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  1. Blvckuxury

    Soul Reapers MC (XB1 ONLY)

    The Soul Reapers Motorcycle Club On XBOX ONE Are recruiting the First 9 to the MC We only use Free Aim and always protect our brothers the Social Club Apply through our Social Club here or contact the president on social club @ Big-G-Smoov or message him on Xbox One @ BlvckLuxury Needing a Vice-President, Sergeant At Arms and Enforcers Requirments: Xbox One 15+ Years Of Age Good Quality Headset
  2. ResonantKarma0

    XB1 need help for biker money

    hey guys whats up im looking for ppl who wanna help me make money in any way possible i only have an Mc clubhouse no selling businesses or CEO offices but anyone who wants to help msg ResonantKarma0 on XB1 or comment gamertag below
  3. looking for all xbox 1 players
  4. I just got back into playing GTA Online and now none of my friends play it anymore. So I have turned to this forum site in hopes I can make new friends to earn money and do crazy stuff with. I have some experiences with heists but it has been about a year since I played so I may be a bit rusty, but it is like riding a bike and I will be back to my old self in no time. Feel free to send a message or a friend request on Xbox One to the GT: TheSchmogasm I'm looking forward to hearing from everyone P.S. A Mic would be preferred but if not we can make it work.
  5. The.Unholy.Goat

    Angels of Sin MC Xbox One Recruitment

    Angels of Sin Motorcycle Club on Grand Theft Auto Online is looking for more members to come and join. If you have never been in a Motorcycle Club give it a try. We are very organized ad mature. 16 +, although that we are mature we do like to have a good time and chill out in our Xbox parties, crack jokes, talk about life, etc.. Just like real friends would. If you have been in a GTA Motorcycle club I am sure you know the majority of rules (which site with all the by-laws will be below). Angels of sin have been around since early 2014. We are a team, we are a family even over a game we are usually always there for each other. We host weekly churches, and sometimes events. We all have the APP KIK and communicate through there. If you are interested in Joining and for more information message me VIA K.I.K Burton.Custom or through my Social Club The.Unholy.Goat (kik highly preferred) http://angelsofsin.wixsite.com/asmc- our website with all the details you need to know
  6. this is a life role play if you got the time get on no bullsh*t all occupations are up to you there will be a key to every time we play just message my gt Datoken7
  7. BLUE ANGELS MC Mother Chapter TRIBE 21 Bastards. Lunatics. Undesirables. Eccentrics. BAMC The Blue Angels Mother chapter is a 1%er MC with Strict principles and by-laws. Although our rules are tough and enforced harshly, we define ourselves by one of the few honest, loyal, mature, exclusive and a brotherhood. To join our mc you must prove yourself first by partaking in a two week prospecting phase. Every member must go through this before he can earn his full-patch. We are small in numbers but deadly in small doses. By-laws: Must be 16+. Must be in the Eu In freemode wars only use ar's, pump shotty's, snipers, smgs and pistols unless killed by anything unmentioned by the enemy. NO TANKS EVER! Able to follow orders from officers. If you kill another member you WILL repay the blood to the club. Must be active. To Prospect for us and earn your full-patch in our brotherhood please go to: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/bamc_hangarounds Send a friend request and a message with your gamertag to BAMC CrazyScot. I hope to see you on the road brothers. B.A.F.F.B.A.
  8. Looking for people to do some biker missions, steal supplies and general money making. GT: Agent Haynes hit me up!
  9. DarthGayderXO

    Intro :)

    Hi guys, I've just joined so thought I'd introduce myself.. I'm Tegan, 22, female, Manchester. Looking for people to play with on xbox one. Just come back to the game and quite overwhelmed by the amount of things to do ha
  10. Stefhatta

    [XBOX ONE] Death Proof Motorcycle Club

    DEATH PROOF MC [XBOX ONE] 21+ Social Club: https://socialclub.r...ath_proof_mc_pb Instagram: https://www.instagra...hproofmc/?hl=en Twitter: https://twitter.com/deathproofmcgta DPMC is an XBOX ONE based Motorcycle Club for GTA Online We pride ourselves on our brotherhood, as it is a firm foundation that binds this club, and believe in quality over quantity. The mother charter is based in Great Chaparral, and we operate our various businesses around there. We don't tend to cause trouble but if any other clubs decide to over step their mark we will defend our territory. We have also recently opened a charter in Del Perro, LS. DPMC activities include: ​Customising and comparing bikes Riding in formation Kicking back at the clubhouse Helping each other in our various businesses, and maximising the profit of the clubs ventures FREE AIM Team Deathmatches Completing contracts and missions Producing content using the Rockstar Editor to publish on social media AND MUCH MORE! DPMC IS RECRUITING PROSPECTS NOW! Do you think you have what it takes to rep the skull? Are you truly Death Proof? If you are a mature, respectful player who enjoys the biker way of playing, then send a message over Xbox to gamertags: President: B0NZAI Vice President: H4TTA PROSPECT TODAY!!! Do you have what it takes? Are you Death Proof? Message GTs: H4TTA or B0NZAI to find out more...
  11. DirectorRastelli

    Realistic Police Roleplay: FIBRU

    Hello GTA Forums, My name is Henry Rastelli. I am currently the FIB Director for FIBRU (FIB Roleplaying Universe), I am currently recruiting members for our community. We have a Department for 3 systems (PS3, PS4, XB1) and we only recruit ages from 13+. More Info Our community is designed for the youth who are interested in becoming a Law Enforcement Officer in the future. We are very realistic on how we run and structure our community towards real police forces & services. We do not tolerate any disrespect or foolishness in our community, this is a realistic police crew. FIB Department 201 (Ps4) FIB Department 701 (XB1) FIB Department 801 (Ps3) Our Motto: Respect, Integrity, & knowledge Contact Info PSN: Henry-Rastelli LIVE: PotatoManPete SITE: http://fibru.boards.net Twitter & Insta: FIBRU_GTA YouTube: FIB Roleplaying Universe
  12. Wapomoonman

    Black Wolves MC PB Recruiting!

    Black Wolves MC is looking for new members to join the Pack! social club link : https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/black_wolves_mc_pb Black Wolves MC PB -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Black Wolves were founded just recently as result of two friends who decided to play GTA 5 together. After some ecounterswith "The Lost" we went on and started our own MC to play in in our gaming sessions together. As Location we went for that quiet little mountain town called "Paleto Bay" because Paleto Bay has everything you need in close proximity (House, Garages, Helicopter, armoured police car. shops, great sniper tower, garage and even the new Clubhouse!) and all those nice things comes without being sticky bombed at your front porch by some dude in a flashy sportscar! i love Paleto bay...don't you? But iam wandering off again, lets talk abit more about the goals and kind of persons we are looking for to make a real pack from this 2 man road show! (which in fact already happened because in a few hours we jumped over 30 members , probably because of our sexy patch) Who are we and who are we looking for? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We are NOT a heavy roleplaying crew and we also do NOT have Prospects (free patches for everyone) because we believe that all members are equal and all members have equal rights and duty's towards their crew and towards their crew members. We are also a multi national crew which means that the language on the voice chat will be mainly English (unless we all speak a same other language) a headset with microphone will come in handy. As mentioned before we are NOT a heavy roleplaying crew but we are a MC which means that if we ride together as group we use a motorcycle but we wear our patch at all times so we can show our colors. If we are in war or doing a heist or mission together there are NO vehicle restrictions because it's not practical. Next to that we are mainting the basic rules which should be no suprise for anyone. In short we are looking for nice members who just like us want to have a great time together and some fun with a MC flavor on it, if you are friendly and abit mature (not to mature) then please join us or send me (Wapomoonman) a PM on socialclub.... hope to see you soon, running with the pack! Our GTA tag is : BWPB ----This thread will be editted once things change and will be used as our recruiting page here--------------
  13. Blue Angels Mc Recruiting NOW! XBOX ONE ONLY English ONLY EU Gamers ONLY Sorry Must have a Mic MUST BE LOYAL RSC Username - BAMC.CRAZYSCOT Platform - XBox One Must be Active Everyday We Make Youtube Mc Videos Search The Crazyscot on YT Table Members Position available Apply By mailing BAMC Crazyscot Through Xbox
  14. Gunners MC is looking for players intrested in Realism style gameplay. We are a small and close knit family of bikers, who appreciate friendly players looking to make the game fun and realistic at the same time. Our club is growing and we are currently looking for European Players to grow our European chapter. If you are intrested in joining our club as a member check out our homepage for more information. Check out our Website: Http://www.gunnersmc.wixsite.com/gunnersmc Or Contact me by Kik: jjjeikk Here is a link to our Prospect crew: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/gunners_mc_prospects Club President: Jjjeikk
  15. Lilrob512tx

    Car bike truck meet

    Halloween costumes cars as well doesn't matter Message EtoAtx41 for invite Live on twitch soon to go on YouTube
  16. FAMorFredMarvel


    Looking for people to do heists with, hopefully looking to start a consistent, or at least a semi-consistent team. It's me and my brother for right now, but willing to work with anyone whose interested in finishing heists and potentially putting a crew together. Maybe even later on having enough people to switch in and out and do other types of missions together. Just tired of having people quit before the mission even starts. My GT: FAMorFredMarvel Also add HigherLearning0
  17. NitrousXTR777

    Recruiting Screen Breakers

    Attention all Xbox one GTA players i'm looking for the fastest of racers to the most deadeye of shooters as i'm looking for people who are always on gta (like no life long as they say) and i also stream on twitch at least 5 days a week and I would love for y'all to support and join the fun or serious competition such as, fast ass racing and MC work or just plan doing a car meet, etc. So if you wanna join the Unbounded Hedghogs just message me on Xbox one @ NitrousXTR777.
  18. anyone want to roleplay in the city of los santos have cops and civilians comment gamertag or message dopeboyking66 only if serious ask for inv will have radar off and invite only free aim lobby XBOX ONE civilians can have jobs or do whatever they wanna do just no straight killing or being immature can have drug dealers
  19. rushhour250

    Lost Lion Tribe (XB1)

    Lost Lion Tribe (XB1) https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/lost_lion_tribe_ We are looking for new prospects to join our MC. We are an older crew founded on true brotherhood, loyalty, and realism. In 2013, Nikeman and myself created a crew for GTA V: Online on the old generation. Ever since 2013, we have made sure to ensure our three traits of brotherhood, loyalty, and realism. We don't allow everyone to join, we select those we believe that will abide by our values and the interests of our style. General Rules: There should be NO CREW KILLING, period... Everyone should have a HEADSET, not kinect. Members should always be MATURE, HONEST and RESPECTFUL. Must link XBOX GAMERTAG TO SOCIAL CLUB, you are at risk of being kicked if you refuse. You should never go to PASSIVE MODE in a war. No SPAMMING crew chats. Do not use RPGs and MINI-GUNS unless they are used against you first. NO KILLING YOURSELF in battles. All members should have Lost Lion Tribe set to ACTIVE CREW, if not you will be kicked immediately. Wear the crew logo when PLAYING WITH CREW MEMBERS in a public lobby. Message me on XB1 at Rushhour0250 if you are interested in joining an active and loyal crew (The last one you will ever need to join). If interested please bump as well.
  20. sonofodin19

    looking for active crew (XB1)

    I a looking for an active crew that doesn't mind a lower experienced player (Lvl60) i have a yacht two apartments and a CEO bank. its a pain to try an level up when you're constantly getting merked by high lvl players. my GT is xxxSonOfOdinxxx
  21. G00nyxd

    Grim Boys MC

    Hey everybody, this is G00NY and I'm National Sgt. At Arms for the Grim Boys MC on Xbox One. We've recently had a revival at the release of the Biker DLC and we are recruiting! We don't demand anything from you but simple obdience and loyalty. We've got a few must follow rules. 1. Ages 18+ 2. Do NOT under any circumstances, shoot at your club members. 3.Microphones are required. Kinect is fine. 4.Try not to fight with other club members, I will have to settle it (try not to make me do that) 5.Only Bikes Allowed - Wester Bagger, Western Daemon LCC Hexer, LCC Inovation, and all Biker DLC chopper styled bikes. NO STUNT BIKES. 6.Attire will be explained before your hang around period. 7.Bike Customization is 100% your choice. 8. Do not damage or destroy another persons bike, and do not sit on another persons bike unless specified to do so. 9. Above everything else, enjoy yourselves and be reasonable, if you have any questions, ask. Explaining how we work - We have a hang-around period that is a minimum of 3 days and then if we decide to patch you in, you'll be a prospect for up to 2 weeks depending on what you show the First Four. We will give you the full rundown once we get you in! Reply to this topic, or message me on Xbox One, @ G00NYxD (w/ zeros, not o's"! Saddle up maniacs, Join Grim Boys today Hey, your post doesn't comply with the recruitment rules - please include your social club link. Thanks!
  22. xxN8mare GFYxx

    The Devil's Misfits

    Please Close
  24. Mvnke818

    Deathaholics MC is looking for you

    Deathaholics MC is looking for mature and loyal members. We are a tight knit club that are there for our fellow brothers and sisters, then the average kill em all club. We do alot of missions, heist, tdm, and also helping our lower ranked members excel to greatness by helping them reach levels they need. We feel that reaching those goals together has brought us to having more loyal members, then the club hoppers. DAMC is a xb1 and xbx 360 Club and we don't discrimnate if you dont currently have a Mic or kik. For any questions feel free to contact mvnke818 or sunerDAMC via social club.https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/deathaholics_mc
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