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  1. In 1988, the city of Richmond, Virginia, was rocked by a wave of serial murders and robberies by two would-be soldiers of fortune on a mission of terror. Armed with an arsenal of automatic weapons, they rob banks and mercilessly cut down anyone who gets in their way. But on one fateful day when the hunters and the hunted finally meet, who will survive? Characters Clark Welwyn Throughout his childhood, Clark idolized his father who fought the Germans in the second world war, eventually signing up as an infantryman for the Vietnam war. Two tours and a handful of medals later, the war
  2. Francesco Bonomo

    Grand Theft Auto: Badfellas

    A E. Revere, Francesco Bonomo, and Doktorpolice collaboration, in synergy with Grand Theft Auto: Cosa Nostra "What was once considered The Best City in America, Liberty City has downgraded to an alarming title of... The Worst City in America." Liberty Tree - 1985 "If I ask you to kill, it's not a question." Salvatore Leone - 1986 "Every dog has his day. Whether you love him or not, you have to put him down." Vittorio "Uncle" Leone - 1985 Theme Song Liberty City in 1985 and 1986 was an American wasteland of vice, temptatio
  3. A Cebra and slimeball supreme collaboration Special thanks to Money Over Bullsh*t Logo credit goes to Graven MAIN THEME Welcome to 1968. In the two most paramount cities of the era, you will follow the stories of three separate yet intertwining stories winding you across both a re-imagined San Fierro and Las Venturas, experiencing the unique culture of the times. From psychedelics and casinos to waning mobs and the Civil Rights Movement, it was an edifying time to be alive; the happy-go-lucky attitude of the '60s was just beginning to wear off and a gri
  4. A E. Revere, Francesco Bonomo and Doktorpolice collaboration, in synergy with Grand Theft Auto: Badfellas Main Theme It is the year 1959. Liberty City is becoming a rich beacon of capitalism in the United States after the allied victory of WWII. However, with increasing number of industrial buildings, smell of pollution and corrupt politicians also comes more violence, gangs and organised crime, a large amount of which comes from overseas. Grand Theft Auto: Cosa Nostra follows the journey of Salvatore Leone through his association with the Sicilian Mafia, union wannabe-wise
  5. Written by DownInThePMs & The Notorious MOB Welcome to London in the long hot summer of 1974, formerly a tourist city filled with famous landmarks such as Big Ben, The Tower of London, Tower Bridge and Buckingham Palace, our capital has now been perverted into a flaming hell-on-earth with murder rates comparable to cities like Carcer or Beirut. If you’re all shocked to bits, don’t be. It was only a matter of time before the swinging sixties got worn out. The impetus for the current sad state of London today can be easily traced ba
  6. GRAND THEFT AUTO: CARCER CITY (Chapter 1-4 Theme) Machines of Loving Grace - Kiss Destroyer (Chapter 5-7 Theme) Lamb - Cotton Wool Written by DownInTheHole Loosely based on ObsydianRaven's 2011 concept. Other concepts by me: Grand Theft Auto: Borders Grand Theft Auto: The Inner Circle -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PART I: TAGLINE OVERVIEW S
  7. GRAND THEFT AUTO: THE INNER CIRCLE The 3rd concept by DownInTheHole. (Theme Song) Michael Gray (feat. Shelley Poole) - Borderline Other concepts by me: Grand Theft Auto: Borders Grand Theft Auto: Carcer City ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- About 20 miles west of Carcer City, Musk
  8. slimeball supreme

    Grand Theft Auto: Red Line

    WINNER OF BEST CONCEPT 2019 SLIMEBALL SUPREME & CEBRA theme. companion piece. special thanks to Money Over Bullsh*t Markyevansy The Deadite On the streets of the country’s worst city lie many a body. Crack in its heyday, corpses lining the streets in Hove Beach, wiseguys on the wrong foot for the first time in the mafia’s history as indictments sweep. What is it? In Red Line, you play as two protagonists from two burgeoning sides of the underworld, under threat from all angles as the walls close in. Liberty City is expand
  9. You might think of Vice City when you think of the eighties; cocaine-riddled splendor and neon sports cars. That’s not what awaits. Up the coast, in the twin cities of Carcer and Lenapia, riding from the casinos of Empire City to Liberty City’s outer suburban counties, a very different tale of crime will be told. Cash and crime still rule: but in one of the quickest-crumbling urban areas in the United States of America. In Greed & Grit, you play as three different protagonists, each from varying backgrounds. The character-switching feature from V returns, w
  10. A similar has happened, but fav Protagonist. Lets see who your guys favourite ANTAGONIST is. Based on his/her appearance, the dominance the Antagonist had over the Protagonist over the course of the game, and how cold hearted the Antagonist is. This is a Poll on your Favourite Antagonist. PS: I will use Main antagonists, and some few side/secondary antagonists. I also go through the Antagonists from a release order from GTA III (3D Universe) to GTA V (HD Universe)
  11. killdrivetheftvehicle

    Favourite Concept thread

    What are your favourite Concept threads of gtaforums? Name at least one and no more than three. Please insert a link to the concept thread topic(s). (You shouldn't name your own concept thread, because this thread is about finding out the best concept thread and not promoting your own. That you can do in the lounge and your own concept threads.)
  12. Grand Theft Auto III Liberty City Remix A Concept Thread by @Big Fat Paulie Main Theme Song Liberty City, October 2001 You've been betrayed and left for dead and now you find yourself facing certain doom. But Fate has given you a second chance and now you're free to roam the streets, make the right connections and eventually get payback. Alright, here it is. A concept thread that I'm surprised nobody has tried to do earlier. This is a concept for what a full remake of Grand Theft Auto III would look like in my mind. GTA III wa
  13. I have make new concept about a 3d Tv show based on the game Gta 2 with the 3d graphic like the face of Claude Speed and the two others 1. 2. 3. and yes i have one but i think it is the best idea to make this Topic on this because it works better😉. And now i am including thing that give you more Details about this Concept but all the ideas and answer are up to you guys and i am gonna Started.
  14. ​Here is the list in the same order as the poll, of the artwork of the girls, please note I didn't add TLAD as the only cover girl is Ashley and she's far from hot. Hope you enjoy the list and poll comment your favourite from the series and why ​Note: My personal fav is #2 the original Vice City Bikini girl 1. - ​2.- ​3.- ​4.- ​5.- ​6.- 7.-​ ​8.- ​9.-
  15. DownInThePMs

    Grand Theft Auto: Borders

    GRAND THEFT AUTO: BORDERS The 2nd concept by DownInTheHole (1994 Theme) Jamiroquai - Emergency On Planet Earth (2020 Theme) Hante. - The Storm Other concepts by me: Grand Theft Auto: Carcer City Grand Theft Auto: The Inner Circle ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  16. slimeball supreme


    THEME Red Triangle - Red Line - Bohemians & Blackjack - I Rode Mine to LS CRIME, COMMUNISM, AND CAPITAL H YET AGAIN IN PRE-9/11 LIBERTY CITY, GOD FORBID THE METROPOLIS THAT GOD FORGOT A COLLABORATION BETWEEN CEBRA AND SLIMEBALL Find yourself in the beaten-down shoes of Derrick McReary and his crew of make-do hitmen and armed robbers - boys killing crooks for a cause. Throughout a multi-year narrative in the height of Liberty City’s 1980’s decay, a setting unexplored in as much nuance and depth, juggle a commitment to criminality alon
  17. Alright so hear me out guys, this is something ill try to start once i get a copy of SA, modding tools and a pc that can run the game ill give it the run-around to this idea 3 dudes leave greenglass college in LV, and each had got onto the plane to go to a certain state; (the first guy goes to Vice, the 2nd goes to Liberty, and the 3rd comes back to Los Santos.) but as they get to their places, they all get robbed in a way: (Guy 1 gets robbed in Vice because he was riding a taxi, so some street criminal jacks it and he bails out with his backpack) (guy 2
  18. Hi guys, i brought a DVD last night of GTA EFLC and installation is done. Game began smoothly but the visuals are incomplete, im not able to view the street that im walking on. I checked the settings, i turned everything to low n turned Vsync Off. My texture memory says :240/39 mb.. Wat do it mean? I have: windows 7 32bit Core i7 2nd gen processor 4gb ram 750 hdd Intel hd graphics 3000.... Plz help guysss...

    New glitch/easter egg in gta5?

    so a bit back, couple months ago i think, i was playing gta5 late into the morning, was goofing around the nuke site, later in the night i emerged from ,y bunker near zancdo (the military base in case i misspelled) when i emerged i saw storm clouds like nothing ive ever seen, was super thick, thru the night they dissipated, but im wondering if it is an undiscovered easter egg, not sure how to swap ps4 to here, but have vids and pics on it, dont recall irl date or time, nor in game, but it was night, and moon was just less then quarter left, noticed since then, on Thursday when moon is quarter
  20. Rufousmean623

    GTA Online More Racecars for Benny's

    GTA Online Additional Vehicles for Benny’s Vapid Dominator Bravado Gauntlet Bravado Buffalo S Bravado Buffalo Annis Elegy RH8 Benefactor Feltzer Karin Futo Dinka Jester Dewbauchee Massacro I just recently became aware that the Bravado Buffalo S and Karin Futo may be added. This list was from a while ago, so ignore those two cars.
  21. Since GTA Wise Guy's Tuners and Outlaws concept seems to have influenced Rockstar, to some degree, to create the Import/Export DLC, I figured I'd make my own just for fun and see where it goes. So here it is, the Vice and Vanity Update. Overview: an 80s-themed update that expands on the CEO and special cargo systems, but exclusively with illegal drugs and arms dealing. Some new twists are added to differentiate these missions from past updates. Featuring tons of iconic 80s vehicles and fashion, it's sure to be totally tubular. Or rad. Or whatever. First off, the vehicles. Cars: This list
  22. Dear Rockstar and any other GTA player who is also a fan of racing, tuner cars, customizing and classic vehicles from previous GTA's. Many people I know of have been wanting the things you're about to read which are precisely shown on this list. I decided to give it a try at making it happen so I created this list with the help of other GTA Forum members and encouraging people to email this to Rockstar. Now, I've given this a lot of thought and I'm sure there's many out there like myself who do enjoy racing in tuners, specifically the old school variety such as the ones from GTA: San An
  23. hello gtaforums,i want to present you a project im working,its a very good one,im making gta sa to look like gta 5 as im adding over 500 vehicles and over 60 weapons + dlc ones with a big efford,i ve been testing each vehicle if they bug or anything but 95% of them are ifv too,if you guys got any ideas for more additions write below comments heres a video review how it may look: steam page as well if anyone wants to join: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/gtasanmods
  24. dannyriver

    Help with skygfx mod

    I recently added the skygfx mod to my PC version of San Andreas and everything works fine with the exception that I noticed that whenever I'm in a grassy area there's more grass than used to be there (pre mod) and the amount of grass makes my fps tank significantly and when I look away from the grass my fps returns to normal and I'd like some help on how to fix the issue without having to remove the mod (accidentally posted again thinking it didnt post on mobile)
  25. (DISCLAIMER: The current concept i'm working on is not currently finished. I'm either currently not at a computer or still thinking of ideas. Thank you for your time. Please come back later when it is finished. Otherwise, feel free to look over what I've typed in the meantime.) In this DLC, it would feature a wide selection of cars specifically tuned for high-speed racing. This would also implement the addition of new race tracks based on real life variants such as Willow Springs International Raceway, Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, Auto Club Speedway, and Buttonwillow Raceway Park. This will
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