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  1. The Half-Blood Prince

    V for Vinegar

    The Half-Blood Prince presents a Design your own mission MP V for Vinegar is a new experience in dyom, blending survival and action elements to tell the story of a character and a modern political crisis. The state is under a riot, forcing residents to flee to another state, and the few brave ones who remain are police officers, members of organizations, hunters and courageous people. Yuji, a Japanese immigrant who has a cold personality, and Mari, a young sarcastic and humorous woman, must work together to find allies in an organization on a long journey in the
  2. The John David

    [MP] The Walking Dead 2

    I bring myself back another DYOM Survival-Horror Mission Pack which will dynamic serve the time progress of the prequel of "The Walking Dead" series I've created since the first time I joined in the community here. If you don't know yet the previous storytelling about this? Then you can go click here to find out how the virus starts. Several hours ago after the outbreak of the news spreading. A new neighbor guy "Karl" decides to go take a walk around his area for good fresh air. Meanwhile, he was reekingly shock that every people he saw was nothing but a riot occured ar
  3. It seems the old MP of Battle San Fierro I created in 2015, was pretty bad and the story was deceptive to the conclusion. But with this remake version. I'm now going to correct and add everything, based on the old story I made on the previous one. Do note that the story, characters, and everything has been changed, suggested me back on Heisenberg_GR, thanks to him. Since this is a remake, you'll see a new events, mashups, and structure directives or shortly as features will be implemented once you played and experience the full story. Feel free to comment something about this, I'll give it a r
  4. Jeremy The Former Boxing Legend About Mission: Generally, Mission is about fighting... Short Introduction: We are Playing as Jeremy (main character). Jeremy was a Boxing Legend, but One Day He became a Drinking alcohol Degenrate... But in heart he still want to return to fighting. Screenshots: Download: http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/46530 Mission By: sapert (J.M) Extra Notes: Hello, I'm New on this forum, this is my second post and first mission that I publicate. So


    This is GTA REVOLUTION. The best complete conversion mod for gta san andreas, with unique and never seen modifications, that will put San Andreas back in the game .... GTA REVOLUTION GTA Revolution is a complete conversion mod for gta sa, including a story mode (DYOM) for the player to experience a unique and never seen experience. The mod used mostly from other people and were edited by me, for this new delivery of ACH_GAMES. All rights and credits are in a text file, including credits at the end of the game (GTA REVOLUTION) The game is now finished and ready updated, all errors and
  6. A sequel to the award-winning DYOM Puzzle. This time packed with over 8 new puzzles. Better, Harder, More Explosive. These puzzles were designed with brand new dyom features most never seen before. http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/51741 Screenshot your time at the end to earn your place on the Speedrun Record. You can either post it here or pm me And please don't cheat, what's the fun in that o_< [table] RankNameTime 1MartZ23:17 2Martin_Strada3:34 3THBP3:48 4Lee3:52 5Trilogy Games4:42 6Danz4:44
  7. spyderblack66

    (MOTW#3)GTA Tenpenny Stories DYOM

    http://www.gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=28806 In this mod you play as Frank Tenpenny see the story unfold from the other side of the game script recreated with dyom v8.1 news GTA TS final fix bugs Add 17 missions Fix bugs in the mission cleaning the hood when you did not get life you could not touch the heart and repaired the dsl completely bugs to put the savepoint I put it after and I change the number of mission for example in view of mission 6 I put the mission 7 by mistake and tube to rebuild everything nodio much work making you enjoy my storyline recreated with dyom that mod
  8. ACH_GAMES Present Missions of the GTA V for GTA SA (DEMO) This is only a small demonstration, I will soon get a part 2 Link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0Bx27MjfO23J4dElZZThXeGdzbUE
  9. There was a project called "GTA V To SA" by xxGTAXIVxx & THBP they long time they didn't uploaded more missions You will find old missions and random events here "http://gtaforums.com/topic/670946-gta-v-to-sa-xxgtaxivxx-thbp/" So I decided to make Last mission of the series the third way. NOTE: This mission is really big so I divided it into 6 parts first 2 parts having intro and mission's starting cutscene and the others have gun fights and I am not professional in DYOM so please sorry if you not find it dank Agents Steve Haines and Dave Norton ta
  10. Huzaifa khan

    Grove Boys Revolution [MP]

    Hello! everyone I started my new project Grove boys revolution. This Mission-Pack is related to gang wars but the Mission-Pack based on story and I try to make my Missions unique as I can. And improve my previous mistakes. All I want is your feedback and opinion The story of the Mission-Pack based before the event of San Andreas. In Los santos there are four gangs Ballas, Grove Street, Los Vagos and Los Aztecas and all their gangs had their leaders Ballas runs under the co-operation of B-Dup's. Grove Street runs under the co-operation of Sweet. Los Vagos runs under the co-operation with
  11. ТheCrazyGamer

    Escape From Camp

    Вedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Battle of Stalingrad (2013) Year 1942. Russian millitary camp prepares for German offensive, but something went wrong. Nazies attacked earlier. As result the whole Soviet squad has been destroyed and you only the one soldier, who survived. You must escape away from well-armored German Forces! Mission Models Mefisto - original mission creator Clement, Alexey1999, Dimivick27 - models TheCrazyGamer - english localization
  12. MP Status: COMPLETED Skins: http://www.mediafire.com/download/ww25k28y3xuq1g8/Skins_for_EotE.zip Sound Files: http://www.mediafire.com/file/9pkdbxakakkuw3a/EoaE_Sounds.zip END OF AN ERA [FULL] Link: http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/45147 Here I am again. Another project, another story, another couple of months working on, making, perfecting, for two reasons: For you people to experience, and For my own creative release. This Mission pack was conceived as my final DYOM project. I've been around a while, and most likely will be a while more after this is finis
  13. The John David

    Ridge Racer: Deathmatch Race

    Do you want a race for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas? Well if you say yes. Then you're on the right place. This is just a race for fun only for you guys. There's no story about this MP. It's just only a race. V1.0 Features - Released and Tested on August 26-27, 2016 - First released (Single Race Mission only) - Added some great stunts/ramps. - Fixed actor aggresive routes - Fixed other stuffs V1.1 Feature - Tested on August 28, 2016 - Added Tournament Mission Mode - Added soundtracks while playing - Added new enemy vehicles (Cheetah and Infernus) - Fixed s
  14. spyderblack66

    the rise of vercetti

    THE RISE OF VERCETTI (LCS PC EDITION) HISTORY tommy in 1995 went to jail for bank robbery in carcer city after tommy goes to liberty city in 2003 and joins the leone a few days later vicenzo forces to betray tommy to the leone and then when he sees the arrival of toni will avenge It will end until toni is the only member and head of the Leon toni leaves liberty city and goes to vice city after the death of salt and all the leone TRAILER MISSIONS 9 TOTAL MISSIONS LINKS http://www.gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=29234 YOU MUST HAVE INSTALLED GTA LCS PC EDITION WHICH IS
  15. Eddy4312 Presents A New Mission Pack Theme Song: Story: 2015,The place is full of urban street gang and drug dealers,Los Santos.One man named Jackson or J-Ice who working with his friend,Tyler to selling and dealing drugs.Tyler offered him a work that J-Ice must prove himself that he will become one of best gang leader. Characters: Jackson 'J-Ice' The protagonist of this mission pack.He was just drug dealer then he become one of feared gangster in LS Tyler Friend of J-Ice.He is big-time drug lord and always busy with work Drake Leader of Grove Street Families,he
  16. CrisPK

    [MP] Ganton 5

    INFORMATION Hi all. First thing is that I was bored of all the same theme missionpack. Only Chronicles of... Bla bla... GTA: bla bla stories... Zombie bla bla.. Gangwars bla bla... So I decide to make something completly diffrent with a lot of things that everyone miss. Second is that my MP haven't advenced story because I focus mostly on gamplay. A lot of Hyped MP have boring missions like "drive here, kill him, back home" and most of gamplay are cutscenes talking about story (and I dont know why people give them 10/10. :V). Third thing is... Who am I? I may look like beginner in DYOM but
  17. The Half-Blood Prince

    [MP] V for Vinegar: American Spring

    The Half-Blood Prince Presents a Design Your Own Mission Project Different standpoints shows the immensity of a huge tragedy that killed hundreds and was the starting point for the riots in San Andreas. Familiar faces returns to resume an essential relationship in this brand new DLC of V for Vinegar. Play again as Mari and a new mysterious protagonist in this prequel of the main story, which continues to explore themes of survival-action, love and loyalty. MEDIA TRAILERS SCREENS Download link: http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/4


    ACH_GAMES Presenta Gta SA The Walking Dead COMING SOON 2017
  19. MrJuanchi32

    Paquete de mision DYOM

    Hola gente! Les traigo mi primer pack de misiones, soy nuevo aca en el foro, cualquier cosa me comentan. Gracias http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/52180
  20. Martin_Strada

    The Assasin Codename 67 2

    STORY: 2000 a year where a lot of mafia*s in Los Santos,One Assasin and His Brothers are want to stop them You Will Manage a Silent Assasin or Mass Murder called;Ivan Grovchenko Diana Is Giving some Tasks,are you think they will kill Gangs And Other sh*t! CHARACTERS: Ivan Grovchenko; He*s a protoganist,his are a Silent Assasin Called Codename 67 Diana: She*s giving some tasks to complete THEME SONG: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K_5X3Yf7Ems DOWNLOAD: Chapter 1: http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/44163 (9) Spook O Meter http://dyom.gtagames.nl/s
  21. Martin_Strada

    [Mission Pack] The Torn

    Mission series status: FINISHED Hey guys, welcome to my mission pack: The Torn, this mission pack is about the GSF known as Grove Street Families want to be at the top. Ballas and Vagos will be your most dangerous enemies. I'm working with two mission packs, The Torn and Fort Carson Stories. This DYOM will have 2 Chapters and 14 missions in this mission pack. Check more for story and characters. Summary: You are a new member in the gang Grove Street Families, Headed by Sweet Johnson, Grove Street Families need to stop Ballas and Vagos and takeover the places. You are Sean
  22. NOTE : This is just a single mission You play as three Ballas who are willing to take over Grove Street at all costs. They all come up with a plan against the tight security level of Ganton. ACT 1 as Ben - Snipe the Grove Street Famillies members. TIP : Aim for the heads,some of the targets' health is set to higher than 100 HP. ACT 2 as Jack Be sneaky and timing is necessary. It is easier to do this act with headshots. TIP : Climb on the house near to OG Loc's house. ACT 3 as Chris Be very accurate and find a hiding point as fast as you can. TIP : Shoot the shotgunner
  23. spyderblack66

    alien atack

  24. Martin_Strada

    Brad Wilson - Silent Assasin

    Hello, folks. Martin here. My new mission series called: Brad Wilson - Silent Assasin. ''completed MP'' and it will consists 9 missions. All my missions is all about stealth killing and mass murdering. Write a reply to my missions Summary: Brad Wilson is a agent or Silent Assasin of Shadow Walkers HQ. His life is do stealth killing and mass murdering people. He's working for a lot of years about 6 years. 4 months later. He's disobeyed the orders to his leader: Jason. His bodyguards are need Brad Wilson get killed. Brad wants a friend: James to help to Brad.. Brad is a best silent ass
  25. !!COMPLETED!! Welcome to this new MP, I cancelled my previous MP named GTA SA San Fierro Stories because it was too boring to design. But Im here with this new MP, Enjoy!!!! A Guy named Michael Johnson married with a girl named Martha Jones, now she became Martha Johnson. Michaels brother also live with him, named Steve Johnson. All of them living a happy life, but one day, Michael goes for a walk. After some time, he heard a thrilling sound from behind a shop, he go to place from where he heard sound, he see that 2 terrorist killing the vice president of Los Santos, Mr.
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