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  1. Hello so i ran into this problem whit my MC (Motorcycle Club) I can't find active members So if you'r active and well decent at the game add me on Social Club: DeFr0sTLTU My rank is 29
  2. vanderbom10

    Roll play XBOX ONE

    3:00pm uk time. 23/8 itzVanderZ-message for invite before 3.
  3. capotwon

    Xbox 360 Car Meet

    I will be hosting a car meet today at 10:00 everyone spawn into passive mode I don't want no cops around or no killing you can bring any type of car we will be cruising a around for a bit than racing at the airport Message my gt:Capotwon
  4. RogueSkyz

    Recruiting: Active Community Crew

    United Alliance of Los Santos is Now Recruiting Are you tired of being alone in lobbies? Tired of running around the streets of Los Santos without your buddies? Tired of not having any associates as a CEO or prospects for your MC to help your business? Tired of your unreliable crew? If you answered yes to any of those questions, this crew is for you! We would like to build up this crew with the goal of creating a reliable community of players across all platforms that are able to interact in-game for a sole purpose: no player left behind. The aim is to have crew members readily available to you, whether it be for contact missions, heists, CEO/MC work, or just to enjoy the game together! Players will be able to experience first-hand what an actual active crew is like! This community will provide crew events, interactions among members and hierarchy advancements (monthly), stats will be taken into consideration and participation as well. All players will be consider and no one will be left out. SO JOIN NOW! https://socialclub.r...ted_alliance_ls
  5. Looking for any and all new to join our crew. We have mics. And we do serious team oriented jobs. Must be willing to work as team. Must like to have fun while getting paid. Lol. Also looking for new friends and people that know any money glitches or nice modders. Hit me up. Co founder of the Katt and the lion pack crew. Psyathicos31 xbox360 gamer tag.
  6. CammoZabisyu


    Hello, fellow players. Digging the world of GTA online. Finally, have found out how things work. I created a Crew called Cartel Versus, and I am ready to recruit couple people that want to make money to spend on GTA online stuff. I will soon buy property, warehouses, pegasus vehicles and all that good stuff and want to recruit some people for long term business. What I need is 3 people that are very good at flying. One will fly CargoBob, one will fly Buzzard, and one will fly Jet. I need 4 people that will drive. And 3 more people for other stuff. So overall I am inviting only 10 people to my crew, not more. While playing you have to be on skype call. I speak Russian and English, but during the call, only English will be used as the main language. Playing only in private crew sessions, not public, because I hate people that destroy other people cargo, and of course, there are a lot of kids that hack All I offer to you is to make some money, I don't need it myself so I do good payouts, I just enjoy the process. Leave a comment down below if you want to join, and leave your GTA online username so I can check your stats. If some more info will be required I will contact you personally. If you are not invited, sorry. My nickname in game CammoZabisyu. Take care guys. NOTE: If you say me that you are good at flying and fly like pro, while in real life during the game you suck, or not only in flying but overall, I will unplug you from CREW.
  7. I've been trying to get people together that are left on Xbox 360 for Car meets and what not just to have chill people to play with if you are still on 360 trying to play message me or reply below cheers ! GT:A30wsb420
  8. Suchi Ru Speed Stars Mainly focused on the one currently. Message Soy El Maleante to try out for the three s crew (Photos taken on 360 by: R C F R E A K 1) (Drifting by: Soy Milk) or if you want me to get on your door too is cool. Take a ride get in take a hit and watch the show. Drift team sleep mode: [ON] Suchi Ru drift team members: [25] Big up to all my familia We get sideways no matter the terrain, weather, or conditions I cant forget about my people that get low you know who you are. Stay low. Respect. Technique cannot be taught it is found within: Bunta Fujiwara
  9. Xbox One PASSIVE MODE car meet!!! no killing or blowing up each others cars! Multiple meet spots, drag races and just chill driving around the map! Any car, no bikes,helicopters,planes etc! message hxnta or fbfh for an invite to game and party!
  10. Wrighty6000

    GODZ Recruiting Now! Get paid to Kill!

    Godz of War Crew are recruiting now and looking mainly for Team Deathmatch Players although all Players on all Platforms are welcome to join. We are primarily a TDM Crew but have players of all kinds in the Crew so anyone will fit in. The only thing we ask of TDM Players that join is that you play clean and play fair (No camping and no off radar) We have a Crew Incentive also which is basically if you achieve 10K Kills in Rockstar or Rockstar verified Team Deathmatch maps you earn £10 PSN voucher or equivalent depending on location and platform. 20K Kills is £20 PSN voucher and so on. The Kills must be on Rockstar or Rockstart verified maps so I can track kills and send voucher once milestone is hit. The incentive is to fire the Crew up the World TDM Rankings. If your up for the challenge and to be paid to kill then join us today and activate the GODZ tag. https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/ii_godz_of_war_ii
  11. Looking for quick and easy members. Won't waste your time but we are looking for members. Very little requirements. Relaxed, Lock on crew. Street crew hosts car meets every week, plus more fun activities in game. Here's an example. Link bellow. Requirements: Must be of a suitable age (If you think your mature enough). Have a headset (For communications). An be an ideally an appropriate level to take the crew seriously. Message me at my Gamertag: RU MEZMORIZED https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/righteous_unity We are not new but we are new to this forum, used gta v crews before but no traffic. Now checking if theirs any traffic here. Please prove me wrong. Thanks for reading and have a good day. Stay Righteous.
  12. Just wondering if there is any actual military vets and active military in this forum. I want to get a crew started exclusively for military personnel from all around the world. Brotherhood is brotherhood. Where are you from? What branch? Looking for PS4 users but open to anyone with an xbox starting one up for xbox users.
  13. I am a level 26 looking for similarly ranked players to pull off heists with. If you are between levels 12 and 36 and looking for $$$, message me at Skype (_Master_Merlin_), or friend me on gta V (Daniel12788)
  14. I'm looking for someone willing to help me getting the returning player content. Can be PS3/X360, I'll make an appropriate account. PM me or reply here if you want to help. Thanks!
  15. Join PINK FOR GIRLS ONLY Today. The hottest crew on gta,since gets started. Fun times daily and random freebies. When you play with us you are surrounded by a crew of nice girls who do random things daily. We keep gta, New and exciting. Join today.
  16. Delta Force is a joint special operations unit based around strategic and fluent movements in certain situations. Delta Force uses extreme power and courage to take down any enemy forces within reach. We operate via all vehicles and any weaponry is used to execute each mission successfully. We are based on the Xbox 360 and do a formal operation/operations every Saturday @ 10 AWST time. For more information go to: DeltaForce31.weebly.com Thank you
  17. Mvnke818

    Deathaholics MC

    Hey the name is Mvnke and I'm the pres of Deathaholics MC. We are a 360 and xb1 MC, that look closely into more traditional standards then 1% rules. We run missions,heist,TDM, fight club and more. We enjoy the company of our brothers and sisters, and see it more as a family then a club. If interested contact myself MVNKE, or the VP SUNERWON for xb1 and biawolf96 for the Xbox 360.
  18. FstikJRB

    Win real money playing GTA V online

    FKU2 is recruiting active adults on all platforms. We are having an RP competition soon with a $20 cash prize. Will continue to have competitions, contests, and giveaways. Join FKU2 - FearlessKillersUnion Like and share our facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/FKU2Official Our social club page is https://socialclub.r...esskillersunion You can find the link to our Android app in Beta version 1.1 at both links. Details for the RP competition can be found on our facebook page. Keep calm and FKU2
  19. My Gt is Davidhasleft message me for an invite. No supers unless I change my mind.
  20. Hey guys! This is my first time organizing a car meet. I've always wanted to do one but a lot people have Xbox one now. I've been searching for an xbox 360 car meet but couldn't find any so I guess i'll start my own. Xbox gamertag: xTyrahChanellx Car Meet: 7:30 pm EST (If this doesn't work, i'll try again tomorrow ) RULES: (If you do not follow these rules, you will be kicked.) - ANYONE IS WELCOME - ANY CAR IS WELCOME - NO MIC NECESSARY - NO KILLING OTHER PLAYERS (GAME PEDESTRIANS IS AN EXCEPTION) - NO DESTROYING PLAYERS' CARS (GAME PEDESTRIAN CARS ARE AN EXCEPTION) - NO RECKLESS DRIVING - BE RESPECTFUL - THERE IS NO SET ACTIVITIES SO IF YOU HAVE A SUGGESTION AS TO WHAT WE CAN DO, YOU'RE MORE THAN WELCOME TO LEAD THE GROUP TO A FUN ACTIVITY. -GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP REQUIRED - HAVE FUN! - MESSAGE ME IF YOU'll BE IN ATTENDANCE! - BRING YOUR FRiENDS! POST ME YOUR GAMERTAGS! IF YOU DECIDE TO HOST A CAR MEET, LET ME KNOW!!
  21. Post your Jobs and Playlists here ! Tell us why your job/playlist is worthy to try. Be sure to add up some details and insights, and don't forget to mention the console !
  22. World Known Group - Hello everyone and YES! it is now recruiting season for us steazy people here at "1WKG" crew when we recruit we always want the best for the best to do the best. We look at all submissions to the club and if you turn out to be a really good stand out to us we will for sure welcome you to the family. If you do not get picked up during our recruiting season there is always hope to still join by being in our car meets when hosted and other good stuff so do not give up on trying to join most of our recruits to the crew were picked up after our recruiting season. Yeah that is pretty much it i can say in words everything else such as applications and info for joining is on our website. Website!!!! yes we have a website check it out i mean the best content on there ever from us we are still improving as we go too.Sign up share it and all that good stuff. This has been Romeo the Leader of "World Known Group" and i will see you on the Streets you Stylish Folks Thank you you for viewing have a Good Day. Our Site: 1wkg. weebly. com ***( without the spaces due the forum rules i had to space it out so this post does not get taken down)
  23. DaChronicLungz

    (360) realistic gameplay

    yo... so if anyone on the 36 is tryna get on gta wit me hmu.. gamertag is DaChronicLungz invite only sessions. free aim. no supercars. no killing another player UNLESS granted permission by a server mod. instances would include: setting a bounty on person A so person B (B for Broke mfer lol) can repair a car/purchase clothes etc. if you find yourself beefin wit a player, let it be known verbally n well set up a standoff to settle sh*t. examples of things we do: realistic gangbangin. I'm talkin pistols only unless you run back to the car for the chopper... n only one person can use it at a time (even tho technically speakin we all got em on us)... you MUST have patience for this typa stuff.. stalkin our prey may take a minute. no walking thru an ops block.. deadass serious even try to avoid jumping curbs/switchin lanes much even when dippin from cops drifting. hella driftin, mountains, docks, alleys, everywhere lol boxing. uk what that sh*t is. bmxing. you can do a lot more than originally thought after a few minutes riding together... crazy creativity happens here lol BikeLife. dirtbikes, 4 wheelers, and cafe racers/crotch rockets w/e tf they're called only. bmx bike allowed if we're in the hood at that time... offloading. REALALISTIC ONLY. hill climbs, river passes, etc... parties. we just turn tf up sometimes. there's a lot more lol I'm just gettin tired of typin. bottom line. If you got patience, a lil imagination, n isnt some sheltered squeeky kid hmu. ps, ballaz are the ops. especially the stripey mfer in shorts. He talks hella sh*t on LifeInvader I swear to god I'm gonna beat his ass

    Xbox 360 car meet

    Bring a car that you wanna show off we will be voting on which car is the best car will be posted on Instagram for everyone to see Message me GT: DUALPIPES12 AFTER show is done we will be drag racing!! The fastest car will also get a picture of their car on instgram
  25. GT: l Micxo l Rules: No killing= Automatic ban from my lobbys
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