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  1. RenitentEagle

    Gta 5 Xbox 1 Online Roleplay

    Message RenitentEagle then go to http://gtaroleplaylife.forumotion.com/to sign up today
  3. bdogs_gaming

    GTA United Forums

    GTA United is a crew to find clean gta players mainly on the Xbox One. http://gtau.freeforums.net/ Our main thing that we do is Gta contact racing along side Nonchalant Dominance http://nodo.freeforums.net/ (all consoles) Nightshift racing http://nightshift-racing.freeforums.net/ (XB1 only) Impromptu Racing http://imprompturacing.boards.net/(XB1 only) We also are trying to build up to using car shows, Lts, deathmatches, heists, and role play. our crew link can be found here https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/gta_united_forums if you would like more info you may have seen our MCEC on twitch twitch.tv/bdogs_gaming twitch.tv/trkz_m4ster twitch.tv/gaming_g423 if there are any questions please leave them below hope to play wit you soon
  4. Nordic Bstars MC

    Nordic Bastards MC

    (Currently on Xb1 working on a PS4 club) Nordic Bastards MC ("Nordic Bstars") https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/nordic_prospects Looking for new prospects Rules/Requirements: Age 16 Must own a mic Must have a Kik Messenger Must own American style motorcycle Must follow 1%er rules (Free-aim, ARs only, no military gear) No heavily modded accounts Must speak fluent English (Euro only) No female characters If you're unfamiliar with the MC way, you'll first be a hang around for a couple days, so you can get a feel for it first. We have a European chapter, as well as an American chapter, and a Nomad chapter for all you dedicated inactives. There's also a Support club (Needs experienced officers, that just want to relax) for people that don't want to be a 1%er & are maybe less active. Follow our instagram @nordicbastardsmc message us there if you're interested or Xbox message "NBMC Jericho" / "NBMC B0om" OR Kik: bore_ass
  5. Date: Today 11/10/16 Time: Now 3:30 PM PST (for next few hours) Timezone: Pacific Standard Time Car Type(s): Any Platform: Xbox One Gamertag: Aniithinq That is a Q at the end of my gamertag. MESSAGE ME FOR INVITE!! RULES: 1) NO KILLING 2) NO INTENTIONALLY CRASHING INTO OTHERS' CARS 3) PREFERRABLY HAVE A MIC (NOT MANDITORY) 4) HAVE FUN MY DUDES
  6. soulstealer311


    I need racers for my realistic racing crew, just think Forza but in GTA. crew is called GTA Realistic Racing, join on social club. XBOX ONE ONLY.
  7. Looking for supportive players, who don't how the metal paints unlocked like me, I need help, and am looking to help those who are struggling to find players for a rally race. If you have paints unlocked, and wish to help as well, it is much appreciated either way. Thanks, and hope I can help, as I need it too. -Jaysaster aka James GT: Jaysaster
  8. Hi, I'm looking for EMS Roleplaying Players to join our community! We are short on Police, Paramedics and Firemen in the roleplay and would love for some experienced head to join our community! Our website is here; you can always join fully or just join to become our authorities! Many thanks, hope to see many of you interested!
  9. soulstealer311

    Looking for racers

    I need racers for my realistic racing crew. we like to play like it is Forza but in GTA. If you want to join just go to social club and type in GTA Realistic Racing.
  10. zeggins

    XB1 MONEY $100000

    Need people for the Pacific standard Glitch message zeggins on XB1
  11. sdruw1234

    Xbox One Roleplay

    Professional, exciting, and active members wanted. Must be mature, active and have a mic. We will give any added rules in the party. Add LGx Druw, and LaSkii sE for an invite. If you have any questions reply to this or send one of us a message.
  12. SerratedRug

    GTAV Online Crew Recruitment

    Looking for members to join my crew ive just made. Looking for the crew to be very active. Do you ever go online needing help with CEO Work or Motorcycle Business. How about looking for a crew to finish all the heists with? I'm sure a lot of people are looking for quick ways of making money, car meets, video shoots, or even a city wide battlefield. If you are looking for one of these, I highly recommend you to join. There is no specific requirements, but we do ask for there to be no cry babys and no rage quitters. The Crew name is These What and only on Xbox One. I'm not very good with thinking of names, and if u join and have any suggestions about the crew name, don't be afraid to share your ideas. This crew will be on your side and you will have someone to lean back on. Thank You for listening. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to message me on xbox or email me. My Gamertag is Serratedrug501. My Email is [email protected]
  13. Looking to join a tightly organized motorcycle club on GTA V? The Lost Los Santos are recruiting! The Lost Los Santos was formed on August 29,2013. As time has passed members have come and gone, but the club has survived the test of time and still stands strong. It's rules though known to be slightly strict have been what has kept unity between members No time wasters wanted. If your here for the bikers update you may as well go back to the other forums. We like other MC's are flexible, we know everybody doesn't have the one game. We will help you with jobs and heists as well as many other things. We are a free aim MC, if your not used to free aim we are more than willing to train. Key requirements: -Must be an active member -Xbox One only -Must have a mic -Must be at least 16+ -Must obviously speak English "Without rules,our family would be driven into chaos" We are known to follow the MC etiquette,though many other clubs have forgotten these rules or ignore them by this point, no matter what we choose to stick with em. WEAPONS ALLOWED: Assault Rifles, Pump Shotgun, Pistols, SMGS BANNED UNLESS USED UPON YOU FIRST: Heavy Sniper Rifle BANNED: RPGS, Sticky Bombs, Miniguns,Semi Auto Sniper Rifles BIKER DLC WEAPONS: These weapons are still being voted on whether they should be allowed or not CLOTHING - Prospects and Patched members must always wear their cut in public lobbies and should always be seen driving their bikes as well - You will be allowed to wear certain clothing as pants and such as long as they aren't viewed as ridiculous More information about us and the rules can be found here: http://thelostlosantos.weebly.com/hierarchy.html If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask, you can contact me on: Xbox One - WANN0N Kik - Wannon1995 Many thanks for taking the time to have a read.

    GTA Car scene community PS4

    This is a recent Community I made in PlayStation communities it regards Grand Theft Auto online and the car community feel free to join the community there are car meets hosted so check back occasionally in the community also feel free to post photos of your rides! Search: "Grand Theft Auto Car Scene" in PlayStation communities.
  15. soulstealer311

    Looking for racers

    I am looking for realistic racers for my crew GTA Realistic racers. if you would would like to join then go to social club and join. i will fill you in after that.
  16. Please head over to our website, check out the requirements & apply today https://davidhokett.wixsite.com/sanavysealghostsquad
  17. Lucifer.Yasii

    Xbox One Car Meets!

    Any Car Meets Today Or Any Day ? Message Me On Xbox One My GT : Wavy Yasii Or Put Down Your GT And I Will Message You . If You Have A Car Meet Let Me Know !
  18. Gta 5 Xbox 1 Online Roleplay. Contact RenitentEagle first if not then XxIMking66IxX or XxISycoBoochIxX.Please fill out info below as a way to join. Character Template:ALL FOR YOUR CREATION NO REAL INFO Name: Age: Gender: Childhood City: Job (Max of 2) (Alsoto be a cop you have to sign up and be recruited): Special: Background story: Gamer tag: Specials Can choose 2 Or One Of OtherBig Winner:Start with $20,000 in your bank License-Start with Gun,Pilot,or Vendors Bang-Can start with default pistol with no attachments Wheels-Start with free vehicle under 20,000 Business-Start with free 24/7 buisness Or Choose One Of These Instead Masters-Increase of 25% wage 420 Blazing-Sell drugs for 20% higher Knowledge-Can grow/make drugs Bang Bang-Start a gang for free in location of your choice with starter pistol Bank Account (start with $10,000): House (Have to start with low end): Business(s): Vehicle(s): Weapon(s): License(s): Items you carry: Stash (items you have to sell): Total Money Drivers License Name: Height: Weight: Hair Color: Eye Color: Home Address: Date Of Birth: Vehicle Registration (Ask RenitentEagle about it before filling out) Personal Info Name: Age: Gender: Where you live: Place you were born: Vehicle information: Brand and Type of Vehicle: Insurance: Plate Numbers: Cost of Vehicle: Vehicle color: Mods to vehicle (If caught lying you will be banned) Name of Character: Gamer Tag:
  20. Mvnke818

    Deathaholics MC

    Deathaholics MC is looking for mature and loyal members. We are a tight knit club that are there for our fellow brothers and sisters, then the average kill em all club. We do alot of missions, heist, tdm, and also helping our lower ranked members excel to greatness by helping them reach levels they need. We feel that reaching those goals together has brought us to having more loyal members, then the club hoppers. DAMC is a xb1 and xbx 360 Club and we don't discrimnate if you dont currently have a Mic or kik. For any questions feel free to contact mvnke818 or sunerDAMC via social club.https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/deathaholics_mc
  21. Need account to do so No scamming If u don't trust me don't reply My gt:big jazza98
  22. Soy Bean

    Xbox one car meet

    Meet starting now message Soy El Maleante to join. Only clean cars.
  23. I am looking for reliable players to follow through with heists setups and heists and that can do what is required for the job My xbox live gamertag is ReferableRabbit join me make money
  24. Call me Hulk


    Need a full team for PACIFIC STANDARD finale glitch, which includes two players and another player with the finale as well as me. Message: yO Ryz0
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