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  1. Doherty Garage - Retexture & Props About: This mod will bring you amazing high quality textures for Doherty Garage.Also some cool props are added around place and it will look more interesting! Screens: Installation: It is very easy to install.Just place "Doherty Garage - Retexture" folder in modloader and that's it!Also you will need modloader installed,asi loader and cleo! Enjoj in this mod! Author:Cohex17 Downloads: GTA INSIDE DOWNLOAD DIRECT DOWNLOAD MEDIAFIRE DOWNLOAD
  2. This "mod" isn't really much, just a few handling lines. These handling lines fit right well with the rest of GTA SA's cars; they do not turn the Hotring Racer into an overpowered 200mph speed demon that outpaces literally anything in the game. They are based on the default handling of the Hotring, and each has advantages and disadvantages. In real life, NASCAR stock cars are "set up" for different race tracks, by means of slight changes to intake size, spoiler angle, tire pressure, and ballast location, to ensure they perform most suitably for the track at hand. Relative to other
  3. Hard mode will make the gangs harder with tweaks for accuracy, and his temper. They have duel weapons for SMGs/sawnoffs, no flinching, kickboxing fighting style and money worth for $5000 for killing them. Even it mission didn't task you to kill them to run to the checkpoint if they saw you they will kill so you gotta be ready to kill these guys in your path. For those who played MTA/SAMP, they will kill them all without dying. You really need professional skill level from the cheat menu, it's recommended for moving while shooting https://www.gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=16581
  4. Wanna’ make real dough? Start selling weapons! Modification transfers an update with the same name from GTA Online to GTA San Andreas. One of four available bunkers can be bought by you, in which you can start creating weapons and special vehicles. Mod features: * 4 abandoned bunkers scattered across the map for the player to choose. * Ability to enhance bunker with updates which will raise the speed of weapon production and modification researches. * Completely new bunker interior with custom mapping, which evolves throughout the production proce
  5. The topic has been moved because it was in the wrong section -SkyGTA_User
  6. WARNING: THIS MOD CONTAINS BUGS So like the title says, i just ported the Xbox 360 version of CJ (Every DFF, and TXD) to the PC version of San Andreas so it includes the separated fingers for CJ. If im honest it was a little bit of a pain in the ass because i have to rename every PNG to match the PC files and create new folders with their respective name too. I tested it days ago hoping that would work and it does, but it has some graphical bugs that you can see in the images below. Im uploading it for anyone who wants to use it or fix it if you have some experienc
  7. TheMuscle01

    Muscle Customs

    Welcome to my workshop, here I make "Improvements" on existing cars and maybe ones made from scratch in the future. For these mods I suggest using VehFuncs. Here is what Muscle Customs offers: Year 1 Vehicles Year 2 Vehicles
  8. Thunderhead

    Fixed Comet model

    Have you ever been tired of seeing the comet have a front engine V8 and a trunk in the wrong places? I have just the mod for you then! I've replaced the engine in the model by one I've made myself, aka a proper flat 6 DOHC engine, that's put in the back, and under the hood now sits the trunk. I've made the whole exhaust system and centered the double exhaust pipe to fit more, say, logically into it. I used the original comet textures so no need for a separate .dff, just plug this into your game or in modloader and enjoy! Some screens: And the download link:
  9. HD Claude PLAYER.IMG for GTA San Andreas BETA 1 SCREENSHOTS: REQUIREMENTS: CLEO and ASI Loader Modloader gta_sa.exe 1.0 US How To Install: Drag and drop "modloader" folder to your GTA San Andreas game directory. ENJOY! DOWNLOAD BETA 1 Tools used for this mod: CREDITS: *This mod is still in beta stage so there are some bugs. Will fix them in the upcoming versions. Enjoy!
  10. anyone interested in making full texture wheel models for gta sa vehicles? similar to the ones in Vice City and gta 3? i would do it myself but i'm not really skilled at it i would also be really interested in a civilian version of the the fbi car/Brigham that bare gta 3/ vice city wheel models and textures. from google Brigham gta 3 wheels
  11. soulsandstripegamer553

    Soul's Showroom

    These Cars are all based on real cars that have been put into the GTA Lore Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Grand Theft Auto: Vice City WIP SA Vehicles Lampadati Felon Classic - Alfa Romeo FNM 2000 JK 1960 Lampadati Astro - 1966 Alfa Romeo Spider Duetto Ubermacht Zion Classic - BMW CSL 3 Fathom Compatto - Fiat Uno S Fathom Arrondi - Fiat Ducato MK1
  12. It's a project Def Jam mix with smash bros with classic mode as arcade mode with different types of difficulty levels on opponents. You fight the opponents to win the match, and become the victory. However there is mini-games such as kill the chainsaws as smash TV to score points anytime you kill them are which included in career mode when reaching to stage 4. I also have training mode to fight your opponents endlessly and you will not die from this match. Select 5 up to opponents, it have different difficulties on each of them. There's 7 modes currently - Fight of doom (ENDLESS),
  13. Uzzi47

    GTA3 Vegetation

    I converted GTA3 vegetation to GTA San Andreas. Hope you like it Screenshots: DOWNLOAD How to install: Just create a new folder in modloader named "Vegetation" for example, and move the mod there. Enjoy! CREDITS: Rockstar Games: Original models and textures Uzzi47: Models conversion
  14. (Japan) GTA Love

    GTA SA Mobile Graphics to PC

    GTA SA Mobile Graphics Welcome, this Mod is a Mod version of the PC version color, car reflections and buildings appearance mobile version. Use Mods Colorcycle by The Hero SkyGFX by The Hero Timecyc by (Japan) GTA Love Widescreen Fix by ThirteenAG Download -removed- Mod Test Picture Patch Works GTA SA 1.00 / Only Work Please put it in the download file in GTA SA (Please use it with the installation destination file SkyGFX (The Hero) recommends using my setting) Sorry my English
  15. _Dany_

    GTA SA HD Busta

    Since you starting think on Ezekiel as this guy,you are right I was in other country,bored,and coulnd't remember my GTAForum password so I made something to spend free time there came up with this,didn't want to troll anyone no hard feelings,download link is down there somewhere
  16. ANNOUNCEMENT!! This mod is discontinued. The reason is this mod runs on CLEO script, which is very not suitable for things this mod does. I've pushed many CLEO's limits with this mod which resulted in more errors than i could handle. If i ever maintain this mod again, likely i'll had to learn basic programing. (Was never a programmer to begin with, Sanny's coding simplifies a lot of things.) So hard warning, this mod has bugs and unstable. One last note, i have retired from GTA modding entirely. (Likely obvious, it's been a year already). And i don't ch
  17. thalilmythos

    Unarmed gangs fix

    This is a simple mod that aims to do what it says. Features: -Gangsters armed: every unarmed member of a gang will pull a gun out if they see you have one yourself, no more ballas running away from you, this is also a work around, for the broken panic system of the gangs, they won't run away scared and then stop after 5 seconds. https://www.mediafire.com/file/ktsbonpz955a1a5/RE_unarmed_gang_final.7z/file
  18. Blood Tiger

    [WIP|SA] Zombie Andreas

    Zombie Andreas is a modification for "GTA: San Andreas" which completely changes the entire gameplay of the game. Zombie Apocalypse came to several States because an unknown infection has infected most of the population! The remaining people are trying to survive and don't get murdered by each other. Version "Complete" is almost the ultimate squeezing juice from RenderWare engine - new content, improving all the old features. And the gamemodes on the GTA 3, GTA VC, GTA LCS, GTA VCS maps and more! Storyline Mode A story about Mike that confronts with death of his wi
  19. goodidea82

    Soccer Team Play

    GTA Soccer Team Play by goodidea82 We have Soccer World Cup 2018 now! This means that the whole world is playing GTA Soccer TeamPlay now. Enjoy! Single player mod for GTA SA on PC with AI-System developed by me. Requires: CLEO 4.3.22 Version 1.0 Download Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WZVi-6RAFcs Soccer Team Play is a free extension for GTA San Andreas single player. It allows you to play team against team like in commercial soccer games. Three to five player are possible for each team. The soccer field
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