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Found 66 results

  1. hdroey

    gta online car meet

    hey we're doing car meet in 4 hours if you want to join then join our discord all the details are inside https://discord.gg/v4V4eUg
  2. BlanketFister

    Sentinel XS spawning

    Hi. I'm looking for a player on pc to help out testing spawning the yellow/blue npc modded Sentinel XS. They spawn in freeroam 2200-0400, but that is old. Test 1: In the time locked contact mission Dispatch IV (midnight) these cars spawn. But this job can not be done solo. So far I have joined/hosted and let the other players do the actual job - while I farmed a fist full of those cars. Looking for one player to help out finding the optimal farming using 10 car garages close to spawn point. Test 2: These cars can also be found spawning at the south Xero gas station at 21:00 in time locked missions like " A Titan of a Job". There are some other missions time locked at the same time. These can be done solo so here I look for help to come up with a spawn plan for solo players or co-op. Send me a dm if you are into this.
  3. Welcome To San Andreas Department of Public Safety Who Are We? San Andreas Department of Public Safety is a Private, FiveM emergency services roleplay community with our own CAD/MDT. Our server is all about bringing a realistic, but entertaining roleplay experience to you and your friends. The choices and scenarios are endless here at Project Justice Roleplay. We do not limit your creativeness here! We want you to be able to create the scenes you want to create, without the hassle of having unnecessary blacklisted items. San Andreas Department of Public Safety was Founded in July 2018 and is run by Macauley L. The Departments We Offer San Andreas Highway Patrol Blaine County Sheriffs Office Los Santos Police Department San Andreas Fire/EMS Department Communications Department Dispatcher Post below of Highway patrol and many other departments In San Andreas Department of Public Safety, we only want the best officers for the job, so, we put them through a vigorous selection process that will push Civilians to their normal limits to see if becoming a LEO is right for them. Training for LEO includes, and is not limited to, Push-Ups, Sit-Ups, Chin-Ups, and Long distance running. As well as vehicle and Officer Skills that include, EVOC Courses, Code 5 Stops, Pit Maneuver Training, and Traffic Stop Training. This training that we give for LEO is the first of its kind. San Andreas Department of Public Safety To join Project Justice Roleplay, all you need to do is join our recruitment discord and submit an application! After you submit your application you wait for an @training Division or FTO to contact you for training In the application, it is really important to put your Steam Hex ID so you can be whitelisted for our server so you are able to participate in training for LEO or Fire and EMS. **(If you are not trained you are not allowed to go onduty and drive department vehicles. Discord Link : https://discord.gg/pww5nWR Requirements You must have Discord and TeamSpeak3 You must be at least 13Years old to make a chance to be accepted You have to be able to get along with others in a team-based environment You must have a legit copy of GTA 5 and have FiveM Downloaded and be working with the Lambda Menu and Simple Trainer Some Community Video's of Project Justice Roleplay San Andreas Department of Public Safety Community 2018 © Social Club link :https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/san_andreas_departme
  4. hdroey

    gta online discord

    if you are looking for peoples to play with then this is the place https://discord.gg/pC9VDhf we're also doing car meets,heists togther and helping each other in sales
  5. Los Angeles Role-play Community Welcome and thanks for looking at our recruitment page for the upcoming RP server LA-RPC. To start of I will talk about what we are and what makes us different from other communities. At LA-RPC we strive to create a new level of realism, with custom server mods/plugins it makes it much easier to be different from the others here’s a small list of what we have different. Los Angeles Experience The LAE is our aim in the server to bring the realism to the highest level possible, we got custom shops and street names as well as the Hollywood sign. You can also find a lot of “real” companies in the server that you can also work for! Here is what we currently have to offer in the server Emergency Services: LAPD: We use the real LAPD vehicles and uniforms, officers will be trained to patrol in the streets of LA. (LS) LAFD: Our vehicles are all edited with Los Angeles skins and the firefighter/paramedic uniforms are also LA based. Communications: Working with our own build custom CAD/MDT system, and an active live map of the server dispatching has never been that much fun! Subdivisions such as: K9, Bike Unit, Air support, Detectives etc are side divisions of the police department. (COMING SOON) Los Angeles Public Transit services: LA Metro bus company: Our busses got different lines all going to different locations. You can see what bus you have to get on the map markers and the bus colours as of now we have 2 lines operating that people can take to get to a location or to work in! Metro Local (Orange): Driving all around Los Angeles stopping at every big street/station and sightseeing. Metro Rapid (Red): Driving from LAX to Paleto Bay stopping in only the big busstops LA Subway: Drive-able metros going around the city to pick passengers up and bring them to their destinations. -Players can find the metro stations on the map at the “M” blips Amtrak California: With a custom made Drive-able passenger train you’ll be travelling California in style. with over 10 custom train stations, Amtrak will take you anywhere! -Players can find the train stations on the map at the “T” blips. Pilot: Our Boeing 737-700 will fly between LAX and Blaine County International Airport. Our DC10 Freighter Fed Ex will deliver wherever it’s needed with as hub Zancudo Our Cessna Caravan Fed Ex will land on on grapeseed as wel as on Sandy and Zancudo. Yellow Cab: Taxis at their finest, Yellow Cab will take you all across the city for a payable fee. And much… much more jobs! Custom Buildings: Different bus stations across the map Different Train stations across the map Mission Row PD has been edited with walls at the parking space giving officers a save place. Custom Airport in Blaine County Hollywood sign and custom street signs Custom props, street billboards and shops. Tollbooths and Dynamic road works that change over the time. What type of server are we? At LA-RPC we are building on a entire new concept which is gonna be ultra realistic and breathtaking, as we speak we’re still in our Beta stage of the development. The concept is that every individual is gonna be important in their own way. The civilians can make up to 3 characters that you can get to know and have your experiences with. You can become a train driver, bar worker or can be a homeless guy begging for money everything is possible, give the biggest house party in the entire state or go the criminal life and get on the wanted list. On the other side people can also join up the emergency services, on here you’ll be a full or part-time LEO or Firefighter/Paramedic. You can make sure the streets are safe or help the people out in need. Although taking your day of to go with your RP friends on a boat trip or explore the other side of the border is allowed too! Requirements: All ages Civilian (If mature) 14 years LAFD 16 years LEO Legal copy of GTA V Good quality mic Mature and serious Willing to learn a lot of information (LEO) Willing to follow orders from your Chain of Command. (LEO) Development: Currently we’re still in development, we’re working very hard on the server and with the entire new concept it’s taking a lot of time. If you wanna join the server go ahead and join the discord, here you can chat have fun, get access to the server and ask your questions! Discord: https://discord.gg/vJfK8uP Website: la-rpc.com <- COMING SOON Socialclub: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/larpc_sc

    Community gaming!

    New Gamer Community to join! https://discord.gg/WQen2ZS Join up!
  7. THE SKELETON CREW MC [PC] Featured on Rockstar Newswire Welcome! The Skeleton Crew MC is a motorcycle club crew in GTA Online. We are a tightnit group of friends who have come together with the goal of creating great memories, while upholding our honor and protecting our brothers and sisters. Rockstar Newswire Featured, Not simply randomly. The Skeleton Crew MC is the only MC that was featured in the Newswire on September 26th, 2016. Leading up to that prestigious day and ever since, we have established the reputation of a helpful and welcoming crew for players from all walks of life, and stop at nothing to defend our family. This crew has a lot of time in GTA, and today we have reached the most successful stage of our history. We combine an excellent community where the priority is to help and defend each other. Join and observe for yourself that we do not have to lie to capture your attention. Here at Skel, you will find that we are a family first. Players can be found riding together in lobbies, from reaking havoc on the police and others who dare step in our path, to holding events such as Fight Club, TDMs, Jousting and more different events. We enjoy all aspects of GTA Online, and with each new support, prospect, and patched member comes new ideas and ways to play. With these players comes manpower and new ways to make money through the MC businesses, gunrunning, heists, free roam jobs, and other activities. Skel MC is 18+, so we can offer a mature environment for other players. Whether you are a veteran in the GTA universe or a brand new player, seeking a club that offers camaraderie and fun, look no further and apply today! Oderint Dum Metuant: Let them hate, so long as they fear." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How to Join? Join on discord: Invitation link www.skelmc.com or Comment, Tell us your age and share you social Club Link ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Skeleton Crew Social Club Reddit GTAVCrews Freemode Arms Clause 1. A. All Handguns and Assault rifles are allowed B. Snipers Rifles are allowed C. Double Barrel, Pump Shotguns are allowed, NO heavy auto 2. No Explosives unless rule three is violated and used to destroy said vehicle 3. No turreted vehicles or armoured vehicles are permitted Special freemode Arms Clause Marksman is ONLY allowed when a member is alone and outnumbered against enemy players who are using these weapons. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Basic Rules NO MODDING No killing other members of The Skeleton Crew MC Members are free to ride any style bike they choose Members must aid any brother who requests it. All members must have the The Skeleton Crew MC or Prospect patch visible. No members will disobey orders from officers. Members must treat other members with the utmost respect. No member will start a war with another MC or crew without permission from either the President, Vice-President or Sgt. At Arms. Members will only fire upon other players if provoked. Members will not go against anything the club has passed in a vote. Members will show loyalty and dedication to the club. Members must remain active in-game, on our Discord and on our Enjin community website. Join on discord and apply now: Invitation link ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Nat President: Weavie Nat Vice President: Johnny.Vice Nat Secretary: LegacyR Sandy Shores Chapter President: SKEL_Rob Skelettes Chapter President: Forfoq Saques Rebel Hills Chapter President: foereal
  8. Platform: PC Gaming ID: TheCoolDean Social Club ID: TheCoolDean Steam: TheCoolDean My work - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5NNLL6QLoak93bctOaa6yg
  9. StoneyRoach

    [PC] Deadly Sins MC

    The Deadly Sins MC is a 1%er group on GTA. We know there are a lot of other groups that make that same claim but we are one of the few that actually play with that lifestyle in mind. We are savage in game to outsiders and a tight nit brotherhood to those that carry a patch. We ride in formation and have church every other weekend. We are an older group so don't expect rigged playtime requirements or too much seriousness in the club. We like to have fun and ride with our brothers. We are a considerably old MC. We were established relatively soon after the initial launch of GTA: Online. We like to think that we are one of the more legit MCs. Now we know a bold statement like that may cause controversy so let us explain, we do ride bikes more often than not. We do have church every other weekend. And we do have bylaws, some consider them strict but we consider them our bible and it makes for a drama free environment. For us, at this point, the comradery and fun is what we consider most important. We still have many traditions as any self-respecting organization with some time under its belt should. Some of these include crew rides and prospect runs and even ceremonies for when a member patches in or leaves. We know these are not everyone's cup of tea. But for us, we are a close knit group and we cherish our brotherhood. So on the topic of tradition, we would like to share a bit of our history. We trace our roots to Reapers Legacy MC (RLMC) almost all of our original 7 sinners were the high command of RLMC. And after the president of RLMC disappeared for some time we proposed to the vice president (Uberchris) that we should either make him the acting president. Or since it had been two months since we last saw our president that maybe we should leave and create our own MC. After a long church, it was agreed that in order to maintain our current brotherhood our best bet would be to disband and create our own MC. So we went to laying the groundwork for Deadly Sins. Founded: Dec 30, 2013 In our first days, we started with seven members. This was part of the inspiration for the name. Brewcity_262 Uberchris zombe5150 L3GI0N3663 Peg-City-204 Btb1138 Hixxy_666
  10. Now we all know MC’s Now ‘and days are a dime a dozen. But what sets Sinners apart from most MC’s is the way we maintain ourselves, and the way we adapt to the change and growth of the game. Our crew has been around for a while and now we are active on PC and stronger than ever. We are looking for new blood in the crew. But we are very selective. Not everyone can ride with us. We are a rowdy bunch of degenerates. For more info click here We welcome anyone to join the hangarounds but to prospect here is not for everyone. and to earn a patch is only for the ones with Sin in their hearts and a soul bent on chaos. If you are timid or lack the raw skill to hold your own then this group isn't for you. Prospecting isn’t easy here. Our prospects get a lot of hazing. But it’s worth sticking it out if you can. Because when you do earn your patch. You are without a doubt a Sinner and a brother. You get a vote as well as all the perks of membership. We help you earn money to buy and trick out your bike. We back you up in any fight you get into. And having some skillful players to run with never hurts. Also we only want players with headsets. If you don’t have one or don’t like talking in game then we probably aren't the right place To join go to our Hang around page Or post a response here. RSGSC: Platform: Timezone: Are you above 18: (Yes) (No) Do you have a mic: (Yes (No) What bike do you ride: What do you do most in GTA: Online: Any misc info you think we should know:
  11. « Continued from Chapter 1 Welcome to The Yardies crew. I'm this gang's glorious leader named Rewas. Worship me, peasants. Leader: RewasGanteks Co-Leader: Aliveite Co-Leader number dos: paul the great Co-Co-Leader: Thomas The Tank Sak Co-Co-Co-Leader: Ironz Secretary: Andy12234555896 Co-Secretary: Dole of the Bob And the rest.... Thats the gayest thing I have heard in years. Oh crap, I forgot you're gay. Nvm, cancel everything.
  12. Deletedaccount

    The English Riviera

    About Us The English Riviera is an open, multi platform crew actively recruiting right now! We are a small, loyal group looking to recruit members in time for GTA Online. We are the kind of group where everybody has a say, no one is discriminated and most importantly we won't bullsh*t you. Anyone who joins before October the 1st will be be promoted to Lieutenant or Commissioner on joining*. All are welcome Our Members (07/09/13GB) Name |Platform(s) |PSN ID |XBOX LIVE |GTANet |Nation MrCasey PS3/PC MrCasey460 MrCasey GB BenTheMexican PS3/PC N/A N/A GB EllisJay8 PS3 EllisJay8 N/A GB *Subject to as and when I can
  13. darkwar854

    Where to buy GTA San Andreas

    I recently looked up if my pc can run gta sa, and I found out it could, so I am wondering where to get it because I looked and couldn't find any places that sold it anymore. Help
  14. MadGr


    We are MadZ AKA Madnesh.We are the future of San Andreas.Although we have plenty of gadgets and a giant underground base,We need more people.For more details message me. JOIN US https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/madnesh -Mad
  15. ------------------------------------------------ (last updated 2017, due to topic split of 2018, 1st post contents are moved to Yardies private OGA sub-forum and can be found in pinned topic and up to date) https://gtaforums.com/topic/934561-the-yardies-hierarchy-1st-post/ ------------------------------------------------
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