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  1. Xbox One Car Meet. (Possible cruise and highpulls if enough people join) Please send Mall Lit or Brodiee Lit a message to join. All cars welcome however we would like to keep the amount of supercars to a very low amount to provide realism in the meet and cruise. Things that will get you kicked/banned from our lobbies -Killing other players -Using explosives near the other players rides -Shooting others players -Causing chaos and bringing cops to the meet.
  2. What is Experience Gaming? XPG is a gaming community that was founded as a GTAV role play clan. Over time and with a lot of work, we endeavored to become a more rounded gaming community centered around the ideas we shared that brought us together in the first place. We all have our way to game, ours being the experiences that can be had in gaming with the right eye and with the right people. Over time, we became our philosophy to Experience Gaming and endeavored to find and share those experiences from as many games as possible with as many people as possible. This philosophy has led us through dozens of games together and has given birth to crews, clans, guilds, and even media pages that we stay regularly active on. XPG is the essence of the true gaming experience, and is looking for creative minds to share it with. What does “XPG” do? Well we started with GTAV Online role play, and we continue to do that. Some seek out other games with our group of role-players to find rp opportunities that can be found in a lot of today's AAA titles. We role play where we can, in and out of games like GTA, Battlefield, Battlefront & Other Star Wars Titles, Racing Games, Driving Simulators, RPGs, and much more. We also do a bit of blogging on games with a popular demand for reading material, and just for tips and tricks about games. We also have forums dedicated to single-player or multi-player blogging and vlogging with Star Wars as well as a few Bethesda titles such as Fallout 4 and ESO. We have a Rockstar Social Club Crew, a Battlefield 4 Platoon, we have an ESO Guild "Daedric Immortals", ARK groups, "Minecrafters", competitive and casual simulation races, and a lot more. We do photography on a massive scale, with a Gallery full of albums from various games. And if you look at our Media page, you will see that we have even started producing on YouTube as well as streaming on Twitch regularly with a nice little network. We even have Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram pages dedicated to "The Experience". If there is a gaming presence to be had, we are there...we even have our own Xbox Live "Experience Gaming" Club. So what do we do? We Experience Gaming...anywhere and everywhere we can and we share it in all places that we can. What do you do in Grand Theft Auto Online? Two words…role play. Grand Theft Auto Five gave us a world full of life and teeming with possibilities. What we have done is take what is in the game and with it create an expansive world in which we essentially act. Members have developed characters with life stories, families, and even criminal records. We have Police Divisions, Businesses made from in game lore, Police Specializations like NOOSE, and even a fully developed gang and criminal world. We have taken what Rockstar gave us to create a world where you can truly simulate life and Experience GTAO. It’s mature content, and has a strict structure…but you aren’t going to find more fun in GTAV. Well that was a lot to take in, seems like I might fit somewhere…where I can I sign up and get connected? www.experiencegaming.org/joinus - To apply The heart of XPG is young and old minds coming together to combine their creative gaming ideas to further the gaming experience for all involved. We are recruiting for everything right now, we need staff for positions such as: Bloggers/Journalists/Reviewers/Editors Streamers/Movie Producers Graphic Artists Website Moderators …And gamers who want to Experience Gaming “So that all may truly Experience Gaming.
  3. Hello, I'm Lt. Parker (IDKmyGammertag2) of the S.A.L.E. (San Andreas Law Enforcement) division of the LSPS. LSPS is back and better than ever, we broke 1 year back in Early July, and we are back, now recruiting. We were the Largest Emergency Services Roleplay clan on the Xbox One, and the command staff is looking to come back and take that title back. We are not just your typical Roleplay clan, the command staff combined offers years of experience and dedication to the clan. What We Offer SALE - S.A. Law Enforcement SAFE - S.A. Fire/EMS SACS - S.A. Communication Services (Dispatch) How to apply Message me, IDKmyGammertag2 or reply to this topic to begin Download an application called "Line" (Like kik) Download Zello Have a working microphone DONT DO ANY OF THE ABOVE EXCEPT MESSAGE THE GT, WE WILL HELP YOU!! SC Recruitment Crew - https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/ls_rp_public_safety_ Who Is Recruiting S.A.L.E - Recruiting S.A.F.E. - Recruiting S.A.C.S. - Recruiting Green: High Recruitment Status Yellow: Medium Recruitment Status Red: Not Recruiting On behalf of Recruitment Services, Media Relations, and the Command Staff, I hope to see you at our next training or interest meeting. Disclaimer* We are not a real police department, fire department, or medical services, although our course is taught by real world members of these agencies, our clan is not. Please do not message us about mergers, alliances, or joint rps, we are self sustained, we will give a helping hand, and open arms to those who may need it, but we (LSPS) is not interested. RESERVED
  4. I'm second in command for a crew on Xbox One called Cerberus Military. If anyone would like protection/security in free mode sessions please contact me for more information. Thanks!
  5. Demonic MC

    Demonic MC

    Demonic MC Who we are We are an Xbox One only Motorcycle Club who ride with each other regularly and all get along. Too us it's not just a game, it's a brotherhood who respect each other and the MC community which is why our slogan is 'Brains before bullets'. You don't have to just play gta but you do have to be online on gta with us for at least 3 days a week if you hope to obtain your full patch. We do have a long history with other clubs but are currently in an alliance with Los Carnales MC and a few other Ceasefires with clubs such as James Gang MC. We also have a past of traitors which when i do your interview, i will update you as to what happened. Charters Mother Charter (Vinewood)- Vinewood charter is our Mother charter which is where the club was founded by the first fallen (the first patch members). Should any other charter have a problem they will contact this charter. The Clubhouse is located in Vinewood . The President of this charter is DEMC Alastair. Nomad Charter- This is the Charter for Full patched members who still love the Club but are unable to be as active as other members and therefore can only be on at certain times. They are welcome too each charters Weekly Church too offer advice however they cant vote. Church Every week we have a meeting where the patched members sit around a table to discuss that weeks topics. This is where the patched members will vote for any changes within the MC such as a prospect getting patched in. Church meetings for Vinewood Charter are every Monday at 9 pm German time, 8 pm UK, 3 pm eastern Standard Time, 2 pm pacific and 1 pm Central European at the Clubhouse. Prospects and hangarounds We are always looking out for new prospects and would love to meet potential prospects. However you must be 16 or over too prospect. I will explain the rules in person but they must be obeyed when in a public lobby always. These will involve always wearing your patch in a public lobby. to become a full patched member you must complete a set of achievements which either I or the president will go through with you when you join. Before you can prospect you must be a hang around for a week and wear a particular hangarounds patch whist we determine if you are good enough to prospect for us. Before you join the Prospect manager and his assistants will do an interview with you over Xbox at a time you and him have arranged to determine if you have a place as a prospect and you are able to ask any questions you might have. Who to contact I am the VP and temporary prospect manager of the MC so will be watching your progress as a prospect and help you to complete your achievements. The reason i am both VP and Prospect manager is because we are currently still looking for someone who knows how to do the interviews and keep up to date with prospects and the tasks they completed, as no body in the MC felt they were right for that rank. My KIK name is WCMC_Cola and my gamertag is FSMC Cola The president of the Mother charter KIK name is WCMCpres also known as DEMC Alastair (Nat. Pres) and his Gamertag is DEMC Alastair Youtube Our old youtube channel is run by an old member who is no longer party= of the club so it has our old patch on it, we are currently in the process of creating a new video and channel with the new patch. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSu5mu6c8GTvx38fqxMLi6w Our new Channel is run by a current member who now creates the video's, here is his channel, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNZRpxhjM_Y44kn7rTaaIma Website Our Website is moderated by our our Secretary, and is in the process of being updated by him. http://demonicmcgta.wixsite.com/demc Social Club- Mother charter- https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/demonic_mc_vw Nomads- https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/demonic_mc_nomads Prospect crew- https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/demonic_mc_prospect I hope to hear from you all soon and always remember, brains before bullets. FSMC_Cola, Demonic MC Vinewood charter prospect manager and VP

    San Andreas National Guard

    Welcome to the San Andreas National Guard. About us The San Andreas National Guard is an all volunteer service to protect and defend the citizens of Los Santos. We provide authentic military training and structure. We allow anyone who meets the crew requirements to enlist in the San Andreas National Guard. So if you are looking for a authentic military roleplay experience without the over the top leadership breathing down your neck and taking away all of the fun about being in a roleplay crew, then we are the crew for you. Crew Requirements ​All applicants must be at least 15 years of age or older to join the San Andreas National Guard. All applicants must have a working copy of Grand Theft Auto V. All applicants must have a working headset / mic (Kinects will not be acceptable) All applicants are required to fill out an enlistment application, which can be found on the website. Please click the image above to view the website. Warrant Officer / Officer Candidate The San Andreas National Guard currently has positions open for anyone who submits a Warrant Officer / Officer application. Each application will be subjected to review and an oral interview by the SANG Administration. If you have any questions about this please contact (XGN Vrius 7). Contact Us If you have any questions or comments about the San Andreas National Guard, please direct them to the following forms of communication. Xbox Live: XGN Vrius 7 / NGN CAVSCOUT KiK Messenger: Mr.915 Discord: XGN Vrius 7 #9486 Please allow 24 to 48 hours to receive a response. If I still do not respond after the time period it is because I do work plus attend college, so please understand my schedule is a little tight at times. Social Club: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/sang_national_guard Enlistment Application: https://form.jotform.com/70216784824157 Notice: Please be aware that the website is still under development at this time. Some portions of the website is open for viewing, but most of the main features are disabled or unavailable at this time.
  7. hey everyone im looking for a fellow car collector willing to help me get som cars from 2-3 missions in gta online like the unique grey mesa, or red bison please? im on all weekend and week nights. Im more than happy to return the favor anyway i can. GT: Jerome Baker
  8. V3N0M0U5 K177Z

    Xbox one car meet

    Rules: No Screaming No Killing/Ramming Be Mature NO Police - If you get the police please just call Lester or Kill Yourself. Violation of these rules will result in you being removed from the meet. Invite(through my username) Races, cruises and more!!
  9. crusaderofnight

    Xbox One Motorcycle Club

    Need people to join my motorcycle club on Xbox one to help do weed farm missions and possible adversary modes later. Message me if you're interested. GT: crusaderofnight
  10. -Must use Skype -Must be able to pull a late night -add on xbox one then ill give you my skype handle GT- IAmHappyGrass
  11. King Variance

    Need players

    On for a couple hours tonight need to do missions or heists. Not interested in goofing off. Let's get some money
  12. Message uGz ChRoNiC must have mic and speak English
  13. RG Wolf IV

    Redemption Gaming Recruiting 13+

    Redemption Gaming is a fast growing, and highly experienced gaming clan for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms. We were founded July 27th 2016 and have been expanding our influence ever since. We provide an active forum, mature member base, and strong leadership. CurreWe play all games ,We look for dedication, maturity, and a will to improve. We help you develop your skill and shape it properly. If you train with us, your skill will develop on its own. The setup of our clan is very simple and straight forward. It gives easy to learn ranks and leadership positions, allowing all members to understand the chain of command. Members always know who to direct their questions or concerns to based off of different criteria. We have a very open ranking system that gives members the opportunity to rise up to a new position. Members are broken up into smaller groups called "crews." This gives the clan a small amount of internal competition to keep things lively. Everyone has the opportunity to lead the clan and insure that Redemption Gaming remains fun and professional. We provide our clan with an ever growing amount of features: » Professional, one-of-a-kind website » Discussion Forums » Activities » Relaxed community » Skilled players » Training » Skilled graphics designers » Highly experienced and hardworking clan leaders » Scalable member ranks » Prizes and giveaways » Clan Operations and other competitions » Clear guidelines and operations » Long-term friendships » A focus on YOU …And much more I hope you all choose to check us out. I know you won't be disappointed. If you have any questions, please contact me on this website. If you would like to apply, post a reply and we will get back to you asap, or visit our website the url is http://www.redemptiongaming.net/forum.php?referrerid=12 Thankyou very much for your time.
  14. Join the fun of showing off cars Message: Swimscubajosh *Mic optional *NO STUPID CARS *NO DESTRUCTION Join and have fun.
  16. niels875

    Peaceful CEO Sessions!

    ​Peaceful CEO Sessions (PS4 / XBOX ONE / PC) Are you sick of people destroying your special cargo? Or blowing up your cars that you're importing/exporting? Then this is the right place for you! This crew will be for people who are friendly to each other. This way we can all do our thing to make ourselves millionares! PCEO is not a competitively ranked crew. It serves as a syndicate for players wanting to peacefully make money in free mode. To know you and other people are friendly for each other you are wearing the PCEO tag after your name. The PCEO tag serves only as an identification card to be used in our sessions, to identify who is a PCEO member and who is a Random player. How to join a Friendly CEO Session: 1. First of all you need to join our crew: http://bit.ly/2jEjOLC 2. Set our crew as active crew, this way you'll get the PCEO-tag so players can recognize you 3. Start GTA Online 4. Click options and select ​Join crew members ​5. Make money! 6. When done set an other crew as your active crew so people don't join sessions that aren't friendly! Most important rules: Killing Other PCEO Members: Intentionally killing PCEO members is not tolerated in our lobbies. These people should be kicked from the session immediately and reported to a Moderator so we can keep the crew clean! Accidental killings happen, we all get that. Whether it be someone running into the tail-rotor of a helicopter, or accidentally locking into another PCEO member while firing at NPC enemies, it happens. Send the person a message and try to get a solution together (Offer to be associate). It will be sorted out and nobody will be punished for these accidents. ​Kick random players: In a session it is important to kick non-PCEO players immediately. This way you can be sure of safety in the lobby and prevent it flooding with randoms. Please read all the rules on: http://friendlyceosessions.blogspot.com Any violation of the rules will be punished, this can be done by a temporarily or permanent ban. Any made decisions are final! We are searching for moderators who can keep the crew clean of griefers and other people who are doing harm to players. PM me if you think you got what it takes!
  17. Gta car meets

    Car show XB1

    Hi hosting a car show lobby message RKL12 for anow invite
  18. Hey everybody i am lostsoundnw on xbox, just looking for some chill players who like to do mc jobs/missions.etc if you have your own mc, i help you as well, just remember if i help you, in return you must help me.
  19. US Army Special Forces Operational Command "No Retreat, No Surrender" https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/sfo_command History In December of 2016,US Army Command decided that Special Forces Units were needed to take back San Andreas from the corrupt Private Military Firms, the unlawful crime families, and the violent gangs. Special Forces Operational Command was brought in on 26 December 2016 consisting of the 10th Mountain Division, and 3 days later a battalion of Army Rangers were flown in via C-130 "Titan." Army Command decided that San Andreas was crucial in the war on drugs and terror. Units SFOC consists of 2 main units, and 2 smaller sub-unit. The 2 main units are the 10th Mountain Division and the 75th Ranger Regiment. 10th Mountain Division - The 10th Mountain Division is the main combat force of SFOC. Members start in this unit and work their way up from their. Army Aviation Corps - The Army Aviation Corps is a subdivision of Army pilots. They handle air combat, insertions and exertions, and many other combat and noncombat roles. 8th Tactical Recon Battalion - The 8th Tactical Recon Battalion is small battalion of Reconnaissance soldiers used to scope out mission stages and to provide intelligence. 75th Ranger Regiment - The 75th Ranger Regiment is a elite unit of fighters that are handpicked from their units. Rangers are trained to use all equipment and weaponry and have a wide range of combat fields. Equipment Each unit uses special equipment during their time downrange. This equipment ranges from advanced weaponry to armored vehicles. Vehicles HVY Insurgent(LAPV) Main vehicle used by the 10th Mountain Division. Mesa Secondary vehicle used by the 10 Mountain Division and the 75th Ranger Regiment. Hydra VTOL Jet Main air-combat vehicle used by the Army Aviation Corps. Cargobob Twin Rotor Helicopter Main transport helicopter within SFOC. Weapons M4A1 "Carbine Rifle" This is the main combat rifle used by the US Army. M9 Pistol Main sidearm of the US Army. Squad Automatic Weapon "Combat MG" Main Light Machine Gun of the US Army. Contact If you are interested in joining SFOC, please fill out the form below. We are in assisted aim, and are looking for new soldiers to fill the 10th Mountain Division and the 75th Ranger Regiment later on. If you would like to contact the current Commanding Officer, his kik and Xbox will be stated below.(Note: Forms that are sent to the CO's kik or people requesting to join from the CO's kik will be ignored and sent to GTAForums. Recruitment Form Gamertag: Kik: Age: Gender: How active are you: Past crews: Why should we accept you into SFOC: Commanding Officer Information: Xbox: Romeo A Handler Kik: ODSTRHandler Have a good day, soldier! -Colonel Romeo A Handler, Commanding Officer, SFOC. Operations Operation Apex
  20. We are in need of some help for this squad. You will be playing GTA with your squad members. We are accepting new recruits, but we are looking for people with past clan experience to come help us out. Please if interested go to our website... energeticgamingnetwork.com and register an account and then submit a new members application under apply here tab.
  21. FaMe Trickshotz

    (Xbox One) Drift Meet

    Message me for invite Gt: FaMe Trickshotz Follow me everywhere and we will drift all along Los Santos! We will also be doing drag races! No swearing Be respectful
  22. awzach01

    Recruiting For Buried Sinners MC

    Hello, We Are Recruiting For Buried Sinners. Buried Sinners Is A Loyal Brotherhood That Looks After Every Brother In The Club. Currently I Have A Few Officer Spots Left For Those Who Meet The Requirements To Be A Officer For BSMC. If You Are Interested In Becoming A Officer For BSMC Or A Prospect You Can Contact Me With The Information Below: Xbox Gamertag: LaffingvClown Instagram: bsmc_clown Dont Forget To Follow Us On Youtube And Our YouTube Channel Is Below: Buried Sinners MC Check Our Website Out Aswell: https://awzach23.wixsite.com/buriedsinnersmc Hope To Meet You Guys Soon And Hopefully Some People Who View This Post Join Our Brotherhood.
  23. awzach01

    Recruiting For Buried Sinners MC

    Hello, Im looking for new prospects to join us here at Buried Sinners MC. Burried Sinners MC is a true brotherhood and original MC. We take pride in our tags. We use free aim and we are Xbox One. AR's Only and you must alwasy wear your patch and jacket at all times as long with you must ride your bike ( Harley Davidson) at all times. If you are interested in joining you can DM me on Instagram @f1mc_clown or add me or my Vice President. Gamertags below. President Gamertag: LaffingvClown Vice President Gamertag: its trav dood Website: https://awzach23.wixsite.com/buriedsinnersmc
  24. Hey, we are an established crew which has been around since the start of GTA V and we are currently looking to recruit new members for our MC. We participate in many activities such as TDM's, crew wars and we also act on the side as a sort of PMC performing various contracts for other crews and players, this involves protection, assassinations and assistance in crew wars. All new members to the MC will start as a prospect for the a small duration of time. Many thanks for reading, if interested please contact myself corstkiller00 on xbox or kik. Questions can also be put forward to axletheninja on xbox as well. Hope to see you soon!!! social club - https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/v7_crimson_assassins A website with pictures should be up and running by the end of this week.
  25. Firefighter207

    Los Santos Fire Department

    Los Santos Fire Department Wants You! Los Santos Fire Department is a realistic and fictional role-play crew on GTA Online. We are Xbox One based. The LSFD responds to calls throughout the Los Santos metropolitan area. We run both Fire and EMS calls. We operate 3 stations throughout the city and we are the best trained Fire Department throughout the GTA Online community. Los Santos Fire Department is currently recruiting for the following positions: Firefighter Paramedic EMT Dispatcher (Ranking positions are available as well, for members who show great skill, knowledge, and leadership to the crew.) Los Santos Fire Department Rank Structure: Chief of Department Battalion Chief (3 Available) Lieutenant (3 Available) Sr. Firefighter Firefighter Paramedic EMT INTERESTED IN JOINING? PLEASE FILL OUT OUR APPLICATION HERE: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1ZAIjANJqQxZvnAxlGSJ8C08YzgpXzkhL3pY9m_GEIYs Fire Chief Svpreme OmeZ: Chief OmeZ has been role-playing on GTA for over 3 years. He is a member of the Fire Department in his hometown and transfers his skill and knowledge from real life situations into his role-plays and trains his crew to be the best of the best.
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