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  1. It’s 1987, the Iron Curtain is falling apart, and behind it lies opportunity and two weary criminals team up to exploit them. Follow smuggler Sophia Hoffmann and former assassin Robert Watson as they construct an empire in a tale taking place across the European continent, from the beaches in Southern France to the freezing mountains of Russia. Protagonists Sophia Hoffmann: Though on the outside a charming, not half-bad looking woman, Hoffmann is a seasoned smuggler of arms, drugs, cars and other less than legal wares. Born in East Lindenberg in 1951, her father took her to the West at the age of ten, leaving a mother and sister on the other side of the Wall. She moved to France in 1967, after her father suffered a less than favorable encounter with an industrial press. Hanging about in circles with a sympathy for Castro and Ho Chi Minh, she came upon Jean Jaquez Gillard, a soft spoken devil whose idea of political discourse was to steal the guy he disagreed with's car and sell it. He introduced her to his car theft organization, which she quickly became a vital component in. However all good things come to an end and as such Gillard was caught pissing himself back to soberity on the Prime Minister's car in the summer of 1979. Eventually the entire operation was exposed and Hoffmann slipped away and moved back to Lindenberg, where she took on various jobs. Eight years later, she is still convinced that she can run an operation better herself, she just needs the right partner... Personal vehicle: Übermacht Sentinel Robert Watson: An upstanding citizen for the first thirty years of his life and a decorated military veteran, Robert Watson realized that crime does pay and offered up his particular set of his skills to the highest bidder. In time he became one of the most effective paid murderers in Western Europe, beloved of both mafiasos and politicians. However as his daughter was born he faced a change of heart and moved with his fiancee and child to West Lindenberg where he hoped to go legal. Unfortunately old habbits die hard and within two years he was back to being paid for hitting annoying neighbours in the back of the head with a rock. By 1987 his conscience has caught up to him once again and he is looking for a more "clean" form of crime. Personal vehicle: Vapid Marin and Galivanter Protector Major Characters Oswald Phillips: The leader of a smuggling network operating out of the UK and not a very nice man. Actively blind. Peter Alexandrov: The reclusive head of the recovering Russian mob. Also not a very nice man. Andreas Junge: Former member of Gillard's operation and an old flame of Sophia's. A bit of a communist. Reginald Thompson: Western Europe's primary distributor of cocaine. Felipe Hollande: Arms dealer operating out of De Gaulle. David Blake: American soldier stationed at Waidmann Air Force Base. Has a habit of accidentally sneaking weapons out of the base and selling them. Karl Meinhof: Investigator from Globalpol, awarded with the task of leading a charge against global arms dealing. Lucy Watson: Fiancee of Robert Watson. Spends her days taking care of their daughter Alice. Jean-Jaquez Gillard: A soft spoken drunkard who was once the leader of one of the world's largest car smuggling operations. Likes to quote Marx with one hand whilst reenacting an Ayn Rand novel with the other. Released from prison early thanks to good behavior. Martina Hoffmann: Sister of Sophia Hoffmann. Lives in East Lindenberg with her husband and son. Georg Sellerman: Head of the East German MINAS. Suffers a chronic addiction to chewing tobacco. Cities West Lindenberg, Federal Republic of Germany East Lindenberg, German Democratic Republic De Gaulle, France Muscat, Union of Soviet Socialist Republics Fully fleshed out mission descriptions coming whenever I can be arsed to write them soon Weapon storage: To add some realism the magical pockets of previous GTA’s have been removed and in its place, is a system bearing some similarity to that of Max Payne 3. Handguns can be stored in holsters around your body which you can purchase at a gun store, or if small enough, it can simply be put in a pocket or stuffed in your pants (You can have shoulder holsters, two hip holsters and two leg holsters). Long arms can be stored in the boot of your car, however if you switch it for another weapon it will be dropped. This can be solved by purchasing a strap for it, so instead of dropping it you will sling across your shoulder (You can have two weapons on your shoulders.) If you leave a weapon that you have purchased behind it can be found in your safe house. Changing world: Since the game takes place over a six-year period you can notice visible changes in the world around you. You can see stores close and new ones take their place, construction projects progressing or the Wall gradually disappearing. The most significant changes can be witnessed in the communist countries as they gradually open up to Western consumerism. News: Newspapers are available. Like in Red Dead Redemption they will cover in-game events and satirical news articles. In addition real world events at the time will also be reported to add authenticity to the game. You can also hear the news on the radio. EBC* World – Eagles – The Beatles - ABBAIron Eagle - King Kobra - Shocking Blue - Creedence Clearwater Revival - Supertramp - Dusty Springfield - Rupert Holmes - Kenny Loggins - James Brown - Red 7 - A Flock of SeagullsTake Me Home Tonight - Eddie Money Metro FM – A-ha – Bruce Springsteen - Genesis – Huey Lewis and the News - The Police – Stevie Wonder - Pet Shop Boys - Frank Stallone - Cheap Trick - Boston - Mr. MisterOut of Touch - Daryl Hall & John Oates - Kylie Minogue (1988) - The Cure(1992) EBC Rock Bold as Love – Jimi Hendrix – David Bowie – Deep Purple - Rush - Jefferson Airplane - Cheap Trick - Steve Miller Band - Queen - The Rolling Stones - Kiki DeeSubdivisions - Rush Good Times Bad Times - Led Zeppelin EBC Emotion – Phil Collins – Queen – Janis Joplin – Three Dog Night – David Bowie – Jefferson Airplane - The Outfield - Urge Overkill (1992) EBC Heavy – Judas Priest - Black Sabbath – Iron Maiden - Motörhead - Def Leppard - Dio - Deep Purple - Metallica (1991) Classical FM - Beethoven – Bach – Edward Grieg – Prokofiev – Tchaikovsky - Camille Saint-Saëns - Tchaikovsky – Mozart - Mozart - Mussorgsky - Johannes Brahms - Dmitri Shostakovich - Khachaturian - Khachaturian - Mozart Radio Deutschland Coming soon, probably... De Gaulle Local Radio - Stephanie de Monaco – Les Demons de Minuit – Voyage Voyage – Jean Schulteis - Nuit de folie Retour En Arrière FM Sun-Kissed Chicks – Jean-Jaques Debout Comment Te Dire Adieu – Francoise Hardy - Serge Gainsbourg and Michel Colombier – Alain Z. Kan – JoannaLa Machine – Dani – Sullivan - Michael Ypar - Suzanne Gabriello – Eric Charden Radio Muscat Golden Town – Aquarium Star - Kino – At the Dawn – Alliance Spinning the Dreidel – Kriuz Herbs Ocean – Picninc Bastards - Brigada C Knock – Kino My Generation – Alisa Leningrad Time – Secret 6 AM – Zoopark *English Broadcasting Company, used as an excuse to have English speaking radio Feel free to criticize, though I'd prefer the constructive kind.
  2. BY SLIMEBALL SUPREME & THE NOTORIOUS MOB You might think of Vice City when you think of the eighties; cocaine-riddled splendor and neon sports cars. That’s not what awaits. Up the coast, in the twin cities of Carcer and Lenapia, riding from the casinos of Empire City to Liberty City’s outer suburban counties, a very different tale of crime will be told. Cash and crime still rule: but in one of the quickest-crumbling urban areas in the United States of America. In Greed & Grit, you play as three different protagonists, each from varying backgrounds. The character-switching feature from V returns, with all three displaying vastly different experiences and perspectives. A cop, a cubano crook and a corner boy, all trying to make their way in a world falling apart. Each with a cast of shady associates to help them on their way. It's a gritty, violent, dangerous world. But it's the only one they know. A 32 year old Alderney native, currently working as a Narcotics detective in the city of Stranton. Suffering from a bad case of career fatigue and currently spending his days shacked up in an apartment with his current squeeze in nearby Peterborough. He's growing increasingly disillusioned by departmental bureaucracy and the ever changing nature of his chosen career. Could a move to Liberty City as part of an experimental new unit be just the change he's been looking for? Jerry Sandowski – A long serving Detective Sergeant in the Narcotics Division of Stranton's Police Department, Sandowski cut his teeth cracking large scale heroin schemes during the disco era. He's a consummate people pleaser with a soft spot for Dwyer, who is constantly pushing his blind eye for indiscretions to absolute breaking point. In a feeble attempt to keep Tommy on the straight and narrow he pairs our boy with long time rival Evan Jackowitz – A pompous do-gooder who'll do anything to get ahead.. even if it means throwing others under the bus. Jackie Palumbo – The undisputed ring leader of Liberty City's newly established Narcotics and Organized Belligerents Squad. Giacomo Palumbo (as he's known to his mother) has a long and checkered history in the Organized Crime Division which has furnished him with more connections than a Liberty City Subway line. Mickey Gonzalez – Miguel "Mickey" Gonzalez is a seasoned detective from the Homicide Division in Dukes who has caught more misconduct citations than actual killers. In an era where the murder rate has never been higher he was one of the first to be transferred to the equally work heavy Organized Belligerents Squad, despite having no intention of actually doing any real police work. Malcolm Jones – The only member of the NOBS aside from Tommy who actually has any experience in the field of Narcotics – whether it be trying to prevent their spread around the city or otherwise. Although his intentions may be passably good, he'll sink quickly to the levels of his coworkers, honor be damned. Frank McReary - Rookie cop with stars in his eyes, Frankie wants success, and he’ll do anything to get it. A former altar boy from the infamous McReary family, Frank already has an upward slope ahead of him; but his inclusion in the budding investigative operation could throw a spanner in the works, so to speak. Linda Galione – Tommy's landlord and one of his many old flames. She's the type of woman you hear about in country music and procedural dramas on TV. She's a feisty young AUSA by day and an overworked desk sleeper by night. She has an uncanny eye for criminality.. except for when it's going on right under her nose. Angelo Valerio - A flashy Dukes based drug dealer with connections, Angelo is a member of the old school Valerio clan; the brothers five spread out all over town with a hand on the pulse of the LC coke market. Cruising around Cerveza in flashy hoopties, Angie isn’t quite as notorious as his elders yet; but the tides of change are ever fickle. Dominic Sepe - Conniving South Broker pretty boy turned mob chieftain; Sepe, nicknamed ‘The Wrench’, has been operating as a close aide to up and coming capo Nino Abruzzo for years. With a good head for business and a reputation for turning situations bloody if he has to, The Wrench has been reaching out to new, highly profitable areas in an attempt to secure some more dough. His newest source? Defrauding the Federal Government out of gasoline taxes, leaving more than a few bodies in his wake. Emil Argov - South Broker's little don, an expatriate from the Leningrad underworld with a love of green, black and blue. The man known as 'Cattle Prod' for his signature weapon has dominated the growing neighborhood of Hove Beach; bolstered by his would-do consigliere Lazar Saravaisky, Lazar's protege Kuzma "Kenny" Petrovich, and infamous ex-athlete bodyguards, the Roitman Brothers (Gennady and German). If there's one value the man holds above all, it's not honor, but fear - which may come to be his very undoing. Moe Schwartz – Once the Lupisella Family’s cunning and quiet accountant, in recent years Schwartz has been exercising his connections to the anti-communist movement by reaching out to Russian exiles fleeing the USSR following the Jackson-Vanik amendment. But while moving emigrés into apartments and setting them up with work visas - Schwartz has noticed a pattern, and with a pattern like this comes many opportunities. Max Goldstein – The self styled Maximilian Goldstein is a wealthy entrepreneur and club owner expanding his vast fortunes by catering to the sleazy bridge and tunnel club goers too rough to cut it in Algonquin. His mobbed up partner Tony Spoleto is the yin to his yang – a career opportunist with his fingers just deep enough in Ancelotti operations to offer Goldstein protection. Together however their ever growing interests in gasoline bootlegging have made their already strained relationship with the Lupisella Family and their affiliates a lot more tenuous, which can only end in tears. Agent Delacruz - Past his prime and with permanent bags under his eyes, FIB special agent Felipe “Phil” Delacruz is a shadow of his once-productive self. On his ass at the bureau, old Phil has noticed some potential weak links within the recently founded Nob Squad… and he plans to take advantage. A 28 year old Cuban expatriate who moved to America at just five years old. After finishing up a nickle bid for armed robbery, he's keen to get back in the saddle and resume a life of crime that's all he's really ever known. Reconnecting with old associates, he embarks on a journey to try and finally make something of himself as he once again begins his ascent of the underworld whilst simultaneously battling with the ghosts of his past. Vito Accardi – Danny's former prison mate and a stagnating star in the Lupisella crime family. He has recently been sent down south and tasked with expanding the family's interests into hotly contested territory. Struggling with sobriety and the pressure of bringing in the dough, he has his cigarette stained fingers in so many pies, it's only a matter of time before he gets burned. Seymour Scarpetti – An abominable parole officer who works at the behest of the Lupisellas, pulling strings for their associates to make their reintroduction to society as cushy and unproductive as financially possible. He assigns Danny to work under Walter Gomez – A reformed convict attempting to rebuild a community crumbling under the weight of ongoing gang activity. He opens his community centre to Danny and gladly offers him bed and board, knowing all too well the struggles of rehabilitation. Buddy Earle – The current reigning President of Lenapia's own Goblin's MC. Oft mistaken for a quiet and reclusive old man, his aging exterior is the outer armour of an all American Outlaw. A veteran of countless wars with a body count as high as his blood pressure, he must fight hard to stave off the advances of other one percenters from neighbouring territories, if only to save face in the eyes of his underlings. Stan Vlochos – Vlochos is a Lenapia based emissary for Liberty City's Volikakis Crime family. He is trying to establish a foothold in the burgeoning Methamphetamine market but has thus far been unsuccessful due to an unhinged personality and some ongoing tensions with the resident Greek Mob. Johnny Morello – A young mafia soldier caught right in the middle of an ongoing power struggle in the Lenapia crime family. His loyalties are fickle and he is willing to take his orders, without question, from whoever sits on the throne. Constantly tasked with maintaining the family's equally fragile alliances with other local outfits, he heads up a posse of young tough guys who just as blindly follow his lead. Ritchie & Ralph – Ricardo “Ritchie Del” Delmonte & Ralphie “The Raven” Roccaforte are two seasoned hitmen for the Lenapia Mob. They're desperate to become legitimate, conducting most of their business from a humble rowhouse-cum-restaurant in South Lenny that always seems to have traces of spilled tomato sauce on the kitchen floor. Now both in their early 40s they're becoming increasingly anxious about getting their button, especially in the company of a new hired gun. Eduardo Reyes – The loyal second in command of the Alderney based Cuban Mafia, he passes on the orders of his rarely seen boss. Conducting most of his operations from a humble coffee shop in Leftwood, he uses his son Eduardo Jnr. (aka "Lalo") as a buffer between him and the streets. His decades old relationship with Danny means that he affords him a certain level of intimacy, but past indiscretions have left him distrustful – for the time being at least. Pawal Orlowski - A seemingly friendly face within Lenapia's striving Polish community, Paulie O’ serves fresh kielbasa out of his butcher shop – Kabanos Korner on Virginia Street. But few, including the city police department, know what happens behind the scenes; or inside the basement. While Orlowski runs a few rackets here and there, he runs a pretty tight operation… the real magic happens downstairs. Joseph Roviri – A businessman so shady he could block out the sun. He made his initial fortune in the mob backed vending machine industry and has since expanded into the garbage hauling and trucking industries, seizing effective control over various related unions in the process. All accusations against him are yet to be proven however. This affords him the unenviable responsibility of managing the various mob families' shared interests in ventures such as their faltering Casino in Westdyke. Caine Devlin – A legendary Irish tough guy criminal who now acts as the string puller of the Lenapia based B&D Gang. His ever expanding influence is well known to be far reaching and more than a few prolific gangsters have fallen under his might. Now working in partnership with the equally powerful Roviri, he seeks to watch everyone crumble so he can build himself up. Jimmy Pegorino – The crown prince of the lowly regarded Pegorino crime family of Alderney. He too is struggling to make a name for himself in crowded territory under the ever judgmental eye of his pugnacious father Johnny Boy. With a long list of hair brained schemes and no shortage of idiots to do his bidding, he is eager to move upwards with as little effort as possible. Although he would surely say otherwise. David Forster & Lou Rollins – The smug face of the DOA's Lenapia field office and his long suffering subordinate. Forster is a constant hunter of glory who has tracked smugglers from Liberty City to Colombia and back again, throughout his rather short and often illustrious career. He isn't afraid to bend the rules or steal someone's thunder, especially if it leads to another promotion. Rollins, meanwhile, has been with the Agency since its establishment. In spite of many high profile arrests however he has been held back from promotion by what he deems to be institutional racism. Often dismissed as a blow hard and a crack pot conspiracy theorist.. perhaps he knows more than he should. Emilio Hernandez – The Liberty City based point man for the ever powerful Colombian Cartel. “Milo” frivolously spends his vast fortune and holds a similar disregard for his personal relationships. Away from the watchful eye of his superiors he looks to turn bubbling inter-factional hostilities into an all out war for domination. A 23 year old native of South Bohan, Marcus has always tried to stay away from a life of crime that has constantly surrounded him. Working a dead end job until being unwittingly pulled into a position of power following a violent altercation with a rival street gang, he must juggle his desire to stay on the straight and narrow with the overpowering allure of the drug game. He will soon find out however that the game in question comes with a variety of other players. Most of them conspiring to bring about his fall. Antoine Forge – A lifelong friend to Marcus who also moonlights as an aspiring kingpin, running with like minded individuals in Upper Algonquin where he crashes with his aunt and her two kids. With dreams as big as his balls, he hopes to one day buy his way out of the ghetto and wants to take Marcus along for the ride. Kelvin Mitcham – Kelvin is a scrappy teenager who hangs around Marcus and Antoine almost every minute of the day. He tries to be just like the latter, no matter how much virtually everybody tries to dissuade him from doing so. Equal parts little brother and protege, he's constantly torn between two opposing forces with differing ideas of where he and their three man enterprise should go. Lenny Williams – A brutish crack cocaine based entrepreneur from the hellish surroundings of East Island's West Wampum neighborhood. Leonard “Big Dogg” Williams joins the gang fresh off a bid for possession with intent to sell.. and has zero intent on giving up his day job anytime soon. Artie Caparole - Fortside born and bred; good old Mr. C has been serving the community since the 1960’s, a taste of Italy from his parlor on the colorful roadbend of Drop Street. But as the community changes, as new folk move in and old folk move out, Caparole is having a hard time coming to terms with the people now calling Fortside home. Raul Lopez – The Leader of a South Bohan hispanic gang known as “The Bohan Kings”, he and Marcus's ilk share more than a friendly rivalry. In a predominantly Puerto Rican neighborhood, he may have the numbers but Marcus and his peers will do everything in their power to make sure he doesn't play the advantage. Carolina Garcia – A ghetto fashionista and self professed “gangsta bitch” from around the way. She's been crushing on Marcus since highschool.. or at least she would have been if she ever attended. Despite outward appearances this SoBo native is equal parts dangerous and cute. Don't underestimate her or you may just end up with a gun in your face. Felix Aguero – A flamboyant Cuban cocaine peddler based in East Holland. "Fe-Fe" Aguero's got connections to both the Downtown club scene and the big boys in Alderney, the perfect dichotomy for a young go-getter like Marcus who is trying to break into the competitive drug scene – whatever it takes. Ernie Elardo - The introverted, money minded young capo of the Pavano’s East Holland crew; Emidio Elardo has fingers deep within the upper echelons and has always been on the shortlist for acting boss. His responsibilities now lie in caretaking: whether that’s looking after the Pavano’s heroin interests or babysitting loopy Bohan button man Robert Ferraro. James Dillard - A bonafide legend among the hustlers of East Broker, Dillard is known as ‘Dr. J’ to his disciples and ‘public enemy number 1’ to the local precinct. A crack rock pioneer with his Hinterlands deep into the local drug scene, Doc J is more than just a baller; he’s a street idol. And boy, does he know it. Paulie Stein – A past-his-prime club impresario forced into reluctant reclusion by a misunderstanding with the IRS and an as-of yet not fully understood illness. His legacy on the line, he’s thrown a new sheen of paint on the prestigious Studio 69 with the help of long-suffering co-owner Steve Schneider, rebranding it as "Elephant". All in an attempt to get the upper hand in his ongoing rivalry with James St-Pierre, a playboy of mixed French-Canadian ancestry who now has his 'sight set' on becoming Liberty City's new king of nightlife with his flash new club "Platinum", operating just a few blocks from Elephant and the legendary Bahama Club. Isaiah Jenkins - What is the drug game, but an extension of the free market? To Isaiah Jenkins, former member of Howie Fisher’s drug crew, they’re one in the same… and he wants none of it. Reformed and proud, Isiah's now living out his life in North Holland as an Islamic preacher for the ever growing Brotherhood of Muslims. Never the less he still keeps his finger on the pulse of current happenings in the underworld. He partners Marcus up with Esmail Edwards - the devout former leader of the Lenapia-based Black Mafia currently locked up on a robbery-murder rap from the seventies. Esmail knows that in order to keep things moving, you need some new talent and given his current predicament, he’s always happy for them to come knocking. Cokey Robinson – Just as his nickname suggests Lester “Cokey” Robinson runs a downtown empire based on the finest marching powder Star Junction's money can buy. Despite his flashy exterior he's been unable to move out of the run down projects in President's City and recently his locally based competition have been looking to give him a push. Sylvester Ganzfried - A trained orthodox rabbi who's never taken the pulpit: Ganzfried has done just about every job you can think of. Presidential liaison, Liberty State Police Chaplain, bank director, and now professional mob fixer, dividing his time between Russians and Italians. The rabbi's connections stretch far, from Mossad, to The Exchange, to foreign governments, and now one of his more lucrative connections - the Cleethorpes real estate dynasty, through their eccentric heir Lyle IV and his equally eccentric lawyer Ray Rosenbaum. Eloise Brown – A Los Santos native who moved to Lenapia in the late 1970s to be with her now deceased husband. After his death she inevitably inherited his assets - a multi million dollar piece of the drug market previously held by the Black Mafia. Her ability to turn a ten kilo a month industry into a coast to coast empire shows that if ever there were an example of gender equality on the streets there's none more shining than “Auntie E”. Thanks in no small part of course to loyal foot soldiers like Elmont “E-Money” Washington or the two men she refers to as her “Capital City Connection”. The Tri-State Area takes the stage as the game space of Greed & Grit - the world’s biggest, worst city in Liberty. The ancient, aging rust-belt town of Lenapia. And widespread, mobbed up suburbs throughout Alderney and East Island. Liberty State is a state of contrasts. No, it’s not just the city. Though it might as well be. Look eastward and see the suburbs where mobsters and spooks alike set up picket fences and let the kids play little league. Look past Bohan and see the mansions and horse tracks where the affluent make their home. Look upstate and, well… we don’t talk about Upstate. LIBERTY CITY Liberty City is The Worst Place in America. Ask former President Sherwin Peck who first said the quote during a speech in 1975, a quote that’s haunted the city in the years since. The crown jewel of American capitalism, the face of an empire, and the quickly crumbling de-facto capital of the United States. Five boroughs: the studded skyscrapers of Algonquin belying filth on both northern and southern ends. The brownstones of Broker where crime syndicates alike have claimed their footing. The projects of Bohan red-lined from top to bottom, the streets lined with dealers and drug addicts. The forgotten borough of Richmond Island that might as well be ‘Derney, and the suburb and parkland of Dukes. What a f*cking town. It’s the place where smoke comes out the manhole covers and where everyone is batsh*t f*cking crazy. Way before the naked cowboys playing guitars in the city’s hot spot of sin in Star Junction and stage show glitz on Burlesque, it was ladies of the night playing on pervy heartstrings and amateur skin flicks being shot on crackling VHS tapes in abandoned theaters. The city houses just about every ethnicity in the world - from commies to compatrioti, Jews in flight and Colombians and Dominicans arriving en masse. Shrinking enclaves taken over - Fortside and Schottler turning darker by the day, South Broker slowly being dominated by Russians. Koreans and Albanians in Little Bay, Greeks and Moroccans in Steinway. The tides of change. Risk salmonella from street meat, get robbed in an alley by a bum in a diaper, see the beautiful Statue of Happiness decomposing in the river and giving every immigrant the finger. Enjoy the mud before the rain. EAST ISLAND If Richmond Island is Alderney, then East Island is… well, it’s something. Traditionally more New Hanover than New Rotterdam. There exists no better example on earth of the contrast between the haves and the have nots. A two hour drive along the Sunset Highway equates to an ascent of the property ladder, all the way to the top. It's no wonder the borough of Dukes legislated to offload some of its worst sections onto a county that has a median income ten times its own. Two story houses and tract mansions and some of the goofiest amateur architectural work only a way-too-rich wiseguy could commission. That’s some of it, anyway. Look on the Dukes border and you’ll see the ethnic enclaves - a second Chinatown in Keering, a Jamaican hotspot in Wampum, Italians in a Meso Park that’s just about middle class. Keep going, though. The Carraway Peninsula slopes down Broker where beachside whites make their home - Near and Far Carraway, Hadaway, Carraway Point. A beautiful view of Wampum Bay swampland where you can see low-flying aircraft doing runs in the night, picturesque views or cement-shoed corpses washing up on the beach. Head into central East Island and it’s suburb, suburb, suburb: baroque Bloomingdale, the Hempwoods of West and East, Hunter Bay hamlets and East Beach coastlines. But the richest of Liberty’s rich live in the very east. South and East Carraway, The Carraways, the megamansions and socialites and wine parties and typical aristocracy gossip. Tuxedo dos and secrets galore. The scenic summer home of Jon Gravelli. Coastal Moheague with Lovecraftian fog and the lone lighthouse shining out onto the ocean. The perfect honeymoon. Mobsters, blue blood dynasties, a supposedly inactive military base where white vans supposedly drive in and out on the regular. When people think Liberty, they don’t usually think East Island. And that’s probably for good reason too. WORCESTER COUNTY A long-time reputation as the city’s gilded lily can deceive: among the idyllic suburbs and elegant homes the most scummy of criminals can be found. Gangsters, gangbangers, bankers and fools. All can be found in the city of Decker. But plenty of degeneracy and squalor can also be found in many of the county's other neighborhoods and towns. If it's fun you're looking for, why not take a ride on the roller coaster at Joyland Park or grab a Blarneys at one of the 50 Irish bars straddling Kavanagh and McCluskey. Shop 'til you drop at the Oakwood mall just off the expressway and then top it all off with a spot of golf over in Welham bay. Be on your best behavior or you might just end up doing a stretch at Whittington Correctional. It's stood since the 19th century but still houses more animals than the Worcester zoo. While not technically a state, it's the only city in New Sylvania that actually matters. It’s no wonder why Lenapia is called the city of independence. It is after all the place where the United States was created in 1776. They massacred all the natives but the name still stuck. Aside from being of great historical importance it’s also a city that offers its visitors lots to see and do. Whether it’s visiting the world famous Pendencia Hall, or eating your weight in cheese steak before attempting to run up the steps at the LAME without puking, the place is full of sights that’ll keep you wanting more. And plenty of others that’ll make you wish you never came. The city is chock full of ethnic enclaves. From tracksuit wearing Italians in the South to brotherly loving brothers in the West and a whole melting pot of Hispanics, Irish, Koreans, Russians and Polish in the Northeast. So you’re sure to find a fight wherever you go. If you’re not looking for trouble, then it’s best to stick to Middle City, where you can enjoy traditional eateries and markets, with virtually none of the danger. The almost 100 year old Depository Market is a source for fresh scrapple, seafood, meats and cheese. Or you can venture further south to the Italian Market off Assunpink Avenue and travel back to a time long before the advent of supermarkets, good manners or proper sanitation. If it’s calorific junk you’re looking for, then why not grab a world famous Lenny cheesesteak from the equally famous Big Miz or Philly Gee’s and become embroiled in a feud that’s been going on for almost 30 years now. Just don’t let either proprietor see you entering the other, or you may just end up being added to the menu! Prepare to lose yourself in the Eden State. The contorted backbone of the playable area, that, true to its name, is awash with temptation at every hand’s turn (and plenty of snakes to go with it). The serpentine appearance should be a dead giveaway but don’t be put off, as fun and adventure awaits in an area that’s so much more than a place where “people from Liberty City go to dump their trash”. Across the area’s Nine Counties there’s mountain hiking, waterfalls, nature reserves, airfields, casinos and (of course) plenty of gangs. It’s no wonder when its major cities consistently rank tops among the worst places in America. Geographically, the state is split into North and South, with some mess in the middle that nobody talks about. Thanks to a vast highway and turnpike system you’ll thankfully never have to go there, so let’s move along. BARREN COUNTY Aside from Bobby Baker’s Imaginarium and the Planetarium, it's all lakes and wineries. All things available elsewhere in the state. But there’s something strange going on in the southern skylands, miles from the incestual Appalachians in the rolling hills of the Piccaninnies. Some would say a bit of excitement for a county best known for vast wilderness and cricket sounds since the decline of the manufacturing industry. But the presses haven’t stopped churning out sensationalist diatribes for months. Co-ed cadavers found floating in Camp Craven in the mountain township of No Hope (colloquially No Hope, Craven Lakes). Sporadic sounds of chainsaws in the uninhabited woodlands beside McNeil’s Diner and the Pet Sematary in the pale moonlight. Haddonfield and Woodbury townships have long been on high alert over reports of a crazed slasher. Lumped on top of prom night whisperings in Sawyerville of somebody going postal with a pickaxe in the one time mining village of Strode. Until now the biggest worry had been a pack of hungry wolves straying from Del Lobos Preserve and disrupting a picnic at Myers Creek, but the ghostly goings on have now made Barren County a far less desirable place to live than it was before. If only there were somebody they could call… GUERNSEY COUNTY Ah, good old Guernsey County, The Gateway. Where people start on spray tans and end up with a new face, silicone titties and boxes and boxes of hair products. And that’s just the “men.” It also serves as the Gateway for things moving west. Whether that be Liberty’s trash, their outcasts or their contraband. The commercial hubs of Berchem, Acter and Alderney City and the tip of the chemical coast. It’s also home to the north east’s busiest sea port in Tudor and a plethora of gangs. You’re probably familiar with all of it by now but, given the difference in time period, things are a little different now. Before the Cuban emigres moved up and out of the neighborhood, Leftwood was where they liked to call home. The Korean influence in Alderney City is also all but non-existent and the waterfront is mostly composed of railyards and factories as opposed to the skyscrapers which appear ten or twenty years on. Some things never change though. It still also acts as the stronghold for the Lost MC and the Pegorino crime family. In fact, even more so. HANSEN COUNTY Serving as a stark contrast to Guernsey and Wessex Counties to the south and the absolute antithesis of much of Liberty to the east, Hansen County is one of the wealthiest counties in the United States. That’s not to say that it doesn’t house some very bad people though. From “big earners” in the mob to the migrating ethnic scourge, this is the place that people go when they want to deal with the scum but don’t want to live with them. Demographically the county, to say the least, is fairly diverse and has for years borne the weight of urban swell from surrounding areas. From Latinos at odds with the Italians in Ridgepeck to African Americans in Thurrock and growing concentrations of Asians up and down The Plateau. The north is all residential but the southern part of the county hosts several attractions that bring in people in droves from just about everywhere within a hundred mile radius. And, thanks to the Peterborough Airport, it’s also never been easier to come from beyond. From private jets chartered by cross country celebrities to coke filled jetliners chartered by intercontinental drug traffickers, many notable vessels have been known to land. The hangar space comes at a price but what’s a couple hundred G’s compared to the hassle of immigration checks. It’s no wonder the safety standards are so abysmal. A plane crash is such a badass way to die anyway right? And if you’re lucky there’s always a chance you might land in a river. They’re everywhere! Another big draw is the Riverlands Sports Complex, where you can watch the Olympians get pounded by the Wrath again and then watch the Mambas get pounded by the Olympians.. or the Pounders get pounded by the Wrath. While you’re down there, why not bet that second mortgage on a couple of ponies down at the track. There are also a number of options if you fancy a round of golf. HIGHLAND COUNTY Just outside Hansen County lies Highland. A county almost entirely made up of a collection of mediocre mountains and two massively sprawling state parks. It’s also the absolute furthest many Alderneyites and Libertonians are willing to go, under the illusions of “roughing it” for a vacation in the woods. Roll through in August for the Annual Dog and Pony Show or come see the freak show any other day of the year by wandering into one of the county’s many nondescript unincorporated communities. Go fishing, shoot a deer, shoot a rabbit if you want to. Take a boat out on one of the many lakes and bring it back when you realize the water smells like sewage and you don’t know how to drive. If you’re feeling really adventurous, go for a hike and spend the rest of your weekend getaway trying to find your way back where you should have stayed. If you feel like being a pussy there’s some wildlife management areas and a sunflower maze. Get lost for a couple of hours there instead and take a picture beside a kodiak bear safely trapped behind an electrified fence. Ignore the signs and feed him a burger and tell your wife how he growled at you in front of the fire with a bottle of locally sourced wine as you try in vain to get it up. Then struggle through three hours of the little ones asking “are we there yet?” as you make your way back to your desk job at The Exchange. If you can actually hit a barn door with a bayonet rifle then the area is also an exceptional hunting ground. The bald eagles are “protected” but why not hit up the Willie Stroker State Forest by the Dover River Gap and bag yourself a possum, a raccoon or a fox. If you’re quick on the draw you might even fell a coyote or a bobcat. And if you’re really lucky you might even get you some beaver out there. LIBEL has the whole area dammed up so they can’t swim away. Failing that, just throw some rocks at a bog turtle and tell your friends you bow hunted a white tail and met a real life cowboy at Deldo’s City and then shot him in the ass. WESSEX COUNTY Just east of Barren County, sitting on the murky banks of the Puritan River is Wessex. And in this particular instance we’ve saved the worst ‘til last. There aren't many saving graces when your crown jewel is the rundown city of Stranton. A sh*thole personified by missed opportunities that’s frequently been shunned by the big BAWSAQ companies in favor of Alderney City. And a four term reigning mayor who seems determined to run it into the ground. Downtown has some promise but wander into any other area and you may not wander back out. It’s a city as segregated as any - Blacks to the West, Hispanics to the East, Jews in the South beside the airport and Italians now being relegated to the North. Outside the county’s largest city, the prospects don’t get much brighter, as the runner up Peterborough is like puking your guts up when you’ve been suffering from violent diarrhea all through the night. And what happens when you flush the chain? It washes out in East Willmington and somebody tries to bottle it up and smoke it or inject it through their veins. It’s also home to Alderney’s academic acropolis. Sitting beside a cloud of perpetual smog. Separated from Richmond Island to the east by the Overkill River. If you venture further west things do start looking up, but the once prosperous communities have now been overrun by yuppies and the college going cancerous curse. A bedroom community for insomniac hordes who make the daily commute to surrounding areas and return only to give the local sheriff’s department something to do. The long time residents have their own afflictions, from prescription drug habits to crippling gambling debts that are sure to keep the resident mobsters in polyester suits for years to come. It also has the Willmington Wetlands and the Turtlehead Zoo. Ménage à Trois - A typical day on the East Coast, played out through the actions of our three protagonists. For two it's just the same old stuff - for the other, a chance at a new beginning. Stay Tuned. Gameplay is actually a bit of a misnomer. It's all hypothetical. What follows is basically the wordplay section. Read away and imagine. The economy, the underworld, the overall zeitgeist of the era. Before most of us were born. It might as well be Jupiter, but it's earth. In a fan fiction about a computer game. Set in a make believe world, almost 40 years ago. But stick with with it. You won't regret it. Well maybe you will but you'll need to read and find out. So suspend your disbelief and read on. This took us a while and we'd appreciate it. Welcome to the days of Hoganomics, where the rich get richer and the poor get more creative. Where every bodega is selling a little more than groceries and nearly every establishment is a simple facade, operating purely to mask the illegal activities in the back. Whether you’re an enterprising criminal or simply on the take, there’s always a little extra money to be made. And plenty of ways to spend it all too. Racket Robberies Why be content with simply robbing a store or walking away with a free pack of cigarettes? Why not do a little investigating and see what that simple store owner really has to hide. Call up some of your boys or go in guns blazing and take them for everything they’ve got. If mass murder isn’t your forte, sometimes all it takes is a little persuasion. Maybe you can push the guy around a little and talk him into giving you a hefty fee to leave the place intact. Drug Smuggling Dope selling is a dope’s game. Join in on the fun. Buy or sell a variety of narcotics across the three states as a way of making money - no matter how risky. Choose any number of narcotics swimming around on the streets (or the ocean) including Coke, Heroin, Weed and Methamphetamines. Drug smuggling in Greed & Grit takes a uniquely three pronged approach. Depending on the drug, you can use either Marcus or Danny to get it straight from the source. Then when it makes its way successfully to the open market you can use Tommy to pilfer the dealers and put it back on the streets. Coke and Methamphetamines are both Danny's forte but if it's Weed or Heroin you're looking to distribute, then Marcus is your man. Since coke is undoubtedly king, it'll require the most heavy lifting. Once the suppliers make their drop off, you go and collect it. When it's on dry land, the other protagonist takes over and transports it to various lock ups. After this it becomes open season for all manner of stick up men and alphabet agencies. You can let it be seized by one of the other dick swingers, to the detriment of the other guys' bank accounts, or you can lift it yourself and make the moral choice between selling it on through your partners or turning it in as evidence. Gambling The numbers racket is an underworld business, at least in the big cities. In Liberty State, Lenapia, or much of Northern Alderney - your number one spots for hedging your bets are mobbed up bookies. Take a punt and pick your poison: blackjack, poker, horse races… two cockroaches crawling up a wall. If you need it, take a loan out - go big or go home (with broken kneecaps of course). You can do everything off track at a betting parlor, or you can make your way to one of many real life tracks in locations such as: East Island, Decker, Freeload, Lenapia and Apple Hill. If you want to go really big then why not take a trip down the shore to Empire City. At least if you lose it all you won't have to wander far in order to jump off the pier. The water's so polluted that you'll probably be dead before you know it. And what happens in EC, stays there forever right? Just try to avoid the other saps when you're smuggling in your drugs. Market Manipulation & Gun Running It’s a bull market, baby. The stock game is a hell of a ride. Among the coke-tipped noses of bankers on the Exchange are opportunities to make a little money on the side by spiking the football and screwing with the competition. If you want to make the big figures or sink a whole company on a coin toss then future club fed alumnus Herbert Meinster will be happy to help. Provided he takes his exorbitant cut. Story characters’ll also introduce you to a mechanic where you personally help with the sale of illegal firearms. If you prefer less of a risk (financially speaking) then Biker ‘Buddy’ Earle can help you fulfil your patriotic duty with a sideline to former marines with bucket loads of guns in and out of the Middle East. Even if you lose, America wins. And that's all that matters. Executive Car Service There are a million and one yellow cabs on the streets and quite a few independents trying to crack the market as well. In the days when Zurst is just a figment of the imagination, there exists a certain clientele that need to get where they’re going in style. Who gives a f*ck if the driver has a record, half of these people do too. Whether it be trips from the airport, a low profile getaway or coked up number crunchers making a mad dash from one brokerage firm to another, ferrying the area’s more exclusive commuters can be a great little earner. Not to mention the fact that the majority of these services are controlled by the mob, so you don’t need to worry about anybody skipping out on the fare. Professional Car Theft Translation: some people who don’t want to register a car might want a car by… other means. Light fingered connections like Kelvin Mitcham and Mickey Bardi Jnr. can steal a car on request and bring it right to you and there’s certainly no shortage of seized vehicles available from impound on Tommy’s end. But what if you want to have a crack at liberating a few vehicles from their owners yourself? In East Hook, Liberty City, you might find a man by the name of "Jack the Polack" Palansky with a variety of cars that need finding across town. Kevin McCarthy of Lenapia’s B&D Crew has the inside track on any number of rides in the city and down South ‘Derney. They’re open to any takers; just find the right whip and take it. With or without obstacles or undue stress. Stay in the game long enough and you'll work your way up to a mysterious man named Kaczynski, the one issuing lists across the whole tri-state area from a warehouse in the Tudor docks. Debt Collection & Bounty Hunting Loans and bail bonds - easy money for any entrepreneur willing to get their hands a little dirty. All three protagonists have a man that has an extra-long logbook of people who need paying: Vito Accardi for Danny, Matt Lupo for Marcus, and good ol’ Mickey Gonzalez for Tommy Dwyer, despite being in the hole to various loan sharks himself. How the debts get paid? You be the judge. If they don’t have hard cash, asset forfeiture might be required: a ring, a car, some neat tech from within the debtor’s house. They should’ve known who they were lending from. Alternatively, there's a pretty-much-legal way of making money from the downtrodden trying their hand at an extortionate criminal justice system i.e. catching criminals and felons trying to escape a charge. In Alderney’s flag-waving suburbs, a man named Hester will show you the way. In Alderney’s more rural areas, the sisterly duo of Trixie and Dixie are happy to hire. The choice is yours. Private Security LC is second only to the glamor of Vinewood when it comes to the power of celebrity - and like any John Lennon, you’ll always have plenty of Mark David Chapmans. Pick up work at just about any nightclub or nightlife hotspot or take jobs from a variety of high-profile entertainment agents. Whether that’s skin-industry mogul and Gambetti affiliate Enzo ‘E.Z’ Zaccaro; eccentric talent-taker Oggie Greenblatt or flamboyant fashion queen Kim Manx. You’ll be out on the street with stars and celebutantes, just watching out for those who might cause harm. The routes to being a bodyguard are slightly different for each protagonist: Marcus will become involved through Steve Schneider (who also offers him a series of exclusive celebrity-centric side missions). But the pathways for Herrera and Dwyer will be a little different. Despite Danny being a convict, security firms are more than happy to offer work to anybody who’s able to keep their cool when faced with a shank wielding psycho. Tommy’s got a badge, which in the private protection business is gold dust. Special allowances from the LCPD also mean that he’s entitled to an extra bonus for doing so. Fashion & Accessories It’s the 80’s, and the pure coke-fueled bump of Hogan-era consumerism is being injected deep into the collective American subconscious. Buy buy buy, buy it in pretty fluorescent colors and always American; unless the Japanese alternative is a little cheaper instead. Purchase either straight from the source or from a variety of department stores like Liberty’s flagship Spender’s outlet in the Triangle, Fuhrberger's in Alderney or Wankstein & Co. in Lenapia’s Middle City. There are also many options to give your character that signature look. Whether it be moderately priced sportswear from labels like Lézard, Biella, Drongo and LS Beans or signature couture from branded stores across the tri-state area such as Didier Sachs, Santo Capra and BULL EMIC. Why not mix and match and get yourself a velour tracksuit designed by Sebastian Dix. A nifty device? The Sumo Beatboy. Buy cassette tapes and listen to music on the go, tune out to the dreariness of the collapsing rust belt city you live in. Want to do some on-the-go photography or play pretend Steve Scott? Buy a photo-camera straight from Genic or a Criterion camcorder. If you prefer to stay at home, you can deck out your pad with an idiot box from the likes of Panoramic or Kakagawa and watch mind melting tosh. Hook up the latest gaming systems from AKEDO and Kaihatsu or some outdated offerings from the likes of Pixtro, Electro and Kakari and fiddle away with pixelated squares until you go square in the eyes. More on this later. You can buy nifty tech, or just about anything else, from the Wallace, Deering and Company catalog, which offers a variety of mailable nick-knacks for the avarist on the go. It also contains ads for third party services such as Warstock Cache & Carry and Pegasus Lifestyle Management, with whom you can set up a line of credit linked directly into your Limit card or any number of offshore accounts. Items bought in stores and catalogues can also be given as gifts. Getting tired of banging hookers and spot a potential girlfriend? Then why not impress her with a pair of Zach Rebleux's or bottle of Chien No. 2. Her like percentage will go up, and hopefully she'll go down. Then you can go back to running the streets without her constantly blowing up your pager. Asset Management Buying a piece of any business - nightclubs, bars, car dealerships, scrap yards - are good for two things. A little bit of legitimate income, and a great lot of money laundering. To keep the charade up, however, you need to make sure a business is actually a business; which means doing the on-the-books owner a favor from time to time to keep things smooth. Troublemakers at the bar? Several troublemakers at the bar? A late delivery or a promotional detail or many-or-any tasks that need-a doing? There’s only one guy at the spot with that particular skill set, and that man is you. On top of your traditional weekly pick up you can also maximize your profits by setting up a little side racket in the back. From good old fashioned staples such as Drinking and Dancing to a range of fast paced adrenaline inducing sports, there are plenty of ways to flit away the boredom across the three varying states. Whether it be enclosed ball games suitable for the urban environment or open air pursuits, you’re sure to find everything you’re looking for and more. Below is a list of activities for you to partake in on your off days.. when you’re not too busy breaking the law. If you want to partake in anything that’s not listed here then you can. But honestly you’re probably better off just playing GTA IV you boring sod. Basketball Making its triumphant return from San Andreas is the game of B-Ball. Like a certain entertainer, who can’t be named for legal reasons, you’ve waited for 16 long years to shoot your shot and here it is. While not exactly on the level of the Holton Hoops or the Penetrators, if you can find a special friend willing to let you dribble and dunk on them you can play a little one on one. And there’s no shortage of wannabe Holland Vagabonds hanging around in the hood for you to challenge either. In fact why not see if they’re looking to get a little action and stick some money down. Then when one of you takes a pounding, ask to go double or nothing. An eviction notice ain’t got nothing on losing that pride. Batting Cages Swing batter batter swiiiinngg. Baseball bats aren't just for home invasion robberies no more. So take one to the cages and have some balls shot at you quicker than you can say Alsaltacuntas. Whilst you try desperately to hit them and knock them as far as you can. Extra points if you can get them into the parking lot. Even more if you can hit some poor schmuck on the sidewalk eating a hot dog. Just don't throw your shoulder out.. you're going to need it to carry all that swag from your home invasion robberies. Golf Ah, the gentlemen’s game. Nowadays there’s so much money floating around that it's hard to tell the criminals from the conscientious. There are a staggering amount of golf courses positioned over the map ranging from public to private. But the basic mechanics are always the same. Take your time to hit it just right and perfect your stroke so that you get your hole every time. The irony being that most of your fellow golfers are men too old to even find the necessary wood. Here’s a tip - it’s the one with the big round head and the longer shaft. Some say it’s not the size of the club but the ball you’re swinging it at. Those people need to up their game of course. Hunting & Fishing So you’ve gotten out of the city, you’ve thrown the leisure suit away, you’ve bought a rifle, a fishing rod, a six pack of beers and a can of worms… Now what do you do? You go and murder some animals of course. Or at the very least take them out of their natural habitat. A man needs to eat! And none of that store bought specially prepared stuff will quite cut the mustard. Even if you’re not hungry, why not do it for sport? Gone are the days when this was a way of life but if you look around you can still turn a profit. Seek out with somebody with lax standards and you might just break even from the meat. This kielbasa is Kosher right? Suuuure. Just make sure that fish still has all its fins and scales. Looking for halal? As-salamu alaykum my friend. Make some connections in the fashion industry and you can also sell on that fur. Or hook up with a taxidermist and score a few trinkets to hang in your pad. You're hardly just going to leave that carcass there to rot now are you? Mountain Biking Everybody loves a good pedal and crank. So crank up those gears and pedal ‘til your heart gives out across some of the most treacherous terrain east of Blaine County. There are also other bikes made for urban cycling but who wants to be caught dead riding one of those? Why not dig deep into your pockets and buy an 18 speed, skinny wheeled slope slayer that costs just as much as a second hand family car. Throw on some lycra and take to the hills, where nobody can see just how stupid you look. And the best part is there’s no Snapmatic so you’ll have to bring a several hundred dollar camera that you’ll probably drop, ride back down and find somewhere to develop the film before you can blow and boast about it. Simpler times. Parachuting & Skydiving There’s nothing more exciting than jumping from a couple of thousand feet and hoping your parachute actually opens when you pull the chord. From helicopters, buildings, mountains, cliffs and bridges there are plenty of places from which to throw yourself. From none of which a person was ever meant to be thrown. The world is depressing so why not get a little bit of excitement, who cares. And if you don’t make it out.. the world is depressing.. who cares. Tennis What’s more exhilarating than two people opposite one another smacking a ball over a net with a glorified snowshoe? Well, quite a lot actually, including most of the above. If you’re that way inclined however, there are plenty of courts dotted around for you to have a go at perfecting your backswing. You probably won’t be playing in Meadows Park anytime soon professionally but there’s no reason why you can’t head over there and challenge some schmuck who thinks he ought to be, right? Watersports No.. not that kind. Although you might want to head down to Star Junction and ask for a price list. We’re talking kayaking, white water rafting, boat racing and jet skiing. Get yourself kitted out and do a spot of scuba diving if you’d like. Whether it be for your own amusement or just trying to impress some guidos down at the shore, the many rivers and oceans that surround and entangle the playable area provide the perfect environment for taking things off shore. To enjoy most of what they have to offer all you need to do is acquire a boat by whatever means, or swim if you’ve got the energy. Alternatively you can make your way to any number of boathouses and activity centres and they’ll help you on your way. Then you can steal the equipment and go exploring. Rules are for sissies, and you’re a man of the seas! Volleyball Beaches are everywhere, so get your fisting hands flexing for those bouncing balls as you dive face first into the sand. Play with yourself or play with a friend and pretend your in Chumash, rather than chest deep in dumpster surrounded by elitist scum suffering from Locust Valley Lockjaw. It's also a sure fire way to get to see women in bikinis up close and personal. So drop your trousers, check your doors, set your controller to vibrate and relive those Dead or Alive fantasies from 2003. In the days before the assault weapons ban, all forms of firearms are fairly easy to acquire all across the Tri-State area. Ammu-Nation is open for business all over the map and at the prices they charge their employees will easily disregard the need for a permit. In the interest of profit margins however they don't stock any imports or heavy artillery. Lucky for you there are a litany of unlicensed dealers operating all over, provided you know where to look. Whether it be potential enemies of the state within the various Chinatowns or ex soldiers offloading their national army's surplus stock, you're sure to find whatever your murderous heart desires including: It's a great time for music. As disco falls out of fashion, derivative genres such as post-disco, New Wave, Electro and Synth-pop are becoming even more popular, while the diverse and ever present genres of Smooth Jazz and Rock music are also on the up. If your skin tone's a little darker (even if it's in your own imagination) then R&B, Funk and Soul are still king but the quiet storm of Hip Hop is bubbling under and it's just about to make a grab for the crown. Music not your thing? There's plenty to talk about and boy does the radio like to let people talk about it. Even if you haven't got a word of English, there's something there for everybody. Unless you don't speak a word of Spanish either.. then you're sh*t out of luck. Afrika Bambaataa & Cosmic Force - Zulu Nation Throwdown Disco Daddy & Captain Rapp - Gigolo Rapp Disco Four - Do It, Do It Doug E. Fresh - Just Having Fun Eddie Cheba - Lookin' Good (Shake Your Body) Fat Boys - Jailhouse Rap Funky 4+1 - Rappin And Rocking The House Gary Byrd and the GB Experience - The Crown Grandmaster Flash - The Adventures of Grandmaster Flash on the Wheels of Steel Joe Bataan - Rap-O Clap-O Kurtis Blow - 8 Million Stories Lady D - Lady D MC Rock - Jazzy 4 MC's Paulett & Tanya Winley - Rhymin' and Rappin' Rhythm Talk - Jocko Rockmaster Scott - The Roof is On Fire RUN-D.M.C. - 30 Days Spoonie Gee & The Treacherous 3 - The New Rap Language Sugarhill Gang - Apache (Jump On It) Sweet G - A Heartbeat Rap The Fatback Band - King Tim III The Fearless Four - It's Magic The Mean Machine - Disco Dream Treacherous Three - Body Rock Trouble Funk - Drop The Bomb Whodini - Big Mouth Adam & The Ants - Stand And Deliver Alphaville - Forever Young Billy Idol - Rebel Yell Blondie - Call Me Bon Jovi - Runaway David Bowie - Let's Dance Devo - Whip It Don Henley - Boys of Summer Duran Duran - Hungry Like The Wolf Eddie Money - Shakin' Eurythmics - Who's That Girl Kim Wilde - Cambodia M - Pop Muzik Nik Kershaw - The Riddle Pat Benetar - Heart Breaker Pink Floyd - Another Brick in the Wall OMD - Enola Gay Siouxsie And The Banshees - Happy House Supertramp - Breakfast In America Talking Heads - This Must Be The Place The Boomtown Rats - I Don't Like Mondays The Clash - Rock the Casbah The Go-Go's - Our Lips Are Sealed The Knack - My Sharona The Police - Every Breath You Take Tubeway Army - Are "Friends" Electric? Van Halen - Jump Visage - Fade To Grey Brick - Dazz Central Line - (You Know) You Can Do It Ebonee Webb - Something About You Eighties Ladies - Turned On To You Freedom - Get Up And Dance Goldie Alexander - Show You My Love Greg Henderson - Dreamin Gwen McCrae - All This Love That I'm Giving Houseband - Funk It Up Leon Haywood - Don't Push It Don't Force It Linx - You're Lying Marvin Gaye - Got To Give It Up Maze Featuring Frankie Beverly - Running Away Michael Wycoff - Looking Up To You Odyssey - Inside Out Rose Rice - Love Don't Live Here Anymore The Brothers Johnson - Stomp! The Keith Diamond Band - The Dip The New Jersey Connection - Love Don't Come Easy The Sequence - Funk You Up (Long Version) Young & Company - I Like What You're Doing to Me Buddy Rich - Bugle Call Rag (Big Swing Face) Cannonball Adderley Quintet - Mercy, Mercy, Mercy Charles Mingus - Open Letter to Duke Charlie Parker - Bebop John Coltrane - Summertime Louis Armstrong - West End Blues Miles Davis - Smoke Gets in Your Eyes Oscar Peterson - How About You Roy Haynes - Full Moon Sun Ra - When There is No Sun Thelonious Monk - Bye-Ya/Monk's Dream Tubby Hayes Quartet - What's New Althea and Donna - Uptown Top Ranking Barrington Levy – Murderer Barry Brown - Truth And Right Black Uhuru - Guess Who's Coming To Dinner Cornell Campbell - Boxing Around David Isaacs - Place In The Sun Early B - Righteous Rasta Eek A Mouse - Terrorists In The City Gregory Isaacs - Night Nurse Half Pint - One Big Ghetto Leroy Sibbles - Life In the Ghetto Michigan & Smiley – Diseases Mighty Diamonds - Pass The Kouchie Peter Tosh - Legalize It Rita Marley – One Draw Super Cat - Jah Paradise Triston Palmer - Innocent Man Yellowman - Mr. Chin ABC - The Look Of Love Angela Bofill - Too Tough Bananarama - Cruel Summer Billy Ocean - Caribbean Queen (No More Love On The Run) Cheryl Lynn - Encore Culture Club - Do You Really Want To Hurt Me Cyndi Lauper - Girls Just Want To Have Fun Depeche Mode - Just Can't Get Enough Evelyn 'Champagne' King - Back To Love Hall & Oates - I Can't Go for That (No Can Do) Heatwave - Gangsters of the Groove Jackson Five - Can You Feel It Lionel Richie - Running With The Night Madonna - Holiday Melba Moore - Underlove Men Without Hats - Safety Dance Michael Jackson - Beat It Raw Silk - Just in Time Shakatak - Down On The Street Shalamar - I Can Make You Feel Good Soft Cell - Tainted Love Starpoint - It's All Yours Sybil Thomas - Rescue Me Wham! - Everything She Wants Adrenalin O.D. - Going To A Funeral Agnostic Front - Power Bad Brains - Supertouch Damage - Sins of our Fathers Dead Boys - Flame Thrower Love Heart Attack - Society Kraut - Unemployed Minor Threat - Seeing Red Ramones - Teenage Lobotomy Reagan Youth - New Aryans The Dictators - Stay With Me The Icemen - Shadow Out Of Time The Stimulators - Loud Fast Rules! The Young and the Useless - Rise And Shine Undead - Acid Punk Urban Waste - Public Opinion Amanda Miguel - Así No Te Amará Jamás Basilio - Tanto Tanto Amor Celia Cruz & Willie Colón - Usted Abusó Daniela Romo - Mentiras El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico - Vagabundo Hector Lavoe - El Cantante Joe Arroyo - La Rumbera Jose Luis Perales - Y Te Vas Julio Iglesias - "Hey" Miguel Gallardo - Hoy Tengo Ganas De Ti Oscar D'Leon - Lloraras Poncho Sanchez - Morning Roberto Carlos - Amigo Rocío Dúrcal - Amor Eterno Ruben Blades - Decisiones Willie Colon & Ruben Blades - Pedro Navaja Billy Paul - Me And Mrs. Jones Blue Magic - Just Don't Wanna Be Lonely Diana & Marvin - You're My Everything Hall & Oates - Rich Girl Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes - If You Don't Know Me By Now Lou Rawls - You'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine Major Harris - Love Won't Let Me Wait McFadden & Whitehead - Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now MFSB - TSOP (The Sound Of Philadelphia) Philadelphia All Stars - Let's Clean Up The Ghetto Teddy Pendergrass - Close The Door The Delfonics - Didn't I (Blow Your Mind This Time) The Jacksons - Enjoy Yourself The Jones Girls - You Gonna Make Me Love Somebody Else The O'Jays - Darlin' Darlin' Baby The Spinners - Rubberband Man The Stylistics - You Make Me Feel Brand New The Three Degrees - When Will I See You Again The Trammps - Hold Back the Night Thelma Houston - Don't Leave Me This Way Alton Edwards - I Just Wanna (Spend Some Time With You) Advance - Take Me To The Top Brandi Wells - Watch Out Carl Carlton - She's a Bad Mama Jama Change - Hold Tight Chemise - She Can't Love You Debarge - I Like It Evelyn 'Champagne' King - If You Want My Lovin George Benson - Give Me The Night Howard Johnson - So Fine Junior - Mama Used To Say Kashif - Stone Love Kool & The Gang - Ladies Night Melba Moore - Love's Comin' At Ya! Midnight Star - Curious Patrice Rushen - Forget Me Nots Shalamar - Don't Try To Change Me SOS Band - Groovin' (That's What We're Doin') Sylvia Striplin - You Can't Turn Me Away Teena Marie - I Need Your Lovin The O'Jays - Put Our Heads Together The Whispers - It's a Love Thing Toney Lee - Reach Up Vicky D - This Beat is Mine Accept - Princess of the Dawn AC/DC - You Shook Me All Night Long Aerosmith - Three Mile Smile Autograph - Turn Up the Radio Billy Squier - The Stroke Black Sabbath - Paranoid Blue Oyster Cult - Dr. Music Budgie - Breadfan Def Leppard - Photograph Dokken - Into The Fire Foreigner - Head Games Judas Priest - Breaking The Law Led Zeppelin - Kashmir Motörhead - No Class Queen - Stone Cold Crazy Red Rider - Lunatic Fringe Riot - Road Racin' Rolling Stones - Start Me Up Rush - Tom Sawyer Saxon - Princess of the Night Scorpions - No One Like You Triumph - Lay It on the Line The Sweet - The Ballroom Blitz Thin Lizzy - Dancing in the Moonlight Van Halen - Somebody Get Me A Doctor ZZ Top - Sharp Dressed Man B Beat Girls ‎– For The Same Man (Nasty Version) Davy DMX - The DMX Will Rock Dominatrix - The Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight Extra T’s - E.T. Boogie Freestyle - Don't Stop The Rock Hashim - We’re Rocking The Planet Herbie Hancock - Autodrive Jamie Jupitor - Computer Power Planet Patrol - Play At Your Own Risk Pretty Tony - Jam The Box Project Future - Ray Gun Omics Quadrant Six - Body Mechanic Richie Scotti - Breaker Seduction - Video Games (Instrumental) Rodney Stepp - Break-Out The Egyptian Lover - Killin’ It Twilight 22 - Siberian Nights Two Sisters - High Noon Unknown DJ & Three-D - Beatronic Willesden Dodgers - Jive Rhythm The Daily Doskie with Cheryl Bowsky - In the days before mansplaining was a crime punishable by death, our wholesome host 'Cherry' Bowsky attempts to stir up a roundtable discussion about ideology and politics with Democratic City Mayor Earl Schmidt, Liberal leaning Governor Iggy Iorio and Republican Worcester County Executive Aengus O'Donnell. What could possibly go wrong? The answer is everything. After being left in the lurch by longtime co-host Johnny Freeloader, Bowsky finds herself severely out of depth due to a lack of knowledge about the subject matter and her inability to mediate between three fierce rivals who engage in a game of petty mud slinging and one upmanship. After several feeble attempts to take hold of the conversation, she simply lets them have at it while she knits a sweater and bakes them some pecan pie. The Open Mike with Mike Riley - Professional talkist and national treasure Michael Riley hosts a special pow wow with a focus on Religion and Morality including Eshel Schochet, Fayad Ali, Pastor Richards and a young Cris Formage. Riley also takes calls from the general public, who by and large seem to be in fear for their lives due to scaremongering and doomsday prophecies perpetuated by the panel of guests. Could Cavern of Sorrow really have sinister undertones? The women from WACOS seem to think so. One particular caller claiming to represent the Mothers of Prevention also seems overly concerned about the damage being done to her kids by the music industry but Riley cuts her off before she has a chance to articulate. Something about advisory stickers.. who cares. The industry will never go for it anyway and none of these people will ever be heard from again. Bar good old Mike of course. Clay and Knight with Clay Kohler and Marianne Knight - Station bosses have teamed vitriolic veteran Clay Kohler with lysergic lefty Marianne Knight in a last ditch effort to keep him on the straight and narrow before showing him the door. Together they host a 'balanced' debate show focused on Law and Order featuring LCPD Commissioner Herbert Winters, District Attorney Rudy Kastrov, Criminal Defense Lawyer Zurial Orzoff and Avenging Angels' founder Jesus Sentenz. Kohler blames the blacks, Knight blames the school system, while the others try in vain to downplay the amount of crime in the city and the adverse effects of readily available firearms. Why not just arm the school children and get it over with eh? Breakfast with Billy Borscht - Playful pandemonium with the eponymous Billy Borscht - a southern born sketch comedian with a penchant for taking cream pies to the face. He's got a supporting cast of puppets that the kids will love including: Dirty Dog, Happy Hippo, Lethargic Lion and Felicia O' Fox. Little do they realise that all of the above is a thinly veiled cover for Billy's problematic drug use and deviant sexuality. When these issues come to light, Borscht will be replaced by Martin Serious but the powers that be will soon realise that simulated sex acts perform by stuffed animals are just a drop in the ocean when faced with the sea of complaints resulting from Marty's debauchery and he will eventually be fired as well. The Dick & Flo Show with Dr. Dick and Aunt Flo - Late Night Advice from clinical psychologist Richard Oppenheimer and Florence D'Angelo Michaels. Dr. Dick constantly takes a no nonsense approach to callers, trying to zero in on a problem without getting caught up in their long stories or digressions before relating it back to some deep seated issue with their mother or father (usually with sexual overtones). Michaels acts as his foil, in that she's a down to earth suburban housewife from East Island who approaches callers problems with common sense and frequently relates them back to her own sex life with her husband (who also happens to be a producer on the show). In a strange twist of fate, it's revealed towards the end of the show that Oppenheimer is not a clinical psychologist at all, but veteran south Alderney broadcaster Eddie Amadeus in disguise, having apparently lost his memory in a plane crash and deeply repressed all remnants of his former self. Amadeus secures a book deal based on his 'experience' and Michaels gets her own syndicated talk show on national TV. Everyone's a winner, save for the Liberty City public, who are left to deal with the consequences of acting on the duo's tawdry advice. Lunchtime with Lazarus - Previously known as Lazarus in the Morning before a forcible name change necessitated by host Johnny Lazarus's ironic inability to get out of bed before midday. Just a few months into his new tenure and standards have already started to slip. The producers probably should have read the warning signs when Lazarus grew his hair long and started sporting a Stetson, after killing off his old persona in '71 and moving East from Los Santos. The signs became a little clearer when he started to actually drink from the bottle live on air. They thought it was all part of the gimmick I guess. Offensive impressions and politically incorrect observations are all part of the act now too. It's only a matter of time before everyone realises he's just an absolute bastard who should never have been allowed on the air in the first place. Until that day comes however, just sit back, listen and prepare to be made to feel very uncomfortable. Somebody said his son is interning at a rock station in Vice City. Hopefully it's just a rumor, otherwise we're all screwed. The Richard Bernstein Show - Before national syndication and a narcissistic name change, we join the patriotic powerhouse and his gaggle of like minded buddies including Jack Howitzer and Lyle Cleethorpes for a series of pre-recorded right sided rants interrupted intermittently by public backlash in order to allow the show to meet the requirements of the fairness doctrine. The longer these guys give President Hogan the reach around, the shorter they'll have to wait before it all blows over. Perhaps they'll even get their own station... or maybe their own network. Now that would be something. Nattering with Chattering - Condescending claptrap with nepotistic nincompoop William Chattering III. Laugh along with Willy boy as he talks down to the public at large while simultaneously lambasting a host of celebrity guests - including satanic rocker turned talent agent Barry "Stillborn" Mickelthwaite and disgraced middleweight boxer "Hurricane" Hercule Robinson who prepares to compete for the world title fresh off a bid for allegedly murdering his wife. Tales of lizard people, the occult and pederastic orgies abound. It's all in Barry's memoir. But what happened to Herc's wife? Chattering's on a mission and he's determined to find out. Even if it means a broken jaw. Talkin' Balls! with Derrick Thackery - Vague sporting talk with Footballing legend BJ Smith and Jorge Asaltacunas of The Birchwood Brawns, in association with the Liberty Sports Network. On the cusp of his career, Jorge just had a baby not too long ago with his teenage girlfriend and wants him to one day follow in his footsteps. BJ discusses his illustrious career and the pitfalls of the industry as well as hinting at what's next. They're eventually joined by up and coming dribbler Tyrone Hancock from the Liberty Penetrators as they discuss the trappings of new found super stardom including readily available women and drugs. The ballers can relate, and they sure do love to talk about it! Our pal Derrick? Not so much. He seems preoccupied with talk of players throwing games and keeps asking about the names and addresses of referees. He also seems to be in some sort of financial trouble. Wonder what's happening. He says he's flying to San Andreas soon so maybe he'll forget about it. We're sure we'll forget about him. The Last Word with Vernon Vapid - Minority Talk Show aimed primarily at Blacks and Gays, ironically hosted by an old white guy. Featuring token black Congressman Jeremiah Johnson, Henry Pidgeon of the Lenapia Biweekly Gay Tribune and aging Yippie turned conspiracy theorist Monie Flowers. Whether it be engineered viruses aimed at the most marginalised in our society or black helicopters in the sky, this paranoiac trio want to make sure we all become woke to the government agenda, even if poor old Vernon can barely manage to keep his eyes open. Bless his cotton socks. But what do you expect from an old fart who named himself after a car. And speaking of which... Oil prices are low, dirty money is in abundance and the US is now home to the Japanese answer to The Big Three. So simmer down and buckle up in some of the finest vehicles from all over the world. It's never been easier. And thanks to less than advantageous right-to-work laws they've never been cheaper to produce. Get them while they're hot because it's only a matter of time before a wave of mergers and acquisitions and you'll be back to riding around in the gas guzzling shells produced by the terrible three once again. To find out what's for the taking, why not take a look through our comprehensive catalogue of everything on offer. (FULL LIST AVAILABLE HERE)
  3. DISCLAIMER: NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH ANOTHER CONCEPT OF SIMILAR TITLE POSTED IN 2016. THE FOLLOWING CONCEPT IS UNRELATED WITH THE WORKS OF @universetwisters. A GRAND THEFT AUTO CONCEPT BY WISE_MAN ––––COLLABORATORS–––– MEHMET HANIFI [VEHICLES] THEME: Pablo - "Goes To Pluto" "Everyone here goes after the relaxing weather, the nightlife’s glitz, or the drugs from South America. But in this deceiving paradise, loyalty and genuineness are more valuable. No one know who will betray, lie, or trick to get all the glories. Being truthful is not enough, and defeating them with their own game is a better choice sometimes. Among the people who are mastering this satisfying route are a deceitful hustler, a distracting assassin, and a dirty ex-lawman” Synopsis Inspired by Catch Me If You Can, Hustle, Leverage, the aesthetics of classy Hollywood flicks, and more; Light & Shadow offers a stylish, caper-themed rendition of 2017’s Vice City and the Bahamas. Follow the story of three manipulative criminals, each making names through the sceneries of the skylines' businessmen, the Russian mobsters, and the everlasting Latino drug empires. You're welcomed to this unique take of Grand Theft Auto that focuses on psychological manipulation and confidence tricks. AUTHOR'S NOTES: First conceived in December 2018 in GTAFanon Wikia, Light & Shadow is a project that I’ve developed in the recent years. The project was initially planned to be rebooted as Hustler of L.V.. Fair to say that modern-day Vice City concepts were kind of overdone in the past, but very few can be considered as fleshed-out interpretations. That idea of starting over was then shelved, and the original vision is further improved instead. I’d like to thanks everyone who has directly or indirectly contributed to Light & Shadow, from both GTAFanon Wiki and the GTAForums. Also special thanks to JackJackson17, Raniero R, LaMillionaire, H. Roosevelt, Mr.Korean, @The Coconut Kid, @sabitsuki, and @Cebra for the continuous advices and encouragements. Lastly, I'd like to give extra credits for @The Notorious MOB whose concept, Mob Rules, has further inspired the story system used in this concept. In-depth information, such as breakdown of VC neighborhoods and complete list of vehicles, will be written in the wiki instead for space efficiency. Any resemblance between Light & Shadow and real-life or other existing concepts is purely coincidental. While characters/references from GTA Online and any future GTA may appear in this concept, events/settings from those games are considered non-canon. THE NEIGHBORHOODS OF VICE CITY (WIP) When first founded, this plot of land in South Tequesta is nothing but humdrum swampland. With the innovative mind of real estate magnates of America, the same land is known as where Vice City Metro Area is located today. An exotic metropolis, a capital for Latin culture, a center of glamorous life, and an architectural masterpiece; Vice City hits the entire checklist. Tourism sectors, priceless business opportunities, and ironically, drug money from the eighties have shaped up Vice City into perfection. Within thirty years, this developing city evolves into an international-level hub with strategic spots in the Caribbean. The pictures of high-end, superficial, and non-stop partying life come to mind when talking about modern Vice City. Centralized in the overrated Vice Beach is the privilege that can usually be only enjoyed by someone rich enough, playboy, celebrity, or a model-level girl. From the outside, the vacation in the iconic Versace Boulevard is just an ordinary good time, but once entered, you realize it’s actually a clusterf*ck of tourist traps with hard drugs and sexy times, as well as the overpriced drinks and sly scammers. The wicked take advantage of the so-called perfect paradise. While the elites reenact the hedonistic scenes of I’m Rich, the situation outside of their circle is less plastic. The Immigrant majority, from any Latin and Caribbean countries you can mention, welcomes you with their hospitality. The Cuban elders invite new faces packs of free cigars in Little Cuba’s bars. Street artists from the slump of Brazil showcase their urban artworks in the walls of El Barrio. The normal residents give a different and more colorful story about Vice City, but are all of them really that genuine? Which one of them hides a fake facade behind? "No paradise here, unless you pretend you owe one.” Jan Daniels THE UNDERWORLD By the way, things have changed since the haunting cocaine war in the past. Narcotics traffickers aren't the only problem now; don't forget the streets, the corporations that run the city's economy, and the top underworld players from around the world that uses Vice City as a hub. From the dirty-looking hustlers to suit-wearing professionals, the social scenery of Vice City’s underworld can be divided into three layers: "Burying bodies is stupid idea, just feed 'em to the Evergreen. You save money, save the earth too.” Valerio Reyes Filling up almost two-third of the entire map, in the west is a vast flat area of swamps, prairies, and mangrove forest. The Evergreen National Park is isolated from the blinding lights in the east, bordered by water preserve areas and rural communities. A dangerous, rarely-explored area with wildlife, drug stashes, and redneck hideouts. Some people around the city pay off the alligator preserve; don't ask what for. Airboat tours and small trails that connect observation towers are available for traversing through the wilderness. Three important points of interest here: the small city of Calusa in the west, the abandoned Evergreen Airport in the middle of nowhere, and the ghost town of Cuthbert in the south. Meanwhile, in the southern portion of the map, is chain of islands known as the Tequesta Keys. A short drive from Pioneer is the Overseas Highway that connects all the islands. The route stretches from the mainland to Cayo Grande, Taberna, Maratha, and finally, ends in Cayo Frontera, the southernmost point of the United States. With a calmer atmosphere and cheaper prices, it’s an alternative for tourists that cannot stand the flashy and expensive world of Vice City. For illegal racers, the lengthy highway that includes the Expansionist Bridge is a perfect adrenaline pump. Serving as a secondary setting is the Bahamas, featured in several missions and accessible through sea and air once unlocked. Historically a popular hangout for Caribbean pirates, not much change in the present-day due to its gang violence. The area consists of Meropis Heaven Island five-star resort and casino, where high-valued criminals hide from American feds; a colorful port town outside of it; a plantation with drug farms and old ruins; and an empty beach with bunch of tents for an upcoming event. Many international syndicates rumored to store their luxuries in the Bahamas, securing them with help of local mercenaries. With the increase of crime reports to the embassy, US authorities have alerted their citizens to be very watchful when visiting this country. The best tip is to avoid certain places when alone or at night. Visitors should watch the weather too, as the country is prone to hurricanes. When it comes to the nature of everyday scam, dollars is arguably the most popular lure ever used. Gifted with decent financial knowledge, Thomas Kingston is a grifter who exploits the deepest desire, greed, and distress of his marks. He pretends as someone competent who negotiates a problem-solving or money-making opportunity to the marks. He’s a brilliant but egotistical con artist who creates schemes out of spontaneous decisions. Originating from Nassau, Shawnee, Thomas left his hometown following an incident that seemingly killed his partner-in-crime, Cyrus Forsell. His story then went all over the places: failed cons in different places. He ended up in Vice City, this time in a desperate state. Another failed mark, Leandro Gomez gave him the last blow, asking him for a payback. At the very least, Thomas learns the lesson to be more careful if he wishes to succeed. CYRUS FORSELL – A fellow conman, Thomas' mentor in Nassau. He acknowledged the genius mind in Thomas, but overlooked him for having an ego problem. A perfectionist, planning his move before execution first in contrast to Thomas' impulse-reliant show. After surviving the incident, Cyrus isn't the same man that Thomas knows. He becomes a nomadic mercenary, tracking down Thomas' trail all the way to Vice City to question him about the incident. LEANDRO GOMEZ – Local drug smuggler, small-time, addicted to his own products. The supposed victim of Thomas’ first (failed) scam in Vice City. Leandro forces Thomas to do magic against his competitors to levitate his name. LAURA MORTES – Not many realize that this bartender is the daughter of a high-ranked honco of Ocean Cartel in Mexico. Laura has set a distance from her father and disdains his crime life for years. Peace is what she seeks in Vice City… she becomes a soft target for intelligence gatherers instead. JAN DANIELS – Typical tourist scammer; operating a private tourist agency and a small pickpocket crew in ViMo Street. Mr. Daniels specifically targets wealthy tourists and claims his actions are justified, saying "All they do is partying and wasting productivity, what I do here is making natural selection". He dreams of moving the business to the tourist-infested area of Gleason Beach. NEIL SHACKLEY – Dropped out from Tequesta College for promoting gambling to lecturers. Now an inexperienced pickpocketer, heavily addicted to gambling and horse betting, as well as the new kid in the Vice Beach Boys surfer gang. Fall under Jan's wing at a later point RAFAL GROSSMAN – Born as an Israeli immigrant, Rafal used to run a jewelry store in Little Dominica. He abandoned his legal sustenance after the Jewish Mob introduced him to their 24K diamond trading. As a greedy bastard, what else is better than sitting in the cashier for hours? The FIB arrest him later on and offer him a barter: one "Get Out of Jail Free" card at the price of assisting the bureau’s sting operations. QUINCY "LILO Y." YOUNG – Up-and-coming hip-hop musician wannabe from Broadway, at least when Thomas first encountered him. Losing the passion for pills, graffitis, muscle cars, and the hoods; but never losing the love of riding BMX and switching to Art O’ War station. Quincy finds life lessons when facing competition from cheap rappers and music industry’s corruptors. THOMAS' AFFILIATIONS IN THE SKYLINES DIEGO PASCOAL – Self-described expert fighter from Brazil. Diego is recruited by the Da Silva Enterprises to become their security and Francis’ part-time bodyguard. With the company’s direction shifts to a more illegal direction, he is assigned to carry out plenty of dirty work, such as retrieving and transporting stolen merchandise. FELIPE DA SILVA – Brazilian socialite; disliked by pretty much everyone around. His dad, Francis, is leading the transition of his freight company, Da Silva Enterprises, into a shady corporation dealing with white-collar crimes and illegal valuables to avoid bankruptcy. While he lacks the understanding of what makes his family successful, Felipe insists on taking part in the Enterprises' business and makes risky decisions without his father's consent. FRANCIS DA SILVA – Has consumed books and classes about entrepreneurship, a science closer to self-motivation than economy lectures. Driven by greed and appreciation, proven by reckless spending on luxuries using his enterprise's profit and unpaid loan from Bernardo Ferreira. "WILDCARD" ZHENG – Lead manager of GD Treasure Fleet's branch in Viceport, a shady freight company like the Da Silva, closer to traditional triads than legitimate fronts. Coming from Macau, the Asian capital of gambling, Mr. Zheng gets his moniker from a love in mahjong games. So much that he’s frustrated with the lack of the Chinese board game in Seminole casino. MARIUS FRITZ – Positively-talkative financier, claiming to be from an ambiguous German aristocratic family. Ain’t a red flag, right? GLORIA DELANEY – Art director of a gallery in Hermosa. About to orchestrate one of the largest art frauds in history to make it big. Collaborating with Marius, Gloria rip offs struggling art dealers/buyers and enters the underworld of art thievery. Nothing seems gonna stop her, except her classist nature of overspending money on hotels and restaurants. Perfect personification of Jan’s aforementioned words. GUNAWAN – Indonesian-Malaysian "beverage king" from Bali. Gunawan was regularly seen in wine auctions around the world before opening a private cellar in Pinedall for his collections, ready to be sold for connoisseurs. Nothing seems suspicious until you see what he's brewing in the basement. Link to the GD Treasure Fleet. DESHEA "DIPSO" MARSHALL – Ambitious founder of the Broadway Mob, commonly seen playing pool with corrupt street patroller Harold Moore. Deshea dreams big to conquer more beyond the hood after almost having his historic apartment taken over by decorated broker Hernán Ruiz. He wants to invest in the high-stake property business, one shortcut to attract power in the skyline-riddled VC, though he’s an amateur in that field. Quincy said he has just returned from a booze rehab, but he’s still seen struggling in battling the alcoholic temptation. RUBEN KOCHARYAN – Armenian real-estate mogul, head of the Byzantium construction company. One of the 13 co-owner of the Cleethorpes Suite, where he resides with an energetic lawyer, his Russian trophy wife named Irina. In Russian soil, he’s known to lead numerous “legal” cleaning operations against low-caliber criminals that becomes a controversial subject there. YUSUF AMIR – Major Emirati real estate developer who oversees the construction of a new tower in Paramount. A picture of middle eastern excessiveness, obsessed with the color gold. Not the same Yusuf who got caught with pants down nine years ago. He's more sharp, more mature, inheriting his father’s legacy, but still a hell of fun friend in spare time. Even the government knows the power of seduction in manipulation; a classic method of playing the emotions of love and lust. Maria Vinogradova is what you can expect from a naturally alluring hitwoman: impressing her targets with fake personalities and using her sex appeal if needed. The type of siren who hides the pain of dark past behind a mysterious smirk directed to her enemies. Forced to grow up within an influential syndicate in Rostov, Maria was a victim of their sex trafficking ring until she volunteered herself to be a “honeytrap” for her bosses. The syndicate later observed her potential and groomed her as their assassin. Despite her new role in espionage/killing, Maria was hired by many unpleasant clients, until she had enough of the harsh environment. A new mission offered by Vasily Petrenko and Artemiy Yelagin, both of whom have businesses in Vice City, was quickly accepted by her. What Maria wasn’t ready for is the fact that she’s going to be involved in the VC-based Bratva politics so much it may threaten her own life. YELENA MAXIMOVA – Living outside of the Bratva's sphere, coincidentally in the same apartment as Maria's first safehouse. Married to Andriy Maximov in 98' only to be left alone for the next 12 years as her husband spent a decade working in Liberty City and two in prison. It was too late for a first child as the couple reunited. Yelena is grateful to have Maria next to her, another woman whom she can share disappointments and concerns with. SOLOMON BRADLEY – Fresh hitman from the hoods of Vice Gardens. He kickstarted the career as contract killer to fund his family, leaving his old street life behind. Solomon needs someone who can train him how to behave and dress like a legit hit professional, while Maria needs someone who is familiar with Vice City. They like two peas in a pod, but nothing romantic. MANUELO ORTEGA – Firearms distributor for literally everyone in Vice City and the Bahamas: the Russians, the Colombians, the Bahamas’ mercs, and even the legitimate Kapowitz Gun n' Wine A-rated gun store. A look of a wise oldman with one clear philosophy: gang conflict won't be a boundary in his gunrunning operation. SAUL RODRIGUEZ – Ex-journalist turned all-round internet grifter. Saul used to get money from unprofessional journalism at its finest: fake news. He now expresses his machiavellian ideal through elaborate social media and dating scams. Whoever he befriends or dates via his fake accounts got their wallet drained. In the days of online honey trapping, his usefulness is exactly what Maria needs. THE CURATOR – An enigmatic and secretive assassin contractor only known by his nickname. Notorious for running hit service since the 80’s drug war, when the widespread conflicts between different cartels profited him a lot. Only few of his most trusted employees are able to meet him in person at his hideout in Maratha, Tequesta Keys. MARIA'S RUSSIAN CONNECTIONS NIKOLAI KIRIKOV – Never appeared in person nor voices, only photographs, footages, and statements that show you a glimpse of his influence. The megalomaniac pakhan of the Vice City-based Bratva with powerful friendlist, from Kenny Petrovic to Lyle Cleethorpes V. Wanting to expand the organization to global scale, Nikolai turns his home, Riviera, into a sanctuary and money laundering, investment land for wealthy ex-Soviet States figures. To anticipate conflict between the hardened, original Bratva members, and the rich outsiders, he occasionally hosts court to settle any issue between them. This doesn't simply shut down the tension between them, however. ARTEMIY YELAGIN – An oligarch who sells expensive boats and yachts for tertiary needs and clandestine smuggling. At some point, he formed a triangle partnership with megabillionaire Eduard Borodin and Azerbaijani eco-businessman Tahir Javan to fund terrorism and criminal activities. After the assassinations of his two partners, Artemiy is unable to overcome the high demands from his clients and is becoming increasingly insecure, fearing the bullet will hit him next. Always escorted by presidential-level security. LAZAR PETRENKO – The Bratva golden boy, son of high-ranking member Vasily Petrenko, a man with high seats in VC Bratva and the international Russian gambling mob. Acting too confident that he’ll take the high rank soon when everyone above notices his indiscipline already. Promising for the future, but often seen riding fast cars and partying with random chicks instead of running his chop shop. VIKTOR LUBARSKY – In the more suburban section of Vinewood is a middle-class apartment. This is where Viktor Lubarsky and his small Ukrainian crew control their prostitution and human trafficking ring. The Kirikov must take half the cut and half the girls in exchange for protection, but Viktor often manipulates the statistics. MAKS IVANOVICH – Maks manages a fancy nightclub in Gleason Beach and a “suggestive” bar in Vinewood - for Bratva's circle only. His problem: the competition from Nikolai's new associates who open more grandiose entertainment fronts. This uncomfortable creep often surrounds himself with younger B-girls, hired to rob his customers, and his closest comrade, Andriy Maximov. BRANDON MCCALLAN – Irish hired gun imported from Irish-American Killers in Liberty City. He made a move to Vice City in thirst of further recognition after impressing the Russian mobsters of LC. Always acting out like a full member of the Bratva, even pulling a fake accent, badly incomprehensible for native speakers. GEORGIY TOKHTAKHUNOV – One menacing big guy. Old-school enforcer of the Bratva by day, bouncer and security for the mob's clubs by night. Surprisingly simplistic, never into the glitz and glamor. Traditionally used in the criminal underworld, intimidation is a quick tool of persuasion. Someone will commonly submit once pressured rough enough. Cesar Álvarez is a former crooked narcotics detective of the VCPD. With years of authority experience, he knows how to provoke fear on his mark through acts of coercion. Ironically, this is to cope with his fear of his safety and future, especially when the Drug Observation Agency (DOA) opens up an investigation. He filed resignation to evade the agency under the guise of his alignment in the ongoing Venezuela protests, though this only attracts eyes more. A Vice City native who spent most of his youth in Caracas; it was a childhood dream for Cesar to serve justice. He descended into corruption initially as a mean to distract himself from the death of his fiancée. After getting a taste with his company, Freddie Newman, he felt comfortable with the dirtier side of the city. The pair got involved in the drug scenes of Latino street gangs, even having few hustlers under their payroll. As the agency keeps their eye on him due to his suspicious departure, Cesar sees the necessity to establish a bigger name in the city so his future would be safe. FREDDIE NEWMAN – The other half of Cesar in the VCPD narcotics division. As two sleazy cop buddies, Cesar and Freddie ran a show in the drug market of lower-class syndicates. Unlike his colleague, Freddie’s a happy-go-lucky guy, feeling confident that the agency won’t discover his record as he continues the police duty. He criticizes Cesar’s departure as a troublemaker. The two may have conflicted mindsets now, but Freddie is aware that Cesar won’t survive the sh*t alone. MARLON RAMOS – A street racer linked to Spanish Lords (and literally anyone with enough bucks) under Cesar and Freddie’s payroll. First arrested for smuggling drugs with his fast car, a crime he repeatedly commits until now. Has zero idea that Cesar is no longer a cop. WALT O'DONNELL – Eccentric guy who will casually visit a mobsters' dinner like he’s a low-rank enforcer. His real identity will shine as he speaks: a protection racketeer in the mainland since 2003. A direct associate of multiple organized crimes, mid-class cartels and the Italians in particular, that entrust him to handle their extortion dealings. CLAUDE GEFFRARD – Proud Haitian-American sergeant of VCPD narcotics department division, serving as Cesar’s subordinate in the past. Always have 100% commitment on the job of fighting the drug flows, and perhaps caring too much for his career for positive reason. Cesar already left his responsibility, but it doesn’t stop Claude from requesting one or two favors. ANDREA GENOVESE – Rumors said he's a former Italian Mob's soldato who sold himself to the law. Whether it's authentic or an exaggeration, he's a full-time DOA field agent today who is dispatched to spy over Cesar. A tall, cold, more intimidating bully than even Cesar that warns his target of the forthcoming consequences. CESAR AND HIS DRUG CONTACTS VALERIO REYES – The last heir and current boss of the Reyes Crime Family. Rotten to the core, sadistic Cuban gangster who pets alligators in one of the Evergreen’s many wildlife preserves for corpse disposal, punishment, and torture. Will do anything to keep the family at height through countless corrupt insiders in the VCPD, FIB, and DOA. JUAN STRICKLER aka "EL RUBIO" – Independent narcotrafficker, an unstoppable challenger of the Céntricio Cartel for decades. Rarely seen to set foot outside of his private island in Colombia except for wild vacations and cartel gatherings. Very demanding in the drug market, won’t hesitate to blackmail bigger syndicates that turn down his requests. OSCAR BARRUECO – Valerio’s lieutenant with an epic, long history in Vice City. True outlaw: growing marijuana at home, kidnapping a kingpin in Mexico, stealing gold from a Bolivian cartel-Jewish Mob deal, etc. Yet the police busts him more often than loses him. Only with Valerio's influence, his charges are dropped all the time. THIAGO ALARCÓN – Infamously known as "El Solucionador" or "The Solver" for his excellence in defending underworld's patrons at the court. Thiago is a go-to lawyer who is willing to mess with the corrupt jurisdiction if the price is right. Despite his irritating and over-the-top antics, he knows that his job must be performed seriously. RODRIGO SANDOVAL – The friendly and flamboyant forgery master, working under the Reyes Family to assist their operations. Fake patches and badges, fake ID cards and documents, his talent knows no limit. His hobby is using his works to infiltrate feasts, exhibitions, anywhere he likes for free. In an unfortunate twist, he is respected by regulars outside of the Cuban syndicate, but his hard work is rarely appreciated by his own bosses. PELEGRÍN "VIGO" JAÉN – When Cesar and Freddie met him first, Vigo was a goofy nobody who quickly fell under their power. By grinding his way behind the scenes, taking notes from amateur empire builder Horacio Vera, he rises to greater fame and later sits together with the leaders of a small Gutierrez Cartel. Freddie worries that an improved Vigo will return to take a jab on the crooked duo. GIANCARLO AZZOPARDI – Semi-retired keeper of the Barattieri Family’s small branch in Vice City. Tequesta has been an open playground for Italian mobs since the original Barattieri’s bloodline ended, thus Giancarlo's job is to build bridges for the five families here, from providing retirement spaces in The Castle for finished mobsters to negotiating Ancelotti's heroin purchases. ANDRIY MAXIMOV – Half-Russian, half-Israeli, a key figure of Kirikov Bratva's drug network in the East Coast. His long-gone achievement was purchasing a narco submarine in the 90's. However, his popularity and capability declined after his arrest in 2008. If only he learns how outdated his smuggling methods are, then he can learn why Nikolai has entrusted new faces for his drug network. Share a common jealousy towards the Bratva’s rich outsiders with nightclub manager Maks Ivanovich. NELSON DULYSSE – Ultimate fearmonger in the streets of Vice City. Nelson is a leading gangster of the Haitian Fratènite and mastermind of their drug raid operations: hundred-thousand dollars loud heists targeting goods that happens to pass the Vicio River. To whom it belongs doesn't matter, what matters is the sales' yield. We have witnessed Niko Bellic tricked Tom Goldberg with an interview, CJ posed as valet to trap the attorney, or Michael and friends easily robbed the Union Depository with fake IDs. Every previous game had featured many forms of manipulations, but never makes them the primary focus. We don't talk about bank frauds or the boring Ponzi scheme here, we talk about cons in broader sense, which includes any creative and subtle strategies of showcasing your wits. Light & Shadow introduces confidence tricks as the third fundamental gameplay concept next to driving and shooting. To balance the prioritization of confidence tricks over aggressive nature of GTA, all types of combat are twice more lethal than usual. If you can avoid violences, do it or face the risks of repeatedly dying. Thomas Kingston looks after the mark’s current desires and/or problems. He poses as a reliant professional whose offers are precisely what the mark’s longing for. If he’s into antique car, then Thomas studies his car’s wishlist and walks to him as a trusted salesman or carjacker. If he has an incompetent accountant, then Thomas walks in as a better replacement. He negotiates the right deal at the right time at the right price; an offer too hard for the mark to refuse. Before luring the mark to their demise, Maria Vinogradova identifies what type of personality they enjoy the most. If he likes poker, then Maria impersonates a girl who’s a pro at it. Cannot play with cards well? Maybe he often drinks alone in a specific bar; Maria can pull that cliché scenario of sitting next to him as a captivating loner. Her looks and flirtations are just boosters to make her more irresistible. Any provocative tactics, like going as far as sleeping with the mark, is for last resort only. After all, is it really necessary to satisfy their fantasy at the end? Cesar Álvarez is the true opposite of Thomas and Maria. While the latter two deceive the mark with a positive image, Cesar deceives them with an unwanted negative image. He exerts dominance, unleashing his wrath and posing as the mark’s biggest fear while giving a clear message, “Obey me or you’re f*cked”. When the mark is paranoid of possible FIB sting, Cesar terrorizes him as a mysterious bureau agent. If he’s a slick store owner, Cesar masquerades as a cartel enforcer asking for protection money. In this type of intimidation, violence isn't a wise move; Cesar sets a limit to never hurt his marks physically, unless the circumstance forces him. Regardless of whoever you control, the protagonists can interact with any pedestrians and scam them for money, items, or information. Police officers can be misdirected or bribed to cover your crime at lower wanted level. Interaction heavily revolves on building up lies through choices of action and dialogue. Inspired by this scene from Hustle, take a quick glance before approaching, the more bits and pieces captured by your eyes, the better action/dialogue options you can pick. Don't use this power too often or people around will be more aware, avoiding before you say a word. The real jewels of confidence tricks, however, are the con games. These are schemes that feature more complex interaction, with pre-planning stages of identifying a particular mark, gathering intelligence, and assuming a disguise. There are two types of scheme: a simple one-mission scenario (short-con) or an intricate multi-parts scenario, played out like Niko’s date with Tom Rivas (long-con). “There’s no superior mark, only brainless conman.” Common saying between grifters All three protagonists display different backgrounds, skills, and physiques, crafting an extensively diverse gameplay. Each protagonist has different playstyles, and has access to varying features and activities. The attributes of driving, shooting, and strength cannot be altered in any way; you must adapt with the distinctful advantage and limitation. Other skills and statistics include: stamina, lung capacity, stealth, and flying. These can be improved gradually by developing a certain habit e.g. doing sport activities add to stamina, and diving increases lung capacity. The driving reuses the system used in GTA IV; every vehicle has variable weight. Thomas masters driving the best, being able to take turns easier as land vehicles feel lighter. His liking on street races since days in Nassau shapes up this skill. He can continue this hobby with the abundance of challenging tracks across Vice City, from crowded Vice Beach streets to long drives across the Tampico Trail. All three protagonists can join any race and export/import cars to the Viceport, but Thomas has supplementaries: car theft missions strand, taxi driver roleplay, and “transporter”–deliveries of cargo between underworld clients. Stay long enough and you'll unlock stock market saboteur for him. Thomas' confidence profession, however, is also a curse. He rarely uses firearms, influencing his poor shooting skill. Reloading/switching takes longer, recoil is more noticeable, and blind-fire cannot be performed. Muzzles and extended clips are modifications that can cope with this weakness. Thanks to her assassin background, Maria has the best marksmanship skill. Faster reloading/switching, better recoil control, increased aim and precision, and able to blind-fire while crouching. Contract killing is an exclusive activity as various contacts, especially The Curator, provide Maria with hit targets. Similar to The Fixer's Assassinations, many tactics can be used: stealth, frontal attack, or short-con using her feminine wiles. In addition, she can take part as blackmailing material gatherer, bodyguard for celebrities, and gunrunner for Manuelo Ortega. For obvious biological reason, Maria is also the weakest in strength and melee combat. Damages, especially from close combat, drain more health points, and it takes longer to heal wounds. Her unarmed combat move, based on Krav Maga, is more defensive-oriented compared to Thomas and Cesar. Having trained boxing back in the VCPD, Cesar has the best brute strength and can perform unique boxing techniques via button combinations. He has better resilience, absorbing less damage, wounds are faster to heal. With that being said, Cesar can partake in muscle-based activities of arm wrestling and cage fighting. He’ll also receive part-time job vacancies as bouncer in Gleason Beach's nightclubs, collector for loan sharks, and "smasher" for extortion racketeer Walt O'Donnell. Meanwhile, his driving is arguably the worst of three. Do you miss EFLC’s full boat-like experience? drive any land vehicle as Cesar, it’s a lot heavier. No clear reason why his driving is awful aside from “bad driving instructor, like every driver in the city”. Cars, bikes, boats, helicopters, and several fixed-wings aircrafts can be simply jacked or be bought from dealerships and online. Los Santos Custom-esque car modification made possible by mod garages around the map. The trio starts with one personalized vehicle in the beginning, replaceable with any vehicle if you decide to change: Leandro's grullo Declasse Fiorento for Thomas, navy Übermacht Sentinel SN for Maria, and silver Albanny Pierre for Cesar. Complete list of vehicles is available here (WIP). The art of deception alone won’t be enough for your adventure; weaponize yourself. Returned and reworked from GTA IV, environmental and everyday objects can be utilized as either melee or thrown weapons. Damages and noises produced depend on the object's material and size, a brick will break windows and distract people around more efficiently than a post parcel for example. These objects are everywhere around, but cannot be stored into your pocket, unlike traditional melee tools like knife, hammer, baseball bat, and crowbar. Going further, Cesar can equip the powerful knuckle dusters, metal bat, and sledgehammer. Unlike GTA V where you can ridiculously own all weapons, the loadout system is more restrictive: 4 one-handed weapons and 2 one-handed weapons at max. A briefcase or duffle bag will be necessary for carrying sniper rifles or heavy weapons, as well as spare clothes and materials during con games. For convenience, you can (finally) store guns inside car trunk and safehouse's gun closet. Never leave them in the dust, though; weapons' quality will degrade overtime. Firearms are classified into three classes that determine their users and where you can obtain them: Complete list of guns is available here. Yes, you can attend magic shows, have fun in nightclubs or strip clubs, or head to gyms for combat training, as well as playing at golf courses, shooting ranges, etc. Go to the beaches and enjoy beach volleyball, parasailing, Blazer racing, any leisure activities you can imagine from the words “Vice Beach”. The rules: beachwears, shorts, bikinis are restricted to this area + no carrying weapons in pocket. The real deal of Light & Shadow, however, has to be the gambling. What a con-themed video game would be without poker card games? Horse betting and drinking games? Slot machines and roulette tables? Blackjack and good old' Texas Hold'em? Sure it ain't the Strip, but you can play it anywhere: at the yacht, at the clubs or the bars, at the Seminole Park Racing & Casino in Haiyakpo or the Meropis Island Casino in the Bahamas. Go to Little Cuba's domino park and place bets on rounds of domino and chess. Explore the map carefully and you'll end up finding illegal gambling spots or strangers playing three-card Monte trick. Like in RDR II, most games are sabotage-able to minimize the loss provided you master some sleight of hand tricks. Thomas does this the best, further showcased by the ability of pickpocketing pedestrians or inserting items to their pocket. The more limited customization has been adjusted to fit the trio's personality; whatever combination you use, the charisma never drops. Other than outfits from casual wear of Binco to must-have tailored clothing of Perseus, as well as hairstyles from the barbers, accessories can be bought. Wearing a watch reveals current in-game time above the minimap. Having an earphone allows you to listen to radio broadcasts on foot. Jewelries enhance your social value, but also attract thieves. Maria has wider customization options to embrace her femininity: skirts, elegant dresses of different materials and necklines, flats (no high heels for practical reason), and makeup from Pharaoh Cosmetics, applied by interacting with the safehouse's mirror (Thomas and Cesar can modify facial hair instead). Unlike in GTA V, the protagonists' appearances persist permanently, save for the makeup. ORIGINAL SCORE by Michael Hunter Butches Brew • Dubs and Rarities • Echo Tone Defeat • State of Flux • Turntable Technology RADIO STATIONS (WIP) The main story is non-linear, formed by scattered con games with different marks. Setting up those targets won’t be easy, and thus the role of ever-expanding connections is significant. The right acquaintances provide the protagonists with quality details regarding the targets, some even give hints of certain opportunities earlier. Many paths can be taken. The protagonists can miss out certain marks and connections entirely. Some may leave the town at one point or even get arrested/killed. The story is divided into two main parts. The first-half works like EFLC: three separate and loosely tied stories for Thomas, Maria, and Cesar. Only one perspective can be played at a time. The second-half is closer to GTA V post-Friends Reunited as the three stories intertwine into singularity. The character wheel is now unlocked to switch between protagonists, but can only be used while outside of missions and activities. What follows are summaries of the two parts: the current state of affairs in Vice City and each primary character’s stance in the middle; and numerous mission posts which are more of demonstrations for confidence trick's mechanics than a full novel-like narrative. I: THE NEGOTIATOR, THE SEDUCTRESS, & THE INTIMIDATOR To Obey His Code THOMAS Parasitic Relationship THOMAS Paradise Lost THOMAS Funtime After Dark MARIA Siren's Call MARIA Authority and Dominance CESAR Don't Blood the Money CESAR II: THE OPPORTUNIST Coming soon. SIDE MISSIONS Whips, Not For All ALL
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  5. Theme/Map Theme Jeansowaty presents, with the help of @slimeball supreme, @Datalvarezguy and @donnits among others... Part 1/3 of Liberty City Nobodies. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Have you ever wondered what Dimitri was up to during the time Niko, Johnny and Luis were running errands all over Liberty City and Alderney? Time to find out. Witness the story of Gennadi Zhukov, a 38-year old Russian hitman and driver on the Bratva's payroll. Hailing from Siberia and knowing Faustin and Rascalov since the 90s, Gennadi knows what is what and despite his internal idealism, knows no better than sensory pleasure, like money, drugs and alcohol, last of which in particular is his biggest troublemaker. Helping him in his troubles are fellow Russian drunkard and daredevil Sergei Utryanov, the introverted mechanic and conspiracy nut Marko Chernushkin and the sleazy know-it-all Vadim Vasiliev. Gennadi’s story starts out roughly when Niko starts working for Vlad and ends after the final mission of GTA IV. As it is a DLC, certain events seen in IV, TLAD and TBOGT also appear here. Moreover, the characters of Salvador Morales and Wilbert Wetterer have their own stories to tell. GENNADI ZHUKOV 38-year old Siberian hitman with a jolly and cheerful side to him. Tough, tattooed, a former drug addict and currently an alcoholic and smoker, he is seen as an older brother figure to most of the younger Russian enforcers. Arrived to Liberty City in 1995 together with Faustin and Rascalov. DIMITRI RASCALOV Deuteragonist. Manipulative psychopath, unpredictable but rational and wise. Gennadi considers him not only his boss, but also a personal friend. Is that the right decision though? One thing you can be sure of is that Dimitri is Zhukov's gateway to Liberty City's criminal underworld. VADIM VASILIEV Originally Faustin’s bodyguard, close friend of Gennadi who accompanies him on missions, brother of Pyotr. Can be called to hang out until the mission “An American Standoff”. Considered sleazy and with a fragile ego, he seems to be a reliant assassin, but somewhat naive and gullible. SERGEI UTRYANOV Enforcer of the Russian Mob, also arms smuggler. Can be called for backup or to hang out and has his own role in the underworld of Liberty City. Known to loiter around bars, mostly Comrades, he is probably Gennadi's closer friend, but their relationship at this moment has taken a step back with the introduction of the Vasilievs. MARKO CHERNUSHKIN Half Russian-half Bulgarian, can be called for backup, bringing a vehicle or hanging out. Not really talkative as people mock his accent, doesn’t speak English that well. Usually seen with other members of the Bratva, works for Adam Dimayev's stolen cars ring as a mechanic and is heavily invested in conspiracy theories. His friendly and introverted disposition helps him easily gain trust. MIKHAIL FAUSTIN The boss of the Faustin bratva. His relationship with Gennadi drifted apart a long time ago due to constant drug abuse and personality shift. Or maybe someone's influence? Not afraid to bust caps into his enforcers, who are slowly thinking it's time for a change in the mob... VLADIMIR GLEBOV Considered below the food chain of the high ranking mobsters, known debt extorter based in Comrades Bar which he owns and constantly has trouble commanding. Known to be in trouble with some local Serbs... PYOTR VASILIEV High ranking member of Dimitri’s crew with an ego as high as the Rotterdam Tower. Tall, intimidating and sarcastic. Doesn’t like Gennadi and vice versa. Constantly on the move, nobody really knows where he even lives, except maybe his brother whom he constantly berates and bullies but still holds authority over... ANDREI MAXIMOV Russian-Israeli cocaine smuggler from Vice City. Supplies the Ancelotti Family with cocaine. Lazy and prone to get high on his own product, some of the Bratva members see him as a liability rather than an actual member. KONSTANTIN "KENNY" PETROVIĆ Bohan-based Russian gangster, living in Hove Beach. Close associate of Dimitri, friendly and approachable but very distraught after his son’s death. Somewhat manipulative, he uses his current situation as a ruse to get people to follow him. RAIMOND "RAY" BULGARIN Foreign gangster and associate of both Kenny and Dimitri. Megalomaniac who knows the value of his workers. Obsessed with money and power, he is the epithome of the "cow that moos loud but gives less milk" - he talks more than what he really does. EDUARD BORODIN Oligarch billionaire with ties to Bulgarin. Deranged, with a habit of getting people into trouble and living the mentality that “money buys everything”. Based out of the Majestic Hotel, he clearly is not aware of how business is conducted in the States. GIOVANNI ANCELOTTI The ambitious yet feeble boss of a crumbling Italian Family that had seen better days. Treats Gennadi almost like a son in law, both of them work their charm on each other. Father of Gracie Ancelotti, of whom he is very protective. GRACIE ANCELOTTI Giovanni’s 31-year old daughter. She and Gennadi do take a liking to each other, but only after gaining his trust does Giovanni ask Gennadi to take her out sometime. Becomes a friend (not girlfriend) to be taken out on hangouts. PHIL BELL Consigliere of Jimmy Pegorino’s organization. Increasingly paranoid, looking for ways to cover his tracks and find potential lucrative business opportunities... JON GRAVELLI Broker-based Italian Mafia kingpin. Pulls a reverse-card on everyone out to get him by dying peacefully during his sleep at the age of 85. His death causes both the end and beginning of problems. ANDREI LEONID "LENNY" PETROVIĆ MR. DRAKUNOV RAY BOCCINO JIMMY PEGORINO HENRY THOMPSON BRYCE DAWKINS "CHUBBY" CHARLIE MATTEO MASON BELL ADAM DIMAYEV MARKI ASHVILLI GOGI GAMREKELI RAMI YALON SONNY HONORATO UNION OFFICIAL ROCCO PELOSI JOSEF LISITSYN ASHLEY BUTLER RAFAEL PEREZ JOHNNY BATTIATO NIKO BELLIC ROMAN BELLIC SALVADOR "SAL" MORALES WILBERT WETTERER OLIVIA ROBERT (x2) SIMON JERRY KAPOWITZ SOVIET PISTOL An old gun, Gennadi's primary sidearm in the early stages of the game. According to him, it was given to him by his father and as a sentimental guy, he claims it has special value for him. It's automatically given to the player in the beginning, but it can also be found in any safehouse. It's more or less in between the Glock and the Deagle in terms of damage and accuracy. Model by @Onlinegamehunter1, textured by @SlingShot753, icon by me. AP PISTOL An armor-piercing automatic pistol with high accuracy, but a somewhat weak damage profile. A rarity in Liberty City, it can be bought from Sergei by the end of the game, as he claims he managed to import a crate of these from Russia. Chiefly used by Petrović’s goons. The only downside is the high price tag - 1100$. Special thanks to @HeySlickThatsMe for providing me the model which I rigged and made the icon for. STUBBY SHOTGUN This shotgun has everything maxed out - highest damage but also highest recoil and highest spread. Holds 4 bullets in a magazine and is a common sight in the hands of street gangs and mafiosos alike. Can be bought from Sergei for 1250$. Model/icon by me. HEAVY SHOTGUN A fine Russian import, this rifle-shotgun holds 6 pellets per magazine, and has an average range, however there is a quirk - it fires slugs. Very effective for dealing with vehicles. Can be bought from Sergei for 3500$ and is considered to be his weapon of choice by the later stages of the game. Model/icon by me. MINI SMG This small sub-machine gun is held in one hand and has a higher rate of fire and damage profile than the Micro SMG, a 20-rounds magazine, but a significant drawback is its mediocre range and high recoil. Can be bought from Sergei for 620$. Model/icon by me. MG The Eastern cousin of the Advanced MG from TBOGT. It deals more damage than said gun, but holds half of its bullets and has a lower rate of fire. Still, in the hands of an experienced Russian hitman, nothing will stop him. Can be bought from Sergei for 7500$. I unfortunately don't remember who provided me the Max Payne 3 model though... AUTOMATIC SNIPER A dangerous rifle with pinpoint accuracy, great damage and best of all - a rate of fire twice as fast as the PSG1. Quick and effective. Can be bought from Sergei for 6550$. Model ported form Max Payne 2 by me (and slightly retextured), icon by RollY. AUTOMATIC ROCKET LAUNCHER Have you ever wondered why these were called Stalin's Organs? Here's the answer, they obliterate everything in sight. After the final mission, you can buy this thing for 9500$. Model ported by me from a GTA San Andreas mod, icon by me. Kino - Spokoynaya Noch Ulis - Pliac Franciska Zakrytoye Predpriyatiye - W Nochi Alyans - Na Zare Kombii - Sen Się Spełni Vorovaiki - Hop, Musorok Yuri Shatunov - Bielye Rozy Lyapis Trubetskoy - Kapital Bio - Dvoe y Gorod Gosti iz Budushchego - Lyubi Menya Po-Frantzusky Jean-Michel Jarre - Magnetic Fields Pt. 1 Aphex Twin - Hexagon Klaus Schulze - Castles Vangelis - Theme From Antarctica Marek Biliński - Dom w Dolinie Mgieł U96 - Art of U96 U96 - That One Russian Bernard Fevre - Restless Piano Fantasia - Song For Denise Bee Gees - Stayin’ Alive Adonis - Lost in the Sound The Immortals - The Ultimate Warlord Giorgio Moroder - Too Hot To Handle Black Devil Disco Club - We Never Fly Away Again Donna Summer - I Feel Love Yello - The Race Code Red - Kanikuly DJs Juvial - Davaj, Davaj East Clubbers - Beat is Coming Hyperavers - Rain Hyperavers - Racing East Clubbers - Bungee East Clubbers - It’s a Dream Kalwi & Remi - Explosion Stachursky - Uciekam Stąd PPK - Reload PPK - Resurrection Sonic Division - Play This Music Suie Paparude feat. Loredana - Gratie Colonia - Za Tvoje Snene Oči Akcent - Kylie 2PM - Tetris RUNE Ivanov Nagasaki BF-600 Pegassi Bati 800 Enus Super Diamond Zirconium Pagoda RUNE Cheburek HVY Mixer Benefactor Dubsta Benefactor Schafter Obey Tailgater Ubermacht Seraph Schyster Fusilade Canis Seminole Dundreary Admiral Classic Enus Cognoscenti Cabrio Enus Cognoscenti 55 Vapid Stanier Grotti Cheetah Pegassi Vacca Schyster XJ-9 A Calm Night Economic Problems (V) Under Surveillance (F) In Our Midst (DR) Invitation to a Beheading (F) The Adriatic Gentleman (DR) That One Motherf*cker (F) Hard to be a God (DR) A Burning Passion (DR) Sniffing Out The Pest (DR) Go Slow With Your Dough (DR) Coming Clean (KP) Money Talks, Money Walks (B) You Look Funny (A) Explosive Temper (S) Demands of Honor (KP) Constructing a Plan (A) A Disaster in Making (P) Once You Go Pop... (EB) ...You Can't Stop (EB) Albanian Apologies (A) Sins of the Father (KP) Pink Pages (DR) Dosvidanya Petrović (KP) Pop Goes The Weasel (S) The Cake is a Lie (B) Heading Off (B) An American Standoff (DR) Drunk Driving (?) Grave Decisions (DR) For Whom The Bell Tolls (S) Mafiya Wars - Similar to Gang Wars from TLAD, you will have to call Vadim, Sergei or Marko to trigger one. They will arrive in a Schafter (old or new gen), Sultan, Rebla, Oracle, Tailgater or Dubsta to your current location . These are only available in Broker, Dukes and Bohan at first, after “You Look Funny” they will be available all around Liberty City and Alderney. There are 4 variations of this mission: -Hanging Out - the rival gang will be hanging out in one place around their turf in large groups. -Steal - the rival gang will be hanging in their turf, but you need to steal the main vehicle. These may sometimes reward you with weapons. -Cruising - the rivals will be on the move in their vehicles, forming a large convoy. -Convoy - the rivals will be on the move, but you need to steal the main vehicle. These may sometimes reward you with weapons. Before the mission “You Look Funny”, Vadim will use a Micro Uzi, Sergei will use a Pump Shotgun and Marko will use a Desert Eagle. After, Vadim will upgrade to a Mini SMG, Sergei - MG, Marko - AK-47. Sergei and Marko will also use Desert Eagles in case of drive-by need. Gangs which you can attack during Mafiya Wars include: -Spanish Lords -Albanians -Koreans -The Lost MC -Jamaicans Upon completing Mafiya Wars, you will get rewards at Gennadi’s house in Beachgate: -10 - Armor -20 - Mini SMG -30 - MG -40 - Automatic Sniper -50 - Heavy Shotgun Mr. Drakunov’s Assassinations - after the mission “Money Talks, Money Walks” Sergei will let you know that Bulgarin put him and Gennadi through to work with a Russian hit contractor, known under the mysterious name “Mr. Drakunov”, which is probably a fake anyway. After, he will be sending you emails that you have to check on your computer. The tasks are similar to Most Wanted missions from original IV - you will be given the details on the target that you have to dispose of and a picture. Hits include gang members, businessmen, unfaithful wives etc. There are 15 targets, 5 per borough to be taken care of. As a reward, all weapon prices will go down by half. (needs to be added) Bail Hunt - after the mission “The Adriatic Gentleman”, Sergei tips you off that his friend in courts, Henry Thompson needs assistance. You can now call him via payphone nearby the Cerveza Heights police station (similar to The Fixer’s Assassinations). He’ll give you five tasks where you have to apprehend certain criminals, as all Most Wanted ones have been murdered by an unknown vigilante (go figure). The task is to force the targets to follow you and bring them to the local precinct. Reward: money. Marko’s Car Thefts - after the mission “Under Surveillance”, Marko will text you to tip you off that he has work for you to do - and that is picking up cars. There are 10 missions, to start one just call Marko. (will be added soon). They’re similar to Angus’ Car Thefts. Some will require you to evade the cops, some will require you to fend off pursuers, some will require you to carjack the driver. Upon completing the list, Marko will award you with “your car from back East” aka the Zirconium Pagoda, which will continually respawn at your safehouse, but it can also be brought to you by Marko. Perestroika Management - in a similar fashion to Club Management from TBOGT, Dimitri will call you early on to say that there is work to do at Perestroika. There’s 8 tasks for you to do, which include chauffeuring people, taking care of complaints etc. (will be added). In order to start this side-task, you must wear a suit top, then approach the marker in the backroom of Perestroika between 18:00 and 06:00. Recruiting - after the mission “Hard to be a God”, Dimitri will phone you to let you know that you can now recruit members of the Russian Bratva. It may not be easy to distinguish who is part of your mob, but target them unarmed and press the horn button (G by default) to recruit them. The guy will automatically get a Pistol, unless he has a Micro Uzi in his pocket. A recruited gang member will basically act like bodyguards spawned by trainers, which may be pretty useful during missions, but obviously backup in the form of Vadim, Sergei and Marko is far more effective. Bahama Mamas - Similar to OBAL, between 21:00 and 6:00 you can visit Bahama Mamas. After the mission “Go Slow With Your Dough”, the drinks will be free of charge. You can also hang around the club and dance with the ladies, or go in there with certain friends. Friendships - There are 4 friends in TRR, Vadim, Sergei, Marko and Gracie. Gennadi's house is located on Shinnecock Avenue in Beachgate. This is the primary safehouse unlocked from the beginning of the game. Rewards for side missions and not only are spawned here. On top of being able to change your clothes, watch TV and save your game, you can also drink shots or beer in the kitchen. There is also a permanent Soviet Pistol spawnpoint at the cupboard nearby the bed. Another safehouse is unlocked on the border of Middle Park and North Holland as you progress through the story.
  6. A special thanks to @The Coconut Kid for the magnificent headers. A special thanks to @Francesco Bonomo for the inspiration and for helping with the project. Theme Song: The Great Escape by John Cameron When you think about the Bay Area in 1975, what comes to mind? The beautiful weather? The wild and free women? Or perhaps the incredible music scene that will forever be immortalized. Regardless of what your answer may be, there is only one true statement; a mess. A rogue cop story in San Fierro, Detective Ray Vallard; an honest cop of the SFPD, is in hot pursuit of a notorious drug trafficker and murderer, Gerard DuBray. But when he had DuBray cornered and surrounded by fellow SFPD, he is betrayed by his own men and is shot and left for dead. At the hospital he is pronounced dead but really, he is put under a coma for an entire year. It is now 1975, Vallard has awoken and wants revenge. Raymond Paul Vallard [Born November 3rd, 1940] is a San Fierro native from the Murfree-Brougham district. In 1959, he enlisted himself in the Army and was stationed overseas during the beginning stages of the Vietnam War. He returned to his State of San Andreas with an honorable discharge in 1962 and based himself in Los Santos. Started working as a Unionized Longshoreman at the Port of Los Santos but decided to pursue law enforcement years later. He graduated the Police Academy and became a sworn-in Police Officer for his beloved San Fierro in 1969. He was involved in the pursuit for The Gemini Killer that same year. By 1974, he had become a very prestigious officer and Detective for the SFPD. That is, until his unfortunate betrayal. Left on the cold asphalt with multiple gunshot wounds on a rainy night, he would be put into a coma for the next year. When he awakens and gathers his strength, he embarks on a revenge mission against those that betrayed him and Drug Kingpin, DuBray. Ray drives a 1972 Schyster Deviant and carry's a loaded Combat Revolver. The Character List will be updated as the story progresses. STRANGLEHOLD consists of 3 large regions, which are divided into 6 counties. There are a total of 16 Cities and Towns. Including the city of Santiago, the States capital. The City and County of San Fierro "Oro en Paz, Fierro en Guerra." "How can I describe San Fierro in '75? One word... Mixed. The whole city is a melting pot of every seasoning in existence, it seems. Whatever you fancy, you can find it in San Fierro. Just gotta know where to look. It may sound like a wonderland to hippies and the gays, and in a way, it is. However, for a cop, it's a f*cking nightmare." Districts Castle Point Amber Strait Bridge/Route 212 Fierro-Andreas Bridge/I-69 Basin Hollow The Cabrera Angler Pier North Ward Tiroteo Downtown Doubtfire Heights Chinatown Japantown Kreischer Hill Coltrane Cabrera Heights Eureka City Hall Eltoncury Keyser Park Rey Valley Beacon Point Dutch Flats Township Depot Valenciano Murfree-Brougham West Central Coast House Parnassus Hill South Fierro San Fierro International Airport Bellavista Andreas Bay "Love to live and live life" "Andreas Bay is moreso like San Fierro's Cousin. Everyone's had that one cousin that always tries to one-up you. Well, that's Andreas Bay. It is a beautiful city. Visually pleasing. But, it suffers from identity crisis. It tries to look like San Fierro but doesn't want to be compared to San Fierro. No one will ever truly understand Andreas Bay... just like San Fierro." Districts and Neighborhoods North Andreas Ramathorne Park Amber Strait Newton Domingo Avenue Roxbury Angeline Cross Tulsa Eastside Bay Oscar Grant Escuella Duncanhurst West Andreas Riley Park Freeway Village Catkskill Fantasma Underpass Gibson Point Andreas Port Central Andreas City Center Chinatown Jack Swift Square/Waterfront Amber Coast Apartments Little Seoul Old Andreas Bay Anderson College Uptown Lake Autumn Triangle Point Majestic Lake Lake Autumn Bay Hills Ayers-Allen Broad Hills Olmstead Cemetery Greensboro Heights Nice Valley Port City "The City of Beauty and Ambition" "Port City... More like Pretentious City. Everybody from there is an uppity asshole with a trust fund. My wife... I mean, my ex-wife, was once looking for a house to live at in Hutchinson Village. Needless to say, we kept our broke asses in San Fierro. Sometimes I ask myself, what would it have been if we moved there when we wanted? Well, that sh*t's over." Districts Hutchinson Village Frisco Hills North & East Downtown El Imprudente Hills Middle Port City Seneca Village Perales Point East Point Paxton Port Annex Maya Sol Bayside "Our beautiful small paradise by the Bay." "Small town U.S.A. at it's best. A nice escape from the city bullsh*t. Not my kind of place, though. But if I make it to old age and retire, you can find me in a nice home in the Sun View neighborhood... But please don't visit me, I will shoot." Neighborhoods "Real-life counterpart of the neighborhoods" Fort Marion (Fort Baker) Sun View (Old Town) Sheepshead Ridge (Wolfback Ridge) Bayside Esplanade (Bridgeway Promenade) Prominence (The Hill) Ferry Pier (Downtown Sausalito) New Bayside (Caledonia Street) Latrucha Island "It's a prison... Enough said." "Again, it's a prison. The f*ck else you want to know about it? That it's Hell on an earthly island between San Fierro and Andreas Bay. Just pray you don't end up in there." Trujillo "The City where the Moon shines brighter than the Sun." "Our Vinewood, away from Vinewood. There isn't a single complaint I have about Trujillo; other than I hate the drive there. I gotta either drive north through Bayside and get pulled over for no reason, or drive through Andreas Bay and Port City where I will definitely get pulled over. f*ck it. It's almost worth it." Neighborhoods "Real life counterparts of the neighborhoods" Port Trujillo Bridge San Javier (Santa Margarita) Pueblito (Sun Valley) Barksdale (Greenfield) Hawkings (Forbes) MacMahon Park (Grestle Park) Downtown Colin Perth (Bret Harte) Relampago (Dominican) Riviera (Canal) Tierra Seca (Terra Linda) Firenze (Santa Venetia) Northwood (Marinwood) Sky Valley (Lucas Valley) Entremedio (Los Ranchitos) Pelican Gap (Glenwood/Peacock Gap) Great Trujillo Country Club (Country Club/Loch Lomond) STRANGLEHOLD features four cities and small towns. Each with their own Police force. Apart from their jurisdiction, you can tell them apart from their patrol car. But they all react differently to criminal activity. San Fierro Police Department Patrol Car For the most part, they're fair. But since it has been corrupted recently, there's been a change in protocol when it comes to drugs. For instance, any low-life dealer trying to sell anything on DuBray's turf, best believe that SFPD will come and give you a rough lesson in repercussions. But DuBray's dealers have full protection from the police. Andreas Bay Police Department Patrol Car We call them "The Dirty Dozen." Mainly because it seems like its always the same 12 officers on the streets. Don't get it twisted, they are a rough bunch. Their main focus is gang activity and The Black Panthers. Drugs do flow through the Andreas Bay streets. But to them, the real poison are the African-American gangs and the Black Panthers, who aren't even a gang. Port City Police Department Patrol Car Being a police officer for PCPD gotta be a walk in the park. No crime ever happens in Port City. But it's because of that, they respond with haste to any disturbance. They are very hostile to outsiders. So be careful. Sometimes I think Port City is a Sundown Town. I hope not. Trujillo Police Department Patrol Car Pretty much, Marines with Police Badges. They take protecting Trujillo very seriously. If you get pulled over and they ask you what your business is in Trujillo, you better have your story straight. Or else, You get to enjoy a weekend in a Trujillo jail, which is home to Captain Micah Umberland. With him, either you're gonna get f*cked up, or you're gonna get f*cked... He holds quite a reputation. Cano County Sheriffs Department Patrol Car The small towns of Cano County are all under one department. They're pretty friendly and understanding. But if it's one thing they look forward to, is a hot pursuit on the dirt roads. They love giving high-speed chases. Real Southern Style. "Nevermind what the post cards show in those fruity pictures of the Bay Area, gangs and organized crime syndicates have all made themselves at home here. Just know what neighborhoods to avoid, and be very careful who you piss off. You never know who knows who." Caffaro Crime Family - San Fierro's own Mafia Family. They run most of Northern San Fierro. From Angler Pier to Cabrera Heights, it is under Cosa Nostra control. Normally, they're not hostile outside of their turf. But they will, in fact, protect their neighborhoods by any means necessary. Their boss is Santino Caffaro, the son of Gaetano Caffaro who formed this mafia family in the 1930's. Santino does a good job running the family. They generate a lot of money and they fly below the radar. The Yakuza - A small Japanese syndicate out of Japantown. You don't hear a lot from them but they do run a round-the-clock betting station on Mercury Street. That's their biggest money maker and their most secured. Tough sons-of-bitches, they are. No one knows who runs them; but whoever does, lurks in the shadows. Very secretive. The Triads - The Chinese are a rough bunch of gun-toting Cowboys. Chinatown, their homebase, is split between two Triad factions. There's the Shadow Boy's from Gary Street in the Northern part of Chinatown, and there's the Wei Sing Tongs from Oak Street in the Southern part of Chinatown. After requisitioning half of the businesses, the Wei Sing Tong also have a crew operating in lower Kreischer Hill. La Rifa - A gang of Northern Mexicans from the Valenciano district. A gang that started in the Soledad State Prison in the 60's, quickly turned Valenciano into a gang stronghold. They identify themselves by their verbal codes and a small tattoo on their right hand. This gang is highly organized and they sell marijuana in large quantities throughout the city and beyond. They haven't had any violent events happen lately, so they haven't attracted a lot of police attention. For now. Angels of Death MC - There are two chapters in the Bay Area. AoDMC San Fierro in Murfree-Brougham and AoDMC Andreas Bay in Eastside Bay. One of the biggest Motorcycle Clubs in America, and one of the most violent. They run almost the entire market for Uppers and Downers in the Bay Area. Not friendly to outsiders. The Black Vanguard - What was supposed to be an empowering movement for Black People, turned into a criminal group of killers. In San Fierro, they call the Coltrane District home. In Andreas Bay, they call the Oscar Grant District home. The two factions seem to have a slight beef towards each other. But for the most part, their enemies are the San Fierro Rifa. Beacon Point Gangs - Beacon Point is split up by two gangs that fight each other constantly. Brick House Gang - Located on the Easternmost region of Beacon Point at the Highland Projects on Hayward Street. You notice them walking around with red sashes somewhere on their person. That indicates they are Brick House Gang members. North Beacon Butchers - Located a few blocks north of Highland Projects. This gang has been around since the 1940's at the Great Andreas Projects on New Street. Their insignia is a patch of two meat cleavers crossing each other at an X form behind the letters NBB. No colors. "Whoever says that guns weren't used a lot because we were men and men fight with their fists, is a f*cking bullsh*t liar. You can find guns literally anywhere in the city. The government outlawed the legal ownership of guns in 1968, but changed the law a little bit in 1975. If you're licensed, you can buy and own a pistol or revolver. Nothing else. Thanks for nothing, President Dorcester. Now, if you wanna buy a real weapon, find the right guy in the streets [i.e. whether he drives a van or has a backroom shop] and get yourself some real firepower." Handguns Revolver - Smith & Wesson 19 Snub Combat Revolver - Smith & Wesson Model 29 Classic Heavy Revolver - Colt Python Pistol - Smith & Wesson Model 39 Combat Pistol - Colt M1911 Heavy Pistol - MAB PA-15 Shotguns Shotgun - Winchester Model 1887 Combat Shotgun - Ithaca 37 Heavy Shotgun - Remington 1100 Automatic Sub-Machine Gun - Smith & Wesson M76 Combat Sub-Machine Gun - Uzi Heavy Sub-Machine Gun - H&K MP5 Machine Gun - RPD Combat Machine Gun - M60 Assault Rifle - M14 Rifle Combat Assault Rifle - AK47 Heavy Assault Rifle - Colt AR15 Rifle Rifle - M1 Carbine Combat Rifle - M1 Garand Sniper Rifle - Remington 700 Combat Sniper Rifle - M1903 Springfield Heavy Sniper Rifle - SVT-40 Special Grenade Launcher - M79 Rocket Launcher - M72 LAW Mini Gun Equipment Molotov Cocktail Frag Grenade Smoke Grenade C4 Charge Proximity Mine Throwing Knife Jerry Can "The Bay Area is an open bar of vehicles. Any type of vehicle you're looking for, you'll definitely find it. If, and only if, you know where to find it. If you wanna steal a car, go ahead. I only recommend you be smart about it. Change the plates and the vin number. There are plenty of chop shops in the Bay Area that will do that for you. For a price, that is." STRANGLEHOLD features 141 different vehicles. ALBANY Buccaneer - 1972 Chevy Monte Carlo Emperor - 1975 Cadillac DeVille Esperanto - 1975 Cadillac Seville Hermes - 1951 Mercury Eight Lurcher - 1967 Cadillac Funeral Coach Manana - 1967 Cadillac El Dorado Washington - 1972 Lincoln Town Car Benefactor Feltzer - 1971 Mercedes-Benz R107 Glendale - 1975 Mercedes-Benz W123 Schafter - 1967 Mercedes-Benz W114 Schlagen GT - 1972 Mercedes AMG GT Schwartzer - 1973 Mercedes-Benz W108 Stirling GT - 1963 Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Stretch - 1975 Mercedes-Benz W100 Bürgerfahrzeug Bifta - 1966 Volkwagon Meyers Manx Club - 1974 Volkswagon Golf Dune Buggy - 1970 Volkswagon Sand Rail Injection - 1969 Volkswagon Baja Bug Surfer - 1967 Volkswagon Type 2 Weevil - 1964 Volkswagon Beetle BRAVADO Duneloader - 1946 Dodge Power Wagon Gauntlet - 1970 Dodge Challenger Talladega - 1969 Dodge Charger Daytona Rat-Loader - 1940 International Harvester Rumpo - 1972 Ford Club Wagon Youga - 1974 Ford E-Series C A N I S Bodhi - 1969 Kaiser Jeep M715 Kalahari - 1968 Citroen Mehari Mesa - 1975 Jeep Wrangler Seminole - 1974 Jeep Cherokee DECLASSE Stallion - 1968 Oldsmobile Cutlass Burrito - 1967 Chevrolet Van Tampa - 1972 Dodge Dart Granger - 1975 Chevrolet Suburban Impaler - 1967 Chevrolet Impala Mamba - 1967 AC Cobra Rancher - 1970 Chevrolet KS Blazer Rhapsody - 1975 AMC Pacer Sabre - 1973 Chevrolet Mote Carlo Sabre GT - 1070 Chevrolet Chevelle Tornado - 1957 Chevrolet Bel-Air Tulip - 1972 Chevrolet Malibu Vamos - 1974 Chevrolet Nova Voodoo - 1960 Chevrolet Impala Vigero - 1967 Chevrolet Camaro Yosemite - 1967 Chevrolet C10 Dewbauchee JB 700 - 1965 Aston Martin DB5 Rapid GT - 1973 Aston Martin V8 DINKA Akuma - 1972 Honda XL250 Blista - 1973 Honda Civic Chavos - 1976 Honda Accord Enduro - 1972 Honda CR250M Elsinore Veto - 1965 Rupp Dart A-Bone Kart DUNDREARY Admiral - 1975 Mercury Grand Marquis Regina - 1973 Plymouth Fury Sport Suburban Virgo - 1974 Mercury Cougar E N U S Cognoscenti - 1971 Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow Stafford - 1966 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud Super Diamond - 1968 Rolls-Royce Phantom V Windsor - 1974 Bentley Corniche GALLIVANTER Baller - 1969 Range Rover Fiona - 1975 Austin 1800 Coventry - 1973 Triumph GT6 Mk III GROTTI Bestia - 1958 250 GT Coupé Brioso 300 - 1973 Fiat 500F Carbonizzare - 1959 250 GT California Spyder GT500 - 1962 Ferrari 250 GT/E Stinger - 1964 Ferrari 250 GTO Imponte Deluxo - 1975 Lancia Montecarlo DF8-90 - 1974 Pontiac Grand Am Dukes - 1969 Dodge Charger Nightshade - 1971 Chevrolet Camaro Phoenix - 1974 Firebird Trans Am Ruiner - 1973 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 lNVETERO Coquette - 1962 Chevrolet Corvette C1 Coquette M2 - 1964 Chevrolet Corvette C2 Jobuilt Hauler - 1973 Peterbilt 282 Mammatus - 1971 Cessna 172L Phantom - 1967 Peterbilt 359 Rubble - 1967 Peterbilt 359 Dump Truck Trashmaster - 1972 Garbage Truck K A R I N 190z - 1969 Toyota 2000GT Calico GT - 1973 Toyota Celica Liftback 2000 GT Rebel - 1972 Toyota Hilux Lampadati Casco - 1964 Maserati 3500 GT Cinquemila - 1969 Maserati Quattroporte 4200 Felon - 1974 Maserati Quattroporte II Michelli GT - 1965 Giulia Sprint GT Veloce Pigalle - 1975 Citroën SM Toro - 1972 Riva Aquarama Tropos - 1973 Lancia Stratos Viseris - 1975 De Tomaso Pantera Nagasaki BF400 - 1971 Kawasaki A1 Samurai Buzzard - 1965 Hughes OH-6 Cayuse Carbon RS - 1971 Ducati 750 GT O B E Y Tailgater - 1975 Audi 80 C240 - 1975 Audi 100 C240 Coupe S - 1975 Audi 100 Derby - 1974 Audi 50 PEGASSI Bati 800 - 1975 Ducati 860 GT Faggio - 1969 Vespa Rally 180 Infernus - 1972 Lamborghini Countach Monoe - 1967 Lamborghini Miura P400 Vacca - 1970 Lamborghini Espada Zentorno - 1973 Lamborghini Urraco PFISTER Comet - 1975 Porsche 911 SCHYSTER Deviant - 1972 Javelin AMX Euro - 1975 Chrysler 180 Dorcester - 1971 Chrysler 300 Hemsworth - 1975 Chrysler Charger Adobe - 1975 Chrysler Cordoba Holland - 1966 Chrysler Windsor ÜBERMACHT Sentinel - 1975 BMW 3 Series Oracle - 1972 BMW 5 Series Zion - 1968 BMW E3 Revolter - 1975 BMW E9 Vapid Blade - 1970 Ford Falcon Bobcat - 1973 Chevrolet C/K Bullet - 1969 Ford GT40 Chino - 1964 - Lincoln Continental Clique - 1951 Shoebox Ford Dominator GTT - 1970 Ford Mustang Boss 302 Ellie - 1967 Shelby Mustang GT500 Fortune - 1966 Ford Thunderbird Hotknife - 1920's Ford Model A Hustler - 1933 Ford Coupe Marbelle - 1975 Ford Granada Peyote - 1957 Ford Thunderbird Retinue - 1972 Ford Escort MK1 Riata - 1973 Ford Bronco Slamvan - 1953 Ford F-Series Telano - 1976 Ford Gran Torino V U L C A R Fagaloa - 1966 Volvo Amazon Station Wagon Nebula - 1974 Volvo 242 Coupe Warrener - 1971 Nissan Skyline WESTERN MOTORCYCLE COMPANY Vaquero - 1975 Harley-Davidson XL-1000 Equalizer - 1971 Harley-Davidson XLH Sportster Freeway - 1973 Harley-Davidson FL Electra-Glide Arabia - 1975 Harley-Davidson XR-750 Razor - 1971 Harley-Davidson FX Super Glide Quicksilver - 1975 Harley-Davidson SS-250 WILLARD Forsyth - 1969 Buick Skylark Elegant - 1958 Buick Roadmaster Faction - 1973 Buick Regal Willard - 1971 Buick LaSabre "The fashion back in '75 was unforgettable. Bell-Bottoms and loose shirts was mainly what the younger kids were wearing. And the hair? All over the place. Long hair and afros. You imagine it and it was a style in the Bay Area in '75. Of course, there were the older gentlemen that wore suits and ties along with their respected fedora's. Then there's guys like me, right in the middle. I wore a lot of turtlenecks and button-up's back in those days. Even rocked a beard. The Bee Gee's were very popular and everyone grew a beard. I remember platform shoes. What a mistake that was. How anyone wore those to the disco's is beyond me. The only people that wore black was the Mafia. No one else wore black apparently. At least that's what I heard anyway." STRANGLEHOLD features numerous clothing stores throughout the Bay Area. There are different classes, however. They all depend on where the clothing store is located. For instance, if you visit Mathers in Murfree-Brougham, you will see affordable clothes but their Face Levels will be low. Face Levels determine your bonus after completing missions and stunts. Another example, if you visit Ponsonby's in Middle Port City, they are way more expensive than Mather's. But, you will receive bonuses after completing missions and stunts. Keep in mind, there will be some missions that can only be accessed if you are wearing the required clothing. It can range from Casual to Executive. Be sure to start a collection of outfits in your wardrobe. You can access your wardrobe from your safehouses and other clothing stores you have shopped from. The only difference from the Safehouse and Clothing Store wardrobe is: You have access to all your clothing in your safehouse. Whereas in the clothing stores, aside from purchasing new clothes, you can only gain access to your saved Outfits at no additional price. You can change your hair style and facial hair. STRANGLEHOLD adopts the same barbershop system from Red Dead Redemption 2 but with more customizable options. In your safehouse, you can alter your appearance, if you'd like. You will have limited options, though. You can comb your hair, trim your beard, shave entirely, cut your hair entirely, etc. But the real options can only be accessed from the barbershops. Jewelry can also be purchased. Watches, Chains, Rings, Etc. MUSIC "The 70's was a great time for music. I experienced my 20's in the 60's and I thought music was great back then. But 1975 was a golden year for music, that's for sure." Amber Strait Radio Soft Rock/Ballads Doobie Brothers - Black Water Janis Ian - At Seventeen Pilot - Magic America - Sister Golden Hair Harry Chapin - Cat's In The Cradle Michael Martin Murphey - Wildfire Sir Paul McCartney & Wings - Listen to What the Man Said 10cc - I'm Not In Love Sammy Johns - Chevy Van Linda Ronstadt - When Will I Be Loved Phoebe Snow - Poetry Man Ace - How Long Grand Funk Railroad - Bad Time Alice Cooper - Only Women Bleed Bad Company - Feel Like Making Love Queen - Killer Queen Electric Light Orchestra - Can't Get it out of my Head Fleetwood Mac - Rhiannon Wasteland FM Rock Sweet - Ballroom Blitz Sugarloaf - Don't Call Us, We'll Call You Styx - Lady Foghat - Slow Ride Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody Jethro Tull - Bungle in the Jungle Dwight Twilley Band - I'm on Fire Bachman Turner Overdrive - You Ain't See Nothing Yet Led Zeppelin - Kashmir Bruce Springsteen - Born to Run Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here ZZ Top - Tush Rush - Fly by Night Aerosmith - Walk This Way KISS - Rock and Roll All Night Nazareth - Hair of the Dog Lynyrd Skynyrd - Saturday Night Special AC/DC - T.N.T. Ted Nugent - Stranglehold WKRDR Red Radio Country Glen Campbell - Rhinestone Cowboy John Denver - Thank God I'm a Country Boy B.J. Thomas - Another Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Freddy Fender - Wasted Days and Wasted Nights Jessi Colter - I'm Not Lisa Ray Stevens - Misty Heart Attack FM Pop Elton John - Philadelphia Freedom Neil Sedaka - Laughter in the Rain Tony Orlando & Dawn - He Don't Love You The Carpenters - Please, Mr. Postman Elton John - Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds Olivia Newton-John - Have you Never Been Mellow Ringo Starr - The No No Song The Ozark Mountain Daredevils - Jackie Blue K.98 The Movement Soul/Funk/R&B Earth, Wind, & Fire - Shining Star David Bowie - Fame Average White Band - Pick Up The Pieces Patti LaBelle - Lady Marmalade Stevie Wonder - Boogie on Reggae Woman The Isley Brothers - Fight The Power Part 1&2 The Ohio Players - Fire Barry White - You're My First, My Last, My Everything The Blackbyrds - Walking in Rhythm BT Express - Express KC & The Sunshine Band - Get Down On It Joe Simon - Get Down, Get Down Eddie Kendricks - Shoeshine Boy Al Green - Sha-La-La Chaka Khan and Rufus - You've Got the Love 21st Century - Remember the Rain Freak-When-See FM Disco Bee Gees - Jive Talkin' Van McCoy & The Soul City Symphony - The Hustle Carol Douglas - Doctors Orders Tavares - It Only Takes a Minute Frankie Valli - Swearin' to God Disco Tex and the Sex-o-Lette's - Get Dancing Bee Gee's - Night Fever Donna Summer - Love to Love You Baby Gloria Gaynor - Never Can Say Goodbye Sister Sledge - Love Don't You Go Through No Changes on Me Fatback Band - Do The Bus Stop Love in the Air Radio Romantic Minnie Riperton - Loving You Major Harris - Love Won't Let Me Wait Barry Manilow - Mandy Hamilton, Joe Frank, & Reynolds - Fallin' in Love Joe Cocker - You Are So Beautiful James Taylor - How Sweet It Is Paul Anka - I Don't Like to Sleep Alone Captain & Tennile - Love Will Keep Us Together Calle Luna y Sol FM Salsa/Merengue Fania All-Stars - La Murga Wilson Manyoma - El Preso El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico - Un Verano en Nueva Yol Tommy Olivencia - Trucutu Johnny Pacheco - Las Muchachas Angel Canales - Lejos de Ti Ismael Rivera - El Nazareno Wilfrido Vargas - Eso Ya Viene Por Ahi Johnny Ventura - Y No Me Caigo Cuco Valoy - Ella Me Olvido Tatico Henriquez - La Mecadora RadioZeta Ranchera Hermanos Zaizar - Dolor de Soldedad Juan Gabriel - 17 Anos Vicente Fernandez - Sabras Que Te Quiero Los Hermanos Bustos - El Parrandero Yolanda Del Rio - Se Me Olvido Otra Vez Ramon Ayala con Los Bravos del Norte - No Nos Quieren Corazon Lucia Mendez - Siempre Estoy Pensando en Ti Luis Perez Meza - Sufro Porque Te Quiero Jose Alfredo Jimenez - Siempre Primavera FM Spanish Ballads Camilo Sesto - Jamas Jose Jose - Divina Ilusion Raphael - Amor Mio King Clave - Los Hombres No Deben Lllorar Sandro - Penas Sophy de Puerto Rico - Cancion Para Una Esposa Triste Anthony Rios - Cancion del Adios Nicola DiBari - Guitarra Suena Mas Bajo Emilio Jose - Mi Barca Lolita Flores - Amor, Amor Danny Daniel - Se Que Enganaste Un Dia Julio Iglesias - Abrazame Bay Roots FM Reggae Lloyd Parks - Mafia Burning Spear - Slavery Days Gregory Isaacs - Sweeter than Victory Bob Marley - Kinky Reggae The Heptones - Country Boy Claudette Miller - Tonight is the Night Louisa Mark - Caught you in a Lie Johnny Nash - Tears on my Pillow Susan Cadogan - Hurts so Good Big Youth - Marcus Garvey MOVIES "Vinewood is a well-greased machine of entertainment. And in 1975, it continued creating masterpieces. Ever since Our Family came out in 1972, more and more mob and crime movies have been coming out. It's all very entertaining, but now we have a lot of Mob wannabe's on the streets embarrassing themselves. Depending on the theater, the ticket prices will vary. To put it simply, the cheapest theater is The Avenue Theater located in the Eltoncury district. Cheap tickets but sh*t quality. The most expensive, is The Zorro Theater in Uptown Andreas Bay. You pay damn-near $20 for a ticket but you can't deny that the experience is well worth it." Malachi The Twisted Chatterbox Show QUB3D Bank of Liberty Meg Honey Hussy T.V. SHOWS "When you have a moment to yourself in the comfort of your home, turn on your television and enjoy some great American programs. It's free and you can watch it anytime you want instead of waiting in line for a ticket. I personally love watching Stiller and Wilson. Now that's an American classic in the making." Stiller and Wilson The Moores Magnifica The Chapel Family K.R.A.P. (Korean Regional Army Paramedics) Malone Rata/Gata The Weekend Show
  7. The Problem In light of the recent news about GTA 6 and the scrapping of Project Americas, it's time for Rockstar to expand beyond GTA 6 and create another series in the same universe. Rockstar will never be able to satisfy all of their different "types" of GTA players at this pace. I believe I have a great concept for the type of gamer I am and more. Update** This concept would be for PC and Mobile Phones. The Mature GTA Player What is my preference? I'm a millennial aged black male from the hood. I'm a fan of La Cosa Nostra due to their level of sophistication and at a certain time being the apex predators in the American Criminal Underworld. I'm a fan of their system more than the idolizing of individuals. My favorite GTA game is Liberty City Stories, being able to play as a mobster in Liberty City and being a part of an Organization bigger than myself. I prefer to play as Michael in GTA 5. I love tycoon games, empire builders, strategy and sim games. My least favorite GTA game is GTA 4. I hate being poor, I hate the main character and all the supporting characters are lame to me. Especially black characters that don't look, talk, or act like the real life authentic article. I hate fantasy games. I hate GTA online due to chaos and flying motorcycles. I prefer to play by myself or in a way where a child can't disturb me. The Solution (New "Mastermind" Protagonist) In La Cosa Nostra you have 2 types of mobsters. You have dumb muscle like Claude from GTA 3. Then you have racketeers, the guys who bring in the money. Then you have a rare breed that can do both. A gamer like me wants to grow and maintain an empire after the storyline of GTA is over. The perfect solution is to be able to go into "Mastermind Mode" where you can control an organization and grow an empire with a Sandbox Sim/Strategy view. But what separates this idea from games that are already out there would be the ability to easily hop out of the Sandbox Sim/Strategy view (Mastermind Mode) and into a GTA 3d world view and interact with the world you are creating/effecting. As simple as switching characters in GTA 5. You'll have the ability to be the rare breed of criminal that can do both and the game never ends unless you fail at maintaining your empire. You can start off as muscle in an organization where you'll spend more time doing hits and GTA style missions but as you advance in the ranks of the organization, new features and more control of different areas will be available in Mastermind mode. This would allow Rockstar to create legendary characters into the GTA Universe and let players live out their life story. Once the characters becomes the old Don (Boss) of the organization you can hop out of the Mastermind view to enjoy the fruits of your labor (via Michael in GTA 5) in the 3d view or even watch members of your organization carry out the actions you ordered them to execute. A player like me doesn't mind spending long periods of time with less action and more strategy. So a branch off series of GTA for more mature gamers would be perfect for a player like me that's still in love with the GTA Universe that raised me but hates the ugly turn that it made for profits. I will give you a concept of the series below using screenshots from existing games. Since Project Americas was too big to scale, the Mastermind series doesn't require the graphics and detailed storyline of the main series. Rockstar can create a fictional Latin American country that is ridiculously corrupt and you create your own character that ends up working for the cartel boss. At this point you stay in 3d (traditional) view most of the time. You learn the ins and outs of the business and earn the trust of your boss and the organization. Through mentorship within the organization you open up Mastermind Mode. You become a Capo within the organization. In charge of the production and transportation of cocaine and other product. Protecting and taking over areas and other businesses. Then you're boss goes to prison and/or dies and you have a civil war and your faction has to compete with rival factions. You are now head of an organization and can run it in whatever style you see fit. You can be sophisticated and a man of the people or you can be an evil dictator. As head of the organization in Mastermind Mode control your shipments to North America ( Vice City, Liberty City, San Andreas etc.,). You can even take your character to GTA Online and buy properties, businesses, and enjoy having money, power and respect. You can also be the "plug" for GTA Online players and send shipments to them in their GTA city from your South American country. GTA hasn't been able to go International yet so this is a perfect opportunity to let players start in another country and eventually make there way into the GTA American Underworld/Universe that's already been established. While having control over your country's economics and development. You can turn it into a resort with casinos and a red light district. This will give players in the GTA Universe the ability to manipulate and create an environment in ways that aren't possible at the moment. Have other criminals and white collar crooks come and launder their money. The possibilities would be endless. The developers can be more care free and focus on the quality of the experience rather then next gen graphics. This would only enhance the main GTA series **Update**- Also, in the past, building an empire requires players to stay in one specific region to maintain it. With this version of GTA being on Mobile Phones and PC, the player can run a criminal empire while at work from their phone and then connect it to GTA Online or GTA 6 when they get home and have their Mastermind criminal travel to the United States to buy properties, expensive clothes, chill on a yacht, enjoy luxury items, make connections and commit crimes in the HD Universe while your empire systematically continues to run itself 24/7. Then fly back to the fictional Latin American country and run it like a defacto President from the PC and Mobile Phone. Evolution The world and technology is evolving faster than GTA can handle. GTA 3 was revolutionary in creating a new level of open world gaming, now it's time to expand. When the base GTA game (console) finally opens up multiple cities, the "Mastermind Mode" could be introduced by having a La Cosa Nostra expansion with The Mafia Commission (National Crime Syndicate) running the United States in it's prime (1950s-1980s), from Liberty City to Las Venturas. The Mastermind series itself can continue to stay International and now introduce other types of criminal organizations like the Triads, Russians, Yakuza, and etc.,. Each one having a uniquely different mastermind mode due to organizational differences. Also integration into the Metaverse and GTA Online.
  8. GRAND THEFT AUTO: CARCER CITY Loading Theme: Portishead - Sheared Times Written by sabitsuki Loosely based on ObsydianRaven's 2011 concept. Other concepts by me: Grand Theft Auto: Borders Grand Theft Auto: The Inner Circle -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PART I: TAGLINE OVERVIEW SETTING PLOT OUTLINE CHARACTERS GANGS -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TAGLINE -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "The year is 1996. The turn of the century looms over the horizon as civilization embraces a new era, marked by breakthroughs in technology and global communication on a scale never before seen in human history. Optimism prevails as a period of prosperity and seemingly never-ending economic growth engulfs America's coastal cities, while the ghosts of the Rust Belt are left to their own devices. Fresh out of the state pen, a man, born and bred in a city that thrives in violence and vice at the brink of a massive gang war, journeys across his hometown, coming to terms with his past, a quest of vengeance and a changing time." -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OVERVIEW -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- GTA: Carcer City, as its name implies, takes place in Carcer City, in the fictional Midwestern state of Musketoon (loosely based on Indiana and Michigan, with elements of Pennsylvania and Illinois), near the Canadian border in the Great Lakes Region of the United States. Mostly based on Detroit, the city also takes influences from other Rust Belt cities such as Flint, Gary and Pittsburgh. A dangerous city long past its prime, it is surrounded by suburban areas, both rich and poor, forests, two relatively large lakes and connecting rivers, a mountain with a waterfall and a significantly safer, yet smaller city based on Ann Arbor west to it. Set between 1996 and 1997, and briefly during the 1970s and 1989, there is a consistent grunge/industrial tone to the game, with the default color grading for the game being that of a rusted sepia filter, which can be changed in-game through the filters menu. Returning to the roots of the series, as well as the gritty atmosphere of The Lost And Damned, GTA: Carcer City features one main protagonist, although the player briefly takes control of a few other characters momentarily over the course of the storyline. The story, split into 7 Chapters with a Prologue in the style of RDR2, with each chapter taking place in a different season. A morality system exists in-game, and can determine the fate of certain primary characters in the storyline, with a dialogue wheel system similar to Mass Effect being present in the game. There are three endings in the game, an honorable criminal ending, a neutral criminal ending and a dishonorable criminal ending, all three which involve Ricky leaving the city behind him. Beginning in the winter of 1989, there is a time skip of seven years to springtime of 1996, which coincides with Chapter 1, and ending in the warm summer of 1997, coinciding with Chapter 7. Other than main storyline missions, the player can engage in other side activities, both action-based and ambient. Borrowing from the first Saints Row, many in-game stores have opening and closing times, with some exceptions such as 24-hour convenience stores, and sales for discounted goods are advertised through the game's radio. Many activities from previous GTAs are featured in GTA: Carcer City, such as, but not limited to, Drug Dealing, Racing (Illegal and Legal), Rampages, Gambling, Vigilante, Taxi Driver, Valet and Clubbing (in this case, Raving), along with new activities including Loan Sharking, Rave Bounties, Cage Fights, Blackmail, Devil's Night, Bar Brawls, Rooftop Assassinations, Protection Money Collection, Bet Fixing, Small Town Nightwatch and a much more improved Store Holdup system that functions much like a cross between Saints Row 1 and RDR2. Ambient activities include Drinking (many accessible bars and pubs), Strip Clubs, Fishing, Eating, Consumption of certain Drugs, Hunting, Pool, Basketball, Photography, working at an Auto Shop and Random Encounters. An early form of the internet can also be used in-game, with an early email used to communicate with characters, drug pushers and weapon dealers in-game as well as a leisure-based web-hosting service based on Yahoo! Geocities which explores the more humorous and satirical elements of the game. TV shows are back and greater than ever, with a larger number of mocap-based TV shows that contrast with the predominantly cartoon-based programs in GTA V, with many shows that parody cheesy 80s-90s action shows, sitcoms and soap operas, as well as an MTV pastiche that plays a mixture of trippy animations and certain licensed music videos from the era. Safehouses can be bought around the map, and hotels and motels can be rented temporarily as a single save point. Cores return from RDR2, though they are slightly more dumbed down and less realistic for gameplay purposes, being limited to Health, Stamina and Strength cores. With the presence of changing seasons, much like in RDR2, wearing inappropriate clothing for certain seasons (especially during the winter) can result in an adverse impact on your cores. The protagonist communicates through both a 2-way Pager and a Cellphone based on the Nokia 8110, the former mostly used to know about special drug or weapons deals around the city which acts as a companion device to the in-game email. There are a total of 16 radio stations in-game, 2 of which are talk show stations. Playing a wide variety of music, ranging from rock, metal, techno and hip-hop from the mid-90s to more somber and relaxed jazz and soul tracks from the 50s to 80s, the game attempts to encompass the musical tastes and origins of Detroit, as well as the ethos of Generation X, along with the themes featured in the storyline, in order to create a unique musical experience. Music on the stations can also be purchased in music stores around the map, and are listenable through the Panoramic Strutter, an MP3 Player modelled after the South Korean MPMan. Many of the features, and others, will be elaborated on in greater detail either in this post or in future posts. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SETTING -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MAP To be added soon... CARCER CITY BUS ROUTES To be added soon... ANTIGONE FALLS BUS ROUTES To be added soon... MUSKETOON STATE DASHOUND BUS ROUTE To be added soon... Set in the fictional Weldon County, Musketoon (based on Wayne County, Michigan), the in-game map comprises of several locales, with a main city (Carcer City), a smaller lakeside city (Antigone Falls), three smaller townships/suburban areas (Carlton, Fleming and Boulder), two lakes (McMillan Lake and Parrish Lake), a natural preserve/forest (Musketoon State Nature Trail), a mountain hiking/road trail (Rusty Valley) with a bumpy waterfall (Humphrey Rapids), all connected by two interstate freeways (I-11 and I-13). The complete map for this concept will be added in in the near future. CITIES Carcer City Antigone Falls CARCER CITY, MUSKETOON Population: 1,500,000 Served by: Carcer City Police Department (CCPD) Carcer City Tram Authority The El Carcer Buses ANTIGONE FALLS, MUSKETOON Population: 89,000 Served by: Antigone Falls Police Department (AFPD) Antigone Falls Trams (AFT) A.F. Bus Depot SMALL TOWNS Carlton Fleming Boulder Served by: Hard-As Interstate Bus Travel Musketoon State Troopers NATURAL LANDMARKS McMillan Lake Parrish Lake Humphrey Rapids Musketoon State Nature Trail Rusty Valley Serviced by: Musketoon Park Rangers Musketoon State Troopers Weldon County Fire Department -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MISSION OUTLINE (WIP) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Borrowing the narrative style from RDR2 and Bully as well as the character arcs seen in films such as Pulp Fiction and games such as Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number, albeit restricted only to specific missions, GTA: Carcer City is split into 7 Chapters, with each chapter taking place in varying seasons. The prologue begins in 1989, chapters 1-4 in 1996 and chapters 5-7 in 1997, along with flashback sequences back to either the mid-to-late 1970s or back to 1989. Our main protagonist, Richard "Ricky" Youngblood, will be the leading man in this story, though other characters, such as Corey Walker, Jacob "Jake" Rodchenko, Tina Rochester, Tommy Youngblood, Agent Alan Hendricks and Marvin "8-Bit" Haroldson are briefly playable in certain missions. The list of missions are as follows (usually in chronological order), followed by a brief description of the missions. There are altogether __ missions in GTA: Carcer City. PROLOGUE: THE BEGINNING Year: Winter, 1989. CHAPTER 1: ERA Year: Spring, 1996. CHAPTER 2: TRIBES Year: Summer, 1996. CHAPTER 3: TEMPEST Year: Fall-Winter, 1996. CHAPTER 4: VENGEANCE Year: Winter, 1996. Winter, early 1997. CHAPTER 5: BREATHER Year: Spring, 1997. CHAPTER 6: REALIZATION Year: Spring-Summer, 1997. CHAPTER 7: NADIR Year: Summer, 1997. FINAL MISSION 1 Year: Summer, 1997. FINAL MISSION 2 Year: Summer, 1997. EPILOGUE: WHAT LIES AHEAD Year: Summer-Fall, 1997. STRANGER MISSIONS -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CHARACTERS -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The cast of characters featured in GTA: Carcer City, with each character having different motivations and reasons for doing what they do. Many characters do not make it by the end of the storyline. PROTAGONIST The playable character of the storyline. PRIMARY CHARACTERS The most important characters in the storyline. SECONDARY CHARACTERS The second most important characters in the storyline. MINOR CHARACTERS Characters that are not seen that much, but are still important to the storyline. STRANGERS & FREAKS Some are comedic, some are serious. Either way, they're people that Ricky run into on the street, and they all have different stories to tell. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- GANGS (WIP) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- One of the most dangerous cities in America, there is bound to be an abundance of gang presence in Carcer City, and its surrounding areas. With over 20 gangs claiming turf in the city, there is no shortage of debauchery between them, with skirmishes, shootings, taggings and fights happening on a daily basis. THE MOTOR UNION THE PHARAOHS PAVANO CRIME FAMILY MIDTOWN HOODS THE DESERT KINGS WARLORD NATION DA CLUBS DA ACES DEADLOCKS MC THE SKINZ THE INNOCENTZ THE JURY DA NORTHSIDE CLICK THE WILD BOYZ THE SPANISH LORDS THE WARSAW POSSE THE FLUSHES THE HAMPTON SHOOTAZ DELTA CHARGERS MC THE ANGELS OF DEATH MC STREETWANNABES HELL'S BELLES PERELLO CRIME FAMILY THE SERAPHS OF CARCER
  9. An E. Revere, Doktorpolice and Francesco Bonomo collaboration, in synergy with Grand Theft Auto: Badfellas Legend: Radio stations Vehicle list Features Missions: Main Theme It is the year 1959. Amidst those who are spending the riches they earned during the prohibition and the horrors of war only recently overturned, Liberty City is becoming a dangerous place to live, no longer the pious economic center that it once was. Crime has gotten so out of hand that the authorities can no longer deny its despicable sources. The smell of bodies and fresh gunpowder are masked only by the disgusting seawater and pollution-inducing smog that surrounds the city. The Dalton Beach may no longer be swimmable. And the dying fish may cause the death of the Norwegian community of Lutefisk Boulevard. Amidst all these problems, the workers, appeased by the news in Cuba, are looking to enfranchise themselves as well and they're willing to do anything to accomplish it, even if it means falling in with shady men who will set them on the wrong path. While parents are too busy going on strike so the mob can earn more money, Rock 'n Roll has been taking its toll on the youth, producing wannabe playboys and dress-up tough guys. There isn't a single night the colourful exteriors of Staunton don't get vandalized by unworthy skid marks. The police would do something if it wasn't too busy shaking down their enemies and turning a blind eye to their allies. Whether the newspapers like it or not, La Cosa Nostra has become an invaluable asset and part of the city's culture, leaving a mark that will be felt for decades to come. Grand Theft Auto: Cosa Nostra follows the journey of a young Salvatore Leone with ambitions to climb higher in the Clancio family, having to carry union wannabe-wiseguys with him and take down his fellow psychotic guidos and guidettes, all inaccordingly to the supposed traditions of his people, not unlike anybody else, especially his humbug uncle, Vittorio. As of 1959, Portland is going through multiple renovations and urban renewals. Mayor Veener remains determined to kill off any greenery the city still has left like it insulted his mother and replace it with an expanded residential area. The city's population is too big, he says. But it's clear that he just wants to attract more migrants who can contribute to the high-rent, low-salary atmosphere of the city. Down in Trenton, the industrial zone of the city has been plagued by union activity, which has been getting more frequent as of late as stevedores demand fairer working conditions. And they'll do anything to achieve it, even if it means unknowingly doing the bidding of the mafia. With forty years of difference in development from the earliest appearance of the city, this volume of Liberty offers a brand new perspective everyone's favourite crime rathole. Hepburn Heights is an iconic park space, the beach northeast is a flourishing tourist attraction, there's a famous naval port a-down the docks and the city overall is much more 'primitive'. Gotta give props to Mayor Veener for building the ambitious upcoming new bridge that will connect Portland to Staunton, and start the first series of the nightmares that ferry workers will face for many decades. The Districts: Atlantic Quays and Trenton (Industrial District): One of the oldest products of the industrial revolution in America, notified by the archaic near fall apart factories and the defunct railroad. In the coastline are the docks and the Liberty Atlantic Depot, two very important establishments in the city and whole North Atlantic. It's not uncommon to see illegal immigrants (or substances) find their way through this locale to end up in a dirty factory somewhere. There's an automobile factory, a meat factory, a bread factory, you'll find anything over here. Travelers may get sweet and fresh Libertonian delicacies from the Portland Ice Cream Factory that also serves as a patisserie for all your Red Velvet Donut or classic Libertonian cheesecake needs. In the middle is a suspicious out-of-commission factory that onlookers swear is still in operation. Callahan Shore: Here, you'll find the Callahan Race Track for all the wannabe rallyists who couldn't make it into the national racing association. Bring your favourite offroad-inconvenient antique here to ruin its paint and future market value. The nearby police station is a great place to get one, and all the while pissing the local pigs off at that. You won't even need to bother stealing the car, as they will bring it to you themselves if you spend enough time trespassing the racing space long enough. Callahan Heights: The fishing enterprises of Liberty City. If you can bear the smell, you can visit the Norwegian-infested 8th Street, or Lutefisk boulevard as commonly referred to by its inhabitants, and have yourself a four course North Sea meal. These folks must have taken a wrong turn on the way to Canada, because they're contempt with their living conditions. There hasn't even been one instance of someone complaining about the rent. Thanks to them, the already-ineffective police HQ nearby has gotten all too used to comfort. If being homesick wasn't an effect, they might never have started leaving. Central Portland: Ranging from the edges of Trenton to Saint Mark's, Portland View is the most populous part of the city, and bears the municipal headquarters. You see rows of people lining up to send profanity filled complaints the mayor's way in front of the municipal office here. Travel northwards and you'll find a slightly more civilized Mediterranean exclave. That's Saint Mark's, the second biggest yet first famous little Italy of Liberty City, even more famous than the actual Little Italy up Staunton. When not terrorised by the filthy wannabe mafiosi, the culture here can be truly appreciated. The richness in the neighbourhood's houses, Italian flags and home restaurants can be felt very effectively, all in for the taking. Be careful you don't accidentally be made into a relative by the affection you receive here. The Italianness of this neighbourhood is as overbearing as it is deserved. It was they, the immigrants who built it from the ground up forty years ago. They'll give no leeway to anyone thinking otherwise. And the final key point within this district is the iconic Portland Beach. Never once is there a dull moment there when the city's waters haven't been filled to the brim with toxic trash yet. Red Light District: The block once famous for being the biggest host of filth and sex craze in the country. When the law eventually caught on to the unhandled abundance of brothels here that they got no action out of, they made quick work of them, leaving one that still operates in the darkness. Since the war, however, its colours would vibrate again through the famous Portland Theatre. The entertainment here is unmatched, and attracts people from all over the city. A perfect place to rob rich broads and smack their posh partners in their smug faces. Hepburn Heights: A victim of Mayor Veener's most recent urban projects to vindicate the last national park space in Portland and a prime example of post-war economic expansion in the United States. People aren't yet aware just how much harm can come out of destroying the last reserve of nature in their city. They're only concerned with having more lowlives moving into the city for them to push around. Otherwise, the park here is beautiful. It's full of ponds to throw bodies in or bushes to make out with hookers. Harwood: The elders remember when this whole neighbourhood used to be nothing but a field of grass, serving as an early outlook at what the result of the Hepburn urbanisation efforts will be. This neighbourhood has a large number of Latin American, mainly Puerto Rican residents, all contributing to the pollution of culture. It's great to see, for it's where you can find the famous Richie's Butchery and the most renowned comedy theatre where you can watch all your overrated stand-ups. Just don't get your pork from the poisonous Puerto Rican storefronts and you'll be in for a golden trip. Main Characters: Salvatore Leone: A young Sicilian mafioso fresh off the shores of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Salvatore was brought up in an impoverished life in Sicily. His father was a member of the Italian resistance and subsequently died in the Italian Civil War. After that her mother entrusted his uncle Vittorio to take care of him. That’s how he wound up in Liberty City, arriving on boat in 1944. During his teenage years he became acquainted with the Clancio family through Uncle and started working for them. He got made in 1957 after uncovering a scam a bookie had been playing on Don Torrini. As of 1959, he's an enforcer for the Clancio family in Liberty City and takes orders from his uncle, whether it be beating up some street-mouthed punks downtown or managing hot, heavy deals with other families, from collecting debt to shakedown, Uncle can count on him for whatever errand he has. With all that said, Sal doesn’t enjoy being Uncle’s errand boy too much and eagerly awaits the day he gets put to a higher position. Vittorio Leone: Salvatore's ever-loving uncle, and furthermore, the underboss of the Clancio family. Vittorio is singlehandedly responsible for the immense overseas power that the Clancio family possesses, having made very strong connections with many foreign organisations in the past, especially during the war. Thanks to him, the family not only has slices in numerous international operations such as bookmaking, consumer goods, smuggling and the like, but also favours owed to them by various foreign government bodies due to providing aid to the allied powers during the war. He became underboss as soon as Don Torrini got into power. Him and Don Torrini are old friends, working together since the days of old man Clancio. Uncle is a big traditionalist. He scolds anybody who doesn’t do things the old way and does not take wisely to being disobeyed or disappointed. Antonello Torini: Don of the Clancio crime family. Antonello came into power in 1944 with the death of old man Clancio. Before becoming boss, Antonello was a prominent soldato (soldier) within the family and was one of the forerunners of a small-scale guerilla conflict against the fascist Italian government. His skills as a gunfighter and his rapid success with raiding the national military earned him the nickname “black eyed bandit” in Sicily. But Antonello’s ferocity did not carry over to his time of rule. After becoming boss he transformed into more of a laid-back patronising old man type of person. He talks big, acts big and pretends that the world owes him something. He's recently been trying to move his organisation entirely to Liberty City. Massimo Torini: Antonello's no-good son. Massimo spent much of his youth picking fights with his neighbours, betting, gambling, and conducting petty robberies. While he had no intention to be involved with his father's business, his delinquencies eventually brought him across one of his father's enforcers, Silvestro Franchino, whom he became friends with. His father was ecstatic about the news and put Massimo under his wing so he could learn to negotiate, intimidate, and put his fighting skills to good use. However, his "training" was put to a stop when a night of betting disputes ended up with Massimo bashing a rival boss's son's head in. There were no witnesses and despite agreeing to keep it a secret, his father sent him overseas anyways to ensure his safety in case someone found out. With a subsequent lack of common sense and an inability to speak English, Massimo is headed towards a path of struggle in the underground life of Liberty City. Jane Hopper: Hopper is the Clancios' dock contact, an inside "man" so to speak. Legally speaking, she only works at the docks as a secretary and a translator but in reality, her position goes way further than that. Hopper is a very manipulative person with a strongly persuasive mouth and charm that can convince anybody into believing just about anything. Through a careful exploitation of feminism held by numerous union members, she was able to reach a de-facto position high enough to have a big say in events concerning the docks, and union matters as well. Being a polyglot, she was in a perfect position to handle a port where a lot of international business gets done. It's thanks to her efforts that the Clancio's can freely use the docks when they need to. Although the mob doesn’t usually involve broads in matters like these, or rather, in any matter at all, especially not during the 50’s, Hopper has a connection to a very powerful boss from way back in the day, one that is held as in very high standard by all families, which provides her the trait needed for them to overlook that. People overlook a lot about Hopper, especially her being a staunch feminist. Hopper is all about being as roughly-spoken and aggressive as possible, just to seem “manly” towards her peers. But when it comes to actual gunfights, how much she can hold up to that pretension becomes very clear. Lackeys: Ranks of the Clancio family: Antonello Torini – Don Vittorio Leone – Underboss Ignazio Dante – Caporegime: A humble businessmen with an import/export and smuggling business. Ignazio deals in the trade of many materials, ranging from booze and guns to clothing and jewellery to tomato sauce. There are a lot of places in Liberty City that are dependent on his supply to function. Also, he has a disdain towards Vittorio due disagreements over sharing of wealth. Sally Durando – Caporegime: A Number Wiz. Runs a profitable bookmaking operation out of Portland and Staunton Island. Does not like people moving into his business. Not even people from his own family. Only talks to four people. Highly respected and dangerous. Killed his own brother for stealing $124. Why? Because it’s like cancer. You have to cut it out before it robs your of your life. Alfonso "Crazy Al" di Tullio – Caporegime : Gaetano “Gigi” Gotorelli – Enforcer: Vittorio’s most trusted ally. Gigi has been working under his wing for a very long time. The trust and respect between them is so immaculate that they even have secrets they keep from the family. Gigi is like a ghost figure. The only people who see him regularly are his family and boss. If it’s anybody else, it usually means they’re soon to die. Salvatore Leone - Soldato The Carrera Cousins – Soldato: They were both named Giuseppe by their mothers. They’re distinguished by their nicknames Small Joe and Big Joe. They both work for Ignazio’s smuggling operations. Big Joe, 25, tags along on his business deals while Small Joe, 17, is reserved for small errands. Big Joe also has a personal feud with Sammy Schiro. Brunello “Bruno” and Vittorio “Vito” Sebastianelli - Associates Massimo Torini – Associate Ranks of the Forelli family: Alberico Forelli – Don: A shoot first, ask questions later fella. Alberico is a man who has little care for concepts like tradition and honour and would gladly defy them if it means making a buck. Even his relatives in Calabria don’t like him. Salome “Sally” Locattini – Consigliere: Childhood friend to Alberico. They came up in the mafia together. He’s been a paranoid individual ever since he once killed a made man without being greenlit by the commission. His cocky attitude became a big influence on Alberico’s tendency to jump the gun. Federico “Derick” Gianfranco – Caporegime: Federico "Derrick" Gianfranco: The soft-spoken boogeyman of the Forelli Family. A native of Saint Mark's, he is known as your typical gentleman who frequents a coffee shop in the neighborhood; where he gives orders to his crew of killers and businessmen. Before becoming a Caporegime, he was a very popular choice for carrying out hits, which has earned him both the respect from his peers and fear among his enemies. Despite being a loyal member of the Forelli Family, he openly disagrees with Alberico's violent business model, as it is bad for business. Sammy Schiro – Enforcer: Originally from a family of Arbëreshë origin. Schiro is the toughest dumb muscle in Liberty City as well as the best fighter in Derick’s crew. Schiro is the strong silent type but that’s because his vocabulary is too small to think of anything worthwile to say. He lets his fists and bullets do the talking. His favourite weapon is the baseball bat and he likes to make hits personal. Boosted cars at 13, started doing hits for the mob at 17. Your typical Jimmy Conway. He embraces both his Italian and Albanian heritage but does deal with racism because of his Albanian blood, mainly from the Irish. Antonio “Tony” Catto – Soldato: Native of Saint Marks alongside his best friend, Sammy Schiro. Runs a small-scale racketeering business, highly influenced by Gianfranco. He's generally disliked Little Italy. For some reason, Alberico distrusts him and suspects him of swindling the family in some way but he has no concrete evidence and keeps quiet due to his respect to Derick. Girardo “Gerry” Forelli – Soldato: Runs a cathouse in Aspatria. Girardo is a divorcée with a kid he doesn’t want, influencing his sad outlook on life. He never wanted to get into crime but was forced into it by his brother. He despises Alberico but is stuck with him. He spends his days working so he can distract himself sulking at the misfortunes of his life. He can’t even make time to look after his son and makes the cathouse dancers tend to him. The Docks and the Union Frank Lynch - Leader of the Liberty Atlantic Shoremen's Association Jack Gray - Union rep Jane Hopper - Secretary and translator; union consultant (informal) Balto Salazar - Dockworker Porter Estrada - Dockworker Michael Bowman - Stevedore Harry Holcomb - Sailor Other and unaffiliated: Raymond Bolton - Former FBN agent turned PI Verano Leone - Student at Liberty Campus; Vittorio's son and Salvatore's cousin Lauritz Fredsen - Bomb expert, preferred by most criminals in Liberty City Enrico Altanasio - Arms dealer and trafficker In 1959 -as Ammu-Nation hasn't been founded yet- the lead, prominent gun-runner in the states is Wyatt Guns, which has several stores that can be found around the city. Furthermore, rarer weapons can be purchased Enrico's Artigliere, an independent gun shop which carries regular military weapons as well as home-made custom ones. Melee: Brass knuckles Baseball bat Knife Crowbar (this can also be used for break-ins) Chainsaw Pistols: M1911 Browning Hi-Power Smith & Wesson model 29 Colt Python (Revolvers' plating and grips can be modified in any Wyatt Guns store) Submachine guns: Franchi LF-57 Beretta Model 12 Thompson M1A1 MP40 Shotguns: Remington model 870 Lupara Remington model 11-48 Rifles: Can be equipped with a scope. M1 Garand M1903 Springfield Throwables: Molotov cocktails MK2 Grenades Special weapons: These weapons cannot be bought in weapon stores and can only be acquired through raiding military shipments and deliveries. Rifles: M14 (this weapon can be fitted with a scope and be used as a sniper rifle.) Colt AR-15 Heavy weapons: These weapons are mission-specific, meaning they're scripted to appear in determined missions only and not allowed for use in freeroam. M20 Super Bazooka M2 Flamethrower
  10. Donnits presents A collaboration with @Datalvarezguy, @Jeansowaty, and @slimeball supreme Part 3/3 of Liberty City Nobodies Vehicles by AG07, Dima_Next, DirectUA, G.C.T., Imtaj, Jeansowaty, Onepiece, Ross_R, Thundersmacker, and Zolika1351 ****** To most, Wilbert Wetterer is just another Liberty City thug. On the books: a cab driver living in crime-addled South Bohan. Off the books: a car thief and career criminal. Steering him straight and watching his back is the ever-dependable German ex-pat Helmut Swartzkopf; a chop shop runner with contacts overseas. Originally from Dukes, Will is a former associate of the infamous McReary family, but after a spat left the relationship strained, he has personally exiled himself from the old neighborhood. His only tie left is enforcer Gordon Sargent; a loyal friend and degenerate gambler indebted to the worst bookies in town. Of mixed German and Irish heritage, Wilbert is always being guided by Helmut and Gordon; in both his work and his values. Although Will puts on a tough carefree facade, he's ultimately trying to find a place to belong and what to be loyal to in a city where nobody can be trusted and everyone is out to get you. Wilbert's journey will interweave with those of Niko, Johnny and Luis, as well as Russian mobster Gennadi Zhukov and Spanish Lords enforcer Salvador Morales, who have their own stories to tell. Most pressing to Will is the return of his and Helmut's accomplice, Rod Hardman, who has just been released from prison. Partly for old time's sake, but mainly to repay a favor, Will agrees to help Rod again. Wilbert "Willy" Wetterer The Shooter. Wilbert grew up in Dukes but moved to Bohan after a falling out with the McReary family 3 years ago. Never met his father, and his mother was a stripper and alcoholic. As a preteen, Packie McReary took him under his wing, and so he looked up to Packie as an older brother. Soon he began breaking heads for the Irish mob. Built like a truck and fiercely loyal, but often to his detriment. Helmut “H” Swartzkopf Will’s friend and immigrant from a post-communist bordertown in Brandenburg, Germany with a plummeting population. He’s involved in the criminal import/export business, shipping cars in and out of Europe with help from contacts in his native country. A level-headed man with a strong conscience, he tends to be Will’s voice of reason. Gordon “Gordo” Sargent Will’s friend and member of the McReary crew - a topic of some debate. In debt to the Messina family for his gambling addiction, something Will helps him deal with. A fellow cokehead and someone who just loves blowing sh*t up, he generally feeds into Will’s bad side. Despite that, he’s as loyal to Will as Helmut. Jermaine Andrews Runs the repair garage in Outlook and the chop shop in Hove Beach, the latter of which he does business with Helmut. Eventually, he becomes Wilbert’s friend. Though loosely affiliated with Firefly Projects Hustlers, he’s a nervous person who prefers to stay out of immediate trouble. Rod Hardman A former accomplice of Will and Helmut, recently released from prison. Affiliated with skinhead drug dealers in Northwood. Helmut knows he’s untrustworthy, but Wilbert feels obligated to help him after their botched carjacking which led to Rod’s incarceration. Born Roderick Ratner, he changed his name out of his own self-hating Jewishness. Patrick “Packie” McReary Hard-living Irish-American. Barely kept in touch with Will after his move to Bohan - either out of spite or guilt. A boastful man clinging on to what little pride is left in his infamous family name. It’s hard to gauge his thoughts, unlike Will who wears his heart on his sleeve. Bucky Sligo Heads an Irish stickup crew in Alderney. A former revolutionary with ties to the Irish Republican Army, though his true-believer status has been stomped out over the years, leaving behind only cynicism and paranoia. He and his followers squat in an abandoned house in Westdyke, which he finds symbolic. Forms a father-son relationship with Wilbert. Byron Burns Bucky’s second-in-command. A retired ex-cop and the oldest in their crew. Stern and takes no bullsh*t. Kenny Petrovic Leader of the Petrovic Mafiya. Machiavellian. Grief-stricken following his son's death. He later claims to see Wilbert as his new son. Mark Volpe Messina caporegime in-hiding and debtor to Gordon, who with Will does favors to repay debts. Desperate to get back in the Messinas good graces after his brother, Fredo, turned police informant. He’s a loudmouth with a single lackey, Lillo Burns, with who he regularly argues like a buffoon. Calogero “Lillo Burns” Di Lapi Lone enforcer under Mark Volpe. Dimwitted imp with a high-pitched voice. A loyal oaf, he’s constantly ridiculed by his capo. Park Young-Guk Boss of the Korean Mob. Running a counterfeit currency operation with his son, Kim. Gerald McReary Head of the McReary family. A short-tempered and pessimistic misanthrope. Disregards Wilbert; finds him pathetic. He recognizes the reality of his family’s place in the underworld and his own coming downfall. Sarah Kinley Random encounter. Wilbert’s ex-girlfriend - broke up account of his anger issues. Gilbert Random encounter. Sorta looks like Wilbert, but opposite in personality. "The F*cked F*cker" Random encounter. Alcoholic. (Reference to The F*cking Story) Gennadi “Gena” Zhukov The Driver. Hove Beach-based Russian mobster. Meets Wilbert through Kenny Petrovic. Salvador “Sal” Morales The Muscle. Bohan-born Spanish Lords enforcer. Wilbert will cross his path. Brickade HVY armored security van. Blista 1998 Dinka tuner hatchback. Wilbert’s personal car. (convert by Thundersmacker) Cabbie Classic checkered taxicab. (convert by AG07, model by Onepiece & Kpym) Dominator Modern Vapid muscle car. (convert by Thundersmacker) Elegy Custom Annis sports car import. (convert by Thundersmacker) Gauntlet Modern Bravado muscle car. (convert by G.C.T.) Hotknife Custom Vapid hot-rod. (convert by Thundersmack) Jester 1992 sports car. (convert by G.C.T.) Majestic Beater Classique sedan. (model by G.C.T.) Penumbra 1998 Maibatsu sports car (convert by Thundersmacker) Phoenix Classic Imponte muscle car. (convert by Thundersmacker) Police Buffalo LCPD Bravado Buffalo police interceptor. Presidente Sport High-performance Albany sports sedan. (model by Dima_Next) Previon 1992 Karin tuner coupe. (convert by Zolika1351) Schafter Latest Benefactor luxury sedan. Can be converted to a custom body kit model at mod shops. Sentinel 1986 Übermacht coupe. (convert by Thundersmacker) Serrano Benefactor luxury crossover SUV. Can be converted to a custom body kit model at mod shops. Tow Truck Used for Towing side jobs. Found outside the Native Engines Pay ‘n’ Spray in Outlook. ZR-350 1992 Annis sports car. (convert by Zolika1351) Daemon Original “Deamon” customizable with Daemon parts as extras. (model by Jeansowaty) Lycan Custom Yusuf Amir’s customized Lycan with a long fork and flame decal. (model by Ross_R) Nemesis Streetfighter sports bike. (convert by Jeansowaty) Sanchez Custom Maibatsu dirtbike with custom liveries. (convert by imtaj) Shinigami Sh*tzu power cruiser motorcycle. (model by Jeansowaty) Wooden Bat Old-fashioned slugger. $5. Crowbar Basic melee weapon. Can be used for clean carjacks where you jimmy the lock instead of breaking the window. $5. Golf Club Good for driving golf balls or driving skulls in. Obtained after playing golf or entering a Caddy. Revolver Saturday night special. Six shooter that deals high damage but has a slow fire rate. $150. (model by Jeansowaty) Fully Auto Pistol Fully automatic pistol. Highest firing rate with a 33-round mag to boot, at the cost of accuracy and recoil control. $1000. Silenced 9mm If stealth is more your style. Pinpoint accuracy with a 15 round mag, less prone to alert bystanders when firing. $700. (model by Jeansowaty & his friend) Magnum Shotgun Willy’s trusted backup weapon. 9 round magazine, fires single slugs instead of buckshot spread, dealing devasting power with a long effective range if your aim is up to par. $600. Special Shotgun Military surplus combat shotgun. Rains buckshot in automatic fire with an 8 round magazine and balanced power and range. $5000. Extended SMG Micro SMG on growth hormone. Dependable stats all around; 30 round mag with high fire rate and range. $1250. Light Rifle Rugged and reliable rifle. Pinpoint accuracy at a slow fire rate with 20 round mag. $1500. Compact Rifle Fun size. Usable in drive-bys. Its short barrel and lack of a buttstock mean less accuracy and range compared to the regular Assault Rifle. $2000. (model by Jeansowaty) Heavy Sniper .50 caliber anti-materiel rifle. Unparalleled power and range, takes out anyone and anything with ease. $10000. Pipe Bombs Homemade explosive. Gordo can cook these up for you at $500 each. Molotov Cocktail Blarneys Irish Stout-branded fire bomb. $350 each. More modern and classic R&B to get your temperature rising, baby. “Don’t Matter” by Akon (2006) “No One” by Alicia Keys (2007) “What You Won’t Do for Love” by Bobby Caldwell (1978) “Long Way 2 Go” by Cassie (2006) “Ain’t Nobody” by Chaka Khan (1983) "American Boy" by Estelle, Kanye West (2008) “Crazy” by Gnarls Barkley (2006) “Always and Forever” by Heatwave (1976) “No Air” by Jordin Sparks, Chris Brown (2008) “Dilemma” by Nelly, Kelly Rowland (2002) “They-Say Vision” by Res (2002) “Unfaithful” by Rihanna (2006) “Beautiful Girls” by Sean Kingston (2007) “Turn Off the Lights” by Teddy Pendergrass (1979) “U Remind Me” by Usher (2001) Lord Finesse brings his own mix of classic old school hip hop joints - the raw way. “Electric Relaxation” by A Tribe Called Quest (1993) “Glamour Life” by Big Pun, Fat Joe, Triple Seis, Armageddon, Cuban Link (1998) “Da Game” by Lost Boyz (1996) “The Heist (Pt. 1)” by The LOX (1997) "Downtown Swinga" by M.O.P. (1994) "How About Some Hardcore" by M.O.P. (1993) “Survival of the Fittest” by Mobb Deep (1995) “Mathematics” by Mos Def (1999) “I Gave You Power” by Nas (1996) “Kick In The Door” by The Notorious B.I.G. (1997) “Don’t Believe The Hype” by Public Enemy (1988) “Visionz” by Wu-Tang Clan (1997) Punk is back with some classics from the U.K. and more of that Liberty City hardcore. “Over the Years” by 25 Ta Life (1999) “Numbers” by The Adicts (1981) “Tough Guy” by Beastie Boys (1994) “Unknown Soldier” by The Casualties (2004) “Heavy Metal Winner” by Consumed (1998) "Outcast" by Death Threat (2000) “If These Are Good Times” by Dog Eat Dog (1994) "Sick Boy" by Charged GBH (1982) "Warsaw" by Joy Division (1977) “Somebody’s Gonna Get Their Head Kicked In” by Murphy’s Law (1995) “T.C.O.B.” by Skarhead (1998) “Free At Last” by Warzone (1996) DJ Delmundo is in the mix to inject some trance hits into Liberty City. “Better Off Alone” by Alice Deejay (1997) “Russia Privjet” by Basshunter (2006) “On The Move” by Barthezz (2001) “Everytime We Touch” by Cascada (2005) “Daddy DJ (Chico & Tonio Club Mix)” by Daddy DJ (1999) “Heaven” by DJ Sammy (2002) “L’Amour Toujours (I'll Fly with You)” by Gigi D’Agostino (2000) “Free (DJ Hirohito Hitmix)” by Nakatomi (1995) “Forgiven” by Sylver (2001) “Versus” by Tomcraft, Sunbeam (2001) “Kernkraft 400 (DJ Gius Mix)” by Zombie Nation (1999) Friends Gordon Sargent and Helmut Swartzkopf are your friends and either/or can be called up to Hangout. Gordon can sell Guns at a nearby location in his red Benefactor Schafter and Helmut can deliver Vehicles directly to you at discounted prices. Helmut can also be called after certain missions for thoughts and advice. After completing the main story, Jermaine Andrews becomes a friend. Safehouse Wilbert lives in a dilapidated apartment building on Hollowback Street in South Bohan. Clothes can be changed at the wardrobe and a Magnum Shotgun can be picked up inside. Complete Import/Export missions to stockpile more guns. Wilbert's blue Dinka Blista is parked in front, and after completing certain missions and side jobs, more vehicles will be added outside. The Used Auto Parts & Salvage garage is down the street, a place Wilbert frequented to get work done on his Blista before it was destroyed in a supposed terror-related bombing. Haircuts Toggle between the default caesar hairstyle and a buzzcut for $20 at Leroy’s Barber Shop on Franklin Street in Leftwood. Barber Shop is marked by a scissors icon on the map. Clothes Buy new clothes at Victim on Bridger Street in Leftwood. Mod Shops Choose and purchase each paint color, which extras are applied, and whether to enable Nitrous (replacing Cinematic Camera) at the Gaz N’ Baz Total Spanners mod shop on Beaumont Avenue in Bohan Industrial. Each car mod option is $100. Specific vehicles may also have the option to convert into a new model with a custom body kit or install a Car Bomb, which can be detonated at any time using Phonebook > Mod Shop > Detonate. Mod Shop is marked by a wrench icon on the map. Poker Texas Hold’em-style poker is playable in illegal gambling dens around Liberty City. Low-stakes wagers can be played at the Discount Hardware den in Schottler, mid-stakes wagers at the Leprechaun's Winklepicker basement in Berchem, and high-stakes wagers at the Russian club in Chase Point. Gambling is marked by a playing card icon on the map. Blackjack Twenty-one blackjack can be played in the Leprechaun's Winklepicker basement, the Russian club in Chase Point, and Bucky Sligo’s House in Westdyke for a $50 ante. Gambling is marked by a playing card icon on the map. Nightclub Between 21:00 and 6:00, you can visit Bahama Mamas to dance and buy drinks at the bar. Friends will sit at the bar during Hangout sessions. Midnight Races New race meetups are available only at night 22:00 to 5:00 against faster AI with rubberbanding capabilities and nitrous. Pedestrian traffic is automatically set very low during the race. Races vary between Sports, Luxury, and Motorcycles. The Albanian Mob and Triads have a large appearance in these races. Win 20 Midnight Races to unlock the ZR-350 behind Helmut’s Apartment. Midnight Race is marked by a checkered flag icon on the map. Once all races are completed, you can use the newly added Midnight Champion option on your cell phone to set up a new race at the track of your choice. Taxi Driver Call up L.C.C. Taxis in your Phonebook to start the job and collect a cab at the depot on Harrison Street in East Island City. If already inside a Taxi or Cabby, the dispatcher will automatically instruct you to the customer. New customers spawn nearby after completing a fare. Cash is rewarded depending on the distance traveled, and customers that prefer you drive faster or slower pay a bonus tip if their order is followed. Call L.C.C. Taxis before picking up a new customer to finish the shift. Complete 10 fares to unlock the classic Cabbie outside the Bohan safehouse. Taxi Depot is marked by a taxi icon on the map. Towing Get inside the Tow Truck outside Native Engines to automatically begin a Towing job. A car in need of tow will spawn somewhere on the map. Drive to it and park inside the nearby marker, triggering a fade to black. Once fading back in, the car will now be attached to your Tow Truck. You must then deliver it to the Impound Lot outside of the LCPD Headquarters in Lower Easton. The ramp barrier is disabled during Towing jobs. You are paid $100 per car towed. Deliver the Tow Truck back to Native Engines to finish the shift or leave the truck for 10 seconds. Complete 10 tows to unlock the Brickade armored van behind the Impound Lot. Demolition Derby Meetup at the Liberty State Pavilion Towers fairground in Meadows Park to participate in unsanctioned demo derbies. Vehicles are automatically given nitro. You may use only select vehicles (classic cab, hotrod, ice cream truck, or any beater) in the marker to enter the derby using it, or you will have to enter the marker on foot and be given a Majestic to compete. Complete to unlock the Hotknife behind the fairground. Jermaine Andrews has a list of 25 unique and/or souped-up vehicles that he needs you to deliver to his Import/Export Garage on Masterson Street in Hove Beach. Visit Jermaine’s Native Engines garage opposite the Pay ‘n’ Spray in Outlook to begin an “Import” job. Missions vary between Convoy; a moving target vehicle with either gang or police escort, Meet; a stationary vehicle defended by gangs, and Steal; a stationary or pedestrian-driven vehicle unguarded until police dispatch. You are paid up to half the value of the vehicle if it’s delivered in perfect condition, plus an additional $500 times the number of jobs completed ($25000 is the limit on bonus pay - paid on 50 completed jobs and any after). If the vehicle is destroyed, you will fail and the job will end. Less money is paid depending on the amount of damage accumulated. Once a vehicle is delivered, you can start an “Export” at the Import/Export Garage. You are tasked to transport the vehicle(s) to either the Broker Navy Yard or Port Tudor. If the vehicle is damaged during the run, you must repair it before you can export it. If the vehicle is destroyed, it will have to be acquired again during an Import job. Jermaine will text message you which cars are currently in the garage. You are paid half the value of each vehicle exported to the Broker Navy Yard or the full value of each vehicle exported to Port Tudor. Once a vehicle is exported, a stock version can be delivered to you via phone call (costing you 10% of the value price). Upon exporting the original 25 vehicles, additional jobs will randomize mission variation and vehicle needed. Enemies get tougher as you progress, and new weapons are stored inside the Bohan safehouse every 10 vehicles exported. Import is marked by a car icon on the map, Export is marked by a garage icon - they will appear greyed out if unavailable. Coming soon. H Blown the Gaff GS Ante Up H Toys PM Shamrock Shenanigans RH Addicts Anonymous GS Favor for a Friend H Exhaust Fumes H Backwash GS Settling the Debt GS Make a Killing BS A House on Cariboo BS Old Fashioned RH No Money, No Problem BS Every Dog Has His Day BS Bad Luck Buck KP Hit Hard KP All The King's Men H DNF GS Dead On Arrival PM Break It Down KP The Big Leagues PM Third Wheel KP Dropping Out H Out of the Frying Pan RH Special Delivery RH No Thanks H Chopped Shop GS Hangman GS Once and For All
  11. Rockstar Games presents REMASTERED EDITION Theme Song Concept by Akaviri. Title art by Narcis_Speed6. Big thanks to Jeansowaty for mod integration. Mod content sourced from GTAAll.com. HISTORY For decades, the Irish-Catholics from Liberty City had a reputation as some of the fiercest fighters. Some were blue-collar family men of stalwart character. Others were reckless madmen and strung out animals. In spite of small numbers, they were able to fend off the much larger Commission Families. Tales of kidnappings, armed robberies, and murder turned their mere six blocks of Purgatory into one of the most avoided neighborhoods in Algonquin. Mafia captains soon learned to avoid war with these men - some even hired them as prized muscle and contract killers. Lacking the rigid bureaucracy of the Italians, they eventually folded from internal power struggles. Soon most were dead or in prison, and their influence faded into obscurity. All but one organized outfit remains - the McReary crime family out of Dukes. Established by their ruthless father, the McReary brothers have been the last cascade of great Irish criminals in Liberty City. The alienated Francis McReary has his sights set on becoming the commissioner of the LCPD. Acting gang leader Gerald McReary has designs for a power play through his Alderney mob ties, with the fabled Derrick McReary returning from Ireland after more than a decade in hiding. With young Packie and his crew of heathens loose on the streets, willing to put it all on the line, things may just come together for their defunct clan. GAME INFORMATION Blood On A Four Leaf Clover features Gordon Sargent as a new main character. Gordon is a tough Irish hood and soldier for the remnant McReary mob. These days reduced to a mere stickup crew, their income is traditionally squandered on vices as they recount the glory days of old. Disappointed with the way things are, Gordon has slipped into a bitter lifestyle, with misplaced gambling endeavors about to catch up to him. He will soon be put to the test as he searches for a way out of his dilemmas while maintaining an obligation to the only allies he has ever known. New missions run parallel and cross over with Grand Theft Auto IV, with a gameplay style catering to street brawls, armed robbery, kidnapping, open shootouts, and enough new weapons, vehicles, and mission content to breathe life back into Liberty City. CHARACTERS Gordon Sargent Irish-American outlaw native to Steinway. Came up from a broken family in a tough neighborhood. A formidable brawler, he dropped out of school with the prospect of becoming a professional boxer. This was short-lived after financial difficulties, injuries and broken teeth which cause him to slur words at times. Once Packie introduced him to the fast money and adrenaline of armed robbery, the rest was history. Years were spent in prison, and then out of prison trying to make it on the straight, only to double down on more serious scores and fall deeper into the life. Split between working class pride and disdain for authority, Gordon's refuge as a troublemaker and lawbreaker has inevitably found him ensnared in a degenerative circle of life, where his pastimes include drinking at dives and gambling it all on sports. Since the recent passing of his father, Gordon lives alone in his old family house on Concord Ave, overlooking the Gantry Park in Dukes. Age: 29 Criminal Record: 1998 - Possession Stolen Property 2000 - Petty Larceny 2002 - Possession Gambling Records 2003 - Kidnapping Michael “Saint Michael” Keane A close companion to Gordon and Packie, and the youngest of the three. Together, their dysfunctional trio has managed through the years. His optimistic demeanor and naivete earned him the nickname “Saint Michael”. He defuses many a conflict between Gordon and Packie when they find each other at odds. The two still regularly mock him, but despite their ridicule, Michael has always looked up to them as brothers. Unlike them, he often uses his take from scores to help his family and has been saving what he can to eventually retire to something better. Age: 27 Criminal Record: 2000 - Grand Larceny 2003 - Armed Robbery Patrick McReary Young wild card of the McReary brothers. Packie carries himself as care-free but is deeply under the pressure of his brothers expectations and family trauma which haunts him to this day. In his ignorance of coping, Packie has always lived fast and dangerous, seeing only as far as his next adrenaline rush. He and Gordon grew up alongside each other since the days of high school bullying, enjoying the rack and ruin that follows wherever they go. Once Packie was put on to the family business, he brought Gordon in as muscle with tall promises for the future. Unfortunately, years later it hasn't worked out that way. His brother Gerald rightly sees him as foolish - the constant partying and drug use weakening his stature to lead, but inevitably depends on him as the boots on the ground. Age: 29 Criminal Record: 1997 - Grand Theft Auto 1998 - Grand Larceny 2000 - Hijacking 2005 - Possession Controlled Substance: Cocaine Gerald McReary The active leader of the McReary family, a man in the throes of middle-age, three forsaken marriages, and heavy alcoholism. As a problem child, Gerald was groomed to be the prodigal career criminal by his father, who went to sick lengths to condition and desensitize him. Capable of extreme violence, and standing at a staggering height with a grizzly physique, his very presence instills fear. Gerald took over the family after his father's demise and began working heavily with the Algonquin mafia families as hired muscle. His ultimate aspiration is to exceed the status his father once held, perhaps out of spite. This ideal is frustrated by his disorganized outfit and constant police surveillance. As a result he is compelled to use Packie and third parties as his chess pieces. Gerry is aggressively cynical but calculating and shrewd. Despite endless obstacles, he continues to call the shots and keep work flowing through his current connections in the Alderney mob. Age: 35 Criminal Record: 1986 - Grand Larceny 1990 - Assault 1992 - Armed Robbery and Hijacking 1999 - Conspiracy to Commit Extortion 2005 - Tampering with Sports Contest: Dog Racing Derrick McReary The oldest of the McReary brothers. Idealistic and a romantic for the old country, his symbol of hope against the backdrop of a crooked upbringing in Liberty City. Revered for his time spent in the Provisional Irish Republican Army, he is adorned with a shrine in every nationalist Irish pub in the city. Underneath his reputation, Derrick is a broken man haunted by guilt and addiction. A venerable figure from the 'golden years' of the McReary mob, Derrick and his crew were known as some of the most dangerous stick up men of their time. They robbed everyone in the city, from the banks to the drug dealers all the way to the mafia itself, under the pretense of fighting for something bigger. Derrick frequently found himself at odds with his family, and the world, all because of his sympathies and ideals. The fallout of insurmountable bloodshed led him to heavy drug use to cope. Once his life was in serious danger, he turned informant at the behest of his brother Francis, but ultimately fled the country entirely. In spite of his personal demons, Derrick’s extensive combat experience and knowledge of explosives is unparalleled. After so many years away, he has decided to return to Liberty City to settle big scores, old and new. Age: 51 Criminal Record: 1970 - Disorderly Conduct 1971 - Civil Disobedience 1974 - Resisting Arrest 1978 - Armed Robbery 1980 - Possession Controlled Substance: Cocaine 1985 - Criminal Possession Weapon: Explosives Neil Kelly Irish-American heavy and working class hero. Massive physique; frequents the bar and drinks everyone under the table. Not too sharp, but a simple man of his word with a stand-up attitude. He works as a perpetual plumber's apprentice in Broker. Loves to hunt deer in Upstate Liberty. Self-confessed survivalist and gun nut with an ever-updating collection of illicit hardware. Owns a Bravado Youga - an old work van that doubles as a rolling arsenal-for-sale when the need arises. Age: 30 Criminal Record: 1998 - Assault 2001 - Patronize Prostitute 2003 - Armed Robbery 2006 - Public Intoxication and Disorderly Conduct Liam Ross Irish-American car thief with a death wish and nine lives. Cunning and risk-taking, but unpredictable at times. Came from a hopeless situation: a drug-addled mother and an absent father, growing up on the streets. A hardcore punk in his youth, Liam used to frequent the now-defunct BGBJ club and developed a heroin addiction. Like Gordon and Packie, chaos follows him. These days, when not strung out, he pays his bills driving a tow truck and planning odd capers. Liam is a passionate car enthusiast and is involved with figures in the street racing scene. Age: 32 Criminal Record: 1999 - Grand Theft Auto 1999 - Speeding Violation 2000 - Hijacking 2002 - Burglary: Illegal Entry with Criminal Intent 2003 - Speeding Violation 2003 - Possession Controlled Substance: Heroin Stevie “the Collector” Johnson Connected businessman and fence for stolen vehicles, distributing parts through several chop shops in Liberty City. Not much is known about Stevie Johnson. Rumors say he's Jewish. Some say he's in deep with the Russians. Stevie keeps a low profile and launders through legitimate business fronts. He has known ties to street racing figures such as Lyle Rivas and Brucie Kibbutz, and he may be involved with more serious, high profile criminals. Age: 36 Criminal Record: 2000 - Tax Evasion Francis McReary LCPD Deputy Commissioner and black sheep of the family. Desperate to redefine himself using a position of high power and moral symbolism. In spite of his efforts to distance himself from his cursed family, he is as bad or worst. To the public, he succeeds in projecting himself as an ambitious and effective police figure. Behind this façade, he is utterly corrupt and ruthless, using desperate tactics to manipulate crime stats in his jurisdiction and silencing anyone who threatens to disparage him. Blackmail, bribery, and assassination are Frankie's tools of the trade. Francis once tried to flip Derrick as a criminal informant, to his ultimate disappointment. Francis and Gerald remain at odds with each another, but have traded enough blackmail over the years to be put at a stalemate. Age: 45 Police Record: 1997: Drinking on duty. Issued warning. 1998: Patronizing prostitute. Allegations; Issued warning. 2000: Use of excessive force. Suspended with pay. 2005: Misfiling evidence. Ruled as accidental; issued warning. Niko Bellic A mysterious foreigner gunning his way through the Liberty City underworld. He is clearly after money, but has an honest way about him. Paired with professional combat expertise, he is a valuable asset to have on any dangerous job. His hasty induction to the McReary outfit is met with skepticism, but his track record speaks for itself over time. Age: 30 Criminal Record: 2008 - Grand Theft Auto Phil Bell Irish-American consigliere to Jimmy Pegorino. A semi-legitimate businessman and a divorced family man, he manages the Honkers strip club and several other interests for the Pegorino Family. His impure heritage acts as a boundary for his advancement within the family, yet he denies this fact and behaves like an Italian in order to fit in. Despite his close friendship with Jimmy, he maintains a questionable relationship with Angie Pegorino. Phil is extremely paranoid ever since an indictment for racketeering three years prior, based on FIB surveillance bugs. Ever since then, he takes extensive precautions whenever discussing business matters. Age: 40 Criminal Record: 1984 - Grand Theft Auto 1988 - Promoting Gambling 1990 - Manslaughter 2005 - Racketeering Sullivan Bristol Known colloquially as "Sully". Bookmaker and shylock based in Dukes and Broker. Involved in sports betting, mainly in the blue-collar bar scene. Notorious for bribing college athletes and amateur boxers to influence matches. Sully is hard-nosed and unscrupulous. He stays busy and is relatively connected. Throws his weight around in his circuit, but he's a big fish in a small pond. He operates under the jurisdiction of Messina capo Mark Volpe, a connection that compromises most of his clout. Age: 45 Criminal Record: 1994 - Loansharking 1998 - Promoting Gambling 2000 - Possession Gambling Records 2002 - Tampering With Sports Contest: Boxing 2004 - Possession Stolen Property Mark Anthony Volpe Feared caporegime of the Messina Family, in charge of their large-scale gambling operations. Became a made man at a mere 19 years old after he gunned down the former boss under orders. Took a ten year sentence before successfully appealing, never breaking his silence. Was promoted to capo a few years after his release. He built a reputation for violence and is fiercely protective of his brother Fredo. He once cut out the tongue of an enforcer to protect his name, an egregious act that would have cost him his life if the bosses hadn't decided to give him a pass. Like a mad dog on a leash, the bosses are always one sit-down away from putting him down over one dispute or another. Mark rules his operation with an iron fist and enjoys gambling himself, but only places bets on rigged games. Age: 45 Criminal Record: 1982 - Murder 1993 - Extortion 1994 - Manslaughter 1995 - Assault 1996 - Manslaughter 1998 - Promoting Gambling 2000 - Promoting Gambling 2005 - Manslaughter Frederico "Fredo" Volpe Messina Family caporegime and younger brother of Mark Volpe. Involved in the life alongside his brother since he was 16 years old, driving the getaway car for his brother's first major hit. Being a minor, he was given a light sentence and later began working for the family while his brother was in prison. During this time he developed drug habits. Mark was made a capo in the years following his release from prison, and Fredo shortly after. He was more-or-less handed the position as a result of his brothers influence. Freddy was last arrested in 1998 after falling asleep in a getaway car high on tranquilizers. He was released shortly after, sparking rumors that he had turned informant. This rumor was quickly retaliated by Mark, who cut out a man’s tongue to set an example. In the years since then, no one dares speak ill of Fredo in spite of his incompetence - even regarding him with special treatment just to stay on Mark's good side. Age: 42 Police Record: 1982 - Accessory to Murder 1983 - Possession Controlled Substance: Heroin 1985 - Armed Robbery 1986 - Armed Robbery 1993 - Extortion 1995 - Grand Larceny 1998 - Possession Controlled Substance: Tranquilizers Harry Hall Consigliere to the Messina Family, half Irish-Catholic and half Italian. He is a rare example to have climbed the ranks in spite of his mixed background. He has led a long, successful career alongside acting boss Harvey Noto. Adamantly charismatic and precautious, with an impeccable criminal record and a masters degree from Vespucci School of Law. Runs profitable rackets out of top-class hotels, namely Opium Nights and The Majestic, where cocaine and high-class escorts make their rounds amongst the wealthy and vetted. Age: 60 Police Record: 1978 - Speeding Violation Harvey Noto Boss of the Messina Family. A name that carries with respect across the Commission. Harvey has always been well-liked for his gentlemanly class, a man of few words carried with high esteem. Harvey has unquestionable trust in his old friend and consigliere Harry, who serves as his exclusive defense in the court of law. In spite of current family rivalries, Harvey is a close friend of Jon Gravelli going back to the old days. He came to power and overturned the former boss back in 1982. His two main capos, the Volpe brothers, were instrumental in his succession to power. Having raised them up in the life from pups, they have since grown into respective mongrels, much to his weariness. Talk of federal indictments on the horizon has everyone suspicious of a rat, and at this point Harvey cannot decide who to trust. Age: 66 Police Record: 1958 - Grand Theft Auto 1960 - Loansharking 1960 - Extortion 1965 - Extortion 1970 - Possession Controlled Substance: Intent to Sell 1982 - Manslaughter MISSIONS (LEGACY VERSION) #1: Shamrocks and Shenanigans #2: Pony Up #3: Taken To The Cleaners #4: Grand Theft Auto #5: Bang For Your Buck #6: Waste Deep #7: The Art of Stealing #8: Bait #9: Crime Doesn't Pay #10: Disorganized Crime #11: A Picture's Worth A Thousand Words #12: Sky High #13: Money Talks #14: Extraordinary Ordnance #15: Don't Mess With The Bull #16: Paint The Town Red #17: Claude's Speed #18: Shock And Awe #19: Death From Above #20: Room Service #21: Bust A Capo #22: Thinking Inside The Box #23: Truck Of The Irish #24: Wet Work #25: The Honeymoon... #26: ...The Honeymoon #27: Day Of Reckoning #28: Dead Men Tell No Tales NEW WEAPONS Brass Knuckles A pugilist’s friend. Activates special knockout moves. Nightstick Non-lethal baton, reissued due to wrongful death lawsuits. Revolver Stainless six shooter with double-action magnum power. Raffica Pistol Lightning-fast 3 round burst fire. 21-round magazine. Repeater Shotgun Devastating 10-gauge buckshot and lever-action. Packs 5 shells. Heavy Shotgun Fires high-impact slugs, dealing massive damage. 8-round magazine. Combat SMG Zippy fire rate. Accurately hoses targets with 9mm. 36-round magazine. Car Bomb High explosive PE4 charge. Activated by cell phone. NEW VEHICLES Declasse Impaler Old school big-block sedan. Built like a tank. Dewbauchee McQueen Iconic Vinewood hero. 450ci with a 5 speed to boot. Declasse Tampa Supercharged 310ci, stiff handling, and poor brakes. Declasse Vamos Mean little suicide coupe packing a 396ci engine. Declasse Yosemite The stout American farm truck that simply won’t die. Bravado Youga Rolling trouble with a rich-smelling exhaust. Karin Rebel Japanese 4X4 with nimble off-road handling. Vapid Tahoma Low-key and lofty. Long retired from police fleets. Übermacht Evolution XS Bespoke performance coupe. Turbocharged inline-4. BF Club High-revving hatch with snappy maneuvering. Vapid Towtruck Cumbersome and slow as hell, but she can hook alright. HVY Skylift Specialized towing aircraft with magnetic winch. Western Sovereign Heavy touring bike for highway sailing. Pegassi Ruffian Carbon-clad 3-cylinder superbike. Excellent handling. RADIO STATIONS RADIO BROKER 1. Deerhunter - “Lake Somerset” 2. Oneida - “Happy New Year” 3. Liars - “Houseclouds” 4. Zach Hill - “Dark Art” 5. Grinderman - “Honey Bee (Let’s Fly To Mars)” 6. Black Mountain - “Evil Ways” 7. Excepter - “Kill People” 8. The Kills - "M.E.X.I.C.O. 9. Sightings - “Perforated” 10. TV On The Radio - “DLZ” LIBERTY CITY HARDCORE 1. Beastie Boys - “Square Wave In Unison” 2. Gorilla Biscuits - “New Direction” 3. Heart Attack - “You” 4. The Icemen - “No Guts No Glory” 5. Kraut - “Kill For Cash” 6. The Undead - “Evening of Desire” 7. Warzone - “The Sound of Revolution” 8. Dropkick Murphys - “Citizen CIA” 9. Murphy’s Law - “Beer” 10. Mucky Pup - “Hotel Penitentiary” LIBERTY ROCK RADIO 1. Mott the Hoople - “Soft Ground” 2. Rolling Stones - “Fingerprint File” 3. Thin Lizzy - “Suicide” 4. Rory Gallagher - “Big Guns” 5. Nazareth - “Expect No Mercy” 6. Motorhead - “Lawman” 7. Boomtown Rats - “Mary of the 4th Form” 8. Skids - “Into the Valley” 9. Mama’s Boys - “Needle in the Groove” 10. The Waterboys - “The Big Music” SERVICES Gordon’s Cell Phone Backup - Liam Send for your boys and they will show up ready for war. Guns - Neil Rendezvous at a location for access to Neil’s mobile arsenal. All DLC weapons are available for purchase. Vehicle - Stevie Special order a unique vehicle. Pick up at the shop in Dukes. Not cheap Escort - Harry Arranges a unique mistress for you to enjoy. Go on a date or simply return to a safehouse to close the deal. Harry’s girls are the real deal. Try not to fall in love. Costs $1500. SAFEHOUSE Gordon’s primary safehouse is located in Steinway, Dukes. It is the Sargent family home. Gordon’s late brother and father are displayed in picture frames, shown to be Union Stevedores down at the docks. Strewn about are whiskey bottles, pizza boxes, magazines of muscle cars, smut, and sports alike. There is a television, a laptop, a bed, and a radio playing. A Baseball Bat rests against a wall, Brass Knuckles on the coffee table, and a Medkit on the kitchen counter. Back door leads to a crummy backyard space. Down the front steps is a functional garage for storing a vehicle. Gordon’s wardrobe includes seven outfits. Available headgear includes the Flat Cap + Ski Mask SIDE MISSIONS Bookie Wars Mark Volpe eventually sends for you as muscle to assist his gambling operations, typically involving debt collection, intimidation, kidnapping, and theft of collateral. Inside information related to gambling or robberies can be acquired. Hotel Management Harry Hall will eventually trust you to run errands for Opium Nights. Chauffeur Harry’s girls around town, protect them and punish unruly customers. Occasionally deal with emergency favors such as picking up packages or disposing of evidence. Full completion is rewarded with a permanent safehouse suite at the hotel. Heists The cellar of Lucky Winkles eventually serves as a planning headquarters for robberies. Akin to GTA V, each heist will involve preparatory steps - surveillance, securing vehicles, and sabotaging equipment. Additional heists can be unlocked via Bookie Wars or the Story Missions. Heists are one time jobs: high-risk and high reward. RECREATION Arm Wrestling Available at the Steinway Beer Garden. Difficulty scales with payout, ranging from $200-$600. Horse Races The Inside Track in Steinway offers televised races with terminals to place bets up to $5,000. Poker Texas Hold 'Em is playable at several locations, with varying difficulty and stakes. Small-time games are held at the Discount Hardware in Broker for gambling addicts and working class. The exclusive high-stakes game is played at the Majestic Hotel: attended by professionals and mobsters. Drag Races Liam can be called to locate a street race. Difficulty and payout will vary accordingly. Opponent in muscle car: $250 buy-in = $1500 payout. Opponent in in sports car: $500 buy-in = $3000 payout. Opponent in in supercar: $1000 buy-in = $6000 payout. Thank you for reading. More to come in the future!
  12. A Grand Theft Auto concept, partial wishlist and the first 'DLC' to Grand Theft Auto: Borders. Other concepts by me (and others): Grand Theft Auto: Carcer City Grand Theft Auto: Borders (Read this for a more serious story in this setting.) Grand Theft Auto: The Inner Circle (Original Version, to be remade soon...) Grand Theft Auto: London Underground (with @The Notorious MOB) Part 1: Introduction Overview Part 2: The West Coast Maps, Descriptions, Amenities Part 3: Entertainment Soundtrack, TV Shows Part 4: Vehicles Land, Air and Sea Part 5: Weapons Melee and Guns Part 6: The People & Gangs of SoSA Gang info, allies, characters, strangers Part 7: Plot The six acts, missions Part 8: Gameplay I Mechanics, Wanted Level, Features Part 9: Gameplay II Side Activities, Real Estate, Construction Part 10: Gameplay III Personal Properties, Leisure Activities Information found in the Steam/PS Store/Xbox Marketplace/Rockstar Launcher game description. The title does not require GTA: Borders to play, and can be purchased digitally as a standalone game. $20 million at stake, two tons of heroin all sitting in different places. A Triad group from up north is ready to cut a deal with anyone with enough influence and resources to make up for their time. It’s the mid-90s in the midst of an American real estate boom, and every career criminal in Southern San Andreas wants a piece of the action. Two powerful West Coast crime families, the Zapatas and the Axelrods, are first in line to cut said deal. Two men, newcomers to the West Coast criminal underworld, however, intend to cut that line. Outcasts of a different world, the men are filled with ambition and prospect at the thought of getting the deal through, to finally put their pasts behind them and lead their new lives as respected figures of this world, a goal long denied to them. This is their one chance at the big time, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. It’s now or never. Featuring a tale of two men on the prowl, engage in an six-act action comedy and crime drama story that takes the best of over-the-top action films from the 80s and 90s into one continuous, explosive gaming experience. Featuring a considerably larger familiar urban playground with an emphasis on city life, explore a revised reimagining of 1990s Southern California that encompasses pastiches of Los Angeles, San Diego and even Tijuana across the border, as you slowly build up your criminal empire with time. A staple of the South San Andrean criminal life. Engage in an endless turf war against other prospective street gangs across the region, taking over gang strongholds while cutting yourself a fat slice of the criminal deals in the process! In true Grand Theft Auto spirit, engage in a ballet of anarchy and ultraviolence with a wide variety of exciting side missions to earn yourself some extra cash! Lead the life of a criminal real estate developer during the heyday of a pre-9/11 American economic miracle, making money off property on acquired turf! Invest, buy and sell properties, negotiate contracts, engage in price manipulation and lower or improve real estate prices in the area! Suffer the pain of a bankruptcy and asset liquidation when things go south! Turn your ventures into reality with your very own construction company! Turn empty plots of land into profitable businesses that help spread your reputation across the West Coast. Featuring over 350 licensed music tracks from over five decades, split across 12 different radio stations, experience some of the finest music to grace American and world radio during the mid-90s, while you go out and explore the vast expense of the splendor that is Southern San Andreas. Like Borders, the game takes place in an expanded version of Southern San Andreas, as well as Northern Mexico via a border zone, ‘about two-to-three years after the riots’ during the 1990s United States boom. The map is updated from Borders, featuring a number of new locales for the players to visit, including Isla Castillo (Catalina Island). Three principal cities exist in the map, which are Los Santos, Santo Domingo and Ciudad Vizcaino, and the four present counties are Los Santos County, Red County, Santo Domingo County and the Sierra Municipality. The game also briefly takes place in Vice City during the prologue and fourth act of the storyline, taking place in the southern Ocean Beach area of the city during the first third of the act, complete with its own map and businesses, though this arc of the chapter would strictly be on-foot. Part of a new canon and a separate story from Borders, Chasing The Dragon takes place entirely in its own retconned continuity, making no references to the former concept, and instead forging its own set of characters and storylines to better fit in with the darkly-humorous, albeit mostly-optimistic tone found originally in GTA: San Andreas. A more in-depth view of the map is covered in Part 2, along with potential things to do in the region. Perhaps the most exciting part of this concept as a whole. The expansion pack updates 10 existing stations from GTA: Borders, as well as include two new stations, which are Santo Domingo Roots Radio, a country station, and Mint Jams Radio, a Japanese jazz fusion and city pop station. A new original score by both Thundercat and Kamasi Washington is featured in this expansion, featuring dynamic music done in a style similar to 80s-to-90s jazz fusion. The game also features a number of licensed smooth jazz tracks, used in a variety of scenarios, such as being played as background music in malls and elevators or as incidental music during activities. More on this will be covered in Part 3 and Part 9. The player assumes control of two protagonists, Tarnell “T” Bridges and Javier Madrazo. Both have been underdogged by their former employers and families, and long for that sweet taste of success promised to prospective thugs in the underworld, assuming they don’t get booked in or killed. Like in GTA V, the player is able to switch between the two characters at will, save for certain storyline missions. Tarnell “T” Bridges: An ex-detective from Vice City, formerly of the infamously corrupt Vice Squad. A dirty cop down to a T, everything from planting evidence on suspects to fill quotas to working directly with drug lords, you name it, he’s done it. His mentor, his partner Saul Alvarez, was key in helping T get a leg up in the squad, influencing his philosophy as a criminal. Unfortunately for T, the 80s ran out of gas as soon as he made it big, and one night in 1988, he responds to a call from Alvarez to visit a certain location to arrange a drug deal, only to discover his absence on-location, instead being the site of an IA sting. Busted by a clean NOOSE team, it was said that T ‘paid through the ass’ for his freedom, and was promptly fired from the squad, with the good word of the FIB, not long after the incident. Travelling to the West Coast with little to no pocket, T works odd jobs for various members of the San Andreas underworld before scraping enough to buy a cheap house near Anselmo Beach in Red County, in a neighborhood dominated by illegals and local Mexican-Americans. As of the mid-90s, he works as a bounty hunter for a bail bonds firm in Emerald Lake, Los Santos, rounding up fugitives and troublemakers across the city. The good life had been ripped from him suddenly, and he wants to return to that, badly, and also getting his vengeance on Alvarez. A long wait ensues, and he finally gets another shot at the life when, on a chance meeting on the same job he runs into... Javier Madrazo: Illegitimate son of Angel Madrazo, the now-deceased brother of cartel leader Alejandro Madrazo, and a barmaid, exiled from the Tex-Mex Madrazo Cartel in the late-80s for trying to one-up his cousin, Martin, in becoming leader of the crew, forcing him into the city of Los Santos not long after that, where he, and a group of other disgruntled Madrazo goons loyal to him, work small jobs and protection across the city. His illegitimacy as the heir of the cartel brings him a great deal of shame and insecurity, which he makes up for with a larger-than-life and faux-psychotic personality, making him seem more capable and unhinged than he really is. His plan? If he can’t one-up Marty, he might as well start a crew of his own that blows them out of the water. Get the props he really deserves for his efforts rather than work his fingers to the bone for nothing. The smack deal with the SF Triads, which he quickly hears word about, is the ultimate goal for Javier, which he sees as being the defining moment to finally receive Martin’s respect, and fear. More on the other characters and gangs in Part 7. Contrary to the store description, the story is split into 8 different acts (including the prologue and epilogue), functioning somewhat similar to the chapters seen in games like Bully and Yakuza. Acts 1-3 introduces players to the basic elements of gameplay in Chasing The Dragon, giving them a headstart in side missions and activities such as Real Estate Management, Construction, Strongholds and Gang Wars, while exploring the growth of the partnership between Javier and T. Tonally, this part of the storyline is considerably more comedic, and predominantly takes place in Los Santos, Red County and Santo Domingo. The border, at this point of the storyline, is still closed to Americans due to an ‘ongoing investigation’ involving an unnamed cartel, meaning the Sierra Municipality is inaccessible during this time. Acts 4-6, on the other hand, is much more story-driven, with both protagonists more-or-less becoming established criminal figures in the region, with enough money and influence to make their bones in the underworld. Mexico is unlocked, and more territories and business opportunities are open to the player to expand the Madrazo empire. This second half of the storyline is noticeably darker than the first, involving much more dramatic and less over-the-top elements than before, though the signature Rockstar sort of dark humor can still be found here, along with more light-hearted moments of situational/satirical comedy. More on the plot and missions in Part 6 of this concept. Other than the aforementioned key activities, Chasing The Dragon introduces other new side missions, minigames and activities to do, which are not limited to; Yacht Club, Tank Rampage, Smuggler’s Run, Celebrity Escort, Bounty Hunting and a Lucky & Wild-inspired side mission known as Cassie & Bridges. Many leisure and cosmetic activities are also introduced or improved upon from both Borders and GTA V, which help to bring life into the fresh, expansive in-game world. Atmospheric and life simulation mechanics from RDR 2, as seen in Borders, are also brought over to this expansion, such as sitting, smoking, mugging and eating, though the animations used are noticeably more slick to fit in more with the aesthetic of the GTA world. Rentable properties such as motels still exist here, though they are not as prevalent as in Borders, as players now have a greater opportunity to purchase properties. Combat-wise, Chasing The Dragon plays like somewhat of a mix between GTA V, RDR 2, Max Payne 3 and True Crime: Streets of New York. True to the older GTAs, gunplay is frantic and erratic, and the player is able to duel-wield, for example, and though sliding and rolling are not as intricate as seen in MP3, it exists somewhat as a way to make combat more engaging. Exiting a moving vehicle while at low or decreasing speeds will also result in a special rolling animation that causes minimal to no damage to the player. And much more. More on this in Parts 8 to 10 of this concept.
  13. "DEFINITIVE EDITION" By The Coconut Kid AWARDED BEST CONCEPT 2014 With thanks to universetwisters Enjoy. Grand Theft Auto VI revisits the cut-throat underworld of the cocaine 80s in a grandiose depiction of debauchery and excess. Set in the Vice Metropolitan Area circa 1988, the game explores the foothold of Central and South American drug cartels in Vice City, the high-stakes opportunity of their demise and the efforts of US government to preserve their covert assets in the most ambitious storytelling yet. Key elements to the gameplay of Grand Theft Auto VI are empire building, a fully functioning drug economy and a criminal reputation the player will construct and carry with them throughout the game, introducing new scenarios and an entirely different B-cast with each playthrough. The protagonist begins at the very bottom of Vice City's criminal rung, a criminal exile from Lenapia whose past of reform schools and incarceration have entrapped him amongst seedy Red Light exchanges in the gutter of Vice Beach. Contents: 1) Story - Characters - Missions 2) Location 3) Features 1 4) Features 2 5) Side Missions - Leisure - Vehicles - Weapons 6) Soundtrack 7) Gangs: The Underworld of Vice City Ariel Gara The protagonist. Once a prolific Rust Belt area crime wave, Gara was born post-WW2 to Latvian migrant parents in the North End of Lenapia who simply could not afford a child and disposed of their newborn in a trash can. Ever since, he's struggled to find his place in this world: in his own words he's been, "blackbooked in Venturas, chased out of Carcer and laid into in Liberty." A significant portion of Gara's life has been spent inside correctional facility and institution. Having served a 1-to-10 for robbery in New Austin and two terms in San Andreas, as such he carries a detachment from societal norms and an uneasing confidence with which he is able to fool people. Every facet of Gara's character is marred by his extensive prison time and ultimately impacts the way in which he is involved with the story. Giovanni "John Ross" Rossi Major league cocaine distributor of Italian-American descent. Bearing a strong Liberty City heritage - his father was a senior Gambetti Family Capo -- he is the Godson of current Boss, Jon Gravelli -- Rossi came up through street fighting gangs and notorious B&E crews before taking a heavy pinch in the late 1960s. Given the choice of prison time or being drafted, Rossi opted to serve Airbourne in Vietnam. He returned to the US at the beginning of the Disco era, used mob money to finance an empire of Star Junction peep shows and discothèques. Rossi was chased out of Liberty City in 1982 after his nightclub Studio 69 was raided and found to be the center of a significant skimming operation. He fled to Vice City under the alias John Ross and has been operating under this moniker ever since. Moses Van Zant Unassuming Florida native and logistics extraordinaire who unscrupulously transports 70% of the cocaine coming to the United States through Vice City using methods that are often ingenious. "Son, we don't run cocaine over water; we walk it," Moses says of his philosophy to smuggling, meticulously planning and organizing shipments from the Entrometerse Cartel to the very finest detail. A seasoned pro, Van Zant has ran everything from moonshine to pot. He maintains several legitimate fronts that serve as a lease to distributor John Ross to move cocaine in bulk, including a large Jaega County barn and a towing company. Moses operates a radio tower near the Grasslands available to the player to listen into DEA/Coast Guard traffic. Lou McNeil A serial adulterer who serves as Gara's primary contact when it comes to fencing stolen merchandise, Lou McNeil is a troublesome alcoholic who has a penchant for Hawaiian shirts and handling dirty work for Central Americans. McNeil is your one stop shop for criminal networking and contract scores, from the beginning of the game having a preferred dealing with Gara for merchandise by default. Saul Saperstein Successful Vice City businessman who made his money during the initial cocaine boom of the late 70s and early 80s, now operating as the right hand man and money launderer in chief to dictator General Salazar. Fluent in Spanish despite his Jewish heritage - a skill he picked up while farming out hits to fresh of the boat Marelitos for Green Cards - Saperstein orchestrated the demise of as many Cubans he provided with entry into Vice City on behalf of the customer most valuable to Salazar - Vida Negro. General Salazar Panamanian dictator and secret IAA asset who handles a great portion of the bank for Vice City's premier drug lords. Salazar rose to power in his home land through several military coups that are rumored to have been financed by the United States - in return, Salazar facilitates an arms deal between the US and Iran that subsequently funds another secret IAA interest - propping up the Nicaraguan Contras. Jerry Whale Superstar Redneck pilot who turned significant cocaine mule after being fired as an international pilot with JuankAir in the late 70s. Whale successfully cultivated contacts within Central America and operated a massive smuggling operation until being busted with a shipment of Quaaludes in 1986. Controversially, Whale strikes an under-the-table deal with the DEA to record Panamanian dictator General Salazar and Sandinista militant leaders engaging in narcotic trafficking by wiring surveillance equipment into his jet - a move that ultimately results in the demise of order and structure amongst Vice City's premier smuggles, creating a vacuum of power violent like no other. Charles Doberman IAA rising star involved in numerous shady Central American practices on behalf of the Agency. Initially the foremost IAA contact to their Vice CIty asset General Salazar, Doberman is a key player in facilitating an arms deal between the US and Iran, funnelling financial support to the Contras militia and later initiating the execution of the aforementioned Jerry Whale. Jon Gravelli Brief cameo appearance of the mob Godfather native to Broker. Gravelli, appearing with Sammy Bottino as his facilitator, is approached by his Godson and the protagonist in an attempt to remedy the Jerry Whale situation. Vida Negro Literally "The Black Widow" - female Colombian drug lord who stands to emerge victorious from the cocaine wars that rage across the streets of Vice City. A known lesbian, she begins a relationship with a member of the Ortega dynasty in hopes of securing an endless pipeline of cocaine into Florida. She holds the puppet strings over El Garzon, her main front man when it comes to distributing copious amounts of cocaine. El Garzon Gaudy and flamboyant drug boss attempting to run the show in Vice City for cocaine queen Vida Negro. Cherry Jones Ex-football star turned sleazy yuppie Vice detective, Cherry Jones nearly made a pro career with the VC Mambas before signing up to harass drug dealers and shakedown streetwalkers. Partnered with Mack Maddox, Jones plots to fleece the Vice City Police Department of confiscated cocaine to sell back to the Colombians in the initial opening of the game's storyline. Don DeLarge Eccentric entrepreneur who made his fortune early in the 80s and by 1988, has squandered almost all of it. One of his excesses is ownership of the DeLarge automobile company, manufacturing the futuristic Deluxo. He employs a young and dweeby Devin Weston as an intern, harking back to Carrington/Love. Almost broke, DeLarge organizes a drug trafficking operation by pooling the funds of several powerful and influential businessmen and women to purchase cocaine that will be transported into the country by Jerry Whale. This Exchange funded enterprise implodes when Whale is exposed as a DEA covert agent and suddenly, the nation's financial elite find themselves hundreds of millions of dollars in the hole. The Risita Brothers Blas and QuiQue Risita - the worst of the worst of what Castro purged from Cuba in 1980. Cowboy gangsters and worshippers of Chango, these sadistic and almost mythical brothers run with the Marelitos out of Seminole and own an arts theatre in Little Havana. Silk Cruel Downtown pimp with an expansive stable of whores. As a show of power, Silk owns the historic Verse Theatre in his boyhood home of Undertown. Ironically, under his hand the Theatre has become a cesspit of sex and sleaze - the headquarters of his operation. Rafe Former New Austin car thief turned personal assassin to Vida Negro. Showered with drug money to resolve her most deluded and depraved feuds, Rafe is caught up in a political assassination with the protagonist after Vida Negro takes offence at an anti-drug speech said politician intends to deliver in the heart of Vice City. Vince Lorca Cheap pr0nographer with his finger on the pulse of moves being made on the mainland. A former cellmate of the protagonist, Lorca takes his name from his home turf - Key Lorca - where he rents a mansion with smut profits. The Assassin Professional killer of Iranian descent on lease to the IAA after the facilitated arms deal between Iran and the US. Brother Love Runs the Collective Ugandan National Trust (C.U.N.T), a supposed not-for-profit organization to aid the war torn West Africa based out of a large mansion on Starfish Island. In reality, the entire group is a front for drug smuggling with the proceeds intended to prop up the ailing Jamaican economy, from where Brother Love hails. Having purchased a submarine with donations to the amnesty, Brother Love requires the protagonist to use the vehicle to smuggle contraband and later, sell the product in name of the cause. Larry Mendoza Chemically dependent flake distributor who unwittingly finds himself the primary target of the protagonist's initial advances upwards Vice City's criminal rung. Having worked hard for his Colombian connections to the extent he maintains a triple cocaine/heroin/pill habit just to function, Mendoza is rash, unpredictable and ultimately willing to do anything for a buck. Lorna Steele Doomed former convict being passed pusher to pimp. Coming from a broken Lenapia home much like the protagonist, Lorna Steele is capable of portraying a vulnerability that ultimately masks the instincts of a hardened criminal. Fully intent on making out of the life with a great deal of money, to what lengths will Lorna go to realize freedom beyond societies ills? Teddy Starr Ex-prize fighter turned bodyguard to Larry Mendoza. Serving as the go-between for Mendoza's business when his drug dependency prevents him from operating, Teddy takes on a great deal of the burden born out of Larry's erratic and impulsive behaviour. Trish von Torture Empress of a closeted network of hardcore BDSM and fetish clubs throughout Western Vice. Catering to an exclusive clientele, the protagonist discovers von Torture to be a meticulous mastermind responsible for setting up various criminal dealings between Vice's more depraved criminal elite. First entering her world at the behest of Don DeLarge, it is through von Torture that the protagonist initially encounters The Assassin and is able to mediate conflict with a series of carefully planned executions following the downfall of General Salazar. Vic Conti Cunning long serving Italian-American footsoldier constantly scheming amongst the many mobsters that proliferate the tourist-esque Tequesta County underworld. Unhappy with the revolving door of power, Conti seizes the opportunity to pull a rip off with the protagonist's aid that he hopes will allow him to finally alleviate himself to the coveted position of Caporegime. Virgil Baca Incarcerated Cuban criminal powerhouse who finds himself wielding a lessening degree of influence on underworld politics beyond his prison cell. An integral part of the initial Marelito crime wave in 1980, Baca is man whose nature it is to control his environment and thus he readily deals in favors to main a semblance of power on the inside while retaining the capability to eradicate problems on the street. Baca plays a significant role in Episodes From Vice City, which you will hear more about soon. First Degree Willie - Random Encounter Misplaced Louisiana blues musician and shoeshine with badly deteriorated eyesight. The homeless Willie finds himself helplessly hustled by none other than Hare Krishna and calls on the protagonist to avenge his honour. Willie later offers services as a source of information to the player, being how they handle his random encounter. Jerry Jagger - Random Encounter Superficially charming Televangelist competing for Scientific credibility with a sprouting of other religious groups that promise to deliver wealth and happiness if you subscribe monthly. Unlocked after the player makes a donation to the Jagger Foundation after hearing the radio ad/reading the billboards, Jagger is encountered as a psychopath who requires the protagonist's assistance in delivering "acts of God." Also noteworthy are Jagger's attempts to convert a Burnett hotel into the Jagger Building - high in the sky casting his eye over Vice City's rich and elite - and smears against the Epsilon Program who are currently buying up small towns to the north of the map. Kolt "The Life" Savers - Random Encounter Stuntman and bounty hunter extraordinaire, first encountered on an empty lot in heavy debate with a production company. Savers is arranging a huge stunt on the set of Four-Wheel Deathrace and requires you to race around the map collecting the appropriate materials to put the stunt together. Eventually, it all falls in place in the form of a stunt track that will be present from there on out. Savers will be unable to perform the final stunt due to a suspension from set for rendering cocky stuntman Jock Cranley hospital bound. It will be left to you to take his place. As a final act of rebellion against the studio, Kolt asks you to recover his prized hero truck from the production, which he later gifts to you out of gratitude. After completing 50 vigilante missions, a second encounter with Savers will spawn in which he is pursuing an armed gang along an empty highway in a Hawk V8. Assist him in their capture and then reacquaint over a beer. From there, Savers will introduce you to his sideline of bounty hunting, his way of turning a profit out of his passion for vigilantism. Lee Larsen - Random Encounter Hard drinking twin-fisted film star who drunkenly finds the resemblance between himself and Gara hilarious, Lee Larsen is in deep debt with the Fort Tequesta Mob and proposes you a heavy profit if you double as his decoy in order to allow him to skip town. You will dodge mafia goons until Larsen makes a successful getaway. Larsen returns for a second encounter having stolen a Western Angel belonging to the local motorcycle club leader for a jolly along his latest red carpet appearance. Aware of the bad blood he's caused, he hires you as a bodyguard and arms you to the teeth. A shootout will occur and you will successfully protect Larsen, unlocking further VIP protection side missions as a result. Finally, you encounter a sobering Larsen sandwiched in a jail cell between two prostitutes, one of them a transsexual he attacked after discovering the mighty appendage taped under her thigh. He's due on set but in no condition to work so he offers you to double in for him in fight and action scenes. Completing this, you are given the opportunity to return to the film studio at any time for more work. You are given the choice to post Larsen's bail in his final encounter, earning him as a contact who will act as an intermediary between yourself and highline actors looking to score coke. Leaving him to sober in the cell will not earn you this perk. Ruby Katz - Random Encounter Volatile and well connected jewel merchant who runs Liberty Jewel Exchange in Fort Tequesta. Initially introduced after Gara encounters an old ex-con named Steve Steyn on a street corner, Katz contracts you in a series of stone-centric free roam heists. Unfortunately, you face stiff competition from the violent Florida underworld to whom jewel weight is considered liquid gold. The Deacon - Random Encounter Righteous bearing North Point minister who acts as an agent between a rich and troubled congregation and equally desperate prostitutes. Himself originally a prolific pimp, The Deacon found God during a tough prison sentence and upon release, devoted himself to the Church and funded his rise through the ranks by arranging the adoption of unwanted children borne by hookers. One of these children was the daughter of Betsy O'Hara, now eighteen and unaware her birth mother wishes to make contact. Gara will encounter The Deacon at Betsy's request in order to compel him into tracking Betsy's daughter down. In the process, Gara will reveal he is unsure of how many children he has fathered but knows of both a son and daughter he abandoned in his continued pursuit of criminality -- a direct parallel to Michael Townley. Beyond questioning his role in their lives, Gara successfully tracks down Betsy's daughter to a home in Seminole with the aid of The Deacon. Discovering her to be a straight-A college student unaware of her adoption, the player is given the moral choice of wrecking her life to reunite her with Betsy or leaving her be. The Deacon is later encountered in the storyline and plays a small but vital role in smuggling materials into prison which the player will use in an escape attempt. #1 The Introduction Earning a living holding Colombian drug dealers to ransom, Ariel Gara joins two sleazy Vice cops in a high stakes scheme to set up Ocean Beach cocaine distributor Larry Mendoza. Click #2 Out Here In The Fields Arranging a small coke buy to get himself set up in the drug scene, Gara duels with a Pegassi Infernus in a race along Vice Beach to make it first to the dealer rollerblading along the beach front beside them. Click #3 Down Payment Proceeded by building a reputation dealing cocaine on the streets, Gara is invited to discuss business with Larry Mendoza. Laying a $50,000 down payment on a shipment of drugs, he becomes familiar with members of Mendoza's inner circle including Teddy Starr and Lorna Steele. Click #4 Opportunity Knox On behalf of Silk Robinson, Gara escorts and arms contact killer Walter Knox in his bid to execute two witnesses. Click #5 Fear and Clothing in Vice City Knox has been found dead and the Mafia blame Silk. They've sent a hit squad over to the fine tailoring store in Siren Mall. Get over there and save his ass. Click #6 Dead End Deal Gara engages in a drug deal with Larry Mendoza. Click #7 Evidence Dash Featuring loud and smart approaches, Gara must recover 20 kilos of cocaine from the Vice Beach Police Headquarters. Click #8 Chapter & Verse In order to complete his purchase of the historic Verse Theatre in Undertown, Silk wants you to rid the building of the Vice Boys drug dealers who have turned it into a cesspit of debauchery. Introduces hiring crew members. Click #9 Lessons In Survival Gara executes vice cops Cherry Jones and Mack Maddox and uses the proceeds of their dirty dealings to purchase a car dealership. This mission introduces asset Businesses & Property. Click #10 The Good, The Bad & The Bloody Unlucky Invited to a high-stakes game of poker by Silk, the player becomes involved in a game of Russian Roulette that results in an unfortunate death. Click #11 It Takes Two To Mamba Visiting close friend Vince Lorca on the Vice Keys, Gara infiltrates Mamba Stadium and assassinates a chief speaker within the Mothers of Prevention action group to ease the heat on Lorca's adult video business. Click #12 Payback Sold out to the Colombians by Silk, Gara is forced by the Cartel into murdering the man he initially set up, along with the entire team of Vice officers protecting him. Click #13 Rust Never Creeps Crossing lines into Tequesta County, Gara accompanies aging Florida crook Rusty DeVries in a raid on a Port Tequesta storage warehouse. Click #14 All That Glitters Attending a sit down between feuding mobsters Vic Conti and Paolo Suppa, Gara is tasked with recovering money from a white-collar gold fraud. Click #15 Thrive Drive Gara conspires with streetwalker Lorna Steele to rob Silk's Hustler's Convention, but first they need to acquire funding for a crew by taking down money courier Moe Magnusson. Click The Music of Grand Theft Auto VI The Black Market Update The High Life Update Gang Database Valentines Day Update Radio Station Update Wayback Machine
  14. Grand Theft Auto III Liberty City Remix A Concept Thread by @Big Fat Paulie Main Theme Song Liberty City, October 2001 You've been betrayed and left for dead and now you find yourself facing certain doom. But Fate has given you a second chance and now you're free to roam the streets, make the right connections and eventually get payback. Alright, here it is. A concept thread that I'm surprised nobody has tried to do earlier. This is a concept for what a full remake of Grand Theft Auto III would look like in my mind. GTA III was one of the most influential video games of all time and it put the GTA franchise on the map but it's also aged the most poorly of all the major GTA games. You play as Claude Speed, a young career criminal who has been betrayed and left for dead as a fall guy by your ex-girlfriend Catalina after a botched bank robbery. As fate would have it, as you were being hauled off to jail, the same police convoy that was transporting you also held a high value target for the infamous Colombian Cartel. They attacked the convoy and took the target as a hostage while killing the cops in the van and leaving you and an associate of yours to your own devices. Now you've made a run for it and are now free to roam in Liberty City. However, this is not merely a step-by-step carbon copy retread of GTA III but a total remake/reimagining of it complete with new gameplay features and a map that is more detailed and expansive in its scope. New vehicles, weapons, side missions, gangs, soundtracks, characters and storylines will appear in addition to all the classic ones that made the original PS2 game into the icon that it is. All of the original cast of characters make their return plus entirely new ones, familiar faces from other games in the series, and two particular characters that make a shocking surprise comeback and play a major role in the game's wider storyline. The 3D Universe's iteration of Liberty City makes its return and retains the gritty. gloomy, and often downright eerie feel that the original game's version of Liberty City had. It is set in October and the autumn weather is in full effect along with the colors of the leaves. Certain buildings and neighborhoods have Halloween decorations and at night you can find some pedestrians roaming the streets in costume, presumably heading to and from Halloween parties The in-game map is divided into four districts with each one roughly corresponding to a different type of area. There is Portland Island (industrial), Staunton Island (commercial), Shoreside Vale (residential) and Upstate Liberty (rural) The next several posts will go into further detail on the gameplay, weapons and vehicles, the in-game radio stations with their licensed music tracks, the characters of the game and the setting itself as a whole. Watch this space.
  15. In loving memory of Ray Liotta (1954-2022) Grand Theft Auto Vice City Remix A Concept Thread by @Ivan1997GTA Inspired by @Big Fat Paulie's Grand Theft Auto III: The Liberty City Remix and @The Coconut Kid's Grand Theft Auto VI: Vice concept threads Main Theme Song Vice City, August-September 1986 After a 15-year long stretch in jail, infamous Liberty City mobster Tommy Vercetti is sent down south by his old boss, Sonny Forelli. But all does not go smoothly upon his arrival in the glamorous, hedonistic metropolis of Vice City. Tommy is set up and loses everything, and many people in the city want him dead. Sonny wants his money back, and Tommy's only answer is to fight back and take over the city himself. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City needs no introduction. Like its predecessor, Grand Theft Auto III, Vice City is one of the most influental games of all time. It took elements that worked in GTA III and improved upon them, while throwing some new elements in the mix. But, as great as the game is, it too kind of aged, like GTA III. That's why I decided to come up with a concept for a full remake of GTA Vice City. I know what you're all thinking, this game's a masterpiece, and you can't mess with what's practically Rockstar's magnum opus (alongside San Andreas). Well, Rockstar Games did this game (along with GTA III and San Andreas) real dirty with the recent "Definitive Edition" remasters, so I came up with my own take on a Vice City remake, showing what could have been if Rockstar decided to take their time with it. You play as Tommy Vercetti, a notorious criminal from Liberty City who earned the nickname "Harwood Butcher" in the early 1970s and was sent by his former boss Sonny Forelli to Vice City in order to make a drug deal, alongside Forelli's two associates, Harry and Lee, and their lawyer contact, Ken Rosenberg. However, the planned deal goes horribly wrong, as the drug seller and two of Forelli's henchmen are killed, while Tommy and Ken barely escape the ambush, leaving the money and the drugs at the site. It's up to you to make new contracts in Vice City and repay Sonny's debt. Of course, it's not a straight "copy & paste" remake of GTA Vice City, but rather a reimagining of it with new gameplay features and a more detailed and expansive map, with new vehicles, weapons, gangs, missions, a revamped soundtrack, new characters and storylines, in addition to the classic ones from the iconic PS2 original. All of the original cast of characters make their return plus entirely new ones, and familiar faces from other games in the series. The 3D Universe's iteration of Vice City makes its return and retains the bright, sunny atmosphere with a seedy underbelly feel that the original game's version of Vice City had. It is set in late August-early September. The in-game map is divided into four districts with each one roughly corresponding to a different type of area. There is Vice Beach (beachy area), the Vice City Mainland (industrial and commercial area), the two islands in between the beach and mainland, Prawn Island (mix of residential and industrial buildings) and Starfish Island (wealthy residential area), and the Gator Keys (a rural area located outside the city with small islands and swamps). The next several posts will go into further detail on the gameplay, weapons and vehicles, the in-game radio stations with their licensed music tracks, the characters of the game and the setting itself as a whole. Watch this space.
  16. Theme Grand Theft Auto Capital City is set in our nation's capital. Home to the best Crooks, Thieves, and liars. The Politicians here make the world laugh. It's 1995 the city just gone through the crack epidemic and is a couple years removed from being the Murder Capital. Plot It's 1995 the city has just come out of the worst period in it's history. Ron Woodward is a 12 year veteran of the CCPD under investigation by internal affairs, facing a brutality case, and going through a nasty divorce. While old ghosts from his past haunt him he gets caught up in a mess that takes him around darkest parts of the city and shakes up Capital Hill. Setting Set in Capital city and parts of The States of Elizabeth and Samille. (Based on The DC Metro area and parts of Maryland and Northern Virginia.) Characters Ron Woodward -The Protagonist. For the first time ever you play as a police officer in GTA. A 12 year veteran of the CCPD he isn't clean and bends the law. Francis "Fuzzy" Dunlop - Ron's partner at the CCPD they've been working together since Ron transferred to the Narcotics unit. Dunlop is older and has been on the force longer than Woodward. Richie F King - Second Protagonist. Legendary stickup man known around Capital City who robs drug dealers Features Reading the paper- It's 1995 you rely on the newspaper for information on what's going on around the world. Pick up a newspaper at various newsstands around the city. Three different newspapers are available for purchase The Capital City Times, The Elizabeth Journal, and Liberty Tree. Law Enforcement - Officer Woodward has a day job. As a police officer you answer current crimes going on and chase after criminals while on duty. Very similar to the Vigilante side mission in IV. Payphones, Pagers and Cell Phones - You use a pager, payphones, and a cell phone for communication with the various contacts you have made around the city. Missions Mission #1 Mission #2 Soundtrack TBA Weapons TBA Vehicles Vapid Police cruiser Albany Nunavut Brute Pony
  17. Grand Theft Auto: Tales from the Bay INFORMATION Tales from the bay is a concept focusing on San Fierro and the surrounding area and chronicles the life of two youths stuck between a life of crime and poverty. CHARACTERS Rashaad "Blackjack" Perkins A locally known jack boy who lives in the impoverished Doherty housing projects. Jose "Cuete" Mendez A young member of the San Fierro Rifa. GANGS San Fierro Triads A mysterious organization who has been established in San Fierro's Chinatown district since the 1800s. Angels of Death MC A worldwide established Biker gang whose roots are tied to San Fierro. Doherty Village Mob A local african american street gang that is located within the Doherty Village Housing Projects. Hillside Funk Mobb Another local african american street gang that is located in Juniper Hills. San Fierro Rifa A long standing hispanic gang that operates out of the Garcia District. Known to be involved in the drug trade. Los Cabras A hispanic gang established in the East Bay area, possible ties to south american cartels. Marabunta Grande A fairly recent addition to the criminal underworld of San Fierro, Rivals to the San Fierro Rifa. MISSIONS TBA RADIO STATIONS HOT JAMS 92.5 Genre: Contemporary Pop 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. PLAYBACK FM Genre: Old School Rap & G-Funk 1. Cellski - "Drought Season" 2. Cougnut - "Power N Pain" 3. C-Bo - "Birds in the Kitchen" 4. Darkroom Familia - "In The Fog" 5. Gangsta Flea - "Latin Ghetto" 6. Messy Marv - "Pop Ya Collar" 7. Mr. Sandman - "Everyday, All Day" 8. San Quinn - "San Francisco" 9. The Click - "Be About Yo Paper" 10. The Mossie - "Show No Shame" DOPEALICIOUS FM Genre: Gangsta Rap 1. Big Tone - "The B.A.Y." (2014) 2. C.M.L. - "Have You Ever [Remix]" (2020) 3. C-Bo - "The Hustler" (2022) 4. Cutty Boy - "On Da Spot" (2015) 5. E-40 - "MOB" (2020) 6. Llama Llama - "Body Bags" (2016) 7. Mac Blast - "We Sleep Good At Night" (2008) 8. Project Poppa - "O2D" (2016) 9. Vell - "Oakland" (2014) 10. Yung Cinco - "Local Hustlers" (2019) CSR 103.9 Genre: R&B and New Jack Swing 1. Jaheim - “Just In Case" 2. Keith Sweat - "Twisted" 3. Soul 4 Real - "Candy Rain" 4. Baby Bash - "Suga Suga" 5. Tevin Campbell - "Can We Talk" 6. Jodeci - "Come & Talk To Me" 7. Hi-Five - "I Like The Way" 8. Guy - "I Like" 9. New Edition - "If It Isn't Love" 10. Ginuwine - "In Those Jeans" Radio Garcia Genre: Latino Gangsta Rap 1. Big Tone - "East Bayz Finest" (2014) 2. Cutthroat - "Welcome To The Mission" (2012) 3. Davina - "Definition of a Gangsta Bitch" (2013) 4. GB - "Poverty" (2021) 5. Napalm - "In San Francisco" (2009) 6. Northern Ghetto Boyz - "Get Off The Block"(2005) 7. $ilent Lokz - "Big City of $harkz" (2012) 8. Tito B - "Northern Cali Mobbin" (2009) 9. Yung Cinco - "My Gente [Remix]" (2019) 10. Young Iggz - "Wrong One" (2020) Bay Area Underground Genre: Hyphy & Thizz Movement 1. Bavgate - "Bang From Tha Town" (2005) 2. D-Lo - "No Hoe" (2010) 3. Da Jacka - "My Style" (2006) 4. E-40 - "Tell Me When To Go" (2006) 5. Johnny Ca$h - "Midnight On The Bay" (2006) 6. Keak Da Sneak - "Super Hyphy" (2005) 7. Mac Dre - "Get Stupid [Cutthroat Remix]" (2007) 8. Mistah FAB - "Still Feelin It" (2016) 9. The Federation - "Hyphy" (2004) 10. Too $hort - "Blow The Whistle" (2006) MASTER SOUNDS Genre: Funk, Soul & Blues 1. Bill Withers - "Who Is He (And What Is He To You)" 2. Bloodstone - "Natural High" 3. Curtis Mayfield - "Pusherman" 4. Hound Dog Taylor - "Sitting Here Alone" 5. Joe Tex - "I Gotcha" 6. Johnny Otis - "The Signifying Monkey" 7. Otis Redding - "Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay" 8. Sam Cooke - "Chain Gang" 9. War - "Slippin Into Darkness" 10. Willie Hutch - "I Choose You" EASTER BAY ROCK Genre: Soft Rock 1. 2. Bedlam - "Harvest Moon" 3. 4. 5. 6. Neil Young - "Midnight On The Bay" 7. 8. Steely Dan - "Do It Again" 9. The Castanets - "You Are The Blood" 10. SF-UR Genre: House 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. More will be added at a later date
  18. Hello, everyone! First and main of all, I feel like to tell you a little bit about my experience and first contact with the GTA series. At those days back in 2003-2006 (maybe longer), games like Vice City came out to machines from local e-cafes, so kids and teenagers went to spend their hours enjoying it, especially banging even with cheat codes. I include myself. Back in 2008 (was like 13-14), when I got my first desktop PC (low-end btw), I managed to get some games, especially San Andreas. I enjoyed the hell outta it, then I found the modding world. I started putting real-world cars I've seen in other games, movies and wherever they were, then Weapons followed, then Clothes, Props, Map stuff, etc. That's how I found this site, GTAFORUMS, kind of couple of years later, looking for stuff. Despite sometimes I broke the game, it used to put joy smiles on me. Then got GTA III and Vice City together, tried kind of the same with them, and I was enjoying them too. Got a laptop since 2014, and played GTA IV+EFLC (completed the storyline 4 times). I enjoyed a lot! Maybe even more than San Andreas, despite lacking features. Quit it because it was suffocating my laptop's Celeron 1000M with no dedicated GPU (ironically, it's a x64 CPU). Furthermore, this game wasn't extent from mods neither. Tried some, like Realistic Handling, Hotfixes and more. Then outta GTA world, back in 2016-2019, I got vicious with Skyrim not just playing it but "consoling" it and then modding it to the death. Lost the game, my internet would take a lot to get it back, and my laptop can't handle graphics beyond Wii or PS-Vita references, with too little or no stress. And I'm way too short of budget to upgrade (horrible economical issues where I live). So I left it. Now I got back to the classic GTA trilogy, with the same story. I just can't or don't feel like playing these games without screwing with them. But I really think that's the point of an Open-World Sandbox (with kind of a Roleplay on it): DOING WHATEVER YOU PLEASE ON IT! Now! About this whole issue with Rockstar and T2... WTFH else can I say? On several media platforms I express my discontent and ideas of alternate actions or procedures wich surely would've been way better. I'm still frustrated or at least indignated. I mean, taking to the trash, near two decades of CREATIVITY onto one of the most iconic gaming franchises of the history, lord knows why... Something that I've been following for years and have been a cult between PC gamers, GODDAEMIT! I really wish I could do something about this. If I only was designer or programmer... (I'm only an enthusiast, unfortunately, so I feel impotent) If only we could find something as great as GTA franchise (San Andreas, specifically), or even way better that was copyright-free and open-source. Here's where all the guys behind UNDERGROUND get in. When I've heard about the takedown of projects like RE:GTA, I also happened to see the last YouTube video of these guys pulling down their project. But then I heard (or observed in this case) they mentioned they're about to work on their own game. At beginning I didn't pay attention to it, because I really haven't clear how they pretend to cover all the features from their previous project. SO!... I have many questions, but mostly have some requests and ideas of concepts I'd love to see properly executed on a project like this. I'll be upgrading this thread as long as I manage to pull them all outta my head (I'll give examples with pictures if necessary). If this is not the right section to talk about this, then any administrator or moderator, please, redirect me to the right one. There's nothing this ambitious I've ever seen before, so I can say I kind of have my hopes and trust in you. I would say on "EVERYWHERE" by Build A Rocket Boy, but since they splashed a warning of no modding... Besides, if I keep this way until its release, even if I could manage to buy it, couldn't run it by the bloody heavy Unreal Engine
  19. slimeball supreme


    THEME Red Triangle - Red Line - Bohemians & Blackjack - I Rode Mine to LS CRIME, COMMUNISM, AND CAPITAL H YET AGAIN IN PRE-9/11 LIBERTY CITY, GOD FORBID THE METROPOLIS THAT GOD FORGOT A COLLABORATION BETWEEN CEBRA AND SLIMEBALL Find yourself in the beaten-down shoes of Derrick McReary and his crew of make-do hitmen and armed robbers - boys killing crooks for a cause. Throughout a multi-year narrative in the height of Liberty City’s 1980’s decay, a setting unexplored in as much nuance and depth, juggle a commitment to criminality alongside counter-cultural politics and a love of the needle. Three inseparable friends. Eldest of the infamous McReary clan, with significant distaste for family affairs. Played high school truant with Bucky Sligo to attend Vietnam protests in the seventies; Derrick picked up a young O’Malley on the way and graduated from activism, to rioting, to robbery. After a Vespucci scholarship fell through, Derrick went to prison, developed a taste for the needle while rotting in the can. May have lost the bars, but he didn’t lose the itch. Now a freelancer for his father and associates: Derrick splits his time and his money between his convictions and his dependencies. Blue-collar Dukes-born communist. A self-taught intellectual who dropped out of school by the tenth grade - fell into Derrick’s crowd of bohemian collegiates and found himself drawn to the ideology more than the free love. Much like Derrick, Buck sees crime as employment; bankroll for his true passions within the militant Marxist left. And he’s willing to do whatever it takes to empower his comrades. Raised in The Settlecots and homeschooled by a Catholic family from Galway: Aiden never lost the accent, nor the faith, nor the pride in his homeland. A move to Steinway brought O’Malley into orbit of the McReary dynasty and introduced him dually to Liberty’s burgeoning underworld and Derrick and Bucky’s world of intellectual respite. Fed up with a confederation of ignorant wiseguys, Aiden has three things left: his crew, his girl, and the cause. JIMMY PEGORINO - Bridge-and-Tunnel mafia brat and pig headed f*cking idiot. Scion of Alderney’s new boss, whose familial connections to the Gambettis and Messinas put him head-first into Irish affairs; now knee-deep in the Sligo-O’Malley stickup crew. A fourth companion playing third wheel, feeling largely out of step thanks to a significant lack in the brains department - though he tries to play it cool. Grows a ponytail in ‘85. JULIA BLEDSOE - Aiden’s longtime girlfriend; he met her a while back at a university club for a university he weren't attending and the sparks flew from there. Largely unknowing of his criminal career if not his criminal past, Julia’s supporting of Aiden’s own delving into activism - even if the protesting ain't always non-violent. To both his and Derrick’s family, Aiden’s love for her is an invitation for scorn, for rather obvious reasons. He loves her all the same. ALISTAIR ‘ALLIE’ O’KEEFFE - Immigrant owner of the infamous Steinway Beer Garden: a close associate of the McReary Crew, longtime friend of the O’Malley family, and significantly connected to the good ol’ IRA. Allie had his tendrils deep in the emigré community peddling petty fraud schemes before being put on the McReary bill; hustling his name onto the deed of a mob bar and sending chunks of cash back home to the Provos on the low. Found his perhaps treasonous activities tacitly endorsed by Big Jack himself - for blood and country, if not for their socialist politics. FERGAL ENRIGHT - Irish-Catholic lawyer and proud director for the Sons of Eriu Defense Trust. Born, raised, and now operating the SEDT between a Fortside brownstone and South Bohan community center; since the Seventies its been Ferg’s mission to get on just about every goddamn soapbox he can find to spread the gospel on Republicanism. Been banned from entry to Britain twice and violated said ban six times. He’s proud, angry. Some would say a blowhard. He would say righteous. OSSIAN ‘OSH’ HOY - Massive scary f*cking guy and pointman for the IRA’s American gun smuggling ring. An old friend of Allie O’Keeffe’s from back in the day now finding himself working closely with the local Irish, taking loans and giving favors in exchange for guns and explosive by the truckload. Working indirectly with the SEDT: a legitimate aid organization, sure, but always happy to spare handouts for the right people. JARLATH ‘JOCK’ MUNRO - Former volunteer IRA working with the Provos in Belfast; Jock killed an SAS man. Got tackled by ten others and charged with murder. What’d the scrawny f*cker do? Scrawny Jock held the prison guard at gunpoint, locked the guy in his own cell, and fled the country on a false passport. Rat-faced little man is now working under the name Milo Selkirk on a no-work job at the SEDT. Ferg was happy to do it. A bloody saint, that fecker is. QISTINA THAWRA - The fierce leader of the North Holland based Abolitionist Revolutionary Cadre, Qistina was born Helen: moved between Dukes and North Carolina for much of her youth before radicalizing in community college. So came the name. Associated with the Holland chapter of the Leopards of Leandros before splitting into her own organization in a disagreement over tactics. f*ck appealing to the white establishment, she told them. Send ‘em to the f*cking sky. Since 1977, she’s been serving a forty-year sentence at a women’s correctional: robbed a bank with a grenade and killed a cop in the getaway. The Cadre’s keen to let her out early. BONIFACE POPE - Acting leader of the ARC in place of Qistina. Sagacious and well-read, Boniface is openly homosexual and openly anarchist; the f*cker’s temerity has earned him respect. Respect he wields, but he’s never been much a field operator. His mind has always been his preferred weapon. Writes his own theory in his spare time - has eight books to his name that around six have read. Self-published. OTHMAN OVYO - Logistics and information: the ARC’s fixer. Proud Maoist muscle in the footsteps of Birchwood’s Leopards, Othman worked in community detox programs and youth centers for much of his twenties before snapping over funding cuts. Split his time between Lenin and Malcolm X after that. Ovyo’s found that reform is an idiot’s goal - that a house can’t be built with the master’s tools - and has been on the front lines since he joined the Cadre. Licensed acupuncturist. REJEANNE COKER - From a long line of anti-racists from the deep south; Rejeanne saw the value of intersectionality early on, trailblazed her way through San Andreas colleges - brought women’s lib into patriarchal leftist orgs, moved to San Fierro to stand in solidarity with the black power movement by the 70s and joined up with the ARC. Didn’t long last as a free woman; she soon after got nabbed on some loose ammo laying around during a traffic stop and got sentenced up the river for a decade. Got furloughed in ‘78 though, death in the family. She’s been underground ever since. VICKIE JOYNER-BASS - A Couira native and bonafide red diaper baby, Vickie was a nascent political organizer in the wake of the ‘71 prison riots - ultimately fell in with From the Barrel, fell out when it lost its momentum against federal pressure and the cooldown in ‘Nam, fractioned with a trusty sisterhood of Swain, Thawra, et al. It wasn’t long lasted. Before long the bunch’d latched onto a movement with greater immediacy and goals in mind: the ARC. Likes to sue the US government in her free time. DEACON COLQUHOUN & GLADIA SWAIN - Now young parents who first met through NoNIMROD in the late 60s, Colquhoun and Swain complemented one another from the beginning: Colquhoun, the academic, was a political theorist and journalist. Swain preferred direct action. They found a fusion of the two; graduated from NoNIMROD to FTB to ARC alongside their friend Vickie Bass and soon went underground. Deacon cashed out his family’s Israel bonds for funding, Gladia fine-tuned her driving skills. Their love for each other matches that of the cause. JOHN JACK MCREARY - The McReary patriarch. Spends his time between Dukes and his old home in Purgatory; moved to the outer boroughs to raise his boy. Unfortunately, his boy didn’t much care for him. A legend in underworld circles for sheer balls and propensity for trigger-pulling - McReary pulls off hits and muscle-work for two of Liberty’s five families: pro bono work for an admiring Jon Gravelli, and a similar alliance with Sicillian professional Memo Smokes. He trusts neither. MAUREEN MCREARY - Long-struggling housewife and former troublemaker in her youth, Maureen found comfort in the church and married her first flame in her teens: turned a young Mrs. Jack McReary. In a household where bark quickly turns bite, she remains a devout Catholic and Derrick’s anchor to home. May the Lord have mercy. FRANCIS MCREARY - Self-destructive brother of Derrick’s with a clear conscience yet, Frankie is in the process of eschewing the family business in favor of religious education. Now entering the seminary, Frank’s own latent vices won’t stop him from preaching, nor exalting his values upon the weary masses. A boy desperate for meaning: just not in Derrick’s pinko ways, or his father’s criminality. ‘KIT SPOILS’ WHELAN - In the absence of his first born, a father-son relationship formed between one Roderick Whelan and boss Jack McReary. Now Big Jack’s right-hand man, Kit has a surplus in brawn and one f*cked up brain - several trips to a psych ward both in his youth and during prison-time and an insanity plea in the early Seventies. Big Jack trusts him enough as his main enforcer, though necrotic gray matter and a Thorazine prescription leave something to be desired. CRAIG TOLMIE - Professional hitman and clean-up expert: taught Jackie a trick where you cut the bodies up and spread them at different points on the West River shoreline. Sick f*ck. Has a van in his shed called the Meat Wagon used to shuttle bodies, both alive and not-so-alive, from burial ground to burial ground. GRIFF ‘THE BERK’ BISSET - Former altar boy steered away from the church while Big Jack’s second son went and stayed; Griff the Berk serves as an aide-de-camp and lieutenant primarily selling guns and pot for cheap. Despite being a weaker link, Griffin also handles the odd bit of finance, being one of the few Irish entrusted by the Italians to work construction no-shows. KENNY & MERRICK KEIR - Young pair of up-and-comers with a taste for heroin - both for selling and the occasional and not-so-occasional use. Offer Derrick a discount now and then in exchange for an odd job or two: finding themselves rather wary of violence, at least for their profession. DERMOTT ‘DARBY’ MCENIRY - Old muscle with three kids, two of whom want nothing to do with him. Darby is a confidant of Jack’s: comes down for supper with the big man, swaps stories, gives pertinent advice on high profile issues. Always has a couple bucks in his jacket for Patrick and Katey, a couple words of wisdom for Frankie and Derrick. His guidance - let as much blood as possible, and reap the weak for all they have. SIMONE ‘MEMO SMOKES’ TRUNGALE - A demanding, entitled psychopath who got his name for an affinity for tobacco: cigars and cigarettes. Made his bones for the Pavanos killing a dissident from Italy on behalf of Mussolini himself, but skipped for the Messinas when Don Zio became persona non grata. Became Joe ‘the Mess’ Messina’s consigliere, helped settle a squabble in Montreal between the zip family, ensured tons of coke for his fellas in the city. Now acting boss after ‘Tommy Waters’ Bisacquino got sentenced to 30 years in ‘79. He’s intent on becoming official boss. Some don’t like that. Memo don’t care. HARVEY NOTO - The protege of Memo Smokes: a born gangster, moneylender extraordinaire, wise beyond his years in a graduating class of wiseguys who can’t keep their mouths shut. Would’ve been made Gambetti if it weren’t for family ties to Trungale himself, a man he serves dutifully and without hesitation despite Memo’s hostilities. Through his own back-breaking work, even has Trungale’s arch-nemesis Jonnie Gravelli working hand-in-hand with the Messina's now-a-days. Hal Noto never had time for rivalry - just business. HARRISON ‘HARRY THE HAT’ HALL - The right-hand man of Harvey Noto: a talented pimp, pusher, veteran, and degree-holding lawyer who nigh-exclusively manages the Messina Family’s skin businesses. Served years in Vietnam with an honorable discharge and funded his law degree pushing chicks out of hotels. Only ever caught for two crimes: going over the speed limit in ‘78, and lying he was half-Jewish to get into college. Now he lies he’s half-Italian. On it goes. DIODATO ‘MART DIO’ MARTIGNONI - Highly influential caporegime in the Broker wing of the Messinas, loyal only to Tommy Waters. No nonsense; he sees the paths being taken by boss Memo Smokes as detrimental to the family’s already shaky reputation. He’s stockpiling weapons. He’s expecting war. He knows Smokes ain’t one for negotiation. Now the de facto boss of a triumvirate of captains preparing for a coup: alongside his pal Freddy Rigs and a wannabe geep named Dodo Lank. It’s up to Harvey Noto to make sure they don’t pull the trigger. PANCRAZIO ‘CRAZY PANS’ MARTIGNONI - Son of Mart Dio; his nickname may be a bastardization, but the fella’s got a reputation for being f*cking crazy. Brazen hitman under his father’s crew and proudly at his every beck and call, Crazy Pans is being groomed to take over the capo position when his pops (hopefully) gets acting boss from Tommy Waters. Owns a pretty boat. SIGISMONDO ‘JOE MUNDY’ FONTANA - North Broker capo and personal friend of Memo Smokes. One-time cohort of Harvey Noto through blood ties, ditto with Tommy Waters himself before his trip up the river; Joe Mundy’s made his allegiances known all the same. Chummy as they come with new-into-the-fold Sally Boy but significantly less so with Joe Ootz the kick-up bum, Mundy acts primarily intermediary for Memo Smokes himself. The man needs all the insulation he can get - and Joe Mundy’s keen to provide in exchange for the looming spoils of loyalty. EUTIMO ‘JOE OOTZ’ DI NUOVO - Similarly nicknamed soldier of Joe Mundy with reams of personal problems: a drug-addicted son, a tumultuous second marriage, and a severe deficiency in earn despite a mountain of hits to his name. Only one light in the darkness; his protege. A whiny, frugal little man. SALVATORE ‘SALLY BOY’ MANGANO - A Florida-born wiseguy only recently brought into the Messina family fold as the trainee of Joe Ootz. A small-time diamond thief and self-proclaimed expert, Sally’s excited to get made and often lets his stature - 6’2, built like a f*cking ox - do the talking more than the few words he’s willing to say. He’s quiet like that. Earn and brawn. CARLO ‘CARLIE BREEZE’ TORTORA - Taught in the way of the hit by Mart Dio and Crazy Pans, Carlie Breeze is Carlie Breeze for the blocks he ties to ankles of men now sleeping in the Humboldt River. A professional killer who finds joy in his work: Tortora balances a dedication to murder and decapitation with an admiration for the Shaolin - he’s a lover of Byron Fu flicks who spent three years learning kung fu in Hong Kong. There’s rumors he still finds it handy. MELVIN ‘THE SKIV’ SCHIAVONE - Bantonvale capo and common mediator within and outside the family; mostly thanks to the deep, deep roots of his family tree. Fireworks salesman, pigeon coop keeper, many-a cousin to many-a wiseguy - Broker Mel the Wiseguy Broker has aligned himself with the interests of Memo Trungale, but is always looking for a compromise. MARK ANTHONY & ALFREDO VOLPE, JR. - The teenage sons of infamous Dukes capo ‘Freddy Rigs’ Volpe, Sr.; top Bisacquino loyalist and Francis International truck hijacker. The dynamic duo are never too far apart; and always ready to get their hands dirty for the good of their family name. Mark? A lowdown legbreaker always happy to crack skulls. Fredo Junior? Long faced weasel along for the ride. OLIVIERO ‘OLLIE LULU’ GLIUGLIU - The liaison between the Messinas’ Canadian friends: the Cazzini crime family. A serial divorcee and native Quebecois who ostensibly manages a Bohan jeweler and a Montreal pizza parlor. Both are fronts for cocaine and heroin trafficking. Neither sell very good product. JON GRAVELLI - Somehow both flamboyant and quiet, somehow both a modernist and traditionalist, somehow both conservative and liberal in his leadership: ‘Teflon’ Jon Gravelli is the much-revered boss of Liberty’s most powerful mob family. A man with exuberant taste in clothes and cars but a habit of keeping his mouth laced shut. A man with a rolodex of proteges to his name in an ever-revolving list of one young, preeminent killer after another. A pragmatist, a stern but cautious voice, a horny old f*cking bat, a titan. Jon Gravelli today, off the back of his predecessor Sonny’s death in federal penitentiary, has modernized a crime family. Sought to mend broken relations with the long-maligned Messina clan. Placed a firm grasp on the white collar - on construction racketeering and union corruption. But the man, ever specious, keeps one eye open and the other shut with his ban against drug dealing. He has clear favorites. Many aren’t pleased. BART ‘THE CHINK’ CHIARUGI - Long-suffering underboss of the Gambettis; a traditionalist in the wholly-untraditional Gravelli regime. Passed over for the boss position after Sonny Cangelosi’s passing and resentful since his death in ‘78, Chiarugi’s respect among the ranks and own personal, wide-ranging profits in less-than-savory business has seen good enough reason for Gravelli to keep him installed as underboss. He’s emasculated. Chiarugi was mentored by men who killed for less. A spry little gossip, Bart Slopes has seen fit to bend the world to his whim from the shadows: a world of backchat, sh*ttalk, and finger-crossing to the face of his boss. His ‘boss’, oh how he loathes it. Wouldn’t even help bail out his son! Disgrazia, he says. Many listen. PETER REA - One of the most ambitious wiseguys in Liberty’s LCN: Jon Gravelli’s protege in the early Seventies, hijacking whiz on the FIA-to-Zephyr route, loan-enforcer, hitman. A charismatic, cocky son of a bitch finding himself a friend to many and an enemy to many more - he’s arguably Jon Gravelli’s unofficial second underboss; captain of a highly profitable Dukes crew with a team of knuckleheads to his name. It’s said Pete Rea is exempt to any family rules: drug dealing, profit splitting, breaking laws of silence - it’s a blind spot that makes Pete a mafia prince. A blind spot soon to be exploited by an envious Bart Chiarugi. ‘BOBBY BUFFET’ MAISTO - Lennox Island’s own Pete Rea: just sans ambition, charisma, reputation, and most everything else except position. A f*cking idiot goombah like Bobby who can't take a jab at his expense half as good as a fist? He'd have fallen off the bottom rung anywhere else if it weren't for him being such a goddamn suckup. And Bobby Buffet, brutish Lennox Island greaseball, always sucked up big to Bart Chiarugi - got him position number two. Unsurprisingly most despise him - just not to his face. REGGIE ‘THE REDHEAD’ DELLO RUSSO - Psychopath murderer and recently-made member of the Gambetti crime family. Though Reggie answers to one Gino Sbarra; he runs his own crew out of a Broker nightclub used simultaneously as a hangout and a cemetery. An enterprising car-thief and drug dealer, Redhead Reg formed a particular bond with Bart the Chink around the same time Jon befriended Jackie the Mick - his team serving a third purpose as Bart’s personal hit squad. EUGENIO ‘GENIE’ SBARRA - Reggie the Redhead’s babysitter. Longtime confidant, somehow simultaneously, of both Jon Gravelli and Bart the Chink. Broker farm baby who traded military service for a Weir Ridge barbershop when the recruiters told him no, brittle bone disease don’t cut it in the army. Discouraging, sure, he wanted to f*cking kill Krauts, but he settled for killing Italians on behalf of Teflon Jon instead. After a stint as a personal aide to the boss, he’s now a middle-man for both Jon and Bart’s proxy crews. Whichever man he favors may get an upper hand when conflict inevitably knocks at the Gambetti door. ‘JOHNNY CHEESE’ PEGORINO - Together with his brother and underboss ‘Vinny Lumps’, and septuagenarian consigliere Sergio ‘Sergie Goggs’ Serradifalco; Johnny Cheese runs the Pegorino Crew. Crew, family, family, crew - depending on who you ask the family across the West River are either a glorified bunch of hick Tudor farmers; or willing puppets of the Gambetti regime. They’re both. Johnny personally answers to Jon Gravelli and works hand-in-hand with the Dukes-based McReary Gang. His son Jimmy, the dullard, is personal friends of Big Jack’s son Derrick. Big Jack is friends with Jon. Jon is friends with Johnny. Johnny’s an old friend of Jack. On and on it goes. APOLLO ‘CHICK’ POMPA - High school dropout with impulse control disorder - record on paper might not support him but the numbers do. Rare example of a friend of Jon’s just as much personal as business, Chick Pompa’s nevertheless had a hand in nearly every business deal that’s bought the don his kingdom - Messina connects on scag, a paper trail for his social club Stanzino, the works. He’s his number one, no doubt about it. Lowkey business acumen rivals his big f*cking mouth, but the former’s taken precedence of late: more than anything Chick enjoys taking a break from it all, sailing off the Florida coast in his shiny new cabin cruiser. He called her Titania. SEYMOUR ‘ELMER TROUT’ ODIO - Senior capo specializing in the waste management business; Elmer Trout runs contracted dustcarts all over Broker and Lennox Island. Helped the Gambettis run garbage hauling in the city under a common alias for going on three-or-four decades. The man has his loyalties to the family’s older guard through the honorable Bart Chiarugi - seeing both him and his protege Joe ‘the Jew’ lo Giudice take up as some of his most vocal supporters. A modest, grandfatherly figure with a keen eye for surveillance; both against and for the family. ROCCO ‘ROCKY SYKES’ SIACCALONE - Stone cold killer. Another of Gravelli’s greatest confidantes and fiercest loyalists, he’s never been shy to back up his words with the kind of dirty work that makes eager rounds in OC division break rooms. Good personal friend of the don and Chick Pompa alike, he’s never abandoned the bones he made as fixer. When that court officer gave Pete Rea lip? Rocky Sykes dealt. Nosy cowboy cops poked their nose where it don’t belong? Rocky Sykes dealt. High profile bodies jammed the grinder? Rocky Sykes dealt. How does he deal? With brass knuckles, blowtorches, and acid. RICKY ‘WITH THE HAIR’ CECCHIN - One of Gravelli’s closest lieutenants and a sycophant to his core; serving as an aide and second advisor when the consigliere isn’t available. Unfortunately, hasn’t got much in the way of advice. A likable toady with a thing for spray tan and the kind of jokes that won’t trigger a crisis of the ego. MAFFEO NICHOLAS ‘MUFFY’ CHIARUGI - The greaseball son of Bart Slopes; got his name from his father’s affinity for leaving historical documentaries on while he worked. Loved the Renaissance stuff, the Venetian doges and the popes and the princes. You’d be lucky to get that sh*t out his son, though. A stunted, slimy little cockroach; a pimp and a drug fiend with an inferiority complex and sh*tty dress sense. His f*ckups never precluded his father’s love. You don’t touch his boy. THURGOOD ‘RED TEDDY’ MOORE - Grew up in Dukes: Lenape father, half-Italian mother. As a result, grew up alongside wiseguys. Entrusted by Jon Gravelli as muscle and Pete Rea as a friend; Teddy’ll never get made and feels estranged as a result, with the immorality of his work weighing fiercely on his mind. Maybe he’ll cash his chips someday soon. Teddy won’t say - the fella don’t say nothing to nobody. SILVIO ‘SIL SQUIBS’ RENZULLI - A man in Carmine Lupisella’s image, now family boss: quiet, smart, sociable. Never took a side in the family’s squabbles between Broker and Bohan; being from East Holland himself, his fair hand has made him a worthy fit for the throne. Has avoided wiretaps and surveillance for years and has few charges to his name - largely by sticking to the inside of his Ocelot when discussing operations. After all, he runs half the unions in the city. Can’t do that for long without being a little shrewd. ‘BENNY JIFF’ GAIONI - Sex pest consigliere from the family’s historically maligned Broker faction. Runs a bar named Mulligan's in Bantonvale which has become a de facto headquarters for all the borgata’s East Island operations. His knack for racketeering has made him one of the biggest earners of all the Old Families Five: has unions under his thumb, traffics heroin, loansharks, runs illicit gambling, extortion and burglary and homicide and heists. Amicable and clever? Sure. But a rapist. Dismemberer. Scum. SANSONE ‘SONNY THE SAINT’ HONORATO - Depraved hitman for the Lupisellas who gained his reputation while working as Don Vincent’s personal cleaner. Did his first murder for the family at 19, plead his fifth hit and third court case down to a short stint in medium security prison. A pervert, psychopath, sadist. Plucks the eyebrows of the bodies he leaves for the cops and brings whores to family functions. The little words he speaks are vile - but the man values the organization above all. The Lupisellas’ most loyal soldier. SEPE THE WRENCH & LEO PULEO - Frick and Frack. Longtime understudies of and collaborators with Benny Jiff; Dominic Sepe finding a place as his personal aide. Leo Puleo - former Ancelotti associate, stubborn fool, psychopath willing to kill for the smallest of slights. Dom ‘the Wrench’ - crafty, ruthless, ladder climbing sociopath also willing to kill for any and everything. Highly capable henchmen destined for greatness, if Gaioni has any say. MARK LUPISELLA - Mark’s lost two father figures: his real father, Carmine Junior, beaten to death after an argument gone wrong. His Uncle Vincent, a guiding hand through adolescence and the accidental killer of Carmine Jr., has been serving a 15-year stretch upstate for conspiracy. Mark’s outlet? The ring. A talented boxer with the sport slowly fading behind him, Mark’s found his calling in the crime family that bears his name. His uncle encourages him the very same from behind the visiting room glass, though with the wordsmithing of men who can’t afford to let the hacks in on their business. GILROY ‘GILL’ DONOVAN - Lupisella associate with ties to Harry Hall. One of a few Irish gangsters from the Broker side of the family who escaped indictment when the feds made a case in 1980. Some would say it was because he never really did anything of note: being a small time junkie hood who only really smuggled cigarettes and helped with prep work for an airport heist - but Gilly would tell you he was just too clever to get caught. Now Hall’s main guy for smack trafficking and sh*t-talking. MOISHE ‘MOE’ SCHWARTZ - Born to a Neapolitan mother and Ukranian Jewish father, Moe from Bohan became a learned financial expert without attending university. Indebted himself to the family peddling books without tax and became the closest thing Vincent Lupisella ever had to consigliere through his short stint as the family’s "Boy King". He’ll never get made, but will always have high status among Bohan and Broker alike as an accountant and intermediary. A devoted zionist and right wing nutcase with no wife or children. LUIGI VALVONA - The hedonistic boss of the Pavano Crime Family: Big Louie made his bones in the textile industry, mentored by the esteemed Eufrasio ‘Don Zio’ Pavano. Met his wife, a former seamstress more than half his age, and took off to managing the family at a distance. Often caught between a rural horse ranch in Upstate Liberty, an upscale home in Vice City’s suburbia, and many-a bath house in Algonquin’s downtown. BALDOVINO ‘VINNIE BALDO’ ULLO - Geriatric Pavano underboss since 1972; Big Vinnie functions as Street Boss while his superior isolates in luxury. Operating out of a Cod Row social club and Louie Valvona’s cafe in Papaver Village, Vinnie Baldo is boss in all but name, and he wields the respect to boot. His name means business. The man has consulted with presidents. VITO ‘DOG MEAT’ MENOTTI - Always kind of a weirdo: Pavano hitman and soldier with a mostly unremarkable record. Until he bought the dog food plant. Oh, that dog food plant. The big machines for grinding and canning and shipping. Legit income? Absolutely. Great for the family books, fraud, merch distribution, taxes. For grinding up bodies? Couldn’t be f*cking better. Makes the work that much easier when you’re throwing away mulch and you aren’t breaking the bones with hammers in the shed. GIOVANNI ‘GIO THE STOAT’ ANCELOTTI - Gio took the reigns of the Ancelotti Family in a state of turmoil in the Seventies: pushed it even further through phony front bosses and open participation in the drug trade, then picked it back up when his Commission seat was at risk. Called him “Johnny the Stoat” ‘cause the guy was a f*cking weasel. A stubborn, flamboyant hoodlum with a knack for unorthodox business arrangements and a willingness to make dough regardless of moral consequence. ‘CHUBBY’ CHARLES MATTEO - Alderney City loanshark, Venturas bookie, Liberty City killer. A man of many skills and one of the Ancelotti Family’s most consistent earners since his early twenties, he’s one of Old Man Gio’s favorite made guys and a distant relative of his through in-laws. After the death of his own fiancee during childbirth he’s become a real sour f*ck: grumpy, greedy, gluttonous, growing into his nickname. As newly minted capo, he’s devoted himself to his don. He hasn’t got much else. ‘TONY BLACK’ SPOLETO - One of two sons to a legendary Ancelotti gangster; now one of Liberty’s premier white collar racketeers. Strongarms and owns a variety of legit businesses: leasing companies, entertainment bookers, video stores. When the Russians kicked him out of Hove after trying to muscle in on their gas bootlegging racket, he got his own guy; a doofus Israeli-Romanian yuppie named Mihai Pokrass who’s both braggadocious and deathly scared of him. The Jew drives a purple Enus. Tony Black’s happy to bankroll. Across several years of wheeling, dealing, and stealing; the criminal economy of the city where all roads lead will be ruled by squabbling, greed, and gossip. A heavily intertwined game of power among gangsters will ensue, impacted by even the most minor of hits to the bottom line, in a world of crime more complex than Balkan politics. There’s always a name, always a face, always a beef, and at the end of the end there’ll always be a gunshot. Derrick McReary is a hired gun alongside his two politically-inclined friends - occasionally alongside the less-inclined James Pegorino. Working partly as a liaison between Italian criminals and his father’s outfit of Dukes-and-Purgatory-based Irish; he and the motley crew split their time between the wiles of gangland power, whom they mostly loathe, and the places their payment goes. Money from jobs are often funneled to the most radical of radicals: Bucky opting for an uptown communist organization with a inkling toward direct action, and Aiden opting for a line to funding the Republican Army (both Provisional and Original) through an associate of the McReary Boys. Derrick will divide himself between robbers, revolutionists, and gear. Enter the state of affairs. Get ready for so many f*cking Italian names your head starts spinning. The Messina clan has always found itself marked by infighting and squabbling, and in that regard times surely haven’t changed. Its current leader, Simone ‘Memo Smokes’ Trungale, is just out of the can after a bid for narcotics trafficking. Leader, sure - but he’s only acting boss. Current official boss is Tomaso ‘Tommy Waters’ Bisacquino: only appointed after family namesake ‘Joe the Mess’ Messina’s retirement, and a role quickly lost when Bisacquino was sentenced to 30 years in prison in 1979. Trungale was promptly appointed to family leadership following a Commission meeting; the man’s clout and earn preceded him. Memo Smokes, despite being former Messina number-two, has a reputation: one for being a stubborn Sicilian mutt with a constant grudge and no love lost for compromise. His leadership has marked a quick return to moving scag, largely processed through Quebecois affiliates like Ollie Lulu and Cal Cazzini, many of those orders coming through capo-cum-liasion ‘Joe Mundy’ Fontana. They’re raking it in. Smokes has been jockeying for his temporary leadership to become permanent, arguing Waters probably won’t leave a federal penitentiary before he croaks. A triumvirate of capodecina within the family - helmed by Diodato ‘Mart Dio’ Martignoni, ‘Freddy Rigs’ Volpe, and Edward ‘Dodo Lank’ Salvodelli - have taken the stance that the removal of Memo and his underboss Ugo ‘Hughie’ Nisticò are imperative. Their proposal? Have Mart Dio take over as acting boss, with his son ‘Crazy Pans’ turning Messina underboss. Rumors suggest they’ve already begun stockpiling in case things get bloody - in the form of automatic weapons, and a lot of them. Smokes’ protege, Harvey Noto, has orchestrated his own alliance. Trungale and Jon Gravelli’s rivalry is historic in nature, but they’ve recently buried the hatchet in the name of the almighty dollar - at Noto’s suggestion. Together, using Hal’s right-hand and a-la-carte lawyer ‘Harry the Hat’ Hall, they’ve cultivated the use of Gravelli’s Irish muscle - the McRearys - as a potential line of defense. Family capo Mel the Skiv has reached out to Lupisella gangsters like ‘Benny Jiff’ Gaioni through mutual partner Gilroy ‘Gill’ Donovan in an effort to further assert the Trungale faction’s power. It’s truce or an all-out war - and the prospects of either are riding ever even. The McReary Boys find themselves squarely aligned with the interests of their Gambetti paymasters - John Jack’s friendship with Don Gravelli being the only matter of importance in dealing with the Messina clan. The always distant bohemian first-born, Derrick, has found himself as their reluctant emissary to Trungale in between his own endeavors (John Jack preferring the company of his protege Kit Spoils to his wily leftist offspring) as they maintain protection on joint Gambetti-Pavano construction projects and work enforcement alongside the Pegorino Family. A clan of brutal Irish thugs are squared off with Derrick’s hopeful brother Francis - in the makings of becoming a church boy after getting his GED and maintaining a blissful superiority complex in doing so. Derrick supports his brother. As long as he doesn’t become one of them, one of the hooligan Purgatory scumbags, it doesn’t matter if that support is reciprocated. On the political side, the Abolitionist Revolutionary Cadre of North Holland has been bucked into a tailspin after the imprisonment of former leader Qistina Thawra in 1977 - convicted of murder one and two, pig battery, and armed robbery. In her place, anarchist Boniface Pope has begun a fundraising drive in an attempt to finance a breakout - and, while he’s at it, revolutionary activities in Italy, Afghanistan, Germany - the world. Buchanan Sligo, meanwhile, has found himself a primary benefactor; a good personal friend of the organization’s Minister of Information, Othman Ovyo. Derrick and Aiden chip in. It’s all with the same goal in mind. The regime of Jon Gravelli has found itself in a quagmire: his long uncontested rule is beginning to unravel. The Macchiavelian puppet master and chairman of Liberty’s Commission has slowly become the status quo of a growing rivalry between his own underboss: Bart Chiarugi. Bart the Chink was originally one of the top men of 1950’s boss Gus Gambetti: a man replaced by Sonny Cangelosi in a bloody coup, who was later replaced by the man himself, Don Jon. A bubbling resentment has grown since his appointment to the throne in 1978. Gravelli has fashioned himself as an innovator; his underboss a squarely old school kind of psychopath appointed to his role after being passed over for leadership - a choice made by Gravelli as to avoid any internal disputes. So much for that. Bart Chiarugi has formed a clique of conservative Gambetti capos and soldiers in a mirror organization still fundamentally subordinate. Bart has his protege Bobby Buffet, self-righteous shot-caller Alfie Placanica, old school capo ‘Elmer Trout’ Odio, and Odio’s protege ‘Joe the Jew’ on his tab. Alongside them, he has aligned himself with hitman and crew-operator ‘Reggie the Redhead’ of South Broker, a man closely monitored by Gravelli loyalist ‘Genie’ Sbarra. Bart has reportedly found an audience with rival families: gaining the favor of Lupisella boss ‘Sil Squibs’ Renzulli and the passive admiration of Pavano hardhead ‘Bald Vinnie’ Ullo. Together, they and others make up the Algonquin wing of the family. Just the same, Gravelli has his own loyalists: mob brat Cozzie Cangelosi, his aide-de-camp Apollo Pompa, his favorite bootlicker ‘Ricky with the Hair’, capo Butch Bove, Alderney wannabe-boss John Pegorino along with his birdbrained son Jimmy ‘the Peggytail’, and his own understudy Peter Rea. Mirroring Bart’s forays with the semi-independent crew of Reggie the Redhead, Jon Gravelli has found an ally in a very old friendship: the Irish mob ran by John Jack McReary. They're the East Island faction. For now they remain the dominant wing - bolstered by the muscle of the Irish (who also remain closely tied to the currently-neutral Pavano family as a beneficiary of construction rackets). But a passive-aggressive war of gossip and reputation is being fought by Chiarugi. Day by day, the man tries to turn as many men against their boss as possible. At home, Derrick has found himself a caretaker for a withdrawn Francis McReary: now flunked out of the seminary for cheating and petty theft. Through Aiden’s family friend and McReary associate Alistair ‘Allie’ O’Keeffe, the trio have found themselves involved in the Bohan-based Sons of Eriu Defense Trust. Spearheaded by political activist Fergal Enright, the functionally legitimate organization has spread funds to less-than-reputable sources as a result of Enright’s political convictions: giving IRA fugitive Jarlath ‘Jock’ Munro a fake name and no-work job as janitorial staff, alongside allowing Jock to funnel money to Provisional IRA operative ‘Osh’ Hoy. Through Hoy, the trio are intent to smuggle weaponry and explosives from the United States to Dublin - as well as using ill-gotten gains, with John Jack’s blessing, to finance the republican cause. If that confuses you, don’t worry. Nobody knows what the f*ck is going on. These guys hardly say words with more than two f*cking syllables. And to Derrick and the Irish, as long as the guys they’re friends with ain’t getting shot, it’s all the same anyways. Why, you ask - if LC is the worst city in America - do you spend so much time there? Too much Liberty for you? Tough f*cking sh*t. There’s nowhere more vile, more criminal, more obscene in the goddamn country. America’s criminal capital. Racketeers of all legalities. We’ll make a million more concepts set in this sh*thole town before we f*cking stop. You don’t need a welcome. Home turf. The most diverse place in America is at your mercy. On the border of Meadows Park stands the ancestral McReary rowhouse of three stories, perpetually scuffed wax wood floors, and a dining room under renovation since the 1960’s. When John Jack gets his driver Griff to take him cross-town, he’s headed to the O’Keeffe-owned Steinway Beer Garden in the not-so Irish parts of formerly Irish Steinway. That car would head past the Chinese-Latino neighborhood of Cerveza Heights, past the pompous upper-middle suburbia of Meadow Hills, the decaying industry and project towers of East Island City. And the wasteland that is O’Donovan Airport. That’s just eastern-ways. Cross Meadows Park - see the structurally-sound Monoglobe and the carcass of Liberty State Pavilion Towers - and the borough keeps going. The heavily Mandarin neighborhood of Keering where the boys spit dai-lo on the corners. The cold hard streets of Willis. Zephyr Hill’s guidos and pizzerias in the shadow of Francis International. And more identical suburb than you could shake a stick at. Dukes is a borough of a million languages - where the old-school white ethnic neighborhoods of Italians and Irish and Germans and Jews cross paths with the Liberty of the new 20th century: the Latinos, Greeks, Arabs, Asians of a million dialects. And they’re in the same America where President Hogan’s on the TV talking trickle-down right after the Cosmos game at Falstreau Field. Rob all those saps f*cking blind. Broker - like Algonquin in Red Line - gets cut off around the Milden Boulevard border of Outlook Park. Shortest end of the stick throughout the McReary parable. You get most of Broker’s northernmost ghettos and graves this time - the blue collar dockland of East Hook and beyond alongside the neighborhoods Liberty abandoned to the scourge of crack cocaine: Suydam, Far-Sleck, East Liberty. From the top to the bottom are the white-ethnic ports getting run over by gangsters or by the tide of white flight. Traditionally Polish Redcape on the Dukes/EIC border, a Hedgebury of Hasidic and Italian and Latino flavors. The mob-ran streets of Schottler all melt in the great pot that is the Humboldt waterfront. The brownstones and bodegas of Rotterdam and Settler Hill, the urban decay of BOABO mixing artist lofts with the grit of the streets. The Bowels; a muddy, lawless graveyard where men fire shots and nobody comes to see why. No 911 where the outlaws roam. Today’s Broker is a series of leftovers. Artists and trendy developers are already picking up the pieces of a ravaged borough. It’s cobblestones and crack addicts, pretty church steeples and used heroin needles dotting gutters and alleyways. It’s the city’s most populous playground. It’s perfect. Financial, cultural, crime capital of the United States - or so they’d have you think on the latter. In Third Rail, Algonquin is spared its Red Line treatment with the lower borough cutoff - you’ve got free reign to all in 1981. Come in via East Borough Bridge and you’re right in Lancaster, Middle Park East character exemplary of an ethnic exodus in favor of the godforsaken yuppies flocking to the borough so they can take the K/C line right down to The Exchange. Let it ring in your head - The Exchange. Algonquin not as ground zero for the reigning anarchy its 70s-on reputation would have you think, but a honeytrap for all the Barium Street moneyf*ckers in the world. K/C line carries through the neighborhoods running parallel to the Humboldt - Hatton Gardens, Easton, Lancet - skyscrapers and medical centers and embassies and minority flight and not much else for the criminally inclined; unless you wanna nod off, that is, in which case you’ll do alright in the shadows in Grand Easton Terminal or the alleyway arteries surrounding Galahad Palace Arena. But generally your interests lie more inland, southwest - take Nickel Street westbound and you’re cooking with gas: Purgatory; the McReary legacy secured in geography, the old watering hole of Lucky Winkles and the future site of the Blutegel Exhibition Hall just broken ground. Star Junction, meanwhile, still half a vestige of the early 70s with its peep shows and XXX theaters and corner girls yet untouched by the Prinz mandate of - gasp - gentrification. Southern-more, Papaver Village beckons: having long abandoned its identity as hippie ground zero; now a different world with Pavano goombahs reigning over from their little social club on Sheridan Street. Little Italy ever standing the test of time; Chinatown more vibrant than ever, neon on slick streets. But sticking west also guides you north; Rotterdam Tower and the International Center of Exchange won’t leave your shadow between the streets headed up: everpresent city emblems as you zip up Union Drive past the unattainable heights of Middle Park West, now-vacant apartments in Varsity Heights and onward. Highest you got business - the ARC operates out of Holland and you’ll be familiarizing yourself with it more than ever. But remember: gentrification. That’s the keyword. And the time period doesn’t spare you its reach. Of all the boroughs hit hardest by Liberty’s 1970’s bankruptcy; Bohan lies the lowest of the low. Arson, homicide, gang crime, vandalism - the police don’t care, and neither do the politicians. Because Bohan’s Bohan. It’ll always be Bohan. When gentrification lifts a finger and crushes the city without thought, it’ll come for Bohan last. Northern Bohan remains attached to a significantly more preferable poverty to many establishment figures - white ethnic working class. Much needed to maintain the wealth of nearby Pennyford County, a bastion of upstate suburban splendour marked by picket fences and gated communities. Bordered by parkland and headstones is the Irish neighborhood of Sean-Aird; home to the burgeoning Sons of Eriu Defense Trust and dinky little pubs where the stock Celtic music loops. Arch enemies? The Italians: St. Marks and Morgan Avenue the center of Libertonian-Italian pride, of the always-mentioned tinsel banners and pasta eateries, and the unmentioned element of tracksuit-wearing goodfellas. They march on past the Bohan Zoo into Little Bay. The towers loom in East Bohan - the co-ops of Northern Gardens and the golf courses on the coast with an eye toward Dukes. The former industry of Buttress meeting project towers; burned out warehouses and street solicitors in Chase Point. Riding through the scar that is the Northern Expressway sending you into the true melting pot: the world of South Bohan where the ravages of austerity spit on the poor. Projects, projects, projects. The name of the city’s patron saint, Sinclair Ayton, marked on every corner with the sickening sprawl of highway and the ‘concessions’ the unfortunate get. Bohan tries to be presentable westward. Fortside maintains a hub of commerce along Folsom Way where businesses alike congregate in many-a color. Grand Boulevard and the greater hub of neighborhoods under the district label Boulevard - the rowhouses and the park. Oh, and don’t forget Swinger Stadium! Maintained with taxpayer cash instead of public services, it remains the only thing in Bohan Mayor Prinz thinks worthy of city funds. That is, aside from the police. Liberty City loves its boys in blue. Abandon hope all ye who enter here. Cross the Dukes Bay Bridge with knowledge anything could happen. By stepping foot here you’ve committed ten times as much effort than the mayor ever will. This, my friends, is what the poor get in the glorious capital of capitalism. When you’re out dialing Bucky or Aiden, you can obviously go to the university reading club or whatever bullsh*t suits your fancy. Sure. But the real reason you and the buds are out there? It’s scoping a job. The city of Liberty is ripe for the taking when it comes to information on the newest dime or quarter for chasing. In missions, gang hideouts, talking with the bookies and the dealers; ambient leads to chase will be marked all over the city based on intel you gather. Chasing that information can lead you to local haunts or potential robberies that you and the buddies can set up for payday. These are mob social clubs, rackets, independent wire rooms, drug dens, fences, you name it. Even some unique, high-profile robberies with special rewards and significant amounts of liquid cash. You find the dough, you round up the boys - be it Aiden, Bucky, Jimmy Pegorino, and potentially more - then you split the take between yourselves. Alongside heading out with Bucky, Aiden or Jimmy to look for a spot to rob - the next is searching for a man on the street that can sell you gear. Dotted among Liberty’s seedy alleyways are dealers galore: some sell heroin, some don’t. Never for trade, only to buy and use. Searching or going off aforementioned intel can lead you to dealers who offer you a good price on smack, or can send you chasing wild geese. Maybe you could get ripped off, maybe the price is exorbitant, maybe the load is cut so bad you’re injecting more detergent than you are heroin. Oh, right. Heroin. Derrick McReary is addicted to heroin. It’s anything but glitzy, glamorous, or romantic. Among the alleyways and the detritus of Dukes and Broker lie thousands of addicts just like him, propped up against the brownstone and the concrete and burning that spoon black behind a dumpster. Half the heroin addicts in America live in Liberty f*ckin' City. The chase for the dragon never relents. Derrick’s addiction knows no bounds: it doesn’t discriminate between business or leisure, whether you’re on a job or at the pub. It will affect performance. It will affect relationships. You’re not going to put the man on the straight and narrow, that you can be sure of. Resisting temptation isn’t going to do you any favors; even if Derrick wanted to have a go at ditching it cold turkey - which he doesn’t - you’re kidding yourself if you think LC’s got any methadone clinics on offer. At the crossroads of providing for himself, Frankie, and the political causes of Bucky and Aiden, Derrick’s priority is still getting high. Scrounging up the dough to buy between missions and outings is imperative, and if you let it go too long you will suffer for it - withdrawal will affect gunplay, dialogue, basic navigation - and rather than suffer through it at your hands it’ll manifest in a major hit to the wallet when Derrick saunters into the nearest haunt to get his fix regardless of market price. So better you play with the cards you’re dealt: give the man what he wants. Let your misadventures dally around personal finance. Shoot up strategically - do it while crashing at home or in your car and you will fare far better than if Derrick starts getting the shakes in the midst of a shootout and you have to duck down below the bullets to stick the needle between your toes. Do it smart. ‘Cause the man won’t change. After a job and factoring in your own - cough cough - acquired tastes, it’s time to divide the cash you got from your latest independent job. The stuff you do for gangsters or your pops John Jack will only get you so far: and that’ll only fund so many political escapades. The take is the take: no matter the job or the breakdown of your crew, percentages are decided before the action - hallmark of any passably organized stickup gang. Depending on your intel, might be a two-man take - one on the wheel and one on the gun - or something more elaborate: you, the boys, each of you with a plus-one of your own - that’s Jimmy the Peggytail for Derrick, Jock Munro for Aiden, and Othman Ovyo for Buck for a potential total of six to a job. Cuts break down depending on role, and of course the more men on the job the more your share shrinks; but just the same, a five-man heist will reap far bigger spoils than some gas station stickup under the moonlight. Your input comes in the aftermath. Every man gets his cut, every man distributes the funds to his respective cause - Aiden giving back to the cause, Bucky donating a hefty cut of each job to the ARC. You’re left to choose how much and to who - if anyone - you feel like giving a supplementary little taste to. It’s a balancing game with perks only to be gained: everyone’s already happy, you can just make ‘em more happy. Perks come in two prongs: narrative and gameplay. Only catch: curry favor in one direction too long and you get locked out of the other. It’s no biggie, there’s no bad blood - but choose wisely. All the while, don’t forget Derrick’s own allegiances to the needle. The Iconoclast. You hitch your wagon to the Provos and it’ll be reflected in your interactions with Aiden and those boys; kicking up to them every job and you’ll see the yield in their eager friendliness, benefits down the line like bigger profits from their jobs. Aiden’s also got a line, no sh*t, on unique firearms and modifications - more carry space, nifty holsters, hard firepower. The Idealist. Kick back to Buck, on the other hand, and the same applies to the ARC - you’ll be their little poster boy and they’ll make sure you know it, you revolutionary-inclined little thief, you. Bucky’s gameplay perks come in the form of the automobile: fella chops cars with some Pavano-affiliated outsiders in Dukes. His buddies can fit you with mods for your own personal vehicle and getaway cars for future jobs alike; flipping the plates and lifting the suspension for an easier escape on your next escapade. The Keeper. Hoarding your cut doesn’t mean nothing happens, it means Derrick gets the perks in his own right - manifests for you in the form of higher grade scag, means longer periods between shooting up and potentially even for a cheaper price - reach a certain echelon and the Keir Brothers’ll hook you up with smack that’ll have your nose running on sight. Not exactly stoking the insurgent streak in you, that route - but when Derrick gets a load of that horse see if he gives a sh*t. Gats for days. The rules of gunplay are mostly similar to Red Line before it: a couple small arms can be carried on your person, one or two heavy arms in the trunk of your car or under the seats. With Aiden, Bucky, Jimmy the Peg, or more in your company - the number multiplies to match. Be careful placing shots and look after your weapon; use it as a last resort lest it impact the take or put you in hot water with the underworld. And be ready to drop it when the thing is hot. Getting busted with a used gun is not a pretty picture; especially if they can tie it to a prior murder - and you know they probably can. The wild sounds of 70s-cum-80s Liberty City, nothing more and nothing less - the grit and the f*cking grind, sounds not another goddamn city in the world could hope to replicate. Place come into its own, history through melody. Best city in the f*ckin’ world, baby. Harry Nilsson - Jump into the Fire The Clash - Rock the Casbah Mick Jagger - Memo from Turner Stray Dog - Chevrolet The Who - Magic Bus R. Dean Taylor - Indiana Wants Me Faces - Bad ‘n’ Ruin Three Dog Night - One ELO - Don’t Bring Me Down Rare Earth - Get Ready Little Feat - Skin it Back The Rolling Stones - Let It Loose The Misunderstood - Children of the Sun Canned Heat - My Crime The Pogues - Boys from County Hell David Bowie - Rebel Rebel Steely Dan - Dirty Work James Chance and the Contortions - I Can’t Stand Myself DNA - Blonde Red Head Beirut Slump - Staircase Teenage Jesus and the Jerks - The Closet Pill Factory - That’s When Your Heartaches Begin Arto / Neto - Pini Pini Devo - (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction Theoretical Girls - US Millie Mars - Puerto Rican Ghost Rosa Yemen - Rosa Vertov Lizzy Mercier Descloux - Hard-Boiled Babe The Righteous Flames - There Must Be A Revolution Clancy Eccles - Power For The People Ta-Teasha Love & The Wailers - Oh Jah Come Jacob Miller - City Of The Weak Heart Barrington Levy - Rock And Come In Errol Dunkley - Girl You Lied Yabby You - Conquering Lion King Burnett - I Man Free Scotty - Draw Your Brakes King Tubby & Prince Jammy - Drums of Africa Louis Prima - Angelina & Zooma, Zooma Bobby Darin - Multiplication The Jaynetts - Sally Go Round the Roses Nat King Cole - That Sunday, That Summer Moe Consoli - Liberty City (Heckuva’ Town) The Golddiggers - The Time is Now Tony Bennett - Don’t Get Around Much Anymore Mel Torme - That’s All The Cadillacs - Speedoo Jerry Vale - I Want To Go With You Perry Como - Round and Round Nate Valentine - The Water’s On Fire Muddy Waters - Mannish Boy Howlin’ Wolf - Evil Is Going On Albert King - Killing Floor Sam & Dave - Hold On, I’m Comin’ Taj Mahal - Leaving Trunk Lightnin’ Hopkins - It’s A Sin To Be Rich, It’s A Low-Down Shame To Be Poor The Coasters - Down in Mexico Sonny Boy Williamson - Help Me Nina Simone - Nobody Knows You When You’re Down And Out B.B. King - How Blue Can You Get? Klein & MBO - Dirty Talk ESG - Moody D Train - Keep On Logg - Something Else Imagination - Burnin’ Up ABBA - Dancing Queen Unlimited Touch - Searching To Find The One BT Express - You Need A Change Of Mind Adriano Celentano - Prisencolinensinainciusol Evelyn King - Love Come Down Peach Boys - Don’t Make Me Wait Umberto Tozzi - Gloria Bernard Parmegiani - Abel Abeth Tangerine Dream - Phaedra Constance Demby - Darkness of Space Vangelis - Creation Du Monde Edgar Froese - Maroubra Bay Klaus Schulze - Some Velvet Phasing Popol Vuh - Hosianna Mantra Iasos - Cloud Prayer David Behrman - Figure in a Clearing Cluster - 7:42 Jon Hassel - Viva Shona Brian Eno - The Lost Day Throbbing Gristle - United Ike Yard - Half A God Suicide - Che Girls At Our Best - Politics Nervus Rex - Don’t Look Mumps - Scream & Scream Again Time Zone - World Destruction Patti Smith - Piss Factory Richard Hell - Blank Generation The Damned - Jet Boy Jet Girl Model Citizens - Animal Instincts Material - Memory Serves Lounge Lizards - Do The Wrong Thing Laughing Clowns - I Want To Scream Don Cherry - Brown Rice Nucleus - Song For The Bearded Lady Fred Frith - Come Across Arthur Doyle Plus 4 - Ancestor Albert Ayler - Ghosts Joe Henderson - Fire Return To Forever - Vulcan Worlds City might not span all the boroughs and air traffic might be limited, but you’ve still gotta get from Point A to Point B. It’s not fun to write car lists. It just isn’t. It limits space and time better spent elsewhere and compiling them is a really tedious exercise of linking images. We are not going to waste our time with this. If you want to see some f*cking cars, read the missions. There’ll be a lot of cars in those. Or imagine Red Line’s car list (when we get to finishing that within the next decade) and picture those same cars around a decade earlier. Easy! Rest assured, vehicle fans - cars are in the concept. You can drive them. They do car things. They are big, beautiful, and boatlike. Just put in the work to see ‘em, bitch! The Liberty subway system is the most complicated in the United States. It’s also filthy and falling apart at the goddamn seams. As convenient fast travel, especially in Algonquin, just waltz down into the station and take the trains down whatever borough you feel. All you gotta do is scrounge around for subway tokens like loose pennies in the gutter. Too much work? Just watch ‘em. Or fare-skip with the hope the cops don’t care. Or take initiative. City trains get patronage by tough nuts, nut cases, and the tourists nutty enough to take them at all. Pull a gun or bring your friends and pull three: make away with some good dough, or some heroin, or a good story. You time it right, you might even avoid the LCPD subway pigs or the Avenging Angels who think they’re Impotent Rage. Have a ball. Testa Dura Under the Wagon I Held You Once Ruthless Gangland Warlord Poised to Take Mafia Throne, Liberty Tree
  20. GTA: New Beauvais Welcome To 1994. In the Streets Of New Beauvais the home for Mardi Gras, in Normandie Quarter, Champagne Street, and Naval Street, in 1994 in New Beauvais, make sure you don't walk alone in Normandie Quarter at night. Theres also Hurricanes after 2005, the city got rebuilt the Crime rises in New Beauvais. Stay away from New Beauvais East and Lower Ninth District those were hit from Hurricanes. SETTING 1994 and 2006 Welcome To 1994 deadliest year. 2006 after 1 year sense Hurricane Katrina. Protagonists 1. Andrew Ayers- born 1961 in London England, Andrew used to work for British Crime Firms, he was a hitman for the Crime Firms, but until Crime Firms decided to get him, he move to New Beauvais in 1994, until later 94 he got arrested he escaped from New Beauvais to Vice City in late 94. he went back to New Beauvais in 2006. https://m.media-amazon.com/images/M/[email protected]@._V1_UY1200_CR136,0,630,1200_AL_.jpg 2. DeCarlo Barbour - born in 1970 in Franklin Projects, New Beauvais, Decarlo worked for Franklin Projects Boyz, he lives in Franklin Projects. until he got arrested Los Demonios, wiped out the Franklin Projects Boyz before Hurricane in 2004, he was released early to take shelter in Revolver City. The city known as Revolver City, is Bayou City located in Texas. https://m.media-amazon.com/images/M/[email protected]_V1_.jpg RADIO STATIONS. Starting with 1994 Electronic City FM ( Electro Techno and Eurohouse) HOST. KYPER 1. Kyper - What Gets Your Body Hyped(1989) 2. The Egyptian Lover- I Need A Freak ( 1994) 3. Krush -House Arrest (1988) 4. Cybotron - R9 (1985) 5. Culture Beat - Mr Vain (1994) 6. Model 500 - Night Drive (1985) New Beauvais Rock Radio 10.9 ( 70s and 80s rock) Host:
  21. The Notorious MOB

    Grand Theft Auto: Mob Rules

    The Notorious MOB presents: A PERIOD PIECE. Let me welcome you all to Southeastern Liberty and Northern Alderney in the late 1970s. A time of battling borgatas and mind boggling murder rates, drug gangs and destitution and boroughs on the brink of collapse. From the municipalities of the mass metropolises to the microcosms of maligned little miniature mobs trying to get by in a world of outdated outfits. They're all fighting fatiguingly for the same dollar and none are a more shining example of the decline and degeneracy than the inglorious and undignified Irish crew. A rabble rousing band of racketeers who are as debauched as they are desperate. With that being said, it seems only fitting that we should journey through the time period as one of their members, and get a first hand look at a fabled fiefdom in Purgatory, often derided variously as an old Celtic legend or a whole load of crap. This is the story of one man in the middle. Of all the lies, back stabbings and murders that lend themselves to the legend of the so called Lords of Lorimer. A glaringly obvious misnomer. “A fast paced tale of endemic corruption and a criminal enterprise that may not have rivaled the Mafia in wealth or sophistication, but surely surpassed them in their wanton acts of violence and rage.” - The Jade Street Journal AUTHOR'S NOTE The following is a work of pure fiction. None of the events described here are true and none of the characters are real. Any similarities to any person, living or dead, is purely coincidental. While much of the contents of this topic may seem like they were taken directly from court transcripts, legal wiretapping and electronic eavesdropping devices, they weren't. They're simply the result of too much downtime and an overactive imagination. It should be noted that when multiple authors try to create stories based around similar subject matter, it may sometimes produce conflicting versions of events. This is inevitable. We're all making it up. However, where such conflicts exist, I have sought to provide a version of events which are, in my opinion, the most plausible. In addition to this, certain scenes will be exaggerated for dramatic effect and in some cases a series of events will be condensed to provide narrative clarity. For further context please check out Greed & Grit and Family Ties, which I will likely be retconning heavily throughout. Thank you. Known locally as “The Easties” (or “The Dukies” depending on who you ask). The Irish are just one of the many mobs who rule over Liberty City. They run small time rackets from Purgatory to Dukes and pockets of just about everywhere in between. Lacking any real organization and pretty much resigned to playing second fiddle, they’re mostly just interested in f*cking sh*t up and sticking it to the law. Lately however, certain younger members have started to become tired of the established order perpetuated by their alcohol addicted and often unpredictable boss. They’ll continue doing his bidding though, if only to make some much needed hay while the sun is out. But it's not going to be all shamrocks and shenanigans that's for sure. The Protagonist – Mickey Burke Burke is one of the aforementioned young bucks of the Irish Mob. Like many of the current members, he was born in Dukes and has earned significant prestige within the gang due to being the son of infamous enforcer Paddy Burke, a long standing member of Algonquin's old guard. His father and Mr. McReary are longtime associates, both being members of a gang led by neighborhood racketeer Mickey Sullivan, who was somewhat of a local legend in his day. Due to his father's position, he was destined to become part of McReary's organization. Many of his family members also encouraged it, despite him being smart enough to establish a legitimate career. Unlike his father “The Baker,” Mickey is somewhat mild mannered and logical, preferring to use his mind over his might. He isn't totally against killing of course, if the money or motivations are right. Jimmy McReary The current head honcho of Liberty City’s Irish Mob. After leading the gang with moderate success for a number of years however, McReary's influence has begun to wane. And some say so has his sanity. He currently finds himself in over his head with local crime families who wish to move in on his territory and consistently relies on the protagonist to dig him out of his hole. Although certainly not averse to pulling the trigger himself, when he points, people shoot… for fear that they may be next in the firing line. Terry McEvoy In Irish mob circles the McEvoys are an institution. Instituted by Terrence “The Truckdriver” McEvoy and propped up by his sons. Terry started off as a struggling teamster and would frequently offload some of his hauls from a swag warehouse on the westside near the docks. With the proliferation of air freight in the ‘60s however and the decline of the western Liberty branch of the ILA, he was left with no choice. Turned the back of his big rig into a Binco. Just another working class stiff doing what he needed to get by. But with the swag came scharole. And with that, came status. Mickey Sullivan used to be his best customer, until word got out that his two thousand dollar suits only cost a couple hundred. He thought Terry squealed and had him held hostage for 15 large and beat him to a bloody pulp. Terry didn’t care - just the cost of doing business. Or so old Mickey thought. McEvoy went to McReary and Sullivan took a couple bullets to the head. Nobody knows quite who pulled the trigger, but the rest is history. He’s currently the oldest member of the Mob on the outside and is therefore the de-facto second in command (and councillor) to his boss Jimmy McReary, whom he serves with ultimate loyalty. At the behest of his other boss (his wife), he also ostensibly works selling theatrical supplies to theaters and studios around the city and is always happy to give a few hours to anybody looking for some ‘on the books’ work. Eddie McEvoy Cool, calm and collected - Eddie is a consummate professional who is idolized by his peers. Despite outward appearances, he's still a Purgatory resident. And his reverence amongst the neighborhood’s population (especially its male youth) means that he can easily recruit young wannabes to clean up his mess or lend Mickey a helping hand in a firefight. His two favored ‘cleaners’ being “Whacker” and “Madso,” two coked out reprobates, the likes of whom will probably end up leading the organization one day. In Eddie’s mind, a bird on the street is worth two in the hand. But when it comes to his vig, he feels exactly the opposite. Teddy McEvoy Ex-Wrestler Teddy McEvoy is the strong arm man that Jimmy desperately needs. Plenty can pump action and pistol whip, but few can hit you so hard that you wish you’d been shot. The last thing many people remember is the gap tooth grin and the vacant stare. Hard to believe he runs a candy store, but his options are kinda limited. Ten years ago he and Eddie pulled a stick up and murdered a bartender, shot two witnesses and stole a car. Eddie had the good sense to split, but Teddy hung around and took the fall. Spent five years in Ting Tong, survived a riot that he helped initiate and got paroled in ‘74. While he was away, his baby brother took that good sense and went ‘legitimate’, started up a tax office. Took the glory of getting away with it and ran with that too. Teddy’s too dumb to be bitter. He met some friends in the can he keeps in touch with. Some more sadistic than he. Derrick McReary Derrick is the eldest of Jimmy's three sons and the only one old enough to hold any sort of position in the organization. However weak that position may be. His father sees him as far too soft and often ridicules him, treating the likes of Mickey Burke and his cohorts more like his sons. Despite his inadequacies, he is desperate to prove to his father his worth and often engages in hare-brained schemes with his buddies “Bucky” Sligo and Aiden O'Malley. The fruits of which are fed back to Mickey through his friend Tommy Nugs. Buck and Aido are into gunrunning and ganja peddling… Del Boy on the other hand is more so into pot smoking, poetry and political upheavals back “home.” He swears he’ll join the fight some day, but when he talks, people tend not to listen, so we’ll just have to wait and see. Tommy Nugent Tommy "Nugs" Nugent is one of Mickey's oldest friends and his most trusted ally. The two of them grew up together and while others in their friend group either drifted away or went to prison, the two of them remained close. Being there for one another in every situation, despite his nuggets of wisdom usually turning those situations bad. Being a little bit younger than Mickey, Tommy has somewhat of a better relationship with Jimmy's son Derrick and his friends. Acting as a link between the rag tag threesome and Burke and giving him access to the fruits of their labor without having them hanging around. The main benefit being his ability to supply our boy with small arms, taped to the back of a toilet cistern. Though their acquisition may prove to be a pain in the arse. Dolan and Lanegan Patsy “Whacker” Dolan and Malachy “Madso” Lanegan are Jimmy and Eddie’s two little Johnnies on the spot. They like to toot and shoot. Whether it be horns or heroin. Cocaine or caustic conversation. Good to have in a firefight but otherwise as useful as a Longford laborer after labor day. They also have a tentative association with The Lost MC. Bobby Brady Bobby’s a bartender. He works at Lucky Winkles but his name’s on the deed. Ex cons can’t hold a liquor license, so he did Jimmy a solid and Jimmy did him one back by letting him earn. Bobby runs a side hustle selling stolen merchandise from under the bar and is happy to give you a decent price for whatever you find. He’s also a compulsive gambler and a compulsive gossip to boot. Anything he hears, he passes on to Jimmy and his crew and takes a finders fee for his trouble. Then he loses it on the track and beats his wife when she questions him. But never in public. Oh jaysus no. Billy Delaney He used to be “Batsh*t Billy Bathwater'' but now they call him “Billy the Beard” or “Billy Brown.” On account of him having the best scag in town. He was born in Carraway Park and now lives in MPW. He keeps company with Pavanos and adores Pat The Baker. He hasn’t got much time for Jimmy, but what he does have is an ongoing beef with the Messinas since he f*cked a noted capo’s comare. He's adored in Algonquin circles but nobody quite knows what he does... especially not the feds. And that’s the way he likes it. The life of luxury he leads means it’s only a matter of time however. And if there’s one thing the feds have, it’s time. Jack & Sean Reilly Jackie and Seanie are cousins to Tommy Nugent and a two-man crime wave in Oakwood and south eastern Decker. Green blood Irishmen from the old country with shady ties to the republican movement. They were forced to emigrate some years earlier and now have their sights set on establishing a new Irish Mob in the expatriate enclaves outside of Algonquin, and more. Fanny Burke Francis “Fanny” Burke is the overbearing mother of the protagonist who spends her days getting drunk and smoking reefer in their East Island home. She sees herself as somewhat of a free spirit and is very into exploring her sexual energy – usually with Mickey's peers. Despite her infidelities, she is still very loyal to her incarcerated husband and constantly tries to steer Mickey more in his footsteps than those of the McRearys et al. While not technically a criminal, she’s most definitely an accessory. Or at the very least, has a lot of them, bought from ill gotten gains. Jimmy McReary keeps his friends around and is ostracized by his enemies. He opportunistically seeks out independent operators, then sinks in his claws and frequently finds a buy-in with established outfits that not many others will do business with, for something petty, or no reason at all. If there's money to be made, then he'll make it, even if it's nickels and dimes. Below is a list of his major affiliates and a rundown of their signature crimes. Lorcan Fitzpatrick The man they call Lucky is the godfather of Derrick and eldest brother to his mother Maureen. The Fitzpatrick's father was a noted union organizer and Lorco had been following in his footsteps. But when Jimmy and Mimi wed, all it took was a hand on the shoulder and a veiled threat to make him invest in a bar. That bar was Lucky Winkles, but it wasn't long before its namesake had been forced out and Jimmy had 'bought' him another one. The second bar is The Hill of Tara on Frankfort and Manganese, but Lucky has opted to leave the day to day running to his daughters to focus full time on taking bets. Those daughters, Amy and Kiera, have turned the dive into a trendy little nightspot and have even brought in Kiki's benign little boyfriend turned bar steward Bernie Fike. Johnny Pegorino Peggy's an Alderney adjudicator turned mob chief looking to stave away the vultures on his putrefactive patch while there's still something to pillage. But Johnny ain't a boss, Joey D'Amato was a boss. Johnny's a former hauler and hod carrier who took a vacant spot at the top out of necessity. He also took his seat on the commission with great pleasure. But suddenly the boys don't seem to hold any meetings no more. He and Jimmy find common ground over mutual deprecation, but are also said to be steadily competing for the affections of Mr. Gravelli - a possible wedge. Larry Gogarty Not so friendly neighborhood arms dealer who supplies various members of the mob with munitions and makeshift bombs. Some say he met Jimmy in Korea, others say he saved Delaney in 'Nam. Derrick says he met Bucky in a brothel and Aido says he's tied to the 'RA. All anybody knows for sure is that he's got knocked off guns at knock down prices, so they'd much rather not even ask. Misko Marinkovic Yugoslav yacht owner who first met McReary during a prison stint in the 1950s. Banged up they bonded over skewed views of Socialism, and as Jimmy was slaving away under Sullivan, Misko the Red was earning a vast fortune and rising to prominence by masterminding a daring million dollar heist from the South Florida estate of Jebediah Stanley. Ever the rolling stone, he can usually be found living large in a handful of haunts, including his luxury apartment, The Purple Puma in Richmond or chilling on his glorious vessel at any one of the area's docks. Gary Pierce Calamitous congressman campaigning for construction projects in Castle Gardens and on the piers in Purgatory. Grandiose ambitions that he hopes will aid his advances in the upcoming gubernatorial race. He’s got familial ties to fuel companies and their fugitive financiers and wants to bring about peace in Northern Ireland by helping motor man Don DeLarge establish a manufacturing plant there for his derided Deluxo. Morris Schulman Schulman's an orthodox Jew frequently found in either a hair salon or a whore house. After moving to Dukes from Alderney, he started a side hustle taking bets from The Bay Bar. Now he's got links to every balding bastard from Beechwood City to Barren County and just about every bookmaker and bar fly in between. He first hooked up with the McReary mob due to their efficiency in enforcement, but due to Jimmy's unpredictability as of late, he's started bargaining with bettors to give time and get information needed for high value holdups instead. Peter O’Leary Petey’s a burned blueprint dealer who lives in a shack in The Riverlands. But aside from that, any and all information on him is gleaned from whispers in the wind. It's almost public record that he was born prematurely and then bundled off to boarding school when he started to kill kittens and ended up in an orphanage when a mysterious house fire, that left him disfigured, killed the rest of his kin. One popular rumor is that he used to cut cartoons for Fred Quincy, but was fired because he edited Bessy Dog into a rape and murder plot. Another is that he killed a crew of cops and drove a school bus full of kids into the Frugal Finance building on Farnsworth Road. For the past number of years, he’s been living off the grid in the wilderness and has been on a seditious bent since Herbert Hickey began building ballparks in his hermitic habitat. Spyro Kardamylios Back in the days, Steinway was a melting pot, much like Purgatory after the war. First it was the Germans and Irish and then the Latinos came, which was when people like Jimmy up and left. The ‘60s brought Greeks upon Greeks like Kardamylios and it wasn't long until this diaspora began to degenerate. Numbers games, gambling dens, loansharking… a wave of new opportunities which brought Spyro and Jimmy together, but quickly floated the former across the river and into an Alderney based shipping company when the Greek mob started to congregate around whatever little rackets there were left. Like any good criminal however, he started to adapt. And when Sino ship jumpers began to swim ashore and disappear into Chinatown, he sent out a trawler and came back with ten keys in a net. But Spyro's no drug dealer, he'll surely tell you that. So like any good criminal, he went down to Diamond Street and quickly sold it back. That single good deed was the start of a fruitful relationship. The only problem is his partner, Lee Wong, is currently in federal custody on a wide ranging racketeering rap. A philosopher once said “There is no black and white, just shades of f*cking grey” and that couldn’t be more evident than in this place and time. The exception to the rule of course being the political system... where black, white (and brown) are pretty much the deciding factors between who holds the power and who plays the patsy. Although some may be rich, white and powerful, none of them are truly clean or righteous or have the desire to bring about any notable change. The worst part about it is - they all think that they are. Jack Connelly Connelly is an Irish-American Detective Sergeant with the LCPD's Gang Homicide Task Force (colloquially known as the “Gangbusters”). And he’s built up a celebrity status from closing high profile cases and frequently appearing in the news. His methods are highly unconventional - by any means necessary, often at the expense of his rivals in the FIB. Past cases include several high profile robberies, serial killings and terrorist acts allegedly committed by the Puerto Rican Liberation Front and Black Power Movements. Actual guilt is irrelevant. He’ll closely follow Mickey's exploits, despite overlooking many of the acts committed by the Irish Mob, with whom he shares a certain level of national pride. Fayad Ali Brother Ali is the charismatic leader of the local sect of the Brotherhood of Muslims (formerly known as the Islamic Nation). He seeks to move away from the efforts of his predecessor Talib Al-Muzzammil to merge the Brotherhood with the mainstream Islamic movement, in order to preserve the original values of his organization. His method of doing this is to portray Muzzammil and his followers as terrorists and enemies of the state. He is very adept at recruiting other young black men to his cause. And also has the secret backing of a certain City Councillor who provides his support under the banner of black empowerment while publicly denouncing his methods in front of his majority Christian electorate. For all his friends however, he has just as many enemies and is rarely seen without his bow-tied bodyguards trailing either side. Jeremiah Johnson “The Good Reverend” Jerry Johnson is a well regarded Civil Rights activist who currently sits on the Liberty City Council as a champion for African American rights. He is a constant voice for the voiceless and oppressed and is staunchly opposed to the policies of City Mayor Herman Stringer and his closest rival Earl Schmidt. He frequently likes to comment on in-game events, making sure to be recorded hollering his disapproval from the heart of the North Holland ghetto with his protege Norman Davis by his side. And there's nothing quite like having a brother in the state capital for getting your voice heard, that's for sure. Julio Ochoa Born in Bohan to a comparatively rich family, Ochoa is less concerned about spreading hope than lining his own pockets. After years of apprenticeship under Deputy Mayor Ramón Delgado, he currently sits on the City Council, having been awarded his position and given assurances that he would be granted his wish of several residential dwellings in Boulevard for “his people" when the crumbling Swingers Stadium was knocked down and moved to a bigger plot. Given these false assurances, he took his seat and endorsed Stringer for Mayor in ‘77. Currently however the Stadium still stands, meaning that he may look towards turning on Stringer soon enough. Artie Giacalone Giacalone is an Alderney transplant who is a big time player in print pr0nography and Algonquin high society. He is the owner and publisher of the highly popular Playhouse Magazine and is currently making inroads into turning art house filth into a Vinewood blockbuster. He is a cut above your average pervert and has garnered widespread acceptance and critical acclaim for passing explicit imagery off as art. Shooting or directing most of the models himself in order to achieve his signature “style.” He also frequently hosts exclusive parties in his penthouse apartment filled with beautiful women and high grade cocaine – supplied to him by his Gambetti affiliates Scott Trillo and his pal Luis Vargas. Just don’t ask him about corruption.. he could write a whole article. In fact he’s made a career out of it. Before funneling that money back into his art. Reggie Polastri A veteran Broker based pr0nographer, formerly known as “Reg Pole.” He got his start posing in salacious snaps for Casper Narwhal before debuting as an onscreen stud under the nefarious Baker Brothers in the early seventies. Glory days behind him, he's turned his horny little hand to directing and has gotten himself firmly stuck between two mob families, now on the brink of war. Facing the prospect of losing his ‘hard' earned fortune, he latches on to Artie Giacalone's vision to bring pr0n into the mainstream in the hopes of finding a way out of his hole. Ray Rosenbaum Rosenbaum is a shady superstar attorney from Bohan with his well greased palms in a lot of criminal pies. Despite gutting several multinational companies through class action lawsuits, he is said to have many friends in big business. Most recently lending his helping hand to young billionaire Lyle Cleethorpes during a spot of bother with the HEC. Other high profile clients include the heads of at least two Mafia Crime Families, the Catholic Archdiocese of Liberty City and fellow Jewish nightclub owner Paulie Stein, who despite not having enough money to pay him, has some kind of valuable hold over him that’d have ‘political scandal’ written all over it, if it broke. Mario Valvona Valvona is a catholic priest, a local hero and a leading proponent of tenant rights reform in the ghettos in and around Liberty City. To his adoring public he is the founder of a community organization established partly with federal funding in order to subsidize the rents of struggling tenants and refurbish the dilapidated project buildings. In reality he is a deeply corrupt, self serving slum lord who wishes to take full credit for the rejuvenation project while building substandard dwellings on the cheap. All while using a mafia controlled labor force with well publicized ties to the Pavano Family, in which his brother Louie is a low ranking capo. Other friends in high places include U.S. supported dictatorships in Central America and the equally corrupt Vatican Bank. He is currently in discussions with Jack McReary to establish a “non profit” organization to buy up vast amounts of run down properties in Purgatory with the help of shady businessman turned borough president Arnie Love. Trudy Milner A left wing activist with an anarchistic streak who acts as a leading member of the Temperature Rising terrorist organization - operating from a townhouse in Westminster. Spawned from a legal family which includes a patriarch with a history of defending soviet spies, she is also the sister of controversial criminal defense attorney Harold “Whitey” Milner. But she seems to have no intention of following in their footsteps, preferring to dole out her own skewed version of justice to the city’s elite. Flexmaster Flash A pioneering disk jockey from Bohan, who, like many others in the area, claims to be the originator of a new style of music known as “hip-hop." He is ridiculed by many in his neighborhood and seen as a joker. But his desire to emancipate himself from his gang banging past will touch Burke enough to bring about a working relationship, whereby Mickey assists him in acquiring a number of rare vinyl records from all over the map. Betty Friedkin Elizabeth Friedkin, also known as “Battleaxe Betty" is the lieutenant to Liberty State governor Greg "The Dreg" Johnson and the current bronze medal contender in the inevitable race for Mayor in the fall. As a staunchly liberal feminist with a firm following, she’s a quickly emerging favorite, but her radicalized associates may prove to be her downfall as State Secretary Ignazio Iorio stays nipping at her heels. Cherri Goldman A buxom budding starlet from the baddest parts of Bohan hoping to make the move from street walking to skin flicks and hit the dizzying heights of the likes of Miss Floodgate. She’s a borderline nymphomaniac and incredibly needy, but she’s always there to relieve the stress and lend a sympathetic ear when you’re feeling overworked or overwhelmed by the weight of your criminality. Just try to overlook the fact that her pop is a cop. The term “bad” is subjective. Especially in this part of the world... especially in this part of America. But these guys either all have records, or are just a bit f*cked in the head. Howie Fisher Howie “The Fish” is the leader of a seven-man organization known as “The Family” which holds a strong heroin connection through Pavano button man Mario Coletti. Aside from heroin, the gang are involved in various enterprises such as prostitution, cocaine and arms trafficking and the black power movement. Unfortunately for Fisher, he currently lacks enough power or influence to go up against his rivals in Holland, who deem him unworthy of the much coveted seat on Melvin Noble's Council he claims he doesn't want... or need. Lorenzo Brown Lorenzo “Big Daddy” Brown is a Liberty City legend of the African American variety who has recently been released from prison after serving almost ten years on a narcotics charge. Now on the outside, he resides in Broker and seeks to re-establish his criminal empire, using a burgeoning connection within the Messina Family and supply routes that stretch all the way to Los Santos through Lenapia and back again. Unfortunately, they also come with a target on his back as big as the loads that he’s shifting and plenty of young bucks chomping at the bit to take his spot. Silas Robinson "Stranton Silas" is an Alderney attaché for Big Brown, pushing product in The Eden State. He started as a runner doing numbers for the Pegs back when he was known as "Raleigh Robinson" and nudged his way into narcotics when the North Carolinians started to run sh*t. When his previous partners got pinched, he started sending his boys from Stranton to Schottler, bringing heron 'cross the Humboldt and sending coke down Columbus Ave. Emil Argov Argov is a Russian gangster based in Hove Beach. Cattle prod in hand, he controls a lucrative numbers and extortion racket within the local Russian and Jewish communities of South Broker. Rackets which rival similar operations controlled by the Five Families, who he now counts as personal friends. His initial connection to the story comes as part of a human trafficking operation which counts Harry Hall as one of its biggest benefactors. But through sycophantic intermediaries, he will reluctantly also provide Burke with some extra work outside of his usual circles. Eventually making Burke wish he never wandered outside those circles at all. Valencia Rodriguez Cardona DeSalazar Born in Cartagena, later moving to Medellín. Valencia comes from an abusive background and has been involved in criminality (including kidnapping and murder) from an early age. By her preteens, she had resorted to pick pocketing and prostitution, having run away from home. At age 20 she married her first husband and over the next ten years she gave birth to three sons while still working as a prostitute. In 1973 she left her husband and fled with her pimp and children to America, with a pound of coke in her panties and visions of the American Dream in her heart. Five years on, she’s still a hooker, living in Dukes with her abusive pimp/husband Henrique Salazar, who works as a small-time dealer on the side. Fast Ernie When it comes to street legends and stalwarts, few are more interesting than Frankfort Avenue's own "Fast Ernie" Foreman. During a childhood spent in the projects, he grew up grifting and hustling. And after a petty pinch for turnstile jumping, he moved from panhandling to pushing. Purchasing packets of pot by snatching jewellery and selling the stuff. While others have moved into poppies, he's stayed peddling puff. Jorge Borrero Jorge “Mr. Bolita” Borrero is a one time major player in the Cuban revolution now masquerading as an Alderney based businessman and philanthropist, after being granted asylum by the American Government. Being branded a traitor following the disastrous Bay of Pigs, he started his life of crime by establishing one of the most lucrative Bolita lottery rackets in the country, stretching from his home base of Alderney City to East Holland and Bohan. Due to the changing nature of the underworld however, he has since diversified into narcotics, and is currently the main distributor for the Colombian Cartel. Ever wary of wiretapping, he conducts most of his street level business deals through his loyal lieutenant Eduardo Reyes, who also has ties to other Cuban expatriate organizations down south. Abeni Nyongo A college student turned revolutionary, ostensibly rallying the troops in the name of civil rights. She was born Abigail Nelson, and came to prominence as a leading member of the Brother Zebedee supporting Students Opposing Segregation (SOS) movement of the early to mid 70s. After adopting a moniker more in line with her roots, 'Abeni' now acts as the pretty face of CORE - the Collaborative Organization (for) Racial Equality, a front group for the militaristic National Black Vanguard (NVB). She’s currently gathering her troops behind the emancipation of her caged predecessor Angie Lumumba. They call her “The Black Mamba” and for good reason too. If the feds say she’s bad, then she must be. The female of the species is definitely more deadly than the male. Enough said. Vinnie Garone The brutal button pusher with the boxer's physique. Vincent “Big Vinnie” Garone is a feared enforcer for the Ancelotti family and works for “Chubby” Charlie Matteo, who in turn controls a large scale loansharking operation in Alderney and Algonquin for aging capo Joseph Annunziato – now living in semi-retirement in Vice. Garone was originally part of the crew of Broker based mobster “Firefly Freddie” Langella but transferred to the Annunziato/Matteo crew when Langella was murdered in ‘73. Jimmy McReary is heavily indebted to Jewish loan shark “Sonny” Leiberman who works with Vinnie's Ancelotti overlords and the Ancelottis pay lip service to the Pavanos now. It’s all very complicated, especially for the Irish lads. As they'll come to find out quite quickly however, it’s all very, very bad news. Al D'Amico Notorious made man with the Gambettis who’s in "partnership" with the Irish Mob (using them mainly as muscle). He also commands his own crew of disillusioned young killers who are desperate to prove their worth to him and his superiors. He’s getting just as desperate now. In his line of work, desperation means unpredictability. Not Good. He keeps the target off his back by cosying up to Salvatore Mangano - a rapidly rising Gambetti soldier who can usually be found at his construction office or a supper club in Broker. Where he usually holds court for his friends. D'Amico thinks he’s a blowhard. He has the earnings to back it up. In an organization where actions speak a lot louder than words. Robert Szelanski A humble Jewish step-son of an Italian hardware store owner from Dillon Street who caught the fixing bug before being shipped off to fight the wealthy man's war. Back home and afflicted with PTSD, Bobby works in a garage in Algonquin fixing taxi cabs for Tommy “Two Guns” Gianco of the Messina Family. Upon first meeting Burke, he will claim that the two are the same, despite the latter's denial, after which point he will begin tasking him with carrying out vigilante style executions on various wrong doers around the city, which will be reported on by the in-game news. Carmine Rivello From numbers runner to numbers man, gutting fish and getting rich helped Rivello to solidify his position as the number three in the number one organization. And it's a position he plays with pleasure, as he seeks to take possession of a construction project currently controlled by the Irish Mob. To make matters worse, he also claims that Jimmy McReary is in debt to him due to back taxes on a tribute which had traditionally been paid to him by his predecessor. And until that debt is paid, Mickey must work for his ambitious aide-de-camp Mario “Mad Dog” Coletti. Joseph Palmieri Joey Palms is a capo in the Pavano family and the leader of its Alderney Faction. Now aged in his early 60s, he came to power with the retirement of former mentor Gerlando Cammarano thanks to his influential connections to the Teamsters Union (and allegedly organizing the “disappearance” of its secretary treasurer and president). Aside from the former President of the Teamsters, he is also said to have ties to the former President of the United States, who famously gave him a pardon after being convicted “wrongfully” of his crimes in 1971. Outside of Alderney, he is also said to have sway with other crime families all across the country, giving him a level of power more commonly wielded by a family boss. The administration doesn't like him much because he allegedly once attended a sit down wearing flip flops and a palm tree patterned Honolulu shirt. However, his union local attire's a bit more on the formal side. Pat Castagneri Patty Castagneri is a soldier in the Lupisella Family's Alderney crew. Despite his entrepreneurial ineptitude, he has made many contacts in the entertainment industry, mainly thanks to Moe Schwartz. He’s also tied to the Ancelottis in Vinewood – although recent inter family conflicts may threaten this partnership. His immediate family is also filled with trouble makers. Like Vito Accardi, a chemically dependent Lupisella associate, just released from prison for armed robbery, with no intention of changing his ways. Moe Schwartz After beginning his 'connected' career under Lupisella wiseguy 'Nino' Abruzzo, by the mid-1960s Schwartz had moved out on his own. Using his penchant for numbers and manipulation, he shortly found himself balancing the books within Liberty City's rapidly expanding music industry. His knack for veiled extortion and hundred dollar handshakes have made him and his Lupisella connected collaborators millions of dollars in cash and put quite a bit in his own pockets along the way. He is frequently found pandering to sleazy midtown record executives, who in turn remain firmly planted under Vincent Lupisella's control. His latest ‘victim’ being the increasingly difficult Ruby Kleinberg, a man with more than a few problems of his own. Harry Hall Harry’s a half Irish, half Italian mobster currently associated with the Messina family and is a bit of a mover and shaker to say the least. He's a Vietnam war veteran (although he don't like to talk about it) and was previously associated with the rival Lupisella Family, working for revered Irish powerhouse Mickey Costello. On the streets, he’s an accomplished thief who also throws his hand to truck hijacking and drug dealing – anything to make a buck. He's also got a reputation in mob circles for his skills at seducing women. A skill which goes hand in hand with his involvement in the 'private escort' industry. Despite his affiliation to the Messina Family, he still retains close friends within the Lupisellas, and can frequently be found at “The Watering Hole” bar in West Hove. On top of all this, he's currently partnered with sultan of smut Benny Bergman in Heraclitus Hideaway in Algonquin and also acts as a middle man between Burke and his boss Harvey Noto, who is initially somewhat reluctant to deal with outsiders face to face. Joseph Montigliano Joey’s a high ranking Lupisella associate who enters the fray not so fresh off of a four year stint in prison for armed robbery. He is heavily involved in rackets in Francis International Airport and as a result is close to the mobsters outside of the Lupisella family who also operate there. They meet in Joey’s club to discuss ‘business’ together and devise various heists and schemes. He’s close to the Messinas, which gets his family’s backs up, but his connection to the Gambettis is yet again his saving grace. Despite his rock hard exterior, he's also got a softer side - playing surrogate father to his teenage grandson. He's embittered by the fact that the boys in Bohan will never make him but he'll see to it that young "Sammy" some day rises to the top. If he's gotta change his bastardized name, then who cares? He hates it anyway. Sharky Sarno Stefano “Sharky” Sarno is an Ancelotti soldier and a former mentor of Vinnie Garone. He was once a powerful operator in the Broker Docks and conducted business amongst the pool halls of Firefly and Hove, earning his nickname from bashing in the heads of those who dared to beat him at his beloved game. Sarno is reportedly a man of notorious ferocity, once nailing a suspected rat to a table and sodomizing him with a pool cue in order to force a confession that never actually came. He’s apparently good friends with soon-to-be boss Giovanni Ancelotti and also has a connection to just about every family on the commission, but hates Montigliano. Such are the politics of the mob I guess. Anthony Spoleto Spoleto is a recently inducted young soldier who made his bones by executing his former capo as a favor to Sonny Cangelosi. A consummate gambler, he's just returned from exile in Las Venturas with a forward thinking attitude and his sights on co-operation. He’s got a burgeoning interest in newly legalized gambling rackets in Alderney and also has a scheme in mind to take advantage of the ongoing energy crisis. That said, he holds two valuable bargaining chips that may see him rise above the ongoing inter-family conflicts and bring about a period of détente in the name of the almighty dollar. For himself, if not for his cosca. Alfredo Volpe Volpe's an Algonquin born capo for the Messinas with ties to the family's Sicilian Faction. Usually synonymous with the terms “size” and “girth” and not just because of his frame. He’s heavily involved in the adult entertainment business, having partnered with Ancelotti underboss Sammy Spoleto in several big budget blue movies in the early part of the decade. In pursuit of the dirty dollar, he’s started to venture more into the risque, producing reels which contain outlawed material such as bestiality and kid stuff. His main rivals on this front being the D'Amico Crew of the Gambetti Family, who seek to encroach on his redlit territory. Aside from his putrid past times, he's also got an abrasive attitude that's created many enemies, but he has got at least three capos that he's close to. For the time being at least. “Raucous and riveting. A fresh take on fables you thought had been fatally flogged.” - The Los Santos Meteor With the formation of The Commission, the Liberty City Mafia entered a period of prolonged peace in the midst of the depression after a spate of violent and bitter conflicts. While the stock markets were crashing and prohibition pigs were smashing, they teamed up to flood the area with more bottles and barrels of booze than the agents could physically wash down the drain. As the world went to war, the families got rich and managed to maintain the serenity. And during the foreboding late forties, as tensions heated up over rising competition for limited resources, the heads of the five families drew up a clear division of rackets and territories. But by the 1950s, the democracy disintegrated due to gestating jealousy and greed and the various factions began to split their allegiances. Allies and egotistical axes, liberals and conservatives, it was only a matter of time before the bullets started to fly. And fly they did, both figuratively and literally, felling four of five bosses through a mixture of secret set ups and snuffs and audacious assassinations. The following decade was also filled with civil wars and subterfuge, closely mirroring the world at large. And it's now continued on into the '70s. Just as proxy wars rage overseas between the various powers that be, they also continue on between Liberty and Alderney's La Cosa Nostra. Due to early incursions by the Gambetti and Ancelotti families, which eventually slowed down due to cripplings and cancer, the Lupisellas have now started branching outwards from their traditional strongholds in the Eastern boroughs and have most recently begun making inroads into Worcester. This is a move which has mainly been piled on the hunching shoulders of Patty Castagneri, who in turn works for “Bobby The Eagle” DiLeo - a man who earned his nickname due to going almost completely bald in his mid 20s. And whilst they currently still hold a considerable amount of power in the state of Alderney, they also face mounting competition on that side from other families who may look to stymie their ambitions of advance. Over there you've got the Pegs and the Pavanos, perpetually plotting possession over an endless array of gambling games and dock rackets. There was a time when Vinnie The Vegetable was chasing bosses away and tasking the likes of Giorgio Ancelotti with smashing up fruit stands with a baseball bat. Then came the days of Benji The Brush and Joey Palms holding the unions in an ever tightening choke hold. Despite a few little differences, the various families have actually begun to work together in relative harmony and have been able to iron out any problems with either covert acts or co-operation. Perhaps most problematic at the moment however are the Messinas, which isn't really surprising since they haven't quite had their sh*t together since the days of Big Joe. They currently work at the behest of acting boss Carlo Briccone, who commands a massive city wide drug trafficking operation, despite currently sitting as a stand-in for the imprisoned Dominick Pistone. With the help of the family's Zip faction and their cantankerous capo Catanese, he's essentially created a monopoly on all drug profits in the area and cut out the other families as a result. It's no surprise they want him out of there. Problem is, he also commands his own personal hit squad of Sicilian bodyguards who surround him 24/7. In spite of this, there are some within his borgata who may know how to get it done. And if his kiss ass underboss Tony Amoroso needs to go too, they say, then what of it? There's one Beanie Berkowitz special for the both of ‘em coming. And Carlo's three closest aids will be happy to help in any way that they can. The themes and scenes. UNDER CONSTRUCTION (Ironically) In the preamble to the constitution, signed almost 200 years ago, they speak of domestic tranquility. But in the 1970s, especially the latter part of the decade, there is anything but. After Cochrane's resignation, Peck took position and promised the nation that the nightmare would be over. In reality it was just beginning. Even before he sat his ass in the office, the country was in the midst of the worst economic recession since the 1930s, but his biggest concern was pardoning his predecessor. Unsurprisingly, Isabel Heinemann gave him a grilling in Congress and he's seemingly held it against the city of Liberty ever since. "The worst place in America" he said, "Go to Hell", but the Libertonians have already been there and back again. From boom to bust, shining cities to rust and from completely busted to broken. They were far from alone however, because all over the country, plants were closing, businesses were failing and people were packing the unemployment lines. The state of the Union was not good, but Peck wanted us working for free. What the American people really needed at the time was a spiritual redemption. At least, that was, according to a bumpkin bean farmer from the deep south named Barney Callahan. And a strong challenge from failed actor Harold Hogan just wasn't enough. He was just as inept, but seen as just another rubbish Republican. What people really needed was a good old fashioned smile to your face and then stab you in your back lefty lunatic. A crisis of confidence meets a crisis of competence, a quagmire not seen since Quigley and in the shambolic states of Liberty and Alderney, the scenario’s almost eerily the same. There's war on the streets as intense as the middle east and not one of the people in power knows how to pacify it. Truckers are striking and gas prices are spiking, while availability circles the sink hole. Power outages, protesting and picket lines are a permanent fixture. While politicians pick up the pieces and put them back in their people's pockets through widespread gerrymandering and gentrification. Callahan says he wants to build more nuclear reactors, but there's no bigger or more dangerous fission reactor in the country at the minute than this place. Liberty State is governed by Galveston Avenue Gang of Four alumni Greg Johnson. A man who'll likely be best remembered, not for the pyrite laden project buildings that bear his name, but for the abysmal mishandling of Liberty City's economic woes in the middle part of the decade. Coming into office with the city close to bankruptcy and plunging it even further into a fiscal crisis with frivolous spending and four years of tone deafness that has prompted state led investigations into finding out who even elected him. He's boohooed big business when it was needed and bullyragged any proposal that would give the city a boost. He constantly battles against a Mayor he calls "Hymie" in public and hasn't spent a single day in the Capital in well over a year. The malapropism prone mayor who frequently features as his opponent is Herman Stringer, a man known for binding the city together as comptroller in the '60s on a shoestring budget, but can now barely even string a sentence together. After jousting with Johnson out in the open now for several years, he's slashed the city workforce, frozen their salaries and defunded the deeply corrupted police. He wants to do more, he says, but needs more state funds that Governor Greg would much rather spend on Pegassis and pedicures. The foil to his flagrancy however is fighting feminist Betty Friedkin. A litigious lieutenant with exactly the right tools to turn the territory around, but none of the desired "equipment." Given up on the governorship and all but conceded her position to Iggy Iorio, she's instead turned to the perilous proving grounds of the city, where her staunchest opponent is and always has been Earl Schmidt. He cancels his plans on a whim and constantly seeks approval, so he's exactly the pandering puppet the city so desperately needs now. And for lessons in "positive" policy, he need look no further than the many mayors of Alderney, a historically corrupted cadre of cut throats now helmed by infallible governor Herbert Hickey and his sidekick Morty Lang. A West Willmington born warrior on the western front, Hickey took his Cedar Hill education to law school and became an attorney in the highly acclaimed Telberg & Munslow. Then from Council to the Governor, he worked his way up through Wessex County to the top spot, and has gone on to prove that despite tanking in the polls, you can still go on to dazzle people with expanded infrastructure, a reliable sewage system and incremental taxes on the poor. They're not his voter base, so what does he give a sh*t. Plus, he’s got his old room mate and war buddy by his side and The Wrath are playing across the river now. He'll go on to be remembered as the man who couldn't be bought, but has also turned the state into a mafia breathing ground through a mixture of casinos, construction sites, clean up crews, thoroughbred race tracks, towering turnpikes and toxic waste. The last of these could probably also act as a summation, because on the whole, state and city politics here aren't so diverse, they're more desperate. From reprehensible Republicans to dumbfounding Democrats and everyone in between. A toxic waste of funding and resources, which make this part of America probably the worst it's ever been and that's saying something. MUCH MORE TO COME Whatever way you cut it, you’re part of a gang. No matter how loose the affiliations or rules may be. Therefore the advancement of the mob should be your main priority, even if you plan on using it as a platform purely for your own advancement. That’s why this time around, connections are key. More connections mean more opportunities. The choices you make and the people you speak to will also heavily dictate your path. This means that a single linear road to victory doesn’t exist and you can get to certain points in the story at different stages depending on the order of mission strands. For example we know that Delaney is a man with much needed connections, he’s in with the Pavanos, and the Gambettis, from bouncing around from prison to prison he also spent brief periods with the likes of Melvin Noble and members of Al D’Amico’s gang… and in some cases may look to get one over on them. Spending more time with Mario Coletti or Derrick McReary however may also lead you to the same point in the story at differing speeds. Certain characters may also get killed or arrested before you ever have a chance to interact with them. There are also no cellphones, so unless somebody specifically leaves a message for you, then you must go and see them on your own initiative. Once you make a contact, their location will be marked on your map, but that may not necessarily mean that there’s a mission available. If you pop in on them at the wrong time however, you may just catch a random event, completely miss them, find one of their underlings or initiate a friend activity, depending on the circumstances. Phones are still a thing however, so if you manage to find them you can also catch a not so subtle little hint of somebody wanting to see you and where you can find them by making a call. Provided of course that you aren’t down to your last couple of cents. The Irish mob are by and large a group of leeches by nature and they will constantly be in need of something big or small. Some are too lazy to get things and may hit you with a sawbuck to retrieve it for them. Others may owe you favors in return and can pay you back in kind. Jimmy McReary is probably the worst of them all. He’ll send you on collections, whether it be for money, food or drugs, and will always expect you to throw him some of the earnings that you can guarantee somebody will have informed him of. While avoidance is an option, you will get constant prompts to go see people. Whether it’s on screen, in person or on the phone. Certain people may also use whatever influence they have to make sure others don’t deal with you. If you really don't want to work with certain people, you don't have to. But when somebody tells you to go see ‘em, you go. Venturing out on your own can be just as rewarding though. There are tons of chance encounters and a number of notable strangers to come across in the open world. There are also plenty of odd jobs and moonlight money makers to throw your hand at to get some levity or make some extra cash. If you prefer to just hang around bars and apartments all day then have at it. For all of their other inadequacies, the boys sure do know how to have fun. You've got to ask yourself one question, do you feel lucky? Because walking into Lucky Winkles at any given moment could lead to a great adventure or an eternally regrettable mistake. It all depends on which way the wind is blowing or in what mood you find the occupants. In many ways it’s your home away from home - mainly because it’s located just below Mickey’s apartment. On the street level is the actual bar, a place where you can often find all manner of people from everyday civilians dropping in for an after work tipple, to career criminals scheming in the corners while propping up the walls. The interior is much the same as it will be thirty years later, aside from some changes in decor, but the basement is where the fun really lies. From old wooden beer barrels repurposed as tables to tattered and battered furniture lining the walls. When these guys go to work they don't bring a lunch pail, they bring a nine millimeter and a six pack of Logger beer. So if your buddies ain’t in the bar or out taking care of business, chances are they’re in ‘the lair.’ Drinking and debating or diddling away the hours until they decide to go home. And there’s plenty to keep them there, whether it be just for the company, a good old fashioned sing song, or one of the many activities on offer there for those who don’t feel like wandering out. “No time is a good time to die, but the good times are over and the way we’re living is bad.” Lane Begby as Dicky Dillane in Animals in Dirty Feces. There’s a world outside of Winkle’s and oftentimes an ‘activity’ is just simply getting out into the hustle and bustle and stretching your legs. Much like the majority of players though, Mickey doesn't play golf or tennis or any of that crap. But from Peep Shows to Pool Halls and Dive Bars to Discotheques, there’s plenty of other stuff here to keep you occupied. Whether you’re kicking back with the boys, trying to get some pussy or just acting the loner with a boner or a bong full of bud. There’s also plenty of timeless and topical Television and Theatres full of Blockbusters and two types of Burlesque Shows. VCRs are brand new and everything’s on reels so whether you’re tuning in on your home stereo or turning up the tunes in your car, one thing’s for damn sure... Radio is still the absolute star. “Here in my car, I feel safest of all, I can lock all my doors. It's the only way to live, in cars.” Gary Numan in Cars. Featuring the return of many beloved classics from Akavari & Tyla's Liberty City 1978. Let's face it, you're not just going to walk into a store and buy a weapon that you're going to go and kill somebody with. That's why gun sales in Mob Rules are primarily on the streets. But they're not out in the open. They're in the back alleys, bar rooms and basements. And from rear ends of Rumpos and the trunks of cars. This is the North East, so there's no open carrying. Even before mandatory minimums, despite the Bicklemeyer Bill having already been signed into law. You're going to want to conceal that sh*t. Under a long jacket, in a shoulder holster, or down the back of your pants. You can carry two Handguns at a time, which can be handy in the heat of a firefight and any two-handers (SMGs and Long Guns) can be slung over your back. Gunplay, on the whole, is more visceral. Up close and personal, reliant moreso on small calibers than picking your enemies off from afar. The hi-tec of GTA V is on hiatus here. And instead we get a bleed over of cast offs that the armed forces have deemed unreliable or obsolete. You can pick up just about anything and beat your foes over the head with it, but here are the firearms and explosive projectiles on offer. One for each one of the free counties in the homeland (plus one more for sport): “Guns don’t kill people. People do. It just so happens that we have more killers here than in your average city. That’s precisely why we need more guns.” - Liberty City Mayor Earl Schmidt.
  22. Main Theme Welcome to 1988. The city of New Marseille located in the state of Louisiana was founded in 1718 by thousands of French settlers and is truly a state-of-the-art phenomenon. Its beauty of the historic heart of the town is the French Triangle which have helped shape the city to what it is today. The resources these communities brought were of great importance, but they were also influential when it came to architectural designs as the vast majority of buildings have been built in the shape of the metropolitan area. The skyline is crowded with soaring skyscrapers and many show their age and a rich history. The quality of life is high in New Marseille and it has attracted a lot of attention. Many new cultures have left their mark not just on the city's development, but also upon the city's identity. What historically was a city of large diversity has grown into a fusion of everything and it's this that unites the 6 million people to this day. It's this multicultural identity that has truly left its mark. Hundreds of Jazz clubs, restaurants and luxury lounges and those who feel hungry for something else can enjoy nightlife, gambling (also in basements), robberies, firing ranges, dirt track racing and kickstart held at Lemoyne Superdome. MARSEILLE PARISH Rivertown This neighborhood is located by the westside of lake and has a mid-budget atmosphere. Based on Kenner, River Ridge and Harahan. Chevalier This large neighborhood is located close to a freshness river and looks very modern. It is best-known for a historic Native-American city and its high-income population. Strongly based on Metairie, Jefferson with elements of Elmwood. Mechanicsham It's a small town has great elegant French style residential houses and shopping plazas. Based on Gretna, Terrytown and Algiers. Grande Ferme This beautiful rural city is located in the North Shore of Lake Phélypeaux across from Lake Phélypeaux Causeway the longest continuous bridge and it has stunt boat challenges. It resembles to Mandeville and Madisonville. Beauregard A small town has oil refinery industry and motels closes to the bayou and many stockyards. Based on Chalmette, Arabi, Meraux with elements of Violet, Poydras and Saint Bernard. Crawfish Heights The largest town is home to Pinkerton Naval Air Station (P.N.A.S.) Strongly based on Belle Chasse and Timberlane. Karlstein City The moderate-sized town is located in westward where serves Andouille. It resembles to LaPlace. Amesville A large town is located west of the straight canal on the Dixie River. Based on real-life Marrero, Harvey, and Woodmere. French Triangle This moderate-sized town is located near Downtown and has a French-inspired atmosphere. It is best-known as the birthplace of Jazz and its Mardi Gras festival. Strongly based on real-life French Quarter. Wharton A small suburb is located along west of Grande Ferme. Based on Covington with elements of Abita Springs. Halloo Springs The large city is a period of economic and industrial growth. It is the best-known as Krewes parade. It resembles to Slidell with elements of Pearl River. Zeringue A city is riddled with industrial areas and they look astonishingly beautiful all together. Based on Westwego and Avondale. North Zeringue This town was built under the Modjeski Bridge also has drilling barges, offshore oil rigs, nuclear power plant and is the home of the Viavant Shipyard. Based on real-life Bridge City. Hammersborg Settled in 1818. The city is packed with impressive historical downtown district featuring an old Terroil Gas Station that is still standing for operations and they seem to be continuously evolving as new additions are added even now. Strongly based on real-life Hammond and Ponchatoula. Quezon Village The southern town is the best attraction to take swamp tours and exploration of elevated houses that has been rebuilt after destroyed by hurricane in 1965. Based on Jean Lafitte, Barataria and Lafitte. Lake Parisienne A very wealth neighborhood was mostly undeveloped swamp is now with luxurious suburbs, a municipal yacht harbor, the feature landmark is Claiborne Lighthouse and their beautiful view of the largest lake. Based on Lakeview, Lakeshore/Lake Vista, West End and Gentilly. SUGARLAND PARISH Robechaux The city was incorporated in 1830 along the banks of Bayou Lamachette and is more like a village center. Various jazz cultures have left their mark not just on the city's cuisine. Its charm is matched by the backdrop of rich. Strongly based on real-life Thibodaux and Schriever. Wagner Flats A largest city was founded in 1834 near the border of a traitorous bayou and is an urbanized contemporary marvel. Based on Houma and Bayou Cane. Longueville The unincorporated neighborhood was built at the center of a delicate community and is a leading-edge trade center, but they were also influential when it came to architectural designs as the majority of warehouses and residential bungalows have been built closes to the Wildlife management area and often incorporate many different bayou elements. Based on Raceland with elements of Lockport and Mathews. Falgout Creek The rural village is the site of oil and gas fields, a fenceless cemetery and animal farms at the edge of a southern bayou. It resembles to Chauvin, Dulac and Montegut. Protagonists: Bruno D'Antonio (1st Protagonist) Born in 1954 in Liberty City, Liberty. Also known as Bruno The Gent. It's a feeling of shame or perhaps it's simply his gratefulness. Liberty City mafias tend to treat him like family, while wanting to fight along his side in battleground. His default vehicle is a two tone 1984 Bravado Gresley 4x4. Ellen Cormier (2nd Protagonist) Born in 1956. A female protagonist ends up being an expert in the advanced skill needed for the mob rule situation and she supports ending Apartheid in South Africa. Her default vehicle is a light gray 1987 Vapid Fortune Slayer. Késhaun Hughes (3rd Protagonist) Born in 1960. The third protagonist drives by hatred to bring revenge on everyone that wrong with them. His default vehicle is a blue 1974 Classique Lacerta. Major Characters: Heidi Rosenfeld A German immigrant who enjoys hanging out with Ellen. She is very loyal. Kevin Cockle The health center receptionist who enjoys money laundering, gambling and chess. He is smart and bright, but can also be very violent and a bit friendly. Roy Osborn A professional biker from The Lost MC who enjoys joyriding, working on bikes and attending heavy metal concerts. He is smart and cool, but can also be very smirk. Carmen Hemmings A sexist FBI agent who enjoys corporal punishment. She is serious and mean, but can also be very corrupt. Luigi Brusco The kingpin who enjoys pool, collecting drugs and empire business. He is rich and dangerous. Billy "B.J." Jenkins A jazz club owner who enjoys partying, smoking tobacco pipes. He is energetic and inspiring, but can also be very crazy and a bit hyperactive. Jonathan Fisher A NMPD detective who enjoys investigating dead mobsters, combat fighting. He is exciting and brave, but can also be very busy. Giacomo "Jack" Sperandio The shark agent who enjoys collecting extra money, watching football and adult movies. He is generous and friendly, but can also be very busy and a bit trustworthy. Dennis Coltrane A personal accountant who enjoys drinking grape wine, sailing and painting. He is stable and friendly. Mark Whitney A notorious drug dealer who enjoys hangover, selling drugs and watching horse racing on television. He is stable and friendly, but can also be very busy and a bit violent. Giorgio Pavano (Antagonist) The 51-year-old villain with an unfortunate habit of bumping off the people around him. He is cynical and evil, but can also be very violent and a bit standoffish. Handguns: Combat Pistol Colt Python Silenced 9mm .357 Magnum Shotguns: Pump Action SPAS-12 Mossberg 590A1 Lupara Rifles: Winchester 1894 Bolt Action MB03 M40A3 Submachine Guns: Uzi Tec-9 MP5 Beretta M12 Assault Rifles: AK-47 M4 Carbine Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR) Crossman AR-17 Heavy Weapons: RPG-7 Grenade Launcher Melees and Throwns: Baseball Bat Knife Random Pickable Objects Molotov Cocktail Grenade Fist Tear Gas Flashbang Jerry Can Non-Lethal: Tranquilizer Gun Riot Gun Flare Gun Sports: Bravado Buffalo Grotti Cheetah Declasse Mamba Ubermacht Zion Dinka Jester Pegassi Torero Lampadati Viseris Vapid Dominator SST Pfister Astral Dewbauchee Lucullan Obey Omnis Imponte Ruiner Annis Euros Grotti Turismo Pfister Comet Lampadati Felon GT Invetero Coquette Z29 Maibatsu Thunder Vapid Bullet '67 Ocelot Swinger Annis Elegy RH4 Lampadati Raffica Vintage and Muscles: Schyster Namorra Declasse Vamos Albany Hermes Bravado Gauntlet Vapid Ellie Albany Broadway Classique Stallion Vapid Peyote Imponte Dukes Imponte Phoenix Declasse Sabre Turbo Cheval Picador Dundreary Windstorm Declasse Vigero Vapid Cityscaper Chariot Gondola Coupes: Vapid Fortune Dinka Postlude Albany Virgo Ubermacht Sentinel Bürgerfahrzeug Club Vapid Retinue Bravado Manana Imponte DePalma '73 Annis Savestra Classique Broadsword Willard Idaho Declasse Sabre Schyster Bravura Dundreary Remington Dinka Blista Compact Karin Futo Benefactor Feltzer Classique Clover Bravado Bolt Sedans: Karin Asterope Declasse Brigham Vapid VIP Dundreary Admiral '88 Classique Tahoma Annis Pinnacle Declasse Evader Vapid Privateer Dinka Hakumai Barbican Prospect '61 Schyster Vagabond Imponte Daytona Bravado Encino Maibatsu Vincent Schyster Libertonian Declasse Savanna '65 Classique Epsilon Dundreary Garnet Luxury/Executive Sedans: Benefactor Schafter Willard Convoy Ubermacht Oracle Albany Washington Annis Erudite Lampadati Vivace Enus Stafford LE Obey Tailgater Albany Primo Ubermacht Seraph Willard Trunchbull Albany Emperor Station Wagons: Dundreary Regina Willard Solair Classique Comstock Karin Sultan Wagon Vulcar Warrener Special Wagon Trucks, Vans and SUVs: Canis Shawnee Declasse Walton Vapid Riata Brute Wildside Declasse Burrito Vapid Rumpo Canis Mesa Declasse Yosemite Gallivanter Baller Vapid Sadler Canis Seminole Karin Rebel '88 Bravado Youga Vapid Minivan Vapid Liberator XL Declasse Granger Vapid Bobcat Annis Trailblazer Declasse Moonbeam Commercial and Industrial: JoBuilt Linerunner JoBuilt Phantom JoBuilt Hauler Vapid Benson Brute Boxville MTL Packer MTL Flatbed MTL Pounder HVY Biff Vapid Yankee Public and Emergency Services: Louisiana State Police Ambulance Police Cruiser Fire Truck Bus Taxi Cabbie FIB Encino Police Bike Trashmaster Streetcar Stockade Police Stockade Predator Police Maverick Romero Hearse Dundreary Stretch Motorcycles: WMC Freeway WMC Daemon WMC Angel Pegassi Esskey Ubermacht FCR 1000 Principe Faggio Sh*tzu PCJ-600 Principe Romagna Sh*tzu NRG 900 Dinka Enduro Maibatsu Sanchez WMC Wolfsbane WMC Hexer Nagasaki Chimera Boats: Dinghy Jetmax Marquis Reefer Speedo Squalo Tropic Tug Boat Steamboat Air Bovver Aircraft: Dodo Maverick Annihilator Cuban 800 Sparrow Sea Sparrow Mammoth Hydra Shamal Buckingham Nimbus Mammatus Radio New Marseille 92.1 FM Genre: Pop 1. Johnny Hates Jazz - Turn Back the Clock 2. Erasure - Oh L'amour 3. INXS - Need You Tonight 4. Men at Work - Who Can It Be Now? 5. Kingdoms - Heartland 6. Christian Delbauche - I Wanna Know 7. Level 42 - My Hero 8. Ashford & Simpson - Solid 9. Belinda Carlisle - I Get Weak 10. Phil Collins - Don't Lose My Number 11. Madonna - Borderline 12. The Breakfast Club - Right on Track 13. Go West - S.O.S. 14. 'Til Tuesday - Winning the War 15. Michael Jackson - Smooth Criminal 16. Asia - Heat of the Moment 17. Hall & Oates - Everything Your Heart Desires 18. Matthew Wilder - Break My Stride Wave to the Max 97.5 FM Genre: New wave 1. Duran Duran - The Reflex 2. Bananarama - I Heard a Rumour 3. King - Love & Pride 4. The Psychedelic Furs - Midnight to Midnight 5. Dead or Alive - Brand New Lover 6. The Railway Children - In The Meantime 7. Kajagoogoo - Shouldn't Do That 8. Talking Heads - (Nothing But) Flowers 9. Thompson Twins - Lay Your Hands on Me 10. New Order - The Perfect Kiss 11. Blancmange - Game Above My Head 12. A Flock of Seagulls - The More You Live, the More You Love 13. The Police - King of Pain 14. When In Rome - The Promise 15. Big Country - In a Big Country 16. Madness - Our House 17. Depeche Mode - The Things You Said 18. Pseudo Echo - Lies Are Nothing Penthouse FM Genre: Adult contemporary 1. Icehouse - No Promises 2. Michael McDonald - I Keep Forgettin' (Every Time You're Near) 3. The Human League - Human 4. Spandau Ballet - Round and Round 5. Cyndi Lauper - Time After Time 6. Huey Lewis and the News - Whatever Happened to True Love 7. Rick Astley - Together Forever 8. Obi Wan - Dancing In My Mind 9. Sergio Mendes - Never Gonna Let You Go 10. Cutting Crew - I've Been in Love Before 11. Tears for Fears - Head over Heels 12. Anita Baker - Caught Up in the Rapture 13. The Style Council - You're the Best Thing 14. Billy Ocean - Suddenly 15. Erth - Dreaming of You 16. Simply Red - Holding Back the Years 17. Brenda K. Starr - I Still Believe The Mint 100.6 FM Genre: Jazz 1. Michael Brecker - Nothing Personal 2. The Horace Silver Quintet - Silver Treads Among My Soul 3. Bill Evans - Gary's Theme 4. Henry Threadgill - Hall 5. Kenny G - Songbird 6. Jean-Luc Ponty - The Trans-Love Express 7. Paul Motian - 5 Miles to Wrentham 8. Herb Alpert - Rise 9. Grover Washington Jr. - Monte Carlo Nights 10. Earthworks - Emotional Shirt 11. Charlie Haden - The Good Life 12. Weather Report - Umbrellas 13. Miles Davis - Backyard Ritual 14. Louis Armstrong - Mack the Knife 15. McCoy Tyner - Desert Cry 16. Ronald Shannon Jackson - Trials of an Honest John 17. Jimmy Giuffre 4 - Frog Legs 18. The Crusaders - Carnival of the Night La Calle 102.3 FM Genre: Spanish CHR 1. Soda Stereo - Nada Personal 2. Emmanuel - Chica De Humo 3. Ole Ole - Bailando sin salir de casa 4. Carlos Perez - Las Manos Quietas 5. Menudo - Subete a mi Moto 6. Duncan Dhu - En algun lugar 7. Al Bano & Romina Power - Siempre Siempre 8. Ritchie - Mi Niña Veneno 9. Neon - Juegos de Amor 10. Enanitos Verdes - Te vi en un tren 11. Mana - Entre por la ventana 12. Franco De Vita - Por que te escondes 13. Charly Garcia - No me dejan salir 14. Miguel Mateos/ZAS - Llamame si me necesitas 15. Righeira - Vamos a la Playa 16. Mecano - Hoy no me puedo levantar 17. Ivan - Fotonovela W-CSR Genre: R&B/Soul 1. Rick James - Fool on the Street 2. Heatwave - Lettin' It Loose 3. Timex Social Club - Rumors 4. Cameo - Word Up! 5. Earth, Wind & Fire - Let's Groove 6. Prince - Sign o' the Times 7. Dayton - The Sound Of Music 8. Al B. Sure - Off On Your Own (Girl) 9. The Jets - You Got It All 10. Tavares - Heaven Must Be Missing an Angel 11. Patrice Rushen - Forget Me Nots 12. The Whispers - Rock Steady 13. Dazz Band - Heartbeat 14. Marvin Gaye - Distant Lover 15. The Brothers Johnson - Light Up the Night 16. Norman Giscombe Jr. - Get Up And Dance 17. The Manhattans - You Send Me 18. Evelyn "Champagne" King - I Don't Know If It's Right The Breakz 101.9 FM Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap 1. Whodini - Five Minutes of Funk 2. Jimmy Spicer - The Bubble Bunch 3. Afrika Bambaataa - Tension 4. Fat Boys - Jail House Rap 5. N.W.A. - Panic Zone 6. Ice-T - 6 in the Mornin' 7. Public Enemy - You're Gonna Get Yours 8. Run D.M.C. - Jam-Master Jammin 9. Kurtis Blow - If I Ruled the World 10. Ultramagnetic MCs - Critical Beatdown 11. Beastie Boys - Brass Monkey 12. Salt-n-Pepa - Push It 13. Eric B. & Rakim - Extended Beat 14. Grandmaster Flash and Melle Mel - White Lines (Don't Don't Do It) 15. Treacherous Three - The Body Rock 16. 2 Live Crew - 2 Live Is What We Are... 17. UTFO - Let's Get It On 18. Public Enemy - Night of the Living Baseheads Vulture Sounds Genre: Rock, Heavy metal 1. Ozzy Osbourne - Now You See It (Now You Don't) 2. Autograph - Six String Fever 3. Twisted Sister - We're Not Gonna Take It 4. Def Leppard - Hysteria 5. Alice Cooper - Roses on White Lace 6. U2 - Sunday Bloody Sunday 7. Mötley Crüe - Raise Your Hands to Rock 8. Judas Priest - Turbo Lover 9. T.N.T. - Desperate Night 10. Scorpions - No One Like You 11. Iron Maiden - Alexander the Great (356-323 B.C.) 12. AC/DC - Shake Your Foundations 13. Guns N' Roses - It's So Easy 14. The Cult - Love Removal Machine 15. Judas Priest - Ram It Down 16. Ted Nugent - Bound and Gagged 17. Europe - Rock the Night 18. Metallica - Harvester of Sorrow New Marseille Underground Radio (NMUR) Genre: House, Techno 1. Evelyn Thomas - High Energy 2. Phuture - Acid Tracks 3. Juan Atkins - Off to Battle 4. Nitro Deluxe - This Brutal House 5. Colonel Abrams - Trapped 6. Farley "Jackmaster" Funk - Love Can't Turn Around 7. Royal House - Party People 8. Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam - I Wonder If I Take You Home 9. Steve Hurley - Jack Your Body 10. Vince Lawrence - Thorns 11. Pleasure Pump - Fantasize Me 12. Klein + M.B.O. - Dirty Talk 13. Armando - Land of Confusion 14. Divine - Native Love (Step By Step) 15. J.M. Silk - Let the Music Take Control 16. PTP - Rubber Glove Seduction 17. Krush - House Arrest 18. The Todd Terry Project - Back To The Beat Omega 104.1 FM Genre: Alternative rock 1. Sonic Youth - I'm Insane 2. Dinosaur Jr. - Show Me The Way 3. Red Hot Chili Peppers - Fight Like a Brave 4. The Glove - Punish Me with Kisses 5. Hüsker Dü - Too Far Down 6. R.E.M. - Disturbance at the Heron House 7. The Waterboys - Trumpets 8. Game Theory - Dripping With Looks 9. XTC - Another Satellite 10. The Replacements - I Will Dare 11. The Psychedelic Furs - Wedding Song 12. Warren Zevon - Trouble Waiting to Happen 13. The Cure - In Between Days 14. Camper Van Beethoven - Turquoise Jewelry 15. Night Ranger - The Secret of My Success 16. Orange Juice - Falling And Laughing 17. Guadalcanal Diary ‎– Jamboree 18. Felt - Sunlight Bathed The Golden Glow Flower Power FM Genre: Classic rock 1. The Rolling Stones - (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction 2. Pink Floyd - Remember a Day 3. Chicago - 25 or 6 to 4 4. The Eagles - Witchy Woman 5. ZZ Top - La Grange 6. America - Sergeant Darkness 7. Paul McCartney and Wings - Band on the Run 8. Grand Funk Railroad - Time Machine 9. Steve Miller Band - Just a Passin' Fancy In a Midnite Dream 10. Elton John - Pinball Wizard 11. Lou Reed - I'm So Free 12. The Who - Happy Jack 13. The Animals - Anything 14. Van Morrison - Wild Night 15. Foreigner - Cold as Ice 16. Paul McCartney and Wings - Listen to What the Man Said 17. Dire Straits - Sultans of Swing Marseille Parish Public Radio (MPPR) 1075 AM Genre: Talk Shows, News, Local Programming Climatic Candid Channel (CCC) The Innocent Years Priceless Value Lesbo Detective Duo External Countdown American Broadcast Network (ABN) The Barfs ABN Evening News Yuppie and the Alien Autobahn Warrior Conglomerated National Television (CNT) Auntie Poulet's Kitchen National Showcases Callbox Time Machine Try This at Work, Stupid! Sneak, Loot and Escape Weazel 69 Crime Street Freakline Just the Five of Us
  23. im making a concept setting in Detroit in the 2020s, in the GTA Version will be called Derringer City, located in state of Odawa based on Michigan, It Will be like Carcer City in this version its Flint Michigan. Grand Theft Auto: Derringer City Year modern times
  24. It's gonna set in Beauvais Parish in the state of Louisiana. It's sets in the year of 1994 and 2006. The Game is going to be about gangs and revenge and cults. THE City is based on New Orleans. GTA: New Beauvais Welcome to New Beauvais Louisiana
  25. GTA: Derringer City Welcome to Derringer City. In back in times of the 50s 60s and 70s, the city known as Wheels City until 1977. the city close down factories known as the Rust-Belt and until 1988, It has the highest crime rate. Its located in the state of Pistolet based on Michigan. Its about a gang member coming from poor family, former Thief, and Biker its up to them to end crime in Derringer Protagonists 1. Jason Van Houten - former Thief from Brisa, after robbing a bank in Benton County, Brisa in 1999 with his ex wife Mallory Van Houten. Jason also have his own son named Jason Jr, Jason is also inspired by Buddy From Baby Driver. Special Ability similar to Michael De Santa 2. Mallory Nash - Shes a 48 years old Biker joined Angels Of Death in 2000 who thinks her husband is dead shes feared, she kills every Of The Lost MC Bikers. Marabunta Grande gang members and Families gang members and The Innocentz, until she find out her ex husband is alive shes living with her son Jason Jr, in the Trailer Park of Wade County Pistolet. Shes Inspired by Mallory Knox and Natalie from Yellowjackets. Special Ability. More Damage more Bloodshed 3.Devonne Fullwood - a drug dealer comes from Carcer Heights, Bosworth Park. he comes from the poor family he has ties to Sin Lords. special Ability Slowing down driving CITY. Derringer City is Based on Detroit, and Cleveland. Neighborhoods in Derringer City. Northside, Southside, Southwest, and Downtown, Isle Rouge, Greektown, Hubbard Point, Eastside, Westside, Derringer City is similar to Carcer City in most ways, it described as very dark the burnt factories polluted from Derringer City Forge. its 2022, The city was a warzone, it has drug dealers street gangs and Mob, Biker Gangs. Gangs in Derringer City: the city is crawled with street gangs mobs and bikers 1. Sin Lords - a African American street gang hailed from Chapelle City, (Chicago) and the gang what Devonne is on. Leader is Tyrese O Dog Jefferson. Allies Polish Aliiance Spanish Lords, enemies Marabunta Grande Los Innocentz. 2. Angels Of Death - a biker gang that Mallory Nash is in, hailing from San Fierro San Andreas in 60s they spread across Liberty City, in 2008 with Lost MC allies are the Road Catchers MC, enemies are Polish Alliance, Sin Lords. The AOD is led by Buddy Wayne 3. Polish Alliance - a group of Polish Gangsters living in Francois Point in Derringer, they are allies with the Sin Lordz, Derringer City Syndicate. 4. The Innocentz- originally from Carcer City, Alderney that gang spread, to the upper Midwest like Derringer in 1997, who is at war with The Marabunta Grande, in East & South St Angela, led by Gustavo 5. Marabunta Grande- El Salvadoran street gang in South St Angela, whos feared and not scared of being bullied, still at war with Marabunta Grande still, fighting whos the best gang in Derringer. led by El Joker. 6. Derringer City Syndicate- Derringer City's local italian Mafia they have turfs in Maidenhead City. its led by Ladd Gambino
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