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  1. Basically what it says in the title. Now that XB1 has the option to add clubs and groups (finally!) I was wondering if someone has set one up for GTAF members on the XBone who play GTAO. I did have a look online but couldn't see any. Couldn't see anything here about one either, hence new thread. If there isn't one I don't mind setting it up so people can socialize and organize gaming sessions with people they "know" on the forums. Just wondering if there would be any interest in this really Any thoughts, fellow XBoners?
  2. If you love drifting and mountain racing or racing in general and Roleplays in GTA 5, this is for you! Please check out [link removed] (We are not associated with triple 9, just love roleplays and racing and wanted to create a sub culture inside of their roleplays) The whole idea is for drifters (Yes, I know drifting is dying in gta 5 but still...) and street racers to enjoy a lobby with realistic attributes and rules. Where there is consequences for racing and reckless driving, as is in real life. Triple 9 Roleplay Forum: [link removed] For more information please message me and I will send a location to meet you inside of a roleplay. Sincerely, The Unknown Roleplayer...
  3. Here at Fate Roleplays we strive for realism and to simulate real life. We role-play in Paleto Bay where you can pick from an unlimited list of jobs such as; Police, Firefighter, Deliveryman, Mechanic, Paramedic, Store Owner, etc. We have an actual simulated economy (separate from GTA economy) where you can purchase vehicles, houses, weapons, boats, you get the point. We operate solely on XB1. If interested in joining please apply www.fateroleplays.weebly.com We are also undergoing an overhaul so not all information on the website is up to date.
  4. Looking for people to help me sell my gunrunning stock and with heists more than happy to help you too
  5. Hello interested player! This is the CRPC, Caraholics Role Play Community. I am here searching for a number of different roles in my community, I have 26 members currently, and am knownot to have the most immersive role play crew for the xbox. Like any community there will be a few bumps in the road but this community is one to overcome any obstacle and any troll who tries to ruin the community. Recently had to ban 6 players for constant disregarding of the rule and law book. This community has over 200 plus career options. We are not just police and criminals, we do everything! You can work as a food cart worker, or a business executive! If you want to make the big bucks then you need to earn it! Go to college for degrees that will propel your character into the rich life in this community! Clear defined social systems with admins to answers questions. Automatic billing systems, our own currency to keep the economy fair are portioned. Please visit Gtacrpc.enjin.com/applications to apply!
  6. Check out our website for more information http://v7motorcycleclub.weebly.com Hey, we are a motorcycle club operating under the name V7 crimson assassins motorcycle club. We operate on the xbox one and let anyone try out for the crew. If you are interested in finding out more about the club then check out our website. http://v7motorcycleclub.weebly.com/ Message corstkiller00 if you have any questions. social club - https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/v7_crimson_assassins
  7. lostsoundnw

    looking for players

    Hello there I am in a empty session and needing some players just to be in it or u could help me with CEO missions, the glitch is when there are few CEOs in one session, the NPC's won't come after u when stealing/deliving cars Xbox one Xbox one
  8. Hey I'm on Xbox one and I need 3 other people to help me maybe once or twice a day to export my cars in my warehouse. I have no problem stealing them but I'm trying to clear out my warehouse and it takes a sh*tload of time to do it by myself. I have about 3-4 collections so whoever helps me with those will get about 35-50k for each collection. My gamer tag is my username, please message me saying something along the lines of 'gta forums' and I'll add you up and we can get right into it! Doesn't really matter what rank, just make sure you're not a sh*tty driver and all will go well. Thanks
  9. Welcome to G7S "If You Want Peace, Prepare For War" Originated and Based out of Los Santos A crew born with psychopathic intentions. We started in an active military crew who’s restrictions pushed a lot of good players away. After the crew went through changes me and another member said we wont be a part of a crew full of pansies. So G7S was born. A crew of top shooters, sick minded, crazy ruthless Motherf**kers willing to learn tactics and destroy everything in their way. So if you have stumbled here by mistake but are interested in joining keep reading. First Five Operators (Open/Needed) Leaders: Taken (ExMarine, xJIMMYxWAYNEx) Platoon Sergeant: open Squad Leader: Open (Must become a member first) Team Leader: Open (Must become a member first) Infantry: Open XBOX ONE Exclusive only for now. Cross plat forming is optional but is club discussion/decision only Recruitment Required: Open for all levels. Both casual/active Players Cruising around and raising hell Alliances: None at this time but open to discuss if interested We pride ourselves on our brotherhood, as it is a firm foundation that binds this Organization, and believe in quality over quantity. ATTENTION Looking for active duty in the Military or Veterans but also will take anyone who is interested in just having a good time. Crew Website: http://devilsoutlaw0311.wixsite.com/g7ssolutions Social Club: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/g7s_solutions Message Leaders in order to Join And Answer The Interview Below GAMERTAGS: ExMarine xJIMMYxWAYNEx Gamertag (XB1): MIC?: Social Club Username: Age: Time Zone: Last Crew: WILLING TO GO TO WAR???: How much in-game money: Activity Rate per week: Are you able to download apps?: Are you interested in Military Simulations?: What can you bring to G7S?: THANK YOU FOR YOUR INTEREST IN THE CREW!!!
  10. Social Club Link: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/bdmc_paleto_bay Website Link: http://bulldogz-mc.weebly.com/ The Bulldogz Motorcycle Club is all about one word, loyalty. We are here to bring people with common interests together, as a family. It is our promise to promote comradeship and kindness, to elevate the lives of others. We are very serious and represent the TRUE definition on an Outlaw Motorcycle Club. The first step that everyone takes before becoming a Prospect in our club. That for 1-2 Weeks you have to become a hang around and from there you'll get a sponsor. A hang around is basically getting to know what the club is like and what we are about. If you do not get a sponsor you'll more than likely be a support member or kicked. The second step, that everyone takes before becoming a full patch in our club. For 1 - 2 Weeks depending on what your sponsor thinks about you, and how close and loyal/trustworthy you are. Sometimes people can get patched in within the first week. If you are not patched in within a two week time period you'll be removed from the club, or you can choose to rock the support/hang around patch until the Nationals say otherwise. These are the Bylaws of The Bulldogz MC. They are expected to be followed to a point. Failure to comply or follow these rules will land you in a chat with your President or Vice President to explain, why you decided to break the said rule. Your punishment will be severe if given! 1. Free Aim Only. 2. Bikes/Choppers Only. 3. ARs Only (for the most part). 4. Must Wear Patch At All Times. 5. Respect Everyone's Opinion. We Are All Brothers/Sisters. 6. No RPGs, Miniguns, or Auto-Shotguns At All. 7. No Cars In Public Lobby's. 8. No Killing Fellow Members In Public Lobby's. 9. No Disrespect To Any Members Whatsoever. 10. You Must Be Active. 11. If Caught In FAA (Assisted Aim) You Will Be Striped Of Your Patch. 12. All Members Must Prospect For At least Two Weeks. 13. Must Complete At least 10 TDMs A Week With A National. 14. Must Attend Two Event Nights A Week.. 15. Must Listen To All Nationals. 16.All Prospect must wear white. 17.If your inactivity reaches more than three days without letting the club know you will be stripped down to Prospect. Zero Tolerance Rule: NO DATING!!
  11. REXX

    Team Sol 9

    Welcome to the Team Sol 9 crew thread. For those that do not know me, I am a dedicated GTA Photographer and Content Creator. I am a proud member of the well known GTA Forums All Stars crew. Team Sol 9 is a dedicated GTA Online crew open to aspiring racers, GTA photographers and content creators for PlayStation 4, XBOX One and PC. The crew is inspired by WipEout, a futuristic racing video game featuring high speed circuits where players pilot an Anti-Gravity craft with incredible maneuverability. Team Sol 9 is mainly inspired by one of the oldest teams from the WipEout series, Qirex. WHY SOL 9? The reason I decided to create Team Sol 9 is because given the new props for the Content Creator (and props we may receive in the future as GTA Online progresses), I was able to begin creating race circuits based on well-known circuits from WipEout as well as my own creations. The crew name Team Sol 9 is mostly based on features from WipEout games. An aerial circuit known as Sol 2 is where Sol came from and the 9 was the age I was when I first started playing WipEout. WHO CAN JOIN? Anyone is welcome to join Team Sol 9. Whether you are interested in racing, photography or creating content with the Content Creator, Team Sol 9 will hopefully bring together creative players and racers from all over the globe. If you are interested in joining Team Sol 9, preferably a post in this thread or requesting via PM would be the best way. CREW RANKS Like all GTA Online crews, Team Sol 9 has its own crew titles depending on ones crew rank. The crew rank titles are mostly based on Speed Classes from WipEout, along with a few additional ones I have thought of. The Team Sol 9 crew color is a color unavailable from Rockstars' color palette. However thanks to a bit of flicking through the scripts, it was possible to choose the designated color. The crew color is the purple which can be seen in multiple Adversary Modes featuring color-coded teams, therefore the name of the crew color shall be Adversary Purple. The reason purple was chosen was because the team Qirex, mentioned above, was notable for having a unique combination of White and Purple paintjobs. Below is a picture featuring the crews' Adversary Purple. RULES There are no specific rules and flexibility is something taken into account. Meaning Team Sol 9 doesn't have to be your main crew and people are free to switch crews as much as they desire. However, there are a few minor rules I'd like to point out which will allow the crew to maintain a respectful nature: Disrespecting a fellow crew member is something that will not be tolerated. It is important that the crew color remains untouched. This is because it may not be able to be changed in the near future. A microphone is NOT something crew members are obliged to use. Purposely killing fellow crew members in-game for no reason is also something that will not be tolerated. Interested in Joining? If you are interested in joining Team Sol 9, you can request by posting in this thread, by sending me a PM here on the forums or via the Rockstar Games Club: Rexx's Social Club Profile Team Sol 9 Social Club Crew Page ---------------------- You can also take a look at the GTAF All-Stars crew if you are interested in creating unique characters, posting in the Show Your Characters thread or any other GTA Online Character related thread on the forums: GTAF All-Stars Crew Thread
  12. LTSlowest


    TPFO is looking for active and loyal members. Must be over lvl 100 msg me 4 info. We are a mercenary crew. We get paid by contractors who either pay us with CEO work or GTA Online heist cuts. We are free aim only and we sometimes do role play. So if u want to get paid join TPFO. IF INTERESTED MSG ME AT LTSlowest on the socialclub,instagram,kik, and also msg me at LT Slowest on Xbox One. Join if u want to get paid and have fun! Link is right here ↓ https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/tactical_phantom_ops
  13. Hey What's up, We decided to start a DayZ/Post Apocalyptic Rp on Xbox one. We are about to start soon, so be sure to add us quickly Gamertags: VxBasket OutlawFlamez Requirements: Good Mic Gta 5 {for Xb1} 13 or Older. Once you add us, we will startup a party and talk to you about the rules of the Role-play!
  14. Rockstar dev945

    Need heist crew xb1

    Please delete
  15. Mvnke818

    Death is fun!

    Deathaholics MC is looking for you! Yeah you reading this, come look into our coffins of joy. See what the darker side of the mc world is like. If your a legit and mature person come check us out, we have missions, heist, fightclubs, corpse burnings, you name it. Where here to make money and name......So if your interested call the corners and invoke mvnke818 or SunerDAMC on social club. https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/deathaholics_mc Www.Deathaholicsmc.weebly.com
  16. Need good high level players to complete heists and especially Humane Raid - Deliver EMP. Everyone I've played with doesn't know what to do and ruins it. let me know, willing to give extra in Heist Finale. Xbox Fitzsy29
  17. FamiliarGamer

    Afking on afk map

    Need,one person to afk with for money
  18. I'm looking for players for MC/CEO and Gun Running sales. I have a bunker, vehicle, supply cargo, weed, document and mint. Some are full and some not. My main is my bunker, I have it almost full but not all the way cause I don't want to get raided. I need good active players who know what their doing. Primary contact gamer tag: SNEAKRET
  19. This is a realistic Role-Play (PLEASE READ THE POST BEFORE SENDING A MESSAGE TO JOIN) ~ We are looking for players who know how to role-play~ > Location: Paleto Bay / Vespucci / Sandy Shores / Strawberry, Rancho , Davis ( These are the locations we will host the role- plays ) > Days: We are trying to hold lobbies everyday or every other day. > Times: We will post when the lobbies are open. > Type of RP: Realistic so act like its real life. > Characters: Before you join try to think of these things - Character name - Character Background - Character Personality - Character Personal Vehicle (Nothing Crazy No Fancy Sports, or Supers) - Characters Job - Characters Housing (Will show available houses in Paleto location) > RULES < 1. A mic is required.(or the ability to send messages) 2. No Party chats (Only ones are when we invite you to a party) 3. No Killing ( Killing is allowed in certain scenarios, we as the hosts will decide if the killing was justified. If the killing Was not the two player will forget the scenario and go on with the role-play) 4. Vehicles if you drive a vehicle make sure it is one that can relate to the pay grade of your job. 5. No weapons allowed ( More info about this You will be able to purchase a permit for a standard pistol, and we as the hosts will decide if you are responsible enough to own the pistol.) 6. Age 18+ to join the Role-Play lobbies 7. Dress for your job. 8. If you have to talk in real life to someone mute your mic. 9. Do not play loud music or make loud noises that would disrupt the role-play. *COPS* > Allowed standard pistol > Allowed Night Stick > Allowed Standard Pump Action shotgun (Must pull out of car to use it) (If you try and run from the cops they can either shoot you in the leg or hit you to arrest you in which you would stop running and get into the back of the cruiser ) ( If you and a cop get into a gun fight for example and he kills you that is a legit death in which you will have to make a new character ) *DEATH* > If the AI kills you being a civilian or a cop AI you will not be counted as dead or have died. > If you are killed in a role-pay scenario upon judgment from the hosts you may be considered dead and have to start a new character. > If you commit suicide in a role-play scenario it will be counted as a death and you will have to start a new character. > If you have cops on you, kill yourself or call Lester either way it will not be counted towards the role-play. > A new character in this role-play does not mean you have to create an actual new character model upon death, all it means is you have to make a new role-play character for that lobby (Same character Model is used ) These are the Hosts of the Role-Play lobbies: > TheScottishMonk (These are he hosts for the role-play and will be the ones in charge of the role-play at all times) On a side not we are also looking for new host on the days that certain people cannot host. (TO BE A HOST) > Have to be mature > Have a mic > Keep updated with the forums > Post all of the vital info for the rp of the day > Report anything serious to Owner of rp (Such as people to ban from the future rps)
  20. invt me GT: UsmcxBlazer
  21. GRAND THEFT AUTO CAR MEET. rules - - don't be a annoying. - only cars. - only standard sized cars. - no smashing into cars. - no guns. you do not need a mic but you may choose too. will do any kind of meet, super, sports, classics, rare, lowrider, benny's, JDM ect. add Ezafi on xbox one and send me a message if you want me to start a lobby and do a meet.
  22. Me and some of my friends have started up a role play community in GTA 5. If you would like to join refer to our website gtav-city-life-roleplay.weebly.com Or cityliferoleplay.enjin.com Or contact LGx Druw LaSkii sE We look forward to seeing you.
  23. Sithiux

    Xbox one car meet

    Message - Sithiux v2 for an invite No killing! Just follow me around in the game we will be doing drifting draging etc. Try and aim for A JDM
  24. OfficiallyRico


    The Legends of Disaster Motorcycle Club is now recruting for Xbox One. Here at the LDMC we are a Motorcycle based club on the Xbox one in GTA V. We're a family and focus on becoming a family to any brother or sister looking for the Outlaw life. We do have a prospecting phase, in which you will be able to prove yourself enough to become a patched member. The prospecting phase has no time frame. Although the more you prove yourself the faster you will become patched in. For those who want to apply I'll put in the link to our website. We do have rules and policies so make sure to go over those. As well as a uniform for prospects. You can reach me on twitter at "Offically Rico" for more information. Cheers to the future brothers and sisters! Application - http://legendsofdisastermc.wixsite.com/ldmc Social Club - https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/prospectsldmc
  25. TrueLife RolePlay now does roleplays on Xbox one. We have been roleplaying for about 5 years. We are currently looking for more members. There are numerous jobs/factions such as a police department, FIB, other misc. government jobs, journalists, news casters, mafia, mechanics, truck drivers and much more. We meet on Saturdays at 6:30 P.M central time. Take a look at our main website. -http://truelife-roleplay.weebly.com/ We prefer you read the rules before you join. If you are interested in joining please fill out the contact forum on our main website. We look forward to seeing you!
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