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  1. CasinoGamblers

    Casino Gamblers

    Casino Gamblers [GMBL] Are you someone who can't wait for the Casino to open? Want to join a group of high class, well dressed gamblers? Well this crew is just for you! Until the Casino opens we have setup a Discord (what's Discord?) server so that you may chat about what you hope the Casino offers and hedge bets on when you think it'll open, and what games you think they'll have inside. When the Casino does open: · Casino Gamblers will be required to wear formal attire at all times when inside the Casino. · No visible tattoos/masks are allowed (whatever the formal attire covers up is fine). · When in the Casino you must keep your crew tag on at all times. Join now and become a founding member of Casino Gamblers and let's work together to make millions (or lose millions, either way it'll be fun!). Social Club Crew Page | Discord Server


    Looking for dedicated players into cars. would want to host meetups/drag races/street races/drifting nightly. Any kind of automobile fun. My psn is elite_smoothiez if interested.
  3. Jarvis0919

    Diamond Ts looking for members

    The Diamond Ts is a crew that is open to join for players looking to be in a crew with no restrictions. It is open to all platforms http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/diamond_ts Is features: Florescent blue crew color Diamond Supply Co crew logo
  4. Car enthusiasts alike post, comment share screen shots, organise meets, races, Customisation tips etc. You really feel like showing off your creativity and attention to detail for Madd GTA online Customisation, challenge other players and see who is the best.
  5. Lethal_Mods_

    Steelport PMC

    Hi, I'm Jay! I'm the founder of the Military Roleplay group 'Steelport PMC'. As we only started around 2 hours ago, I am the only member. The goal is to gain as many members as possible and roleplay as much as possible. Ground Rules: Respect Admin!!! Obey orders! Must have mic! PS4 ONLY! 13+ Our group is serious and I expect members to treat eachother with respect. No hating on "squeakers" or anything of the sort! Swearing is allowed. We will do Convoys, Escorts, All-Out crew wars, etc. https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/steelport_pmc JOIN HERE ^^^^ Message "Lethal_Mods_" on Playstation 4 for more details.
  6. graywolf2316


    You Tired of joining MC's that don't ride together? Are YouTired of joining crews where nobody is online? Are You Tired of joining crews that kill each other? Are you a HUGE GTA 5 gamer? If your answer is yes to any of these questions then you want to seriously think about joining PATRIOT RIDERS MC. LOYALTY IS EVERYTHING here. If you can't remain LOYAL don't even bother wasting your time because you will not make it into this crew. This is an organized charter with biker runs and is built around brotherhood. We ride together, we Die together. If you are a huge GTA 5 gamer, and you want to be a part of a crew with real brotherhood then look no further!! This is the crew you want to be in. LOYALTY IS EVERYTHING!!! WE HAVE NO Prospecting Eveyone is patch in. we are a drama-free group of mature players that focuses primarily on brotherhood, camaraderie, missions, and riding. In game, we focus on maximizing enjoyment of gameplay and making money. There is no room for immature, bratty spite and hazing. We are a mc ose knit group of players that enjoy having fun on and off the game! We are a true brotherhood.we have 3 warehouses and a Big HQ office that we use as a club house as well as the 3 warehouses IF LOOKING TO JOIN GO HERE READ WEBSITE http://patriotridersmc.weebly.com. our social club page https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/patriot_riders_mc. Or message me on Psn gametag graywolf2316
  7. Have you been looking for a realistic emergency services roleplay clan, one which provides you with the most professional yet fun experience? Why not apply for the SAES clan, at saesclanps4.enjin.com If you would like to see what our clans like simply search 'sass clan' on YouTube. There's tons of videos.
  8. Hey. I've downloaded gta 5 last week and I need more friends to play and have fun with. I only have one friend Lonely me. (and If you have a mic, that'd be great) Add "noskie" if that doesn't work comment your steam name and I'll you
  9. OfficialLSSE

    LSSE Police and Military Roleplay PS4

    Hello, My name is Alan. I'm the owner and First in Command of the Los Santos Security Enforcers. We are a large team of professional Law Enforcement Officers and Leaders. If you are looking for a: Professional Co-Operative Organized Well Managed Law Enforcement Role-play Clan for the PS4 then you're in the right spot! We have the following jobs available: Law Enforcement Dep. Recruit Gang Tactical Defense Unit Administrative Positions Available Riot Diffusal Team Pre-Trained Fire Pre-Trained EMS ...And Much More! We have a few requirements. Here they are... Must be 14+ years of age Must have a working Mic/Headset Must be Eager and Ready to learn. Must be professional Experience Preferred For more information visit: www.OfficialLSSE.com or contact "SoundofSilence56" on PSN. See You Soon, Private!
  10. Post your Jobs and Playlists here ! Tell us why your job/playlist is worthy to try. Be sure to add up some details and insights, and don't forget to mention the console !
  11. [marq=left]Welcome to Romeo's WorldWide Car Meet[/marq] Our Website [spoil]Check our website out 1wkg.w e e b l y .c om copy and paste to search bar with no Spaces[/spoil] Host [spoil]Host: Romeos OG Co-Host:McCluskeyy Console: Xbox One[/spoil] 1WKG Official Promo Video [spoil] [/spoil] Car Meet Pictures [spoil] http://imageshack.com/a/img911/20/ykID7L.jpg http://imageshack.com/a/img537/268/pDFHRg.jpg http://imageshack.com/a/img538/4290/Qad44B.jpg http://imageshack.com/a/img538/7789/CWevsD.jpg http://imageshack.com/a/img538/2370/g8k0ZO.jpg http://imageshack.com/a/img910/1812/wly60P.jpg http://imageshack.com/a/img673/7282/g9DE04.jpg http://imageshack.com/a/img661/969/Wo8kdO.jpg http://imageshack.com/a/img913/4539/0CmY6Z.jpg http://imageshack.com/a/img673/4035/oMifPP.jpg http://imageshack.com/a/img901/8891/N86e8C.jpg[/spoil] How To Join! [spoil]1) Post Your Gamertag below 2) After posting Gamertag Message Host or Co-Host for an Invite. 3) Do Not Spam Messages we will try to get you in lobby 4) Stay Calm and Chill if you do not get in right away we will invite you first for the next Meet we do that Day![/spoil] RULES! [spoil]1) As Soon as you join the lobby ENTER PASSIVE MODE! 2) Go To game chat or you will be kicked from lobby and or Including BANNED from the meets 3)NO! Loud Music/Screaming or anything of that Nature or you will be kicked from lobby and or including BANNED from the meets 4) Be Cool with all players including Host and Co-Host 5) No Killing or Blowing up people's Cars 6) Do not talk Alot or talk over people 7) Listen to Host and Co-Host for direction on what we will do in the meet if you do not abide by this you will be kicked from lobby and or including BANNED from the meets. 8) Have FUN! and Chill Check out Cars and learn new things also meet new people[/spoil] What We Do! [spoil]1) Drag Race 2)Cruise around los Santos 3) Take Photos for Rockstar Social Club 4) Make Videos 5) Rate cars 6) Give advice 7) Party at the Houses[/spoil] What You WIN! [spoil]Winning!!! only Applies to Drag Races and Car Ratings :nyancat: 1st Place 1. Invite into Car Meet Crew 2. $1million Cash may May Change soon! 3. Invite to every Car meet 4. Added to post for Crew Members :ttgcat: 2nd Place 1. $500k Cash May Change soon! 2. Invite to every car meet 3. Added to top 3 winners List 3rd Place 1. Invite to every Car Meet 2. Added to top 3 Winners List [/spoil] Current Cars To Bring! [spoil] <<Current Cars>> **Any Car but Trucks and Bikes unless it says otherwise right here** *Look it up on GOOGLE images to see what they are* You are not allowed to enter the Car Ratings or drag race without the Current car meet cars listed Above[/spoil] *Recent Top 3 Winners* [spoil]1st: Car: 2nd: Car: 3rd: Car: [/spoil] Crew Members [spoil]Member Color Meanings RED= Leader BLUE= Co-Leader CYAN= Affliates <<<<<<GamerTag>>>>>> Romeos OG Senidy Certuhfied Broken Stereo Hey Siri Flankzi VorTeX Symbol imaninja818 Uiil MMz Tsunami Brendzn Tensai Gema l Jesus piece l El Don Supreme Say Reza Tuckar[/spoil] NOT ABIDING BY ANY OF THE FOLLOWING ABOVE WILL RESULT IN YOU BEING PUT INTO A BAN LIST FROM ANYTHING TO DO WITH THE CAR MEET AND CREW THAT IS JOINTED TO THE CAR MEET!!! BAN LIST [spoil]R7 Dizehh b6ker Damien8920 DUKEYDANUKEY baileymc1506 V3nom Snake64 Vrho[/spoil]
  12. Crew name: The Amazing Aussies Crew social club link: socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/the_amazing_aussies Leader username: Kyle-Sunter Contact links: [email protected] Crew goals: to reach a moderate amount of members and have a nice crew with great people.
  13. Hey guys! This is my first time organizing a car meet. I've always wanted to do one but a lot people have Xbox one now. I've been searching for an xbox 360 car meet but couldn't find any so I guess i'll start my own. Xbox gamertag: xTyrahChanellx Car Meet: 7:30 pm EST (If this doesn't work, i'll try again tomorrow ) RULES: (If you do not follow these rules, you will be kicked.) - ANYONE IS WELCOME - ANY CAR IS WELCOME - NO MIC NECESSARY - NO KILLING OTHER PLAYERS (GAME PEDESTRIANS IS AN EXCEPTION) - NO DESTROYING PLAYERS' CARS (GAME PEDESTRIAN CARS ARE AN EXCEPTION) - NO RECKLESS DRIVING - BE RESPECTFUL - THERE IS NO SET ACTIVITIES SO IF YOU HAVE A SUGGESTION AS TO WHAT WE CAN DO, YOU'RE MORE THAN WELCOME TO LEAD THE GROUP TO A FUN ACTIVITY. -GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP REQUIRED - HAVE FUN! - MESSAGE ME IF YOU'll BE IN ATTENDANCE! - BRING YOUR FRiENDS! POST ME YOUR GAMERTAGS! IF YOU DECIDE TO HOST A CAR MEET, LET ME KNOW!!
  14. Every Saturday, I will be hosting Car Meets! They will happen at different times and I will give notice before I start them! TODAY'S MEET WILL BE AT 5:30pm Eastern. Bring Any Car! I want to make this the Largest Car Meet I've ever hosted! Cars, Bikes and Trucks! Bring Them All! No Killing or Douchery. If you want to Join add me @ DJ ROKR I will Add you Back and You can Just join! Its a Friends Lobby so No Invites Necessary Bring You Friends! This Is For YouTube As Always so bring your Best! Youtube: ROKRTV
  15. DaChronicLungz

    (360) realistic gameplay

    yo... so if anyone on the 36 is tryna get on gta wit me hmu.. gamertag is DaChronicLungz invite only sessions. free aim. no supercars. no killing another player UNLESS granted permission by a server mod. instances would include: setting a bounty on person A so person B (B for Broke mfer lol) can repair a car/purchase clothes etc. if you find yourself beefin wit a player, let it be known verbally n well set up a standoff to settle sh*t. examples of things we do: realistic gangbangin. I'm talkin pistols only unless you run back to the car for the chopper... n only one person can use it at a time (even tho technically speakin we all got em on us)... you MUST have patience for this typa stuff.. stalkin our prey may take a minute. no walking thru an ops block.. deadass serious even try to avoid jumping curbs/switchin lanes much even when dippin from cops drifting. hella driftin, mountains, docks, alleys, everywhere lol boxing. uk what that sh*t is. bmxing. you can do a lot more than originally thought after a few minutes riding together... crazy creativity happens here lol BikeLife. dirtbikes, 4 wheelers, and cafe racers/crotch rockets w/e tf they're called only. bmx bike allowed if we're in the hood at that time... offloading. REALALISTIC ONLY. hill climbs, river passes, etc... parties. we just turn tf up sometimes. there's a lot more lol I'm just gettin tired of typin. bottom line. If you got patience, a lil imagination, n isnt some sheltered squeeky kid hmu. ps, ballaz are the ops. especially the stripey mfer in shorts. He talks hella sh*t on LifeInvader I swear to god I'm gonna beat his ass
  16. Killer250x

    (XB1) car meet

    Gt: Angrypancakeman
  17. BertTheBrain

    Help Wanted

    San Andreas Life is a multi-platform roleplaying community, and we’re looking for team leads, creative input, and reliable community management. We’re small, we’re brand new, and we’d really like your help making this something extraordinary. We’re looking for PC, 360, X1, PS4, & PS3 roles. These roles are not just staff, but they’re leadership positions, and creative roles for each platform. The only requirements are to be available and willing. Each platform will run independently, have the ability to modify, create, and change content while operating under the same general guide. Check us out to get a feel for what we’re about. If it interests you or you’d like to lend a hand, please contact us. Thank you.
  18. Crew leader looking for players for heists, missions , vip, etc etc . I'm looking to recruit players on both the PS3 and ps4 . Add my screen name - mjnzelda ( no caps)

    Zaibatsu (ZCORP) [Next Gen Only]

  20. sneaky_liam117

    Join LSPD-LA RP Crew

    Welcome to LSPD-LA Police Force! This is the most realistic police/civilian RP crew you will ever find. This crew has everything like a full database for the police. It also has insurance, registration, and a license system that all appear in the database for police to use in traffic stops. We will also have a court system if you choose to fight charges. We also have money system on the website. This is not real money this is a fake currency you use to buy stuff like insurance weapons, cars, pay for tickets, etc., Go to www.lspdlapoliceforce.com and go to the menu tab and click on LSPD-LA Requirements and rules and read it. If you think the you can work with our rules then go a head and apply for a job with us. We recommend that you to check the menu tab that says job description. It’s a short description of our different jobs on GTA 5 and how we play. Keep in mind you must apply as a civilian before applying for any other job. So if you think your worthy to join the crew then go ahead and apply at the applications tab at the top!
  21. We are looking for 1-2 players for completing the CRIMINAL MASTERMIND CHALLENGE. The objective of the challenge is to do all the heists, in order, with the same players, on hard difficulty, WITHOUT DYING. Payout is 10 000 000 $. All in Order Challenge is also going to be completed, if you have not completed it yet. Payout is 1 000 000 $. Loyalty Challenge is also going to be completed, if you have not completed it yet. Payout is 1 000 000 $. So the payout is substantial, varying from 10-12M $, depending on your progress in these challenges. We are looking for 1-2 players who are interested in this, willing to use skype, teamspeak3, and voice chat, and who are able to complete these heists. We have a few requirements: COMPLETED ALL HEISTS HAVE HEAVY UTILITY VEST VOICE CHAT, SKYPE, TEAMSPEAK 3 ABLE TO PLAY GTA FOR 5-10 HOURS IN ORDER TO DO THIS IN ONE DAY WILLING TO LISTEN PREFER HIGHER LEVEL PLAYERS For more information, contact on Rockstar Social Club and Steam: Charybdim (140) DModMusic (250)
  22. LSTF_Director

    Los Santos Special Task Team Now recruitng

    The Los Santos Special Task Team (LSTF) is a new and upcoming agency that is dedicated to protecting and serving the people of Los Santos and San Andreas ( Including Paleto Bay, Shandy Shores, Chumash and Grapeseed). We are a private firm allow employed by the government we are not funded by them which allows us to take up contracts for civilians ( such as escorts and protection, a personal driver, mutual crew meet security and many more) Requirements for joining the force: Age 14 + ( 14 year olds are allowed to join) Have a legal copy of GTA V Be rank 20 or above in GTA Online Have a working headset ( not kinect) Hello, I am the leader of LSTF and I play on both Xbox One and Xbox 360, although I am primarily on Xbox One so I am looking for Responsible members who play on PS4, PS3, XBX360 and PC, to mail me as there is a position to become the commander of the force on each o these consoles, but, I will still be in charge of the crew, you report to me and have to follow the same rules, uniforms and vechile limitations as this will be a professional crew. There will be a few different divisions within the crew ( not all of which are currently open) that are looking for leaders on each console so again mail me if you are interested I will tell you a bit about each division below: LSPD : Although as I said before we are a privately funded agency part of that funding comes from the LSPD and some of their officers help us on major calls such as terrorist threats, chases, or even just simple escorts for extra protection. The members of the LSPD that we have in our ranks are very important to our agency and are greatly respected even though they are seen as to be the bottom of the ladder so this is a great place for new members of the clan to start out. Starting out in the LSPD opens many many doors for you later on in the crews life, you can easily and quickly move up the ranks if you are an officer that can take orders but also take initiative to do his/her job. If you start out in this division you have a limited use of weapons ( mainly a pistol and shotgun ) and will drive LSPD marked cruisers the majority of the time. Within the LSPD division there are several different ranks such as officer, detective, swat and FTO (field training officer). Even though LSPD is not technically a part of my agency they are a part of the task force they are under my instruction; this includes all of the subdivisions too. The subdivisions with in the LSPD include: LSPD Patrol Officers LSPD Air Observer LSPD Chemical Officers LSPD Cycle Officers LSPD Detectives LSPD Community support officers LSPD Motorcycle Officers LSPD Specialist Firearms Units (SWAT) LSPD Traffic Officer LSPD Underwater Units LSPD Undercover unit The main division of the LSPD is the Patrol officers. This LSPD section may have been a bit confusing and contradictory ad I apologize for that changes are still being made if you have any questions on this section please do not hesitate to message me, my contact details are at the bottom. Agent : Agents are the BIGGEST division within the clan and again like the LSPD there are many different ranks within the agents, the order is as follows: Probationary Agent Special Agent Senior Special Agent Supervisory Special Agent Assistant Special Agent-in-Charge (ASAC) Special Agent-in-Charge (SAC) Anyone who joins this division will start as a Probationary agent and can eventually work there way up to an SAC.There are many different teams / groups of agents that operate in different areas of San Andreas, and each group is controlled by a SAC , or if they are unavailable the highest ranking member of the group. These agents again will have there own specific uniform and vehicles that they can use. Army (currently not open) : This is a private military contractor that is part of my Task Force but is not tied to the United States Military but is still permitted to operate within the United states Military. The Ranking system has yet to be decided but if you are interested in this division please let me know. Civilians : The task force also has several civilian roles such as drives, forensic teams and medical staff, we have off duty EMT and Firemen that work for us. Drivers are probably the most prominent in this division as they drive high ranking members of the Task Force to meeting as well as other executives. Security : This division is used for personal security, they will be required to wear a black smart suit, they provide security for crew management meetings, high ranking crew members, other crew executives and take up security contracts form other crews. Crew Management: Theses are the most important people in the clan and the people with the most experience they have the power to take control of divisions within the crew and give orders to other members of the crew so it goes without saying that these members should be respected. The ranking system is as follows: Deputy Assistant Director ( One for every console) Assistant Director ( One for every console) Deputy Director ( One for each console - answers to director) Director ( Me - Only one director highest rank in the crew and can decide to promote and demote other members of the clan, and is the person who go to if no one else is available) Under this division I have also decided to put Executive who are members of other crews or other civilians that have done a lot of work to help the crew although are not members of this Task Force. That is the majority divisions of the crew, unfortunately the website is not yet up and running but if you would like to apply to join the crew, have any questions, or another crew looking for a partnership or to take out a contract my details are below. Xbox Gamertag: martin 200045 Email adress: [email protected] Kik Messenger: MaRtiND0nnelly Social club: LS50_Director You also leave comments on here and I will reply to all questions ASAP, there will be an interview as well as training stages. Social cub page: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/ls_special_task_team Thank you for reading all of this, LSTF_Director
  23. Phoenix_Zaka

    Need GTA video editors and designers.

    Hello guys, I'm Phoenix from Vetrex studios, Vetrex is our still small gaming community. _______________________________________________________________ We want to expand our reach which why we are going to make Youtube videos. What kind of videos? Of gaming offcourse, Anyways we are still searching people to expand our expertises As in: 4 Recorders. You should be able to record epic stunts and cool things and you should be able to cut that part out to give to the editors, so the editors know what's cool about the video your giving them. (Cuts etc) 2 Editors. You must have expertise about editing, including adding 3D text and 3D models into videos, you should make the video look good and catchy. 1 Designer, We need a designer to create us 3D / 2D banners / Logo's aswell Are you interested? Send a e-mail to [email protected] Thankyou
  24. jakelawrence

    KING OF PURGE - RECRUITING (look inside)

    KING OF PURGE (PS4) ----------------------------------------- Information We are recruiting all members from the ages of 16+ (preferably). We are a crew with a lot a banter and we are the most wanted people in the GTA free roam lobbies. We chill together in lobbies and hunt down our arch enemies. We take down other crews with ease in death matches, LTS etc. We do loads of car meet ups and races as a crew. What we are looking for: - Deadly GTA players that know how to tear things up in sessions. - People with a lot of banter (but not racist or offensive banter), and that can have a good laugh. - NO NOOBS at the game. - People that can obey the rules. Rules: - Don't kill other crew members in free mode. ​- Try and be active and loyal to this crew. - Destroy anyone that isn't a part of KofP. If you want to join contact me on PSN : jakelawrence6 LINK : https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/king_of_purge Thanks for reading !!!
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