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  1. Reaper Lords are an active outlaw gang on Red Dead Online and we are recruiting mature, respectful and loyal new members for PS4 and XB1. 1 minute recruiting video We are a highly organized and tight-knit crew that was founded on GTA in 2013. We still play GTA and other games together, but with the release of Red Dead Online we have moved to Red Dead as our primary gameplay environment. We have members world-wide ranging in age from 17-45, with the majority being mid-20's to early 30's. On Red Dead we enjoy playing as a friendly, but formidable outlaw gang. We play all game modes, but are most frequently in freeroam riding in large formations, hunting, participating in lobby challenges, and engaging with other posses. We do not use our large numbers to grief friendly players, but frequently push trolls and griefers out of lobbies, so we can enjoy the game in peace. Many of our members are active on youtube, twitter and instagram, working together to create videos and photos. Our crew has been featured by VICE, Kotaku, Rockstar Games and others. You can Google "Reaper Lords" to find the articles. Outside the game we organize frequent meet-ups in the US & Europe. Past meet up locations have included Los Angeles, San Diego, London, Dublin, Las Vegas, Amsterdam, and Baltimore. We have also raised nearly $10k through game-related events to benefit several charities. We are not a casual crew and membership must be earned by demonstrating commitment and ability to uphold our standards. We frequently hear that we take the game too seriously, but for us any specific game is secondary in nature. Gaming is just what brings us together. We truly are like a big extended family and that's what we value most. All prospective members must apply through our website. If your application is accepted, one of our Enforcers will contact you within 5 days. If you do not hear back, your application was rejected. Feel free to post questions below or contact me @Dirty_Worka on Twitter or Instagram. LORD DirtyWorka President - Los Santos Reaper Lords MC
  2. Hello everybody, I am Trooper trump, I am currently an admin with the SaDOJ " San Andreas Department Of Justice " on play station 4 A real world roleplay community. We are currently seeking roles, as : civilian, Fire & EMS, Deputy Sheriff, Highway Patrol, Communications and company owners, And along with that we are seeking another admin, a responsible- trustworthy- dedicated individual. To join our community the requirements are: - Must be @ least 15 years of age by time of application. - Must be able to access zello, discord, and our CAD/MDT during our session's - Must be able to speak well English and also be able to understand it. - Must be at least a level 10 withing GTA 5 online - Must be within the United States Of America & Canada ( We tried out of country it was difficult to do because of major time differences ) If you may fit those requirements please contact me Via Discord " troopertrump #8180 " or Go check out our website & feel free to apply there. Sadoj1.enjin.com https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/sadoj1
  3. DennizZs

    Reapers Nomad MC

    Reapers Nomad MC is now looking for members! We are a freshly started biker crew with active players and a top notch club house. Anyone is free to join and tryout as a prospect! Console: PC https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/reapers_nomad_mc /Reapers President
  4. PLS-Riddy

    [P:LS] Project Los Santos Roleplay

    Welcome to the new beginning. Project Los Santos is a newly opened GTA:O Roleplay community built on standards. Our founder's come from various backgrounds, a police officer, a United States Marine, a progressive author, and more. We have been in many communities, never quite finding what we looked for. Today we open to a new setting of planning and equal chances for endless opportunities. We believe being open and free to ideas is our greatest policy. We never deny any idea without hearing it out amongst a group of equals whom we can the council. These are players elected to vote on rules, factions, events, even punishments. You are never subject to bias here. We have a strong desire to making our sessions fun for everyone. Currently, we use the app DISCORD to roleplay, for its versatile capabilities and endless uses for everything from community discussions to roleplays, dictating specific actions and getting our members involved with everything we offer. We are currently developing a penal code for our LSPD which will be open to the public for knowledge of our punishments and charges you can face. Don't just sit there. If this sounds like a tease for something bigger, head over to the social club and request an invite. We request that you submit this short form before we accept your invite. Please note you also will be expected to join our community website and post your character stories in the proper section. SOCIAL CLUB NAME: Age: Region/Timezone: Experience(if any?): Have you been referred by another member?: SOCIAL CLUB link: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/projectlossantosrp Website: http://projectlossantos.us Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/SwCSf Please note we accept all systems, however we currently only retain members of the PS3 community. Please feel free to ask any questions below.
  5. Just wondering if there is any actual military vets and active military in this forum. I want to get a crew started exclusively for military personnel from all around the world. Brotherhood is brotherhood. Where are you from? What branch? Looking for PS4 users but open to anyone with an xbox starting one up for xbox users.
  6. Welcome to G7S "If You Want Peace, Prepare For War" Originated and Based out of Los Santos A crew born with psychopathic intentions. We started in an active military crew who’s restrictions pushed a lot of good players away. After the crew went through changes me and another member said we wont be a part of a crew full of pansies. So G7S was born. A crew of top shooters, sick minded, crazy ruthless Motherf**kers willing to learn tactics and destroy everything in their way. So if you have stumbled here by mistake but are interested in joining keep reading. First Five Operators (Open/Needed) Leaders: Taken (ExMarine, xJIMMYxWAYNEx) Platoon Sergeant: open Squad Leader: Open (Must become a member first) Team Leader: Open (Must become a member first) Infantry: Open XBOX ONE Exclusive only for now. Cross plat forming is optional but is club discussion/decision only Recruitment Required: Open for all levels. Both casual/active Players Cruising around and raising hell Alliances: None at this time but open to discuss if interested We pride ourselves on our brotherhood, as it is a firm foundation that binds this Organization, and believe in quality over quantity. ATTENTION Looking for active duty in the Military or Veterans but also will take anyone who is interested in just having a good time. Crew Website: http://devilsoutlaw0311.wixsite.com/g7ssolutions Social Club: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/g7s_solutions Message Leaders in order to Join And Answer The Interview Below GAMERTAGS: ExMarine xJIMMYxWAYNEx Gamertag (XB1): MIC?: Social Club Username: Age: Time Zone: Last Crew: WILLING TO GO TO WAR???: How much in-game money: Activity Rate per week: Are you able to download apps?: Are you interested in Military Simulations?: What can you bring to G7S?: THANK YOU FOR YOUR INTEREST IN THE CREW!!!
  7. Hey What's up, We decided to start a DayZ/Post Apocalyptic Rp on Xbox one. We are about to start soon, so be sure to add us quickly Gamertags: VxBasket OutlawFlamez Requirements: Good Mic Gta 5 {for Xb1} 13 or Older. Once you add us, we will startup a party and talk to you about the rules of the Role-play!
  8. Welcome to the International Pacific Standard Job recruitment thread. Our goal is to provide a reliable crew for those looking for competent players to do the Pacific heist. And that's our only goal. We try to recruit as many players as possible, but we need competent players. Unlike other threads, this one will be simple, since this crew's goal is quite simple.(I'm even typing this on my phone, so if there's something wrong, please tell me and I will try to edit it as soon as possible on a PC). Crew link: https://pt.socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/int_pacific_st_job_ Platforms: All. Leader: me, zecanelao(I'm on PC). Rules: 1) Only set this crew as your active crew if you're available/need/want to do the Pacific heist. It will be easier to find other members. 2) Minimun payout cut: 20%, unless if the member hasn't helped with any setup. 3) Heist leader: use player saved outfits. It's highly recommended to use an utility vest. A member who keeps failing the mission and isn't wearing a heavy combat vest must be reported and will be kicked. 4) Respect other members, don't kill them. 5) This crew is for experienced players who know what they're doing. We accept low level players, as long as they are skilled enough. 6) Follow the strategy below. Additional notes: *invite your friends to our crew. We need as many players as possible. * We need some members for each platform to help with the management. If you want to be one of them, let me know. Requirements: trying to keep it as open as possible, there are no requirements yet. No mics needed, no minimun age or rank, etc. But if the quality of our members isn't satisfactory, we will need to take some actions to find better members. Basic strategy(open to discussion): this heist is quite simple: Vans setup: nothing to say here. If you want to take the photos alone and know how to do it, there's no problem. Signal: if you see someone using a helicopter, wait that player land it on the island before getting Avi. Also, avoid being with three other players in the same vehicle to avoid the wanted level glitch. Hack: nothing to say here. Just don't use explosives while delivering the black van. Convoy: a little tricky mission, easy to fail. First, don't use explosives. Also, don't shoot the guys in the truck, wait for them stop and get out. It's very to damage it. Attention for anyone driving the Insurgent pick-up. Always be in a good position so the gunner has nothing blocking his/her sight from the Savages. Bikes: nothing to say here. Finale: Only one player carries the money. To make things simple the player with the LOWEST rank should do that. This player and other two stay inside the bank. Just walk out the door, get the checkpoint outside and then get back inside the bank. Stay there until one player reaches the bikes. The player with the HIGHEST rank should rush to the bikes, destroy them and then commit suicide. The rest you all know how to do it. Any questions, free feel to ask.
  9. Hey there I'm looking for some people to go through all the heists with on ps3. No mic needed but if you have one that would be great. You must be over level 50 PSN: Freddy-M_A_C
  10. Wapomoonman

    Black Wolves MC PB Recruiting!

    Black Wolves MC is looking for new members to join the Pack! social club link : https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/black_wolves_mc_pb Black Wolves MC PB -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Black Wolves were founded just recently as result of two friends who decided to play GTA 5 together. After some ecounterswith "The Lost" we went on and started our own MC to play in in our gaming sessions together. As Location we went for that quiet little mountain town called "Paleto Bay" because Paleto Bay has everything you need in close proximity (House, Garages, Helicopter, armoured police car. shops, great sniper tower, garage and even the new Clubhouse!) and all those nice things comes without being sticky bombed at your front porch by some dude in a flashy sportscar! i love Paleto bay...don't you? But iam wandering off again, lets talk abit more about the goals and kind of persons we are looking for to make a real pack from this 2 man road show! (which in fact already happened because in a few hours we jumped over 30 members , probably because of our sexy patch) Who are we and who are we looking for? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We are NOT a heavy roleplaying crew and we also do NOT have Prospects (free patches for everyone) because we believe that all members are equal and all members have equal rights and duty's towards their crew and towards their crew members. We are also a multi national crew which means that the language on the voice chat will be mainly English (unless we all speak a same other language) a headset with microphone will come in handy. As mentioned before we are NOT a heavy roleplaying crew but we are a MC which means that if we ride together as group we use a motorcycle but we wear our patch at all times so we can show our colors. If we are in war or doing a heist or mission together there are NO vehicle restrictions because it's not practical. Next to that we are mainting the basic rules which should be no suprise for anyone. In short we are looking for nice members who just like us want to have a great time together and some fun with a MC flavor on it, if you are friendly and abit mature (not to mature) then please join us or send me (Wapomoonman) a PM on socialclub.... hope to see you soon, running with the pack! Our GTA tag is : BWPB ----This thread will be editted once things change and will be used as our recruiting page here--------------
  11. despised_v_icon


    add me looking for chill people to play with. Or to ride around in car shows what ever.. Add me gt:DeSp1s3d_x_Ic0N
  12. Too much zeal

    "No v" in Stephen mc recruiting and trolling

    Hello! This is "Too much zeal" here: I am the president of the MC NO V. Don't get too excited, we do not promote the lack of v from any context except the name Stephen since there are currently four Stephens in the club. As of now we're looking at about 13 members throughout the week, but usually 3-4 of us on 24 hours a day across most regional popular time zones. Using ps4 and xb1 depending on who is available to ride, our crew stacks four businesses up throughout the mc challenges and trolling of other McS. From the hydra to the cargo bob, most of our current roster already host most necessary key vehicles for sabotaging other Mc's and quickly making cash. Very casual group of upper twenty somethings from New York Texas California Belgium, England, Norway and Canada looking to cause more havoc. If you are looking to make a cool half mil in a session witha cool helpful squad shoot me a message over XboxOne Businesses around perimeter of city and Blaine county, with mc club in the heart.
  13. Breezo2x

    Luciaono Family Recruiting

    I'm the Don of the Luciaono Family and we are looking for new and active members to control Turf and handle businesses that the family owns and if you're interested you can contact me on PSN @Breezy__543
  14. PROCURO POR PARCEIROS, COFUNDADORES, PARA UM CLUBE SÉRIO NO GTA 5 ONLINE NA PLATAFORMA DO PS4. Para este projeto estou a procura de pessoas sérias e comprometidas a fim de colaborar para que este seja um dos maiores e melhores virtual moto clube, de gta 5 online, do mundo. Entre em contato comigo que passarei todas as informações do clube, estatuto interno etc. obs.: Clube 100% original e para amantes do motociclismo. Site do clube: www.indomaveismcbrasil.wixsite.com/isi9 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/muhamed.alkaed.33 ou https://www.facebook.com/muhamed.alkaed?fref=ts Email: <script data-cfhash='f9e31' type="text/javascript">/* */</script> Imagem do nosso patch (escudo/emblema) nacional (http://imgur.com/a/gJF7V)
  15. RenitentEagle

    Dope Life Roleplay

    This is a roleplay in gta 5 online where we want everyone to have fun and not screw around much. If you are interested sign up at https://dopeliferp.wixsite.com/nolimitsto get started today. We need Cops,Ems,Fire Department, and Civillians all positions are open and we have a lot of opportunities please give us a try and join today.Next session is on Friday night and Saturday night
  16. Looking for people that help me with CEO missions, and in return i will help them with theirs. Hit me up on ps4 :iskypedyourmom
  17. United Alliance of Los Santos is Now Recruiting Are you tired of being alone in lobbies? Tired of running around the streets of Los Santos without your buddies? Tired of not having any associates as a CEO or prospects for your MC to help your business? Tired of your unreliable crew? If you answered yes to any of those questions, this crew is for you! The aim is to have crew members readily available to you, whether it be for contact missions, heists, CEO/MC work, or just to enjoy the game together! Players will be able to experience first-hand what an actual active crew is like! This community will provide crew events, interactions among members and hierarchy advancements (monthly), stats will be taken into consideration and participation as well. All players will be considered and no one will be left out. SO JOIN NOW! https://socialclub.r...ted_alliance_ls
  18. Iskypedyourmom

    Ps4 players NEEDED

    Hello i want to team up with a few players on ps4 to do mission, free roam, heists etc etc etc. If your interested hit me up on ps4: iskypedyourmom or just leave a reply. I'm 23 years old and have a mic
  19. Iskypedyourmom

    Need players Heist ps4

    Help i meed players for all heists, i got a mic. Leave a reply or add me ingame psn: iskypedyourmom
  20. Porsche07lap

    Pimp My Ride WCC Custom Emblem crew

    This is Porsche07lap, although I run the Redlock Republic, I also own a second crew known as Pimp My Ride WCC. This crew was originally owned by a player called Nugsy who passed over ownership. This crew was created for the emblem and is open to anyone who wants to play GTAV online with a cool custom emblem to go along with their character and rides. The emblem as seen above This emblem of which is based on West Coast Customs Link: Pimp My Ride WCC An existing thread for this has been created by the original owner Nugsy but due to being the new owner, I have created this new thread. The previous thread can be seen here Open crew, West Coast Customs emblem for your car The previously made thread also highlights important information about the custom emblem. The crew uses a colour code of (0,0,0) which gives it a pure black colour. As quotes "This also gives the "PATRIOT TYRE SMOKE" as crew smoke (crew rank 35 needed)" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ss8c9e8qnRk
  21. I was just wondering if anyone knew if the second created character with level 120 has max or minimum health. For example do i have to level up to 220 in order to get full health again?
  22. Live2Kyle

    Emblem for YouTube ?

    Looking for someone to make an emblem with my characters face or something or my crew logo for my YouTube channel to use for a profile picture and in the intro to videos
  23. Looking for 3 players for the criminal mastermind challenge. You must have done all the hiests and be of pretty high rank. Add Social: azzarn
  24. CaliMeatWagon

    GTA: O Friend Finder

    Hello there peoples! I wanted to bring you something I thought maybe we could build as a community. I have created a Discord server entitled the GTA: O Friend Finder. Now for those of you who are unfamiliar with Discord it is a basic messaging service that is completely free and is quickly growing in popularity due to it's quality, easy of use, simple design, and the fact that it's gear towards gamers. It allows anybody to create a free profile and free community based servers that offer both text and picture messaging, but also voice messaging.* Now at first it may be a bit slow getting started, but I believe with the help of the community we can get it going strong. There are multiple channels for finding players based on activity and platform. (Heists, daily challenges, car meets, etc.) When you join, type your what platforms you want access for and the appropriate tags will be given to you. There is a section for general discussion. There will be very loose moderation. So if you get easily offended, please strongly consider if this is something you want to join. For all others, here is the invite code: https://discord.gg/6Ja2NTF The looking for sections are divided into the following categories: Friends_Crews Heists VIP_CEO_MC_GR Missions Daily Meets Racing Other *I am not getting paid or endorsed or anything else from Discord. This is something I set up on my own volition.
  25. hello my friend! this is the official topic of TRBB We are a just started friendly mature crew. For ps4 ONLY. if you wanna join us with things like heists, mc or just to have a Great talk with eachoter or whatever you and we feel like doing then you finally can! at this moment it is still a ps4 only crew, but if we find enough people from different consoles, we will open up a seperate console crew. we all got mics and we have both men and woman, EVERYONE IS EQUAL IN HERE. psn: iskypedyourmom and our crew link: = https://socialclub.r...bat_brotherhood We do have a few rules...: -have a mic. -no racisme. -be 18+ the crew got created on may 24th. so were still tring to find people that are nice and respect eachother. We currently at 120 members! we will be working with a rank up system wich basicly means if you do well you will get ranked up inside of the crew, think about representatives, lieutenants, commissioners and even co leaders. we dont care if you are black, white, yellow or purple just have fun with eachother, we got host and co hosts for pac, people with yachts, people with mc and ceo buildings. hosts for car meetups and the list goes on and on so everyone can do what they want. if you need our help with one of your businesses we help you but we expect you help the ones who helped you aswell. sounds mind blowing doesnt it? well its really simple, help and get helped that's all it is. my psn = iskypedyourmom social club name = iskypedurmom. https://socialclub.r...er/iskypedurmom send me an invite on social club, and one on ps4 and tell me that you want to join the crew. and just simply apply on social club to the crew from the link above...
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