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  1. A collaboration between Akavari and Tyla Exploring Liberty City at the height of decay, the story follows three seasoned criminals through chaos and disorder as each competes for riches and survival in a dog eat dog underworld. Set in 1978 with the city dangerously close to bankruptcy, the game maintains a theme of decline and presents both risk and reward to those who dare to challenge the chaos. Crucial to the gameplay are the environment and how the player interacts with Liberty City, both of which are the foundations for expanded & updated features centred around criminal economies and street crime. Each protagonist is crafted with a unique identity and exclusive activities, allowing for the player to engage the Liberty City experience from every possible angle. Retaining the three-protagonist system of Grand Theft Auto V, LC78 features multiple lead characters who each provide a unique exploration of the many sides of Liberty City. Though much like GTAV, any of the protagonists can be switched to at any time, the protagonists are not connected in their motivations and live separate lives. Instead, the story works much like GTAIV, with multi-faceted plot points being explored from different angles and various references to your eventful acts throughout the storyline. South Bohan based street gangster. Commands the Apaches, known to be competing violently with other gangs for turf in an attempt to step up to the top tiers. Building a wide profile of contacts throughout the extended Liberty City and Alderney underworld. Questionable relationship Mitt Fitzsimmons. In frequent attendance of peacekeeping sitdowns arranged by the LCPD Detective, at which he represents his gang. Suspected of receiving favorable perks for keeping his activities on the down low. Decorated combat veteran. Believed to be operating as a contract killer since the closure of wounded veterans facilities in Liberty State. Served Airborne with gangster Giovanni Rossi, who is suspected of facilitating his involvement in recent Mafia slayings. North Holland native. Ice cold charisma. Known to favor earning his trade using mind over muscle, using his talents to exploit human weakness. Suspected to lead a crew of locally based thieves behind a recent string of ambitious robberies. Moving into narcotics under the guiding hand of Irving "Bunk" Williams. Martial arts expert. Each protagonist has a fully fleshed cast of supporting characters; individuals with unique personalities that give you, the player, an insight into Liberty City's criminal economy. The focus is again returned to gangs, with the character list featuring wannabe made men, aspiring drug kingpins and established heads of organizations -- in addition to the shadowy government figures who have vested interests in pulling strings. Meet some of the major players: Victor Quinones Cisco's childhood friend and second in command. A slick talker with an unpredictable temper, Victor Quinones is responsible for attracting much of the gang's business, wielding equal abilities for diplomacy and carving out a good deal. Mitt Fitzsimmons Well respected lawman posted to Fortside police station, heading up so-called 'warriors of wasteland'. Known for his unwavering loyalty to the badge, resisting all attempts to take bribe money, Mitt Fitzsimmons takes the unorthodox approach of keeping in direct contact with the street gangs that plague South Bohan, negotiating territories and calling sit downs in attempts to broker short periods of peace. Despite the initial success of these, Fitzsimmons often finds himself under the scrutiny of his superiors, who are short both on budget and patience. Augie Ciquala Ruthless gang chief, edging his way further into the South Bohan heroin trade. Connections with the Mafia, notably Messina figurehead Leer Valente, allow Augie to control a considerable proportion of the drugs that pass down the chain to street gangs such as the Apaches. Such is his worth as a contact that the protagonist it out to impress him at all costs. Sixto Callejas Legendary Puerto Rican gangster, fabled for his sheer ambition and unchallenged reign at the top prior to his imprisonment. Papi Joe Old time Alderney pimp and bolita kingpin, succumbing to being pushed out by younger cohorts. Wong Lee Chinese heroin pioneer, competing with Mafia backed importers to flood Liberty City with potent consignments of narcotics. Doing so has brought Mr. Lee to the attention of both the Mafia and the IAA, who each attempt to prevent him encroaching on established turf. Nelson Chivirico Alderney City based Cuban cocaine peddler, attempting to bring blow to a broader market. Calogero "Leer" Valente ALL Psychopathic crime boss recently paroled from prison. The consummate narcissist, Leer Valente returns to Liberty City feeling entitled to seize control of the Messina Crime Family, which has recently fallen into a period of inner turmoil. Ordering unauthorized killings of made men and orchestrating a hostile takeover of the Star Junction sex trade, Leer wastes little time in pissing many people off. Recently quoted as having a desire to have "Jon Gravelli sh*t in Star Junction", he wages war against his old enemy, intent on realizing his grand dream of ruling over the entire Commission and leading the Mafia towards overall control of the drugs trade. Calogera Valente Coming soon. Roy DeMare Murderous and ruthlessly ambitious affiliate to the Gambetti Family. Impressed with the protagonists ability to handle pressure without breaking a sweat, Roy DeMare quickly absorbs him into a dedicated crew of killers-for-hire, a Broker based enterprise of murder that soon begins to unravel. Overseeing a major shipping operation transporting and receiving goods from the Middle East, he starts purchasing loads of Golden Crescent heroin at knockdown prices, taking his previously small-time antics into the pressures of the big leagues. With his aim being to secure a position as a made man within the organization, Roy has his fingers in all kinds of pies. While on the surface, his hunger for money appears as greed, his appetite for increasingly audacious schemes is the desperation of the man facing the daily threat of being killed. Family boss Sonny Cangelosi had previously let Roy's operation slip through the cracks, and now cannot do without his income. Having turned a blind eye to his dealings in drugs and pr0nography, he does so only because of the sheer amount of money involved. Seeing the protagonist as an opportunity to perform even more ambitious crimes, he intends on keeping him close. Sonny Cangelosi Mafia Don with the required vision necessary to bring the Gambetti Family to new heights of power, but possesses none of the street-smarts desired to execute his skills. Sonny Cangelosi's ascent to the head of the organization is a case of sheer nepotism; the nephew of previously deceased boss Carlo Gambetti, he is rumored to have never pulled the trigger himself on a hit. Despite this, he favors the use of unruly contract killers to take care of his dirty work, operating a world away in his luxury Westdyke estate. This only serves to isolate him further from day-to-day operations. Cangelosi simply cannot translate his lofty schemes to his men on the street, and relies on Jon Gravelli to keep them in check. Jon Gravelli Tough as nails mobster secretly considering his ascent to leader of the Gambetti Family. Widely anticipated to have succeeded ailing godfather Carlo Gambetti as head of the organization, Jon Gravelli was ultimately passed over in favor of white-collar racketeer Sonny Cangelosi. Playing the loyal Capo and pledging his commitment to the new boss, privately he orchestrates opportunities that will allow him his shot at the big time. Federico "Freddie" DeSciglia What is this, the handsome contest? Coming soon. Tony Genna Coming soon. Sonny Kenpo Coming soon. Sal Merkin King of Star Junction. Coming soon. Sinclair A defector with ties to insurgents in the Middle East. Sinclair has access to flood of Golden Crescent heroin that he options the sale of through an ambitious Mafia thug out of Broker, in return for the organizations assistance in protecting and distributing the drugs throughout the country. Using the Iranian Revolution as a cover, Sinclair begins shipping product into the United States via containers used to smuggle stolen vehicles into the Middle East. When things inevitably go wrong, he resorts to desperate measures to keep his skin intact. IAA Contact Responsible for managing the IAA's vested interests in the Mafia families of Liberty City. The IAA contact is tasked to liaise with current Gambetti don Sonny Cangelosi to preserve the partnership between his organization, though his own thoughts are later responsible for the agencies belief that a more adept pair-of-hands would be better in charge of things... Giovanni Rossi Well connected player in Mafia controlled acquisitions of nightclubs, expanding throughout Algonquin with the blessing of his godfather, Jon Gravelli. Rossi returned to Liberty City as a war hero after opting to serve Airborne in Vietnam opposed to taking a heavy stretch in the joint, trading on his good name to move within circles of high-society. Young, impulsive and with combat experience behind him, Rossi is a fast-talker whose lofty ambitions frequently place him in conflict with those above him in the food chain. Josef Dunin A sociopathic Polish-American contract killer based out of Alderney City. Initially developing a reputation as a con-artist and a brutal loan shark, his total commitment into fashioning murder-for-hire into ingenious and untraceable methods caught the eye of certain like minded Gambetti mobsters, who put him and his enormous frame to use as an enforcer. However, Dunin's obsessive behaviors and uncontrollable rages are beginning to impact severely on those around him, most notably his family, who are led to believe he paints houses in Algonquin. Jack McReary Unbalanced and pessimistic Irish Mob chief based out of Dukes and operating from Purgatory, heading an outfit known on the streets as the "Easties." Give him enough time and Big Jack will thoroughly dismiss any idea of the "Easties" as bullsh*t, revering the days when the mere mention of the McReary name was enough to stake fear in the heart of even the toughest Liberty City hood. Reduced to operating at the behest of other syndicates, he is involved in a burgeoning alliance with Gambetti mobster Roy DeMare, supplying protection to shipments passing through Purgatory's waterfront. Weary with a fourth child on the way and descending into paranoia, Big Jack is looking for ways to set himself up for life. Derrick McReary Young and passionate heir apparent to the McReary Mob who prefers culture over crime. Well-read and overly romantic about the world, Derrick attended school for a couple of years and indulged his love of Irish history; an act dismissed by his father who, despite attempts to harden him up, has come to accept his son as too soft for the family business and hinges hopes on his two youngest sons, Francis and Gerald. Briefly jailed for his involvement in violent protests, he dines out on his stories and his families' past to high-society friends Downtown, to all of whom he can't stop talking about "the cause." Influencing his toughest friend Bucky Sligo and the impressionable Aiden O'Malley, Derrick becomes involved with smuggling guns for IRA sympathizer Brendan Lennon out of Broker. Patrick Lynch One-eyed yet much revered Irish crime boss with a legendary prowess for heist plots and gambling rackets. Utilizing his connections from running games all over town, he now controls major numbers rackets for the Lupisella Family in Alderney. Rumor has it Patrick is putting together a crew for a once-in-a-lifetime robbery, combining the joint efforts of the mob and his long-time adversary, Big Jack McReary. Maurice Chamberlain British born failed writer and descriptive genius, now scripting blockbuster pr0nographic features and managing Algonquin nightclubs for John Rossi. Mr. Whoopee Mentally disturbed weapons expert and gun-for-hire whose alias derives from his operation from a Mr. Whoopee ice-cream truck in Middle Park. He claims to have seen extensive combat and is the star of every hard-won war story he recounts, dealing you favorable rates due to your military history. Harvey Rosenthal Ambitious car thief and low-level drug dealer considered the protege to Roy DeMare. Operating out of Hairy Al's junkyard in South Slopes, Rosenthal is at the forefront of a significant vehicle theft racket and plans to use his proceeds to further his progress with the Gambetti Family, despite his Jewish heritage. Lack of Italian blood is a problem for Rosenthal, who begins to take options outside the organization to make a comfortable living. Battaglia Brutal thug serving as the full-time bodyguard and driver to Gambetti boss Sonny Cangelosi. Despite his propensity for violence and low measure of intellect, his loyalty to the Don saw his recent ascension to the coveted position of underboss. Sonny Honorato Legendary Lupisella enforcer working with the Irish Mob against the Ancelotti Family. Albert de Alquizar Cocaine dealer based in Vice City, opening ties with the Mafia up north. Lyle Cleethorpes IV Wishing to bring the Cleethorpes dynasty to new heights, Lyle IV throws his lot in with the mob to acquire and develop large amounts of property throughout the Liberty City area. Marvin Rhodes In control of the uptown drug trade, fronting an organization known as The Council to keep order over the North Holland heroin market. Having done prison time for a series of petty thefts and armed robberies to fuel his earlier drug habits, encounters with Italian mobsters Frank Sente and Gerardo Germanotta inspired Marvin Rhodes to use the model of the Mafia and seize control of a narcotics business that was once supplied solely by the mob. Earning an education and cultivating contacts on the inside, his return to North Holland after seven years upstate was widely anticipated through the neighborhood and akin to that of a local hero. A quiet and calculating sociopath possessing a brilliant mind for business, Rhodes' notoriety grows so great that inevitably he must face severe consequences, at which point things must fall apart for all... Irving "Bunk" Williams Celebrated North Holland gang boss who drew acclaim as the first man of color to cut a deal with the Italian Mafia, Bunk Williams' criminal career dates back to the 1950s. At the heart of organized crime uptown since, his main trade has traditionally been gambling and the number rackets, but such is his reputation that he is automatically afforded a seat upon Marvin Rhodes 'Council'. Cynical and a strict player among a generation of new criminals, his old school principles are much misplaced. Despite this, his toughness is questioned by none. Legend has it he single-handed ran up on Varsity Heights police station, a story still told in whispers within the tattered dwellings of North Holland. Marcus Forge Irresponsible and eternally misanthropic pimp and thief, classless in his approach to business. Marcus Forge feels entitled to rob and abuse anyone he feels like, drawing scorn and threats of vengeance from his much blighted neighborhood of Northwood. He pledges allegiance to no boss, despite his close ties to The Hustler, claiming himself invulnerable and answering only to himself and his constant need to be at the center of attention. Pretty Willie An openly gay master of the con, using deceit and perseverance to hustle his way to fortunes. Pretty Willie never attended school or received any formal education, yet he can read the motivations and get the measure of any man in minutes. He is the only one of The Hustler's ragtag crew of thieves to live outside the sphere of the uptown ghettos, living Downtown in studio apartments, the luxuries of playing the long con on old, rich white men Clinton HITMAN War hero who finds himself stranded in the Northwood ghettos after the closure of Liberty City's injured veteran hospital. Forced to resort to petty crime to get by, he supplies his muscle to Darius Wallace's unit of thieves as a gunman of unequaled abilities. Benjamin Stokes A greedy and pompous young racketeer moving into world of high-class call girls. Rising to prominence as a vicious pimp, his usual business tactics are to addict young girls freshly arrived into the city to increasing amounts of heroin afforded to him by his place on The Council. Though his role is typically hands-off, with Stokes preferring to focus on ill-manged attempts to enter legitimate business, his tempestuous and impatient nature states a firm impression on matters of business. Salty Powers Temperamental gangster hailing from the Carolinas. Sharing the world-weary pessimism of Bunk Williams, he considers the formation of The Council a sin against the natural Capitalist means of operating in the racket business, a game he rose to the top of on the back of sheer force and hard work. Brother Zaeim Representing the interests of The Council across states is Brother Zaeim, an influential member of the Lenapia based Black Mafia, an organization born out of the Black Panthers Party who are expanding their profile of interests into Alderney. In initial appearances introducing members of The Council to the principles of Islam, which Marvin Rhodes researches extensively in attempts to become even more independent from the Italian Mob, Brother Zaeim is later called upon by the Pavano Family to aid in their scheme to seize control of lucrative rackets across the West River, promising Brother and his gang bountiful rewards in return. George Louis An ambitious upstart born out of Lonestar, George Louis emerges as a challenger to The Council in his own right, creating flawless schemes to smuggle high-quality narcotics into the country. Uneducated and from a rural background, he appears as an aloof, unfamiliar and ultra-conservative operator, at times quiet and at others recklessly violent, leaving most to question his true personality. The blood rival of Marvin Rhodes and therefore The Council, Louis has the backing of his own drug organization compromised mainly of distant relations plucked from the cotton fields of the deep south. Mighty Whitey Irish-American legal counsel to Marvin Rhodes and associates, providing solid defense by daytime and pimping exotic hookers by night. Having funded his law degree dealing pharmaceutical grade cocaine stolen by Messina mobsters including Harvey Noto, Harry Hall now acts as an interesting bridge between the Black and Italian ruling bodies of organized crime, with orders of one outfit being passed to him to deliver upon the other. Detectives Bluto & Slim ALL East Holland detectives of questionable methods, believed to be one step above occasional "graft" money by operating on a regular retainer for Lupisella gangster Gerado Germanotta, mixed up in murders tied to his drug operations. Bluto, known so for his powerful physical presence, is a relentless Irish-American behemoth with a severe alcohol dependency, brought on by years of working among the toughest criminal elements. His idolized elder brother is a known gang boss in Purgatory. Slim traditionally operates as the good cop of the duo, heavy on manipulation with a tendency to direct threats towards the families of men he believes guilty in order to force confessions, mostly wrongful and acquired to wrap up cases. Frank Sente Troublesome heroin-based racketeer, recently operating under the umbrella of the Pavano Family. Beginning his career in the mob as the chief of an Ancelotti-based crew of hoods with the assistance of his brothers, Frank Sente and his overbearing greed rebelled against the family's overly conservative leadership, erupting in full out gang war between separate factions of the organization. So determined was his reputation as a leader of guerrilla warfare, an attempt by hitmen to assassinate him ended in Sente being shot twice in the face and not only living to tell the tale, but spitting the two bullets out into the gutter. Though he was arrested and failed in his attempt to take control of the family, he successfully afflicted a heart ailment on the aging Ancelotti Don that would eventually claim his life at the hands of a massive heart attack in 1978. From his prison cell, Sente reportedly cheered at the death of his old foe. Incorporated into the Pavanos upon his release to prevent the conflict arising again, he expanded his empire of drug rackets tremendously; it was also a shrewd move on the Pavanos part, as they would also gain Sente's access to the uptown drug markets, increasingly an area of loss for them, with black gangsters preferring to deal more among their own. Having served time with non-other than Marvin Rhodes, he took the then-hotheaded street thug under his wing and taught him the inner-workings of the mob, something Rhodes would later base his own enterprise upon. "Fat" Joey, John "The Ox" and Peter Farina A three-man ruling panel controlling the Pavano Family, in place after the assassination of former boss Tony Lassa in 1972. Avoiding an all-out Mafia war with the aid of the Ancelottis, these individuals have placed the organization back in good standing despite competition from the Gambetti Family, still deeply entrenched in major Liberty City rackets. "Fat Joey" Spargo controls the traditional gambling rackets in a dwindling pocket of Italian territory in East Holland, still turning over millions of dollars annually despite their lack of presence in the area. As the most senior of the three, FIB agents suspect him to be the true head of the family. John Cifra, street-named "The Ox" according to his powerful constitution, is the most active of the men. Operating from Alberto's Seafood in Little Italy, Cifra and his involvement in rackets are said to extend from the Fishmarket district to pr0nography theaters in Star Junction and gay S&M bars in Westminster, both of which he secretly owns a piece of and duly collects his cut. Unafraid of taboo, he is also keen to expand his interest in drugs, he readily takes Frank Sente under his wing, orchestrating his transition to the Pavano Family. Poorly sighted and in deteriorating health owing to a lifetime of excesses, Peter Farina is merited a role in the day-to-day operations of the Pavano Family for his role in family affairs since the 60s, a point when many considered him to be the true force behind the family, not named boss Tony Lassa. Deeply involved in Alderney rackets, Farina has growing concerns about the Gambettis involvement in the state, particularly their increasing influence over the Montagna Family. John Pegorino HITMAN Mid-level northern Alderney goombah coerced into throwing his lot in with the Pavanos. Gerardo Germanotta ALL Widely feared rising star of the Lupisella Crime Family, recently graduating from complex heists to consignments of Corsican heroin. The seventies are new territory for the Grand Theft Auto games, and it's only right that the story builds upon the series' reputation for storytelling by revisiting the pinnacle of its success: Liberty City. Explore some of the themes that the story here challenges, including: 1978: a big year in the HD Universe. The gift that was the LCPD Database tells us much happened in the HD Universe during 1978 specifically, and the story here aims to flesh these incidents out. Consider the conflicts between the five Mafia families, the McRearys and Irish Mob in their heyday, and the downfall of Mr. Forge. Decline: Liberty City is at its knees, rotten at the core thanks to rampant street crime and lack of funding. As the storyline progresses, the city progressively worsens; the West Side Highway collapses and turns into a wasteland; buildings collapse. You will witness neighborhoods flattened as decay sets in. The 1978 Liberty City blackout stokes fears that the city has been cut off by the government. Further explored is the decline of industry, which also manifests itself through the decline of criminal industry. The Mafia have reached the peak of their power and are now being challenged by other elements. Morals are challenged, with it now acceptable to rob old ladies to fix up your next nickle bag and Star Junction a cesspit of cheap pr0nography. Hostility: You are presented with a reactive environment, one that is incredibly volatile. The city is overbearingly hot. It's a heatwave and there's no AC. People are going crazy in the streets, losing their minds in open water fountains. Walking down the street with your character feels like someone's going to jump out and carve you up for so much as looking at them the wrong way. Mayor Winkler, a prominent voice throughout the game, is the subject of constant ridicule. Inspiration: Much like Vice City, the storyline has clear film inspiration, with the Blaxploitation genre providing a unique flavor to proceedings; think Shaft, Superfly, Foxy Brown. References include Carlito's Way, The French Connection, Goodfellas, Serpico and Across 110th Street among others. Beyond films, the game also takes from real life events, and you will encounter such random characters as the Boy of Bohan, who strikes fear into your movements through the map at night time. Race: Playing as each of the protagonists, you're going to be an unwelcome face in some neighborhoods. More than this, playing as Darius and Apache, you're going to come under increased scrutiny of law enforcement.
  2. Hi all, While we are keen to see a brand-new Grand Theft Auto announcement, I thought it would be nice to have some daydreaming, so I would like to share my own fan made concept I have written several years ago. Not diving into programming studies is something I will always regret, because a lot of ideas come to my mind time to time, would be so fantastic to make them real with the knowledge and experience of the real boundaries. Staying in reality, this is an amateur fanfiction. I started it around 2008 and finished in 2018, worked on it with shorter and longer breaks. Of course, I was thrilled to share it with Rockstar Games the time I finished it, even too aggressively in enthusiasm, so no wonder I have never got an answer. Anyway, after all those years I was making notes, at least I am sharing with you now, see what you think, what would you like, what you would not. The game was planned to set in a fictional reiteration of Florida as an island state called Faunida with wide range of both flora and fauna, including Everglades with airboat races and yes, our beloved Vice City with its surrounding neighborhoods, extended with the western islands of the Bahamas. The story was set in two iconic eras of Miami as inspiration: 1988, when authorities could finally get stronger and defeat underworld mafias, and in 2004, when the city started to change its look and grow rapidly from all those bloody drug money they impounded. The key features were meant to be: A whole new approach of game design that is all about variables and modules. I called it ‘reflective gameplay’ as the program should track and learn how the individual gamer is playing the game. Missions would have open modules where the way how enemies are placed and set to move, also the weaponry and accessories they use, the place of explosives barrels, the type of vehicles used, etc. would be calculated and set by the player’s previous progress. In one hand, player could meet with approaches and experiences what he or she likes, but on the other hand, the program could turn it against him/her time to time to make the player evolve, master skills, or try another approach, also granting no new game would be the same after a fresh start over. Finetuning would be a key here. I think there are always lack of on-water activities in GTA games, so I gave a big focus on them. Another area where I feel GTA is needed to evolve is the wanting system. I have written down a concept where it is a more layered thing, where cops were not trying to catch you aggressively from the beginning, but also makes you put more effort in losing them. Instead of simple ‘star levels’, authorities are trying to depict your criminal profile, and player should make changes. For example, when authorities depict the protagonist’s look, he (or she) should change clothes for a time, if they get the car type color, it should be repainted, when the license plate is read, then the plate should be changed at underworld contacts, ability to bribing some cops and more. After GTA V was announced, I have started to play with the idea of mutiple playable characters, and I imagined a different approach. I have found hard to fall in love with three equal characters, I could not engage as deep as in previous GTA games, so I made the story around one main leading protagonist with two additional supporting main characters who are still essential to storytelling, but not leading, furthermore, giving option to control interesting characters for a single mission as some kind of easter eggs, such as beloved characters from previous GTA games, and even the main antagonist of the game. Also used the opportunity to implement characters who were not seen ast protagonists in previous GTA games for the two additional cast: a female protagonist and an undercover cop. I loved to play with the contrary pair of a typical mafia leader and an undercover cop who is forced to team up, both thinking the other is his puppet, while the reality is that they are both depending on each other equally: one could get imprisoned while the other could has his cover blown up anytime, but working together with all the information and capabilities they have is the biggest power in the underworld. It is all about a chess game between this two, and chess game rules were one of the main inspirations for the story concept beside Miami Vice season 5, Game of Thrones and other popular entertainment products, tribe culture motifs and more. The story was about to show differences between the 80’s and later Vice City through an eye of an old tough guy who learns things got changed and the good old ways are not working anymore. Instead of being a team among many in a drug war, he builds an empire that is more about a service: opening a new, decent smuggling route for literally anything, not just drugs, something that everyone in the underworld will depend on not just locally, but up to Liberty City and San Fierro. Please note that most of the ideas are already outdated as I was writing many parts of this concept more than 10 years ago, also my English was much worse, I was originally writing on Hungarian that time and tried to translate it, but I feel it is time to let this dream go, and do not put any more effort to upgrade and rewrite it, just share with you guys here, among many other fantastic and more beaturiful ideas of yours, and just see what you think. Project 'One Blood' (PDF)
  3. slimeball supreme

    Grand Theft Auto: Red Line

    WINNER OF BEST CONCEPT 2019 SLIMEBALL SUPREME & CEBRA theme. companion piece. special thanks to Money Over Bullsh*t Markyevansy The Deadite On the streets of the country’s worst city lie many a body. Crack in its heyday, corpses lining the streets in Hove Beach, wiseguys on the wrong foot for the first time in the mafia’s history as indictments sweep. What is it? In Red Line, you play as two protagonists from two burgeoning sides of the underworld, under threat from all angles as the walls close in. Liberty City is expanded: only featuring the two-and-a-half boroughs of Broker, Lennox Island, and Mid-to-South Algonquin. Felix Godovsky immigrated to the US five years ago after a youth on the streets of Odessa boosting cars and breaking skulls. A short stint working as a textile cutter lead him into the open arms of local drug dealers - now a leading enforcer for a gang referring to itself as the People’s Court. In America, there are winners and losers. Felix doesn’t intend to lose. Residing in a red-brick in the heart of Hove Beach, Felix drives an ‘87 Karin Gogetter and has around $1500 under his mattress. Originally from Italian Bantonvale, Adrian Tessa moved to Lennox Island with his nonna after falling in with the wrong crowd. Didn’t work. Crossing the bridge up to Broker on a regular basis, ‘Age’ dropped out in the 10th grade to work closely with up-and-comer Roy Zito and his Gambetti-associated clique of small time thugs. They intend to go big. Living upstairs in a two-family house, Adrian commutes from Cairndow to Bantonvale by subway or his grandmother’s ‘81 Vulcar Motrock, holding $120 in pocket money at the game’s beginning. - NADYA GODOVSKAYA It was her idea to come over here: friends and opportunity. The Bronshteins went in the 80’s, sent postcards back painted technicolor. They came. Nadya hasn't found a great job yet, Felix has - he knows America may not be the best for the legitimate, but for those willing to bend the rules, many-a buck awaits. - IZYA BRONSHTEIN An old friend of Felix's from Odessa, settled down Hove years back before his arrival. A dreamer ever hopeful, ever optimistic of an American Dream gone and let him down, let his wife and his little girl down. Trust: his most fatal, fatal flaw. - GENNADY & GERMAN ROITMAN The Roitman Brothers were Belarusian wrestlers, steroid salesmen given new life as chief enforcers of the People's Court. German the mad mute and Gennady the brains, relatively speaking: extortionists and usurers now extending meaty fists to the heroin market. - KUZMA 'KENNY' PETROVICH In the upstairs of Gulag Garden, Hove Beach's king resides. A gifted speaker, he hosts the People's Court; an adjudication body where disagreements of his constituents are debated and settled. He'll take a piece of the action, sure, but as feudal lords come he's mighty benevolent. - LAZAR SARAVAISKY Kenny's right hand, always open, always thinking. In the 80's considered the obvious successor to the iron fist of Emil Agrov, yet ceded power to his protege when the man passed away. Lazar was never one for the spotlight, preferred to smoke benzos and whisper in the shade. - LEV GEFTER As ostentatious as ostentatious comes, invited Kenny and a few Pavanos to a party in Vice City last summer: yachts, blow, President masks. The on-the-books manager of Gulag Garden is more businessman than triggerman, a bad draw when the barbarians bang at the gates. - SYLVESTER GANZFRIED The man with a million jobs - Jewish outreach advisor to President Biff Cochrane, police chaplain, top dog lawyer and rabbi without a pulpit. Least notably, government stoolie and mob fixer. The IAA, Mossad; they love the f*cker to death, and they'll let him do whatever if they get a piece of the pie. - DOLPH BECKLER The insurmountable Sgt. Dolph Beckler - bridge and tunnel Kraut and veteran crimefighter with connections to some of the city's finest: from Purgatory Sergeant Francis McReary to mayoral candidate Faraldo himself, Beckler commands his own eponymous team of rogue cops from the 70th Precinct. He'll tell you: Beechwood is Broker's stomach. The Beckler Boys are its antacid. - MORI GREEN In District Park you'll find Ol' Mori - fence, jeweler, kosher wiseguy. Made friends with Bohan Moe in the 70's and met Ganzfried a while later, now buddy-buddy with half the dagos in Broker. Mori puts up with them. Recommends jobbers for the right jobs, guns for the right hits. No matter how brash the client. - MATVEY 'MOTYA' SHVEDIK Motya is a man with a philosophy. You have a warm spot. You keep your warm spot. You kill those that try to take it. His warm spot is being Hove Beach's number one killer, number one heroin dealer, number one gangster with ties overseas. Many people will try to take it. Many will die. - KITAYCHIK Yaroslav Pogodin is a showman and a sinner, bare-knuckle boxer called 'Chinaman' for squinty eyes. The name stuck. Sent by the men back in Moscow to take Hove Beach, remove a testy old guard of Jews and the Americanized. He will do so with obscurity: intentions unknown, diplomacy damned. - MARKI ASHVILLI Looks are deceiving. You think 'art-collector' and 'entrepreneur' and you think Doug Hatchet, turtlenecks and trimmed facial hair. He acts the part as best he can, despite habit and ever-closed doors. Marki plays Kitaychik's point man, money launderer and extortionist with ties to many-a professional hockey player. Perhaps he'll own a team one day. - VIKENTIY RABINOVICH The boss of all bosses? They call him Smartass, exiled to a fortress in Budapest with guards and anti-aircraft guns. He is, by all means, Europe's kingpin. He wants more. He wants the oceans and the skies and the clothes off every man's back, and no. He doesn't take well to denial. - GRIMWALDO WINOGRODZKI Where the f*ck is this guy from? Don't ask. Says he's Polish, says he's Italian, says he's Swiss. Only thing for sure... he has blow. Blow, heroin, TV sets, gourmet chocolates; if there's one thing the DOA and AFT don't expect, it's Thai dope on a Polish airliner. - YERALDIN ‘YIYO’ MONSALVE Flashy, confident, ruthless: the Cázar Cartel's stateside boss doubles as Liberty's cocaine kingpin. And he knows it. Dials up Winogrodzki at 2 AM for coca-powered conversations about sports, plays golf with Kenny Petrovich in chore coats and sweatpants. But above all, a passion... the malparido loves submarines. - RAMI YALON Lupisellas usually hire in the family, longtime hitman Sonny dutifully doing hits since the 50's. But he's Bohan. Dom don't like Bohan. In his place comes 'the Yid’, former Mossad and consummate professional. High fees and low tolerance for guido bullsh*t - maybe that's why he clicks with Kuzma so much. - THE COOPERATIVE When you do business in Liberty, you cut the Families in. Or else. A committee of three who collect, discuss, and intimidate the gangsters of Hove Beach; wearily meeting at the Piazza Plaza Restaurant in Rotterdam Hill. Lupisella consigliere Gene Pittaluga, ad hoc boss of a teetotal clique. Says little for a confidant, you can see why Puleo saw more blood than silver. Pavano captain Jordan Gervasi, assisted by geezer aide-de-camp Juliano 'Julie Schnozz’ Ciommo. Greedy fool. Talks big game, often without playing. Gambetti capo Sal 'Salvo' Salzano of Lennox Island. Peacekeeper. Line straight to big man Gravelli - eager for Russian cash despite disdain for their methods. - MOE SCHWARTZ Moe never took a side in the whole Broker-Bohan thing, maybe on account of his mixed heritage he thought himself exempt. The Lupisellas' numbers guy, the guy who first came across the Russians on account of campaigning for ZAP with Eshel Schochet, the go-to guy for Ganzfried or the Pavanos or God himself. Consigliere by any other name. - LEO PULEO There's a problem brewing in the Lupisella family. Huge Henry Rotondi, guy couldn't fit in the goddamn FIB plane, starts talking about ratting on every boss on the Commission. Not good. Puleo, on the run out of state, gets busted in Pennsylvania at a shopping mall. Double not good. Half the family on trial: a mess and a half to clean up. Only one man to do it. - DOMINIC 'THE WRENCH' SEPE They call him The Wrench for many-a reason, he's the wrench in the works, Mr. Fixit. Or perhaps he'll smash the sh*t out of you with one. Acting boss with big man Puleo in the joint, getting info from the bigger man and organizing a breakout on his behalf. His thirst for blood now justified, vindication on his mind and tongue. - NONNA TESSA A crossroads: a grandson with a junkie father and a nowhere mother. What do you do? You take them out of Broker, try get them work, raise them like a son. Son drops out of school, starts acting a ruckus with neighborhood boys, police visit the house and then you're visiting the station. All you can do is pray. - ROY ZITO Roy and the Bantonvale Boys - hooligans and thugs wreaking havoc north, south and upwards. All over, the sixth family; no liquor store unrobbed and car unstolen, pretty boy in charge with sharp edges and a sharp tongue. The blunt force option, latent inadequacies and all. - ERIC LO IACONO Eraclide to his mother, to his friends the name dips. Clyde, Ricky, Eric - the North Lennox terror got no respect for his elders. Went down at 15 for Assault and plead "f*ck yourself" on the stand, spat in the public defender's face at the consequence. Still got it down to second degree. A zero sum game. - JON 'JUNIOR' GRAVELLI Junior clocked Roy years back when Roy still stole cars, two clicked instantly over blow and bad movies. Jon, rich kid from Meadow Hills never got his hands dirty. Roy, poor kid from Bantonvale never knew nothing but getting his hands dirty. Best friends ever since. - ROGER 'BUTCHIE' BOVE Butch lost his son a couple years back; an ill-fated drive and a broken neck. Roy did him a favor and killed the guy who did it. It's a bond holding harder than kevlar, scruffy Bantonvale capo with a thin neck known for sending thick wads on payday. A man after Jon's own heart: one willing to take chances on youngsters. - PETE REA Jon Gravelli picked Peter off the streets of Broker in the early Seventies: hard-scrabble braggart with a cross around the neck, hijacker and former boxer. He saw the potential right away. Today he's underboss; a loud underboss who swears at the judge and laughs at the reporters, the most surveilled gangster in the country bar his one superior. - ZURIEL ORZOFF The man likens himself to Martin Luther, ingenious orator and a diplomat like no other. Unlike King, however? A liar who represents the worst men in the country, bigots and racketeers and killers. His latest challenge is Pete Rea - an open and shut case and probable lifetime sentence. Zurry won't let that be. - JON GRAVELLI The man behind the Gambetti family has gone sixty-nine years with about two in prison: an excellent record that could very well be tarnished. A racketeering case that's gone far too long getting another crack with obstruction charges, a couple goons running up names on the jury. Doesn't look good. Coming down from the Carraway mansion is one thing, getting pricey cars and priceless art repossessed is a whole 'nother. - SAMMY 'SONNY' BOTTINO Shrewd, calculating; Sonny made a career out of sniffing out a deal and got drafted to the family by Gravelli himself. The next protege on the chopping block. Neck deep in Florida making movies or working with celebrities or something, vague on the detail and never quite willing to pay respects to a boss he never asked for. - MARLON FARALDO Former US Attorney; resigned and ran for mayor in '89, lost and hasn't gotten over it. Ambitious as can be and back on the campaign trail early, a lover of broken windows and loather of the poor. And while it's hot on the presses? The number one campaigner for the arrest of Jon Gravelli. - HARVEY NOTO They say he'd have been Gambetti if things went the right way: met Jon Gravelli sharking in Zephyr Hill and made pals ever since. A manslaughter charge gone awry, he's back on the streets - new Messina boss, friendships to the wind and eyes on the prize. - CALOGERO CAZZINI Son of Amerigo, scion of Sicilian bootleggers sending barley brew down the St. Lawrence. He's kingpin now. These days, they're saying, the Cazzinis are more a family than the Ancelottis - manpower and muscle, coke and cash. Messinas don’t think so. Big Cal does. Constantly shadowed by bodyguard Hugues Ouellette-du-Tranchemontagne, inexplicably letting the dumb f*cker talk in his favor. - OLLIE 'LULU' GLIUGLIU They call him Canuck, and for good reason - zip f*cker's in Quebec more than milk bags and inbreeding. Give the guy credit, he's got charisma, married six women going on seven now arraigning the marriage between Messina and Cazzini. It's not going well. - MELVIN SCHIAVONE He's a people guy; races pigeons with Dom Sepe and Tony Black, shoots the breeze with Wayne Coco. Never let a rivalry get in the way of good business. Six ways to Sunday and family ties to near every family on the Commission and more, if you want a deal brokered you go to Broker Mel. Just pray that don't go to his head. - MARK & FREDO VOLPE Fresh out the joint is Mark Anthony: off 10 years for manslaughter and back in business with flesh-and-blood Alfredo. After doing a favor for Hal Noto in '82, both brothers got their button - working the extortion patch in Dukes and North Broker, tears and broken glass. - OSWALDO QUIROGA If you've had a chick in AC, that chick was Ozzie's girl. Pimp, scag dealer, man of fine clothes and fine cigars. An empire spanning half a state and half a city, and a new connection in the ever-enterprising Roy Zito's web of friendly hoodlums. - JAYVON SIMSON Small timer this close to the big leagues - JJ knows people. Met Joey Corolla, 13 going on 30 with a cigarette and a forty ounce, mob kid with a crew. Met Dwayne Forge, Holland empresario neck-deep in the crack game, 'entertainment' magnate of dubious origin. Sparks fly in his head. The web extends. - JOE COROLLA Joe ‘the Cowboy’ was always a street kid, growing up in East Holland hung with gangbangers alike; Latino and Black. A neighborhood taboo. You don't talk to the eggplants. Late teens with a fire in his belly, the attention of the men in the social clubs, a mean streak with no end. Easy pickings for a player to play. - MARIA VALVONA When Louie Valvona 'mysteriously' died, the bosses came to an agreement: "Let the freak do how she pleases". The ostensible front boss of the Pavano crime family is possibly the Commission's longest long con: switching boss after boss after boss at the cost of respect but eyes on the wrong person. Eyes on the Oddmother, on wind chimes and vague prophecy. - ARTHUR ZAPULLA Not many people go to school at Ivy League, fewer mobsters: but that's what awaits the man who killed Louie Valvona. An open secret, the rat-faced kid with greasy hair, the kid all over Mary like butter on toast, groping and cloying and purring in her ear. It's a wonder charges haven't been made, for a variety of reasons. - VITO MENOTTI Veets bought a Lennox Island dog food cannery in the seventies, went from nothing to barely something. Barely something's enough. Enough to wash money and grind bones and kinda freak people out at the poker games. He knows what the little men don't, who really calls the shots and gives the kill orders. And they won't tolerate recent disrespect. Liberty is expanded in Red Line: denser, more square mileage. Only two-and-a-half boroughs are accessible in normal gameplay - the International Center of Exchange gleaming from the skyline. The boroughs: Liberty’s second city gets a bad rap; churches, art types, gangsters. It’s more than that. Not much more than that, but more than that. UPTOWN Redcape - Traditionally Polish, home of longshoremen and factory workers before they all moved to Alderney. Home to the Redcape Incinerator, the biggest, hottest dioxin and lead polluter in the borough. Hedgebury - Jews and Latinos, sure. But evil afoot. Bohemians. Yuppies in Algonquin have rent at gunpoint, now gentrifying the borders of borough number two. It’ll get worse. Schottler - The Messinas and Gambettis still run this part of town but not by much, modern day hotspot for Dominicans and Puerto Ricans. East Liberty & Suydam - They call it the killing fields. Formerly back in the heyday, the mob’s primary graveyard. They stopped demolishing houses on the Dukes border because they kept finding bodies, wasn’t worth the press. Today, the battles are fought not by wiseguys, but street hustlers and crack kingpins. The Bowels - Technically East Liberty, but worth a mention; a sunken little neighborhood on the Dukes border best traversed on horseback, ‘less you want your car flooded. Trust me: you don’t want that here. Vestiges of the Wild West run amok. WATERFRONT BOABO - Older residents still call it Feldspar Crossing, the developers… not so much. Ground Zero for a new wave of gentrification. East Hook & Navy Yard - Parts of town reckoning with obsolescence as the port moves to Tudor and the boat traffic slows to a crawl. Rotterdam Hill - A lot of churches, a lot of brownstones, a lot of social clubs. Gristmill - The Gristmill Canal is still plays a pivotal role in the waterfront’s ecosystem: a pathway for the movement of barges, and a great place for the mob to tie cement to a dead guy’s foot. Sunrise Park - Formerly dockland central, stevedore Swedes pushed out yonks ago in favour of Latinos and Cantonese. Now Broker’s Chinatown. CENTRAL South Slopes - Still recovering from the ‘91 riots, West Indian folks and Hasidic residents cross the street to avoid one another, dirty glares and confrontation. Fights still ensue, instigated regularly by neighborhood Shomrim. Cork Villa - The land of the stroller. Gentrification personified in brownstone and wrought iron, young families and the odd yuppie priced out of Algonquin hanging their gold-embroidered address plaques while the working class scatters. Outlook Park - Broker’s very own Middle Park, subject to millions upon millions in funds allocated to revitalizing its image since the decade’s turn. The carousel’s back, art deco horses and all. We’ll get there yet. Beechwood & Beechwood City - Mostly West Indian, low-income projects and baseheads copping copper wire. Junkyards, former factories, decades of history… now ground zero for Broker’s crack epidemic. Farnham-Slechtenhorst - ‘Far Sleck’: picturesque Victorians perched behind tree-lined streets mask a history of unfettered racial tensions and blockbusting - Gerry Quigley left in his wake a restoration project that saw itself through the 70s and 80s, the gangs and the cops doing their part to tear it asunder. District Park - Home of the Hasidim. Good delis, lots of hats - get used to wearing one and pick up on some Yiddish while you’re at it. Vlackwood & Fulham - Boring suburb. Houses, 8 by 8 grass patches masquerading as a yard, the occasional pink flamingo. Thrilling. Pierrepont Cemetery - Block after block after block of gravestones. Where Broker’s dead are buried. Before Outlook, this was Broker’s park. SWAMPLAND Maschapi - Italians and Blacks on the shore of Wampum Bay, with the former overtaking the latter in spades. Lupisella turf, the Broker crew holding on tight despite obvious disdain. Hansen Basin - Laugh in the face of the historians so adamant that the area was once a rural bastion for oyster fishing: tell it to the 8-figure mansions built by the dozen and the private roads twice as maintained as its thoroughfares. Stoothoff - Old. Old buildings, old people, old smells. Twenty years behind the urban planning curve leaves Stoothoff a little piece of antiquity for the cultured fellow yearning for the rural abandonment you’d typically only find in Lennox. Thalassus Meadow - Despite Outlook’s fame, Broker’s largest park is on the shores of the Wampum. Salt marshes used by the indigenous for crab fishing, now a makeshift landfill with trash, burnt out cars, and the occasional corpse. Mayor Llewelyn ‘Lewie’ Laster leads the charge for its cleanup. Byrd Aerodrome - Mixed use airfield now in the process of conversion into a state park. Nobody really cares. Barren, quiet; it’s local hearsay that unmarked air travel still lands and leaves. According to the government, those rumors are unfounded. Crownover Bay - Quaint, disconnected from public transport, nobody knows why the neighborhood always smells like rain. Has a beach that nobody goes to. Algonquin Beach - Must’ve forgot what borough they were in. Former resort town, the area’s become a second wave enclave to the higher-end Russian Jews from Hove. It’s earned its name again by attitude. SOUTH Hove Beach - Little Odessa. Introductions unnecessary. Firefly Island - Boardwalk attractions galore; the kind that peaked pre-World War II. Subjected time and again to development hell and rezoning court cases since the boom, Firefly Boardwalk is spotted with equal part shuttered, never-opened storefronts and amusement parks - but you’ll never find it empty. Kids and octogenarians love it, and that’s what counts. Goatherd - Former fishing town: home of yacht clubs, piers, bad seafood, aged stucco beach houses way too far away from the beach. Mostly Jewish but transitory: from Russians to Uzbekis, Greeks to Turks. Dartford - Developed in parallel with Firefly but overshadowed by a factor of about a dozen, Dartford has fallen into relative obscurity in the time since - your run of the mill working class neighborhood, dead-end streets, housing projects, the occasional bout of violence. Bantonvale - The city’s hotspot for Italian Americans, second only to Little Italy. Restaurants, social clubs, tracksuits, pudgy old men with itchy trigger fingers. Weir Ridge - Bantonvale’s little sister: the added bonus of beachfront property. Used to be a lot of Norwegians, but the mob probably forced them out like the real estate developers’ll do in a decade. Anger Bay - The local story is the place was called ‘Angler Bay’, devolved because of Dutch incompetence (like so much else). Working class, a lot of Italians, Albanians and Russians butting heads in the shadow of the golf course. Fort Harris - An installation for the US Army in the shadow of the Vespucci-Passage Bridge. Originally built for the Civil War, still holds a few cute toys. The forgotten borough. They purposefully leave it out of tourist advertisements, blur it out on the TV like guns in a music video. Suburban hellscape - might as well be ‘Derney. LIST UNDER CONSTRUCTION EAST SHORE Austral Bank - Seaside sand with a contradictory name making up most of Lennox’s eastern border. Has a boardwalk, the lethargic younger sister of Firefly Island. Cairndow - One of the many Italian neighborhoods sprinkling East Shore, home to protagonist Adrian and Gambetti capo Salvo Salzano’s ‘vending machine servicing company’ - or so he says. Verward Hill - Cute little Italian enclave on the east shore, site of a perpetual territory war with Holle Hill thanks to ill-defined boundaries. Both have hills. Wallonstop - It’s Dutch, nobody who lives here knows what the name means either. Griggstowne - Hit by a rather small tornado last year. Otherwise, nothing of interest. Hope it happens again. Kust Stadt - Italian capital of Eastern Lennox, prime territory for the Ancelotti crime family. Home to ancient mob social club ‘The Scrapes’ - owned by Gio Ancelotti himself. When you think Liberty, you think Liberty - skyscrapers, Statue of Happiness, pizza, number grid streets, rats. The urban jungle. Only part of the borough is available, terminating at Hematite Street, beyond that the screen fading to static and relocating you to a random switch scene nearby hours later. LIST UNDER CONSTRUCTION An Ancient Art - Adrian robs a poker game. Cliche. Loud. Status Quo - Felix makes a delivery to a prospective client, and enjoys a bagel. The Butcher of Bantonvale - The boys assist a store owner on behalf of Mr. Bove. Bathing in Filth - Felix delivers a package to Motya Shvedik as a way of solving a longtime dispute. A Great Big Pussy - Movie night at Bobby’s house turns into a visit to a local stash-house. Neither Down, Nor Feather - Felix discusses failure, is told to help the Colombians, and visits the carnival. As you do missions for Butchie and the Gambettis, Adrian will occasionally be called over for a favor or two; resolving petty neighborhood squabbles. Monotony. The true face of the mafia. Human Resources - A dissatisfied customer of a Gambetti garbage contractor files a phone call. Adrian is tasked with returning his trash. Parent-Teacher Interview - A kid or two helps out at the Butch’s butcher. Didn’t get a great report. Roger’d really appreciate putting the screws to their principal. Art of War - Cousin’s landscaping company took a hit, now Weir Ridge terraces are being handled by some Ancelotti nephew’s numbskulls. Teach some gardeners a few lessons in pest control. Deconstructive Criticism - Whiny associate, Clarkie Contina, just made soldier. Won’t pay his dues to the capo but happy to flaunt a new house and a new Lampadati. Wreck the car. Do donuts in his pretty garden. Clean as a Whistle - Building contract, looks great. One problem: asbestos. Too expensive to dispose of legally… or at least, more expensive than they’d care to pay. Take the truck and dump it out in Wampum Bay. Pollution for a pretty penny. Owe Me a Couple - Foreman cut a few contracts and put a lot of no-shows out of work. Pay him a visit and convince him to rethink his decision. Weirdos, nobodies, egotists, degenerates. The best the city has to offer. - DB-P & P.G. Jackson Adrian’ll meet them through good ol’ Ozzie Quiroga: hip hop legend and head of Big Joox Records, DB-P, alongside his omnipresent protege Clayton. In halfway feuds with half the country’s rap scene, from Bohan’s Q-Whispers to Madd Dogg on the West Coast - sometimes brutality needs a little outsourcing. - Ephraim Pendergambit Investigative journalist; in deep sh*t, needs an underworld contact, willing to pay in cash. Felix finds him scoping out a Russian connected cafe in deep cover, decides to steer him in a different direction. - Toby de Vivo Guido dork from Adrian’s neighborhood, rap sheet full of petty assault and birdbrained B&Es and desperate to get in with the mafia. Piggybacking off Age’s connections, pulling him into a variety of rackets lacking in any kind of forethought or planning. - Helen Kafengauz Little old widower who sits outside the stoop with the other women in the neighborhood, gossiping with tanning reflectors. Taking a new kind of diet pill, Helen requests lifts to increasingly confusing locations, and Felix begins to question her sanity. - Gad & Tad Dierkes A pair of yokel Midwestern con artists, shaking down tourists and Floridians in bars and at pool games. Adrian accidentally gets thrown into a scheme, decides to tag along as they start screwing with the wrong people. - Officer Regis Frumpley Encountered via newspaper classified or simply hiding on street corner in Beechwood, the perpetually down-on-his-luck cop Frumpley puts the player in a series of harebrained, moronic schemes and obviously fake street crimes to boost his reputation. - Darcy Pembroke Absent-minded Australian tourist bumbling around Algonquin looking for the ‘real Liberty City’. If that means going into the ghetto and having his shoes stolen and camera smashed, so be it, and you bet he’ll be doing it with a smile on his face, mate. - Chester LaSala Mediocre stand-up comic and raging anti-semite with a poor sense of fashion and overactive sweat glands. Bombing at comedy clubs, he has a much quicker path to fame in mind - succeeding Casey Edwards as host of Late Night. By any means necessary. - Shane Tovar Itchy skinhead who did a few tours in the Gulf and Panama. Loopy as a racetrack, dull eyed and bored, he’s found himself a new hobby. Urban hunting; scouring ghettos for stray dogs and big game.
  4. [Intro] by @sefus GRAND THEFT AUTO: CARCER CITY (Chapter 1-4 Theme) Machines of Loving Grace - Kiss Destroyer (Chapter 5-7 Theme) Lamb - Cotton Wool Written by sabitsuki Loosely based on ObsydianRaven's 2011 concept. Other concepts by me: Grand Theft Auto: Borders Grand Theft Auto: The Inner Circle -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PART I: TAGLINE OVERVIEW SETTING PLOT OUTLINE CHARACTERS GANGS -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TAGLINE -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "The year is 1996. The turn of the century looms over the horizon as civilization embraces a new era, marked by breakthroughs in technology and global communication on a scale never before seen in human history. Optimism prevails as a period of prosperity and seemingly never-ending economic growth engulfs America's coastal cities, while the ghosts of the Rust Belt are left to their own devices. Fresh out of the state pen, a man, born and bred in a city that thrives in violence and vice at the brink of a massive gang war, journeys across his hometown, coming to terms with his past, a quest of vengeance and a changing time." -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OVERVIEW -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- GTA: Carcer City, as its name implies, takes place in Carcer City, in the fictional Midwestern state of Musketoon (loosely based on Indiana and Michigan, with elements of Pennsylvania and Illinois), near the Canadian border. Mostly based on Detroit, the city also takes influences from other Rust Belt cities such as Flint, Gary and Pittsburgh. A dangerous city long past its prime, it is surrounded by suburban areas, both rich and poor, forests, two relatively large lakes and connecting rivers, a mountain with a waterfall and a significantly safer, yet smaller city based on Ann Arbor west to it. Set between 1996 and 1997, and briefly during the 1970s and 1989, there is a consistent grunge/industrial tone to the game, with the default color grading for the game being that of a rusted sepia filter, which can be changed in-game through the filters menu. Returning to the roots of the series, as well as the gritty atmosphere of The Lost And Damned, GTA: Carcer City features one main protagonist, although the player briefly takes control of a few other characters momentarily over the course of the storyline. The story, split into 7 Chapters with a Prologue in the style of RDR2, with each chapter taking place in a different season. A morality system exists in-game, and can determine the fate of certain primary characters in the storyline, with a dialogue wheel system similar to Mass Effect being present in the game. There are three endings in the game, an honorable criminal ending, a neutral criminal ending and a dishonorable criminal ending, all three which involve Ricky leaving the city behind him. Beginning in the winter of 1989, there is a time skip of seven years to springtime of 1996, which coincides with Chapter 1, and ending in the warm summer of 1997, coinciding with Chapter 7. Other than main storyline missions, the player can engage in other side activities, both action-based and ambient. Borrowing from the first Saints Row, many in-game stores have opening and closing times, with some exceptions such as 24-hour convenience stores, and sales for discounted goods are advertised through the game's radio. Many activities from previous GTAs are featured in GTA: Carcer City, such as, but not limited to, Drug Dealing, Racing (Illegal and Legal), Rampages, Gambling, Vigilante, Taxi Driver, Valet and Clubbing (in this case, Raving), along with new activities including Loan Sharking, Rave Bounties, Cage Fights, Blackmail, Devil's Night, Bar Brawls, Rooftop Assassinations, Protection Money Collection, Bet Fixing, Small Town Nightwatch and a much more improved Store Holdup system that functions much like a cross between Saints Row 1 and RDR2. Ambient activities include Drinking (many accessible bars and pubs), Strip Clubs, Fishing, Eating, Consumption of certain Drugs, Hunting, Pool, Basketball, Photography, working at an Auto Shop and Random Encounters. An early form of the internet can also be used in-game, with an early email used to communicate with characters, drug pushers and weapon dealers in-game as well as a leisure-based web-hosting service based on Yahoo! Geocities which explores the more humorous and satirical elements of the game. TV shows are back and greater than ever, with a larger number of mocap-based TV shows that contrast with the predominantly cartoon-based programs in GTA V, with many shows that parody cheesy 80s-90s action shows, sitcoms and soap operas, as well as an MTV pastiche that plays a mixture of trippy animations and certain licensed music videos from the era. Safehouses can be bought around the map, and hotels and motels can be rented temporarily as a single save point. Cores return from RDR2, though they are slightly more dumbed down and less realistic for gameplay purposes, being limited to Health, Stamina and Strength cores. With the presence of changing seasons, much like in RDR2, wearing inappropriate clothing for certain seasons (especially during the winter) can result in an adverse impact on your cores. The protagonist communicates through both a 2-way Pager and a Cellphone based on the Nokia 8110, the former mostly used to know about special drug or weapons deals around the city which acts as a companion device to the in-game email. There are a total of 16 radio stations in-game, 2 of which are talk show stations. Playing a wide variety of music, ranging from rock, metal, techno and hip-hop from the mid-90s to more somber and relaxed jazz and soul tracks from the 50s to 80s, the game attempts to encompass the musical tastes and origins of Detroit, as well as the ethos of Generation X, along with the themes featured in the storyline, in order to create a unique musical experience. Music on the stations can also be purchased in music stores around the map, and are listenable through the Panoramic Strutter, an MP3 Player modelled after the South Korean MPMan. Many of the features, and others, will be elaborated on in greater detail either in this post or in future posts. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SETTING -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MAP To be added soon... CARCER CITY BUS ROUTES To be added soon... ANTIGONE FALLS BUS ROUTES To be added soon... MUSKETOON STATE DASHOUND BUS ROUTE To be added soon... Set in the fictional Weldon County, Musketoon (based on Wayne County, Michigan), the in-game map comprises of several locales, with a main city (Carcer City), a smaller lakeside city (Antigone Falls), three smaller townships/suburban areas (Carlton, Fleming and Boulder), two lakes (McMillan Lake and Parrish Lake), a natural preserve/forest (Musketoon State Nature Trail), a mountain hiking/road trail (Rusty Valley) with a bumpy waterfall (Humphrey Rapids), all connected by two interstate freeways (I-11 and I-13). The complete map for this concept will be added in in the near future. CITIES Carcer City Antigone Falls CARCER CITY, MUSKETOON Population: 1,500,000 Served by: Carcer City Police Department (CCPD) Carcer City Tram Authority The El Carcer Buses ANTIGONE FALLS, MUSKETOON Population: 89,000 Served by: Antigone Falls Police Department (AFPD) Antigone Falls Trams (AFT) A.F. Bus Depot SMALL TOWNS Carlton Fleming Boulder Served by: Hard-As Interstate Bus Travel Musketoon State Troopers NATURAL LANDMARKS McMillan Lake Parrish Lake Humphrey Rapids Musketoon State Nature Trail Rusty Valley Serviced by: Musketoon Park Rangers Musketoon State Troopers Weldon County Fire Department -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MISSION OUTLINE (WIP) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Borrowing the narrative style from RDR2 and Bully as well as the character arcs seen in films such as Pulp Fiction and games such as Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number, albeit restricted only to specific missions, GTA: Carcer City is split into 7 Chapters, with each chapter taking place in varying seasons. The prologue begins in 1989, chapters 1-4 in 1996 and chapters 5-7 in 1997, along with flashback sequences back to either the mid-to-late 1970s or back to 1989. Our main protagonist, Richard "Ricky" Youngblood, will be the leading man in this story, though other characters, such as Corey Walker, Jacob "Jake" Rodchenko, Tina Rochester, Tommy Youngblood, Agent Alan Hendricks and Marvin "8-Bit" Haroldson are briefly playable in certain missions. The list of missions are as follows (usually in chronological order), followed by a brief description of the missions. There are altogether __ missions in GTA: Carcer City. PROLOGUE: THE BEGINNING Year: Winter, 1989. CHAPTER 1: ERA Year: Spring, 1996. CHAPTER 2: TRIBES Year: Summer, 1996. CHAPTER 3: TEMPEST Year: Fall-Winter, 1996. CHAPTER 4: VENGEANCE Year: Winter, 1996. Winter, early 1997. CHAPTER 5: BREATHER Year: Spring, 1997. CHAPTER 6: REALIZATION Year: Spring-Summer, 1997. CHAPTER 7: NADIR Year: Summer, 1997. FINAL MISSION 1 Year: Summer, 1997. FINAL MISSION 2 Year: Summer, 1997. EPILOGUE: WHAT LIES AHEAD Year: Summer-Fall, 1997. STRANGER MISSIONS -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CHARACTERS -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The cast of characters featured in GTA: Carcer City, with each character having different motivations and reasons for doing what they do. Many characters do not make it by the end of the storyline. PROTAGONIST The playable character of the storyline. PRIMARY CHARACTERS The most important characters in the storyline. SECONDARY CHARACTERS The second most important characters in the storyline. MINOR CHARACTERS Characters that are not seen that much, but are still important to the storyline. STRANGERS & FREAKS Some are comedic, some are serious. Either way, they're people that Ricky run into on the street, and they all have different stories to tell. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- GANGS (WIP) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- One of the most dangerous cities in America, there is bound to be an abundance of gang presence in Carcer City, and its surrounding areas. With over 20 gangs claiming turf in the city, there is no shortage of debauchery between them, with skirmishes, shootings, taggings and fights happening on a daily basis. THE MOTOR UNION THE PHARAOHS PAVANO CRIME FAMILY MIDTOWN HOODS THE DESERT KINGS WARLORD NATION DA CLUBS DA ACES DEADLOCKS MC THE SKINZ THE INNOCENTZ THE JURY DA NORTHSIDE CLICK THE WILD BOYZ THE SPANISH LORDS THE WARSAW POSSE THE FLUSHES THE HAMPTON SHOOTAZ DELTA CHARGERS MC THE ANGELS OF DEATH MC STREETWANNABES HELL'S BELLES PERELLO CRIME FAMILY THE SERAPHS OF CARCER
  5. An E. Revere, Doktorpolice and Francesco Bonomo collaboration, in synergy with Grand Theft Auto: Badfellas Main Theme It is the year 1959. Liberty City is becoming a rich beacon of capitalism in the United States after the allied victory of WWII. However, with increasing number of industrial buildings, smell of pollution and corrupt politicians also comes more violence, gangs and organised crime, a large amount of which comes from overseas. Grand Theft Auto: Cosa Nostra follows the journey of Salvatore Leone through his association with the Sicilian Mafia, union wannabe-wiseguys and fellow psychotic guidos and guidettes. As of 1959, Portland is going through multiple renovations and urban renewals. With businesses dying in the Norwegian corner of Lutefisk Boulevard and the Hepburn Heights Park getting paved off for new residential buildings, the borough is expected attract more migrants who can contribute to the high-rent, low-salary atmosphere of the city. That being said, there are also several union uprisings in the industrial areas who demand fairer rights and will desperately agree to any offer they are presented to achieve it, even if it means unknowingly smuggling product into the country for the mafia. Main Characters: Salvatore Leone: A young Sicilian mafioso fresh off the shores of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Salvatore was brought up in an impoverished life in Sicily. His father was a member of the Italian resistance and subsequently died in the Italian Civil War. After that her mother entrusted his uncle Vittorio to take care of him. That’s how he wound up in Liberty City, arriving on boat in 1944. During his teenage years he became acquainted with the Clancio family through Uncle and started working for them. He got made in 1957 after uncovering a scam a bookie had been playing on Don Torrini. As of 1959, he's an enforcer for the Clancio family in Liberty City and takes orders from his uncle, whether it be beating up some street-mouthed punks downtown or managing hot, heavy deals with other families, from collecting debt to shakedown, Uncle can count on him for whatever errand he has. With all that said, Sal doesn’t enjoy being Uncle’s errand boy too much and eagerly awaits the day he gets put to a higher position. Vittorio Leone: Salvatore's ever-loving uncle, and furthermore, the underboss of the Clancio family. Vittorio is singlehandedly responsible for the immense overseas power that the Clancio family possesses, having made very strong connections with many foreign organisations in the past, especially during WWII. Thanks to him, the family not only has slices in numerous international operations such as bookmaking, consumer goods, smuggling and the like, but also favours owed to them by various foreign government bodies due to providing aid to the allied powers during the war. He became underboss as soon as Don Torrini got into power. Him and Don Torrini are old friends, working together since the days of old man Clancio. Uncle is a big traditionalist. He scolds anybody who doesn’t do things the old way and does not take wisely to being disobeyed or disappointed. Antonello Torini: Don of the Clancio crime family. Antonello came into power in 1944 with the death of old man Clancio. Before becoming boss, Antonello was a prominent soldato (soldier) within the family and was one of the forerunners of a small-scale guerilla conflict against the fascist Italian government. His skills as a gunfighter and his rapid success with raiding the national military earned him the nickname “black eyed bandit” in Sicily. But Antonello’s ferocity did not carry over to his time of rule. After becoming boss he transformed into more of a laid-back patronising old man type of person. He talks big, acts big and pretends that the world owes him something. He's recently been trying to move his organisation entirely to Liberty City. Massimo Torini: Antonello's no-good son. Massimo spent much of his youth picking fights with his neighbours, betting, gambling, and conducting petty robberies. While he had no intention to be involved with his father's business, his delinquencies eventually brought him across one of his father's enforcers, Silvestro Franchino, whom he became friends with. His father was ecstatic about the news and put Massimo under his wing so he could learn to negotiate, intimidate, and put his fighting skills to good use. However, his "training" was put to a stop when a night of betting disputes ended up with Massimo bashing a rival boss's son's head in. There were no witnesses and despite agreeing to keep it a secret, his father sent him overseas anyways to ensure his safety in case someone found out. With a subsequent lack of common sense and an inability to speak English, Massimo is headed towards a path of struggle in the underground life of Liberty City. Jane Hopper: Hopper is the Clancios' dock contact, an inside "man" so to speak. Legally speaking, she only works at the docks as a secretary and a translator but in reality, her position goes way further than that. Hopper is a very manipulative person with a strongly persuasive mouth and charm that can convince anybody into believing just about anything. Through a careful exploitation of feminism held by numerous union members, she was able to reach a de-facto position high enough to have a big say in events concerning the docks, and union matters as well. Being a polyglot, she was in a perfect position to handle a port where a lot of international business gets done. It's thanks to her efforts that the Clancio's can freely use the docks when they need to. Although the mob doesn’t usually involve broads in matters like these, or rather, in any matter at all, especially not during the 50’s, Hopper has a connection to a very powerful boss from way back in the day, one that is held as in very high standard by all families, which provides her the trait needed for them to overlook that. People overlook a lot about Hopper, especially her being a staunch feminist. Hopper is all about being as roughly-spoken and aggressive as possible, just to seem “manly” towards her peers. But when it comes to actual gunfights, how much she can hold up to that pretension becomes very clear. Lackeys: Ranks of the Clancio family: Antonello Torini – Don Vittorio Leone – Underboss Ignazio Dante – Caporegime: A humble businessmen with an import/export and smuggling business. Ignazio deals in the trade of many materials, ranging from booze and guns to clothing and jewellery to tomato sauce. There are a lot of places in Liberty City that are dependent on his supply to function. Also, he has a disdain towards Vittorio due disagreements over sharing of wealth. Sally Durando – Caporegime: A Number Wiz. Runs a profitable bookmaking operation out of Portland and Staunton Island. Does not like people moving into his business. Not even people from his own family. Only talks to four people. Highly respected and dangerous. Killed his own brother for stealing $124. Why? Because it’s like cancer. You have to cut it out before it robs your of your life. Alfonso "Crazy Al" di Tullio – Caporegime : Gaetano “Gigi” Gotorelli – Enforcer: Vittorio’s most trusted ally. Gigi has been working under his wing for a very long time. The trust and respect between them is so immaculate that they even have secrets they keep from the family. Gigi is like a ghost figure. The only people who see him regularly are his family and boss. If it’s anybody else, it usually means they’re soon to die. Salvatore Leone - Soldato The Carrera Cousins – Soldato: They were both named Giuseppe by their mothers. They’re distinguished by their nicknames Small Joe and Big Joe. They both work for Ignazio’s smuggling operations. Big Joe, 25, tags along on his business deals while Small Joe, 17, is reserved for small errands. Big Joe also has a personal feud with Sammy Schiro. Brunello “Bruno” and Vittorio “Vito” Sebastianelli - Associates Massimo Torini – Associate Ranks of the Forelli family: Alberico Forelli – Don: A shoot first, ask questions later fella. Alberico is a man who has little care for concepts like tradition and honour and would gladly defy them if it means making a buck. Even his relatives in Calabria don’t like him. Salome “Sally” Locattini – Consigliere: Childhood friend to Alberico. They came up in the mafia together. He’s been a paranoid individual ever since he once killed a made man without being greenlit by the commission. His cocky attitude became a big influence on Alberico’s tendency to jump the gun. Federico “Derick” Gianfranco – Caporegime: Federico "Derrick" Gianfranco: The soft-spoken boogeyman of the Forelli Family. A native of Saint Mark's, he is known as your typical gentleman who frequents a coffee shop in the neighborhood; where he gives orders to his crew of killers and businessmen. Before becoming a Caporegime, he was a very popular choice for carrying out hits, which has earned him both the respect from his peers and fear among his enemies. Despite being a loyal member of the Forelli Family, he openly disagrees with Alberico's violent business model, as it is bad for business. Sammy Schiro – Enforcer: Originally from a family of Arbëreshë origin. Schiro is the toughest dumb muscle in Liberty City as well as the best fighter in Derick’s crew. Schiro is the strong silent type but that’s because his vocabulary is too small to think of anything worthwile to say. He lets his fists and bullets do the talking. His favourite weapon is the baseball bat and he likes to make hits personal. Boosted cars at 13, started doing hits for the mob at 17. Your typical Jimmy Conway. He embraces both his Italian and Albanian heritage but does deal with racism because of his Albanian blood, mainly from the Irish. Antonio “Tony” Catto – Soldato: Native of Saint Marks alongside his best friend, Sammy Schiro. Runs a small-scale racketeering business, highly influenced by Gianfranco. He's generally disliked Little Italy. For some reason, Alberico distrusts him and suspects him of swindling the family in some way but he has no concrete evidence and keeps quiet due to his respect to Derick. Girardo “Gerry” Forelli – Soldato: Runs a cathouse in Aspatria. Girardo is a divorcée with a kid he doesn’t want, influencing his sad outlook on life. He never wanted to get into crime but was forced into it by his brother. He despises Alberico but is stuck with him. He spends his days working so he can distract himself sulking at the misfortunes of his life. He can’t even make time to look after his son and makes the cathouse dancers tend to him. The Docks and the Union Frank Lynch - Leader of the Liberty Atlantic Shoremen's Association Jack Gray - Union rep Jane Hopper - Secretary and translator; union consultant (informal) Balto Salazar - Dockworker Porter Estrada - Dockworker Michael Bowman - Stevedore Harry Holcomb - Sailor Other and unaffiliated: Raymond Bolton - Former FBN agent turned PI Verano Leone - Student at Liberty Campus; Vittorio's son and Salvatore's cousin Lauritz Fredsen - Bomb expert, preferred by most criminals in Liberty City Enrico Altanasio - Arms dealer and trafficker In 1959 -as Ammu-Nation hasn't been founded yet- the lead, prominent gun-runner in the states is Wyatt Guns, which has several stores that can be found around the city. Furthermore, rarer weapons can be purchased Enrico's Artigliere, an independent gun shop which carries regular military weapons as well as home-made custom ones. Melee: Brass knuckles Baseball bat Knife Crowbar (this can also be used for break-ins) Chainsaw Pistols: M1911 Browning Hi-Power Smith & Wesson model 29 Colt Python (Revolvers' plating and grips can be modified in any Wyatt Guns store) Submachine guns: Franchi LF-57 Beretta Model 12 Thompson M1A1 MP40 Shotguns: Remington model 870 Lupara Remington model 11-48 Rifles: Can be equipped with a scope. M1 Garand M1903 Springfield Throwables: Molotov cocktails MK2 Grenades Special weapons: These weapons cannot be bought in weapon stores and can only be acquired through raiding military shipments and deliveries. Rifles: M14 (this weapon can be fitted with a scope and be used as a sniper rifle.) Colt AR-15 Heavy weapons: These weapons are mission-specific, meaning they're scripted to appear in determined missions only and not allowed for use in freeroam. M20 Super Bazooka M2 Flamethrower
  6. Francesco Bonomo

    Grand Theft Auto: Badfellas

    A E. Revere, Francesco Bonomo, and Doktorpolice collaboration, in synergy with Grand Theft Auto: Cosa Nostra "What was once considered The Best City in America, Liberty City has downgraded to an alarming title of... The Worst City in America." Liberty Tree - 1985 "If I ask you to kill, it's not a question." Salvatore Leone - 1986 "Every dog has his day. Whether you love him or not, you have to put him down." Vittorio "Uncle" Leone - 1985 Theme Song Liberty City in 1985 and 1986 was an American wasteland of vice, temptation, corruption, and greed. In the era where politicians were finally utilizing their power to fight against organized crime and business people were raking in millions using fraudulent methods in Staunton Island, Liberty City is still considered the biggest city in the world that never sleeps but does kill. In the criminal underground, there is unrest. Follow the story of Lucio "Lucky" Goterelli. A seasoned veteran of the Clancio Crime Family in Salvatore Leone's crew. Witness Lucky go through many trails and tribulations as friendships break and betrayal is upon. Many bullets will be fired, a lot of blood will be spilled. "One of favorite places to dump bodies is the Dutch Creek in Christown. Soft soil, easy to dig, plus some nice looking broads in the countryside." Franco "Frankie Spazz" Forelli - 1986 "This city will eat you alive and f*ck your wife. So it's either kill or be killed in this life." Santino "Sonny" Forelli - 1985 Meet Lucky Lucio "Lucky" Goterelli - A seasoned mafioso of The Clancio Crime Family with a long body list and even longer police record. A native of the mobbed up Saint Mark's neighborhood, he grew up in the criminal element. With his father, Gaetano "Gigi" Goterelli being a fully inducted member of the family since the mid-1950's. He also considered Salvatore Leone as his uncle, and learned the way of the streets under him. He vows his loyalty to him and to his father. He owns a one-of-kind 1978 Idaho Ventura Edition. Characters ( In order of appearance ) Salvatore Leone - Clancio - The Mad Man of Saint Mark's. Salvatore is a highly-respected Caporegime of the Clancio Crime Family, operating out of Saint Mark's, Portland. Although, he rose up to Caporegime at a very young age and his Uncle became boss of the family, he ,now, has the need to step out of the box and aim for the stars. Maybe... for Boss of the family. Michael Blundetto - Clancio - The personal chauffer and bodyguard to Salvatore Leone. Loyal to Sal, he has committed many murders under Sal's orders. Feared by many because of his reputation and his build. Standing at 6 feet and 3 inches and weighing 250 pounds, he has beaten men to death once or twice. If he's coming for you, you better hope he's going to shoot you in the head. Vittorio "Uncle" Leone - Clancio - The boss of the Clancio Family. A native of Sicily and a loyal soldier of La Cosa Nostra, he is seen as a Godfather to many of Portlands residences. Loved my many, but feared by the underworld. A soft-speaker who very rarely uses profanity, he has ordered many murders throughout the years. Even the murders of some of his own made men. Massimo "The Ginzo" Torini - Clancio - The family's Underboss. Born and raised in the Province of Palermo, Italy to Antonello Torini, former boss of the Clancio Crime Family. Came to America in the late 1950's and was immediately embedded into the family. Not known for speaking fluent English, but is very savvy and loyal to Don "Uncle" Leone. Santino "Sonny" Forelli - Forelli - Boss of the Forelli Crime Family. Arrogant and brash, by nature. The son of former boss, Alberico Forelli, Sonny was considered a spoiled brat with a temper growing up in Fort Staunton. Came to power in 1971 after the Harwood Massacre. Not known for making friends but he has changed his tune and is looking for a partnership between Liberty City's Commission. Map Badfellas grants access to the upstate towns (Aaronsville, Christown, Adamton), the forgotten borough of Bellevue Island, as well as, the State of New Guernsey. Each with their own unique characteristics that you, the consumer, can enjoy and appreciate. Neighborhoods Liberty City Upstate New Guernsey Missions 0: The Introduction Overview: A grand introduction of many of the main characters of the storyline. Establishing an early look of what's to come in the future and detailing events that occurred up until the beginning of the main story. Reward: None 1: Lucky Overview: Lucky Goterelli goes about his usual routine. It is also Salvatore Leone's birthday. Reward: $200 [Current Value: $488] 2: Salvatore Overview: Salvatore hires Lucky to pick up money from shaky associate, Curly Bob. Reward: $50 [Current Value: $122] 3. Uncle Leone Overview: It's Uncle Leone's Birthday. Salvatore gets Lucky to get his presents for him and delivery them to Uncle's mansion. Reward: $70 [Current Value: $170] 4. Your Luck's Ran Out Overview: After scamming Lorenzo out of $100,000, Lucky is sent to find and kill the scam artist. Reward: $100 [Current Value: $244] 5. Looking to Parlay Overview: After Lucky's incident at Capital Auto's, Uncle Leone is forcing Salvatore to settle the issue with the Forelli Family. Salvatore and Lucky meet with Sonny Forelli. Reward: $150 [Current Value: $363] 6. Lupara Overview: Salvatore is out of town for a while. Uncle provides Lucky a job to kill a member of the family under suspicion that he is a rat. Reward: $300 [Current Value: $726] 7. Two for One Overview: As a result of the Clancio's wanting to partner up with the Forelli's, Lucky has to do Sonny Forelli a favor; clipping a rat. Reward: Cell Phone 8. Pest Control Overview: Lucky is tasked with killing an associate of the Sindacco Family while making it look like the Irish Mob was responsible fir the hit. Reward: $500 [Current Value: $1,215] 9. Rose Overview: Lucky takes his wife, Rose, out on a date. Reward: Mr. Leone Outfit Side-Missions Paramedic - Do jobs to save members of your family or sabotage the life of an enemy. Firefighter - Freelance Arsonists have set fire to Clancio/Leone businesses. Put out the fire. Vigilante - Track down and kill enemies or save fellow mobsters from going to jail. Taxi Driver - Drive fellow mobsters to jobs or save them from situations. Funeral Service - Partake in funeral services of fellow mobsters or sabotage funerals of enemies. Ladies' Man - Collect women from the street to take care of their clients. Import/Export - Fulfill orders made from either in-city or out of state. Midnight Run - Track down targets and deliver them alive to your job provider. Enforcer - Complete jobs for your family. Trafficker - In lucrative methods, sell or buy drugs. Fixer - Be a professional hitman for anonymous contractors. Burglary - Break into businesses or houses at night. Racing - Rule the streets by owning the racing circuit. "See this here Glock, it'll just pepper up your target real good. Now, this Python... this will blow a hole through an elephant if you want it too." Phil Cassidy - 1986 Weapons Thanks to the Free Arms Act of 1975, Ammu-Nation gun shops have been established around the State of Liberty. But, there is a catch. They only sell handguns under the Senate's approval. Heavier weapons such as Shotguns, Semi and Full automatic weapons can be purchased in the black market. There are numerous contacts that provide exactly what you are looking all throughout the city. You just have to find them and make sure you are not followed. Melee Brass Knuckles Baseball Bat Knife Crowbar Chainsaw Machete Katana Pistols Glock 17 Colt 1911 FN Model 1922 .38 Special Smith & Wesson Model 29 Colt Python Submachine Guns TEC-9 MAC-10 Uzi MP5 Thompson M1928 Shotguns Remington 870 Ithaca 37 SPAS-12 Lupara Rifles Kruger AK47 M4 M14 Snipers Remington Model 700 Heckler & Koch SR9T M1903 Springfield Heavy Weapons Flamethrower M60 Minigun RPG Heat-Seeking RPG Thrown Weapons Grenade Tear Gas Molotov Cocktails Satchel Charges with Detonator Criminal Organizations F.B.I. Cosa Nostra Bulletin Clancio Family "A family that spends more time fighting amongst themselves rather than the other families." History: A crime family established in the late 1890's. It gets it's name from Vincenzo "Vinny C." Clancio who came into power in 1922 during Prohibition. The Clancio's have had numerous civil unrest since the family has been established but they still remain as one of the strongest families in Liberty City. Currently headed by Vittorio "Uncle" Leone since 1959, they control Portland with an iron fist. Turf: Mainly Portland. They share Saint Mark's with the Forelli Family but control Harwood, Trenton, Portland View, and the Red Light District. They, also, have a small crew operating in Fort Staunton. Gang Car: Clancio Vincent. Forelli Family "Mafia royalty, a name going back to the 1890's, still going strong... For now." History: A family that started it's criminal career in Fort Staunton in the early 1910's, it wasn't until the 1950's that the Forelli name started to get recognized as seriously as the other families. The current Don is Santino "Sonny" Forelli, the son of Alberico Forelli. Became boss of the family in 1971 after the "Harwood Massacre." There are reports of the Forelli's making moves in Vice City, but they are currently quiet. Turf: They share Saint Mark's with the Clancio's. But the heart of the family lays in Fort Staunton and Torrington. But, they collect money from various businesses throughout Staunton Island. Gang Car: Forelli Sentinel Sindacco Family "From Bellevue Island to Las Venturas, they're the richest family in Liberty City. So they say." History: A family that's relatively young, they were known as The Sorrano Family when they were first established in 1959 by Carlo Sorrano in Bellevue Island. They started gaining recognition in 1961 but were still only seen as a small crew. In 1973, the Sorrano's moved their operation's to Las Venturas and ran the Tropico Casino and Resort, leaving behind only a small crew in Bellevue Island. Their current Don, Paulie Sindacco, rose to power in the late 1970's after Don Carlo Sorrano was sent to prison then deported. He has been living in Las Venturas since 1981. Turf: They control half of Bellevue Island such as, Rotterdam, New Sheffield, and Bellevue Beach. They also run operation's in Fort Staunton as well as gambling and protection in Shoreside Vale. Gang Car: Sindacco Admiral Francari Family "The family from the other side of the river, in the Eden State, New Guernsey. Small-town mob? Farmland mafia? Far from it. They don't take kindly to outsiders, especially outsiders that disrespect New Guernsey." History: The only mafia family based in New Guernsey. With their roots going back to the golden years of prohibition, the Francari's have been the underworld's government for decades. John Francari is now the boss of the family, like his father, Antonio Francari, who gave the family it's name in the early 1920's. They control New Guernsey and profit from the various freight docks and unions in the state. Turf: All of New Guernsey. Even some businesses in Bellevue Island and in Aaronsville. Gang Car: Francari Greenwood The Aaronsville Police Department Crime Report The Dan Schaffer Mob "Our peaceful town didn't have organized crime issues until the Liberty City Jewish Mob made themselves at home here in the early 60's. Now they are nothing but a rag-tag crew of old Jewish men that are, seemingly, harmless." History: The original Jewish Mob that operated in Liberty City up until the 1950's. They were immortalized by Dan Schaffer, real name Dobrev Shaffir, who worked closely with the Italian/Sicilian mafia since the 1920's and formed a gang of professional killers. In 1961, old man Dan Shaffer moved his gang to Aaronsville in Upstate Liberty after an argument gone bad with Uncle Leone. The Schaffer Mob is still active in Upstate Liberty but on a low scale. Dan Schaffer passed away from natural causes in 1980. Harry Ligner now heads the gang. Turf: All of Aaronsville but they collect money from their poker games in Adamton. Gang Car: None. LibertyTree Crime Update The Clovers History: The oldest gang in Liberty City's history, this Irish gang was formed in the mid-1860's and have been operating since then. They are headed by Danny Kelly, a Shoreside Vale native. They have been working closely with the Francari Family from New Guernsey, which resulted in the Clover's running businesses in Steelport, Henson. Turf: Cedar Grove and Pike Creek. As well as, Rockford and some businesses in the Red Light District. Gang Car: Clover Virgo Southside Hoods History: A prominent African-American gang from Wichita Gardens, Shoreside Vale. They first gained recognition after a police bust in 1981, when it was revealed that they were the main Marijuana suppliers of Shoreside Vale and Staunton Island. Their leader is unknown. It is believed that their leader is Oliver Carson A.K.A. Tank, who is serving a 15-year sentence in Midway Island. Turf: Wichita Gardens. Gang Car: Southside Majestic Diablos History: A small gang that consists of mainly Puerto Rican's and Dominican's. They started as only a gang of young latino graffiti artist's. They transitioned into a street after a stranger robbed and killed Benito, a loved resident of Hepburn Heights and member of the Diablo's. Jose Trunchez A.K.A. El Burro declared the Diablo's as a gang and their colors would be red. However, they remain small and poorly armed. Turf: Hepburn Heights. Gang Car: Diablo Stallion. Trench Posse History: A Jamaican gang from Bellevue Island. They were established during the Jamaican influx into Bellevue Island in 1973. Headed by Dexter Cortland A.K.A. King Courtney, they inhabit the projects of Olmstead and Vanderlinde where they spread their Jamaican culture with music and food. Turf: Olmstead and Vanderlinde, Bellevue Island. Gang Car: Trench Voodoo. San Long Triads History: The Chinese Mafia that rule mainland China. However, they only hold a small presence in Portland's Chinatown. But they show ambition to become bigger than what they are now. Their leader is Jan Sun, known to the Chinese locals as "Big Brother Sun." He holds a violent reputation back in China and proves it in Liberty City. Respected by everyone. Turf: Chinatown. Gang Car: San Long Primo Radio Stations Diamond FM is hosted by Spanish Playboy, Raul Hansel and plays Soft Pop, Soft Rock, and Power Ballads. Unleashed FM is hosted by Veronica Blonde and plays Metal music. The Liberty Jam is hosted by Kurtis Blow and plays Hip Hop. East Rock FM is hosted by Brent Davids and plays Glam Rock. Head Radio is hosted by Dani Dany and plays Pop songs. Liberty Soul FM is hosted by Don Suave and plays Soul, Disco, and Funk music. K-Jah Radio is hosted by Zee Duvall and plays Reggae and Dancehall. Jazz Nation Radio is hosted by Frank Sinatra and plays Classic Jazz songs. Golden Years FM is hosted by Dude Kowalski and plays 60's Classics. Double Clef FM is hosted by Luciano Pavarotti and plays Classical and Opera songs. WLLC The Zone FM is hosted by Lazlow Jones until 1986, then gets replaced by Micki Free and plays New Wave music. La Missione FM is hosted by Giorgio Moroder and plays Italo-Disco. Cachamba FM is hosted by Papo Nunez and plays Salsa and Merengue. Radio Elegancia is hosted by Raphael and plays Spanish Ballads. Liberty City Free Radio consists of three segments (The Booth, Real Time, and Liberty Minute). Each segment has their own agenda and charisma. The Booth talks about the Religious people making confessions to Pastor Austin Grant. Real Time is hosted by Former Liberty City Politician, Jonah Bedford, who walks the streets giving live interviews to civilians. Liberty Minute is the Sports segment that quickly reports statistics from every sports team representing Liberty City. Vehicles Sport Cars 4WD/Utility/Vans Two-Door 4-Door Outfits
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    THEME Red Triangle - Red Line - Bohemians & Blackjack - I Rode Mine to LS CRIME, COMMUNISM, AND CAPITAL H YET AGAIN IN PRE-9/11 LIBERTY CITY, GOD FORBID THE METROPOLIS THAT GOD FORGOT A COLLABORATION BETWEEN CEBRA AND SLIMEBALL Find yourself in the beaten-down shoes of Derrick McReary and his crew of make-do hitmen and armed robbers - boys killing crooks for a cause. Throughout a multi-year narrative in the height of Liberty City’s 1980’s decay, a setting unexplored in as much nuance and depth, juggle a commitment to criminality alongside counter-cultural politics and a love of the needle. Three inseparable friends. Eldest of the infamous McReary clan, with significant distaste for family affairs. Played high school truant with Bucky Sligo to attend Vietnam protests in the seventies; Derrick picked up a young O’Malley on the way and graduated from activism, to rioting, to robbery. After a Vespucci scholarship fell through, Derrick went to prison, developed a taste for the needle while rotting in the can. May have lost the bars, but he didn’t lose the itch. Now a freelancer for his father and associates: Derrick splits his time and his money between his convictions and his dependencies. Blue-collar Dukes-born communist. A self-taught intellectual who dropped out of school by the tenth grade - fell into Derrick’s crowd of bohemian collegiates and found himself drawn to the ideology more than the free love. Much like Derrick, Buck sees crime as employment; bankroll for his true passions within the militant Marxist left. And he’s willing to do whatever it takes to empower his comrades. Raised in The Settlecots and homeschooled by a Catholic family from Galway: Aiden never lost the accent, nor the faith, nor the pride in his homeland. A move to Steinway brought O’Malley into orbit of the McReary dynasty and introduced him dually to Liberty’s fledging underworld and Derrick and Bucky’s world of intellectual respite. Fed up with a confederation of ignorant wiseguys, Aiden has three things left: his crew, his girl, and the cause. JIMMY PEGORINO - Bridge-and-Tunnel mafia brat and pig headed f*cking idiot. Scion of Alderney’s new boss, whose familial connections to the Gambettis and Messinas put him head-first into Irish affairs; now knee-deep in the Sligo-O’Malley stickup crew. A fourth companion playing third wheel, feeling largely out of step thanks to a significant lack in the brains department - though he tries to play it cool. Grows a ponytail in ‘85. JULIA BLEDSOE - Aiden’s longtime girlfriend; he met her a while back at a university club for a university he weren't attending and the sparks flew from there. Largely unknowing of his criminal career if not his criminal past, Julia’s supporting of Aiden’s own delving into activism - even if the protesting ain't always non-violent. To both his and Derrick’s family, Aiden’s love for her is an invitation for scorn, for rather obvious reasons. He loves her all the same. ALISTAIR ‘ALLIE’ O’KEEFFE - Immigrant owner of the infamous Steinway Beer Garden: a close associate of the McReary Crew, longtime friend of the O’Malley family, and significantly connected to the good ol’ IRA. Allie had his tendrils deep in the emigré community peddling petty fraud schemes before being put on the McReary bill; hustling his name onto the deed of a mob bar and sending chunks of cash back home to the Provos on the low. Found his perhaps treasonous activities tacitly endorsed by Big Jack himself - for blood and country, if not for their socialist politics. FERGAL ENRIGHT - Irish-Catholic lawyer and proud director for the Sons of Eriu Defense Trust. Born, raised, and now operating the SEDT between a Fortside brownstone and South Bohan community center; since the Seventies its been Ferg’s mission to get on just about every goddamn soapbox he can find to spread the gospel on Republicanism. Been banned from entry to Britain twice and violated said ban six times. He’s proud, angry. Some would say a blowhard. He would say righteous. OSSIAN ‘OSH’ HOY - Massive scary f*cking guy and pointman for the IRA’s American gun smuggling ring. An old friend of Allie O’Keeffe’s from back in the day now finding himself working closely with the local Irish, taking loans and giving favors in exchange for guns and explosive by the truckload. Working indirectly with the SEDT: a legitimate aid organization, sure, but always happy to spare handouts for the right people. JARLATH ‘JOCK’ MUNRO - Former volunteer IRA working with the Provos in Belfast; Jock killed an SAS man. Got tackled by ten others and charged with murder. What’d the scrawny f*cker do? Scrawny Jock held the prison guard at gunpoint, locked the guy in his own cell, and fled the country on a false passport. Rat-faced little man is now working under the name Milo Selkirk on a no-work job at the SEDT. Ferg was happy to do it. A bloody saint, that fecker is. QISTINA THAWRA - The fierce leader of the North Holland based Abolitionist Revolutionary Cadre, Qistina was born Helen: moved between Dukes and North Carolina for much of her youth before radicalizing in community college. So came the name. Associated with the Holland chapter of the Leopards of Leandros before splitting into her own organization in a disagreement over tactics. f*ck appealing to the white establishment, she told them. Send ‘em to the f*cking sky. Since 1977, she’s been serving a forty-year sentence at a women’s correctional: robbed a bank with a grenade and killed a cop in the getaway. The Cadre’s keen to let her out early. BONIFACE POPE - Acting leader of the ARC in place of Qistina. Sagacious and well-read, Boniface is openly homosexual and openly anarchist; the f*cker’s temerity has earned him respect. Respect he wields, but he’s never been much a field operator. His mind has always been his preferred weapon. Writes his own theory in his spare time - has eight books to his name that around six have read. Self-published. OTHMAN OVYO - Logistics and information: the ARC’s fixer. Proud Maoist muscle in the footsteps of Birchwood’s Leopards, Othman worked in community detox programs and youth centers for much of his twenties before snapping over funding cuts. Split his time between Lenin and Malcolm X after that. Ovyo’s found that reform is an idiot’s goal - that a house can’t be built with the master’s tools - and has been on the front lines since he joined the Cadre. Licensed acupuncturist. REJEANNE COKER - From a long line of anti-racists from the deep south; Rejeanne saw the value of intersectionality early on, trailblazed her way through San Andreas colleges - brought women’s lib into patriarchal leftist orgs, moved to San Fierro to stand in solidarity with the black power movement by the 70s and joined up with the ARC. Didn’t long last as a free woman; she soon after got nabbed on some loose ammo laying around during a traffic stop and got sentenced up the river for a decade. Got furloughed in ‘78 though, death in the family. She’s been underground ever since. VICKIE JOYNER-BASS - A Couira native and bonafide red diaper baby, Vickie was a nascent political organizer in the wake of the ‘71 prison riots - ultimately fell in with the Anti-RIMROD Committee, fell out when it lost its momentum against federal pressure and the cooldown in ‘Nam, fractioned with a trusty sisterhood to found ‘From The Barrel’ alongside Swain, Thawra, et al. It wasn’t long lasted. Before long the bunch’d latched onto a movement with greater immediacy and goals in mind: the ARC. Likes to sue the US government in her free time. DEACON COLQUHOUN & GLADIA SWAIN - Now young parents who first met through NoRIMROD in the early 70s, Colquhoun and Swain complemented one another from the beginning: Colquhoun, the academic, was a political theorist and journalist. Swain preferred direct action. They found a fusion of the two; graduated from NoRIMROD to FTB to ARC alongside their friend Vickie Bass and soon went underground. Deacon cashed out his family’s Israel bonds for funding, Gladia fine-tuned her driving skills. Their love for each other matches that of the cause. JOHN JACK MCREARY - The McReary patriarch. Spends his time between Dukes and his old home in Purgatory; moved to the outer boroughs to raise his boy. Unfortunately, his boy didn’t much care for him. A legend in underworld circles for sheer balls and propensity for trigger-pulling - McReary pulls off hits and muscle-work for two of Liberty’s five families: pro bono work for an admiring Jon Gravelli, and a similar alliance with Sicillian professional Memo Smokes. He trusts neither. MAUREEN MCREARY - Long-struggling housewife and former troublemaker in her youth, Maureen found comfort in the church and married her first flame in her teens: turned a young Mrs. Jack McReary. In a household where bark quickly turns bite, she remains a devout Catholic and Derrick’s anchor to home. May the Lord have mercy. FRANCIS MCREARY - Self-destructive brother of Derrick’s with a clear conscience yet, Frankie is in the process of eschewing the family business in favor of religious education. Now entering the seminary, Frank’s own latent vices won’t stop him from preaching, nor exalting his values upon the weary masses. A boy desperate for meaning: just not in Derrick’s pinko ways, or his father’s criminality. ‘KIT SPOILS’ WHELAN - In the absence of his first born, a father-son relationship formed between one Roderick Whelan and boss Jack McReary. Now Big Jack’s right-hand man, Kit has a surplus in brawn and one f*cked up brain - several trips to a psych ward both in his youth and during prison-time and an insanity plea in the early Seventies. Big Jack trusts him enough as his main enforcer, though necrotic gray matter and a Thorazine prescription leave something to be desired. CRAIG TOLMIE - Professional hitman and clean-up expert: taught Jackie a trick where you cut the bodies up and spread them at different points on the West River shoreline. Sick f*ck. Has a van in his shed called the Meat Wagon used to shuttle bodies, both alive and not-so-alive, from burial ground to burial ground. GRIFF ‘THE BERK’ BISSET - Former altar boy steered away from the church while Big Jack’s second son went and stayed; Griff the Berk serves as an aide-de-camp and lieutenant primarily selling guns and pot for cheap. Despite being a weaker link, Griffin also handles the odd bit of finance, being one of the few Irish entrusted by the Italians to work construction no-shows. KENNY & MERRICK KEIR - Young pair of up-and-comers with a taste for heroin - both for selling and the occasional and not-so-occasional use. Offer Derrick a discount now and then in exchange for an odd job or two: finding themselves rather wary of violence, at least for their profession. DERMOTT ‘DARBY’ MCENIRY - Old muscle with three kids, two of whom want nothing to do with him. Darby is a confidant of Jack’s: comes down for supper with the big man, swaps stories, gives pertinent advice on high profile issues. Always has a couple bucks in his jacket for Patrick and Katey, a couple words of wisdom for Frankie and Derrick. His guidance - let as much blood as possible, and reap the weak for all they have. SIMONE ‘MEMO SMOKES’ TRUNGALE - A demanding, entitled psychopath who got his name for an affinity for tobacco: cigars and cigarettes. Made his bones for the Pavanos killing a dissident from Italy on behalf of Mussolini himself, but skipped for the Messinas when Don Zio became persona non grata. Became Joe ‘the Mess’ Messina’s consigliere, helped settle a squabble in Montreal between the zip family, ensured tons of coke for his fellas in the city. Now acting boss after ‘Tommy Waters’ Bisacquino got sentenced to 30 years in ‘79. He’s intent on becoming official boss. Some don’t like that. Memo don’t care. HARVEY NOTO - The protege of Memo Smokes: a born gangster, moneylender extraordinaire, wise beyond his years in a graduating class of wiseguys who can’t keep their mouths shut. Would’ve been made Gambetti if it weren’t for family ties to Trungale himself, a man he serves dutifully and without hesitation despite Memo’s hostilities. Through his own back-breaking work, even has Trungale’s arch-nemesis Jonnie Gravelli working hand-in-hand with the Messina's now-a-days. Hal Noto never had time for rivalry - just business. HARRISON ‘HARRY THE HAT’ HALL - The right-hand man of Harvey Noto: a talented pimp, pusher, veteran, and degree-holding lawyer who nigh-exclusively manages the Messina Family’s skin businesses. Served years in Vietnam with an honorable discharge and funded his law degree pushing chicks out of hotels. Only ever caught for two crimes: going over the speed limit in ‘78, and lying he was half-Jewish to get into college. Now he lies he’s half-Italian. On it goes. DIODATO ‘MART DIO’ MARTIGNONI - Highly influential caporegime in the Broker wing of the Messinas, loyal only to Tommy Waters. No nonsense; he sees the paths being taken by boss Memo Smokes as detrimental to the family’s already shaky reputation. He’s stockpiling weapons. He’s expecting war. He knows Smokes ain’t one for negotiation. Now the de facto boss of a triumvirate of captains preparing for a coup: alongside his pal Freddy Rigs and a wannabe geep named Dodo Lank. It’s up to Harvey Noto to make sure they don’t pull the trigger. PANCRAZIO ‘CRAZY PANS’ MARTIGNONI - Son of Mart Dio; his nickname may be a bastardization, but the fella’s got a reputation for being f*cking crazy. Brazen hitman under his father’s crew and proudly at his every beck and call, Crazy Pans is being groomed to take over the capo position when his pops (hopefully) gets acting boss from Tommy Waters. Owns a pretty boat. SIGISMONDO ‘JOE MUNDY’ FONTANA - North Broker capo and personal friend of Memo Smokes. One-time cohort of Harvey Noto through blood ties, ditto with Tommy Waters himself before his trip up the river; Joe Mundy’s made his allegiances known all the same. Chummy as they come with new-into-the-fold Sally Boy but significantly less so with Joe Ootz the kick-up bum, Mundy acts primarily intermediary for Memo Smokes himself. The man needs all the insulation he can get - and Joe Mundy’s keen to provide in exchange for the looming spoils of loyalty. EUTIMO ‘JOE OOTZ’ DI NUOVO - Similarly nicknamed soldier of Joe Mundy with reams of personal problems: a drug-addicted son, a tumultuous second marriage, and a severe deficiency in earn despite a mountain of hits to his name. Only one light in the darkness; his protege. A whiny, frugal little man. SALVATORE ‘SALLY BOY’ MANGANO - A Florida-born wiseguy only recently brought into the Messina family fold as the trainee of Joe Ootz. A small-time diamond thief and self-proclaimed expert, Sally’s excited to get made and often lets his stature - 6’2, built like a f*cking ox - do the talking more than the few words he’s willing to say. He’s quiet like that. Earn and brawn. CARLO ‘CARLIE BREEZE’ TORTORA - Taught in the way of the hit by Mart Dio and Crazy Pans, Carlie Breeze is Carlie Breeze for the blocks he ties to ankles of men now sleeping in the Humboldt River. A professional killer who finds joy in his work: Tortora balances a dedication to murder and decapitation with an admiration for the Shaolin - he’s a lover of Byron Fu flicks who spent three years learning kung fu in Hong Kong. There’s rumors he still finds it handy. MELVIN ‘THE SKIV’ SCHIAVONE - Bantonvale capo and common mediator within and outside the family; mostly thanks to the deep, deep roots of his family tree. Fireworks salesman, pigeon coop keeper, many-a cousin to many-a wiseguy - Broker Mel the Wiseguy Broker has aligned himself with the interests of Memo Trungale, but is always looking for a compromise. MARK ANTHONY & ALFREDO VOLPE, JR. - The teenage sons of infamous Dukes capo ‘Freddy Rigs’ Volpe, Sr.; top Bisacquino loyalist and Francis International truck hijacker. The dynamic duo are never too far apart; and always ready to get their hands dirty for the good of their family name. Mark? A lowdown legbreaker always happy to crack skulls. Fredo Junior? Long faced weasel along for the ride. OLIVIERO ‘OLLIE LULU’ GLIUGLIU - The liaison between the Messinas’ Canadian friends: the Cazzini crime family. A serial divorcee and native Quebecois who ostensibly manages a Bohan jeweler and a Montreal pizza parlor. Both are fronts for cocaine and heroin trafficking. Neither sell very good product. JON GRAVELLI - Somehow both flamboyant and quiet, somehow both a modernist and traditionalist, somehow both conservative and liberal in his leadership: ‘Teflon’ Jon Gravelli is the much-revered boss of Liberty’s most powerful mob family. A man with exuberant taste in clothes and cars but a habit of keeping his mouth laced shut. A man with a rolodex of proteges to his name in an ever-revolving list of one young, preeminent killer after another. A pragmatist, a stern but cautious voice, a horny old f*cking bat, a titan. Jon Gravelli today, off the back of his predecessor Sonny’s death in federal penitentiary, has modernized a crime family. Sought to mend broken relations with the long-maligned Messina clan. Placed a firm grasp on the white collar - on construction racketeering and union corruption. But the man, ever specious, keeps one eye open and the other shut with his ban against drug dealing. He has clear favorites. Many aren’t pleased. BART ‘THE CHINK’ CHIARUGI - Long-suffering underboss of the Gambettis; a traditionalist in the wholly-untraditional Gravelli regime. Passed over for the boss position after Sonny Cangelosi’s passing and resentful since his death in ‘78, Chiarugi’s respect among the ranks and own personal, wide-ranging profits in less-than-savory business has seen good enough reason for Gravelli to keep him installed as underboss. He’s emasculated. Chiarugi was mentored by men who killed for less. A spry little gossip, Bart Slopes has seen fit to bend the world to his whim from the shadows: a world of backchat, sh*ttalk, and finger-crossing to the face of his boss. His ‘boss’, oh how he loathes it. Wouldn’t even help bail out his son! Disgrazia, he says. Many listen. PETER REA - One of the most ambitious wiseguys in Liberty’s LCN: Jon Gravelli’s protege in the early Seventies, hijacking whiz on the FIA-to-Zephyr route, loan-enforcer, hitman. A charismatic, cocky son of a bitch finding himself a friend to many and an enemy to many more - he’s arguably Jon Gravelli’s unofficial second underboss; captain of a highly profitable Dukes crew with a team of knuckleheads to his name. It’s said Pete Rea is exempt to any family rules: drug dealing, profit splitting, breaking laws of silence - it’s a blind spot that makes Pete a mafia prince. A blind spot soon to be exploited by an envious Bart Chiarugi. ‘BOBBY BUFFET’ MAISTO - Lennox Island’s own Pete Rea: just sans ambition, charisma, reputation, and most everything else except position. A f*cking idiot goombah like Bobby who can't take a jab at his expense half as good as a fist? He'd have fallen off the bottom rung anywhere else if it weren't for him being such a goddamn suckup. And Bobby Buffet, brutish Lennox Island greaseball, always sucked up big to Bart Chiarugi - got him position number two. Unsurprisingly most despise him - just not to his face. REGGIE ‘THE REDHEAD’ DELLO RUSSO - Psychopath murderer and recently-made member of the Gambetti crime family. Though Reggie answers to one Gino Sbarra; he runs his own crew out of a Broker nightclub used simultaneously as a hangout and a cemetery. An enterprising car-thief and drug dealer, Redhead Reg formed a particular bond with Bart the Chink around the same time Jon befriended Jackie the Mick - his team serving a third purpose as Bart’s personal hit squad. EUGENIO ‘GENIE’ SBARRA - Reggie the Redhead’s babysitter. Longtime confidant, somehow simultaneously, of both Jon Gravelli and Bart the Chink. Broker farm baby who traded military service for a Weir Ridge barbershop when the recruiters told him no, brittle bone disease don’t cut it in the army. Discouraging, sure, he wanted to f*cking kill Krauts, but he settled for killing Italians on behalf of Teflon Jon instead. After a stint as a personal aide to the boss, he’s now a middle-man for both Jon and Bart’s proxy crews. Whichever man he favors may get an upper hand when conflict inevitably knocks at the Gambetti door. ‘JOHNNY CHEESE’ PEGORINO - Together with his brother and underboss ‘Vinny Lumps’, and septuagenarian consigliere Sergio ‘Sergie Goggs’ Serradifalco; Johnny Cheese runs the Pegorino Crew. Crew, family, family, crew - depending on who you ask the family across the West River are either a glorified bunch of hick Tudor farmers; or willing puppets of the Gambetti regime. They’re both. Johnny personally answers to Jon Gravelli and works hand-in-hand with the Dukes-based McReary Gang. His son Jimmy, the dullard, is personal friends of Big Jack’s son Derrick. Big Jack is friends with Jon. Jon is friends with Johnny. Johnny’s an old friend of Jack. On and on it goes. APOLLO ‘CHICK’ POMPA - High school dropout with impulse control disorder - record on paper might not support him but the numbers do. Rare example of a friend of Jon’s just as much personal as business, Chick Pompa’s nevertheless had a hand in nearly every business deal that’s bought the don his kingdom - Messina connects on scag, a paper trail for his social club Stanzino, the works. He’s his number one, no doubt about it. Lowkey business acumen rivals his big f*cking mouth, but the former’s taken precedence of late: more than anything Chick enjoys taking a break from it all, sailing off the Florida coast in his shiny new cabin cruiser. He called her Titania. SEYMOUR ‘ELMER TROUT’ ODIO - Senior capo specializing in the waste management business; Elmer Trout runs contracted dustcarts all over Broker and Lennox Island. Helped the Gambettis run garbage hauling in the city under a common alias for going on three-or-four decades. The man has his loyalties to the family’s older guard through the honorable Bart Chiarugi - seeing both him and his protege Joe ‘the Jew’ lo Giudice take up as some of his most vocal supporters. A modest, grandfatherly figure with a keen eye for surveillance; both against and for the family. ROCCO ‘ROCKY SYKES’ SIACCALONE - Stone cold killer. Another of Gravelli’s greatest confidantes and fiercest loyalists, he’s never been shy to back up his words with the kind of dirty work that makes eager rounds in OC division break rooms. Good personal friend of the don and Chick Pompa alike, he’s never abandoned the bones he made as fixer. When that drunk cop killed Butchie Bove’s kid? Rocky Sykes dealt. Nosy cowboy cops poked their nose where it don’t belong? Rocky Sykes dealt. High profile bodies jammed the grinder? Rocky Sykes dealt. How does he deal? With brass knuckles, blowtorches, and acid. RICKY ‘WITH THE HAIR’ CECCHIN - One of Gravelli’s closest lieutenants and a sycophant to his core; serving as an aide and second advisor when the consigliere isn’t available. Unfortunately, hasn’t got much in the way of advice. A likable toady with a thing for spray tan and the kind of jokes that won’t trigger a crisis of the ego. MAFFEO NICHOLAS ‘MUFFY’ CHIARUGI - The greaseball son of Bart Slopes; got his name from his father’s affinity for leaving historical documentaries on while he worked. Loved the Renaissance stuff, the Venetian doges and the popes and the princes. You’d be lucky to get that sh*t out his son, though. A stunted, slimy little cockroach; a pimp and a drug fiend with an inferiority complex and sh*tty dress sense. His f*ckups never precluded his father’s love. You don’t touch his boy. THURGOOD ‘RED TEDDY’ MOORE - Grew up in Dukes: Lenape father, half-Italian mother. As a result, grew up alongside wiseguys. Entrusted by Jon Gravelli as muscle and Pete Rea as a friend; Teddy’ll never get made and feels estranged as a result, with the immorality of his work weighing fiercely on his mind. Maybe he’ll cash his chips someday soon. Teddy won’t say - the fella don’t say nothing to nobody. SILVIO ‘SIL SQUIBS’ RENZULLI - A man in Carmine Lupisella’s image, now family boss: quiet, smart, sociable. Never took a side in the family’s squabbles between Broker and Bohan; being from East Holland himself, his fair hand has made him a worthy fit for the throne. Has avoided wiretaps and surveillance for years and has few charges to his name - largely by sticking to the inside of his Ocelot when discussing operations. After all, he runs half the unions in the city. Can’t do that for long without being a little shrewd. ‘BENNY JIFF’ GAIONI - Sex pest consigliere from the family’s historically maligned Broker faction. Runs a bar in Bantonvale which has become a de facto headquarters for East Island operations, which are now highly f*cking profitable thanks to a knack for racketeering. Has a Carpenter union under his thumb, traffics heroin, loansharks, runs illicit gambling, extortion and burglary and homicide. Amicable and clever? Sure. But a rapist. Dismemberer. Scum. SANSONE ‘SONNY THE SAINT’ HONORATO - Depraved hitman for the Lupisellas who gained his reputation while working as Don Vincent’s personal cleaner. Did his first murder for the family at 19, plead his fifth murder and third court case down to a short stint in medium security prison. A pervert, psychopath, sadist. Plucks the eyebrows of the bodies he leaves for the cops and brings whores to family functions. The little words he speaks are vile - but the man values the organization above all. The Lupisellas’ most loyal soldier. SEPE THE WRENCH & LEO PULEO - Frick and Frack. Longtime understudies of and collaborators with Benny Jiff; Dominic Sepe finding a place as his personal aide. Leo Puleo - former Ancelotti associate, stubborn fool, psychopath willing to kill for even the smallest slight. Dom ‘the Wrench’ - crafty, ruthless, ladder climbing sociopath also willing to kill for any and everything. Highly capable henchmen destined for greatness, if Gaioni has any say. MARK LUPISELLA - Mark’s lost two father figures: his real father, Carmine Junior, beaten to death after an argument gone wrong. His Uncle Vincent, a guiding hand through adolescence and the accidental killer of Carmine Jr., has been serving a 15-year stretch upstate for conspiracy. Mark’s outlet? The ring. A talented boxer with the sport slowly fading behind him, Mark’s found his calling in the crime family that bears his name. His uncle encourages him the very same from behind the visiting room glass, though with the wordsmithing of men who can’t afford to let the hacks in on their business. GILROY ‘GILL’ DONOVAN - Lupisella associate with ties to Harry Hall. One of a few Irish gangsters from the Broker side of the family who escaped indictment when the feds made a case in 1980. Some would say it was because he never really did anything of note: being a small time junkie hood who only really smuggled cigarettes and helped with prep work for an airport heist - but Gilly would tell you he was just too clever to get caught. Now Hall’s main guy for smack trafficking and sh*t-talking. MOISHE ‘MOE’ SCHWARTZ - Born to a Neapolitan mother and Ukranian Jewish father, Moe from Bohan became a learned financial expert without attending university. Indebted himself to the family peddling books without tax and became the closest thing Vincent Lupisella ever had to consigliere. He’ll never get made, but will always have high status among Bohan and Broker alike as an accountant and intermediary. A devoted zionist and right wing nutcase with no wife or children. LUIGI VALVONA - The hedonistic boss of the Pavano Crime Family: Big Louie made his bones in the textile industry, mentored by the esteemed Eufrasio ‘Don Zio’ Pavano. Met his wife, a former seamstress more than half his age, and took off to managing the family at a distance. Often caught between a rural horse ranch in Upstate Liberty, an upscale home in Vice City’s suburbia, and many-a bath house in Algonquin’s downtown. BALDOVINO ‘VINNIE BALDO’ ULLO - Geriatric Pavano underboss since 1972; Big Vinnie functions as Street Boss while his superior isolates in luxury. Operating out of a Cod Row social club and Louie Valvona’s cafe in Papaver Village, Vinnie Baldo is boss in all but name, and he wields the respect to boot. His name means business. The man has consulted with presidents. VITO ‘DOG MEAT’ MENOTTI - Always kind of a weirdo: Pavano hitman and soldier with a mostly unremarkable record. Until he bought the dog food plant. Oh, that dog food plant. The big machines for grinding and canning and shipping. Legit income? Absolutely. Great for the family books, fraud, merch distribution, taxes. For grinding up bodies? Couldn’t be f*cking better. Makes the work that much easier when you’re throwing away mulch and you aren’t breaking the bones with hammers in the shed. GIOVANNI ‘GIO THE STOAT’ ANCELOTTI - Gio took the reigns of the Ancelotti Family in a state of turmoil in the Seventies: pushed it even further through phony front bosses and open participation in the drug trade, then picked it back up when his Commission seat was at risk. Called him “Johnny the Stoat” ‘cause the guy was a f*cking weasel. A stubborn, flamboyant hoodlum with a knack for unorthodox business arrangements and a willingness to make dough regardless of moral consequence. ‘CHUBBY’ CHARLES MATTEO - Alderney City loanshark, Venturas bookie, Liberty City killer. A man of many skills and one of the Ancelotti Family’s most consistent earners since his early twenties, he’s one of Old Man Gio’s favorite made guys and a distant relative of his through in-laws. After the death of his own fiancee during childbirth he’s become a real sour f*ck: grumpy, greedy, gluttonous, growing into his nickname. As newly minted capo, he’s devoted himself to his don. He hasn’t got much else. ‘TONY BLACK’ SPOLETO - One of two sons to a legendary Ancelotti gangster; now one of Liberty’s premier white collar racketeers. Strongarms and owns a variety of legit businesses: leasing companies, entertainment bookers, video stores. When the Russians kicked him out of Hove after trying to muscle in on their gas bootlegging racket, he got his own guy; a doofus Israeli-Romanian yuppie named Mihai Pokrass who’s both braggadocious and deathly scared of him. The Jew drives a purple Enus. Tony Black’s happy to bankroll. Across several years of wheeling, dealing, and stealing; the criminal economy of the city where all roads lead will be ruled by squabbling, greed, and gossip. A heavily intertwined game of power among gangsters will ensue, impacted by even the most minor of hits to the bottom line, in a world of crime more complex than Balkan politics. There’s always a name, always a face, always a beef, and at the end of the end there’ll always be a gunshot. Derrick McReary is a hired gun alongside his two politically-inclined friends - occasionally alongside the less-inclined James Pegorino. Working partly as a liaison between Italian criminals and his father’s outfit of Dukes-and-Purgatory-based Irish; he and the motley crew split their time between the wiles of gangland power, whom they mostly loathe, and the places their payment goes. Money from jobs are often funneled to the most radical of radicals: Bucky opting for an uptown communist organization with a inkling toward direct action, and Aiden opting for a line to funding the Republican Army (both Provisional and Original) through an associate of the McReary Boys. Derrick will divide himself between robbers, revolutionists, and gear. Enter the state of affairs. Get ready for so many f*cking Italian names your head starts spinning. The Messina clan has always found itself marked by infighting and squabbling, and in that regard times surely haven’t changed. Its current leader, Simone ‘Memo Smokes’ Trungale, is just out of the can after a bid for narcotics trafficking. Leader, sure - but he’s only acting boss. Current official boss is Tomaso ‘Tommy Waters’ Bisacquino: only appointed after family namesake ‘Joe the Mess’ Messina’s retirement, and a role quickly lost when Bisacquino was sentenced to 30 years in prison in 1979. Trungale left the same year; he was appointed to leadership the day Waters went away. Memo Smokes, despite being former Messina number-two, has a reputation: one for being a stubborn Sicilian mutt with a constant grudge and no love lost for compromise. His leadership has marked a quick return to moving scag, largely processed through Quebecois affiliates like Ollie Lulu and Cal Cazzini, many of those orders coming through capo-cum-liasion ‘Joe Mundy’ Fontana. They’re raking it in. Smokes has been jockeying for his temporary leadership to become permanent, arguing Waters probably won’t leave a federal penitentiary before he croaks. A triumvirate of capodecina within the family - helmed by Diodato ‘Mart Dio’ Martignoni, ‘Freddy Rigs’ Volpe, and Edward ‘Dodo Lank’ Salvodelli - have taken the stance that the removal of Memo and his underboss Ugo ‘Hughie’ Nisticò are imperative. Their proposal? Have Mart Dio take over as acting boss, with his son ‘Crazy Pans’ turning Messina underboss. Rumors suggest they’ve already begun stockpiling in case things get bloody - in the form of automatic weapons, and a lot of them. Smokes’ protege, Harvey Noto, has orchestrated his own alliance. Trungale and Jon Gravelli’s rivalry is historic in nature, but they’ve recently buried the hatchet in the name of the almighty dollar - at Noto’s suggestion. Together, using Hal’s right-hand and a-la-carte lawyer ‘Harry the Hat’ Hall, they’ve cultivated the use of Gravelli’s Irish muscle - the McRearys - as a potential line of defense. Family capo Mel the Skiv has reached out to Lupisella gangsters like ‘Benny Jiff’ Gaioni through mutual partner Gilroy ‘Gill’ Donovan in an effort to further assert the Trungale faction’s power. It’s truce or an all-out war - and the prospects of either are riding ever even. The McReary Boys find themselves squarely aligned with the interests of their Gambetti paymasters - John Jack’s friendship with Don Gravelli being the only matter of importance in dealing with the Messina clan. The always distant bohemian first-born, Derrick, has found himself as their reluctant emissary to Trungale in between his own endeavors (John Jack preferring the company of his protege Kit Spoils to his wily leftist offspring) as they maintain protection on joint Gambetti-Pavano construction projects and work enforcement alongside the Pegorino Family. A clan of brutal Irish thugs are squared off with Derrick’s hopeful brother Francis - in the makings of becoming a church boy after getting his GED and maintaining a blissful superiority complex in doing so. Derrick supports his brother. As long as he doesn’t become one of them, one of the hooligan Purgatory scumbags, it doesn’t matter if that support is reciprocated. On the political side, the Abolitionist Revolutionary Cadre of North Holland has been bucked into a tailspin after the imprisonment of former leader Qistina Thawra in 1977 - convicted of murder one and two, pig battery, and armed robbery. In her place, anarchist Boniface Pope has begun a fundraising drive in an attempt to finance a breakout - and, while he’s at it, revolutionary activities in Italy, Afghanistan, Germany - the world. Buchanan Sligo, meanwhile, has found himself a primary benefactor; a good personal friend of the organization’s Minister of Information, Othman Ovyo. Derrick and Aiden chip in. It’s all with the same goal in mind. The regime of Jon Gravelli has found itself in a quagmire: his long uncontested rule is beginning to unravel. The Macchiavelian puppet master and chairman of Liberty’s Commission has slowly become the status quo of a growing rivalry between his own underboss: Bart Chiarugi. Bart the Chink was originally one of the top men of 1950’s boss Gus Gambetti: a man replaced by Sonny Cangelosi in a bloody coup, who was later replaced by the man himself, Don Jon. A bubbling resentment has grown since his appointment to the throne in 1978. Gravelli has fashioned himself as an innovator; his underboss a squarely old school kind of psychopath appointed to his role after being passed over for leadership - a choice made by Gravelli as to avoid any internal disputes. So much for that. Bart Chiarugi has formed a clique of conservative Gambetti capos and soldiers in a mirror organization still fundamentally subordinate. Bart has his protege Bobby Buffet, self-righteous shot-caller Alfie Placanica, old school capo ‘Elmer Trout’ Odio, and Odio’s protege ‘Joe the Jew’ on his tab. Alongside them, he has aligned himself with hitman and crew-operator ‘Reggie the Redhead’ of South Broker, a man closely monitored by Gravelli loyalist ‘Genie’ Sbarra. Bart has reportedly found an audience with rival families: gaining the favor of Lupisella boss ‘Sil Squibs’ Renzulli and the passive admiration of Pavano hardhead ‘Bald Vinnie’ Ullo. Together, they and others make up the Algonquin wing of the family. Just the same, Gravelli has his own loyalists: mob brat Cozzie Cangelosi, his aide-de-camp Apollo Pompa, his favorite bootlicker ‘Ricky with the Hair’, capo Butch Bove, Alderney wannabe-boss John Pegorino along with his birdbrained son Jimmy ‘the Peggytail’, and his own understudy Peter Rea. Mirroring Bart’s forays with the semi-independent crew of Reggie the Redhead, Jon Gravelli has found an ally in a very old friendship: the Irish mob ran by John Jack McReary. They're the East Island faction. For now they remain the dominant wing - bolstered by the muscle of the Irish (who also remain closely tied to the currently-neutral Pavano family as a beneficiary of construction rackets). But a passive-aggressive war of gossip and reputation is being fought by Chiarugi. Day by day, the man tries to turn as many men against their boss as possible. At home, Derrick has found himself a caretaker for a withdrawn Francis McReary: now flunked out of the seminary for cheating and petty theft. Through Aiden’s family friend and McReary associate Alistair ‘Allie’ O’Keeffe, the trio have found themselves involved in the Bohan-based Sons of Eriu Defense Trust. Spearheaded by political activist Fergal Enright, the functionally legitimate organization has spread funds to less-than-reputable sources as a result of Enright’s political convictions: giving IRA fugitive Jarlath ‘Jock’ Munro a fake name and no-work job as janitorial staff, alongside allowing Jock to funnel money to Provisional IRA operative ‘Osh’ Hoy. Through Hoy, the trio are intent to smuggle weaponry and explosives from the United States to Dublin - as well as using ill-gotten gains, with John Jack’s blessing, to finance the republican cause. If that confuses you, don’t worry. Nobody knows what the f*ck is going on. These guys hardly say words with more than two f*cking syllables. And to Derrick and the Irish, as long as the guys they’re friends with ain’t getting shot, it’s all the same anyways. Why, you ask - if LC is the worst city in America - do you spend so much time there? Too much Liberty for you? Tough f*cking sh*t. There’s nowhere more vile, more criminal, more obscene in the goddamn country. America’s criminal capital. Racketeers of all legalities. We’ll make a million more concepts set in this sh*thole town before we f*cking stop. You don’t need a welcome. Home turf. The most diverse place in America is at your mercy. On the border of Meadows Park stands the ancestral McReary rowhouse of three stories, perpetually scuffed wax wood floors, and a kitchen under renovation since the 1960’s. When John Jack gets his driver Griff to take him cross-town, he’s headed to the O’Keeffe-owned Steinway Beer Garden in the not-so Irish parts of formerly Irish Steinway. That car would head past the Chinese-Latino neighborhood of Cerveza Heights, past the pompous upper-middle suburbia of Meadow Hills, the decaying industry and project towers of East Island City. And the wasteland that is O’Donovan Airport. That’s just eastern-ways. Cross Meadows Park - see the structurally-sound Monoglobe and the carcass of Liberty State Pavilion Towers - and the borough keeps going. The heavily Mandarin neighborhood of Keering where the boys spit dai-lo on the corners. The cold hard streets of Willis. Zephyr Hill’s guidos and pizzerias in the shadow of Francis International. And more identical suburb than you could shake a stick at. Dukes is a borough of a million languages - where the old-school white ethnic neighborhoods of Italians and Irish and Germans and Jews cross paths with the Liberty of the new 20th century: the Latinos, Greeks, Arabs, Asians of a million dialects. And they’re in the same America where President Hogan’s on the TV talking trickle-down right after the Cosmos game at Falstreau Field. Rob all those saps f*cking blind. Broker - like Algonquin in Red Line - gets cut off around the Milden Boulevard border of Outlook Park. Shortest end of the stick throughout the McReary parable. You get most of Broker’s northernmost ghettos and graves this time - the blue collar dockland of East Hook and beyond alongside the neighborhoods Liberty abandoned to the scourge of crack cocaine: Suydam, Far-Sleck, East Liberty. From the top to the bottom are the white-ethnic ports getting run over by gangsters or by the tide of white flight. Traditionally Polish Redcape on the Dukes/EIC border, a Hedgebury of Hasidic and Italian and Latino flavors. The mob-ran streets of Schottler all melt in the great pot that is the Humboldt waterfront. The brownstones and bodegas of Rotterdam and Settler Hill, the urban decay of BOABO mixing artist lofts with the grit of the streets. The Bowels; a muddy, lawless graveyard where men fire shots and nobody comes to see why. No 911 where the outlaws roam. Today’s Broker is a series of leftovers. Artists and trendy developers are already picking up the pieces of a ravaged borough. It’s cobblestones and crack addicts, pretty church steeples and used heroin needles dotting gutters and alleyways. It’s the city’s most populous playground. It’s perfect. Financial, cultural, crime capital of the United States - or so they’d have you think on the latter. In Third Rail, Algonquin is spared its Red Line treatment with the lower borough cutoff - you’ve got free reign to all in 1981. Come in via East Borough Bridge and you’re right in Lancaster, Middle Park East character exemplary of an ethnic exodus in favor of the godforsaken yuppies flocking to the borough so they can take the K/C line right down to The Exchange. Let it ring in your head - The Exchange. Algonquin not as ground zero for the reigning anarchy its 70s-on reputation would have you think, but a honeytrap for all the Barium Street moneyf*ckers in the world. K/C line carries through the neighborhoods running parallel to the Humboldt - Hatton Gardens, Easton, Lancet - skyscrapers and medical centers and embassies and minority flight and not much else for the criminally inclined; unless you wanna nod off, that is, in which case you’ll do alright in the shadows in Grand Easton Terminal or the alleyway arteries surrounding Galahad Palace Arena. But generally your interests lie more inland, southwest - take Nickel Street westbound and you’re cooking with gas: Purgatory; the McReary legacy secured in geography, the old watering hole of Lucky Winkles and the future site of the Blutegel Exhibition Hall just broken ground. Star Junction, meanwhile, still half a vestige of the early 70s with its peep shows and XXX theaters and corner girls yet untouched by the Schmidt mandate of - gasp - gentrification. Southern-more, Papaver Village beckons: having long abandoned its identity as hippie ground zero; now a different world with Pavano goombahs reigning over from their little social club on Sheridan Street. Little Italy ever standing the test of time; Chinatown more vibrant than ever, neon on slick streets. But sticking west also guides you north; Rotterdam Tower and the International Center of Exchange won’t leave your shadow between the streets headed up: everpresent city emblems as you zip up Union Drive past the unattainable heights of Middle Park West, now-vacant apartments in Varsity Heights and onward. Highest you got business - the ARC operates out of Holland and you’ll be familiarizing yourself with it more than ever. But remember: gentrification. That’s the keyword. And the time period doesn’t spare you its reach. Of all the boroughs hit hardest by Liberty’s 1970’s bankruptcy; Bohan lies the lowest of the low. Arson, homicide, gang crime, vandalism - the police don’t care, and neither do the politicians. Because Bohan’s Bohan. It’ll always be Bohan. When gentrification lifts a finger and crushes the city without thought, it’ll come for Bohan last. Northern Bohan remains attached to a significantly more preferable poverty to many establishment figures - white ethnic working class. Much needed to maintain the wealth of nearby Pennyford County, a bastion of upstate suburban splendour marked by picket fences and gated communities. Bordered by parkland and headstones is the Irish neighborhood of Sean-Aird; home to the burgeoning Sons of Eriu Defense Trust and dinky little pubs where the stock Celtic music loops. Arch enemies? The Italians: St. Marks and Morgan Avenue the center of Libertonian-Italian pride, of the always-mentioned tinsel banners and pasta eateries, and the unmentioned element of tracksuit-wearing goodfellas. They march on past the Bohan Zoo into Little Bay. The towers loom in East Bohan - the co-ops of Northern Gardens and the golf courses on the coast with an eye toward Dukes. The former industry of Buttress meeting project towers; burned out warehouses and street solicitors in Chase Point. Riding through the scar that is the Northern Expressway sending you into the true melting pot: the world of South Bohan where the ravages of austerity spit on the poor. Projects, projects, projects. The name of the city’s patron saint, Sinclair Ayton, marked on every corner with the sickening sprawl of highway and the ‘concessions’ the unfortunate get. Bohan tries to be presentable westward. Fortside maintains a hub of commerce along Folsom Way where businesses alike congregate in many-a color. Grand Boulevard and the greater hub of neighborhoods under the district label Boulevard - the rowhouses and the park. Oh, and don’t forget Swinger Stadium! Maintained with taxpayer cash instead of public services, it remains the only thing in Bohan Mayor Schmidt thinks worthy of city funds. That is, aside from the police. Liberty City loves its boys in blue. Abandon hope all ye who enter here. Cross the Dukes Bay Bridge with knowledge anything could happen. By stepping foot here you’ve committed ten times as much effort than the mayor ever will. This, my friends, is what the poor get in the glorious capital of capitalism. When you’re out dialing Bucky or Aiden, you can obviously go to the university reading club or whatever bullsh*t suits your fancy. Sure. But the real reason you and the buds are out there? It’s scoping a job. The city of Liberty is ripe for the taking when it comes to information on the newest dime or quarter for chasing. In missions, gang hideouts, talking with the bookies and the dealers; ambient leads to chase will be marked all over the city based on intel you gather. Chasing that information can lead you to local haunts or potential robberies that you and the buddies can set up for payday. These are mob social clubs, rackets, independent wire rooms, drug dens, fences, you name it. Even some unique, high-profile robberies with special rewards and significant amounts of liquid cash. You find the dough, you round up the boys - be it Aiden, Bucky, Jimmy Pegorino, and potentially more - then you split the take between yourselves. Alongside heading out with Bucky, Aiden or Jimmy to look for a spot to rob - the next is searching for a man on the street that can sell you gear. Dotted among Liberty’s seedy alleyways are dealers galore: some sell heroin, some don’t. Never for trade, only to buy and use. Searching or going off aforementioned intel can lead you to dealers who offer you a good price on smack, or can send you chasing wild geese. Maybe you could get ripped off, maybe the price is exorbitant, maybe the load is cut so bad you’re injecting more detergent than you are heroin. Oh, right. Heroin. Derrick McReary is addicted to heroin. It’s anything but glitzy, glamorous, or romantic. Among the alleyways and the detritus of Dukes and Broker lie thousands of addicts just like him, propped up against the brownstone and the concrete and burning that spoon black behind a dumpster. Half the heroin addicts in America live in Liberty f*ckin' City. The chase for the dragon never relents. Derrick’s addiction knows no bounds: it doesn’t discriminate between business or leisure, whether you’re on a job or at the pub. It will affect performance. It will affect relationships. You’re not going to put the man on the straight and narrow, that you can be sure of. Resisting temptation isn’t going to do you any favors; even if Derrick wanted to have a go at ditching it cold turkey - which he doesn’t - you’re kidding yourself if you think LC’s got any methadone clinics on offer. At the crossroads of providing for himself, Frankie, and the political causes of Bucky and Aiden, Derrick’s priority is still getting high. Scrounging up the dough to buy between missions and outings is imperative, and if you let it go too long you will suffer for it - withdrawal will affect gunplay, dialogue, basic navigation - and rather than suffer through it at your hands it’ll manifest in a major hit to the wallet when Derrick saunters into the nearest haunt to get his fix regardless of market price. So better you play with the cards you’re dealt: give the man what he wants. Let your misadventures dally around personal finance. Shoot up strategically - do it while crashing at home or in your car and you will fare far better than if Derrick starts getting the shakes in the midst of a shootout and you have to duck down below the bullets to stick the needle between your toes. Do it smart. ‘Cause the man won’t change. After a job and factoring in your own - cough cough - acquired tastes, it’s time to divide the cash you got from your latest independent job. The stuff you do for gangsters or your pops John Jack will only get you so far: and that’ll only fund so many political escapades. The take is the take: no matter the job or the breakdown of your crew, percentages are decided before the action - hallmark of any passably organized stickup gang. Depending on your intel, might be a two-man take - one on the wheel and one on the gun - or something more elaborate: you, the boys, each of you with a plus-one of your own - that’s Jimmy the Peggytail for Derrick, Jock Munro for Aiden, and Othman Ovyo for Buck for a potential total of six to a job. Cuts break down depending on role, and of course the more men on the job the more your share shrinks; but just the same, a five-man heist will reap far bigger spoils than some gas station stickup under the moonlight. Your input comes in the aftermath. Every man gets his cut, every man distributes the funds to his respective cause - Aiden giving back to the cause, Bucky donating a hefty cut of each job to the ARC. You’re left to choose how much and to who - if anyone - you feel like giving a supplementary little taste to. It’s a balancing game with perks only to be gained: everyone’s already happy, you can just make ‘em more happy. Perks come in two prongs: narrative and gameplay. Only catch: curry favor in one direction too long and you get locked out of the other. It’s no biggie, there’s no bad blood - but choose wisely. All the while, don’t forget Derrick’s own allegiances to the needle. The Iconoclast. You hitch your wagon to the Provos and it’ll be reflected in your interactions with Aiden and those boys; kicking up to them every job and you’ll see the yield in their eager friendliness, benefits down the line like bigger profits from their jobs. Aiden’s also got a line, no sh*t, on unique firearms and modifications - more carry space, nifty holsters, hard firepower. The Idealist. Kick back to Buck, on the other hand, and the same applies to the ARC - you’ll be their little poster boy and they’ll make sure you know it, you revolutionary-inclined little thief, you. Bucky’s gameplay perks come in the form of the automobile: fella chops cars with some Pavano-affiliated outsiders in Dukes. His buddies can fit you with mods for your own personal vehicle and getaway cars for future jobs alike; flipping the plates and lifting the suspension for an easier escape on your next escapade. The Keeper. Hoarding your cut doesn’t mean nothing happens, it means Derrick gets the perks in his own right - manifests for you in the form of higher grade scag, means longer periods between shooting up and potentially even for a cheaper price - reach a certain echelon and the Keir Brothers’ll hook you up with smack that’ll have your nose running on sight. Not exactly stoking the insurgent streak in you, that route - but when Derrick gets a load of that horse see if he gives a sh*t. Gats for days. The rules of gunplay are mostly similar to Red Line before it: a couple small arms can be carried on your person, one or two heavy arms in the trunk of your car or under the seats. With Aiden, Bucky, Jimmy the Peg, or more in your company - the number multiplies to match. Be careful placing shots and look after your weapon; use it as a last resort lest it impact the take or put you in hot water with the underworld. And be ready to drop it when the thing is hot. Getting busted with a used gun is not a pretty picture; especially if they can tie it to a prior murder - and you know they probably can. The wild sounds of 70s-cum-80s Liberty City, nothing more and nothing less - the grit and the f*cking grind, sounds not another goddamn city in the world could hope to replicate. Place come into its own, history through melody. Best city in the f*ckin’ world, baby. Harry Nilsson - Jump into the Fire The Clash - Rock the Casbah Mick Jagger - Memo from Turner Stray Dog - Chevrolet The Who - Magic Bus R. Dean Taylor - Indiana Wants Me Faces - Bad ‘n’ Ruin Three Dog Night - One ELO - Don’t Bring Me Down Rare Earth - Get Ready Little Feat - Skin it Back The Rolling Stones - Let It Loose The Misunderstood - Children of the Sun Canned Heat - My Crime The Pogues - Boys from County Hell David Bowie - Rebel Rebel Steely Dan - Dirty Work James Chance and the Contortions - I Can’t Stand Myself DNA - Blonde Red Head Beirut Slump - Staircase Teenage Jesus and the Jerks - The Closet Pill Factory - That’s When Your Heartaches Begin Arto / Neto - Pini Pini Devo - (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction Theoretical Girls - US Millie Mars - Puerto Rican Ghost Rosa Yemen - Rosa Vertov Lizzy Mercier Descloux - Hard-Boiled Babe The Righteous Flames - There Must Be A Revolution Clancy Eccles - Power For The People Ta-Teasha Love & The Wailers - Oh Jah Come Jacob Miller - City Of The Weak Heart Barrington Levy - Rock And Come In Errol Dunkley - Girl You Lied Yabby You - Conquering Lion King Burnett - I Man Free Scotty - Draw Your Brakes King Tubby & Prince Jammy - Drums of Africa Louis Prima - Angelina & Zooma, Zooma Bobby Darin - Multiplication The Jaynetts - Sally Go Round the Roses Nat King Cole - That Sunday, That Summer Moe Consoli - Liberty City (Heckuva’ Town) The Golddiggers - The Time is Now Tony Bennett - Don’t Get Around Much Anymore Mel Torme - That’s All The Cadillacs - Speedoo Jerry Vale - I Want To Go With You Perry Como - Round and Round Nate Valentine - The Water’s On Fire Muddy Waters - Mannish Boy Howlin’ Wolf - Evil Is Going On Albert King - Killing Floor Sam & Dave - Hold On, I’m Comin’ Taj Mahal - Leaving Trunk Lightnin’ Hopkins - It’s A Sin To Be Rich, It’s A Low-Down Shame To Be Poor The Coasters - Down in Mexico Sonny Boy Williamson - Help Me Nina Simone - Nobody Knows You When You’re Down And Out B.B. King - How Blue Can You Get? Klein & MBO - Dirty Talk ESG - Moody D Train - Keep On Logg - Something Else Imagination - Burnin’ Up ABBA - Dancing Queen Unlimited Touch - Searching To Find The One BT Express - You Need A Change Of Mind Adriano Celentano - Prisencolinensinainciusol Evelyn King - Love Come Down Peach Boys - Don’t Make Me Wait Umberto Tozzi - Gloria Bernard Parmegiani - Abel Abeth Tangerine Dream - Phaedra Constance Demby - Darkness of Space Vangelis - Creation Du Monde Edgar Froese - Maroubra Bay Klaus Schulze - Some Velvet Phasing Popol Vuh - Hosianna Mantra Iasos - Cloud Prayer David Behrman - Figure in a Clearing Cluster - 7:42 Jon Hassel - Viva Shona Brian Eno - The Lost Day Throbbing Gristle - United Ike Yard - Half A God Suicide - Che Girls At Our Best - Politics Nervus Rex - Don’t Look Mumps - Scream & Scream Again Time Zone - World Destruction Patti Smith - Piss Factory Richard Hell - Blank Generation The Damned - Jet Boy Jet Girl Model Citizens - Animal Instincts Material - Memory Serves Lounge Lizards - Do The Wrong Thing Laughing Clowns - I Want To Scream Don Cherry - Brown Rice Nucleus - Song For The Bearded Lady Fred Frith - Come Across Arthur Doyle Plus 4 - Ancestor Albert Ayler - Ghosts Joe Henderson - Fire Return To Forever - Vulcan Worlds City might not span all the boroughs and air traffic might be limited, but you’ve still gotta get from Point A to Point B. It’s not fun to write car lists. It just isn’t. It limits space and time better spent elsewhere and compiling them is a really tedious exercise of linking images. We are not going to waste our time with this. If you want to see some f*cking cars, read the missions. There’ll be a lot of cars in those. Or imagine Red Line’s car list (when we get to finishing that within the next decade) and picture those same cars around a decade earlier. Easy! Rest assured, vehicle fans - cars are in the concept. You can drive them. They do car things. They are big, beautiful, and boatlike. Just put in the work to see ‘em, bitch! The Liberty subway system is the most complicated in the United States. It’s also filthy and falling apart at the goddamn seams. As convenient fast travel, especially in Algonquin, just waltz down into the station and take the trains down whatever borough you feel. All you gotta do is scrounge around for subway tokens like loose pennies in the gutter. Too much work? Just watch ‘em. Or fare-skip with the hope the cops don’t care. Or take initiative. City trains get patronage by tough nuts, nut cases, and the tourists nutty enough to take them at all. Pull a gun or bring your friends and pull three: make away with some good dough, or some heroin, or a good story. You time it right, you might even avoid the LCPD subway pigs or the Avenging Angels who think they’re Impotent Rage. Have a ball.
  8. Grand Theft Auto III Liberty City Remix A Concept Thread by @Big Fat Paulie Main Theme Song Liberty City, October 2001 You've been betrayed and left for dead and now you find yourself facing certain doom. But Fate has given you a second chance and now you're free to roam the streets, make the right connections and eventually get payback. Alright, here it is. A concept thread that I'm surprised nobody has tried to do earlier. This is a concept for what a full remake of Grand Theft Auto III would look like in my mind. GTA III was one of the most influential video games of all time and it put the GTA franchise on the map but it's also aged the most poorly of all the major GTA games. You play as Claude Speed, a young career criminal who has been betrayed and left for dead as a fall guy by your ex-girlfriend Catalina after a botched bank robbery. As fate would have it, as you were being hauled off to jail, the same police convoy that was transporting you also held a high value target for the infamous Colombian Cartel. They attacked the convoy and took the target as a hostage while killing the cops in the van and leaving you and an associate of yours to your own devices. Now you've made a run for it and are now free to roam in Liberty City. However, this is not merely a step-by-step carbon copy retread of GTA III but a total remake/reimagining of it complete with new gameplay features and a map that is more detailed and expansive in its scope. New vehicles, weapons, side missions, gangs, soundtracks, characters and storylines will appear in addition to all the classic ones that made the original PS2 game into the icon that it is. All of the original cast of characters make their return plus entirely new ones, familiar faces from other games in the series, and two particular characters that make a shocking surprise comeback and play a major role in the game's wider storyline. The 3D Universe's iteration of Liberty City makes its return and retains the gritty. gloomy, and often downright eerie feel that the original game's version of Liberty City had. It is set in October and the autumn weather is in full effect along with the colors of the leaves. Certain buildings and neighborhoods have Halloween decorations and at night you can find some pedestrians roaming the streets in costume, presumably heading to and from Halloween parties The in-game map is divided into four districts with each one roughly corresponding to a different type of area. There is Portland Island (industrial), Staunton Island (commercial), Shoreside Vale (residential) and Upstate Liberty (rural) The next several posts will go into further detail on the gameplay, weapons and vehicles, the in-game radio stations with their licensed music tracks, the characters of the game and the setting itself as a whole. Watch this space.
  9. GRAND THEFT AUTO: BORDERS The 2nd concept by sabitsuki (1994 Theme) Jamiroquai - Emergency On Planet Earth (2020 Theme) Hante. - The Storm Other concepts by me: Grand Theft Auto: Carcer City Grand Theft Auto: The Inner Circle ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TAGLINE “On the Mexican-American frontier in the west coast during the early-90s, a group of men capitalize off the drug trade along the borders, as an increasingly-violent rivalry brews between cartels, with each organization struggling to reach the top of the food chain. All hell soon breaks loose, and the second generation become victims to the fallout of the events that unfold. Desperate for answers of their plight, the two descendants of these men attempt to reach the root of this multi-generational conflict, which all so suddenly took their normal lives away from them.” ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OVERVIEW (TWO DIFFERENT ERAS) The game is set both in 1994 and 2020, and features four playable protagonists, with two in each era. The story covers the foundation of cartels in 1994, and the present-day cartel wars in 2020, all set around the Southern San Andrean Mexican-American Border, featuring three different cities and many smaller towns. There are many different changes in the map between the eras. For example, buildings such as the Mile High Club and the Diamond Casino & Resort in Los Santos and the Vizcaino Arch in Ciudad Vizcaino are not present in 1994, with either parking spaces or a series of residential or commercial housing in place of it prior to their construction. Borders are generally easier to cross in 1994 and infrastructure and roads in all three cities are less developed compared to 2020. In contrast, certain buildings are demolished or incorporated into newer buildings by 2020, such as the absence of the Bullitt Recreational Center and Blob Music in Los Santos from 1994, now replaced by buildings or parking spaces, or the incorporation of a few buildings to form the Arcadius Center in 2020, through the building of a public square. Many areas in all three cities, such as Davis and Mirror Park in Los Santos and Mercado Cerrito in Ciudad Vizcaino, are gentrified in 2020, and thus experience a lot less crime with a much greater police presence. The way the game is filtered depends on the era as well. 1994 is generally filtered blue and yellow, reflecting the optimism and the economic boom of this time, as well as Los Santos’s recovery from the riots in 1992, along with a slight grain to emulate 35mm film. 2020, on the other hand, is filtered red and purple, reflecting the political strife and cynicism of the late-2010s, and takes on a cleaner, digital look reminiscent of film and TV made during this time. Era-switching is only available once the main storyline is completed, and the eras can be revisited either by washing your face in a safehouse or by visiting a landmark, such as a gravestone or an area of interest. Themes of the game include multi-generational conflict and the pursuit of truth, and depending on how things unfold in 1994, it can potentially affect the events that occur in 2020, such as the fates of the protagonists from 1994. The protagonists in 2020 are tasked with uncovering the truth of the events in 1994 during the tumultuous cartel wars of the former, and depending on how things go, they can either get the actual truth, a false account of the events during that time, or somewhere in between. Many different endings can stem from these findings. These range from the best ending, where the truth behind the events in 1994 is revealed, the antagonist of the game is defeated and both 1994 protagonists live, to the worst ending, where a false account of the events are shown to the current protagonists, the antagonist gets away with everything, and both protagonists from 1994 are killed. Certain stranger missions are also affected by this, and depending on how things go in 1994, it can affect the outcome in 2020, once the new protagonist meets with the same stranger. If a stranger mission has not been completed in 1994 and the story progresses to 2020, the follow-up mission will not be available in the current era, and the player has to complete the storyline in order to switch eras to finish the stranger mission. Technology is different between 1994 and 2020, with the protagonists relying on a primitive cellular phone and notepad to keep tabs, and owning a vinyl player at their personal safehouses for any purchasable music in 1994 which shuffles a maximum of 10 discs at a time, while smartphones are used in 2020, with Bluetooth-style wireless speakers used in safehouses which the player can use by accessing the Fruit Music streaming app on their phones, where they can make custom playlists with a maximum of 50 songs. Drones are also controllable in 2020, with them being used for certain missions in the storyline. Music is drastically different between the eras, with 1994 being much more AOR, funk and acid jazz-heavy, and 2020 leaning towards hip hop, darkwave and R&B. Certain stations are exclusive to certain years, and a number of tracks from 1994 are brought forward to 2020, where they are featured in throwback stations. Some stations which exist in both eras, also experience genre changes between the years. That said, all music from both eras are available on Fruit Music in 2020, should the player long for the good old days. LANGUAGE As the game is set in the Mexican-American border, two main languages, Mexican Spanish and English, are used in equal amounts throughout the game and story. In many scenes involving Mexicans or Hispanic-Americans, Spanish is used as a spoken language as opposed to English for authenticity, similar to shows such as Narcos. Therefore, it is advisable that monolingual players turn on the subtitles, at least for foreign languages. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SETTING Once again set in Southern San Andreas, three main cities are featured in Borders, along with several small towns and enclaves. Blaine County is not present in this rendition of Southern S.A., and the map cuts off just right after Fort Zancudo and the Tataviam Mountains, with Route 1 (Grand Ocean Highway) curving around the mountains and forming a cliffside freeway towards Crawford. Two American counties and one Mexican municipality are present in Borders, which are Los Santos County, Santa Domingo County and Sierra Municipality. Beach towns play a relatively large role in the game, being home to many of the game’s hotels as well as areas where business is conducted. A complete map with icons will be presented in the near-future. LOCATIONS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PLOT (WIP) The story in GTA: Borders is told in different acts, with the prologue being an act of its own. There are four acts in 1994 and four acts in 2020, giving the storyline a total of nine acts. 1990 PROLOGUE 1994 ACT I 1994 ACT II 1994 ACT III 1994 ACT IV 2020 ACT I ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CHARACTERS (WIP) Featuring a vast set of characters, GTA: Borders is a multi-generational tragedy that affects the lives of people throughout the decades. PROTAGONISTS PRIMARY CHARACTERS SECONDARY CHARACTERS MINOR CHARACTERS STRANGERS & FREAKS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TO BE CONTINUED... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  10. dannyriver

    Help with skygfx mod

    I recently added the skygfx mod to my PC version of San Andreas and everything works fine with the exception that I noticed that whenever I'm in a grassy area there's more grass than used to be there (pre mod) and the amount of grass makes my fps tank significantly and when I look away from the grass my fps returns to normal and I'd like some help on how to fix the issue without having to remove the mod (accidentally posted again thinking it didnt post on mobile)
  11. In 1988, the city of Richmond, Virginia, was rocked by a wave of serial murders and robberies by two would-be soldiers of fortune on a mission of terror. Armed with an arsenal of automatic weapons, they rob banks and mercilessly cut down anyone who gets in their way. But on one fateful day when the hunters and the hunted finally meet, who will survive? Characters Clark Welwyn Throughout his childhood, Clark idolized his father who fought the Germans in the second world war, eventually signing up as an infantryman for the Vietnam war. Two tours and a handful of medals later, the war ended. But despite this, Clark still had battles to fight. He met up with his old war buddy Lewis McGraw to help fight these battles, not only for himself, but also for his young family. To cover for this, Clark took a job as a taxi driver by day, oftentimes delivering businessmen to their houses and offices and burglarizing them by night to make extra money, nevermind the fact he's sticking up banks and drug dealers. Lewis McGraw Growing up in the slums of Vice City, Lewis had to turn to violence to survive. Knowing he could make a better fighter than a student, Lewis dropped out of high school and joined the army to fight in the Vietnam War. There, Lewis met Clark, growing to be good friends and proficient killers. After the war, Lewis went back down to Vice City and made a name for himself, sticking up drug dealers and armored cars. However, with the climate growing more and more dangerous by the day with competitive drug industry and better armed cartels, the offer by his former war buddy to move to Richmond was too good to pass up. Mark Olsen Once a university student with a bright future in the new field of computer science, drug dealing turned from a side job to get a few extra bucks to a new career overnight. Mark traded his college dorm for a mansion and turning in term papers for turning out tens of thousands of dollars on a daily basis thanks to dealing drugs. His young age and privileged upbringing doesn't mean he's the smartest in terms of how drugs are dealt, but you can't say he isn't ambitious and a little naive in his endeavors. Gerald Hughes A detective with the RPD whose once decorated career has turned into a joke in the eyes of his fellow lawmen after one too many bad moves cost him his reputation, the department's integrity, and a few fellow officer's lives. Now on the verge of being given the boot by his superiors, Hughes needs one big bust to validate his position in the department, and what better way to do it by finding out who's behind the recent wave of burglaries and stickups? Justine Moreau A French bubblegum pop singer whose popularity skyrocketed with her hit a decade earlier "Chanson de la Banane". Now an adult with barely the same sex appeal as she did back then, Justine decided to settle down with an American song producer who bought a nice big mansion in his hometown of Richmond. Caught as a witness in the burglary of her own home, two robbers decide that they would get a better payout ransoming for her return rather than fencing the stolen goods from within the house. STORY On the surface, Clark Welwyn and Lewis McGraw just look like two regular guys who make up the 200,000 people who live in the Richmond, Virginia area. Both are good friends, having met while serving in the Vietnam War and currently living comfortable lives in the suburbs. Clark is a taxi driver, living with his wife and young daughter. Lewis is a bachelor with a penchant for floral shirts and flaunting the money he makes on the "stock market" on muscle cars. However, by night they're stickup men and armed robbers, both with differing motives. Clark; to support his family. Lewis; to fund the affluent lifestyle he could only dream of as a kid. The story begins in the fall of 1988 - a routine drive to the bar after work for Clark to meet Lewis earns him a drink and a tipoff; the rock pit outside of town is a hot spot for people going target shooting. The secluded location of the rock pit and the duo's high power weapons gives them a sense of security against any retaliation from the target shooters. Lewis & Clark pile into his cab and make the trek out of town to the rock pit, which the scout out and come across a lone man with a perfectly good Idaho. Clark fatally shoots the man while Lewis climbs into his Idaho and takes it back to his house for the time being - nobody will suspect one man in the hundreds of identical suburban houses to be storing the stolen Idaho in their garage. Same with Clark - even if there was a witness who says they saw a taxi driving around the rock pit, would the police really be able to investigate every single taxi in the city? This false sense of security makes Lewis & Clark more ambitious in their robberies. While waiting to pick up a fare in a shopping plaza, Clark notices an armored car pull up to a bank to drop off some brand new bank notes. Clark jots this down in his head, an armored car always arrives at this time of day, this day of the week. Hopefully it'll be there next week so he and Lewis can plunder the goods. All the while, Lewis is keeping himself busy going through parking lots, looking for an inconspicuous car parked in an inconspicuous spot to remove it's license plate and put it on the stolen Idaho. This proves to be very important when stealing getaway cars; if the police can identify a stolen car with a license plate from it, they're going to call it on the spot. But what if you attach a plate from another car? You just bought yourself some time before the cops realize that's the plate that was reported stolen a while ago. Some time passes and, between sticking up drug dealers and splitting the proceeds down the middle, the moment is opportune to stick up the armored car. Clark and Lewis get into the stolen Idaho and park it in the shopping plaza across from the mall. Once they see the armored car show up at the same time as Clark recorded, they make their move. They pull up behind it and, armed with automatic weapons and clothed in army fatigues and ski masks, take aim at the guard. From the comfort of his driver seat away from the hectic scene, the driver of the armored car sees in his side mirror that they're being stuck up and quickly drives away, leaving the guard behind. The guard panics, looking down the barrel of a gun while begging for his life and profusely apologizing. Lewis is having none of it and blows him away as the two retreat back to their Idaho and make their escape. After getting clear of the scene before being identified, the two assess the situation. "How the hell could we have gone through all that trouble and get nothing from that?" ask Clark. "I got something from it", said Lewis. His quench for blood is one that cannot be quenched. As the two lie low and plan their next robbery, the situation baffles veteran detective Gerald Hughes - why would two robbers stick up an armored car, take nothing from it, and kill the guard? Clark returns to his taxi job while Lewis moves the Idaho from his garage to a parking lot near an apartment complex, keeping it safely under tarp. The further away the evidence is from him, the better. Clark tells Lewis he'll try to stake out more armored cars while he's at work, which is good news for Lewis since he's not sure how many more drug dealers he can be sticking up. Ever since that Mark Olsen kid's been watching more and more "Vice City Vice" on the television, he's been giving his dealers the idea to get strapped with weapons. Sticking up drug dealers isn't as easy as sticking a gun in their face and saying "give me your drugs/money", it's now followed up with a fight, with firearms or otherwise. Lewis tells Clark that he wants to make it a point that they go after Olsen, but not right now, since Lewis has got wind of two targets - a drive-thru bank and the Bank of Liberty's branch located downtown. He wants to hit them back to back, so fast that it'll make detective's heads spin.Lewis is more than enthusiastic to do so, especially since bank tellers can't shoot back. Clark ends his shift early at work so he could hit the banks with Lewis before they close. The two meet up and drive the stolen Idaho to the drive-thru bank and take that for thirty grand. With no time to spare, they speed downtown to catch the Bank of Liberty right before they closed for the day. After waving their guns around and making a few threatening remarks, they make off with fifty grand. How do you split up eighty grand? Right down the middle. Clark gets forty, Lewis gets forty, and they go their ways for the day. Not too bad for a day's work. Clark hid the money away with the intention of using it to help pay off the mortgage and bills, nothing too fancy to make the wife suspect anything. Lewis, on the other hand, makes a nice down payment for a WMC motorcycle. Something that really makes your neighbors raise their eyebrows and wonder if you can really make enough for one of those just by playing with stocks. The great thing about Clark's job is that he could be anywhere and nobody would suspect a thing. If you take a regular car up around an affluent neighborhood, people are going to notice that nobody else in the neighborhood owns that car and get suspicious, eventually going so far as to change "neighborhood watch" to "neighborhood lock your doors and shoot on sight". But if it's just a regular taxicab, people are going to think someone just needed a ride back to their house after a business trip and think nothing of it. Clark regularly takes this opportunity to stake out houses. And he thinks he found a jackpot - a house with no gates, secluded enough from the other houses, and best of all - with an Enus parked in the driveway. Only two people own Enuses, the rich and successful and the people who think they're rich but really, really in debt. But one thing is for sure, both of them like expensive things, and expensive things go for good money on the black market. He invites Lewis on one of the stake outs and they both come up with the idea to hit it that night in Clark's taxi. In the dead of night, Clark pulls up to the house and drives down the long driveway and parks next to the Enus he saw before. The two sneak over to the back door, which has foolishly been left unlocked, and search the house. Clark takes the lower part of the house while Lewis searches upstairs. While Clark comes across a safe hidden behind a painting, a petite young woman stumbles across Lewis rummaging through a closet. Choked up on fear and adrenaline, Lewis strikes her with the butt of his rifle, knocking her out cold, and carries her out to put in the back of the cab. In the meantime, Clark finishes rummaging through the safe and makes off with a great deal of rare diamonds, stacks of money, and a other little treasures. He meets Lewis out by the taxi, curious as to why he's out there early. Lewis tells him about the run-in he had with the resident and the idea to kidnap her for ransom. Clark panics, not knowing a thing about kidnapping, while Lewis assures him "it's just like the movies. We sit on her, mail demands anonymously by cutting out letters from newspapers, get them to give us the money and we'll give them the address of where to find the girl." Clark reluctantly agrees, but tells Lewis he wants no part in it. "Fine by me", Lewis follows up, "more ransom money for me". As Lewis cuts out some letters from the newspaper for a ransom letter, it's back to business with Clark driving cabs. The bad thing about being alone on the road is that it gives you time to think. What's been going one with Lewis, he thinks. He's been acting very carelessly lately, turning a burglary into a kidnapping. He turns the radio on to calm him down, but there's nothing calming on the radio, which is playing a news report stating what was all too familiar with him - a robbery on an affluent mansion. But what he didn't know was who Lewis kidnapped - Justine Moreau. The ring didn't name any bells to him, but when the reporter said she was once a popular pop singer in France, his heart started racing a mile a minute. "What if she's still a citizen of France; have we started an international incident? Does Lewis know what he's doing with this kidnapping? Will this kidnapping trace back to me?" For possibly the first time in his life, Clark was horrified by his actions. Was Lewis? He was right at home with the kidnapping, finally got the ransom letter through the mail and had the perfect plan; get the money dropped in a neighbor's trashcan on garbage day and intercept it before the trashmen come. Then he would lock her in the trunk of a stolen car and give them the location of the where it was parked. Lewis believes he's gotten away with the perfect crime. After a week or so of not speaking, Clark checks back in with Lewis. "I heard they found the girl who you kidnapped on the news, she was locked in the trunk of a car that got stolen", he told him over lunch at a local rib place. "Yeah", smirked Lewis. "If we can do this, surely we can roll on that Mark Olsen kid". Clark's eyes lit up like a Christmas tree - he had completely forgotten the idea of knocking over Olsen. "This sounds good and all but do you think we can do it? This guy's a drug baron, he's younger than us and smarter than us with that education of his." mentions Clark, only to be shot down by Lewis with "So what? Two armed veterans going up against some lanky college kid, who do you think's gonna win?" The two keep talking about ideas and how to pull it all off, before settling to stake out a known dealer of his and either rough him up or bribe him for some information on where he's hiding out at. The higher the bribe or the more you beat him up, the more he squeals. They eventually roll up to Olsen's mansion and suit up for the deed, with armor, guns, and 5,000 rounds of ammunition. The realize that in a way, Olsen isn't too different from them. He's an affluent criminal in the shadows who passes himself off as a legitimate computer programmer in the light. However, he had the advantages of getting an education while Lewis and Clark only had their brawn to prove their worth, and brawn can't do much when you can use your brains and convince people with brawn to work for you. But the duo made their money by sticking up people, while Olsen sold drugs that f*cked people up. Could being robbed f*ck someone up? Of course, but the feeling of having your personal safety violated while a man is sticking a gun in your face demanding money is nowhere compared to getting an addiction to cocaine or crack or whatever the drug of the week is and ruining families and eventually your own life. Clark thought of that often while preparing for the ultimate stickup in the lion's den, hoping that this would send a message to the other dealers in town to stop, while Lewis didn't think too much of it. But one thing is for certain, they both liked robbing drug dealers because drug dealers don't squeal to the police when they get robbed. They entered through the back, guns blazing and picking off Olsen's cronies. It was one thing to shoot at someone who wasn't fighting back, but to shoot at someone who's shooting back conjured up memories of the Vietnam war to the two. And to think, the guys they were shooting at were either children or not even born yet when the two were overseas fighting the Vietcong. They haven't been in war before, other than this. The mansion was being swept out quickly, but that's what happens when you put trained combat veterans against a bunch of kids who only know how to shoot from movies. They eventually reached Olsen's room at the top, where he dug himself in with a shotgun on the other side of the door. The great thing about these new mansions being built were that, even though they looked fancy, they weren't built as securely as older houses. After a dozen or so rounds from their guns fly through the locked door, Olsen's grip on the city's drug trade was done quicker than the bullet whizzing into his lungs. The duo got out of there as quick as they could since they knew the neighbors called the cops on the war going on at the big McMansion down the street from them. Meanwhile, Detective Hughes is in a downwards spiral. He's still trying to figure out who's behind all these stickups. All the witnesses are saying they two men in camouflage clothing and ski masks and driving a blue Idaho. How are you supposed to identify somebody behind a ski mask? How many cops can you get looking for a blue Idaho, or rather, how are you going to stop every blue Idaho and figure out which one was the one used in the robberies with no license plate number? And worst of all, the robberies keep happening and happening. Earlier that day, the same Bank of Liberty in downtown Richmond got hit and, to nobody's surprise, the witnesses don't have anything new. "How much did they take?" detective Hughes asked the bank manager. "Forty thousand." Lewis told Clark in his garage after Clark asked nearly the same question. "Not enough for the grief they put us through", Clark followed up. "What do you mean?" asked Lewis. "Maybe we shouldn't have hit the same bank twice in a row-" replied Clark before being cut off by Lewis. "f*ck that!" he yelled. "You know what I think? I think we go back to that bank and hit it a third time". They divide their cuts and part ways until next time. Lewis went back to his hedonistic lifestyle while Clark drove home and thought to himself that Lewis finally gone and went mad. First he kidnapped the singer girl, and now he's suggesting robbing the same bank three times in a row? One mistake he can overlook, but not two, especially in this line of work. He knew he's been through a lot with Lewis and was a good friend of his, but how could he get him to calm down and not do anything that would get them arrested or killed? He now sees why - Lewis doesn't have any family, any kids, any obligations. He's living life day by day. Clark is more conservative and has to pick his battles so his wife has a husband and his daughter has a father. But what could he do about Lewis? In a mad dash to catch this guy in the act, Hughes pours every resource available to him to stake out local banks in undercover cars, and to look out for any blue Idahos. A few days later, they catch their break when a blue Idaho pulls into the parking lot across from the downtown Richmond branch of the Bank of Liberty. When it comes across the radio, Hughes is baffled as to why they're hitting the bank a third time, but he didn't think too much of why, he just thought about the end result. He finally caught the unknown two robbers in the blue Idaho. He's finally going to get them turned in and his career will be saved. He radios all the units to move in and apprehend the suspects. Lewis & Clark enter the bank, armed to the hilt and ready to take what they have left after two days of plundering the same cookie jar. They've taken on the Vietcong, drug dealers, and now they can add police officers to the list. But will the police officers be as trigger happy as them? GAMEPLAY The one key aspect of "Light & Shadows" is exactly in the title - you have to navigate between light and shadow as not to blow your cover. This is easy for Lewis, as he has no obligations to family, work, etc. but it's a lot harder for Clark, who has a family and a job. However, he lucked out since his job doesn't have someone looking over his shoulder constantly, letting him commit crimes indiscriminately. But when he's with his family, no funny business. Hell, you can't even play as him between the set amount of hours he's with his family. You'll automatically be switched over to Lewis. Keeping even more to the theme, you have to take extra care not get yourself arrested or killed in the game. If you get arrested, everyone's going to talk about the nice guy who got arrested and whose neighbors never suspected a thing and said "he was always a very quiet man y'know?", same goes for if you get wasted. Instead of simply respawning at a hospital or police station, it's game over for that character and you have to continue as the other. If both of them get arrested, tough sh*t, start the game over. The game takes place in the real location of Richmond, Virginia. Why Richmond? Because it's the perfect setting, that and hundreds of similar towns across the United States of America - it's big enough to keep interesting, but small enough to be recreated with a larger scale of believably than the metropolises in the other games. Are we supposed to believe that Los Santos, an expy of one of the biggest cities in America known for it's suburban sprawl, has little to no suburbs that house the supposed millions of people? Come on Rockstar, that's bullsh*t and you know it. At least with this, you can recreate the old rustic atmosphere of Church Hill and the colonial dwellings of Montrose without cramming them within a three-block area and saying "this is accurate". Another big thing is that, unlike other GTA games, Clark & Lewis actually have to support themselves with their money, they can't just save up all their money for a rainy day to piss away. Clark has a job driving cabs, all Lewis does is stick people up and lie about stocks. Money is much more important than it was in previous games in the sense that you have to pay bills to keep your utilities on. You can't let the electric bill go unpaid, not pay the insurance on your car, and worst of all, you can't not pay your mortgage. If you do, you're evicted and it's game over for you. The money from bills are automatically taken out of your account to keep you from having to go home, sit down, write checks, etc. Of course, sticking people up isn't the only way to get money, as both of the protagonists have unique side missions available only to them. Clark has the legitimate day job of driving a taxi around. It's pretty much the same as taxi driving in the previous games, but with the payout adjusted to be more realistic - no more 200 dollar tips. Lewis, on the other hand, has burglary, which has remained largely unchanged from it's appearance in San Andreas. However, aside from houses, Lewis can also burgle stores, offices, and warehouses. Once he's got the loot, he then has to take it to a sleazy pawn shop to fence the goods and go home with the loot Why 1988, though? Because f*ck the modern era and the dumb "social commentary" that comes with it from every game that takes place then it seems. Plus, crimes were a lot easier to get away with back then - no fancy GPSes in money, no witnesses taking pictures of everything with their phone, pretty much everything was better to do. VEHICLES A lot of old cars from IV and V have returned such as the Esperanto, Marbelle, Sabre, etc. with many new ones including, but not limited to: *Bravado Squad Car *Vapid Ambulance *Vapid Taxi *Willard Idaho *Mesa Grande *Vapid Fairlady *Willard Nebula *Classique Jupiter *Declasse Yosemite *Schyster Greenwood *Enus Stafford And many many just a few more. MEDIA Being 1988, the way you access the media in the game is vastly different than the past two titles set in the modern times. You could do pretty much anything you could do in those games on your phone, but of course, there's other ways you go about doing it. Want to take a picture? Pull out a camera. Wanna see what the news is saying about your robbery exploits? Either go get a newspaper or turn on your television. Then you have the radio, in all it's crackly, AM-radio-sounding glory. Richmond isn't as diverse as other cities like Liberty City and Los Santos as far as the selection of music goes, but it isn't like you're going to be bumping onto some hits from different genres of the era, such as: 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) Sonic Reducer - Dead Boys9) 10) 11) 12) 13) 14) 15) 16) 17) 18) 19) 20) Still a WIP
  12. A Cebra and slimeball supreme collaboration Special thanks to Money Over Bullsh*t Logo credit goes to Graven MAIN THEME Welcome to 1968. In the two most paramount cities of the era, you will follow the stories of three separate yet intertwining stories winding you across both a re-imagined San Fierro and Las Venturas, experiencing the unique culture of the times. From psychedelics and casinos to waning mobs and the Civil Rights Movement, it was an edifying time to be alive; the happy-go-lucky attitude of the '60s was just beginning to wear off and a grim reality began to set in: only the morally dubious would prosper through the chaos ahead. Only the ruthless will thrive in these cutthroat times. In GTA: B&B, you lead the lives of three characters with the most common mindsets of the time - an out-of-work Vietnam vet, an aspiring mobster and a cross-county courier in the years 1968, 1971, and 1974. As with GTA 4's trinity, three separate stories will intertwine throughout a series of unfortunate events that lead our protagonists to work together indirectly. The game gives all players the chance to experience the period of the Counterculture Era for what it truly was - outrageous. From huge cultural events such as the Civil Rights Movement and the mob's last grasp at Las Vegas taking a starring role in the story, lots of satirical insight is given to one of the most historically shaping time periods in American history. The overall aim is to provide a story that is equally as immersive as it is accurate, along with many convenient features that have been long awaited. Our protagonists are representations of the positive ethos that was finally beginning to dwindle as the 70s approached: desire to conquer, consequences be damned. Colorful cities host a colorful populace. Meet some of northern San Andreas' liveliest offerings, from the pettiest of pushers to the highest of high rollers. A 32 year old San Fierro native and Vietnam War veteran, Doug relocated to his hometown after being dishonorably discharged from the military when he was caught smuggling thousands of dollars worth of the USMC's equipment onto the streets. He's been reduced to spending his days with his wife and three year old daughter in their two-room apartment in Suppleham, wallowing in the regret of getting caught and waiting for some sort of action to take hold of him again. At the beginning of the game, Doug has $75 to his name and drives a blue 1963 Vapid Messier. Hailing from Carcer City, Julius arrived in San Fierro in 1960 with his brother Winston. After a near-decade of shifty jobs ranging from pizza delivery to slaughterhouse disposal, he joined Win in the virtuous career of courier work - just in time for it to become significantly less on the level. At the beginning of the game, Julius has $400 saved up and drives both a cream 1962 Willard Gaia and a white 1966 Dinka DP420. Flying in from Sicily with his uncle Giacomo in 1960, Dante hadn't an inkling of what lied ahead. A childhood of tough love led to a semi-recurring need for validation; a decent clout for wanting to do well in his elders' eyes. Now 24, having somewhat grown out of impulsiveness, Jackie's bosses have got their eyes on him. He knows it. At the beginning of the game, Dante has $250 in his bank account and drives a yellow 1968 Barbican Piranha. Joanna Pryor: Youngest scion of a pear ranching dynasty, Joanna met Doug in 1964 while he was on leave. One thing led to another - before the year was out a baby was in tow, they eloped; she got axed from the will for marrying below the family. When Doug was discharged in '67, she felt she had put the wool over her own eyes and took it out on her husband - as a result, she's often home alone with three-year-old Bonnie. Chad Pryor: Four years his elder, Chad grew up alongside Doug in the suburbs of San Fierro. Given his propensity for violence and teenage angst, it came as a surprise for all when he left for ULSA in 1951 to study law. After passing the bar with flying colors, Chad returned to San Fierro just in time to become a crusader for the Civil Rights Movement. Marcus Vogel: Former USMC Corporal turned jobless nomad, Marcus risked sticking by Doug during the smuggling fiasco while furtively knowing his guilt. They were discharged together and now live in the same sh*thole - Doug knows he's been running up a tab for years that can only be paid off one way: cold hard cash. Charlie & Archie Baker: The inseparable Baker brothers have long been the cause of all kinds of trouble; in recent months, they've been the ones in trouble. Racking up debt at a faster pace than the United States due to a constant craving for booze and cooze, they've turned their semi-successful motion picture enterprise into something slightly more seedy - they're under the green ownership of Joey Dark Eyes, catering to the more bestial indulgences of the hoi polloi. Robert Kurtz: Leader of the east coast's answer to David Arnold's band of brothers, Robby Kurtz is a former squadmate of Doug's who long preceded him in the art of the dishonorable discharge. On the loose since 1964, he and his crew recently got tired of the drear and fear of Liberty; they've kicked dirt 'cross country, recently settled on the outskirts of San Fierro - the rural town of Pleasance, where they've taken to calling themselves The Lost in honor of their exotic environs. Mick Cassidy: In addition to having long abandoned his pledge to protect the general public, Lieutenant Mickey Cassidy of the SFPD has also ditched the guise that his corrupt approach to law enforcement is for the greater good. Self-centered and self-serving, his badge serves as the sword that allows him to pillage and pilfer - bureaucratically, of course - as he sees fit in the name of personal enrichment. John Muscarella: A former lawyer turned San Andreas state senator. They say the only honest politician is one who can stay bought, and a lawyer-politician combo doesn't bode well. In spite of his slimy resumé, John Muscarella's specialty as a lawyer was government anti-corruption cases; as a senator, he devotes his time to advancing civil rights. Despite his pure intentions, he's still a victim to the age-old adage - his financial backings will return to supply a firm bite to the ass. Edward J. Segal: A Sergeant Major of the USMC, Eddie Segal was, in spite of all outward appearances, the mastermind behind the smuggling operation that Doug regrettably took part in. Now retired from active duty and considered a war hero, no one's the wiser of his involvement except Doug himself. As fate has it, he's decided to carry on with his retirement in Calton Heights - a mere five minute drive from Doug's own home. Randall Harris: One of Doug's former brothers-in-arms, Randy Harris spared no time rising up the ranks of San Fierro's police department after a suspicious helicopter malfunction left him cleared of Vietnam duty. He's the perpetual good cop, always wanting to make up for his misdeeds during the war - a sentiment not jibing well with his orders to work hand-in-hand with some of the city's undesirables as part of an early gang task force initiative. Sugi "Winky" Palafox: Coupled with his befuddling ancestry, Winky Palafox is a low-tier heroin dealer. While running his previously budding operation out of Pocilga Lodging, he met Doug and the pair formed a lukewarm business relationship - yet another source of tension between Doug and his wife. But recent shifts in the San Fierro drug trade have forced Winky's small time operation aside - the cash tap is running dry for all involved. Baldwin Schultz: Intimidating in his youth, this retired arms dealer has become old, flabby, and hard of hearing in his golden years. Schultzy acted as the Jewish-mob backed financier in Eddie Segal's smuggling fiasco and got away with most of the money - but that hasn't stopped him from living a life of intense frugality ever since; a hermit in a cabin atop Mount Callahan, as far from the city's hustle, bustle, and police force as possible. Calvin Leung: A third generation Chinese-American who doesn't seem to know it; Calvin is an enforcer in the San Fierro Triads who prefers every aspect of the "old country" he's never visited. A stickler for anonymity and discipline, he overlooks much of the gang's local drug operations and reports up the ladder instead of taking action himself - making him a powerful contact for those with something to gain. Tsang Kan Kuen: At the top of that serpentine Triad ladder, a man known as Connie to his more Americanized subordinates sits perpetually satisfied with himself. He was sent off from his eager Maoist origins in 1956 to organize the ragtag hierarchy of San Fierro's resident Triads, an endeavor he has completed all too well. Between human trafficking with the Soviets and drug dealing with the Mexicans, Connie has found an unforeseen consequence in American markets - the tossing aside of his pinko origins; the embrace of the joys of consumer capitalism. Wei Cheng: A young Triad envoy sent from Yangshan to pad Connie Kuen's numbers, Wei is both ambitious and mischevious in his approach to a life of crime. In plain words he has no respect for ancient customs, nor the practice of elderly respect - he's in America to do damage, and in the fountain of youth he intends to make the water red. Oscar Deng: The bellicose history between the Dengs and the Kuens goes back dynasties; it was brought to an end in the early years of the Great Qing after a liaison between an Imperial noble and a well-born temptress resulted in a child. That affair reverberates centuries down the road: it's the only reason the brainless brute otherwise known as Oscar the Ouch has made lieutenant in the otherwise tight-laced matters of the Kuen Triad. Lucio "Joey Dark Eyes" Occhipinti: As a captain in the San Fierro crime family, Joey Occhipinti's generally repelling aura and odious sense of humor had him sent out of the city to oversee the rackets of the Santo Zacaria Valley down south. Unfortunately for the valley's inhabitants, the only family rackets down there are the skin business; theatres, sets, movies, and ladies of the night. That misfortune strikes doubly for those women of the oldest trade. Lex Gianakos: A socialite before socialites with an exotic background and fingers in every illicit pie, Lex Gianakos is known as a cipher equal parts coy and cruel with no discernible origin story. It's widely accepted across the west coast that, regardless of her potential unsung loyalties, she's a necessary evil to have on your side. Joan Campos: A Liberty City exile with good reason to have flown across the country for the hope of anonymity, Joan Campos alternates between flying the flags of feminism and anarchism depending on the current company. She's found a good deal more like-minded individuals from her Vista Park studio - the insurgent infantrymen of counterculture. Augustus Hauptmann: Old money that talks the talk but can't walk the walk. Despite the outside face of a family values traditionalist, a look at Gusto Hauptmann's financial records paints another picture - a keen interest in civil rights and Democratic donations. His latest dilemma is dictating the fate of the Iron City Inquirer upon his demise - no male heirs and a young daughter with an insurgent streak leave him little choice but to milk the fourth estate for all it's got. Joe Jagger: A southern pastor with a Communist streak, filled to the brim with visions of an equal world. Coming from wealth, he's a frequent donor to John Muscarella - it buys him never-ending invitations to political masquerades where he's free to spread his own skewed views of the three nos: religion, politics, and war. On the sociable side he enjoys hosting neighborhood cookouts; he serves his own special brand of fruit punch that the locals say is to die for. Winston Cole: Three years younger than Julius, the Coles' good son made it all the way to university before a criminal framing brought him tumbling down. Disillusioned with society in general, he didn't hesitate to cross the country with his brother in 1960 - after eight years of intermittent employment, he's found a pursuit in civil rights and has made connections he hopes he'll never need to use. David Arnold: A professional chopper enthusiast: Dave owns a chop-shop in Dutch Flatlands, and in the eyes of the law that's as far as his enterprising goes. In the underworld he's known to be a suave businessman of another fashion with an explosive temper and a Redwood perpetually in hand. He's currently the de-facto leader of San Fierro's biker culture, which has recently dipped its toe in the international heroin trade. Harry Bulle: ALL A man who likes inside jokes - he chose "Harry" from the 'Tom, Dick & Harry' type of everyman, and his job at the International American Airline for the innuendo alone. Every aspect of Harry Bulle is a farce, marred behind layer upon layer of red tape and blind alleys. From a motel an even run between San Fierro and Las Venturas, he runs clandestine ops for God-knows-who for Lord-knows-why, but always in the company of an even-keeled sense of humor. Dirk Dunne: A formidable presence with the brazenness to match, Dirk is second only to David Arnold in the biker crew hierarchy. Another example of classic brains vs. brawn, Dirk provides the terrorizing muscle behind the organization while David presents a purely businesslike facade - but the fact that both men consider themselves the boss is slightly problematic. The ostensible united front is about to crack. Freddy Peters: The owner of Intrepid Courier Service, Freddy's come to be known as a surrogate father for his employees - complete with raging temper and all. In spite of a life running forty-some years of scrupulous values, the city's beginning to swallow him up in debt and dismay: turns out he's no more immune than anyone to sin when faced with the prospect of ruin. Roxanne King: A Los Santos girl born and raised, Roxanne migrated to the Iron City to join her brother Leon after the Rancho Riots. She and her shadow found work in a local Suppleham watering hole - it's there she met Winston Cole, where they founded the S.F. chapter of the House of Racial Equality with only the purest of intentions - three years down and he still hasn't met her brother, a man significantly more renegade than the dynamic duo. Leon King: Pillar of the Birchwood community just outside San Fierro, Leon only knew his first year of age and out of the pen he radicalized himself in 1965. Rather than flee the Rancho Riots like Roxy, he welcomed the insurrection: avoided arrest, made a name for himself after torching an LSPD command post, found himself revered as ever by the black community of Birchwood on a self-imposed exile. Vain yet visionary as ever, Leon took the opportunity to found the Leopards of Leandros - a preeminent black power movement IAA-pinned for sponsoring every crime under the sun. Laverne Powell: A Caribbean native, Laverne was a precocious iconoclast against the swell of nonviolent civil rights tactics; with a series of successful activist undertakings under his belt over the past decade, he's fallen in and out of various orgs due to a habit of breaking with protocol - and inevitably found a home in the east coast chapters of the Leopards. Ever on an upward trajectory, his standout streak has recently been embraced by the King himself. Dallas Bloomfield: Jack of all trades or an incompetent bum; a pinko bastard or a madcap anarchist - speak to different folk, get different answers. His paper trail paints no clearer picture - a journalism degree in the deep south, a tryst and quarrel with a Spanish duchess, a charge for felony mayhem in 1966 - now, he runs his own journalistic outlet from a Poacher's Beak warehouse when he's not running with David Arnold and his gang of desperadoes. Chester Goldwater: A New England drug runner with deep-rooted links down south, Chester Goldwater drifted all the way to Los Santos so he could sell weed to the free spirited alumni of ULSA - before long he had a habit of stealing airplanes from private Blaine County airfields in order to deliver to the Mexes; a business relationship was born, but didn't last. Chester the perpetual transient fell in with some hippies; he's broken new ground further north. Sándor "Danny Frick" Fricsay: A former stickup artist turned boho entrepreneur with a rap sheet of straight B&Es, Danny's a San Fierro native who made peace with himself after he got tired of strong-arming for petty cash. With a group of old friends he founded the Love and Sunshine Directive based out the city of love - bringing about apparatchik enlightenment and neighborly affection through means both spiritual and chemical. Ludovico "Vic Tuna" Sclafani: A seafood merchant who gives a whole new meaning to "surf n' turf", Tuna's company Sclafani Wholesale operates as a dockside front to cover for heroin distribution across the state. Connected across all lines - to the Japs through his gambling rackets in Little Tokyo and the Mexicans through drug peddling across San Fierro - Tuna sits comfortable as the unopposed mafia chieftain of northern San Andreas. Gesuele "Jesse the Ox" Occhipinti: Midwest born, Los Santos raised, Jesse the Ox's recent tactical appointment to serve as underboss to Tuna Sclafani came as an unexpected blessing. His unassuming frame suits his mousy, self-serving inclinations much more than the name - but it's the Ox's stubbornness, as his old friends would say. The mindset makes him doubly vicious in his strategies; never a chance of leaving a witness behind. The selfishness goes as far as to overtake the oath of la Cosa Nostra, though - he comes first. Never la famaglia. Kalonymus "Lonnie Yum Yum" Zotz: The missing link between the Sclafani syndicate and the west coast's other Cosa Nostra outfits, Lonnie's nickname exemplifies the man as succinctly as anything: one of idiosyncrasies, born of his response to business propositions - he likes it, he chirps "yum yum". A reputation built off a inter pares relationship with both black gangsters and the guidos back in home plate Liberty City atop a foundation in the numerous gambling operations he inherited from his father. He's known to come across friendly, if a bit nonplussed - in reality he's only marginally better at hiding his opportunism behind a curtain of ill-fitting clothing patterns. Bung Fritz: One-time cop, two-time Olympic athlete from the land down under constantly jet setting from continent to continent in pursuit of new contacts to add to a burgeoning empire, always in the company of a shadowy figure or two and some reticent reactionaries from East-Central Europe. Nobody really knows his business because they don't ask - he's got more connections than his international flights and fulfills every obligation, and if that means being shadowed by a black van every time he's in the area then so be it. The suits probably aren't worth the worry. Bennie Bartok: One of San Andreas' newer players in the drug trade, Bennie is already known as a force to be reckoned with. His laid-back disposition works hand-in-hand with his disarming figure, but he's got a dangerous knack for negotiation and depravity while behind closed doors. He advertises as one of the cheapest fixers currently on the market - loyal only to the highest bidder. Sienna Derisme: A southern girl northern raised - that's the extent of the available hearsay surrounding Sienna's lifestory. In San Fierro she goes club to club, red light to pink light, in search of something intangible that she expects to find through the nightly company of strange men. She's had little luck finding whatever she seeks. Seamus Dunleavy: The bored housewives of the Santo Zacaria Valley had Doctor Dunleavy making high five figures - that all came to an end when he was caught testing the effects of certain psychoactives under false pretenses. Without his medical license, Seamus turned his work toward spirituality - before long he was Brother Dunleavy of the LSD, deity to the dazed masses, handing out microdots like communion wafers. Sam Beasley: Infamous pimp and pusher from Carcer City, "Stone Cold" Sammy has recently been called from his northeast digs to help his old pal Pat Matthews dole out mafia-supplied heroin to every black community from the Greenwich Coast to the Gobi Outpost. A perpetual stone-faced expression gave him his namesake; none of the eight streetwalkers he killed in Carcer saw it coming - a violent death at the hands of a gold and zebra sheathed cane. Pat "The Cat" Matthews: The Cat operates in pussy and heroin. Recently released from a fifteen year bid in a mixed-race hellhole in the midwest, Pat Matthews found everything exactly where he left it in the deceptive suburbia of Birchwood. Originally a street cat from Carcer, he moved west for the weather and the potential - when he went away in 1953 he never knew just how perfectly circumstances would conspire down the road. His haunts in the town are ripe for the picking - junkies chase the dragon like a thirsty man drinks water, and the mafiosi across the river are game. Hyman Katz: Long-successful record executive known for his reach across all musical genres, Hyman Katz's auteur status is owed to his children's fingers on the pulse of young society - not his. The facade of avant-garde knowledge has gained him many successful contracts in the meantime, thanks in equal part to his underworld connections - the question is: how long can he maintain the balancing act? Bruno Grzybowski: Voted most esteemed agent of the Department of Opioid and Pharmaceutical Exploitations since '65, the colloquially known Agent Grotto has never hesitated to be brutal and calculated in his efforts to curb San Fierro's growing drug epidemic. Perhaps he wouldn't be as revered if his superiors knew of his back-alley deals - a wet beak in exchange for busting only the pettiest of pushers. Matilda Yong: Luckily for Matilda, her patrons are an inherently no-questions-asked type of clientele. Perhaps if they were, they would ask how she managed to pop up in S.F. come 1965 with a small fortune in counterfeit bills and a Chinatown building lease without so much as a peep beforehand - or why half the time she doesn't respond to her name. When she put the apartments above her parlor up for rent in '68, the equally reticent Cole brothers came a-knocking. Jackie Gallo: Dante's only uncle, Giacomo came to America at the height of Prohibition. After a rise and fall under the eyes of a local thief ring, he headed east straight into the arms of the Gambettis. An astute business acumen boosted him to underboss by the 60s, when his paisan Amerigo Cazzini recruited him to oversee Venturas ops in perpetuity. Jon Gravelli: A consistently dependable worker for the Gambetti family since the age of twelve, Gravelli has recently been promoted to capo and shipped off to Las Venturas just in time to miss the birth of his son. In love with his work but having left his heart in Liberty City, he is known as a fair and level-headed leader with a zero tolerance for callowness. Amerigo Cazzini: A Mustache Pete through and through, Cazzini came to North America in the mid-20s to flee the state police and four angry husbands. The full Sicilian package of a sadistic streak and heightened business savvy, he found triumph in the Prohibition bootlegging operations of eastern Canada. Of late, his personal kinship with Gambetti head Sonny Cangelosi has earned him a spot further south - heading the Sicilian sect of the Gambettis as their Las Venturas intermediary. Sonny Cangelosi: Never in a near fifty-year career in the waste management business has Sonny Cangelosi been convicted of a crime, thanks to a lifetime of keeping his cards fused to his chest. Hand gestures, batty wordplay, complete silence - the Liberty City attorney general has nothing on the man who heads the Gambetti crime family. He's not above rubbing their face in it either - suspicious trips to Las Venturas he knows are out of the office's jurisdiction and constant shoulder rubbing with known crime figures, Cangelosi has recently struck up a big deal with old friends in the name of shared profits. Ettore Boccino: Product of a long line of slimy businessmen and con artists, Ettore was the first and only to welcome Dante to the neighborhood. He taught the boy English and how to hustle; the brother he never had. With the pair growing up around men like Jackie they inevitably found themselves drawn to the lifestyle - if only they ever found success in it. Sebby Boccino: One of those aforementioned slimeball con artists, Sebastiano Boccino is Ettore's father and one of the casualties of the Gambetti family's Liberty City purge - any and all weak links sent to the land of slot machines. Turns out he's well suited to it; his affinity for unsightly polo shirts is uninhibited by the weather, and corpse disposal is only a fifteen minute drive to a hole in the desert - what's not to love? Vivienne Lemay: One of Las Venturas' most prestigious poker players, "Lady Vee" is notorious on the strip for her talent of cleaning out any casino that dares let her enter thanks in equal part to her beauty and her prowess. Blacklisted from all but three Venturas gambling outlets, she is eager to try her hand at La Penisola upon its opening in early 1968 - little does she know, the Cazzini family have long had their eyes on her. The Midwest Commission: The flyover state variety of the Five Families' governing body, the midwest commission holds court over all mob-related decisions throughout middle America, headquartered in Delisle. Recently, their priorities are focused on Las Venturas - their collective investment in La Penisola a potential cash cow for decades to come. As of 1968 the commission is made up of: Michele "The Ear" Recchio, figurehead of Couira's mob. De facto boss of all bosses with his own seat on the true Commission - operating as an organ of the business interests of the ruling body's midwest flavor. Giuseppe "Giant Joe" Grimaldi, ailing head of the Henderson crime syndicate. Vincenzo Ossi, underboss of the Grimaldi family. Represents Grimaldi at meetings when the boss is too ill to attend. Corrado "Conrad" Borelli, don of the Borelli crime family of Nagadawee. Pietrocarlo "Stumpy Pete" diCostanza, boss of Delisle's diCostanza crime syndicate. Max Buscaglia: Feared enforcer for the Couira mob, "The Butcher" Buscaglia made his name and his bones through a renown line of meat markets - animal et al. He's a loon even by criminal standards, word down the grapevine being he worships the occult and now and again sacrifices his victims in the name of Lucifer in his shop backrooms. Cute peculiarities aside, he's a childhood friend of Jackie Gallo and has made firm relations with a certain government agent. Above all, he's in good hands. Carmine Cohen: A bookmaker by day and fabled handicapper by night, rumor has it that Carmine invented the very idea of point shaving - maybe he should've filed a patent. At the beck and call of every crime family from Coventry to Liberty, he's always lived in the lap of luxury thanks to a life studying the art of odds. The paranoia of Couira's mob has given him a longer-winded station; sports booking across the Las Venturas Strip to maintain their investment in La Penisola. In the grand scheme of things he's just another friendly face to cover for more hush-hush ops - but he'll sure get rich doing it. Carlo D'Aversa: Las Venturas' casino frontman, Carlo has always been popular among the comers-and-goers of the strip. Known for his happy-go-lucky attitude and ostentatious habits, Carlo hasn't been quite himself lately. He's being pulled down the middle by the Gambettis and the Ancelottis - the former trusting he'll provide a garish open to La Penisola, the latter hoping they can hook him over to play for the other team. Albert Aisner: A failed car salesman from southern San Andreas, Albie Aisner's similarities with his Italian counterpart end with the title. He keeps a low profile; a friendly face to hide the organized skim taking place in the count rooms of every casino under his belt, from the Algiers to the Tequila Sunrise. As long as the money rolls in, he'll take the jabs at his Semitic mores from the higher-ups in stride. Linwood Kennedy: Famed alum of Classic Vinewood's silent era, Linwood Kennedy has amassed such an immense fortune in the past three decades that he's been allowed the luxury of practicing peculiar hobbies. Besides snow globe collecting, harvesting carnivorous plants, and faking his own death for sport, he rejoices in purchasing controlling stakes in thriving industries, only to bleed them dry and inevitably forget about them. After a long life stuck in Vinewood he's moved slightly north - drawn like all to the neon lights of Las Venturas. Alan Hoffman: A preeminent real estate mogul turned casino impresario with a line in every industry, Alan Hoffman's silver spoon upbringing has left him in a permanent state of dissatisfaction with his surroundings. In Las Venturas he has a vision - wrestling the last relics of a bygone era from the fossils of their dominion, replacing them with moneymaking conglomerates that will live on in perpetuity. Harold Von Crastenburg: A fortune like no other thanks to a line of international luxury hotels didn't save Harold Von Crastenburg from his diagnosis: two years max. In light of the news he's turned his priorities from business to pleasure: collecting endlessly expensive rare cars and memorabilia with the profits gained from the casino trade - an industry he calls "unconfined idiocy". Like Linwood Kennedy he's ever a capitalist no matter the pretensions - the bottom line takes charge no matter the casualties incurred. Glenn "The Kraut" Deutsch: A loyal footsoldier to Max Buscaglia and - to a lesser extent - the Couira Outfit, The Kraut gave up a six-figure salary as a bookmaker for the family in order to follow his mentor to Las Venturas when duty called. He's rarely seen on his own, nor lets a breath escape his lips without the permission of his patron thanks to the insecurity of a congenital defect - one that certainly doesn't affect his temper or his vitality. Pasquale "Pat/Pax" Ancelotti: What some might call an idealist visionary may be seen by others as an egomaniac too preoccupied with a vainglorious legacy - and somewhere in the middle lies Pax Ancelotti and a crime syndicate in fruitless stasis thanks to a sudden preoccupation with his new baby: the Italian-American Association Against Discrimination. Jumpstarted by a desire to see his nephew out of a trumped-up extortion charge, the flames were stoked by Zuriel Orzoff Esq. and have been consistently refueled by the oily downtrodden - and the man on the throne, soldiers at his feet, has seen it fit to leap off and start building a shrine to San Gennaro while forgetting the concept of mutiny. Giovanni Ancelotti: As Pasquale Ancelotti's nephew, Giovanni has long been considered the obvious choice to succeed his uncle's position as head of the family. He's fair in his dealings, unbiased in his affairs, ostensibly peace-seeking - if only they knew of the fire in his heart, the yearning for the day his beloved Uncle Pasquale keels over so he can grab the reins. "Crazy" Wayne Coco: A sadist of the highest order, Crazy Wayne earned his nickname in spades decades back - on the way back home after one a-many lashings out that probably left some poor schmuck with one less eye or limb. He's taken up residence in three states and shadows Gio Ancelotti like an ice pick-wielding puppy dog: at his beck and call he goes where the business goes, and where the business goes blood's sure to flow. Zuriel Orzoff: A Bohanite as they come, Zuriel abandoned his post in the appellate courts of Liberty City to specialize in Algonquin private practice - a majority of his time spent with client/confidante Pasquale Ancelotti, his undying drive and ruthless nature have left his name perpetually on the lips of the elite with money to spare; a steady source of income when he's not fighting Ancelotti battles as legal representative of the newly minted Italian-American Association Against Discrimination. Eugenio "Genie" Sbarra: A member of Gravelli's rag-tag crew from Dukes, the Sbarra name is feared on the streets of Liberty; a man with a reputation for a love of the kill. His signature? Popping a guy in the head and crushing them in their car, dumping the cube in the Humboldt. Got handpicked by Gravelli to join him on his Venturas vacation, and he's making a go of it: the wife thinks it's a business trip and the kids play little league. Junior just made star of the team. The facade may be different, but the techniques are all the same. The man never changed. Michael Caccia: With a penchant for flashy shirts and philandering, Mikey's an Alderney City bookie who got demoted cross-coast when he slept with a Lupisella capo's goomar one too many times. The Gambetti brass shipped him out with the hope that his numbers skills would prove useful in the casinos - they don't know the resentment he harbors for pulling him from his stomping grounds. "Chubby" Charlie Matteo: From the nickname alone, people expect to come face-to-face with a waddling Guernsey greaseball of middle age - they're wrong. Rather, young Charlie Matteo's moniker comes from the predatory vig he charges on his loans which, even at his young age of twenty, have inspired many a successful Alderney risk-taker to file for personal bankruptcy. His zeal for the old ways of the life are paving the way for a long-lived career in Ancelotti loansharking; the Las Venturas wing of the family needs his services more than ever. Valerio "Val Flowers" Negri: Former city alderman from the Midwest, Val Negri has long retired his political aspirations in favor of a equally corrupt agenda - cavorting with organized crime and government agencies alike. He's a man serving many interests, above all his own; only a small party are privy to just what extent this attitude operates. He'll take it to the grave. Pip & Pat Trompi: The Trompi brothers are the Ancelotti family's main enforcers, bringing both the brains and the brawn to the table. Despite the longstanding war, Ancelotti higher-ups waited until Venturas was a sure thing to send them in. Pip's laying low under his permit to get the city in Ancelotti hands at all costs. His little brother, on the other hand, has a mouth that can't contain his fervor - even in a city of callous windbags. "Blue" Billy Bracco: Soon-to-be La Penisola's host, Guglielmo's new to the game: got his first taste of 'our thing' after Sebby Boccino personally congratulated him on a great set at the Quadrille. Later that night saw him throw a brick at a bad waiter. For his silence he's here and now, rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous while only slightly knowing what happens behind the curtain. Anthony Bianco: One-time Ancelotti boss-to-be who was kicked to the Liberty curb after a majorly failed coup with Big Joe Messina, Bianco is fresh off a ten year trip up the river for attempting to extort a San Andreas used car salesman. No longer welcome in his hometown, he wants to try his hand in Venturas - he's always held an irrational hatred for Sonny Cangelosi and his ilk; money will be made at all costs, peacekeeping efforts be damned. Girolamo Lancetti: Ruling over the territory of southern San Andreas for the better part of two decades, nobody would dare hazard a guess that Gerry Lancetti's previous métier was upholding the law; yet he's still a legal eagle at heart. A firm cooperation with the Ancelotti keeps the Lancetti family unchallenged in their perches, if largely insignificant in the sprawling umbrella of the American mafia. "Cockeyed" Phil Giamonte: A loyal button man for the Los Santos crime family since its glory days, the glass-eyed Giamonte - often too lazy to align his fake blinder - fell by the wayside in favor of Gerry Lancetti when it came time for the leadership election in the late 50s. Vicious and grudging, he's biding his time and stewing in resentment against the man at the reins, waiting for the opportunity to usurp the cathedra and bring the family back to its highest of heights. Mario Bonelli: Big Bonelli made capo faster than he could crack a corny joke about pasta nobody would laugh at. Chummy with Mac Panza 'til the heat got too hot and they started ticking off boss after boss - the consummate boot licker keen on impressing. Now Vinewood-bound: good friends with Lancetti and Couira's boys in LS, best buds with whoever laughs the hardest at his bad puns. Ronald Ross: A man of the south who'll take the whole cowboy shtick to his grave, Ronny Ross left his utopia when Couira took a stand back in ol' Texas. Now more ingrained in the west coast than the horseshoes that became his casino's namesake, Ross has skirted more criminal trials than Sonny Cangelosi in the spirit of keeping his business up and running - fiercely independent from the long arm of the mob. Haluk "The Turk" Sipahioğlu: They started calling him The Turk not just as a marker of his ancestry but because the hoi polloi of Las Venturas might as well had been coughing up phlegm while trying to pronounce his surname. Turk came to the city in the early 60s, easily forged a path not quite into the lap of luxury but at least middling comfort; perpetually cordial and at peace with his station in life, he runs a backstreets thrift shop that's inevitably led to some crossovers with society's scofflaws. He'd never welcome them with any less of a smile. The cities of San Fierro and Las Venturas are separated into districts. Within these districts are neighborhoods, which are all entirely unique and evolve as the game goes on. In between the two cities is an expanse of desert, where small towns and venues are scattered across. Below is a list of districts, neighborhoods and desert towns in the game. "Five years later? Six? It seems like a lifetime, or at least a Main Era—the kind of peak that never comes again. San Francisco in the middle sixties was a very special time and place to be a part of. Maybe it meant something. Maybe not, in the long run… but no explanation, no mix of words or music or memories can touch that sense of knowing that you were there and alive in that corner of time and the world. Whatever it meant..." - Hunter S. Thompson ---- Iron Coastlands: Consisting of Quest Sound, the Dutch Flatlands and Poacher's Beak, the Iron Coastlands consist mostly of industrial factories, many of them abandoned and in disarray - the SFPD know that no amount of policing will heed the amount of illegal dealings that go on under the moonlight. Of the three, Poacher's Beak is considered the "safest" to venture into overnight, seeing as it's the only one with residential areas. David Arnold's chop shop is right in the middle of the Dutch Flatlands district, which tangibly belongs to him, and Quest Sound is the place to go if you're looking for questionable narcotics or solid weapons. If you aren't up for paying, the San Fierro Naval Dockyard is host to the most military contraband in the state; try your luck. Quest Sound - Still mostly empty with exception of a few looming warehouses and vacant alleyways, the perpetually half-flooded Quest Sound - The Bayou - is Fierro's go-to place for deals of the shadiest kind. Until someone wealthy enough decides to initiate a redevelopment project, the SFPD chooses to ignore the fact that every night, the population experiences a sudden boom. Dutch Flatlands - Consisting almost entirely of run down and abandoned buildings, there is absolutely no reason for anyone up to a reasonable amount of good to venture into the Flatlands. De-facto owned by David Arnold and his gang, the police stopped patrolling the area ages ago. Poacher's Beak - Being the least dangerous neighborhood of the Coastlands doesn't make it safe by any stretch of the imagination. Poacher's Beak is a cesspool of sketchy massage parlors and liquor stores with upstairs apartments. You've still got a 50-50 chance of getting mugged or propositioned while walking down the street, but it's a whole 'nother world compared to the Dutch Flatlands. ---- Sunset District: Calton Heights, Westwood, Vista Park and Princeton are the neighborhoods of the Sunset District. Previously occupied by lower-middle class, the district has recently received a surge in property purchases by those in the know. Tightly packed Victorian-era townhouses populate the narrow streets that offer sweeping views of the bay. Calton Heights - Previously known as Andreas Heights, in recent times this neighborhood has been inhabited by those with money to spare. Located at the top of a steep incline, Calton Heights features a great view of Easter Bay and is home to the most affluent in the city. Despite the high property prices, the streets of the neighborhood are plagued with young "artists" hocking their newest music and advertising clubs in the city's seedier locales during the day, and the "classiest" of working girls at night. Westwood - Virtually identical to Calton Heights, Westwood sits high above sea level and is populated to the brim. However, it remains untouched by the higher class. Victorian houses not maintained since their inception continue to fall apart at the seams behind well-maintained lawns and gardens. Due to not knowing what sort of audience they might find, Westwood is free from any sort of hecklers and is the quietest of the district at night. Vista Park - Unlike the others of its ilk, Vista Park was never considered a great place to live. Apartment tenements highly outnumbering historic homes took away from its charm atop San Fierro's highest hill, but the Summer of Love brought hundreds of young couples to the neighborhood in a fest of song and acid. One might call it the nerve center of SF counterculture. Princeton - Half at sea level and half uphill, Princeton used to be a quiet residential area. Recently, it's turned upside down and has become a safe haven for the LGBT community in the aftermath of the Summer of Love and more nightclubs and bars are springing up than ever. History buffs and natural beauty maintain its reputation as prime real estate. ---- Lusitano Hill: Only the neighborhoods of Suppleham and Little Hanoi remain part of the formerly sprawling locale of Lusitano Hill. Constricted to the east by San Fierro's expanding downtown and to the west by the estates of the Sunset District, it has become a haven for those with little cash to spare and nowhere else to go. Suppleham - Booming from the Gold Rush until the end of Prohibition, Suppleham developed into a refuge for GIs as the 1940s approached. Its nightlife was swept aside as properties were flipped residential - it could only work for so long. Now, as WWII fades into the past and the draftees move on, it has turned to a something of a melting pot; jazz clubs, burlesque theatres and massage parlors now line the streets. The homes have been kicked upward - single occupancy apartments above the businesses. Doug and his family live at Pocilga Lodging, one of the only apartments left that operates not only in name. Little Hanoi - Part of Suppleham in reality but not in spirit, Little Hanoi is distinct in its purely Vietnamese identity. Plain and simple - don't venture in here unless you speak it or look it, at least until the war's over. ---- Sastre Outlook: Home to those rich enough to acknowledge San Fierro's cultural scene from afar but too brassbound to take part in it, Sastre Outlook's district/neighborhood combo offers stunning views all around to look down on the commoners below. Recent picketing has put a pin in the district's perpetual air of superiority, laying bare the fact that no amount of elitism can keep out an increasingly unruly populace. ---- Greenwich: A district of shifting populations since the Gold Rush, East Greenwich, West Greenwich, Equator Bay and Kennedy Park make up San Fierro's middle-class compromises. The district border has been consistently warping since the 40s, pushing stucco dwellings to the brim with - most recently - headstrong Chinese immigrants too proud to live in Chinatown. East Greenwich - Constantly under construction and split down the middle between ancient Victorians and budget crash pads, its borders are rounded out by the Sastre Vista highlands one way and San Fierro's token park on the other. East Greenie is affordable and cultural - and the bohemians are taking notice. West Greenwich - When the Greenwiches became two, the west side got away with most of its fabled antique housing. With sandy beaches on one side and lush parks on another, only those appreciating of nature and tolerant of peculiar smells inhabit it. Equator Bay - Smack dab in the middle, Equator Bay was left out of the Greenwich moniker. It has its own identity instead - numbered streets, abundant murals, and cheap duplexes. It's second only to Chinatown for the highest concentration of Chinese immigrants; ones who prefer to live in relative anonymity. Kennedy Park - Kennedy Park is nothing more than a glorified nature reserve built around the ruins of a once-massive natatorium - a tourist trap for those excited to see the end of the Great Ocean Highway, sure, but one offering the double trouble of both scenic views of the Pacific and the seclusion of the cliff faces. Practically begging to be the backdrop for something poignant. ---- Chinatown: Another district/neighborhood mashup, San Fierro's Chinatown is the oldest of its kind. If it's food cart nosh, faux imperial architecture and bargain, 50/50-shot-of-a-happy-ending massages you seek, it's your port of call. Just ignore the influx of immigrants hoping to keep the district to themselves. Above one of those infamous parlors sleep the Cole brothers, undying sticklers for budget living. ---- Nocaro Esplanade: Under this district's umbrella fall San Fierro's varied waterside neighborhoods: Clarita Quay, Balandro, and Las Llegadas. They might share a nautical view, but that's about it - the San Fierro city council stands partial to the remunerative neighborhoods only, letting the flower children fight for the scraps elsewhere. Clarita Quay - As some of the Esplanade's other developments fell into disarray, Clarita Quay's grandiose allure kept it 100% afloat. It's survived the times as a token of nostalgia, seemingly untouched by modernity to the benefit of the rich and tourist-inclined alike. Main attraction - Victoria Dock, where anyone can gorge on seafood while eyeballing the filthy rich do the same on their moored yachts nearby. Balandro - Twenty years ago Balandro could've been considered Clarita Quay's sister section - if its original architect hadn't insisted on forging it in wood, that might still be the case. Now it's falling to rot, both literal and metaphorical - it's closer to the Dutch Flatlands than its neighbor in spirit. Las Llegadas - Commemorative fountains and an abandoned army post; Fort Woods has been chiefly forsaken since the end of the Korean War. It lays waterside as a target for urban exploration and patriotic photo ops, zip else. The open land of its few plazas, however, are ripe for bohemian outdoor living. ---- The Valley: Nobody knows how this district became known as The Valley; both Dimezzo Vale and Para Point's lush green landscapes sit on a mountain high above the rest of San Fierro. Maybe it was lost in translation. Maybe its settlers were idiots. Dimezzo Vale - Originally envisioned as working-class rowhouses for the purveyors of the 1850 Gold Rush, most of its inhabitants died without a dime to their name. It was only then that the rich noticed what beautiful views it offered of the shoreside from the backyards of its Victorian duplexes; guess who came out on top? Para Point - Same as above, with a twist; when the rich invaded Para Point they were interrupted by city ordinances - it was to be the site of San Fierro's water reservoir, significantly depreciating the neighborhood's value. When the minor inconvenience made the fat fly elsewhere, the middle class entered in droves. Para Point is the location of Doug Pryor's childhood home. Three Guys Walk Into a Bar - Julius Cole, Doug Pryor, and Dante Gallo act out a typical day in the life as auspicious prospects loom. Top of the Slide - After a face-to-face with his newest employer, Julius is put to the test in a surreal environment. Consumption and Other Hobbies - Dante heads out to the desert on behalf of his uncle, then gets into some hijinks with an old friend. The Gordian Knot - A desperate Doug teams up with a former business associate and earns a chance to showcase his skills to a new organization. Red Herring - Julius makes an impression on Winston's girlfriend then heads to the docks to meet an offbeat seafood salesman offering work. Moth and Rust - A boozy Dante and Ettore pull a heist on a Couira drop shop hosted in a meat market. Conflict of Interest - Told to inspire some Chinese envoys with the American work ethic, Doug and a unit of Triads collect on a debt wanted in a number of circles. One More Saturday Night - Julius is shuttled off to an acid test in Rose-Ronan courtesy of the bikers. Shrinking Men - Dante comes face to face with a local legend as a personal favor for Jon Gravelli. Blacktop Blues - Marcus tags along with Doug on a drug deal that never quite materializes. Yellow Press - As tensions flare, Julius heads to the jewel of the Hauptmann crown to put the fear of God into the editorial board. Mea Culpa - Dante and Eddy commit a flagrant sin. Inconveniences Resolved - Doug heads into the hornet's nest to recover his impounded car and 15 kilos of scag. The Homing Pigeon Roosts - Julius meets the Leopards of Leandros. King of Swing - As La Penisola's grand opening approaches, Dante's tasked with recovering an institution of yore. The Father, The Son, The Spirit - Doug lends his services out to the Russian mob and runs into someone he would've been just fine never seeing again. In Dealing With Mongol Hordes - A deal in the dirt: Mexicans, scoped rifles, acid comedowns, and rampant passive aggression. Stuck In The Brambles - Dante rescues a friend in need. Winky's Wetwork (Doug) The first structured side-mission available in-game, Winky's Wetwork consists of Doug's efforts to keep Winky Palafox's Triad-affiliated drug running op afloat. Tasks range from the menial - overseeing Chinatown poppy shipments or keeping workers in check - to the more intricate, such as roughing up unruly employees or getting the dirt on warehouse owners downriver. As the story progresses and Winky learns the ropes himself, Doug will receive a thanks with decent severance. There are seven scripted missions: The Birds: Doug oversees a shipment of heroin coming in through the open waterfront; open season. With the help of Triad goons, ensure the cargo is safely tucked into the vans as rival thugs attempt to butt in from the sky - ward them off and bring a batch straight to Calvin yourself for extra compensation. Badlands Redux: At the behest of the Triads themselves, take out the ringleader of the other day's ambush from his mountaintop cabin south San Fierro. Crème de la Crème: Conduct a business meeting yourself out of a Poacher's Beak confectionery and prove your reputation as a stalwart negotiator - if you've got good eyes you'll double-cross the double-crossers before they can do you any wrong. Prohibition: As the Triad warehouse housing the goods from the confectionery deal gets raided, find a way to relocate the goods without getting busted. Chief Shaft: Obtain some coercion-worthy exhibition shots of the drug case's lead investigator and shrug off funny looks as the photos get developed. Tropic Sun: With the heat off Winky's back, stake out the agreed meeting place to offload the goods before the deal takes place and eradicate any undesirable elements. Heroin Chic: In the company of Winky and a band of Chinese goons, ensure the biggest deal of his career goes off without a hitch. Weapons Trafficking (Doug) Maybe second time's the charm. Doug still holds contacts within the USMC willing to part with some firepower despite the original ring's disastrous fate - with the help of Baldwin Matthews, Doug returns to his old tricks sans the deceitful Sergeant Major. With good work put in along with Doug's career advancements elsewhere, the missions become increasingly complex and doubly rewarding as time goes on. There are five varieties of missions: The Oceanic: Be it through stealing or purchasing, this mission takes Doug out on the water to complete his objective. That's not an indicator of anonymity - San Fierro has eyes on the sea 24/7 to protect the SF Naval Dockyard. Grease the Coast Guard's palms yourself or think of another way through, because naval warfare isn't a force to be reckoned with in trying times. The Smuggler: Race to the given locations and stuff some weapons in anonymous dropboxes around the state - just watch out for setups and crackdowns. The Saboteur: As always, the arms race is not without opposition. Through force of wit or ferocity, let your competitors know that northern San Andreas has only one name for blackmarket weapons. The Deal: Meet with contacts statewide to seal the deal on a sale. Be aware - with no means of verification, you're always taking part in a risky business. Cop or crook, see to it that things are done on a level playing field.
  13. A Collaborative Effort by sabitsuki & The Notorious MOB Welcome to London in the long hot summer of 1974, formerly a tourist city filled with famous landmarks such as Big Ben, The Tower of London, Tower Bridge and Buckingham Palace, our capital has now been perverted into a flaming hell-on-earth with murder rates comparable to cities like Carcer or Beirut. If you’re all shocked to bits, don’t be. It was only a matter of time before the swinging sixties got worn out. The impetus for the current sad state of London today can be easily traced back to the inter-gang conflict and strifes from the 1940s Post-War period all the way up to the Firm-related conflicts in the 1960s, along with more recent factors such as the rapid immigration from South-Central Europe, Asia, the Caribbean, Africa and much of the former Commonwealth as well as the deindustrialization and its resulting mass unemployment and crime spike of various British cities across the islands. Combine this perfect storm of events that befall the UK with the inherent cultural or structural differences between the organisations as well as a far more competitive criminal underworld, and you get one clusterf*ck of a gang war in The Old Smoke. It was also a time of widespread dodgy dealings and corruption which stretched to all facets of life from the “democratically” elected people in power to the broken backed proletariat on the street. So sit back, pour yourself a cup of Rosie and enjoy as we take you through the absolute balls up that was Landon Town in the mid-1970s. This isn’t just the underworld... This is The Underground. Tape’s rolling, mic check, everything crystal? Alright. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the London branch of the SID. If you are seated here in this room today, consider yourselves lucky, because the tasks which appear before you that you will all undertake soon after this meeting will be extremely vital to the inherent national security and peace of Great Britain. My name is Roland MacLellan, Executive Chief of this branch and I shall be your handler for this assignment. I have worked in various police forces for almost two decades, and I can tell you right now, with absolute confidence, that with presently occurring rapid immigration from the Commonwealth, Asia, West Indies and Africa and with the unfortunate economic downturn of our times, you boys are going to have a lot of work to do. Not that it should come as a surprise to all of you, but crime and corruption is currently a huge problem in our country, not to mention the political strife presently afflicting us in Northern Ireland. New groups of people and cultures coming in mean newer, more impenetrable forms of gang activity which you all, as sworn agents of the Queen, will strive to search, break and eventually destroy. We have corroborated our findings with evidence and data that have been collected by other field agents over the course of this joint assignment. These findings are all located on your desks, compiled and sealed in the brown folders before you. These folders, complete with documents, photographs, dossiers and reports, which shall remain classified for as long as you are within the bounds of this agency until further notice, as well as newspaper clippings, posters and excerpts that shall aid in your investigation and give you a better understanding of, and appreciation for the culture and socio-political situation in and around the city. This will no doubt pose a rather massive challenge, but I have complete faith in all 36 of you in this room that, by the end of all this, you shall be the bringers of positive change to this great nation, and that you will do whatever it takes to bring about that change. Many of you aren’t from around here… for good reason too. So I’ve taken the liberty of including a map of the area and giving you a rundown of each of the major districts. I’ve also included some of the local colloquialisms to get you all familiar with your surroundings a little more. Any questions, just ask. Good luck and Godspeed. Report #000293 - PRIME SUSPECTS Det. Constable Curtis Boyd, SID. [Dated 03/06/1974, declassified 09/06/2018] For years this was a mantra pasted on every post box and public house in the city. But times they are a-changin’ so who more fitting to represent the fight between the rozzers and the criminal underworld than one of each. This isn’t just a simple case study though… oh no, All are Connected. And all have a story to tell. In the midst of all the bloody chaos back in ‘74, through the testimonies and dying last words of the many witnesses, victims and suspects and by the absolute grace of God, Palmer and myself were able to boil the search down to three suspected individuals that we believe to have played a major role during the sh*t show in London that year. One of them, we believe, soon went on to be king, or queen, of the London criminal underworld, a role which they have maintained up to this day, even as I am writing this report. These three criminals are to be considered very, very dangerous, so watch your backs out there. We can only speculate who these criminals really are, given the sheer amount of obscurity and red tape which afflicted our investigations in the Greater London area. Thanks to those who shall not be named, the investigation got royally f*cked and the findings became the subject of a D-Notice. So you know what that means… our leads regarding their current whereabouts and illicit activities have amounted to sweet f*ck-all, pardon my French, not to mention that their genders aren’t all that known to us either. You’ve heard that right, lads, we aren’t even certain if these clowns are sporting a pair of jacobs or not. Thankfully, an anonymous source sometime in early ‘74 was able to provide us with vital details regarding the past lives of these reprobates, which are outlined in the next few pages of this report, corroborated with alleged photographs of these individuals, birth details and newspaper clippings of their crimes and misdeeds, though their genders and true first names remain a mystery. Connections to black militia groups, the old style gangster firms and even the Provisional IRA have been made regarding these three individuals, though the details presented remain sketchy, at best, and there’s no way of proving whether or not the anonymous source was even reliable to begin with. Not that that’s stopping us from finding them. Soon enough, we’ll nail these bastards on a wooden cross, like we always do. First name off our list is an individual of mixed Trinidadian-Jamaican descent. Classic example of how things can go in ways you don’t normally expect them to. They’re known simply as Bowen and are believed to have been born in Brixton in 1948, before moving to Bristol as a student at a local university sometime in 1968. They’re also known to have been involved with a Bristol-based Yardie gang led by Desmond Dukes, before joining up with a far-left extremist black civil rights group and later-criminal organisation, The Black Kudus - a group with ties to the Aniston Posse, a London-based Yardie group consisting of mostly Carribean members, as well as the local Nigerian gangsters in Brixton. The Kudus are believed to have ties with other civil rights groups and black gangs across the Atlantic, in American cities such as Los Santos, Liberty City and Carcer City, on top of their British connections. We believe that earlier incarnations of the group have also played a role in the curbing of the violent Carcer City Riots of 1968 together with a local African-American but similarly far-left group known as The Pharaohs at the time, led by the now-deceased civil rights activist and maverick Kevin Jackson III, though this is a story for another day. That said, the Kudus are also known for their less-than-ideal arrangements involving the cannabis trade and illicit gambling operations as a way to continue financing the group’s socio-political activities, which is where the Bristol Yardies come into play. Bowen is believed to have been sent back east by Desmond Dukes, the aforementioned leader of the Bristol Yardies in early 1974 as punishment for the loss of a large shipment of drugs and soon became close to the London-based Posse leaders, father-and-son duo Joshua and Ezekiel “Zeke” Aniston. The Anistons had been sent there by Dukes as well, several years earlier to generate profits for the organisation, as well as to provide a secure base of operations to allow the group to make a smooth transition over from Bristol. But they evidently weren’t pulling their weight. The Anistons are a lairy bunch, often seen poncing about the streets in matching sheepskin coats and ordering around their ostentatious underlings. Aside from Joshua and Zeke, we’ve got Josh’s brother Ishmael (also known as Ish) and their sister Jessica. A third brother, Jeremiah, is currently a guest of her majesty at Pentonville, with an unknown release date. We believe the Kudus and the Aniston posse eventually wound up working together with the Hyut San Triads out of Chinatown in the drug trade, which remains as such to this day, with Bowen believed to be in contact with known translator of the triad, Gregory “Oriental Greg” Lam, possibly as a liaison of some sort. This key arrangement plays a large part in what we believe has kept Bowen and the Aniston Posse’s heads above water in the eyes of Dukes, though as to how long it lasts before going belly up like it usually does, we aren’t sure. Keep your eyes peeled for a blue Jouster Buck driving around the motorways, it very likely belongs to them. The second one on our list reads like the combination of a Shakespearean family tragedy and a twisted coming-of-age story. While many of us here at the force express some form of pity for this individual’s situation, this by no means exonerates them from any of their violent crimes. Rhodes was born in 1950 to former glamour girl Emma Rhodes and her sixth form sweetheart Teddy Rhodes, a former errand boy who made his bones by working for esteemed London gangster Benedict "Bexley Bernie" Kester. Teddy Rhodes, or “Brown Bread Ted” as he was known, was believed to have been exiled from London around 1966 by Bernie himself due to a job gone bad. Taking his family with him to Northern England, he sought to expand the Kester’s criminal enterprises as a way to make up for the failures back home. Things went smooth for a period between 1967 and 1973, and a young Rhodes found themselves getting used to the family’s newfound wealth. That said, despite the cushy upbringing we can conclude that “Ronnie” was by no means unable to fend for themselves. Due to the proficiency of the murders at crime scenes associated with this individual in ‘74, we believe that Rhodes may have received extended firearms and combat training either from Teddy and his gang or from an unknown third party hired on their behalf. In the closing months of 1973 however, the situation in Manchester and Liverpool began to spiral out of control, coinciding with increased homicide and arson rates in the region at the time, thus forcing the Rhodes family back to their original hometown early the following year. Not much is known about the relationship between the elder Rhodes and Kester, but from what we can gather, the feelings expressed aren’t exactly cordial by a long shot. At some point in ‘74, we believe that the younger Rhodes began operating largely independently of the Bexley Firm, by then a small gang which paled in comparison to other firms of its kind and known locally as “The Bexley hunts” (you can work that one out for yourselves). By working freelance in the city and building a name for themselves, we believe they began encountering some internal problems with the gang, possibly relating to financial issues and the soured relationship between Kester and Rhodes. Despite this, we firmly believe that Kester had some role to play in Ronnie’s rise to power in London, though we cannot truly confirm this statement for sure. We believe they're now heading up their own collective known as The Rhodes Syndicate composed of the remnants of other gangs. Either way, you should look out for a red Maxwell Aurelio on this one. The final suspect on our list. Jesus Christ, just how do I begin with this? This rogue is your typical Adam & Eve story, but not exactly a word-for-word retelling of it, if you catch my drift. A former idealist turned sinner who discards all semblance of moral concepts such as honor and loyalty for the high life. Born 1946 in Belfast, Northern Ireland, Kelly was brought up in a mixed religious household, the spawn of a Catholic mother and a Protestant father. Something must have eaten the family up during that time, because based on all accounts, we believe Kelly eventually wound up with the IRA in their late teens, during the peak of the conflicts in Northern Ireland in the early-to-mid-60s. Insider information suggests that their father had been a major in the British Army and they grew up in various military barracks around the world. He apparently became a supporter and eventually an associate of the Protestant Unionist Party and even ran for election under their banner, organising armed stewards for counter-demonstrations against civil rights marches. It is believed this may be what prompted Kelly to become a militant republican and eventually become associated with Garland “Garry” Riley, a terrorist figure who remains one of Globalpol’s most wanted men. Given Kelly’s mixed religious and racial background, this isn’t all too shocking, and we can only speculate about the discrimination and prejudice they went through in Belfast prior to joining Colm O’Shea’s band of social rejects, a PIRA faction known as the SSU. An infamous crime which the SSU has undertaken was the brutal triple slaying of the family of RUC Chief Enoch Donnelly in 1967, where the man himself, the wife and their 29-year old daughter were executed, St. Valentine’s Day style, at the Ringo Coffee House in Magheradrool, Belfast during Sunday brunch in broad daylight by a group of gunmen wielding military-grade Lexington Freehands stolen from British troops. Increased security in the affected region came as a result of this incident. This came along with numerous small-medium bombings of public venues and assassinations of political figures and dissidents across Ireland, Scotland and Northern England in 1972-3, including Phillips Dorman, a politician of the House of Commons notorious for his pro-violence stance on the Northern Irish troubles, not to mention the infamous bombing of a bus carrying active SAS and RUC personnel along with their families in Castlereagh, Belfast happening that same week, resulting in the deaths of 28 persons including women and children. We believe our suspect to have emigrated to our shores some time prior to this, during the fallout from the forced curfew on the Falls road. This is why, without solid proof, we suspect them to have been responsible. The source implies that Kelly relocated to London along with the rest of their PIRA faction, possibly to conduct business with existing contacts in the city outside of their usual PIRA higher-ups, ranging from Rhodesian arms dealers, politicians and possibly other London-based firms, under assumed names and bogus identities to evade detection from Metro Police. That said, we believe that fringe elements of the faction who don’t see eye-to-eye with Garry might possibly derail this arrangement, so we may still have a chance at having a crack at these bastards. Anyway, be on the lookout for a green Vapid Sangria running 150 across the streets of London with this wally behind the wheel. Often ranked as one of the world's most iconic and prosperous cities and simultaneously one of the worst. London was a city first established by the Romans in the first century and although civilisation has been gradually chipped away with every passing decade, the fight for conquest has become increasingly more intense. A city where the pursuit of the almighty dollar pales in comparison to the quest for the even mightier British pound. Phone boxes are red and often so are the streams which run down the piss washed alleys and into the shores. Contrary to the stereotypes, the people here ain't polite and thanks to the Tories persistence, we’ve just joined the European Communities, but remember, we drive on the left side of the road here… so none of that continental/septic tank funny business, or you'll end up floating in the Thames. To further help on your journey, here's a little run down of some of our boroughs and ends. INNER LONDON Central London Angel, Barbican, City of London, Clerkenwell, Farringdon, Finsbury, St. Luke’s Other than its sleazier older brother, Westminster, its underdog twin Camden and its posher cousin, Hyde Park, Central London is, or was, one of the four tourist-centric boroughs north of the Thames, being the city’s centre of Commerce and Finance, and an upscale residential borough not unlike Hyde Park. It isn’t all steel and glass though, as it is also home to administrative old towns like Clerkenwell and St. Lukes as well as brutalist eyesores in the Barbican area. Either way, expect tons of dirty barristers, CEOs, yank expats and traders from The Exchange in LC and members of the Caine Firm here, either busting heads, looking at running numbers, jumping off the Mies van der Rohe-inspired St. Michael’s Tower or having their morning and afternoon tea at one of the many corporate cafes in the area. Old Bailey, the main courthouse of London, is located in the city. Other than toxic corporate culture, if staring at historical artifacts stolen during the reign of the British Empire is your thing, do visit the Museum of London up in the Barbican. It’s only 10 quid per ticket, and a great place to learn some world history from a Briton’s perspective and enjoy some nice air-conditioning especially during this summer, if you’re not just there to whack it to erotic ukiyo-e paintings in a dark corner, of course. City of Westminster Chinatown, Covent Garden, Marylebone, Mayfair, Paddington, Pimlico, Regent’s Park, Soho, St. James’s, Trafalgar Square, Westminster The Algonquin of London and home of the Buckingham Palace and the Big Ben, the City of Westminster’s a melting pot of culture, nightlife, drinking and crime, and easily the largest borough in the inner city. Soho and Westminster proper are your go-tos for all-things drinking and clubbing, as well as home to factory fashion outlets ranging from the luxury Dingleberry and Didier Sachs, mid-tier brands such as Ben Dover, ProLaps and Forty Love, to more niche, subculture-oriented brands such as SHAG by Annabelle Eastwood and mod and 60s revival haberdashery Brunelli’s in King’s Road or hippie favourite Trip Inside This Shack in Cecil Court and skinhead favourite Doctor Fuchs on Old Compton Street. From the quiet seclusion of the royal Regent’s Park and the tourist-centric Trafalgar Square to noted shopping districts such as Paddington and Covent Garden, the latter which is home to the open air Covent Garden Market as well as the world-renowned Derringham’s multi-storey department store, the city of Westminster has you covered on all shopping and leisurely needs, and if you want some affordable clothes and food on the go. For less-legitimate and cheaper alternatives, go to London’s very own Chinatown, where a knockoff Sherpa overcoat costs just about as much as a hearty serving of dim sum or a blowjob. Westminster is also home to some of the best nightlife from this side of Western Europe. Ranging from northern soul favourites such as Eddie’s, reggae and ska hangout The Kingston Beat and the recently-opened discotheque Studio 109, which plays brand new funk and disco hits from across the Atlantic. For those seeking pleasure, the Gold-owned gentlemen’s club and brothel, Bondgirl, is the go-to in town if you want some tail. Hyde Park Chelsea, Earl’s Court, Kensington, Knightsbridge, Shepherd’s Bush Contrary to its name, Hyde Park isn’t merely just a placeholder name for a fancy part of town, but a way of life in itself. The West End of London where posh people live in, and like many other gated and segregated communities around the world similar to it, the borough is shut away from the rest of the plebeians and peasants south, east and southeast of it. Filthy rich and massively inbred, filled with pompous old money types who speak in RP like it's still 1899, you’d be hard-pressed not to find at least a couple of luxury tourers and imports east of the English Channel cruising along the pristine streets of Hyde Park at any given time of the day. Many of the city’s politicians, socialites, royalty, brain surgeons, millionaires, drug barons and arms dealers reside or own property in the countless townhouses and condominiums in the district, congregating mostly in the districts of Chelsea, Kensington and Knightsbridge, and you can bet your arse that a chauffeur of some sort is always going to be there somewhere to ferry them around wherever they see fit. It’s every man for himself in Hyde Park, and don’t expect any of that government-mandated communal tenement nonsense here. If you can’t hack the hustle and bustle of Jehads on Brompton road, the district of Shepherd’s Bush is also known for its expensive department stores, most notably Touissant’s, notorious throughout London not only for its exorbitant rental fees and alleged discriminatory practices for staff and against commuters along racial grounds, but also for allowing only top-quality and artisan brands to open up shop in the building. A neoclassical nightmare invoking some rather unfortunate stylistic cues popularized by a certain country in the 40s, it is truly a sight to behold in Hyde Park. Being the city’s most highly prestigious borough to live in, Hyde Park features among London’s most well-maintained and luxurious gardens and venues of entertainment in the city. Ranging from the labyrinth maze and the exotic flora in the majestic Kensington Gardens to the coffeehouses and state-of-the-art lounges and clubs in Earl’s Court, such as noted Carcer City import and jazz fusion club The Blue Room London which invites guest jazz players from America and South London, there is no shortage of places in Hyde Park to remind yourself of how bottom-of-the-barrel your place in the greater British social hierarchy is. In short, a nice place to visit, if you’re white and carrying loads of money of course. This is also where the Hyde Park Barracks are located. Serving an administrative role to house palace guards, military police and soldiers assigned to CADRe (thanks to the Labour party), many of the military vehicles used in the curbing of civil unrest are parked here. South London Battersea, Bermondsey, Brixton, Camberwell, Deptford, Lambeth, Peckham, Rotherhithe, Southwark, Waterloo The land of wharves and dwarves filled with pimps, pushers and pickaninnies and everything in between. It’s traditionally been a considerably working-class area of London and was once home to the nefarious Parkinson Gang. It’s now also home to a large African/West Indian diaspora consisting of multi-generational locals or fresh-off-the-boat immigrants. How can you be so close to Westminster, yet feel so far away? Its lush but rather unimpressive parklands are often referred to as the commons. And it’s quite fitting really, as a bigger collection of commoners you’ll be hard pressed to find. A stark contrast from the outer boroughs which lie just a few miles away at all angles. The grotesque pimple on an otherwise perfectly formed arse cheek one might say. Said commoners were at one time safely confined to sprawling tenements, but thanks to a series of V-2 bombings 30 years ago, they began to spill out onto the streets. One might think that some of Battersea Dog home’s mutts had escaped, or there had been some sort of accident at the nearby power station, but no, that’s the look of steely faced working-class determination, dead set on taking over the town. Tower Hamlets Bethnal Green, Isle of Dogs, Mile End, Stepney, Whitechapel, Victoria Park The traditional East End of London, and birthplace to the now-dying native Cockney diaspora. Falling victim to the Industrial Revolution, Zeppelin bombings, the Blitz and most recently, gang crime, Tower Hamlets is everything that yanks think of when they hear about modern England, with its sleazy pubs, mom-and-pop stores, rabid football hooligans, underground boxing rings and 100-year old restaurants that serve warm beer, meat pies and pickled eels with mint sauce. A historically poverty-stricken and crime-ridden part of London, Tower Hamlets is better known today as the hometown of the modern-day, harsh Cockney-accented Gangster Firm, with notorious gangs and gangsters such as the Golds, the Crisp Twins, the Colleoni Brothers and the Bexleys all getting their big break in this borough in passing. It is said that even Cockney rhyming slang, itself indigenous to the Hamlets, has roots in crime, with many of its phrases and expressions used as code to disguise nefarious marketplace tactics from the cozzers on patrol. Despite having a diverse history of immigration ranging from Irish weavers, French Protestants, Ashkenazi Jews and most-recently the Bangladeshis, Indians and Pakistanis, Tower Hamlets is ironically one of the most intolerant and racist areas in London, with anti-immigration and nationalist movements typically springing up in this borough. This began in the rougher parts of the Isles of Dogs, where gangs of violent youth and juvenile delinquents would often target South Asian immigrants and businesses, usually just for the hell of it. A little bit later, The National Front, that one political party supported by those bald blokes with the Norse rune and swastika tattoos you see in those white pride rallies on the telly? They have some degree of power in these parts. Being non-white or homosexual in the streets of the Hamlets at night is just asking to be curb-stomped by a posse of psychotic skinheads. My advice? Grab yourself a leng and conceal that bastard until it's time to go guns blazing, they’re real cheap and easy to come by now and it might just save your life from the next goon on one unfortunate night. History and boneheads aside, many of the city’s pawn shops, thrift shops, jewellers and other crooks are located here, along with a boxing club called Paul Weston’s, said to be the birthplace of modern British boxing. Several underground fight clubs are located in the Dogs as well as Bethnal Green, where a fight is, more often than not, a matter of life and death, not to mention collusion, fixings and bets made by some of London’s nastiest criminals and kingpins. Better ante up the health insurance if you’re up for the challenge, lads. Tower Hamlets is also home to noted landmark, the Tower of London, though the castle in actuality is located closer to central London than the East End. Originally used as a locale of torture and execution during Medieval, Victorian and Edwardian times, it is now transformed into a tourist trap that sells tacky snowglobes and fridge magnets and displays models of jesters and replicas of alleged torture devices running the gamut from the Catherine Wheel to the Iron Maiden for tourists to gawk at. There is also a rumour going around that the former crown of King Edward VII is located somewhere in the castle, though I can’t vouch for it. Hackney Estates, Haggerston Park, Hoxton, Shoreditch The birthplace of the humble black London taxi cab. It’s been a hotbed for Jewish immigrants since the 1930s, although it’s unclear if this had anything to do with the fact that it was absolutely devastated during the Blitz. It similarly became a focal point of Algernon Wolseley’s hate marches and racist attacks following the war, despite ironically being an area filled with factory based industries which allowed the country to get back on its feet. The industries have begun declining and white folks have begun leaving en masse but there are plenty of darkies ready and waiting to occupy the greatly discounted housing stock, which means that it could soon be a focal point of more inter-ethnic violence soon enough. As the factories lay abandoned they’ve also begun serving as grotty little hidey holes for dodgy dealings and illegal industries. It was once a stronghold for unsavoury characters such as Harry Gold and ‘Patch’ Adamczak and is currently the site of The Caine Jewels on the Whitechapel Road. So, although the debauchery may have become more shielded in recent times, it’s still an area for the boys in blue to be keeping a close eye on as much as ever before. Camden Bloomsbury, Camden Town, Fitzrovia, Holborn, Kings Cross, St. Pancras, Kentish Town Just north of the Thames, sandwiched between Hyde Park and Westminster lies Camden Town, usually shortened to just Camden by locals, and often lumped together with Westminster. Home to much of London’s alternative scene, Camden is unofficially referred to as the most Northern place in London, and its clubs are said to have popularized the Northern Soul scene down here, introduced by the boys up in Liverpool and Manchester. It is also where the beatnik and hippie subcultures were first brought to England in the 1950s and 60s by college professors and cult leaders from across the Pacific in San Andreas, as well as bourgeois youth back from their ‘enlightening’, psychedelics-fuelled pilgrimage in India. A large terminus, King’s Cross Station, located right here in Camden, has train lines connecting London to the rest of the UK, which might explain the influx of Northerners in this part of town. Camden is also home to several contemporary art galleries, post-industrial and abandoned landmarks and its regionally-renowned markets in Regent’s Canal, serving all manner of unhealthy foods ranging from deep-fried EgoChaser bars, fruity ice pops, bangers and mash, toad-in-the-hole to the classic fish and chips, as well as a wide variety of kitsch craft furniture and carnival games. You might just win the limited edition Mustard Gas or the Delightful Dresden variant of the Brodie Bear teddy if you try hard enough in the shooting gallery! Just don’t take your anger out on any of the booth operators, the rounds are live. Abbey Road is also a popular destination if you want to pay tribute to one of music’s most iconic album covers, or if you like accidentally falling into open manholes to your untimely deaths like some cartoon character while attempting to replicate said album cover, as many tourists did before then. Heathrow Airport Terminal 1, Terminal 2, Hayes For when you’ve had enough of Landon Town, or if you are somehow unfortunate enough to end up on the hit list in some rich tosser’s black book. Heathrow Airport is where you tell the cab driver to drive to if you want to, as the yanks call it, ‘get the f*ck out of Dodge’. Rated as one of the dustiest airports in Europe and the official home of Britain’s very own newly established airline, Bedlam Airways, hundreds of thousands of people transit through the airport every day, typically switching flights between Asia to America, and vice versa, as well as the rest of Europe. Recent renovations beginning in 1962 have taken place around the borough, transforming Heathrow Airport into a modernist glass-and-steel centre complete with functioning moving walkways, coffee stands, souvenir shops, interactive modern art and duty-free liquor stores, with its newest terminal, Terminal 2, completed in 1972. You can buy a hangar in the airport if you want, just talk to the nice lady working the front desk of the VIP Section in the Terminal 2 Lounge. That’s assuming you have the dosh, of course. So what happens when you miss a flight, you say? Fret not, the nearby town of Hayes is there to offer you a place to crash in if you’re unwilling to spend the night sleeping on a bench in Terminal 1. Home to several boutique hotels, it’s an open secret that Hayes plays an important role in establishing modern British music and literature. The hometown of early popular musicians such as William Byrd and whiny dystopian author and anarchist Gerald Askins, Hayes is also the town where the vinyl records of Britain’s most beloved musicians are pressed and delivered to music stores all around the world. It’s a nice little town, if you’re a tourist and looking to get some original overpriced records for your collection back home. OUTER LONDON North Barnet, Enfield, Redbridge, Waltham Forest North end of town, if you’re looking to head over to Essex (which I don’t advise heading to), visit the Lexington factories or if you want to bury a body. Not much to be noted here, other than the fact that Barnet is among the densest outer boroughs of London, with the market town of Chipping Barnet being its most visited area, though it’s certainly no Camden Town. It is also home to some of the city’s most well-preserved green spaces, the Waltham Forest being among the country’s most secluded natural areas, complete with reservoirs, marshes and a town hall that practically does nothing with its only major achievement being that it merely exists. Whether or not this is a good thing is wholly dependent on whether or not you’re an introvert or extrovert, a retiree or a serial killer. Enfield has a reputation for being the home of the legendary Lexington Arms Factory, which crafts arms for Britain’s finest since 1896. The first few batches of the classic MK1 bolt-action rifles were made right here in this factory, delivered straight to wings across the British military right after the death of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, landing in the hands of conscripted young men and teenagers who would march off directly to their deaths in the trenches of France, not before succumbing to the Spanish Flu if they were lucky enough to make it back home alive. Currently, Lexington is working on a prototype battle rifle called the FLA (short for Fusile Lexington Alpha), configured in a bullpup style. It is slated to replace the Belgian-designed Freehand in active service soon, likely in a decade from now. Most active soldiers, however, aren’t too pleased with the news, and I’m not too much of a gun nut to ask why. South Croydon, Merton, Sutton, Richmond Upon Thames Endless suburbia, just like in those crummy soap operas and sketch comedy TV shows about British life. Home to rustic cottages, vacation homes, a few shopping malls, pubs and nightclubs in the middle of nowhere, with train lines connecting the inner city, the southern outer boroughs of London are just like Inner London, but not as rowdy. What’s there to talk about? You have the smaller, family-oriented malls such as Three Pines Mall in Croydon, an area with the best primary and secondary schools in all of London, Flinders St. in Merton which is sort of a funk club that pales in comparison to the ones found in the inner city and Sutton, a quiet village town area which is widely considered to be among Britain’s best places to raise a family. Sounds boring, I know, there isn’t much to be talked about South of Outer London. It’s the sort of place where cozzer dramas are filmed and where the Witness Protection Program blokes come to die, really. Richmond’s the only one worth talking about I suppose. Home to the Kew Gardens, a large greenhouse that displays exotic plant species from around the world, Twickenham Stadium, a pill-shaped stadium where rugby matches take place in and finally the London Wetlands Reserve, which is, you guessed it, a wetlands reserve, located in London! Just stay inside the city, for Christ’s sake. West Brent, Ealing, Hillingdon, Kingston Upon Thames A slightly more interesting version of South Outer London with a better cultural identity and marketplaces, along with some rather stunning views of the Thames from this side of town, most notably in Kingston Upon Thames, where the large marketplace spans between both sides of the river, with plenty of food stands, carnival games, ginger ale and beer-on-demand for you to spend the day in. The market town claims to be the oldest of its kind running in England today, with its history dating back to the Saxons in the 10th Century. There’s also plenty of rustic, old-school Victorian inns and hotels in the area to spend the night in if you’re too tired to take the tram back to the city, as well as rock n’ roll clubs towards the northeast into Camden if you want to watch some live acts. Plenty of strange Art Deco-style stations, boutique clothing stores (such as Citizen K) and buildings in the area as well if you want some of that 30s-to-50s nostalgia. Brent and Ealing are also boroughs with a pretty strong arts culture, if you’re into that sort of thing, with places like the Kiln Theatre, which showcases stage plays and perverse reimaginings of Shakespeare’s works, Ealing Village, a spa area and holiday getaway for many Inner Londoners, St. Mary’s Church, built by the Benedictine monks in the 17th century and the two-storey brick and mortar residential houses, which are a proud symbol of both communities. It is also a relatively diverse area with a growing affluent immigrant population, with a newly-built Hindu Swaminarayan Temple located in Brent. This side of London is also home to the city’s only military airbase, the RAF Northolt in Hillingdon, which is indisputably the oldest air base in the UK, founded in the early years of the First World War, as a test site for early fighter planes and bombers. Today, it’s a heavily-guarded outpost for the RAF, and many of the country’s newest fighter planes are stored here in the large hangars, which is occasionally taken out during special events and training drills. A small company of the Royal Tank Regiment is also present in the base, occupying a small set of barracks in the northwestern end. Sneaking into the base is tantamount to suicide, so I wouldn’t count on it. East Barking & Dagenham, Bexley, Bromley, Greenwich, Newham Home of the British branch of the Vapid Motor Company and birthplace of the infamous Bexley Firm in London’s East End, Eastern Outer London is the country’s unofficial home of the now-endangered Yob diaspora, don’t ask me what it is. It’s also where people move to if they want to experience the vibe of another county, but don’t want to move out of London for good. Barking and Dagenham are like a poor man’s Essex and Bromley is full of Kents. This is made blatantly obvious by the presence of the famed Kent House Tavern in Penge but the borough is also home to the Crystal Palace racing circuit and a mediocre third division football club who often play second fiddle to the mighty reds. Greenwich is an area steeped in Royal history and accolades of our brutal xenophobic conquest of many a people over the years, which successive governments have tried to replace with reminders of our slightly more noble maritime past. It’s where the Vikings organised the takeover of Canterbury before being spanked by the Saxons… not that the kids of today would know anything about that. In order to get to and from these other places however, you’re more than likely going to have to pass through Newham, which couldn’t be further removed from the other boroughs here if it tried. Even once you get past the stench coming out of the Beckton sewage works, you still have to contend with pockets of scum and villainy such as West Ham, Royal Docks, Stratford and Canning Town. The rest of it basically consists of pockets of council estates and lawless Irish Traveller camps. If only they put in an airport or something so we wouldn’t have to drive all the way to Heathrow in order to get the f*ck out! No Date Given Now hold your horses, lads. Detective Monty Orbinson here. Now before Boyd and Palmer get into the good stuff, you’d have to remember that just because we’re dealing with some of the deadliest bastards this nation has ever seen, doesn’t mean we can’t kick it back a notch and have fun when the time’s right. Us peelers are still human, and we’d love a good game or show or two, either in the theatre or on the telly, and wash it all down with a nice cold pint down at Benzie’s when night encroaches. Thankfully, since all jam buttys in London are equipped with both a regular radio channel and a police dispatch radio channel, we have plenty of access to good music during mundane drives on the way to the informant meetings. Hate rock music? Tune to the reggae station. Hate reggae? Tune to the northern soul station. Can’t stand any music in general? Turn that f*cker off and listen to dispatch run their mouths about some old fart in Bexley caught with a sea mine in their shed. I know I would. Outlined below are the 12 stations currently broadcasting in London, along with what’s currently playing on the radio. I’ve stuck them on cassette for the lads as a gift, I’m gonna swap it for a rasher sarnie. Aside from the tunes, each station is run by a host with a distinct personality, and on top of describing the weather or giving their takes on current affairs and events, the hosts may sometimes mention ongoing sales and special offers on goods and services on behalf of the many businesses in the city, so keep your ears open if you want to know when the next pair of Doc Harton’s are having a discount. There’s also excerpts of this culture magazine that Marty surprisingly subscribes to, Peng magazine, that lists most of the shows and films currently playing in London further down the doc. Can you believe that sh*t? Genre: 70s Pop, Folk Rock, Hard Rock, Soft Rock, Jazz Fusion Host: Richie Henricks Radio 1’s the official "hits" station in Old Smokey, playing what's popular right now in the UK, and abroad, featuring pop music by the yanks, Europeans and Brits alike. Great station to pass the time waiting in traffic, if you're a masochist for folksy, radio-friendly soft rock and pop, of course. Featuring more modern bands and artists such as Stealers Wheel, Todd Rundgren and ABBA, along with other more notable local acts and solo musicians with origins in the British Invasion, the station feels very much like a post-counterculture bad hangover, a sobering, eternal bad trip in the face of hard times, rapid immigration and decolonisation. There are some bangers in there, though, so it can't be all bad. Richie Henricks, a radio jockey employed at the Metropolitan Broadcasting Company for more than 20 odd years, is a veteran in the industry, and it shows. Putting on that annoyingly-cheerful jockey act, a constant stream of passive-aggressiveness and unwilling to take any requests, the man is easily corporate radio manifest, and honestly? It can't get any more quintessentially British than that. [Playlist] Tracklist: Pilot - Magic (1974) ABBA - Honey, Honey (1973) Sutherland Brothers & Quiver - You Got Me Anyway (1972) David Bowie - Changes (1973) Paul McCartney - Every Night (1970) Fanny - Ain’t That Peculiar (1972) Humble Pie - Hot N’ Nasty (1972) Faces - Cindy Incidentally (1973) Python Lee Jackson (feat. Rod Stewart) - In A Broken Dream (1972) Stealers Wheel - Stuck In The Middle With You (1972) The Kinks - Lola (1970) Robin Trower - Little Bit of Sympathy (1974) James Gang - The Devil Is Singing Our Song (1973) Traffic - Dear Mr. Fantasy (1967) Free - Fire & Water (1970) The Sensational Alex Harvey Band - Midnight Moses (1972) *NEW* The Velvet Underground - Sweet Jane (1969) *NEW* The Free Design - Light My Fire (1972) Seals & Crofts - Diamond Girl (1973) Steely Dan - Kings (1972) Todd Rundgren - I Saw The Light (1972) The Who - Baba O’ Riley (1971) Golden Earring - Radar Love (1973) Badfinger - No Matter What (1970) Coven - One Tin Soldier (1971) Shocking Blue - Venus (1969) Looking Glass - Brandy (You’re A Fine Girl) (1972) Harry Chapin - W*O*L*D* (1974) Maria Muldaur - Midnight At The Oasis (1973) Al Stewart - Terminal Eyes (1974) Elton John - Rocket Man (I Think It’s Going To Be A Long, Long Time) (1972) Mott The Hoople - All The Young Dudes (1972) *NEW* Black Sabbath - Changes (1972) *NEW* Genre: 60s Pop, Garage Rock, British Invasion, Beat, Baroque Pop, Psychedelic Rock Host: Roddy Guinness Feeling nostalgic for the swingin' sixties already? The boys over at RB have you covered. The station prides itself in presenting British music from the era, featuring acts such as The Beatles, The Stones and Small Faces, despite half the playlist containing songs by American bands. Talk about hypocrisy and hubris, easily among our country's most coveted virtues. Anyway, if you're longing for simpler times and the good old days of the Crisp Twins terrorizing the city and extorting protection dosh from just about every mom-and-pop store across London, then this is the station for you. Roddy's an old mate of mine, used to have a pint or two with the man at our favourite nuclear sub back in my beat days. Pretty solid fella, just a little more jaded now ever since the MBC were in talks about buying out the station and changing the format to some geezer ballroom station. Can't say I blame the man, there’s literally billions of stations like that out there nowadays. MBC, if you’re reading this, save that bloody playlist for Christmas Day at Derringham’s, for all our sakes. That kind of music’s even older than I am. [Playlist] Tracklist: Tommy Roe - Dizzy (1969) Small Faces - Tin Soldier (1967) The Who - The Good’s Gone (1966) The Yardbirds - Train Kept A Rollin' (1965) The Beatles - Taxman (1967) The Spencer Davis Group - Keep On Running (1965) The Searchers - Love Potion No. 9 (1963) The Kinks - A House In The Country (1966) The Zombies - Sticks and Stones (1965) Spirit - I Got A Line On You (1969) Dusty Springfield - Spooky (1968) The Animals - Inside Looking Out (1966) The Association - Along Comes Mary (1966) Tommy James & The Shondells - Mony Mony (1967) The Monkees - (I’m Not Your) Stepping Stone (1967) Paul Revere & The Raiders - Good Thing (1966) The Seeds - Evil Hoodoo (1966) The Rolling Stones - It’s Not Easy (1966) The Blue Magoos - Pipe Dream (1967) The Guess Who - Shakin’ All Over (1965) The Litter - Action Woman (1967) The Standells - Dirty Water (1966) Margo Guryan - Sunday Morning (1968) The Nazz - Open My Eyes (1968) The Electric Prunes - Holy Are You (1968) The 5th Dimension - Aquarius/Let The Sunshine In (The Flesh Failures) (1969) *NEW* Genre: Funk, Disco, Soul Host: Cherri Pie With the Black Power movement gaining worldwide momentum right now, it would be odd to not have some funky music to accompany the fight for equal rights during our troubled times. Coining its name from the succinct, high-fidelity production style of many of the tracks, the station plays everything from funk, soul to the new style the yanks like to fashion as "disco"... I hope they don't milk that to death. This is the station I'd recommend you play when you're on the motorway chasing some perp under the influence at 150km/h. About the host, well, she's a yank expat who goes by the pseudonym Cherri Pie, which is definitely not her real name (I hear it's actually a woman from Vice City named Tina Jane). A self-proclaimed fan of Marvin Gaye, Roy Ayers and Curtis Mayfield, she claims to have over a thousand records shelved up in her Camden home, "for future use". She also does the sultry blaxploitation heroine, Pam Grier-esque act that everyone seems to dig these days. I'm personally not a fan of it, but it's safe to say that this is probably why the station's really popular with the young'uns. Just steal your old man’s Pussycat magazines when he’s out drinking with the lads, Jesus. [Playlist] Tracklist: Curtis Mayfield - Get Down (1971) James Brown - My Thang (1974) The Meters - People Say (1974) The Isley Brothers - That Lady Pts. 1 & 2 (1973) The Pointer Sisters - Yes We Can Can (1973) The Three Degrees - Dirty Ol’ Man (1973) Carl Douglas - Kung Fu Fighting (1974) KC & The Sunshine Band - Sound Your Funky Horn (1974) Rufus & Chaka Khan - You Got The Love (1974) Jean Knight - Mr. Big Stuff (1971) Aretha Franklin - Rocksteady (1969) Maceo & The Macks - Parrty Pt. 1 (1973) Roy Ayers - Coffy Is The Color (1973) Cymande - The Message (1970) The Jimmy Castor Bunch - It’s Just Begun (1972) The Charmels - As Long As I’ve Got You (1967) Gladys Knight & The Pips - Who Is She (And What Is She To You)? (1973) Eric Burdon & War - Gun (1970) The Soul Searchers - Blow Your Whistle (1974) Congress Alley - Congress Alley (1972) Marvin Gaye - Trouble Man (1972) Margie Joseph - I Been Down (1973) Isaac Hayes - Walk On By (1969) Edwin Starr - Easin’ In (1974) The Honey Drippers - Impeach The President (1973) The Four Tops - Are You Man Enough? (1973) The Winstons - Amen Brother (1969) Genre: Northern Soul, Rare Groove, Beat Host: Tyler “Big Ty” Samuels Back in my patrol days, about six years ago, our first dispatch call of the day would typically come from one of the many northern soul clubs in town; mostly a bunch of young mod kids, hopped up on amphetamines and quaaludes, slugging at each other with poorly-connected kicks and punches, trapped in a world where the party never seems to end. I fondly remember Tainted Love playing loudly in the background on one occasion in ‘68, when we had to pull some bloke, completely butt naked, off a tree outside a club. He thought the tree was his cheating ex. Anyway, yeah, Purple Heart is just fast music, for fast folks, playing rare B-sides from lesser known yank soul artists from the 1960s. And even with disco looming overhead, I doubt northern soul will ever lose its steam. Big Ty, contrary to his name, is a mod revival kid from Manchester whose old man is only a mere 15 years older than him, kind of strange, but not surprising really. Based on all instances of us tuning in to the station, Ty, constantly hyperactive and more energetic than most Olympic-level sprinters, never seems to tire out, even during the wee hours of the morning. His near-schizophrenic ramblings and unintelligible yet overly-excited non-sequiturs make for some quality entertainment, very fitting for a high-tempo station like this. There’s been talks about a SID narcotics raid on The Purple Heart studios in Westminster for suspected illegal storage of amps but it never came through. Better that way, I suppose. Can’t imagine how he would survive without jumping about in our custody. [Playlist] Tracklist: Gloria Jones - Tainted Love (1965) The Salvadors - Stick By Me Baby (1967) Dean Parrish - I’m On My Way (1967) Frankie Valli - You’re Ready Now (1967) The Vel-Vets - I Got To Find Me Somebody (1967) Rose Batiste - Hit And Run (1966) Tony Clarke - Landslide (1965) Archie Bell & The Drells - Here I Go Again (1968) The Coasters - Crazy Baby (1962) The Contours - Baby Hit And Run (1966) Lynne Randell - Stranger In My Arms (1967) Patti & The Emblems - I’m Gonna Love You A Long Time (1968) Mel Britt - She’ll Come Running Back (1969) Just Brothers - Sliced Tomatoes (1972) The Ovations - They Say (1966) Tammi Terrell - I Gotta Find A Way To Get You Back (1967) The MVPs - Turnin’ My Heartbeat Up (1971) The Marvelettes - Too Many Fish In The Sea (1964) Dusty Springfield - Ain’t No Sun Since You’ve Been Gone (1968) Tobi Legend - Time Will Pass You By (1968) *NEW* Jimmy Radcliffe - Long After Tonight is Over (1965) *NEW* The Javells (feat. Nosmo King) - Goodbye Nothing to Say (1974) *NEW* Genre: Glam Rock, Protopunk Host: Janis McQueen Too androgynous for Rockers United and too avant-garde for MBC Radio 1, Sweet FA hits the sweet spot between all that, combining outrageous fashions with equally flamboyant rock music, all in an attempt to “make rock n’ roll dangerous again”, complete with the drugs, booze and groupies. Featuring mostly artists specializing in the glam rock genre, such as T.Rex, Sweet and Thin Lizzy, this is the sort of music that you’d play if you just want something more anarchic to listen to. Some of the songs in this feel a little too fast and violent for my liking, for a lack of any better words, though I can imagine that some of the more prospective bands currently playing live across London might dig it a lot more than I do. Guess it’s just the age playing up, I suppose. Janis McQueen, from what I know, is also the lead singer of a local glam rock band called The Ace Of Spades, on top of being a full-time radio jockey for the station. Contrary to her boisterous and tomboyish personality on-air, I hear that she is actually a sweetheart in real life, currently doing a major in audio engineering at The University Of London. Still though, if her anecdotes are to be believed, she strikes me as a very open-minded and promiscuous lass, not that this is anything new in the realm of rock n’ roll. [Playlist] Tracklist: The Rolling Stones - It’s Only Rock N’ Roll (But I Like It) (1974) Suzi Quatro - The Wild One (1972) David Bowie - Suffragette City (1972) T.Rex - 20th Century Boy (1973) The Stooges - Search And Destroy (Iggy Pop Mix) (1973) Slade - Take Me Bak‘Ome (1973) Lou Reed - I’m So Free (1972) Monks - I Hate You (1966) Alvin Stardust - Red Dress (1974) Sweet - Hell Raiser (1973) Brett Smiley - Va Va Va Voom (1974) Love - Seven and Seven Is (1967) Gary Glitter - Rock 'n' Roll (Part 1) (1972) *NEW* Alice Cooper - Public School #9 (1972) *NEW* Roxy Music - Editions Of You (1973) *NEW* Geordie - All Because of You (1972) Status Quo - Down Down (1974) Thin Lizzy - The Rocker (1973) Crushed Butler - Factory Grime (1970) Pink Fairies - Teenage Rebel (1971) Genre: Proto-metal, Blues Rock, Hard Rock, Doom Metal Host: Sidney “Serious Sid” Haynes Nothing more authentically British than a nice pint of lager or whiskey on a rotted and sticky timber top, with the only thing missing being the sound of bluesy, Hendrix-esque rock playing from a busted speaker in the background. Rockers United is your avenue for all-things pub rock, featuring all manner of live acts from more well-known groups like Fleetwood Mac, Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin to more underground bands like Wicked Lady, The Groundhogs and Sir Lord Baltimore. Needless to say, if you’ve ever stepped in a bathtub anywhere in this town, chances are, you might have unknowingly listened to at least one of these bands listed below live. And what do I make of all this? Nothing, really. I’ll just stick to my Desmond Dekker records, thank you very much. Like Janis before, Serious Sid is a musician himself, fronting pub rock band Rockin’ Jacobs. A little more down-to-earth and conservative than the lass, but a rocker nonetheless. That said, I hear Sid had a fling with Janis once before, and the woman wasn’t too pleased about the size of his walnuts, so to speak. Must be why Serious Sid is awfully calm on live radio. [Playlist] Tracklist: Black Sabbath - War Pigs (1970) Fleetwood Mac - Oh Well (Pt. 1) (1969) UFO - Galactic Love (1970) Derek & The Dominoes - Evil (1969) Deep Purple - Stormbringer (1974) Necromandus - Nightjar (1972) Rush - Working Man (1974) Lucifer’s Friend - Ride The Sky (1970) Montrose - Space Station #5 (1973) Budgie - Guts (1972) Pentagram - Forever My Queen (1973) The Groundhogs - Cherry Red (1971) Sir Lord Baltimore - Hell Hound (1970) Cactus - Long Tall Sally (1972) Bang - The Queen (1972) Chicken Shack - Poor Boy (1972) Stone Axe - Slave of Fear (1971) Wicked Lady - Run The Night (1969) Speed, Glue & Shinki - Stoned Out of My Mind (1971) Frijid Pink - End Of The Line (1970) Stack Waddy - Willie The Pimp (1972) The Gun - Race With The Devil (1968) Blue Oyster Cult - Cities On Flame With Rock and Roll (1972) Led Zeppelin - How Many More Times (1969) Genre: Progressive Rock, Canterbury Prog, Space Rock, Jazz Fusion Host: Marco Rodigan This station is what happens when you let a bunch of classically-trained music theory majors play rock music. Don’t let the logo fool you too much, there’s nothing too psychedelic about all this. Odd time signatures, experimental tunings and an average track length of seven minutes, the 1970s have ushered in what can be called the golden age of Progressive Rock. Featuring acts like Gentle Giant, Focus and Jethro Tull, it’s safe to assume that if Mozart was alive today, this would be the sort of music he would be into if he came to England. Still, strange that they slipped in a Pink Floyd track from ‘67 in there, but it fits in there like a charm. Marco Rodigan, hailing from Canterbury, is no stranger to a movement like this. He claims to have been to over a few hundred live shows in his hometown alone, and has also developed a form of narcolepsy thanks to him spending sleepless nights listening to Soft Machine, ELP and King Crimson records. Quite the bloody achievement really. [Playlist] Tracklist: UFO - Flying (1970) Pink Floyd - Interstellar Overdrive (1967) Yes - Ritual (Nous Sommes Du Soleil) (1973) Jethro Tull - Aqualung (1971) Gentle Giant - The Advent of Panurge (1972) Camel - Freefall (1974) Caravan - In The Land of Grey & Pink (1971) Focus - Hocus Pocus (1973) Uriah Heep - Gypsy (1970) Gong - Flying Teapot (1973) The Soft Machine - Drop (1972) *NEW* Mahavishnu Orchestra - One Word (1973) *NEW* Frank Zappa - Echidna's Arf (Of You) (1973) *NEW* Hatfield & The North - Shaving Is Boring (1973) *NEW* Supersister - She Was Naked (1970) *NEW* Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Knife-Edge (1970) *NEW* Argent - Hold Your Head Up (1972) Hawkwind - Seven By Seven (1973) *NEW* King Crimson - 21st Century Schizoid Man (1969) Genre: Roots Reggae, Ska, Rocksteady Host: Danny Hutchinson Ah, my childhood and teenagehood, rolled into one radio station. Can’t fault any of the tracks in the slightest. You’ve got Toots, Desmond Dekker, The Upsetters, Max Romeo and even John Holt in the playlist, what’s there to hate? You know there’s something magical about the sound of Jamaica when there’s an entire subculture kick-started by white people surrounding it and the UK adopts it as part of its heritage. Known Danny since we were lickle kids. Was meant to become a music producer myself, but the old man pressured me into joining the bloody police force, and look at how that turned out. Still, always glad to see a mate living the dream, even if it isn’t me. Speaking of which, I should probably introduce Marty to him once we get the time to meet up, if he isn’t in Brixton doing God knows what. [Playlist] Tracklist: Toots & The Maytals - Funky Kingston (1972) Toots & The Maytals - 54-46 Was My Number (1969) Desmond Dekker - 007 (Shanty Town) (1967) John Holt - Ali Baba (1973) Derrick Morgan - Moon Hop (1970) I-Roy - Sidewalk Killer (1972) Dandy Livingstone - Rudy, A Message To You (1967) Dave & Ansell Collins - Double Barrel (1971) The Upsetters - Return of Django (1969) The Ethiopians - Reggae Hit The Town (1968) Symarip - Skinhead Moonstomp (1969) Harry J Allstars - Liquidator (1969) Prince Buster - Al Capone (1965) Joya Landis - Angel of the Morning (1968) Freddie Notes & The Rudies - Montego Bay (1970) The Hotshots - Snoopy vs. The Red Baron (1973) Keith & Tex - Stop That Train (1967) Rudy Mills - John Jones (1969) The Untouchables - Tighten Up (1968) Max Romeo - Wet Dream (1968) Tony Tribe - Red Red Wine (1969) Sound Dimension - Real Rock (1968) U-Roy - Way Down South (1972) *NEW* Genre: Ye-ye, Chanson Host: Gene Lapelle Broadcasting live from a freighter on the English channel, 24 hours a day, Lundi through Sunday, this station encapsulates the sound of romantic love, fashion and endless student protests against De Gaulle. The French Connection is London’s teeny-tiny slice of Paris, playing mostly 60s pop made at the time. They call this style “ye-ye”, which, contrary to popular belief, does not refer to the nasty yank slang term for a bad haircut, but rather the expression, “Yeah! Yeah!” (which is even pronounced that way over there). It’s a bit like the beat music we have here in the UK, but sung in French. Artists include famed acts such as Francoise Hardy, Brigitte Bardot and Frances Gall, the last of whom actually won the Eurovision contest back in 1965, when she was just 17. Still can’t believe we lost to a collective of frogs that would’ve been speaking German today if it weren’t for us, the Reds and the Americans, but then again, after looking at the staggering number of blacked-out men and women lying outside the pubs in Soho at midnight, can’t say I’m too surprised. Gene Lapelle was once a fashion designer working out of Westminster, designing outfits and clothes for London’s elite. According to him, the station is here to spread more ‘civilized’ French culture to the ‘uncultured’ English people as a way to get them to stop rioting everytime England loses a football match against them. Yeah right, mate. Tell that to the headless corpse of Louis XVI. [Playlist] Tracklist: Brigitte Bardot - Harley Davidson (1967) Francoise Hardy - Voilà (1967) Nino Ferrer - Mirza (1966) Gillian Hills - Zou Bisou Bisou (1960) France Gall - Poupee De Cire, Poupée De Son (1965) Christine Pilzer - Cafe Creme (1967) Liz Brady - Partie De Dames (1966) Johnny Hallyday - Noir C’est Noir (1966) Cleo - Madame La Terre (1967) Jacqueline Taieb - Le Coeur Au Bout Des Doigts (1967) Jacques Dutronc - Les Cactus (1967) Clothilde - Fallait Pas Ecraser La Queue Du Chat (1967) Brigitte Bardot & Serge Gainsbourg - Bonnie & Clyde (1967) Ria Bartok - Ecoute Mon Coeur (1965) Genre: Lounge, Library, Film Score, Easy Listening, Instrumentals Host: Emiliana Lucio Music from films and libraries. Why does a station like this exist, you ask? Because Vinewood is rich with creative freedom and money and paid us to put in a station like that on the London airwaves, and a daily trip to Derringham’s to get yourselves new suits can’t happen without some background easy-listening music. It’s mostly showtunes from the KPM Library catalogue, really, the kind of tracks you’d normally hear in spy films, crime films and the like, on top of Italian composers, a throwback to the sort of stuff on the radio back in ‘69. Expect tracks from this station to pop up in the elevators, lounges and department stores regularly, so I hope you have a firm tolerance for that sort of thing. Emiliana Lucio’s a former Spaghetti Western star hailing from Naples, recently divorced from her yank hubby, Vinewood actor Walton Winwood. Some crazy sh*t’s happened back in ‘69 in LS involving the two lovebirds, along with Winwood’s stunt double. Apparently, a group of five drug-addled, psychotic hippies from The Desert Family cult trespassed their property in Rockford Hills and tried to kill them, confusing them for some other actor. Things went south for the hippies, and they all ended up dead, violently, with one of the kids burnt to a crisp by Winwood with a prop flamethrower, corpse floating in the swimming pool like a floater in a bowl (Emi claims the pool smelled like a St. Louis barbeque for months after the incident). Truly barbaric stuff, and they got acquitted under claim of self-defence, with the leader of the Desert Family, counterculture figure Samson “Brother Sammy” Welkes, sentenced to life in prison not long after that. Needless to say, marriage fell apart a few years later, like all Vinewood marriages, though based on her tone, it all seems amicable. Emi’s a mirror into the world that was mid-to-late-60s Vinewood, and we should all enjoy it while it lasts. [Playlist] Tracklist: Les Baxter - Tropicando (1970) James Clarke - Girl Of My Dreams (1969) Stelvio Cipriani - Mary’s Theme (1969) Ennio Morricone - Metti Una Sera A Cena (1969) The Roger Webb Sound - Moonbird (1971) John Cameron - Half-Forgotten Daydreams (1974) Piero Umiliani - Nostalgia (Rhythm Version) (1973) David Lindup - Acquital (1974) Piero Piccioni - Playgirl ‘70 (Party Music 5) (1969) Nora Orlandi - Lady Luna (1969) Stefano Torossi - Flying High (1974) Keith Mansfield - Funky Fanfare (1968) Stu Phillips, William Loose & Marvin Elling - Kelly (1968) Alan Hawkshaw - Traffic (1973) Lalo Schifrin - Danube Incident (1969) David McCallum - House of Mirrors (1967) Franco Bixio - A Pugni Nudi (1974) Neil Richardson - The Riviera Affair (1974) Carlo Savina - Down Left (1969) Sven Libaek - Music For Eels (1973) The BBC Radiophonic Workshop - Vespucci (1973) *NEW* Genre: Classical Music, Opera Host: Perry Kensworth For all you pompous bastards who can’t stand any of the aforementioned genres, I suppose this section would be a sigh of relief for you. It’s not London without it’s slice of classical fun, so Classically London has you covered. One of the oldest stations in the Old Smoke, you can transform a TV Dinner into a fine dining experience with this station playing in the background. Trust me, I’ve done it numerous times before and the mere experience of shoving a forkful of Chinese into your mouth and downing a bottle of scotch after that with Nocturne No. 2 playing from the stereo was just exquisite and elegant. Notable artists include Strauss, Chopin, Wagner and Verdi, with a hefty number of tracks here also featured in that movie with the talking spaceship and the other movie about those crazy lads that go around beating people up, seems the UK really likes its bombastic scores. Perry Kensworth, out of Knightsbridge, is old money, and it shows. Partaking in the most luxurious of pastimes, such as inbreeding, evicting poor people from their homes and a game of golf or polo at the nearby country club, Perry is living the dream that most working blokes wished they had. He also owns a two-storey parking garage, filled with rare European and Japanese exotic cars, and based on police records, a crashed Torero along the M1 Motorway was believed to be his, though the cozzers were unable to sufficiently prove that he was driving under the influence. Oh well, it’s probably no big deal for him, he could always buy another one, that wanker. [Playlist] Tracklist: Sir Edward Elgar - Pomp & Circumstance March No.1 (1901) Arne - Rule Britannia (1740) Rossini - The Thieving Magpie (1817) Strauss - The Blue Danube Waltz (1866) Strauss - Voices Of Spring Waltz (1882) Bach - Air (1871) Khachaturian - Sabre Dance (1942) Tchaikovsky - Enchanted Lake (1875) Tchaikovsky - Waltz of the Flowers (1892) Offenbach - Gaite Parisienne: Barcarolle (1881) Chopin - Nocturne No. 2 in E-Flat Major (1832) Chopin - Waltz No. 6 in D-Flat (1842) Beethoven - Fur Elise (1810) Beethoven - Ode To Joy (1824) *NEW* Mozart - Lacrimosa (1791) Mozart - Turkish March (1783) Verdi - Dies Irae (1874) Liszt - Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2 (1851) Delibes - The Flower Duet (1883) Debussy - Claire De Lune (1905) Wagner - Ride of the Valkyries (1876) Vivaldi - Violin Concerto in E-Minor (1720) Genre: Conservative Talk Radio What better way to inflame, offend and anger the populace than our very own syndicated, government-sanctioned talk radio broadcasting all over London? Radio 4’s been around longer than when men began to walk on 2s, and jumping to conclusions and stirring the ire of the native population of Britain has always been its bread and butter. Whether it's listening to Stoneheart ramble about the illegals or if it’s hearing Nigel Oakley run his mouth like a sailor on live radio, there is no shortage of talk shows here to get pissed off for no reason about. Breakfast with Brogan Wake up with the sing-song tones of ubiquitous leprechaun Bernard Brogan as he goes off on rambling, esoteric tangents while playing jazz. The only real entertainment comes from Brogan unwittingly reading out letters and fielding calls from pranksters who often assume punning pseudonyms and pose innuendo-laced questions to the aloof Irishman in an attempt to finally have him thrown off air. Whether it be good old Mike Hunt's views on water charges or Suk Mai Kok’s take on immigration policy, you’re sure to get a chuckle outside of Brogan’s boring drones. London’s Burning Contrary to popular belief, this has nothing to do with the gunpowder plot. It’s a politics program which recounts the previous day’s happenings in Westminster as members of both houses shout incessantly at one another about who’s to blame for the state of the country, rather than what can be done about it. This episode features some notable Labour MP and a shrill-voiced Peggy “Stoneheart” Slater whom he brands “hater slater.” From what I gather, she hates children, she hates immigrants. Mandem say she want to take school children’s milk away and turn all the Asians back at the border because ‘there isn’t enough work’ since her party closed down all of the native industries and forced a three day week. Most people won’t hear this though since they’re also rationing electricity and only the rich can even afford a radio, nevermind a car. PMS with Steve Sandcastle The post-midday service is a news and current affairs programme presented by malapropism prone dinosaur Stephen Sandcastle OBE in which he reads directly from The Rag and discusses his outdated views on just about everything, so long as it's not related to what's actually happening on the street. Whether it be talking about who's shagging who in the world of celebrity, what the beloved Queen named her new corgi or who’s killing who in the world of civil wars, you’re sure to go away just as clueless as you were before. Oh, and by the way, there’s only one G in Nigeria Steve... you latently bigoted, incontinent sack of sh*te. The Time Ranger Daytime’s favourite time traveller-cum-tosser, too risque to appear on kiddy radio, and too bonkers to appear on the adult slot of Radio 4. This time, The Time Ranger travels back to 60s London, where he places a bet on a boxing game using illicit gold pieces from his time in medieval France, loses, and unwittingly gets in hock with the Albert Twins, the two most dangerous gangsters in all of England. Meeting up with Rapunzel (yes, THAT Rapunzel), who is now your average doped-up hippy, washed up the moment fairy tales fade into obscurity in the real world, though hair as long as ever. The two attempt to escape the long arm of the Alberts, as our hero wanks his way out of any predicament, rain or shine. Judge’s Jury with Julius Judge The Radio Times describes this one as “A questions and answers session with a panel of notable figures drawn from politics, media and the arts who are asked for their views on current affairs by members of an invited audience assembled in a public venue.” What a load of old tosh. In this episode judgmental Jules goes to a prison in Norfolk to ask convicted murders whether they think the government is doing a good job, before grilling a Member of Parliament for Wolverhampton South West about what he perceives as “Rivers of Blood” in mass immigration, resulting in him being stoned almost to death by an angry mob in Trafalgar Square. Letters From Liberty with William Lancaster Everybody loves Liberty City… unless you come from Florida or somewhere like that. So what better way to spend your tea break than catching up on what’s happening across the pond. From the Hyperbowl victory of the Wrath’s rivals the Mambas to the resignation of Biff Cochrane and the ongoing energy crisis, you can marvel at it all from the comfort of your own ice cold bedsit in Bermondsey while dreaming of your little summer getaway in the cotswolds come June. It’s all lifted directly from CBN verbatim and Lancaster often forgets to change the name of the original broadcaster, but who gives a monkeys, the Zirconium Building could be five thousand feet tall and be made of sherbet for all you know when you’re on the dole. So sit back and relax and have a naturalised yankee traitor talk down to you for a half an hour. Why Not? Nigel Oakley’s Nightly Chart Experience Now then, now then, how’s about that? This one’s a bit of a mouthful but it’s quite entertaining, especially for a cool young cat like myself who likes to keep on top of the comings and goings of the people in the top 40 and that. And here was me thinking that creepy bastard Nigel Oakley was nothing more than a kids entertainer. I was wrong. He’s an absolute stalwart. And the best part is after the watershed he’s allowed to say f*ck and bugger, drink whiskey and smoke cigars. And it’s only a matter of time before this one gets a cool acronym like his sunday programme Top of The Charts. There’s a lot of talking bollocks from some Australian geezer with a wobble board and that bloke in the shiny jumpsuit who’s name I forgot, but this is also the one where he asks the youngest one out of the Pointer Sisters about the first time she saw a willy and whether she’s ever tried coke. Not sure whether I’d let my daughter keep watching his fixy programme after hearing this, but it’s a bubble nonetheless. The World of Tomorrow, Tonight presented by Geoffrey Daimler An international news roundup focussing on the ongoing cold war and the looming threat of left wing politics with Wolseleyite anti-semitic conspiracy nut Geoffrey Daimler. If you’re working the night shift, love science fiction movies and are overly suspicious of the labour party then he’s your man. Still not quite sure why this isn’t branded as comedy because I think it’s bloody hilarious. Stupid white people talking about stupid white people is just the type of levity I need. Way more funny than those other berks that they have over on Radio 2. Londoners are constantly kept in a perpetual state of anger and anxiety by Fleet Street’s big four. Whether it be dismal dailies like The Rag, the lefty hating Lune, the Marxist Meteor or everyone’s favourite whimsical weekly The Sunday Globe. But if you’ve had enough of reading the headlines and couldn’t give a sh*te about the sport, then you can always flick to the middle pages and have a gawk at what’s going down in the make believe worlds of film and TV. We live in a decade where MBC journalists capture live atrocities on film in Vietnam and syndicated talk shows, trivia games and soap operas from the 1950s still run to this very day. There are altogether three channels currently broadcasting in London, playing programmes and shows 24/7, 365 days a year. Some of the tosh that’s on offer includes the following: Fantastic Flying Squad (FFS) No, this isn’t a documentary series about a traveling trapeze act, it’s a hard hitting police drama about Detective Pete C. Plodd and his team of rambunctious robbery cops as they do just about everything aside from collaring their man. Whether it be knocking seven bells out of a minority or shooting up a China shop from across the bonnet of a Bravado. You’re not likely to get any lessons on best practice from the coppers here, but tickle me pink, it sure is bloody entertaining! GRITS We go from policemen to prisoners in MBC’s latest attempt at comedy starring Stanley Parker as Hairy Harry from Haringey who’s sent to a severely outdated Cat C lock up in Crawley for a crime he claims he didn’t commit. You’ll probably get at least one laugh during the 30 minute run time but you’ll never actually find out whether or not he’s guilty, so save yourself the half an hour if you’ve got something more pressing to do. A Face Only a Muva Could Love Hank is a former chimney sweep stricken down with a congenital defect that has turned his face into something resembling that of the Elephant man and has been forced to inexplicably make ends meet by cleaning “windas” instead. One might think there are only so many times a busty blonde can come out of the shower to see Hank’s gurning disfigured face looking through her bedroom bays before dropping her towel and running away in horror before it loses all humour, but the blokes behind this side splitting situation comedy just keep on inventing more and more hilarious ways for the poor spastic to fall from his ladder and hit various objects on his way down. Despite women’s groups consistently criticising the gratuitous nudity, my only issue is that the title is a bit of misnomer. After all, it’s a well known fact that nothing gets a pair of knickers wetter than a clumsy bastard with a Cockney accent, grotesque looking boat race or not. And predictably, despite their initial revulsion, they take pity and offer to nurse him back to health. Not to mention that cheeky wink from his drooping eye to the camera at the end of each and every episode… it just gets me everytime. Mouldy Old Walls Two birds from up north are renting a flat in Charing Cross and constantly struggle to pay their rent due to low paying jobs at a street corner legal firm, rising rents and mounting student loans. One day their sink stops working so they pick a name out of the paper and call up Marvelous Mickey “no job too big or small” only problem is he ain’t a blooming plumber at all!! I hate to ruin the paper thin plot but it turns out he’s looking for a missus, so when he sees the two of them, he cannot believe his luck. They repeatedly have to fight off his advances but agree to let him stay and help to pay the rent. He keeps them warm in the winter. He fixes their creaky floorboards... but he just can’t seem to sort out their mouldy walls. Have You Got a Bigger Size In This? Blimey, where do you start? Martin and Montague work in a plus sized female clothier and have a fetish for women’s shoes. I don’t like bloody ponses so I never watched past the opening theme, but my guess is the heifers that frequent the place are constantly asking them for a bigger size that they can actually get their fat feet into or something along those lines. If it’s some kind of double entendre about shirt lifters, I don’t want to know. Also kind of gets on my wick that these woofters have the same names as me and my young protege. As if the other coppers haven't got enough reasons to pick on us as it is. The Gentrification Game Each week a group of property developers are tasked with digging into their portfolios to find the most rat infested piss smelling dump in East London and are given a few weeks to turn it into somewhere that their fellow Eton alumni can live. They jack up the prices and force the locals out on the street, replacing generations old businesses with artisan coffee shops so that they never even need to look a single tramp in the eye. Sandpaper & Sons This series chronicles the everyday experiences centred around a hardware shop owned by an abrasive old git named Cyril "Sandpaper" Stevens and his four sons. Danny, the eldest, desperately tries to keep the place in order while the youngest, Zebedee goes out running errands and looking for various items including a long stand, a glass hammer and a bucket of steam. All the while stuttering Cyril stands in the corner and makes sarcastic comments while he counts his coppers and laughs. The Americans tried in vain to copy this, but it wasn't quite the same. Even if the humour was catered more t'wards my kind of people and that. Old Farts, New Starts This one follows a group of aging white fellas who stand around talking sh*te. The Tories cut their old age pension and now they have to go out into their west yorkshire community and start looking for jobs. From getting in over their wellies in horse crap or realising that their wrinkled willies still work unexpectedly while milking a cow and chasing the farmer’s daughter until she clatters them with a rake. And that's only episode one! If there’s one thing I’ve learned from this wank fest, it’s that old people can also be the subject of mockery too. So in a way it's about diversity innit, which I'm all for. Although I’d probably think twice about pushing me old nan down the stairs. Not in My Front Garden! Cornelius and Concepta live in Kingston Upon Thames. They sit in their parlour and pass judgement on minorities, until one day they get a letter in the post to say that their probate fell through. They pack up their silk bed sheets and expensive delf and toddle off to a bedsit in Brixton (which is all they can afford). Hilarity ensues as they’re faced with their own bonce spinning bigotry and have to learn how to adjust to their new digs. Gone are the days of caviar and prawn cocktail. Now they must develop a whole new appetite... for Jerk Chicken and Curried Goat. Right to Refuse Continuing the theme of racially centric programming is this whimsical tale inspired by a Jolty Pylon sketch about a racist former Royal Marine who moves from East London to the coast and attempts to run a B&B. Assisted (and often hindered) by his long suffering wife, their daughter and her long haired lover from Liverpool. A Word With The Platoon: An Earnest Look Into The Situation Of The U.S. Marines In Vietnam “What’s there to talk about? All we do in this here camp is beat off, drink, get high and play Hendrix and CCR on the radio all day while waiting for the f*ckin’ gooks to come whenever they’re ready until it’s time for us to go home.” Powerful words from one of those American GIs, struck me so much that I wrote them down on the back of a fag packet. I didn't understand the war before and I don't very much understand it now, but this documentary really gives some much needed context to all of those Dutch London movies, if nothing else. Our government is a right dog's dinner but those Americans are absolutely snookered by comparison. Some of these boys actually reminded me of blokes on the force, although they probably hate the orientals even more, if that's possible. Gentry Does It In this period piece a family of toffee nosed twats called the Turnbuckles live in a stately manor in Victorian England and their servants live below them. Both figuratively and literally. It's Dickensian fare that only MBC can do without being condescending, but I can't help noticing that a lot of the accents are quite clearly put on. None of the servants are black, which I must say is a relief, but it's probably just because they wouldn't give a bruva a job. Terry’s Technicolour Tat Shack When I was a lad, Saturday mornings were dominated by the likes of The Adventures Of Scorpio Boy & Heaterman, Yank comic book animated series’, where more budget is spent on the music than the animation itself. Then about a year ago the slightly menacing Terry Tizz burst onto the scene operating from an MBC back room made up to look like a tattoo parlour (or vice versa) with his crazy competitions and daft little games. It’s mostly just kid’s sh*te but I do get a kick out of the little ones ringing in trying to flog their parents' old antiques for a packet of football cards and Terry’s dirty little sock puppet telling them how much of a little idiot they are. Professor Cognito A science fiction programme dating back to before the days of cosmic conquests and galactic gladiators on expeditions to far reaches of the planet mong. The premise is simple but effective - A facially obscured mad scientist named Justin Cognito builds a time machine in his garage and uses it to travel to all manner of uncharted and unsettling lands whilst pretending to be someone he’s not. The effects are a little bit dated by today’s standards and most of the baddies are clearly walking around with dustbins on their bodies and pots and pans on their heads, but I still really enjoy it for the pure nostalgia of it all and how it reminds me of being a teenager and getting the missus to dress up as a sexually sentient unicorn lady or a gelatinous green blob. Trivia Or Die! This is the sort of game show where everyone who wishes to take part in it has to sign a waiver first. Hosted by Darrell Butcher, the questions asked by the man himself to any of the participants can range from elements of pop culture, political and wartime events and even down to the type of knickers the Queen likes wearing. Failure to answer any of the questions results in the accumulation of demerit points, and the audience gets to decide the fate of the losing contestants. Last I heard, they were subject to a minefield in Burma. It’s like a modern-day version of a gladiator colosseum, complete with the thumbs-up and down thing. All in all, it’s wholesome packaged fun for the whole family. Three words, Cheap Grindhouse Flicks. In no part thanks to 60s counterculture, hard drugs and the dissolution of the Hays Code which clamped down on creative minds from the 30s through the 50s, we are fortunate enough to experience this newfound explosion of edgy and risque films with their titles presently covering the headlines of just about every sleazeball theatre in London. This new wave of ‘exploitation films’ (aptly dubbed New Vinewood Wave by the egghead film journalists in Los Santos and San Fierro) are a sign that the new young minds of this generation have chosen to reject the static, Transatlantic-accented and black-and-white film noirs and westerns of the past for grainy, schlock-filled and overly violent and sexual pictures made on a shoestring budget. Covering topics such as sexuality, psychedelia, cars, gangs and black power, amplified and exaggerated to be made more inflammatory and entertaining for the average viewer. The influx of these sorts of films are living proof that you might never lay hands on a camera in your life and can still have a chance to make it big in Vinewood; just ask the Italians who directed all those revisionist Spaghetti Westerns and giallo flicks. Best of all, these viewings are dirt cheap, with a ticket for a single viewing costing only 3 quid, and a double feature (consisting of two back-to-back films) costing 5. Plenty of grindhouse theatres around London if you know where to look. I personally prefer to visit Ray’s near Camden Town, mostly for their 4-for-1 deal on tickets, and I would usually grab a E.Cola and a bag of fish and chips from Terry’s or the world famous Fanny Batter’s before hopping on a seat to catch the show. Do give these theatres a shot if you're bored out of your minds or are sick of the constant nagging from her indoors. No Honor, No Humanity Just because the war’s over, doesn’t mean that men don’t bring war back home with them… No Honor, No Humanity… A British tale of betrayal, friendship, loyalty and greed... It’s better to see it than never... Loosely based on true events, a platoon of British soldiers from Berlin return to Newcastle only to realize that most of them are out of a job. Meeting up with an old man and gang leader named Reuben Marks, they soon become established gangsters of the Marks Firm in the city, at a cost, of course. A loyal member of the platoon, Laylan Griggs, gets nicked and is locked up for 5 years for the murder of a rival firm leader during the post-war period (which gets reduced to manslaughter due to corruption). The camaraderie that once bonded the men together is now disintegrating to the point of no return and it ends badly for everyone, as a disgruntled member of the Marks Firm and a friend of Griggs, Jerry Scofield, cuts all ties with the gang and starts his own, kickstarting a gang war in Newcastle in the 50s. Laylan is soon released from prison, and soon finds himself pointing the smart end of a gun at his old friends and comrades, as he watches them succumb to power or die in the process, one by one. Honor and personal relationships sure don't exist in this line of work. Claims to be the most brutal Brit crime film of all-time, but I digress. The knife-stabbing scene with the fat lad outside the pub was more funny than shocking. You’ll know it when you see it. That’s all I’m going to say. The Black Hailstorm The Big Boss took everything from him, leaving him for dead, and now he’s back, stronger and smarter than ever before... Hardened by years in ‘Nam, now he’s ready to rain down some good old-fashioned street justice across the streets of Holland, while getting it on with the ladies.... Starring NFA Quarterback Jamie Armstrong as The Black Hailstorm & featuring an all-original score by vibraphonist and singer Fleet Hartwood… Blood will spill across the streets of Liberty City... More militant than the Black Panthers and blacker than the Ace of Spades, suit up for The Black Hailstorm… Cuz you’ll never see this cat coming… A hallmark in the ever-popular blaxploitation film movement in the U.S., with just about everything you could ever imagine about the genre; the large afros, the hypermasculine, promiscuous and unstoppable protagonist, the funky soundtrack, actors directly reading stage directions in-character, mass murder, drug-based backstory, the cheesy Curtis Yang-inspired fight scenes, even down to the pro-Black Power subject matter. Lots of white people getting shot by black people in this film, and also really cool car chases featuring 60s-70s muscles like the Vapid Ellie or the Albany Bayonette. I can imagine that this picture is a favourite among those black power activists in Brixton. Killer Hippies In Los Santos These aren’t your ordinary peace-loving, war-protesting tree-huggers… They will surround you and your friends, and they won’t hesitate to burn you alive… In the hustle and bustle of 1969 Los Santos… They are unassuming, harmless, carefree… Until they need someone to kill, and they will never stop chasing fresh meat… Loosely based on true events, and starring Leonora Johnson as The Starlet… Tonight’s the night when a routine stopover at the Rowan Ranch... It becomes a bloodbath… Killer Hippies In Los Santos… One of the scariest pictures you will ever see... This summer… Leonora Johnson’s face is all over the big screens now, with her most recent starring role being Prohibition-era nostalgia bait, Rum Runner. That said, I hear that B-Movie washout and dying-for-the-art creep Peter Dreyfuss has the hots for Leo. How'd I know about this? Easy, just watch his interview on The Schitt Bagg Show. Bloke's a complete nutter. But before all of that newfound stardom, she was the humble leading lady of controversial 1971 indie slasher film, Killer Hippies In Los Santos, which was loosely based on The Desert Family Slayings in ‘68, as well as the aforementioned Winwood Residence Fiasco in ‘69. Plenty of gore, hallway chases, screaming and folk guitar twanging in this, not to mention the trademark nighttime Los Santos smog and congestion. As for Leo’s character, let’s just say that she almost gets dismembered in this, and it’s a damn shame that she isn’t cast in any more horror flicks to this day. I think she has more potential for her actual acting chops than just being the pretty face of Vinewood and getting relegated to the typical damsel-in-distress roles you’d normally see in summer blockbusters. Sora Mea: An Erotic Horror Picture A modern take and a terrifying and sexy retelling of an old classic… Pussycat Playthings Marlene Starr and Darla Cassavetes star as a pair of buxom vampire ladies, one on the side of good, the other evil, awakened from a long slumber in Romania since the 18th century…But the one thing that puts them both on the same page, is the common taste for human blood, man and woman… They will deceive you, they will enthrall you, they will seduce you and they will kill you... Hide your daughters, hide your wives, and don’t go unzipping your flies, ‘cause the Sapphic Vampires are going to have them for dinner… Sora Mea… An intimate erotic horror picture... I saw a man spanking the monkey to this film at Ray’s, I’m not even joking. It’s a Mallet Monster production, so quality isn’t exactly a mantra you’d want to hear in this. This entire picture is essentially a softcore lesbian sexploitation film disguised as a vampire horror movie. Don’t expect much from this picture as far as the plot goes, just a couple of bad actresses doing painfully bad Central European accents engaging in various girl-on-girl and occasionally girl-on-guy nonsense with other very sexy and scantily-clad extras. The score is pretty good, though. Beat one out to this if you want, you disgusting pervert. The Man From C.U.N.T.S. Britain’s deadliest agent from one of London’s most secretive MI6 units… This time, The man is sent to Paris on a super-secret mission to uncover a traitor in the organisation, killing and shagging everything in his way to get to the bottom of… Actually no… that’s the other secret agent story doing the rounds at the minute. This one’s a syndicated double feature from Richards Majestic Productions in America where they rip off another distinctly British concept and market it as their own. This one follows the exploits of an agent for the Centralized Unit of National and Terrestrial Security (C.U.N.T.S.) and serves as an allegory for the yanks as a constantly interfering band of wannabe world police. Probably why it’s so successful over here ten years after initial broadcast in the states. It stars former B-Movie actor Graham Jones as Agent Forbes. And you can expect loads of fast cars, fast women, cool-looking suits and weird gadgets that somehow serve the role of deus ex machina whenever the plot deems it necessary and stuff. Being a double feature, the first picture is about the Soviets (surprise, surprise) and the sabotage of their nuclear sub program in Sochi (the one in Russia that is). The second covers a potential Cuban mole in C.U.N.T.S. planted by the commie dictatorship, who Forbes takes out in a long-winded fight in a cable car. Either way, Agent Forbes kicks plenty of arse, and sleeps with a lot of women, somehow avoiding the clap along the way. If you’re a fan of rampant yank jingoism and pretty women reciting and broadcasting arbitrary numbers to sleeper cells and double agents, this is essential viewing for you. Three Babes & A Swimming Prodigy Thrills, kills and tits… Three go-go dancers kidnap a rich man’s daughter for ransom, and then all hell breaks loose… Starring Cheyenne Kubrick, Miki Peckinpah, Olivia Fukasaku and Jacinta Jodorowsky… A titillating tale of violence and destruction, of murder and torture... Straight to your nearest cinema… Three Babes & A Swimming Prodigy… These aren’t your friendly neighborhood dames... The exploitation film that popularized future exploitation films. Made in ‘64 by former smut movie director Rudolph Haroldson, it caused quite a polarizing storm at the Oriental Theater back then, with some people dismissing the film as straight-up p*rnographic, and others praising it as an essential feminist film. Needless to say, the entire theater broke out into a fight, and 48 people died in the ensuing chaos. Regardless, it’s a pretty ballsy movie for 1964. Tough girl archetypes and partial nudity weren’t exactly commonplace at the time, let alone running their mouths like sailors on downtime. Sam The Rat A satirical tale by animator Douglas Cohen featuring an all-star voice cast, this rendition of San Fierro is like nothing you’re ever gonna see… Cartoons aren’t just for kids anymore… Sam The Rat… A glimpse into the psyches of a generation… Incredibly trippy adult cartoon that utilizes excessive rotoscoping. It’s like a late-60s throwback all wrapped into an hour-long animation, complete with the knockers, hippies, bikers, sex, drugs and rock n’ roll. The protagonist, Sam, an anthropomorphic rat from Liberty City, is an all-round womanizer, drug user and self-proclaimed revolutionary in 60s San Fierro, who causes more harm than good. A future classic that will be studied extensively in animation schools, that’s for sure. I like how all the black people are depicted as cows in this movie, really says a lot about the situation in the U.S.A. back then and right now. Hate to say it, but as much as I dislike living in London as a black man, thank God I wasn’t born there. Outlaws From The Armpit Of Texas Little Rock, Texas… A Thieves’ Paradise of murder and debauchery … It’s up to someone to clean things up… An all new revisionist retelling of the old and tired Western… Director Ennio Trigali presents an exciting picture for the big screens… Starring Clark West as The Stranger, watch as the man goes around, gunning people down with complete impunity, while dodging bullets from posses of brown people… Outlaws From The Armpit Of Texas, a future Spaghetti Western classic… Ennio Trigali’s getting invited as a VIP to the Red Carpet at the Oriental Theater in LS. If that’s not an indication that you’ve truly captured the minds and souls of all the nonces in Vinewood, then nothing will. A Western remake of the 1961 Japanese jidaigeki film, The Great Samurai Onazura, Outlaws is an Italian retelling of the story set in the Old West, featuring three bandito factions and one, very pissed-off yank cowboy. Lots of standoffs, bad lip-syncing and dubbing and The Stranger saying ‘boah’ in this, that’s for sure. While receiving much acclaim for revolutionizing the Western genre in the West, the Japanese were… less than pleased. In fact, I heard the director of the original film, Kinji Kimura and the film’s production company, Tokyo-based entertainment conglomerate Ginza Holdings, are planning to take this to American court for alleged plagiarism. So much for faithfulness to the source material. The Race To Hell Never leave your foot from the gas ‘cause the race to hell is just about to begin… The year is 1973, and the Earth gets invaded by demons from the Seventh Circle… Humble mechanic Frank is the only one left untouched by these perversions of nature… With his trusty ‘68 Bravado parked out front, he boldly challenges Satan to a race to protect humanity… Will the man emerge victorious to save the ones he loves? Find out in The Race To Hell… Not for the religiously zealous… Starring Harold Singer as Frank and Peter Wiener as Satan... What do you know… A road movie with elements of comedy and horror, filmed entirely in the endless desert sprawls of Tierra Robada and Las Venturas, and what it does, it does exceptionally well. Like many other films listed here, watch this just for the epic car races and chases, and try to ignore the awful make-up that Peter Wiener wears to portray the Lord of the Underworld. You’d never see a Vigero or Polaris move this fast in real life, and I heard that, the stunts and all, it’s all the real deal! In fact, there’s talk that three stuntmen actually died in the shooting of the film! That’s some dedication right there! Il Brutto Lavoro 2 men, and 2 women, eyes dead set on a bank owned by the Mafia… Will they make it out alive? Pushed into a tough situation, four local students from the University of Palermo decide to get back at the system which doomed them… Scoping out the Bank of Laverno… Watch as they attempt to pull off the most daring heist of all-time... Meticulous, dangerous, and unassuming… Watch as the Mafia is robbed blind by a quartet of young adults, who could look like your next-door neighbour, or the patron at your nearby cafe, or even someone next to you during Sunday mass… Il Brutto Lavoro… A picture you’d hate to miss… Starring Marcu Bonnaro, Luca Silverstri, Gina Trapani and Claudia Ricci… Il Brutto Lavoro… A giallo picture that’s gaining storm across the pond. There’s word out there that the director, actors, and just about anyone involved in the production of the film are prime targets for the actual Sicilian Mafia in Palermo, for the less-than-ideal portrayal of the organisation in the movie. If that’s true, I suggest they do a f*ckin’ bunk, pronto. These mobsters don’t mess around, from what I’ve heard. Anyway, as for the movie itself, if you’re a fan of schlocky dialogue, those brown Helvetica English subtitles in foreign movies, interesting car chases involving Pegassi or Grotti vehicles, pretty girls with guns, a bunch of uni students killing people and thinly-veiled socio-political preaching, do put Il Brutto Lavoro on your watchlist. Christ, I sound just like the trailer. Jewels, Plane Tickets & Kung Fu A pretty-faced kung fu master and a basketball player take it on in a battle to the death… Off the coast of Hong Kong, a remote island known as Shaolin Island hosts one of the deadliest fighting tournaments in the history of mankind… Hosted by its mysterious chairman, Poon Dong… No one meets the man and makes it off the island to tell the tale... Brought together by fate, they punch, kick and decapitate anyone in their way to get to the top, while enjoying complimentary massage therapy sessions and continental breakfast during down time… Jewels, Plane Tickets & Kung Fu… A kung fu masterpiece... Starring new Vinewood face and martial artist Curtis Yang and USBA player Jameer Jamal… Heads will roll across the island, literally... Title says it all. It’s a film filled with some of the best fight scenes recorded on film in recent memory, starring Vinewood’s newest diva and first mainstream Asian-American face, Curtis Yang. Don’t watch much basketball myself, but Jameer did a decent job of playing the role of a basketball player recently fired from the association and looking to self-improve by beating people up, kinda like in real life. But f*ck it, who really watches this movie for the plot? We just want to see some arse getting kicked, and this film does a damn fine job at giving the audience just that! I hear the next Yang film is going to co-star Leonora Johnson in a kick-arse non-typecast role, a proposed spiritual sequel entitled The Golden Mountain, which will be set in 1870s San Fierro, during the Gold Rush and the advent of the Chinese Exclusion Act, with a scheduled release for the Summer of ‘77. Let’s hope the both of them make it through Vinewood alive.
  14. Alright so hear me out guys, this is something ill try to start once i get a copy of SA, modding tools and a pc that can run the game ill give it the run-around to this idea 3 dudes leave greenglass college in LV, and each had got onto the plane to go to a certain state; (the first guy goes to Vice, the 2nd goes to Liberty, and the 3rd comes back to Los Santos.) but as they get to their places, they all get robbed in a way: (Guy 1 gets robbed in Vice because he was riding a taxi, so some street criminal jacks it and he bails out with his backpack) (guy 2 gets his bus ticket to staunton stolen by a hobo (that might hit a resemblance to a certain someone) (guy 3 gets his taxi ride taken away by some rich prick who shows the taxi driver a wad of cash) They start off by taking a certain vehicle and being taught how to walk/drive (like almost every game) Guy 1 jacks a Light blue Sabre that was left on one of the parking lots. Guy 2 steals a Dark red Sentinel that is parked nearby in the little lots of francis international airport. Guy 3 takes the beige Solair that was in the parking lot in LSX
  15. Grand theft auto san andreas HD remake disclaimer: this is not speculation about gta 6. this simply a concept thread where i am sharing an idea of mine. please keep criticism polite and constructive and enjoy. overview: grand theft auto san andreas HD remake is a complete from the ground up rebuild of the game, grand theft auto san andreas. it is an HD universe remake of the original gta san andreas. many characters from the original game will be appearing, though some characters due to this remake taking place in the HD universe of the grand theft auto series, will be replaced with some HD era characters. some of these characters include, salvatore leon, replaced by giovanni ancelotti, johnny sindacco replaced by anthony messina, son of paulie messina, who is don of the messina family. the map consists of HD universe renditions of los santos, san fierro, las venturas, red county, flint county, whetstone county, tierra robada, and bone county. some new locations have also been added and these include, san duarte (based on san diego), rona (based on reno), oakley (based on oakland), San Melendez county (based on san bernadino county). many features from the original such as eating, working out, gang wars, properties, etc will return. some new features will be added as well. several new missions have also been added to the story. the player can take over gang territories in all the citites and fight with many different gangs besides just the ballas and vagos. locations: cities: los santos: where the game starts off and now in it's HD era rendition closer to real life. (based on los angeles) San duarte: a smaller side city where several new missions take place. places such as the naval base can also be found here. (based on san diego) san fierro: now in a more detailed, closer to reality, HD universe rendition(based on san Francisco) Oakley: another small city right across the garver bridge. again, several new story missions take place here. (based on oakland) Rona: a small city where several casinos can be found and interacted with. also kind of a minime of las venturas. (based on reno) las venturas: just like the other major cities is now in a more detailed HD universe rendition. (based on las vegas) towns: sandy shores: a small desert town by the alamo sea that once was a tourist trap but now is a run down trailer park village home to methheads, bikers, and rednecks. several missions take place here as well. (based on desert shores) paleto bay: a quiet coastal town beside mount chiliade. serves as a replacement of angel pine from the original game. (based on morro bay) harmony: just a little town out on the old highway that serves as a rest stop to travelers. grapeseed: a small farming community in blaine county where a mission or two will take place. (based on grapevine) chumash: just a small beach community along the highway to los santos. (based on santa barbara) San melendez: another town near the desert, east of los santos. some story missions will also take place here. (based on san bernadino) Crawstow: another off the grid town in the middle of the desert containing abandon buildings (based on barstow) Santa maria: a coastal town home to a beach and the santa maria boardwalk containing several rides that the player can interact with. (based on santa cruz) Montgomery: a farming community in central san andreas that is also home to the biker culture such as motorcycle rallies. it is also home to several new story missions where Carl Johnson is working with the lost mc. the two major biker gangs also have prominent influence here. (based on hollister CA) Blueberry: another farming community in central san andreas that is also home to a brewery. (based on dixon CA) Pine creek: a former logging town dating back to the 1800's and located up in the redwood forests north of santa maria. (based on boulder creek CA) Bayside: returning from the original game as a town across the bay from san fierro. (based on marin) El quebrados: a small town north of san fierro and bayside. (based on santa rosa) Las barrancas: a town originally built to house workers during the construction of the sherman dam. (based on boulder city NV) Fort carson: a town just south of rona. (based on carson city NV) Las payasadas: a ghost town that had a rich history following the construction of the transcontinental railroad. (based on palisade NV) Tahoe city: a town on the shores of lake whetstone. (based on tahoe city) counties: los santos county (based on Los Angeles county) blaine county: the countryside area north of los santos and where the countryside chapter of the main story begins (based on numerous areas in southern California) San Melendez county (based on San bernadino county) San duarte county (based on San Diego county) red county (based on numerous areas in California's central valley) palomino county (based on Santa Cruz county) flint county (based on sonoma county) whetstone county (based on placer county) tierra robada county (based on several areas in northern Nevada) bone county (based on Clark county) Virgo county (based on Lincoln county Nevada) Sherman county (based on no particular place in Nevada) returning Characters: Carl johnson Big Smoke Sweet Ryder Cesar vialpando kendle catalina the Truth Mike Toreno Wu zi Mu Madd Dogg Eddie pulaski jimmy pulaski Frank tenpenny Zero Jizzy B T-bone mendez Guppy kent paul Maccer ken rosenberg OG loc New Characters: Giovanni ancelotti: replacing Salvatore Leon, Giovanni ancelotti gives Carl Johnson several jobs during the las venturas chapter of the story before Carl Johnson robs his casino with the triads. he immigrated from Naples Italy to liberty city in 1950 where he ran loan shark, fencing, and extortion rackets out of the alderney fruit market. in 1951 he was arrested for being in possession of stolen property and again four years later for loan sharking. in 1960 he was arrested for racketeering. following the death of his uncle he became the don of the ancelotti crime family in 1978. James "bowie" Davidson: born in 1946 in the town of Montgomery San andreas, James Davidson is the president of the San andreas chapter of the lost mc and becomes allies with CJ during the countryside chapter of the game. in 1964 when he was 18 years old he was drafted to fight in the Vietnam war. in 1969 he returned to Montgomery after the war ended and bought his first motorcycle. eventually he fell in the local chapter of the lost mc, became a full patched member at some point and later was promoted to chapter president. soon he meets CJ and then they become allies after Carl helps the lost fight the angels of death mc for control of their territory. Alfonso jimenez: Alfonso is a drug lord and the leader of the Mendoza cartel and an ally of the loco syndicate. the loco syndicate also distribute drugs for the cartel. Gangs: Grove street Families: the protagonist's gang. Ballas: sworn enemies of the families. operate in Los Santos Vagos: Mexican american street gang, enemies of varrios los aztecas. operate in Los Santos. Varrios los aztecas: a Hispanic street gang and enemies of the Los Santos vagos. operate in Los Santos and Blaine county Marabunta grande: an el Salvadorian street gang. operate in Los Santos. The 980's: African american street gang. operate in Oakley. San fierro rifa: Mexican american street gang. operates in Oakley and san fierro. enemies of the 980's. Da nang boys: Vietnamese street gang. operates in san fierro. Triads: Chinese crime syndicate. operates in san fierro. Mendoza cartel: Mexican drug cartel. operates in los santos, san fierro, and san duarte. Russian bratva: Russian criminal organization. operates in Los Santos and san fierro. Mafia: Italian american crime syndicate. operates in las venturas. Lost MC: outlaw motorcycle gang. operates in red and Blaine counties. Angels of death: outlaw motorcycle gang. operates all around san andreas and robada. sworn enemies of the lost mc. Weapons: weapons are customizable in the remake with the ability for the player to add different color schemes, silencers, extended clips, scopes, drum mags, and so on and so forth. Melee: Knife Baseball bat Nightstick Pool cue Golf club Shovel Katana chainsaw pistols: Pistol Desert eagle Python Shotguns: Shotgun Sawnoff shotgun Combat shotgun Submachine guns: Micro smg SMG Tec 9 Assualt rifles: AK47 M4 rifles: Sniper rifle Rifle Combat sniper heavy: RPG Heat seeking rocket launcher Minigun flamethrower Combat MG thrown: Grenade molotovs tear gas Remote explosives other: night vision goggles thermal vision goggles fire extinguisher spray can camera Gang wars: gang wars return from the original. in the remake gang wars have been improved to make them less repetitive than in the original. gang territories can be now be taken over from different gangs in all the cities across the map. to take a territory, instead just looking for gang members to kill, the player can visit a designated hangout of the gang that they are fighting and kill 3 to 4 gang members to start a gang war. once a gang war has been ignited, around three waves of gang members will attack. 1st wave is two carloads of enemy gang members, 2nd is four carloads of enemy gang members, and the 3rd and final wave is six carloads of enemy gang members. after a battle with rival gang members, the player must clear out all the gang's strongholds within that territory. the number of strongholds within a territory ranges from 1 to 4 strongholds. to clear out a stronghold the player must kill all the enemy gang members inside, destroy all the product that the gang is storing in there, and if they want to, the player can loot the strongholds for money and drugs, which brings me to my next point. Drug dealing: unlike the original game, the player can now buy and sell drugs similar to Chinatown wars. though a drug dealing side activity was originally planned to be in the beta version of the original game but was cut during development. to engage in this activity, the player must encounter a drug dealer on the street, usually they can be found in the poor ghetto neighborhoods of the cities. the dealer will offer drugs to the player, the option to decline or accept will appear on screen. if the player chooses accept a menu will appear showing the drugs that are available from the dealer as well as an option to sell any drugs you have in your holdall. drugs that can be bought and sold are, cocaine, meth, crack, weed, ecstasy, heroin, and mushrooms. certain areas around the map will also high demands for certain types of drugs, for example crack is the most highly demanded drug in areas such as south central LS and Oakley. to sell drugs to pedestrians simply stand on a street corner and a pedestrian will approach you if you have the drugs they want. they will then ask you for the drug and then an option to accept or decline will appear on screen. by choosing accept, an animation of Carl taking the drug out of his holdall and handing it to the pedestrian while the pedestrian hands Carl a wad of cash will play. after the animation ends the pedestrian walks away and a good sum of cash is added to the players in game money balance. players can also kill drug dealers and loot them of their drugs and money. players can also receive tip offs to perform special deals with key individuals, to perform a special deal the player must have the type and amount of drugs the key individual wants and then meet up with them in a certain spot. once the player meets up with the buyer, they will ask you for the drugs then you must press a certain button to trigger an animation of Carl handing the buyer the drugs while the buyer hands Carl a wad of cash. after the deal is done the player will have a large sum of money added to their in game balance. occasionally the deals can turn out to be sting operations set up by police or they can be attacked by rival gang members so it is always advised that recruit some grove street families gang members to accompany you on the special deals. Grove street: in the remake grove street acts a lot like the camp in rdr 2. several activities such as street gambling, basketball, and others can be participated in by the player. Emmett can sell Carl weapons and ammo at discount prices. video games can be played on the television in the Johnson safe house. players can also hangout with big smoke, sweet, ryder, and other gang members in sweet's house, similar to the campfire in rdr2. Properties and Assets: many properties can be bought all over san andreas including safehouses and businesses. players can also buy land and have extra assets built. after you buy a plot of land, an office trailer will appear on the land. the player must enter the office trailer and press a certain button to open a menu where they choose what to build. things you can build include, houses, apartment complexes, casinos, and car dealerships. after the player builds houses and apartment complexes, they can either use them as safehouses or rent them out and make income from them. a new feature added in the remake is gang properties which are business properties controlled by different gangs, very similar to vice city stories's feature known as empire building. gang properties that can be taken over include, drug labs, chop shops, fences, protection rackets, gambling dens, and loansharking businesses. after acquiring business properties, the player can do missions to upgrade the business and increase its income. gangs will attack and try to reclaim one of your gang properties after you've taken over a gang property. once a gang property is fully upgraded grove street families gang members wearing more formal clothing such as open gray suit jackets and pants with green dress shirts will be guarding the property with more powerful weapons and can be recruited. income from properties now goes straight to the players in game money balance that way players don't have travel all around the map just to collect some money.
  16. GRAND THEFT AUTO: THE INNER CIRCLE The 3rd concept by DownInTheHole. (Theme Song) Michael Gray (feat. Shelley Poole) - Borderline Other concepts by me: Grand Theft Auto: Borders Grand Theft Auto: Carcer City ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- About 20 miles west of Carcer City, Musketoon lies its sister city Ellis (also known as EL ILL), located in the state of Illinois. A city with an unsurmountable love for all things sports, alcohol, and house music, is marred by a dark past, ranging from the Prohibition-era gangster slayings in the 20s and 30s, Civil Rights clashes with the police in the 60s and 70s and the Rust Belt period in the 80s and 90s. Based on the actual city of Chicago, Illinois, Ellis today in the early 21st century looks to be a shining example of how a city can rise from its ashes and triumph over its problems, even building a new stadium, known as the Hope Stadium, in commemoration of its struggle. And yet, with the advent of a new opportunities and a growing interest in yet another dubious war initiated by foreign policy, a wave of political ambition and greed looms over Ellis, and many cities like it, as members of the elite clamor at the prospect of becoming mayor during the city’s big election year. Taking advantage of the city’s high crime and murder rate, prospective candidates manipulate and spin the volatile climate of the city to their favors, performing all manners of vice, each more depraved than the last to get to the top; spreading misinformation, hiring gangs to destroy campaign materials and blackmail their rivals, throwing lavish soirees and parties to curry favor the big dogs and even going as far as to hold an opponent’s family hostage. Two big political factions in the city exist, the Populists and the Traditionalists. The Populists, signified by the color yellow, are known for their progressive politics and Laissez-faire economic policies that are supported mostly by the city’s lower class, whereas the Traditionalists, signified by the color blue, have a more conservative approach towards the city, being staunchly anti-globalist and are firm believers of trickle-down economics, popular among the city’s elite and big business. That said, the two factions will stop at nothing to climb over one another this election, even if it means taking the lives, and/or destroying the livelihoods of innocent people. A local band of hitmen and assassins, known as The Inner Circle, with roots to the gang wars in the 1930s, are among those criminal elements to have their services called in, taking jobs from the highest bidder. These jobs become progressively inhumane as the elections continue, and members within the organization find themselves at loggerheads with each other, taking jobs from opposing clients. This grows into an internal struggle, as members clash with one another to either protect or kill a target, as the definition of what an assassin is becomes increasingly muddied as they find themselves caught up in a relentless game of violent chess between the elite. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The city of Ellis is split into 9 districts and 1 outskirt town, each having a distinct flavor and atmosphere, occupied by different groups of people of varying socio-economic and racial backgrounds. There is a saying that goes in the city of Ellis, “If you want to lose your life, head south, if you want to lose your humanity, head north.” Serviced by the local bus depot and the El, a colloquial term for the rapid train line, much of the city can be traversed with public transport in a matter of minutes, considered to be one of the more complex and efficient systems in the United States, after Liberty City, though automobiles are still very much the preferred mode of transport for most Ellisians. The overhead Interstate freeway I-13 serves as the main connection between the districts, which also connects to other Midwestern cities such as Carcer City, which is unseen in-game, though the scenic Lakeside Driveway, which runs through Aubrey, Sligo, East Ellis, Holliwock and Basquiat, is also used. THE DISTRICTS AUBREY CHANDELIER HEIGHTS, HURLEY BOULEVARD, BRUNSWICK, PIERRE DRIVE, OUTLOOK LANE The northwestern suburban district of Ellis, and one of the most affluent. Old money runs the district of Aubrey, with gated communities, private security and boutique restaurants and shops. A local country club known as the Chandelier Country Club rules the neighborhood with an iron fist, keeping the real estate prices up and driving off the poor, heavily implied to be financed by one of the city’s most influential gangs, The Armagh Syndicate, among others. Many of the city’s elite politicians and aldermen reside in Aubrey, where they cautiously tread outside to other neighborhoods to gather votes. BARCLAY GARCIAN AVENUE, BLACKBURN, ULMEYDA PARK, GREEKTOWN, LITTLE ODESSA A small district which shares some of its turf with the neighboring Sligo, and is home to the Greek and Polish/Ukrainian diaspora in Ellis. Often called the Hove Beach of Ellis, many of the city's Eastern European and Southern European immigrants can be found in Barclay, running restaurants, flower shops and car dealerships. A local subset of the Greek Mafia can be found here, hanging around Tomasi's Gyros in Greektown. A newly-formed gang in the city, the Greek Mafia, also known as the Loukanis Crime Family, are making moves in the shipping business, and worke closely with Vito Cattaneo's clan of Mafioso. SLIGO MASTERSON, REVY AVENUE, LITTLE ARMAGH, FAIRBANKS, LAKE MUSKETOON PIER, ELLIS INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT The city’s northeastern district with a large Irish-American diaspora, overlooking the iconic Ellis River to the west, that flows towards central. Famous for its taverns and nightclubs that blast French House, UK Garage and Trance, Sligo is also famous for its picturesque scenery of Lake Musketoon, which its pier overlooks, visited by thousands of tourists from all around, the Ellis River flowing perpendicular to it. That said, the area also has a notable Armagh Syndicate presence, acting as muscle for the various nightclubs in the area, as well as running protection and fraud rackets in the area. The city’s flagship airport, Ellis International, is also located here, which is one of the busiest airports in the Midwest, along with Warrington Airport in Carcer City. The runway runs between the north and north eastern areas of the furthest ends of the map, cutting off directly before the lake shore. WEST ELLIS CLONAKITTY, HARLOW PARK, VENICE, BARLEIGH MARKET, GALLIVANTER BOULEVARD, PARSONS FIELDS A part residential, part commercial district of the city of Ellis, where rows of middle-class suburbs are interspersed with layers of small-to-mid-sized apartment blocks and some malls. A large Italian-American diaspora resides in West Ellis, having been around since the early 20th century. The district is also known for being the site of an infamous massacre in 1932, where 10 mobsters from the local Ellis Crime Family were brutally slain in cold blood in the private room of a nightclub by a group of armed assassins, possibly hired by the Irish Mob. The nightclub has since been turned into a bar named Walton’s, which capitalizes on this chunk of mob history to attract new customers. The district is also home to a local chapter of the Delta Chargers MC, an outlaw motorcycle gang with an affinity for Japanese import motorcycles and old-school hot rods, which was founded in Ellis in the mid-80s. CENTRAL FOLSOM SQUARE, BALISTER FINANCIAL DISTRICT, BELTRAN PARK, JACKSON POINT, SAINTS BOULEVARD, NEW CENTER The commercial district of Ellis, Illinois, and a place where business is conducted, and the largest district in Ellis. Colloquially known as the Ellis Loop, many of the city’s famed landmarks and skyscrapers are located here, built in various architecture styles ranging from the Steel Renaissance and Art Deco of the early 20th Century, to the more Brutalist-inspired modernist styles in the 1950s and onwards. A famed landmark, The Rosetta Stone, affectionately known as the Ellis Polished Turd, is very popular among tourists to Ellis, with its reflective surface used as the basis for many vacation photobombs. Additionally, many companies and corporations are based in this district, mostly congregating at the Balister Financial District. The Ellis River runs through the center of the district, which is dyed green during St. Patrick’s Day in spring. EAST ELLIS ATHENIA, BOYLE HEIGHTS, HELSINKI, STADIUM DRIVE, HOCKEY PARK, SLYBOROUGH A district where all the big stadiums and trendy bars in town are, facing the majestic Lake Musketoon, such as the Cavalier Stadium and the Hope Stadium, currently under construction. It is also home to Ellis’s small slice of Greek culture, the neighborhood of Athenia, also home to a large casino called Capone’s Chips, offering games such as roulette, craps and baccarat to out-of-town executives and tourists. BROCKWELL CARVER, PRYZBYLEWSKI DRIVE, STANFIELD ALLEY, FREAMON, BROCKWELL WOODS The most dangerous district in Ellis, located in the south-west, facing inland Illinois, surrounded by the woods. Brockwell is notorious for being home to some of the most infamous housing projects in the Midwest, The Cipriani Homes, where homicides are commonplace and shootings are widely considered to be daily occurrences. A powerful gang founded in the projects, known by the local name, The Killa Mob, appears to rule the projects and most of the district, and also appear to dabble in politics as well, judging by their uncanny ability to influence black and Hispanic voters living in the district. That said, not all hope is lost in Brockwell, and there are attempts by the local community to pen up a truce between the gangs in the district, though this has yet to reach fruition. DARWIN QUAZAR HEIGHTS, CHINATOWN, NOLAN ALLEY, OCHOA, SHERRINGTON The south-central district of Ellis, noticeably more well off than either Brockwell or Holliwock, in part due to its closer proximity to Central. Houses the city’s Chinese-American population, complete with its own Chinatown, peddling all manners of food and goods. Some of the city’s most renowned fine-dining restaurants are located in Darwin. A Triad organization exists in the district, though it is not as influential as the other Chinese syndicates in the east and west coasts, being mostly confined to counterfeiting and money laundering gangs that operate on behalf of their more powerful compatriots. HOLLIWOCK CANTON COURTS, LAKESIDE CUTOFF, HARLING, BRICETON, EDMUNDVILLE The south-eastern, mostly-industrial district of Ellis, and considered to be the most second-most dangerous district in the city, though crime is mostly confined to the housing projects in the area, not unlike Brockwell, and partly due to the district facing the city’s Interstate freeway, the I-13, and as such is often policed by the EPD. Crime aside, the district is known to house some of the biggest ball courts in the city, as well as being home to some of the best soul food places in the Midwest, owing to African-American immigration from the South in the 1950s and 1960s. BASQUIAT, ILLINOIS HUNTSWORTH, PLEMMONS, EAST POINT A smaller, yet considerably more run-down industrial city located southeast of Ellis, formerly an automobile powerhouse not unlike Carcer City a few miles away, loosely based on Gary, Indiana. The effects of the Rust Belt have not been kind on Basquiat, as the city struggles with a high crime and corruption rate, underfunded and understaffed public services and police, rows of abandoned factories and housing and a diminishing population. That said, despite its decrepit nature and not being incorporated into the Ellis metropolitan area, Basquiat is still considered to be heavily active in the Ellis mayoral elections, composing a medium-large cast of the African-American vote. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Inspired by games and movies such as Killer7, Black Lagoon, The Wire and Bad Times At The El Royale, the game’s prologue begins with members of The Inner Circle at odds with one another in early 2005, during the inauguration of the new mayor, before going back to the start of 2004 and beginning with the storyline, with each protagonist having their own arc (With the name of each arc being that of their names). These arcs briefly explore their respective histories and backstories, as well as how they joined the crew, before going through the events which lead up to the events of the prologue and the epilogue, from their individual perspectives. Finishing all the arcs leads to the epilogue, where the story ties the actions of all the characters together, and a majority of the protagonists are killed canonically during this arc. That said, all the characters will still be playable once the game is complete, and can be switched, GTA V-style. As Ellis features four seasons, much like Chicago in real life, there is a gradual progression of seasons with each arc, as the game shifts from 2004 to 2005. PROLOGUE CHEYENNE MICHA ORLANDO JEROME KELLOCK EPILOGUE ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PROTAGONISTS Given the nature of The Inner Circle, there exists five playable protagonists in the game, each with their own skillset and personality and also having their own respective motivations and loyalties to explain their backstories. Cheyenne “Che” Ricci “Seems like no matter I go, there's always gonna be some asshole with a paper crown that's gonna kick me down.” Skillset Driving: **** Fighting: *** Stamina: **** Marksmanship: ***** Charisma: ** The de facto protagonist of the game. A 26-year old Italian-American novice assassin and former US Army sniper who served two tours in Afghanistan, and the illegitimate daughter of late Ellis Crime Family enforcer, Antonio “The Electrician” Ricci. She is the newest member of The Inner Circle, having only joined in late-2003, not long after returning home from Kabul, where she sustained an injury which also lead her to be briefly captured by the insurgency. She joins the circle in part due to the turbulent economy cities like Ellis were experiencing at the time post-9/11, as well as to not let her military experience go to waste. Prior to her service, Che has only heard stories of her biological father, most of which ended grisly with the victims involved. Growing up in foster care and in relative poverty, she only learns of her mafia past after her foster mother, Josephine Salinas, reveals this before she enlists in the military. Returning to Ellis, she attempts to hook up with the don of the Ellis Mafia, Vito Cattaneo, whose organization is currently growing obsolete in the new century and having problems with informants and the law, and is harboring intentions of going straight. Despite this, Vito, whose son was killed by the EPD in 2002, embraces Che with open arms, expressing regret for not adopting her himself. They form somewhat of an odd father-daughter bond, though Che is generally hesitant of this, believing the man to be crooked and having ulterior motives. She also meets a mysterious figure named Emika Dharan later in her arc, who appears to front a large, shadowy company named Greytex Holdings, which intends to profit from the elections, and its ensuing collateral damage. She claims to know of Che and her past, and tells her that the EPD are trying to crack down on the Ellis Mafia. With this bargaining chip, she asks Che to do wet work in exchange for Vito’s freedom. With the two parties breathing down her necks, and proving her worth to The Inner Circle, and attempting to survive the inner conflict in the squad after that, Che continually hones her craft over the course of the storyline, and learns who her true friends and family are, in a city that damns loyalty. She drives a silver 2004 Dundreary Greenbelt, which is normally tuned to WROC: Ellis Rock Radio, Ellis Pirate Radio and WATH: Ellis After Dark. Micha Lin “Ain’t no use fightin’ the inevitable. This life of lyin’ and cheatin’ is the life you chose, if I may be so inclined as to say some final words on your behalf, least you could do is accept this with dignity.” Skillset Driving: **** Fighting: *** Stamina: ***** Marksmanship: **** Charisma: **** A 36-year old Chinese-American assassin born and bred in the Mississippi Delta, and a former mistress and hitwoman for the Algonquin Triads in Liberty City during the early-90s, who speaks with a thick Southern twang that surprises most people unfamiliar with her. The third-oldest member in The Inner Circle, she joins the hit squad in 1996 out of necessity due to the Triad war east side as well as a passion for contract-killing, after two years of laying low in the city. A sadistic yet honorable killer, Micha is the first member that Che meets in the circle, they quickly form a close bond together, which lasts throughout the storyline. Growing up, Micha ran and dealt with the local moonshine runners in the Mississippi area, where she honed her shooting skills learning from the men in the business. After killing an important member of a rival Triad and unwittingly starting a civil war in Liberty City, she leaves the city immediately and heads to Ellis, where she meets her handler Gemini, of The Inner Circle. She also gets acquainted with the local Chinese-American diaspora in the city, including a man named Eric Teng, a garage owner, JDM mechanic and gambling addict who is in hock with Ellis Triad boss Johnny Wang as well as Greytex Holdings, and a man who has provided Micha cash, a job and a place to stay after her exile from Liberty City. As much as Micha would want to kill Johnny and save Eric the trouble, the man has connections to the Triads back in the East Coast, who would not take a liking to that sort of thing. She eventually crosses paths with Emika Dharan of Greytex Holdings, who is coincidentally acquainted with Che Ricci. Both women do wet work for her under The Inner Circle name, and likewise gets tangled up in the political mess. With Greytex Holdings, Johnny Wang and later other members of The Inner Circle holding knifes at their throats, it is only a matter of time before Micha's luck runs out, unless of course, she reaches a solution, even if that means piling the Ellis River with bodies. She drives a red 2004 Declasse Sundancer, which is normally tuned to WNMD: The New Mode 101.3FM and WWPT: The Sound of the Future. Orlando Rojas “Y’know, Alderney’s paradise compared to this sh*thole, at least over there the suits act like they know they’re dickheads.” Skillset Driving: *** Fighting: **** Stamina: **** Marksmanship: **** Charisma: ** A 29-year old Cuban-American assassin originally from Alderney City, formally working as a hired gun and hitman for the various street gangs and criminal organizations since his teens. He is the second-newest member of the Inner Circle, having only joined in 2000. A boastful contract killer, proud of his kills and achievements, underneath all that hubris lies a deep-seeded sense of insecurity and a moral conflict, and in reality, is only in the business to make money for his parents back home. He is mentored by Kellock Wilkes on his first contract from The Inner Circle, where they express similar thoughts regarding views on mortality and the act of killing. From that experience, they form a friendship not unlike that of Micha and Che, though it appears to be manipulative in nature, at least from Kellock’s end. This relationship begins to rock towards the end of 2004, when the violence brought about by the mayoral elections in Ellis takes form. Both men begin to take part in violent contracts against rival members of political factions, some against people who have nothing to do with the violence to begin with. He grows disturbed of this, and secretly moves over to Jerome to ask for help. With his moral dilemma at full swing, Orlando has to eventually decide what kind of a hitman he wants to be in the city. He drives a black 2004 Schyster PMP GT, which is normally tuned to WMTL: Metallish FM and WULF: Unleaded Fury 94.8FM. Jerome Hills “Real troopers know when to stay quiet when they need to.” Skillset Driving: **** Fighting: **** Stamina: **** Marksmanship: ***** Charisma: **** A 56-year old African-American veteran assassin and a native Ellisian who grew up in the infamous Brockwell district, working as a hired killer for the street gangs between the 1970s-to-early-1980s, prior to the existence of the infamous Killa Mob. He is the oldest member of The Inner Circle, having met Gemini around 1982, and was part of an earlier incarnation of the circle. He has learned much from the experience, and still keeps in contact with the surviving members of the old crew. The voice of reason for the entire crew and a close friend to Gemini, he attempts to use his influence as a veteran criminal to stop the political turmoil in Ellis from getting worse, choosing only to assassinate individuals he deems disruptive to the greater peace of the city. Disliked by both Micha and Kellock for being too conservative and with Che and Orlando uneasy around him due to his stoic yet deadly demeanor and feared reputation, the only solace and friends he can look out to are Gemini, his old partner and former Inner Circle hitwoman Jackie Solange and local Brockwell businessman and childhood friend, Logan Parnell, who is running for the 2004 Ellis mayoral elections. With the 2004 Elections becoming progressively violent and corrupt, and being the lone wolf in The Inner Circle, Jerome goes independent, choosing only to take contracts that matter to him and his community, and to do whatever he can to protect Logan from becoming another number in the campaign killings. He drives a 2004 silver Bravado Recoil, which is normally tuned to WUND: The Underground 100.1FM, WCRK: Wile Out Radio and WRNB: The Fire 104.2FM. Kellock Wilkes “So, an Italian, a Chinese, a Cuban, a Colored man and an Irishman walk into a bar. The bartender sees this and makes a mental note. He tells ‘em to wait, walks to the back room and pulls out a 12-gauge from the armory before headin’ out again and blastin’ ‘em all to hell.” Skillset Driving: *** Fighting: ***** Stamina: **** Marksmanship: *** Charisma: ***** A 45-year old Irish-American assassin and former enforcer for a local sect of the Armagh Syndicate, known as The O’Haras. A thoroughly violent and sadistic killer with a nihilistic and hedonistic streak who takes pleasure in destruction and murder, he joins the Inner Circle around 1990, due to a falling out between him and the higher-ups of the syndicate. Unsatisfied with the progressively bureaucratic and legitimate direction that the Armagh Syndicate is taking, as well as the arrest, and later life imprisonment, of one of the only leaders he respects, Floyd O’Hara, Kellock gets into a fight with the other leaders of The O’Haras, which ends with the man blinding another enforcer, Daryl Moran, in the right eye. Daryl, now the de facto leader of the Armagh Syndicate, continues to harbor hatred towards Kellock to this day. He leaves the gang, and soon joins The Inner Circle through a chance meet-up with Jerome Hills, who happened to be in the same bar together that night. Fortunately for Kellock, the circle was hiring, and soon he was taking contracts all over town. Fast-forward to 2003, and he becomes one of the most feared contract killers in the city. This captures the attention of Traditionalist mayoral candidate Alderman Barry McCarthy, who offers him several contracts against Populist candidates, including his rival, businessman Max Burrows, in an attempt to discredit him and his campaign. He shifts away from the workings of The Inner Circle, and for a time with his partner, Orlando, who unknowingly tags along, he continually takes part in the chaos of the city with absolute compliance, while evading, and trying to get back at Daryl and his crew when he has the chance. He drives a 2004 Albany Palatine, which is normally tuned to WCHL: Pure Sound and WCLS: Ellis’s Neo-Classical. MAJOR CHARACTERS Characters that play a big role in shaping the narrative and gameplay of the storyline. Gemini The handler of The Inner Circle. A seemingly harmless old man with a wealth of knowledge on Ellis’s history and politics, he is the go-to for many of the circle’s contracts, having been in the business since (allegedly) the mid-1930s. Continuing where founder Thomas Ringer left off, Gemini’s past remains a mystery, with many, even the longtime member Jerome Hills, not knowing his real name. He anticipates the violence that wrecks the city during the tumultuous mayoral elections of 2004, as well as the internal conflict affecting The Inner Circle during this time. That said, he is a man a few words who takes his duty as a job-giver seriously, believing that the circle is able to resolve their issues independently, and that he is only there to give advice when needed. That said, the closest to a friend he has in the circle is none other than Jerome himself, owing to their long history together. Emika Dharan The shadowy CEO of an international brokerage known as Greytex Holdings, with ties to several corporations, firearms and security details as well as the American elite. Recently coming to the city of Ellis, Illinois on business, she uses the political situation in the area to her advantage, supporting the campaign violence in the districts and forging a temporary business relationship with leading Populist candidate, Max Burrows, a local millionaire and businessman with ties to the Ratchet Mob, as well as the other gangs in the city's projects. Her motives remain a mystery, but it is likely that she intends to profit from the fallout of the decimation of the city. Manipulating people like Che, Micha, and Max, the city of Ellis, to an opportunist like Emika, is her chessboard, and sees the people that work for her and her crew as nothing more than disposable pawns. When she appears in that dark grey 2004 Grotti Vanguard of hers, expect her heavily armed security detail to not be too far away. That said, she can hold up on a fight on her own as well, having the ability to wield dual Helsings; the only character in the game to do so. Maximilian "Max" Burrows An African-American businessman, record label executive and investor who is currently running for mayor as part of the Populist party. Growing up in poverty in the ghettos of nearby Carcer City, Max moves to Ellis in the early 60s as a young teenager, and quickly rises through the ranks in the local street gangs. An intelligent and cunning man, he leaves the hood and makes it big, forming his own hedge fund and record label in the 1980s, and soon becomes among the city’s richest men. He even marries a former model with the maiden name Pauline Temple, who was at one point, the Miss USA of 1994. Max continues to use his gang connections to his advantage, paying the Ratchet Mob to go after his opponents during the 2004 elections, and even forges a relationship with Emika Dharan. Maintaining a progressive and liberal image for the voters, he continues to fight his way up the political ladder, with the mask that hides his corruption slipping over the course of the storyline. Alderman Barrington "Barry" McCarthy The top contender for the Traditionalist party and their leading mayoral candidate. Popular among the city’s whiter and richer populace, and a strict conformer to family values. A former DA before going to City Council, Barry knows the workings of the justice and political system inside and out, though he is not afraid of using the gangs in his city to his advantage, as his relationship with current Armagh Syndicate leader Daryl Moran, as well as former member and contract killer Kellock Wilkes, proves. A vicious and opportunistic man not unlike his rival Max, sculpting a family man image for himself, along with an aggressive electoral campaign to gather as many votes as he can, though unlike his competitor, he is blunt and offensive with his public remarks, choosing to feign ignorance and stupidity and sew outrage when the situation calls for it. That said, Barry puts his family first before everything else, with a wife of nearly 20 years and two daughters in middle school. This proves to be his Achille’s heel, as the safety of his family becomes threatened over the course of 2004, when things go out of hand in the midst of all the political chaos and misinformation. Logan Parnell A community businessman and the owner of several fine dining restaurants and soul kitchens across Ellis, most notably in Holliwock, and a man who is running for mayor as part of the Populist party. A painfully inept, yet humble man, his campaign staff consists of only two secretaries, one sociologist, three campaigners and one statistician, though he continues to garner a modest following in the southern districts of Ellis as well as in the nearby city of Basquiet. Childhood friends with Inner Circle hitman Jerome Hills, the last thing Logan wants is to be corrupted by the system he wishes to be part of, though over the course of the storyline, this proves almost impossible to do, and the man often finds himself getting into life-threatening situations where he needs the killer’s help. Frequenting Poppy’s, one of the most famous soul kitchen joints in the Midwest, where his wife, Joanna Parnell, is a head chef, he continues to use the back room of the restaurant as an office for his campaign in an attempt to remain true to his community, as he continues to face obstacles and dangers over the course of 2004. Alfie A woman dressed in an Ellis Cubs mascot suit who happens to be a notorious arms dealer in the city. Working on an exclusive contract for The Inner Circle, Alfie offers her services to all members of the crew, driving a gun van, a light blue 2004 Imponte Olmec, on-location to sell her guns to these individuals, as a result of a nationwide ban on military-grade firearms. Never seen outside of her suit so as to maintain her anonymity, Alfie can sometimes be found frequenting the many bars in the city of Ellis at night, where she gets maudlin after a couple of pints or is observed to exhibit hooligan-like behavior watching the game on the mounted bar television, sometimes getting into fights with the other patrons in the bar. BOSSES Antagonistic characters, excluding certain protagonists and major characters, that play a major role as boss characters during the gun duels at the end of each arc. Kenneth "Poncho Ken" Wesson The leader of the Killa Mob in Brockwell, and an Afghanistan War veteran not unlike Che. A volatile and violent leader with no regard for authority, he dislikes Max and his campaign crew for manipulating the good people of Brockwell, and as such, he and Emika want him out of the picture and replaced with a more malleable and obedient puppet. On behalf of Max, Emika sends Che out to the projects to kill him, in exchange for allowing Vito Cattaneo to walk the streets, unmolested by the law. Johnny Wang The local boss of the Ellis Triads, with connections with other Chinese organizations in the east coast. Proficient in firearms, Johnny thinks he is untouchable due to his prowess and connections, and uses this as leverage against Micha, who has other reasons for disliking him. Jason "Ironman" Welder One of Emika Dharan's top security personnel, who works as her personal enforcer, among others. Actively working against the Traditionalists on behalf of Max, Jason performs due diligence on the electoral campaigns and rallies across the city, before determining the best course of action for Emika to take. He gets his name from his durability, where he is able to soak up plenty of bullets without going down. Daryl Moran Former enforcer and current leader of the Armagh Syndicate, distinguishable by an eyepatch that covers his right eye. He used to work with Kellock Wilkes when they were part of The O'Haras back in the late-70s and 80s, until their falling out in '89, when the latter gouges one of his eyes out in a fight. SUPPORTING CHARACTERS Characters that play a major role in a character-specific arc, or to another major character. Vito Cattaneo The current don of the Ellis Crime Family, or what's left of it. With the Armagh Syndicate running the game, he confines himself to West Ellis and bits of Central, where he runs small-to-medium rackets and underground casinos that make enough to keep the gang, a far cry from their golden years in the 20s and 30s, afloat. Eric Teng A mechanic and owner of the Ellis Midnight Club Tuners modding garage in Quazar Heights, Darwin, and a close friend of Micha's. He has a terrible gambling addiction, and finds himself in the debt of Johnny Wang and even big companies like Greytex. Jackie Solange A retired assassin and old friend of Jerome's, who was formerly a member of The Inner Circle, as part of its second generation. Pauline Temple-Burrows The trophy wife of mayoral candidate Max Burrows, who uses her influence as a media personality and model to help her husband fight against their Traditionalist rivals. Sarah McCarthy The beloved wife of leading Traditionalist mayoral candidate Barry McCarthy, and the mother of two children, Yvonne and Talia. Joanna Parnell The faithful wife of Populist underdog, Logan Parnell, and head chef at the renowned soul food restaurant, Poppy's. Henry Erickson The current mayor of Ellis as of 2004. A Traditionalist party member, he intends to use vitriol between the factions as a fodder to support his radical policies in an attempt to look good in front of the folks at DC, and has dreams of becoming a Senator himself. He has a business relationship with current Traditionalist candidate, Barry McCarthy, and by extent, assassins Kellock Wilkes and Orlando Rojas, as well as Daryl Moran, the leader of the Armagh Syndicate. The Broker Real name unknown. A powerful, mysterious man who is only seen at the very end of the game, implied to be a close business partner to Emika Dharan, as well as having a hand in world affairs and politics. He offers Che the chance to move to Southeast Asia with a job as an arms dealer, after the mess in Ellis in 2004-5. UNSEEN CHARACTERS Unseen characters that play an important role in the game. Thomas Ringer The now-deceased founder of The Inner Circle, who was once a member of the Irish Mob during Ellis's infamous mob rule in the 1920s, before becoming an assassin himself once The Great Depression hit. Albert Cattaneo The late son of Vito Cattaneo, who was murdered at a cathouse storing the Mafia's counterfeit money by the police in New Center, Central in 2002. Josephine Salinas Che's foster mother, who the assassin keeps in close contact with. At the time of the game, she no longer lives in Ellis. Instead, the correspondence between the two women is exchanged via email. Floyd O'Hara The leader of The O'Haras, a local subset of The Armagh Syndicate that used to rule much of the neighborhood of Masterson in Sligo. Implied to have been set up by his underlings, Floyd is arrested sometime in 1990, and was sent to life in prison for numerous felonies, some which were false charges against him. He dies in prison sometime before 2004, and was among the only people Kellock respects.
  17. killdrivetheftvehicle

    Favourite Concept thread

    What are your favourite Concept threads of gtaforums? Name at least one and no more than three. Please insert a link to the concept thread topic(s). (You shouldn't name your own concept thread, because this thread is about finding out the best concept thread and not promoting your own. That you can do in the lounge and your own concept threads.)
  18. I have make new concept about a 3d Tv show based on the game Gta 2 with the 3d graphic like the face of Claude Speed and the two others 1. 2. 3. and yes i have one but i think it is the best idea to make this Topic on this because it works better. And now i am including thing that give you more Details about this Concept but all the ideas and answer are up to you guys and i am gonna Started.
  19. Who would be your character (background, personality etc.)? What city/town would it be based in (i.e. Liberty City is based on New York City)? And what would be the storylines? What gangs would you have featured? And what cars would be in the game? Again, although I registered on here last year, I'm still pretty new to the site and only occasionally log in from time to time so please hold your daggers and teeth before you attack me as I don't sit there all day long reading every single thread that ever was written, it'd take me a whole damn year! If there's already a thread like this that exists, just ask a moderator to move my thread into the original one instead of trying to create a cyber war, OK? Cool! So please, do share your answers with me as I'd like to see what everyone's ideal GTA would be like.
  20. How would you feel if every GTA kept this original box art style like GTA 2 and 3 had. It looked almost as if Rockstar was shaping their box covers into a theme with the cross hair over a car jacking but then not long after scrapped the whole idea and changed it to the traditional box art we have now.
  21. After a long absence, I'm finally back with what is probably my biggest dream project to date: COLORS The year is 2022. Richard Herczog, a 19 year old man who lives with his parents in the quiet town of Greensboro is about to face the biggest, most depressing turn of events he's had in his life: his mother leaving him and his father for another man. What happens upon this discovery is a downturn spiral, wherein Richard gets involved in everything corrupt and criminal, from police work to the mafia, all so his remaining parent can keep a happy life. But will this be enough to grant HIM a happy life? As the saying goes, crime does not pay... Overview: COLORS is a 2022 open world crime-oriented tactical shooter released by HYDRUX GAMES. The game is similar to Rockstar Games' Grand Theft Auto series in that it features a wide open sandbox, where players can perform many legal and not-so-legal actions in the world. Taking place in a parody of Hungary's Pest Megye ("Capital County"), the game features two big cities: Greensboro (Pilisvörösvár), its surrounding villages, and Capital City (Budapest). The game also naturally includes fake versions of European vehicles, such as the Scout ExtraD (Skoda Superb) or the Einheitkutchse Süßig (Volkswagen Caddy). CONTENT: Vehicles: Valiant (Volvo), Scout (Skoda), Einheitkutchse (Volkswagen), Rump (Ford), Majestic (Mercedes Benz), Runner (Renault), Braco (Iveco), FAG (DAF), Swift (Scania), CHIQ (MAN), GFN (BMW), Trundl (Rolls Royce), Rubisento (Suzuki), Davenport (SEAT), Pygmy (Mini), Bronco (Porsche), Throb (Smart), Felis (Peugeot), Bolt (Opel), Prosy (FIAT), Romero (Alfa Romeo), Malkin (Jaguar), RULE (Audi) Weapons: Pistol (Danuvia VD-01), .50 (Desert Eagle), Knife, Baseball Bat, Chainsaw, Machine Pistol (MP9), SMG (MP5), Pump Shotgun (Remington Model 887), Combat Shotgun (Akdal MKA 1919), Assault Rifle (AK-63), Heavy Rifle (MCIWS), Sniper Rifle (Tikka T3), RPG, Grenade, Molotv Cocktail, Programmable AR (Mk 47 Striker) Characters: Richard Herczog: The player character. Richard is a 19 year old college dropout who lived with his parents in Greensboro. He has severe mood swings, and thus got an addiction to alcohol. A punk at heart, Richard usually dresses in dark leather clothing. While he's an overall negative person and hates most things, he has a soft spot for animals, and works part-time at a dog shelter. John Herczog: An army veteran, John is the father of Richard and was the husband of Melinda. His strenght and tatoos hide a kind heart. Melinda Herczog: The mother of Richard and the former wife of John, Melinda is a hot headed, violent women. She always carries around her shotgun, and doesn't hesitate to use it if anyone angers her. She no longer lives with her family, instead is with her new husband, Márton. Her betrayal of Richard and John is the driving point of the plot. CONTINUING SOON!
  22. Grand theft auto: stories of the underworld note: this is a remake of another concept thread i created that got locked due to some confusion. to avoid confusion, let me make this very clear that this is NOT a gta 6 speculation or a fake gta 6 leak thread. this is a concept thread i made from what my ideal gta game would be. sorry for making another post for the concept, im not trying to upset anyone here. this concept is not done and will be constantly updated. First things first where is the game set? grand theft auto vi is set on a map based on the united states of america featuring all cities from previous grand theft auto titles as well as lenapia(based on Philadelphia) cottonmouth(based on new Orleans) Franklin D.C.(based on Washington D.C.) bison(based on buffalo NY) atlas city(based on Atlantic city) carcer city(based on Detroit) and Cocachi(based on Chicago) pike city(based on Denver). obviously not all real life us cities could be added due to certain limitations. the map is divided into 12 states, san andreas(based on California), robada(based on Nevada), north yankton(based on north Dakota), south yankton(based on Colorado), Louisiana(based on Louisiana), Florida(based on Florida), reginia(based on Virginia), new slyvania(based on Pennsylvania), alderney(based on new jersey), liberty(based on New York), merigan(based on Ohio and Michigan), venteux(based on Illinois), When is the game set? grand theft auto VI will be set in the year 2017. the reason why is because it will make for a great modern satire. there will be a expansion pack or two that is set in older time periods. Main characters grand theft auto stories of the underworld features four playable characters, giving the player the ability to explore grand theft auto's criminal underworld from every possible angle. Jason Tyrell is an African american male from carcer city. at the age of 15, he was arrested after being caught with 6 grams of cocaine in his backpack. after being released from prison in 2012, Jason joined a gang called the 7th street rollerz. in 2013 he was again charged for possession of controlled substance: marijuana. he was sentenced to 4 years in prison. upon his release, he decides to return to drug dealing and gang life yet again unable to learn from his past mistakes. the second protagonist is terry Johnson, an acting vice president of the san andreas chapter of the angels of death. he was born in 1978 in San fierro. in 1993, terry was arrested for attempting to steal a bike when he was 15. terry committed several other crimes and served a year in juvenile hall before he joined the angels of death. in 1999 he was arrested for murder when he was 21. he was released from prison in 2008. he worked his way from a prospect to vice president of the chapter. the third protagonist is 31 year old Armando Ramirez, a recent Mexican immigrant to the us, Armando lives with dreams of wealth,power and respect. he was born in a small poor village of mexico that is close to the us border in 1986. after coming to the us, Armando enters the criminal underworld under the wings of his uncle who is an important associate of the Mexican cartel. and the fourth protagonist is 40 year old Italian american carlo genovese who after jimmy pegorino was killed in 2008 became the new acting head of the pegorino crime family. growing up Carlo was surrounded by mobsters, thieves, and drug dealers in his community but he always tried hard not to fall too deep into the criminal underworld. however Carlo's financial situation got particularly dyer and the money he was getting for the odd jobs was barely enough to keep the asbestos filled roof over his head. for him it was a case of desperate times calling for desperate measures and when his childhood friend ray boccino inadvertently offered him a chance to work for the pegorino crime family. the offer just seemed a little too lucrative to refuse. he worked his way up the ranks from a lowly associate to full fledged capo in the pegorino family. but after his friend ray and his boss jimmy were killed in 2008, carlo became the new boss and has gotten the family full control over alderney. business each protagonist has their own way of expanding their criminal empires and can also set up legitimate businesses as a way of making extra income. biker business biker businesses are terry's way of building an empire. to start a biker business terry can go on the AOD computer in the clubhouse and access the open road website. all biker businesses that can be bought are located in las venturas, san fierro, and los santos as well as all the rural areas in between the three cities. the biker businesses work very much like gta online but are more fun and less tedious. biker businesses can now be stolen from other gangs as well. there are a total of 60 biker businesses available. gang territory gang territories are jason's way of building an empire. gang territories can only be controlled in liberty city, cottonmouth, carcer city, cocachi, and los santos. to take over a territory from another gang the player must go to that gang's designated hangout within that territory and kill the gang members there. then that is the gang war will begin and two carloads of rival gang members show up whom the must kill. afterwords the gang's stronghold for that territory is marked on the map and player must attack it and either steal or destroy the drugs the gang has stored in the stronghold. after all is said and done, the 7th street rollerz now have full influence over that territory but the gang you took the territory from may try to retaliate and take it back. there are a total of 120 gang territories around the map. Mafia fronts mafia fronts are Carlo's way of building an empire. mafia management is very similar to the empire building aspect of gta vice city stories. mafia fronts can only be acquired and operated in liberty city, vice city, atlas city, lenapia, cocachi, las venturas, and los santos. the player can buy a mafia front or steal it from another mob family or gang. after you acquire a mafia front you choose what type of business you want it to be. there are over 6 mafia front businesses to choose from and these include protection, loansharking, prostitution, gunrunning, drugs, gambling. after you choose the business type, you then choose the business venture. small time businesses are guarded by weak goons with pistols and baseball bats and cost $10,000 to set up, medium venture businesses are guarded by goons with submachine guns and cost $15,000 to set up, high roller businesses are guarded by strong goons with assault rifles and cost $50,000 to set up. the player can also edit the fronts at any time and change the type of business and the business size. there are a total of 150 mafia fronts available around the map. Drug dens drug dens are armando's way of building an empire. drug dens can be purchased or conquered from other gangs. once a drug den has been acquired, the player then chooses what type of drug they want to it manufacture and sell, these include methamphetamine, cocaine, weed, heroin, and ecstasy. once you've chosen the drug type you choose the business venture, small time drug dens are guarded by weak goons with pistols and bats and cost $10,000 to set up. medium venture drug dens are guarded by goons with submachine guns and cost $15,000 to set up. high roller drug dens are guarded by strong goons with assault rifles and cost $50,000 to set up. the player can edit the drug manufacture type and business venture at any time. legitimate business the player can also earn legitimate income in a number of ways. the player can purchase businesses, rent out houses/apartments, or start businesses. bars/nightclubs your conventional nightclub or bar. this establishment will gain revenue through the sale of alcoholic beverages. construction at some point in the game, the player will be able to purchase a construction company and name it whatever they want. it can operate wherever the player wants. with the company, the player can purchase plots of land and develop casinos, apartment complexes, hotels, housing subdivisions, stadiums, factories, and houses. what you can develop depends on the size of the land you purchased. casinos can only be developed in the states of robada and alderney where gambling is legal. car dealerships car dealerships can be purchased. car dealerships tend to generate large sums of money, although not as much as construction. the player can not gain a wanted level from stealing a car from their own dealership. dealerships also act as extra space to store or modify cars. cab depots cab depots can be purchased. the player can name the cab company whatever they want. taxi missions are also unlocked once the player opens a cab depot. to start taxi missions, the player must go to their cab depot and enter one of their cabs. a dispatcher on the radio will announce there is a job avalible and the must press a button to take the job. once you took the job, you just have to pick up the customer, take them to their destination, and earn your tip. you can also choose the car your cab company uses and customize it to make it your cab company's trademark. Weapons there are four types of stores to buy weapons. ammunation (AM) is a gun shop that sells street legal guns. bunch of tools (BT) is a shop where you can buy tools. jock sports(JS) is a shop where you can buy sports equipment. underground shops (UN) allow you to buy illegal guns such as machine guns, explosives, etc. weapons on the list that aren't labeled with any of the store icons are not available to purchase and can only be obtained through stealing it from a military base or off soldiers melee brass knuckles(UN) screwdriver(BT) kitchen knife(BT) stiletto(UN) butterfly knife(UN) combat knife(AM) meat cleaver(BT) machete(JS) katana(JS) baseball bat(JS) pool cue(JS) golf club(JS) shovel(BT) chainsaw(BT) spray can(BT) fire extinguisher(BT) cane() hammer(BT) sledge hammer(BT) circular saw(BT) wooden baseball bat(JS) axe(BT) crowbar(BT) hocky stick(JS) pistols S&W M36(AM) colt python(AM) S&W M29(AM) glock 17(AM) colt M1911(AM) beretta 92(AM) magnum .44 automag(UN) desert eagle(UN) CZ 75(UN) browning pistol(AM) S&W 645(AM) Shotguns lupara(AM) sawn off shotgun(UN) remington 870(AM) remington 1100 TAC 4(AM) ithaca 37 stakeout(UN) spas 12(UN) armsel striker(UN) AA-12(UN) SMG tec-9(UN) scorpion(UN) mac 10(UN) micro uzi(UN) uzi(UN) mp5(UN) SW MP-10(UN) FN p-90(UN) mp5k(UN) Assualt rugar mini 30(AM) AK-47(UN) HK G36(UN) M4(UN) M-249(UN) M16(UN) Sniper M40A1(AM) PSG-1(UN) DSR-1(UN) 50. cal Thrown molotovs(UN) pipe bombs(UN) sticky bombs(UN) MK 2 grenades(UN) satchel charges(UN) proximity mines Heavy HK-69 grenade launcher(UN) RPG-7(UN) Hawk MM-1 revolver grenade launcher FIM 92 stinger missile launcher M134 Minigun M2A1-7 flamethrower Other dart gun(JS) knocks npcs out for 2 minutes. duct tape(BT) can be used to hogtie npcs similar to red dead redemption. crossbow(AM) works very similar to the bow and arrow in rdr2. can also be modified to shoot explosive arrows. throwing knives(UN) very great in stealth situations. toy pistol(JS) your typical toy gun that shoots foam darts. will not kill npcs. BB Gun(JS) your classic lever action bb gun. may knock npcs over but will not kill them. Vehicles vehicles can be bought at car dealerships or on the internet. super cars 811 Autarch Adder banshee 900R bullet cheetah Cyclone Deveste Eight Emerus Entity XF Entity XXR ETR1 FMJ GP1 Infernus Itali GTB Tezeract thrax Turismo R Tyrant Tyrus Vacca Vagner Visione Voltic X80 proto XA-21 Zentorno Zorrusso Krieger nero Osiris penetrator sultan RS T20 Tempesta Sports 8F drafter 9F Alpha Banshee Bestia GTS blista compact buffalo Carbonizzare Comet Coquette Futo Hotring sabre kuruma kuruma (armored) Paragon R Paragon R (armored) Penumbra raiden revolter Schafter Sports classics 190z Ardent Casco cheetah classic Deluxo Dynasty Fagaloa Infernus classic JB 700 Manana Nebula turbo peyote roosevelt stromberg tornado tornado rat rod Sedans Asea Asterope cognoscenti cognoscenti(armored) Emperor fugitive glendale ingot intruder Premier primo regina Romero schafter (armored) stafford stanier stretch super diamond surge Tailgater Turreted limo washington admiral chavos DF8-90 esperanto hakumai lokus marbelle merit PMP 600 presidente schafter vincent willard Muscle blade Buccaneer Chino Clique Coquette blackfin Duke o death Ellie Faction Gauntlet classic hermes Hotknife Hustler impaler lurcher moonbeam picador rat loader rat truck ruiner ruiner 2000 sabre turbo slamvan stallion tampa vamos vigero virgo voodoo yosemite Coupes F620 Felon GT Jackal oracle oracle xs sentinel Compacts Dillettante Issi Issi classic panto Prairie Rhapsody SUVs ballar ballar(armored) Beejay XL Cavalcade Contender Dubsta Granger landstalker mesa patriot patriot stretch radius Rocoto seminole XLS XLS(armored) Motorcycles Akuma Bagger Bati 801 Carbon RS Chimera cliffhanger Daemon Defiler double T Faggio Faggio sport hexer nightblade sanchez Sovereign rat bike wolfsbane zombie lycan wayfarer diabolus Emergancy Ambulance FIB buffalo FIB granger fire truck lifeguard park ranger police bike police cruiser police buffalo prison bus police riot police transporter RCV sheriff cruiser sheriff SUV unmarked cruiser Offroad bifta blazer bodhi caracara dune buggy dune loader hellion insurgent kalahari kamacho menacer nightshark marshell rancher XL rancher rebel sandking the liberator Commercial Benson Biff Hauler mule packer phantom pounder stockade Industrial cutter dock handler dozer dump flatbed mixer tipper crane truck excavator Service airport bus bus dashound tourbus taxi trashmaster Vans bison bobcat boxville burrito gang burrito camper journey minivan pony rumpo speedo surfer taco van utility airtug caddy docktug fieldmaster tractor combine forklift mower ripley sadler scrap truck towtruck utility truck cycles BMX cruiser endurex racing bike fixter scorcher tri cycles racing bike whippet racing bike military anti aircraft trailer APC barracks crusader rhino tank thruster boats dinghy jetmax marquis police predator speeder squalo suntrap toro tropic submersible tug cargo ship cruise ship ferry boat yacht seashark Helicopters annihilator buzzard buzzard attack chopper cargobob FH-1 hunter frogger maverick police maverick air ambulance sea sparrow skylift swift Planes atomic blimp blimp bersa cargo plane cuban 800 dodo duster howard NX-25 hydra jet luxor mammatus miljet mogul P-45 P-996 lazer rogue titan velum ultralight more coming soon
  23. Welcome to Jefferson State: located between the State of Cascadia & The Great Northern country of Canada. The Home of the City of Rainier in Luther County. Rainier is home to many Historical Landmarks; from the Galaxy Needle, to Lake Jefferson, Rainier has Everything you're Looking for. As for the Criminal Underworld, well... That's another story. Grand Theft Auto: Jefferson takes place in the Autumn of 2017 (After the Events of GTA 5) & centers around our 3 Protagonists: Alice, Adrien & John Their Stories play out Seperately (Similarly to GTA IV & EFLC's protagonists) until their paths eventually cross together. The Rainier Riot of Winter 2013 plays part of the story for both Alice, John & Adrien. I would like to thank (Ambient) for giving me permission to make my own alternative version of the project set in the same state, If you like the ideas: i recommend you go check their Original work. I also would like to thank my friends on the forums & discord for always supporting me. Thank You. Protagonists: Adrien Black Age: 21 Hometown: Rainier, Jefferson Family: None that he knows of Friends: Jacob, Craig, Barry Backstory: Adrien grew up in an Orphanage in the Poor parts of Rainier after his parents died in an accident. There he grew up with Jacob, Craig & Barry, together in their teenage years they got into trouble with the law: from graffiti & vandalism, to car-jackings & fights. Eventually they formed a plan to try to get out of town, but doing so would require getting some solid cash to escape with. They decide on a plan: Rob a small Fleeca branch in the winter of 2013 & get out of town. Will it work out though? Alice Burton Age: 20 Hometown: Rainier, Jefferson Family: John (Father), Sheryl (Deceased Mother) Friends: Carline, Jane, Backstory: Alice grew up in Rainier with her friends Carline & Jane in the suburbs, while her father was just a beat cop & her mother was making ends meet with an office job. She was always a good student at Shattuck High School, until the events of the winter riot of 2013. Her mother was killed by a Rioter at the mall & alice was almost next. What happend? John Burton Age: 48 Hometown: Rainier, Jefferson Family: Alice (Daughter), Sheryl (Deceased Wife) Occupation: Rainier Police Officer Friends: Officer Larry Wilson (Rainier Police Dept.), Chief Brian Carson (Rainier Police Dept.) Backstory: John Burton lived in Rainier all his life, even settled down & got married to Sheryl: The love of his life. Sheryl always helped John in his toughest times, even when things were tough for her too. Eventually they had their only child, Alice & moved into the suburbs. There he met Larry Wilson, they became friends & they both went to the Rainier Police Academy, where they passed with flying colors. All seemed like it was going well... Until the 2013 Riots happend. Deuteragonists & Main Characters: Side Characters: Antagonists: More Characters to be inroduced in future updates These are the Weapons that the player can get their hands on in Grand Theft Auto: Jefferson Melee Weapons: Baseball Bat Crowbar Fist Flashlight Golf Club Hammer Hatchet Hockey Stick Knife Machete Nightstick Pipe Wrench Pool Cue Shovel Switchblade Handguns: Pistol (Beretta 92FS) Combat Pistol (S&W 5906) Heavy Pistol (1911A1) Ceramic Pistol (Glock 22) Pistol .50 (Desert Eagle) SNS Pistol (AMT Backup) Double-Action Revolver (S&W Model 10) Combat Revolver (S&W Model 19) Heavy Revolver (Taurus Raging Bull) Flare Gun (Orion 12 gauge Flare Gun) Stun Gun (Tazer) Shotguns: Pump Shotgun (Remington 870 Police Folding Stock) Highwayman Shotgun (Mossberg 500 Cruiser) Sawed-Off Shotgun (Sawn Off Double-Barrel Shotgun) Assault Shotgun (AA12) Bullpup Shotgun (Kel-Tec KSG) Sweeper Shotgun (Street Sweeper Shotgun) Submachine Guns & LMGs Micro SMG (Micro UZI) SMG (H&K MP5) Mini-SMG (Scorpion) Machine Pistol (Tec-9) Gusenberg Sweeper (M1928A1 Tommy Gun) Heavy MG (M60) Assault Rifles: Assault Rifle (AK-47/Type 56) Carbine Rifle (AR-15) Compact Rifle (Compact AK-47/Type 56) Marksman Carbine (Ruger AC 556-F) Special Carbine (FN Scar-L) Sniper Rifles: Hunting Rifle (Remington 700) Heavy Sniper (Barrett M82) Marksman Rifle (Ruger Mini-14) Sniper Rifle (AW-F) Heavy Weapons: Compact Grenade Launcher (M79 Grenade Launcher) Firework Launcher (Home-made Fireworks Launcher) Grenade Launcher (Milkor MGL) Rocket Launcher (RPG-7) Thrown Weapons: Grenade Jerry Can Molotov Cocktail Pipe Bomb Snow Ball (Avaliable Only during Prologue) Sticky Bomb These are the Many vehicles you can get your hands on in the State of Jefferson Motorcycles: Compacts: Coupes: Sedans: Sports: Sports Classics: Supers: Muscles: Off-Roads: SUVs: Vans: Industrial: Commercial: Utility: Military: Emergency: Services: Cycles: Planes: Helicopters: Boats: Expect more on this page sometime tomorrow, until then... Good night & stay safe.
  24. Pixelation games

    New GTA 3d era game?

    would you want Rockstar Games to release new 3d era (RenderWare game) to feature multiple cities and eras and expand to old universe?and how it would be? what's gonna be?
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