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  1. Car Enthusiasts! Ever join a car meet when its dying? Ever check the forums for a post and the most recent one is 8 hours old? Well look no further! Friends and I have created a Discord server perfect for Xbox One car meets! Feel free to request to join by sending a Discord message to dcmdan4545 #8981 ! Hope to see you there!
  2. To Apply, please message ExceededPandora, xSpyder12, or WicKed xPlague on Xbox One, thanks. Social Club Link https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/rapture_mc_hangs "We, Who bring the Rapture." What is Rapture MC? Established on January 1st, 2018, it is a combined effort of a few key members whom have previous MC experience. We are exclusively on Xbox One, and have no future plans to move to other consoles at the current time. We are a 1 percent club, and follow their rules of combat. ARs only. We do not look for fights, insisting on gathering and maintaining friendships within the community. We are a fairly new club, but our members are no stranger to what makes them survive. -RP DESCRIPTION- The City of Los Santos has been plagued for years by the numerous occurrences of Gangland violence, while most crimes seemed center around Southern neighbourhoods, it has recently reached a boiling point around the area of Pillbox Hill. Several prominent street-gang leaders have been have been found deceased, whilst others are missing and presumed to be dead. When asked for comment, the Los Santos Police Department declined to speak with us, though sources seem conflicted within the department on whether this is the work of Vigilante's or simply the Gangs competition merely cleaning shop. Some rumors of a local Motorcycle club setting up shop in a foreclosed factory in the area may be the piece of evidence this story is missing. Motorcycle clubs, especially those who claim "1%" ( '1%ers is a classification given by the AMA to motorcycle enthusiast who do not follow the laws and regulations of society.) have given communities in the Nation problems in the past, no one can say for sure who or what are behind these crimes. Rules and Regulations General Rules: 1. No appearing offline unless otherwise given permission. (Prospects and Hangarounds must ALWAYS appear online. 2. We are a return fire only club. 3. We are a free aim club. 4. Biker clothing must ALWAYS be worn during church and events with patch. 5. ARs only, unless being attacked by an "OP" vehicle, then if given permission may change. 6. Use common sense, be mature. 7. Age limit is 18+. 8. No cyber bullying of ANY kind will be tolerated. 9. Follow the chain of command and any orders given by superior rank. 10. Must be active, both on our discord club chat, and in game. Your attendance weighs your speed of progression. 11. Rapture must be your active and only crew. 12. Once patched, you can ride ANY bike, except for those with "special" properties. (Boosts, Weapons, etc) 13. Real life comes first. 14. Everything is voted on. Prospect Rules: 1. Follow all General Rapture Rules. 2. Must ride the Bagger bike for Hangaround AND prospect period. (Black/Red Bagger) 3. It is your job to guard ALL patched members whenever in a session. 4. Must attend meetings, events, churches etc. 5. Never disobey an order. 6. No say or vote until patched in. 7. Ride in back of our formations. 8. Have fun, but exercise maturity and common sense. 9. Park away from patched members. 10. Must bro love all Patched and Officers whenever entering a new session. 11. Minimum 2 week prospect period. Hangaround Rules: 1. Must follow ALL Rapture General rules and Prospect Rules. 2. Follow all the rules. 3. Repeat steps 1 and 2. GALLERY:
  3. So, I have a pretty fleshed out idea for my character in GTA Online, but I'm having a bit of trouble finding anywhere I might be able to play her. Public lobbies aren't exactly conducive to this kind of idea, so I'm looking to see if anyone out there might have a place for me to play. Forgive me, but this is a bit long winded. (also, please forgive any typos) So here she is: Real Name: Aimee Morgan Codename: Reaper Age: 22 Backstory: Reaper was the daughter of a former muscle car racer, who was also stationed at Fort Zancudo and owned his own customs garage near the docks. She spent a lot of time with her father, both on the base and in his garage, learning to work on just about any vehicle, civilian or military, and also became quite skilled at driving, mostly with muscle and sports classics. Following in her father's footsteps, she joined the military, but did so to continue on her path of being a mechanic and tech expert. Machines were her life. Not long after turning 18 and joining the military, her father was approached by an IAA owner and operated facility. They were impressed by his level of skill and expertise with mechanics, engineering, and technology and wanted him to work for them in their research and development program. After seeing the things they were attempting to build, he refused, letting them know that while he was a soldier, he didn't condone the idea of building death machines that could hide in plain sight. "War is for the battlefield. Not for civilian streets." Not long after this, he was found dead as the result if an apparent suicide in the front seat if his prizes Imponte Dukes. A few months later, they approached Aimee with the same offer, having seen her as an even better candidate than her father had been. But this time, did not allow her to refuse. She was held captive, tortured through experimentation, and not only forced to work on their projects, bit also molding her into a deadly assassin. They held her in a restricted part of their facility and codenamed her "Project: Reaper". For two years, they had her helping their team build new and terrifying weaponized vehicles, disguising them in ways that would go unsuspected by the public. The biggest projects she was tasked with were a modified Imponte Deluxo and the Akula attack helicopter. In that time, she became a deadly force, augmented mentally and physically to mold her into the one-woman-WMD they wanted her to be. Their mistake was in thinking they had her under control. After several training missions and official operations that "never happened", the facility git a little too comfortable, thinking she was just an obedient slave. But her mind was not nearly as broken as they thought. Reaper had been planning and waiting patiently for the chance to take everything they had made her into and to use it as a weapon against them, striking back and escaping in the process. She killed dozens of mercenaries hired by the IAA before finally disappearing, falling completely off of the facility's radar for almost a year. When she finally did reappear, it was at an arms deal between the heads of the facility and a biker gang using the Senora Desert as the meeting place. She rolled in, driving a heavily modified version of her father's prized Imponte Duke's, using it to kill all but one person at the meeting, who was lucky enough to remain hidden. His report on the incident ended with him falling that car the "Duke o'Death". Because of the attack and the subsequent destruction of millions of dollars worth of property, the facility led several attempts in finding and either recapturing or killing Reaper. None were successful. When she finally managed to confront the IAA twelve times face, her warning was clear. "forget me, or I won't stop until all of you are nothing but a memory". The IAA immediately stopped their search for Or her and now avoids contact with her at every turn. Now, Reaper resides in Sandy Shores. She has a house full of weapons and her Duke o'Death in her garage, but is no longer the bloodthirsty assassin she was designed to be. She goes about her life, helping out around town, a quiet mystery to the people living there. She even works as a mechanic at the Los Santos Customs near her house, simply so her bills are paid and her life can continue on. But for the right price and the right reason, she will gear up and ride out in her father's car, her Duke o'Death, with whatever mission she has been given dominating her every thought. And when that happens, everyone should fear the Reaper. If you have any questions, especially technical ones, I'd be happy to answer them


    Hello, my name is Caesar, I am the Lead Kommandant of Shadow Incorporated. We are currently on the search for new operatives and staff who are loyal to our cause. We take part in operations all across the vast landscape of GTA online, these operations include but aren't limited to: Search and Rescue, High - Value Target Elimination, Search and Destroy, HVT Convoys, Package Deliveries, Security Contracts, Clan Wars, Air Raids, and Heists. Whether it's simply finding a great "milsim", a heist crew, or just finding a splendid community of avid gta players, we are happy to provide. Alot of other "milsims" take themselves way too seriously, we aren't fans of that. Twice a week we will be hosting game nights on other games such as Battlefield and Rainbow Six Siege, these game nights are open to both S.I members along with the public. Anyways, Shadow Incoprorated's Military currently holds 4 branches: Shadow Army, Air Force, Law Enforcement, and S.I Security Forces. We are currently looking for recruits to fill in all occupation spots as we are currently low on staff, see the list below for all jobs specific to each unit and branch. Also, in each branch there are a few special units to serve for special purposes and needs. For Example, The Spartan Unit and The Rangers of our Army serve as the first respondersto any conflict and/or incoming threat. The XOF and the S.K.U.L.L Unit serve as the special operations unit, in which they carry out High - Value Target Eliminations and Search and Rescue Missions. Requirements At least 16 years of age Have good work ethic Follow order efficiently Possess maturity Have Access to Military Vehichles Be above Level 50 Have Fun! Links Jobs Within Shadow Inc. https://docs.google.com/document/d/15KFeT7J1rhheLJNJGMwDUTF6P36NDkJoPXop64XDNHk/edit?usp=sharing Enlist Using Discord! (AFTER APPLICATION) https://discord.gg/6wqHJM(after application) and message us! ENLISTMENT FORM (MUST APPLY) https://goo.gl/forms/hCm7YjkQaNHsbqQ83 Our Crew https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/shdw_incorporated/manage/hierarchy also message our lead kommandant ~ zCasar Enlist Now! And remember "Death Awaits You in the Shadows..."
  5. Ever since heists came out, Ive been looking for a group that could tackle the criminal mastermind challenge. The teams that I did assemble failed miserably, but in 2016 I lucked up and found a group of teenagers around my age, and we knocked out the challenge in about seven hours. Its now 2018, and I only play with one person who is semi-good, but not criminal mastermind good, meaning he dies too much to be considered a candidate. I need people who can play 10 rounds of survival and not come close to dying. People who can blow through heists back to back with no problems other than taking breaks. Im a strategic player, who is looking for strategic players, no tryhards whatsoever. If you're interested, PM me your gamertag. There are no lame ass try outs or sh*t like that. I dont have a mic (anymore), so if you want to talk, download the Xbox app to message me quick and fast. Peace, LMG
  6. Welcome to the San Andreas Emergency Public Services Gaming! We are a role-playing group based on many San Andreas Services. We do not tolerate any foolishness or disrespect even if you aren't in the clan. We currently run off of the Xbox One version of Grand Theft Auto V. We are dedicated to helping people learn more about Public Services and how they are worked. Our goal is to serve and protect Wyoming and its outlying counties. The ​San Andreas Emergency Public Services Gaming is always recruiting and looking for new talent! If you believe that you have what it takes to be a member of the SAEPSG Consider applying today! We can't wait to hear from you! Public Relations Do you have an issue that needs to be resolved? Do you need to know more info? Contact us at [email protected] Disclaimer ​We At The ​ San Andreas Emergency Public Services Gaming Hold No Media Or Information About Xbox 360 Or Xbox Live As They Are Their Own Company And Hold Their Own Copyright Laws. We Also Do Not Recognize Any Media Or Information Regarding Any Games We Have Mentioned. This Includes But Is Not Limited To Grand Theft Auto. The Participants In This Clan Are Not Real Police Officers, Medical Technicians, Fireman, Federal Agents, Or Presidents. They Are Simply Based On Role Play. This Clan Is Strictly Role Play And Is Not Any Real PD/FD/Federal Agency. About us: San Andreas Emergency Public Services Gaming Is A Group Of Dedicated Persons Whom Are Interested In The Public Safety Fields, Forensics, And Public Services/Servants. SAEPSG Was Created In 2017 And Continues To Become A Growing Community. Rarely We Will Be Active In Real Life, Yet We Are Very Much Real In The Gaming World On GTA V ,Well As The Battlefield Franchise And Many More. We Hope To Have An Influence In The Way Public Safety And Law Enforcement Works In The Future. This Site Runs As The Main Site For Us. Requirements: 14+ must have Xbox one Must have Discord and Gta v Here is our webpage hope to see you soon https://saemergencypublicservicesgaming.weebly.com/
  7. David Mason

    Diamond Dogs SF- Recruitment Active

    Diamond Dogs SF I'm going to be blunt, I spent a while back creating a post about my crew on gta crews instead. And I'm not going to do the same thing, so enjoy your semi-text post about it. We, are the Diamond Dogs Special Forces Regiment. We are a private military for hire, and have connections to various other paramilitary groups, such as ourselves. We have turned low levels who were mere level 30's, and turned them into 100's in less than a month. We offer manpower, resources, work, community, events on both Xbox One and PC, contracting, services and the protection of our crew and our combined strength so whenever someone comes for you, expect that we've got your back covered. Always. Links Website Social Club Discord GTA Crews Post *Yes, I'm aware that this is a piss-poor recruitment page, but it's currently 4:26am and I cba*
  8. Looking for a good, growing, friendly Role Play community? Then look no further then the Reborn Role Play community. At your earliest convenience, please go to this website: https://rebornrp.enjin.com/
  9. World Game League worldgameleague.com 5 on 5 Deathmatch League Show case you're crew Coming Soon WGL Live (Apple App Currently under for world wide store) Contact: - Kik: WorldGameLeague - Discord: World Game League#3220 - Email: [email protected] - Xbox Live: Alan Killmaster Event/ Services - 5v5 Tournaments - Official Match Request - Statistics Analysis - Personal Meetings - Match Breakdown Services Current looking for teams/crews. That are interested in being apart of the WGL.Currently looking for referee's for match's and be admins on Apple ApplicationSign Up You'r Crew https://www.worldgameleague.com/sign-up-you-re-crew Organizing The GTA Community Introducing a 5 on 5 online League with Season long tournaments under a officiating organization. Featuring real team and player statistics & Community forum the will serve as the platform for the result of you're match to be posted for the community to see. QUALIFIED MATCH OFFICIATING We train and are the keepers of the referee's that will be officiating you're match OFFERING YOU THE BEST MARKETING PLATFORM FOR YOU CREW TO BE SEEN GTA has taken a downfall in the past couple years because of the crazy EXPLOSIVE weapons. Making it nearly impossible for players to actually compete on a far level playing field and determine who is the best player with an assault rifle. So I want to introduce you to the World Game League (WGL). The WGL is a organizing and officiating organization that legitimizes Grand Theft Auto death matches. In 5 on 5 refereed matches. Only statistics and results of the time the referee has ended will be counted toward the teams scores. This is as legitimate as it gets for GTA Death matches. The is a opportunity to take you’re crew to public attention We are featuring a wall / forum in our Apple Application. Where the latest news can be seen for the entire GTA community to watch. The results of the matches that took place. For more info visit our website: worldgameleague.com Link: https://www.worldgameleague.com/about-the-wgl
  10. This is a realistic Role-Play (PLEASE READ THE POST BEFORE SENDING A MESSAGE TO JOIN) ~ We are looking for players who know how to role-play~ > Location: Paleto Bay / Vespucci / Sandy Shores / Strawberry, Rancho , Davis ( These are the locations we will host the role- plays ) > Days: We are trying to hold lobbies everyday or every other day. > Times: We will post when the lobbies are open. > Type of RP: Realistic so act like its real life. > Characters: Before you join try to think of these things - Character name - Character Background - Character Personality - Character Personal Vehicle (Nothing Crazy No Fancy Sports, or Supers) - Characters Job - Characters Housing (Will show available houses in Paleto location) > RULES < 1. A mic is required.(or the ability to send messages) 2. No Party chats (Only ones are when we invite you to a party) 3. No Killing ( Killing is allowed in certain scenarios, we as the hosts will decide if the killing was justified. If the killing Was not the two player will forget the scenario and go on with the role-play) 4. Vehicles if you drive a vehicle make sure it is one that can relate to the pay grade of your job. 5. No weapons allowed ( More info about this You will be able to purchase a permit for a standard pistol, and we as the hosts will decide if you are responsible enough to own the pistol.) 6. Age 18+ to join the Role-Play lobbies 7. Dress for your job. 8. If you have to talk in real life to someone mute your mic. 9. Do not play loud music or make loud noises that would disrupt the role-play. *COPS* > Allowed standard pistol > Allowed Night Stick > Allowed Standard Pump Action shotgun (Must pull out of car to use it) (If you try and run from the cops they can either shoot you in the leg or hit you to arrest you in which you would stop running and get into the back of the cruiser ) ( If you and a cop get into a gun fight for example and he kills you that is a legit death in which you will have to make a new character ) *DEATH* > If the AI kills you being a civilian or a cop AI you will not be counted as dead or have died. > If you are killed in a role-pay scenario upon judgment from the hosts you may be considered dead and have to start a new character. > If you commit suicide in a role-play scenario it will be counted as a death and you will have to start a new character. > If you have cops on you, kill yourself or call Lester either way it will not be counted towards the role-play. > A new character in this role-play does not mean you have to create an actual new character model upon death, all it means is you have to make a new role-play character for that lobby (Same character Model is used ) These are the Hosts of the Role-Play lobbies: > TheScottishMonk (These are he hosts for the role-play and will be the ones in charge of the role-play at all times) On a side not we are also looking for new host on the days that certain people cannot host. (TO BE A HOST) > Have to be mature > Have a mic > Keep updated with the forums > Post all of the vital info for the rp of the day > Report anything serious to Owner of rp (Such as people to ban from the future rps)
  11. Thinlizzy79

    Rabid reapers MC recruitment XBOX ONE

    Hi, I'm the founder/president of the rabid reapers MC.... I established this club on 360 in January 2016, I have just recently got back into GTA on the Xbox one and I'm starting it again from the ground up, Looking for my first 8 members so you won't need to be a prospect, we ride Harley's, we are an old school club , 1% message me on the rockstar social club if you are interested in joining. http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/the_rabid_reapers_mc
  12. We have a roleplay group centered around police, EMS, and Civilian roles our group gets together on discord where we host our communication during scenarios. We are welcome to both new and experienced roleplayers, should you be interested we would require this of you. Requirements;-; Read these it's expected of you ;-; 1. That when you join our recruitment server you tell us how you found us. 2. That you understand we require you to respect everyone and cause no trouble otherwise you won't be around long. 3. The other owner and myself stay fairly busy so don't expect constant babysitting or for us to be able to answer questions imediately. I don't want to be rude but you would be surprised how impatient people can be. If this is okay with you and your still interested then follow this link to discord ;-; https://discord.gg/zRTujfW ;-;
  13. BOOZE BROTHERS MC We are Booze Brothers MC. A truly dedicated, tight knitted, virtual MC serving on both PS4 and XB1. We established January, 2018 and plan on never stopping. All of your starting 5 have multiple years of MC and 1% free aim experience. What we offer is true Brotherhood. We are not a "crew" and we are not a "club", we are a brotherhood that looks after one another as well as the patch that we carry. Below is a list of requirements that we ask. If you are up for it, please make sure to hit us up on: Instagram: booze_brothers_mc LINE: r0wney SC: BOOZ_r0wney Feel free to check out our SC pages for the following: Full Patch: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/booze_brother_mc Prospect: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/booz_prospects REQUIREMENTS 18+ Preferred but willing to accept 16+ based on maturity Strictly 1% Free Aim Need Mic Need LINE app Only Western Made Bikes Follow What We Say Follow What We Do Do Not Question Us DO NOT TAKE THINGS PERSONAL Upon reaching out too us you should already have both your SC and your console page visible for us too see. You are wanting us to trust/accept you. You wanna be one of our brothers and if we can't see who you are we will push you away. If all works out we will be in contact with you by the next day. We need time for everyone else in our family to know who you are and ask you questions. If this is too much for you to handle DON'T BOTHER US.
  14. Mostlitpops

    XBOX 1 Car Meet

    hosting a car meet , message me- X Kiid Buckets3 Only rules are no killing Bring any car you would like except tanks and war vehicles
  15. Looking for a decent player to help me finish the heists. Im not interested in the criminal mastermind achievement so I just want to finish on normal difficulty so I can get the discounts and awards for completion. Add me and send me a message if interested gt: MrWood865 on XBOX One
  16. The Task Group is recruiting. So what is the Task Group? The Task Group is an elite military SOF-themed crew that exists for one sole purpose - total dominance of the 21st Century battlespace that is the state of San Andreas. We operate on Xbox One. Our members also enjoy the Battlefield games and a bit of TCs Ghost Recon Wildlands on occasion. Crewed by ruthless cutthroats schooled in all the arts of modern warfare, we expect absolute loyalty from our members. In return for loyal service, The Task Group will support its operators in their personal business ventures, allowing them to raise their game to new levels. We are a GTA SOF/Mercenary-themed Crew without the usual Milsim BS. We endeavour to adapt real world tactics, techniques and procedures to the world of GTA Online. We seek to apply a warrior mindset coupled with controlled aggression to carry out our operations across the state. So what might these operations consist of? Let me break it down in to the key areas: Resource Acquisition and Procurement Exactly what it says on the tin. As a Private Military Company, The Task Group needs funds and equipment to survive. As such, much time will be dedicated to acquiring those resources. We aim to elevate each of our carefully selected members, and as such we will operate a franchise system in which we will rotate support between businesses to make sure everybody gets paid. Defensive Operations and Aid to Local Businesses On occasion, The Task Group may be called upon to conduct military operations to quell violence or respond to threats within the State of San Andreas. Although not officially sanctioned by any government, recently Corporate has begun to invest time and effort in to building relationships with key local power brokers. We seek to leverage these relationships in future to expand our sphere of influence in the region. You may find yourself outsourced to provide security to various organisations without our Area of Operations. You will always be well led, well resourced and well supported. We are a classless Crew, in that we accept people from all walks of life. But we are not rankless. There is a clear chain of command to support you throughout your tenure with us. Military Training We seek to constantly improve our operational capabilities and as such, regular training will take place to ensure we maintain a razor-sharp edge. As The Task Groups Leader, I personally have many years of military experience in a combat role, and we welcome members with a keen interest in military tactics, techniques and procedures. Prior service is NOT in any way a requirement, and we would welcome both Veterans and the enthusiastic amateur who is willing to learn. Training can include, but is in no way limited to: Advanced Weapons Training Small Unit Tactics Vehicle Mobility Operations Offensive and Defensive Driving Techniques Close Protection Training Advanced Close Quarters Battle Air/Land Coordination Maritime Operations Intelligence Gathering Surveillance and Target Acquisition Reconnaissance Techniques Counterterrorism Counterterrorism brings us to our next major operational capability. In this day and age of rapidly escalating threats, sometimes the appointed authorities simply cant react quickly enough to counter organised criminal and terrorist organisations. We seek to preserve life, wherever possible, by providing a timely and decisive (and should it ever be necessary a preemptive) response to such threats. As such, we are developing a Counterterrorist Quick Reaction Force (CTQRF) capability to target those who seek nothing more than to inflict violence upon the innocent businessmen and women of San Andreas as they go about their lives trying to survive . ETHOS We are looking for candidates who are able to function tactically in high threat, free flow environments. We need men and women who are able to think on their feet, assess the situation, adapt, improvise and overcome all threats and obstacles. We seek the best. We will always endeavour to conduct intelligence-led operations. We will always be meticulous in the details and planning of those operations. Most importantly, we will develop and maintain the skills and discipline necessary to live up to our motto: Strike from the shadows, own the night If you think you have what it takes to serve in our crew, drop us a line. Well be watching. Strike from the shadows, own the night! F3EA. The interested candidate should include the following details in any request for further information: Gamertag: Age: Country and Timezone: Any prior military experience: Any prior Milsim experience: Reason for interest: Skill set: Net worth in GTA$ and salary expectations: Prior or existing crew affiliations: We look forward to hearing from you. https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/the_task_group
  17. Looking for one more player to join a crew to try and complete the criminal masterminds challenge, as well as all in order and loyalty on the original heists. 2 players are experienced in GTA (level 217 and 50(only got Xbox this year. But previously had PS4 and was level 210)) and one is a friend who is new to the game, but we are guiding him so he knows what to do (we're mainly trying to do this to get him money, as well as ourselves.) Must have a mic, be on GMT timezone and know what you're doing. Our friend who is new is a fairly low level at the moment, but were grinding out missions to right now to get him cash and RP to be ready (if you want, feel free to help with that too and get some extra money in the process) Message one of us on Xbox if you're interested: xDeathCreationx, Shellhecd, mrmegatrickster

    Devious Ghost MC Recruiting

    Wanna Be A Devious Ghost ? message me at dgmc_redneck on instagram
  19. TheLastFrozen

    Xbox one heist challenge's

    Hello i was wondering if there are players who want to d the criminal masterchallenge's i'm a decent player of lvl 213 i play alot my gamertag is TheLastFrozen
  20. SG UltraEddy519

    [XBOX One] Sane Gaming Recruitment

    Hello we are an up and coming community mainly focused on gta5 we host persistent real life roleplays,legit money and rp lobby's,gangland roleplays,wild West roleplay and more. But we do other games like battlefield,PUBG,and COD WW2.join our discord at https://discord.gg/UTXpDhRand our site at http://sanegaming.forumotion.com
  21. Hi! I'm a newbie to Xbox One (lvl 13), but I played on Xbox 360 casually (I got up to ~70) I'm looking for a few buddies to play jobs and heists with. I have a headset and mic. I'm on from 5-10 CST on weekdays (though I'm not on everyday) and pretty much anytime on the weekend. My Xbox Gamertag is: TidalElk2751582 If you'd like to talk more about this, message me and I'll give you my Discord.
  22. Slapp XVI

    The Clemente Family RP Crew

    Interested in joining a Role-playing Crew? Join us, The Clemente Family. We are a rebooted family which always strive to get better and we have lots of potential and are growing FAST! We are looking to grow the Mafia Community and we want players who are active members who are fed up of not being able to find a crew where they can fit in. We help and reward those who help us. If you're interested in joining us and being apart of a true crime family message below "I'm interested" and include your GT in this format below. "I'm Interested. GT: (Your GT Here)" Or message us on XB1 at either of these GT's. Slapp XVI OSIRIS Blazze BROOKLYNFIG Hope to see some of you soon. Sincerely, Lewis Brownicci. (Slapp XVI) HERE'S THE SOCIAL CLUB LINK: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/theclementefamily_ls
  23. Lapolo98

    Wolff Corp. Recruitment

    Wolff Corp. is a crew for the GTA Community to come together in one session and work together (Doing Organization work, MC work, VIP work, etc.) in peace. There are people in my crew able to make locked sessions (Public Invite Only sessions) for people who need to complete work without looking over their shoulder, only to see a Hydra or Akula chasing you and eventually blow you up. There are rules set in place to keep the session peaceful, friendly, and running smoothly! 1. You must have the crew active while in our session! 2. Respect all players in a session and their contraband! 3. DO NOT kill any members in the crew! 4. If a random player without being in the crew enters the session do not engage with him/her. Report the player to a higher authority and they will handle it accordingly. If the random player comes close to your contraband, you may engage until security personnel gets there. 5. Join other Organizations, MC's, VIP's, etc. and send invites to players in the session. It's always a hassle doing things on your own, so always lend a helping hand. Also, please do not remain in any business alone for too long. Don't forget others are trying to make money too and return the favor. When you've completed you business ventures, ask if the people that helped you needed help too. It'll keep your reputation as a great person to play with up and have a chance of being promoted! 6. HAVE FUN!!!!! After all, it's a community and we're all here for the sweet smell of money so lets make some fun out of it while we're doing it! If you feel that this is the crew for you, please look into our crew on the Rockstar Social club website https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/wolff_corp Currently we are just starting out so we'll need some new members to keep us going. All high ranking member are always professional so if you have any questions you may contact me threw my gamertag, ModestWolff. Also, we have security tryouts, so if you think your up for protecting Wolff Corp. with a professional look to it, let us know and we'll be ready to go! Thanks for reading and have a nice day.
  24. Masonic_Shadow

    Recruiting for LS Skulls of Fury only on PS4

    To build a crew you need people, Loyal people to make a crew strong to carry out the crimes in Los Santos so without farther a do, I'm bring forth the newly formed crew "LS Skills Of Fury" for the first time on gta forums come on over to the SOCIAL CLUB to join today, Just so everyone knows it's a closed invite and "ME" the leader send me a message though the SOCIAL CLUB I can only be found on the PS4 platform so sorry guys,gals unless some is willing to make this a cross platform crew you are welcome to take that roll, , So hit me up an I'll let you right in. find the link below to join this awesome crew. https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/ls_skulls_of_fury
  25. Johntatem

    Xbox One Heist

    Gamertag: johntatem1 Need friends (with mics) to finish up heists. Myself and new low level friend are trying to finish these heists to make some quick money. Need two more people to start. We're on from 10pm EST typically every night.
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