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  1. Money grind for new cars or anything starting 10:00am UK time XBOX ONE gamertag:gunsab1azing Message me on xbox one for details.
  2. I need 3 people to do the pacific standard heist with from the very begining. The cuts will br as follows; 55% 15% 15% 15% If you do not like this then do not message me, if you dont want any money i wipl take your cut no problem. Message me XxEBSxRECONxX for an invite
  3. True Explosive

    Xbox one car meet

    Message True Explosive for invite to meet/cruise all cars allowed meet will start at 1:30 est time
  4. Hosting a SULTAN RS ONLY meet this time tomorrow (in 24 hours) comment on my new youtube video saying "CM and your gamertag" and ill invite you. The meet will be recorded and upload to my youtube. First 30 will be able to join ------------ YOUTUBE VIDEO -------------- My channel is Avorza
  5. You can join the meet anytime in the next hour, you just have to message: nm xG a M e R A mic is not required. Whenever we are about to move spots 1 flare will be shot into the air, then Follow me to the next spot. Keep it peacefull NO Killing. NO purposefully crashings into others. NO fighting. The host will be leading.
  6. Join GT killer250x
  7. TribeMCRecruitment

    XB1 Tribe MC Recruiting

    Recruitment Video: Social Club: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/tribe_mc_xb1 Tribe MC is an Xbox One motorcycle club, looking for active members. For information message "HellaBritish" on rockstar social club.
  9. Message Weetohs for an invite to the session -No killing or destroying/damaging other vehicles but apart from that there are no restrictons
  10. Northern Task Force Private Military Contractors Rules / Regulations: MUST HAVE A MICROPHONE! DO NOT Talk Over Your Superiors DO NOT Engage on Other Players in Game Without Permission DO NOT IN ANY CIRCUMSTANCES Engage Upon Anyone In The Crew (A Case Will Immediately Be Opened) ALWAYS Do As Told By Your Superiors ALWAYS Stay in Your Assigned Position (If Given One) NEVER Muck Around While on Duty Our Crew Runs on a 3 Strike Basis, You Will Receive Strikes For Breaking The Above Rules, If You Receive Your 3 Strikes, It Will Be Down to a Superior to Decide Whether or Not You Will Be Temporarily or Permanently BANNED From NOTF. Chain of Command: 1st Command - TaylorLC (Me) 2nd Command - JackCarmichael1 3rd Command - LV x M4GIC Divisions: Basic Infantry - JackCarmichael1 (Leader) Security - TaylorLC (Leader) Military Police - LV x M4GIC (Leader) Air Force - Leader Needed Navy - Leader Needed Weaponary: Every Soldier is Issued With a Standard Pistol, SMG, Carbine Rifle and Grenades. PLEASE CONTACT YOUR DIVISION LEADER FOR MORE INFORMATION ON YOUR WEAPONRY, YOU WILL BE BRIEFED WHEN ENTERING THE DIVISION ON WHICH GUNS TO CARRY! Vehicles: Every Division Has Their Different Vehicle Specifications, From The Mesa to The Brand New Gallivanter Baller LE LWB Armoured. But Some Divisions Such as ir Force and Navy, Will Drive Aircraft and Sea Craft, Which Their Division Leaders Will Decide Upon. But For More Information on The Vehicles Your Division Drives, Consult Either 1st or 2nd in Command (TaylorLC or JackCarmichael1). Uniform: Depending on Which Division You Join, Your Uniform Will Vary, Upon Entry into NOTF, You Will Be Asked to Get into Uniform and Your Division Leader Will Take You To Get Ready (So It Would be Smart to Cary Some Cash Round With You When Joining Us) Alliances: As Northern Task Force Started From The Bottom, We Have Had to Build Our Crew From The Ground up, And During That, We Have Came Across Some Pretty Powerful Crews That We Have Had The Privilege to Become Allied With, These Crews Are; SOAU (Special Operations and Assault Unit) ETFM (Elite Task Force Militaries) FIB Special Agents MARSOC 1st Batallion Military Post 149052 All of Which Are Extremely Powerful Crews That Come Together to Form The United Militaries (Which NOTF Have Recently Had The Privilege of Being Accepted Into) How To Join: As Your Are Reading This, The Northern Task Force Website is Under Creation, It Will be Ready Within 2-3 Days Of The Launch of This Post, So It Will Be Ready on The 19-20/01/2016 Advise You To Message "TaylorLC" on Xbox ONE For an Interview Time and Date, We Remind You That You Must Be 13+ (or have high maturity levels) And a Working Microphone to Join! Means of Communication: As an Extremely Active Crew, We Often Resort to Using Other Means of Communication to Make it Easier to Talk to People / Crew Members. Kik: TaylorLC1 Zello: TaylorLC (Walkie Talkie App For MEMBERS ONLY Social Club: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/northern_task_force We Hope To See You in The Northern Task Force Soon! Thankyou For Your Time!
  11. i am looking for 3 people XBOX ONE that want to do the the all in order challenge and the loyalty challenge at the same time message Jennsters on xbox
  12. Okay soo i got bored of playing gta online on my own doing missions and stuff, probably not the only one , so if you have got nobody to group with and want make new friends , post your Gamer tag and somone will add you up. Gta is so much more fun when with people Plus extra RP bonuses when with friends doing missions Gt- iAdammm HD
  13. http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/execute_aerosecurity You Will Need To Meet A Few Requirements, Before You Are Able To Join Execute AeroSecurity. These 5 Things Are Very Important And Are Required! - Must Be At least 15 Years Of Age. - Must Be Able To Listen. ​- Must Be Mature. - Must Play On The Xbox One. - Must Have A Working Mic. After You Have Met The Requirements Above Please Fill Out The Recruitment Form Below! GTA Online Rank: Social Club: Xbox One Gamertag: Kik (This Is Optional): Age: What Are Your Skills In GTA Online: If You Have Read This Far And Are Still Looking To Join Execute AeroSecurity. Please Keep Reading This Topic For More Information About Execute AeroSecurity. The Rules Of Execute AeroSecurity Are Very Simple, But Complex At The Same Time! If The Follow These Rules You Will Be Fine, But If You Don't You Will Suffer The Consequences. The Rules Of Execute AeroSecurity Will Be Listed Below! 1. Do Not Interrupt Anyone While They Are Talking! 2. Be Mature/Respectful! 3. Listen To All Upper Commanding Officers 4. Do Not Exit Any Vehicle For Any Reason. You Only Exit A Vehicle If One Of The Leaders Tell You Too! 5. Be Active! 6. Must Attend Most Of The Crew Meetings! These Rules Are In Place To Ensure Your Fun And Performance In Execute AeroSecurity! Any Questions About The Rules Can Be Asked In Your In Game Interview! The Uniforms Here At Execute AeroSecurity Are Designed For Maximum Speed And Effectiveness. They Are Designed To Give Our Operators The Upmost Protection And Efficiency In Order To Complete There Contract Or Contracts In A Timely Matter! Basic Security Uniform: This Outfit Was Made For Speed Alongside Deadly Force! Every Member Will Be Required To Wear And Save This Uniform. Air Combat Uniform: This Uniform Was Designed To Give Our High Altitude Jet Fighters The Edge In Air To Air Combat Or Certain Contracts. Pre-Air/Helo Uniform: This Uniform Was Made Mostly For Our Helicopter Pilots When There Out On A Contract Or Overseeing Field Operations. It Brings Both Comfort And Efficiency To The Table! Execute AeroSecurity Is A Private Military Organization. As A PMO We Provide Armed Security Services. Our PMO Refers To Our Members As Security Contractors Or Private Military Operators. Execute AeroSecurity Delivers Protection To Any Client With Highly Trained Members And Customizable Security Packages. Execute AeroSecurity Contractors Are Chosen And Are Dedicated To Serve And Protect Our Clients And Will Not Stop Until The Job Is Done. It Is Execute AeroSecurity's Job To Not Only Protect Our Clients But To Make Sure That Your Meeting Or Event Runs Successfully And Without Any Problems. In The Event That Our Clients Are Attacked By An Enemy Party Or Group Then Our Operators Will Terminate The Enemies And Remove Our Clients To A Safe Location. Weather You Use Our Services Once Or Many Times In The Future All Security Packages And Services Will Come To You Free Of Charge! Execute AeroSecurity Combine Extensive Real-World Experience With Resourceful, Innovative Planning To Support Mobilization, Operational Readiness, Sustainment And Development Worldwide. We Deliver Flexible Solutions That Are Quickly And Carefully Crafted To Meet The Situation Requirements And Rapidly Delivered At Any Global Location. Our Worldwide Expertise In All Aspects Of Logistics And Site Operations Ranges From Planning, Building, Operating And Maintaining Facilities, To Complete Logistics And Personnel Sustainment. We Take Pride In Delivering Adaptable, Self-Sustaining Solutions That Can Be Quickly Deployed, Integrated And Dispatched Anywhere, Anytime. Execute AeroSecurity Supports Critical Military Vehicle And Ground Support Equipment Needs Around The World With End-To-End Professional Services And Technical Support. By Leveraging Our Extensive Global Infrastructure, Our High-Performing Teams Quickly Organize And Deploy Workforce, Material And Technology Solutions Wherever We Are Needed. Our Unique Delivery Model And Global Presence Give Us Access To Resources And The Necessary Means To Provide Highly Effective, Customizable And Agile Solutions To Emerging Or Long-Term Development Needs In Justice And Governance, Stabilization And Reconstruction, And Humanitarian Assistance. If You Would Like To Setup A Contract Please Contact Me On Xbox But The Gamertag Of EnterPrLzez. The Upper Hierarchy Of Execute AeroSecurity Consist Of A Leader, Co-Leader, 3rd In Command, Foreign Affairs Agent, And Secretary. Not All Of These Positions Are Filled At The Moment! We Will Constantly Be Looking For People To Obtain These Slots In Our Command! Leader: EnterPrLsez Co-Leader: Position Available 3rd In Command: Position Available Foreign Affairs Agent: Position Available Secretary: Position Available These Are The Members Of Our Command Here At Execute AeroSecurity! We Are Looking For A Very Mature And Serious Individual To Become Our Foreign Affairs Agent And Secretary! More Positions Will Be Added To This List In The Future! Execute AeroSecurity Currently As No Enemies Nor Allies! This Section Will Be Updated At A Later Time!
  14. CBRsDJ2flyforu

    Xbox 1 Car Meet Any Car

    Xbox 1 car meet No killing! Any car Cruising Drag racing Message for invite GT: CBRsDJ2flyforu
  15. Anyone up to racing muscles and sports classics? Tired of waiting in a lobby when no one joining races. Joined Muscle Cars crew, but rarely see anyone from the Crew online. As I understand, Race Trade Wins Thread is not about racing, but about trading wins to get mods faster, so I'm asking here. My time zone is GMT+3, I'm usually online at 6-8pm GMT, could be later on Friday and Saturday nights. Any suggestions on how to get more than 1-2 players in a race are welcome. Also up to Muscles and Sports Classics meets and cruises. Been to a couple meets, but most players were on supers and JDM - not my cup of tea.
  16. Hey guys Im streaming on Twitch in 2 mins doing crazy stunting races so if you want to get involved get in touch on Twitch @ mrmrsgamer100
  17. Mike Shinoda

    GTA ONLINE Movie

    I'm looking for Voice actors and Characters to play in an upcoming film I'm creating. Roles have been laid out. Just need Voices and characters to fill in those Roles. Needing 30 people/players to participate. You need to be able to work with a group of people at a time. You need to be able to get into your role, and play the character you are. Meaning, BE THEM^-^ Act like they should. This film is gonna take at most 1 year to finish. I'm expecting it to finish in atleast, 6 to 8 months. I'm looking for mature people. Who can work in a friendly environment. Most of all people who can outline their role, and do their part. If you can do that. Once the film is over, you will be payed. We can discuss pay as time goes on. But don't expect the film to be finished being edited for about another 3 to 5 months after filming is done. All inquires, just leave a post. With your age, skills in acting or voice acting, availability, and let me know if you can send me a email with you practicing a role. To all those who have read this, thank you for taking the time to read this (: To those who are interested please leave a post I'll gladly get in touch with you. We can always talk in PM'S if you don't feel comfortable leaving anything here. Thanks again everyone who looked at this^-^. Later in the day I Will post mini "Scripts" aswell as a description of the Film. For those who are truly interested in making this happen (:
  18. Level 100+, no mic needed Message 'xUK BEASTZx' if interested.
  19. Im Planning a long distance offroad trip that covers most of the island. I dont know when yet but if you are interested msg me gt. baddog ccc Rules There are four check points where you can repair your vehicle. If you total you car you are out and must ride with another player for the rest of the trip. While on the trail you must stay in line and follow the trail leader while keeping a safe distance. There will be two classes, first is moddified(a vehicle that is lifted modded for offroad) and second is unmoddified(a vehicle that is not lifted). Moddified vehicle list Sandking, mesa 4x4, rebel, injection, guardian Unmoddified vehicle list Bodhi,sadler, beejay, patriot, dubsta, dubsta 6x6, mesa, crusader These are the the only vehicles allowed!! Msg with any questions gt. baddog ccc
  20. MANB3ARPIG79

    xb1 heist SERIES A FUNDING

    GT MANB3ARPIG79 need help with my setups and the heist because friends not online done it all closed
  21. Ceo Jonathan Irons

    Atlas Corporation

    WE DON'T SELL POLICY!! WE SELL POWER!! ATLAS was formed on 10/22/2015 by JcosTn. We here at Atlas are D$%N well proud to be fierce and Smart in ALL situations that arise, but we are also a crew who tries to look at the situation in different perspectives to be fair to all. Atlas deploys soldiers all over LS to fulfill our clients needs from ARMED PROTECTION ARMED PATROLS VEHICLE TRANSPORTATION ARMED PERSONAL TRANSPORTATION FRONTAL ASSAULTS SURVEILLANCE RECON OPERATIONS TACTICAL ASSAULTS COVERT OPERATIONS AIR SUPPORT ATLAS CORPORATION has 2 Unclassified Squadrons, 2 Classified Squadrons and possibly more to come. The Unclassified fractions are called "Task Force", and "Security". Below you see what the Unclassified fractions do and what the equipment they have and are allowed to use. Task Force: The Task Force is our members that have been trained. The Job of our task force is to Do our freemode wars, Team Death Matches, and more. IMPORTANTLY!! It takes time to get into the Task Force. Keep that in mind. Equipment: .50 Pistol Special Carbine Smg Combat Mg Flare Gun Frag Grenade C4 All Melee weapons Insurgent and Insurgent Pick-up Security: The Security does many things for our clients. To many to name here. Equipment: Black Closed Suit Jacket Black Pants White Shirt Black Tie Black Dress shoes Standard Armor must be showing Smg Special Carbine PDW Combat .50 Pistol Armored Baller If you want to know more about Atlas Corporation and/or want to join visit our website. www.Atlasc0rp.weebly.com.
  22. Hello people of GTAFourms! Right now I will be hosting a GTA Real Life roleplay! The rules are simple: 1. A MIC IS NOT NECCESARY! JUST PLAY NICE! 2. Don't Kill for no reason 3. Roleplay A real life roleplay is simple, It's just real life. No super cars, jets, helicopters etc. It's real life. We need people to take the role of different jobs such as Cops, Military, Pilots & Drivers. Thanks so much! Just post a reply here with your gamertag and Job and you'll get an invite. You can also be a citizens and do a job of your own choice. Thanks a bunch! gt: graymold9
  23. This is an Xbox One Based, Startup, Advanced Role-play. I've run over 6 Grand Theft Auto role-plays on GTA IV and GTA V. This roleplay is for people who are good at acting and staying in character. If you have Theater or Acting Experience? You'll both love this, and I'll love you too. Roleplays are based off of the imaginative mind and creating new businesses, joining gangs, joining emergency services. Making a side-life that you can escape to whenever you'd like. Its an opportunity to become someone you want to be that you aren't but maybe don't actually want to be in real life. But remember. Life Takes over for Games. Real Life is Priority. But this is for serious actors and role-players only. Please Apply by going to the link below if you'd like to have a chance. Replies should be generally within the hour. This is a serious role-play. All characters must remain IN character at all times. This will be the closest to real life you can get to. However, this is only a game and real life should take over for anything we have. There is no need to contact anyone if you're going to be away or if you are going through something and don't want to talk about it. If however, you are accepted and miss an entire Roleplay which is ONE Real-Life Week. You will not receive a salary. Fastest Application you will ever do https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1-GVOv1XH3KHwQECR-RGVgYhfHdsbdUc2uCUhGrxFbE4/viewform
  24. Hey all! I'm 28, I've been gaming since super nintendo was new, and I'm looking for other veterans of gaming to enjoy GTA Online with on XBOX ONE! I love GTA Online but far too many times I go online and the lobbies are filled with trolls! Random killing, loud noisy mics, and just overall irritating behavior. I'm creating this thread with the intention of creating a "haven" of sorts for other like-minded mature players that just want to play, get money, and enjoy GTA Online! Preferred age is 21 or older Have a mic Play to have fun! Don't rage at mistakes or mishaps (it happens) Casual, laid back atmosphere ​ We usually create private lobbies and do fun playlists! If you think this thread is something you'd enjoy, please post a reply in the following format: Age: Gamertag: Location: Social Club (Optional): ------------------------------------------------ My info Age: 28 Gamertag: Jroppa Location: VA, USA Social Club (Optional): jsinthegamer ------------------------------------------------- I hope this thread reaches you. Feel free to add me and I hope we can all enjoy GTA Online together! Thank you and I look forward to meeting you online! XBOX ONE
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