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  1. killdrivetheftvehicle

    GTA: World

    The Setting is a satirically re-imagined World. Disclaimer: The producers of this video game concept are not endorsing or condoning any criminal activities described in this video game concept. This video game concept is entirely fictional, so any resemblence to real life people or events is entirely coincidental. It's 2017. Jake Lee is a third generation American expatriot of Hong Kong, who is coming back from military service in Afganistan. His grandfather moved to ASU during the financial boom in the 60's as an illegal immigrant to San Fierro, but became a citizen through marriage, and moved to Liberty City, because there was a bunch of relatives there. What he did't know was the relatives worked for the triads, so that's what Jake's father had to do too. He never spoke about his business to his own family. It was only by accident that Jake found out. That was when Jake enlisted for the military, and served in Afganistan. Lucky for Jake, he never caught a bullet, but he nearly died in a roadside bombing. Two guys from his unit perished that day and one after a week at a hospital. Jake is sent home. When he gets home, his mother tells him that his father has died. The map is in the form of a Globe, so that distances are shorter and day/night cycle is easier to make. Protection: Gaining money from your turf by making the businesses pay a tax to your gang Fronts: Lounge/Stripclub/Nightclub You start as a consultant, advance into coordinator and finally the manager. As "consultant" you get sent to places, that are late on payment, or not paying, while they're supposed to. Your job is to convince, that it's in the best interest of the owner to pay up. Your pay is at first: $500 per day, level 2: $1,000, level 3: $2,000. As "coordinator" your job is to apply people to trouble spots, and to take care of competition. You hire and fire consultants. Your pay is at first a 5% commision, level 2: 10%, level 3: 20%. As "manager" you decide where you operate, hire and fire coordinators after each week, and decide the rates. You have to pay half of your earnings as a tribute to the triad head. Prostitution: Gaining money from your employed women in exchange for pimping service Fronts: Accomodation business You start as a chauffer, advance into procurement manager and finally accomodation manager. As "chauffer" you drive your employees to the best suited spots, choose the working outfits for the employed women, make sure customers pay up and don't damage the goods. You take care of competition and your employees. You get half of every dollar your employees make, then have to pay half as a tribute to Procurement manager. As "procurement manager" you advertise the business, make decisons about the look and feel of the whorehouse and find out what the customers desire. You make sure each encounter with personnel is recorded in video and audio, and make sure that the business is disguised as a legitimate business. You get the tribute paid to you, then have to pay half as a tribute to Accomodation manager. As "accomodation manager" you decide the scale of operation, you hire and fire personnel. You get the tribute paid to you. You have to pay half of your take to the triad head. Loan Sharking: Lending to the needy, while making a profit Fronts: Corporate HQ office/ Vehicle showroom Cash investment needed to start: $100,000 You start as a collector, advance into repo-man and finally the cash manager As "collector" you convince customers that it's in their best interest to pay up. Your pay is at first: $500 per day, level 2: $1,000, level 3: $2,000. As "repo-man" you secure the available payment by repossessing valuables. At first level your pay is 5% commission, second level 10% and third level 20% As "cash manager" you hire and fire personnel and decide rates after each week. You have to pay half of your earnings to triad head. Blood Sport: Running illegal fights and betting venues Fronts: Meat packing factory/ Meat warehouse You start as a packer, advance into guard and finally into manager As "packer" you win and lose when told to do so. At first level your pay is $500 per fight, second level $1,000 and third $2,000 As "guard" you let the right people in and keep the wrong people out. At first level you get paid 5% of winnings, second level 10% and third 20%. As "manager" you invite fighters, set entrance fees for audience, hire guards, packers and accountants before each event. You pay half of your share to the triad head as a tribute. - Barefist fights (Men fighting w/o gloves) - Cock fights (Male Poultry fighting to the death) - Dog fights (Canines fighting to the death) Robbery: Acquiring cash and valuables with force Fronts: Wholesale business You start as a picker, advance into evening cashier, then account manager and finally logistics executive Small time heist As "picker" you hold out small stores and gas stations using a fast car, mask and a gun. A good stick up is a two-man job. You have to pay 20% of the take to the logistics executive for planning and intelligence. Burglary As "evening cashier" you enter into peoples homes and businesses while they are away using stealth and a van. A good burglary is a three-man job. You have to pay 20% of the take to the logistics executive for planning and intelligence. Big heist As "account manager" you enter into businesses while they are in a vulnerable state, when a lot of cash or valuables is on their hands, and all security disabled. A good big heist is a five-man job. You have to pay 20% of the take to the logistics executive for planning and intelligence. As "logistics executive" you do the intelligence, plan the heists, hire the crews before the job, then take 20% of the action and divide the spoils after each job. You pay half of your take to the triad head. Drugs: The production and distribution of intoxicating addictive substances Fronts: Production business, Hauling business You start as a sales clerk, advance into delivery driver and finally a production manager Distribution As "sales clerk" you fetch the product from your stash and go to your corner to sell it to customers. You also take care of competition, authorities and angry customers and give free samples to test the product. At first level you get 5% of each sale, second level 10%, third level 20%. Delivery As "delivery driver" you fetch the product from the supplier and take it to a stash, take care of competition and authorities. You also move the product from stash to stash. At first level you get $500 for each delivery, second level $1,000, third level $2,000. Production As "production manager" you negotiate for deals with suppliers and hire and fire women to work in your production facilities before each batch. You decide how strong a product you buy and how much you cut it. Then you make sure it gets tested and sold. You pay half of your take as tribute to the triad head. Human Trafficking: The Acquiring and import/export of useful people like: working slaves, sex slaves and future prostitutes Fronts: Merchant marine business, Hauling business You start as a deckhand, advance into able bodied seaman and finally a captain As "deckhand" you make sure no-one escapes before sale, and that the product is in good condition before sale. At first level you get $500 for each trip, second level $1,000, third level $2,000. As "able bodied seaman" you capture the escapees. intimidate the product and take care of the competitors. At first level you get $2,500 for each trip, second level $5,000 and third level $10,000 As "captain" you define routes, hide the contraband, determine the class of the individuals and advertise and pick costumes for each class. You also hire personnel before each trip and negotiate with suppliers and customers.You pay half of your take to the triad head - Acquisition and Loading * with a truck you drive around collecting people into the container * drive to the port * load the container onto a ship - The trip * water and treat the cargo * make sure no-one escapes * determine the value of each individual - Unloading and Sales * wash, feed and treat the cargo * load the container off the ship to a truck * drive the truck to the sales point and unload Product Counterfeiting: The production of copied products sold as the originals -Toys, electronic games -Tv's, radios -Food pruducts -Designer labels and clothing -Computers -Medicine -Movies, music and computer games -Shoes -Smartphones -Jewelry, Accessories -Watches -Handbags, purses, wallets Fronts: Production business You star as security, advance into supervisor, and finally CEO As "security" you monitor the facility from multiple screens and hurry to settle the situations with lethal force, if necessary. At first level you get payed $500 per batch, second level $1,000 and third level $2,000 As "supervisor" you monitor the product quality and the working morale of the workers and intervene with punishments, if there's anything wrong with either. At first level you get paid $2,500 per batch, second level $5,000 and third level $10,000. As "CEO" you negotiate with suppliers and customers and hire personnel before each batch. You pay half of your take to the triad head as a tribute. Guns: The illegal manufacture and distribution of firearms Fronts: Production business, Hauling business You start as a tester, advance into pilot and finally merchant As "tester" you test the product and act as a backup to pilot. At first level you get payed $500 per run, second level $1,000 and third $2,000 As "pilot" you operate any vehicle carrying the cargo. At first level you get payed $2,500 per run, second level $5,000 and third $10,000. As "merchant" you negotiate the deals with suppliers and customers, and hire personnel before each run. You pay half of your take to triad head. Illegal natural resources trade: The acquiring of lucrative natural resources -timber * Pink Ivory: Zimbabwe, Mozambique and South Africa * African Blacwood: Ethiopia, Kenya and South Africa * Sandalwood: India, Pakistan, Bushland, Indonesia, Malakaii, Fishy, Bislamavanua, Kenilorea islands, New Calais * Ebony: India, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Indonesia * Agarwood: India, The Philippines, Somare New Shilling, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, China * Lignum vitae: The Lucayans, Duarte Republic, Porto Bautista, Castro, Jamston, Grenada, Trinidad and Tobago, Venezuela, Colombia * Peltogyne: Brazil, Surinam, French Guyana * Dalbergia: El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, Surinam, French Guyana, Brazil, Ecuador, Peru, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Congo, Angola, Madagascar * Guibourtia: Colombia, Venezuela, Surinam, French Guyana, Brazil, Ecuador, Peru, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Congo, Angola, Madagascar * Mahogany: Mexas, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Brazil, ASU, Castro, The Lucayans, Taínos, Duarte Republic, Jamston, Porto Bautista, Grenada, Trinidad and Tobago * Teak: India, Indonesia, Burma, Thailand, Vietnam -oil: Syria, Irak, Iran, Saudi-Arabia, Yemen, Oman, Indonesia, Russia, China, ASU -precious metals * Platinum: South Africa, Russia * Gold: China, Australia, Russia, ASU, Peru, South Africa, Mali, Indonesia * Rhodium: South Africa, Russia * Ruthenium: South Africa, Russia * Iridium: South Africa, Russia * Osmium: South Africa, Russia * Palladium: South Africa, Russia * Rhenium: Chile, ASU, Peru, Poland * Silver: Bushland, Mexas, Bolivia, Peru, Poland * Indium: China, Japan, Korea -plants * Lady's Slipper Orchid: ASU, Mexas, China, Colombia, Venezuela, Surinam, French Guyana, Brazil, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Somare New Shilling, Malaysia, The Philippines, Japan, Korea, Russia, Poland, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Romania, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Austria, Switzerland * Dendrobium nobile: China, India, Burma, Thailand, Vietnam, Malakaii * Cycads: ASU, Mexas, Bushland, Malakaii, Fishy, Kiwiland, New Calais, Bislamavanua, Kenilorea Islands, Somare New Shilling, Indonesia, Japan, China, Thailand, Burma, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, India, Madagascar, South Africa, Angola, Congo, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Guinea * Saguaro Cactus: Mexas, ASU * Snowdrops: France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Croatia, Albania, Serbia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Macedonia, Bosnia, Moldova, Ukraine, Armenia, Russia, Syria, Israel, Turkey, Poland, Belarus * Sod: everywhere there's a grassy lawn or golf course * Ginseng: China, Korea, Russia * Lilac: Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Macedonia, UK, Germany, France, Italy, ASU -animal parts * Ivory (Elephant tusks and Rhino horns) * Tiger parts Fronts: Hauling business You start as laborer, advance into driver and then into managing director As "laborer" you pick the crates from the countryside with a helicopter and load them into a van. At first level your pay is $500 per run, second level $1,000 and third level $2,000. As "driver" you drive the van to airport hangar, or to the seaport. At first level your pay is $2,500 per run, second level $5,000 and third level $10,000. As "managing director" you purchase the product from the supplier and sell it to customers. You hire personnel before each run. You pay half of your take to triad head. Illegal wildlife trade: The Acquiring of lucrative live animals Front: Safari company -Catch live and traffick * Tigers, Cheetahs, Panthers * Exotic birds * Exotic fishes You start as a fetcher, andvance into guide and finally to safari hoast. As "fetcher" you fetch the product to the crate. At first level you get $500 for each run, second level $1,000 and third level $2,000. As "guide" you drive the safari vehicles to places where there are target animals. You wait until the safari guests shoot the targets with tranqualizers, and then move to another place. At first level you get $2,500 for each run, second level $5,000 and third level $10,000. As "safari hoast" you market the safari to the public. You hire personnel before each run. You sell the products to customers and pay half of your take to the triad head. Smuggling: Import/export of illegal air, sea and land cargo - narcotics - live animals - natural resources - human organs - couterfeit products - vehicles - guns - stolen goods Fronts: Wholesale business, Hauling business, Merchant marine business You start as a dispatch supervisor , advance into transportation coordinator , and finally warehouse manager As "dispatch supervisor" you pilot a vehicle and collect the crate(s) from a drop off point and drive it(them) to another drop off point. At first level you get $500 for each job, second level $1,000 and third level $2,000. As "transportation coordinator" you define routes for delivery and assign dispatch supervisors their jobs. At first level your pay is $2,500 per run, second level $5,000 and third level $10,000. As "warehouse manager" you hire and fire dispatch supervisors and transportation coordinators after each run and sell your services to customers and pay half of your earnings to triad head. Assassination: The termination of undesired individuals in exchange of financial compensation Fronts: Corporate HQ office You start as a janitor, advance into head hunter and finally event manager As "janitor" your job is to sanitize a hit that made a mess. You must get rid of any incriminating evidence, including bodies, wittnesses, weapons, fingerprints etc. At first level you get $500 for each job, second level $1,000 and third level $2,000. As "head hunter" your job is to perform efficient and timely hits, while avoiding unnecessary attention. At first level you get payed $2,500 per hit, second level $5,000 and third level $10,000 You have the option of calling cleaner, but it'll cost ya. As "event manager" you must hire and fire your squad members before each hit, lead the hit squad in squad hits and negotiate with customers. You pay half of your take to the triad head. Vehicle Ring: The acquisition and sales of motor vehicles without the owner's concent Fronts: Vehicle showroom You start as a sales assistant, advance into vehicle test driver and finally to showroom manager As "sales assistant" you scan the place for vehicles in demand, and send a photo with gps coordinates and a time stamp as an e-mail. At first level you get payed $100 per photo, second level $200 and third level $400. As "vehicle test driver" you scan your phone for messages from "sales assistant" and steal the vehicle before it vanishes and deliver it to a lockup near a chop-shop or a hangar on an abandoned airfield and e-mail to "showroom manager". At first level you get payed $500 per delivery, second level $1,000 and third level $2,000. As "Showroom manager" you send requests by e-mail to the "sales assistant". You adjust your list of orders according to customers preferences. You hire and fire personnel after each week and negotiate with customers. You pay half of your take to the triad head. Political influence: The reduction of accumulated heat by making the officials play along Fronts: Corporate HQ office You start as an investigator, advance into client advisor, and finally to negotiator As "investigator" your job is to follow the targets, go through their trash, take pictures and footage of their unexpected encounters, collect incriminating evidence and to set the target up when ordered to do so. At first level you get payed $500 per case, second level $1,000 and third $2,000. As "client advisor" your job is to intimidate the target with bullying and displaying physical power. At first level you get payed $2,500 per case, second level $5,000 and third $10,000. As "negotiator" you give offers that can't be refused by using leverage or financial compensation or services required by the official. You also hire and fire personnel after you accept each case. At first level you get payed $12,000 per case, second level $24,000 and third $50,000.
  2. Main Theme Settings It's 1987, The city of New Rennes, Wigaguerre (based on New Orleans, Louisiana; French: Le Nouveau-Rennes) was built by thousands of french settlers and is truly a state-of-the-art phenomenon. Its beauty of the historic heart of the city is the Corsican Quarter which have helped shape the city to what it is today.The resources these communities brought were of great importance, but they were also influential when it came to architectural designs as the vast majority of buildings have been built in the shape of the metropolitan area.The skyline is crowded with soaring skyscrapers and many show their age and a rich history. The quality of life is high in New Rennes and it has attracted a lot of attention. Many new cultures have left their mark not just on the city's development, but also upon the city's identity. What historically was a city of large diversity has grown into a fusion of everything and it's this that unites the 6 million people to this day.It's this multicultural identity that has truly left its mark. Hundreds of jazz clubs, restaurants and luxury lounges offer a plethora of culinary choices and those who feel hungry for something else can enjoy nightlife, sport activities, robberies, firing ranges or one of the many other recreational venues. Characters Giulia "Julie" Martichelli A 22-year-old female protagonist ends up being an expert in the advanced skill needed for the mob rule situation. Heidi Rosenfeld A 20-year-old German immigrant who enjoys hanging out with Giulia. She is very loyal. Kevin James Cockle A 47-year-old health center receptionist who enjoys money laundering, gambling and chess. He is smart and bright, but can also be very violent and a bit friendly. Ronald "Ron" Stevens A 28-year-old professional biker who enjoys joyriding, working on bikes and attending heavy metal concerts. He is smart and cool, but can also be very smirk. Carmen Hammond A 31-year-old sexist FBI agent who enjoys corporal punishment. She is serious and mean, but can also be very corrupt. Luigi Brusco A 35-year-old kingpin who enjoys pool, collecting drugs and empire business. He is rich and dangerous. Charlie Bradley A 45-year-old jazz club owner who enjoys partying, smoking tobacco pipes. He is energetic and inspiring, but can also be very crazy and a bit hyperactive. Andrew Livingston A 34-year-old detective who enjoys investigating dead mobsters, combat fighting. He is exciting and brave, but can also be very busy. Giacomo "Jack" Sperandio A 53-year-old loan shark agent who enjoys collecting extra money, watching football and adult movies. He is generous and friendly, but can also be very busy and a bit trustworthy. Donnie Floyd A 39-year-old personal accountant who enjoys drinking grape wine, sailing and painting. He is stable and friendly. Richard Rhodes A 37-year-old drug dealer who enjoys hangover, selling drugs and watching horse racing on television. He is stable and friendly, but can also be very busy and a bit violent. Giorgio Pavano A 51-year-old villain with an unfortunate habit of bumping off the people around him. He is cynical and evil, but can also be very violent and a bit standoffish. Weapons Handguns: Combat Pistol Colt Python Silenced 9mm Shotguns: Pump Action SPAS-12 Mossberg 590A1 Rifles: Winchester 1894 Bolt Action MB03 M40A3 Submachine Guns: Uzi Tec-9 MP5 Assault Rifles: AK-47 M4 Carbine Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR) Heavy Weapons: RPG-7 Grenade Launcher Melees and Throwns: Baseball Bat Knife Random Pickable Objects Molotov Cocktail Grenade Fist Tear Gas Flashbang Jerry Can Non-Lethal: Tranquilizer Gun Riot Gun Flare Gun Vehicles Sports: Bravado Buffalo Grotti Cheetah Vapid Mamba Ubermacht Zion Karin Sunrise Pegassi Torero Lampadati Viseris Vapid Dominator LX Pfister Nebula Dewbauchee Flatty Obey Omnis Lampadati Tropos Declasse Vigero '87 Annis Lancea Grotti Turismo '85 Pfister Comet Lampadati Felon GT Invetero Coquette Z29 Maibatsu Thunder Vapid Bullet '67 Ocelot Swinger Imponte Deluxo Vintage and Muscles: Schyster Namorra Declasse Winnfield Imponte Ruiner VT Bravado Gauntlet Vapid Hellenbach GT Albany Broadway Classique Stallion Vapid Peyote Bravado Dukes Imponte Phoenix Declasse Sabre Turbo Cheval Picador '68 Albany Montana Dundreary Panther Coupes: Vapid Fortune Dinka Previon Albany Virgo Ubermacht Sentinel Bürgerfahrzeug Club Vapid Retinue Argyle Fuselage Declasse Chumash Benefactor Schwartzer Classique Broadsword Willard Idaho Declasse Voodoo Schyster Bravura Vapid Glaser Dinka Blista Compact Karin Futo Benefactor Feltzer Albany Alpha Sedans: Declasse Diva Schyster Greenwood Albany Washington Dundreary Admiral Bravado Oceanic Imponte Tahoma Willard Convoy Dundreary Regina Bravado Feroci Vapid Stanier Karin Asterope Dinka Chavos Obey Tailgater Argyle Veranda Ocelot Jackal Declasse Premier Albany Emperor Willard Solair Bravado Livonia Ubermacht Oracle Vapid VIP Classique Rodham Zirconium Stratum Albany Primo Dundreary Jefferson Bravado Miter Annis Pinnacle Benefactor Schafter Trucks, Vans and SUVs: Canis Shawnee Declasse Walton Vapid Riata Bravado Bison Declasse Burrito Vapid Rumpo Canis Mesa Declasse Yosemite Gallivanter Baller Vapid Sadler Canis Trafficker II Karin Rebel '87 Vapid Youga Declasse Granger Vapid Liberator XL Declasse Moonbeam Commercial and Industrial: JoBuilt Linerunner JoBuilt Phantom JoBuilt Hauler Vapid Benson Brute Boxville MTL Packer MTL Flatbed MTL Pounder HVY Biff Vapid Yankee Public and Emergency Services: Wigaguerre State Police Ambulance Police Cruiser Fire Truck Bus Taxi Cabby FIB Attache Police Bike Trashmaster Streetcar Stockade Police Stockade Predator Police Maverick Dundreary Stretch Motorcycles: WMC Freeway WMC Daemon WMC Angel Pegassi Esskey Ubermacht FCR 1000 Principe Faggio Sh*tzu PCJ-600 Principe Romagna Sh*tzu NRG 900 Dinka Enduro Maibatsu Sanchez WMC Wolfsbane WMC Hexer Nagasaki Chimera Boats: Dinghy Jetmax Marquis Reefer Speedo Squalo Tropic Tug Boat Steamboat Aircraft: Dodo Maverick Annihilator Radio Stations Radio New Rennes 93.5 FM Genre: Pop 1. Michael Jackson - Bad 2. Phil Collins - Don't Lose My Number 3. Depeche Mode - Strangelove 4. The Breakfast Club - Right On Track 5. Madonna - Borderline 6. Go West - S.O.S. 7. Wang Chung - Everybody Have Fun Tonight 8. U2 - I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For 9. The Alan Parsons Project - Limelight 10. The Romantics - One In a Million 11. Crowded House - Don't Dream It's Over 12. Sting - We'll Be Together 13. The Motels - Suddenly Last Summer 14. INXS - Dancing On The Jetty 15. Matthew Wider - Break My Stride 16. The Power Station - Some Like It Hot 17. Hall & Oates - One On One 18. Erasure - Oh L'Amour MaxWave 100.7 FM Genre: New Wave 1. Midnight Oil - Beds Are Burning 2. The Psychedelic Furs - Heartbreak Beat 3. A Flock Of Seagulls - The More You Live, The More You Love 4. Kajagoogoo - Shouldn't Do That 5. Propaganda - p:Machinery 6. Nu Shooz - I Can't Wait 7. Dead Or Alive - Brand New Lover 8. Thompson Twins - Lay Your Hands On Me 9. The Police- King Of Pain 10. Bad Manners - Samson & Delilah 11. The Cure - Hot Hot Hot 12. Howard Jones - All I Want 13. Duran Duran - Skin Trade 14. Stacey Q - Two Of Hearts 15. King - Love & Pride 16. Corey Hart - Never Surrender 17. New Order - The Perfect Kiss 18. Big Country - In A Big Country Penthouse Radio Genre: Adult Contemporary 1. Genesis - In Too Deep 2. Icehouse - No Promises 3. The Style Council - You're The Best Thing 4. Cyndi Lauper - Time After Time 5. Huey Lewis and the News - Whatever Happened To True Love 6. Billy Ocean - Suddenly 7. Sergio Mendes - Never Gonna Let You Go 8. The Human League - Human 9. David Bowie - As The World Falls Down 10. Rick Astley - Together Forever 11. Sherriff - When I'm With You 12. Europe - Carrie 13. Bertie Higgins - Key Largo 14. Patrick Swayze - She's Like The Wind 15. Kajagoogoo - Hang On Now 16. Madonna - Angel 17. Steve Perry - Foolish Heart 18. Tears for Fears - Head Over Heels The Mint 104.2 FM Genre: Jazz 1. Freddie Hubbard & Woody Shaw - The Moontrane 2. Dave Grusin - Bossa Baroque 3. Kenny G - Songbird 4. Jean Luc Ponty - Once A Blue Planet 5. Basia - New Day For You 6. Shakatak - Lonely Afternoon 7. Bennie Maupin - Water Torture 8. Sade - Smooth Operator 9. Grover Washington Jr. - Little Black Samba 10. Louis Armstrong - On The Sunny Side Of The Street 11. Gerald Albright - So Amazing 12. Earl Klugh - April Love 13. Herb Alpert - Rise 14. Weather Report - Eurydice 15. Chuck Mangione - Feels So Good W-CSR Genre: R&B/Soul 1. LeVert - Casanova 2. The Brothers Johnson - Light Up The Night 3. The Manhattans - You Send Me 4. The Whispers - It's a Love Thing 5. The Deele - Two Occasions 6. Mary Jane Girls - In My House 7. Timex Social Club - Rumors 8. Earth, Wind and Fire - Let's Groove 9. The Jets - You Got It All 10. Prince - Sign o' the Times 11. Evelyn "Champagne" King - I Don't Know If It's Right 12. Kool and The Gang - Fresh 13. Rick James - Fool On The Street 14. Dayton - The Sound Of Music 15. Lionel Richie - All Night Long (All Night) 16. Peaches and Herb - Reunited 17. Dazz Band - Heartbeat 18. Anita Baker - Sweet Love The Breakz 101.9 Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap 1. MC Shan - Kill That Noise 2. Ice-T - 6 'N The Mornin' 3. Fat Boys - Jailhouse Rap 4. Grandmaster Flash & Melle Mel - White Lines (Don't Do It) 5. Public Enemy - Rebel Without A Pause 6. LL Cool J - The Breakthrough 7. G.L.O.B.E. & Whiz Kid - Play That Beat Mr. DJ 8. Beastie Boys - Brass Monkey 9. Kurtis Blow - If I Ruled The World 10. Treacherous Three - The Body Rock 11. Salt-N-Pepa - Push It 12. Whodini - Five Minutes Of Funk 13. Run-D.M.C. - Jam-Master Jammin' 14. Eric B & Rakim - My Melody 15. Afrika Bambaataa - Tension Vulture Sounds 99.1 Genre: Rock/Heavy Metal 1. Testament - Raging Waters 2. Scorpions - No One Like You 3. Judas Priest - Turbo Lover 4. Def Leppard - Excitable 5. Ratt - Lay It Down 6. Motley Crue - Wild Side 7. T.N.T. - Desperate Night 8. Metallica - Battery 9. Europe - Seven Doors Hotel 10. Aerosmith - Magic Touch 12. Twisted Sister - We're Not Gonna Take It 13. U2 - Sunday Bloody Sunday 14. Megadeth - Chosen Ones 15. Ozzy Osbourne - Now You See It (Now You Don't) 16. Iron Maiden - Aces High 17. Dokken - Breaking the Chains 18. Whitesnake - Gambler NRUR Genre: House, Techno 1. Steve Hurley - Jack Your Body 2. Fonda Rae - Over Like A Fat Rat 3. Nitro Deluxe - This Brutal House 4. Peech Boys - Don't Make Me Wait 5. Colonel Abrams - Trapped 6. Phuture - Acid Trax 7. Sylvester - Rock The Box 8. Farley "Jackmaster" Funk & Jessie Saunders - Love Can't Turn Around 9. Chip E., Inc. - M.B. Dance 10. Model 500 - Off To Battle 11. Disco D - Beat It 12. Evelyn Thomas - High Energy Rennes Parish Public Radio 1073 AM Genre: Talk Shows, News, Local Programming
  3. Ingramsl19

    Grand Theft Auto: Source

    Grand Theft Auto: Source Introduction Grand Theft Auto: Source is remake of R* (or Rockstar Game) Game Grand Theft Auto 3D Universe game (GTA III,GTA VC,GTA SA) from RenderWare Engine, But this time use Valve's Source Engine, Introducing Graphic and Improvement Feature from Grand Theft Auto III, Vice City, San Andreas.
  4. A Cebra and Money Over Bullsh*t collaboration Main logo credit goes to Graven Heading and radio station logos courtesy of FunkyRJ, Eternal Donkey, and SA's Most Wanted MAIN THEME Welcome to 1968. In the two most paramount cities of the era, you will follow the stories of three separate yet intertwining stories winding you across both a re-imagined San Fierro and Las Venturas, experiencing the unique culture of the times. From psychedelics and casinos to waning mobs and the Civil Rights Movement, it was an edifying time to be alive; the happy-go-lucky attitude of the '60s was just beginning to wear off and a grim reality began to set in: only the morally dubious would prosper through the chaos ahead. Only the ruthless will thrive in these cutthroat times. In GTA: B&B, you lead the lives of three characters with the most common mindsets of the time - an out-of-work Vietnam vet, an aspiring mobster and a cross-county courier in the years 1968, 1971, and 1974. As with GTA 4's trinity, three separate stories will intertwine throughout a series of unfortunate events that lead our protagonists to work together indirectly. The game gives all players the chance to experience the period of the Counterculture Era for what it truly was - outrageous. From huge cultural events such as the Civil Rights Movement and the mob's last grasp at Las Vegas taking a starring role in the story, lots of satirical insight is given to one of the most historically shaping time periods in American history. The overall aim is to provide a story that is equally as immersive as it is accurate, along with many convenient features that have been long awaited. Our protagonists are representations of the positive ethos that was finally beginning to dwindle as the 70s approached: desire to conquer, consequences be damned. Colorful cities host a colorful populace. Meet some of northern San Andreas' liveliest offerings, from the pettiest of pushers to the highest of high rollers. A 32 year old San Fierro native and Vietnam War veteran, Doug relocated to his hometown after being dishonorably discharged from the military when he was caught smuggling thousands of dollars worth of the USMC's equipment onto the streets. He's been reduced to spending his days with his wife and three year old daughter in their two-room apartment in Suppleham, wallowing in the regret of getting caught and waiting for some sort of action to take hold of him again. At the beginning of the game, Doug has $75 to his name and drives a blue 1963 Vapid Messier. Hailing from Souci, Julius arrived in San Fierro in 1960 with his brother Winston. After a near-decade of shifty jobs ranging from pizza delivery to slaughterhouse disposal, he joined Win in the virtuous career of courier work - just in time for it to become significantly less on the level. At the beginning of the game, Julius has $400 saved up and drives both a cream 1962 Willard Gaia and a white 1966 Dinka DP420. Flying in from Sicily with his uncle Giacomo in 1960, Dante hadn't an inkling of what lied ahead. A childhood of tough love led to a semi-recurring need for validation; a decent clout for wanting to do well in his elders' eyes. Now 24, having somewhat grown out of impulsiveness, Jacky's bosses have got their eyes on him. He knows it. At the beginning of the game, Dante has $250 in his bank account and drives a yellow 1968 Barbican Piranha. Joanna Pryor: Youngest scion of a pear ranching dynasty, Joanna met Doug in 1964 while he was on leave. One thing led to another - before the year was out a baby was in tow, they eloped; she got axed from the will for marrying below the family. When Doug was discharged in '67, she felt she had put the wool over her own eyes and took it out on her husband - as a result, she's often home alone with three-year-old Bonnie. Chad Pryor: Four years his elder, Chad grew up alongside Doug in the suburbs of San Fierro. Given his propensity for violence and teenage angst, it came as a surprise for all when he left for ULSA in 1951 to study law. After passing the bar with flying colors, Chad returned to San Fierro just in time to become a crusader for the Civil Rights Movement. Marcus Vogel: Former USMC Corporal turned jobless nomad, Marcus risked sticking by Doug during the smuggling fiasco while furtively knowing his guilt. They were discharged together and now live in the same sh*thole - Doug knows he's been running up a tab for years that can only be paid off one way: cold hard cash. Charlie & Archie Baker: The inseparable Baker brothers have long been the cause of all kinds of trouble; in recent months, they've been the ones in trouble. Racking up debt at a faster pace than the United States due to a constant craving for booze and cooze, they've turned their semi-successful motion picture enterprise into something slightly more seedy - they're under the green ownership of Joey Ferrito, catering to the more bestial indulgences of the hoi polloi. Robert Kurtz: Leader of the east coast's answer to David Arnold's band of brothers, Robby Kurtz is a former squadmate of Doug's who long preceded him in the art of the dishonorable discharge. On the loose since 1964, he and his crew recently got tired of the drear and fear of Liberty; they've kicked dirt 'cross country, recently settled on the outskirts of San Fierro - the rural town of Pleasance, where they've taken to calling themselves The Lost in honor of their exotic environs. Mick Cassidy: In addition to having long abandoned his pledge to protect the general public, Lieutenant Mickey Cassidy of the SFPD has also ditched the guise that his corrupt approach to law enforcement is for the greater good. Self-centered and self-serving, his badge serves as the sword that allows him to pillage and pilfer - bureaucratically, of course - as he sees fit in the name of personal enrichment. John Muscarella: A former lawyer turned San Andreas state senator. They say the only honest politician is one who can stay bought, and a lawyer-politician combo doesn't bode well. In spite of his slimy resumé, John Muscarella's specialty as a lawyer was government anti-corruption cases; as a senator, he devotes his time to advancing civil rights. Despite his pure intentions, he's still a victim to the age-old adage - his financial backings will return to supply a firm bite to the ass. Edward J. Segal: A Sergeant Major of the USMC, Eddie Segal was, in spite of all outward appearances, the mastermind behind the smuggling operation that Doug regrettably took part in. Now retired from active duty and considered a war hero, no one's the wiser of his involvement except Doug himself. As fate has it, he's decided to carry on with his retirement in Calton Heights - a mere five minute drive from Doug's own home. Randolph Harris: One of Doug's former brothers-in-arms, Randy Harris spared no time rising up the ranks of San Fierro's police department after a suspicious helicopter malfunction left him cleared of Vietnam duty. He's the perpetual good cop, always wanting to make up for his misdeeds during the war - a sentiment not jibing well with his orders to work hand-in-hand with some of the city's undesirables as part of an early gang task force initiative. Ying "Winky" Marquez: Coupled with his befuddling ancestry, Winky Marquez is a low-tier heroin dealer and Triad hopeful. While running his previously budding operation out of Pocilga Lodging, he met Doug and the pair formed a lukewarm business relationship - yet another source of tension between Doug and his wife. But recent shifts in the San Fierro drug trade have forced Winky aside - the cash tap is running dry for all involved. Baldwin Schultz: Intimidating in his youth, this retired arms dealer has become old, flabby, and hard of hearing in his golden years. Schultzy acted as the Jewish-mob backed financier in Eddie Segal's smuggling fiasco and got away with most of the money - but that hasn't stopped him from living a life of intense frugality ever since; a hermit in a cabin atop Mount Callahan, as far from the city's hustle, bustle, and police force as possible. Calvin Leung: A third generation Chinese-American who doesn't seem to know it; Calvin is an enforcer in the San Fierro Triads who prefers every aspect of the "old country" he's never visited. A stickler for anonymity and discipline, he overlooks much of the gang's local drug operations and reports up the ladder instead of taking action himself - making him a powerful contact for those with something to gain. Tsang Kan Kuen: At the top of that serpentine Triad ladder, a man known as Connie to his more Americanized subordinates sits perpetually satisfied with himself. He was sent off from his eager Maoist origins in 1956 to organize the ragtag hierarchy of San Fierro's resident Triads, an endeavor he has completed all too well. Between human trafficking with the Soviets and drug dealing with the Mexicans, Connie has found an unforeseen consequence in American markets - the tossing aside of his pinko origins; the embrace of the joys of consumer capitalism. Wei Cheng: A young Triad envoy sent from Yangshan to pad Connie Kuen's numbers, Wei is both ambitious and mischevious in his approach to a life of crime. In plain words he has no respect for ancient customs, nor the practice of elderly respect - he's in America to do damage, and in the fountain of youth he intends to make the water red. Oscar Deng: The bellicose history between the Dengs and the Kuens goes back dynasties; it was brought to an end in the early years of the Great Qing after a liaison between an Imperial noble and a well-born temptress resulted in a child. That affair reverberates centuries down the road: it's the only reason the brainless brute otherwise known as Oscar the Ouch has made lieutenant in the otherwise tight-laced matters of the Kuen Triad. Joey Ferrito: As a captain in the San Fierro crime family, Joey Ferrito's generally repelling aura and odious sense of humor had him sent out of the city to oversee the rackets of the Santo Zacaria Valley down south. Unfortunately for the valley's inhabitants, the only family rackets down there are pornographic; theatres, sets, movies, and ladies of the night. That misfortune strikes doubly for those women of the oldest trade. Lex Gianakos: A socialite before socialites with an exotic background and fingers in every illicit pie, Lex Gianakos is known as a cipher equal parts coy and cruel with no discernible origin story. It's widely accepted across the west coast that, regardless of her potential unsung loyalties, she's a necessary evil to have on your side. Joan Campos: A Liberty City exile with good reason to have flown across the country for the hope of anonymity, Joan Campos alternates between flying the flags of feminism and anarchism depending on the current company. She's found a good deal more like-minded individuals from her Vista Park studio - the insurgent infantrymen of counterculture. Augustus Hauptmann: Old money that talks the talk but can't walk the walk. Despite the outside face of a family values traditionalist, a look at Gusto Hauptmann's financial records paints another picture - a keen interest in civil rights and Democratic donations. His latest dilemma is dictating the fate of the San Fierro Examiner upon his demise - no male heirs and a young daughter with an insurgent streak leave him little choice but to milk the fourth estate for all it's got. Joe Jagger: A southern pastor with a Communist streak, filled to the brim with visions of an equal world. Coming from wealth, he's a frequent donor to John Muscarella - it buys him never-ending invitations to political masquerades where he's free to spread his own skewed views of the three nos: religion, politics, and war. On the sociable side he enjoys hosting neighborhood cookouts; he serves his own special brand of fruit punch that the locals say is to die for. Winston Cole: Three years younger than Julius, the Coles' good son made it all the way to university before a criminal framing brought him tumbling down. Disillusioned with society in general, he didn't hesitate to cross the country with his brother in 1960 - after eight years of intermittent employment, he's found a pursuit in civil rights and has made connections he hopes he'll never need to use. David Arnold: A professional chopper enthusiast: Dave owns a chop-shop in Dutch Flatlands, and in the eyes of the law that's as far as his enterprising goes. In the underworld he's known to be a suave businessman of another fashion with an explosive temper and a Redwood perpetually in hand. He's currently the de-facto leader of San Fierro's biker culture, which has recently dipped its toe in the international heroin trade. Harry Bulle: ALL A man who likes inside jokes - he chose "Harry" from the 'Tom, Dick & Harry' type of everyman, and his job at the International American Airline for the innuendo alone. Every aspect of Harry Bulle is a farce, marred behind layer upon layer of red tape and blind alleys. From a motel an even run between San Fierro and Las Venturas, he runs clandestine ops for God-knows-who for Lord-knows-why, but always in the company of an even-keeled sense of humor. Dirk Dunne: A formidable presence with the brazenness to match, Dirk is second only to David Arnold in the biker crew hierarchy. Another example of classic brains vs. brawn, Dirk provides the terrorizing muscle behind the organization while David presents a purely businesslike facade - but the fact that both men consider themselves the boss is slightly problematic. The ostensible united front is about to crack. Freddy Peters: The owner of Intrepid Courier Service, Freddy's come to be known as a surrogate father for his employees - complete with raging temper and all. In spite of a life running forty-some years of scrupulous values, the city's beginning to swallow him up in debt and dismay: turns out he's no more immune than anyone to sin when faced with the prospect of ruin. Roxanne King: A Los Santos girl born and raised, Roxanne migrated to the Iron City to join her brother Leon after the Rancho Riots. She and her shadow found work in a local Suppleham watering hole - it's there she met Winston Cole, where they founded the S.F. chapter of the House of Racial Equality with only the purest of intentions - three years down and he still hasn't met her brother, a man significantly less altruistic than the dynamic duo. Leon King: Pillar of the Birchwood community just outside San Fierro, Leon has his sister four years beat in arriving to the city. Rather than flee the Rancho Riots like Roxy, he took a return trip home just to participate in the chaos. He avoided arrest, made a name for himself after torching a command post, found himself revered by the black community of Birchwood on his return back home. Vain and visionary as ever, he took the opportunity to found the Leopards of Leon - a civil rights organization on paper, currently under investigation for sponsoring every crime under the sun. Dallas Bloomfield: Jack of all trades or an incompetent bum; a pinko bastard or a madcap anarchist - speak to different folk, get different answers. His paper trail paints no clearer picture - a journalism degree in the deep south, a tryst and quarrel with a Spanish duchess, a charge for felony mayhem in 1966 - now, he runs his own journalistic outlet from a Poacher's Beak warehouse when he's not running with David Arnold and his gang of desperadoes. Chester Goldwater: A New England drug runner with deep-rooted links down south, Chester Goldwater drifted all the way to Los Santos so he could sell weed to the free spirited alumni of ULSA - before long he had a habit of stealing airplanes from private Blaine County airfields in order to deliver to the Mexes; a business relationship was born, but didn't last. Chester the perpetual transient fell in with some hippies; he's broken new ground further north. Eddie Gregson: A former stickup artist turned boho entrepreneur with a rap sheet of straight B&Es, Eddie's a San Fierro native who made peace with himself after he got tired of strong-arming for petty cash. With a group of old friends he founded the Love and Sunshine Directive based out the city of love - bringing about apparatchik enlightenment and neighborly affection through means both spiritual and chemical. Tommy Sclafani: A seafood merchant who gives a whole new meaning to "surf n' turf", Tommy's company Sclafani Wholesale operates as a dockside front to cover for heroin distribution across the state. Connected across all lines - to the Japs through his gambling rackets in Little Tokyo and the Mexicans through drug peddling across San Fierro - Tuna sits comfortable as the unopposed mafia chieftain of northern San Andreas. Nicholas Ferrito: Midwest born, Los Santos raised, "Glasses" Ferrito's recent tactical appointment to serve as underboss to Tuna Sclafani came as an unexpected blessing. His unassuming frame suits his mousy, self-serving inclinations - the "Nicky precedence", as his old friends would say. The mindset makes him doubly vicious in his strategies; never a chance of leaving a witness behind. The selfishness goes as far as to overtake the oath of the cosa nostra, though - he comes first. Never la famaglia. Moe "Spades" Rothenberg: The missing link between the Sclafani syndicate and the west coast's other cosa nostra outfits, "Spades" refers to his primus inter pares relationship with both the black bloc and the guidos back in home plate Liberty City, not the numerous gambling operations he inherited from his father. He's known to come across friendly, if a bit nonplussed - in reality he's only marginally better at hiding his opportunism behind a curtain of ill-fitting clothing patterns. Bennie Bartok: One of San Andreas' newer players in the drug trade, Bennie is already known as a force to be reckoned with. His laid-back disposition works hand-in-hand with his disarming figure, but he's got a dangerous knack for negotiation and depravity while behind closed doors. He advertises as one of the cheapest fixers currently on the market - loyal only to the highest bidder. Sienna Derisme: A southern girl northern raised - that's the extent of the available hearsay surrounding Sienna's lifestory. In San Fierro she goes club to club, red light to pink light, in search of something intangible that she expects to find through the nightly company of strange men. She's had little luck finding whatever she seeks. Seamus Dunleavy: The bored housewives of the Santo Zacaria Valley had Doctor Dunleavy making high five figures - that all came to an end when he was caught testing the effects of certain psychoactives under false pretenses. Without his medical license, Seamus turned his work toward spirituality - before long he was Brother Dunleavy of the LSD, deity to the dazed masses, handing out microdots like communion wafers. Sam Beasley: Infamous pimp and pusher from Souci, "Stone Cold" Sammy has recently been called from his northeast digs to help his old pal Pat Matthews dole out mafia-supplied heroin to every black community from the Greenwich Coast to the Gobi Outpost. A perpetual stone-faced expression gave him his namesake; none of the eight streetwalkers he killed in Souci saw it coming - a violent death at the hands of a gold and zebra sheathed cane. Pat "The Cat" Matthews: The Cat operates in pussy and heroin. Recently released from a fifteen year bid in a mixed-race hellhole in the midwest, Pat Matthews found everything exactly where he left it in the deceptive suburbia of Birchwood. Originally a street cat from Souci, he moved west for the weather and the potential - when he went away in 1953 he never knew just how perfectly circumstances would conspire down the road. His haunts in the town are ripe for the picking - junkies chase the dragon like a thirsty man drinks water, and the mafiosi across the river are game. Henry Katz: Long-successful record executive known for his reach across all musical genres, Henry Katz's auteur status is owed to his children's fingers on the pulse of young society - not his. The facade of avant-garde knowledge has gained him many successful contracts in the meantime, thanks in equal part to his underworld connections - the question is: how long can he maintain the balancing act? Bruno Grzybowski: Voted most esteemed agent of the Department of Opioid and Pharmaceutical Exploitations since '65, the colloquially known Agent Grotto has never hesitated to be brutal and calculated in his efforts to curb San Fierro's growing drug epidemic. Perhaps he wouldn't be as revered if his superiors knew of his back-alley deals - a wet beak in exchange for busting only the pettiest of pushers. Matilda Yong: Luckily for Matilda, her patrons are an inherently no-questions-asked type of clientele. Perhaps if they were, they would ask how she managed to pop up in S.F. come 1965 with a small fortune in counterfeit bills and a Chinatown building lease without so much as a peep beforehand - or why half the time she doesn't respond to her name. When she put the apartments above her parlor up for rent in '68, the equally reticent Cole brothers came a-knocking. Jacky Gallo: Dante's only uncle, Giacomo came to America at the height of Prohibition. After a rise and fall under the eyes of a local thief ring, he headed east straight into the arms of the Gambettis. An astute business acumen boosted him to underboss by the 60s, when his paisan Amerigo Cazzini recruited him to oversee Venturas ops in perpetuity. Jon Gravelli: A consistently dependable worker for the Gambetti family since the age of twelve, Gravelli has recently been promoted to capo and shipped off to Las Venturas just in time to miss the birth of his son. In love with his work but having left his heart in Liberty City, he is known as a fair and level-headed leader with a zero tolerance for callowness. Amerigo Cazzini: A Mustache Pete through and through, Cazzini came to North America in the mid-20s to flee the state police and four angry husbands. The full Sicilian package of a sadistic streak and heightened business savvy, he found triumph in the Prohibition bootlegging operations of eastern Canada. Of late, his personal kinship with Gambetti head Sonny Cangelosi has earned him a spot further south - heading the Sicilian sect of the Gambettis as their Las Venturas intermediary. Sonny Cangelosi: Never in a near fifty-year career in the waste management business has Sonny Cangelosi been convicted of a crime, thanks to a lifetime of keeping his cards fused to his chest. Hand gestures, batty wordplay, complete silence - the Liberty City attorney general has nothing on the man who heads the Gambetti crime family. He's not above rubbing their face in it either - suspicious trips to Las Venturas he knows are out of the office's jurisdiction and constant shoulder rubbing with known crime figures, Cangelosi has recently struck up a big deal with old friends in the name of shared profits. Ettore Boccino: Product of a long line of slimy businessmen and con artists, Ettore was the first and only to welcome Dante to the neighborhood. He taught the boy English and how to hustle; the brother he never had. With the pair growing up around men like Jacky they inevitably found themselves drawn to the lifestyle - if only they ever found success in it. Sebby Boccino: One of those aforementioned slimeball con artists, Sebastiano Boccino is Ettore's father and one of the casualties of the Gambetti family's Liberty City purge - any and all weak links sent to the land of slot machines. Turns out he's well suited to it; his affinity for unsightly polo shirts is uninhibited by the weather, and corpse disposal is only a fifteen minute drive to a hole in the desert - what's not to love? Vivienne Lemay: One of Las Venturas' most prestigious poker players, "Lady Vee" is notorious on the strip for her talent of cleaning out any casino that dares let her enter thanks in equal part to her beauty and her prowess. Blacklisted from all but three Venturas gambling outlets, she is eager to try her hand at La Penisola upon its opening in early 1968 - little does she know, the Cazzini family have long had their eyes on her. The Midwest Commission: The flyover state variety of the Five Families' governing body, the midwest commission holds court over all mob-related decisions throughout middle America, headquartered in Delisle. Recently, their priorities are focused on Las Venturas - their collective investment in La Penisola a potential cash cow for decades to come. As of 1968 the commission is made up of: Michele "The Ear" Timpano, figurehead of Couira City's mob. De facto boss of all bosses. Joseph "Giant Joe" Grimaldi, ailing head of the Henderson crime syndicate. Vincenzo Ossi, underboss of the Grimaldi family. Represents Giant Joe at meetings when the boss is too ill to attend. Carlo Borelli, don of the Borelli crime family of Nagadawee. Peter Acosta, boss of Delisle's Acosta crime syndicate. Giovanni Ancelotti: As Pasquale Ancelotti's nephew, Giovanni has long been considered the obvious choice to succeed his uncle's position as head of the family. He's fair in his dealings, unbiased in his affairs, ostensibly peace-seeking - if only they knew of the fire in his heart, the yearning for the day his beloved Uncle Pasquale keels over so he can begin pulling the reins. Max Buscaglia: Feared enforcer for the Couira City mob, "The Butcher" Buscaglia made his name and his bones through a renown line of meat markets - animal and otherwise. He's a loon even by criminal standards, word down the grapevine being he worships the occult and now and again sacrifices his victims in the name of Lucifer in his shop backrooms. Despite the bare lunacy, he's a childhood friend of Jacky Gallo and has made firm relations with a certain government agent - above all, he's in good hands. Carmine Cohen: A bookmaker by day and fabled handicapper by night, rumor has it that Carmine invented the very idea of point shaving - maybe he should've filed a patent. At the beck and call of every crime family from Coventry to Liberty, he's always lived in the lap of luxury thanks to a life studying the art of odds. The paranoia of Couira City's mob has given him a longer-winded station; sports booking across the Las Venturas Strip to maintain their investment in La Penisola. In the grand scheme of things he's just another friendly face to cover for more hush-hush ops - but he'll sure get rich doing it. Carlo D'Aversa: Las Venturas' casino frontman, Carlo has always been popular among the comers-and-goers of the strip. Known for his happy-go-lucky attitude and ostentatious habits, Carlo hasn't been quite himself lately. He's being pulled down the middle by the Gambettis and the Ancelottis - the former trusting he'll provide a garish open to La Penisola, the latter hoping they can hook him over to play for the other team. Albert Aisner: A failed car salesman from southern San Andreas, Albie Aisner's similarities with his Italian counterpart end with the title. He keeps a low profile; a friendly face to hide the organized skim taking place in the count rooms of every casino under his belt, from the Algiers to the Tequila Sunrise. As long as the money rolls in, he'll take the jabs at his Semitic mores from the higher-ups in stride. Linwood Kennedy: Famed alum of Classic Vinewood's silent era, Linwood Kennedy has amassed such an immense fortune in the past three decades that he's been allowed the luxury of practicing peculiar hobbies. Besides snow globe collecting, harvesting carnivorous plants, and faking his own death for sport, he rejoices in purchasing controlling stakes in thriving industries, only to bleed them dry and inevitably forget about them. After a long life stuck in Vinewood he's moved slightly north - drawn like all to the neon lights of Las Venturas. Alan Hoffman: A preeminent real estate mogul turned casino impresario with a line in every industry, Alan Hoffman's silver spoon upbringing has left him in a permanent state of dissatisfaction with his surroundings. In Las Venturas he has a vision - wrestling the last relics of a bygone era from the fossils of their dominion, replacing them with moneymaking conglomerates that will live on in perpetuity. Harold Von Crastenburg: A fortune like no other thanks to a line of international luxury hotels didn't save Harold Von Crastenburg from his diagnosis: two years max. In light of the news he's turned his priorities from business to pleasure: collecting endlessly expensive rare cars and memorabilia with the profits gained from the casino trade - an industry he calls "unconfined idiocy". Like Linwood Kennedy he's no fool - the bottom line takes charge, no matter the casualties incurred. Glenn "The Kraut" Deutsch: A loyal footsoldier to Max Buscaglia and - to a lesser extent - the Couira City Outfit, The Kraut gave up a six-figure salary as a bookmaker for the family in order to follow his mentor to Las Venturas when duty called. He's rarely seen on his own, nor lets a breath escape his lips without the permission of his patron thanks to the insecurity of a congenital defect - one that doesn't affect his temper or his vitality. Marius Czarnik: A mild-mannered family man back in Pendencia, Marius Czarnik's anal fastidiousness has earned him a coast-to-coast appointment as the Amato crime family's top hitman. No evidence, no witnesses, no bodies unless intended to strike a message - he's currently on loan to the Gambetti family with the intention that good graces will lead to a stake in the LV casino scene. Michael Caccia: With a penchant for flashy shirts and philandering, Mikey's an Alderney City bookie who got demoted cross-coast when he slept with a Lupisella capo's goomar one too many times. The Gambetti brass shipped him out with the hope that his numbers skills would prove useful in the casinos - they don't know the resentment he harbors for pulling him from his stomping grounds. "Chubby" Charlie Matteo: From the nickname alone, people expect to come face-to-face with a waddling Guernsey greaseball of middle age - they're wrong. Rather, young Charlie Matteo's moniker comes from the predatory vig he charges on his loans which, even at his young age of twenty, have inspired many a successful Alderney risk-taker to file for personal bankruptcy. His zeal for the old ways of the life are paving the way for a long-lived career in Ancelotti loansharking; the Las Venturas wing of the family needs his services more than ever. Sammy Moreno: Former city alderman from the Midwest, Sammy Moreno has long retired his political aspirations in favor of a equally corrupt agenda - cavorting with organized crime and government agencies alike. He's a man serving many interests, above all his own; only a small party are privy to just what extent this attitude operates. He'll take it to the grave. Pip & Pat Trompi: The Trompi brothers are the Ancelotti family's main enforcers, bringing both the brains and the brawn to the table. Despite the longstanding war, Ancelotti higher-ups waited until Venturas was a sure thing to send them in. Pip's laying low under his permit to get the city in Ancelotti hands at all costs. His little brother, on the other hand, has a mouth that can't contain his fervor - even in a city of callous windbags. Anthony Bianco: One time Ancelotti boss who was kicked to the Liberty curb after a failed coup, Bianco is fresh off a ten year trip up the river for attempting to extort a used car salesman. No longer welcome in his hometown, he wants to try his hand in Venturas - he's always held an irrational hatred for Sonny Cangelosi and his ilk; money will be made at all costs, peacekeeping efforts be damned. Girolamo Lancetti: Ruling over the territory of southern San Andreas for the better part of two decades, nobody would dare hazard a guess that Gerry Lancetti's previous métier was upholding the law; yet he's still a legal eagle at heart. A firm cooperation with the Ancelotti keeps the Lancetti family unchallenged in their perches, if largely insignificant in the sprawling umbrella of the American mafia. "Cockeyed" Phil Giamonte: A loyal button man for the Los Santos crime family since its glory days, the glass-eyed Giamonte - often too lazy to align his fake blinder - fell by the wayside in favor of Gerry Lancetti when it came time for the leadership election in the late 50s. Vicious and grudging, he's biding his time and stewing in resentment against the man at the reins, waiting for the opportunity to usurp the cathedra and bring the family back to its highest of heights. Ronald Ross: A man of the south who'll take the whole cowboy shtick to his grave, Ronny Ross left his utopia when Couira City took a stand back in ol' Texas. Now more ingrained in the west coast than the horseshoes that became his casino's namesake, Ross has skirted more criminal trials than Sonny Cangelosi in the spirit of keeping his business up and running - fiercely independent from the long arm of the mob. Sonny Bardi Jr.: A healthy mishmash of immaturity and good old fashioned impulsivity, Pendencia's own Junior Bardi is a mirror image of his infamous father in a warmer climate. He's an exhibition of the discord sowed by leaving the Amato family off La Penisola's board of directors - it's led to him running the Bahama Club three down from the strip, enough to satisfy the kid into thinking he's the one making things tick. The cities of San Fierro and Las Venturas are separated into Districts. Within these districts are neighborhoods, which are all entirely unique and evolve as the game goes on. In between the two cities is an expanse of desert, where small towns and venues are scattered across. Below is a list of districts, neighborhoods and desert towns in the game. "Five years later? Six? It seems like a lifetime, or at least a Main Era—the kind of peak that never comes again. San Francisco in the middle sixties was a very special time and place to be a part of. Maybe it meant something. Maybe not, in the long run… but no explanation, no mix of words or music or memories can touch that sense of knowing that you were there and alive in that corner of time and the world. Whatever it meant..." - Hunter S. Thompson ---- Iron Coastlands: Consisting of Quest Sound, the Dutch Flatlands and Poacher's Beak, the Iron Coastlands consist mostly of industrial factories, many of them abandoned and in disarray - the SFPD know that no amount of policing will heed the amount of illegal dealings that go on under the moonlight. Of the three, Poacher's Beak is considered the "safest" to venture into overnight, seeing as it's the only one with residential areas. David Arnold's chop shop is right in the middle of the Dutch Flatlands district, which tangibly belongs to him, and Quest Sound is the place to go if you're looking for questionable narcotics or solid weapons. If you aren't up for paying, the San Fierro Naval Dockyard is host to the most military contraband in the state; try your luck. Quest Sound - Still mostly empty with exception of a few looming warehouses and vacant alleyways, the perpetually half-flooded Quest Sound - The Bayou - is Fierro's go-to place for deals of the shadiest kind. Until someone wealthy enough decides to initiate a redevelopment project, the SFPD chooses to ignore the fact that every night, the population experiences a sudden boom. Dutch Flatlands - Consisting almost entirely of run down and abandoned buildings, there is absolutely no reason for anyone up to a reasonable amount of good to venture into the Flatlands. De-facto owned by David Arnold and his gang, the police stopped patrolling the area ages ago. Poacher's Beak - Being the least dangerous neighborhood of the Coastlands doesn't make it safe by any stretch of the imagination. Poacher's Beak is a cesspool of sketchy massage parlors and liquor stores with upstairs apartments. You've still got a 50-50 chance of getting mugged or propositioned while walking down the street, but it's a whole 'nother world compared to the Dutch Flatlands. ---- Sunset District: Calton Heights, Westwood, Vista Park and Princeton are the neighborhoods of the Sunset District. Previously occupied by lower-middle class, the district has recently received a surge in property purchases by those in the know. Tightly packed Victorian-era townhouses populate the narrow streets that offer sweeping views of the bay. Calton Heights - Previously known as Andreas Heights, in recent times this neighborhood has been inhabited by those with money to spare. Located at the top of a steep incline, Calton Heights features a great view of Easter Bay and is home to the most affluent in the city. Despite the high property prices, the streets of the neighborhood are plagued with young "artists" hocking their newest music and advertising clubs in the city's seedier locales during the day, and the "classiest" of working girls at night. Westwood - Virtually identical to Calton Heights, Westwood sits high above sea level and is populated to the brim. However, it remains untouched by the higher class. Victorian houses not maintained since their inception continue to fall apart at the seams behind well-maintained lawns and gardens. Due to not knowing what sort of audience they might find, Westwood is free from any sort of hecklers and is the quietest of the district at night. Vista Park - Unlike the others of its ilk, Vista Park was never considered a great place to live. Apartment tenements highly outnumbering historic homes took away from its charm atop San Fierro's highest hill, but the Summer of Love brought hundreds of young couples to the neighborhood in a fest of song and acid. One might call it the nerve center of SF counterculture. Princeton - Half at sea level and half uphill, Princeton used to be a quiet residential area. Recently, it's turned upside down and has become a safe haven for the LGBT community in the aftermath of the Summer of Love and more nightclubs and bars are springing up than ever. History buffs and natural beauty maintain its reputation as prime real estate. ---- Lusitano Hill: Only the neighborhoods of Suppleham and Little Hanoi remain part of the formerly sprawling locale of Lusitano Hill. Constricted to the east by San Fierro's expanding downtown and to the west by the estates of the Sunset District, it has become a haven for those with little cash to spare and nowhere else to go. Suppleham - Booming from the Gold Rush until the end of Prohibition, Suppleham developed into a refuge for GIs as the 1940s approached. Its nightlife was swept aside as properties were flipped residential - it could only work for so long. Now, as WWII fades into the past and the draftees move on, it has turned to a something of a melting pot; jazz clubs, burlesque theatres and massage parlors now line the streets. The homes have been kicked upward - single occupancy apartments above the businesses. Doug and his family live at Pocilga Lodging, one of the only apartments left that operates not only in name. Little Hanoi - Part of Suppleham in reality but not in spirit, Little Hanoi is distinct in its purely Vietnamese identity. Plain and simple - don't venture in here unless you speak it or look it, at least until the war's over. ---- Sastre Outlook: Home to those rich enough to acknowledge San Fierro's cultural scene from afar but too brassbound to take part in it, Sastre Outlook's district/neighborhood combo offers stunning views all around to look down on the commoners below. Recent picketing has put a pin in the district's perpetual air of superiority, laying bare the fact that no amount of elitism can keep out an increasingly unruly populace. ---- Greenwich: A district of shifting populations since the Gold Rush, East Greenwich, West Greenwich, Equator Bay and Kennedy Park make up San Fierro's middle-class compromises. The district border has been consistently warping since the 40s, pushing stucco dwellings to the brim with - most recently - headstrong Chinese immigrants too proud to live in Chinatown. East Greenwich - Constantly under construction and split down the middle between ancient Victorians and budget crash pads, its borders are rounded out by the Sastre Vista highlands one way and San Fierro's token park on the other. East Greenie is affordable and cultural - and the bohemians are taking notice. West Greenwich - When the Greenwiches became two, the west side got away with most of its fabled antique housing. With sandy beaches on one side and lush parks on another, only those appreciating of nature and tolerant of peculiar smells inhabit it. Equator Bay - Smack dab in the middle, Equator Bay was left out of the Greenwich moniker. It has its own identity instead - numbered streets, abundant murals, and cheap duplexes. It's second only to Chinatown for the highest concentration of Chinese immigrants; ones who prefer to live in relative anonymity. Kennedy Park - Kennedy Park is nothing more than a glorified nature reserve built around an abandoned asylum. It's a tourist trap for those excited to see the end of the Great Ocean Highway, but that's about it. Recent talks of tearing down the crazy house have been tossed aside by locals as a pipe dream; San Fierro's government acting on its proposals? Inane. ---- Chinatown: Another district/neighborhood mashup, San Fierro's Chinatown is the oldest of its kind. If it's food cart nosh, faux imperial architecture and bargain, 50/50-shot-of-a-happy-ending massages you seek, it's your port of call. Just ignore the influx of immigrants hoping to keep the district to themselves. Above one of those infamous parlors sleep the Cole brothers, undying sticklers for budget living. ---- Nocaro Esplanade: Under this district's umbrella fall San Fierro's varied waterside neighborhoods: Clarita Quay, Balandro, and Las Llegadas. They might share a nautical view, but that's about it - the San Fierro city council stands partial to the remunerative neighborhoods only, letting the flower children fight for the scraps elsewhere. Clarita Quay - As some of the Esplanade's other developments fell into disarray, Clarita Quay's grandiose allure kept it 100% afloat. It's survived the times as a token of nostalgia, seemingly untouched by modernity to the benefit of the rich and tourist-inclined alike. Main attraction - Victoria Dock, where anyone can gorge on seafood while eyeballing the filthy rich do the same on their moored yachts nearby. Balandro - Twenty years ago Balandro could've been considered Clarita Quay's sister section - if its original architect hadn't insisted on forging it in wood, that might still be the case. Now it's falling to rot, both literal and metaphorical - it's closer to the Dutch Flatlands than its neighbor in spirit. Las Llegadas - Commemorative fountains and an abandoned army post; Fort Woods has been chiefly forsaken since the end of the Korean War. It lays waterside as a target for urban exploration and patriotic photo ops, zip else. The open land of its few plazas, however, are ripe for bohemian outdoor living. ---- The Valley: Nobody knows how this district became known as The Valley; both Dimezzo Vale and Para Point's lush green landscapes sit on a mountain high above the rest of San Fierro. Maybe it was lost in translation. Maybe its settlers were idiots. Dimezzo Vale - Originally envisioned as working-class rowhouses for the purveyors of the 1850 Gold Rush, most of its inhabitants died without a dime to their name. It was only then that the rich noticed what beautiful views it offered of the shoreside from the backyards of its Victorian duplexes; guess who came out on top? Para Point - Same as above, with a twist; when the rich invaded Para Point they were interrupted by city ordinances - it was to be the site of San Fierro's water reservoir, significantly depreciating the neighborhood's value. When the minor inconvenience made the fat fly elsewhere, the middle class entered in droves. Para Point is the location of Doug Pryor's childhood home. [table]Mission NamePlotLink1) Three Guys Walk Into a BarJulius Cole, Doug Pryor, and Dante Gallo act out a typical day in the life as unfamiliar prospects loom on the horizon. Click2) Top of the SlideAfter finally achieving a face-to-face with his newest employer, Julius is put to a haphazard test in a surreal environment. Click3) Bet Your Bottom DollarDante takes a trip to the desert to deliver a package on behalf of his uncle, then enacts some revenge with the help of an old friend.Click4) The Gordian KnotDesperate for work, Doug teams up with a former business associate and earns a chance to showcase his skills to a new organization. Click5) Red HerringAfter learning that his boss's finances are in dire straits, Julius seeks out his truant brother and meets an offbeat seafood salesman offering work.Click6) Moth and RustCommiserating over a boozy night with nothing to do, Dante and Ettore pull a heist on a Couira City drop shop hosted in a meat market.Click7) Conflict of InterestTo inspire a Chinese envoy to adopt a more American work ethic, Doug and a unit of Triads collect on a debt wanted in a number of circles.Click[/table] Winky's Wetwork (Doug) The first structured side-mission available in-game, Winky's Wetwork consists of Doug's efforts to keep Winky Marquez's Triad-affiliated drug running op afloat. Tasks range from the menial - overseeing Chinatown poppy shipments or keeping workers in check - to the more intricate, such as roughing up unruly employees or getting the dirt on warehouse owners downriver. As the story progresses and Winky learns the ropes himself, Doug will receive a thanks with decent severance. There are seven scripted missions: The Birds: Doug oversees a shipment of heroin coming in through the open waterfront; open season. With the help of Triad goons, ensure the cargo is safely tucked into the vans as rival thugs attempt to butt in from the sky - ward them off and bring a batch straight to Calvin yourself for extra compensation. Badlands Redux: At the behest of the Triads themselves, take out the ringleader of the other day's ambush from his mountaintop cabin south San Fierro. Crème de la Crème: Conduct a business meeting yourself out of a Poacher's Beak confectionery and prove your reputation as a stalwart negotiator - if you've got good eyes you'll double-cross the double-crossers before they can do you any wrong. Prohibition: As the Triad warehouse housing the goods from the confectionery deal gets raided, find a way to relocate the goods without getting busted. Chief Shaft: Obtain some coercion-worthy exhibition shots of the drug case's lead investigator and shrug off funny looks as the photos get developed. Tropic Sun: With the heat off Winky's back, stake out the agreed meeting place to offload the goods before the deal takes place and eradicate any undesirable elements. Heroin Chic: In the company of Winky and a band of Chinese goons, ensure the biggest deal of his career goes off without a hitch. Weapons Trafficking (Doug) Maybe second time's the charm. Doug still holds contacts within the USMC willing to part with some firepower despite the original ring's disastrous fate - with the help of Baldwin Matthews, Doug returns to his old tricks sans the deceitful Sergeant Major. With good work put in along with Doug's career advancements elsewhere, the missions become increasingly complex and doubly rewarding as time goes on. There are five varieties of missions: The Oceanic: Be it through stealing or purchasing, this mission takes Doug out on the water to complete his objective. That's not an indicator of anonymity - San Fierro has eyes on the sea 24/7 to protect the SF Naval Dockyard. Grease the Coast Guard's palms yourself or think of another way through, because naval warfare isn't a force to be reckoned with in trying times. The Smuggler: Race to the given locations and stuff some weapons in anonymous dropboxes around the state - just watch out for setups and crackdowns. The Saboteur: As always, the arms race is not without opposition. Through force of wit or ferocity, let your competitors know that northern San Andreas has only one name for blackmarket weapons. The Deal: Meet with contacts statewide to seal the deal on a sale. Be aware - with no means of verification, you're always taking part in a risky business. Cop or crook, see to it that things are done on a level playing field. Will be added to daily. TBC.

    New glitch/easter egg in gta5?

    so a bit back, couple months ago i think, i was playing gta5 late into the morning, was goofing around the nuke site, later in the night i emerged from ,y bunker near zancdo (the military base in case i misspelled) when i emerged i saw storm clouds like nothing ive ever seen, was super thick, thru the night they dissipated, but im wondering if it is an undiscovered easter egg, not sure how to swap ps4 to here, but have vids and pics on it, dont recall irl date or time, nor in game, but it was night, and moon was just less then quarter left, noticed since then, on Thursday when moon is quarter left it gets rainy and cloudy, did i hit a glitch or is it an easter egg, also i was messing around the nuke site alot, game is ps4, gta5
  6. Francesco Bonomo

    Grand Theft Auto: New Sylvania

    A Cebra, Money Over Bullsh*t, and Slimeball_Supreme collaboration Theme Song: In The Valley by Frankie Bonomo Welcome to the Commonwealth of New Sylvania in the 1970's-a groovy era where everyone is trying to have a good time with music, drugs, and every other vice the nightlife can offer. You may think that life in small town, USA is nothing but quiet, peace and harmony, but this story will draw you into the darker side of New Sylvania - greed, corruption, temptation, and blood. Told through the eyes of Brooke-Meyer native Virgil Assante, a young and ambitious mobster with aspirations of reaching new heights with northeastern New Sylvania's Manganelli Crime Family. Get involved in the more white-collar crimes in Romero, the dirty political wet-work in Kensington, or the easy balance of family life and extortion in Brooke-Meyer. Your goal is to reach the top of this small yet politically influential crime family during its golden age. But be careful who you cross... one wrong move and it's lights out for you. The Protagonist Virgil Assante (born Virgilio Alberto Assante) also known as Virgil Right Hook (Born November 3rd, 1944) was an American gangster and member of the Manganelli Crime Family who is believed to be one of the organizers of the 1975 Pendlebury Train Heist, at the time, the most lucrative cash theft in New Sylvania history, and also believed to have committed multiple murders under orders of the Mafia. Paul Keitel: Virgil's childhood best friend, as well as, Partner-in-Crime. He is the Ying to Virgil's Yang. The pair is inseparable and together, they are both immovable and unstoppable forces. Adopted by Virgil's parents in '59, he is considered as Virgil's Brother. During Virgil's service in Vietnam from '69 to '71, Paul has relocated to Henderson, Orion to work for The Jewish Mob as an Enforcer and Overseer of transactions. As of Spring of '71, he has moved back to his hometown of Brooke-Meyer working for the northeastern New Sylvania faction of The Jewish Mob. Mario Polisi: Another one of Virgil's best friend and a distant cousin. Mario is actually from Alderney and moved to Brooke-Meyer at age 14. Virgil was his first friend. He becomes a Personal Driver for the Manganelli Family in the late-60's. Mario still has a slight Alderney accent that comes out when he is angry, which is often. He is very temperamental and that has gotten him in trouble numerous times in his teenage years, even well into his adult life. Phil Costigan: The youngest of the group. Phil started hanging around Virgil and Paul at age 9. He was always a rebellious child, always looking for a fight, and never backing down from a confrontation. At some point during Virgil's tour in Vietnam, he joined the Arborton faction of Lenapia's Irish Mob working under his Uncle. Ruben Nebish: Real name, Ruben Nebyzska, the head of the Henderson Jewish Mob. In his 30+ years as a Mobster, he has never spent a day behind bars. He has managed to operate at a huge level below the radar of the authorities. He made the move to Brooke-Meyer in 1965 to expand the Jewish Mob into New Sylvania. He is Paul Keitel's main employer. Stefani Ferlito: A blonde Henderson Angel with eyes as blue as the Caribbean sea. She moves to Brooke-Meyer to get away from her dysfunctional family. She becomes the main love interest of Virgil Assante in 1971. She becomes his other half, his rock, and his spiritual mate. She vows to always love Virgil no matter what. But, she is also as crazy as Virgil at times. Nancy McCarthy: Stefani's best friend since their teenage years. A rather energetic nightlife vampire with only a taste for the fast life. Quite often, she is seen in an intoxicating state whether from alcohol or drugs and she seems to enjoy that way of life. She becomes Paul Keitel's love interest in 1971. New Sylvania Crime Syndicates Manganelli Crime Family (Northeast New Sylvania) The family that runs all of Northeast New Sylvania since 1954. A family with deep political connections hold power over the majority of companies in this region. Known as The Quiet Don, Donnie is loved by many but feared by his fellow Mafiosi. Notable Members Donato "Donnie" Manganelli - Don Santo "Tony The Barber" Genetti - Consigliere John Sabatino - Underboss Alberto "Al" Abardo - Capo Charles "Batsy" Malanga - Capo Federico "Derrick" Pantagliano - Capo Richard "Rich" Rastagano - Soldier Matteo "Matty" Coccia - Soldier Mario Polisi - Soldier Virgil "Right Hook" Assante - Soldier Caine Devlin - Associate Michael "Lynch" Devlin - Associate Frank Eppolito - Associate Robert "Bobby" Manganelli - Lawyer/Associate Daniel Siderio - Business Partner/Soldier Dovi Crime Family (Lenapia) More popularly known as The Lenapia Mob, run by Johnny "The Gent" Dovi. Dovi runs his family like a legit conglomerate using tactics to gain money and respect among politicians and business owners. Not known to be violent but they do have their bad eggs, such as their Capo, Santino "Sonny" Bardi Sr. Who is also Virgil Assante's Uncle. Notable Members Giovanni "Johnny The Gent" Dovi - Don Santino "Sonny" Bardi - Capo Michele "Mickey" Coniglio - Soldier Marco Giancarlo - Soldier LaTorre Crime Family (Havenburgh) Led by John LaTorre since 1956. Because of him, Havenburgh is the profitable monopoly it is today. At his current old age, he has slowed down quite a bit; However, he maintains his temper and spills as much blood as the other families. Currently recovering from the LaTorre/Grimaldi Unrest of 1968, relations between Havenburgh and Henderson are extremely fragile. Notable Members John LaTorre - Don Michael Pavano - Consigliere Joseph "Jo Jo" Brancato - Underboss Edward Capozzi - Capo Giacci "Jackie" Cavalieri - Capo The B&D Gang (Lenapia) A ruthless bunch of Irish cowboys with only one goal in mind, independence. Shea Weeks desperately tries to take the gang, best known as The Irish Mob, to new heights away from the hooks of the Sicilian Mafia and other outfits using them as muscle. He starts his journey by establishing a chapter in Arborton as a source of steady income from burglaries and drug trafficking. Notable Members Alexander "Mickey" Costigan - 2nd in Command Phil "Fast Philly" Costigan - Soldier Benjamin "Hamfist" Queenan - Soldier Colin "Scar" Berkery - Soldier Families across America The Commission Sonny Cangelosi - Don of The Gambetti Crime Family Vincent Lupisella - Don of The Lupisella Crime Family Dominic Viniccio - Don of The Pavano Crime Family Joseph Ancelotti - Don of The Ancelotti Crime Family Vitale LiNovo - Don of The Messina Crime Family Liberty City, Liberty Gambetti Crime Family Lupisella Crime Family Ancelotti Crime Family Pavano Crime Family Messina Crime Family Upstate Liberty Pappalia Crime Family (Montresor) Luppo Crime Family (Genesee) Alderney LoTruglio Crime Family New Queensland Pettinato Crime Family (Bullston and Petoria Area) The Mid-West Commission Michele "The Ear" Timpano - Don of The Couira City Outfit Joseph "Giant Joe" Grimaldi - Don of The Grimaldi Crime Family out of Henderson, Ohio Carlo Borelli - Don of The Borelli Crime Family out of Nagadawee, Marquetteson Peter Acosta - Don of The Acosta Crime Family out of Delisle, Mason Iroquois Couira City Outfit (Couira City) Mascouten Souci Partnership (Souci ) Mason Acosta Crime Family (Delisle) Petriboni Crime Family (St. Sebastian) Ohio Grimaldi Crime Family (Henderson) Marquetteson Borelli Crime Family (Nagadawee) Florida Sarrante Crime Family (Tamaqua) Lemoyne Petraglia Crime Family ( Saint Denis ) New Austin Acosti Crime Family (Blackwater) San Andreas Lancetti Crime Family (Los Santos) Ferrito Crime Family (Santo Zacaria ) Sclafani Crime Family (San Fierro) Dorado Damone Crime Family (Denton) Kennedy Carbonaro Crime Family (Elliot) The Commonwealth of New Sylvania is separated by Four major Districts. The North-East, The South East, Mid-Syl, and The Far West. Within these districts are multiple cities that make New Sylvania the unique it currently is. The game will also present other states such as Ohio, Liberty, and Alderney. The North-East District Romero - Known as The Bright City with all of its city lights shining the streets during all hours of the day. Is seen as a luxurious city to live in and a profitable location to open a business. Visit the landmarks that give this city its identity, such as the Welcome to Romero light sign built in 1922, the Baldwin Fountain in the center of town that is a beautiful work of art, and the Thibideaux Theatre located on Main Street where many artists have performed. Also, in between Romero and Brooke-Meyer is the Brooke-Meyer/Romero Intl. Airport located right on Interstate 18. Brooke-Meyer - Although it may seem it is the ugly sister of the neighboring city, Romero, it does have a vital feature that Romero cannot offer. And that's the beautiful Catskill River. The residential areas are considered mainly upper-middle to lower-middle class with a heavy Italian, Jewish, and African-American community. Facing Kensington on the waterfront is Brooke-Meyer's most luxurious hotel, The Mallorie Hotel. Brooke-Meyer is also known as a party town. Visit the various nightclubs spread across town, partake in the debauchery, and stay out all night without a care in the world. Just be careful. Kensington - Cross the Blackwater Street Bridge from Brooke-Meyer, cross the Catskill River and you will arrive at the visually beautiful town of Kensington. Home to the Kenzie Park, one of the biggest parks in New Sylvania, and home to the most prestigious restaurant in all of Northeast New Sylvania, La Isabella Ristorante. It is considered to be one of the more better towns to live in with its low crime rate and peacefulness that spreads across from corner to corner. Mercer - Best known to locals as "Little Italy", where you will find an abundance of Italians along with their rich culture from foods to clothing. Located between Romero and Brooke-Meyer, it is recommended that no one crosses through that town looking for trouble. You will be dealt with, no problem. Kennedy Plains - Located in the far west of Northeast New Sylvania. Kennedy Plains is mostly... plains, as the name says. Has the lowest populace in this region because of it's small residential areas. It mostly consists of plain fields used for farming. It's the country-side right next to the big cities Romero and Brooke-Meyer. Be careful roaming around the field at night, no one knows who or what can be hiding among the crops. Of course, it's just hearsay. Mason Creek - Our little neck of the woods used for exploration and hiking. Nobody lives in the Creek. At the center of the Creek you will find a mesmerizing waterfall where people go to just take in the sights and watch the sunset. Who knows what roams about the woods, or should I say who knows who's buried in the woods? Madison - Northeast New Sylvania's industrial park. All you will find is factories and warehouses full of workers. This is also where the labor union prospers. Arborton - Located in the far south region. Arborton is a town that is not really considered "likable" for it's San Fierro like hills, its maintenance, and its crime rate which gradually increases as time goes by. It has an airstrip for the locals that own small planes and for people that go skydiving. The South-East District Lennox - New Sylvania's own Empire City. The City of Lennox is the home of multiple Mob-run Casino's and Hotels throughout the 70's and 80's. A city of addictions, temptations, and non-stop craziness. The city is utilized by the Manganelli's, the Dovi's, and the LoTruglio's. Collinstown - A small town with a heavy Italian presence bordering the city luxurious City of Lennox, the State of Alderney and the booming City of Lenapia. Collinstown hosts the Annual Italian Festival which is well known in the East Coast. Although Collinstown is Dovi territory, it is the residence of many mobsters from different cities. Edenburg - The home of the East Edenburg University. Edenburg is considered the safest, most family-friendly city in the South-East, nevermind the countless college parties that occur every weekend. There is no mob activity in the town as far as citizens know. When in actuality, the Dovi's run a very lucrative loan-sharking business through the East Edenburg University Security detail. Sometimes college students need money, the Dovi's oblige. Lenapia - The City of Independence. Lenapia is the biggest city in New Sylvania, also home to the Dovi Crime Family. In the 1970's, Lenapia is the place to be. Both Liberty City and Alderney would go through an economic downward spiral in the late 70's which would get many people to move to Lenapia. Lenapia's heavy population and mixture of cultures would be the result of making this city the metropolis it is today. The Middle Sylvania District Sylvania State College - The most prestigious college in New Sylvania with one of the best college football teams in America. Litchfield - Welcome to Amish Country. Thankfully they haven't claimed all of Litchfield. Mostly surrounded by cornfields and open road, but once you reach the heart of Litchfield, that's where all the craziness happens in Mid-Syl. Party with no worries. There are two syndicates running Litchfield. There's the Amish Union A.K.A. The Amish Mafia and the Heathen MC. Both are open to business but it must be by their rules. Smithsburg - The Capital City of the Commonwealth of New Sylvania. With a population of 50,000+, it stands as the 5th largest city in New Sylvania. With Lenapia standing at number one with a population well over 1.8 million. The Far West District Aries - Named after Lake Aries. It is placed right in between Henderson, Orion and Monstresor, Liberty. Although it is considered LaTorre territory, that hasn't stopped the Grimaldi Crime Famly and the Pappalia Crime Family from establishing their own crews in the Lake city. Because of that and the high population of the city, crime is at an all time high with people indulging in gambling, drug trafficking, extortion, and murder. New Carlisle - The historic town of New Carlisle lands right at the end of New Sylvania. Travel anywhere west of the town and you'll hit Burkestown, Orion. New Carlisle holds one of the biggest Irish communities in New Sylvania. Mob activity isn't known to be in existence in this town but the Irish do look after their own and aren't welcoming to outsiders. Bagansville - The city time has forgotten. A remote town between New Carlisle and Havenburgh that is easy to miss and forget. Which makes it the perfect place for a mob hangout. The LaTorre Family conduct their bigger meetings in John LaTorre's mansion, known to them as The White House. Careful digging in the town soft soil, you are sure to find bodies. Havenburgh - The home of the LaTorre Crime Family. Havenburgh is considered The Big City for a better future to the people of the Far West District. Any and every business is sure to be successful if you pay the LaTorre's a percentage each month. John LaTorre runs Havenburgh with an iron fist. No one can come and cause trouble and get away with it, they will sure be dealt with. As the "Burghies" say, the in West, the outlaws are the law. State of Ohio Burkestown - The city that borders The Commonwealth of New Sylvania; more specifically, Havenburgh. Here is where The Henderson Family also control the majority of Burkestown's businesses. Here is also where The Grimaldi/LaTorre unrest occurred, when Don LaTorre of Havenburgh began claiming turf on already established Grimaldi turf in the late '60's. Henderson - One of Ohio's major cities, but it is Ohio's capital of the Mafia. The home of The Henderson Mafia Family, The Grimaldi Family, formed in the early 1900's as The Licata Crime Family until Summer of 1945 when Giant Joe Grimaldi became boss. State of Liberty Montresor - Home of The Pappalia Crime Family. The City of Montresor is known as The City of Light for its early embrance of electric power. Also considered a political powerhouse in the state of Liberty; with the exception of Liberty City. Genesee - Home of The Luppo Crime Family, most known as The Wild Bunch within La Cosa Nostra. Genesee is seen as a calm residential town with some mom-and-pop businesses and warehouses. However, The Luppo's manage to accumulate millions a year from extortion and protection. State of Alderney Northern Alderney (Westdyke , Leftwood , Alderney City, and Berchem) - Home of The LoTruglio Crime Family, or simply, The Alderney Mob. Not known for its glitz and glamour like the neighboring, Liberty City, but it is a business hub for those that know how to manage it. The Alderney Family generates over sixty-million-dollars a year from their Alderney business alone. 1971 Prologue - June - You are introduced to the main character, Virgil Assante, during his tour in Vietnam just moments before returning to his hometown of Brooke-Meyer, New Sylvania Welcome Home Virgil - June - Virgil, alongside his long-time friends, go out about town to celebrate his glorious return from the war. Job Hunt - June - Thanks to Paul's help, Virgil finds his first job since his return. Routine - June - Virgil takes over Paul's routine work while he is away on business. First Date - June - Virgil takes Stefani out on a first date. In and Out - July - Virgil accepts a Breaking and Entering job alongside Phil Costigan and the local Irish Mob in Arborton. Blood Brothers - July - Virgil pays Phil Costigan a visit and accompanies him to see his brother, who has returned from Ireland. The Cost for a Cause - November 1968 - Learn the reasoning of the bad blood between Phil and his older brother, Liam. Fire Works Everytime - July - Coming Soon What Happens in Silence - September - Coming Soon Can Always Be Heard - September - Coming Soon December Wishes - December - Coming Soon Frozen - December - Coming Soon What Comes Up, Must Come Down - August 1967 - Coming Soon For Phil... - December - Coming Soon Blood Stained Snow - December - Coming Soon A Torn Christmas - December - Coming Soon Courier - The first set of side-missions you unlock after you complete "Routine". Paul Keitel will be your provider. Each task will involve calling Paul from a local payphone and reaching the destination of the Courier Car. The Brooke Usual: All of your pick-ups and drop-offs will be based in Brooke-Meyer. A total of 3 pick-ups from Liberty City and 4 drop-offs around Brooke-Meyer. Complete all runs and you will receive $150 per Pick-up and $200 per Drop-Off. The Zimmerman Special: You must reach a junked car over at the Arborton junkyard. Once you make it, you have to sneak your way in, as the junkyard is riddled with local Arborton Police and State Troopers searching for the same item you're after. Once you reach the vehicle, you must search the trunk for a dufflebag filled with guns and heroin. You must then take the package to Pete Zimmerman's location outside of Arborton. He'll give you a big, yellow envelope filled with money ($1,000) that you can keep. Detour: After meeting up with Pete Zimmerman in Kennedy Plains for a pick-up, he will inform you that his package has been stolen by a group of Polish Gangsters from Arborton and you must help him retrieve it back. You see their car on the highway going to Arborton and commence in a chase; you drive, Pete will shoot. Once they crash, you dive into a fight sequence and you must win the scuffle in order to retrieve the package. Once you do, you discover a duffle-bag of money (5,000 in singles and fives) in the trunk. You and Pete split it and you take it as payment. Report it to Paul and you will win $1,300 plus a new duffle-bag to store your walking around money. (Carries Max. 5,000. Be sure to upgrade it over time to fit more.) Water Under The Bridge: Your next job is meeting up with an unknown fixer from the Mid-West who, due to his paranoia, chooses to meet under the Blackwater Street Bridge. When you arrive, you notice only one man sitting on a bench facing the river with a briefcase, placed under the bench. You approach him and sit next to him. He'll initiate a conversation to make sure you're the one he's waiting for. You suspect something strange because he is really nervous and keeps looking over his left shoulder towards a series of trees. Eventually, he'll snap and scream that he is Kensington Police and an entire squad of Police officers comes out from the trees. You punch the officer, knocking him down, and grab the briefcase. But you realize there's no way out. Your only escape is swimming across the Davenport River to Brooke-Meyer and escaping the police heat. Once you escape, you check the briefcase and see it contains two large packs of heroin. You call Paul via pay phone and he tells you it's hot and you can either dump it or sell it and make a nice profit. If you choose to dump it, go to the river where you can dump it. If you choose to sell it, you must store it in your safehouse.
  7. *insert placeholder for logo here* Coming out in 2019, GTA VI ventures out of its native America and into the country of Hungary, starring Richard Pauline, and his family as they fall deeper and deeper into the criminal life. Unlike in past GTA games, the entire country of Hungary is playable (in a compressed form, of course). The game starts out during Fall in the town of Greenborough (based on the town of Pilisvörösvár), but soon changes to the Budapest inspired Capital City. Characters: Richard Pauline: Richard is a 19 year old NEET living with his parents. He's a short, skinny white man who, being a high school dropout, does various odd jobs in order to make a living. His favorite outfit is a white T-shirt and blue jeans. Melinda Pauline: Melinda is a 39 year old white woman. She's Richard's mom and John's wife. She works as a manager at the local mall. She likes guns, animals and rap music. Her favorite outfit is a leather jacket and jeans. John Pauline: John is a 45 year old muscular white man. He's Richard's dad and Melinda's husband. He works at a lumberyard. He likes fishing and sports. His favorite outfit is a white tanktop and jeans. Rock Pauline: Rock is the family dog. He's a black American Staffordshire Terrier. Like Chop in V, you can take him for a walk and teach him tricks, though this time you can do so without a phone app. Gréta Pauline: Gréta is Richard's grandma and John's mother. The Balog Family: This family is your enemy. They've been a thorn in your sides ever since you've been born. The family consists of Viktória (the mother), Dániel (the father) and Krisztina and Cintia (the daughters). Police Chief Simon Tóth: He's your boss during most of chapter 2. Being a far-right wing man, Simon hates muslims and wants them out of the country. Many of his missions involve this. He's 55 years old and has blond hair. Radio Stations: Unlike GTA V with its many different stations, GTA VI has somewhat less stations, although each one has more content, with around 3 hours of tracks each. -Rise FM (House) -District 8 Radio (Rap) -DJazz FM (Jazz) -Capital Underground (Drum 'n Bass) -Flashback FM (80's and 90's) -Ozone Radio (Pop) -Rockefeller 109.3 (Rock) -ChatterBox (Talk) Missions: Chapter 1: The Hometown Mission 1: Change of Horizons This is practically the intro to the game. It shows Richard getting released from a mental hospital after having spent over a month in there for attempted suicide. As Richard's mom drives him home, the opening credits of the game start to play, set to various scenes in Capital City (the game's version of Budapest) (Music: Everything Everything - Cough Cough). After arriving home, Richard talks with his mom about the futility of life, to which she tells him to knock it off and try to think positive. Following the scene, the player gains control of the game. Mission Passed, reward: None, besides the Pauline house, which serves as the first savepoint in the game and 135000 FT which you start with. Mission 2: Man and Beast Richard is asked by his parents to take Rock for a walk. Objective: Get in your mom's car (a brown Vulcan Warrener), and take Rock to the nearby park. Once there, the game explains Rock's mechanics. After you played some catch with him, take the car and go back home. Mission Passed, reward: 1000 FT. Mission 3: Bad Medicine One day, Gréta starts to complain about the medicine she was prescribed for and how it makes her feel ill. Richard decides to have enough and take the matter into his own hands. Objective: Take your mom's car, go to the town hospital and meet Gréta's doctor, He claims that he had no idea that this would happen. Obviously, he's lying, so beat him up in what is a tutorial for the melee combat. After you beat him enough, he admits, and promises to give Greta proper medicine next time. Following this, take the car and go back home. Mission Passed, reward: None. Mission 4: Dead Ahead Taking a few weeks after the previous mission, Gréta dies from a heart attack. Richard and his family are attending her funeral, when they're attacked by hitmen. Objective: You're given a pistol, use it to kill the hitmen and get back to the car. Once there, the game goes to a rail shooter-like segment, where Melinda drives and you're shooting. Kill the hitmen who are chasing you, and the mission is over. Mission Passed, reward: Pistol unlocked, can be bought for 80000 FT at gunshops. Mission 5: Deal Steal While Richard is watching TV, he sees the news about a drug deal taking place on Calvary Hill. Obviously, this is too good of an opportunity not to let go. Objective: Take your dad's Faggio Sport and go to Calvary Hill. Once there, shoot the two men and pick up the briefcase. You will receive a 2 star wanted level. Lose the wanted level and get back home to complete the mission. Mission Passed, reward: 80000 FT. Mission 6: Hot Import Nights Richard's parents have run out of cigarettes, and they ask him to get some. Objective: There's a truck loaded with imported cigars at the truck stop near the town border. Go there and steal it. However, things aren't so easy as you'll get shot as soon as you enter the trucking park. Bring the truck back home safely to pass the mission. Mission Passed, reward: 10000 FT. Mission 7: Neighbours From Hell You find out that the people who sent the hitmen after you during the funeral were the Balog family, who, upon hearing that they've been left out of Gréta's will, have decided to go for desperate measures. Objective: Drive with your parents to Rákóczi Street, where the Balogs live. Once you enter the gate, their dog will attack you, so quickly shoot it. After that, enter the house, search and kill the family members. They're all armed, and Dániel (the father) has a shotgun, so watch out. After you kill them all, lose your 2 star wanted level and drive back home. Mission Passed, reward: Shotgun unlocked, can be bought for 125000 FT at gunshops. Mission 8: Desperate Times Even though the Balogs weren't included in the will, your other relatives, the Töröks are. The will says that the Pauline house, if neither family can pay its price, has to be sold and its worth be shared between the two families. Since your family doesn't have enough money to pay for the house, or pay for any other house for that matter, they've decided to rob a nearby bank for the money. Objective: Drive to the bank. Once there, a cutscene will play where you rob it for around 150 million forints. After it's done, you get a 3 star wanted level. Lose it, and drive back home. Even though it seemed like you lost the cops, they were secretly following you, and as you're about to go home, they surround you and are about to arrest you. Richard tries to help his parents by shooting the cop who's arresting them, but he gets knocked out by another cop. As the cops drive towards Capital City with you and your parents, the screen fades out and the GTA VI logo shows up. You wake up at the Police HQ, sourrounded by cops. The police chief slaps you around, then forces you to get on the ground, as he anally rapes you with a nightstick. After he's done, he tells you what happened: your parents are in jail, and if you want them to be released, you have to work for the police. Having no other choice, you accept. Mission Passed, "reward": You lose all of your weapons.
  8. Who you like it if GTA radio stations for now on to just play the music. Less DJ talking and no commercial, just pure music. Similar to GTA CTW radio system but longer I won't, how about you.
  9. 1994, Los Santos. How would you feel after surviving some nonsense accidents, while "almost nobody's" left for you? Would you keep chasing your dreams? This is a game about making it out the hood. Read and Enjoy! It's highly recommended to read this concept while listening to its soundtrack. A concept by PooyanCyrus, writer of highly appreciated "Grand Theft Auto:Ultimate" and winner of forums' 2013 concept writing award.
  10. ClaudeTommyCJ69

    HD Universe or 3D Universe

    Honestly i liked the 3D era more, since it focused alot more on gang and mob activity. Whats yours?
  11. Disclaimer - the file i had corrupted so im redoing this by memory so if it seems like its alittle unfinished, you know why. Welcome To Vice City, Flordia The 80s are over but yet every hipster within 100 miles wanna revive it. People from all over wanna visit Vice City, specifically college sluts from all over once spring break comes along. Life In Vice City Life after The Doped Up 80s, Raving 90s and Non-Stop 00s parties - life in Vice City was at its high point until the storms came through and yet some how the paries never seemed too stop. Vice City Beach - The most popular spot in the entire city, every beach bum from Liberty City to San Fierro for the cheap booze and easy women. Home to the North Point Mall and the infamous Malibu Club, as well as the Vice City Marina. While this side of the city is nice its still riddled with crime, drug lords living off old glories, car jacking, mugging, robberies, you name it - its happening, did i mention the wild life? Every now and again you may come across some gators, seagulls, those little lizard things that run around. Mainland Vice - Home of downtown Vice, The most prosperous part of the city, known for its infamous bank heists and The Hunter Helicopter attack back in the 80s on one of its office buildings. Home to Escobar International Airport and Fort Baxter Airbase - law enforcement is more present here and more active, Home to Little Haiti and Little Havana - Little Haiti became more prosperous than just a shanty town in the center of town but Little Havana stay pretty much the same and is still under control by the Haitian gang, Cuban Gangs still control the neighborhood and are still at war with the Haitians, Port Of Vice City was expanded in 1996, Mainland Vice is also home to the Flordia Everglades - Large portion of Vice City nothing but wetlands, gators, snakes, rare Panthers, different species of bird, crashed planes, a crazy militia, washed up cargo ships lost from storms, lots of people have come and died looking for The Big One. Vice Keys - Party central of Vice City and one of the most beautiful as well, small islands with nothing but beach front, warm ocean water full of sharks and jellyfish Character - Agent 19 Name - Zoey Devereaux Real Name - Classified (Alex Lyons) D.O.B - 01/01/1986 Real D.O.B - Classified (09/13/1993) Age - 32 Real Age - Classified (25) Occupation - Former Marine, IAA Operative Bio - Born and raised in Cottonmouth but moved to Upstate Liberty when she was 15, joined the us army at 18, deployed to the middle east during Operation Sandcastle, returned home with honorable discharge. Real Bio - Classified (Born and Raised in Vice City, ran away at 18 without telling her parents and joined the Marines, served in the middle east but was picked to escort a convoy through the desert, everyone was KIA except her - she complete the mission, details are sketchy as to how she survived the desert and the battlefield as she was surrounded enemy personnel, As the sole surviver of Operation Mirage she was recruited into the IAA and sworn secrecy about what happened during Operation Mirage) The Story - "Escobar International Airport, Vice City" she looks around the terminal looking for the exit, she remebering the day she left without saying a word to her family - just up and left. (the intro starts, just your typical city montage while she rides the city bus) She then gets off at Ocean Beach Hotel, walks around the side to a bar, she walks in and looks at a man, she walks up to him and says "You asked for a driver?" he looks her up and down "yea?.....Alright! Lets get going, Im parked out back" they start walking, he says "Your not what i expected to be honest" she looks back "What were you expecting? A pretty boy wearing a varsity jacket and sunglasses?" he smirks and shrugs "yeah something like that, lets get moving we're wasting time" (you drive) they both drive out to Port Of Vice City where a guy is waiting with a crew of guards on a cargo ship, the man gets out of the car to make the deal while she sits in the car and waits, she stares at the city in the distance, she sees a helicopter approaching and all of a sudden shots ring out, VCPD, NOOSE and FIB Agents show up, the guys surrenders while everone else fights back but is shot dead, she surrenders and is arrested, a black Ranger XL shows up and she is released, a woman gets out "Agent 19 glad to see you survived" she looks back "Glad to be alive Ms Morgan" ms morgan looks at the mess "It would be better if he was alive as well but atleast we got him, you did good for your first op" Agent 19 and Ms Morgan looks at her passenger being arrested "Dont Worry Zoey, he doesnt know who you are, where hes going - ill be surprised if he lasts a week" she looks back at Ms Morgan "Did you really have to change my name, my age and stuff?" Ms Morgan looks back "Yes but its for your own good - now give me a quick run down on who you are" Zoey gives this annoyed look "Fine.....My name is Zoey Devereaux, I was born and raised in Cottonmouth but moved to Upstate Liberty when I was 15, I joined the US Army at 18 and served in The Middle East during Operation Mirage, we wer-" Ms Morgan Interrupts "No! Operation SANDCASTLE, Mirage never EXISTED, If and when you are asked about Operation Mirage - you were just an escort under direct orders, Am I Clear?" Zoey responds "Yes Ma'am!" Ms Morgan gets into the Ranger XL and drives away but stops "Zoey! One more thing (gives zoey a file) your next mission, you better clean up your acting skills because if you are ever captured and they somehow find our your with the IAA, you better create the best damn cover story you can and it better win author of the year" Zoey looks her in the eyes "I know what torture feels like.... I know what too expect" Ms Morgan can see Zoeys eyes gloss over with a dead stare "I bet you do...Go home, get some rest, got a busy day tomorrow" Ms Morgan drives off, (you take control and drive back to the hotel) Zoey rides the elevator up, finds her room and goes to sleep (screen fades too black, shouting, gunshots and explosions can be hears) Zoey wakes up screaming, breathing heavy and sweaty, she sits up puttin her hand over her eyes, she gets up and gets ready (screen fades to black then fades in) she is walking down stairs (then you take control game starts here) Story in a nutshell - Basically you play as a newly trained undercover spy like person, taking on different personalities, names and life styles to take down bad guys, you meet Zoeys family (you never hear them say Zoeys real name what so ever if they tried Zoey immediately stops them before they can) half way through the story Zoey geys a phone call saying "She kicked the blackball and struck out" (basically mean she got a Burn Notice and ia forever stuck in Vice City) Zoey then uses every contact and favor to get her old life back, her old name, her real age, her real home while trying to find out why she was Blacklisted and defending her family and keep every enemy she made along the way at bay (ultimately she ends up pushing all her friends and family while some die do to her choices and actions) the IAA send teams after her to hide what they did during Operation Mirage, Zoey tracks down some of her old squad mates before Operation Mirage, they hack ans take total control over the Orbital Strike Satellite, They take control Several Underground IAA Bunkers in the Everglades giving them access to prototypes (jetpacks, railgun, Drones) The IAA managed to find the codes to the AI Clifford and its cybord army, while gathering evidence that could expose the IAA, The IAA launches a surprise raid consisting of rogue US Military personnel and mercenaries,Zoey is captured and is tortured for info (instead of pain torture they use sirens bright lights, sleep deprivation, psychedelic drugs to make her talk) she black out, wakes up in the interrogation room straped to a chair gets electric shocks, she then passes out, shes back in the desert being chased by crazed (12) US soldiers, she comes across a pile of fresh bodies and hides among them, blood starts gets on her and a sand covers her skin in sand - hiding her amongst the bodies, the soldiers arrive just as a sandstorm rolls over (you take control taking down the soldiers) just as takes down the last the soldier the sandstorm ends, Zoey passes out, she wakes to the sound approaching Patriots(San Andreas Version) US soldiers start checking the bodies, Zoey rises out of the sand like a spirit and then she wakes up attack one of her captives by biting a chunk out of his neck (like rick grimes - you take control) Zoey escapes the bunker (multiple exits) and starts running through the everglades, she blacks out and wakes up in her room (At this point its a psychological story, the psychedelics recked Zoeys mind and she start hallucinating dead friends thus giving her a ghost like rage mode where she sees soldiers take out enemies but really its her killing everyone, zoey calls dead phone numbers but we hear her friends talking even though theres nobody there - Endings Coming Up) Ending 1 - (no side mission completed and all bad choices chosen) all evidence is destroyed and Zoeys dies trying to take out Ms Morgan since shes the one who controlled Operation Mirage, Zoeys legacy is forever linked to major terrorist organisations created by the IAA, the IAA get away with war crimes. Ending 2 - (mixture of both good and bad choices and some side missions done) all evidence is destroyed, Zoey kills Ms Morgan but is arrested, Zoey is on trial in Capital City DNR but she cant keep her story straight anymore, the psychedelics had broken her mind, shes hallucinating all the time to the point where she doesnt know whats real anymore and turns out shes been in a psychiatric ward for the criminally insane for while now trying to figure what really happened in Vice City in 2018. Ending 3 - (All side missions done and all good choices) Zoey takes a detoxing drug that fixes her and stops the hallucinating side effects, she travels to Capital City DNR and openly exspose the IAA for their actions taken during Operation Mirage at the federal court building on national tv. The side missions show Zoey going undercover as different people, everything from street racers, espionage on US soil, russian hit-girl, international weapons traitor, ect, completing side missions gives rewards suchs as slow mo driving, dead eye shooting, along with different fighting moves like martial arts and such, weapons unlocks special weapons like railguns, heatseeking missles, ballistic armor drops and ammo resupply for free every 20 minutes in real time. Dream side missions - Night Terror missions are dream missions, after certain main story missions you can go home to sleep and these dream sequences show what really happened during Operation Mirage, Total of 12 night terror missions. 1 - Being selected for the escort team 2 - Refugee Checkpoint 3 - The Bonfire Party 4 - The Lost And Damned Soldiers 5 - Friendly Fire 6 - The Plane Crash 7 - One By One 8 - Out Of Territory 9 - Choice Of Life 10 - From The Darkness Of Our Hearts 11 - Sole Survivor 12 - The Horror Radio Stations WVCC 97.8 1 - George Harrison - What Is Life 2 - ? & The Mysterians - 96 Tears 3 - Cream - I Feel Free 4 - Three Dog Night - Mama Told Me 5 - Janis Joplin - Piece Of My Heart 6 - The Rolling Stones - 19th Nervous Breakdown 7 - Sonny & Cher - The Beat Goes On 8 - Badfinger - Baby Blue 9 - Van Morrison - Brown Eyed Girl 10 - Neil Sedeka - Calender Girl 11 - Harry Nilson - Coconut 12 - The Beach Boys - Dont Worry Baby 13 - Sam The Sham & The Pharaohs - Lil Red Riding Hood 14 - The Rolling Stones - Mothers Little Helper 15 - Roy Orbison - Pretty Women 16 - Status Quo - Pictures Of Matchstick Men 17 - The Count Five - Psychotic Reaction 18 - Frankie Valli & The four Seasons - Rag Doll 19 - Roy Orbison - Running Scared 20 - Steve Miller Band - Steppin Stone 21 - Cream - Sunshine Of Your Love 22 - Donovan - Sunshine Superman 23 - Nancy Sinatra - These Boots Are Made For Walking 24 - The Rolling Stones - Under My Thumb 25 - Parish Hall - We're Gonna Burn Together 26 - The Animals - Dont Let Me Be Misunderstood 27 - The Animals - Its My Life 28 - Tommy James & The Shondells - Crimson & Clover 29 - The Cascades - Rhythm Of The Falling Rain 30 - Lesley Gore - Shes A Fool 31 - You Dont Own Me 32 - The Bobby Fuller Band - I Fought The Law 33 - Mamas & Papas - Creeque Alley VRock 89.9 1 - The Hives - Tick Tick Boom 2 - Garbage - I Think Im Paranoid 3 - Metric - Lost Kitten 4 - Poe - Haunted 5 - Ringside - Struggle 6 - Green Day - 21 Guns 7 - Nirvana - About A Girl 8 - Green Day - American Idiot 9 - Three Days Grace - Animal Ive Become 10 - Muse - Apocalypse Please 11 - The Dollyrots - Because Im Awesome 12 - Green Day - Boulevard Of Broken Dreams 13 - Yellowcard - Breathing 14 - The Smashing Pumpkins - Bullet With Butterfly Wings 15 - Kasabian - Club Foot 16 - The Offspring - Come Out & Play 17 - Placebo - Every Me & Every You 18 - Liz Phair - Extraordinary 19 - Evanescence - Haunted 20 - Nirvana - Heart Shaped Box 21 - Pixies - Here Comes Your Man 22 - Avril Lavigne - My Happy Ending 23 - Linkin Park - Numb 24 - Kings Of Leon - Sex On Fire 25 - Nine Inch Nails - Somewhat Damaged 26 - Linkin Park - Somewhere I Belong 27 - Breaking Benjamin - The Diary Of Jane 28 - Linkin Park - What Ive Done 29 - Liz Phair - Why Cant I? 30 - The Smashing Pumpkins - Zero 31 - The Cranberries - Zombie VC University 101.1 1 - Ladyhawke - Black White & Blue 2 - Fitz & The Tantrums - HandClap 3 - Empire Of The Sun - Standing On The Shore 4 - Goldfields - Thunder 5 - Dark Like Snow - No Angel Radio Ocean Beach 95.7 1 - Tame Impala - Apocalypse Dreams 2 - Low Litas - Closer 3 - Cults - Always Forever 4 - The Like - In The End 5 - Temples - Keep In The Dark 6 - Peppers Ghost - All I Know 7 - King Kahn & The BBQ Show - Alone Again 8 - Autolux - Audience No.2 9 - Gin Wigmore - Beatnik Trip 10 - The Jon Specer Blues Explosion - BellBottoms 11 - Cults - Bumper 12 - The Redwalls - Colorful Revolution 13 - Temples - Colors To Life 14 - Courtney Barnett - Debbie Downer 15 - The Like - Falling Away 16 - Tame Impala - Feels Like We only Go Backwards 17 - Cults - I Can Hardly Make You Mine 18 - Tame Impala - Mind Mischief 19 - The Kooks - Mr Nice Guy 20 - The Black Keys - Nova Baby 21 - Low Litas - Obe 22 - Wavves - Poor Lenore 23 - Peter Bjorn & John - Second Chance 24 - Heavy Young Heathans - Sha La La La La 25 - She & Him - Dont Look Back 26 - Audacity - Subway Girl 27 - She & Him - In The Sun 28 - The Black Angels - The first Vietnamese War 29 - Moving Units - Until She Says 30 - Cults - We've Got It Radio Old Town 1 - Martha Reeves - Nowhere To Run 2 - Smokey Robinson - Tracks Of My Tears 3 - The Four Tops - Its The Same Old Song 4 - The Crystals - Then He Kissed Me 5 - Tower Of Power - So Very Hard To Go V93 93.1 1 - Zella Day - No Sleep To Dream 2 - HAIM - Dont Save Me 3 - Dia Frampton - Walk Away 4 - Elle King - Xs & Os 5 - Amy Winehouse - You Know Im No Good Radio Bahamas Mamas 89.3 1 - iiO - Rapture ft Nadia Ali 2 - ATB - Ecstasy 3 - Kylie Minogue - In Your Eyes 4 - Kaskade - Move For me 5 - Milky - In My Mind Weapons Most wepons from gta online but few new ones Scar H China Lake As50 M60 Monkey fist M14 Mk14 ebr Xm25 Raging Judge revolver Rhino revolver Usas Vehicles Most from gta online except the more ridiculous like flying cars or the submarine cars Like i said i had more but everything i had corrupted, well from the little bit i have please tell me what you think, feedback is always good
  12. ​Here is the list in the same order as the poll, of the artwork of the girls, please note I didn't add TLAD as the only cover girl is Ashley and she's far from hot. Hope you enjoy the list and poll comment your favourite from the series and why ​Note: My personal fav is #2 the original Vice City Bikini girl 1. - ​2.- ​3.- ​4.- ​5.- ​6.- 7.-​ ​8.- ​9.-
  13. A similar has happened, but fav Protagonist. Lets see who your guys favourite ANTAGONIST is. Based on his/her appearance, the dominance the Antagonist had over the Protagonist over the course of the game, and how cold hearted the Antagonist is. This is a Poll on your Favourite Antagonist. PS: I will use Main antagonists, and some few side/secondary antagonists. I also go through the Antagonists from a release order from GTA III (3D Universe) to GTA V (HD Universe)
  14. Like the title says, how many times have you completed each GTA 100% if at all? Personally: GTA 3 - 2 times (There are a few rampages on Shoreside Vale I could NEVER stand to do again) Vice City - 4 times (Definitely a fun one even if the gun range is hell on PS2, though gets boring pretty quickly after 100%) San Andreas - 5 times (My favorite! Absolutely love every aspect of the 100% run) Liberty City Stories - 2 times (It's ok...) Vice City Stories - 3 times (Game actually has loads of stuff to do to complete it 100%. Equal with San Andreas and criminally underrated) GTA IV - 2 times (Can't be bothered to chance the QUB3D game or get every single pidgeon again) TLAD & TBoGT - 0 times (I can't stand TLAD, and TBoGT I've never gotten back around to though I remember the missions not being THAT bad) GTA V - 2 times (Completely everything while going through the storyline at the same time at least makes the storymode FEEL longer to finish) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ So in total: GTA 3 - 2 Vice City - 4 San Andreas - 5 LCS - 2 VCS - 3 IV - 2 Episodes From LC - 0 V - 2
  15. Personally my favorite car is probably the 1. Picador, because I love how the El camino looks and the El camino is also just my favorite car in real life. 2.Sultan RS, it's one of my favorites because I love how it looks like a little rally car. The customization in San Andreas and V also boosted my liking on this car tbh. 3.Infernus, I just love how the little lights on the back look like a Pokéball that's always been a pleasure while driving it around.
  16. I was just wondering who this character is because on my original GTAIII box art (eu version) he's on there right in the middle and I'm not sure about if my memory is serving me right here but I also remember getting a map of LC in the box and a poster of this guy but I could never put a name on who he might be in the game do any of you know?
  17. The series returns to the sights and sounds of Liberty City with this expansion for Grand Theft Auto Online. With updated visuals and environments, players will be excited to roam the city once again. All for the price of $20, purchased either digitally or physically. Hop aboard a plane to East Coast, and experience Liberty City like never before! Setting/Backstory Each player will get a call from a very ecstatic Yusuf Amir. He's heard about your expertise, all the criminals you've killed in the pursuit of money. He knows what you'll do for the cash, so he makes a proposal: Come to Liberty City and help him take out his less-than-ethical competitors, and he'll make it worth your while. Plus, you must be tired of fake old Los Santos, right? While you're there, you can meet up with some other folks in town who could use your talents for cash. He'll give you a free flight to Liberty City, though it'll cost you $3000 to fly to and back afterwards. Intro The player boards a private jet in Los Santos, sent there by Yusuf Amir. The pilot tells you it'll be a five hour flight, so you should make yourself comfortable in meantime. The player nods, and after sipping some champagne, he/she takes a nap. Five hours later, they arrive in Liberty City. Numerous shots of the city are taken, including: an overview of Algonquin, a crook running from a cop in Bohan, a lowlife in a car soliciting a prostitute, a bunch of cars sitting in traffic in Broker, a shot of the Statue of Happiness. . The player exits the plane, and heads into the airport. There, he/she is greeted by a very excited Yusuf. "YO! WHAT'S UP MY NIGGA?!" he yells out. The player has a disgusted look on his/her face, that basically says "Oh, did he really just say that?". Eager, he leads the player out the airport and into the back of his Super Drop Diamond. Yusuf goes on about how he had heard about all the amazing things you did on the West Coast. "I think this will be the beginning of a fruitful partnership". Once there, Yusuf gives the player a rundown of whats happening in Liberty City. How Yusuf plans to expand, and where you come in. "There's too many snakes in the grass, I need you to exterminate them!" he says. Then he sends you on your first mission: Go to downtown Algonquin and take out a group of criminals. He'll stay in touch once completed. Story There isn't a whole lot of story here, being a multiplayer game where the main objective is to kill other players. Still, there's a plot to be found, mainly pertaining to the characters you'll meet. Each character should be familiar for those who played IV and its expansions. There's a story for each of them, and it's your job to complete their tasks. Your story? You're in Liberty City, with potentially 30 other players, making a name for yourself on the East Coast. Activities There's a wide variety of activities to do in Liberty City ranging from legal to less so, including: Drinking Dancing Bowling Darts Pool Golf Strip Club Base Jumping Street Races Boat Races Helicopter Races Gang Attacks Drug Wars Robbing Stores Gameplay: Locations Characters Modes Vehicles Radio Stations Clothing
  18. Grand Theft Auto: Welcome to The Legendary Vice City Sure, the 1980's are over... But that Dosen't mean the Cocaine is gone There's Still Plenty of Opportunity to enjoy Vice City before you get shot from behind Enjoy Your Stay in Vice City Vehicles in Vice City Days: ATVs: Blazer Quad Splitz-6 ATV Trike Aircraft: Biplane Dodo Hunter Maverick News Chopper Police Maverick Sea Sparrow Shamal Skimmer Sparrow Valkyrie Bikes: Angel Daemon Faggio Freeway NRG-900 Pizza Boy PCJ-600 Sanchez Boats: Dinghy Jet Ski Jetmax Marquis Reefer Rio Speeder Squalo Suntrap Tropic Cycles: BMX Bike Mountain Bike Four-Door: Admiral Asterope Elegant Emperor Empire ExSess Glendale Greenwood Merit Oceanic Perennial Premier Primo Regina Sentinel Sentinel XS Solair Stafford STD Stanier Stanier Stretch Tahoma Washington Willard Industrial: Benson Boxville * Cement Truck Dozer Dumper Flatbed Forklift Linerunner Mule Packer Roadtrain Steed Tanker Tractor Yankee Low-Riders: Broadway Rat Tornado Savanna Savanna LE Slamvan Tornado Voodoo Voodoo Classic Voodoo Lobo Muscles: Blade Buffalo Buccaneer Buccaneer SS Clover Cuban Hermes Dominator Hellenbach GT Hermes Hotknife Majestic Picador Picador Classic Picador SS Remington Ruiner Sabre Sabre Chumash Sabre Turbo Stallion Tampa Off-Road/Pick-Ups/SUVs: BF-Injection Bobcat Bodhi Bison Cavalcade Crusader Dubsta D-10 Rancher D-10 Rancher XL Dune Buggy Duneking Executioner Granger Hartwell Huntley Huntley Sport Landstalker Mesa Mesa Grande Rancher Rancher XL Sadler Sandking Sandking XL Walton Yosemite Yosemite SWB Yosemite XL Two-Doors: Alpha Blista Compact Bravura Cadrona Club Feltzer Fortune Rhapsody Uranus Virgo Sports: Banshee Bullet Coquette Coquette Classic Comet Cheetah DB7500 DB8800 Euros Infernus Stinger Super GT Turismo Tuners: Demon-X Elegy Falcon Futo Kuruma Jester Jester Classic Sultan Stratum Warrener ZR-350 Vans: Burrito Gang Burrito Minivan (Modern) Minivan Moonbeam (Modern) Moonbeam Ontario (Modern) Ontario Pony Rumpo Speedo Surfer Miscellaneous: Bloodring Banger Caddy Camper Hotdog Hotring Racer * * Journey Monster Truck Mr. Whoopee Mower News Van Romero Securicar Street Sweeper Tow-Truck Utility Truck Emergency & Law Enforcement: Ambulance Barracks Enforcer FBI Granger FBI Stanier Fire truck Police Cruiser Rhino Tank S.W.A.T. VCPD Cheetah Public Transport: Bus Cabbie Coach Taxi Weapons in Vice City Days: Hands: Fists Brass Knuckles Melee: Axe Baseball Bat Chainsaw Cleaver Golf Club Hammer Hockey Stick Knife Katana Machete Nightstick Screwdriver Shovel Handguns: .357 Beretta Colt.45 Deagle Pistol Silenced Pistol Shotguns: Cruiser Shotgun Shotgun Sawed-off Shotgun Spaz 12 Sub-Machine-Guns: MAC-10 Micro SMG MP5 Scorpion Tec-9 UZI Assault Rifles: AK47 Kruger M16 M4A1 Rifles: Country Rifle Sniper Rifle Semi-Auto Sniper Explosives: Grenade Molotov Cocktail Sticky Bombs Miscellaneous: Camera Cellphone Parachute Spray Paint Heavy Weapons: RPG Minigun Grenade Launcher Heavy Machine Gun Safe-houses in Vice City Days: 101 Bayshore Avenue (Returning from Vice City Stories) Apartment 3C (Insert Safehouse name here)* (Insert Safehouse name here)* (Insert Safehouse name here)* Garages in Vice City Days: (Most places in Vice City don't have garage space for your Unique Vehicles. That's where Storage Units come in, You can find them all over Vice City) (Total of Storage Units: 12) Map of Vice City Days: (TBR*) Locations of Intrest in Vice City Days: Ammu-Nation Escobar International Airport Fort Baxter Military Base North Point Mall Ocean View Hotel Sunshine Autos Trailer Park The Malibu Club The Vercetti Estate V-Rock Radio Station Side-Missions in Vice City Days: 8-Track Arena Bloodring Arena Boat Racing Burgulary Firefighter Import/Export Off-Road Racing Paramedic Pimping Street Racing Taxi Driver Towing Impound Vigilante Characters of Vice City Days: Jackie Wong (The Protagonist) Portrayed by: Steven Yeun Bruce Wong (The Protagonist's Uncle) Portrayed by: Jackie Chan Gordie Brady (The Protagonist's First Friend when he first arrives to Vice City) Voiced by: TBA Tommy Vercetti (The Vercetti Crime Family Leader) Portrayed by: Ray Liotta Tommy Vercetti Junior (Son of Tommy Vercetti & Heir to The Vercetti Crime Family) Portrayed by: James Franco Wei Chung (Current Leader of the Vice City Triad Organization) Portrayed by: Jet Li Joey Chung (Son of Wei Chung & Heir of Vice City Triad Organization) Portrayed by: Sung Kang Johnny Shin Tzu (The Antagonist) (Leader of The South Korean Crime Syndicate) Portrayed by: Ken Jeong Work In Progress Be Patient
  19. Money Over Bullshit

    Grand Theft Auto: Family Ties

    You take control of a twenty eight year old Italian American from the mean streets of Bohan named Carlo Devino who after falling into serious financial difficulty ends up working for the mob. You will journey with Carlo up through the ranks of Liberty City's five big Mafia Families, working your way up from a simple associate to a full fledged member of Liberty City's La Cosa Nostra, taking on more violent and dangerous jobs as you go. This game will give players a chance to deeply immerse themselves in Liberty City's most infamous crime families and experience first hand the compelling events which surround them on a daily basis. The overall tone and format of this chapter based game will differ greatly and will unfold in a more narrative fashion than any of the previous titles in the grand theft auto series, playing out more like an interactive movie than an actual game. The story will contain about twenty or thirty hours of gameplay with plenty of mini games and side missions thrown in to keep the game fun. The various chapters will also be replayable providing plenty more hours of gameplay even when the main story is done. Other exclusive additions to this game will be an advanced combat system, improved law enforcement AI requiring the player to act tactically to avoid arrest (or death) and a whole host of new weapons. Carlo will also have access to three exclusive clothing stores – namely Ranch and ProLaps (for casual/leisure wear) and Didier Sachs (which sells more formal attire as you progress further into the game). Other additions to this game include an honor and respect system similar to Red Dead Redemption, weapon specific close quaters executions, a gun closet in your safehouse where you can store weapons you have obtained over the course of the story, the ability to call in crew members to accompany you on jobs and all new “favours” missions which are similar to random character side missions but are centered around random events on the street such as muggings, car thefts, vacating drug dealers from neighbourhoods and package delivery jobs and a brand new island to the south west of LC known as Richmond Island (based on Staten Island). The story itself will be almost completely seperate from that of the other Liberty City protagonists (meaning no direct crossovers) but some of the characters will re-appear and certain events from those games will be referenced and/or explained in greater detail. The game will be available exclusively for download on Xbox Live and the Playstation Network but will also be playable from in game menus of GTA IV and The Complete Edition. The Protagonist Carlo Devino The story begins with Carlo living in a small apartment in Bohan with his elderly mother, who is widowed and raised him alone from a young age. Carlo has never really been able to hold down a job due to his serious lack of formal education and over the years he has had to resort to working undesirable, temporary jobs and committing petty crimes in order to bring money home for his mother. Growing up, Carlo was surrounded by mobsters, thieves and drug dealers in his community but he has always tried hard not to fall too deep into the criminal underworld. Lately however Carlo's financial situation has gotten particularly dyer and the money he gets for the odd jobs he does is barely enough to keep the asbestos filled roof over his mother's head. For Carlo it's now a case of desperate times calling for desperate measures and when his childhood friend Daniela “Dani” Lupisella inadvertently offers him a chance to work for the local cosa nostra family, the offer just seems a little to lucrative to refuse. As the story progresses he will get sucked deeper and deeper into the world of the mafia as he goes from a lowly associate to a full fledged member of one of Liberty City's largest crime families. Richmond Island Borough Logo Richmond Island is one of the five boroughs in the Family Ties version of Liberty City and the only one which is inaccessible to the player at the start. Richmond Island is the least populated of the five boroughs but is the third largest in area. Richmond island is a lot more suburban in nature compared to the other four boroughs of Liberty City and the independant state of Alderney which is overall more urban than the majority of the island. Richmond Island is the only part of the city not to be connected to another by way of a bridge as has been the case since the 1970s when the Tudor Bridge connecting the Island to Alderney (the remnants of which can still be seen off Tinderbox and Red Wing Avenues in Tudor and Acter Industrial) was destroyed by a terrorist attack.The only remaining mode of transportation between the island and other parts of Liberty City is the Richmond Island Ferry which carries people to and from the island from stops at The St. John's Bus and Ferry Terminal (Richmond Island), Pier 45 in Algonquin, East Hook in Broker, Happiness Island and the Alderney Ferry Terminal for the price of just $2. Due to these and other factors Richmond Island has often been called "the forgotten borough" by it's inhabitants who feel neglected by the city government to the point of denying it's existence despite some of it's members actually living on the island. It is also often erroneously considered to be part of neighbouring Alderney (from which it is separated by a tidal strait affectionately known as "The Snatch"). Unlike the other boroughs of Liberty City Richmond Island does not have an operational subway system instead making use of buses to transport it's inhabitants around the island (these buses can be hijacked by the player and used as a way of making a little bit of extra cash). Overall the island is quite ethnically diverse and is diversely split in terms of the socio-economic backgrounds of it's citizens, with the South of the Island being generally affluent and the North of the island generally being more disadvantaged. Despite the generally upscale nature of the island compared to the other boroughs there is in fact a substantial presence of gangs on the island, especially members of the Liberty City Mafia who will be Carlo's main contacts on the island. State: Liberty State City: Liberty City Total Area: 265.5 sq km Population: 468, 730 approx Neighbourhood Map Richmond Island consists of a total of 13 individual designated areas, these are as follows: 1. New Haven (based on St. George, Tomkinsville and New Brighton) New Haven is a historic commercial and residential district located in the north eastern tip of the island. The main attraction of this area is the St. John's Ferry Terminal, the main gateway to the island for travellers from the rest of the city. The area is generally quite affluent and houses many large apartment building and quaint little eateries, historic shopping districts, a farmers market and a large church. Other major landmarks in the area include the Richmond Island Museum, the St. John's Theater, the Richmond Island Borough Hall and a waterfront memorial sculpture dedicated to none other than St. John himself. The southern and eastern portions of the neighbourhood are more residential and contain several blocks of two story town houses moving towards West Haven and North Beach. This area is home to many Italian and Irish Americans but also boasts a small Albanian community who can be seen hanging around the area's commercial hub and in clusters around the seafront boardwalk. One of the islands three police stations is also located in the area close to North Beach. 2. West Haven (based on West Brighton, Clifton and Stapleton) West Haven is a mostly residential area located to the west of New Haven. The area is generally working class in nature although there is a clear split in social classes within the area with the east side containing a number of two story houses (similar to neighbouring New Haven). The neighbourhood begins to look more run down however moving west towards Port Haven. The western portion of the neighbourhood contains several rows of shops and a small number of ethnic commercial properties however the area is majorly dominated by project buildings and six story red brick apartment complexes which are home to the area's large African American population. Almost the entire northern portion of the neighbourhood is taken up by the Bank of Richmond Ballpark, a baseball stadium which seperates the large commercial office buildings of New Haven to the east and the aforementioned run down project and apartment buildings to the west. West Haven is also the site of one of the island's two major hospitals as well as one of two of it's fire stations and the second of it's three police stations. 3. Port Haven (based on Port Richmond) Port Haven is a neighbourhood located north of West Haven reminiscent of many areas of Bohan (particularly Chase Point and Little Bay). The area was once a bustling hub at the foot of the Tudor Bridge, since the destruction of the bridge however most of the buildings in the area have gone into a state of disrepair and it has become more of a 'haven' for drug dealing, gang violence and prostitution, seeing many wars between the areas population of gang affiliated Latino Immigrants and the African American gangsters from neighbouring West Haven in recent years. The area is currently in the midst of a large scale redevelopment plan which aims to restore the area to it's former glory (the evidence of which can be seen by the many construction sites in the area). Aside from the construction sites the area is generally run down and dirty and features an abundance of graffiti on it's buildings and piles of litter everywhere. Port Haven is also the site of Richmond Island's third and final police station. 4. North Beach (based on various east shore sea and beach front neighbourhoods) North Beach is a coastal area which encompasses almost the entire south eastern shoreline of the island. The residential portion of the area is a mix between apartment buildings located in the area closest to western New Haven and small beach front properties located close to the beach which is separated from the rest of the area by a large boardwalk promenade similar to Firefly Island which contains many stores and small businesses as well as a mix of italian and chinese restaurants. Also located close to the beach is a disused amusement park and an adjacent arcade where the player can play bowling, pool and air hockey. In this area there is also a small housing estate which not only separates the adjacent park from the coast but also offers it's residents some mild seclusion from the hustle and bustle of the seaside promenade. The demographics of the area is mixture of Irish, Italian and Chinese immigrants who seem to coexist with one another without any problems. 5. Cursor Park (loosely based on LaTourette Park and surrounding areas) This neighbourhood concists almost entirely of a large park of the same name which also contains a country club and golf course which is a huge hit with the island's most affluent residents. As was the case with Leaf Links in Vice City weapons are not allowed on site but there are plenty of golf clubs and stealable carts floating around with which to cause mayhem. Adjacent to the park there are also a few brownstone townhouses home to a small orthodox Jewish community. 6. Cursor Hills (based on residential areas of Todt Hill and Dongan Hills) Cursor Hills is a highly affluent private residential neighbourhood (Similar to Meadow Hills) located in the hills next to Cursor Park complete with it's own security guard. The area contains several tudor styled two story houses and mini mansions largely owned by local celebrities and high ranking mob figures, the largest of which being a mega mansion belonging to Don Giovanni Ancelotti and an iconic mansion featured in a mafia themed vinewood blockbuster from the 1970s. 7. Stoneville (based on Graniteville, Willowbrook and commercial section of Bulls Head) Stoneville is Richmond Island's main commercial hub located beneath the large hills which house the neighbourhood of Cursor Hills and overlook the area. The area is the most sparsely populated of all of Richmond Island's neighbourhoods but is home to three of the borough's major landmarks these being the Richmond Island Mall - a medium sized shopping mall comparable in size to the North Point mall in GTA III era's Vice City, The College of Richmond Island which has it's campus in the center of the neighbourhood and a large hotel owned by the super rich Von Crastenburg family (based on the Hilton Garden Inn). The area also contains some light forrestry mostly concentrated towards the south west near Cursor Park. 8. Bentleyville (based on Tottenville) Bentleyville is a large upper-middle class residential neighbourhood concisting of two and three story duplexes, detached and semi detached homes which sit next to a small beach area to the south east (similar to the ones found in Beachgate in Broker). The Residents of Bentleyville are a mix between young (mostly white) collegiate types and elderly people of all races. The neighbourhood is also home to the south west area's main fire station which is located close to the border with Thompsonville. The area also cointains a boathouse although it is of no particular use to the player other than providing a spawn point for several boats. 9. Norfolk (based on Industrial sections of Bloomfield and Travis) Norfolk is Richmond Island's Industrial hub containing many warehouses and factories and a large oil refinery. Overall the neighbourhood is similar to Acter Industrial Park in Alderney. 10. Port Norfolk (based on Port Ivory and parts of Mariner's Harbor) Port Norfolk is Richmond Island's main sea port. It is located almost directly opposite the Acter Industrial section of Alderney. Port Norfolk like neighbouring Norfolk is heavily industrialised and many trucks, trailers and cranes can be found in the area for loading and unloading containers from cargo ships and as a result many containers can be found stacked in the area. The only residential dwellings in this area are a collection of mobile homes located to the east. 11. Thompsonville (based on Rossville, Huguenot and Charleston) Thompsonville is a large residential neighbourhood located just west of the center of Richmond Island. Most of the area is made up of two story detached and semi detached homes with open gardens giving this area a distinct country feel. Due to the neighbourhoods border with Norfolk it is surrounded by many scrap yards and small industrial properties. There is also a medium sized hospital and a fire department located in the neighbourhood. 12. West Beach (loosely based on South Beach) West Beach is a large baron sandy beach located to the extreme west of the island. The beach is largely uninhabited and contains many sand dunes and natural ramps and hills which makes the area a virtual playground ideal for cruising around on a dirt bike or the Bandito dune buggy. 13. City Dump (based on the Fresh Kills landfill) After being previously mentioned in GTA IV the City Dump finally makes it's appearance in Family Ties. Although the dump is technically not a neighbourhood it's sheer size dictates that it be considered it's own individually designated area. The dump is where most of the city's garbage ends up after it is taken from the other boroughs by way of specially constructed boats. The dump doesn't provide much to the player in the way of fun but it will none the less be given a starring role in one particular chapter of the story. Although the dump is technically controlled by the Liberty City Sanitation Department (who in turn work under the rule of the mob) it can just as much be considered to be under the rule of the local army of hobos who call the dump their own, remaining unmoved by the LSD who recently lost a bid to move the hobos on as it was deemed to be a breach of their squatters rights.
  20. By Tyla With thanks to universetwisters THEME Enjoy. Grand Theft Auto VI revisits the cut-throat underworld of the cocaine 80s in a grandiose depiction of debauchery and excess. Set in the Vice Metropolitan Area circa 1988, the game explores the foothold of Central and South American drug cartels in Vice City, the high-stakes opportunity of their demise and the efforts of US government to preserve their covert assets in the most ambitious storytelling yet. Key elements to the gameplay of Grand Theft Auto VI are empire building, a fully functioning drug economy and a criminal reputation the player will construct and carry with them throughout the game, introducing new scenarios and an entirely different B-cast with each playthrough. The protagonist begins at the very bottom of Vice City's criminal rung, a criminal exile from Lenapia whose past of reform schools and incarceration have entrapped him amongst seedy Red Light exchanges in the gutter of Vice Beach. [YOUTUBE][/YOUTUBE] Grand Theft Auto VI "Vice" Trailer Contents: 1) Story - Characters - Missions 2) Location 3) Features 1 4) Features 2 5) Side Missions - Leisure - Vehicles - Weapons 6) Soundtrack 7) Downloadable Content - Multiplayer 8) Gangs: The Underworld of Vice City Ariel Gara The protagonist. Once a prolific Rust Belt area crime wave, Gara was born post-WW2 to Latvian migrant parents in the North End of Lenapia who simply could not afford a child and disposed of their newborn in a trash can. Ever since, he's struggled to find his place in this world: in his own words he's been, "blackbooked in Venturas, chased out of Carcer and laid into in Liberty." A significant portion of Gara's life has been spent inside correctional facility and institution. Having served a 1-to-10 for robbery in New Austin and two terms in San Andreas, as such he carries a detachment from societal norms and an uneasing confidence with which he is able to fool people. Every facet of Gara's character is marred by his extensive prison time and ultimately impacts the way in which he is involved with the story. Giovanni "John Ross" Rossi Major league cocaine distributor of Italian-American descent. Bearing a strong Liberty City heritage - his father was a senior Gambetti Family Capo -- he is the Godson of current Boss, Jon Gravelli -- Rossi came up through street fighting gangs and notorious B&E crews before taking a heavy pinch in the late 1960s. Given the choice of prison time or being drafted, Rossi opted to serve Airbourne in Vietnam. He returned to the US at the beginning of the Disco era, used mob money to finance an empire of Star Junction peep shows and discothèques. Rossi was chased out of Liberty City in 1982 after his nightclub Studio 69 was raided and found to be the center of a significant skimming operation. He fled to Vice City under the alias John Ross and has been operating under this moniker ever since. Moses Van Zant Unassuming Florida native and logistics extraordinaire who unscrupulously transports 70% of the cocaine coming to the United States through Vice City using methods that are often ingenious. "Son, we don't run cocaine over water; we walk it," Moses says of his philosophy to smuggling, meticulously planning and organizing shipments from the Entrometerse Cartel to the very finest detail. A seasoned pro, Van Zant has ran everything from moonshine to pot. He maintains several legitimate fronts that serve as a lease to distributor John Ross to move cocaine in bulk, including a large Jaega County barn and a towing company. Moses operates a radio tower near the Grasslands available to the player to listen into DEA/Coast Guard traffic. Lou McNeil A serial adulterer who serves as Gara's primary contact when it comes to fencing stolen merchandise, Lou McNeil is a troublesome alcoholic who has a penchant for Hawaiian shirts and handling dirty work for Central Americans. McNeil is your one stop shop for criminal networking and contract scores, from the beginning of the game having a preferred dealing with Gara for merchandise by default. Saul Saperstein Successful Vice City businessman who made his money during the initial cocaine boom of the late 70s and early 80s, now operating as the right hand man and money launderer in chief to dictator General Salazar. Fluent in Spanish despite his Jewish heritage - a skill he picked up while farming out hits to fresh of the boat Marelitos for Green Cards - Saperstein orchestrated the demise of as many Cubans he provided with entry into Vice City on behalf of the customer most valuable to Salazar - Vida Negro. General Salazar Panamanian dictator and secret IAA asset who handles a great portion of the bank for Vice City's premier drug lords. Salazar rose to power in his home land through several military coups that are rumored to have been financed by the United States - in return, Salazar facilitates an arms deal between the US and Iran that subsequently funds another secret IAA interest - propping up the Nicaraguan Contras. Jerry Whale Superstar Redneck pilot who turned significant cocaine mule after being fired as an international pilot with JuankAir in the late 70s. Whale successfully cultivated contacts within Central America and operated a massive smuggling operation until being busted with a shipment of Quaaludes in 1986. Controversially, Whale strikes an under-the-table deal with the DEA to record Panamanian dictator General Salazar and Sandinista militant leaders engaging in narcotic trafficking by wiring surveillance equipment into his jet - a move that ultimately results in the demise of order and structure amongst Vice City's premier smuggles, creating a vacuum of power violent like no other. Charles Doberman IAA rising star involved in numerous shady Central American practices on behalf of the Agency. Initially the foremost IAA contact to their Vice CIty asset General Salazar, Doberman is a key player in facilitating an arms deal between the US and Iran, funnelling financial support to the Contras militia and later initiating the execution of the aforementioned Jerry Whale. Jon Gravelli Brief cameo appearance of the mob Godfather native to Broker. Gravelli, appearing with Sammy Bottino as his facilitator, is approached by his Godson and the protagonist in an attempt to remedy the Jerry Whale situation. Vida Negro Literally "The Black Widow" - female Colombian drug lord who stands to emerge victorious from the cocaine wars that rage across the streets of Vice City. A known lesbian, she begins a relationship with a member of the Ortega dynasty in hopes of securing an endless pipeline of cocaine into Florida. She holds the puppet strings over El Garzon, her main front man when it comes to distributing copious amounts of cocaine. El Garzon Gaudy and flamboyant drug boss attempting to run the show in Vice City for cocaine queen Vida Negro. Cherry Jones Ex-football star turned sleazy yuppie Vice detective, Cherry Jones nearly made a pro career with the VC Mambas before signing up to harass drug dealers and shakedown streetwalkers. Partnered with Mack Maddox, Jones plots to fleece the Vice City Police Department of confiscated cocaine to sell back to the Colombians in the initial opening of the game's storyline. Don DeLarge Eccentric entrepreneur who made his fortune early in the 80s and by 1988, has squandered almost all of it. One of his excesses is ownership of the DeLarge automobile company, manufacturing the futuristic Deluxo. He employs a young and dweeby Devin Weston as an intern, harking back to Carrington/Love. Almost broke, DeLarge organizes a drug trafficking operation by pooling the funds of several powerful and influential businessmen and women to purchase cocaine that will be transported into the country by Jerry Whale. This Exchange funded enterprise implodes when Whale is exposed as a DEA covert agent and suddenly, the nation's financial elite find themselves hundreds of millions of dollars in the hole. The Risita Brothers Blas and QuiQue Risita - the worst of the worst of what Castro purged from Cuba in 1980. Cowboy gangsters and worshippers of Chango, these sadistic and almost mythical brothers run with the Marelitos out of Seminole and own an arts theatre in Little Havana. Silk Cruel Downtown pimp with an expansive stable of whores. As a show of power, Silk owns the historic Verse Theatre in his boyhood home of Undertown. Ironically, under his hand the Theatre has become a cesspit of sex and sleaze - the headquarters of his operation. Rafe Former New Austin car thief turned personal assassin to Vida Negro. Showered with drug money to resolve her most deluded and depraved feuds, Rafe is caught up in a political assassination with the protagonist after Vida Negro takes offence at an anti-drug speech said politician intends to deliver in the heart of Vice City. Vince Lorca Cheap pornographer with his finger on the pulse of moves being made on the mainland. A former cellmate of the protagonist, Lorca takes his name from his home turf - Key Lorca - where he rents a mansion with smut profits. The Assassin Professional killer of Iranian descent on lease to the IAA after the facilitated arms deal between Iran and the US. Brother Love Runs the Collective Ugandan National Trust (C.U.N.T), a supposed not-for-profit organization to aid the war torn West Africa based out of a large mansion on Starfish Island. In reality, the entire group is a front for drug smuggling with the proceeds intended to prop up the ailing Jamaican economy, from where Brother Love hails. Having purchased a submarine with donations to the amnesty, Brother Love requires the protagonist to use the vehicle to smuggle contraband and later, sell the product in name of the cause. Larry Mendoza Chemically dependent flake distributor who unwittingly finds himself the primary target of the protagonist's initial advances upwards Vice City's criminal rung. Having worked hard for his Colombian connections to the extent he maintains a triple cocaine/heroin/pill habit just to function, Mendoza is rash, unpredictable and ultimately willing to do anything for a buck. Lorna Steele Doomed former convict being passed pusher to pimp. Coming from a broken Lenapia home much like the protagonist, Lorna Steele is capable of portraying a vulnerability that ultimately masks the instincts of a hardened criminal. Fully intent on making out of the life with a great deal of money, to what lengths will Lorna go to realize freedom beyond societies ills? Teddy Starr Ex-prize fighter turned bodyguard to Larry Mendoza. Serving as the go-between for Mendoza's business when his drug dependency prevents him from operating, Teddy takes on a great deal of the burden born out of Larry's erratic and impulsive behaviour. Trish von Torture Empress of a closeted network of hardcore BDSM and fetish clubs throughout Western Vice. Catering to an exclusive clientele, the protagonist discovers von Torture to be a meticulous mastermind responsible for setting up various criminal dealings between Vice's more depraved criminal elite. First entering her world at the behest of Don DeLarge, it is through von Torture that the protagonist initially encounters The Assassin and is able to mediate conflict with a series of carefully planned executions following the downfall of General Salazar. Vic Conti Cunning long serving Italian-American footsoldier constantly scheming amongst the many mobsters that proliferate the tourist-esque Tequesta County underworld. Unhappy with the revolving door of power, Conti seizes the opportunity to pull a rip off with the protagonist's aid that he hopes will allow him to finally alleviate himself to the coveted position of Caporegime. Virgil Baca Incarcerated Cuban criminal powerhouse who finds himself wielding a lessening degree of influence on underworld politics beyond his prison cell. An integral part of the initial Marelito crime wave in 1980, Baca is man whose nature it is to control his environment and thus he readily deals in favors to main a semblance of power on the inside while retaining the capability to eradicate problems on the street. Baca plays a significant role in Episodes From Vice City, which you will hear more about soon. First Degree Willie - Random Encounter Misplaced Louisiana blues musician and shoeshine with badly deteriorated eyesight. The homeless Willie finds himself helplessly hustled by none other than Hare Krishna and calls on the protagonist to avenge his honour. Willie later offers services as a source of information to the player, being how they handle his random encounter. Jerry Jagger - Random Encounter Superficially charming Televangelist competing for Scientific credibility with a sprouting of other religious groups that promise to deliver wealth and happiness if you subscribe monthly. Unlocked after the player makes a donation to the Jagger Foundation after hearing the radio ad/reading the billboards, Jagger is encountered as a psychopath who requires the protagonist's assistance in delivering "acts of God." Also noteworthy are Jagger's attempts to convert a Burnett hotel into the Jagger Building - high in the sky casting his eye over Vice City's rich and elite - and smears against the Epsilon Program who are currently buying up small towns to the north of the map. Kolt "The Life" Savers - Random Encounter Stuntman and bounty hunter extraordinaire, first encountered on an empty lot in heavy debate with a production company. Savers is arranging a huge stunt on the set of Four-Wheel Deathrace and requires you to race around the map collecting the appropriate materials to put the stunt together. Eventually, it all falls in place in the form of a stunt track that will be present from there on out. Savers will be unable to perform the final stunt due to a suspension from set for rendering cocky stuntman Jock Cranley hospital bound. It will be left to you to take his place. As a final act of rebellion against the studio, Kolt asks you to recover his prized hero truck from the production, which he later gifts to you out of gratitude. After completing 50 vigilante missions, a second encounter with Savers will spawn in which he is pursuing an armed gang along an empty highway in a Hawk V8. Assist him in their capture and then reacquaint over a beer. From there, Savers will introduce you to his sideline of bounty hunting, his way of turning a profit out of his passion for vigilantism. Lee Larsen - Random Encounter Hard drinking twin-fisted film star who drunkenly finds the resemblance between himself and Gara hilarious, Lee Larsen is in deep debt with the Fort Tequesta Mob and proposes you a heavy profit if you double as his decoy in order to allow him to skip town. You will dodge mafia goons until Larsen makes a successful getaway. Larsen returns for a second encounter having stolen a Western Angel belonging to the local motorcycle club leader for a jolly along his latest red carpet appearance. Aware of the bad blood he's caused, he hires you as a bodyguard and arms you to the teeth. A shootout will occur and you will successfully protect Larsen, unlocking further VIP protection side missions as a result. Finally, you encounter a sobering Larsen sandwiched in a jail cell between two prostitutes, one of them a transsexual he attacked after discovering the mighty appendage taped under her thigh. He's due on set but in no condition to work so he offers you to double in for him in fight and action scenes. Completing this, you are given the opportunity to return to the film studio at any time for more work. You are given the choice to post Larsen's bail in his final encounter, earning him as a contact who will act as an intermediary between yourself and highline actors looking to score coke. Leaving him to sober in the cell will not earn you this perk. Ruby Katz - Random Encounter Volatile and well connected jewel merchant who runs Liberty Jewel Exchange in Fort Tequesta. Initially introduced after Gara encounters an old ex-con named Steve Steyn on a street corner, Katz contracts you in a series of stone-centric free roam heists. Unfortunately, you face stiff competition from the violent Florida underworld to whom jewel weight is considered liquid gold. The Deacon - Random Encounter Righteous bearing North Point minister who acts as an agent between a rich and troubled congregation and equally desperate prostitutes. Himself originally a prolific pimp, The Deacon found God during a tough prison sentence and upon release, devoted himself to the Church and funded his rise through the ranks by arranging the adoption of unwanted children borne by hookers. One of these children was the daughter of Betsy O'Hara, now eighteen and unaware her birth mother wishes to make contact. Gara will encounter The Deacon at Betsy's request in order to compel him into tracking Betsy's daughter down. In the process, Gara will reveal he is unsure of how many children he has fathered but knows of both a son and daughter he abandoned in his continued pursuit of criminality -- a direct parallel to Michael Townley. Beyond questioning his role in their lives, Gara successfully tracks down Betsy's daughter to a home in Seminole with the aid of The Deacon. Discovering her to be a straight-A college student unaware of her adoption, the player is given the moral choice of wrecking her life to reunite her with Betsy or leaving her be. The Deacon is later encountered in the storyline and plays a small but vital role in smuggling materials into prison which the player will use in an escape attempt. [table] Mission NameSynopsisLink#1 The IntroductionEarning a living holding Colombian drug dealers to ransom, Ariel Gara joins two sleazy Vice cops in a high stakes scheme to set up Ocean Beach cocaine distributor Larry Mendoza.Click#2 Out Here In The FieldsArranging a small coke buy to get himself set up in the drug scene, Gara duels with a Pegassi Infernus in a race along Vice Beach to make it first to the dealer rollerblading along the beach front beside them. Click #3 Down PaymentProceeded by building a reputation dealing cocaine on the streets, Gara is invited to discuss business with Larry Mendoza. Laying a $50,000 down payment on a shipment of drugs, he becomes familiar with members of Mendoza's inner circle including Teddy Starr and Lorna Steele. Click #4 Opportunity KnoxOn behalf of Silk Robinson, Gara escorts and arms contact killer Walter Knox in his bid to execute two witnesses.Click #5 Fear and Clothing in Vice CityKnox has been found dead and the Mafia blame Silk. They've sent a hit squad over to the fine tailoring store in Siren Mall. Get over there and save his ass. Click #6 Dead End DealGara engages in a drug deal with Larry Mendoza.Click #7 Evidence DashFeaturing loud and smart approaches, Gara must recover 20 kilos of cocaine from the Vice Beach Police Headquarters. Click #8 Chapter & VerseIn order to complete his purchase of the historic Verse Theatre in Undertown, Silk wants you to rid the building of the Vice Boys drug dealers who have turned it into a cesspit of debauchery. Introduces hiring crew members. Click #9 Lessons In SurvivalGara executes vice cops Cherry Jones and Mack Maddox and uses the proceeds of their dirty dealings to purchase a car dealership. This mission introduces asset Businesses & Property. Click #10 The Good, The Bad & The Bloody UnluckyInvited to a high-stakes game of poker by Silk, the player becomes involved in a game of Russian Roulette that results in an unfortunate death.Click #11 It Takes Two To MambaVisiting close friend Vince Lorca on the Vice Keys, Gara infiltrates Mamba Stadium and assassinates a chief speaker within the Mothers of Prevention action group to ease the heat on Lorca's pornography business. Click #12 PaybackSold out to the Colombians by Silk, Gara is forced by the Cartel into murdering the man he initially set up, along with the entire team of Vice officers protecting him. Click #13 Rust Never CreepsCrossing lines into Tequesta County, Gara accompanies aging Florida crook Rusty DeVries in a raid on a Port Tequesta storage warehouse. Click #14 All That GlittersAttending a sit down between feuding mobsters Vic Conti and Paolo Suppa, Gara is tasked with recovering money from a white-collar gold fraud. Click #15 Thrive DriveGara conspires with streetwalker Lorna Steele to rob Silk's Hustler's Convention, but first they need to acquire funding for a crew by taking down money courier Moe Magnusson. Click[/table] The Music of Grand Theft Auto VI The Black Market Update The High Life Update The Boom Box Update Gang Database Valentines Day Update Radio Station Update
  21. Evolution of Grand Theft Auto Games(1997-2017)|History of GTA Games(From GTA 1 to Gta 5).All GTA GAMES evolution for pc and playstation. here is a video on it:
  22. The main attraction for this concept is for those who enjoy flying, however, there is some additional content other players may enjoy, from new weapons and clothing to purchase, to exiting military heists and properties to explore. ⁂ Air Force Organisation Those who join an Air Force Organisation have the responsibility to keep the skies clean - for the hard working criminals at least. Players will not be able to harm any other player who is affiliated with your Air Fore Organisation; only players outside of an Air Force linked Organisation who are flying attack vehicles, or are an enemy threat, can be attacked. In order to join or start up an Air Force Organisation, you must first complete all flight school missions with a bronze score or above. Those who are in an Air Force Organisation (AFO) will be able to serve VIPs and MCs if requested. VIPs and MCs can call for air support and other services which will reward the AFO money and RP. Unlike VIPs and MCs, everyone who joins an AFO will all be friendlies. When calling in air support, a flare must be thrown at the location you want the asset or firepower to be delivered. Flares are important as anything that lands too far out of proximity of the flare will not be valid: specific weapons will not cause damage, special vehicles will be destroyed and equipment will be lost. Pilots will not get payed if they fail a service and may even get a pay reduction for their next payments. AFO members can spawn vehicles using the vehicle menu. Most vehicles will spawn at the nearest suitable street; large helicopters and planes with spawn at the closest helipad or airfield. Some vehicles will cost money to rent unless already owned by the player, in which case they will be free. Air Support Services VIPs and MCs can request: Extraction -- Player Extraction, Vehicle Extraction, CEO/President Extraction Airstrike -- Chopper Gunner (Valkyrie), Chopper Support, Gunship Support, Strafe Run (fighter jet), Bombing Run (Cuban 800) Equipment Airdrop -- Ammo and Special Weapons (Railgun), Health and Food, Armor and Bull Shark Testosterone Vehicle Airdrop -- Personal Vehicle, Pegasus Vehicle, Special Vehicle, Custom Tuned Vehicle, Heavily Armored Vehicle Eliminate Wanted Level -- Remove / Reduce a player's wanted level by eliminating law enforcement. Challenges and Missions are also available: Air Mail -- Using a propeller plane, deliver goods to several locations. Team mates must escort the pilot to ensure they are not shot down. Ride of the Valkyries -- Eliminate all ground enemies using the Valkyrie before they escape the city. Emergency Extraction -- Recover VIPs using the Titan's surface-to-ground recovery system. Angle of Death -- Using attack helicopters, prevent enemy Rhino Tanks from reaching their destination and destroying friendly goods. Spec-Ops -- Fly your team over in a helicopter to each rooftop location then have them to rappel down and eliminate all enemies. Chemical Warfare -- Use a Duster to spray down deadly chemicals over farm locations, destroying crops and any guards on the way. Have teammates close by to provide protection for the vulnerable aircraft. Air Superiority -- Hold an airspace by flying within proximity of it. Destroy any opposing players that attempt to capture it. Hoarder -- Locate and collect as many vehicles as possible and deliver them to unique locations before the time runs out. The more exotic the vehicle, the more cash is rewarded. Glider -- Reach an appropriate height in a helicopter and prepare for an engine malfunction. Perform an auto-rotation emergency landing in a secure location. Compete with your teammates by gaining the highest score; points are rewarded by landing as close as possible to the destination and with the least damage taken. Teammates can join a Formation, anytime with their leader, and gain special bonuses: Temporary speed boost Reduced turbulence 15% aircraft repair x2 Flying skill x2 Reputation Points Pilot Roles During a request, a particular vehicle may be required in order to complete it. For instance, a vehicle drop cannot be achieved if no player in your squadron has a freight aircraft that can carry vehicles. Under the circumstances, the required stock aircraft can be hired, however, collecting it will cost you time and money. Each aircraft has a specific role along with a selection of abilities - depending on the aircraft; some aircraft are multi-role, therefore they are categorized as both. There are 4 roles altogether (Transport, Freight, Scout and Combat). Transport These aircraft are used to transport your team. This includes civilian, business and military aircraft such as the Mammatus, Swift and Miljet. Aircraft Abilities: Extract players as quickly as possible. Transport players to there checkpoint. Deploy player or AI reinforcements. Become a temporary re-spawn point for you organisation. Freight Freighters are aircraft used to airdrop equipment and supplies to your team. Some vehicles can even airdrop unique vehicles. There are 5 freight aircraft alltogether: Cargobob, Skylift, Leathian, Titan and Cuban 800. Aircraft Abilities: Airdrop Health and Snacks Airdrop Armor and Bull Shark Testosterone Airdrop Special Weapons and Ammo Airdrop Unique Vehicles Scout These vehicles are used to interfere with opposing players via electronic warfare abilities. You must fly within the same area of the player in order to exicute the abilitiy. You can use Trackify to help find someone who is off the radar. Scout aircraft consist of inconspicuous vehicles such as the Duster, Sparrow and Mallard. Aircraft Abilities: Reveal hidden players. Increase a player's wanted level. Create player and objective blip decoys. Combat These vehicles are used to protect your organisation. Flying within proximity of your CEO/President will award you cash and RP. Combat vehicles include the Savage, Valkyrie and P-996 LAZER. Aircraft Abilities: Escort players during mission and challenges. Intimidate potential threats with your presence. Eliminate those who attack, by using armaments. Avenge killed allies to prevent a payment loss. ⁂ Jobs and Missions Flight School Lesions New flight lessons have to added to the San Andreas Flight School: Heavy Lift -- Accurately drop shipping containers onto static and moving trucks. VTOL -- Travel around a course using the Hydra, dodging buildings and bridges then landing, all while in hover mode. Bombing Run -- Using the Cuban 800, fly over each location and drop bombs onto the targets. Seaplane Course -- Land a seaplane into the ocean, navigate a coerce, then take off again. Aerial Firefighter -- Learn how to fly close above water, collecting it then dumping it over several locations using the Skylift Echo. Dogfight -- Take out ground, sea and air targets using the Rustler attack plane. Military Heists Military Heists are a series of complex co-op missions that involve stealing a variety of high-tech assets for high rewards. Players will gain cash and RP along with vehicle and weapon unlocks upon completion. Military Heists do not require set-up jobs. There are 7 missions all together which can all be replayed after completing them all for the first time. Some missions however require the completion of a Flight School Lesson (old and new). It is recommended to complete all Flight School Lessons just in case; in addition, this will increase your overall flying skills. Terminal Turmoil -- Board the Cargo Plane and secure the cargo. Green Goo Getaway -- Dive deep to secure the lost asset, then escape from Merryweather patrol. Outfoxed -- Escape Fort Zancudo via the Titan Gunship. Unwelcome Return -- Sneak onto the aircraft carrier and steal the Skysoar stealth bomber. Kill Frenzy! -- Break into Fort Zancudo and re-secure the asset, along with the Black Project. Skywolf -- Board the oil rig and steal the Hunter attack chopper from the Merryweather buyers. First Class Delivery -- Defend the train and ensure that it reaches it's destination. I have a brief plan for each heist including each objective, player role, map, cut-scene and dialogue. I will add this information after simplifying it. Aerial Stunt Races Create and compete in aerial stunt races for planes and helicopters that feature tight rings and tunnels to fly through along with stunt specific checkpoints that require players to perform knife flights, inverted flying and engine cut-out gliding. Versus Missions New maps have been added to Acquire Target, G-Rating and Air Force Zero including a new Adversary Mode called Air Superiority. ⁂ Vehicles Helicopters Planes Aerostats Land Vehicles Motorcycles Watercraft Amphibious ⁂ Aircraft Customization Vehicle customization is very important in GTA Online. It improves a vehicles performance, let's you create a unique ride personal to you and also helps out Rockstar make a lot more money from Shark Card sales. Plane and helicopter customization is long-overdue as it offers so much penitential. Here are some of the things that can be done with such an ability. Vehicle Customization All planes and helicopters can now be upgraded via the south-east hangar located at Los Santos International Airport. Simply land a purchased aircraft outside of the doors and press the action key to enter. Inside you will be given to options to repair, customize, convert (if available) and sell your aircraft. Here is a list of all the modifications that can be available to purchase for you aircraft: Armour Stabilization Engine Transmission Body Modifications Respray Livery -- choose from emergency service, military camouflages and eye-catching designs. Nose Art and Decals Interior Registration -- customize the font and style of your registration; create a unique registration for your aircraft. Smoke Banner -- advertise in-game products, your crew or your origination (exclusive to propeller planes). Crew Logo JATO -- exclusive to the Titan, the jet-assisted-take-off allows for a quick getaway. Countermeasures -- protect your aircraft by purchasing flares or a jamming system. Armaments -- only available on some aircraft: machine guns, rockets, misses, cannons, bombs and chemicals. Nose Art and Decals Victory Marks Body Modifications: Antenna Exhaust Tip Fuel Tank Hook Landing System -- choose from skids, retractable landing gear and amphibious pontoons. Lights Nose Windows Rappel -- allow passengers to safely rappel out. Spotlight -- fully operational spotlight as used by police helicopters. Tail Horizontal Stabilizers Propeller Vents Wings Available liveries and paint jobs:

    GTA: Parliament

    Parliament Welcome to Parliament. Home of The Capital of Canada: Parliament City A Place That Just as Bad as It's American Neighbour State: Carcer City If you do travel to Parliament, Be Aware of the many Gangs, Corrupt Cops and Shady People that you meet around the corner.
  24. It's 2024 in Seoul, South Korea. You are a super handsome man known by the name of "LeoneFamily". Women are crazy on you. You must embark on a journey to get some pussy and a bottle of Powerade at your local 7-11. CHARACTERS LeoneFamily: The coolest guy in town. Likes to street race on his motorbike and play with his PlayStation 2. But what he likes more than anything are korean women. His irresistible french-canadian accent makes every woman crazy about him. He has to choose who will be his soulmate in an epic adventure full of gold diggers, koreans mooning him (korean moon), korean hotrod firetrucks, korean saunas (farting in a KIA with the windows rolled up), having to always tell people that not all foreigners are american, people who force you to listen to KPOP all day long and a floater in a gas station (a turd that won't flush). Personal vehicle: 1983 DeLorean DMC-12, 2024 Hyosung GT650R. Han Ga Eun: The sexiest women in town. She likes to be sexy and she likes quebec guys. Talk about a perfect woman! Personal vehicle: 2016 Hyundai Genesis Coupe Han Ga Eun Jr: She is the daughter of Han Ga Eun (senior) and she comes from the future. You can either date her or her mother. Or both at the same time! Han Ga Eun Jr Jr: Now it's getting creepier. Location: Seoul, South Korea. Missions: Mission 1- You are walking on the streets of Seoul when you find a dehydrated children who needs water ASAP or he will die. You must get to the nearest 7-11 (which is located 9500 km away from you) to buy a bottle of Powerade and then return to the child and give it to his decomposed corpse. Mission 2- You have a date with a girl called Han Ga Eun. Bring her to a nice place to eat like a sandwich in a gas station. Then, clean up her mess in the bathroom because you bought her a ham sandwich and she's vegetarian. Next time don't bring any girl to eat if you don't wanna deal with floaters! (A text box appears advising you to starve your dates to death next time). Mission 3- You meet this wonderful woman called Han Ga Eun Jr who comes from the future. She wants you to buy a new car for her because she's a gold digger. You have 2 choices: Hyundai or KIA, cuz that's the only cars you're ever going to find in South Korea. Let her go with the car and she will ditch you or give her a korean sauna and she will ditch you then run away while screaming. Mission 4- You meet this wonderful woman called Han Ga Eun Jr Jr. Wait what? Yeah apparently she is Han Ga Eun Jr's daughter. Drive her to the nursery and don't even think about dating her you perv! Mission 5- We are now in 2050 and you're still single. Repeatedly tap the X (PS4) or A (ONE) button to masturbate. Le Shark DLC: Mission 1- You defend the whole Han Ga Eun family from giant North Korean commie robots while wearing a mountie uniform. Zello DLC: Mission 1- The antagonist knocks you out, takes all of your money and you wake up in Thailand with some ladyboys. Features: When walking in the busy streets of central Seoul, you can press the R1 (PS4) or RB (ONE) button to say "sorry" everytime you get nudged by the people walking in the crowd because you are canadian. Press the O (PS4) or B (ONE) button to drink maple syrup. You can have dates just like in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas but only with korean women. Radio: Playing over and over again... Ratings: If you liked this game concept, feel free to press the Reply (PC) button to give your condoleances to all the people who died of laughter while reading this topic.
  25. hello gtaforums,i want to present you a project im working,its a very good one,im making gta sa to look like gta 5 as im adding over 500 vehicles and over 60 weapons + dlc ones with a big efford,i ve been testing each vehicle if they bug or anything but 95% of them are ifv too,if you guys got any ideas for more additions write below comments heres a video review how it may look: steam page as well if anyone wants to join: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/gtasanmods

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