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Found 65 results

  1. Widowmaker001

    PC Friends

    Hi all, just got back to playing and am looking to add PC friends to play with. Feel free to add me to your friends list and i'll gladly help out with whatever i can. SC - widowmaker1074
  2. I am the leader of a small mercenary crew, with HQ based inside a nightclub. While I would love to meet role players to join my crew, this is not what i am aiming to find with this post. I am looking for role players from all life styles, Civilians, Criminals, Police, Mercenary's, to join me in friends only servers. My ground rules. -18+ I can not stress how much I want a mature server, I will not take in people that are so young that they shouldn't even be on the game since role play may take up adult themes and humour at times.(It's a game about crime, I like the gritty crime aspects, enough said.) -No Aimless killing, suit your roles, play your roles, if your role indicates shoot on sight so be it, but do not actively chase players across the map for the purpose of simply killing them, play your role. -Dont flood the -All- chat with your role plays, try to keep in character chatter within organisation/MC's where possible. -Deep description is difficult in GTA due to the active style of the game, Stay in character but i wouldn't expect descriptive role play in the streets, keep the long descriptions to inside safe houses, clubs and offices for simplicity sake. -No futuristic vehicles, that means no flying bikes, no flying cars, no futuristic tanks, no akula helicopters. Keep the technology to a modern level i don't want to see the server packed full of prototype style/futuristic style vehicles. -If you are going to play as criminals, please try to play smart, don't run and gun everything you see, stay in character. -If you start wars with other players, consent them first for agreement, or do so with reasonable cause, fighting over cargo is reasonable cause, but don't make a habit of simply chasing down every cargo delivery players make, play smart, form alliances and enemies accordingly, keep things interesting. -Dress according to your roles and your character activities, I do not wish to see bikers in bright red suits, or police in biker cuts. -Use weapons that apply to your role. (Police would typically have shotguns, pistols, carbine rifles, maybe snipers if they are marksmen and nightsticks, civilians don't typically carry around large guns, limit heavy weapons for carrying weight ect.) -Respect peoples boundaries and play styles, just as you would like them to respect yours. -I would prefer to use Free-aim only, to avoid unwanted targeting and to limit peoples aim to practised levels. -Avoid inviting people directly to your clubs, businesses, apartments ect, would prefer to see people making the journeys. Please comment on this forum to keep the post alive if you are interested, feel free to message me on my R* social, VioletNite666x (Please mention you have been reading the forum if you contact me on R* social, I will not accept random friend requests from people i don't know, unless I know what they are adding me for.) Please note I am from the UK, for the sake of timezone difference. Feel free to meet other role players like minded through this post, I would appreciate any contact from other role players but this is as much for all you role players out there as it is for me. Keep me posted people! Vi
  3. hop in and play with us : https://discord.gg/v4V4eUg we also planning events(car meets and such in the future)
  4. I need one person to grind the last 11 capture matches I need to get free chrome sports wheels. We can alternate one win each so you get them too. No more paying 65000 every time. Add me on PC RSC: Rodrows
  5. Widowmaker001

    Stock Delivery

    Just wondering a couple of thing with stock deliveries? Are there people willing to help other players with stock deliveries? And, if and when people help other players, do players that are getting help have to worry about those people helping them screw them over somehow or destroying their stock??
  6. Do you play GTA V on PC, have Discord, and need a good group of people to play with? Then look no further because OLMC is recruiting prospects, and after 15 days probation (if the officers vote you in) you get to be a full patched member. If you’re not familiar with how Motorcycle Clubs work I can give you a run down during an interview. If you are interested send me a friend request on Discord and we can do an Interview. My username is VladTheBasedGod#3543, must have a working mic, be mature, and have a good attitude for starters. I will send a full list of rules upon joining.
  7. Dinky1515

    Devils Fury MC

    Devils Fury MC Now recruiting ! The Story Devils MC was founded John Patterson, a Vietnam war vet who's passion for riding Had led to this clubs formation. John had wanted the club to at first be a thriving and peaceful Organization but as the club has grown out of hand, he now needs your help to maintain control Over the streats of L.a And Blaine County. Enlist today! Current Club Members President : Crispy19 VP : N/A Crew Page https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/xxdevils_furyxx_mc To enlist comment your social club name on this post, or add : crispy19 and send a message!
  8. absoullutely

    [PC] GRND crew recruiting

    GR1ND 1T - GRND - CREW We are looking for new crewmembers. The clan has been founded on April 3rd 2017. We have 100+ crewmembers on SocialClub & active members on Discord. What are our requirements? -NO HACKING, RACISM, GRIEFING -Respect each other, help each other out, give back what you get! -Every nationality is accepted. All ages are accepted. We expect decent behaviour. -Joining our Discord is a requirement, having a microphone is not. What do we offer? -A fun and usefull Discord server. -Crewmeetings, GRND sessions, help with MC sales etc. -A crew that branches out to other games Games we support: GTA, FiveM, OSRS, Warframe, Overwatch, CS:GO, Rainbowsixsiege The Division, The Crew 2, Rocketleague & Golf with your friends We are simply looking for gamers to form a fun community. We post information about crewmeets, news and more on Discord. If you want to join; come to our Discord server and check it out! Discord: https://discord.gg/yqhtHYp GR1ND 1T !
  9. Instagram | Discord | Social Club | Facebook | Website Welcome to the Official 'Dark Promises MC' Forum! On the 11th of June 2018, Dark-President, a Northerner of the UK, created a Motorcycle Club made for riding and creating a family of brothers and sisters with no boundaries. Dark Promises MC [DARK] is a 1%er MC that typically likes to bond with others more than fight, but will be ready to fight whenever need be. The majority of the MC is based in the UK, this includes the President, V. President and a few others. However there are a number of members all across Europe. DARK does not discriminate a persons race and forbid people from joining because of their nationality, sexual orientation, or ethnicity. A brother is a brother and a sister is a sister, no matter what the differences. We treat everyone equal, respect equally and love equally. A club is nothing without loyalty, and here at DARK we take loyalty very seriously. One other thing we take seriously upon our list of subjects is our honor. We fight other MC's as 1%er's. In that GTA Online MC Community, a 1%er club is a club that follows a strict set of rules in combat; a member of a 1%er club fights using only weapons such as the Assault Rifles, Pistols, SMG's and Melee weapons, sometimes with the exception of Pump-Action shotguns. A club that uses anything other than these weapons are known as 99%. We take this very seriously. As a traditional MC, we only ride Choppers. Sports bikes, Dirt bikes and anything other than a Chopper is prohibited...unless if you're being punished and are made to ride a pink Faggio all the way to Paleto Bay. EST. June 11 2018 PC Exclusive This level of club affiliation consists of people who have stated an intention of Prospecting for the club but have not either formally announced their desire to prospect yet or have simply not been presented to the club for a vote on their prospect status yet. The "Hangaround Period" may vary vastly from person to person. It is also possible for one to go from being a Hangaround to being a friend of the club or from being a Hangaround to becoming a prospect. - A Prospect is someone who has stated a clear intention of being a full patch member of the club and has also been voted in by at least 75% of the full membership of their chapter of application and has a full member sponsor in the club. A Prospect will do their Prospecting for at least a month (See top of post for Full Patch) A full patch member of the Dark Promises MC is someone who has been voted into the club by a majority of the full members in good standing of the chapter they are a member of. A full patch member has demonstrated being in alignment with the principles, philosophy and bylaws of the club. The full patch member (and only a full patch member) is allowed to wear the full club colors (patch). 1. Dark Promises MC will be your only active crew. Any knowledge of you being active in another Crew/MC will get an automatic termination of colors. This is the main and most important rule if you want to be a part of this MC. Prove it by representing your clubs colors 2. A brother shall not fight each other with weapons; when any of the Dark Promises outlaws fight one another, it is one on one. This applies to Prospects. This means that any fighting done must be bare fists. Fair and clean fight. Breaking these rules and killing your brothers with weapons could result to loss of patch. 3. If you don't help out the club in its activities e.g. War against another MC, and you use the club solely for your own benefit, you will be warned. No second chance. 4. Do as you are told or walk the line. 5. Any of the Dark Promises outlaws losing privilege of wearing colors will also lose privilege of voting and ruling over Prospects and Hangarounds. 6. Talking to another person outside of the club about its business and private information will lead to losing colors. 7. If you are told you are too drunk to ride, you will turn over your keys to a brother. You and your bike will be taken care of (RP). 8. Leather jackets/cuts will be worn at all times with the clubs patch seen on the back. Fail to do so and you'll have your ass chewed up and spit out. 9. During funeral runs, no one will pack a passenger, patch must be seen on everyone. 10. Club meetings are mandatory, you will be notified in advance. Miss 3 meetings and you will be stripped of your colors. 11. The Prospects will watch all bikes when members are at Club functions, e.g. in bars, any anywhere the senior members present deems necessary. 12. There will be a club run on any day of the week, once a week. Whoever picks the run route will lead the pack. 13. Never turn your back on the club. 14. Any disrespect to a high ranking member/officer will have repercussions. 15. Members must remain active in-game, and on our Discord. 16. Everyone must be in the lounge (discord voice channel) when playing GTA V Online. 17. If you miss an event, then one day will be added to your promotion time. 18. If you miss 3 events (example : If you are absent for x3 fight nights and have declared your absence, a vote will be taken place to discuss your position in the MC. (INACTIVE PLAYERS WILL BE KICKED) 19. Crew killing, and cop bringing is an instant breach of the rules! (1st offence = Warning / 2nd offence = Punishment). Other Forms Of Applying Nickname Age Social Club Name or Link Previous Experience (if any) Please note: your SC profile MUST be set to visible. If you wish to apply, leave your details in the comment section. If you have applied, a member will message you on SC. After we have a quick discussion, you will be invited to our discord channel for an interview. Once you have passed the interview, you will become a hangaround. If you're an active player and get to know the MC you will easily get noticed and be promoted to prospect. From that moment on, it's all on you to be ACTIVE, and earn your patch. (A mic must be owned in order to join the discord, and ultimately progress in the club.) (Gallery will be later updated)
  10. Hi, i'm looking for active members that enjoy the game as much as I do... Look at my videos, to get to know more about our crew.. Of course I enjoy most of it to create quality VIDEO content, so turn the volume on if you watch it Simple crew rules as follow: No killing crew members, no abusing/bullying crew members, treat crew members with respect. Add me on Social Club or PS4 and leave me a message to connect... SEE YOU SOCIAL CLUB https://de.socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/brian-shaw Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdjLTOC7Zxi1CQTYyVfDy2A Latest VIDEO: and many more...
  11. https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/lost_souls_vespucci I am looking to recruit a very specific type. You don't talk it, you don't start it. Because you ain't a piece of it. You end sh*t. And you don't knock anyone else's business. You mind your own. And you're loyal like a hornet. Out to support first and be supported second. Which means, you want to be part of a unit where you ain't ever gotta worry about the folks you hang with betray your ass, after you helped them make money or stuck your neck out for them. And just like a hornet, the moment some outside force comes between you or anyone you hang with? That's when you make flight and swarm. And you don't stop, until there ain't no threat left in any piece of sh*t trying to get their rocks off. You like motorcycles, too. Maybe most everything you got is motorcycles. Maybe you're good enough with them, that you can even beat a dumbass that can't handle his drag hayabusa with a Harley you can thrash through all the corners he can't handle. But the point is, you wanna hang with like minded people that can go in hard. Come out of nowhere, off radar, on two wheels with a sawed off M-79 already out when you roll through the blind corner to end some bastard's pursuit of schadenfreude, at the expense of motherf*ckers you care about and care about you. So, bonus points if you got a Pegassi Ruffian or the Lost Souls variant of the Western Daemon. Not a requirement, though. You'll get one in time. And you'll wear black on black on black on black. Black helmet over a black ski under black shirt under black leather jacket above black skinnyjeans and black boots, black leather gloves. Head to toe covered in black on a black bike. So if they even got a brain left to remember you by, they'll hardly even know what you got between your legs and much less what color your skin even was. You were anonymous. You could've been anyone. When who you were ain't the point. It's what you taught that was the point. So if you're like minded, and you like what I'm proposing, then I'm not just looking to recruit you, I'm looking to promote you and everyone like you. Hit me with that invite, and we'll go from there. ...And, the backstory to the idea of a Vespucci Beach Subchapter is, is that LS's top brass decided Stab City's and Mirror Park's subchapters had to be culled. So that makes us wetworks.
  12. I don't know how to deal with all the overpowered infinitely respawning npcs
  13. San Andreas Department of Defense Hello, my name is Chase R. I'm the owner of the San Andreas Department of Defense, and the Xbox One Department of Justice. We are a new roleplay community on FiveM. We are all about realistic roleplay, but also we're about having fun as a team. To join you must be 15 years old or older, then join our Discord channel and then go to our website and put an application in for the department you want to join. Be sure to read our requirements, and our rules and regulations before applying. We currently have seven departments: San Andreas Highway Patrol The San Andreas Highway Patrol is a state level agency that patrols the entire state of San Andreas. Los Santos Police Department The Los Santos Police Department is the police department of the city of Los Santos, San Andreas. Paleto Bay Police Department The Paleto Bay Police Department is the police department that patrols the town if Paleto Bay Blaine County Sheriff Office The Blaine County Sheriff's Office is the local county law enforcement operating in Blaine County, San Andreas. San Andreas Fire & Medical The San Andreas Fire and Medical Department is the fire and medical department that protects the state of San Andreas. Communications The communications department is in charge of answering 911 calls and dispatching officers. Civilian Operations The civilians of San Andreas bring reason to the Law Enforcement and Fire Departments. We hope to see you soon! Our website: (Click Here) Our Requirements: (Click Here) Our Rules and Regulations: (Click Here) Our Discord: (Click Here)
  14. Flachbau

    [TOOLIGAN] Recruitment

    Social Club Crew Age (optional): Time Zone: Tell us about yourself: What is your greatest quality/asset?: How often do you visit GTAForums?: Any previous forum group history?: Which platforms do you game on?
  15. OldCar6


    Přátelská crew českých hráčů pro vzájemnou výpomoc a spolupráci ve hře GTA Online Vzájemná výpomoc při získávání a prodeji zboží, hraní heistů, misí, závodů, prostě vše, na čem lze společnou silou vydělávat Vítáme každého poctivého hráče,který si chce ve hře vydělávat legalním způsobem https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/cz_amigables_cartel
  16. absoullutely

    [PC] GRND crew recruiting

    GR1ND 1T - GRND - We are looking for new crewmembers. The clan has been founded on April 3rd 2017. We have 100+ crewmembers on SocialClub & active members on Discord. What are our requirements? -NO HACKING, RACISM, GRIEFING -Respect each other, help each other out, give back what you get! -Every nationality is accepted. All ages are accepted. We expect decent behaviour. -Joining our Discord is a requirement, having a microphone is not. What do we offer? -A fun and usefull Discord server. -Crewmeetings, GRND sessions, help with MC sales etc. -A crew that branches out to other games Games we support: GTA, FiveM, OSRS, Warframe, Overwatch, CS:GO, The Crew 2, Guildwars 2 MonsterHunterWorld, LeagueOfLegends & Golf with your friends We are simply looking for gamers to form a fun community. We post information about crewmeets, news and more on Discord. If you want to join; come to our Discord server and check it out! Discord: https://discord.gg/yqhtHYp GR1ND 1T !
  17. New York State Emergency Services Roleplay (NYSESRP) is a new community looking for dedicated members. We are based on the modification FiveM, which allows for modded GTA V servers - our server is loaded with custom fleet vehicles, models, and scripts to create the most realistic experience for our State Troopers, Firefighters, Paramedics, and Civilians. NYSERP is led by an experienced Command Staff who has over a decade of combined experience in leading GTA IV and GTA V RP communities, and our Directors have been working together since early 2013 when they founded their original community based around LCPD:FR. We are searching for individuals who can work as a part of a team and aid in creating the most realistic experience possible in GTA V. We are based on New York State, with our largest department being the New York State Police. We are looking for Troopers, Firefighters, Paramedics, Dispatchers, and Civilians. Not only are we looking for members, but also leaders who can fill our staff member positions. If you have the leadership capacity and experience, we will ensure you are put in a proper position. What makes us Different? Our community is private, meaning we only allow our own approved members to join our servers, including civilians. This way, our civilians are well trained and reliable, ensuring we can provide you with the best possible and most realistic roleplay experience. No more dealing with raging 10 year olds who don’t know how to properly RP. Every interaction will be realistic and authentic. In addition to this, our community is founded on the basis of professionalism and realistic roleplay. We rely on training and SOPs which tie heavily into real life scenarios and policies for law enforcement agencies in New York State. We hold our members and training to a high standard. NYSESRP is a growing community with plenty of room for promotion, given the proper leadership qualities and work ethic. ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Want to find out more? Check out our website or talk with us on our teamspeak server! Our Website Teamspeak 3 Server: Application Email Us - [email protected]
  18. Bobbylee3rd

    gta 5 roleplay

    I see a lot of servers doing great RP but it seems to be missing something join the link below if you are interested... https://discord.gg/bgmjp4R
  19. I just want large sessions to sell in without being griefed, I don't need any help to resupply or anything.
  20. join our discord we're playing togther,helping out with sales,doing car meets,doing heists you can also find players to play with in our discord join today https://discord.gg/Tq7cq4h we are also doing car meet today all the details are inside the discord
  21. hdroey

    gta online discord

    if you are looking for guys to play with this is the place we also doing car meets,heists,helping out with sales https://discord.gg/v4V4eUg
  22. I really love killing people but I don't like to be that a**hole who kills randoms for no reason, so please tell me if there's any tryhards or any other toxic types of players and we'll both benefit from it. Social Club: SendNukes
  23. Do you have any cool GTA vids lying around? Whether's it's game clips on your hard drive or on your xbox live account. Email: [email protected] PM: JonG-1508 (GTA Forums) Xbox: JonG 1508 Calling ALL gamers (Xbox 360, Xbox1, PS3, PS4, PC) Any video's could include: An awesome car trick, an really hard sniper shot, motorcycle backflip.. or just some weird ass glitch that happened in GTA and something cool happened. Or if you just happened to find something really funny in game and clipped it. I WANT ALL THESE.... I am making a compilation video of only the coolest videos & putting them on Youtube (and no.. you just coming out of passive mode to blow someone up does NOT equal cool) You can either send me your clips. Or send a link to the clip (dropbox, drive or onedrive is fine. If sending me a link, make sure I'm able to download it so I can put it in the compilation (Along with your gamertag, PSN or any other username) Email: [email protected] PM: JonG-1508 (GTA Forums) Xbox: JonG 1508 Aiming to get a 10 - 15 minute video out weekly or fortnightly, so get sending. Again I'm after ANYTHING that seems cool or funny... I'll throw it in the compilation and it'll get put on Youtube!! Email: [email protected] PM: JonG-1508 (GTA Forums) Xbox: JonG 1508
  24. hdroey

    gta online car meet

    hey we're doing car meet in 4 hours if you want to join then join our discord all the details are inside https://discord.gg/v4V4eUg
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