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  1. The John David

    [MP] The Walking Dead 2

    I bring myself back another DYOM Survival-Horror Mission Pack which will dynamic serve the time progress of the prequel of "The Walking Dead" series I've created since the first time I joined in the community here. If you don't know yet the previous storytelling about this? Then you can go click here to find out how the virus starts. Several hours ago after the outbreak of the news spreading. A new neighbor guy "Karl" decides to go take a walk around his area for good fresh air. Meanwhile, he was reekingly shock that every people he saw was nothing but a riot occured ar
  2. It seems the old MP of Battle San Fierro I created in 2015, was pretty bad and the story was deceptive to the conclusion. But with this remake version. I'm now going to correct and add everything, based on the old story I made on the previous one. Do note that the story, characters, and everything has been changed, suggested me back on Heisenberg_GR, thanks to him. Since this is a remake, you'll see a new events, mashups, and structure directives or shortly as features will be implemented once you played and experience the full story. Feel free to comment something about this, I'll give it a r
  3. MihajloS

    [MP] The Varrios

    MISSION PACK STATUS: COMPLETE DOWNLOAD LINK - http://www.mediafire.com/file/rfcjv0pwx89mx4z/%5BMP%5D_The_Varrios.rar/file The Varrios Hello everyone! This is my first mission pack ever! I made seven missions based on GTA San Andreas gang called Varrios Los Aztecas. I really hope you guys will like the missions and give me some feedback. Story: Story takes place after well known mission "Cesar Vialpando". You play with multiple characters from the game. In only seven missions you manage to make deal with Grove Street Family and
  4. A boss fight, with a robot! Mission Video: Mission Download:
  5. YourName_2

    The Robber

    STORY: - 3 May 2016 - Guy named Aiden Bravo - Guy is Robber - If cops if you see BUSTED - Guy lives los santos - Play 'N Enjoy DL: https://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/64643
  6. This storyline is just an experiment, I tryied to mix various genres like exploration, boss fights and adventure. If you liked it, vote! Storyline Download: Storyline Video:
  7. A sequel to the award-winning DYOM Puzzle. This time packed with over 8 new puzzles. Better, Harder, More Explosive. These puzzles were designed with brand new dyom features most never seen before. http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/51741 Screenshot your time at the end to earn your place on the Speedrun Record. You can either post it here or pm me And please don't cheat, what's the fun in that o_< [table] RankNameTime 1MartZ23:17 2Martin_Strada3:34 3THBP3:48 4Lee3:52 5Trilogy Games4:42 6Danz4:44
  8. "The story of Silence Scream 3 starts with young twins under different and strict beliefs of Christianity, but the neighbors and other police officers have straightly reported in the neighboring village of Palomino Creek to have been recently and eventually closed due to weird and loud neighboring noises and recent suicides by their residents. A guy named Mark being a young man, lost his twin in the village; the mother also was reported to be lost after searching for him. Onto the beginning of July 1999, Mark begins his investigation and seek for his twin and mother in the haunts of Palomino C
  9. Ghost Ship continues in A Tale of the Ghosts episodic mission-pack! (Logo created since 14/01/2019) Welcome to Ghost Ship REMASTERED. Yep, you got that right. Remastered, not a remake. I've decided to remaster and improve one of my favorite mission-packs I made 8 years ago. 8 YEARS AGO!!! Holy moly. I'm giving this mission-pack a beautiful polishing touch. Improving a lot of things, making it look better than it was 8 years ago. (if you want to see the old topic: go here) 7th DYOM Awards Nominee for "Most Promising Mission-Pack" and
  10. FULL RELEASE DATE OCTOBER 13th. Download Chapter 1 http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/50738 Download Chapter 2: http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/50996 Download Chapter 3 http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/62024 Martin_Strada proudly presents. An awarded best storyline of 2018 COMPLETED 1992, Los Santos became the most dangerous, fearing town in San Andreas. This place is more like sh*thole, no peace, not like a rich place where you can find a job by yourself. A 24 years old young man, Lance Reed is more like a car mechanic work
  11. MP Status: COMPLETED Skins: http://www.mediafire.com/download/ww25k28y3xuq1g8/Skins_for_EotE.zip Sound Files: http://www.mediafire.com/file/9pkdbxakakkuw3a/EoaE_Sounds.zip END OF AN ERA [FULL] Link: http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/45147 Here I am again. Another project, another story, another couple of months working on, making, perfecting, for two reasons: For you people to experience, and For my own creative release. This Mission pack was conceived as my final DYOM project. I've been around a while, and most likely will be a while more after this is finis
  12. Hello designers. This is my first thread of a project I have made. It is a fan-made prequel to GTA San Andreas. I have been working on this project with my friend, Martin Strada. Link to Martin Strada's GTA Forums profile: https://gtaforums.com/profile/1036137-martin_strada Link to Martin Strada's DYOM profile: http://dyom.gtagames.nl/profile/23706 Link to Martin Strada's YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpSpyiD1NadCF3AHvdgI8JA Keep in mind, that we might get some information wrong, because we took information from the GTA Fandom, the original GTA
  13. (Text on the cover: DETECTIVE LEONARD & DIZZY ADVENTURE OF THE BLACK ROPE WALKER WITH A SULPHURIC ACID JAR FROM THE CORPSE DEPARTAMENT TO THE HOUSE OF THE SUGAR THROUGH THE HEART OF THE DARKNESS) STORY Detective Leonard is merciless to the criminals, colleagues know him as misanthrope and sociopath. During the investigation he decides to balace the scales by killing a boss of the Russian mafia. INSTALLATION Place "DYOM1, DYOM2, DYOM3, DYOM4, DYOM5, DYOM6, DYOM7, DYOM8" files and "SD" folder to ...> Documents > GTA San Andreas User Files;
  14. ТheCrazyGamer

    [SL] Squidward's Suicide

    Story: Squidward is homeless now. Mr. Crabs fired him and took all his property. Squid prepares brutal vendetta. Screenshots: DOWNLOAD Reviews:
  15. M316

    Death Run Challenge

    http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/61222 Just a small fun challenge i did for MOTW Attention!!!: there is a timer in this mission so whoever finishes it in a the shortest time will have the right to tell me what mission to make next whether me only or collab. Pls leave your timers in the comments and i will decide next Sunday. You can re edit your comment if you finished it shorter than the previous one. Enjoy the challenge lads PS: I have edited some parts in the challenge and you have to watch all cutscenes, skipping will not count.
  16. The Seville:Johnson Time Is Out now! STORY Copy Of The Seville:Gold Edition Copy Scene of The Seville: When S.W.A.T Killed Cj Scene Maddog called cj and Talk to him Cj is going to Castle but S.W.A.T Police Leader said to Nick You have to.... Pictures Download'sThe Seville:Johnson Time Click For download Click For go to The Seville:Gold Edition Topic Credit ERFAN IREG
  17. Hi My Name is Erfan You have to download Addon for DYOM 8.1 GOOD LUCK Season 1 Seville group attack grove ST and... Download NEED 8.2:NO Season 2 DOWNLOAD NEED 8.2:NO Picture Season 3 DOWNLOAD NEED 8.2:NO Picture Season 4 End Of
  18. http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/60489 Test your speed in the aim course - with diffrent variety of weapons, and levels. It's fun map - based on the "ammunation side mission" but in that, you can actually check your time [how fast you completed it] by the timelimit in the right side. Send me picture links, or YouTube videos if you completing the map - tell your best times from the Weapon levels Thank you, and see you! Yeah, pretty much fun map - with the diffrent weapons - you can test your aiming speed. It is done on the unacessable "ammunation" interior [or how do
  19. Mikul

    Freight trap

    Mission name: Freight trap Feel free to review my mission and criticise it in comments! It uses DYOM 8.2 and i highly recommend using autoaim or an gamepad to play it! Download http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/60609
  20. El Penguin Bobo

    The Adventures Of Claude Speed

    STORYLINE After three long years in the war, Claude Speed has to come back to Los Santos to meet his mob boss, Mr.Cabone. But once he comes back, everything in the city has gone bad. The city is filled with gang wars, drug dealers, and Mr.Cabone has lost his territory. Now, it's Claude's job to survive the raging streets and bring the mafia back to normal. DOWNLOAD Chapter 1 is now available. Download it here: http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/56805 IN CASE IF PEOPLE DON'T WANT TO SCROLL DOWN FOR MORE CHAPTERS Chapter 2: http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/56846 Chap
  21. Hello San Andreas players, as I've finished with the first Grand Theft Auto title and GTA: London 1969, this time I will replicate all the GTA: London 1961 storyline missions into GTA San Andreas. This includes all the main (phone) missions, the secret/car missions and the "Kill Frenzy" challenges (Well, I made it like Frenzy is the actual name of the enemy). Here is the first chapter, containing the only mission available so far.With that said, I sincerely hope you have fun with my storyline.. And don't forget to comment, feedbacks would be greatly appreciated! CHAPTER 1: WHEN WE


    Hi. now i'm create Mission Pack, before start my English is very very very bad! OK,Mission one is English. CANCELED PLAYERS JAME:Original Player. He's First gang CANCELED Mission 1:First Blood Elizabeth Queen From British Attack United States and try to capture San Andreas but Jame And Fateh Group.... CLICK FOR DOWNLOAD 2019 Canceled Again sorry for my bad English Im from Iran OH
  23. GKHEAT

    [MP] The Trip

    GKHEAT Presents a new Design Your Own Mission Pack... Theme (Horror/Survival) 2004 Palomino Creeks, Follow the role of Alex with his Friend James and wife Hasley. Alex, Hasley and James decided to spend there holidays in a small town name as Montgomery. They went to the place and they found something wrong happening to them. After that they saw something hazardous and they collide with a wall. When Alex woke up he found James was under the car but, Hasley was missing. Now you try to find her... Alex Alex the player a man who lov
  24. 1992, Los Santos - a full of people and crime in a place, wanders everywhere in the streets. All Gang members travel everywhere in the town of Los Santos, a start of gang war, and for they all dignity of humanity A 19 years-old man, David Michael, has left Liberty City and went on Los Santos, seeking for revenge from his brother, Douglas Michael, he's just like a made men who's solving his brother's death and who will he know about who killed his brother. His parents went on Europe for vacation for 2-3 years. By now, David has its own disipline guy, and continues his life, no matter what
  25. Alan Eastwood

    Gangster 4 Life

    Download all misisons here: http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/21208 (25 Missions) Status: Complete Trailer Review 1 by Converse Review 2 by Doublepulse Review 3 by Arejai (Video Commentary) Review 4 by Nitesh aka AAAAAAA Main theme : This story happened in 1995 in the most dangerous city in San Andreas, the city of Los Santos. You take the role of a gangster in a band called Ganton Street. You take the role of Eric Wright after several years is reunited with his b
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