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  1. I'm rank 81currently online and working to build up cash so if anyone would like help or to hang out in jobs or do CEO or MC work let me know with a message on xbox one 3X 7 Dýr active player just about everyday
  2. SIl Isaac S039

    Echelon PMC Unit Recruitment

    I'm Captain, SIl Isaac S039 I'm the second in Command of a PMC Unit called "Echelon". We've bootstarted ourselves on GTA V Online, Looking for new members to join us, we are currently going off of the United States Army Structure for MoS' and Chain of Command Structures. Our Commanding Officer is Colonel. S11 042 Douglas Currently we are recruiting for the 11B Infantry Personal, Down below is our Rules and Regulations. Additionally we use Discord as a different form of communication, if you don't have it then that's fine. As we have the Social Club Crews and the Xbox Live Clubs. We aren't always serious, but we can be when it comes to the need for it. But most of the time we are pretty chill "Off Duty." Hope see you potential Recruits. Rules and Regulations: -Follow all orders and do not question them. -Respect all members and officers any disrespect will be punishable -Show up to a majority of trainings if you do you will be rewarded with a rank up (We get if you have to do something but if we see you on another game and you come up with a crappy excuse, you will be punished) -Stay in the crew at all times, if you are seen in another crew, you will be discharged. -All new members will go through a "Recruit" Phase (See Document on Recruit Phase) -You are to be in uniform while with the Unit you may go out of uniform when an officer says so or if you are off duty. -If any of these rules are broken you will be punished, some will have strikes and others will be instant removal of the unit. -DO NOT mess with another crew, this will cause problems for all members and if you cause a problem you will be removed, no questions asked. -DO NOT ENGAGE other players unless you are engaged first. -DO NOT KILL OTHER MEMBERS, if you do you will be punished. Regulations: -Must have a mic no Kinect -Must have certain vehicles (See List) -Must be of age 13+ -Be Active Message myself or the CO if you are interested in Joining.. [signed] CPT. SIl Isaac S039 | Echelon PMC XO | 75th Ranger Regt [sF] COL. S11 042 Douglas | Echelon PMC CO | 75th Ranger Regt [sF] https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/echelon_pmc_unit[sC Crew]
  3. Mr Foopty Goop

    Gun Running SOLO PUB XB1

    Doing some gun running, just bought the best bunker, maxed everything out, now just maintaining and messing around. Adult players only, no squeakers, must have mic. If you want to join, message Resign My Mind for an invite.
  4. crispy79

    Heists - XB1

    Really wanna get some of the heists completed as never have really given them a proper chance, and so many people keep letting me down. Anyone up for doing some heists? Xbox Live is crispy79 - drop me a message.
  5. gatwinchester

    Looking for MC - Xbox One

    I just started GTA Online a couple days ago. I'm looking to join a MC. I'm 26 years old and I have a mic. I'm available most weekends and I'm usually on late night (past 12:30 am Eastern). My gt is gatwinchester23.
  6. WillEames39

    Need a crew?

    If you are looking for a new crew, join "La Famiglia di LC". It's for all those who loved the Liberty City games, I am setting up a Family to run the GTA V Online universe as a mafia run map. We'll be running large business firms and smaller jobs, like drug trafficking and other fraudulent affairs. As of now, a newer member of the game, I already own a house and MC Clubhouse. While there is still plenty of work to be done, I am on the rise. Join if you would like to be a part of my family.
  7. Hello all, I just joined a crew with a friend and we're looking to make a motorcycle club. With that being said, we'll need a patch. I've tinkered around on the crew emblem maker that Rockstar provides but I'm far from proficient at creating a true MC patch logo. I already have the basic layout for the logo, I need four things added into the logo, above the actual logo I need the name of the club, off to the left I'll need to 1%er, off to the right of the logo I'll need MC and of course, below the logo I'll need the area of where the club resides to be added in. Please let me know if you can help in any way. -Irish911
  8. Welcome to San Andreas Highway Patrol Roleplay Community! We are a legit group of roleplayers based in the state of San Andreas. We use modded capture jobs with stun guns and many different police vehicles to get the full experience during roleplay. We have a strict recruitment process to get the best roleplay team available. You must join an XBOX One Club (SAHP RP Community) and join the GTA Crew (LosSantosCountyShrff) to participate! Must be 14 years old or older. Own Discord (Add me for interview: |LEGI0N| Wolf#0087 ). Must be mature and not always seeking chaos. Have knowledge in laws, traffic laws, police codes (document in Discord server if you pass recruitment). Must own an XBOX One. Must own XBOX Live Gold. MUST OWN A MICROPHONE! We hope to see you on the team soon! Good luck in the recruitment process!
  9. If you're interested in a Real Life role play clan this is the right one for you. We have roleplay meetings every Monday, Tuesday, and Saturday at 7:30PM EST. We have Police,Secret Service, FBI, CIA, DEA, and more. If interested apply to join @ usrps.weebly.com , NOTE: Must be 13 or older and you need to have a mic.
  10. usrps.recruitment

    Real Life/Police Role Play + More

    If you're interested in a Real Life role play clan this is the right one for you. We have roleplay meetings every Monday, Tuesday, and Saturday at 7:30PM EST. We have Police,Secret Service, FBI, CIA, DEA, and more. If interested apply to join @ usrps.weebly.com , NOTE: Must be 13 or older and you need to have a mic.
  11. if u like to join in hit me up my gamertag is DeltaEliteKing9 I have a mic reply asap:) ps : pm me on xbox if u are interested
  12. Salvador Lorenzo

    Lorenzo Crime Family (Mafia/MC) Recruitment

    The Lorenzo Crime Family is a Mafia/MC Roleplaying crew looking for new members. We accept people from all consoles (including 360 and PS3). If you are interested or want more information please contact me on KIK: cosmicInsomnia RULES: 1. All Users MUST be 15+ 2. All RP must be done in Gamechat 3. If your Character is killed when not they aren't supposed to be killed, they'll be injured and sent to the hospital (Thanks Obamacare!!) 4. All Weapons In-Game will be called by their Real Life Counter-Part 5. Certain ranks are not allowed to do certain jobs (Poolboys and Associates are unable to host drug and gun deals but are allowed to show as backup or as a extra man) 6. Rocket Cars, Insurgents, Karumas, Miniguns, Rocket Launchers, etc etc are used in certain occasions and not used as your main vehicle. 7. If a member is killed by police this means they're caught by the police and will serve time unless bailed out by another member. 8. Your character must have a street name (Example: Salvador Lorenzo, Skinny Malone, Little Tommy) if you can't think of one then the highest member you can find will assign you one. 9. Your character MUST have a backstory that doesn't include other people's backstory (unless approved by the other(s)) 10. Certain weapons are banned from being modified with attatchments (skins and MK2 not affected by this rule) these are: Pistol, Pistol .50, Vintage Pistol, SNS Pistol, Combat Pistol (Flashlight Allowed), Pump Shotgun, Assault Rifle, Compact Rifle, Mini-SMG (Only Extended Clip Allowed), Micro SMG (Extended Allowed). 11. Crooked Cops are allowed to join the ranks of Lorenzo 12. To work in uncontrolled areas you must seek approval from a Mademan or Higher. KNOWN ALLIES: Los Santos Triad Madrazo Cartel Los Santos Vagos The Families Securo Serv Angels of Death MC KNOWN ENIMIES: Varrios Los Aztecas Khangpae Mob Lost MC Ballas O' Niel Brothers Marabunta Grande Armenian Mob


    SpecOps Armed Forces are now looking for new recurits to join the battle. We have several differant divisons to join within the crew such as infantry, armored, naval and more. If you are interested either send me a message on xbox (gt is MERICA ninjer) and my social club is mericabuddy. Come join us today!
  14. Who we are Wretched Riders MC is now recruiting on Xbox One. We are a small club based out of Sandy Shores. As the current president, I have been focusing on establishing business and getting the club out there. As of right now we are working on establishing ourselves around the Alamo Sea and hopefully into Paleto Bay and Grapeseed. Currently the Mother Charter is in Sandy Shores. Once we have more members we are looking at establishing a Nomad Charter for those who can't get on GTA as frequently due to real life responsibilities. Hangarounds and Prospects To be an associate/hangaround/prospect you must be 18 and older. Hangarounds don't have to wear a patch, however they will be required to become a prospect after one week at which time they will be asked why they want to join the club. As a hangaround you are allowed to participate in rides and can participate in heists. Prospects are given a prospect rocker and will help with club businesses. As a prospect you are required to adhere to the clubs bylaws such as no firing on other players unless they shoot at you first, no disrespecting or killing brothers, and having the clubs back as well as our allies. Hangarounds and prospects fall under the command of the Sgt-at-Arms. Events and Court Events will be held 3-4 times a week. It isn't required to be at every event, only Court is required. Court is similar to Church. The patchmembers meet and vote on club matters such as alliances and patching in prospects. Contact information As of right now you can contact me (Commaander531). I have included a link to the club at the bottom of the page where you can reach me. I hope to hear from ya'll and welcome you to the club! https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/wretched_riders_mc
  15. Hello I am sijwilio i am the second in command of Delta Quadrone we just started and are looking for new members at the moment. we try to be as realistic as possible have every single rank in the military as a rank that you can earn. we do have some requirements one you need to be good at the game two you must be mature and respectful three you must know how to give and take orders if you want to join then message me on discord or xbox chat name is sijwilio
  16. As the title suggests, I'm looking for a decent Roleplay community. I'm experienced in Roleplay, and love to do it often, unfortunately I'm on xbox which a lot of Roleplay communities aren't on. I generally play a CIV, as I've become quite good at creating scenerio's that make it fun for everyone. I'd like it if the Roleplay usually commences anywhere between 6pm (AEST) & 2am (AEST) but I'm easy to play other times! Let me know if you are a part of, or know a Roleplay community I can join. I take Roleplay seriously, so griefing defiantly won't be an issues GT: JonG 1508
  17. Im looking for anyone who can design me a flyer that I can post on social media and maybe on Xbox for a racing event I organise AWC (Atomic World Challenge). Below is a link to videos we had recorded for previous seasons of AWC for you to get an idea of what Im wanting. If you would like to help you can reply here or message me on Xbox (my gamertag is Sneaki Gyraffe) as I have a couple of images Id like you to use.
  18. Jesterlife123

    Military Crew Recruitiment Xbox One

    VOPMC is Now Recruiitng Loyal and Active Members | Marines,Airforce and Security Forces. Requirements: Must have a mic. Must be 14 years of age. Must be Respectful and Muture
  19. luboldjw

    The Rise of Dixie

  20. Looking for experienced pilots for formation flying with the Rogue. Going to be recording and taking pictures. Would like a total of 6 pilots including me. 3 Rogue aircraft. 3 pilots, 3 backseaters. Total of 6 including me Fly formation Must have Rogue Xbox one Message gt: Tranquiliti Flying daytime conditions
  21. Alright guys Ive recently started YouTube and twitch channels and I want to play with you guys so Im making a crew for races missions deathmatches and other things just want to have fun really Ill be making the crew tomorrow and posting it on here so anybody that wants to join can join I play on xbox one and am from Ireland so Ill be playing any time from 6pm onwards
  22. ORMC Popatop

    [GTA][RDR] Outcast Reapers

    Founded in the small coastal town of Paleto Bay in San Andreas began the ruthless Outcast Reaper Motorcycle Club. Ousted from their original clubs, the group came together to form a different kind of club. They learned from their predecessors how to run a club and exactly what they would need to thrive. Run by actual bikers, for bikers and enthusiasts who wanted an alternate way to experience a brotherhood, a family, and a well organised club. They descended into the town overnight, overtaking Beekers Garage and making it their own. Route 1 Motors, the original "legal" base of the ORMC. The club lives off of the ideal that brotherhood means everything and, depending on their family, a group of brothers, each from different walks of life, come together to take over the game and run the state of San Andreas. While the club is forgiving and understanding, cross them and you'll learn just how relentless and ruthless they can be. Loyalty, above all else matters to this band of brothers and sisters. They left together, stayed together, ride together. This club is all about second chances. It doesn't matter who you were with before you came to us or your past. What you do to prove yourself here is what matters. In October of 2016 the club closed their Xbox 360 charter and thus the Outcast Reapers Sandy Shores charter was born on Playstation 4. It gave the brotherhood the chance to experience a new generation and to spread the mindset and bond of the Xbox One brotherhood to a wider base. How To Join: We are an adult gaming clan. Therefore (1)players must be of at least 16 years of age, (2)have a mic, and (3) be active. Prospects are held in the same esteem as patched members. They must abide by the club rules and rules of MC Warfare. Apply below to join our prospects, and possibly become part of the Outcast Reaper Brotherhood. We communicate via use of the app, Discord, available on Android, iPhone, Windows, and online. Prospects must download the app and provide their Discord username AND the ID which comes after it. Example: Username#1234 (Note: Discord usernames are case sensitive) To even be considered you must state your age. If you are chosen to prospect, we will be in touch within a week after you submit you application. Prospect Rules: Prospects do not competitively TDM or 1v1 unless against other Outcast Reapers in a warm up/practice. Prospect dress code is the chocolate brown jacket or kutte. Prospects are to follow any and all orders given by ORMC officers and other patch members. Prospects are to attend 'Prospect Night' held on Tuesday nights, where we put you through multiple tests to better task your traits and attributes. Prospecting is a 4 week minimum. You can not simply sit in our chats and expect to become a trusted member of the ORMC. You put in the work, the faster you reach patch. Blatant disregard and/or disrespect to patch members or allies can result in you being kicked or in minor offenses, extended time to your prospect period. Prospects, it is not a patch members job to recognize when you are online. Post in the chat or ask for an invite. Currently Accepting Applications! Website: http://outcast-reapers-mc.com Social Club: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/outcast_reapersmc_pb Link: http://outcast-reapers-mc.com/join HEY! Really quick, don't forget to check us out on YouTube! Link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6RxrrfPXK5nameWB1Zllwg And Follow us on all social media outlets: NEW: We are now recruiting on Red Dead Redemption Online. You can apply using the same button above. Just select "RDR Online" as the recruitment option.
  23. YellowJacketTMU

    Need Help XB1

    I need help with selling a few vehicles from my warehouse. I don't have a mic. Just message me on XBLA (tag's same as this) and I'll invite you. I only got about 3-4 hours left before I go to bed so I'd like to get this done quick.
  24. Devilking jj

    Gta milsim

    Guys im doing a gta milsim the way to get to the crew is thur my rock star profile jjkid2k13 its based on the usmc if interested pm me
  25. HDDeveloper


    Hey, Looking for a crew? I am sure MRCA/MRCX will be the best for you! With MRCA being the chill messaround with its tryhard counterpart, MRCX. MRCX is full of tryhards who fight for the win with anything legal. Wether it be passive popping, or rapid EWO(Easy way out), Whatever floats your boat. Xbox One crew Looking to join? Message lI zCarbon Il on XBOX or xypint_gaming on Instagram. We do 100$ prize events monthly and every week we do LTMs as a group. We have 13+ active members excluding friends and allies. In total we have 56 members in our chat and we would love to grow that number! So pull up and join MRCA! We are the dirtiest of the dirtiest. MRCX is the most elite! Only the best of the best can join. MRCA has no tryouts or requirements, just preform good against me, the leader, and you got yourself a spot. Dont be afraid to join!
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