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Found 664 results

  1. Kirsty

    Xbox Car Meets

    Car Meet Bulletins - Advertise Your Meet on Xbox One or Xbox 360 Use this topic to advertise your car meets and spontanous events. More detailed and organised meets/events should have their own dedicated topic. Use the below template so players know when to arrive or who to contact to take part! Date: Time: Timezone: Car Type(s): Platform: Gamertag:
  2. Hosting gta 5 cop roleplay server if you would like to join you must have a mic or/and skype. no kinect GT: SnowmanFD skype:SnowmanFD
  3. Yo everyone, we are a GTA 5 (XBOX 360 ONLY) roleplay server for mainly UK time zone members so we can have rp's in our time. This server is XBOX 360 only please and for serious players only, we only have 4 or 5 members so far but gaining more and more everyday. Here is my Discord name: Venom23210#0612 add that and I will send you the server link. Thanks.
  4. Bobbylee3rd

    gta 5 roleplay

    I see a lot of servers doing great RP but it seems to be missing something join the link below if you are interested... https://discord.gg/bgmjp4R
  5. Paleto Bay Mayors Off.

    Paleto Bay Mayor's Office - Recruitment

    Welcome to the Paleto Bay Mayor's Office! We are a social and multiplayer group who strive to maintain the peace and tranquility of the finest town in southern San Andreas. All are welcome to apply for citizenship. RequirementsMust be at least 18 years of age. Must be a registered member of GTA Forums. Must own property in Paleto Bay. PlatformsOpen to all players on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC.RulesNo crew killing. No drama. In order to apply, please request an invite on our Social Club page. Then, to verify your identity, please make a post within this topic and include the following: Age: Timezone: Platform(s): Social Club Nickname: PlayStation Network ID: Xbox Live Gamertag: Property in Paleto Bay: Yes/no Which property I own: After the form is filled in, do drop by our chat topic and say hello. We will try to process the application fast and send out invites on Social Club and to discord. Graphics by @supanaut
  6. If you are interested to join and live your life in complete luxury while having an entire mob by your side then this crew is for you, we want everyone from all platforms, we are between 2000 - 3000 ranked in the world and there's only like 6 of us so imagine 50 or 100. The only rule i have is, Please have a 1 kd or above and when you request a invite have your stats set to be seen by everyone Link: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/thevlaskocrew
  7. MurderDog77

    Just food for thought

    Mijhan MC GTAV XB1 on Facebook Just going to leave this right here. Mijhan-MC-GTAV-XB1 is the name of the page. I will be posting things about the Club as well as photos. Probably going to really get it for this one. But hey, gotta do what ya gotta do to get your presence out there. Tagged 360 too, don't play over there anymore, and wouldn't have a clubhouse blah blah, but, I could handle someone starting an active Redwood club on 360 with my patch. PEACE
  8. WesternMotorcycleCo.

    [18+] Western Motorcycle Company Cruisers (WMCC)

    About us: Western Motorcycle Company Cruisers was founded on July 15th 2014 by GTAForums member TPenterprise, with the intention of creating a relaxed community of like minded players with a shared love for cruising together on GTA V's collection of Western Motorcycles. One of the founding principles of WMCC was to distance itself from most traditional 'MC' type crews by leaving all the drama and patriarchal rubbish behind, and solely focus on being a casual community of players dedicated solely to cruising. The original concept was conceived within the 'BF Surfer Cruisers' crew, which many of the original members are still a part of. The aim of the crew is to enjoy what we do; we are a cruising community, with over 400 active members over the Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PC. Each platform has their specific commissioner, with the crew leader overseeing all changes and activities within the crew. Final Tournament Results Can Be Found Below and on our Website! WMCC: New Home - How to Join: Information regarding our new website, and how to join WMCC: Crew Policies: The following policies are in the only rules that need to be followed within WMCC: Official Crew Allies: The following crews are in official alliance with WMCC: Links: Web links to the Social Club, Crew Chat, Official Website and other WMCC threads:
  9. HunterGatherer

    PublicParkingEnt. CarShows

    Welcome and look no further. You have just found The Public Parking Entertainment. A community built from the ground up of a diverse group of players who enjoy kicking back, socializing, and meeting up to show off their cars at small events hosted by the founders and members of the PPE community. If you are the casual player that enjoys parking up, cruising, or gaming realistically, maybe you like to be the passenger and photograph the happening or record the events while showing off your ride. Regardless of which you have found a growing community that has smaller groups within so continue to scroll down and get a glimpse of what PPE ls about. We have a YouTube Channel and will often have videos made by members of PPE. If you have a video made from one of our car shows dont hesitate to post it on the thread. We also have a playlist for our members that we would be happy to fill with PPE carshow content so let us know. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMPATP4khPljz_xiglH0OIg How to get in? Join Public Parking Entertainment Add/Fav Vincent CvC or other active hosting members (Fav to see when he appears online for a car-show) Set your socialclub privacy to crew&friends (so you dont get kicked by accident) Turn on crew update phone notifications (In Game under settings/notifications) Check this thread or look out for an in-game crew message with car-show details! if you have a friend who may be interested Let the PPE know so they can join in on the entertainment Always be prepared and know what you're getting yourself involved with ​take 5minutes and READ the RULES!!! ​Click the link below >>>The System<<< ​We will know if you don't because you will stand out The Founders Vincent CvC TimeBombXCVI BiggieDeaf Tano EL Chubito Now continue scrolling to get a better perspective about Public Parking Ent.
  10. steve dogg 51

    The " Off-Road All-Stars " [STAR]

    RockStars Social club link https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/off-road_all-stars Founded in November 2014, the Off-Road All-Stars are a vibrant society of XBOX, PC now PS4 off-road enthusiasts who love nothing more than scaling the treacherous terrain of Los Santos & Blaine County with their fellow rock-crawlers at their side. Renowned for their skillful expertise on the dirt & an online community unlike any other, the All-Stars continue to rise to staggering heights and won't stop 'til every inch of terrain has been explored and conquered: 'impossible' just isn't a part of our vocabulary The Off-Road All-Stars welcome anyone of any skill level. Whether you're looking to hone your skills, challenge them or simply see if it's something you might enjoy, the All-Stars will take you along with them and show you a way of travelling Los Santos and Blaine County that you'll never forget. Alongside planned meets are our ever-popular impromptu meets, bringing together an array of whichever members are online to dive, crawl, leap and bound over the plains of the map - and have a laugh, of course. We're never short on humour and good-natured banter, so if it's fun you're looking for? You're 100% in the right place. The Off-Road All-Stars are the best of the best when it comes to not only off-roading but atmosphere and team spirit too. You'll never find another crew quite like us, and that's an All-Star guarantee! All-Stars Feature Having been featured by Rockstar twice in past months [http://www.rockstarg...ars-cycle-cycos & http://www.rockstarg...-road-all-stars] we've had an influx of brilliant new members and have constantly been working to cut numbers down to those who are truly willing to be active in our amazing community; cutting ourselves from 1,000 members to 600+ was a big step to take, but now we've cleared the board for a new round of members and we're looking straight at YOU! We were originally forged as a group on the GTA FORUMS, active weekly in the lobby and meet up section. The founders lvl phoenix (the sanchez experience meets) and steve dogg 51 (Around Los Santos Meets) , along with other notable hosts, expanded the group and stepped forward introducing a full on website below including forum, Facebook page, YouTube, Twitter, Twitch. While still active the ability to attract new members while hanging out on our own personal sites has been difficult. And hence i'm looking at starting things off fresh on the gta forums and keeping an ever present, presence here ! In April this year, Phoenix the All-Stars Leading Lady, stepped down from here position as leader, as Real Life responsibility called. And her time available to devote to the ALL-Stars became less. I look forward to handing the reigns back to Phoenix on her return. The Off-Road All-Stars CREW EZINE Click the image Above to FIND OUT SO MUCH MORE ! The New Chapter So as we embark on a new chapter of the All-Stars, with myself Steve Dogg 51 as the leader, i'm looking to take things back to were it started, here at Home on the Gta Forums. As i Search for New All-Stars to come join the current group who remains. Im looking for members to become active in the Meets and activity's and particularly new Hosts (and old), writers, photographers, twitchers, youtubers and creators. what ever you outlet or talent there's a home here for you. We actively encourage and support new hosts, so if you have an idea for a meet, we will help support it and advertise it. If you enjoy writing, we are always looking for honest feedback on the meets along with video and pictures of the action. A message to Other Crew's At the All-Stars were about playing the game and having fun, were a passive crew but we like competition in friendly enviroment. I will also be looking at forming new links with existing crew's, sharing meets setting up friendly competitions and just hanging out. if your part of a crew or its leader give me a shout We already have strong and close links with Malicious Intent, Junk and Cloud 9 and there members. Many of us are members of these crews and others, as the GTA gets older peoples tastes and even change and we don't expect exclusivity from our members. Thanks for your time guys & girls feel free to post away and remember There ain't no mountain High Enough !
  11. Hello so i ran into this problem whit my MC (Motorcycle Club) I can't find active members So if you'r active and well decent at the game add me on Social Club: DeFr0sTLTU My rank is 29
  12. need players with discord for xbox 360 10-16 age
  13. jmr922


    We are a steadily growing crew made up with members that genuinely help each other with all aspects of the game, heists, missions, gun running, import/export. supplies, free roam etc We do not promise to make you rich overnight, you have to put in the work for that but those that do reap the rewards, most new members that started with nothing now have bunkers, workshops, offices and facilities. We offer training and heist walk through`s to members that want it. There are no level restrictions to join we have members that are new to the game and some 600 + players. Some members enjoy free roam lobbies looking out for fellow crew members that might need a hand, gun, tank, helicopter or jet. The crew rules are simple No killing other crew members, help other crew members if and when possible on their heists and money making and have fun. We have a simple ethic that works.work as a crew to make the crew rich We have had some interest from PS4 and 360 players, if someone is interested in running that side let me know and we can get that going. If you are interested in joining us the crew is open to join, ROCKS7AR or message me on . xbox1 JMR 922 Social Club JMR922 twitter @ROCKS7ARGTA Youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMmDztaV33gdfQV9E8z0cGw Social Club https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/rocks7ar For Those About To ROCK We Salute You
  14. Join now to the public Telegram Group to chat with others gta players and recive the latest news and updates about the game and mods, hacks etc Link: https://t.me/GtaVPublicTelegramGroup
  15. Hello GTA 5 Forums, I am pondering the idea of starting an GTA 5 Online Roleplay "crew". This would be based off of real life, which means - jobs, cops, criminals, etc. With that being said, I am just posting this to test the waters on how many people would be interested and if they would play. I understand that there are other "servers, or, crews", if you will, like this. I will try to do this different from others. With all that in mind, I would love to find someone on here who is definitely interested to help me setup rules and the "structure" of this crew/server. It is only for Xbox 360 at this time, will possibly play with the idea of moving it to both new gen and PlayStation consoles. If this is something you'd be interested in and/or are interested in helping me setup the structure of this, send me a PM via this forum, on Discord or Xbox 360 (details below). Thanks! Discord - Jordan#7342 Xbox GT - JTRJ29
  16. HowieD29

    XBOX360 Roleplay MC

    Riders Found looking to recruit. A 360 based biker gang needing imagination and ppl over 18 who want to roleplay. We will need others interested in playing the parts of cops, rival gangs, civs etc. If you do not like the idea of being a biker get in touch with any other ideas. The 360 community is not as massive so as many ppl who want to be involved the better. Must have a mic and play fairly regularly. Beginners and players of all levels welcome and also any modders who may want to add to the experience or even make uploads for youtube. I have some event ideas and would love to play with a group who are keen to do stuff other than blow each other up all the time. Find the crew "Riders Found" on social or add me as a friend,, username : HowieD29 If you want to join the Biker crew, must have a REAL bike and appropriate attire. We are bitter Rivals of the Lost!
  17. CoolBoiMarti

    gat 5 car meet (PS4)

    this meet will last a long time so make sure to have a few cars to show off! send me a msg saying CAR MEET INV my PSN is Volume_Paws rules 1. dont destroy other players cars 2.make sure to have a modified vehicle 3. and have fun we will also be racing cars having a drift contest and a drag strip
  18. xXx WOOX xXx

    Xbox 360

    Would like to get a group together to chill with me on 360 and maybe have a classic car meet.
  19. Hello we are the Elite Special Operation Command and we are a GTA v Military Simulated crew. Our main objective within Los Santos is to protect the free people of Los Santos from any opposing threats. If you are interested here are the ranks we follow by: NON COMMISSIONING OFFICERS (NCO) Recruit Lance Corporal Corporal sergeant Staff Sergeant Sergeant Major COMMISSIONING OFFICER (CO) Second Lieutenant Lieutenant Captain Major Lieutenant Colonel Brigadier Major General Lieutenant General General If you are interested in joining please request an invitation to the crew (LINK BELOW) https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/elitespecialoc PLEASE FILL OUT THIS FORM ITS A REQUIREMENT https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1M5Y_B-Dm0srp0r9DAQX8YzKfXAuzSAVFeA3PgAvyqCE
  20. Brothers Of Mayhem MC, recognized by Rockstar Games as one of the top MC's in the Grand Theft Auto Community is looking for Hangarounds! If you think you have what it takes to earn your three skulls head over to our website and apply today! Recruiting primarily for Xbox one. https://brothersofmayhemgta.wixsite.com/bmmc/join-us Patch crew - https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/brothersofmayhemwmc Prospects: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/brothersofmayhempros Hangarounds: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/bmmc_hangaround
  21. So I'm looking for a bunch of different people to roleplay with on GTA. My PSN is Delycan_black and my live is the same. Willing to play lots of kinds of characters, but th main one I wanna try out is a punisher like vigilante. Would be looking for other vigilantes, citizens, some big bad villain types and lackies. Down for friend role play(Just chilling, driving around, ETC) Street racer RP Dirty cop RP Gang RP Zombie RP Horror RP Fight club RP Heist War RP and many, many more I also make levels/missions with themes and stuff, so I'm totally up for any ideas any of you guys can throw at me. Just hit me up on PSN or X-box or here PSN: Delycan_black Live: Delycan
  22. Zaqa ZyRe

    Xbox 360 Car Meet

    GT:Zaqa ZyRe any cars
  23. PinPointSniper

    Recruitment for active crew

    I have a very active crew for my YT channel and would like to recruit more people. This crew is for ALL platforms (PS4, PS3, XB1, XB360, PC), so anyone can join. I want the members to help each other (heists, CEO/MC work, selling missions, grinding cash and RP, missions, freemode things, ganging up on people, crew battles, and generally having fun.) So feel free to ask people for help on heists, CEO/MC stuff, and other things. I will also often use it when I do live streams so thats cool. We are currently at 26 members and I hope to expand the crew. Anyways I hope you decide to join. Have a nice day/night! Link to crew: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/aswpeter1_yt_crew
  24. PinPointSniper

    Recruitment for my crew

    I have a very active crew for my YT channel and would like to recruit more people. This crew is for ALL platforms (PS4, PS3, XB1, XB360, PC), so anyone can join. I want the members to help each other (heists, CEO/MC work, selling missions, grinding cash and RP, missions, freemode things, ganging up on people, crew battles, and generally having fun.) So feel free to ask people for help on heists, CEO/MC stuff, and other things. I will also often use it when I do live streams so thats cool. We are currently at 23 members and I hope to expand the crew. Anyways I hope you decide to join. Have a nice day/night! LINK TO CREW: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/aswpeter1_yt_crew
  25. vanderbom10

    Roll play XBOX ONE

    3:00pm uk time. 23/8 itzVanderZ-message for invite before 3.

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