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  1. Don_L_Bianchi

    The Bianchi Crime Family is recruiting

    The Bianchi Crime Family is recruiting loyal, mature and active players on both PS4 and Xbox One. We are a serious GTA mafia solely built on loyalty and trust between members. If interested, message me or checkout our website www.thebianchicrimefamily.webs.com
  2. looking for XB1 players to help me with air hanger missions and maybe heists. gamertag= XxbpedxX don't be 10 and or a squeaker
  3. Brickmonkey

    SADOJ (RP) XB1

    Are you tired of people not taking roleplay seriously? If so then you have come to the right place. Here at SADOJ (RP) we treat roleplay like real life. -Currently we are growing and are planning to be the biggest and best RP server there is. -You will be around good people who respect each other and get along -You will be around officers and civs who take it serious but also have a humorous side to things. -Currently we have daily system where we have 20-25 players (Currently 1:3 Police : Civilian Ratio) where we all load into a invite only session and role play. The deal is that anybody can be anything whether it be a police officer or a mechanic or even a trashman. Everyone has a set goal decided by them and they get to play along. Currently we are looking for specific members to fill our Police ranks. If you have been on LSPDFR / DOJ servers you will basically be playing as such. Our current officers play the same way except our civilians are much more involved. In a way think of this as a My Sims. Current Requirements (Police Oriented) -A XB1 that runs GTA 5 -Must have a Mic (We go over it in training) -Must know general codes (10 codes) -Must atleast have participated in LSPDFR / DOJ or watched videos on it -Must be 15+ (Age exceptions can be decided upon interview) -Must be able to naviagate Discord INTERVIEW REQUIRED / MORE INFO WILL BE GIVEN DURING INTERVIEW -You will be given website information and how to sign up -You will be introduced to the civilian side of things and the LEO side -You can message me on XB1 XxBrickmonkeyxX or join our training discord https://discord.gg/9Wmvs6Uand jump right into the training!


    We are Shadow Incorporated. We are a Private Military Corporation that specializes in Client Security, HVT Convoys, Search and Destroy, Package Deliveries, and Heists. Shadow Incorporated currently has 4 branches of operations, which include S.I Armed Forces, S.I Security, S.I Air Force, and S.I Law Enforcement. We are currently looking for operatives, staff, and any occupation in the list below. Requirements 16 years of age Good Communication Skills Teamwork Abilities Military Experience (optional) Microphone Be above level 50 Have access to military vehicles Ability to follow orders effectively Links Jobs in Shadow Incorporated https://docs.google.com/document/d/15KFeT7J1rhheLJNJGMwDUTF6P36NDkJoPXop64XDNHk/edit?usp=sharing Enlistment Application *MUST APPLY https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfJADXC1ZaXq-IZMmSOTZXmo8EnupQohKGY8Us4o6sqdGtubQ/viewform Our GTA Crew https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/shdw_incorporated If you have any questions, please contact our Lead Commandant Xbox GT: zCasar
  5. Discord Server - V7QSVhR The Royals MC is a loyal, family based Motorcycle Club. We believe in loyalty and respect to all those within the club and those we are related to. We are not head hunters, we do not look for fights, but we retaliate where needed. One of our main enjoyments is meeting up with other Crews for Bike Meets, races and joint drives. Within The Royals MC we have 4 Charters spread across San Andreas and 1 Nomad attachment. These Charters range from Los Santos all the way to Paleto Bay with each Charter having their own meeting point and President / Vice President. Each Charter follows the same clothing regulations and bike regulations apart from Blaine County who have less strict regulations due to the heat and terrain in which their Charter and Meeting Point is positioned. All Charters (including Nomads) are open to join apart from "The Mother Charter" which you must be directly messaged by the National President about joining the Mother Charter, this normally happen after around 1-2 weeks if you are a candidate for being patched over. We highly recommended friending the other Club Members within your Charter and the other Charters so you can quickly and easily find crew sessions. MOTHER CHARTER NOMADS <- Most popular on Xbox One LOS SANTOS BLAINE COUNTY PALETO BAY Our Rules are fair but stern, we want all our club members to have fun whilst being disciplined. [NOTICE] Club Events (unless Charter Only) MUST NOT​ be held on a Crew Only server, they must be held in either a Friend Only, Invite Only or Public Session. 1. All Club members wear their Club Cut whilst online with the (or representing) the Club. 2. All Club members must follow the Clothing Regulations set below. 3. All Club members must use the correct bikes stated below unless given permission by the National President. 4. Whilst online with the Club, do NOT​ attack random players unless directly attacked. ​5. We are not strict on what weapons you can use in fights but be fair in terms of usage. ​(example: using a minigun to mow down a Level 10) 1. Club members must ALWAYS​ ​ride in the following order where suitable: (The rest of the Club follows in in same Column order) (This formation is also used for when sitting at Club Tables) 2. Club members must always be ready to fight and die for their President / Vice President, if under fire you must always protect your 'Pres' and 'VP'. 3. Killing your fellow Club members unless they are "Marked for Death" is strictly against Club rules. 4. Unless the National President / National Vice-President is online you must follow your President / Vice-President. During official Club meetings / events only Club Houses owned by the President / Vice-President. If no Club Houses are available, the Charter Meeting points are to be used. (view website) During unofficial club activities any Club member can have a Club House active. We encourage Club members to get to know each other and make new friendships, so at any time during unofficial Club Business feel free to run your own Club House and run the related Club Contracts and missions. Any Biker Cut / Jacket Any Biker Helmet (apart from MOD Helmets) Hoodies with Club Colours on may be worn during personnel sessions or unofficial events Jeans / Working Pants ONLY ​ONLY​ The Blaine County Charter may wear shorts ​ONLY THE BIKES STATED BELOW ARE AUTHORISED FOR USE WHILST A MEMBER OF THE CLUB ​The 'Blaine County Only' Bikes are optional to this Charter and may be used if the Club Member wants to. SPECIAL VERSIONS OF BIKES SUCH AS THE 'SANCTUS' ARE ALLOWED IF YOUR GIVES PRESIDENT PERMISSION
  6. Hey yall, I'm looking for some people who love to play GTA. I could do any heist (even DDH), mission, CEO/MC/etc work, and whatever. Here's some info: GT: might33duck Timezone: Central Level: 125+ Mic: Yes If you wanna play, just add/message me. Later days!

    The Archers MC

    The Archers MC is a newly formed club made up of most active members of a former club. After 3 years of playing as Hands of Fate MC it was decided that a fresh start was needed. We wanted to get back to the basics of the game and what being a club is really all about. If youre looking for people to game with, kick back and have laughs with but most of all get to know on a personal level and be able to call "brother" than were it. We are on the xbox1 only. Looking for members who are 17+. We play in both free aim and assisted. Just depends on are were doing. We dont let others dictate to us what we can and cant do. Its a game and were gonna play it. Kik np_fate or hmu on live at NP FATE it you have any questions or interests in joining.
  8. Car Enthusiasts! Ever join a car meet when its dying? Ever check the forums for a post and the most recent one is 8 hours old? Well look no further! Friends and I have created a Discord server perfect for Xbox One car meets! Feel free to request to join by sending a Discord message to dcmdan4545 #8981 ! Hope to see you there!
  9. To Apply, please message ExceededPandora, xSpyder12, or WicKed xPlague on Xbox One, thanks. Social Club Link https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/rapture_mc_hangs "We, Who bring the Rapture." What is Rapture MC? Established on January 1st, 2018, it is a combined effort of a few key members whom have previous MC experience. We are exclusively on Xbox One, and have no future plans to move to other consoles at the current time. We are a 1 percent club, and follow their rules of combat. ARs only. We do not look for fights, insisting on gathering and maintaining friendships within the community. We are a fairly new club, but our members are no stranger to what makes them survive. -RP DESCRIPTION- The City of Los Santos has been plagued for years by the numerous occurrences of Gangland violence, while most crimes seemed center around Southern neighbourhoods, it has recently reached a boiling point around the area of Pillbox Hill. Several prominent street-gang leaders have been have been found deceased, whilst others are missing and presumed to be dead. When asked for comment, the Los Santos Police Department declined to speak with us, though sources seem conflicted within the department on whether this is the work of Vigilante's or simply the Gangs competition merely cleaning shop. Some rumors of a local Motorcycle club setting up shop in a foreclosed factory in the area may be the piece of evidence this story is missing. Motorcycle clubs, especially those who claim "1%" ( '1%ers is a classification given by the AMA to motorcycle enthusiast who do not follow the laws and regulations of society.) have given communities in the Nation problems in the past, no one can say for sure who or what are behind these crimes. Rules and Regulations General Rules: 1. No appearing offline unless otherwise given permission. (Prospects and Hangarounds must ALWAYS appear online. 2. We are a return fire only club. 3. We are a free aim club. 4. Biker clothing must ALWAYS be worn during church and events with patch. 5. ARs only, unless being attacked by an "OP" vehicle, then if given permission may change. 6. Use common sense, be mature. 7. Age limit is 18+. 8. No cyber bullying of ANY kind will be tolerated. 9. Follow the chain of command and any orders given by superior rank. 10. Must be active, both on our discord club chat, and in game. Your attendance weighs your speed of progression. 11. Rapture must be your active and only crew. 12. Once patched, you can ride ANY bike, except for those with "special" properties. (Boosts, Weapons, etc) 13. Real life comes first. 14. Everything is voted on. Prospect Rules: 1. Follow all General Rapture Rules. 2. Must ride the Bagger bike for Hangaround AND prospect period. (Black/Red Bagger) 3. It is your job to guard ALL patched members whenever in a session. 4. Must attend meetings, events, churches etc. 5. Never disobey an order. 6. No say or vote until patched in. 7. Ride in back of our formations. 8. Have fun, but exercise maturity and common sense. 9. Park away from patched members. 10. Must bro love all Patched and Officers whenever entering a new session. 11. Minimum 2 week prospect period. Hangaround Rules: 1. Must follow ALL Rapture General rules and Prospect Rules. 2. Follow all the rules. 3. Repeat steps 1 and 2. GALLERY:
  10. So, I have a pretty fleshed out idea for my character in GTA Online, but I'm having a bit of trouble finding anywhere I might be able to play her. Public lobbies aren't exactly conducive to this kind of idea, so I'm looking to see if anyone out there might have a place for me to play. Forgive me, but this is a bit long winded. (also, please forgive any typos) So here she is: Real Name: Aimee Morgan Codename: Reaper Age: 22 Backstory: Reaper was the daughter of a former muscle car racer, who was also stationed at Fort Zancudo and owned his own customs garage near the docks. She spent a lot of time with her father, both on the base and in his garage, learning to work on just about any vehicle, civilian or military, and also became quite skilled at driving, mostly with muscle and sports classics. Following in her father's footsteps, she joined the military, but did so to continue on her path of being a mechanic and tech expert. Machines were her life. Not long after turning 18 and joining the military, her father was approached by an IAA owner and operated facility. They were impressed by his level of skill and expertise with mechanics, engineering, and technology and wanted him to work for them in their research and development program. After seeing the things they were attempting to build, he refused, letting them know that while he was a soldier, he didn't condone the idea of building death machines that could hide in plain sight. "War is for the battlefield. Not for civilian streets." Not long after this, he was found dead as the result if an apparent suicide in the front seat if his prizes Imponte Dukes. A few months later, they approached Aimee with the same offer, having seen her as an even better candidate than her father had been. But this time, did not allow her to refuse. She was held captive, tortured through experimentation, and not only forced to work on their projects, bit also molding her into a deadly assassin. They held her in a restricted part of their facility and codenamed her "Project: Reaper". For two years, they had her helping their team build new and terrifying weaponized vehicles, disguising them in ways that would go unsuspected by the public. The biggest projects she was tasked with were a modified Imponte Deluxo and the Akula attack helicopter. In that time, she became a deadly force, augmented mentally and physically to mold her into the one-woman-WMD they wanted her to be. Their mistake was in thinking they had her under control. After several training missions and official operations that "never happened", the facility git a little too comfortable, thinking she was just an obedient slave. But her mind was not nearly as broken as they thought. Reaper had been planning and waiting patiently for the chance to take everything they had made her into and to use it as a weapon against them, striking back and escaping in the process. She killed dozens of mercenaries hired by the IAA before finally disappearing, falling completely off of the facility's radar for almost a year. When she finally did reappear, it was at an arms deal between the heads of the facility and a biker gang using the Senora Desert as the meeting place. She rolled in, driving a heavily modified version of her father's prized Imponte Duke's, using it to kill all but one person at the meeting, who was lucky enough to remain hidden. His report on the incident ended with him falling that car the "Duke o'Death". Because of the attack and the subsequent destruction of millions of dollars worth of property, the facility led several attempts in finding and either recapturing or killing Reaper. None were successful. When she finally managed to confront the IAA twelve times face, her warning was clear. "forget me, or I won't stop until all of you are nothing but a memory". The IAA immediately stopped their search for Or her and now avoids contact with her at every turn. Now, Reaper resides in Sandy Shores. She has a house full of weapons and her Duke o'Death in her garage, but is no longer the bloodthirsty assassin she was designed to be. She goes about her life, helping out around town, a quiet mystery to the people living there. She even works as a mechanic at the Los Santos Customs near her house, simply so her bills are paid and her life can continue on. But for the right price and the right reason, she will gear up and ride out in her father's car, her Duke o'Death, with whatever mission she has been given dominating her every thought. And when that happens, everyone should fear the Reaper. If you have any questions, especially technical ones, I'd be happy to answer them
  11. Ever since heists came out, Ive been looking for a group that could tackle the criminal mastermind challenge. The teams that I did assemble failed miserably, but in 2016 I lucked up and found a group of teenagers around my age, and we knocked out the challenge in about seven hours. Its now 2018, and I only play with one person who is semi-good, but not criminal mastermind good, meaning he dies too much to be considered a candidate. I need people who can play 10 rounds of survival and not come close to dying. People who can blow through heists back to back with no problems other than taking breaks. Im a strategic player, who is looking for strategic players, no tryhards whatsoever. If you're interested, PM me your gamertag. There are no lame ass try outs or sh*t like that. I dont have a mic (anymore), so if you want to talk, download the Xbox app to message me quick and fast. Peace, LMG
  12. Looking for a decent player to help me finish the heists. Im not interested in the criminal mastermind achievement so I just want to finish on normal difficulty so I can get the discounts and awards for completion. Add me and send me a message if interested gt: MrWood865 on XBOX One
  13. The Task Group is recruiting. So what is the Task Group? The Task Group is an elite military SOF-themed crew that exists for one sole purpose - total dominance of the 21st Century battlespace that is the state of San Andreas. We operate on Xbox One. Our members also enjoy the Battlefield games and a bit of TCs Ghost Recon Wildlands on occasion. Crewed by ruthless cutthroats schooled in all the arts of modern warfare, we expect absolute loyalty from our members. In return for loyal service, The Task Group will support its operators in their personal business ventures, allowing them to raise their game to new levels. We are a GTA SOF/Mercenary-themed Crew without the usual Milsim BS. We endeavour to adapt real world tactics, techniques and procedures to the world of GTA Online. We seek to apply a warrior mindset coupled with controlled aggression to carry out our operations across the state. So what might these operations consist of? Let me break it down in to the key areas: Resource Acquisition and Procurement Exactly what it says on the tin. As a Private Military Company, The Task Group needs funds and equipment to survive. As such, much time will be dedicated to acquiring those resources. We aim to elevate each of our carefully selected members, and as such we will operate a franchise system in which we will rotate support between businesses to make sure everybody gets paid. Defensive Operations and Aid to Local Businesses On occasion, The Task Group may be called upon to conduct military operations to quell violence or respond to threats within the State of San Andreas. Although not officially sanctioned by any government, recently Corporate has begun to invest time and effort in to building relationships with key local power brokers. We seek to leverage these relationships in future to expand our sphere of influence in the region. You may find yourself outsourced to provide security to various organisations without our Area of Operations. You will always be well led, well resourced and well supported. We are a classless Crew, in that we accept people from all walks of life. But we are not rankless. There is a clear chain of command to support you throughout your tenure with us. Military Training We seek to constantly improve our operational capabilities and as such, regular training will take place to ensure we maintain a razor-sharp edge. As The Task Groups Leader, I personally have many years of military experience in a combat role, and we welcome members with a keen interest in military tactics, techniques and procedures. Prior service is NOT in any way a requirement, and we would welcome both Veterans and the enthusiastic amateur who is willing to learn. Training can include, but is in no way limited to: Advanced Weapons Training Small Unit Tactics Vehicle Mobility Operations Offensive and Defensive Driving Techniques Close Protection Training Advanced Close Quarters Battle Air/Land Coordination Maritime Operations Intelligence Gathering Surveillance and Target Acquisition Reconnaissance Techniques Counterterrorism Counterterrorism brings us to our next major operational capability. In this day and age of rapidly escalating threats, sometimes the appointed authorities simply cant react quickly enough to counter organised criminal and terrorist organisations. We seek to preserve life, wherever possible, by providing a timely and decisive (and should it ever be necessary a preemptive) response to such threats. As such, we are developing a Counterterrorist Quick Reaction Force (CTQRF) capability to target those who seek nothing more than to inflict violence upon the innocent businessmen and women of San Andreas as they go about their lives trying to survive . ETHOS We are looking for candidates who are able to function tactically in high threat, free flow environments. We need men and women who are able to think on their feet, assess the situation, adapt, improvise and overcome all threats and obstacles. We seek the best. We will always endeavour to conduct intelligence-led operations. We will always be meticulous in the details and planning of those operations. Most importantly, we will develop and maintain the skills and discipline necessary to live up to our motto: Strike from the shadows, own the night If you think you have what it takes to serve in our crew, drop us a line. Well be watching. Strike from the shadows, own the night! F3EA. The interested candidate should include the following details in any request for further information: Gamertag: Age: Country and Timezone: Any prior military experience: Any prior Milsim experience: Reason for interest: Skill set: Net worth in GTA$ and salary expectations: Prior or existing crew affiliations: We look forward to hearing from you. https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/the_task_group
  14. TheLastFrozen

    Xbox one heist challenge's

    Hello i was wondering if there are players who want to d the criminal masterchallenge's i'm a decent player of lvl 213 i play alot my gamertag is TheLastFrozen
  15. SG UltraEddy519

    [XBOX One] Sane Gaming Recruitment

    Hello we are an up and coming community mainly focused on gta5 we host persistent real life roleplays,legit money and rp lobby's,gangland roleplays,wild West roleplay and more. But we do other games like battlefield,PUBG,and COD WW2.join our discord at https://discord.gg/UTXpDhRand our site at http://sanegaming.forumotion.com
  16. Hi! I'm a newbie to Xbox One (lvl 13), but I played on Xbox 360 casually (I got up to ~70) I'm looking for a few buddies to play jobs and heists with. I have a headset and mic. I'm on from 5-10 CST on weekdays (though I'm not on everyday) and pretty much anytime on the weekend. My Xbox Gamertag is: TidalElk2751582 If you'd like to talk more about this, message me and I'll give you my Discord.
  17. SHLD Phantom LE

    SHLD PMC is Recruiting {Xbox One}

    Hello all, My name is SHLD Phantom LE and I am a Representative of the Gaming Community known as SHLD. Our purpose today, and hopefully what this post accomplishes, is to gather skilled members of the PMC,Milsim,and Defense Sectors/Industries of GTAO. History: SHLD is a gaming community created late 2015. For a complete history I direct you to our official site, www.shldnation.com , however our official GTAO Operations didn't start until around a year ago. Operations and Equipment: We are not very big, but that is expected to change with current methods and personnel. We are currently operating in Assisted Aim, however we do offer training for both FA and AA. We are a respectful community, as such weapons such as Rocket Launchers and other equipment deemed,cancerous,is restricted until authorized. Organization: We have a fully functioning rank structure and stable chain of command with fast paced communications network that allows operations to be expedited to allow for accurate planning and execution of Operations. We work on a Platoon Style Organization for many Operations. An example: Platoon Commander: Lieutenant Platoon Sergeant: Sergeant First Class Squad Leader: Sergeant Squad Members: Specialists to Privates Benefits: Some of the benefits are similar to other crews of our nature, such as training sessions and Mission Training. Some of the other training include Management training, Specialization Training, and Field Operations Training. Some of the more unique opportunities are game nights in which we occasionally offer shark cards as rewards and name changes for the more dedicated employ. Basic Requirements: 1. Follow All Orders, it's simple really. 2. Be in assigned uniform prescribed by Officers. 3. One of the more important ones, be over 16 years old. 4. Have a Mic, if you don't it will be difficult to communicate to relay orders. 5. Loyalty never hurts, so this is obviously a requirement. 6. Have or be willing to download Discord. 7. Be willing to create an account on our website for updates from Upper Leadership. Special Operations: We are currently working on a special operation called Operation Guardian Angel, in which we will be operating and assisting other communities in creating a better community. The main goal and objective is to improve the GTA Community. Yes, this is indeed ambitious and most likely impossible on a grand scale. However with precise operations planning and management, we can improve a decent amount. Our secondary objective in this is to improve the reputation of our community in hopes that other crews will see as a indispensable resource, keeping us busy and respected among the community. Contact Methods: Interested in us, this ad catch your attention or hell even interest you, well then feel free to contact me at the following methods: Xbox: SHLD Phantom LE Discord: SHLD Phantom LE#4139 Email: [email protected] Crew Social Club:https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/shld_nation
  18. if u are interested message me for an invite gt is DeltaEliteKing9 I have a mic also on the east coast I can help with leveling up or money making reply asap everyone is welcome
  19. Hustlei87

    Hustle 101 recruiting! Xbox One

    https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/hustle_101 Xbox One I'm about level 180ish. Looking for late night/ early morning crew members to recruit. looking for more specifically low-mid levels who just want to learn all the businesses and learn the missions, Don't have to have a mic but have to be able to listen n follow directions, makes missions go by easier. just wanna make money, leave other people in peace. I own all the businesses and could always use another hand. I also have a way of getting in public solo lobbies. high levels welcome too. depending on how well u do we can start doin doomsday stuff too. add me as a friend or message me on xbox live for the quickest response! gamertag -- hustle i87
  20. Masonic_Shadow

    Recruiting for LS Skulls of Fury only on PS4

    To build a crew you need people, Loyal people to make a crew strong to carry out the crimes in Los Santos so without farther a do, I'm bring forth the newly formed crew "LS Skills Of Fury" for the first time on gta forums come on over to the SOCIAL CLUB to join today, Just so everyone knows it's a closed invite and "ME" the leader send me a message though the SOCIAL CLUB I can only be found on the PS4 platform so sorry guys,gals unless some is willing to make this a cross platform crew you are welcome to take that roll, , So hit me up an I'll let you right in. find the link below to join this awesome crew. https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/ls_skulls_of_fury
  21. As the title says. Looking for a reliable crew to guide me through on Thursday night, as it's my first time on this heist. Would prefer a crew who know the helicopter method and will do the majority of fighting with me as bagman, as i said first time out, and would love the elite challenge if we can get it. I'd be looking at a 55/15/15/15 split. In exchange i'd run all setups and finale in a heist of your choosing with just a 5% take for myself. I'm very good at all other heists, which is why I've put this one off. No sense in being 'that guy' who joins randomly and costs a restart on a mission he doesn't know. First of all though, the Convoy mission needs doing. I've manged to recruit randoms, but they didn't heed my advice on the chopper/insurgent gunners or finite enemies, so i need help with that one too. Thank you. Oh and i'm on Xbox One.
  22. Who's down with some street racing on the streets of our favorite Los Santos? Bring out your best Sports car and join us for a classic GTA street race playlist. Disclaimer: Traffic will be on. So if you're a pussy and will cry over this fact. Please don't come thank you. Will have a car show and playlist, player will vote on each other's cars (if you DO NOT vote, you will lose points). you can also earn extra points on uniqueness of your car, so that way we don't have 6 of the same cars on the track. Invites will go out 20mins before start time. You will have until 8:10pm est to get in the lobby and choose your car. Failure to do so will result in you losing 2 points per each minute you're absent. Killing and bringing cops to meets will result in -100 points or disqualification &/or kick. Lets just get out there and burn some rubber! For questions or invite message @agentRangerXD on twitter or xbox live. Event Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/149775742409344/ Group Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/mostwantedsr/ Group Twitter: https://twitter.com/MostWantedSR1 (@MostWantedSR1) Group R* Social Club: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/the_most_wanted_sr
  23. Johntatem

    Xbox One Heist

    Gamertag: johntatem1 Need friends (with mics) to finish up heists. Myself and new low level friend are trying to finish these heists to make some quick money. Need two more people to start. We're on from 10pm EST typically every night.
  24. PreceptorX3

    Red Phantom Operations Military XBOX1

    socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/red_phantom_ops We are looking for new members to,join the fight. We are a crew vs crew unit and do security details. Feel free to,message my GT PERCEPTORX3
  25. PreceptorX3

    Red Phantom Operations Military XBOX1

    socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/red_phantom_ops We are. Currently looking for new recruits, we are a crew vs crew unit must be 16+ and have mic if interested message my GT PERCEPTORX3
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