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  1. White_Lightning 1

    Xbox One

    Xbox One Car Meet + Drags + Drifting (DON'T HAVE TO ATTEND ALL EVENTS) Rules: -No Super's (including sultan RS & Banshee 900R) -Muscle and Sports ONLY -Be Respectful -Mic is not required but would be helpful Msg Accounts Below For Invite -nicktkd99 -NaggingUnicorn4
  2. hosting a car meet need as much players as possible as i will be putting this on youtube my channel will be in a link under the rules subscribe and scroll for rules rules are no super including banshee900r and sultan rs sports classics are allowed to a certain extent sports no muscles unless gone over with host motor bikes are allowed no bmx no griefers or killing hitting of any sort and you will be kicked damaged cars are not allowed no inviting people unless host is given a heads up about it. msg atomixx monkey for invite
  3. Kevin Duboiss

    Simply Clean Car Meet.

    -Welcome to Simply Clean car meets. There will be car meets on the week. All cars are welcome except the supercars. --------------------------------------------------------- Must join the Crew : http://socialclub.ro...w/simplyy_clean Looking for staff. Any problems or questions ? message me on xbox one : Kevin Duboiss --------------------------------------------------------- Your host, Kevin Dubois.
  4. yiffyaff

    heist 2 persons

    heist no more players needed add Arraks Sylten
  5. hey guys hosting a car meet that will be going on youtube i need as much players as possible so please join i dont have alot of rules just no supers or lowriders unless its the lowrider van which is acceptable sultan rs is allowed but no more than three at the meet and no griefing apart from that have fun and msg atomixx monkey for invt see you there
  6. mappzimus17

    Gta Car Meet XB1

    Gta Car Meet Xb1 EVERY FRIDAY @8PM UK Rules No Killing No Crashing No Screaming or Yelling No Supercars Enjoy Leave feed back aswel to help other meets Ask for invite to Restoredatom6 or ArtyPINK duck Link for pics on www.instagram.com/restoredatom6
  7. As of late February, a new glitch to save bodyguard outfits has popped up. I brought up this glitch on a dying topic not too long ago and found some kind people to help me do the glitch. Since I don't see any other thread for this glitch, here it is. Hopefully members can help each other out with this! https://youtu.be/p6wFXMmJUj4 Massive credit to Central Gaming Hub for the amazing and helpful video.
  8. Looking for dedicated members to start a new crew on gta and help each other with heists from the setups to the finale which means we make more money quicker. We will be also mostly trying to do the heists so feel free to message me LordRash3rz or just joing this crew http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/hi3st_gang
  9. Fast and Furious cars only!!! No killing!!! Crusing Drag races GT: CBRsDJ2flyforu
  10. Crispybird0

    xboxone car meet

    i will be hosting a car show and drag race around 4:30pm central time and go on as long as possible. cars will consist of muscle car class, ricers class , and low rider class all at different times in car meet. we will meet up for a little bit an drive to drag race locations. message me for invite so i can have the names ready when i get on. GT:crispybird
  11. SeekiNDestroyin96

    Xb1 Classic/Muscle Car Meet

    The Philosophem Brotherhood XB1 division will be hosting a classic/muscle car meet, starting around 8:30ish EST. We will be picking a winner who will get a picture of their vehicle on our Forums topic. There will be a cruise to each spot, stay at one spot for a good 10-15 mins then cruise to the next spot... Please no cops, no killing people, no hitting cars on purpose, lets be mature! Hope to see some nice cars and everyone having a good time, Thanks! GT: SeekiNDestroyin Message me on XB1 for an invite
  12. Hi, I am myself crewless and looking for a crew but most people say have KIK or Whatsapp to keep intouch. Also have to have weekly meetings, you must wear certain colours. [/size][/font][/background] Too much work just to play GTA. So I thought was add me on social club or message me and if you want make a crew for people to just play GTA not with meetings and apps to keep intouch. My social club is Abbstar26
  13. ENLIST TODAY IN THE ANGRY ARMY CREW XBOX ONE - GTA ONLINE ACTIVE & OPEN RECRUITMENT We are first and foremost a Gaming Community. The New Angry Army, also known as the AJSA, was formed to provide like minded gamers of all types a friendly environment where members can play together, discuss ideas, give game advice, and converse about any other aspect of gaming with other members. Tired of playing by yourself? Do you want to be part of something greater than just a “clan”? The AJSA Xbox One is recruiting for our GTA Online Crew. We are seeking fellow, like-minded gamers to join our adventures in Los Santos and be part of our gaming community. You can apply to join the AJSA Crew here: http://socialclub.ro...ygrandtheftarmy Sign up on the AJSA forum here: http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/index Check out the Xbox One AJSA here: http://angryjoeshow....um/32-xbox-one/ Make sure to introduce yourself! Don't be shy!: http://angryjoeshow....oduce-yourself/ There are no special requirements to apply for the crew. All we ask for is for you to be respectful of your fellow gamers and work with one another, during in and out of events, in-game. If you want to get better at the game and/or are struggling, get in contact with the Community Commander (AScapeRunePlaya); I will help you. The AJSA on Xbox One hold weekly events for GTA where everyone can gather together to play with each other, chat and have a good time. With the AJSA being a gaming community we support other multiplayer games as well, so if you enjoy to play other games than just GTA there will be other options and you'll be able to enjoy the larger AJSA experience. Our crew has a simple yet effective Code of Conduct, aimed at encouraging team work and fun while maintaining a cordial and non-harassment atmosphere. As mentioned we squad up regularly during the week and we hold formal events that brings everyone together for a night of gaming. Questions? Interested in joining? Post below, apply to join the crew in the link above or contact "AScapeRunePlaya" on Xbox Live.

    [XB1] HAMC AUSTRALIA is recruiting new members

    [XB1] HAMC AUSTRALIA (HELLS ANGELS MC AUSTRALIA) is recruiting new members from AUS & NZ on XBOX ONE ONLY. We do all things from Rides & TDM's, Heists, VIP's, to battling other people & MC's in Free-Mode. All members need to: Have a working mic (Kinect does NOT count) Be 17+ years of age and / or mature Be active on GTA: Online Be experienced Be able to take direction well Go by ALL Club Rules On October 31st 2017, we officially celebrated HAMC AUSTRALIA's 2nd Year Anniversary on the day the Club was founded. We've came a long way, and it's been a long ride, one that I never expected to lead anywhere, yet here we are. Thanks to all those that have supported us along the way, and here's to many more years to come in the future. HAMC AUSTRALIA - AU81 2nd Year Anniversary Ride If you're interested in seeing some of the stuff we get up to while cruising around the State of San Andreas, watch this video we put together below: HAMC AUSTRALIA - Ride to Live, Live to Ride The journey of HAMC AUSTRALIA so far, past and present. As a member of HAMC AUSTRALIA you will be tasked with wearing the correct MC Clothing & driving / riding the correct vehicles. Since we are an MC, we always wear MC styled clothing, such as any 1% Biker Jackets, Vests & Kutte's. We aren't very strict on what MC Clothing you have to wear now the have the BIKERS DLC, so long as you wear MC Clothing a 1%er would wear, it's fine. In addition, we still allow our members to wear the pre-BIKERS DLC Leather Jackets, but it MUST be either the FULL BLACK LEATHER JACKET or the RED LEATHER JACKET. But, no matter what MC styled clothing we wear, we ALWAYS wear our Patch (Crew Emblem) on our backs. Since we are an MC, we also PRIMARILY ride Choppers / Harley's. Such as the: LCC HEXER WESTERN BAGGER WESTERN DAEMON WESTERN ZOMBIE WESTERN WOLFSBANE WESTERN RAT BIKE WESTERN NIGHTBLADE WESTERN GARGOYLE WESTERN CLIFFHANGER LCC AVARUS LCC INNOVATION WESTERN SOVEREIGN What's the point in being in a MC if you don't wear the right clothing and don't ride Bikes? All members will have to go through the process of Hang-Around & Prospect before becoming a Patched Member. When you first join, you will be a Hang-Around for the first 2 weeks, where you will learn the basics of the Club, how it's run and all the members. After you have been actively participating in the crew for 2 weeks / 14 days, it will be up to the discretion of the Club Hierarchy to discuss if you are ready to be a prospect. Once you are a Prospect, you will be required to complete a series of tasks for the club to prove your loyalty & show you are worthy of becoming a Patched Member. Alongside that, you will also be put through 2 assessments to see how you perform in both Combat & Rides. If you complete all Tasks & pass all Assessments, and are still showing an active interest, as long as the Hierarchy are still happy with your progress, attitude, etc, you will be offered a placement for a Full-Patch Membership. As a Patched Member, you have shown that you are willing to do anything for the Club, you have done everything asked and more. If there is a position available, you may (or may not) be approached for a position to join the Hierarchy and help run the Club in various ways. These can range from Vice-President & Secretary, to SGT at Arms, Road Captain & Enforcer, just to name a few (there's a total of 9 Hierarchy Positions). Throughout all 3 stages (Hang-Around, Prospect & Fully Patched) you will wear a different patch from the rest to show your Club Rank, you can see these below: Hang-Around Patch Prospect Patch Official Patch (Full Patch) The territory the Chapter is run out of (In-Game) is AUSTRALIA, as shown on our patches. We are a 1% Club, that goes by the 1% Bylaws, which means we do not use "Military Hardware" such as: Military Vehicles (Jets, Tanks, Insurgents) and Military Weapons (RPG's, Minigun's, Explosives) in a Free-Mode War (especially against another MC). As 1%er's we use: Pistols (not the AP), Sawn-Off-Shotgun (not the Auto Shotty), SMG's, AR's & Molatov Cocktails. You will be briefed in more detail if you decide on joining. If after reading this post, you are still interested in joining HAMC AUSTRALIA, I encourage you to visit our website (hamcaustraliagta.wix.com/sylau81) to read up more on what we do, our Bylaws, and any information that wasn't posted here. Once you have read through ALL of Website, go to the "HOW TO JOIN" tab and read through it. It will explain how you can apply to join HAMC AUSTRALIA, starting out as a Hang-Around. You will only be accepted into the Club if you meet the above stated requirements, both on this post, and on our website (see above). Do not request to join if you don't meet our requirements or do not wish to follow our Bylaws. Alongside our website, we also have our own Instagram profile (@HAMC_AUSTRALIA) where we upload Photos & Videos of what we get up to when cruising around the State of San Andreas. If your wanting to keep up to date on what we're getting up to, check us out. Website: hamcaustraliagta.wix.com/sylau81 Instagram: HAMC_AUSTRALIA #RideToLive #LiveToRide #RideOrDie
  15. Mattsdaman2k16

    Lunatics mc now recruiting

    Must be active 15 yrs and older Must have kik Have a mic[mandatory] Have to prospect min 1 week max 2 extended if feel if you need it Ars only no rockets mini guns etc only Ars pump shotguns message me kik Matt Velez225 Asmc truly if your interested socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/lunatics_mc_pb
  16. Jacob_TECHNI47

    Car Meet Right Now

    Any car is fine, just join my party and I'll send you and invite. TECHNICION47
  17. Looking for three other people for loyalty, all in order, criminal mastermind challenge must have mic high level must have snacks and heist armor must have experience with all heists message me GT: GiraffeRuler
  18. EndoLaVie

    XB1 SUMO

    I don't know about you guys but I think the Sumo Adversary mode is one of the funniest and greatest modes created so far but i feel it's hard to find matches with . If anyone wants to play some Sumo message FlauntParadise or comment GTs.
  19. hey guys hosting a car meet in a street just off the oil factory msg atomixx monkey for invite already 2 people in the game great fun will be doing lots of activities and racing open for suggestions on where to have meet if area picked is too plain or small other than that have fun and no supers or sports classics or griefing 6th car meet tonigh and going to be the last for today unfortunately join quick because places will go fast or if no one joins within 15 mins car show will end
  20. EndoLaVie

    Xbox One Players !

    I need to add more players on Xbox One cuz I play a lot of GTA I'm on mostly everyday collecting clips for my YouTube channel but it's such a burden not having homies to play with . Mic is recommended but not needed ! My GT is FlauntParadise add me guys
  21. and plz dont grief scroll down for rules rules are no griefing no weapons at car meet area if stancing car do so away from the area and no bikes or super apart from that have fun and dont kill anyone for gods sake hahah msg atomixx monkey for invite
  22. Hi I'm the founder and commander of The Phantom Forces, We are a PMC (Private Military Corporation) that strives to keep San Andreas in order and peace at any cost. We are a Xbox One only crew and our social club link will be linked at the bottom of this post if you have any questions message me on Xbox my gamertag will also be at the bottom of this post. We have ranks that go from Recruit to 5 star Commander. We are currently working on a website to further expand our forces. We would prefer to have members above the age of 15. Well that about wraps up this post see you all on the battlefield! ​Social Club: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/the_phantom_forces Xbox Gamertag: Xenful01
  23. LoganA95

    [XB1] chill session

    If you want to chill or play missions, I'm in a private lobby now. Please no squeakers. Must have a mic. Shoot me a message on xb1 and I'll invite you. My gt is LoganA95.
  24. MissRotaryy


    Im Looking for a all jets crew for xbox one... Gamertag-MissRotaryy
  25. Looking for chill ass group to play with DAILY. THIS ISNT A ONE NIGHT STAND. Tired of random matchmaking with lames. TDM, RACES, HEISTS, FREEMODE, ADVERSARY, ETC....(Basically f*ck sh*t up) Must be adult 18 + 4/20 Friendly Hip Hop/ Rap Friendly Drug Friendly MUST HAVE A WORKING MIC!!!!!!!!!! Xbox One Gamertag: Trojanboieazy Level 40
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