords (Latino gang) Jamston Gangacrew McReary gang (Irish American gang) International mobs: Korean mob Russian mob Triads Italian American mob: New Liberty City Commission -Lupisella Crime Family -Pavano Crime Family -Gambetti Crime Family -Ancelotti Crime Family -Messina Crime Family Franklin Crime Family DeStriero Crime Family Biker gangs: Lost MC (Multiracial gang) Asgaard's OMG (Caucasian gang) Midwest Street gangs: Apostles (African American gang) Black T Bones (African American gang) Los Matones (Latino gang) The Irish Crew ( Irish American gang) Mobs: Cocachi Syndicate (Italian American mob) Russian mob Biker gangs: Maligns OMG (Caucasian gang) Mounted Raiders OMG (Caucasian gang) Southeast Street gangs: Duarte Gangsters Jamston Gangacrew Los Cabrones Los Aztecas (Latino gang) Mobs: Tommasi Crime Family (Italian American mob) Tejo Cartel (Colombian cartel) Moctezuma Cartel Biker gangs: Demons OMG (Caucasian gang) Asgaard's OMG (Caucasian gang) West Coast Street gangs: Families ( African American gang) Ballas (African American gang) Tehrangeles gang (Iranian American gang) Los Aztecas (Latino gang) Los Matones (Latino gang) Mobs: Armenian mob Korean mob Russian mob Triads Biker gangs: Lost MC (Multiracial gang) Huns OMG (Latino gang) The South Street gangs: Los Aztecas (Latino gang) Los Matones (Latino gang) Nordic Square (White supremacist gang) Families (African American gang) Ballas (African American gang) Mobs: Whitney Crime Family (Italian American mob) Jimenez Cartel (Your organization) Monteleon Cartel Biker gangs: Ladrones OMG (Multi racial gang) Huns OMG (Latino gang) [/table] Plot Vehicles All Vehicles from previous gta games: [table] Emergency & Military: Cars: FIB Rancher, FIB Buffalo,FIB Granger, Police Cruiser, Unmarked Cruiser, Police Cruiser (Buffalo), Police Merit, NOOSE Cruiser, NOOSE Patriot, Sheriff Granger, Sheriff Cruiser, Canis Crusader Bikes: HPV-1000, Police Wintergreen, Police Bike, Blazer Lifeguard Vans: Ambulance, Enforcer, Stockade, Police Transporter, Police Riot, Heavy: Barracks Ol’, Barracs, Barracs semi, Firetruck, APC, Rhino, Police Prison Bus Boats: Coast Guard, Predator, Lifeguard Aircraft: Police Maverick, Cargobob, Air Ambulance, Armadillo, Annihilator, Hunter, Hydra, P-996 Lazer, Valkyrie, Savage Planes & Choppers: Maverick, Dodo, Sea Sparrow, Skimmer, Andromada, AT-400, Beagle, Besra, Blimp, Cropduster, Cargoplane, Cargobob, Cuban 800, Duster, Frogger, Nevada, Rustler, Shamal, Stuntplane, Leviathan, Luxor, Mallard, Mammatus, Raindance, Biplane, Little Willie, Swift, Buzzard, Sparrow, Skylift, Titan, Velum, Mil-Jet, Vestra, Volatus, Boats & Hovercraft: Jetmax, Dinghy, Marquis, Reefer, Rio, Seashark, Speeder, Squalo, Submersible, Suntrap, Tropic, Tug, Launch, Vortex, Jetski, Violator, Yola, Bovver, Splitz 6 ATV, Floater, Smuggler, Aquarius, Toro, Orion, Pisces, Motorcycles: Angel, Avarus, Faggio, Freeway, Manchez, Pizzaboy, Sanchez, PCJ-600, Quad, BF-400, FRC-900, NRG-500, Wayfarer, Streetfighter, Thrust, Wintergreen, Ventoso, Hellfury, Zombie, Bati 800, Daemon,Daemon Custom, Diabolus, Double T, Hakuchou, Hakuchou Drag Bike, Hexer, Innovation, Lycan, Nightblade, Revenant, Wolfsbane, Vader, Akuma, Bagger, Bati 801, Bati 801RR, , Blazer, Hot Rod Blazer, Nemesis, Ruffian, Carbon RS, Sovereign, Vindicator, Sanctus, Vortex, Rat-Bike, Chimera, Cliffhanger, Gargoyle, Enduro, Esskey, FCR-1000, Lectro, Shotaro, Bicycles: Bike, BMX, Mountain Bike, Cruiser, Fixter, Race Bike, Scorcher Four seater cars: Bangers: Bloodring Banger, Greenwood, Oceanic, Emperor Generic: Cruiser, Kuruma, Greenwood, Oceanic, Washington, Elegant, Emperor, Intruder, Merit, Nebula, Premier, Previon, Primo, Sultan, Sunrise, Chavos, DFB-90, Dilettante, Feroci, Habanero, Lokus, Marbelle, Pinnacle,Presidente, Rebla, Ripley, Serrano, Vincent, Willard, Esperanto, Hakumai, Asea, Asterope, Fugitive, Radius, Stanier, Surge, STW & Minivans: Blista, Perennial, Argento, Regina, Stratum, Solair, Ingot, Minivan Pick-Up Trucks: Bison, Sadler Muscle cars & Classic cars: Tahoma, Savanna, Polaris V8, Buffalo, Buffalo S, Glendale, Pigalle, Roosevelt, Warrener Luxury: Landstalker, Patriot, Stretch, Admiral, Huntley, Stafford, Cavalcade, Cavalcade FXT, Cognocenti 55, Huntley Sport, PMP-600, Schafter, Sentinel, Strech E, Super Diamond, Baller, BeeJay XL, Dubsta, Felon, FQ 2, Granger, Gresley, Jackal, Oracle, Rocoto, Seminole, Tailgater, Exemplar Transportation: Bickel, Cabbie, Romero Hearse, Taxi, Lurcher Hearse Off-Road: Mesa, Mesa Merryweather, Rancher XL, Sandking SWB, Sandking XL, Dubsta 6x6 Special: Turreted Limo, Two seater cars: Bangers: Idaho, Virgo, Walton, Clover, Rhapsody, Faction, Rat-Loader, Rat-Rod, Tornado Compact: Issi, Panto,Blista, Blista Compact, Brioso R/A, Rhaprody, Prairie, Futo, Generic: Idaho, Bravura, Cadrona, Clover, Club, Fortune, Majestic, Faction, Pick-up trucks: Bobcat, Bobcat XL, Bodhi, Walton, Sadler, Yosemite, Contender, Picador, Rat-Loader Classic cars: Lobo, Hermes, Phoenix, Sabre, Voodoo, Voodoo Custom, Broadway, Buccaneer, Hustler, Tornado, Windsor, Peyote, Remington, JB- 700, Manana, Z-Type, Blade, Coquette Classic, Faction Custom Donk, Casco, Mamba, Chino, Coquette BlackFin, Virgo, Virgo Classic, Muscle cars & Hot rods: Hellenbach, Stallion, Thunder Rod, Sabre Turbo, Hotknife, Tampa, Dukes, Vigero, Ruiner, Dominator, Gauntlet, Rat-Rod, Fränken Stange, Tuners and Race Cars: Sentinel XS, Elegy Reto Custom, Euros, Flash, Uranus, Futo GT, Sultan RS, Hotring Racer, Elegy RH8, Drift Tampa, Comet Retro Custom, Tropos Rallye, Feltzer, Jester Race Car, Massacro Racecar, Omnis, Specter Custom, Spunk Buffalo, Itali-GTB Custom, Nero Custom, Turys, Luxury two seaters & convertibles: Feltzer, Super Drop Diamond, Cognocenti Cabrio, Felon GT, Sentinel, Stinger, Fusilade, Zion, Zion Cabrio, Alpha, Sports cars: Banshee, Penumbra, Phobos, Stinger, Carbonizzare, Deluxo, Schwarzer, Furore GT, Khamelion, ZR-350, Coquette, Monroe, F620, Jester, Voltic, Surano, Raptor, Seven 70, Bestia GTS, Lynx, Massacro, Rapid GT, Ruston, Specter, Verlierer Supercars: Zentorno, Cheetah, V8 Ghost, Adder, Super GT, Turismo R, Entity XF, Bullet, Deimos, Infernus, Comet, 9F, 9F Cabrio, Stinger GT, Vacca, T20, X80 Proto, RE-7B, ETR-1, Tyrus, 811, Osiris, FMJ,GP-1, Itali-GTB, Penetrator, Reaper, Nero, Tempesta, Turismo Classic, Infernus Classic Offroad: BF Injection, Rancher, Mesa, Sandking, Monster, Liberator, Dune Buggy, Dune Loader, Rebel, Space Docker, Bifta, Kalahari, Desert Raid, Trophy Truck, Brawler, Special: Rocket Voltic, Duke O'Death One seater cars: Bandito, Kart Ulitility vehicles: Baggage handler, Caddy, Sweeper, Tow Truck, Utility Van, Forklift, Lawn Mower, Air Tug, Dock Handler, Dock Tug, Dozer, Dump, Combine Harvester, Tracktor, Fieldmaster Vans: Moonbeam, Mr.Whoopee, Mule, Pony, Rumpo, Stockade, Taco Van, Yankee, Benson, Boxville, Burrito, Slamvan, Camper, Hot Dog, Journey, News Van, Laundromat, Mr. Tasty, Speedo, Steed, Rental Shuttle Bus, Tour Bus, Ripley, Surfer, Youga, Paradise, Heavy vehicles: Bus, Flatbed, Linerunner, Thrashmaster, Dashound, Packer, Brown Streak, Mixer, DFT-30, Dune, Freight, Road Train, Tanker, Biff, Phantom, Hauler, Pounder, Rubble, Scrap Truck, Tipper, Radio controlled: You can equip all RC wehicles w/ video camera and a bomb. Good for intelligence gathering and assassinations. RC Bandit: R/C car RC Goblin: R/C helicopter RC Raider: R/C drone w/ fireable 6 shot gun RC Baron: R/C plane RC Tiger: R/C tank w/ fireable 6 shot gun And some new ones: Planes: Excess, (Supersonic private jet, like the concorde, only smaller) Choppers: Vulture, MD 902 News Sparrow, Robinson 1172 Boats: Everglades A Florida Airboat Ships: Shelley Faulkner, cargo ship Platypus, cargo ship Princess Martha, cargo ship Queen Mary III, cargo ship Xoomer Sanchez, tanker ship Ron Da Silva, tanker ship Flamingo, cruise ship Albatross, cruise ship [/table] Hud Weapons Characters Multiplayer Empire Building In each level you will be getting a cut of the profits of the business after your business type has performed one round of its jobs. On the top level you will be able to determine, how the spoils will be distributed to all personnel on your business. [table] Protection Gaining money from your turf by making the businesses pay a dividend to your gang. Prostitution Gaining money from your employed women in exchange for pimping service Loan Sharking Lending to the needy, while making a profit Blood sport Running illegal fights and betting venues. Drugs The import and distribution of intoxicating addictive substances Human trafficking The import and distribution of useful people. Gun running The import and distribution of illegal firearms Robbery Acquiring of cash and valuables with force. Product counterfeiting The manufacturing and sales of copied products sold as the original. Assassination The termination of undesired individuals in exchange of financial compensation. Vehicle ring The acquiring and sales of someone else’s motor vehicles. Political influence Reducing accumulated heat by making the officials play along. [/table] Soundtrack In separate posts (links below) The stations vary from one part of the country to another, so crossing state lines may change available stations. MP3 player is available after purchase, and you can load your own music from HDD on it. It would operate from game internet. Rock stations and Latin music stations Rap stations, Blues station, Native American music station, Casino music and Country & western stations Dance music stations, Club music, R&B stations, Reggae & Dancehall stations and 80's Pop station Apparel, Clothes and Jewellery Hats Baseball Cap Camo Cap Sun Hat Fedora (rimmed hat) Cowboy Hat Wide Rimmed Hat (straight rim cowboy hat) Knitted cap Skully Rag (can be tied front, back or as bandana) Masks Ski mask Clown mask Politician mask Hockey mask Diving mask Gas mask Shades Aviator shades Brown lenses, enhances contrast Yellow lenses, good for shooting Mirror lenses, good for negotiations Classic sunglasses (black rims, black lenses) Tinted Shades Rainbow, (different colour in different angle) Orange Green Red Elvis shades (thick golden rims, big black lenses) Glasses Earrings Diamond Pearl Metal Chains Cross (Big cross on a long metal chain) Crucifix (small crucifix on a short chain) Cuban (medium length heavy metal chain) Dog Tags (standard army issue, get when enlisted) Dollar (Big dollar sign on a long metal chain) Initials (Big initials on a long metal chain) Rings Jewel ring Amethyst Sapphire Emerald Diamond Ruby Imitation (fake) Metal ring Silver Gold Platinum Watches Cheap brands Snatch Binco Feiko Medium level brands Gnocchi Kronos Zip Expensive brand Crowex Outfits When you buy all the items needed, and wear them together, you unlock them as an outfit. [table]Regular guyBikerFuneral Hitman Opera Leather jacket T-shirt Jeans Tennis shoes Jean vest Tank top Chaps Safety boots/ spiked boots Black jacket Shirt with collar Black tie Black pants Black loafers Gray jacket Shirt with collar Gray tie Gray pants Gray loafers Tuxedo jacket with a rose Tuxedo shirt Bow tie Tuxedo vest Tuxedo pants Pats BusinessSportBeachSkate bumRelax Double breasted pinstriped jacket Shirt with collar Tie Pinstriped pants Black wing tips Track top Track pants Sneakers Swimming pants Sandals Baseball cap Football shirt Chonglers Sneakers Sun hat Hawaii shirt Bermuda shorts Sneakers TrooperCasualPartyLatino (The outfit Armando wears in the beginning)Winter Camo cap Camo jacket w/ arm band Camo pants Army boots T-shirt Blue jeans Sneakers Jacket Black collar shirt Pants Black loafers Bandana White tank top Baggy jeans Sneakers Knitted cap Winter coat Jeans Hiking boots [/table] Special Outfits Have to be bought in order to unlock a mission [table]Pimp To unlock procuring racket missionsRacing To unlock Las Colinas Raceway ChallengesWater Sports To unlock marina races AviatorTo unlock flying races Wide rimmed hat Dollar chain Long overcoat Pants (matching the colour of the coat) Cowboy boots Full face helmet Racing overalls Racing shoes Wet suit Aviator shades Pilot Jacket Army slacks Army boots[/table] (Races are unlockable after fininishing the school missions. You have to also own a procuring business, to unlock the pimping misssions.) Aviation Commercial airlines from big airports When you travel by a commercial airlaine, all your weapons are stashed in an airport terminal locker at that specific airport, that you began your flight. When you arrive at your destination, you have the weapons that were stashed, when you flew the last time from that specific airport. So, when you fly a commercial airline to an airport that no weapons were stashed, you don't have any weapons. Also, weapons may be stashed in or collected from any airport terminal locker, even when you are not flying. Beta Air Lines "Keep Clinging" Package includes: Security check (skip 3 game hours), timely flight, airline grub and nice looking stewardesses, tv and radio during flight. Plummett "We Know Why You Die" Package includes: Security check (skip 3 game hours), timely flight, airline grub, and radio during flight. Single Planet Air "..., And You Thought You Were Cheap!" Package includes: Security check (skip 3 game hours) and timely flight. All Airports welcoming Small planes, Private jets, Medium sized planes Marinas accepting Skimmer Part 2: Communication and Gambling Part 3: Gifts, Interiors... Possible DLC: Vice City Hype You play as Vinny Tommasi, at the same time frame as Armando. Credits Logo - UNRATED69 Text - killdrivetheftvehicle Maps - killdrivetheftvehicle Hud - UNRATED69 Radiostation logos - UNRATED69 Special Thanks to Germturtle for criticism & suggestions concerning the weapons LEXTY for suggestion about huds Shayanshaffey for suggestion about gangs GTAboyWonder for suggestions and comments about Latin music stations D-Ice for well articulated comments about gangs and empire building
  21. Grand Offense dlc Enjoy the new action packed military dlc, new weaponry, military vehicles and review some old classics New game modes -Prison Escape, military escape, subway escape - fight your way out of captivity -Gang war - fight against the other team and capture / hold most areas to win(marked alike gang attacks on map and will be in different colour depending on which team hold it). New freemode events -Gang attacks, a larger gang attack may appear at random locations over los santos(more crates and foes while regular gang attacks are removed). -Military convoys - Steal a truck take it to lester(Will be chased by military) -Hitlist - Series of laywers appear around the world, assasinate as many as possible. -War - freemode death match, a location pops up, all who appear in it will join an all out war! No ammo cost, no police and no tanks/planes/helicopters allowed for 5 mins. -Police Damage - Same as criminal but only against police and military(tanks will appear) -Train package - car/helicopter spawn on the train, retrieve and deliver. Content Creator -Mounted guns can now be added in missions -ammo crates(no money but you can choose which weapons/ammo) Returning freemode events(buffed, more pay) -Armored trucks -Crate drops -Smuggler plane Other -Option to buy a frigate with helipad and boat dockings at the back instead of a yatch(similar price and customization as yatch) -Can choose between missile launcher or turret at front, maybe both?(only for show) -Pegasus vehicles can be positioned at helipads and docking(You can choose not to and default will spawn, choose in interaction menu while on the boat) -Aircraft Carrier added and can be accessed in freemode(Hydra and Savage spawn location) -Factory car garages all around Los Santos. -Weapon rack, choose to put away weapons from your weapon wheel to show off in your apartment/stilt house(will be as if you have the weapons with you in gun store) -Choose your default lobby weaponry(interaction menu) Weaponry Weapons -Coil Concord(Vz61 Scorpion - can be used while driving) - 24.000$ -Power SMG(P90) 31.000$ -Simple MG(Mg 710) 42.000$ -Hunting Rifle(Mauser SP66) 40.000$ -Flare - Ammo crate(same as merryweather crate) 1.000$ -New cameo skins both dessert, snow and forest. weapon changes -Homing launcher now have a rank 100 cap while rpg has a rank 50 cap. -Molotovs can now be bought in gunstores. Vehicles Ground Vehicles -HVY Base(Oshkosh military truck) 300.000$ - pegasus -HVY Swift(T-34 - tank from scrapyard, less armor, quicker and weaker gun) 1.000.000$ - pegasus -HVY (M3 half track) 500.000$ - Armored transport -HVY Invasion(Type 60 APC, troop transport a tank without guns, bulletproof, cant shot out) 700.000$ - armored ''tank'' transport -Imponte Duke O'Death (story mode) 1.000.000 Can't be just military vehicles -Vapid Uranus(gta Iv) 40.000 -Maibatsu Vincent(gta iv) 60.000 -Imponte DF8-90(gta iv) 50.000 -Albany Presidente(gta iv) 600.000 -Lost Slamvan(Trevor Heist) 300.000 Bike -Dinka T(BMW R-72) 250.000$ Planes -Rustler(GTA:SA, only gun) 1.300.000$ -Mammoth Kite (Dassault rafael m fighter jet, highly moveable two seat fighter jet only gun) 2.000.000$ Helicopters -Leviathan(GTA:SA) - 1.500.000$ -Sea Sparrow(GTA:SA) - 1.000.000$ Boats -Dynghy V2(with mounted gun at front) 1.100.000 -Vortex(GTA:SA) 900.000$ Vehicle buffs -selected helicopters can take two homing rockets(savage and valkyrie) -selected jets/planes can take two homing rockets(hydra, lazer, titan, Leviathan and Mammoth Kite) -selected boats can take two homing rockets(Dynghy V2 both mounted and non mounted) -Rhino Tank(HVY Swift will have todays stats apart from weapon damage/explosion radius) have been buffed to its original state(too much?). Added to Benny's HVY Insurgent -Option to change vehicle to a pickup truck Karin Kuruma -Different types of armored plates for windows Karin Rebel(both rusty and plain) -Option to add a bedcap(this makes it possible for a sunroof, with or without windows) -External roll cage and External window cage Benefactor 6x6 dubsta -Option to add a bedcap(with or without windows) -Bulletproof glass(Like Benefactor Schafter LWB) Canis Mesa 3 -Bulletproof glass(Like Benefactor Schafter LWB) -can be transformed into 6x6 On all vehicles -Continuous track instead of wheels, an option you can choose instead of bulletproof tires(not kuruma) -side footsteps(not kuruma) -light covers -merryweather logo paint jobs. -military, dessert, snow and forest camoe. -towing hitch. -new bumpers front(with or without winch) and back; light bar, bull bar and a plow(https://s.hornblasters.com/img-inst/monster_garage_train_horn_car/61622_front_3-4.jpg) -wheel well cover and splash guards. -roof bars(several customizations; roof rail, racks and bars with or without lights)-Make armor plates more visible on the car(like the sides of Benefactor Schafter LWB) -Option to get a sunroof(like the turreted insurgent but without turret) where one of the players inside can shoot out of with heavier weaponry). -armored interior -military bobleheads And of course all existing standardized customization like stearing wheel, bobleheads and so on will be there. I do realize this is a huge dlc idea and it wont be realistic that rockstar would ever implement it all at once but rather in smaller packages. Also feel free to comment on changes you think would fit/not fit.
  22. The Masons

    Royal Gents Update

    This update will allow you to get a job. You can go on the phone and press money and services. A new site will come up called WWW.JobsForHire.Net. You can select a job at all new locations. You can work at a grocery store, Ammunition, Banker, Maid, Hotel Worker, Pharmacists,ETC. You can sleep at hotels by renting it for 5,000 bucks a night. Or buy it out for 300 k for a luxurious room. This includes a new feature to build an apartment at certain locations. You can build a high end with high end furniture to place but it will cost you for all furniture. Every structure cost diffrent like a Low end would cost 50 k to layout. A middle class would be 369 k. A high end would be a 944 k layout cost. If you are a woman and looking to be exposed come over to the vanilla unicorn to perform dances. Tips are common with the hot stuff. It pays 2,000 dollars every two minutes. DJ is now for hire for some new music. Hit up the nice company creator. Create a company from buying locations and building new products for normal peds. But if you like to play with fire use the bawsaq. We have the best products. But still be careful. There has been a public enemy seen at the fleeca bank take him out time for the hitmen,assassin,And Mercenary option hire a merc from the public gta online sessions. It will cost a little bit extra for him alive looks like we will request the new cuffs. Handcuff him. Bring him in than you can chop his head off. Are you bord. Well dig up fossils they can sell for small to loads. But watch out a lot of money ones appear on the others radars when you find it. The price goes from the non rare 12k to the very rare money for anything 1 million. So watch every step. Get your friends to deliver with you and you can split it with them. It comes with the new Commercial Ads on GTA you can display ads for your company. It comes with the Desert Eagle (Trances Type 22) and the Heavy Desert Eagle (Trances Mark 2 Type 44). Well ran out of vehicles well buy the one car dlc for a change the dlc Will come with a NASA or in game (LSAS) Has announced a new spaceship to go to the moon with pickaxes to mine ore. You get paid to be an astronaut a 20 k offer a nugget.
  23. Ok first of all hi, I’m new in this forum and this is my first post, I’m no to good in English, so, don’t be bad with me xD Days ago I start to think about a DLC for GTA Online inspired in Movies and TV cars (ONLY), then, that idea turn in a really cool concept for a BIG DLC, so, let’s start. NOTE: I want to be clear and say right now that I’m not saying: this is the next BIG DLC for GTA Online, this is ONLY AN IDEA, see this concept like an awesome dream that never is going to happen xD DLC NAME: Vinewood History Description: you see and you know what is Vinewood all about, old celebrities and directors that only want one thing, return to the gold years of cinemas and retro fantasies movies, an era were the internet don’t exist to spoiler all, and you are going to revive that, Solomon Richards your new friend is going to offers you a big deal, be the director for the new remakes of Vinewood Classic’s Movies and Tv shows like: -Runaway to the Past (Back to the Future), -Night Wanderer (knight rider), -SQUAD (PLATOON), -Vice City Decay (Miami Vice), -Mad Met (Mad Max), -The Charger of Hazzard (The Dukes of Hazzard), -Agent (James Bond), -Plan-B (The A-Team), Beginning Filming: Solomon is going to call you; he knows you and knows all the things that brought you to this point, if all the things you do since now were recorded maybe all that can be a blockbuster hit, so, he offers you a studio ($500,000), when you buy the studio Solomon is going to show the studio and explain what actually you need to do Filming Projects: is going to be like the heist with his Setup missions, but, with the objective of make a movie or Tv show Action Scene, Solomon Richards is going to offer you a Studio (is going to be like an apartment) You need to buy it to start to make Filming Projects (all the gear collected can be saw in the studio), The Movies and Tv shows have an order like heist and a cost to start filming, starting a Filming Project require some gear and vehicles so you need to “get them” with setup missions, when you complete all the setup missions you’re going to start the filming mission or filming day, the player hosting the filming is going to be the director and main actor the other players are actors, for Tv shows you’re going to need less setup missions to organize all the necessary, the Players needed depend on which Movie or Tv show you chose, the pay are going to be equal for all the actors the main actor also director player is going to win more money, all the Filming Projects Have outfits inspire in the characters and the time fashion of this, all the outfit can be buy it in the stores and not have any kind of restriction with other clothing, some need to be unlocked like some vehicles just finish the respective film. New Vehicles List (order by Filming Project): NOTE: all the cars that have an upgrade variant for the film; can be buy it In his normal version and then be modified in Benny’s -Runaway to the Past (Back to the Future): *McFly, MMC-12 (Delorean, DMC-12)/ Filming Variant: McFly Time Machine -Night Wanderer (knight rider): *Impotent, Trans Gen (Pontiac Trans Am)/ Filming Variant: D.A.C.C. (Driving automated combat computer) LOL -SQUAD (PLATOON): *Mammoth, Classic Patriot (Old GTA Patriot from GTA San Andreas)/ Filming Variant: S.A.P.C. - Service Armored Patriot Carrier (The Military Patriot from Old GTA or in other words the HMMWV) and another variant with Turret *Hunter (we all know and want this vehicle to xD) *A.P.C. – Armored Personnel Carrier (M113) (NOTE: this vehicle is amphibious and can transport 6 players: 1 pilot no have guns, 1 turret and 4 passengers) -Vice City Decay (Miami Vice) *Grotti, Classic Cheetah (Cheetah from vice city or ferrari testarossa 1986)/ Filming Variant: V.C.P.D. Cheetah (NOTE: is not a service police cars, but, have a speed buff, more resistant to bullets, cosmetic changes and a police siren) *Bravado, Classic Banshee (Banshee from GTA: Vice City) *Pegassi, Classic infernus (Infornus from GTA: Vice City o GTA: San Andreas) -Mad Met (Mad Max), *Vapid, Eagle XB GT (FORD FALCON XB GT)/ Filming Variant: Pursuit (Interceptor) *New variant to the Vapid, Dominator/Filming variant: Armageddon *New Variant to the Bravado, Gauntlet/Filming Variant: Fierce -The Charger of Hazzard (The Dukes of Hazzard) *Any new vehicle only some upgrades to the Impotent, Dukes -Agent (James Bond) *Any to, you’re going to use the Dewbauchee, JB 700 xD -Plan-B (The A-Team) *Nop you’re going to use the Declasse, Gang Burrito :I - Other vehicles related to the time of the Movies and Tv shows can be added like some GTA: Vice city vehicles New Weapons: NOTE: these weapons have special attachments; some are going to have sights, suppressors, etc like all the other in game weapons, but, this have especial ones that actually match with the weapon era -Vintage Carabine (M16 Vietnam era) -Revolver (smith and wesson 38 vintage) is going to have long barrel no only change the gun in a cosmetic way but also increase the precision and max distance -Vintage combat pistol (M1911) -Combat Shotgun (Spas-12) -Vintage LMG (M60) -Vintage Sniper (m14 Vietnam era) - wakizashi (Small Katana or in other words wakizashi xD) New Clothes, accessories, Tattoos and Hairstyles -all is going to be inspired by the movies and time era, so, this include military outfits (PLATOON) and 80´s Clothes (Back to the Future) all this new clothes not have any kind of restriction with other clothes parts of previous updates Little things to add: -Movies and Tv shows related to the after mention added to the cinemas and Tv -A ward rewards to complete a specific Film as a director, when you complete the film is going to be added a reward to all your apartments and yatch (with a total of 8 awards) -New Actions -New outfits for the VIP’s and Bodyguards -New customization for the apartments and yatch Order of films: 1) Plan-B 2) Agent 3) The Charger of Hazzard 4) Mad Met 5) Vice City Decay 6) SQUAD 7) Night Wanderer 8) Runaway to the Past Description of all films day mission: Plan-B: Solomon say that there is nothing better than realism, so, with the van ready some old guns and a bunch of killer instinct, you’re going to attack some drugs dealers and gangster in his deals, don’t worry Solomon send a helicopter to film all the action Agent: Solomon explains you how one movie “Agent” can be done for some douchebag that want the JB 700, every time try to film on the street, Merry weather’s appear and try to theft the car, you’re going to take advantage of that, go outside the studio and draws attention of Merry Weather’s Solomon team is going to film all The Charger of Hazzard: Solomon wants scenes like the classic The Charger of Hazzard, go to sandy shores and make some jumps with the car, maybe someone want to compete Mad Met: no exits better place than Sandy shores to film a post-apocalyptic film and match exactly with the character history one met dealer surviving in the post-nuclear dessert, go and call the attention of some local criminals (when you arrive to Sandy Shores Trevor appear and tells you that want to be part of this unexplained destruction, he call some local dealers saying that we have stash of drugs, defend yourself and you imaginary stash of drugs) Vice City Decay: unfortunately we’re not in Vice City, but, this is Vinewood and the best thing of that is we can copy anywhere, go and destroy some drugs deal’s and make a police chase SQUAD: Oh Vietnam, a real war, now we have all that futuristic sh*t of war games and war movies we need to save this generation, I hire some Merry Weather’ Agents to help you in this film they are with his respective Vietnam uniform and ready with that armored patriot’s, after all they owe Solomon a lot of personal after all that bullsh*t of the JB 700, go to Lago Zancudo some Vietnamese have an entire army there, they actually protect a stash of drugs, be ready for his reinforcement (you can chose to use aircraft vehicles like the hunter and Valkyrie or go with the S.A.P.C. (Armored Patriot), anyway the Marry Weather’s mercenaries are going to use the vehicles that you left) Night Wanderer: you know what is best than a classic sport car, a classic sport car with bulletproof armor and his own personality, after the old actor of the Tv shows provides us the car we are ready to film this baby Runaway to the Past: a favorite of all, who no remember the story of Max the kid who go to the past and convince his mom to married with a future rich guy, you’re going to start a pursuit don’t mess-up the scene you’re going to have all the L.S.P.D. on your back then go to the meeting area and impressed with what the MMC-12 can do Ok that is the entire concept (for now) for my big DLC, I hope you like the idea or endless part of this xD, so thanks all to read this concept : )
  24. Agent 14 will call you via phone, and will tell you to cone over to the FIB building, and come to floor 49. He then tells you about the missions, weapons and equipment. After the cutscene ends, you will be granted access to new weapons, equipment and missions. Weapons and equipment will be in the janitors closet of floor 49, while missions being triggered by talking to agent 14. New weapons: Akimbo pistols (Pistol, Combat pistol and heavy revolver) Tazer (Ported into online, kills npcs and takes small damage to players) Pistol and knife (Left hand holds a knife, right hand holds a pistol) Decoy grenade New equipment: Body bag Pepper spray Spy drone Emp (Shuts of all electric lights in 20 meters) Backpack (Used as a second wheel, but for equipment) Laptop (Select certain lights, or areas to shut off lights) New missions: Stealth raid (Stealth through an interior with guards, and get an objective in the interior) Neutralize (Kill everyone in the area while no one being alerted in a certain time limit) Fugitive (Dodge cops without a vehicle, and having only a knife to kill) House raid (Sorta like the burglar missions in san andreas)
  25. Leo_Veo12

    Grand Theft Auto 6

    Hello im here to give my opinions on the next GTA game for the future. I want this game to be entirely open world game with all the countries available for you to get a taste of how the criminal underworld life looks like worldwide in a game. Each gang, syndicate, organized crime will have a maximum limit of players in it, allies and rivals and ranks. Leadership: Once the game starts you will have 30 minutes need to do whatever you can to beat your members to the top you need to kill rival members, rob, and get engaged criminal activities and the first one in any gang, Syndicate or organized crime will be the boss or the leader. Once you became a leader you can command players to attack, defend or give them a special mission to do. Organized crime: Italian-American Mafia: The American Mafia, commonly known as the Mafia,, Italian Mob, or the Mob in the United States, is an Italian American criminal society that originated and developed from the Sicilian Mafia. The Italian-American Mafia is an extremely powerful and sophisticated secret criminal society without a formal name, similar to the Sicilian Mafia. Its members usually refer to it as Cosa Nostra (Italian pronunciation: [kɔza nɔstra]), a phrase which literally translatesto "our thing," but can be more accurately paraphrased as "our work" or "our operation." The press also coined the name "National Crime Syndicate" to refer to the entire network of U.S. organized crime, which included the Jewish Mafia elements and the Italian-American Mafia. It was described as a confederation of mainly Italian and Jewish-American organized crime groups throughout the U.S., as revealed by the findings of a U.S. Senate Special Committee in the 1950s chaired by Estes Kefauver. The creator of the American Mob was long-time criminal Charles "Lucky" Luciano. Law enforcement, and FBI Agents, and journalists such as Selwyn Raab, has stated that the Italian-American Mafia to be the most Powerful, enduring, venal, and deadliest organized criminal organization to exist and to continue in America. The Mafia in the United States emerged in Italian immigrant neighborhoods in New York's East Harlem (or Italian Harlem), Lower East Side, and Brooklyn. It also emerged in other areas of the East Coast of the United States and several other major metropolitan areas (such as New Orleans[1]) during the late 19th century and early 20th Century following waves of Italian immigration, especially from Sicily and other regions of Southern Italy. It has its roots in the Sicilian Mafia, but is a separate organization in the United States. Neapolitan, Calabrian, and other Italian criminal groups in the U.S., as well as independent Italian-American criminals, eventually merged with Sicilian Mafiosi to create the modern pan-Italian Mafia in North America. Today, the American Mafia cooperates in various criminal activities with the Sicilian Mafia and other Italian organized crime groups, such as the Camorra in Naples, 'Ndrangheta in Calabria, and Sacra Corona Unita in Apulia. The most important unit of the American Mafia is that of a "family", as the various criminal organizations that make up the Mafia are known. Despite the name of "family" to describe the various units, they are not familial groupings.[2] The Mafia is currently most active in New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, New England (primarily Boston, Providence, and, to a lesser extent, Worcester, Massachusetts), Detroit, Chicago, and various other Northeastern and Midwestern cities;[3] with smaller families, associates, and crews in places such asFlorida, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and Cleveland. There have been at least 26 cities around the United States with Cosa Nostra families, with many more offshoots, splinter groups, and associates in other cities. There are five main New York City Mafia families, known as the Five Families: the Gambino,Lucchese, Genovese, Bonanno, and Colombo families. At its peak, the Mafia dominated organized crime in the U.S. Each crime family operates independently, while nationwide coordination is provided by the Commission, which consists of the bosses of each of the strongest families. Today, most of the Mafia's activities are contained to the Northeastern United States and Chicago, where they continue to dominate organized crime, despite the increasing numbers of other crime groups.[4][5] Allies All European Mafias Israeli Mafia Iranian Mafia Jewish Mafia Chaldean Mafia Dixie Mafia Mexican Mafia Nigerian Mafia Aryan Brotherhood Nazi Warriors Most Wanted Enemy No.1 European Family South Broker Boys Lost Motorcycle Club Angels of Death Motorcycle Club Mongols Motorcycle Club Sombreros Motorcycle Club Phoenix Motorcycle Club Satans Motorcycle Club Sinaloa Cartel Juarez Cartel Tijuana Cartel Los Zetas Madrazo Cartel Rivals Black Mafia Cuban Mafia Puerto Rican Mafia Dominican Mafia Indian Mafia Colombian Mafia Triads Yakuza Black Rebel Family The Mexican Family Rodeo Syndicate Rodeo Mafia Dirty White Boys Puro Tango Blast Yardies Zoe Pound Unlimited Soldiers Families Ballas Yanks Hoodie Criminals Fivers Nation Sixers Nation Vagos Rifas Varrios Los Aztecas Marabunta Grande Los Cabrones Diablos Banditos Dominicans Don't Joke Around Dominicanos Ferso Bulldogs Any local street gang Colombian Cartel
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