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Found 115 results

  1. Does anyone have a PS4 group that does roleplay and might be European, like UK or anythin
  2. We are a role play server on discord. We hold daily lobby’s and are very active. If your interested in joining please reply to this with your discord name. Thanks
  3. Looking for laid back people who are 18 up and want to join a crew to do missions, heists and much more add me on social club or PS4 at spiner420_575 here is our crew it’s small but want it to grow https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/nocturnal_deception
  4. simmian01

    Mastermind Challenge

    Still needing 1 player in order to start the Criminal Mastermind Challenge Looking for a player with a mic and who is decent at the game Add my psn simmian and message me so I know your down to do it Thanks
  5. Planning to buy the hydra but I need to help someone out on this mission for the trade price . So if you need help invite me ... CollegiateCOD (PS4)
  6. Hey there maggot, looking for a fun experience for newbies and veterans all around? Well you found it! SAE is a public community for PS4 that utilizes the cash economy and organizational abilities of discord along side a DOJ cloned CAD system to make our RP sessions stand out from most other communities available on Playstation. A few things you should know about us is that our community was built on the foundation that no one should be excluded from an amazing experience such as RP, no matter your age or experience. Yes we have kids, that's just how it is! The thing about allowing all ages is that we give everyone the chance to prove themselves in one way or another and bring the roleplayer out in them. We have plenty of rules in place keeping our amazing community in tip top shape so don't be scared off by those little words Public and all ages, they are simply the foundation our community was built on. We patrol every day at 4 p.m. EST and 9 p.m. EST, so you never have to worry about if you can RP today, it's definite! If you would like more information on how to join, go to our website https://sae-webpage.bubbleapps.io/
  7. Chevyguy_14

    Ps4 Gta Roleplay server

    GTA 5 RP serve The Resistance Roleplay North American Server **Law Enforcement Wanted** We are currently looking for players to join our realistic roleplay that we bring to the game. We have jobs available for Civs and Law enforcement! We are expanding and looking for new members to join the experience. Live out things you thought you could never do. We have a CAD system in place so we can run plates, names, issue tickets, and much more. We update are systems and keep everything fresh. Come join The Resistance Rp Today!! Law Enforcement has more possibilities of getting recruted over civilians Must have a mic Must be 14+ We do active training to make sure all officer are ready for duty We keep things real as we can Must have Discord Please Go to this link to get interviewed today!! https://discord.gg/Bpnkn7w Training Starts soon Come join The Resistance Rp and start earning money today!!!!!
  8. Yugimori-sama

    Heist Crew - Return PS4

    We’ve been away for a very long time. Just recently re-joined GTA Online a few months ago. We used to be one of the best Heist Crews in GTA Online, staying small with just a handful of trustful members, and reached Top 5 GTA Heist Crews back in 2016-2017. Former Crew: Anikii - maybe the post by R* J might still be around on Social Club? Idk. Now, New Looks and New Crew. We are not really looking for membership but rather people who want to play Heists and need those who can speed run and try to get it done as quickly as possible - to get paid as quickly as possible, then we are your dudes. We know every method and every shortcut. We recently completed Elite and Mastermind for Doomsday. We know our stuff. Want to play with us? Just try to keep up! We have Mics, Chatbox, everything. You dont have a Mic? Just follow our lead. Requirements: None. No rank requirement. No car? Don’t care. Assisted or Free Aim? No problem. Both. We’ll do most of the work. No problem. No Mic? We can text you in-game and/or PSN We demand a mandatory 20% Cut and all Heist setups set on Hard with Player Saved Outfits. No Heist bumping. If you Heist Bump. We will blacklist you and you’ll start seeing your name on various “Bad People” lists all over the internet. Heist Bump? Its when you help do all the setups and then when it comes time to the finale, you invite all your friends to finish it - we get wiped. Do that and you wont see us again. We have all vehicles and weaponized vehicles allowed in Heists. **Contact: PSN: Yugimori **We don’t join Crews, besides our own, so please don’t ask. Did that before and man, what a waste of time.**
  9. Joshuaw940

    GTA 5 Online Crew Recruitment PS4

    anyone looking for a crew on gta 5, join/search Grandstand Mafia (xGSM), We are always active and have over 170+ members, always doing jobs heists ect..you eill gain promotions by showing loyalty such as playing regular with the crew and recruiting.....join now! (Link Removed to 3rd party site.)
  10. anyone looking for a crew on gta 5, join/search Grandstand Mafia (xGSM), We are always active and have over 170+ members, always doing jobs heists ect..get joining! http://gtavcrews.com/index.php?threads/grandstand-mafia-xgsm.15003/#post-65151
  11. Like the title says...I'm level 50 myself, looking to find some people (on PS4) to be my associates and make us all some cash. Also need some help with the MC. I have a small, startup crew, too, if you're interested. Or even if you just wanna team up for random missions, heists, or whatever, add me up on PSN. Profile name is Jah-R :)
  12. I need someone to do this with cause i need money for my nightclub. psn: velvetloulou
  13. FabiancsjGT3

    RFC Racing Division Crew

    CREW NAME: RFC Racing Division PLATFORM: PS4 STATUS: Recruiting People, open crew. LANGUAGE: Spanish and English LINK*: http://es.socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/rfc_racing_division Hello everyone! We are a group of three friends from Spain that are creating some kind of a project in GTA Online. The objective of this crew is to make car meets, races, road trips and more. Any kind of bad behavior will result in expulsion.
  14. Emergency Service of San Andreas Roleplay Community You must be 16 or older, with discord, PS4/XB1, and can be active! Some of the things we have to offer: Discord Utilized 16+ Community EMS / Fire / LEO / Dispatch / Civilian Training from IRL First Responders Working CAD / MDT Implemented Economy System PS4 / XB1 Oriented NA / EU Servers Available Apply HERE ===> https://sites.google.com/view/essarpc/home

    Gta 5 PS4 RP

    I only made this post for people to reply here if they have any resource available to I can join a GTA 5 RP. You can do the following: Send me a discord link for it (Not Expired) (Also website if you have it) Reply to this post for a link to an active post which allows people to join a GTA 5 RP. Tell me about your GTA 5 RP right below. Or do any of the following that was told but please tell me the age limit. Recommended age limit: 10 Or Over 11 Or Over 12 Or Over 13 Or Over 14 Or Over
  16. Bountyhunter1197

    Bikers of hades recruitment ps4

    I am the leader of the bikers of hades i am looking for members to join. Join u must meet my requirements 1. Must own a monster bike a bike with a monster name. 2. Must be 16. 3. Must have a real life job. 4. Must have a mic. 5. Must be online at least 2 times a week. 6. Must a good sport. 7. Must be willing to help other crew members. To join reply with the psn gamertag your age your job and the name of your bike optional give a description on why you want to join. https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/bikers_of_hades
  17. If you are interested to join and live your life in complete luxury while having an entire mob by your side then this crew is for you, we want everyone from all platforms, we are between 2000 - 3000 ranked in the world and there's only like 6 of us so imagine 50 or 100. The only rule i have is, Please have a 1 kd or above and when you request a invite have your stats set to be seen by everyone Link: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/thevlaskocrew
  18. After Hours Every GTA update is a hit and miss for the whole community. You cant please everybody's intrests all at once. While I didnt really care for a "lowriders" update I absolutely love the After Hours update because I frequent the club irl and I'm a fan of house music. Specifically deep house. In game I can dance for hours in my club vibing to the music with NPCs and the randoms who actually accept my invite. I would love to join or help create a crew with people of the same interests. I want to be in a club packed with players instead of just NPCs I'm on PS4
  19. Jakeyo

    Gta 5 rp

    r rhttps://discord.gg/YxAJcED rp for fun ok we do patrols daily sometimes 2 a day we are looking for new members that can be cops or cigs
  20. Any decent, friendly, legit PS4 players that are in need of some help with selling product, completing a heist, CEO stuff, contact missions or just want someone new to play GTA with ??!! Or maybe ur new to the gane and need a little help getting going ?? Add me !! PSN is - phew8 ✌🤙👍 Peace out !!
  21. libertyresident

    Friendly adult players

    I'm looking for members to join my group of friendly players. Heists memebers, mission partners, bikers, CEO, etc. Help with awards, t shirts, rims, tattoos. no modders, hackers, cheaters; just legit clean players with friendly attitude. I have a friendly GTA player community on PSN to keep connected. My GTA character is Clayton, a Jamaican Rasta yardie who has recently moved to Los Santos from Liberty City. Looking for Rasta friends to connect with or any well connected criminal from the seedy underworld of Los Santos and Blaine County. Let's meet up, make some GTA$, and have some fun! I am on most days and my time zone is Pacific Standard time. I have a mic usually keep it off as I like to enjoy GTAO without mic chatter
  22. New Masonic Temple located in Vespucci Beach is currently looking for anyone interested in joining the fraternity. Any questions feel free to ask. God bless. https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/eastward_lodge_no_4
  23. Hi, i'm looking for active members that enjoy the game as much as I do... Look at my videos, to get to know more about our crew.. Of course I enjoy most of it to create quality VIDEO content, so turn the volume on if you watch it Simple crew rules as follow: No killing crew members, no abusing/bullying crew members, treat crew members with respect. Add me on Social Club or PS4 and leave me a message to connect... SEE YOU SOCIAL CLUB https://de.socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/brian-shaw Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdjLTOC7Zxi1CQTYyVfDy2A Latest VIDEO: and many more...
  24. PezQuickFire

    PS4 Money Maker

    Need 3 other players to easily make money with the 3x $ and RP Motor Adversary Mode missions. Quiet easy just need 3 other players.
  25. Gamefinder97

    Money making crew on GTA online

    Jamestown reapers (JSET) money making gang/ crew. We sometimes role play, we do any business, https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/jamestown_reapers_, anyone 17+ on PlayStation 4. We only play on PS4 so nobody on.. PC or Xbox plz. If Interested message (Gamefinder) or (f_khan10)
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