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  1. MasterxKusH

    Xbox One Gta 5

    Car meet session. Any car, but nothing crazy. Rules: HAVE FUN! Means no shooting, running eachother over, blowing up each other cars, if you want to trow hands out we meet up all together to watch one on one fight. After meet up we'll do some highway cruise, drag races, or race in city. Must have mic to be in party chat! Message MasterxKushx for inv.
  2. Deathaholics mc is looking for new recruits to join our ranks. We are an active 16+ mc that rides on 360 and Xbox 1. We also do heist, fightclub, biker missions, anything to make us money. We have rides, bike shows, tdm, and are starting to make a name in the mc community. So if your feeling fresh or your an old school rider hit us up. We would be proud to have you wear the coffin on your back. MVNKE (DEATHAHOLICS MC PRESIDENT) https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/deathaholics_mc
  3. hey all! we are looking for people to jump online with (from anywhere but preferably uk because of timezones and that) to have an amazing time! i have already uploaded gameplay to my channel but i am more about making new friends than making new subs! if you enjoy the vids and want to play then let me know!! unfortunately my voice is very quiet in this video so soz XD https://youtu.be/iL40LrNNNt4?list=PLD5zJKzCjFKe-ifNLfgHUfdGJkvrXeBp6
  4. Yo what's up I'm hosting an import car meet tonight at 11 pm eastern time. I will be recording and uploading the meet to YouTube. A mic is required and please be mature. 15+ Message IAMSCOOTAH if you want to come.
  5. LAshootingstar


    Hello everyone and happy Friday. There will be a fashion Friday today. This week's theme will be undercover spies and after the fashion show there is a mini car show to show off cars with the outfits as well. Fashion Friday is a loads of fun and a great way to express yourself and to meet new friends. If you're interested and want in and or have questions, shoot me a need on XB1 at LAshootingstar2. Everything will start at 8:00 PM Central time. You can check out some previous shows on my YouTube channel at LAshootingstar or on Twitch at LAshootingstar. Hope to meet new people and have a fun time!!! ✌✌✌
  6. TristanPaterson/


    Do you want to sponsor crews? Do it on here! JOIN LSES! https://www.facebook.com/Los-Santos-Emergency-Services-LSES-785630898252336/ REQUIRE: Mic Gold Really good at listening 13 + ONLY! Signature: CEO/President/Commissioner of LSES --------------------------------------------
  7. ERMC NP Fenix

    Eclipse Riders MC is recruiting 16+ mic xb1

    We are a free aim based crew We are biker based Xbox one We have rules and ways Been running since 2014 16+ of age as we're looking for maturity Mic is a definite as we communicate About us we are a good club we've been round for a while are known by big clubs we ain't big but definitely are big in the respect department by big clubs We work hard and keep to mc rules all crews have ups n downs but we keep at it love to play other games too not just gta all the time as you do get burnt out on one game and that's the beauty about being in a gaming community you love playing other games and get to meet awesome people , We do have an instagram page so check us out Eclipse_Riders_mc_xb1 Thank you for reading if you are interested message us on here or message the user name on here on xb1
  8. Toppic: Tuner cars Rules:No killing ,no destroying cars,no of topic cars Xbox one gt:SagtAnmachen
  9. Toppic: Tuner cars Rules:No killing ,no destroying cars,no of topic cars gt:SagtAnmachen
  10. I am looking for some good FREE AIM players so we can get better by doing some training. Also we can do competitive deathmatches and maybe create a tournament some time in the future. Message MasteR LorD3OOO (the Os are capital letters) or put your GT below and I'll add you. Hopefully we can work something out, thanks! XBOX ONE ONLY
  11. IdeologicCube

    GtA V Los Santos Sheriff Department

    Los Santos Sheriff Department Welcome to the Los Santos Sheriffs Department Recruitment Page. We have started (LSSD) after finding corruption within the GTA V Community. We Are seeking individuals that understand and wish to join a police force that will become greater over time and keep the balance in the world of GTA V. Please contact the following Gamer tags to gain more info about the crew and what we are about. If any Questions shall arise please msg us and we will be glad to answer any questions that you may have. For Any more information you need Please head to our Website here: http://lssdrp.weebly.com/ Gamer tags: IdeologicCube LegendxChamp01
  12. Just wondering if there is any actual military vets and active military in this forum. I want to get a crew started exclusively for military personnel from all around the world. Brotherhood is brotherhood. Where are you from? What branch? Looking for PS4 users but open to anyone with an xbox starting one up for xbox users.
  13. RenitentEagle

    Xbox 1 Gta 5 Roleplay

    Roleplay sign up on gtaroleplaylife.forumotion.com
  14. Gdawg28x

    XB1 Glitches

    I'm looking for someone to do glitches on XB1 with me for videos. Mostly outfit glitches, will do others. msg me: Gdawg28x
  16. If you love drifting, mountain racing or racing in general and Roleplays in GTA 5, this is for you! We are a Sub-Community found in Triple 9 Roleplay servers hosted on Xbox One! Please check out their website! The whole idea is for drifters (Yes, I know drifting is dying in gta 5 but still...) and street racers to enjoy a lobby with realistic attributes and rules. Where there is consequences for racing and reckless driving, as is in real life. For more information please message me and I will send a location to meet you inside of a roleplay. IN order to locate other racers in a lobby please have a RED NEON KIT FOR JUST THE BACK/REAR OF YOUR CAR! Sincerely, The Unknown Roleplayer...
  17. Were hosting a Civilian and Cops roleplay. All are welcome, as long as you are serious about participating. I am currently looking for 10-15 Players for cops, and 15-20 Players for civilians. Note: Your first time Rping with us, you do not have to fill out form. Only if you wish to continue in the future. If interested, msg me on Xbox @ SkateKazoo. Or click here http://infinity-rp.weebly.com/
  18. I am now recruiting for my crew. Want players who just want to play the game and have fun. No super strict rules. JUst be you and have fun. If interested contact me on xbox. my gamertag is GaronJJ
  19. I'm 19 with a mic. Looking to join an active and serious crew. I'm in the us army so I can bring some combat strategies to the crew. My gamer tag is GaronJJ. If you need anyone contact me.
  20. Arid Corporation

    Looking For Mercenaries!

    A superpower for hire! More info check out the instagram page! @aridpmc - Up And Beyond! -
  21. TheCrazedAmp1

    Two Faced MC Is Accepting Prospects

    Two Faced MC is looking for active, respectful, and loyal prospects. We are a new MC on Xbox One and are all active and respectful. We are open to anyone who is mature. For more information on the club and to join Kik:chase_13_22
  22. First Responders RPC is NOW RECRUITING! We are looking for members from 14 and above to join our community. We are a police roleplaying community that follow the British conventions of policing. We are also looking for members who are enthusiastic, committed and mature. We have three divisions we are looking to fill: General Police Firearms Taskforce We will look forward to seeing your applications! Thanks Human Resources website: http://firstresponderrpc.wixsite.com/firstresponderrpc
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