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  1. wolfie-fuchs

    AnarchieMC (xbone) looking for prospects

    Old school MC looking for members, we're active almost every day Monday through Friday and searching for Members. To qualify to join you must be active on GTA online, and must be 16+. For further information on joining or any other Inquiries please email me at [email protected] gmail.com link to social club page: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/anarchiemc
  2. Cooltruckerman

    Vathos Inc. Crew Recruitment

    The Vathos Inc. crew is recruiting right now. Anyone can join. All is welcome.
  3. Hey guys, I am one of two owners of a new law enforcement roleplay clan. Los Santos City Law Enforcement Community. We just started it up, and we are looking for one or two admins to help control our clan. I hope you guys can help us out, and my gamertag is crazyJC12, and the other owner's dan22. You can reach me at [email protected], or message me on xbox. Thank you for your time, and I hope to talk to you soon!
  4. mr ducksauce666

    gta 5 car dup glitch.

    Car duplication glitch need help. I have proof it works click the link below. msg me if interested i will help u back and teach you what to do. gt: Mr Ducksauce666 https://imgur.com/gallery/t9iAi
  5. Need someone with the Pacific standard finale heist and two players who want to take part in making a lot of money. Message: yO ryz0
  6. Message: yO Ryz0
  7. Need another host to do the glitch. I have the kuruma and apt. Message: yO Ryz0
  8. xxN8mare GFYxx

    Sinister Devils MC

    Recruitment Status is OPEN This crew is open for anyone who wants to join but look down at the rules before attempting to join. Sinister Devils Prospects https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/sinister_prospect Sinister Devils MC https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/sinister_devils_mc Forums http://thedevilsmc.boards.net/ Instagram https://www.instagram.com/sinister_devils_mc_xb1 UPDATE 11/7/2016: We have change our tactics in which recruitment is like, due to some issues involving players trying to destroy a new crew. We have decided to recruit members who are dedicated into join the MC as a prospect. Our recruitment process is now OPEN for anyone who would like to join. We will put you as a prospect and you will have a two week process of gaining your way as a patched member. We have many differences now as to how you gain your patch. When you do become prospect we allow you to take part in club activities but church is only for patched members. We have new rules as well that will help you into getting the best experience of the MC. If you are interested in joining as a prospect contact PerfectNigtmare or XXL Raider XXL and we will get you set up. 1. No Crew Killing 2. All members must own a MIc (Tip: If you own a PC and have windows 10, download the Xbox App and you can use your computer mic for party Chat) 3.No Racism, Bullying, or Sexual Harassment (We have female members) 4. All Member must wear Patches on Rides or Club Activity 5.Must Be 17 or older to join (Exceptions if you can be mature) 6. Free Aim is minatory (Assisted aim is allowed but you will need to learn to free aim without it) We has a less strict rules when it comes to vehicles but as long as you follow orders you can use pretty much uses any vehicle you want, We do how ever have a couple vehicles that restricted from club use, We have banned all variants of the Faggio and Blazer, We have also put a stop to low-riders as they are not needed in our MC, The only exception to the low-riders is the Slam Van unmodified. We do allow regular sports and supers but will not be permitted during rides. While in a ride you can use any bike you want as longs it not a Faggio or Blazer as stated above. The Devils Midnight Ride All the Brothers ready for Church
  9. The Los Santos County Warriors is now recruiting for Xbox One! I created this crew as an answer to those looking for a fun, mature, well rounded group of people to play with. When I was searching for a crew to join among the endless list of MC's, I just didn't find what I was looking for, so I decided to create one myself. I'd like for this crew to have a strong focus on all aspects of GTA Online, not just one small part of it. My plans for this crew include, but are not limited to, the following: -Racing tournaments -A connected system of multiple MC's, run by top members of the crew -Car/motorcycle shows -Heist runs -Mission grinding I am looking for members of all experience levels. We are here to have fun, and not concern ourselves with who's the best. If you're interested in joining, and you're at least 18 years of age, then please send an invite request on Social Club. Then, tell us about yourself in this post using the format below (I've filled it out with my own information as an example and to show a bit about myself): GTAF Username: CLGillett Social Club Username: cgilett66 Xbox Live Gamertag: CLGillett Kik Username (not required): CLGillett Age: 25 Timezone: Arizona (UTC -7:00) Online Activity: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and some Wednesdays. Usually in the early morning, late afternoon. Sometimes in the evenings Strong Points: Racing, contact missions How I Can Contribute to the Crew: By bringing together a great group of people! Tell Us About Yourself: My name is Chris. I live in Arizona, US, with my wife and our three children (two cats and a chihuahua). I work full-time as a supervisor at a warehouse and spend my freetime spending time with my wife, writing, and playing GTA Online. Other Games I Enjoy Playing: Destiny, Fallout series, Elder Scrolls series, NHL Microphone (not required): I have a mic, but do not use it very often. That will most likely change when I start playing with the great people that will join this crew! Anything Else We Should Know?: That's about it. I'm just ready to have fun! Feel free to send me a message on SC, Live, or Kik to let me know that you have requested to join! PS. I am also looking for a skilled emblem maker to make our official crew emblem!
  10. Welcome to the Pounder Family recruitment page. Bio: We are a crew that wants to have fun on GTA Online and Red Redemption 2(In Future). We have just started up and have loads of members that have proven them self's that they are able to handle them self's and also help the family out. We want to be able to help each other out in GTA Online by making money and just having fun at the same time. Are crew leader is the head of the FIB Agency Division and both crews work together helping each other out. The FIB Agency was the first crew that was started up and is currently active along side this crew so if you want you can bee in both put are leader will be active in the Pounder Family. Achievements CriminalMastermind Loyalty AllInOrder To proof we have done these achievements here is are 10mill challenge video lived streamed. CREW HIERARCHY LEADER JacobPounder 2COMMISSIONERS Bigbadbrad1997 MrFrzOfficial 2LIEUTENANTS Garro26 trators Benefits of joining When you join you will be promoted straight away because of your commitment to us, also there will be many things down the road the more longer you stay with us and keep us as a active crew. Heists We are currently looking for active heist members so we can do the replay heist glitch, Me and Brad will host as long as you help us do the set ups and follow are methods of coming out with full money we can do it infinite amount of times but you will need to listen to us in the party for heists, once you know the method you will be fine and wont need to join the party. If you need a tutorial on it there is a link here to how you do it Rules 1. Always stick as a family 2. Must be set as active crew 3. Join Party when doing money glitch To join click the link below and begin your way up the family tree https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/pounder_family
  11. AceW0lfz

    (uk) Recruiting for Ink Riders MC

    Ink Riders MC Active players only 1%er Mature serious but fun Loyal Requirements: mic XB1 15+ Mature Active rank 50+ must have kik loyal contact: kik: iBoostedhd XB1: iBoosted HD social club: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/ink_riders_mc
  12. mr ducksauce666

    Car duplication glitch XB1 help

    I have a car duplication glitch currently working but i need plaayer to help. I will return the favor to you if you like. Gt: Mr Ducksauce666 msg me if interested
  13. Deathaholics MC is looking for mature and loyal members. We are a tight knit club that are there for our fellow brothers and sisters, then the average kill em all club. We do alot of missions, heist, tdm, and also helping our lower ranked members excel to greatness by helping them reach levels they need. We feel that reaching those goals together has brought us to having more loyal members, then the club hoppers. DAMC is a xb1 and xbx 360 Club and we don't discrimnate if you dont currently have a Mic or kik. For any questions feel free to contact mvnke818 or sunerDAMC for xbox one and biawolf96 for xbox 360 via social club.https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/deathaholics_mc
  14. Hosting a Halloween Car Meet. Bring only the 3 new hallowen vehicles. Wear a costume if you want. (Not mandatory) Rules: 1. No killing 2. No Blowing up cars 3. Must have a mic 4. No little kids 5. Please listen to the host My GT is: LGx Druw
  15. I need someone to help me dplicate some bikes in gta. i will return the favor. message me if interested.If you dont know how to do it i will teach you xbox one only. gt: Mr Ducksauce666
  16. Halloween is right around the corner and new Halloween content has been released. What better way to show off your new costume than to in a Halloween fashion show. Everyone will get together and show off their costumes than after there will be a mini carshow. to end the night we all will play the newly reliesed adversary modes 'Lost Vs Damned. This is a Very fun cool time to meet new people and show off your stuff. Everything will start at 8:00pm central time. If you are interested and or have questions shoot me a message on XB1 at LAshootingstar2. Hope to meet new people and have a fun time !!!!!
  17. I posted a week or so ago. I am looking for mature people 21+ years to play GTA with. I'm in the EST time zone. If you are interested add me, gt: mz harmonee. Please message me and let me know you're from here.
  18. Agent Haynes

    I need an assistant! XBOX1

    I need someone who wants to help me with running my businesses and doing missions. Most gameplay is money making focused. Get at me if you wanna play tonight.
  19. Blvckuxury

    Soul Reapers MC (XB1 ONLY)

    The Soul Reapers Motorcycle Club On XBOX ONE Are recruiting the First 9 to the MC We only use Free Aim and always protect our brothers the Social Club Apply through our Social Club here or contact the president on social club @ Big-G-Smoov or message him on Xbox One @ BlvckLuxury Needing a Vice-President, Sergeant At Arms and Enforcers Requirments: Xbox One 15+ Years Of Age Good Quality Headset
  20. ResonantKarma0

    XB1 need help for biker money

    hey guys whats up im looking for ppl who wanna help me make money in any way possible i only have an Mc clubhouse no selling businesses or CEO offices but anyone who wants to help msg ResonantKarma0 on XB1 or comment gamertag below
  21. looking for all xbox 1 players
  22. I just got back into playing GTA Online and now none of my friends play it anymore. So I have turned to this forum site in hopes I can make new friends to earn money and do crazy stuff with. I have some experiences with heists but it has been about a year since I played so I may be a bit rusty, but it is like riding a bike and I will be back to my old self in no time. Feel free to send a message or a friend request on Xbox One to the GT: TheSchmogasm I'm looking forward to hearing from everyone P.S. A Mic would be preferred but if not we can make it work.
  23. The.Unholy.Goat

    Angels of Sin MC Xbox One Recruitment

    Angels of Sin Motorcycle Club on Grand Theft Auto Online is looking for more members to come and join. If you have never been in a Motorcycle Club give it a try. We are very organized ad mature. 16 +, although that we are mature we do like to have a good time and chill out in our Xbox parties, crack jokes, talk about life, etc.. Just like real friends would. If you have been in a GTA Motorcycle club I am sure you know the majority of rules (which site with all the by-laws will be below). Angels of sin have been around since early 2014. We are a team, we are a family even over a game we are usually always there for each other. We host weekly churches, and sometimes events. We all have the APP KIK and communicate through there. If you are interested in Joining and for more information message me VIA K.I.K Burton.Custom or through my Social Club The.Unholy.Goat (kik highly preferred) http://angelsofsin.wixsite.com/asmc- our website with all the details you need to know
  24. this is a life role play if you got the time get on no bullsh*t all occupations are up to you there will be a key to every time we play just message my gt Datoken7
  25. BLUE ANGELS MC Mother Chapter TRIBE 21 Bastards. Lunatics. Undesirables. Eccentrics. BAMC The Blue Angels Mother chapter is a 1%er MC with Strict principles and by-laws. Although our rules are tough and enforced harshly, we define ourselves by one of the few honest, loyal, mature, exclusive and a brotherhood. To join our mc you must prove yourself first by partaking in a two week prospecting phase. Every member must go through this before he can earn his full-patch. We are small in numbers but deadly in small doses. By-laws: Must be 16+. Must be in the Eu In freemode wars only use ar's, pump shotty's, snipers, smgs and pistols unless killed by anything unmentioned by the enemy. NO TANKS EVER! Able to follow orders from officers. If you kill another member you WILL repay the blood to the club. Must be active. To Prospect for us and earn your full-patch in our brotherhood please go to: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/bamc_hangarounds Send a friend request and a message with your gamertag to BAMC CrazyScot. I hope to see you on the road brothers. B.A.F.F.B.A.
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