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  1. Blackhawk Solutions

    (XB1) Blackhawk Solutions Recruitment Topic

    BLACKHAWK SOLUTIONS "The desire to become Blackhawk Solutions team member must be matched by persistence and dedication to a team concept. Blackhawk Solutions is seen to be one of the most respected and professional security company in the GTA community. Teamwork and dedication will ensure that this security service high standards are maintained. Your training is key. Naturally, Blackhawk Solutions has high time commitments and if you cannot commit, then you may wish to consider a different company." Recruitment Status: OPEN https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/blackhawk_solutions About Us Blackhawk Solutions is a GTA Online MilSim crew that was created on February 12th, 2017. We are currently operating in free aim lobbies on the Xbox One. Our main aim is to provide only the elite players of GTA Online with the best security you would ever find in Los Santos, want proof of this? Come by and visit our training sessions and we'll make sure that we'll bring a whole new meaning to perfection! Rules and Regulations Crew killing in open lobbies is strictly prohibited in all public lobbies. Obey all orders given to you by your superior officers at all times. You are considered On Duty when there are 3 or more crew members in the same game. The ROE is fire if fired upon, unless ordered by a commanding officer otherwise. If engaged in a fight, you cannot leave the fight until the fight has ended. You are expected to log on at least 4 times per week if you are a Security Officer. You are required to play in free aim and free aim only. Blackhawk Solutions must be your only and active crew at all times. You must be loyal, dedicated, and honest to Blackhawk Solutions at all times. If any of these rules are broken during a public lobby and there is valid evidence of you, you will be issued a strike. Multiple strikes gained within the month will result in appropriate action. Rank Structure Blackhawk Solutions has their own rank structure to keep our rules enforced and to set examples for the rest of the members. Ranks are given to those individuals that go above and beyond what is expected with high activity, loyalty and great leadership skills, however they are not forced upon people. When you join Blackhawk Solutions you will start as a Trainee and then you eventually work your way up the ranks. Blackhawk Solutions current ranks are: Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Chief of Staff (COS) Head Security Officer (HSO) Advanced Security Officer (ASO) Security Officer (SO) Trainee (TRNE) Uniforms Blackhawk Solutions has its main security uniform that all members should wear when they are on duty. Below is the current male uniform: Upper Body: Black Tucked Shirt Stone Skinny Tie Standard Armour Any Earpiece Lower Body: Black Cargo Pants OR Black Team Pants Black Boots Additional Clothing: Black Cap Black Sunglasses Below is the current female uniform: Upper Body: Black Fitted Tux Open Charcoal Shirt Khaki Hatch Straight Tie Any Earpiece Lower Body: Black Fitted Shiny Pants Charcoal Platforms Additional Clothing: Black Cap Black Sunglasses Vehicles Blackhawk Solutions has invested in some of the very best armoured vehicles that they will use to transport their clients all around the hostile city of Los Santos. There will certainly be more vehicles added in the future of Blackhawk Solutions, for example, you can expect more vehicles to be authorised when we gain enough members to open the other divisions like our Air Squad and the C.A.T. The current security vehicles for Blackhawk Solutions are: (PLEASE NOTE YOU ARE NOT EXPECTED TO PURCHASE BOTH VERSIONS OF THE BALLER) Baller LE (Armoured) COST : $374,000 This is the cheaper main vehicle for all members of Blackhawk Solutions, it is a requirement for all recruits to purchase one of the armoured variants of the Baller to get their promotion from Trainee to a Security Officer. The following are all of the modifications that are allowed on this vehicle: Matte Black Primary Color Cream Trim Color Crew Emblem SA Exempt Plate Muscle - Stock Drag SPL Carbon Black Wheel Bulletproof Tires Light Smoke Window Tints Baller LE LWB (Armoured) COST : $513,000 This is the other variant of the Baller which is slightly more expensive with a longer rear door. The following are all of the modifications that are allowed on this vehicle: Matte Black Primary Color Cream Trim Color Crew Emblem SA Exempt Plate Muscle - Stock Drag SPL Carbon Black Wheel Bulletproof Tires Light Smoke Window Tints More vehicles will be available soon! Application Form Copy and Paste the application form below: Gamertag: Social Club Username: Timezone: Age: Character Rank: In Game Money: Can you download apps (Yes/No): Xbox Mic (Yes/No): Current Targeting Mode: Are you interested in MilSim crews: What was your previous crew: How could you contribute to Blackhawk Solutions: Are you willing to comply with the Rules and Regulations: Tell us about youself as a person: Anything else: After filling out the application form above you will be contacted via Xbox any time in the next 48 hours. Once we contact you an interview will be set up and you will be asked a series of questions. If we believe you could be a good crew member we will once again go over the rules and send you a crew invitation. You will then be placed on a probation period where we find out your strengths and weaknesses. Thank you and we hope to see you soon!
  2. DopE4BoY20

    Rageing Angels 1% MC [RECRUITING]

    Rageing Angels MC has 3 Charters -Blain County (Mother) -Grand Senora -Vinewood We are currently recruiting for the Vinewood Charter MUST -Use Free Aim -Follow 1% Rules -Have mic -Have Kik There is a minimum 2 week prospecting period. Messege me on Kik or on Xb1 for anymore questions or if you would like to start prospecting https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/raging_angels_mc_ls Kik: DopEBoY1080 Xb1GT: DopE4BoY20
  3. Masonic_Shadow

    Recruiting for LS Skulls of Fury only on PS4

    To build a crew you need people, Loyal people to make a crew strong to carry out the crimes in Los Santos so without farther a do, I'm bring forth the newly formed crew "LS Skills Of Fury" for the first time on gta forums come on over to the SOCIAL CLUB to join today, Just so everyone knows it's a closed invite and "ME" the leader send me a message though the SOCIAL CLUB I can only be found on the PS4 platform so sorry guys,gals unless some is willing to make this a cross platform crew you are welcome to take that roll, , So hit me up an I'll let you right in. find the link below to join this awesome crew. https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/ls_skulls_of_fury
  4. Johntatem

    Xbox One Heist

    Gamertag: johntatem1 Need friends (with mics) to finish up heists. Myself and new low level friend are trying to finish these heists to make some quick money. Need two more people to start. We're on from 10pm EST typically every night.
  5. PreceptorX3

    Red Phantom Operations Military XBOX1

    socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/red_phantom_ops We are looking for new members to,join the fight. We are a crew vs crew unit and do security details. Feel free to,message my GT PERCEPTORX3
  6. PreceptorX3

    Red Phantom Operations Military XBOX1

    socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/red_phantom_ops We are. Currently looking for new recruits, we are a crew vs crew unit must be 16+ and have mic if interested message my GT PERCEPTORX3
  7. jmr922


    We are a steadily growing crew made up with members that genuinely help each other with all aspects of the game, heists, missions, gun running, import/export. supplies, free roam etc We do not promise to make you rich overnight, you have to put in the work for that but those that do reap the rewards, most new members that started with nothing now have bunkers, workshops, offices and facilities. We offer training and heist walk through`s to members that want it. There are no level restrictions to join we have members that are new to the game and some 600 + players. Some members enjoy free roam lobbies looking out for fellow crew members that might need a hand, gun, tank, helicopter or jet. The crew rules are simple No killing other crew members, help other crew members if and when possible on their heists and money making and have fun. We have a simple ethic that works.work as a crew to make the crew rich We have had some interest from PS4 and 360 players, if someone is interested in running that side let me know and we can get that going. If you are interested in joining us the crew is open to join, ROCKS7AR or message me on . xbox1 JMR 922 Social Club JMR922 twitter @ROCKS7ARGTA Youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMmDztaV33gdfQV9E8z0cGw Social Club https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/rocks7ar For Those About To ROCK We Salute You
  8. As the title says. Looking for a reliable crew to guide me through on Thursday night, as it's my first time on this heist. Would prefer a crew who know the helicopter method and will do the majority of fighting with me as bagman, as i said first time out, and would love the elite challenge if we can get it. I'd be looking at a 55/15/15/15 split. In exchange i'd run all setups and finale in a heist of your choosing with just a 5% take for myself. I'm very good at all other heists, which is why I've put this one off. No sense in being 'that guy' who joins randomly and costs a restart on a mission he doesn't know. First of all though, the Convoy mission needs doing. I've manged to recruit randoms, but they didn't heed my advice on the chopper/insurgent gunners or finite enemies, so i need help with that one too. Thank you. Oh and i'm on Xbox One.
  9. Who's down with some street racing on the streets of our favorite Los Santos? Bring out your best Sports car and join us for a classic GTA street race playlist. Disclaimer: Traffic will be on. So if you're a pussy and will cry over this fact. Please don't come thank you. Will have a car show and playlist, player will vote on each other's cars (if you DO NOT vote, you will lose points). you can also earn extra points on uniqueness of your car, so that way we don't have 6 of the same cars on the track. Invites will go out 20mins before start time. You will have until 8:10pm est to get in the lobby and choose your car. Failure to do so will result in you losing 2 points per each minute you're absent. Killing and bringing cops to meets will result in -100 points or disqualification &/or kick. Lets just get out there and burn some rubber! For questions or invite message @agentRangerXD on twitter or xbox live. Event Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/149775742409344/ Group Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/mostwantedsr/ Group Twitter: https://twitter.com/MostWantedSR1 (@MostWantedSR1) Group R* Social Club: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/the_most_wanted_sr
  10. As the title suggests... I'm looking for something a little different. NO I'm not looking for a crew to grind with (I have that). NO I'm not looking for friends to kill other people. NO I'm not looking for heist players or anything like that. I want some mates who are interested in doing random crap with, fun stuff that not many people on GTA do. You could call it RP if you like... but most RP servers have too many rules, a lot which involve sticking to 1 character & you aren't allowed to have multiple cars, or you're kicked... which is stupid. But that's neither here nor there... If you're wondering what random stuff I mean.. I'm talking about things like: Hill Climbing with Sandkings, BMX riding, Base Jumping, Drifting... things like that. They will most likely take place in invite only sessions, unless we can get into an RP server where they will allow it. But public servers are just asking to get killed.. something I don't want to deal with! The more people who are interested the better... so not limited to just a few people, so if you are interested... please message me!! GT: JonG 1508 I currently like in Australia, Timezone - AEDT (UTC +11) I play any time of the day as my work is always changing, so message me where-ever you are in the world and we can get started... happy to start a group or discord if people want but for now it's just me! GT: JonG 1508
  11. Brickmonkey

    SADOJ (RP) XB1

    Are you tired of people not taking roleplay seriously? If so then you have come to the right place. Here at SADOJ (RP) we treat roleplay like real life. -Currently we are growing and are planning to be the biggest and best RP server there is. -You will be around good people who respect each other and get along -You will be around officers and civs who take it serious but also have a humorous side to things. -Currently we have daily system where we have 20-25 players (Currently 1:3 Police : Civilian Ratio) where we all load into a invite only session and role play. The deal is that anybody can be anything whether it be a police officer or a mechanic or even a trashman. Everyone has a set goal decided by them and they get to play along. Currently we are looking for specific members to fill our Police ranks. If you have been on LSPDFR / DOJ servers you will basically be playing as such. Our current officers play the same way except our civilians are much more involved. In a way think of this as a My Sims. Current Requirements (Police Oriented) -A XB1 that runs GTA 5 -Must have a Mic (We go over it in training) -Must know general codes (10 codes) -Must atleast have participated in LSPDFR / DOJ or watched videos on it -Must be 15+ (Age exceptions can be decided upon interview) -Must be able to naviagate Discord INTERVIEW REQUIRED / MORE INFO WILL BE GIVEN DURING INTERVIEW -You will be given website information and how to sign up -You will be introduced to the civilian side of things and the LEO side -You can message me on XB1 XxBrickmonkeyxX or join our training discord https://discord.gg/9Wmvs6Uand jump right into the training!
  12. ORMC Popatop

    [GTA][RDR] Outcast Reapers

    Founded in the small coastal town of Paleto Bay in San Andreas began the ruthless Outcast Reaper Motorcycle Club. Ousted from their original clubs, the group came together to form a different kind of club. They learned from their predecessors how to run a club and exactly what they would need to thrive. Run by actual bikers, for bikers and enthusiasts who wanted an alternate way to experience a brotherhood, a family, and a well organised club. They descended into the town overnight, overtaking Beekers Garage and making it their own. Route 1 Motors, the original "legal" base of the ORMC. The club lives off of the ideal that brotherhood means everything and, depending on their family, a group of brothers, each from different walks of life, come together to take over the game and run the state of San Andreas. While the club is forgiving and understanding, cross them and you'll learn just how relentless and ruthless they can be. Loyalty, above all else matters to this band of brothers and sisters. They left together, stayed together, ride together. This club is all about second chances. It doesn't matter who you were with before you came to us or your past. What you do to prove yourself here is what matters. In October of 2016 the club closed their Xbox 360 charter and thus the Outcast Reapers Sandy Shores charter was born on Playstation 4. It gave the brotherhood the chance to experience a new generation and to spread the mindset and bond of the Xbox One brotherhood to a wider base. How To Join: We are an adult gaming clan. Therefore (1)players must be of at least 16 years of age, (2)have a mic, and (3) be active. Prospects are held in the same esteem as patched members. They must abide by the club rules and rules of MC Warfare. Apply below to join our prospects, and possibly become part of the Outcast Reaper Brotherhood. We communicate via use of the app, Discord, available on Android, iPhone, Windows, and online. Prospects must download the app and provide their Discord username AND the ID which comes after it. Example: Username#1234 (Note: Discord usernames are case sensitive) To even be considered you must state your age. If you are chosen to prospect, we will be in touch within a week after you submit you application. Prospect Rules: Prospects do not competitively TDM or 1v1 unless against other Outcast Reapers in a warm up/practice. Prospect dress code is the chocolate brown jacket or kutte. Prospects are to follow any and all orders given by ORMC officers and other patch members. Prospects are to attend 'Prospect Night' held on Tuesday nights, where we put you through multiple tests to better task your traits and attributes. Prospecting is a 4 week minimum. You can not simply sit in our chats and expect to become a trusted member of the ORMC. You put in the work, the faster you reach patch. Blatant disregard and/or disrespect to patch members or allies can result in you being kicked or in minor offenses, extended time to your prospect period. Prospects, it is not a patch members job to recognize when you are online. Post in the chat or ask for an invite. Currently Accepting Applications! Website: http://outcast-reapers-mc.com Social Club: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/outcast_reapersmc_pb Link: http://outcast-reapers-mc.com/join HEY! Really quick, don't forget to check us out on YouTube! Link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6RxrrfPXK5nameWB1Zllwg And Follow us on all social media outlets: NEW: We are now recruiting on Red Dead Redemption Online. You can apply using the same button above. Just select "RDR Online" as the recruitment option.
  13. clebyherris

    XBOX Roleplay Community Recruitment

    Want to join an active COP VS CIV Roleplay clan then this is your chance. Join this discord and follow all the directions. See you soon!! https://discord.gg/f9fxxhP
  14. SHORT AND SIMPLE Recruiting For A Role Play Community Called LSORP! Discord Chat For Rules And All Session and Every Little Information Needed (ONCE ACCEPTED YOU'LL BE ADDED) Please Mature, Serious, Experienced People To Message Us LISTEN OF MEMBERS TO CONTACT FOR CHANCE TO JOIN MnG Retro JLT StancedMonkey MuckyHusky Lord Straxos [table]https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=GTA+ROLE+PLAY+PHOTO&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwi58K3nsOnXAhWDyKQKHVPDCCIQ_AUICygC&biw=1920&bih=933#imgrc=pGfZdzgDNkByUM:[/table]D)
  15. VanquishT777


    Welcome to GTA OFFICIAL OFF ROADING CLUB a place made for off roading enthusiasts / What to expect a relax enjoyable chill experience > Come show off your off roading vehicles & skills as you face Challenging trails / What we expect from you > Only Off roading vehicles will be acceptable no exceptions be patient & drive carefully avoid ramming / Violence will not be tolerated ( No blowing up stuff / No killing) All reports of people braking the rules will be dealt with. Please report to me & administration/ OK what are you waiting for GO create your events & meet other off roading enthusiasts. take on what the GTA off roading trails await. Thank you all that join! also for those checking out the club.
  16. milosz2204

    Roleplay xb1

    XB1 Roleplay Cops vs Civilians must have mic fail rp is not tolerated age: 13+ must know how to roleplay be patient for your invite message milosz2204 for inv
  17. Aether

    Fleetcom Naval Force

    Fleetcom Naval_Force Fleetcom Website Requirements -Must be 14+ years of Age -Must have an Xbox One -Must have a functioning Microphone -Must be willing to operate in Free-Aim almost exclusively -Must have Discord Discord contact(s) for recruitment: FCNF Rebel#6100 (Marines) FCNF Hawk#2532 (Marines and Air Force) Blitzkrieg#1088 (Marines and Air Force) Aether#8835 (Air Force Fixed Wing) FCNF Paladin#6415 (Air Force Rotor Wing) Additionally, you may contact us for recruitment on our website!^ You can also post your information here with the following.. Format Gamertag: Discord: Age: Which branch are you interested in?: About Fleetcom Naval Force is a Military Simulation Unit on Xbox One. FCNF is founded on the principles of having a highly skilled and active force of Marines and Sailors from around the world. As far as the leadership of the crew is concerned most of our higher ranking officers are all in their low 20's, some with military experience, some without. Regardless every individual in the crew has something to offer.The majority of those officers and enlisted have been present in the GTA community for several years. Some have lead their own crews. They have seen everything that can happen. Crews rising and collapsing, powerful coalitions created and destroyed. All of them learning from lessons provided along the way. Wise veterans in this community, in this culture in their own right. This crew, its members.. all of them have a lot of potential. We aren't afraid to show it. Fleetcom has been on the Xbox One for just over a year, but previously existed on the 360 as well. This time around the crew's development, what it will become depends entirely on the imagination of those skilled players that reside in it. Divisions Marines The Fleetcom Marine Corps is made up of ground units: Ranging from Armored divisions, Infantry Platoons, and Force Recon squads. Units in the Marine Corps branch are expected to do tasks such as taking over territory, clearing rooms/areas, taking part in convoys, being tasked with security, as well as other tasks. The Marines are not limited to fighting on the ground, As the Marines can be deployed by Air, Land or in Sea. Security Forces Naval Security Force provide base security. In any large community like FCNF, Law Enforcement & Security are essential. Whether executing crime prevention programs or carrying out anti-terrorism measures, the Sailors working in the law enforcement and security field of FCNF are trained to deal with any situation, including peace keeping. Naval Air Force Fleetcom's Air force is not your typical military crew's Air force... by a long shot. Standard military crews have no means to train their pilots, their leadership has no experience, and most of the aviators have a skill level that is almost mediocre at best. That is definitely NOT the case here. Fleetcom's Fixed Wing pilots are Legendary. Well known, and they have been recruited through GTA online's dogfighting community. They absolutely are the best that a crew like this can have. The dogfighters in this crew utilize the P-996 Lazer exclusively. For this branch, and the other branches the instruction for new recruits will be coming from only the most qualified personnel. Fleetcom also has a Rotor Wing for passionate helicopter pilots, which is currently seeking members. For this branch the aviators are expected to be well versed with the FH-1 Hunter.
  18. Message me at Chris Teh Lard ASAP. Looking to start around 1PM EST TODAY. First come first serve. Would prefer if you have a mic. If you stick with me to get this garage filled you will be first in line to make some serious money when I sell them off. Look forward to seeing you guys!
  19. brandochan

    VIP Mission XBOX ONE

    Im going to be doing missions to make money with being a ceo. Need a team willing to help out and maximise efficiency. GT is BRANDOCHAN, msg me to get inv.
  20. TheLastFrozen

    Xbox one heist challenge's

    Hello i was wondering if there are players who want to d the criminal masterchallenge's i'm a decent player of lvl 213 i play alot my gamertag is TheLastFrozen
  21. SG UltraEddy519

    [XBOX One] Sane Gaming Recruitment

    Hello we are an up and coming community mainly focused on gta5 we host persistent real life roleplays,legit money and rp lobby's,gangland roleplays,wild West roleplay and more. But we do other games like battlefield,PUBG,and COD WW2.join our discord at https://discord.gg/UTXpDhRand our site at http://sanegaming.forumotion.com
  22. Hi! I'm a newbie to Xbox One (lvl 13), but I played on Xbox 360 casually (I got up to ~70) I'm looking for a few buddies to play jobs and heists with. I have a headset and mic. I'm on from 5-10 CST on weekdays (though I'm not on everyday) and pretty much anytime on the weekend. My Xbox Gamertag is: TidalElk2751582 If you'd like to talk more about this, message me and I'll give you my Discord.
  23. Slapp XVI

    The Clemente Family RP Crew

    Interested in joining a Role-playing Crew? Join us, The Clemente Family. We are a rebooted family which always strive to get better and we have lots of potential and are growing FAST! We are looking to grow the Mafia Community and we want players who are active members who are fed up of not being able to find a crew where they can fit in. We help and reward those who help us. If you're interested in joining us and being apart of a true crime family message below "I'm interested" and include your GT in this format below. "I'm Interested. GT: (Your GT Here)" Or message us on XB1 at either of these GT's. Slapp XVI OSIRIS Blazze BROOKLYNFIG Hope to see some of you soon. Sincerely, Lewis Brownicci. (Slapp XVI) HERE'S THE SOCIAL CLUB LINK: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/theclementefamily_ls
  24. Lapolo98

    Wolff Corp. Recruitment

    Wolff Corp. is a crew for the GTA Community to come together in one session and work together (Doing Organization work, MC work, VIP work, etc.) in peace. There are people in my crew able to make locked sessions (Public Invite Only sessions) for people who need to complete work without looking over their shoulder, only to see a Hydra or Akula chasing you and eventually blow you up. There are rules set in place to keep the session peaceful, friendly, and running smoothly! 1. You must have the crew active while in our session! 2. Respect all players in a session and their contraband! 3. DO NOT kill any members in the crew! 4. If a random player without being in the crew enters the session do not engage with him/her. Report the player to a higher authority and they will handle it accordingly. If the random player comes close to your contraband, you may engage until security personnel gets there. 5. Join other Organizations, MC's, VIP's, etc. and send invites to players in the session. It's always a hassle doing things on your own, so always lend a helping hand. Also, please do not remain in any business alone for too long. Don't forget others are trying to make money too and return the favor. When you've completed you business ventures, ask if the people that helped you needed help too. It'll keep your reputation as a great person to play with up and have a chance of being promoted! 6. HAVE FUN!!!!! After all, it's a community and we're all here for the sweet smell of money so lets make some fun out of it while we're doing it! If you feel that this is the crew for you, please look into our crew on the Rockstar Social club website https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/wolff_corp Currently we are just starting out so we'll need some new members to keep us going. All high ranking member are always professional so if you have any questions you may contact me threw my gamertag, ModestWolff. Also, we have security tryouts, so if you think your up for protecting Wolff Corp. with a professional look to it, let us know and we'll be ready to go! Thanks for reading and have a nice day.
  25. TheCodeMiester

    [Xb1] GTA 5 Role Play Online

    Life Roleplay is a game-mode that is structured and dedicated to fit the players needs. Life Roleplay allows players to embark on a journey, making their character turn from a nobody into a somebody, in the San Andreas county, setting light on the city of Los Santos and the surrounding southern state. How you develop your characters is entirely up to you. Join discord here -->https://discord.gg/scwCUrR Everything will be explained! We need more players so we can grow as a community!
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