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  1. Kirsty

    Xbox Car Meets

    Car Meet Bulletins - Advertise Your Meet on Xbox One or Xbox 360 Use this topic to advertise your car meets and spontanous events. More detailed and organised meets/events should have their own dedicated topic. Use the below template so players know when to arrive or who to contact to take part! Date: Time: Timezone: Car Type(s): Platform: Gamertag:
  2. FearTheReaper

    Sons Of Anarchy MC Recruitment

    Sons Of Anarchy - RECRUITING I'm the President of an Active crew called The Sons Of Anarchy. -Requirements: Have to know how a biker crew works. Level 15+ Chopper bike of your choice. Black SUV's/Armored Cars with Crew Emblem if chosen. Biker cuts, with crew emblem. Loyalty, Trust, Work. Summary. Sons Of Anarchy welcome new and experienced players. We will all help each other gain the money and success we need as a crew. We're not just a Social Club crew, we also have an In-game Clubhouse with a couple of rackets. Organization with Vehicle Cargo and Warehouse. Expect -Meet ups at the Sons Of Anarchy Office and Clubhouse. -Cruising with other members, look out for each other. -Building a rep for ourselves, take no sh*t. -We will always be using the Clubhouse/Office/Rackets for Missions and Money. -All blacked outfit needed sometimes. (Have a few custom outfits of your own biker cut choices.) -There will always be competition. Clubhouse (and/or Party Chat): We will talk about: Promotions Demotions Enemies/Rivals Friends/Allies Votes Issues that members have General Discussions about ANY topic. If you are interested in becoming apart of the MC, hit me up at InF x Mcandrew on Xbox Live or Social Club at https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/mcandreww More details when you're an approved member.
  3. Suchi Ru Speed Stars Mainly focused on the one currently. Message Soy El Maleante to try out for the three s crew (Photos taken on 360 by: R C F R E A K 1) (Drifting by: Soy Milk) or if you want me to get on your door too is cool. Take a ride get in take a hit and watch the show. Drift team sleep mode: [ON] Suchi Ru drift team members: [25] Big up to all my familia We get sideways no matter the terrain, weather, or conditions I cant forget about my people that get low you know who you are. Stay low. Respect. Technique cannot be taught it is found within: Bunta Fujiwara
  4. ChieffJeff"s Car Meet: My name is Jeff, and i am here to try and provide some dope car meets. I feel like there isn't as much car meets as there used to be, so i want to change that for those who are still on 360. I strongly believe in that everyone should be treated equally with respect, therefore i am not a leader because i created this form i am just one of you who is looking for a decent car meet to hit up. If you want start a car meet with me then hit me up i'm online most of the time. Console: Xbox 360 GT: Chi3ffjeff
  5. Gamesrgut4dich


    I will be hosting a GTA 5 last gen event Car meets/modded maps activities Clown custom game on free roam @8 pm ET Leave GamerTag and I will invite you DISCLAIMER there will be no modding this is simply to have fun in free roam
  6. Mvnke818

    Deathaholics MC is looking for you

    Deathaholics MC is looking for mature and loyal members. We are a tight knit club that are there for our fellow brothers and sisters, then the average kill em all club. We do alot of missions, heist, tdm, and also helping our lower ranked members excel to greatness by helping them reach levels they need. We feel that reaching those goals together has brought us to having more loyal members, then the club hoppers. DAMC is a xb1 and xbx 360 Club and we don't discrimnate if you dont currently have a Mic or kik. For any questions feel free to contact mvnke818 or sunerDAMC via social club.https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/deathaholics_mc
  7. MsLovell725

    GTA V Heists- Xbox 360

    Needing some help finishing my Heists. I have done all of the Heists on PS4 so i know how to do them all. I am rank 57. Message me or add MsLovell725 and let me know if you would like to help. Thanks.
  8. ALL FOR THE WIN is recruiting, and you may just be the perfect candidate to join. To request an invite, please go to the R* Social Club: http://allforthewin.xyz/crew Why ALL FOR THE WIN? =================== We do heists, deathmatches, mc/ceo stuff and racing all the time, and you will be making a lot of money legit quickly. Also, a LOT of freemode beefin’; we have each other’s backs. In short, this crew is about making money and having fun while doing it. If interested, either find me or any of the other high ranking AFTW members in lobbies or go to http://allforthewin.xyz/crew to request an invite. Heists: Originally a heists-only crew from the 360 days, we specialize in these. Which means that every we know and have done every heist a million times. Heists remain the one of the best ways to make money in GTA online, which is why it is important for us that you are good or at least willing to learn how to do heists. Once you do, you will see that it’s easy money. Ever heard of Pac Swaps? We haz it. Deathmatches: GTA Online lobbies are not the friendliest of places, which is why we host a lot of deathmatches; to keep your killer instinct sharpened. You have to know how to defend yourself in battle, and deathmatches provide a controlled environment for this very purpose. You will be prepared for when the griefers show up in freemode, and the apparently inevitable beef against them which always seem to occur. CEO/MC: As you may have realised by now, quality help is difficult to find. AFTW aims to solve that problem by ensuring that anyone in the crew will be able to aid in CEO/MC stuff with aplomb. If you recruit an AFTW member to your organization/motorcycle club, you can rest assured that he or she knows what he or she is doing. As crewmates we do not kill each other, and it’s preferred that you have a mic. No mic is possible, but it will make your life more difficult. Also, you don't have to be the best player of all time to join; everyone is welcome, as long as you are willing to learn the things that you do not know, and teach those that you do. We are a multilingual crew, with members speaking mainly english and spanish, but some also dutch and other languages; we span the globe. Checkout the full crew rules on the website. Making money in GTA Online is hard? Not if you are a part of AFTW; being a part of AFTW means having fun while being very profitable at the same time. Win-win for everybody. All for the Win! If you tick all the checkboxes and are interested to join, please go to http://allforthewin.xyz/crew and request an invite. Platforms: Xbox One/ Xbox 360 Links: ======== Web: http://allforthewin.xyz R* Social Club: http://allforthewin.xyz/crew Discord: http://allforthewin.xyz/discord
  9. Los_Santos_Cutie

    xbox 360 race swaps

    Hi guys! I wanna find some peeps to trade race wins! One for one of course. I''ve tried winning actual races and I suuuuck lol. It'll be trill, homie! BisonHawk
  10. OREOS 1994

    Dirty Rebels MC 1% Recruiting [XBOXONE]

    Recruitment Message! This is a message from Dirty Rebels MC National President, we are recruiting new prospects for our brotherhood/ranks. We are a very strict well organised MC if interested respond to this message! Cheers. Applicants must be 18+ years old to join. Gamer Tag: OREOS 1994 Instagram: Dirty_Rebels_MC Social Club: OREOS1994
  11. XXxxTM87xxXX

    Xbox 360 Heists

    Looking for good crew to run through heists with. Splitting all payout from finales 4 ways evenly. Mic is preferred for coordinating but not required if you know what you are doing. Message or add me if interested, gt is XXxxTM87xxXX
  12. Hey everyone the UK OUTLAW SQUAD (UKOS) is recruiting we are looking for loyal and active players across all formats old and new gen and PC and you don't have to be from the UK we have members form all over Europe and some further afield. we take part in all GTA online has to offer MC. Import and export. CEO races LTS heists we also line getting in to a few battles with other crews in free mode. We also like to chill and have fun regular crew meet ups etc. We don't have lots of rules just the normal. Be respectful to other crew no crew killing with out permission if you do kill by accident a quick message saying sorry goes a long way we ask that all members link there social club account with gamer tag or psn helps the crew interact have some form of crew clothing (not mandatory but looks good on snap matics) we also have a very active Facebook group good place to find people and ask for tips and advice message the crew leader or a commissioner and mention my psn please ( RichScouse79). Check the crew out I think you'll like us here's the link to the crew social club page https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/uk_outlaw_squad Check us out guys Posts merged. Please wait 7 days before double posting to bump your topic.
  13. DLRSFlux


    Hello my name is DLRS Flux and I am the founder and leader of Delirious. I started Delirious in 2013, we have branched into other games and we are looking for people to join our GTA crew. We would mainly like active people who help fight other crews. We would also like people who have YouTube channels as we have one, it is Delirious Clan. So if you are interested please reply your socialclub name. Thankyou. Here is the link! https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/delirious_crew
  14. sgt.caboose

    usmc crew in gta

    hello everybody im new to the forums but i for my first post ever i just wanted to state that i have created a new crew on the social club if you wish to join comment or message me i will let you know if you are in or out and if there are any requirements have a good time and hopefully ill see you sometime soon! Link: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/usmc_bravo
  15. Thousands Sons are extending an open invite for bike lovers wanting to ride, heist, race, death match, LTS, missions ect. and cause a little mayhem where ever they roam in a casual crew environment. Our main goal is to have fun,and make some coin while doing it! If you want to ride with brothers and sisters, have each other's backs and get all you can out of the gta experience on the back of an iron horse then head over and help birth gta's latest MC and raise some hell! Have a look at our few simple rules and if your interested Click the social club link below: 16+ Must own at least one of the following Motorcycles and ride it whilst with the MC: Hexer, Western Daemon, Innovation or Bagger. Must Respect all MC members and lend a helping hand when you can Be willing to have an input into the MC's growth. Social Club link: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/thousand_sons_mc Hope to ride with you soon!
  16. WELCOME TO [TFL] OFFICIAL RECRUITMENT PAGE! 1. About [TFL] The Faithless Legion are a serious and competitive, yet relaxed and fun GTA Online Crew that play on Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PS3. We host/play Custom Jobs, Crew/Public Car Shows, CEO/VIP Missions, Race Playlists, Fun Nights, and much more. [TFL] are based in Australia but are welcoming to players Worldwide. - For more info or if you have any questions, please PM me on here. 2. Requirements/preferences to join the team Microphone - This isn't 100% needed but it's preferred. You must be 16 years old or older. Any level is accepted as long as you know what you're doing. Full Flying, Driving and/or Shooting stats. - preferred. 3. Crew Rules (If accepted and/or are in [TFL] Crew) Keep your cool! (No raging/Aggressiveness towards other crew members, etc) - Remember, if you fall, get back up and try again. That's what we are about! DO NOT, kill other crew members for no reason, steal their belongings, destroy their cars, or disturb them in any way of that sort UNLESS its okay with them and you're both having fun. Stick to the set out rules of organised events and/or the rules the admin have set out. You may invite players to [TFL] but, please direct them to this page to read the requirements and Rules.​ 4. Recruitment form ​ The following you must copy, paste and fill out as a reply to this thread. You will get a PM from me as to weather you have been recruited or not. GamerTag: Country and Timezone: Age: GTA Online Level: What do you specialise in? (eg. Flying/Piloting, Racing, Shooting, Logo Design, Map Maker, etc): Are you a VIP or CEO? If so which?: Do you have a Mic?: R* Social Club username: How often do you play?: Console you play on?: ​ 5. [TFL] Social Media Our Facebook will have photos posted from Events and the Social Club is where to look for recruitment, and keep an eye on other Crew Activity! [TFL] Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/FaithlessLegionCrew/ [TFL] Rockstar Social Club: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/the_faithless_legion
  17. T.OvertonPC37

    Northumbia Police Clan (360) Apply now.

    If you're looking for an active and serious RP Police clan apply using the link below https://form.jotform.../61684939929376 Hey, your post doesn't comply with the recruitment rules - please include your social club link. Thanks!
  18. #carmeet2015

    Car Meet. (No mic needed)

    (Xbox 360)Join now! Car meeting Rules No Super No killing No chasing or crashing Be friendly Send message to ItzMelvin7
  19. Hi I am Captain Majors with the San Andreas State Police. Clan Name: San Andreas State Police About: We are a dedicated police role-playing crew. We conduct patrols in a private freemode session. We have a strong number of members and continue to grow for the future. Unlike other police crews which do not have active members and/or a dedicated website, SASP has this and much more. The SASP Commission is always implementing new and exciting ways to stimulate our community which in turn leads to making GTAV more fun from a police perspective. SASP has multiple divisons whcih include State Troopers, Park Rangers, Air Support, FIB, SWAT. Requirements: Speak English Register an account with Enjin Must be online at least once every three days, either on this website or in game as a member of the SASP Rockstar Social Club account - set your Social Club account to visible to everyone (under the tool section > privacy settings) Be on either PC, PS3, PS4, XBOXONE or XBOX360 Must have a working microphone Being mature, professional and cooperative with your fellow members Cannot be affiliated with other police related crews once you have been accepted into SASP Link to website: http://sanandreasstatepolice.enjin.com/ Social Club link:http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/sasp_-_state_police
  20. I am going to be hosting a cops and robbers role-play event at about 6:00pm Eastern Daylight Time on Tuesday the 29th of September. If you wish to come please post your GT in the comments or message me on Xbox GT: Chubskie. If you have any questions ask. *Chubskie - Host *XxXLandon11 - Co Host *sunyeta - Player *sootyrat - Player *Warm Burritos - Player * * * * * * * * * * * [RULES] To be a cop you must have the cop outfit or cop like outfit. Listen to the Hosts. be realistic. No killing for no reason. ​If you are a criminal no super or customized sports cars.

    [X360] 81st Airborne

    Welcome to the 81st Airborne's GTAForums Page. Here you can find out about us and and find links to our websites! The 81st Airborne was created by a group of members who left the crew, Homeland Security. After a month of decisions and talking, two members started a crew, and called it the 81st Airborne. The 81st Airborne official opened up for recruitment on September 14, 2015. The 81st Airborne has 2 branches, the Infantry and Vehicles. The infantry is the biggest branch and fights the enemy head on. While the infantry is important, they wont be able to get anywhere without the Vehicles Division. The Vehicles Division transfers the Infantry to and from battlefields, or providing support and taking out enemy Heavy Armor. The Infantry, who is the main fighting force, is trained in ground combat, military formations, and parachuting. They go through more training than the Vehicles in ground combat. These men and women need to be able to listen to orders very well. For more requirements, visit our website in the links below! The Vehicles Branch is the key to moment and suppression in the crew. Most troops cant move anywhere without taking heavy fire from other troops or enemy support units. The members of this branch use the spotting of the ground units. The 81st Airborne relies on every member, all operations cant be done without co-operation of all members. For more info please check out our website. Main page: http://81stairborneunit.weebly.com/#/recruitment/ R* Social Club: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/81st_airborne_units
  22. The Thumbinator


    (( Accepting "noob" & amateur players )) Derrty Money Mob is looking for novice & amateur skilled players to join our mob of players to help each other 'make bank' and Level Up. No mic, vehicle, or manditory clothing outfit to wear (except emblem and/or crew colors). Rise up with DMOB... XBOX 360 NAME: The Thumbinator Rockstar Social Page: http://socialclub.ro...errty_money_mob
  23. any one help me find one?
  24. Hey get ahold of me if you are interested in getting together and having a car meet it'll just be a group of people showing off our 4 and 2 wheel toys no killing or nonsense hmu and lemme know who's interested hope to get at least 10 people together hope to start hearing from people soon!
  25. Msg vG Sp33d4LiF3 for an inv. Rules ~ No killing, Speeding ahead of people, no crashing accident happen , Meet at LS custums And i hope your patient beacuse once we have 8 people we will start.
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