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  1. MonsterHG2

    [MP] Killer Instinct

    KILLER INSTINCT NO ONE KNOWS Characters: Lawrence {officer from Angel Pine} Richard {Lawrence Friend Officer from Angel Pine} Steve Wilson {Evan Brother} Walter Wilson {The Victim} Evan Wilson {The Criminal} Marko {Evan Goon} Mike {Evan Goon} Martin {Evan Boss} Zarina {SteveGF} Jayden {EvanFriend} ALL THE CHAPTERS IS: https://dyom.gtagames.nl/profile/39725 If there is any problem you can contact me by send me a message to my Forum Account! ENJOY!!
  2. -Completed- Hello guys and welcome to my new Project. First of all in the Description you will read some things you should know about GTA: Tommy Vercetti Stories. This Project is a Classic GTA Storyline and have many missions. It's completed and includes 3 Chapters. The story is fictional and based on GTA: Vice City events and I'm well readed of Character's history. You MUST install GTA: United 1.2 and the skin of Tommy Vercetti. You can find the links of Tommy Vercetti's Skin & GTA: United 1.2 on Downloads section. Don't forget to give a feedback, I'll appreciate it! -Liberty City 1971- Liberty City is the worst place in America, full of crime and violence. The Crime Families rises with the help of corrupt cops and Politicians. Tommy Vercetti is just a 21 years old kid who don't care about his family's shop but how to fight with thugs and earn easy money. The Sicilian "Leones" Mafia wants to take over the city with extortions or blood. The shop of Tommy's father is one of the shops which the Leones want to take over but his father Claudio refused to pay them. After Uncle's Leone order, Don of Sicilian Mafia, his hitmen killed him. His father's death made him more angry and became a criminal. Forellis helped him to stand again on his feet. Tommy didn't took it personal but an opportunity to become a Made Man of Forelli's Crime Family and rise on the Most Wanted men in Liberty City and he made it, but with a different way. Tommy Vercetti - Protagonist Claudio & Alessandra Vercetti Harry Rigano Sonny Forelli Giorgio Forelli Lee Cirillo Marco Forelli Mike Forelli Yoshio Takayama Robert Quinn Lance Vance Ken Rosenberg Forelli Crime Family Sicilian "Leones" Mafia Sindacco Crime Family Snake Heads MC Yakuza Uptown Yardies - Mission - Turf War - Take Over - Setup - Heist Teaser Trailer Official Trailer Review by Jhan Dave: Review by Lion killer: Review by SaintsAreComing: Review by Hardluck Style: GTA United 1.2: http://www.gtaunited.net/downloads.p6.html Tommy Vercetti Skin: http://www.mediafire.com/download/7vhthjdddpp7bh6/Tommy+Vercetti+Skin.zip DYOM Storyline: http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/40511 Heisenberg_GR - Creating the Storyline Rockstar Games - GTA: San Andreas Dutchy3010 & PatrickW - DYOM Mod ATP, LiveLife, cj2000 & ManDog - GTA: United 1.2 Jhan Dave, Hardluck Style, Lion kill & SaintsAreComing - Reviews [WARNING] You must install GTA: United 1.2 and Tommy Vercetti's Skin to play this Storyline!
  3. San Andreas Adventures: Full game Download: https://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/74687 The year is 2002, and Los Santos is a well populated city that if full of opportunity. Unfortunately not everyone in Los Santos is enjoying themselves as 28 year old Fredric Jamerson as been forced to undertake deadly tasks for the higher ups in the city. His own mistakes have led to this, and now he must work himself to near death in order to undo his past actions. Screenshots: Over 60 missions that have been made into 3 parts: Part 1: 1: Prologue 2: Make Yourself at Home 3: Get Off My Case 4: Take Out the Trash 5: Arms Dealer 6: Finger Loaning Good 7: Illegally Importing 8: Little Business on the Side 9: We Are Families 10: Always Use Protection 11: Used Car Salesman 12: Damsel is Distressed 13: Here's The Enemy, See The Enemy 14: Breaking and Exiting 15: Time Served 16: This Room is Nice 17: Home Security 18: O'donald's Last Donut 19: Evidence Tampering 20: Planting the False Flags 21: An Offer You Can't Refuse 22: The Thin White Powder 23: The Feds Are Coming, The Feds Are Coming 24: Part 1 Completed Part 2: 25: Part 2 Opening 26: Disco Inferno 27: Keep Your Enemies Close 28: Motorcycle Mismanagement 29: Whats Yours is Mine 30: You Dropped a Bomb on me Baby 31: Aim Between The Eyes 32: Wait for it... 33: High Profile Target 34: Stalking an Old Friend 35: No Fly Zone 36: Death From Below 37: Party Like it's the Last Night of Your Life 38: The Man in Black 39: Hookernapping 40: The Fast and the Angriest 41: Gangsters in Arms 42: Pay it Forward 43: You Can't Fire Me I Quit 44: Witness Protection 45: United Ammu Nations 46: Burning Some Rubber 47: The Odd Trio 48: Part 2 Completed Part 3: 49: Part 3 Opening 50: Get to the Chopper 51: 55 Tons of Pain 52: Lights Camera Action 53: Practical Effects 54: Gone in 60 Minutes 55: International Waters 56: Unfriendly Rivals 57: Payback Time 58: East Beach Chainsaw Massacre 59: Fool Me Once, Shame on Me 60: Disorganized Crime 61: One Day Stand 62: Observe and Engage 63: To Live or Die in L.S. 64: Epilogue Characters(spoiler waring): Fredric Jamerson: is a 28 year old from Las Venturas, who after borrowing a large sum of cash from the Russian Mafia is forced to work for people around Los Santos in order to pay back his debt. He lives in a house in Idlewood. Fredric is mostly referred to as Fred or Freddy. He is the protagonist of SAA:LS. Maxwell Adams: is a 46 year old millionaire in Los Santos who runs a wide range of businesses in San Andreas. Such as Car Shops, Train Stations, Ammu Nations. He also secretly runs illegal jobs like Loan Sharks, drug smuggling and more. Max was good friends with Fredric's father, and after he passed away hires Fred to assist him with his illegal deeds. He lives in a mansion in Red County & his business is the big star tower in Downtown Los Santos. Max is one of the main antagonists of SAA:LS. Lucas Brett: is the leader of Los Santos Families. Fredric meets Lucas and the two become good friends. Fred helps him rebuild his dying gang and take down their rivals The Ballas. He lives in a big house in Idlewood, and drives a green Tahoma. Lucas is the Deuteragonist of SAA:LS Cindy Nelson: is one of Max's employees. She is a high ranking member of his business who is later revealed to be an undercover cop. She later becomes Fredric's lover. She lives near the river in Marina, and drives a maroon Stallion. Cindy is the tritagonist of SAA:LS. Jackson: is Maxwell's right hand man and bodyguard. A former agent of the government, Jackson is tasked with protecting Max and assisting him in his work. After meeting Fredric, Jackson shows instant dislike of him, and refuses to trust him. Jackson is one of the main antagonists in SAA:LS. Jason Dorwood: is a cop hating weapons dealer who was hired by Maxwell to handle his arms dealing business. He lives in a house in Ganton and drives a light blue infernus. Bernando Sanchez: is the head of The Sanchez Cartel and an enemy of Maxwell Adams. Bernando runs his Cartel with his younger brother Luis, and has an uneasy alliance with Rian and his gang. Bernando is one of the secondary antagonists of SAA:LS. He drives an orange Phoenix and lives at East Beach. Rian Belfort: is the leader of The Ballas, and an enemy of Lucas Brett and Maxwell Adams. Rian and his gang own a large portion of Los Santos, and forms an uneasy alliance with The Sanchez Cartel. He hangs out at The Ballas hideout at an abandoned Recycling Center. Rian is one of the secondary antagonists of SAA:LS Shannon Grieves: is the underboss of Lucas' gang. She is a hooker who is in charge of LSF's prostitution business. She owns a sex shop in El Corona. Troy Cunningham: is the chief of the SAPD, and in charge of taking down Maxwell Adams. Troy was promoted to chief after Fred and Jason killed O'donald. After following Fred through out the city, Troy asks Fred to help take down Maxwell Adams and his illegal business. Oleg Glazkov: is the Don of The Russian Mafia. Oleg tracks down Fredric all the way from Venturas in order to kill him for not paying back the $50,000 he loaned him. After Fred survives his ambush, Oleg hires him for some jobs in exchange for more time on his loan. Wendy Vessellind: is a movie actress who has come to Vinewood to finish filming her movie The Lone Communist. Much like Fred, she has run into some trouble with the Mafia and needs his help. I really hope you enjoy my storyline. Feel free to leave a comment on this thread. Download: https://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/74687
  4. AKA: The only series in 10 years that I managed to finish DESCRIPTION Bobby Ricky is a guy Yep, he's certainly a person A dude of all time Only thing he isn't - Funny. As he is a comic relief, his struggle to be funny is a really devastating thing. Especially for characters like him, who get axed as soon as something remotely boring happens. (Un)Fortunately for him, the mission author had a different idea... _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ You can experience Bobby's struggles here: [PART 1] Your Honor, it was a REFERENCE! - https://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/73985 [PART 2] BOBBY ANGER: The Revenge-ning - https://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/86926 No audio or external files needed AUTHOR's NOTE Go play it cause I spent way too long on this and I'm lazy and in need validation, or, something I've been doing this DYOM thing for way too long (10 and a half years now. Jesus. I should probably get a life) and if no one is interested enough to experience it, well, then it was all for nothing I guess. Validation makes Motivation, in my case. I don't know if I should make a spin-off (In like, half a year at least) since Bobby's story is completed. Might use the airstrip camp from the second part that I've built tho. Somewhere unrelated probably. Well, I think I held you here long enough. Sorry for making you read these boring scribbles that no one cares about. Yes, I drew ID 217 as Eminem, I know it looks goofy, that's kinda the point, but also because I'm trash. Also: [PART 1 SPOILER]
  5. ghettospaghetti


    STORY: San Fierro, 1991... After spending 10 years in prison on distribution charges, 32 year old Trent Andrews is released. A lot's changed since he's been gone, most of the people he knew are dead. A once feared and respected cocaine dealer, he realizes the game's changed and crack is the "new, hot" drug on the streets, he finds out after meeting up with an old friend. His friend, Jack Callahan, also informs him that the Triads and the Valdez cartel are at war against the Bianchi family and the O'Connor Crew. Jack explains his plan to infiltrate the gangs and cause them to turn against their fellow men and their allies and destroy themselves, all while Trent, Jack and their friends build their crack/drugs business. CHAPTER 1 DOWNLOAD: https://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/72156 CHAPTER 2 DOWNLOAD: https://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/72842 CHAPTER 3 DOWNLOAD: https://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/84435 CHAPTER 4 DOWNLOAD: https://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/87011 FULL MP DOWNLOAD: https://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/87013 DYOM IX and the enterable interiors mod by artginPL are required to play. Trailer: Characters: Trent Andrews - Completely cold when he needs (or wants) to be, but most of the time a chill guy, Trent's been pushing dope since high school with his friend Jack. He managed to build up a respectable reputation for himself before he was caught in a drug bust operation in 1981 when he was 22, Jack avoided getting caught. Trent then spent the next decade maintaining his reputation in "the inside", in prison, making friends and even gaining the respect of hardened criminals like Hector "Bones" Gonzalez. Life was as good as possible in prison until he was released after his 10-year-sentence was finished and given a new opportunity at life. Jack Callahan - The head of the gang infiltration operation, Jack ran speed and dope in high school with Trent, drugs that he got from various biker gangs. Jack liked the biker aesthetic so he started dressing like them. After Trent was caught and sentenced, Jack started keeping a low profile and staying in the shadows, while still active in the underworld. A few months later he met his friends Shawn and Luis through mutual friends, the three started hanging out regularly and became good friends. But Jack still missed Trent and would visit him often in jail. In 1983, Jack was involved in a big shootout at the San Fierro docks that nearly got him killed. In 1990, Jack befriended a few Bianchi family wiseguys who have connections to the Don of the family. A light bulb went off in Jack's head, and he had the idea to infiltrate and take down the city's gangs, all for the power and thrill of it. It was an insane idea but he was determined to pull it off with Shawn and Luis agreeing to help. He just needed to wait for Trent before his master plan could happen. Benjamin "Benny" O'Rourke - Trent's friend in prison who helped keep him sane, Benny worked for various gangs before the last gang he worked for tried to kill him, and he was saved by O'Connor Crew lieutenant Rory McReary, who took him in and made him a new man. Rory died of a heart attack when Benny was sent to jail for 5 years for assault and when Benny got out, he climbed the ranks of the O'Connor Crew in his honor. Benny was sent to prison again, this time being with Trent, after he was arrested by the cops for drugs that O'Connor Crew leader Eric O'Connor planted in his car. Benny and Trent were always good to each other and did favors for each other and kept contact even after they both were released. Shawn Fang - A Triad member when Jack meets him, Shawn becomes not-so-loyal and eventually starts screwing over the Triads in different ways the closer he gets to Jack. The class clown in school, Shawn makes it known he's not a serious uptight asshole. He's always looking for a good time even if that good time isn't looking for him. Luis Gonzalez - Although Luis is the same age as Trent and Jack, he often feels younger and not as experienced compared to his cousin who he idolizes. Luis has been around cartel business from a young age due to his cousin's involvement with the Valdez cartel. Luis met Jack through a mutual biker friend after Trent went to prison, and they instantly got along and had a lot in common. Although Luis is loyal to his family, he is still willing to help out Jack with his endeavors. Gangs: The O'Connor Crew - Irish-American gang started in the late 1960s by David "Davey" McGregor, who was eventually killed by Eric O'Connor in the early 1980s so he could become the boss. The gang quickly took power and by the 1970s were considered a real threat by the other gangs. The Bianchi family - The Bianchi crime family was started all the way back in the early 1960s by Lou Bianchi, and was/is the only mafia family in San Fierro. They keep their hold on their parts of the city with an iron fist, and will retaliate in the most extreme ways if attacked. The San Fierro Triads - The Triads were started by current leader Bruce Fang's father Lee in the early 1950s, with Bruce replacing him as leader in the early 1980s. The Triads have been fighting for control of the city since day one, and they have no plans of stopping. They're the definition of power hungry. The Valdez cartel - This cartel was started by Miguel Valdez in 1971 and much like the Triads, are power hungry savages, which is exactly why they're allies. Luis's cousin Bones joined shortly after it was started and is the main reason the cartel is thriving so much today.
  6. kishmish-


    Description: The protagonist wakes up in his dark penthouse room after a wild party and cannot remember what happened last night. As he passes, he learns more and more about it. The mission was made specifically for the Russian DYOM competition. It contains custom interiors and interactive CLEO scripts. Installation (important): Place the files from the modloader folder into the appropriate folder. Place the file from GTA San Andreas User Files in the appropriate folder. If you already have SAMPObjects installed, you need to remove it or move it temporarily, because the archive contains the same converted mod. It is recommended to play with black stripes for the cinematic frame. Download: Murk
  7. This mission pack is a remake version of my original work created back on 2015 for a better complete catalog storytelling, as well as adding some missed contents from the sequels. Year 199X at Downtown, San Fierro. A couple of chemists had given a project came from LV Hospital Department for creating a special drug medicine for future advance treatment purposes. However things don't go well as one of the chemist accidentally mixed the ingredients, and turns out it became toxic and needs to be disposed quickly. What would awaits after that? Full Mission-Pack: Download Here Status: (100%) Completed John David: for remaking the 2015 project. Dutchy3010 & PatrickW: for Design Your Own Mission You: for reviewing and feedbacks.
  8. "The truth sends a fellow spaniard: Alvarez Jazeera on a quest to uncover the whereabouts of the Green Goo and retrieve it, however he only gives him 1 day and 16 hours to retrieve it or else he won't give the full 5k! Will Alvarez be able to achieve his goal without any mischevious corpos stopping him?" This is my comeback mission, uses moving objects for a parkour section (very hard but beatable) and intense shootout scenes with accompanying soundtrack (AudioFX 2.0 by Sizz supplied within the mission download), this is me giving a shot at M316 levels of difficulty, even i gave up midway from recording because of how i'm almost entering morning today and i barely slept on dawn just like yesterday (lmao). Cover: Walkthrough: https://youtu.be/XMaZyGMWjCY (Download) - Anyways, my personal rating: Difficulty: M316 Length: Very Long (20-25 minutes) Pickups: Just enough to help (most health pickups come back after 6 minutes) Soundtrack: TOP TIER (IT'S DRIV3R, WHAT DID YOU EXPECT?!) Story: Very simple Fun Factor: Moderate 3.5/5 Personal Thoughts: This used to be a meme mission but the gameplay was too good to be scrapped, so i remade some parts, made an intro cutscene, added an desert scene and some other stuff to mix the flavor including a plot overhaul to fit into a more semi-serious tone.
  9. The story involves around the story of an assassin how he started his life and how he became the most famous assassin of all time. Immerse yourself in the conspiracy world with assassinations and complex story. Seek the truth about yourself and uncover hidden secrets. Genre : Action-Adventure, Stealth This MP was released in 2020 so i decided to post it here so more people could play it. Also this MP is recommended for those who like stealth games so if you don't like stealth games maybe it's not for you. DOWNLOAD https://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/69361 Characters: Listed as the story goes Protagonist Assassin Darius The Protagonist of the main story. Darius is a skilled assassin ruthless, cunning, fast with a sense of humor and determination. Stops at nothing to accomplish his goal.He was a mercenary before he became an assassin for hire. Karen Ethan's sister, she works in a bar. Mercenary Ethan Ethan is a mercenary good at his work. He was the one who trained Darius to become a mercenary. Journalist Jonathan Toppings Jonathan is a journalist wants an interview from Darius. He is fascinated by his work over the years. Assassin William Second in command after Victor. William joined the assassin guild after Victor was officially formed into the guild. Master Assassin Victor Grandmaster of the assassin guild. He reached the rank of Master after years of experience and successfull assassinations.He uses an underground hideout as a base for operations. Handler Velma Velma is a handler who operates alone without the help of assassin guild. She has contacts everywhere including the goverment who pays a lot of money for eliminating targets. Assassin Michael Michael is an assassin working for the assassin guild. He reached the rank of Adept after various assassinations. Doctor Anderson Scientist A scientist working for a classified project for the goverment. Doctor Kruger Head Scientist The head scientist worked for a project involving area 69 and the goverment. Chapters List: Interval One Interval Two Consists of ten missions: 1. Inception 2. Initiation 3. Assassination Contract 4. The Last Party 5. Apprehension 1. Revelations 2. Infiltration 3. Contract Man 4. Shadow Assassin 5. Finale A trailer is coming soon
  10. MassM

    {MP} Token (Completed)

    Mr.M (MassM) presents...... Token The Story: Geum Nevam A.K.A 'Philip Herrand' is a Russian civilian who was living a normal life, until some russian mafia attacked him, kidnapped him and forced him to do things like illegal dealing, robbing and killing a lot of innocent people until he got a nickname The Russian Serial Killer, and one of the days he managed to escape from the Mafia, leaving Russia to America in San Andreas in Los Santos, meeting up with the brothers Chad and Dallas Ricknad the heads of The Gantons gang in Los Santos, teaming up against their rival gang The Brace, the most powerful gang in Los Santos leading by Jake Brace and his cousin 'Calvin Brace', and things didn't stop at this point, Philip gets phone calls from Unknown who knows about his secret, forcing him to work with the unknown, and one of his jobs is finding out about the presidents meeting, the president of Los Santos (David Johnson), the president of the Las Venturas (Michael Lenton) and the president of San Fierro (Owen Tatomura), and in the meeting he get to know the bodyguard of Mr. Tatomura 'Norman Preyani', after he do some jobs the unknown leaves him with his problems in Ganton, moving out with some events happening in Los Santos until the end of the presidents meeting and the end of The Brace family, Philip Herrand finishes his journey in Los Santos moving out in Las Venturas to complete his life. The Characters: 1- Geum Nevam A.K.A 'Philip Herrand' 2- Chad Ricknad 3- Dallas Ricknad 4- Jake Brace 5- Calvin Brace 6- Norman Preyani 7- The president of Los Santos (David Johnson) 8- The president of Las Venturas (Michael Lenton) 9- The president of San Fierro (Owen Tatomura) 10- Nicholas Petress 11- Tom Nickel 12- Johnny Green 13- Ahmed Fadi 14- Mandero Leno 15- Zatari Nakamori The List Of Missions: Parcel 1: 1- Preface 2- Acquaintance 3- Foundation 4- Match And Pursuit 5- Delivery Man 6- Shooter 7- The Hunter 8- Fissure Parcel 2: 1- Caller 2- Hey That's My Car! 3- Degrees 4- Presenting Oneself 5- The Presidents Meeting pt.1 6- The Presidents Meeting pt.2 7- Obstruction 8- Researcher Parcel 3: 1- Terminally 2- Save The Friend 3- Taking Back 4- Tribulation 5- Deal With It ! 6- Departed 7- Retraction 8- Exploitation Parcel 4: 1- Reconnaissance 2- Sent To Fire 3- Anticipation 4- (Un) Planned Step pt.1 5- (Un) Planned Step pt.2 6- (Un) Planned Step pt.3 7- Imbalance Dispositions 8- Chimera Parcel 5: 1- Turnout pt.1 2- Turnout pt.2 3- It's Just... Different 4- Rat In The Cage 5- Tendency 6- Old Transaction 7- Incompetence 8- Return Of The Absent Parcel 6: 1- Inflamed Goods 2- Dysfunctional 3- Partner In, Partner Out 4- Capacity 5- Our Last Meeting 6- Pull Together pt.1 7- Pull Together pt.2 8- Demise The Link For Token Missions And Gears: https://www.mediafire.com/file/zlco4q80m3d8sfr/Token_Completed.zip/file If you played my missions don't forget to give me you feedback about it, and tell me what do you think about and what things i can improve in the next missions, thank you so much for reading my topic, i hope you have nice day. Greetings From Mr.M
  11. The John David

    [MP] The Walking Dead 2

    Sequel of the "The Walking Dead". Several hours ago after the outbreak of the news spreading. A new neighbor guy "Karl" decides to go take a walk around his area for good fresh air. Meanwhile, he was reekingly shock that every people he saw was nothing but a riot occured around in his house. It seems like everyone is now getting out of the town, collect and take all the supplies and any furniture, as many time passes, an explosion occurs in the Hotel next to his house, probably because of riot. Violence is occur and more events does. Momentarily as Karl investigates everything, he got knock out by a car right to his front and lost consciousness for a while. However, as hours passed when he wakes up. He finds the town deserted and somewhat he doesn't remember anything what happened. What would be the next storytelling. Find out by playing the whole content? Full Mission Pack: Download Here Progress Mission Pack: 100% Completed Karl; A random guy appear anywhere in Los Santos Sandra; A random girl appear anywhere on Los Santos, San Fierro & Las Venturas Hitler; A police officer recruited in L.S.P.D. Leon; A business man works on company market in Los Santos John David; for directing, writing, and planning this project Cold; for all his ideas, characters said on me Blue Lance; for ped.ifp zombie bite animation and for headers You; for seeing, downloading, playing, and giving feedbacks
  12. Yasir_RFL

    Spidey vs Goblin

    Spidey vs Goblin Description Parody mission based upon my favorite character Spider Man. The story is funny but the gameplay is lit, surely give it a try. Mission + SD + Skins = https://www.mediafire.com/file/1oog1ksnqumxh2j/Spidey_vs_Goblin.rar/file Using the skins are necessary, just install modloader and put the modloader folder in the GTA SA folder, now you are all set to play. Modloader: https://www.gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=25377 Cheers! Download the mission here Screenshots Gameplay
  13. Yasir_RFL


    It is year 2018, place is San Fierro. Criminal gangs are the ones who is ruling all over the place. In between there is one experienced man waiting for his name’s turn to get popular. Story: Dean’s new journey starts when he finally decides to overthrow his rival’s power and prove his worthiness to his boss. He somehow manages to get a chance but there are also trouble waiting for him. Link: DYOM - "Remastering the skills" by Yasir RFL Gameplay: Reviews and Ratings are appreciated
  14. MihajloS

    [MP] The Varrios

    MISSION PACK STATUS: COMPLETE DOWNLOAD LINK - http://www.mediafire.com/file/rfcjv0pwx89mx4z/%5BMP%5D_The_Varrios.rar/file The Varrios Hello everyone! This is my first mission pack ever! I made seven missions based on GTA San Andreas gang called Varrios Los Aztecas. I really hope you guys will like the missions and give me some feedback. Story: Story takes place after well known mission "Cesar Vialpando". You play with multiple characters from the game. In only seven missions you manage to make deal with Grove Street Family and completely destroy Los Santos Vagos. Screenshots: Character list: Character name: Cesar Vialpando Character photo: Character name: Jose Character photo: Character name: Gal Character photo: Character name: Sunny Character photo: Character name: Hazer Character photo: Character name: Kendl Johnson Character photo: Character name: Carl Johnson "CJ" Character photo: Character name: Sean Johnson "Sweet" Character photo: Character name: Melvin Harris "Big Smoke" Character photo: Character name: Lance Wilson "Ryder" Character photo: Character name: Big Poppa Character photo: Character name: Kane Character photo: Credits: MihajloS - Creating the Mission-pack Rockstar Games - GTA: San Andreas Dutchy3010 & PatrickW - DYOM Mod artginPL - Enterable Hidden Interiors With pleasure... MihajloS
  15. A boss fight, with a robot! Mission Video: Mission Download:
  16. This storyline is just an experiment, I tryied to mix various genres like exploration, boss fights and adventure. If you liked it, vote! Storyline Download: Storyline Video:
  17. YourName_2

    The Robber

    STORY: - 3 May 2016 - Guy named Aiden Bravo - Guy is Robber - If cops if you see BUSTED - Guy lives los santos - Play 'N Enjoy DL: https://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/64643
  18. The John David

    [MP] Resistance: II

    STORY Set on the Resistance timeline. January 05, 2007, a mysterious gigantic weird spaceship suddenly appeared on Las Venturas. Given to the information left by the Union Army HQ about Chimera, a looking alien-butcher who's behind the incident years ago? Things are getting much worse than before, and thus began to declare a global war against them. DOWNLOADS Full Mission-Pack: Download Here Progress Status: (100%) Completed Start | Released Date: Sept. 30 2022 - February 24, 2023 CREDITS John David - Sequel Director / Creator Cold, azri669 - Assistant / Helping Hand Thyroid10 - Play-Testing Dutchy3010 & PatrickW - Design Your Own Mission v8.1 You - Downloads | Gameplays | Reviewers
  19. The John David

    [MP] Resistance

    The John David presents... ATTENTION: June 15 2006, Los Santos goes in uncontrollable situation due to the misguided savage creatures roaming the town and abducting humans for their use of test-subjects and suppressing people who are fighting / resisting. The UAH known as "Union Army Headquarters" are sending vehicle transporters to the Los Santos Airport for evacuation and to provide a temporary army base camp for countering the creatures back. Who knows if someone's brave enough to fend these creatures off the town before the Los Santos turn into nothing but a bloodlust mutating creatures using humans? The John David; for the whole plot, files, logos & headers Link2012; for the Modloader without editing the game files Dutchy3010 / PatrickW; for Design Your Own Mission Rockstar Games; for the GTA: San Andreas You; for content reviewer & feedbacks
  20. The John David

    [MP] The Walking Dead: 3

    After taking a (3) months of break finishing my project "[MP] Resistance". I'm proudly present to all designers my new project I'm going to work on these days! Please note that I take a lot of time designing the whole contents and adding optional updates due of suffers from my life issues. Patience is needed! Sequel of its predecessor series, "The Walking Dead 2". (2) months have passed after the military successfully rescued survivors and drag them in the Los Santos small military camp? Hitler & Sandra recall their plan earlier for getting in Liberty City where no zombies would harm them! Manifesting up their new journey? They will go back and fight the abyss world one more time! The only objective they need is to... SURVIVE! Full Mission-Pack: Download Here Status: (100%) Completed Release Date: February 13, 2022 Novice > (Easy) Is the most easiest challenge difficult that displays on the introduction text of the selected episode. In novice, the episode is pretty simple by watching the plot without any player's action, or by following the checkpoints manually with strong concept of instructions indicated for the players to complete a single episode. Survival > (Normal) Is the default-challenge difficult that displays on the introduction text of the selected episode. In survival, the episode requires a strong action and strategy, along with a concept of instructions and must have an average degree of survival instinct for players to complete a single episode. Nightmare > (Hard) Is the maximum difficult that displays on the introduction text of the selected episode. In nightmare, the episode is purely madness within close to its adversity. Players must be very skillful and knows to perform attacking and covering flawlessly. John David; for the ideas of the project & everything. Cold; for the character name ideas on the previous sequel used. SIZZZ; for the DYOM# Add-on for DYOM v8.1 Dutchy3010 / PatrickW; for Design Your Own Mission. Link2012; for the Modloader without editing GTA Files. Rockstar Games: for their GTA: San Andreas game. You; for feedback / reviewer for my project "The Walking Dead" series.
  21. Martinovich

    Mark*s New Life

    Story: You are Mark, a Guy, where he lives Liberty City for 10 years, he*s worked with Leone*s Mafia, he*s moving to San Andreas, because his old friend lives in Los Santos, Mark*s friend called: Jeff, doesn*t pay the money to gangs: Aztecans, Vagos, Ballas and Grove Street... Jeff*s old good friend is Kane, he*s got a lot of guns.. Kane have a good and helpfull friend is Max, he*s lived in Las Venturas in while.. Does they gonna stop Gang War and do a free life? Characters: Mark: He*s lived in Liberty City for 10 years and worked with Leone*s Mafia Status: Arrested Jeff: He*s an Mark*s Old Friend, he doesn*t pay money to 4 gangs. Status: Alive Kane: He*s have A lot of guns. Status: Alive Cesar Vialpando: He*s a Aztecan Leader.. Status: Unknown Sweet Johnson: He*s a Grove Street Leader Status: Unknown (CJ) Carl Johnson: He*s a Gangsta of Grove Street Status: Unknown Lee: He*s a Leone*s Mafia Leader, a Mark*s Friend Status: Dead Max: He*s a Lee*s Friend, a real man.. Status: Dead Woozie (Wu Zi Mu): He*s a Triad Leader.. Status: Dead Uncle Raines: He's a Jeff's Uncle, he's 60 years old and he's have a lot of guns Status: Dead Alex Saim: A friend of yours, that helped you to fight the gangs Status: Dead Download: Chapter 1: http://www.mediafire.com/file/rzzf1789xe8f44i/Chapter+1.rar\ http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/47819 Chapter 2: http://www.mediafire.com/file/pd5s3c83p3e33uc/Chapter+2.rar\ http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/47820 Chapter 3: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ab1gf1dk2j1ee12/Mark%27s+new+Life+-+Chapter+3.rar Chapter 4: https://www.dropbox.com/preview/Mark's%20New%20Life%20-%20Chapter%204.rar?role=personal Chapter 5: https://www.dropbox.com/home?preview=Mark%27s+new+life+-+Chapter+5+FINAL.rar Dlc's: N/A Special Thanks to: Dutchy 3010 and PatrickW for making Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Modification Called: Design Your Own Mission (DYOM) Stay Tune Guys! Thanks for Watching my topic and Bye!
  22. ACH_GAMES Present Missions of the GTA V for GTA SA (DEMO) This is only a small demonstration, I will soon get a part 2 Link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0Bx27MjfO23J4dElZZThXeGdzbUE
  23. Jeremy The Former Boxing Legend About Mission: Generally, Mission is about fighting... Short Introduction: We are Playing as Jeremy (main character). Jeremy was a Boxing Legend, but One Day He became a Drinking alcohol Degenrate... But in heart he still want to return to fighting. Screenshots: Download: http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/46530 Mission By: sapert (J.M) Extra Notes: Hello, I'm New on this forum, this is my second post and first mission that I publicate. So please, be lenient... Also it will be great if You will give me some useful hints or ideas for the future if you have any. Thanks!
  24. The John David

    [MP] Battle Los Santos

    1999, on the first day of June. An attack on town was occured by the first day of June, led by Spetsnaz, special forces units of russia, taken over Los Santos and preparing to launch a surprise attack, People have overrun the whole town of Los Santos, a riot has happened. On the Natick Army Soldiers Systems Center (NASSC). a soldier, Carlisle Kenny, was one of the best soldier of NASSC. He was a best men and has a high accuracy that can perform tactical combat skills. And his friend, Jeffry Billy. One of Carlisle's partner. A commander of the NASSC, Lamont Tatton, ordered Carlisle Kenny and Jeffry Billy to infiltrate Los Santos and find out what's goin on to the town. Get all the information from the Spetsnaz Russia and transport it from Lamont Tatton. Leader of Spetsnaz russia, Martin Denis. He's planning to create his project "Spiridus" A monster jet fighter that can destroy a whole city, causing an apocalypse to all town. Martin Denis right-hand, Yefrem Grigory. A mafia russia joined for Martin and has a very skilled tactical combat. One of NASSC's best soldier and have a tactical combat skills Commander of NASSC Carlisle's partner joined on NASSC Spetsnaz's Russia Leader, attacked Los Santos on first day of June Martin's right-hand and has very skilled tactical combat. An old partner from Carlisle. ---Agent Kenny's Skin--- Full MP + DLC Available - Download Here Initial Release Date - May 3, 2017 DLC Release Date - May 8, 2017 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_4hOltSCy04 Jhan Dave; for creating a new MP Dutchy3010 and PatrickW; for DYOM
  25. Eddy4312 Presents A New Mission Pack Theme Song: Story: 2015,The place is full of urban street gang and drug dealers,Los Santos.One man named Jackson or J-Ice who working with his friend,Tyler to selling and dealing drugs.Tyler offered him a work that J-Ice must prove himself that he will become one of best gang leader. Characters: Jackson 'J-Ice' The protagonist of this mission pack.He was just drug dealer then he become one of feared gangster in LS Tyler Friend of J-Ice.He is big-time drug lord and always busy with work Drake Leader of Grove Street Families,he is old friend of Tyler.He always make Grove Street clear from any drug dealers who working for Ballas. Fred Second in Command of Grove St. Families,he was rise from bottom to become most trusted member in Grove St. Leon Fred's Younger Brother.Always making deal to get his drugs sold to other. Double OG Former member of Grove Street Families,He was pro shooter back then. Kate Female OG of Grove Street,show good interested towards J Ice. Igor Leader of Ballas Gang,hate losing the gang wars and like to kill his rival.Under his leadership,Ballas become powerful urban gang with many turfs.He is also good street car racer. Download: Chapter 1: Becoming A One Bit Gangster - http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/44818 Chapter 2: Rise From Bottom to Top - http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/50279 Chapter 3: Stabber in the Back - http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/50433 Chapter 4: Rebuilding From Ruins - http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/50622 Chapter 5: The Urban West LS - http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/50708 All Chapters in One Package - http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/50709 I hope you guys give some feedback and enjoy as I have put all the effort on it. Facts: 1.This mission pack was codenamed as Project White Panzer.It started in October 2016. 2.None of missions in MP are below 15 objectives. 3.Currently the most amount of objectives ever made in one mission is 89. 4.It's long time ago,I don't design until October 2017 that I forget Drake's character model in Chapter 1 is drug dealer (ID28) .That's reason I changed Drake's character model to Madd Dogg's model in later chapter. Credits: PatwrickW and Dutchy3010 for creating this mod,Design Your Own Mission Martin_Strada for making nice gameplay video of my mission pack,Also check his channel. Updates: 25/10/2017 - Chapter 2 is now uploaded to DYOM Website and new character is added. 29/10/2017 - Theme Song is added in this topic. 8/11/2017 - Chapter 3 is now uploaded to DYOM Website 15/11/2017 - Last 2 characters in this mission pack is finally added. 22/11/2017 - Chapter 4 is now uploaded to DYOM Website and facts section added. 28/11/2017 - Added Credits sections and one fact into Facts Section. 30/11/2017 - Chapter 5 which is the final chapter of MP is finally uploaded to DYOM Website
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