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  1. sneaky_liam117

    Join LSPD-LA RP Crew

    Welcome to LSPD-LA Police Force! This is the most realistic police/civilian RP crew you will ever find. This crew has everything like a full database for the police. It also has insurance, registration, and a license system that all appear in the database for police to use in traffic stops. We will also have a court system if you choose to fight charges. We also have money system on the website. This is not real money this is a fake currency you use to buy stuff like insurance weapons, cars, pay for tickets, etc., Go to www.lspdlapoliceforce.com and go to the menu tab and click on LSPD-LA Requ
  2. Car enthusiasts alike post, comment share screen shots, organise meets, races, Customisation tips etc. You really feel like showing off your creativity and attention to detail for Madd GTA online Customisation, challenge other players and see who is the best.
  3. Looking for people to do missions, heists, or freemode with on xbox one
  4. Post your Jobs and Playlists here ! Tell us why your job/playlist is worthy to try. Be sure to add up some details and insights, and don't forget to mention the console !
  5. Hey What's up, We decided to start a DayZ/Post Apocalyptic Rp on Xbox one. We are about to start soon, so be sure to add us quickly Gamertags: VxBasket OutlawFlamez Requirements: Good Mic Gta 5 {for Xb1} 13 or Older. Once you add us, we will startup a party and talk to you about the rules of the Role-play!
  6. Xbox One car meet!!! normal rules, no killing or blowing up each others cars! Multiple meet spots, drag races and just chill driving around the map! Any car, no bikes,helicopters,planes etc! message hxnta for an invite to game and party!
  7. Reaper Lords are an active outlaw gang on Red Dead Online and we are recruiting mature, respectful and loyal new members for PS4 and XB1. 1 minute recruiting video We are a highly organized and tight-knit crew that was founded on GTA in 2013. We still play GTA and other games together, but with the release of Red Dead Online we have moved to Red Dead as our primary gameplay environment. We have members world-wide ranging in age from 17-45, with the majority being mid-20's to early 30's. On Red Dead we enjoy playing as a friendly, but formidable outlaw gang. We play all
  8. Hello, My name is Flow I Go by Savage_wolf13 On PSN Im currently looking for a heist crew i am rank 61 and i have experience with all heist as ive played on Xbox one before (rank 257) Yes i do have a mic and im not some noob. Im looking to have a great time unlocking all heist vehicles of course on hard difficulty and in need of mature people. Anyone wanting to do heists please PM me on PSN. Im currently not home i will be online in exactly 3 hours after i finish school. i am 17 and looking for mature people only. It is preferred that you have a mic but not necessary and when playing to be sto
  9. DaChronicLungz

    (360) realistic gameplay

    yo... so if anyone on the 36 is tryna get on gta wit me hmu.. gamertag is DaChronicLungz invite only sessions. free aim. no supercars. no killing another player UNLESS granted permission by a server mod. instances would include: setting a bounty on person A so person B (B for Broke mfer lol) can repair a car/purchase clothes etc. if you find yourself beefin wit a player, let it be known verbally n well set up a standoff to settle sh*t. examples of things we do: realistic gangbangin. I'm talkin pistols only unless you run back to the car for the chopper... n only one person can u
  10. Hey there I'm looking for some people to go through all the heists with on ps3. No mic needed but if you have one that would be great. You must be over level 50 PSN: Freddy-M_A_C
  11. Xbox One PASSIVE MODE car meet!!! no killing or blowing up each others cars! Multiple meet spots, drag races and just chill driving around the map! Any car, no bikes,helicopters,planes etc! message hxnta or fbfh for an invite to game and party!
  12. hi, i need help on gta 5 pc to get more money #poor #16konhand so if you would like to help, add me on social club: LaPartDuDemonFR i can also call with skype,discord and ts the help would be much apreciated Thanks Social Club: LaPartDuDemon skype: lapartdudemonfr discord: RainbowsProdigy
  13. hey guys, I'm new to these forums... but I need some help making large amounts of money, and fast. I was planning on doing CEO Special Crate work. I need at least 6 people, 3 is the minimum. I'm online daily, and it's currently 11:09am where I'm at. PM me on Xbox if you're interested. (oh btw, I don't have a mic, n Kinect isn't compatible with the Xbox One S. I like to use Skype)
  15. thedailygamer3

    Is it worth it?

    I was wondering if I should get GTA V on the current gen, but I already played it on last gen, so I was wondering if your'll could give me some advice?
  16. Killer250x

    XB1 Stance/Drift meet

    Will meet around Vinewood sign. Drift or Stanced cars ONLY Msg: AngryPancakeMan Will drag later on.
  17. Iskypedyourmom

    Helping people with CEO/MC

    Like the title says, i am willing to help people with their missions CEO and mc. Or gunrunning. I got all the gunrunning vehicles and bunkers, i play on PS4 and my gt = iskypedyourmom will be helling the next few hours for nothing at all. I am level 135 and got a mic.
  18. Join GT killer250x
  19. We are looking for 1-2 players for completing the CRIMINAL MASTERMIND CHALLENGE. The objective of the challenge is to do all the heists, in order, with the same players, on hard difficulty, WITHOUT DYING. Payout is 10 000 000 $. All in Order Challenge is also going to be completed, if you have not completed it yet. Payout is 1 000 000 $. Loyalty Challenge is also going to be completed, if you have not completed it yet. Payout is 1 000 000 $. So the payout is substantial, varying from 10-12M $, depending on your progress in these challenges. We are looking for 1-2 players who are inter
  20. KPKaccountt

    Mission Lovers United !

    For those who are looking for teammates for job missions, post your ID here. Please also mention : -The console you are playing. -The most common days you play GTA Online. -The most common time you play GTA Online (Also include your region's time zone) -Any of your weapons, equipments, or vehicles that can convince people to add you as friend. (Such as tank, attack chopper, sticky bomb, etc) Additional info : Explain why people should add you as friend. What are some skills and roles that you are good at in a teamwork.
  21. Crew leader looking for players for heists, missions , vip, etc etc . I'm looking to recruit players on both the PS3 and ps4 . Add my screen name - mjnzelda ( no caps)
  22. I need help with getting the beast outfit on Xbox one message me on Xbox one GGEBB 38000 if interested and big money reward to everyone that helps
  23. With first the Prison Break heist being part of this double RP week and now the Humane Labs does anyone think they'll do Series A and then hopefully Pacific standard for a week because me and my friends have been taking advantage of this and making a lot of dough so it would be awesome if Rockstar went through with it what y'all think?
  24. August2422


    Hello everyone I am new to this forum so at least try to hear me out, I may have an idea or a solution to how to deal with jet griefers. I know you are all thinking we already have "ways" to deal with jets like the homing missile which some think it's "over powered" but it is really not. The missile when launched travels so slow when fired by the time it is near a jet it just explodes and it's a waste of a missile and others ask "why not use another jet?" Well not everyone can afford a jet can they? What I am suggesting right now is a military vehicle called the LAV-AD if you don't know what i
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