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  1. MadJohnnyBlaZe

    XBOX ONE car meets UTC

    Friendly Car meets Utc timezone No abuse or killing Il be starting a meet/cruise at 11.45 utc time starting at the carpark above los santos customs in town. All sport, compact, sedans and classic muscle cars welcome No killing or police Keep it civil people
  2. OakleyW23

    Unarmed Buzzard

    So i was searching for small thing in GTA Online, and i found that you can find a Buzzard chopper without weapons, a transport chopper. So i was like 'lets find this thing' and as I goto the inpound lot to find the chopper (as shown in 4 YouTube videos, one of which is only 3 weeks old) I suddenly find nothing, so I drive away and come back, nothing, so I thought ' maybe it only works in a private session' well, still no luck, I went back and fourth for a good 20 minutes and got nothing, somebody else had the same issue with the medical police maveric, and someone replied 'Its just rare, like the unarmed Buzzard' so, is it extremely rare for this Buzzard to spawn, or has is been removed from this location?


    My district is now recruiting for Black Hat Crime Family. If you're interested contact me on Xbox @ xxArmyGuy727xx or cantact me on Kik @ xXmarkalXx. You must have a mic and you must be 16+.
  4. Tool3git2Quit:x

    Gta 5 car meet for xbox one

    C L O S E D W I L L B A C K T O M O R R O W
  5. TheScottishMonk

    FreakShow Car Meets (XB1)

    FREAKSHOW CAR MEETS Welcome to the FreakShow! Here we will be hosting Car Meets of many different varieties on different days the thing that may separate us from others is the fact that we will be doing themes on top of different vehicles. You do not need to be in our crew or join our crew to be in the meets or any of the activities but you will need to comply with the rules that will be listed later on in the post. Dates of the meets: The dates of the meets will vary depending on if we have people to host so they can pop up at anytime. to find out when the meet will be hosted come back here for the information it will be posted the day of the host as well what themes and vehicle variety. Info about the meets: Here is just some info about the meets and shows. We will be hosting meets that have themes such as these: - Movie Night - Marvel - DC - Comic Universe Collide - History - Neon Nights - Monster Mash And so on.... Again the Vehicles will also be determined with the matching theme on the day of the event. Rules: The rules are pretty simple just follow them and we can all get along. 1. Must have a Mic 2. 18+ years of age (16+ if you are mature enough) 3. No Violence ( No weapons, Killing, causing havoc or verbally fighting with each other) 4. No Cops (If you get cops on you call the cops off with lester, turn blind eye, etc.) 5. If you plan to stance you vehicle then please do it with a silencer and away from the group so the cops will not show up. 6. Follow the theme (if we are doing a theme then please follow along everyone that joins must do it) 7. if your car is not up to par before each show we will meet at the customs so that you may change it up some. CONTACT INFORMATION If you are interested in joining the meets or any of the other events please contact the following Gamertags. XBOX ONE: - TheScottishMonk We Hope To See You Soon!
  6. GutlessCowboy

    Havens Rebels MC Now Recruiting!

    Havens Rebels MC is currently recruiting active prospects who understand and respect the spirit of an MC. We are a highly active club looking for members who appreciate the spirit of brotherhood and friendship. We are mature and majority of the club is adults. More information can be found on our Instagram and social club page. So check our Instagram if interested in joining! Socialclub: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/havens_rebels_mc Instagram Page: https://www.instagram.com/havens_rebels_mc/?hl=en https://ibb.co/i4oNqv
  7. Mental Mascots is a YouTube series that tells the story of a celebrity crew in Los Santos. The series shows the crew get into all kinds of situations including, but not limited too: Gang wars Street fights Drive-bys Hydra wars Car shows Car shows being destroyed by Hydras Gang leaders Gang leaders being knocked off buildings Merchandising Stunt Shows You get the idea. Actors who pick a main role will recur in more than one episode, and could very well be in the show weekly. It is a big responsibility, but great fun to get to know and develop a character. (Keep in mind that this doesn't mean that you have to provide any voice work, but if you are in to that, providing your voice is no problem at all) Of course, minor characters are always needed.So if you're looking to appear in a video, but don't want to fully commit to being in the show weekly, this is your spotlight. Other crews can come in and join the acting as well. In fact, some episodes in the future might require a full MC and PMC to go against the Mental Mascots. Hint Hint Video List Of Episodes So Far Join the Discord Server to receive the script and roles in the show. It is a good idea to make an account and not join as a guest if you want to be apart of the series weekly. Click Here To Join Times and dates of recording will be announced in the Discord server If you are interested in becoming an actor, fill out the form below. Click here to submit an application form After reviewing your application form, you will be contacted via Discord. If you are not on the Discord Server, you will be contacted via Xbox Live. *Note that Mental Mascots is a crew as well as a YouTube series. Becoming an actor doesn't make you apart of the crew. There is a thread for that. The benefits of being in the crew is you will always be picked over a regular actor for a major role, and you can influence the story more than a regular actor would. Crew Recruitment Thread
  8. Lando_XBL

    SAPDFR RP Group

    We are an XBOX One GTA Online RP group. We are brand new and have less than 10 members. If you want to be a HR or are interested in a new RP group then please join. New WEBSITE: [link removed] Apply on the website as a LEO or Civilian. WE NOW HAVE A FIRE AND EMS. Members are growing, hurry up! Apply now? Well give it a try but I highly recommend going to our new website. [link removed]
  9. Looking to be recruited in a serious RP'ing Italian or Irish crime family. Suits, old cars, vintage weapons, mob bosses. All all that 23 years old and I have a mic Xbox One GT: TheNeckShredder Social Club: SageAnthony94
  10. XxSoLiDSnAkEOxX

    FIB Special Agents

    FIB Special Agents FIB Special Agents are now: RECRUITING Social Club: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/fib_special_agents We are an XBOX ONLY crew Most of us are in U.S. Eastern Time About: The FIB Special Agents crew has been around almost since the beginning of GTA Online and has had many triumphs. Under the leadership of Austin2232 we thrived back then I was the commander of his HRT team. Last year I took over the crew and have turned it into what it is today being a fighting machine to keep order in the world of GTA Online. We are an XBOX ONE crew and highly active. Now with the Gunrunning update coming out we're about expand both the crew itself and our capabilities, so if your lookong for a solid GTA crew... look no further. Our Mission:The mission of the FIB Special Agents in GTA Online is plain and simple to ensure honor is the way in which players play GTA Online. What this means is that we kill the griefers, RPG users, Assault Shotgun users, Marksman Rifle spammers, and other forms of unskillful play such as the armored Kuruma. We grief them until they enter passive mode (or as we know it p**sy mode)or preferably leave the session altogether. We have fun doing this at the same time and many of us do things outside of that as well. We are also looking to help other crews in benificial partnerships. We also like to fight bikers... Requirements: Don't kill crew members Have a microphone Be mature Obey Crew Rules Never back out of a fight Have a good time Preferably link account to social club Divisions S.W.A.T.: S.W.A.T team agents are agents who've passed the crew's entry level training and proven that they're not the average GTA player. When it comes to high intensity combat to move into hostile zones in their Kevlar helmets and combat fatigues to deal with the situation and bring it to a swift end. Equipment Weaponry: Combat or Heavy Pistol (flashlight), Pump or Bullpup Shotgun (flashlight), SMG or Assault SMG (extended mag), Carbine or Special Carbine (all except silencer), Combat MG (all attachments), Heavy Sniper, Tear Gas. All Black or LSPD tint. Vehicles: Stanier, Granger, Fugitive. Annihilator Hostage Rescue Team (H.R.T.): Hostage Rescue is the elite fighting unit of the Federal Investigation Bureau capable of handling any situation that the FIB may face. Personally led by me XxSoLiDSnAkEOxX and DoYaWannaDie H.R.T. was founded to give the most elite crew members a chance to use their unique set of skills to basically reign fire on an enemy and have them begging for mercy. H.R.T. agents also can take charge over any other the situation any other lower ranking agent. (Only 6 members very hard to get into) Equipment Weaponry: Heavy Pistol (flash light), Pump/Bullpup/Heavy Shotgun (flashlight), Combat PDW (all attachments), Both Carbines or Advanced Rifle (all except silencer), Combat MG (all attachments), Heavy Sniper, Tear Gas, Frag Grenade. Vehicles: Insurgent(armed or unarmed), Annihilator, Valkyrie, Buzzard(armed or unarmed) Contact(just call me snake) Gamertag: XxSoLiDSnAkEOxX (I appear offline alot) 2.26 pvp kdr Rockstar Social Club: XxSoLiDSnAkEOxX KIK: ttmacfella or contact my 2nd in command Gamertag: DoYaWannaDie(appears offline alot) 2.60 pvp kdr KIK: SameShtDfrntDay
  11. Hello Interested Role Player! Read the post to see if you want to join the most immersive gta roleplay community! I am running, and adding onto my Role Play group. I am 23 years old, I have a family and a full time job so PLEASE UNDERSTAND Life comes first! That goes for all our members, If you cant make it to a session its not a big deal! We are a friendly and Mature group of players who are helpful and understanding! I am looking to find people who are : Mature, Friendly, Respectful of others, Good sense of humor, Know when to be serious and when to have fun. (rules and laws does not mean its not fun, it just makes the sessions more immersive) People who feel useless in their current RP crew, people who hate having to dedicate their lives to their rp crew WE ARE DIFFERENT I am recruiting 24/7 players all the way to players who can only play one day per week. There is ranking in my group. From Leader (Myself) to Recruit and they are in order from Lowest to Highest (Higher Ranked Players have authority to make changes, add rules, ban players, add players) This Role play group is pretty immersive as far as the game play goes. Each player has: A Career A Hobby House Registered Vehicles and License Plates Registered Weapons Criminal Records The Player Information Document Includes: Player Name Gamertag Home address Business Address Registered Vehicles & Corresponding Plates Registered Weapons Criminal History Warrants Impounded Vehicles If you are interested in joining my group of players then please go to our website and apply. http://gtacaraholics.weebly.com/applications.html
  12. Message- DIGreen7 (capital i not l)
  13. All lost and hells angels you truly suck alot so you want to 1 v 1 message AOD Savage Mode Sincerly the Angels Of Death
  14. ASSASIN2746556

    Import/Export Xbox One

    Recruit crew's or find crews to help with import export I need a crew to help me sell my cars all u need to do is sell them and than I can help with whatever you wanna do:) Message me at:ASSASIN2746556
  15. Jacobmaate

    Most Wanted in SA

    Executive Head: MostWantedinSA Associate Head: ANIMAL545 Deputy Head: SP8BITFIRE Head of the SMT: InERiNerwilo Xbox One Team: Head: VACANT Deputy: IAmAnonymous101 Senior Support: Patman999 Support: VACANT PlayStation 4 Team: Head:JaJObama202 Deputy: ISAF_SHREDDER Senior Support: COLD_HUMILIATION Support: IRON_NARWHAL Twitter: @TheSAMWCrew Instagram: @TheSAMWCrew Website: thesamwcrew.wix.com/gtao If you'd like to be part of Most Wanted in SA [sAMW], then here's how you can join us. First of all, you'll need to ensure you have a Rockstar Games Social Club Account. If you haven't got one yet, then click here to sign up. If you already have a RSGSC Account, then you can click here, to go to our Crew Page. From there, you can then click on the "join" button on the page, to join as a member of SAMW. NOTE: Most Wanted in SA [sAMW], is currently an open crew, however, this can change at any time if the HLT/SMT decide to change it to a closed enrollment crew. Though we are open to XB360 & PS3, we are only actively recruiting XB1 and PS4 members. PC members are free to join, however, we have very few members on PC at this current moment in time. The HLT/SMT can change the ranking structure at any time, and so the 100k and 600k RP requirements to rank up could change at any given point in time. HLT/SMT roles are usually up for SAMW members to take, should they want to be part of managing the crew, however if you'd like to apply for HLT/SMT roles, you'll need to contact me personally on GTAF, Twitter, Social Club or Xbox Live.
  16. V3N0M0U5 K177Z

    Xbox one car meet

    Rules: No Screaming No Killing/Ramming Be Mature NO Police - If you get the police please just call Lester or Kill Yourself. Violation of these rules will result in you being removed from the meet. Invite(through my username) Races, cruises and more!!
  17. Gta car meets

    Car show XB1

    Hi hosting a car show lobby message RKL12 for anow invite
  18. NightFallGTA

    Shadow Incorporated Recruitment

    Shadow Incorporated We are Shadow Incorporated. We are a Xbox One military organization that specializes in High Risk Operations, Client Contracts, Cargo Delivery, and V.I.P Security. We are looking for new recruits that are highly disciplined and able to follow orders effectively. Requirements Must have a Microphone and Headset (NO KINECTS) Must be 14+ (exceptions may be made) Own an Xbox One and GTA 5 have access to a smartphone or laptop Organization’s Commissioned Vehicles Shadow Army Rhino Tank Patriot Brickade Black Insurgent Pick Up Technical Aqua Shadow Air Force Hydra Titan Buzzard CargoBob Annihilator Shadow Police Armored Karuma Granger SUV Gauntlet Bati 801 Motorcycle Buzzard Shadow S.W.A.T Insurgent Contender SUV Shadow Intelligence Agency Dominator Muscle Car Shadow Security Services Alpha Sports Car Carbon Rs Motorcycle Shadow Secret Service Turreted Stretch E Luxor Plane Volatus Helicopter Specilized Units/Regiments Army Spartan Regiment Alpha One Bravo Two Reaper Squad Phantom Squad Shadow Air Force Air Force One Law Enforcement S.W.A.T Demolition Hostage Rescue Search and Rescue Search and Destroy Ranking Hierarchy https://docs.google.com/document/d/1YQa12g65ANwj1V5_8cjD3v3KWwQz28RvP3fXca1VrFY/edit?usp=sharing Frequently Asked Questions Will I get kicked for Online Inactivity? No. Is this a MilSim? Yes. What games do you guys Play? We play GTA 5, Battlefield 1, Ghost Recon Wildlands, Rainbow Six Siege, and Call of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered. How do I join? Fill in the application form and wait. What if I am under 14 years of age? We can make exceptions,we base recruitment on maturity not age number. Application Form https://goo.gl/forms/JGeByZAyhHy3g9613 Thank You For Your Time! Just Remember, DEATH AWAITS YOU IN THE SHADOWS!
  19. Car meet going down right now. NO RICE.. To join message Soy El Maleante.
  20. CJV1P3R

    Car Meet Club

    Hey I am starting to host weekly car meets on Xbox One. I have a club made called NXTgen Car Meets every week we will host for players to show off their cars and bikes or show up and see the rides a shuttle bus will be available for those not showing a car. If you want to do consistent car meets find the club on Xbox NXTgen Car Meets. I'm the host CJV1P3R
  21. Recruiting for Active, Well Established, XB1 Sports Bike Street Gang [ XS:01] Name: XS GANG Crew Tag: [XS:01] Members: 325+ Active Since: GTA IV Crew Theme: Sports Bike Street Gang Crew Type: Roleplay Crew Crew Colour: Red Divisions: XS SWAT UNIT [XSSU] / XS Racing Division [XSRD] / The XS Deamons MC [XSMC] GTA Drifting Squad [GTDW] ___________________________________ Criteria: 16+ / Mic / Loyal & Active Members Website: http://xsgang01.wix.com/xsgang XS:01 has been around since GTA IV. We host Daily Roleplay and Scenario-based events such as Police Patrols, President Assassinations, SWAT Raids, Car Meets, Car Cruises, UFC Tournaments and lots, LOTS more. All of these maps have been created using the Rockstar Content Creator, and the setting have been modified to provide the most realistic GTA experience possible. (i.e Maps OFF, 1 Life Only, Realistic Scenarios, etc..) A lot of our maps have been featured by Rockstar on their official NewsWire, and although most of these maps are only available to our members, we welcome anyone who fits criteria and is worthy enough to join. Within XS:01, we also have various Divisions which people can Join, and eventually, Lead. [i.e XS Racing Division [XSRD] - Led by c12oose OR XS SWAT Unit [XSSU] - Led by Djshift110, etc...] If you are interested in joining any of these divisions, or if you would like to Create your OWN division, get in contact! To JOIN XS GANG, or for more info, Please visit our Website > CLICK HERE <
  22. Need 1 person to help with a money glitch please hmu on xbox one Gt:PNT x LSTAR
  23. we are looking for prospects to join our growing MC. we have members from the UK mainly and a few from the u.s . to join its 16+ and be loyal. we are brother hood we take time in what we do and look out for fellow members whether there full patched or prospects. to become a prospect. please feel free to visit the website take a look and fill in an application for and some one from the club will message you back. http://mightyquinnsmc.weebly.com/prospects.html we only have 99.9 % people make it to patched member. we have a strict code. We are 1%er motorcycle club based on the xbox one on gta 5, we always follow the rules of engagement and rules of motorcycle clubs, we ride in formation unless we are doing missions and heists public meets we ride in formation, we always watch each others back and protect each other 24/7 on the game and we do missions and do heist even chilling at the clubhouse. There is no limit for prospecting, when your ready the founders and officers will make a vote on you to make you a full patch member when you have earned it and you have impressed who you need to impress in order to earn your cut. Code of the 1%ER rules: ​Free aim only ARs only Wear colours Wear patch all the time No jets or tanks No sniper rifles No rockets No vehicles as weapons Prospect rules: ​Protect the president Never let an officer ride alone Know all who the hierarchy Know all by laws Turn up to meetings and speak your mind when asked If there is a problem you speak to a officer Must have a sense of humour ​Must report daily to a member of officer and full patch ​Must use free aim ​Must attend church ​Do not kill any patch members or officers If a patch member or officer speaks down to you don't take it to heart and be a wussy ​If your told to do something you do it no questions asked ​You do not speak down to officers To join as a prospect you must: ​Have a mic Speak english Be 16+ years old No racism, sexism, or discrimination of any kind. Own at least Harley style bikes Have facebook as that is how we communicate via messenger group Social club profile must be set as open​​
  24. awzach01

    Recruiting For Buried Sinners MC

    Hello, Im looking for new prospects to join us here at Buried Sinners MC. Burried Sinners MC is a true brotherhood and original MC. We take pride in our tags. We use free aim and we are Xbox One. AR's Only and you must alwasy wear your patch and jacket at all times as long with you must ride your bike ( Harley Davidson) at all times. If you are interested in joining you can DM me on Instagram @f1mc_clown or add me or my Vice President. Gamertags below. President Gamertag: LaffingvClown Vice President Gamertag: its trav dood Website: https://awzach23.wixsite.com/buriedsinnersmc
  25. Check out our website for more information http://v7motorcycleclub.weebly.com Hey, we are a motorcycle club operating under the name V7 crimson assassins motorcycle club. We operate on the xbox one and let anyone try out for the crew. If you are interested in finding out more about the club then check out our website. http://v7motorcycleclub.weebly.com/ Message corstkiller00 if you have any questions. social club - https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/v7_crimson_assassins
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